Aurangzeb (2013) Movie Script

Gurgaon. father's village.
My city.
Where I learned the business
of collection, in school.
The school head-boy and house-captain
were to be selected for next year.
I had to become either one.
Every year, there were
such collections in our school,
on Independence Day, on teacher's day,
even on the Principal's birthday.
Ten rupees per kid.
And kids used to bring it from home.
The students who could
make these collections happen
were selected as the
head boy or the house captain.
That year, the Principal
chose our class for the collections.
Ten rupees per student,
from nursery to class tenth.
However, a few tenth class students
were always adamant
about not paying up.
And that year some adamant
guys were beaten up by me.
In retaliation those students
got goons to beat me up.
But those goons also
got beaten up.
Police came to our school.
I had to apologise to the Principal.
But when the house-captain
post was announced,
'Arya Phogat' was
written on the badge.
My name.
Blood and sweat flow downwards
but money flows upwards,
and if the guy sitting down
can make it flow to the people on top,
they say that guy is 'diligent'.
'DCP Ravikant Phogat.'
My uncle.
He and his wife Rama
have brought me up,
along with their son
Dev and daughter Trishla.
Namaste uncle.
How are you?
Namaste Uncle.
- Bless you.
Listen, the kids are here.
How are you?
- Good..
- Trishla.
Gently, the sweets will crumble.
Keep it inside?
- Here... yes.
Respect, sister-in-law.
- Bless you.
Everyone's here.
Namaste, Aunty.
Be happy-
OK, start tying the threads everyone.
Sit down.
I'll wash my hands and be back.
On the outside we look
like a normal police family.
But we are true businessmen.
We are in the business of collection!
Look this way...
smile everyone... good.
Hide it from Vishnu
and give it to Trishla.
You are giving Trishla
the money again on the sly.
Your sister has chosen
an honest policeman,
who sees colour in money.
Black or white!
Tell Vishnu about your brother Vijay.
He will realize that even
the dogs don't care about the honest.
Vishnu. My uncle's son-in-law.
Uncle has kept him far away
from the collection business.
Vishnu is honest.
I worry for him.
I hope he doesn't
end up like my father.
Carry on. I am coming.
I built a home to live away
from the city for a quiet life.
Now this expanding city
has crawled upon our home.
The city where you achieved nothing,
made nothing,
won't even appeal
to you from a distance.
You did it all, didn't you?
This is all the conversation
we have had, in all these years.
Policemen often get
into wrong encounters.
Innocent people get killed sometimes.
You made one mistake and,
and you stopped looking at me.
Your conversation used to be
'eaten?' 'School?'
Can I speak openly today?
UP to you.
I never mentioned this to you
because I did not want
you to get into any trouble.
Two lives were at risk.
The two people who depend on me,
who are my responsibility.
Which two people?
A woman and a boy.
Your woman?
Your son?
Were you so lonely after mother died?
We fell in love with each other.
You'll learn a lot more
when you see them.
I don't want to see them.
Just the address would suffice.
You want me to send the money, right?
I'll keep sending it regularly.
Inform them when I pass away.
They live in Nainital.
Don't mention this to
your uncle Ravi or anyone else.
Once I am gone they
are your responsibility.
Your family.
Veera Phogat?
That's me.
I am Arya.
Mum, I am going...
Mum, what happened?
Your father.
Arya brought the news.
Papa used to talk a lot about you.
He never mentioned you two until
only a few days before his death.
He was afraid of telling you.
He knew you wouldn't
accept my mother and me.
Could you not forgive him
after you heard the entire story?
I can't believe this.
Believe what?
Twenty-five years ago,
my brother Vijaykant was
thrown out of the police force,
because he accidentally
killed a criminal's wife
and their three-year-old son.
But today that woman and
that son are in front of me.
What are you saying?
Am I not making sense to you?
I don't know anything.
Not even 'Yashwardhan Singh?'
Who is Yashwardhan Singh?
Vishal, go inside.
You two also please leave.
I don't want to answer your questions.
Doesn't matter.
We will keep asking the questions.
I don't know any Yashwardhan Singh.
Who is Yashwardhan?
Your real father.
You have a brother too. Twin brother.
What's all this, mother?
Say something, mum.
Yashwardhan Singh was
once the biggest gangster
in the three states
of Delhi-UP-Haryana.
I didn't know anything
about him when we got married.
And when I came to know
I'd already had twin babies.
and Vishal.
Inspector Vijaykant was collecting
evidence against Yashwardhan.
I wanted to get out of
that marriage and that life.
So I became Vijaykant's informer.
All the people that met Yashwardhan...
the time he left home...
I kept informing...
this kept going on... time moved on,
but evidence was never gathered.
Case was never made.
Just like your encounter
never actually happened.
The case was never made.
But I and Vijay fell in love.
Then why bring just one of the twins?
Whatever I had to tell my son,
I have told.
If you want more information,
then bring a warrant, arrest me!
Or else, please leave.
I didn't understand one thing...
My father was thrown out
of the police because of you two.
He got humiliated in
the press and his department.
But he kept his silence.
He could have risen through
the ranks in his department.
He always believed that your
own kin matters more than your dreams.
Oh really?
I've always felt
that he never valued me.
But I know now that he
never thought of me as his own.
My brother was never able
to make his case against Yashwardhan.
Today that man operates
illegal businesses
in the garb of a real estate empire.
Police had no evidence against
him then, and has none until now.
Even now Yashwardhan could be arrested
and you two brought
in front of the world.
Then yes,
my brother's name can be redeemed.
But how can Yashwardhan
go to jail now?
Ever heard of 'Aurangzeb?'
The Mughal Emperor?
What if there was an 'Aurangzeb'
in Yashwardhan's gang,
the one who would capture the
king and kill the rest for the throne?
You mean Ajay?
Ajay's brother Vishal in his place.
When the land starts
getting sold in the villages,
the filth of the countryside
starts coming to the city.
You guys too have become
rich by selling your farmland.
You've earned money but not class.
Untie our driver. Bastard.
Of course I'll set this poor guy free,
but what I'll do to you...
have you thought of that?
I'll blow a window in your head.
The wind will blow through
and keep you cool.
My father says I am a thick-head.
Shoot, let's check if the
bullet goes through or bounces back.
Shoot... shoot... shoot.
You dog.
This property-dealer works for us.
He's the one we sent to take
your signature and thumb impressions.
And this is what you did to him?
He was forcibly making
us sign the papers.
And was quoting a very low price.
But he was saying our name, right?
Then how did you dare
sign for another colonizer?
Listen, listen... someone called
to say that Yashwardhan
Singh wants to withdraw his claim.
Don't lie.
Never, brother.
- Don't lie!
I am not lying.
He's telling the truth.
Yashwardhan has cancelled the deal
He's called you for a meeting.
What the hell were you up to?
Some plots were
included in the R-zone.
I wanted to do the deal.
I've told you a million times to
let Nina handle the high level jobs.
So then why didn't
Nina herself find out
about the R-zone land before I could?
A politician was
interested in that land,
and we were interested
in a relationship with him.
That's why we backed
out from the deal.
You do have a lot of relationships,
hun... Ms. Nina.
Get a grip on your tongue and fists.
Sit at lnder's club
and learn the job.
Or else, go to hell.
Sit at the club and do what?
Look after the bouncers...
...or manage those girls who
charge ten thousand for a stag entry,
...thirty thousand for a dance...
...and one hundred
thousand to go to bed? Huh?
Those girls work for us.
Managing them is also part of our job.
I have no interest
in managing your sorts!
Apologise... apologise.
Apologise... apologise.
Don't exert yourself
too much in your old age.
Just like your chairs,
your bones are also delicate.
Why just an apology?
I can start calling
her 'mother' if you want.
By making her your business partner...
...your staff, politicians,
businessmen might respect her.
Not me.
Relax. Stress is not good for you.
Don't come out. I am diving in.
I'm not in the mood.
My head is messed up already,
so don't throw tantrums.
And if I do, will you hit me again?
Looks like you have
met your match outside.
Otherwise you just
keep abusing me here.
Hold on, hold on.
Take the robe off and then talk.
My ears are closed,
only my eyes are open.
Fine. Then keep your ears shut.
You like raising your hands on others?
Were you beaten up a lot as
a child by bullies in your school?
Or at home by uncle?
What weakness are you hiding
behind this anger... this violence?
You want a sample of it,
here or upstairs?
You try so hard to look like
a powerful king like your father,
by beating and abusing people.
But people are not
scared of your violence,
they are scared of
Yashwardhan Singh's name.
Did you get scared now? Did you?
If you're so fed up
then why don't you leave me?
Because I love you.
You're the vice that I can't quit.
Are you telling the truth?
What does it look like?
A lie.
And now?
- Never mind.
You enjoy the lies
more than the truth.
Car keys.
Ajay's mobile-phone.
This is the other phone.
Contact us through this.
Not from Ajay's phone.
And behave strangely for a few days.
Yes... lost... say you
were mugged on the highway.
Beaten up and mugged.
Vijay and I didn't bring
you out of there to send you back.
I know.
Even papa would have
not let me go back there.
And you're doing the same.
But if I don't go now...
...the stain of our murder...
...will always remain on papa's name.
What've you done?
Me... I...
You've been in some fight again?
Some guys beat me up and...
Did you kill someone? Speak up?
They hit me.
Robbed me.
Who are you bastards?
Just tell me once.
Police. We are Police.
Do you know who I am?
You are you.
How could we disrespect the
prince and take him for someone else?
Do you have a warrant?
But this is not a lock-up
either... bad boy of Gurgaon...
Bloody old man!
Listen. We've got you here to talk.
If you flap too much,
we'll chop off your wings one by one.
Now answer the questions.
We need names.
Yashwardhan has a clean front.
But what are his real businesses?
What's his source of income?
Who are his accomplices?
We need the names of people
and the firms from you, kid.
That's it?
- That's it.
Pour as much oil as you want...
Pour till the Arabian
oil wells dry up.
Enjoy yourselves till
my father comes to know that...'ve arrested
me without a warrant.
He won't even know his son is missing.
Yes doctor, thank you.
How did those guys let you go?
Meaning, they didn't take
the imported car, or the mobile.
Left the wallet after
taking the money,
where did all this happen?
On Sohna road.
What happened?
He says someone misbehaved.
Take him away.
Let me see how much you're hurt.
You're hurt as well?
Yes, I suppose so.
I only sent the goons
who beat you up today.
Yes, to get even with you.
I hit you.
It's ok, you don't need to feel bad.
Lie down.
You've hurt your head really bad,
haven't you?
Meaning by now you
would've taken 2-3 guys...
...and gone out looking
for those goons yourself.
l am cancelling my program tonight.
I should be with you.
I've had minor scratches
like this before.
There is no need
to cancel the program.
In fact call the entire gang.
I want to see everyone's
faces together.
Ajay is here.
I want to kill him.
Excuse me.
Mom, how dare he misbehave with you?
It's a blessing in disguise.
The more he misbehaves...
...the more Yashwardhan will keep
him away from the business.
They fly about at night,
These dreams have come to life.
It's a misty sight,
Set them free tonight.
Let us burn, lets drown, lets go down.
Destruction, sweet freedom.
Destruction, sweet freedom.
Come be divine, destroy the line
Do the crime, and cut it fine.
We're the fire in the eye
burning and bright, it's do or die
Let us burn, lets drown,
lets go down.
Destruction, sweet freedom.
Destruction, sweet freedom.
Didn't I tell you, no one
will even know you're missing?
Who is this?
Whose face did you change
with plastic surgery?
These are the names of some people...
...we suspect they are
working with your father.
Just say which ones are
correct and which are not.
You will rot here forever...
...while that guy lives your life.
He will call your dad 'Dad'.
He will sleep with your girlfriend
till you're silent.
The sooner you talk,
the sooner you can leave.
Think about it.
And will you believe whatever I say?
Just try it!
Sir, the next time you come...
...just bring a mosquito
repellent along.
Too many mosquitoes here!
They never bite,
just keep buzzing and annoying me.
What's this?
Ajay's emails, texts,
photographs, mobile phone contacts.
You've gathered this trash?
Ajay is not important.
The important one is Yashwardhan
and his business associates.
Yashwardhan is hardly at home
which is why I don't
see him very often.
Besides, Ajay spent most
of his time either with his friends
or with his girlfriend Ritu.
That's why I haven't got
information beyond Ajay's friends.
So... will have to start
going to Yashwardhan's office then.
You will learn about his
business from there.
Why would he take me to his office?
Because you will ask him
to teach you about the business.
Won't he suspect
if I do things so soon?
You've been living in that
house for twenty-seven years!
We've made this list
from new and old records.
These are names of people we suspect
are associated with Yashwardhan.
Just keep your ears open,
and don't ask too many questions.
How's my mother?
She is fine.
We will have to break Ajay
to be able to guide Vishal.
Ajay won't break, no matter how
much we hit him or try to scare him.
He knows the minute he opens
his mouth, his father will go to jail.
He would be scared of the
fate he will be meted out after that.
I am not talking about
beating or scaring him.
Ajay loves his father's empire...
...because he believes
he will inherit it one day.
If we shake this belief of Ajay's...
...then he might open up.
Your mother.
My mother is dead.
Oh, so you've put
this fool over there.
Your mother left Yashwardhan
because of his bad ways.
Yashwardhan had an
affair with Nina Wadhwa...
...and they have a son.
What did you think?
Yashwardhan will leave
the entire empire to you?
No! He will give it to
his other son lnder as well.
Nina will make sure
it's split two ways.
Perhaps a bigger portion for lnder.
Can I come with you?
I have to learn about the business
someday, might as well start today.
If you need money just ask Nina.
She'll arrange it for you.
If I needed money,
I'd have asked for it.
Last time you came to office
wanting to 'learn the ropes'
you put a gun to the accountant's
head and took away the cash.
If you still recall that event,
that means you haven't forgiven me.
Good Morning...
- Morning, Mr. Chauhan.
Morning, Mr. Singh. Please sit down.
How can I help you?
The C.M.
has agreed to give our company...
...the contract to
make the expressway.
Congratulations, Mr. Chauhan.
Thanks to Ms. Nina's convincing
power that it happened.
Can I be of any service?
The expressway will reduce the
Delhi-Mathura distance by twenty minutes
but it will have to run
through agricultural land.
The government has the right
to take anybody's land. Doesn't it?
But those farmers
are also the vote bank.
The expressway will benefit
the city people with cars...
...more than the villagers.
The C.M. wants us to negotiate
the deal with the farmers.
Bargain for a fixed price,
and get the signatures of
the farmers on the transfer deeds.
The project's worth thirty
thousand crores, Mr. Yashwardhan.
And there is always
a fear of agitation.
That's why the government
doesn't want to be involved directly.
And our cut is one percent
of the entire deal.
This is the first time you've seen me.
You didn't even know I was alive.
Won't you say something?
Ask me something?
The one you kicked
out so many years ago... want to talk to him now?
I ran away from Yashwardhan...
Leaving one of your children behind!
Twins may seem identical
to the world...
...but a mother always
knows the difference.
Which one cries longer...
who needs more feeding...
needs more care...
I left that child behind,
who wouldn't have
been able to live the life
that I had chosen for myself.
The weaker one.
I didn't have the courage
to keep that child away...
...from Yashwardhan's
money and luxury.
Never go in an expensive car
when you're offering someone money.
If you display your
wealth he will ask for more.
The heart is a free spirit,
Understands all.
The heart is a free spirit,
Understands all.
Talk to the other farm owners
and let us know as soon as possible.
Heart feels no peace
with all that it sees
Very gentle threads
With a tender weave.
God is always fair
Let go and be...
He is always there.
The heart is a free spirit,
Understands all.
The heart is a free spirit,
Understands all.
When you came here from Chandigarh
to become a pop singer,
I knew you were a capable girl.
All the other girls with you
have become upper class escorts now...
but you...
You can be the heir
to Yashwardhan's empire...
...and that too by sleeping
with just one man!
Should I move you
with those escorts as well?
I'm doing everything exactly
the way you asked me to.
Had you done it that way, then Ajay
would not be in the office every day.
Why is he taking so much
interest in the business?
He is a rich spoilt brat and
your job is to spoil him further.
To keep cocaine up his nose
and his mouth filled with alcohol.
He should be seen at the night club...
hitting a few people!
Picking up girls!
Why is he coming to the office?
Since his accident,
he doesn't drink too much...
and he doesn't touch cocaine at all.
Does he sleep with you?
May be he is bored with you.
I'll try harder to keep him
away from the office and business.
Please do, because if I feel
that he's lost interest in you...
...then I have many more men
who will take an interest in you.
That too, on a per night basis.
I was just...
- At home, so late at night?
Not out with friends?
I am a bit tired.
Since when have you become shy?
Not at all.
What's the matter?
Nothing, dad.
Have you done something
that I need to handle? Hmm?
No, dad.
This expression of yours...
...always scares me.
Which expression?
Exactly this one.
Same as your mother's expression.
I would never have thought
that you could go on your mother.
What happened to her?
I have told you so many times...
I don't remember perhaps.
Tell me again.
You've grown up now.
You hang out with friends,
and don't get time to ask me anything.
Well, I am asking you today.
A few cops wanted to shoot me,
but the car they attacked
had your mother and brother in it.
Did you love her?
Do you miss her?
Do you ever look at her old photos?
She was a police informer.
I burned all the photos
when I came to know.
And your other son?
Don't you miss him?
If he were alive,
he would've been as old
as me and looked exactly like me.
Ajay sir, Ms. Ritu has asked
me to inform you that she is here.
Go. I shall sleep now.
N.P. Developers and the Chief Minister
have a deal to make an expressway,
which will cut through
the farmers' lands.
The responsibility of convincing and
bargaining with the farmers has been
given to Yashwardhan.
Blue prints of the expressway.
Copy of the transfer
deeds of the farmers.
Lock up all the people on our list.
But we don't know how many of
these genuinely work for Yashwardhan.
Some chaff always
gets crushed with the wheat.
If you really want to cause harm, then
slap Yashwardhan on both his cheeks.
You take one side. I know
exactly how to slap him on the other.
Tell me, Mr. Ahuja.
- Yes.
In an agricultural area...
- Yes... yes...
What will be the value
of these plots of land?
It's peanuts!
And what if an expressway
were to cut through it?
Nanak Chauhan has got the contract.
I know which area it covers.
The plots along that
area will be empty.
Once the expressway comes,
then there will be enough scope for
malls, cinemas and everything else.
They're available.
Whose they are and where they are,
I'll let you know
when the time is right.
However, I'll decide the
cost of purchase from the farmers.
You just start preparing
to buy the land.
The C.M. has given the contract to
Nanak Chauhan to make the expressway.
Must have taken a huge cut.
Farmers' lands have been
bought for a throwaway price.
However, the competing builder
Mr. Ahuja is paying double...
...the price for the
surrounding plots of land.
Everyone is making money,
except us who are just
sitting doing nothing.
Why don't you fight for
the farmers' rights I say!
In the next election...
...these farmers will vote for you.
NP Developers! Down, down!
Haryana government down, down!
Until the time farmers
get their rightful dues,
the expressway will not be made.
Expressway shall not be made!
The situation in Chandela
is very volatile.
Orders are to deploy forces there.
In the next 24 hours the
situation should be under control.
Am I understood?
You can go.
Situation needs to be out-of-control,
not under-control.
Go back... go back
Police, go back.
Go back... go back
Police, go back.
Go back... go back.
Police go back.
Go back... go back
Police go back.
- Step back.
Go back... go back...
- Step back.
Don't touch me.
Had I not fired,
he would have shot me.
Come on, brother-in-law.
The protests against the construction
of the expressway...
...took a violent turn
today in Chandela village.
The farmers of Chandela
want to re-negotiate
the price of their land with
NP Developers since their competitors,
Ahuja Builders, have offered double
the price for the surrounding land.
The state government
is silent on this whole issue.
Angry farmers in Chandela
have burned down...
...some trucks of NP Developers
on the construction site too.
In order to control the situation,
the police used batons
and tear gas to disperse the crowd.
However, the situation
could not be controlled.
As a result the police opened fire...
...and a farmer boy was killed.
I'll be precise.
The police never wanted to control
the violence in Chandela village.
And a few smugglers
have been arrested...
...who work for you.
How did the police
know they are my people?
There is a solid police
informer within your gang.
Only one or two cops know of him.
Dad... Dad...
Dad... Dad...
Why are you standing
here alone in the dark?
My father had left a case pending.
Today my Uncle and
I have completed it.
Are you happy?
So at least smile for once.
Lay the dinner.
I am hungry.
Do you love me?
It's a simple question,
not a difficult police case.
If there is a difference
between loving and being around,
then I have no answer for you.
I think my father loved me a lot...
...but was never around.
At least I am around you...
you can see me.
And the one who cannot see
you with his eyes, what about him?
Doctor just confirmed
the pregnancy today.
It's OK even if you don't smile.
I know you won't be able
to express your happiness...
...but I know you are happy.
I'll set the dinner.
There is a police informer amongst us.
Who is the informer?
I don't know.
But we are cornered from all sides.
There are lots of people vying
to take over my empire after I die.
Nina is also one of them...
They will not let you live either.
Go away.
Please don't think of all this, dad.
Just rest.
You asked me that day, didn't you...
...if I miss my other son or not?
I miss him a lot.
He was my favorite,
and you were your mother's...
...because you were
always a little weak.
I always felt that Vishal
would take over this family empire.
But he was also killed
with your mother.
Our time is finished, son.
Just go. Leave.
All of Yashwardhan's men are in jail.
Once I present you in front of the
magistrate, as Ajay the state witness,
then I can put the
real Ajay behind bars.
Come on.
I want a guarantee of
immunity for Yashwardhan.
I don't know, whatever the
word is in your government language.
But yes, he won't be going to jail.
Oh, sudden respect?
Apart from immunity should I also get
him the 'Indian of the year' award?
...but didn't we do
all this to send him to jail?
Sir, he is unwell!
He is a criminal.
- He is my father.
Your father? You snake!
He is not your father.
My father is your father.
Now shout at me. Shout.
Can you believe this, uncle?
My father ruined his life for them.
Career. Home. Everything.
For these thankless outsiders.
I agreed to do this only
to clear my stepfather's name...
...not for the two of you.
So don't do anything stupid now!
Once Yashwardhan is in jail then both
you and your mother will be free...
...from the threat she
was always protecting you from.
Really! Someone from
your side has told dad...
...that there is
an informer in his gang.
I don't know.
Some Sub-inspector Yadav told him.
But no one knows other than me,
Arya and Dev.
How can I trust you?
A man might have been
evil thirty years ago...
...and my mother might
have hated him then.
I have done as much harm
to him as I could in return.
now I don't think he is evil...
...therefore I won't
cause any more harm to him
...or let any one else do so.
What's the matter?
The thing that I have
been striving for, for years,
has vanished just before
I could lay my hands on it.
So can't anything happen now?
Can't you do anything at all?
I can.
But I am unable to make
up my mind on a few things.
Over the past forty years
I've witnessed your status...
...and power increasing
with every decision.
If the decisions were right then,
they will surely be right now.
Whatever the decisions may be?
Of course.
Our kids never came
to know what bad times...
...and troubles we've been through.
The kids have only enjoyed
your power and money.
Their demands have always been met.
Dev, Trishla, Arya...
they bow in front of your power... the rest of the world does.
Because you are like a king
who fulfills everyone's needs...
...both at the office and at home.
Be it someone's office
transfer or a promotion...
...or fixing files, you do it all.
The day you lose the power to do this,
who will bow in front of you?
That's why whatever
those decisions are...
make them... I am with you.
These are the names of the people
the police suspected... be working for you.
The police arrested them all,
but released them later on.
Where did you get this list from?
I am not going to tell
you anything from now on, dad.
I am just going to
do it and show you. OK?
Take your papers and get
out of here in ten minutes.
Ajay! Disrespectful!
Mr. Chhabra.
Take him out of here...
...or I'll have to have
a word with Yashwardhan, directly.
I've informed him of this decision.
From today I'll be
handling the business.
Father-son! Both will be finished.
It's me who brings
the clients and the money.
Only those who want business dealings
with Yashwardhan Singh come to you.
Otherwise you are nothing.
From now on, the ones who have work
with dad will come directly to me.
You are not needed. Get out.
You bastard
You've started your business...
...with a loss of fifteen
thousand million already.
Wars are not cheap, Mr. Chhabra.
And if they were wouldn't
everyone be at war?
The hand pulls the arrow,
and propels it,
but somewhere between the bow and
the target the arrow grows a brain.
The arrow doesn't
need to hit the target.
I released this arrow... destroy Yashwardhan's empire.
But it destroyed the case
which my father had made years ago.
The arrested members of Yashwardhan's
gang had to be released.
And now Vishal is uprooting them
from the business like a disease.
Vishal is now siding with his father.
- Meaning?
Meaning, he is refusing
to co operate with us.
He is playing 'boss'
in Yashwardhan's office.
Vishal can't do that.
The dog has got this
meat after a lot of squealing.
He will enjoy it.
Do you still choose to keep quiet or
want to speak up about Yashwardhan?
Enioying it, aren't you?
Well! I am having a great time too.
This oldie and I are
in the Big Boss house, right?
Weren't you very fond of making plans?
Now figure!
Let Vishal call my father 'dad'.
Let him sleep with
my girlfriend if he has to.
Ajay, Vishal is not like that!
Vishal is not like this!
Vishal is not like that!
How is Vishal?
Where is Vishal?
One, I can't see God
and the other - this Vishal.
The day I see him, I'll worship him.
What great sons you've borne.
One is a cheat and
the other an animal.
Papa made a mistake of
rescuing you a long time ago...
...from Yashwardhan's house.
My uncle and I will not
repeat the same mistake.
I've achieved whatever
I had planned to do for dad.
I am really happy today...
...and there is no one else other
than you to share this happiness with.
A fire burns in my breath,
Let it burn.
Let it burn.
This unbearable pain I sought
Let it hurt.
Let it hurt.
All strings are broken,
in this bright night.
Come sweet freedom,
in the destruction tonight.
I can touch the sky,
I love this destruction.
When did you wake up?
Who are you?
What are you talking about, Ritu?
There is no place on my
body where you haven't bruised me.
What was that last night?
The tenderness?
Not a slap... no belt-pelt!
Ritu, please...
lam sorry. I am not complaining.
It's just that I've already
changed myself according to you...
...and now suddenly if
you show so much love towards me
And then if you come back
to your original self...
I don't think I'll be able to bear it.
I am not Ajay.
I am Vishal.
Ajay's twin brother.
Your mother and brother are dead.
Please, Ajay.
I am telling the truth.
I was raised by a police officer.
I used to call him 'papa'.
It's his family that
has placed me here... finish off dad's empire.
I love you, Ritu.
Since the very first time I saw you.
The real girl that you've hidden
behind these books and photos...
I could see her right away, the
very first day when I walked in here.
There is no more truth than this...
...and there is no one
other than you I can say it to.
So it's you who gave the idea to Mr.
Ahuja to buy the land...
...around the proposed
expressway at double price?
Yes... I did give the idea
but the information
about the expressway...
...was given by someone else to me.
All the agreements, drafts...
...the blueprints and negotiations
are on this CD.
You brought no benefit
to anyone with this information
but definitely caused some damages.
Both to us and to Mr. Ahuja.
Because now thanks to these protests,
the expressway
definitely won't be made.
Everything gets made in this country,
but at it's own pace, Madam.
The point is...
...whether you are a part of it
or not at the time it does get made.
Now see, for example,
this small village in a corner
of Delhi has become a huge city...
'Gurgaon' today.
I have seen it grow.
I can play this real estate development
game better than Yashwardhan.
I can defeat him whenever I want...
...exactly the way I
did in the expressway deal.
I don't work with
Yashwardhan any more.
Mr. Ahuja told me.
What if I get you a deal,
will you make it happen?
But you're retiring in 6 months.
I have my people in the department...
...a base that I've built
over many years of service.
My children are officers.
Besides, there won't be any police
restrictions on me once I retire.
So fine, we have a deal.
So all this was done to oust
Yashwardhan from the business?
Not for papa's case?
Today my son Arya is Assistant
Commissioner of Police.
Tomorrow he could be promoted
to a Deputy Commissioner of Police.
Who knows this city better than we do?
Then why should we spend our lives
like a retired or a suspended officer?
Why can't we rule this city?
Only two powers will
be running this country soon.
One political and the other corporate!
Either too much power
or too much money,
I definitely want one of them!
And will we leave Vishal back there?
If Ajay and Veera
don't exist any more...
...then Vishal can continue
denying that he is not Ajay...
...but who will believe him?
We will plant new people, in place
of the older ones that were laid off.
And this time no one
will know you directly.
Mr. Chhabra suggested certain names,
which I wanted to discuss with you.
Whatever good has happened
so far is due to your decisions.
There is nothing for me to discuss.
Just be cautious.
All those people you've thrown
out will seek revenge some day.
How dare you...
How dare you?
Were you earning any less from us...
...that you went sucking
up to Yashwardhan as well?
I'm sorry I made a mistake.
Please forgive me
like a younger brother.
I made a huge mistake, Dev brother.
I'll talk to the DCP.
You will talk to the Boss?
You're nothing.
I made a huge mistake,
huge mistake, Dev brother.
Forgive me... I have little children.
May we live forever with our husbands.
May we live forever with our husbands.
Good evening, sir.
Vishnu brother, you... here?
Where is Arya?
I cannot get through to his number.
He's not in the office.
Sit down please. I'll find out.
Namaste, papa.
Namaste. ls your husband Vishnu home?
He is not answering, must be driving.
This phone's battery...
it needs charging again.
He'll be here, Trishla...
...don't worry so much.
Where are you? Your wife,
has been waiting for you.
Papa, Dev has killed Yadav.
Have you spoken to
anyone else about this?
I went to speak to Arya about it,
but he was not in the office.
Go to my office. Wait for me there.
I'll be there soon.
Where is he off to now?
Hi, this is Trishla Phogat.
Please leave a voice message after
the beep or send me a text message...
Thank you.
Thank God you've come, dad.
- What happened?
All sorts of things are
going on behind your back.
Not here... Come into my office.
Dev and Arya are up
to something together.
Dev has killed Yadav.
What are you talking about?
Dev is out in Badarpur
since this morning.
He has signed in the
duty register as well.
I've seen it myself Papa.
That farmer boy in Chandela village...
- Keep it down!
...whose death worsened the riots...
Dev killed him as well.
No, you've not seen anything.
And you don't have any proof either.
And this?
This is evidence enough.
This woman and her son?
They are alive!
I respected Arya a lot, papa.
I even told him about
that Dev incident.
But despite knowing
that these two are alive,
he didn't even try to
clear Uncle Vijay's name.
How can he do this to his own father?
Give me this photo.
Please give it to me.
You knew everything, didn't you?
Just forget about it, Vishnu.
You won't understand it.
I've done all this to secure
the future of your kids, and my kids.
Go home. Relax. OK?
And you've neither seen Dev kill
anyone nor have you seen this picture.
I won't go home.
I am going straight
to the Vigilance Bureau... complain about Arya and Dev.
I even have uncle Vijay's diary...
...through which the vigilance
cell will find this woman and her son.
Because this is not a family of
policemen, but a family of criminals!
Killing innocent people,
killing your fellow officers...
I am sorry, son,
you were not ready to listen.
I had no other way.
So"? -
Oh, my child, what did you do?
Someone call the ambulance...
...before I could stop
him he pulled my gun...
...and killed himself...
...someone call an ambulance.
My child Vishnu... my son.
So you've told Ajay
everything about us?
- Who did this? Who?
Sorry Vishal... Vishal...
- Baby... Shhh... Shhh...
We'll be in the hospital in two minutes.
- Listen, Vishal...
Nina chose me
to be your girlfriend... that I could keep you,
I mean Ajay,
addicted to cocaine and alcohol,
but I fell in love with you, Vishal.
I fell in love with you.
Inder and Nina felt that
I've divulged something to you.
And I let them think like that... that they don't
find out about you.
I love you, Vishal. I love you.
These are his belongings.
Ring, watch, chain, mobile.
Sorry, we could not save Ritu.
Thank God you've come, dad.
- What happened?
All sorts of things are
going on behind your back.
Dev and Arya are up
to something together.
Dev has killed Yadav.
That farmer boy in Chandela village.
Dev killed him as well.
Vishnu's voice message
on Trishla's phone at 10:50 pm?
This woman and her son.
They are alive!
I respected Arya a lot, papa.
But despite knowing
that these two are alive...
...he didn't even try
to clear Uncle Vijay's name.
I am going straight
to the Vigilance Bureau.
I even have uncle Vijay's diary,
Through which the vigilance
cell will find this woman and her son.
Because this is not a family of
policemen, but a family of criminals!
Killing innocent people,
killing your fellow officers...
I am sorry, son,
you were not ready to listen.
Who collected Vishnu's mobile?
Arya did.
They killed Ritu.
Who did?
Nina's son lnder and his goons.
You started the war.
Foundations of empires
are always laid on corpses.
Yes, corpses.
Nina and Bilal have
called me for a meeting.
Bilal just called.
What meeting?
I wanted to say something
to you before going to the meeting.
We might have different
blood running in our veins...
...but we were brought
up by the same father...
...who always said...
'your own kin matters
more than your dreams'.
Whatever I've done until today...
...or whatever I am about to do,
it's for my family, not for myself.
I never wanted to create an empire.
Vishal, where is your meeting?
If possible, don't include my
mother in your foundation of corpses.
Vishal, where is your meeting?
It's written in the Emperor Aurangzeb's
book 'kingship knows no kinship'.
'Kingship knows no kinship.'
He believed that one's
own family should be killed...
...before their ambitions
or stupidities...
...ruin years of hard work.
No one has the right to mess
around with someone's hard work.
So are dreams more
important than your own kin?
Yes. But your father
believed otherwise.
...what do you believe is right?
I believe you are right, Uncle.
Did you find Vishnu's
mobile among his things?
Where is it?
Did you hear the voice message?
What do you think?
Vishnu had lost his mind...
...he was saying things
which had no base or evidence.
And while he was talking he...
All is set, Arya.
Tomorrow Vishal will attend
the meeting with Nina and gang.
There he will transfer all
of Yashwardhan's company holdings.
Where is the meeting?
Vishal has been informed.
As soon as the papers are signed...
Yashwardhan will be
killed off in the hospital.
You finish off Ajay and
your father's mistress. Got it?
Good. Goodnight.
I am going to do something today.
When you come to know
what I've done then,
if possible, try not to judge me.
All the money...
- Don't tell me where the money is.
You'll need it.
If I need it,
then you know where the money is.
I don't want you to
go out thinking that...
...if Suman needs the money
then she knows where it is.
She'll handle it,
if I don't make it back.
You just come back to me.
You've come alone!
I was prepared to fight an army.
Ajay... listen to me.
Ajay... listen to me.
Ajay... listen to me.
Stay down, you cheap officer.
Stay down, you're done today.
No, Ajay! No.
Leave me.
- You won't kill anyone.
Leave me, old woman!
No, Ajay!
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me, old woman.
- No, you won't become like your father.
Leave me, leave me.
Leave me. Leave me. Mother!
I said that by mistake.
I am not your son and
you are not my mother.
Listen, you cop...
...whether you show me a gun
or a grenade, nothing can stop me.
I am going-
Worship her, give her a medal,
do whatever you want.
You want to go...
Take my car.
Even if someone sees you,
they won't stop you.
I've been sent here
to kill both of you.
Uncle wants to take
over Yashwardhan's business.
Nina's son has killed Ritu,
and Vishal has gone mad.
Bilal and Nina have
called Vishal for a meeting,
where they'll ask him to hand over
the control of Yashwardhan's business.
The minute he signs they
will kill Yashwardhan in hospital.
And Vishal will be killed
in that meeting, right!
I'm afraid Vishal will
kill lnder and everyone else... the meeting
to avenge Ritu's death.
It will be impossible to clean
Vishal's criminal record after that.
Let him die, the so called
'prodigal son' of his parents.
I can't let him die.
They are my father's
25 years of labour.
He is my brother.
Long live that Vishal...
...whom the mother, the father,
the step brother, the step father...
all keep on a pedestal.
Everyone is worried about him.
Go, stop him.
I don't want to stop him.
It's very important
for this meeting to happen.
Because neither Uncle
nor Nina will do anything...
...till the end of this meeting.
Just that Vishal should not
sign anything and not kill anyone.
And Vishal knows nothing... right!
But at least you know, don't you?
If I place you there instead of Vishal
...then you won't sign anything
and nor will you kill anyone.
Ajay will not go anywhere.
I don't want to lose him again.
I will go,
not for that Vishal but for myself.
I don't want to live with the tag of
'weak and useless' all my life.
And yes...
If I die,
then I will never forgive any of you...'ve all harassed me a lot.
Inspector Singh.
Place one police vehicle outside
Yashwardhan's house... tail Ajay Singh as he leaves.
Yes, Sir...
Don't utter a word
to anyone about this.
Follow him!
Sir, Ajay is heading towards MG road.
Nina has a suite in
this hotel on the 17th floor.
I want two police parties
outside Marriot...
...and one outside Lifecare.
But who do we have to catch?
Just send the teams to the locations.
You haven't said anything to anyone,
have you?
No, sir.
Good. I'll call you back.
If this is in my hand,
then I might fire in nervousness.
They will be armed.
According to them I'll come armed.
As they say, the one who's
unarmed is the biggest threat.
Yes, say.
Yes, arrived.
- Fine.
I'll call you as soon
as I get an update from the meeting.
It's me, Singh.
Whose number is this?
Whenever this number
flashes on your phone next,
just raid the suite
on the 17th floor.
Has the other team reached
the hospital?
They should be reaching
any moment, sir.
Raid both the places at the same time.
Up here you will find Ajay Singh.
DCP's informer.
Get him to safety first.
The other team will arrest
Yashwardhan from the hospital.
Yes, sir.
My people are in the hotel
and will be waiting for your call.
This is to record everything that
will be discussed in Nina's meeting.
Why have you called me?
What is this?
All the legal front papers.
These are the papers to
return all those businesses...
...back to us that you took away.
The rest are Yashwardhan's
company's share transfer deeds.
Your resignation letter.
Power of attorney, etc.
Even if I believe
that you all can run...
...the legal fronts
of Yashwardhan's business,
...but I don't think any of you
will be able to run the illegal front.
Leave that to us.
What if I don't sign?
If you don't sign then your
father will be killed in the hospital.
He is your father as well.
Ask your mother.
Don't shout!
Don't think just because
Yashwardhan is old...
...and ill you can
take over his business.
Say sorry and sit down.
Sorry brother, sorry Ms. Nina.
Please do take over the business.
And all these people
will be working under you.
But do they know they will in fact... working for DCP
Ravikant and not for you?
Mr. Ahuja, am I not right?
Let him speak, lnder.
Speak, Ajay-
Mr. Ahuja, speak up, don't be shy.
Who told you about the expressway?
The meeting that took place between
you and Ms. Nina two days ago...
...who was it with?
What is he saying, Ms. Nina?
He wants to create a rift between us.
Sign it.
Let him say everything, Bilal.
I am taking you to Veera.
Dad's life is in danger.
I want to go there.
He's not in danger. My officers
are there to arrest your father.
I don't trust you or your officers.
To hell with your trust.
My job was to kill Ajay and
Veera and let you die in the hotel.
Just free my hands, Arya.
Just free them.
I am not doing this
to gain your trust.
My dead father asked me
to protect you and your mother...
...and I did not do that.
I want to set that right.
And am I not doing the same thing?
My father trusted me and
shared a lot of things with me...
...and I ruined it too.
I need to set a few things right,
if not all of them.
Let me go, Arya!
Ajay will be caught in the hotel and
you will be caught in the hospital.
Both of you will go to jail.
That is if you are caught alive.
Wasn't that the plan?
To put the entire Yashwardhan's
gang in jail or finish them off?
And we did it together,
me, you and your uncle.
Just let me go, Arya, please.
Think of your mother, Vishal.
You can take care of mother better.
Dad is alone.
You will all work for Nina.
The police will come to know everything
about you and your businesses.
Then they will use you
in any and every way possible...
...and finally throw you away.
Yes, DCP Ravikant is with us.
Yes, I met him with Mr. Ahuja.
Not to sell you all out,
but to buy out Ravikant instead.
We all give monetary
cuts to the police, don't we?
Instead of bribing them why don't
we give them a share in the profits?
That way they won't check us...
...because even if they did
discover a few of our illegalities...
...we would be able
to discover theirs. Right?
Leave him. What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Let him go.
Put your gun down.
You put it first.
There has been a shoot
out in the Hotel Marriot,
policemen from your station said
that you've sent a team there.
How did you get to
know about the Marriot?
You've sent a team to the hospital
as well to protect Yashwardhan!
What did you think? By arresting
Vishal you could save him?
Do you know why a person loses?
A person loses because
he places his trust in others.
The way I trusted you...
...because I couldn't be
in so many places at the same time.
Likewise now you cannot be
with Veera in the village...
...and with Suman
at home at the same time.
What are you guys doing here?
Following orders from the ACP.
OK. Now we have orders from the DCP.
We'll arrest Yashwardhan,
you guys leave.
Right, sir.
- Come on.
What happened, Ajay?
The police planned to kill you.
Leave my hand.
Come on... bloody...
I need more force.
Check there.
Hello... Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Hey, Doctor,
I want all these floors vacated.
A gangster and his son are
trying to escape through here.
Clear your staff
and patients from here.
There is no way out of here, dad.
Our time is gone.
I told you to go away. Didn't I?
I couldn't leave you.
If you fight, you'll die with me.
Let's surrender, come on.
They won't let us surrender, dad.
They won't be able
to fire openly either...
...if we don't give them
a reason to shoot at us.
Come on.
Come on.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. We'll surrender.
We'll surrender.
Just take us to the police station.
Just take us to the police station.
- Dad.
No, dad...
I am Vishal,
the informer in your gang.
I lived as Ajay all
this while with you.
Wasn't Arya taking
you to the village?
Why have you come here?
To save dad.
So do you want a 'son
of the year' trophy or what?
Our mother wasn't mad
to take you away from all this...
...years ago.
Mom lost nothing because of me,
but dad has.
We weren't exactly saints
before you came here.
We were already a target... just hastened the process.
- Let go of me.
Dad, just forgive him
and throw him out of here.
Would you be able to
take care of dad if I go?
You were a rogue,
roughing up, beating up people,
being rude to your father,
stealing money from his office...
...thrashing Ritu and you
will take care of him?
Ajay is correct.
Everything was wrong before you came... came and set everything right.
If Veera wins in this fight...
...then she must win
without losing anything.
Fine. Dad has forgiven you. Now go.
This is for Arya.
Put your gun down.
It's the ACP's orders.
Ajay Singh has to be arrested.
No one will fire.
Ajay gave this.
He came to the hospital to save dad.
Yashwardhan and Ajay were arrested?
I don't know.
They sent me away from there...
...saying that if
Veera wins this fight...
...then she must win
without losing anything.
Take mother away, Vishal.
Leaving you all alone?
The years of labour done by your
mother and my father will be wasted...
...if you kill anyone.
Vishal, please take
mother away from here.
Allowed them to run away, did you?
I didn't let them go anywhere, Uncle.
I came here to kill them...
...but the house was already
on fire when I arrived.
I could hear them
screaming from inside.
By now they must be charred.
Exactly the way your father
killed them 25 years ago?
Why did you do all this, Arya?
You wanted to take my
place in the collection system?
I don't want anything
from your collection empire.
I am going to finish everything today.
This has the entire recording
of Nina's meeting today...
...and I've left a recording of
Vishnu's phone at home for Trishla.
My son and your
brother Dev got killed.
And Vishnu?
Was he nothing to me?
Isn't Trishla my sister?
Why did you do all this?
You bastard.
So you turned out to be
your father's son after all!
Yes, Uncle.
I wanted to be like you...
...but could not...
...because I am my
father's son after all.
I am going now,
to submit both these recordings
to the Vigilance Bureau.
I knew it... would let him kill you...
...because he raised you.
It was our father's wish...
...that I become neither
like this family, nor like that.
But had I thought
of his wish today...
...then I would have lost my kin.
And one's kin matters
more than one's dreams.
Gurgaon. father's village.
My city.
The salt of his sweat
singes my wounds.
The colour on my hands stay
The deep shade of blood,
won't wash away.
My eyes are tearful
Happiness without, neither fearful
Beaten and broken I return home,
Battled many enemies,
I lost myself more, Aurangzeb
I killed and I lived, Aurangzeb
I did what I did, Aurangzeb
This system of collection
has been in place for years.
The money from this system...
...goes all the way up
to the seniors and ministers.
The nexus is not going to come
to an end with just my Uncle's death.
The DCP said that only
two powers would survive...
...the politicians and the corporates.
But if a policeman doesn't take
bribes from any of them...
...then he won't fear them either.
This position can give
us either money or power.
We've seen a lot of money,
now it's time to show our power.
...come, food is ready.
You spent so much time with me...
...but you never called me
to eat so lovingly.
You left me so many years ago...
...but I could not go anywhere
else after my release from prison.
There are no extra rooms here, right?
So from today you will sleep on the
couch, and I'll sleep in your room.
Doesn't he ever smile or what?
A PuLi - DDR Presentation