Aurora (2012) Movie Script

We're already able to
generate simple data,
like colors, some sounds or
basic shapes...
But if we want to encode
more complex sensory information,
it's necessary to establish a
systematic language.
For this, we need to study the
transfer of the neural information
from a source to a receiver...
But why, exactly, does your source
have to be a comatose subject?
An aware human mind produces
too much information.
We don't have the technical capacity
to treat such an amount of data...
The brain of a person
in state of comatose
produces much less information.
Do you have a subject already?
Yes, we found the perfect one
who fulfills all the requirements.
Did you evaluate the possibility
of the side effects?
As for the side effects...
We'll scan the neural data
from the source
and transmit it to the receiver.
The receiver is a very well
prepared member from our team.
Moreover, the system doesn't allow
any interactivity between them.
You didn't answer to the question.
Can you guarantee there's no
risk for both sides?
There's no risk for
the comatose subject.
Are there more questions?
I have to finish this for tomorrow.
Don't work too long.
Jonas, please take a seat.
I'll be careful.
What do you think?
It'll take some getting used to.
Start talking straight
after the connection.
Better not open your eyes
and don't move.
Tell us whatever you remember.
Our knowledge about the psyche
of a comatose person is very limited.
His stableness could be fragile.
You have to be extremely careful.
Your objective is to observe.
You must avoid any
possible contact with...
the whatever you'll find there.
You're getting a little
ahead of yourself.
We're not at that stage yet.
It would be great to transmit
any kind of sensory information.
But if something goes wrong,
we'll stop everything.
We're ready.
Constant visual and sonic noise.
The stimulation became
unbearable towards the end.
You have to rest now.
Jonas will accompany you.
Together you'll write up a
detailed report.
Afterwards, if you feel well,
then you can work with Alex.
Calm down. What happened?
I dreamed I lost you.
It's all... shh, calm down.
Lukas, you mean an object or a person?
No, I couldn't tell.
I can't say if it was a picture,
or just a sensation of a presence.
It was all very abstract...
Maybe the details
will come back to me later.
Lunch is almost ready.
New perfume?
No. Why?
You smell nice.
You think it'll pull through?
It's quite small.
So, you won't tell me?
We're moving forward.
Moving forward? That's all?
All day long I do nothing but fill
reports and answer questions.
Can I at least skip it here?
OK. Whatever.
Set the table.
There was a girl.
What girl?
During the transfer,
I found myself on a shore and...
she kissed me.
I answered with the same.
I couldn't resist.
Screw off!
Aren't you going to put
tablecloth on there?
Where is it?
After living here for 4 years you
should know where things are.
I would, if you didn't move things
around all the time.
What am I moving around?
You're so easy to provoke.
Yes, of course.
Thanks for ruining my mood.
Stop it.
Could you give me a hand?
The human brain is
a fantastic machine.
It's able to adapt and constantly
change its organization.
We might be watching the real
time creation of new memories...
I don't remember anything else.
How would you measure the evolution?
Are we moving forward or
are still on the same level?
I need more time
for adaptation.
The vision and sound are getting
But I can't separate the senses yet -
is it sight or touch.
Some kind of synesthesia.
How frequently do the images
from the transfer pursue you?
Only when I think about them.
Have you noticed any
changes in your thoughts:
new memories or images...
Any appearance of
sensory hallucinations?
Last time you mentioned some
kind of a body or a presence.
Have you encountered it again?
No. I told you already.
It's all in the reports.
How long have you been
together with... Lina, isn't it?
Are we talking about
research or my private life?
Does it frustrate you?
That the results are not
as fast as you expected.
I don't expect anything.
Have you heard about
the observer effect?
The observer influences
the observing system.
You can apply this to us too.
If you mean I'm biased, I'm trying
to remain as objective as possible.
Objectivity - is nothing more
than the fetish of truth.
Our rational consciousness
works as a filter
that separates reality from fantasy,
and prevents our
personality from bursting.
But during the connections
this filter weakens.
That's dangerous.
Just nobody
seems to take that in consideration.
That's what you're here for.
Those are all just theories.
I've been doing similar
connections for months now and...
Yes, but now the source is a
human being, not a computer.
So what? The source is different
but the stimulation is the same.
It's a little bit reductionist,
isn't it?
Aren't the results different?
It's not for me to decide.
But my suggestion is
not to change anything yet.
Except prolong the timing.
Every connection lets us experience
something new.
It's not a lapsus.
I meant the group.
I'm done.
Care to comment?
It's a human face... one of a male.
You told me to draw something.
Does it remind you of someone?
You'd tell me if I accidentally
drew the subject, wouldn't you?
You know perfectly
well that I wouldn't.
What were we talking
about last time?
About the cerebral cortex.
What time is it? Ok.
Watch carefully how to take out.
Can everyone see.
Don't dare faint.
Tell me, what the frontal lobe
is responsible for?
The language?
He's lucky, his head doesn't hurt
anymore. I envy him...
And the temporal lobe - for what?
The auditory.
Not only. This zone,
what is it called?
- Does anyone know?
- Occipital lobe?
- What?
- Occipital lobe!
Look at him.
A former student of ours.
Nice skull.
You could donate your skull -
it could be useful.
Don't be scared. Take this.
Don't mess around.
Are you better?
Keep that out of my face.
So, wanna tell me now?
Not much to tell. Do you
remember that chick from the bar.
Had a date with her yesterday.
When I went to the shower,
I let her use my computer.
While browsing, she ACCIDENTALLY found
the folder with some photos.
With what photos?
Those photos...
with my ex girlfriends...
You don't wanna know
what happened next...
She called me a pervert and left.
It's her own fault.
Why do you collect those
kind of photos?
I prefer to wank in front of the
faces I know.
Let's stop talking about this shit.
Better remind me to buy
flowers for my daughter
It's her birthday.
What should I buy her?
Not sure what is better -
a doll or a condom...
How old is she? Fourteen?
Sixteen. Calls me Darius now...
And what's she up to?
You know, once you lose the contact,
it's hard to get it back.
Especially now, when all
the hormones are raging.
I'm not the best to give
advice on this.
And how's it going for you?
I mean the project?
We did three
connections already.
The first one was only noise.
It appeared
to be a problem with the filters.
But we managed to fix it.
Now it's better.
Better than I expected.
What do you mean?
Every connection I see the same girl.
It's like she's waiting for me.
I can feel her
as well as I can feel myself.
I've never experienced
anything like this.
It reminds me of lucid dreaming.
But it's more like the dream is hers,
where I can do whatever I want...
And what are you doing?
I'm just not sure if it's really
happening or if it's my imagination...
The system is based on
probability context.
The brain interprets
received information
and creates a logic sequence
by itself.
Or it could be just a side
effect of drugs.
And that frightens me.
Because I don't know if it's real.
What did the others say?
They don't know.
Lukas, you're a scientist.
What the hell are you...
What should I tell them? That I have
a love affair in the source's head?
The rules are clear -
I shouldn't interact with her.
And they've attached
this bureaucratic watchdog...
I'd ruin it.
You're ruining it anyway.
No, I'm giving enough info,
so it doesn't skew
the research results.
And they don't suspect anything?
There should be clues -
they read your brain patterns.
They can't know
what's really going on.
Besides they're busy
with the analysis.
You're going to get in trouble.
You've worked too hard to ruin
everything with such shenanigans.
I know what I'm doing.
My period's started.
What are you doing?
Lukas! Stop it.
Which part of no don't you understand?
What's wrong with you?
Stop it.
Stop it.
What are you doing! Stop it!
Bite me.
- Where's the intensive care unit?
- Third floor.
Hello, I'm from
the research group.
Could I get the file for the
patient in Ward number 23?
Wait, I'll call the doctor.
You could wait for us to go out.
Read it... please.
Sit down. Drink some beer.
I've had a hard day too.
You have eczema, by the way.
It's nothing.
I have a friend who's a dermatologist,
you should see him.
Read it.
Aurora - not common name.
Imagine if you found a guy.
Please, don't digress.
OK, fine.
It's dark in here
and this copy...
Ever tried to read a
doctor's handwriting?
What don't you get?
Take it easy. I'll read it.
In fact you could be right.
She was drowning and her brain was
deprived of oxygen for some time.
But there's no serious
cerebral damage.
Nothing explains why she's
in a coma and moreover,
why she's blocked from
any outside stimuli.
Inside she doesn't respond as I do.
She hears, sees,
but doesn't feel anything...
since the beginning...
You know as much as I do,
there's no one answer.
Might be psychological reasons?
Like what?
After a psychological trauma,
the brain tends to
block out painful memories.
Psychological pain is
like physical pain.
While cutting off her memories,
she could've cut off links
to all physical sensation.
Is there a way to help her,
theoretically speaking?
We could force the
synaptic connection
to restore the link with
the blocked area.
But there are no
specific drugs for that.
Maybe apply something
from common practice...
Can you get it?
I thought we were
speaking theoretically.
Interesting, this drug is used to put
people into medically induced comas.
But with proper doses it helps to
repressed memory,
a truth serum.
They haven't been tried on
comatose patients.
Her organism must be very fragile.
It's hard to predict any side effects.
What do your colleagues say?
Her state has improved.
What do your colleagues say?
Her state's improved.
The connections influence this.
It's a short-term effect.
She doesn't get any information
from the outside world.
Soto her you've
become this information.
Her only source.
Hence the deception.
I've never asked you anything.
You wouldn't lose anything,
if you helped me.
Except for my job.
Which might happen to you, too.
It's not the first time you took
something from the department.
I know her. If there's a chance
for her to come back...
Maybe she doesn't want to come back.
According to her file,
she doesn't stand a chance.
Where have you been?
They think I'm just
another of your sluts.
Look at me.
I love you.
Who are you?
There was somebody else...
I was being watched.
What did you see?
It's again the
same presence you noticed before?
I don't know. It was a silhouette.
What else it was?
I said the main thing.
Calm down,
it's standard procedure.
We must take a break.
It's become too risky for Lukas.
Since when do you make the decisions?
His behavior is suspicious.
He's hiding something.
I've known Lukas for years.
If you wanna tell me something,
better talk in facts.
I've no proof so far,
but I know what I'm saying...
Lukas, did you tell us everything?
Of course. Why?
See? The subject's closed.
Now, I've got work to do.
- Lukas...
- I have to change now.
I'll be in my office.
I am from the research group.
Wait outside.
I'm going to number six.
We've finished.
She had beautiful hair.
You think you can help her?
I don't know.
Do you recognize this man?
Maybe he's visited the patient?
Perhaps a friend or relative?
No, I haven't seen him.
I mostly work night shifts.
What happened to her?
A car crash.
The two of them were brought here.
The man didn't survive.
Got your message.
What happened?
What do you want to drink?
For the time being I can't drink.
What's the occasion?
I had my nails done.
Don't like surprises?
I do.
Just now it's not the best time.
I miss you.
Miss us.
You're smoking again?
What's going on?
Don't start.
I can tell something's eating you.
Problems at work?
- Work has nothing to do with it.
- Then what?
Why are you with me?
What do you mean?
Why are you with me?
I love you.
What are you talking about?
You think you know me?
Is there somebody else?
So there really is someone else?
I knew it.
Have you been together long?
Say something.
You're a real fucker.
Mantas, do we have enough material?
It's too early to decide.
Lukas, are you OK?
Yes, I'm fine.
It's so empty without you.
I'm afraid of going crazy.
I hear sounds.
I went down, I really heard steps.
I thought you came...
But there was nobody.
I can't stay here.
Sometimes I don't recognize you.
I like that.
We have to get ready.
Wake up.
Wake up, please.
You had to stop the transfer.
I'll be forced to inform
the Ethics Committee.
This time I will not ignore.
You're exaggerating. She was
conscious for just a split second.
Happens with comatose patients
from time to time.
Plus we monitored everything.
I'm talking about Lukas.
You're right.
A break will be good for him.
We're pushing him too hard.
I want to keep
Lukas under observation.
So, you saw a girl.
Finally we succeeded.
What did she look like?
What was she doing?
I saw a face.
Her face is right in front of my eyes.
Then she disappeared.
Have you recorded
something more?
No, I don't remember the details.
We need to continue.
Yes, now you'll rest.
Maybe in 72 hours.
That's 3 days.
I'm telling you we finally
have a breakthrough
and you want to stop now?!
This isn't a discussion. Warn Lina.
You'll spend some time here.
Now I am waiting
for your detailed report.
Jonas, join us when you finish.
Could you ask Lina
to come to see me?
For what?
She's gone on holidays.
Besides, I don't want her to get
worked up about anything.
I'll go with him.
Hey, what's up?
Where are you?
Hi, it's Lina.
Please leave a message and I...
Hi, it's Lina. Please...
Hi, it's Lina.
Hi, it's Lina.
Hi, it's Lina.
Come inside me.
You scared us.
Jonas, take care of him.
Lukas... You're bleeding.
You can't go there.
Why is he standing?
Let me...
I can help her.
Let us work.
Take him away!
I can help her!
Lukas! What are
you doing here?
You shouldn't leave the room.
I'll ask for the doctor.
I'm OK.
You scared the shit out of us.
How is she?
Her state is stabilized but
we don't know how long she'll last.
I need one more connection.
One last entry. I can help her.
We stopped everything.
It's too dangerous.
At least we have enough data
for further research...
I was lying.
Jonas was right,
I haven't told you everything.
Since the second connection...
I don't know how it could
be possible...
But I managed to communicate with her.
She didn't know, till I...
I have to return.
I won't forgive myself, if...
Wait! You mean that
all results are misguided!
You lied on purpose?
Let me connect.
This is not an option.
You have to...
What do I have to do?
You screwed my project.
I know it's finished for me.
But the project succeeded.
Even better than you could ever dream.
But it all depends on you now.
You have the data,
but it has little value
without my complete observation
You won't get further
sponsorship with it.
The decision is up to you.
You're not going to blackmail me.
Let me connect and
I'll tell you the whole truth...
with every bit of detail.
No way!
We can't trust you anymore!
Let him do it...
What? You better shut up!
Your job was to observe him.
Lukas, we need to talk.
Could you wait outside, please?
Lukas, what's happened?
Sign this. No question,
I hold full responsibility for this.
Your pass.
What, have you nothing to do?
She's ready.
What did you tell Mantas?
It's time for everyone to
take their own responsibility.
I can't see your face.
When I got sick
mom would spread salve on my chest.
It burned pleasantly.
She'd hold my hand and
hum till I fell asleep.
She's five.
She's holding tightly onto
her father's hair.
Laughing. She's about to fall.
He takes her firmly and puts
her on his shoulders.
The sun is blinding her.
He's four.
He walks with his mother,
holding onto her hand.
It's an early morning.
He blows a white cloud from his mouth.
There are many children.
They're crying.
And she lets go of his hand.
He's terrified.
She's six.
She's under a balcony with
the neighbor's boy.
They're eating rhubarbs.
He squats down.
She is ashamed to raise her dress...
He's fourteen.
He's in a swimming pool.
He hides with this girl in
a dressing cabin.
She takes off her bathing suit.
He also.
He puts his finger inside of her.
There's a strong smell of chlorine
and metal from her sex.
She's fifteen.
She's in the countryside at
a friend's place.
He leans on her. She's laughing...
Till she feels his
tongue in her mouth.
It's cool and wet.
She imagined that it will
be more of saliva.
She wants to lean back...
But he's putting his tongue deeper...
...and rubs his body on her.
He's eighteen.
He's at a club.
He asks her for a cigarette.
She's wearing funny pants
with a skeleton logo.
Her neck is beautiful.
He feels exceptional
having his own car.
He takes her to the sea.
It's night. The wind is very strong.
He passes his hand through her hair.
She gets goose bumps.
She's nineteen.
Sometimes she performs trivial
roles at some events.
She's given a see-through dress.
She'll have to play a goddess.
He looks at her.
She blushes. It's hot.
We go to see a flat.
It smells of fresh paint.
She steps out of the bath.
Her fingers are wrinkled
from the water.
There is a strong smell of cream.
He tries to imagine her old and grey.
He's not able to.
They start living together.
At nights she feels his
breath on her skin.
She feels safe.
He's tired, constantly working.
She's often bored.
Little by little, he
doesn't notice...
...but he starts to absorb
her into his flesh.
She becomes part of him.
She's no longer a separate entity.
He stops talking to her.
He's so angry.
Often leaves her alone... a big house.
She walks alone
listening to her steps.
I just wanted to feel desire again.
He says it's finished. He leaves her.
It hurts so much.
They drive home. It's night.
He doesn't look at her.
She doesn't recognize him.
She starts yelling, beating him.
She's ready for anything
just to reach him.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
It doesn't matter now.
Nothing matters now.
Lukas, it's time.
I don't want to.
There's nothing here.
I won't let you.
I know.
What? Talk to me...
I don't want to be alone anymore.
Talk to me...
Let me go.
You will live.