Attrition (2018) Movie Script

Hello, if you want to earn a good money I invite you to:
They are on their way! Kill them!
The war burden is heavy to bear.
Some say it is necessary. An arena
where the good can defeat evil.
But sometimes the price is too
high to justify the methods.
Ax. Ax!
Many borders have been violated
in the name of justice.
Taking a life for another
will only extend the cycle.
The war must be fought from within.
It will take a lifetime to make up for
all the terrible things I've done.
I take my trip to the Buddha.
I take my refuge to Dharma.
I take my trip to Sangha.
Our world is in the middle of the pure river of sin.
In places like Mong La, sin is blamed.
Human trafficking is estimated to
translate $ 32 billion annually.
Animal smuggling is expected to
sell USD 23 billion annually.
Drug smuggling is expected to
sell $ 150 billion annually.
How to fight evil when
the whole world is lost?
Particularly a place like Mong La, a border
town where the criminals rage freely.
Sit down. The doctor comes
soon and he receives all. All.
Please queue here. Stay here.
Get up
Sit here.
Line up here. The doctor is coming soon.
Do not worry, everything is fine.
He can not accept everyone at the same time.
Please wait, he's coming soon.
Please wait.
Do not worry. He will
receive every one of you.
Good morning. Good morning.
- Who's on tour?
- Mr. Jok.
Chen Man is here to meet you.
Hello, brother.
Po pai-stroke with double palms?
- I forgot it.
- You've always done that.
- Brother.
- Come on, take some tea.
- Have you met Sifu?
- We met last month.
Age takes its right, but he refuses to
admit it, especially when he is ill.
- Do you think I can help him?
"Time is like a butcher's knife.
There can be no change.
- You should visit him.
- Yes, we do it together.
You were lucky that the master
taught you King-fu with a stick.
Did not you learn that?
No, and now it is impossible
for him to learn.
He just thought about me more than you.
Is it true that Sifu gave
your mother the whole shape?
You know what? That's true, all in all.
"They are very close together.
- How close?
I'm just joking.
That joke is 40 years old.
I know I'm not gonna be joking
about your mother. Forgive me.
- Come on.
- Now?
If you have not forgotten.
In the words of our great master:
"If you are not empty and completely
calm, then the butterfly flies."
You are not only skilled at martial
arts, you have a friendly heart too.
Thanks brother. Thanks.
Look, he never flew.
- Second half of shape, then?
- I'll show it next time.
- Why not now?
- Because you have patients.
And you have to be patient.
Next time, then. Thank you for the
first half of the form, in the end.
- I owe you a reunion, Ax.
- Where do I collect it?
"Chenman's karaoke", that sounds exciting.
More exciting than you can imagine.
We are the best blues club in town.
- Pause only.
- That too. We can visit Sifu together.
Of course, we will do that. Thanks brother.
You, boy! What's your name?
He has looked at you all morning.
He never answers
when I talk to him.
- His name is Wai.
"I wish he told him.
He can not.
- He can not talk.
- Why?
He is from a very poor family.
His father got off to work-
- and started drinking a lot. There was a
tragedy in the village before you came here.
One night it was robber of their house.
They kidnapped his sisters
when the father was gone.
Wai's mother tried to prevent them-
-and they murdered her before Wai.
The gang from Mong La is too powerful.
Nobody can stop them.
Ax, your destiny awaits you.
Please, I need more time!
I'm not done yet!
You're sure, I say.
Do you know why the guards
have fish here, Mr. Li?
They eat the mosquitoes. It's nature's
way to take care of parasites.
"I just wait for the trip to turn.
- It's got it worse.
The worst thing that can happen to a bad player
is that the casino does not want his money.
When you are worth more
as an example to others.
Please! You can not kill me!
I have something about your master Qmom!
Everything he needs you for is fish food.
- There's a girl in my town...
Qmom has more wives than an emperor, Li.
- Could any cityhora do something...
- No, I know Qmom is believer!
Tara knows things she can not know
and does things nobody can do!
And she can do it all!
We'll see.
We'll see.
I like to kill the
meat before I eat it.
Mr. Li, Mr. Li.
Let's talk about Tara.
I can definitely do that!
- He's useful, we keep him.
- No map. I have the map here.
Are you so smart that you
have the map in your head?
And my shoulder, sir? Do you leave them?
If you do this well,
I'm in debt to you.
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Do you think she's really?
Of course, there are more.
Follow him and bring
the woman back.
Take care of anyone who dares to get in the way.
Your prayer will come true.
There is no prayer, but a curse.
I challenge you to a
duel of life and death.
If you refuse, I'm forced to kill you.
I give you the duel, but I let you live.
But I guarantee you're never
better, so foolish again.
What's your name, brother?
- My name is Qiu. Qiu Wenliang.
No one fighting so well
should fight so little.
You take things from Mr. Shang's store
every day without paying a penny.
I am close friend of Mr. Shang. He and
his family are close friends to me.
I pay for his daughter's daughter's school
attendance and take care of his family.
But Shang is proud-
- so for his sake, not mine,
when I pass the store every day-
- I take food, vegetables and bread
for his sake, so he saves his face.
I am Mrs. Shang! I am Mrs. Shang!
Without him, we had died for long.
Excuse the misunderstanding.
Do you know, negative words have big weight, they
are like a poison. They have their own lives.
- How can I make up my mistake?
- Fill a large bag of dun.
Wear it on the highest hill you'll find
and spread the springs for the wind.
Look up the springs a week later.
Put them in the bag and come to me.
Master, take me as a student.
If you are my student, let
this be the first lesson.
Take her!
Good try.
Do not be afraid. Not yet.
Sau. Sau. One person to.
As you can see, she can not straighten her neck.
I'll try to relieve it a little bit.
- How does it feel? Reach?
- Good? Does it feel good?
Wai, what has happened?
What is it? Tell me what's wrong.
Dad has a knife!
He's going to kill him!
Take me to him. I will help you.
Take me to him, come on.
Dad! Please daddy
Please brother, this is not the solution.
- You do not know anything.
- Tell me, then. You can tell me.
I do not deserve to live,
but I can not die-
- if I'm not brave
enough to finish it now!
Courage is to perceive this for his sake!
He needs you and loves you!
- I want to die!
- Forget the past and live for him.
I'm not a mess! I can prove it!
I kill you and then myself!
Kill me. I give you my life
so you can live for him.
Forgive me! Forgive me.
She loves flowers. She said she
loves flowers. She loves these.
- Who are you?
- I am nothing. I'm everything.
I'm emptiness. I am the character of
lightning power, unborn and immortal.
You have abandoned the past.
A past of pain and great suffering.
You will soon be in a hurry.
A second chance to save the many
you could not save earlier.
You are the only one.
Why did you come?
- It's you who will come to me.
Sifu, Mr. Yuen is
here to meet you.
We have closed, can he
come back tomorrow?
- I do not think so, Sifu.
- Okay.
Sorry I'm bothering you so late, Sifu.
We have traveled a long way.
Come in.
Way is here. Sit here.
During the three years I have lived in the
village, you have never come to my home.
- Something must bother you.
"I've heard a lot about you.
Like what?
- How you handled unwanted people.
- It was long ago.
With my money I can do some things.
With some things I am powerless.
- Where does this lead, brother?
- Children in our city have disappeared.
Young girls.
Seven of the last two years.
From yesterday it's eight.
I have three daughters. The two youngest are here.
- And is your oldest daughter?
- She disappeared last day.
Tare! Welcome, my honored guest.
Guest or prisoner?
Guest or prisoner does not matter.
At last you can sleep peacefully.
Unlike you, who dream of
scorpions even when you sleep.
Tara is special.
The whole village has always
tried to hide and protect her.
How is she special?
Tara, you have something magical in your eyes.
Tell me what do you see?
When she was a baby, I
discovered some gifts.
By her word, it rains.
From her hand can light all the way.
If your heart is so dark, why
are your walls so white?
I have suffered from
a curse since birth.
The whole world is gray for my eyes-
except the red spots on these walls.
Qmom is powerful, but has been
cursed with a strange disease.
He can no longer go to the sun, but
must live in the fort he has built.
As powerful as I am-
-I'm jailing between these white walls!
Tara, you...
You can free me from my boots.
And he thinks your daughter can all him?
Qmo's disease is spread as never before.
He can go wherever he wants.
More young girls are kidnapped
and worn from their homes.
My people have lost hope.
All i have you get your share of.
All you want can I give you.
With all the understanding and compassion for
a father who goes through what you do...
- I have given promises.
- I have gold and land.
- It does not apply to money.
- But you're the one!
You are the only person
I know who can do this.
I do not know what you want.
But I know what you do not want.
You give me no choice.
You can take my daughters, because I'm
absolutely sure I'm not surviving.
Please do not go!
You never come from here.
Not in this life.
- Take home the girls. I'll pick you up daughter.
- Thanks.
- Do not Cry. Do not Cry.
- This is Tara.
Remember to light up your father's incense.
- What does she mean?
- It's the anniversary of my father's death today.
But how did she know?
- Why would not she know?
Okay, come on.
We light incense on evil.
Does she know I killed the old man?
Hi, little girl. Come on, you'll get candy.
What do you want? Get out!
I do not want to accompany you! No!
Drop my daughter! Drop my daughter!
Help! Help!
Your daughter had gone lost.
We just tried to take her home.
What is the problem?
This border city has a nasty reputation-
- to house killers, rapists,
drug addicts and drug addicts.
Which of the categories do you belong to?
Is kidnapping a thing?
There is nothing worse than
those who hurt children.
Do you know what I did before kidnapping?
- No, what did you do?
- I was assassin of the triads.
You are an idiot who learned king-fu-
- and believe that all real power
must come from a spiritual base.
I taught King-Fu to kill.
As I am always stronger, because
we focus only on one thing.
You, on the other hand, are divided between two things:
your false spirituality and your physical technique.
You are in a huge undercap.
Our king-fu is very good.
Come along, I'll show one thing.
Good kung fu
Mr. Hou, as far as I know, you have been
practicing during Lei Shen for a long time.
You are active and well-known in
the martial arts world, right?
Yes, Master Chen Man. How then
I mean that our company has a reputation-
- serving only honest
guests with high standards.
What you have done-
- especially to beat women in
our company, is unacceptable.
You should know that they are my people
and I have the right to defend them.
She stole from me! She took my money-
-and a ring that was hereditary!
Mr. Hou.
We have run the company for a while.
Do not set a scene because you lost
some worthless things. Who cares?
- I care!
- Shut up! This is my territory!
I have the last word!
Get rid of him!
I just want to ask one thing, Mei Ling.
Do you stare from Mr. Hou?
Yes, sir.
- Why?
- I have a daughter.
- And how old is she?
- Seven.
She has leukemia.
I come from the mountains to the north.
They say that with the
best care it can be cured-
- but if I do not take her to
a better hospital, she dies.
Please forgive me.
I believe you.
The money should suffice for you and
your daughter to never miss something.
Take care of your daughter and
never leave her side again.
Remember, how poor you are-
-and how hard life is, never steal.
Preview a good example for your daughter.
Gentlemen, let me
summarize this for you:
Our properties are worth 300,000 var-
- and you are currently
exploiting 50 properties, right?
A golden occasion.
Highest gold content is that-
When you have the latest information.
I have heard that the ground you thought was
built is poisonous and heavily polluted.
So sure nothing grows there and
even a cockroach can survive.
Now you are trying to find a scapegoat
because you do not manage it yourself.
Mr. Chen.
Mr. Ax stands outside and wants
to talk with you. It is urgent.
When I invited you, I thought
we should listen to music-
Take a couple of glasses and laugh.
Turning to Qmom is not easy.
- Do we even know that Tara is there?
- I know she's there.
- Is that all you have to say, brother?
- Yes, you'll trust me.
- So you will eventually collect the debt?
Yes, I do, brother.
With these I am prepared for everything.
"Killed by a thousand chicks."
I see you holding them sharp.
- Monthly. An old habit.
"They are hard to get rid of.
Unbelievable. Thanks.
I only know about Qmom Ryktesvgen.
You are in the same city and industry.
- What's his thing?
- Drugs, trafficking and extortion.
You seem to think he
must be stopped anyway.
Against Qmom, it can go bad very fast.
Therefore, we need the right tools
and the right people for the job.
I know it's you, Infidel.
- How is the recovery industry?
- Good, but I want a new job.
Why are you a still image?
- Darius feels like a rock star.
- And?
The only one he drops in is
nice girls and pizza bites.
- Should we reconnect the band?
- Yes, that seems so.
- When do you pay the debt to Mr. Wong?
- Soon!
Where is the pizza box when you need them?
Ax! Wait, it's too loud in here.
Well. Nothing special, good looking.
A regular day at work, only.
Okay, see you there.
Sifu. Chen Man and I were nearby
and looked past to greet you.
You have learned King-fu well-
- but when it comes to
lying you have a bit left.
Sifu, how has your health been lately?
It's been okay, but when
a road is used less-
- becomes the inevitable
overgrowth of weeds and thorns.
The end of the road is not in sight.
How long my trip will be unknown.
You understand, the soul is
infinite, but the body is finite.
But if my eyes do not let me down, then
we'll enjoy your wisdom for a long time.
Sifu, that's something I've wanted to ask you.
Why have you always been kind
to Ax, but so strict to me-
- Even though I've been with you for years
and studied with you since I was little?
Have I done something wrong?
We are often strictest
against those closest to us.
Sifu, I do not understand.
You do not know if that-
But you are my son.
What did you say?
Am I a son?
Why do you say it first now?
My principle has always been to
choose the right opportunity.
You've always been a student and I've
always been waiting for this moment-
-my son.
Well, are we just three?
- Hollywood, you came anyway.
- Wait, the bell.
- How is it in the music industry?
- Went to hell when Motown closed.
We are looking for the guy with the plan.
You think you're here because you
owe me something, but you're not.
But you are guilty of the warfare
we have created over the years.
I do not know with you others, but...
I'm here because Chen offered
me an unlimited note, life out.
Okay, we will join Qmom.
This is the only picture we have of him.
He is not the goal, but an important player.
It is her we are looking for, just over 20 years.
She is probably held in the basement of the
club, guarded. We're going to free the girl.
Chen Man covers us in the area,
my amazing little brother.
Infidel, try to fix a
detailed map of the place.
Ying-Ying, go in dressed as a customer.
Dress up sexy if you want.
Hollywood and Scarecrow find out
what we have and what we need.
I demand a lot, but it is a good thing
and we have the right on our side.
Brother, I have a question.
What the hell is Qmom for name?
No clue. I can introduce you
to his mother, so ask her.
Let's go.
There are four guys in front of us.
The third from the left, Black Claw Ma-
-the Qmom's best torpedo.
Where do I recognize that name from?
He did not have Qmom to do before.
He has the same background as us.
His King-Fu training is similar to our brother.
In another life we could have been friends.
- But not in this. Not yet.
- What do you think?
Does anyone know how QMOM's place
works, it's Black Claw Ma.
Do you really think he's changing page?
There are two kinds of dogs. He who
is loyal to his house into the last-
- and whoever bites his house
as soon as it gets the chance.
We'll see what kind of dog he is.
Good day, Master Ax.
- Good day.
- So you've got that mysterious clock?
- It gives me security.
It says if the one who comes in is kind.
What do you want for medicine today?
- pain reliever?
- Yes, but not for me.
- The wild one.
- Now I remember you. Ax.
Also known as the
"Mongolian Demons Lover".
Mongkok is in Hong Kong and we are
in Mong La, in the border between-
- Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
We are in all those countries.
But I remember you.
Black Claw Ma, a face from before.
You were an arsel then
and you're a fuss now.
I'm deeply hurt by your words.
Should a teacher show
you all his secrets?
I'm a simple guy from the country,
I do not yearn for something big.
To get great lessons or technology
from any major master I am not worthy.
Put down the history section, Ax.
Why did you get me here?
Last I saw you, you had
your head in Qmo's ass.
I thought you might want
to improve the view.
- Do you offer me a job?
- Not a job, rather a flight plan.
It's you who need a escape route, Ax.
"And you're in need of medical art.
- Here we go.
We can talk about it?
Help! Stop fighting!
That's enough. Sifu Ax, stop fighting.
Call for ambulance. I pay for everything.
No danger, brother.
You... You...
Infidel, what have you got?
Qmom has the reputation of
being a martial arts champion.
As a champion he does not use
weapons, but it makes his gang.
They are heavily armed.
We try to walk in carefully.
Cool and calm.
I say or he "hurts hard",
then we drive hard.
Okay, this is how the club works.
Only a few selected may come in
- and those who get it must be rich,
beautiful or powerful enough.
Those who are embedded are divided into three classes.
White comes into the big dance floor.
Black comes there and on the other.
With a red bracelet you have
access to the entire club-
- including the private rooms and
all the fun that happens there.
Why did not you get a red?
I did not get one-
two more.
In each room there are at least
five security guards deployed.
Each dance floor has its own bartender.
Each has its own iron.
I saw three guys I tried to follow, they
disappeared in the private section.
They have a very strange tattoo.
She tries to write "fire".
It is the stem symbol from her father's city.
Her father has a similar.
- fire and wood
- It's proof that she's here.
There is a private event at Baihu
tomorrow, with fewer guests and guards.
We only have two bracelets.
Hollywood and I go into
the front or rear bar.
My student drops in Ying-Ying and Infidel.
These three places in the club
are the best to hide an M4.
These two toilets have paper
trays we can put ammunition in.
It works.
- How does the plan sound? Some questions?
- I have a question.
- What do we have for a retreat plan?
"We go in like shadows, like thunder.
I see the evil you've committed.
Violence for own gain.
The assassination of innocents.
Are you not tired of this
life in pain and suffering?
Do not psyche my men.
They say you refuse to eat.
What I can see, your people
are eating too much.
Even when you starve-
So you're joking, huh?
You do not sleep or make any decision.
- Tell me what are you waiting for?
- I might be waiting for...
that you should take away the knife.
There have been a few guests.
These are honored guests from your hometown.
Do you like card games?
Select a card.
Do not you even dare guess?
No Please. No Please!
- A card for?
- It is enough.
I'll give you what you want.
The guy at the door is Chen Mans student.
Who are you?
This is a private party! Follow me!
- Help the others.
- Do not I need this?
- It's an order.
- Yes, sir.
Are you blind-
- Are you deliberately hiding things for me?
Do you know what you're taking from me today-
Can I take back from you?
- Then you lose it forever.
- Really?
- The world we knew does not
exist anymore. It's gone.
The traditions, principles, ethics and
morals we received from our fathers-
- our grandfathers, our
ancestors and our champions-
- Do not diminish fast, they
are literally almost gone.
Asian martial arts are available worldwide
- but risks getting a
deep, dark disease.
There are those who use their
strength and knowledge-
- not for everyone's best, but for
the sake of their own bad ambitions.
They are the champion, Ronin.
Those who have broken the line.
Those we have the most wisdom to learn from-
- has been forsaken,
ridiculed and ignored
We can not do more-
-to take the hearts that love king-fu-
-turn a spark and keep the flame alive.
Hopefully, the dark clouds
-and a new day may start.
Kung-fu is not only for
Chinese, but for all.
It's all martial arts.
Finally, I would like to say that it is a glory
- to have lived in a time when true
master walked the same ground as me.
Having listened to their words.
They have led us to where we are today.
Everyone in this room.
Can we devote every breath we have left-
- to spread the protection of
what remains of the family-
- and devote our lives to helping the
innocent, needy and defenseless...
and teach future generations
of humility and commitment...
then King-fu can survive all of us anyway.
All the words we have spoken today-
- have been worth something and
our prayers have not been empty.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Translation: Emil P.W.S Holmgren