Auf Einmal (2016) Movie Script

For there is nothing either good
or bad, but thinking makes it so.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Anna,
happy birthday to you.
Make a wish.
Hello, Karsten Bhm here.
58 Lenne Street.
I need an ambulance.
You don't have to go along.
We reached her husband.
Anna came with Caro.
Caro is a friend of Judith's.
Judith is the girlfriend
of my colleague Florian.
I didn't know Anna.
We partied.
Everyone left around three o'clock.
Except Anna.
She stayed.
She looked sad.
She told me it was her birthday.
We had a shot to celebrate.
And all of a sudden...
she had trouble breathing.
She was feeling hot and dizzy.
At first I thought
it was the alcohol
and made nothing of it.
But it got worse.
Why didn't you call emergency
My first thought
was the clinic because...
it's close to my place.
I go past it every day.
Maybe I thought...
intuitively it would be faster.
How was I to know it was closed?
Even a child would have called
emergency right away, no?
In retrospect
I'd say the same thing, but...
I'd been drinking, too.
It happened so fast...
I have no idea why I did what.
How long did it take you
to get to the clinic and back?
Ten minutes.
Fifteen, tops.
Did you have sexual intercourse?
I live with my girlfriend.
- But she wasn't home.
- She's on a business trip.
Had you quarrelled,
had there been a dispute?
I already told you
I didn't know Anna.
You don't need to know someone
to have a fight...
No such thing happened.
So the bruise on her arm
has nothing to do with you, right?
What bruise?
I need to lie down.
What happened?
Leave him be.
I spoke to your father
on the phone.
You were gone for
ten to fifteen minutes.
The autopsy report
will be decisive.
It will tell us whether,
in this time span,
the life of the deceased
could have been saved.
You might be investigated
for failing to give assistance
or manslaughter.
But we're not there yet.
But Karsten did actually help.
He went to the clinic.
It wasn't his fault it was closed.
If it had been open and he'd
returned in time with a doctor,
it would have been
genuine assistance.
In the end, he didn't
call emergency
in the first ten minutes.
That's a simple fact.
But under stress people can
have unexpected reactions.
The main factor in this case is
what Mrs. Kowaljow's
family will do.
Since we spoke last I've gathered
some information about them.
Anna Kowaljow: 29 years old,
married for seven years...
to Andrej Kowaljow,
who works in the factory here.
They have a five-year-old daughter.
Kowaljow has a child?
They are Russian Germans
who moved here.
My God. I see.
What do you see?
Who knows what her
intentions were?
Maybe it was a
blessing in disguise.
Dad, come off it, please.
Mr Reiss...
I, my son, my father
were born here and grew up here.
Neither I nor my family has ever
been in trouble with the law.
We are honourable citizens,
we have always done our duty.
Your father-in-law knows our
family very well. You see?
I do. Don't worry.
There are currently
no investigative proceedings
against Karsten.
Let's wait and see.
But above all it was a mistake
to have talked to the police.
You should have asked for a lawyer
at once.
Please speak to no one
about that night from now on.
Just try to go about your life...
as if none of this had happened.
I still can't believe it.
We'll take the rings.
I'll do that.
I've got it.
- I'd be glad to help.
- It's faster if I do it.
I'll bring the plates then.
Top left when you come in.
That smells delicious.
- Thanks.
- My pleasure.
Not for me, thanks.
I made them for you.
You like them.
Go on, try one.
- Thanks.
- My pleasure.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Bon appetit.
- Bon appetit.
- Bon appetit.
- Delicious.
- I'm glad.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
It is nice like this.
- Should I get the lights?
- Nope.
Unless you want to, of course.
How do you feel?
What did you talk about
with your father?
Tell me.
Come on, tell me.
What if your parents come in?
It's all right.
- How are you?
- So-so.
- I'm sorry about what happened.
- Thanks.
I can't believe it.
She seemed fine
as we were there.
- She did, right?
- Yes.
I can't believe it, either.
Will you be all right?
- Well, quite all right.
- Yes?
Judith and Caro,
where did they know Anna from?
Judith didn't know her.
- What?
- Yes.
I thought...
It was Caro who brought Anna.
I thought they all knew each other.
I don't know...
We heard.
I'm so sorry.
- You okay?
- More or less. Thanks.
Florian said she was very young.
Yes, right.
I don't get it.
How can someone just
die at that age?
I've no idea.
Was she ill?
Caro, it's Karsten again.
Call me when you get this.
Thank you, Mr Krger.
- I'll finish the carpet now.
- Great.
But I'll do the
windows on Wednesday.
- Okay.
I found these pantyhose
in the cupboard while tidying.
But they're not mine.
I know they're not yours.
I thought you might know
where they come from.
I found them after that
night in the living room.
I put them in the cupboard
because I thought...
They must be Anna's. Right?
Who else's might they be?
Why did you put them away?
I don't get it.
I didn't want...
the police to find them.
Yes, I...
Why shouldn't the police
find the pantyhose?
Because it's obvious
what they would have thought.
If they'd seen them...
I thought they might...
They might think that
I'd taken them off.
I didn't want to throw them
away in case someone might...
need them.
Did you take off her pantyhose?
No. I didn't take...
What do we do with them now?
I'll just throw them away.
How are you?
I got a call from the police.
They want to speak with me again.
I've no idea why.
I told them I'd already said
all I know in my statement, but...
Is there anything
I should be careful about?
No. Why? What might there be?
I don't know, that's
why I'm asking.
You think I'm
concealing something?
Not at all.
- You think you have to cover me?
- I'm just asking!
Just tell them the truth, Stephan.
What's the problem?
- There isn't any problem.
- So?
I was just asking
if there's something I should know.
I don't want to get you in trouble
by mistake.
Why are you so uptight?
I'm not uptight.
Hello. How are you?
- Fine. You?
- Fine.
- Hi, Caro.
- Hello.
- Is Judith inside?
- In the kitchen.
Hey Caro!
- How are things?
- Fine. With you?
I've been trying to reach you.
Your cell was off.
I was at my aunt's in the country.
I see.
I just got back. I heard...
I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
I wanted to ask you...
- Will you have a glass of wine?
- Yes.
Me too.
- Did you like the uphill walk?
- No!
Are you okay?
I just ran into Juliane.
You know she always argues
with her boss.
- Yes, yes.
- Yes.
she told me...
that a friend of hers is a Facebook
friend of this famous boss.
- Wine?
- Yes.
He posted a photo of them
on the beach.
Juliane took the photo...
and put a huge smiley
on the boss' big belly...
I know.
She drew a big smiley
on his belly...
and sent it to her husband.
But instead of sending
to her husband,
she accidentally
sent it to her boss.
- No!
- Impossible.
Pretend it's funny.
- Was she fired?
- No. I'd have fired her.
Come off it.
Her subconscious sent it.
Cause he's a pain.
- The trout aren't ready.
- I only want peppers.
I'll get the tomatoes.
I'll get something, too.
Looks good.
- How was it in the country?
- Fine.
Say, Anna and you...
How did you get to know each other?
I didn't want to bring this up
and upset you.
But I have to tell it now.
Wait Caro, stay here.
I was called
to the police station.
They asked me how I know Anna.
I was very surprised.
I didn't know her at all.
What? You didn't know her?
You told them I brought her.
But she didn't come with me.
- But you did come together.
- No.
When I came to your
house Friday night...
she was in front of the building.
I rang...
When no one answered she said
to me, they can't hear you.
I thought she was also waiting
for you to open up.
Then I called your mobile.
You didn't answer.
We were just standing there.
I smoked a cigarette.
Anna didn't want one.
Finally you called me back.
When the door opened
we walked in together
and went upstairs.
That's how it was.
I didn't know Anna.
So none of us knew Anna?
So it seems.
- So it seems!
- Yes.
Didn't you ask her
how she knows us?
No. I didn't.
But I introduced myself to her.
You must have noticed.
- No.
- How come?
Even if you thought
she was a friend of mine...
It's normal, asking
where do you know each other from!
Had you ever seen her
with me and Laura?
No, but she might have
been a colleague.
You might at least have asked me.
You bring someone in
who no one knows at all.
- Sorry.
- You find someone on the street.
Sorry. I made a mistake.
It wasn't on purpose.
I was already drunk when I arrived.
We were all drunk, Caro!
She didn't die because
you brought her.
That's true.
But she might not
have died at ours.
Karsten could have also asked
who she was.
- When?
- Why Karsten?
- I had no opportunity.
- You could have asked yourselves.
- Guys!
- When Karsten had the chance,
she suddenly fell ill.
- Isn't it?
- Yes!
What happened, happened.
It's like this...
a stranger came round.
She might have been a thief.
Is nothing missing?
If she'd planned that, she'd have
taken what she wanted and left.
To my mind...
she didn't want to leave.
Maybe she was on the
run from someone.
I made a video that night.
Want to see it?
- They're getting married.
- We're getting married!
I'm getting married, too!
Don't put it on Facebook!
That's mad.
I can't remember that at all.
We were really drunk.
No clue.
I only remember one thing.
She looked sad.
To me, she was someone...
who had a problem.
I didn't tell anyone, but...
I'm afraid
she might have committed suicide.
What do you mean by that?
I've no idea...
We talked about it just before.
She was on the balcony.
I thought she was going to jump.
I asked her if she was suicidal.
A moment later she was ill.
It's weird, right?
She didn't seem
suicidal to me at all.
But I didn't talk to her for long.
What did you talk about?
Nothing, really.
Just hi...
she looked healthy and happy.
It's funny that all the men
remember what she looked like.
Karsten, you have
to tell the police.
You shouldn't have kept it secret.
It wasn't a secret.
I just didn't remember.
At the time,
I thought it was small talk,
that's all.
You reap what you sow.
What do you want, Judith?
I wonder what a married woman
was doing alone with a stranger.
It's unbelievable how mean
women can be about each other.
Should we respect her
just because she's dead?
Do you think I didn't see?
Of course you saw it.
You were flirting with her
from the beginning.
And when we left,
she was the only one who stayed.
Do you think I didn't see?
- Sure.
- Great...
It's well known that women
see better than men.
Women even see things
that don't exist.
You're denying it?
There's nothing to deny, Judith.
What is it you claim to have seen?
Go get Laura
and the three of us can discuss it.
Your relationship and what Laura
thinks doesn't interest me.
I just think cheating
is disgusting.
And I believe you're lying
like a champion.
F..k you.
Why didn't you tell me
about her jumping?
I already told you,
I forgot about it.
But I tell you everything,
even if I forgot it.
How do you remember
things you forgot?
Come on!
Have I ever concealed
anything from you?
You know how it came across today?
Everyone thought
you're hiding something from me.
- I felt like an idiot.
- Laura please.
No such thing happened.
She was wearing the pantyhose.
I saw it on the video.
She was wearing the pantyhose
from your drawers.
Then at least we
know they were hers.
It means she was wearing
the pantyhose in the beginning.
She took them off
after everyone left, right?
I know what you're thinking.
I didn't sleep with her, Laura.
It wasn't right they reported
that you work here.
I've no idea how it happened.
I didn't speak to anyone
apart from the police.
Listen, Mr Bhm.
All the customers you know
will want to talk to you about it.
I can imagine
it will be unpleasant for you.
I've given it some thought
and here's my suggestion:
It might be better
if you and Mr Krger exchange
places till it blows over.
Let him take care of the customers.
And you...
can take care of your business
in the background.
We'll talk things through later.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I cleared everything out.
I saw.
It's totally unnecessary.
It's just temporary.
I hope I don't have to come back
down here.
You have it real nice up there.
There's a lot on today.
Could you bring me these up
when you're done?
See you soon.
Hello, Laura, it's me.
I just got home.
I ate out.
You don't seem to eat in, either.
Call me back when you get this.
Aren't you asleep?
I was worried about you.
You didn't return my call.
My battery was dead.
There's always a way to call
if one wants to.
If one wants to...
You think I didn't
call you on purpose?
Did you?
I was with Judith,
I lost track of time.
Say, has the carpet vanished?
Or am I too drunk to see it?
No, I put it away.
- You put it away?
- Yes, it's in the closet.
I couldn't bear to see it anymore.
That's good.
Are you punishing me now?
Do I have reason to do so?
I can tell you're looking for one.
You mean the newspaper?
There you go.
Of course the paper upset me,
I won't lie to you.
When you talk to me like that
I start doubting myself.
I get to thinking I'm crazy
not to make a scene.
Anyone would.
Was it Judith who
gave you that idea?
Can't I have ideas of my own?
Can't you see things
from my point of view?
- You know I'm really in s..t?
- Why must you be so dramatic?
I asked you to come because
I wanted to speak to you in person.
I received this yesterday
from the police.
Karsten is being asked to come in,
this time not as a witness,
but as a suspect...
Actually it's not so bad,
now I can get access to files.
So, we'll know the
result of the autopsy.
And then, I'll try to reach
a settlement with Anna's family.
If they accept, I can negotiate
with the prosecution...
and have the case dropped.
Be careful with these people.
If they get an angle,
they'll use it for all it's worth.
I'm hopeful we'll be able
to agree on an amount.
- You found nothing against them?
- No.
I don't want to go back there...
I don't want to go
to the police again.
No, no...
No, I want you to use your right
not to testify.
- I've arranged it.
- Perfect.
Arranged what?
Mr Reiss had the good idea
of us both attending
the opening
of the Adventure Lift together.
I've arranged it all.
We are getting bad press.
We have to get you
out of the line of fire.
What do you think?
How long will you stay at Judith's?
To be honest...
I don't want to return
to the apartment.
I can ask the real
estate agent to find us...
something new.
We clear out the old apartment
quickly and...
I can't look for a new apartment
right now.
I can't.
You don't need to.
I'll take care of it.
- You only have to...
- I don't want to.
There's no way.
Probably you wanted to leave me
and here's your pretext.
You've no idea of the pressure
I'm also under.
How people watch me...
I can't just go home
and act like nothing happened.
Everything is...
very clear.
You're dumping me, right?
Now that I need you.
I really can't believe it!
It's unthinkable!
What gives you that idea?
Have you gone crazy?
Have you gone crazy or what?
The municipality and I are proud of
this new attraction, and I'm sure
everyone in the city will benefit
from this new achievement.
It's thanks to the support
of the Cultural Foundation
and the many donations
of the people of Altena
that we could build this lift.
My thanks to you all.
I invite Mr Bhm to join me
as representative of the donors.
The Adventure Lift would
not have been possible
without your generosity!
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr Mayor.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as you all know,
my family has supported
the town of Altena for generations.
We consider it our
self-evident duty to the town.
I would like to mention
that it was my son Karsten...
my son Karsten who gave me the idea
of contributing to the financing
of the Adventure Lift.
Yes, I wish us all a good ride.
Thank you.
"Our clinic has only ever been open
during the day.
It's been closed at night
the past five years.
Please take note."
Why didn't I just
call an ambulance?
I'm so stupid.
- I'm so stupid, so stupid...
- You're not stupid.
Stop it already.
This is all my fault.
Karsten, it's not your fault.
Don't make yourself believe in
this. You did nothing wrong.
You don't give a s..t
whether I'm guilty or not.
You're only thinking of yourself.
That's enough!
Now tell us,
why did you run
around like a madman?
- What were you thinking?
- Karin!
No, let him speak.
I want to understand
what was going through his head.
Why were you running to and fro?
Yes, that's right, I...
I didn't call for an ambulance.
I was afraid.
I ran away.
You know what I first thought
when I saw Anna lying there?
No-one should find out about this!
Karsten, the perfect son,
mustn't make waves.
I wanted to settle
this without hoo-ha.
Nice and quietly.
You get me?
Know what the worst thing is?
That I'm just like you.
I'm one of you.
Anna's family
doesn't want to negotiate with us.
They're not interested in money.
What interests them, then?
They might want to go to court
to prove to the general public
that Anna had done nothing wrong.
Which means?
That you'll be summoned
to testify in court.
There's no cause to be afraid.
- You're not serious?
- It's not a jail sentence.
Holy s..t!
Mrs Kowaljow was asthmatic.
She died of cardiac arrhythmia
and respiratory failure.
It was caused by her medication
interacting with alcohol.
You see?
This document indicates that the
coroner's report will be decisive.
It'll inform us
if the victim could have been saved
in the first 15 minutes.
But I mean...
I didn't even know Anna had asthma.
It's not as bad as it seems.
You're always saying
the same thing!
How could it be worse?
If you are convicted,
you'll only be fined.
Yet I'd still have
been found guilty!
Calm down.
Wait until the trial.
Karsten, hi.
Karsten, Karsten.
Professor Schneider,
please step forward.
We are keen to hear your report.
The results of our blood test
indicate that Anna Kowaljow
had consumed no narcotics.
Her death involved
the effects of alcohol,
the asthma she suffered from,
and ensuing cardiac arrhythmia.
This arrhythmia is a side effect
of the asthma drug Bambuterol
that was found in her blood.
there is no indication of rape
or consensual intercourse.
It cannot be excluded, however,
if a condom was used.
The bruise seen
on Mrs Kowaljow's left arm
dates to at least 24 hours
prior to her death.
Do you think that the death
of the deceased...
might have been prevented
or significantly delayed...
by timely medical intervention?
I can give no assurances
she would have survived
with a punctual paramed's help.
Cardiac massage might
have saved her, but...
it's not certain.
Thank you, Professor Schneider.
You can return to your seat.
Your honour, Mrs Sergeyevic
would like to be heard.
Go ahead.
I want to stand.
I have lost my daughter.
Do you have children?
Do you know what it means...
to lose a child?
It is the worst thing...
that can happen.
I can't understand
why someone runs outside...
and doesn't seek aid
if someone needs it...
as my daughter did.
If it were someone without
education like me...
I'd have understood. But...
You could have helped my daughter.
Why didn't you call an ambulance?
Why didn't he help my daughter?
I don't understand it.
I leave the decision...
to your conscience.
There shall be a fifteen
minute interval.
The court is adjourned.
It will reconvene...
in this court room
on Wednesday at 9 am.
Go screw yourselves!
Wake up.
What are you doing here?
You can't just...
Everyone's looking for you.
Hi, Stephan here.
I found him.
Where I thought.
Don't worry, he's fine.
Hold on.
Your father.
I'm okay.
No, I forgot my mobile at home.
What's that you say?
What does the lawyer say?
Yes, yes, I'll be there.
See you.
Andrey Kowaljow
dropped the charges.
That's why we're looking for you.
It's weird, right?
What's wrong with you?
Why would he do that?
Feel free to be pleased.
The trial will continue anyway.
Yes, but...
If I'd called an end
to the evening...
she might still be alive.
I don't know...
Fate gets us all
in the end, anyway.
Since when do you believe in fate?
if it helps?
What would you have
done in my position?
Everyone has gone...
you're alone with her...
She looked at me a few times, too!
Don't always be so
hard on yourself.
What did I do to deserve this?
Why am I being punished like this?
Being punished for
one's weaknesses?
I don't believe in that.
Come on.
"After the game is
before the game."
I came to see you for...
I understand if you don't
want to let me in...
I want to know
why you dropped charges.
I didn't know
Anna was from Russia.
You couldn't tell from her accent.
Anna worked hard
to lose her accent.
Her schoolmates made fun of her
when she came to Germany.
And you...
did you come here later?
you can tell at once
you're not from here.
Are you from the immigration office
or what?
You liked Anna, didn't you?
I don't know how...
to tell you the truth
without hurting you.
But on my way here
I decided to be honest.
Do you believe in God?
If God didn't exist, we'd have
to invent Him, says Voltaire.
I don't know any Voltaire.
I'm asking you.
What are you doing?
Don't go up there!
Come back down.
Come on. Please.
Come back down.
You'll hurt yourself.
It's too high for you.
If you fall...
It's too high.
She climbed up there.
I wanted to...
She wouldn't come down.
Come on, maybe she'll bring candy.
What did she say?
The last thing?
She said she wanted to leave here.
I was pushed into something.
From behind.
I don't understand.
Who pushed you?
What do you mean by that?
She didn't tell me
she was married.
She didn't tell me...
she had a child,
a family.
Not a word.
Anna was the most
honest person I knew.
No matter what.
She was so sad that night.
since she didn't
tell me about you...
I thought she had a fight
with her boyfriend.
Maybe it got violent.
You made this all up.
That's how it is.
where were her bruises from, then?
I didn't mention it
to the police, but...
Anna committed suicide that night.
What suicide? You're crazy.
What are you talking about?
Tell me, then...
why would she,
knowing that she's ill...
and taking medication...
why would she drink
so much alcohol?
Why was she at my place
on her birthday?
On her birthday.
With a guy she's never
seen in her life.
Instead of with you...
her husband?
She ran away from you, right?
Why did you come here?
What do you want from me?
Did you think
I'd fall on my knees before you?
That I would thank you?
Why did you drop the charges?
Nobody just does that,
just to do a favour.
You lot always need reasons
for doing favours.
If you'd treated your wife
as I treated her,
she would never have run away.
You a..e.
What kind of person are you?
Are you going
to lecture me about morals?
Why didn't you say from the start
that Anna had asthma?
Why did you wait so long?
Until the autopsy revealed it?
You let me run into a trap.
And then you got scared...
and dropped the charges,
because you wanted to kill
your cuckold image.
I did feel sorry for myself.
But look at you...
At least I'm not as...
pathetic as you.
You poor f..r.
I am happy for you.
The girls, too. We all are.
Let's celebrate.
How about a drink tonight?
I don't know...
I'm a little surprised.
Is this an apology?
I can imagine what
you've been through.
We haven't seen each other
much recently, but I...
I don't know if I'll let you off
so easily.
Sorry to interrupt,
but duty calls.
Can you complete this file, please?
I'll see you later, okay?
Thank you for taking the time.
I'm glad you're here.
I wanted to see you, anyway.
I'm glad that it's all over.
Me, too.
That's why I'm here.
To make it brief:
Although you...
had no right and there was
no necessity to do so,
you demoted me, degraded me...
And you put a colleague in my place
who is very zealous
but definitely less
qualified than I.
- Listen...
- The damage I suffered
is considerable.
- My lawyer recommends I sue.
- What?
Also, I could go public,
talk to the press.
The newspapers always love
these kind of stories.
But I don't want it
to come to that.
I have a proposition for you.
If you accept my offer,
I'll forget the matter.
I won't succumb to blackmail.
Lord no, I'm not blackmailing you.
I'm giving you a chance.
A chance to correct your mistake.
You put me on the shelf.
Victimised me.
You treated me like a criminal
although charges
weren't even being made against me.
Mr Bhm, I just wanted
to protect you.
You were thinking of
the bank's image.
Maybe you were right,
but it was illegal.
I would like you to nominate me
to the board as branch manager.
And it would really
calm the team down...
if you'd express your pleasure
over my innocence.
Thank you.
But impressive!
It looks like my
first place, right?
That's right.
Like it?
It's well located.
- Things will pull round.
- Of course.
You still have these old books.
I can't throw them away.
I left a few at my parents'
but most of them are here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I have to clean, anyway.
- Thanks for coming.
- You're welcome.
Now mine, too!
- Sorry.
- Let it flow.
I was a little surprised, though...
that you came so quick.
You called, I came.
Yes, sure...
The way we left things
at Florian's...
I didn't really think you'd come.
Why did you freak out like that?
Because it was s..y of you.
But I wonder why...
why you care so much
about what I do...
I am up to...
and all that.
I mean... I'm flattered.
It's great.
I feel protected.
It's what friends do. It's normal.
I just think...
that you're either
putting me down...
or you're worshipping me.
It's weird.
I don't know what you want from me.
I want to talk, that's all.
Are you trying to put me down?
Of course not.
I just find it odd that you...
you're always on my back.
I get the feeling
you can't forget me.
Well, that's really...
I'm engaged to Florian,
you know that?
Florian is a pussy.
- He isn't.
- He is.
- You're talking about my fiance!
- He's a pussy.
- He is not a pussy!
- He is and you know it.
You deserve better.
- Why are you interfering?
- I'm not.
He's the best that
ever happened to me.
It's what friends do.
And you'd know what's best for me?
I think so.
And what would that be,
in your opinion?
Think it through.
You can't get me out
of your head, right?
Isn't it true?
I'm right.
You're such an a..e...
Judith, wait.
Stop it.
Come on.
Tell me.
Tell me, what do you want?
What do you want?
Sleep with me.
- Louder.
- Sleep with me.
- Louder!
- Sleep with me.
- Louder!
- Sleep with me.
- Louder!
- F..k me!
F..k me!
Take your time.
Sleep with me.
- Louder.
- Sleep with me.
- Louder!
- Sleep with me.
Again? Come on.
F..k me!
You made Laura do it, right?
You got her to leave me.
I don't want much from you, Judith.
Just talk to Laura.
- What's up?
- Give me the phone.
- No.
- Give it to me.
- Give it here!
- Don't touch me!
Have Laura talk to me
and I'll delete it...
and Florian will never hear of it,
I promise.
Cross my heart.
On my honour.