Aura (2018) Movie Script

This is the place.
It's okay.
It's actually not that bad.
The way your mother
was talking,
I was expecting some
kind of murder house.
Yeah, you shouldn't pay
too much attention to my mom.
She and Uncle Alex
didn't exactly get along.
Smells rather musty.
Well, it's either this
or 2000 bucks a month
for the apartment.
I love it.
Is that him?
Yeah, that's
Uncle Alexander.
It still feels a bit weird,
staying in
a dead man's house.
Well, it's just a house,
Hey, hey, hey,
let me get that.
Come on.I'm three months pregnant,
Mitch, I'm not an invalid.I know. I just-- Will you--
Will you take it easy?
For me?
Try the faucet.
Great.Try under the counter.
I think the fuses
are in the basement.
I'll go take a look.
Hey, Diane.
Come see what I found.
Ooh! Ow!
Shit, Diane.
Oh. Ow!
Hey, Mom.How is she?
- She's fine.
- Uh, we saw Dr. Fielding.
Everything's fine,
the baby's fine.
You should be more careful.
Imagine letting her carry
boxes in from the car.
I told you,
nothing good would come
from you staying
in that house.
Please, Mom,
don't start this again.
Well, think of
your poor sister.
But, Mom, I don't get
how it affects Karen
if I'm staying here.
She doesn't know
what day of the week it is.
Don't say that.Well, it's true.
When's the last
time you saw her?
I don't know,
it's been a while.
A while?Maybe a year, I guess.
Mitch Walker, how could you?
Abandoning your own sister.
When did you last visit?
It's been hard
for me to get out there
since your father passed.
You have
a perfectly good car.
Yeah, when it works.
Listen, Mom, you know things
haven't been great financially
for me and Diane.
Staying at the house
is really gonna help us out.
The rent in town
was crippling us.
It's no place for my grandchild
to be born and raised.
The good Lord has seen fit
for you and Diane
to be blessed
with this child.
Where was he a year ago?
There's evil in that house,
you mark my words.Jesus, Mom!
What did you say?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I--
It's just the house.
maybe I'll fix things up.
We can make
some money on it.
Nothing good
will come of that house.
All right, well, look, uh--
I gotta check on Diane,
so I'll call you tomorrow.
Remember what I said,
I know. I certainly will.
All right,
you take care, Mom.
All right,
I'll speak to you soon.
The power is on.
Was that your mother?
How did you guess?
You always sound like that
when you speak to her.
Like what?
Uh, like a little boy
getting a scolding.
Well, you know
how she can be.
You know, she really has
a problem with this house.
Maybe we should just--Look, it's not the house.
It's Uncle Alex.
Well, you said
they didn't get along.
I think it runs
deeper than that.
You know my mom's devout.
Yes, I have the church
wedding pictures to prove it.
Uncle Alex,
kind of the reverse.
Atheist?No, worse than that,
he was like a spiritualist
or a psychic or whatever.
You know, crystal healing,
tarot cards, all that stuff.
Doesn't sound all that bad.
This is my mom
we're talking about.
Remember, we had to hide
Harry Potterbooks
in the apartment? Right?
Anyway, she and Uncle Alex,
they just about got along.
I mean, my dad was always
the peacekeeper.
Wish I could have met him.
I'll never know how he ended up
married to my mom.
Anyway, something happened.
I was around 8 or 9.
We were staying here
for the weekend.
I remember the day before
we were in the basement.
Uncle Alex
was taking pictures.
He had that, uh--
A special camera
that could photograph
your aura.
You ever heard of that?
I think it's called Kirlian.
Is it Kirlian or Kurlian,
or something?
The aura is supposed to
represent your personality
or your guardian angel
or something.
And, oh.
What?I just remember
what I found in the basement
this morning.
I wanna show you something.
I didn't come
to drink tea, Mom.
I came to talk about
what happened with Uncle Alex.
Now look what you made me do.
Wait, Mom, let me--
Will you let me do that?
Why are you doing this to me?
I won't talk about it.
I won't!
If your father were alive--
Well, he isn't, Mom.
Dad's gone,
Uncle Alex is gone.
It's you and me
to deal with this.
I'm sick of all the secrets
in this family.
I've never heard you
speak to me like this, Mitch.
In all my days.
After all I've done for you.
After all the sins
I've forgiven.
I'm worried about Karen.
Not worried enough
to go visit her.
I use to, Mom,
you know I did.
But since Diane and I,
Since we lost the baby,
and then there was the wedding.
The apartment,
you know I lost my job.
Karen's just a long way out.
It was the best place
for her.
Yeah, but wasn't there
some place closer--?
It was the best place.
Your father agreed.
I'm not too sure
he was happy--
Your father agreed.
We agreed as a family.
She needed care.
How is Diane?
She's okay.
Just low blood pressure,
that's all.
Is she taking anything
for it?
And resting a lot.
So she should be.
You know, I--
I pray for the two of you
every night.
And you wonder
why I'm concerned
about you staying
in that house?
Diane should be somewhere safe,
in her condition.
Not in a place like that.
Then tell me
what happened there.
Give me a chance
to understand.
You'd just turned
9 years old.
It was cold in that house.
It was always cold.
I don't know why
we went there every winter.
Your uncle...
...was fooling around
with that camera.
He made us all...
pose for pictures
in the cellar.
Dear Lord,
it was cold down there.
Uh, that evening...
your uncle was in a...
A terrible mood.
He ate nothing at dinner...
...said nothing to anyone
all evening.
Well, later that night...
...your father woke me.
Saying that he'd been to check
on you and Karen.
And that Karen was...
missing from her bed.
We checked the bathroom
the other bedrooms.
And your uncle
was missing too.
I don't remember this.
We didn't wanna wake you.
And, uh...
Then we checked the basement.
And there she was.
My little girl.
He had her...
There were...ropes.
Tied around her arms
and legs.
Tying her down.
Her face was...
was wet with tears.
But she wasn't crying.
Not anymore.
She was...
Quietly speaking.
The same words over and over.
Get it out of me.
I don't want it in me.
It's hurting me.
So now you know.
Now you know our family's...
dirty little secret.
And I never wanna hear
your uncle's name
in this house again.
What happened next?
You know what happened next.
Karen never recovered
her mind after what he--
After that night.
So is that when it started?
Her illness?
That was the trauma.
Of course, those--
Those so-called doctors,
they couldn't prove anything.
But I know what it was.
It was only then that she
started hearing the voices
and stopped recognizing
her own family.
What happened to uncle?
I mean, did he go to jail?
Well, I told you they
couldn't prove anything.
Karen was too...sick...
to talk to the police.
So we just...
made sure...
never to have contact
with him again.
Of course, he wrote letters.
What did he say?
I burnt them in the fire.
And now...
God willing...
the same thing
is happening to him.
He's burning
in the fire of hell.
What you doing?
I don't know, wasting
my time, probably.
This was the camera
I was telling you about.
Oh, the one that's supposed to
photograph people's auras?
I was just trying to see
if I can get it to work.
Look at these.
This one's me.
That's your aura?
That's so cool.
So, what do all
the different colors mean?
Here, take a look.
Secrets of Kirlian Photography,by Ada Devere.
Okay, I think I'll
give that one a rest.
All right, well.
Take a look at this picture.
Who is that?
Karen, when she was 7.
What's all
that stuff around her?
I don't know, maybe this camera
is just bullshit.
I don't know.
Wait, stand over there.
Okay, now, don't move.
Wait, wait.
This hasn't got radiation
or anything, has it?
No, it's fine.
Okay, now we wait a second.
What is it?
Look at this.
- Is that--?
- Is that pink my aura?
Look closer.
It's that--?
Is that the baby's aura?
I don't know.
I think I need
to talk to someone
who knows about this stuff.
do you think Ada Devere
is still around?
There she is.
Ada Devere,
registered psychic.
Tarot readings, sances,
chakra alignment.
Sances, come on.
Everybody knows all that stuff's
a fraud.
Well, my uncle believed it.
Well, maybe
Uncle Alex believed
he could make money from it.
And that woman too.
So, Mr. Walker...
I gather you are interested
in a tarot reading.
Yes, uh--
My wife and I are about
to start a family.
Your wife is pregnant?
Yes, three months.
Is it your first?
Uh, yes.
You're not sure?
Well, uh,
we lost a baby.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
So you would like to know
what the cards predict
for the immediate future?
That's it, exactly.
You do realize this is not
an exact science.
I can't tell you
which lottery ticket to buy
or what color
to paint the nursery.
I understand.
And your wife
didn't wanna come along?
Oh, well, she's, um...
She's a little skeptical,
I guess you could say.
Well, it's not uncommon
for partners to be skeptical.
But usually, it's the wives
who come to see me.
And the husbands
who stay at home.
So I'm just wondering,
what makes you the exception?
Well, I just find it all
And, um,
so how does it all work?
You select a card.
Don't be too concerned.
The cards are not literal.
They need to be interpreted.
And the real meaning
comes from the combination
of the cards.
Now, will you mix
the rest of the pack up,
keeping them face down
at all times.
Why do I do this part?
It is said
that by touching the cards,
you imbue them
with your energy,
your hopes,
and your dreams.
Now let's see what
combination we get.
Have you suffered a bereavement
in the family recently?
Apart from--Yes.
My unc--
Grandfather passed away
a month ago.
Were you close?Yes.
What was the cause of death,
Uh, it was, uh, cancer.
It was very sudden.
What was his name?
His name, uh--
Mr. Walker!
If you have come here
to waste my time and yours,
then I suggest you leave.
The cost of the reading is $98,
and that goes for
real or fictional members
of your family.
I'm sorry.
I just didn't wanna give you
any information.
I've read about these things.
You people ask questions,
and then people tell you
their life stories.
You feed back the same
information, as if by magic.
I have never claimed to know
anything about magic,
Mr. Walker.
Now, why don't we stop
pretending that you've come here
for a tarot reading.
And tell me more about
your uncle,
I think you were gonna say.
And whatever it is that you have
in your jacket pocket
that you would like
to show me.
How do you know that?
You keep putting
your hand on it
to make sure
it's still there.
All right.
Who is this girl?
That's my sister.
It's an old picture
from when she was 7.
This was taken with
a Kirlian camera?
Yes, by my uncle.
He was kind of in your
profession, before he died.
What is it?
Alexander, do you pray?
Yes, you heard of it?
I should have known immediately.
I saw the picture.
Alexander was the only person
who persevered
with the Kirlian
photography equipment,
when everybody else
thought it was a fad.
So Alexander has passed away?
I'm sorry,
I didn't know you knew him.
Were you friends?
Yeah, kind of.
It was a long time ago.
And, um...
where is your sister now?
She's in a mental health
Near the coast.
Been there almost
all her life.
Since what age?
Well, she was fine
to begin with.
But by the time
that picture was taken,
she had suffered a trauma.
I think she was hurt
by my uncle.
You know, abused.
By Alexander?
It's unlikely.
No, I don't think your uncle
was the cause of her trauma.
I think that is.
And what is that?
How long ago
was this picture taken?
Thirty years.
Thirty years.
There is a chance
she may be free of it.
Free of what?
If only there was
a way to make sure.
I still have the camera.
The Kirlian camera?
Could you get your sister
in front of it?
I don't know, I mean--
Mr. Walker!
My advice to you
is to get your sister
out of that facility,
and in front of
the Kirlian camera.
There is a chance
that I can help her.
But first we have to know,
if she still carries
this with her.
Just one more question.
You said this photograph
was taken 30 years ago.
Can you tell me
the exact date?
Uh, my mom said
I just turned 9.
So that would make it
Thank you.
Yeah, Dr. Simms.
Jeff, I'm not a doctor.
Karen Walker, right?
Yeah, uh, it's my sister.
Is she always like this?
Pretty much.
Does she talk?
Not that I've heard.
Likes to draw, though.
Use to draw on the walls,
so they gave her some paper
and a pencil.
Some of it's in the file,
I think.
She's not dangerous, is she?
Wasn't there a form
or something to say
why she was committed?
Well, that will be
the pink form.
Well, that's weird.
This is normally signed
by a doctor.
But this one just says,
"transferred to resident status
by personal consent of Ellen--"
No, "Elaine."
Elaine Walker?
Yeah, that's--
That's my mom.
I've never seen
one of these before.
Well, what does it mean?
Your sister was never
She was placed in the care
of this facility voluntarily...
by permission
of Elaine Walker.
So does that mean
she's free to leave?
Do you have ID?
I'm gonna start
the car now, okay?
I'm gonna take you home.
All right?
Karen, it's Mitch.
It's your brother, Mitch,
remember me?
All right.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
Who is this?
Is this your sister!
Keep your voice down?
I don't wanna freak her out.
Mitch! Your mom put her
into that facility
because she needs
professional care!
Excuse me, Karen.
You okay?
It's just my blood pressure.
I took the stairs too fast.
All right, well, let me help you
to the couch, come on.
No, really, I'm okay.
It's okay,
I just need to sit down.
You probably shouldn't leave
Karen downstairs by herself.
She's fine, I just
wanna make sure you're ok--
Shit, you're right.
You are right.
Karen, I--
Here you are.
Is she asleep?
I think so,
it's hard to tell.
I left her on the couch.
So did she do it?Do what?
Oh, you know what.
Break the camera.
No, no, it just
slipped off the stand.
I should've
tightened the screw.
That stuff's old.
It could have broken loose.
Yeah, right.
She's not violent, Diane.
So can you fix it?
The camera, dummy.
Maybe, yeah,
I think the film's ruined.
But I can't imagine
a place that sells it.
I'm sorry.
It's just sometimes,
you know...
Sometimes I'm just
so scared for the baby.
It's gonna be okay,
all right?
Even my mom
is praying for us.
What are you doing?
I'm just checking
if she's real.
Well, how did she
get up here?
I don't know.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Maybe we should
take her back.
Mitch, it's getting cold.
Shoot, I left Karen's sweater
in the basement.
Okay, I'll go down
and get it.
You just work on getting her
into the car.
Karen, we're gonna get you
in the car now, okay?
Jesus, Karen, please!
I thought you said
the camera was broken.
It was on the ground in pieces,
all the film spilled out.
Are you sure?Yes.
Well, then you must be
seeing things.
Mitch, where are going?
To get Karen.
I wanna get
that picture taken.
Right now.
Do you want me
to hold her?
I don't think it matters.
I got to get this to Ada.
You're not leaving me here
with Karen, are you?
Yeah, she'll be fine,
don't worry.
How do I look after her?
I mean,
should I call your mother?
No. She mustn't know
about this.
She'll go crazy
if she finds out
I brought Karen
back to this house.
She'll be fine.
It's worse, isn't it?
Is that what you expected?
Well, I thought
there might be a small chance
it had left her,
but, uh...
What is it?
This may not be easy
for you to hear, Mr. Walker.
Listen, if there's a way
to help Karen,
I don't care what it is.
I want you to listen
very carefully.
"Since long before
recorded history,
our Earth has been
inhabited by a form of..."
I hesitate to use
the word, "life..."
as the rules of life
that we know
do not apply to these beings.
a form of entity...
"that we cannot,
under normal circumstances,
"see or sense...
"On rare occasions
throughout history,
"these entities have,
for one reason or another,
"strayed into
our plane of existence.
Mankind has described them
as best he can."
The Catholics saw
demons and devils.
In the Islamic world,
they are called jinns.
It is where the word
"genie" comes from.
They don't look like genies.
I'm not referring
to what you may have seen
in cartoons, Mr. Walker.
"These entities can be
very dangerous.
"Most don't concern themselves
with humankind,
"but those that do travel
to our plane,
"or are brought here,
"can be very vindictive.
"Such a being
would think nothing
"of invading a human soul
purely with the intent to cause
suffering and misery."
So is one of these...
in my sister?
Of that,
I am 100 percent certain.
The photograph you showed me
leaves me in no doubt.
And it's been there
all this time?
A decade is the blink of an eye
for such a creature.
They are eternal.
You said she could be helped.
Yes, perhaps.
I can only try, Mr. Walker.
Elaine, hi.
Diane, dear.
I'm so pleased
to hear your voice.
I'm so worried
about what happened.
Carry boxes
around the place.
Well, I'm fine.
I told him that house
is no place for you.
It's so cold, don't you think?DIANE: Yeah, I suppose.
Lord knows what
kind of state it's in.
You know, there's--
There's plenty
of space here.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
The reception
isn't good here.
I'm in the basement.
Whatever are you
doing in there?
Diane, what is it!
Mr. Walker.
Mitch, my name's Mitch.
Okay, Mitch.
Most people tend to have
in accepting the information
I'm giving you.
They don't like to think
that the things depicted
in this book may be for real.
But you?
I've been seeing things.
Since Karen's been
in the house.
Like the camera.
She broke it last night.
I swear it was in pieces
on the ground.
This morning, fine.
Well, I told you these beings
can be very vindictive.
They are not bound
by the constraints
of our reality.
They are able to create
their own alternate realities,
or at least give the appearance
of doing so.
That is why helping Karen
is gonna be very hard.
I'm sorry to say that I believe
that this being
is very comfortable
inside your sister's body.
It clearly enjoys
tormenting people.
And who better to torment
than an innocent young girl?
I believe that's why
it chose her.
It chooses to afflict
the youngest,
most innocent soul
in the house.
It knows our worst fears.
And uses them against us.
Excuse me.
You wanna talk
about what happened today?
What you thought happened?
You thought something happened,
but it didn't, right?
I don't wanna talk about it.
It's like when I thought
Karen broke the camera.
I could swear I saw it. I did
see it, but it never happened.
These things,
they scare us,
but they're not real.
It can only scare us
if we let it, Diane.
You must be Diane.
Should I bring Karen down?
No, not just yet.
I need to lay down
some ground rules first.
So, what is this?
Some kind of exorcism?
Were you raised a Catholic?
No, well, yeah, kind of.
On my mom's side.
Oh, dear.
It's always harder
to unlearn
what one has learned.
If it makes you feel
any better,
I didn't pay attention
in Sunday school.
Well, the Catholics
have their ways
with their fancy costumes
and shiny trinkets.
And sometimes it even works,
though not for the reason
they think.
Now, these are
my ground rules.
I'm going to conduct a sance
to try and contact the entity
inside Karen's body.
This means
we need to link hands.
Now, no matter what you hear,
no matter what you see,
no matter how traumatic
or emotional the situation,
you must not break
the sance,
until I give you
the command to do so.
Maintaining contact
with such a creature
takes up an enormous amount
of energy and concentration.
It may be temperamental.
And aggressive.
Breaking contact too soon
could be disastrous,
for all of us.
You said rules.
Is that everything?
Your wife must not
come into this basement
at any time.
I'm sure she'll be
fine with that.
At any time, Mitch.
Got it.
Does she know
what she's doing?
I don't know, I think so.
Mitch, what if this thing,
whatever it is,
what if it hurts Karen,
makes her worse?
I don't think
that's possible.
Put her there.
And she'll have to be
bound into place.
The struggle will not only be
spiritual but physical.
The entity will be trying
to gain dominance
over Karen's soul.
It is not unknown
for the afflicted subject
to suffer harm...
or even death,
during the process.
Take her hand, Mitch.
Be firm.
Remember what I told you.
Linking hands opens the channels
of communication.
It also creates
a link between us
and the entity's
astral plane.
If we break hands too early,
we will fail to banish it.
So, what happens now?
Karen Walker.
Karen Walker.
I want to speak
to Karen Walker.
Karen, can you hear me?
I wanna speak
to Karen Walker.
Karen, can you hear me?
I wanna speak
to Karen Walker.
Can you hear me?
Help me.
Karen, is that you?
Help me.
It hurts.
Be calm, Karen.
We are going to help you.
Your brother is here with me.
We are going to help you.
It won't let you.
We're going to take away
the pain, Karen.
It won't let you.
It likes hurting me,
it doesn't wanna stop.
we will continue.
You can't.
It'll hurt me.
It'll kill me!
I don't think so, Karen.
It will.
It'll kill me
if you come for it.
If it kills you, Karen,
it will have nowhere to go.
It will hurt you.
It will hurt all of you.
What if I speak
to it kindly, Karen?
What if I try to persuade it
not to do such a thing?
It doesn't wanna
talk to you.
What if I--
It doesn't wanna
listen to you.
It doesn't wanna
listen to you!
It doesn't wanna
listen to you!
Can it really hurt Karen?
I mean, really.
If it kills her, Mitch,
her soul will leave her body.
And the creature will be
forced out with it.
Now, we know
it doesn't want that.
But it will fight.
You know,
there was this one time,
when we were kids...
...there were these
two big, old fallen trees
we used to climb on.
One time, I finally
plucked up courage to jump
from one to the other.
It seemed like some kind of
achievement, I guess.
So I dared Karen to do it.
She was a lot smaller
than me.
I knew she couldn't do it,
but I dared her anyway.
So she jumped.
And of course,
she fell short.
And as she grabbed for the tree,
her hand got caught.
She broke her wrist.
I'll never forget the sound
and the way she cried.
So I carried her back home.
I took a scolding
from my mom,
while my dad drove us
to the hospital.
I learnt right there
what it meant
to be a big brother.
I was supposed to
look out for Karen.
Protect her.
You're doing
the right thing, Mitch.
You couldn't have
stopped that creature
from inhabiting Karen's body.
You were just a child
Fortunately for you,
the creature chose the youngest,
most innocent soul.
If it hadn't been Karen...
it would have been you.
Let's try this again.
Karen Walker.
I wanna speak
with Karen Walker.
Karen Walker.
I wanna speak
to Karen Walker.
Karen Walker.
Something's wrong.
I wanna speak
to Karen Walker.
Ada, I think
something's wrong.
Diane Walker.
This is a message for you
about your husband, Mitch.
You know Mitch.
Can't hold down a job.
Can't make a baby.
Karen Walker.
I wanna speak
to Karen Walker.
Your baby's gonna die.
Your husband
can't make a baby.
It's gonna die!
Karen Walker.
I wanna speak
with Karen Walker.
It's you again.
It doesn't wanna talk to you.
That's fine.
I wanna speak to Karen.
I have your brother here,
Do you remember
your brother, Mitch?
He left me.
Left me to rot.
Forgot about me.
Mitch is sorry.
He wants to help you.
He can't.
It will hurt me.
It will kill me.
Mitch is sorry he left you.
And he's sorry for the time
that you got hurt.
Do you remember
what happened in the woods?
It hurt.
Mitch hurt me.
Do you remember
what happened?
You jumped from a tree.
Mitch made me jump.
It's his fault.
He hates me.
And you hurt yourself,
didn't you?
You broke your leg.
Yes, my leg hurt so much.
It's Mitch's fault.
He wanted to hurt me.
Oh, really?
That's why he's here.
He wants it to hurt me.
He wants it to kill me.
But you didn't break your leg,
did you, Karen?
It was only your wrist.
Fuck you,
dirty cock-sucking cunt!
Well, it didn't like that,
did it?
You tricked it?
Oh, I suspected
it was taunting us.
Pretending to be Karen.
Trying to discourage us.
That's what they feed on.
Emotional pain.
You see, they have
no physical body...
only the one
they infiltrate.
So, what's our next move?
I have to rest.
Can you give me
the book, please?
And you'd better check
how your wife is holding out.
When will this be over?
I don't know.
Uh, Ada's really tired.
Oh, Ada's tired?
Well, I'm tired.
I'm tired of all of this.
It's driving me mad.
I'm hearing things,
and I'm seeing things.
I know, me too, it's okay.
Why is this happening?
Ada says it's taunting us,
it's playing on our fears.
What is?
I can't explain it.
Well, that's not
good enough, Mitch.
Well, Ada's the expert.
Then I'll go
and speak to Ada!
Mitch, you have to
get her out of here.
What is happening?
I said get out!
You better do as she says.
Do as she says.
You must obey
my ground rules.
Are we making progress?
She looks worse.
That's because we brought
the entity closer
to the surface.
When it is so deep
in a person's soul,
only the Kirlian camera
can detect its presence.
But be warned...
when we banish it entirely
from your sister's body...
...there may be a moment
when we both
come face-to-face with it.
I have seen people panic,
almost lose their minds,
when confronted
with such a being.
You've done this before?
Banish such a creature?
No, never.
But you've seen one?
In this house.
You've been here before.
I haven't seen that picture
in a long while.
I was wondering
where it had got to.
It was inside that book.
Well, that figures.
I haven't had cause
to look in this book
for many years.
Thirty years, to be exact.
Why didn't you tell me?
Would it have made
any difference if I had?
I don't know.
Why don't you tell me now?
I knew your uncle, of course.
Back in those days,
a group of us would do the tours
of the psychic fairs,
most of them
were fakes and charlatans,
but there was
a close knot of five.
Me, Alexander,
and three others.
Now, we understood
the true power
inherent in the knowledge
we possessed.
Or at least,
we thought we did.
Alexander invested in the
Kirlian photography equipment.
Some of the others thought
it was a cheap parlor trick,
photographing auras
for a dollar apiece.
But his theory was...
that if the camera
could capture auras
invisible to the naked eye...
then it might be able to reveal
other things too.
Things like these entities?
See, a creature like this
had never been photographed
in the whole of history.
Can you imagine
our excitement
at the possibility
of such a triumph?
It would have vindicated
our whole profession.
But of course,
first of all,
we had to find one.
Or make one come to us.
You brought it here?
The instructions
for summoning were all here,
if you knew where to look.
So the five of us gathered here,
in the basement,
to hold a sance.
We were planning to reach out
to their plane.
We thought we knew
what we were doing.
Well, none of us were prepared
for the terrors
that we unleashed.
Of course, we tried
to send it back.
Banish it back
to its own plane.
But you failed.
The circle was broken
too early.
I realize that now.
You know, that night
so disturbed us...
that we never saw
each other again.
We just couldn't
face each other.
And it wasn't until
you showed me
that picture of Karen
and told me the date
when she fell sick...
That's when I realized...
that somehow this creature
managed to stay
in this house.
Lying in wait...
for a fresh, young soul.
So you're responsible?
Karen's been tortured
for 30 years
by something you
brought into this house!
Mitch, I didn't know.
Your uncle never told me.
He would have known immediately,
of course,
as soon as the picture
was developed.
And he would have tried to do
what we're doing now.
But as soon as your parents
took Karen away...
and broke all contact...
...there would have been
nothing more
he could have done.
He wrote letters.
He wrote letters to my mom.
But she burned them.
He tried to tell her.
I'm sorry, Mitch.
You're going to fail.
Karen.Mitch, wait.
That is not Karen.
You're going to fail.
And you're going to die.
So you've finally given up
on the pretense?
It hurts.
It hurts.
Are you gonna let me
speak to Karen or not?
Karen is busy.
Where is she?
She's in here with me.
Then we'll continue.
What are you doing?This has gone on long enough.
I believe there is
only one option left
to end Karen's suffering.
Take her hand, Mitch.
No, God.
There must be another way.
If Karen dies,
her soul will leave her body
and this Earth.
And this evil bastard
will be taken with it.
You wouldn't dare.
Fuck you!
You see how angry
it's becoming?
You wouldn't dare
kill your own sister.
You couldn't
fucking fight it!
Mommy's boy.
Why are you
doing this to me?
Ignore it, Mitch.
After I forgave
all your sins?
What sins?
I didn't hurt anyone.
You sinned against
the Lord, Mitch.
That's why your
bastard child died.
I prayed for it every day.
And the good Lord,
in his wisdom,
took your bastard child
and cast it
into the pits of hell,
where it belongs.
Don't listen to her, Mitch.
Alongside your bastard father
who had his dirty way
with other women
whenever my back was turned.
That's not true!
Mitch, don't!
Your anger feeds its power.
You're all I have
in the world, Mitch.
Jesus, I think she's dead.
Karen, can you hear me?
It's Mitch.
You're home.
All right.
It's okay.
Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
I gotta make sure.
I gotta get you up, okay?
What are you doing?
You sit here, all right.
Karen, it's just a camera,
all right.
I'm gonna take a picture.
Ada, it's--
It's worked!
It's gone.
Okay, Karen, all right.
Here we go, okay.
You all right?
Where are mom and dad?
You've been away a long time.
I know.
Listen, I'll take her
You better go check on Ada.
She doesn't look too good.
You all right?
Hey, Mom.
Mitch, you didn't
call me yesterday.
And Diane sounded so strange.
I've been beside myself
with worry.
Everything is fine,
All right, everything--
Mitch, are you there?
The creature chose
the youngest,
most innocent soul.