August Winds (2014) Movie Script

Shall we get some sleep'?
Put your arm here.
I'm going to lay you in bed.
- Fix that blanket first.
- Let me lay you down first.
That one there.
- This one?
- That one,
so it doesn't slip and choke me.
- This okay?
- That one there.
- This one?
- The other one.
- Is this okay?
- No, it was the other one.
It won't slip now.
Don't worry. it's tucked in tight now.
- My legs are aching a lot.
Put your arm around my neck.
Bless you, my grandchild.
Let me get the blanket.
Don't try to get up.
Damn, that hurt!
Will you let me tattoo your arm or not?
Don't pester me.
A tattoo lasts forever.
But ifs a small one. It won't hurt.
If my father sees me with a tattoo,
he'll kick me out.
What a coward, scared of his father.
Be still!
- Good morning!
Everything okay?
Dust fine.
- Working hard?
- Fixing a net to go shrimping.
Very well.
I'm a photographer,
and I enlarge and restore photos.
My work is top quality.
I came to offer my services.
You won't have to pay till November.
I also have these.
For a deceased relative.
The photo looks great on porcelain.
I don't want to spend my money
on that sort of thing.
- Come on.
- I don't like spending money on such things.
- I'm not interested.
Porcelain lasts a lifetime.
I'm not interested.
- You're not interested?
- No.
All right then.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
- Yes, friend?
What if I Wanted to put three people
in the portrait?
Me, him, and someone who has passed away.
But I only have one portrait.
Do you do that?
- You only have one portrait?
- Yes.
- One of yourself?
- No. Me, him and the deceased.
We can use the sky as the background,
since she's certainly up in heaven.
We can have the three of you here
with the sky as a backdrop.
It'll look really great.
I can also include a message
in honor of the deceased.
- What was her name?
- Maria Helena.
- Maria Helena?
- Yes.
For instance, I could Write:
Maria Helena, time will never erase
the memory of someone like you,
capable of making fleeting moments
great and unforgettable.
Did you miss your brother a lot
after he left for Sao Paulo?
Yes. I was still single then.
You chose not to go,
and now you sit there,
complaining that you don't like being here,
that you miss him,
that you were abandoned.
Well, that's life.
When we're healthy,
we can have great aspirations.
When we're not, all that's left
is to Wait for a child of God like you.
What child Of God?
Someone like you,
who's shown me great charity.
Isn't that right, my child?
Life is beautiful when we're young,
but ifs cruel in old age.
I don't want to be here either.
I came to care for you
because my mother sent me.
Thank the Lord!
You might feel thankful. I don't.
Even when people lose their parents,
the hope of seeing them again remains.
Once in a While, I see mine.
- I do.
- See them how?
In my dreams.
They come to me and they smile
and gaze upon me.
They come and stay.
What we can't see in the flesh,
we can see in our dreams.
Used to supply the cities.
The sand has disappeared,
and the sea has seized the hillside.
Let's move on to natural phenomena.
In Brazil, along the northeast coast,
the sea is causing significant damage.
In several cities, the waves
have flooded streets and homes.
What is happening in our country?
The sea advances and retreats,
altering the map of Brazil.
In Joao Pessoa,
strong waves crashed down on children.
Yesterday, in Baia da Traicao,
on Paraiba's north coast,
the tide rose to nine feet
above normal levels.
The water flooded houses,
restaurants and buildings.
In February, the town
declared a state of emergency.
Take a look.
Look close. Look close.
Look at the teeth.
Hard to say.
I don't know.
Are you Mr. Jos?
- How are you'?
- I'm fine.
My grandmother told me
to come talk to you,
that you know everyone from around here.
What do you Want to know?
Do you know anyone
who had a gold tooth? Look.
This one I knew.
You know who it is?
Who is it?
His name was Z Pereira.
- Z Pereira?
- Yes.
- How did you know him?
- From around here.
- From around here?
- Yes.
How did he die?
I was a child when he died.
Nearly an adolescent.
I was 12 when he died.
I can't quite recall.
He was really old.
- And he had gold teeth?
- He did.
Are you sure ifs him
and not someone else?
Ifs definitely him.
- Was he the only one with gold teeth?
- Around these parts, he was.
Keeled over, then was swept out to sea.
- His boat?
- No, his tomb.
The sea claimed him.
Where did you find this?
- What?
- Where'd you find it?
- We were fishing.
- Is that so?
We were fishing, and he Went diving...
I was diving and found the skull
stuck in the coral.
- That so?
Dust the skull.
I'm certain ifs Z Pereira.
We came to try to find out who it was.
Those who die here
don't end up in heaven or in hell.
Like him, they end up in the sea.
It's all black,
as if the flesh rotted on it.
Or blood.
What are you kids doing?
Leave the man alone. Let him work.
Don't you have anything better to do?
- Good morning.
- Good morning, friend.
What's that spinning thing?
- It's for measuring the Wind.
- The Wind?
- Do you make money from that?
- Not much.
I'll be here this week recording the Wind.
Very well. Feel free.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Do the mangroves lead down to the sea?
- Yes.
- Is it far?
- No, ifs near. Straight ahead.
- Any danger of getting stuck in the mud?
- No, ifs all sand.
That boy told me I might get stuck.
Only if you go through the mangroves.
If you follow the path, it's safe.
Want to have a listen?
Hold this.
What do you hear?
- She talks a lot.
- She talks a lot, does she?
I'm listening to Lucia.
Point it at her.
Come on, singer!
How do you do?
I'm here recording the Wind.
Could you tell me
of a quiet place around here
to record the sound of the Wind?
- Without any Wind?
- No, a place that's windy.
Where I can record
the wind blowing harder.
I don't know.
- Is there a quieter place around here'?
- I don't know.
- Can I record here?
- Sure.
How is it that they breathe?
I've seen it for myself.
The rocks have lungs.
What do you mean?
Rocks have lungs like a human being.
All living things need lungs to breathe.
I've dived amongst these rocks
and I've seen their lungs.
What are their lungs like?
The lung is made of...
made of rock.
It's several rocks that never
entirely come apart from each other.
They're always opening and closing.
As weird as it sounds,
the rocks have lungs.
Poor man.
There's nothing worse than dying at sea.
- But why bring him to the village?
- This will bring us problems.
The stink will be unbearable
when he bursts.
He should've called the police.
It would've been a lot easier.
The belly's so swollen from the rot,
I reckon he's been dead about five days.
- How do you know it's been five days?
- A fresh corpse sinks in the water.
- He should have left it.
- What about the hole in his neck?
It only floats after about four days,
when gases build up in the belly.
- I reckon about five days.
- It looks like a bullet hole.
It takes five or six days
for the belly to swell up like that.
Sometimes the police
dump bodies in the water.
Is this the police?
I found a body at the beach.
I need you to come get it.
My name is Jeison.
The house has no address.
No, there's no door number, Officer.
The face is unidentifiable.
The fish feasted on it.
No. I live by the fourth turn
after the river mouth, on the left.
How long ago do you think he died?
Not long ago. A few days.
There's still flesh on the bone.
I don't even like talking about it.
I get all creeped out.
Are there any bullet holes in the body?
There are holes,
but you can't tell What made them.
- You really can't tell?
- No.
I would never have picked it up.
What if it were family?
Would you leave him underwater?
What the sea claims, the sea keeps.
Shit, What if it was you?
Shirley, isn't that enough'?
If you load any more,
the hitch will end up breaking.
It's weak as it is.
When you broke it last time,
Mr. Afrncio lost it.
Yeah, that's enough.
You can stop loading.
We're going to take this load
to the warehouse.
Stay here While I go help
unload the wagon, okay?
You're losing a lot of hair.
That's true, dear. it's really damaged.
Jeison's been acting weird
with me, Grandma.
He's obsessing about something
that has nothing to do with him.
Put more sand over here.
There's plenty there already.
This is Where the Water comes in stronger.
I told you to do this properly,
not to tend to a corpse.
Forget the damn corpse
and get the job done!
An undertaker handles dead bodies,
a fisherman catches fish.
Bring a corpse home?
You should have left it at the beach.
A corpse won't help you do your job right.
If I weren't ill, I'd do it myself,
and I guarantee it would hold.
He rose to his holy and saintly throne.
We offer the Lords Prayer,
a Hail Mary, a Saint Mary,
an Apostls Creed and a Hail to the Queen
to Saint Peter, Saint Paul,
Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian,
so that they may cure you of spells
and Ward off eyes, big and evil,
cold, fever, foolishness, migraines,
headaches, sun, dew and shooting pains.
Reign in the waves of the Holy Sea,
Where no roosters sing, no sheep bleat,
no dogs bark, no cats meow or pagans cry.
Bear the five wounds of our Lord Jesus
and my heavenly Father.
Believe in God the Father Almighty,
creator of heaven and earth,
as I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ,
in Our Lady and my godfather Cicero,
in the Holy Spirit,
so he may cure you and save you from evil.
Shine peace on the Holy Sea through
the powers of God,
the Virgin Mary, the Holy Father
and of the Holy Spirit, amen...
If the waters of the sea of life
Seek to drown you
Hold the hand of God
And carry on
Hold the hand of God
Hold the hand of God
For he will pull you up
Fear not and carry on
And don't look back
Shirley, isn't the wagon full enough'?
You'll break the hitch!
No, fill her up.
Mr. Afrncio sent this wagon
because it holds more coconuts.
He wants it full to the brim.
He's ambitious, Mr. Afrncio!
Can I come with you to help unload?
No need.
There are three men at the shed
to help me out.
Listen up!
Stop loading!
We already have enough.
You can climb down now.
Why did you let this happen?
Why don't you do as I tell you?
Always doing What you feel like!
Damn it!
You screwed up the barrier,
and the waters gone everywhere.
Call the police
to come get that damn corpse.
Do as you're told for once. Damn fool!
You didn't take care of your mother,
but now you're taking care
of a strangers corpse.
It must have been a thief.
He was stealing from the fish pen.
The watchman must have killed him.
It's rotting,
and my father's getting on my case.
I live by the fourth turn
after the river mouth, oh the left.
No, there's no door number!
Fucking hell!
Is anyone there?
No, there isn't.
Is anyone there?
There isn't.
Who's that?
Vicente Eduardo.
- Are you police?
- No.
What time do they get back?
I don't know.
What are you doing in there?
I was wrongly imprisoned.