Auntie Edna (2018) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
Of course you can leave
the baby overnight.
I'm sure filling in for Helen
is challenging, and you are very tired
and the other children need you
and miss you, and you must go to them.
Auntie Edna will take care
of everything,
so, drive safely and goodbye.
I enjoy our visits.
Okay, little one,
show me the breadth of your many powers.
Hmm... Curious.
Hmm. That is all I need to see.
The work begins.
lnterdimensional teleportation.
No, that is imported!
From Tunisia.
Oh! Hobnobs.
Cookies. Delicious cookies.
Get back. Back, you beasts.
That is all the cookies I possess.
Now, get yourselves together.
My God.
Okay, come out and show me.
Work it, yes. There it is.
The room is yours.
They are lucky to be in your presence.
Now, the turn.
Yes! You are a tiny god.
- Dada.
- Dada is here.
Let's show him how fabulous you look.
Thanks again, E, for everything.
How much do I owe you for...
Oh, pish-posh, darling. Your bill
will be covered by my fee
for being Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl,
and Frozone's exclusive designer
throughout the known universe
and until the end of time.
But babysitting this one,
I do for free, darling.