Aurora Borealis: Northern Light (2017) Movie Script

Here's the letter. Here you are.
It looks like Russian.
Do you speak Russian ?
- Bye, Mria.
- Bye.
Take care.
Russia... Moscow...
We're extremely happy
with the report of the Austrian
banking supervisory authority.
But we may have problems
with the Japanese regulations.
I would like to discuss this with you.
We would like to see
everything clearly. So...
Let's go through it
from one point to the next.
Olga, it's your mother.
She says it's very important.
Thank you.
Tell her I'll call her back.
Hello ?
Mria, where are you ?
Jesus !
Mria !
Mria ! What happened ?
Mria ! Mria !
Olga !
Hello, ambulance ?
Rbert, Mria's in hospital !
Come to the office ASAP !
It feels like we'll never get there.
Don't drive so fast.
Have you called Dad ?
Why doesn't he come more often ?
You should ask him.
Isn't it because you don't call him ?
Yes, maybe.
She shouldn't have come
back to Hungary.
- Are you relatives of Mria Pogny ?
- I'm her daughter.
Your mother's in a coma.
We're controlling
her vital life functions.
- Can I see her ?
- Of course.
This is your mother's.
We can go !
You can still catch your train !
Aren't you taking me back to Vienna ?
I'm staying.
I've never seen that before.
Let's go, we need to hurry.
Come on !
- Why does Grandma make those dolls ?
- No idea.
They scare me.
Take care of yourself.
I'm begging you, Mum, call Dad.
Call him now !
Who are these people ?
This is my home number in Vienna,
this is my mobile
and my office number.
We'll call if anything happens.
Doctor !
Please be frank.
- Will she come around ?
- I don't know.
There's one thing a person can't do,
touch their nose
with their own tongue.
But apart from that,
almost anything could happen to her.
Hi, Antonio...
I'm calling...
Mria is in coma, in a serious state.
It would be good if you could come.
I once waited for him
for two and a half hours in Barcelona.
At the church
they never finished building.
The Sagrada Familia ?
You know what's so funny
about the whole thing ?
He actually made it in the end.
Almost three hours late
and smiling.
And I just waited.
True love only comes
once in a lifetime...
once in a lifetime...
What were you talking about ?
One vodka please.
Don't tell me your plane
was this late ?
It landed a little bit earlier.
Where were you then ?
I rented a car
and I went over to Hungary
to visit Mria in the hospital.
But we've been waiting for you
for over two hours !
- And even your phone is switched off !
- I forgot to switch it back on.
How is she ?
Look !
This is the boat ?
Cool !
I feel sick !
Do you want us to stop ?
Please !
Could you stop here ?
Take care !
If you need me,
I'll be here... whenever.
Come up !
Stay with her !
She'll be okay now.
Okay, Dad. I'll call you tomorrow.
Yes, doctor. Thank you.
I'll call you.
There's no change.
I really miss Grandpa now.
He wasn't your grandfather.
What ?
Stefan wasn't your real grandfather.
I guess it soon won't matter.
That photo, next to Stefan's...
Grandma's brother
who died in the war.
He's not her brother
but the love of her life.
He's my biological father.
Your grandfather.
He's my grandfather ?
Why didn't you ever tell me ?
Mria never let me.
She always said, we can't let
the past destroy our lives.
What happened to him ?
His name was kos.
He was an aristocrat.
The communists deported him
to a village.
That's where he met Mria.
Thank you, Istvn.
I'll brush him down in a minute.
Leave it to me. I'll do it.
They came this way.
Let them !
I love you.
- You have to practice German, too !
- Yes, sir !
Come in !
No !
I'm only yours !
This is my first time...
What were you two doing
by the horses ?
Just looking at them.
What for ?
To memorise them.
Why do you want to memorise horses ?
So I can draw them later.
I think you shouldn't be here.
What makes you say that ?
I think you can't even leave
the village.
If I weren't allowed to,
I wouldn't be here.
We'll discuss this at the station.
Let's take a walk !
Don't argue !
You, young lady, can walk home !
You see, Your Grace,
it's always the peasant
who does the dirty work.
Forgive me !
We've got to leave this place.
And what happens if we die ?
We'll live !
Frau Zimmerer.
My aunt. They've got
a lovely apartment in Vienna.
Prokopius Gasse 5.
We can stay there until we find work.
Frau Zimmerer.
Prokopius Gasse 5.
- Repeat it after me.
- I already know it.
Just say it !
Hug me.
Hug me !
I can't hug you any tighter.
Tighter !
So I can't breathe.
I'm sleeping at Ica's tonight.
Mother said I can.
Can I go ?
If your mother agreed, so do I.
Hurry home !
- Do you want something ?
- No.
It's just been so long
since I hugged my father.
You're a big girl now.
I'm a big girl.
Hurry home tomorrow !
There's so much to do here.
I'll hurry.
Go in that direction.
There aren't any mines in the forest.
That's Austria over there.
But wait until it gets dark.
Good luck !
It was my grandmother's.
It brings luck.
Stop !
- Stop !
- Go, go !
- Stop !
- Run !
Run !
- Run !
- Stop !
Go !
How long have you known ?
When I gave birth to you
and I took you home from Barcelona.
That's when Mria told me.
That's when she told me
I was born in a convent.
- Didn't you ask her about it later ?
- She always changed the subject.
You shouldn't have let her !
Didn't you even try
to track him down ?
Don't you even know
where he's buried ?
He died before I was born !
Stefan was my father !
Is there anything else,
she hasn't told you ?
I don't know and I don't care !
For once in your life, don't run away !
You always do this !
So, you'd rather go to Japan or Korea
as long as it's far away !
- And you run to your father.
- That's different.
You don't want to face things.
You didn't dare live with Dad...
What's that supposed to mean ?
You've always had everything !
I'm still paying your university
and you do whatever you feel like !
You're changing the subject again !
Papa: I left with the early flight.
Take care of your Mom !
The four-power occupation of Vienna
lasted from 1945 to 1955,
the largest contingent was
the Soviet army.
The Soviet headquarters operated here,
in the baroque mansion built
by the banker Gustav Epstein.
Its basement became the scene of
terrible torture during the occupation.
During the occupation, approximately
40,000 children were born
to Soviet soldiers...
Young men, officers...
After the war... Spring.
May, girls...
the Austrian girls were so beautiful...
My mother told me the entire story,
when I was 9.
In Vienna and Lower Austria,
nearly 240,000 rapes took place...
Excuse me,
could you help me ?
My name's Olga Kunz.
I was born here,
on 14th August 1954.
Do you have archives here ?
- Or any sort of registry ?
- Yes, of course.
Can I take a look ?
You have to submit a written request.
Provide the name
of your mother and father.
- Is there something wrong ?
- No, nothing.
Thank you.
Do you know your name ?
- Mria Pogny.
- That's right.
Do you remember how you got here ?
Or what happened ?
What letter ?
Can I go home now ?
I've never seen that happen before.
Prepare her for examinations.
Why didn't you answer the phone ?
"Dear Mria,
I know how painful
everything is for you right now.
All alone without kos.
But that child is innocent.
You can't kill it !
It's yours, too.
Anna !
Annie !
Who's Annie ?
And who's Edith ?
Mother !
Who's Annie ?
Oh, my hand hurts so much, look !
It's all twisted.
The Doctor says that,
after my clinical death,
a part of my brain stayed dead.
It really hurts.
And who's Edith ?
I'm tired.
You go !
I'm sure you've got lots to do.
Go !
Go, just go !
I can't do this now !
My mother's sick !
Olga !
Do you know what you're risking ?
Absolutely !
Hello ! What are you doing here ?
You're not allowed in here during
the reconstruction. There's a sign !
Excuse me, I'm just looking
for some old acquaintances.
It's important.
The Zimmerer family used to live here.
But I seem to be late.
I grew up here, too.
Their name's familiar.
Frau Zimmerer lived alone
and hardly ever left the apartment
after her husband died.
Do you remember an Edith ?
Edith Zimmerer ?
She got together with a Russian
and had a Russkie kid !
Poor Frau Zimmerer...
She waited for her daughter
until the day she died.
So, Edith had a child.
What happened to it ?
Who knows ?
Disappeared like her mother.
Who's Edith ?
Not again...
Who's Anton ?
- I should have never come back.
- Mother...
Hey, you !
Grandma, why don't you talk to Mum ?
I used to love to sing.
When we've put the boat on water,
I'll come back.
It's time.
Your ticket !
Tell your father that...
I'll tell him.
Come in !
A lot of women
gave birth here back then.
They were afraid.
- Of what ?
- The Soviets.
Whoever's papers
weren't in order in the Soviet zone
could be taken away at anytime.
My mother was also a refugee
from Hungary.
We often came here
when I was a child.
There's a page missing !
Births in August.
It's been torn out.
Who could have done it ?
I don't know.
I can't help you with this.
Are you saying I don't even exist ?
It would be better if you left.
God bless you !
God, forgive me !
- Where's my mother ?
- Good afternoon.
- Mria Pogny.
- Everything's alright.
- Your mother's alright.
- But where is she ?
Mria discharged herself.
- And you just let her leave ?
- Mria's a very stubborn woman.
She is.
She always has been.
Thank you for everything, Doctor !
- Thank you, Tibor.
- My pleasure.
Your mother did manage
to touch her nose with her tongue !
Mother !
You escaped from hospital !
I cancelled my trip to Japan,
put my job on the line, and you
don't even answer the phone !
You don't answer it much either.
I'm fine !
- Were you going through my things ?
- Yes.
Who's this ?
So, you don't want to tell me.
I went to the convent.
Someone tore out my birth record !
I want to lie down. Help me.
She won't to talk to me !
She's gone to bed !
Be patient.
She came back from very far away.
I never quite understood
why she didn't stay in Vienna
with us after Father died.
Maybe she wanted it to end
where it all began.
Olga, come inside !
It's hard.
It's so hard.
Stop, stop !
Stand up !
Stand up !
- Come on !
- Get up !
Nice watch...
Look at me !
Look at me !
Look into my eyes !
You beauty !
Let's go, beautiful !
Carry on, I can handle it.
- Mother...
- It's going to hurt me.
you, too.
- Don't give me orders !
- We'll sort it later...
I don't talk with you, too much, hey ?
- Filthy American !
- Calm down !
- Stupid, little cowboy !
- What are you doing, bastard commies ?
This is our zone !
- Get out of here !
- Hey !
What's the problem ?
Ran out of vodka ?
Listen here !
Let's get out of here !
Come on, let's go !
I'm Stefan, Stefan Kunz.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Prokopius Gasse 5...
Prokopius Gasse 5...
Prokopius Gasse 5.
Goodbye !
- I'm sorry...
- Who are you looking for ?
My name's Mria Pogny.
I'm kos's fiance.
At the border...
At the border...
the Russians...
kos got shot !
What's happening, dear ?
This girl says she's kos's fiance.
Drink !
She can't stay here.
Especially not now.
Hansi, take a look at this !
It's Henriette's necklace.
You must have been through so much.
Mria !
Mria ?
Mria, can you hear me ?
We'll make the bed in the maid's room.
Do you have any papers ?
Documents ?
My husband's nerves
are weak nowadays.
Who was Edith ?
She was my best friend.
I'm Edith.
I'm kos's cousin.
- She can't stay here !
- I know.
Get rid of her !
She belongs to kos.
She's my sister.
You urgently need papers.
It's very dangerous to walk around
without any papers.
In the meantime,
I'll take you to a convent.
The mother superior
is a good friend of mine.
Sister Beata will show you your room.
She also had to escape.
She came from Poland.
You can stay here
until your papers arrive.
I've heard what happened to you,
my child.
War's a terrible thing.
The war's over now.
The war's never over.
He makes me to lie down
in green pastures:
He leads me beside
still waters.
He restores my soul:
He leads me
in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Mria !
Here !
Your papers are ready !
Open it !
You can come home with me !
We have a lot of blackouts,
but the evenings are pleasant
by candlelight.
This is your room.
This is also for you.
Make yourself at home.
- Thank you.
- Come !
This is the bathroom.
With a huge bathtub.
Sometimes we even have hot water.
Close the door
and don't open it to anyone.
That's our special sign.
If you hear it,
don't hesitate to open, it'll be me.
And bolt the door.
It's very important.
- I'm going to try and find bread.
- Have you found any yet ?
No, I don't believe it.
Sure, but... Why not ?
Hello !
I know who you are ! Mria !
Mria !
My name's Anton ! Anton Mihailovitch
Svetlov ! Don't be afraid !
Anton Mihailovitch Svetlov !
Don't be...
Don't be afraid !
I'm Edith's friend.
Who's he ?
This is Anton.
The love of my life.
Look at him. He's a good man.
This is Anton.
This is Mria.
You have to love each other !
Anton organised your papers !
Anton's a doctor !
He cured me of pneumonia.
The colonel's also a good man.
You're safest here.
You have to trust me !
No ! Leave me alone !
I hate you both !
I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Please don't hate him.
I'll try not to.
Hi. This is a good morning message.
Mum, say hello to Grandma.
Okay, Dad, you can start now !
Speak into this...
Good morning, my love.
Here I am, on The Queen of the Seas.
How beautiful !
I send you a kiss !
My breasts hurt.
They're tense.
You're pregnant.
What ?
I can tell.
What ?
I know, because...
I am, too.
We'll have our babies
at the same time.
I don't...
What's wrong ?
What if...'s not kos's ?
If kos isn't the father ?
Mria, my dear.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Attention !
Bombs have been found !
Excuse me !
Do you remember me ?
My name's Stefan. Stefan Kunz.
I remember.
It was an odd evening.
What were you doing
in the street so late ?
I teach at the academy.
You should come and see me there.
Thank you !
- Goodbye !
- Goodbye !
What was he doing there at night ?
His wife and child...
That's where they died during the war.
In an air raid.
He never...
He could never forget them.
And you ?
I could never forget kos.
How do you know that kos is
my father and not a Russian soldier ?
Mria !
Mria ?
What are you doing ?
- Mria !
- Leave me alone! Leave me alone !
You can't do this !
I'm here with you.
"Dear Mria,
I know how painful
everything is for you right now.
All alone without kos.
But that child is innocent.
You can't kill it !
It's yours, too.
Those nine months were terrible !
An enemy growing inside you...
constantly signalling
that it was alive !
If you didn't want me,
how come I'm here now ?
- Greetings, Comrade Colonel.
- What's this circus ?
He plays here every day.
He was here yesterday, too.
Hello !
Look !
It's snowing !
We can't get married.
We didn't get permission.
We're afraid that Anton will be
ordered back to the Soviet Union.
- We have to escape.
- Where to ?
I'd love to go back to my mother.
You can't.
There's no going back.
I'd love to go home, too,
to the north.
We always waited for the lights
as soon as autumn came.
The Northern Lights.
A colourful spectacle in the sky.
Really. You should see it !
Turn the lights off !
So !
And red.
Beams of light appear in the sky
like dancing fairies.
It's called Aurora Borealis,
named after the Roman
goddess of dawn.
Three... two... one...
Come on girls...
To our new life !
And to our children !
Happy New Year !
Happy New Year !
...of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now and
at the hour of our death. Amen.
Blessed are thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Attention !
Bombs have been found
at 20-24 Prater Strasse.
The block is under
emergency evacuation.
Everyone has to leave
the area immediately !
Attention !
Risk of explosion !
Anton would never leave
without saying goodbye !
Impossible !
I've got to find Anton.
Mria ! Pull yourself together !
I need you !
I'm tired.
I'm going now
to find Daddy.
Look after my little girl !
You stay there.
We've come for the child,
Miss Zimmerer's child.
Do you understand what I'm saying ?
Where's the child ?
Please wait.
Check on her !
Where's Edith ?
Only we ask the questions.
But Edith...
She didn't do anything.
Excellent ! Let's go !
Please wait !
Please wait !
Oh, a little teddy bear.
The teddy can come !
This was what you were
looking for in the convent.
"Born 14 August 1954.
Olga Svetlova,
mother's name: Edith Zimmerer,
father's name:
Anton Mihailovitch Svetlov."
"Born 14 August 1954.
Anna Pogny,
mother's name: Mria Pogny,
father's name: unknown."
What a beautiful baby !
Come !
How is your friend Edith and...
the other baby ?
Where are they ?
Don't say anything.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us !
How could I live with so much sin ?
I'm sorry for
not saying anything.
I promised Edith,
that I'd save you.
And when they arrived,
I didn't give you away.
You are
my daughter.
The letter...
The Soviets took your mother away,
convicted her of spying
and sent her to the gulag.
That's where she died.
I've been searching
for her all my life.
Through the Red Cross,
the Soviet and Russian authorities.
I only found out the truth recently.
I thought I'd die.
And I almost did !
Find my daughter.
Annie's innocent.
She's not to blame.
I can sense it...
I know she's alive.
Please try to find her.
I know she's alive.
Anton Mihailovitch Svetlov.
Born in Murmansk on 23 November 1919.
Unmarried, no children.
Served as a medical officer
in the Red Army.
Arrested in the Soviet zone of Vienna.
Convicted on 12 October 1954
of subversive activities
and attempting to escape.
Deported to Camp 612 in Siberia.
Freed in 1976
and worked as a labourer.
Last place of residence: Murmansk,
Severomorsk District,
Yuzhnaya Street 17.
Stop the car !
Still no news ?
Hello !
- Hello !
- Greetings !
- I'm Olga Kunz.
- Pleased to meet you !
- Artyom.
- Antonio.
- Come this way.
- Thanks.
This is my mother.
After my brother Anton
came back from the Gulag,
for some reason,
he never married.
I always felt that he was waiting
for someone.
And now you've come at last.
I have a teddy bear just like that one.
Who are these people ?
Them ?
It's a funny story.
Two years ago,
a woman came here.
- Anna ?
- No.
Her name was Irina.
She grew up in an orphanage
and was looking for her parents.
The poor thing
always thought that
Anton was her father.
But she couldn't have been
Anton's daughter.
She had slanted eyes.
I understand.
Please send this picture to Mother.
- You don't mind ?
- Of course.
She left her address.
Her address ?
Do you know this woman ?
Yes. We've met once before.
We've had the message from Mum.
I'm going out for a bit.
Grandma !
big man