Audio Guide (2020) Movie Script

AUDIO GUIDE: You are now
to the Belle Epoque Art Gallery
Audio Guide Series.
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners
of the country on which
we meet today:
the Gadigal people of the
Eora Nation,
and recognise their continuing
connection to land,
waters and culture.
We pay our respects to their Elders,
past, present and emerging.
Thank you.
Now let us begin.
'Still Life'
by Michelangelo Merisi da
Caravaggio, 1603.
Fruit and vegetables pepper
the table,
as a striking shaft of orange
light shines down.
'Entrance to the Jardin Turc'
by Louis-Lopold Boilly, 1812.
Oil on canvas.
The scene depicts a vast
outback landscape
with two wanderers lost in an
Australia that they no
longer recognise or understand.
'Untitled Combine' by Robert
Rauschenberg. 196...
'Sisley-Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenee'
James LeMon, 24.
Art student.
He will drop out within a year.
Aroused by scopophilia
and voyeurism.
Future State Minister for Tourism.
Justin Torday, 28.
Current occupation:
gallery attendant.
Dreams of becoming an airline pilot.
He will fail his flight exams
and die at the age of 53
from a pulmonary embolism.
Natasha Cooper, 29
Masseuse, and part time
sign language teacher.
She will lose her left hand
in an accident
involving fireworks.
She spends the rest of her life as a sign
language interpreter for the United...
Alan Taylor, 24.
A failed voice actor,
part time courier.
Will eventually turn to
crime as a renowned thief.
'The Pyramids of Giza',
constructed in 2056 BCE.
Built by tens of thousands
of skilled labourers,
using a straightforward ramp system,
the pyramids now stand as...
John F. Kennedy,
President of the United States.
Assassinated by French drug
trafficker Lucien Sarti
on the grassy knoll.
The Whitechapel murders
were a series of crimes
attributed to Jack the Ripper,
a pseudonym for the real killer.
Princess Beatrice,
the youngest child
of Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert...
Hillary Craig, 47
Museum employee
Proud owner of two
purebred bichon frises...
George Thomas, 37,
a beekeeper and a fan
of abstract art.
Jason Masood, 39
Full time health inspector
and part time magician
Anne LaMore, 42
Recently lost her job of seven
years at a detention centre
after revealing the living conditions
of those detained.
She is deaf in one ear.
She will change professions and become
a receptionist at a law firm,
and will have this job
until she is murdered.
In 2021 by her boyfriend,
Michael Lambert.
He will be arrested and
later freed as her body
is never found.
Audrey Walker, 19
first year art student and
aspiring painter. Recent...
Jesus Christ,
died aged 33 as a result of crucifixion.
Parents, Mary and Joseph.
Believed in popular culture
to be the son of God.
A fictitious character,
created 4000 years ago
in the Bonpa Dharma,
and popularised in the
Jewish text the Talmud.
God was originally created to
provide a sense of order
in a universe that is,
by human standards,
cold and meaningless.
This mural was painted by...
This burger wrapper...
Rustic Ghost' is a piece of graffiti
created two months ago by...
This alleyway...
was the location of Nicole Brampton's
unsolved murder...
who at the time was writing
on the large number
of indigenous deaths
in police custody...
This public bathroom is home
to strains of streptococcus,
staphylococcus, E. Coli, hepatitis.
Audrey Walker, 19.
Her most popular artwork,
entitled 'The Son of Nazareth',
will sell for a record
three million dollars.
The controversial piece
gaining notoriety,
following Walker's untimely death...
You have been listening
to the Audio Guide issued
by the Belle Epoque Art Gallery
of New South Wales.
We hope you've found this guide
to be informative and rewarding,
and hope you enjoy your day.
Thank you for listening.