Au Revoir Les Enfants (Goodbye, Children) (1987) Movie Script

Julien, don't start this again.
Be reasonable.
Its naughty to cry.
You promised.
I'm not crying.
I'll see you in three weeks,
and you'll be home for mardi gras.
Time will fly.
Why do you say that?
You know it won't.
Dad and I will write often.
I don't give a damn about Dad,
and I hate you.
Hi, Julien.
Hello, children.
You want to be with your friends.
Yeah, right.
I can't stand that idiot.
Still smooching?
A bright boy like you
mustn't miss the train.
- Franois, I forbid you to smoke.
- Its only corn silk.
- So?
- It doesn't count.
Bye, Mom.
Be good.
All aboard!
Go on now.
You think I like this?
I miss you every moment.
I'd like to dress up
as a boy and join you.
I'd see you at school every day.
Itd be our secret.
You know I can't keep you
in Paris with me.
Written and Directed by
- Did you have a good vacation, Julien?
- Yes, Father.
- Your parents are well?
- Yes, Father.
- Whatd you get for Christmas?
- Books.
Just books?
Thats lousy.
Have you ever read Verne?
Just 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Laviron, did you put
your things away?
Ach! Black market, Mr. Quentin.
I arrest you.
Your jam ist konfizkated!
Let me go!
Quentin, stop it.
Next time I'll smash your face in.
I swiped it from my brother.
She's a real dish.
She's got no tits.
Look out! Monkeys!
Good evening, Father.
- Is this bed free?
- Yes. D'Eparville has whooping cough.
Take this one.
Children, this is Jean Bonnet,
your new schoolmate.
Mr. Moreau, find him a locker.
- Good night, children.
- Good night, Father.
- Hey, Bonnet!
- Where's your Easter bonnet?
Thats enough!
Leave him alone!
I'll show you your locker.
Take this one.
Go get your things.
Whats your name?
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Shut up and get to bed.
Its just a blackout.
My name's Julien Quentin.
Mess with me and you'll be sorry.
Babinot, vacation's over.
Good night, everyone.
Cut it out!
Hey, thats my place.
- Whats today?
- French lit and religion.
- No hot water?
- No. We're not sissies here.
"Verily I say unto you,
unless you eat the flesh
of the Son of Man and drink his blood,
you have no life in you. "
Father, give me a hand.
"Whoever eats my flesh
and drinks my blood has eternal life.
For my flesh is food indeed,
and my blood is drink indeed. "
We starve and freeze,
yet we fast for communion.
What a place.
- You're taking communion?
- I'm no ass-kisser like you.
"Star of the sea,
here lies the heavy sheet
The deep swell,
the ocean of wheat
The turbulent spume
and our full granaries
Here, your eyes
on this immense cope
Here your voice
on this weighty plain
Our absent friends,
depopulated hearts
Here, the stretch
of our shattered fists
Our weariness and our full force -"
Quentin, you're ready
for the Comdie-Franaise.
Can you tell us
who Charles Peguy was?
He was killed
in the First World War.
You're starting at the end
of the story.
His mother mended chairs.
Stop laughing like idiots.
Peguy's mother was a good woman.
What about you, Bonnot?
You know anything about Peguy?
No, sir.
And my name's Bonnet.
As in Easter bonnet!
Very funny, Babinot.
To get back in the swing
after vacation,
write an essay
on the first two verses.
You have half an hour.
I'd like to confess.
- Are you nuts?
- It doesn't even hurt.
Quentin, take it easy!
Careful, children.
Take that, Negus.
This'll warm him up.
I'm Bayard, the fearless knight.
Love live France!
Playing rough, Quentin?
En garde, Laviron!
Coward, traitor, villain!
I'm Negus, the Black Knight,
protector of widows and orphans.
Get back, Moor!
I'm Richard the Lionhearted.
I'll drive you from Jerusalem,
infidel Saracen.
Son of a bitch.
Allah is God
and Mohammed is his prophet.
Tremble, my friend.
Lion heart, flea brain,
pig face, cow turd.
Go, Negus.
Is that his real name?
What do you think?
He looks nasty.
You know him?
Thats Lafarge, my best friend.
Death to the Saracens!
Well done!
Playtime's over.
Back to class.
Babinot, hurry up.
It doesn't even hurt.
Hold still while I put on a bandage.
You boys will kill yourselves
on those stilts.
Someone'll break a leg one day.
Hey, we said 45.
The richer they are,
the more they steal.
Joseph, what are you up to?
Back to your potatoes.
There, all better.
You drink too much, Mrs. Perrin.
Quiet, brat! Nothing wrong
with a drop of the good stuff.
- Got any stamps?
- I'm not trading with you guys anymore.
I've got some jam.
After lunch.
The doctor's wife loves your jam.
It puts her in the mood.
Know what I mean?
Pass the basket.
Now there's straw in the bread!
I'm gonna write to my dad.
- What can he do?
- Complain.
I remind those
who've received food from home
to share with their fellow students.
You want some salami?
I'm warning you - its horsemeat.
I have to eat. I'm anemic.
What about us?
Didn't you hear Father Jean?
There's not enough for everyone.
Let your folks feed you.
There's one piece left.
- You take it.
- Thanks. You're a pal.
Today, St. Simeon Stylites.
"St. Simeon was 13
and tending his father's sheep
when he heard this verse
from the Bible:
"Woe unto you who laugh now,
for the day shall come
when you shall weep. '
He left home to become a hermit
and lived 30 years atop a column.
He stood upright, without shelter,
absorbed in almost
continuous prayer.
Vitamin crackers.
Here. Itll taste better now.
- I've got two.
- Thanks. I'm not hungry anymore.
That guy gets on my nerves.
- There's little Joseph now.
- You got the jam?
Stop it!
These are my clean pants!
Joseph's in love, boys.
Your girlfriend looks like a slut.
How about your sister?
Whats she look like?
- Is the teacher tough?
- No, he's nice.
- Have you had him?
- Yes. He was amazed at my Latin.
- They'll be ready to eat in three months.
- Sure, for Parents' Day.
So parents will say,
"You eat so well here!"
Lets see the stamps.
A 15-centime Madagascar.
The guy said its real rare.
Somewhat rare.
I think I'll keep my jam.
The grub here is lousy.
You're a real Jew.
So, you're in love?
Don't joke around. Its serious.
Could you spare 50 francs?
Women cost a bundle.
You'll find out.
No, I won't.
Besides, you're rich.
On what they pay me here?
If I could find another job -
I'm broke. Ask Franois.
Ciron, put some wood in the stove.
Its freezing in here.
No need to play the fool.
Who can prove that the sum
of the two opposite sides AB plus CD
equals the sum
of the other two sides?
The new boy.
- His name's Easter Bonnet, sir.
- Knock it off.
We know that tangents of a circle
from a given point are equal.
Therefore A equals a,
B equals b...
You think?
Turns your brain to mush,
but he doesn't have a lot to lose.
Right. Very good.
- Everyone understand?
- Yes, sir.
Great! An air raid!
We'll go down to the shelter.
But class isn't over.
Bring your books.
Hurry up, children.
- Mother Michel lost her cat
- Quiet!
Now for some algebra.
Follow along in your books.
Page 61.
Algebraic numbers
are like arithmetic numbers in that...
Give me some light?
Get lost.
Lift up the light.
I can't see.
I'll get caught!
You're such a pain!
They're bombing the station.
- No, its the barracks.
- Calm down and stay seated.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you...
The lovebirds!
Quentin, turn that off!
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive our trespassers,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
To bed now. Good night.
Just curl up
like a little doggie.
Did you do this?
What is it?
One, two...
three, four...
Shoulders back!
You've got biceps
like papier-mch!
She's showing off her ass.
Its a lot better than yours.
Ciron, 20 extra push-ups!
Keep going!
Get those rear ends down!
Its an A-sharp.
Can't you hear
when you hit a wrong note?
Go on.
You should try the violin.
Do you hate music?
Not at all. But my mother
forces me to take piano.
She's right. If you stop now,
you'll always regret it.
Time's up.
See you Tuesday.
Good-bye, miss.
- Whats your name?
- Jean Bonnet.
Lets hear you play.
Try this.
Bonnet, get back to your seat.
"My darling, as you know,
its very hard
for me to write to you.
Mr. D. Was going to Lyon,
and he agreed to mail this.
Your aunt and I seldom go out -"
Julien Quentin.
Your mother's up to something.
Oh, yes - I fought
with my sister on vacation.
Nothing else?
I don't think so.
No evil thoughts?
You know what I mean.
Everyone has them.
- Even you?
- Even me.
- Whats wrong?
- Frostbite.
Show me.
Its a vitamin deficiency.
Tell Mrs. Perrin
to give you cod-liver oil.
Its the cold.
Its freezing in school.
I know.
But think of those
less fortunate than you.
You told your mother
you wanted to take holy orders.
She told you?
I don't think you have
any calling for the priesthood.
Its a sorry job anyway.
Say three Hail Marys.
You may stand up.
Who told you that?
You mustn't believe rumors.
What can I do?
We're in the Lords hands.
Do you get along well
with your new classmate?
Be very nice to him.
The others look up to you.
I'm counting on you.
Why? Is he sick?
Not at all.
Run along now.
- Petain's a loony.
- He is not.
If we didn't have Petain,
we'd be in deep shit.
- Says who?
- My father.
My father says Laval
sold out to the Germans.
Jews and Communists
are worse than Germans.
- Your Dad says that?
- No, I do.
I'm not surprised.
Don't dawdle.
Stay together.
- Good, isn't it?
- What?
The Three Musketeers.
How far are you?
- Milady's trial.
- She's a real bitch.
- What are you gonna do later?
- I don't know. Math.
Math's a bunch of shit,
unless you want to be an accountant.
My father was an accountant.
Hurry up, children.
Quentin, come along.
Come on, Babinot.
we don't have much time.
You haven't bathed in two weeks.
Bonnet, is it true
you're not gonna be confirmed?
I'm a Protestant.
A heretic - disgusting!
Bonnet isn't a Protestant name.
It sure is.
- Second shower.
- Not a tub?
A shower. Now go!
Babinot, what are you doing?
Thats enough now.
Bonnet, take the tub at the end.
- Can I have a tub too?
- In there.
- What about me?
- In there.
- Its tiny. My feetll stick out.
- Itll have to do.
You should try the violin.
Quentin, what are you doing?
I'm waiting for your tub.
I told you to hurry up.
I can't help it.
My soap won't lather.
Hurry up. Its freezing.
- That guy's got some nerve!
- Shut up.
Its cold. We'll run back.
Lets go!
Pull your arms back.
Squat, one and two.
Looks like the mountain troops.
No, they're militia.
This is a search.
You have no right to enter here.
This is a private school.
Only children and men of the cloth.
What do those collaborators want?
- We have orders.
- From whom?
Our superiors.
- I'll complain.
- To whom?
- You can go in now.
- Already? Great!
Your jam was a big hit.
Got any more?
What did the militia want?
They're snooping around.
Heard there were draft dodgers here.
Draft dodgers?
Guys hiding out
to avoid forced labor in Germany.
Like Moreau, the monitor.
- Really?
Moreau's not his real name.
But I don't care.
With my leg, I'll be exempt.
- Joseph!
- Coming.
She's worse than going to Germany.
Rollin. Average. Nine and a half.
Bonnet? Not here.
Good riddance.
Intelligent, but a bit pretentious.
This, for example:
"Peguy sees the cathedral
as a grand and generous beacon. "
Take your seat.
Where were you?
Ciron, 12 points.
Where do you get barges
in the middle of wheat fields?
On the Foussarde Canal, sir.
I was there on vacation.
Sensitive and well-written.
Quentin, you've got competition.
Who hasn't had
his vitamin cracker?
D'Arsonval, stop lagging.
I can't pay you right away.
You promised.
Ask the little shit. I'm sure
the miser's hoarding some sugar.
Want some marbles?
Julien Quentin?
Julien Quentin.
The apartment seems empty
without you.
Paris is no fun these days.
They bomb us nearly every night.
A bomb killed
eight people yesterday.
The girls are back in school.
Sophie works at the Red Cross
Thursdays and Sundays.
So many unfortunate people.
Dads at the plant in Lille.
His factory's hardly producing.
He's in a foul mood.
Its really time this war ended.
I'll come get you Sunday at 8.00,
as we agreed.
We'll have lunch at Le Grand Cerf.
Can't wait to give you a big hug.
Your loving mother.
P. S. Eat your jam.
I'll bring you more.
Take good care of your health.
Beat it, buddy.
"First prize in arithmetic - Jean...
Jean Kippel...
Kippelstein. "
I'm hungry.
Whats a perpendicular bisector?
- A perpendicular in mid-segment.
- Whats it good for?
Thats a theta, not a tau.
We'll continue next time.
Greek is useful, you know.
All scientific words
have Greek roots.
Who do you like best?
Athos or dArtagnan?
He's a hypocrite.
Yeah, but he's the smartest one.
Why don't you take Greek?
- I took Latin.
- Where?
At school in Marseilles.
You're from Marseilles?
You don't have an accent.
I wasn't born there.
Where were you born?
You wouldn't know it
if I told you.
Is Greek hard?
- Not once you know the alphabet.
Are your parents in Marseilles?
My dads a prisoner.
He didn't escape?
And where's your mother?
You won't tell me?
- In the unoccupied zone.
- There's no unoccupied zone anymore.
I know that. Now lay off.
I don't know where she is.
She hasn't written in three months.
Happy now?
What are you two up to?
I have a cold.
Enough nonsense.
Go out and play.
Hippo's a bastard.
Always snooping around.
St. Thomas's proofs
of Gods existence don't hold water.
I don't agree.
Since we can imagine God,
he must exist.
Thats just sophistry.
At least Bergson seeks
transcendence in science.
Hey, I want to talk to you.
- Thats strong.
- Its the real thing, dummy.
Lets go somewhere else.
The monkeys will catch us here.
- Do me a favor.
- What?
Pass a note to your piano teacher.
- You're crazy! I'll get expelled!
- She won't say anything.
You're such a scaredy-cat.
Franois, whats a yid?
- A Jew.
- I know, but what exactly is a Jew?
- Someone who doesn't eat pork.
- Are you kidding me?
Not at all.
What have people got against them?
The fact they're smarter than us,
and they crucified Jesus.
Thats not true.
It was the Romans.
Is that why they have
to wear yellow stars?
- Will you take my letter to Davenne?
- No.
What do you want with her anyway?
- Never mind.
Be nice. I'll lend you my
Arabian Nights. Itll give you a hard-on.
Leave me alone!
You smell awful, Joseph.
Stop it, right now!
He called me a creep!
Thats enough now.
Calm down and go back to the kitchen.
"Down, Joseph!
To your kennel!"
I'm not a dog!
Stop it, D'Arsonval!
Damn, a cross.
Another wrong trail.
We have to get back to the crossroads,
quickly and quietly.
There must be another trail
at the fork.
I wonder where the others are.
Whats today?
January 17. Thursday.
You realize there'll never be
another January 17, 1944?
Never again.
Shut up and get a move on!
In 40 years,
half these guys'll be dead and buried.
Come on.
I'm the only one in this school
who thinks about death. Its incredible!
You're our prisoners.
Follow us.
We're gonna tie your hands.
There are two missing.
Over there! Its Quentin!
I found the treasure.
The Greens win.
Didn't they catch you?
Yes, they tied me to a tree,
but I got free.
I found the treasure.
All by myself.
Are there wolves in these woods?
Its that way.
We go left. I'm sure.
- No, we go right.
- I told you, we go left.
Its the high wall
next to the church, right?
I know it.
We Bavarians are Catholic.
Good evening, Father.
Lost any children?
We looked everywhere.
Always playing the fool, Julien!
Thats not fair.
I found the treasure.
But everyone had vanished.
Its all right, my boy.
What happened?
They got arrested by the Krauts.
Could the Krauts
have their blanket back?
Thank you very much.
No civilians in the woods after 8:00 p. m.
Don't you know there's a curfew?
You think we did it on purpose?
I caught hell because of you.
You won because of me, jerk.
Come on. Hurry up.
Calm down.
Lafarge, out!
Feeling better, twerp?
A present from Joseph.
And a letter from your mom.
She's your mom too.
But you're her pet.
Dads always off in Lille.
I bet she's getting plenty.
- What do you mean?
- Women are all whores, my friend.
Sorry, Sister.
What an idiot!
- Swabbing time.
- Again?
Three times a day.
Sit up straight.
Open your mouth.
Open wide.
Keep your tongue down.
Listen here!
Open your mouth!
- Were you scared last night?
- Not really.
I hear you saw some wild boar.
Were there lots?
- Around 50.
What about the Germans?
Did they really fire at you?
- Just a few bursts.
- Come on!
Nice book.
What is it?
The Arabian Nights.
Its my brother's.
Its banned by the monkeys.
- Why?
Its really dirty.
I'll lend it to you.
Recess is over.
We've got our religion class.
See you tomorrow.
- Kiss Mother Michel for me.
- Oh, we will.
The Arabian Nights.
You're disgusting.
It doesn't hurt it.
Its dead.
A present from Joseph.
No, thanks.
I don't like pate.
Go on. Eat it.
I said no.
I don't like pate.
Because its pork?
Why do you always ask
such stupid questions?
Because your name's Kippelstein,
not Bonnet.
Do you say "Kippelstine"
or "Kippelsteen"?
Bonnet, get back in bed
this minute or I'll report you!
And you quiet down.
- Are your parents coming?
- The whole family.
Aren't you dressing up?
No visitors?
What the hell is it to you?
My message today is especially
for the youngest among you
who will be confirmed
in a few weeks.
My children,
we live in a time
of discord and hatred.
Lies are all-powerful.
Christians kill one another.
Those who should guide us
betray us instead.
More than ever, we must beware
of selfishness and indifference.
You're all from wealthy families,
some very wealthy.
Because you've been given much,
much will be asked of you.
Remember the Bible's stern lesson:
"Its easier for a camel
to pass through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man
to enter the kingdom of heaven. "
St. James said,
"Now, you rich, weep and wail
for the woes awaiting you. "
Your wealth has rotted,
and your garments are eaten by worms. "
Worldly wealth corrupts souls
and withers hearts.
It makes men contemptuous, unjust,
pitiless in their egoism.
I understand the anger
of those who have nothing
when the rich feast so arrogantly.
He's hitting pretty hard.
I don't mean to shock you
but only remind you
that charity is a Christian's first duty.
St. Paul tells us in today's Epistle,
"Brothers, be not wise
in your own conceits.
Do not repay any man
evil for evil.
If thine enemy hunger, feed him.
If he thirst, give him drink. "
Let us pray for the hungry,
for those who suffer,
for the persecuted.
Let us pray for the victims
and for their executioners as well.
- Will you give concerts?
- Not right away.
I still need practice.
Its hard to get started.
Its Duvallier's dog.
- Itll bite you.
- He doesn't bite.
En garde, Easter Bonnet.
Help me, you guys!
Get the heretic!
You're really getting on my nerves.
Go, Julien!
Julien, have you gone mad!
Your best suit.
Whatll they say at the restaurant?
Whats gotten into you boys?
You think its funny?
Was everything all right, Mr. Meyer?
Thank you.
The rabbit was tolerable.
Mrs. Quentin,
your table's this way.
Franois, sit over there.
Julien here.
- We haven't seen you lately.
- Vacations.
What fish do you have?
We haven't had fish in ages, ma'am.
I recommend the rabbit.
Half a meal coupon per serving.
Is it rabbit or cat?
Rabbit, sir.
With sauteed potatoes.
- In butter?
- Margarine.
No coupons required.
Very well. We'll have the rabbit,
and a bottle of Bordeaux.
The place is full of Krauts.
I thought they were all
on the Russian front.
You caught their eye.
Your parents couldn't come?
Poor boy.
What about Dad?
He said he was coming.
- He couldn't. Problems at the plant.
As usual.
Your poor father
is under a lot of pressure.
- Is he still for Petain?
- No one is anymore.
I heard of your ordeal in the woods.
I gave Father Jean a piece of my mind.
Those boy scout games are ludicrous
in this freezing cold.
You couldve died, my darling.
Guns do go off!
- Makes a man of him.
Thats just what Father Jean said.
I mean really!
- He was with me in the woods.
- Oh, so it was you.
I bet you're from Lyon.
The name Gillet is from Lyon.
They're all in the silk trade.
His name's Bonnet, not Gillet.
Of course.
He's from Marseilles.
I knew a Bonnet there, a cousin
of the Du Perrons. Is she your mother?
How strange.
His father's an accountant.
Your papers, please.
Your papers, sir.
Can't you read?
This place is off limits to yids.
Why are those men bothering people?
That gentleman looks very proper.
Mr. Meyer's been coming here
for 20 years.
I can't just throw him out.
- Shut up, flunky!
I can have your license revoked.
Quiet, Franois.
Did you say that?
He's a child.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
We serve France, lady.
He insulted us.
Go away!
Its monstrous.
You should be ashamed.
Not at all.
Leave him alone.
He's right.
Send the Jews to Moscow!
Get the hell out of here!
You understand?
Get the hell out!
We'll meet again.
Say what you will,
but some of them are decent.
He was showing off for you.
Aren't we Jewish?
- Thats all we need!
- Isn't Aunt Reinach Jewish?
- She's Alsatian.
- You can be Alsatian and Jewish.
Thats quite enough!
The Reinachs are devout Catholics!
If they heard you!
Mind you,
I have nothing against Jews.
Except for that Leon Blum.
They can hang him.
Julien, sit up straight.
Your friend is nice.
He doesn't say much.
He has his reasons.
- Then he's no dummy.
- Not at all.
Where's Franois?
Whats he up to?
He always gives the Krauts
wrong directions.
Very clever!
- What if I joined the resistance?
- Nonsense. You must finish school.
Some things are
more important than school.
Julien wants to become a monkey.
Not a monkey.
A missionary in the Congo.
Stop using that stupid word.
Its awful.
You should be grateful
to those poor monks who -
"... work so hard to educate you. "
You're a real pain.
Leave me alone.
You know her?
Julien, are you sure
you want to become a priest?
- Would you object?
- Not at all.
Your father and I would be proud.
But why not engineering,
like Grandpa?
Don't worry.
He'll give up the church for a girl.
He's a lover boy, like Joseph.
Laviron's sister is a real dish.
I'm gonna sweet-talk her.
I can't kiss you anymore?
Look at that.
You've got a little mustache.
Can I go back to Paris with you?
Dad won't know.
Did you have a good lunch?
Your mother's nice.
Boy, can she talk fast.
She's crazy.
You'll see her again soon.
I know how to thread it.
Itll break like last time.
No, it won't.
Your jam's great.
- Adrienne made it.
- Is that your sister?
No, she's the cook.
Whats funny?
Don't you have a cook?
You always eat out?
- No. My mom's a great cook.
- You're eating my jam.
- Stop it.
Move over, guys.
We're ready.
Turn out the lights, please.
The fat lady's gonna go sliding.
Looks like Mrs. Perrin.
She's beautiful.
He's in love.
She loves him too.
Time to get up.
Quentin wets the bed.
Quentin wets the bed.
Hurry up in the washroom.
It never fails.
I'm having a great dream.
I feel like peeing.
I open my fly. Everything's great.
Then I wake up and feel
the warm piss on my stomach.
Its no fun, let me tell you.
Try it. Don't be scared.
Go on. Keep your head up.
Get back up.
- Bed wetter.
- Sagard, you're gonna get it.
You dirty thief!
You're the thief!
Just you wait, you thief!
Father Michel,
I caught him stealing lard!
He put it in his bag to sell!
Not in front of the boys, Mrs. Perrin!
- I told you he was stealing!
- Its not true, damn it!
She's the thief!
She's a liar!
Get back in the kitchen.
I told that idiot he'd get caught.
Joseph was selling our supplies
on the black market.
Mrs. Perrin should have told us.
She may have been in on it.
But thats not all.
We found these in his locker.
Private food supplies.
He named all seven of you.
Whose pate is this?
- And the jam?
- Mine.
Know what you are?
A thief, just like Joseph.
I didn't steal.
That jam was mine.
You shouldve shared it.
I believe true education
consists in teaching you
to make good use
of your freedom.
And this is what happens!
You disgust me. There's nothing
I despise more than the black market.
Always money!
It wasn't for money.
We traded, thats all.
For what?
Quentin, if it weren't for your parents,
I'd kick you out at once.
You and your brother.
I have to fire Joseph,
even though its unfair.
You're all confined to school
until Easter.
Now go back to class.
Where do I go now?
I don't even have a place to sleep.
Get back to class.
Go see the bursar.
He'll pay you a month's wages.
I end up taking the rap.
Its not fair.
Come on, Joseph.
- What are you doing here?
- Choir practice.
You two help me
with the flowers for Sunday.
We'll take it from
"O Lord, in thee... "
Bonnets not here?
- No, miss. He's in the infirmary.
- Really?
Its easy.
Do this with your left hand.
We'd better get to the shelter.
Everyone in the shelter, and hurry!
They won't miss us.
They never count.
I hope the Americans land soon.
Will you stay at this school
when the war's over?
I don't know. I doubt it.
You scared?
All the time.
How long's it been
since you saw him?
My father?
Almost two years.
I never see mine either.
What are you doing here, Joseph?
I forgot some things.
What about you?
"Could I, lad,
belong to anyone but you?
She swiftly cast aside her veils,
removed her clothing,
and appeared naked
as the day she was born.
Blessed be the womb that bore her.
The princess was
as soft and white as fine linen.
Her whole being
exuded a scent of amber.
He took her in his arms,
probing her intimate depths,
and found she was a virgin pearl.
His hand roved
over her lovely limbs and neck
and through
the richness of her hair.
She responded by eagerly displaying
her many gifts.
She had the sinuous grace of Araby,
Ethiopian ardor,
the startled candor of the French,
the high art of the Indians,
Yemeni coyness,
and the narrow passage
of a Chinese girl.
Each embrace became a coupling,
and each coupling
the wildest fornication,
until, weary from
their passionate writings,
they fell asleep in each other's arms,
drunk with pleasure.
Thus ended -"
The Russians have begun
a major offensive in the Ukraine.
British radio claims
the Germans have been overrun
along a 60-mile front west of Kiev.
Radio Paris claims
the attack was repulsed
with heavy losses.
The truth is likely
somewhere between the two.
Radio Paris tells German lies
Meanwhile, in Italy,
the Americans and British
are pinned down at Monte Cassino.
Take out your notebooks
for an algebra problem.
We're going to multiply
two monomials.
May I be excused, sir?
Its the soup.
Its always you, Sagard.
Go on.
Dr. Mller. Gestapo.
Which one of you
is Jean Kippelstein?
Answer me.
There's no one by that name
in this class.
Lets go.
That boy is not French.
He's a Jew.
Your principal committed
a serious crime by hiding him.
The school is closed.
You have two hours to pack your bags
and line up in the yard.
Was Bonnet a Jew?
Keep calm, children.
Quiet down
and listen to me, children.
They've arrested Father Jean.
It seems we've been denounced.
What about Bonnet?
Bonnet, Dupre and Lafarge
are Jewish.
Father Jean took them in
because their lives were in danger.
Go to the dormitory
and pack quickly and calmly.
But first we'll say a prayer
for Father Jean and your friends.
Our Father, who art in heaven...
Negus got away.
They didn't get Negus.
They're looking for him and Moreau.
Father Jean had resistance leaflets.
When you're ready,
go to the dining hall.
Quentin, pack Laviron's bag
and take it to the infirmary. Hurry!
Want some help?
Don't worry.
They'd have gotten me anyway.
Negus got away.
I know.
Take these.
I've read them all.
You want The Arabian Nights?
- What are you doing here?
- I brought his bag.
Are you gonna get up?
What do you want now?
We can't stay here.
They're searching the attic.
Sister, put a compress on him!
You'll get us all arrested!
There's a Jew here.
I'm sure of it.
We haven't seen anyone.
You, come here.
Pull down your pants. Quick!
What happened?
- Its her.
- Get out!
I'm going over the roof.
Good-bye, Julien.
He's a friend.
What are you doing with them?
Aren't you happy?
You'll get a vacation.
You don't smoke?
Don't worry about it.
They're just Jews.
You really liked Bonnet?
Don't act so pious!
You guys are to blame!
I got fired
for doing business with you.
Mrs. Perrin stole more than I did.
Stop acting so pious!
There's a war going on, kid.
Are there any other Jews among you?
Answer me!
What about you?
Sure you're not Jewish?
Your name?
Pierre de la Rozire.
Go stand against the wall.
You think they'll arrest us?
We didn't do anything.
We were in the chapel.
We came for confession.
That soldier did his duty.
His orders were
to let no one leave.
The strength of the German soldier
is his discipline.
Thats what you French lack:
We're not your enemies.
You must help us rid France
of foreigners and Jews.
Good-bye, Father.
Good-bye, children.
See you soon.
Bonnet, Negus and Dupre
died at Auschwitz.
Father Jean
died in the camp at Mauthausen.
The school reopened its doors
in October of 1944.
More than 40 years have passed,
but I'll remember every second of that
January morning until the day I die.