Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder (2022) Movie Script

I could be safe and warm at home tonight,
but instead,
I'm out here with you.
That's what
makes you such a good friend.
No, that's what makes me
a nervous wreck.
If I faint tonight,
I'm totally blaming you, Roe.
You're not gonna faint, Sally.
I'm dizzy already.
I won't make it 15 minutes
in that house.
Why did you have
to make that bet with Jack?
I was trying to show Arthur
I had confidence
he could make that kick.
...I'm class president.
It's my job to be a booster
for the football team.
It wasn't your job
to get me roped into a bad bet.
What's so bad
about going in there
and being bored for 15 minutes?
Because we're not
going to be bored!
This is Enshaw House.
It's totally haunted!
It's not haunted.
There's no such thing as...
A ghost!
It's just fog.
Then why are you following it?
Did you see that?
That light?
Roe, don't you dare
go down there.
- Boo!
Feeling a little jumpy, Sally?
Why are you so mean, Jack?
I'm just making sure
you two aren't gonna
squirm out of this bet.
We're not.
We're ready to go in the house.
I think Arthur
should have to go in with us.
He missed that kick
and cost us the game.
That's right, buddy.
You did cost us our game.
I'll go in.
I've got no problem with
the ghost of Old Man Enshaw.
Then let's get this over with.
I better not see you come out
before 15 minutes is up.
Ezra Enshaw was a lumber baron,
and he built this house
for his new wife,
but less than a year
after they got married,
she died... of something.
Scarlet fever.
So she was dead,
and old Ezra was never the same.
Locked himself in here
till he died, too.
Poor Ezra.
Now he's a ghost,
wandering this house...
...looking for his bride!
...Ignore him.
He's just trying to scare us.
- What was that?
- Ezra's ghost!
That was Jack.
I know his voice.
"Get out"?
Roe, the ghost
doesn't want us here.
We have to go.
That's from
the Amityville Horror movie.
Not very original.
Who came up with that, Arthur,
you or Jack?
You think we put that there?
I can smell the fresh paint.
I'll show you, Sally.
I must have tripped something.
Looks like
some secret passageway.
Like in the movies.
Shut it, Roe!
You don't know
what could be back there.
It's stairs leading down.
Down to where?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Roe, wait.
Okay, we've seen it.
Let's go.
Dead body!
Sally. Don't be such a...
That wasn't me!
That was...
...It was Arthur.
So, the guy who'd eventually
become a homicide detective
screamed and ran away
when he saw a dead body?
I'd never seen a body before.
It was pretty scary.
It was terrifying.
I know you've told me
that story before,
about finding a body,
but I don't think
you told me who it was.
His name was Frank Brunelli.
He was a local ghost hunter.
A "ghost hunter"?
Like on TV?
- Yep.
- So, who killed him?
Oh, no.
He wasn't murdered.
He took a fall down the stairs
that led to the secret room,
hit his head hard.
Killed him instantly.
I think the ghost of
Ezra Enshaw scared him so bad,
he fell.
I always wondered
if it was truly an accident.
I remember
there wasn't a lot of blood.
Could've been
blunt-force trauma...
more internal bleeding.
And there was something about
the way his body
was lying there...
Your talk was great tonight.
Hearing about
the Amityville murders,
it always reminds me
of that night.
I thought you brought it up
because Aunt Aida
just bought the house.
My mother bought Enshaw House?
Did... Did you know this?
It's the first
I'm hearing of it.
Well, you were
on your honeymoon.
She plans on finishing
the renovations
the previous owner started,
and resell it.
I went with her
to meet the inspector guy
before the sale closed,
and I gotta say,
there's definitely something
weird about that house.
So, Arthur,
I'm guessing Halloween
isn't your favorite holiday?
It's probably
a little too scary for ya.
Okay, go ahead and laugh.
I was a pretty gullible kid.
I probably did believe
in ghosts back then.
Why does believing in ghosts
mean you're gullible?
Sally, you know I adore you,
but "gullible"
is your middle name.
I can see your wheels turning.
Frank Brunelli
was the first mysterious death
I ever came across.
Well, if it was an accident,
it's not really a mystery.
Well, it is to me...
a mystery I never solved.
Not a mystery...
an accident.
How can you be sure,
if you were just a kid yourself?
Does Lawrenceton PD still
have files on a case that old?
Oh, there'd be no files
if there was
no murder investigation,
which there wasn't...
that's why I can be so sure.
You're just gonna
have to let this one go, Roe.
There's no way
she's gonna let this go.
My mother's gonna be
at Enshaw House tomorrow.
I can look around.
You want to go back there?
There's no way
I'd ever go in that house again.
Oh, that's too bad.
You know, I was thinking,
with my mother refurbishing
such a historic house,
it would make a great story
for the paper.
It's cute, isn't it,
the way she's trying to trick me
into going back there?
Bet Roe has her in that house
in the next 24 hours.
No, I say 12.
I heard that!
And believe me,
not even Aurora Teagarden
can convince me
to go into
that haunted house again.
Sally, it's broad daylight!
I don't care.
Look, I agreed to write a story.
I didn't agree
to go inside the house.
What are you gonna do,
interview her
right here in the driveway?
Yes! I would
appreciate it very much
if you could go inside,
ask her to come out...
You know what's
gonna happen now, Aida?
I'm gonna file a complaint
against you
with the Real Estate Association
for ethics violations!
Please do, Tom.
I'm sure they will agree
that my ethics
are unimpeachable.
Yeah, we'll see about that!
I guess he doesn't know
you're on the board
of the Real Estate Association.
Now do you see why I had to buy
this house so quickly?
And I'm glad you're doing
a story on the house, Sally.
We have to protect Lawrenceton's
historical treasures
from developers like Tom Wilkie.
Oh, yes! Speaking of which,
I would love
to hear more about that.
Well, good,
come on in the house.
I'll tell you everything.
Um, Mother,
Sally's afraid
she might see a ghost
if she goes inside.
That's ridiculous.
Sally is a seasoned reporter.
She's not gonna be
swayed from doing her job
by some silly superstition.
The last owner was a corporation
that meant to turn this place
into a bed-and-breakfast,
but then they went bankrupt
before they could finish
the renovations,
so, of course,
they couldn't sell.
Maybe it didn't sell
because it has a reputation
for being a place
where ghosts roam
and dead bodies are found?
Well, that didn't help.
But it didn't stop
Tom Wilkie from wanting it.
I mean, once he realized
that there was a deal to be had,
I mean, he was
going to tear down this house
and build one of those dreadful
cookie-cutter mansions
that he's so famous for.
Uh, excuse me. Ms. Teagarden?
Would you like me
to give you a quote
for the island lighting
and the cabinet repair?
Oh, yeah, that would
be wonderful, Reggie.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Oh, Tom Wilkie was furious
that I bought the house
out from under him.
He's actually trying
to strong-arm me
into selling it to him.
Well, you're the last person
who would give in
to strong-arm tactics.
Exactly, but...
tch, there's a lot to be done
to turn this place around.
The first thing
is an estate sale.
There are
a lot of valuable antiques here
that could help finance
the renovations
that need to be done.
That's a fair bit of work.
Oh, well, Phillip said
that he would help me
and catalogue everything.
We're gonna spend
a couple of nights here
just to make sure
that it's accomplished.
You're gonna sleep here?
Well, I have to get familiar
with the place.
it will help potential buyers
that the stories
about this place are just that...
silly stories.
The secret door still works.
I'm going in.
I don't think
you should do that.
Oh, this is spooky.
maybe it can be a wine cellar.
Oh, that's a terrible idea.
No, these closed-off rooms
in these old houses,
they're not built to any kind
of safety standards.
They're death traps.
I mean,
what you really should do
with a room like this
is just wall it in.
Maybe, but it might
increase the value.
Well, I didn't mean to overstep.
Uh, I have a couple
of questions for you
before I write up my quote.
- Just be careful.
- Mm-hmm.
Jack and Arthur ran next door
to call the police.
Now will you please
get out of here, Roe?
Thank you for coming out
and please don't do that again.
One person dying in there
is enough, thank you very much.
I have to say,
after what Reggie said,
I'm thinking I should probably
wall up that room after all.
Oh, well, before you do that,
would you mind if Nick and I
stayed here with you tonight,
just so we can poke around?
Of course!
No, I'd love the company.
No, I am not sleeping here. No!
If... Okay. I'm leaving.
Aida, I will call you
to schedule an interview.
The story
on Frank Brunelli's death?
I knew you'd be too curious
to leave it alone.
And I knew my husband
would be exactly on time
to take me to lunch.
I want to check something
before we go.
Well, of course, you do.
This story says
Brunelli was the president
of something called
the "Paranormal
Research Society,"
which is probably long defunct.
Or not. It looks like
they still have a website,
and it looks like
they still meet.
Oh. Here's a list of
the board of directors.
The secretary is...
Lillian Tibbett?
Lillian. We just saw
you're a board member
of the Paranormal
Research Society.
Yes, I've served on the board
for eight years now.
I've never made a secret of it.
W-We're just surprised
that you would be
a part of anything so "woo-woo".
Paranormal research
is anything but "woo-woo".
My grandmother started
the Lawrenceton chapter
of the Society.
We follow very strict
scientific standards.
But I don't think
there's a lot of science
in indulging
in paranormal fantasies.
Oh. I'm surprised at you, Nick.
As a professor of psychology,
you must be familiar with
the work of William James.
I am. Yeah, he's known as
the father of psychology.
Oh. He's also the founder
of the Society.
William James
and the Search for Scientific
Proof of Life After Death."
What do you know?
Lillian, have you heard
of a ghost hunter
named Frank Brunelli?
Oh, he was an illustrious
member of our society.
His death was a shame.
I worked with his brother,
to procure Frank's papers
and preserve them
for the Society.
His papers?
- Mm.
- I'd love to see them.
And I'd love to talk to Anthony.
What on Earth for?
You know I found
Frank Brunelli's body
when I was in high school.
Oh, what body don't you find?
That still doesn't explain why...
Roe's mother just bought
the house Brunelli died in.
Enshaw House.
Did she indeed?
For some time,
Anthony had enlisted
the Society's help
in trying to go
inside Enshaw House,
but we were continually rebuffed
by the owners.
Oh, well, if you want
to meet us at the house tonight,
I'm sure my mother would be
happy to have you bring him in.
Oh, that would be agreeable.
I'm curious
about the house myself!
I'm going to call Anthony
right now.
Lillian as
a paranormal researcher.
Who would've thunk?
Well, you librarians
are intriguingly complex.
Let's get
some fresh air in here.
There is a treasure trove
of antiques in this room alone.
So, let's mark the lamps
for the estate sale,
and the bed, of course,
and, well, this...
this is a gold mine.
But, oh,
what a forbidding portrait.
Is that Ezra Enshaw?
The ghost who supposedly
haunts this place?
Mm, that's Ezra.
But Phillip, please,
tell me you're not believing
in all of this ghost nonsense.
You have to admit, though,
he does look kind of sinister.
The window just slammed shut.
It's just the wind.
If you say so.
I know you and Roe
found Frank Brunelli's body,
but that was, what,
22 years ago?
Why are you asking about it now?
Well, it came up
at Real Murders last night,
and it made me curious.
Oh, it made you curious?
Or Roe?
Anyway, I went through
the files we have
for the week of
Frank Brunelli's death.
We have a record
of a call by a Mona Dilger
reporting the discovery
of the body.
Who's Mona Dilger?
The lady next door
who answered our knock
after we stumbled on the body.
And, I was right...
there was no investigation
into the death.
Medical Examiner ruled it
an accident the next morning.
So, no case file,
as would be expected
for an accident.
The only other things
on record for that week
were a few vandalism calls,
a drunk-and-disorderly,
and a missing-persons report.
So in other words,
a waste of time.
Okay, your bum knee
is making you ornery.
Me? Ornery?
Little bit.
Hello, Lillian.
You must be Anthony Brunelli.
Anthony, this is
Aurora Teagarden Miller,
my co-worker,
and her husband,
Professor Nick Miller.
Glad to meet you.
Yeah, we wish
it was for a happier reason.
Well, I appreciate you
arranging this visit for me.
I've always wanted to see where
my brother breathed his last.
I don't know why, exactly.
A lot of people
are drawn to do that
when a loved one
dies unexpectedly.
It helps bring
a sense of closure.
Well, my closure's
been a long time coming.
Shall we go?
I assume
Aida is expecting us, Aurora?
She is. Yeah.
That's Sally.
Did you know
she was coming back?
No. You said this was
the first time you couldn't
talk her into doing something
she didn't want to do.
Sally? Is everything okay?
Not really.
Oh, thank you, Nick.
I made the mistake
of telling my editor
that my friends were
sleeping over at Enshaw House,
and he decided to assign me
a story to write...
"my night in Lawrenceton's
infamous haunted house."
Hey, guys.
Need help carrying anything...
That's my mother!
Oh, my gosh!
What happened?
Are you okay?
I'm absolutely not okay.
Not again.
This was not here the last time
I was in this room...
an hour ago.
A-And Phillip and I have been
in the house this entire time.
- And you didn't hear anything?
- Not a sound!
So, someone broke in
and did this kind of vandalism
while you were in the house?
- Yeah.
- Pretty brazen.
A brazen ghost.
It could be
a supernatural phenomenon.
I'd like to take a sample
of the substance.
Perhaps it's
some kind of ectoplasm.
It's blood. I-I know it.
I'm guessing corn syrup.
Yeah. And food coloring.
That's what it always is...
Arthur says he and Lynn'll
stop by on their way home
from the station.
It's just the front door, Sally.
I heard a scream.
Is everything all right?
Oh, yes. Everything's fine.
My mother just had a scare.
Did she see him?
See who?
Oh. Hello.
I'm Aida Teagarden.
I'm so sorry if I disturbed you.
- This is my daughter, Aurora.
And-and you are...?
Oh, I'm Mona Dilger.
You bought Ezra's house?
Oh, well, yes, but this hasn't
been Ezra Enshaw's house
for some time.
Dilger? I know that name.
You live next door, right?
Your husband was here the night
we found Frank Brunelli.
Yes. He came over to see
if he could help
after those boys came by
to tell us of...
my husband, Lyndon.
Oh, you poor thing.
You're shaking.
Here, why don't you come in
and sit down for a little while?
Okay, no,
we can sit in the parlor.
Hi. Sorry. I'm Tamara.
I just saw my mom
walk through the door?
Oh, yes. I'm Aurora.
Please come in.
I know, it's awful,
someone broke in,
but we've called the police.
Mom, what are you doing here?
I'm sorry.
I thought that she was in bed.
The neighbors.
Tamara and Mona Dilger.
- Just look!
- Why don't we sit down, okay?
- Right here.
- Come on.
Um, Phillip, would you
get her some water, please?
And, Sally, please take
Lillian and her guest
to the parlor.
It's right through there.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
My mother has anxiety issues.
I moved back home
a few months ago to help her.
I'll give her a pill
as soon as I get her back home.
Is your father able to help her?
My father died
when I was little...
a heart attack.
My mother
hasn't been the same since.
- Oh.
That must be Lynn and Arthur.
Everything's gonna be okay.
The police are here now.
I want to go home.
Oh. Uh, okay,
let's go home, Mom.
I'm going out the back way.
Oh, I'll show you out.
I know the way.
I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
That was strange.
It's not as scary as it looks.
We think it's just corn syrup
and food coloring.
The past comes back to haunt me.
This is exactly
what Jack and I did
back in high school...
painted a "get out"
to try to scare Sally and Roe.
I knew it!
Oh, come on,
you know how Jack could be.
Yeah, you didn't have to be
a part of it.
Okay. Why don't we leave
the past out of it
and try and figure out
how our culprit today
got in undetected?
Uh, Phillip,
you can show me around,
see if we can figure out
a method of entry.
I'd be glad to.
Aida, if you and Phillip
were in the house
when this happened,
the intruder must have
been familiar with the layout,
knew how to avoid you.
Mona Dilger from next door
was just here.
She knew exactly
how to find the back door.
And what about the contractor
who was here earlier?
He was walking
all over the place.
Reggie Harris.
Is this someone
you've worked with before?
No, he called me
out of the blue.
He said he keeps up
on home sales,
and asked if
I'm planning to renovate.
I can't see the motive
he would have to scare you,
if he wants you to hire him.
Why wouldn't we assume
this is just a bunch of kids
playing a prank,
like Arthur and his friend did?
Because kids don't usually
break into houses
when people are home.
And what kid would know
this same phrase was on the wall
the night
we found Frank Brunelli?
Aida, can you think of anyone
who would have a reason
to want to scare you away
from the house?
The only person I can think of
is Tom Wilkie.
He's a developer.
A developer who stormed
out of here this morning.
He was angry
that I bought the house
and I won't agree
to sell it to him.
Sounds like motive to scare you.
Well, it's at least
a place to start.
Do you have contact info
for Wilkie?
Yeah, I have his card
in the kitchen,
if you want
to just come with me.
Let's go talk
to Frank Brunelli's brother.
This must be very hard
for you, Mr. Brunelli.
Seeing the words
written on the mirror,
the way they were
when Sally and I
found your brother that night.
You're saying this same things
were on the mirror
the night my brother died?
You didn't know?
There was never
an investigation.
The police said
it was an accident.
Have you ever wondered
whether your brother
was not a victim of an accident
after all?
Well, not until tonight.
Not until just now.
So, he didn't have any enemies,
anyone who might
want to hurt him?
A softie like Frank?
What about ghost hunters?
Anyone who may have seen
themselves in competition
with him?
I take offense to that question.
Serious ghost hunters
are highly ethical people,
and most are smart enough
to work together.
I'd say most are
beholden to wishful thinking.
Just like my brother.
He inherited from our parents
and started sinking that money
into wild-goose chases,
and what did it get him?
Dead in some secret room
beneath the floor.
Anthony, I had no idea
you had such a low opinion
of paranormal research.
Well, now you know.
You know, being here
isn't gonna give me closure,
it's just gonna
make me feel worse.
Aurora, you have
an extraordinarily
vexing penchant
for causing trouble.
- Okay, that was weird!
Oh, Sally, Lillian's
insulted me plenty of times.
I'm insouciant to it by now.
No, I mean Anthony.
If this is his first time
in the house,
how does he know the secret room
is beneath the floor?
Maybe it was
in the news reports back then?
No. Wasn't
in the story I read.
This gives me the creeps.
This door's unlocked.
There's a car parked over there,
behind that rock.
I'll go see
if there's anyone in it.
Uh, keep an eye on it.
Hey! You! Stop!
I want to talk to you!
You see who it was?
No. I got
his license plate, though.
The last time
we saw this on the mirror,
there was a body
in the secret room.
Don't you dare
go back down there.
Aurora, what are you doing?
We decided
it isn't safe to go in there.
I'm just gonna take
a quick look, Mother.
- It's fine.
- Uh, for what purpose?
Because this same thing
was written on the mirror
the night Sally and I found
Frank Brunelli's body.
Yes, and that prank was pulled
by Arthur and his friend.
And, this prank, like that one,
had nothing to do
with Frank Brunelli's death.
How do we know that?
The police department never
considered foul play back then.
It's always bugged me.
Nick, grab a flashlight.
The one on my phone
isn't gonna be strong enough.
I'll be right behind you.
What was that?
Okay, I don't like this.
Sally, it's just
an old house creaking.
I'm here, Roe.
We're trying
to get the door open.
I'm trapped.
The lever's not working.
Yeah, it won't budge.
Maybe if we had a crowbar
or something.
I'm on it.
You okay, Roe?
I'm fine, honey!
Oh, what now?
I really, really
don't like this.
The house inspector
said that the wiring
in this house is very old.
Yeah, or it's a ghost!
And that's ridiculous.
Is it, Lynn?
Found one.
All right,
let's give this a shot.
Oh, thank goodness.
You all right?
Yeah, I am now.
Thanks for getting me out.
Uh, we can't
take credit for that.
Yeah, the door opened
by itself, Roe.
I found this
wedged in beside the steps,
near where Frank Brunelli's
body was lying that night.
Maybe it has something
to do with his death.
Oh, for goodness sake, Aurora,
I hope not.
And I sincerely doubt it.
Looks like a...
a bunch of doodles.
Yeah, or a message
from the dead.
Well, I, for one,
see nothing meaningful there.
Not exactly a smoking gun,
is it?
Look, Frank Brunelli's death
was an accident.
Why don't we focus on
an actual mystery...
who broke into this house
and wrote that message?
We're gonna run the plates
of the car
that Phillip saw outside,
and we'll let you know
what we come up with.
Hey, double-check to make sure
all the doors and windows
are locked tight
before you go to sleep.
You got it.
Well... I'm going to bed.
I think this was
enough excitement for one day.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Okay, isn't anybody else curious
about the rapping noises
and the lights flickering?
I mean, come on,
Lillian investigates this stuff.
Why don't we just ask her
to come in
and check out the house out?
I'm sure
there's a logical explanation
for everything we saw.
And heard, remember.
Yeah, I'm with Nick.
Besides, Lillian wouldn't be
in a hurry to help me out again.
And my mother would never
go for it, anyway.
Well, I wish Aida
would let her investigate.
So many strange things
going on here, Roe.
I'm not gonna sleep upstairs,
alone, by myself,
in one of those rooms.
If I lose my job because
I don't do the assignment,
well, I lose my job.
Sally, we are not gonna
let you lose your job.
You can sleep with me
in my room,
if that'll help.
Oh, here, let me help you
with that.
Oh, thank you.
I don't want to sleep
under Ezra's ominous gaze.
Oh, I don't blame you, Mother.
He's a bit grim, isn't he?
Yeah, so, I don't know
if I'm actually
gonna be able to sleep
with that out here,
because Ezra
looks very lifelike,
and I feel like he's gonna
reach out and grab me.
Okay, does that help
make you feel any better, Sally?
Yeah, absolutely.
Thank you, Nick.
It totally does.
I'll see you in the morning.
- Goodnight, Sally.
- Goodnight.
It's funny
how the psychology of things
turns everything
into the boogeyman.
Didn't mean to scare you.
I've been going around
checking the locks.
Oh. Ha!
I'm going to miss you tonight.
Sweet dreams, love.
I'm gonna go with Phillip
and follow Arthur's advice,
to make sure
everything's locked up tight.
We'll check your room
next, Aida.
Oh. Thank you. Okay.
- Goodnight, darling.
- Goodnight, Mother.
Goodnight, Phillip.
I think Mona Dilger
has issues other than anxiety.
Oh. That poor woman.
Yeah, I'd say
early-onset dementia.
Man. That's rough.
What are these squiggles?
Are they symbols?
I don't think you should've
brought that in here.
What if it's some kind
of symbolic ghost language
that calls ghosts to us?
I hope you're writing
your paranoid thoughts
in your story.
You know what
I am writing about?
...The scoffing friend.
Because we know she's the first
to get her comeuppance
from the ghost
in every ghost movie ever.
You mean that...
that ghost?
You see it?
Where is it?
Sally! I'm teasing.
Oh! That is really mean, Roe.
Too easy.
Ah, the creepy vibe
in this house
is definitely getting to me.
It's a self-perpetuating thing.
You get a scare,
it releases certain chemicals
in your brain,
which makes you more susceptible
to the next scare.
Did you turn
this painting around?
No. Why?
Doesn't matter.
Try to get some sleep.
Something tells me
that's not gonna be easy.
Roe? What is it?
The music woke me up.
What music?
The music that's playing.
I don't hear any music.
You'd better
get your ears checked.
Where are you going?
I want to find out
where the music's coming from.
What music?
Oh, please tell me
you hear that music, too.
Yeah, that's what woke me up.
It's coming from downstairs.
What is coming from downstairs?
The music.
Okay, I don't hear any music.
You guys are seriously
freaking me out.
Oh, sorry.
Wait. Honey, honey...
did you turn that painting
back around?
No. In fact,
I had to turn it
to face the wall a second time.
Okay. I heard that!
Wait, are you telling me
that that painting keeps
turning itself around?
I'm fine. There's no need
to go to the hospital.
No, you need to get
this checked out, Nick.
This could be a concussion.
Yes. Listen to Mother, honey.
I'm going with you.
Can at least finish giving
my statement to Arthur first?
So, you didn't see anyone,
but you felt someone
push you from behind?
Right. I stumbled down,
I nearly caught myself,
but then I fell down
the last few steps.
It rang my bell pretty good.
But I'm okay. Really.
Seeing you
lying there so still...
I'm sorry that you had
to go through that,
but I'm fine...
it's just a few bruises.
So what were you and Roe
and Sally
doing in the hall
in the middle of the night?
- We...
- We heard music.
It woke us up.
I didn't hear any music.
Neither did I, nor did Phillip.
Well, Nick and I heard it,
and we were headed down
the stairs
to find out
where it was coming from,
and then we got distracted
by the painting of Ezra...
The painting which keeps
turning itself around?
I was at the top of the stairs,
and then I heard a noise
behind me,
but before I could turn around,
someone shoved me.
Or something.
It was Ezra's ghost,
I'm telling you!
It felt like
human hands to me, Arthur.
I'm sure that someone
broke into the house again,
and was almost caught by Nick.
Well, did you see anyone
at the top of the stairs?
No, it was dark,
and my attention was on Nick,
but that doesn't mean
someone wasn't hiding there.
The question is who, and why?
We ran the plate
on the car Phillip and I saw
outside the house
earlier tonight.
It's registered to Tom Wilkie,
so, the obvious answer is,
it was him,
and he wants to scare Aida
into selling the house to him.
Yeah, it makes sense,
but I just can't help but wonder
if this has something to do
with Frank Brunelli's death.
Roe, Lynn wants us to focus
on the crime in front of us...
criminal trespass
and the assault on Nick.
We're interviewing
Wilkie tomorrow.
I'm glad you're all right.
Oh, it's you.
And good morning to you,
too, Lillian.
You're late.
Oh, I had an eventful evening.
So, I remember,
much to my chagrin.
Oh, and that was
only the beginning.
- We...
- Aurora.
Can we please just make it
through the day
without you burdening me
with the banalities
of your distasteful life?
Okay. Just tell me.
How can I look at
Frank Brunelli's papers?
Do I need to make an appointment
with the Paranormal
Research Society?
Brunelli's papers
are only available
to members of the Society.
Okay, then how do I
become a member?
You pay the membership fee.
Well, couldn't you just
loan me the materials?
As a friend?
I'd be happy to pay
the membership fee, Lillian.
I should think so.
And please,
leave poor Anthony Brunelli
So no signs of forced entry.
Every door and window locked.
I can't figure out
how someone keeps getting in.
You know what?
Maybe we're overlooking
the obvious.
Maybe this someone had a key.
My brother showed me this
last year.
This is our way in.
Key's still there.
Now we have the "how".
We just need the "who"
and the "why".
Yeah, I was
at Enshaw House last night.
I don't deny it.
You were seen
running around
the back of the house.
I'd been to the house
earlier that day
to talk to Aida Teagarden.
I was frustrated
that she wouldn't even consider
my offer to buy the house
and I lost my cool.
Mm. Well, that seems to be
a regular thing for you,
isn't it?
Losing your cool?
We know you have a record.
Several arrests for battery.
Okay, look.
I was a hothead in college.
I got into
a couple of bar fights.
But that was a long time ago.
I don't conduct myself
like that anymore.
I felt bad about
my outburst with Aida.
I was driving back
to apologize to her.
So, why park on
the side of the house?
Why not out front?
Because when I got there, I...
Okay, I don't even know
how to put this.
But there was a smoke...
like, wisps of smoke or a fog,
and it was
circling around the house,
so I drove around
to try to get a better look...
Okay, if you start
talking about ghosts right now,
you are digging
a deeper hole for yourself.
You're basically proving to me
that you're the one
entering the house
trying to scare Aida Teagarden
into selling.
And you're also the one
who pushed Nick Miller
down the stairs.
I did not go back
into that house last night.
In fact, after what I saw,
I'm rescinding my offer.
I want anything
to do with that place.
And what did you see?
There was like a bouncing light
in the trees,
so I moved in
to get a better look,
and then the smoke was back,
and it was right
in front of my face.
It was like
it was leading me
toward something.
Oh, come on!
I know how it sounds!
Then you know it's ridiculous.
Let me get that.
What are you doing here?
Let me take that for you.
Uh, I was hoping
to hear back from you
this morning about my quote.
- Oh...
- I've got my crew
and they're all ready
to get started.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I haven't made a decision
about that yet.
But I must say,
you were right about
that room being dangerous.
My daughter got trapped in there
last night.
What? She went in the room?
- Mm.
- Why?
Oh. Because she has
an insatiable curiosity,
which inevitably puts her
in precarious situations.
all she got from it
was an old piece of paper
she found.
What paper?
Oh, nothing of significance.
But I am gonna have
that room sealed off.
Well, uh, you know,
I can do that for you.
I mean, I can even
throw it in for free,
if you just give me the job.
It's very kind of you,
but I do have
other contractors...
I guarantee you,
I can get the job done faster,
and for less money,
I just need an answer right now.
Look. Don't waste your time
talking to other people...
No, you can stop right there.
I do not tolerate
high-pressure tactics,
so I will give you
an answer now.
You're not my contractor.
Look. You are making
a huge mistake.
Not as big
as the mistake you're making.
Let go of my arm.
You need to remove yourself
from this property.
Who was that guy?
Reggie Harris.
The contractor that's been
bidding on the renovations.
Pretty intense
for someone trying to get a job.
I'll say.
Are you all right?
What I am is deeply regretting
buying this house.
All right, Mr. Wilkie,
you said you could show us
exactly where
this so-called "fog" was.
Well, okay, first...
first, it was the...
the b-bouncing light,
so that was over here,
and then the fog
drifted in front of my face.
So then it started drifting...
over here.
Oh... Phillip?
Could you please tell
your cousin to go back inside?
I'm trying to conduct
an investigation.
Phillip, what's going on?
Yeah, we came by
to pick up our stuff,
and saw you guys down here.
What's going on?
You probably know
what I'm going to say.
She wants us
to keep our distance
and stay out of the way?
But why'd she drag
Tom Wilkie out here?
What's he telling her?
Something about
seeing a bouncing light
out here last night.
He saw the ghost outside?
If he saw a light,
I'm sure it was a flashlight.
Wait. A bouncing light?
That must've be what we saw
the night we came here
to pay up on our bet...
a flashlight.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
When we first got here...
We were walking up to the house,
and-and we saw that...
That weird fog...
I remember that much.
A-And I was following the fog.
And that led over to the bridge,
and I saw the light.
And I remember exactly
where I was standing...
I was right there,
at the corner of the house.
if I was standing there,
then the light would've...
Right there, by the shed.
Oh, boy.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, it was just
leaning against the door.
Why would you open a ghost shed?
That's terrifying in there!
Wait. Do you see that?
- No.
- I do.
At the bottom of the shed
under the rain barrel.
- Help me move this.
- What is she doing?
Trying to make sense
of her memory.
Okay, wait, m-maybe
the bouncing lights
were coming from over here.
What on Earth are they doing?
That's where it is!
That's where the smoke was
moving towards, right there.
Okay. I'll go check it out.
Oh, do you see that?
All right,
what are you guys doing?
Oh! That's a human hand.
You just found another body.
Okay, so, I know
you haven't identified
the body yet, but...
Sally, I know you have
a story to write,
but we don't have
enough information yet
for me to comment.
Okay, but could you just
tell me if ya think this death
could be related
to the death of Frank Brunelli...
Did Roe tell you
to ask me that question?
Well, no, but I think
my editor's gonna ask.
Okay, well, you can
tell your editor
that we have no idea how long
that body's been under the shed.
It could've been two years
or 200.
But the whole reason
I was looking there
is because I saw someone
with a flashlight
in that spot
on the same night
we found Brunelli.
That can't be a coincidence.
Correlation is not causation.
The Forensics team
found a wallet
next to the remains...
we've got a driver's license.
Someone by the name
of "Jeffrey Wear".
Uh, Sergeant Heard,
we'd appreciate it
if you'd wait
till we got back to the station
before announcing the possible
identity of the victim.
Our policy
is to notify family first.
Sally, do not
put that name in writing
until we identity the body.
For all we know, this wallet
could've been stolen.
Sorry about that, Chief.
I got ahead of myself.
Okay, now that the cat's
out of the bag,
have any of you ever heard
that name before...
Jeffrey Wear...
does that ring any bells?
No. But if that's who
was buried over there,
it shouldn't be hard
to pinpoint,
if it was in the same time-frame
as Brunelli's death.
Check the expiration date
on the license.
Wear's license expired
just over 20 years ago,
so it's possible
Roe did see him being buried
the night Brunelli died.
We need to put a tail on Wilkie.
You think he had something
to do with that body?
He'd have only been
in his 20s back then.
Yeah, a 20-something
with an admitted hot temper.
You heard him.
The fog had led him there?
No, he saw that we were
about to find that body
and he knew
how bad it would look
that he was seen moving around
that area last night.
Then he starts blaming it
on ghosts?
Well, it could explain why
he was so aggressive with Aida
about buying the house...
he wanted to keep
his secrets buried.
Or he was trying to buy himself
some time to move the body.
Ah, I think Wilkie's
our most obvious suspect.
Now we just need to find
a connection between him
and this Jeffrey Wear.
Aunt Aida's showing
another contractor around
later today for a quote.
I'll stay
until she's ready to go.
Good. That contractor
Reggie Harris
was acting pretty hostile
toward her earlier.
I don't trust him
not to come back.
I can't find anything on
a "Jeffrey Wear" of Lawrenceton.
I'll have better luck
with the databases
I can access at the library.
Okay, so I get that the timing
is suspicious,
but why do you think
that the body outside
has something to do
with Frank Brunelli's death?
Yeah, if there were two murders
at the same time,
why was one body
found inside the house,
and one outside?
They may have both
been killed outside,
and Brunelli's body
brought in here.
Then we high-school kids
showed up,
and interrupted the killer
before he could
bring in Jeffrey Wear.
Yeah, a killer in a hurry
could be why
the body wasn't fully buried
which is why it was basically
shoved under the shed,
- hidden by the rain barrel.
- Yeah, but then,
why didn't whoever did it
come back and do it right?
Maybe that's what someone's
trying to do right now.
We should call
a Real Murders meeting.
But first, I need to get
to the library.
Yeah, and I need
to get to my desk
so I can write up the story
of another body found.
I'll see you guys
at the meeting.
I'll go get my eyes
on Aunt Aida.
Hey. You okay?
I just need to know you're okay.
I'm fine.
I promise.
The doctor gave me
the all-clear, remember?
Tell you what.
Why don't I come
to the library with you?
Yes, please.
The other contractor's
on his way
so that we can discuss
the renovations.
Cool. Here's some more stuff
to tag.
- I'm looking for Lyndon.
you came back.
Looking for her dead husband.
Uh, w-would you like to join me
for a cup of tea?
How sweet of you.
Why don't you let Mona's
daughter know that she's here?
I know Lyndon is gone.
I know a heart attack took him.
Tamara was only five then.
Oh, how sad for you both.
He was such a good husband.
He was always worried
about taking care of us.
He shouldn't
have worried so much.
His life insurance took care
of us for a very long time.
I am so sorry.
Mom, you really have to stop
wandering away from the house.
You told me to come over here.
You know that's not true...
I just got back
from my self-defense class.
Oh, right.
That music you're playing
is so lovely.
Mom, let's go home.
It was nice
chatting with you, Mona.
Oh, you too.
Thank you for the tea.
Mrs. Dilger,
I'd love to know
how you came in the back door.
I took the key
from under the rocks outside,
and I've been checking
to make sure the door's locked.
That door always opens for me.
Ezra lets me in.
Medical Examiner said
the skeleton is definitely male,
probably in his 40s.
Cause of death is blunt-force
trauma to the head.
Same as Frank Brunelli,
if Roe is right.
I found Jeffrey Wear
in our system,
as a missing-person report.
That's not surprising.
Date last seen?
The same day
Frank was found dead.
Let's see if we can
track down Wear's family.
How I hate it when
Aurora Teagarden is right.
I was right!
I just found an old article
about Jeffrey Wear,
says his sister
reported him missing
the same day
we found Frank Brunelli.
It's almost impossible
to believe the two deaths
aren't related.
unless you're Lynn.
I asked you not to bother
poor Anthony Brunelli!
I haven't.
Then can you please...
Then can you
please explain to me
why he went to the Paranormal
Research Society this morning
and demanded to have
his brother's papers back?
Excuse me, Mr. Brunelli?
What is it you're burning there?
He's burning
his brother's papers.
Mr. Brunelli,
I don't understand.
I assume this represents
his life's work.
And I should've burnt them
in the first place.
I should've never let
Lillian Tibbett talk me into
giving them to the Society.
The Brunelli name is already
enough of a laughingstock.
There's something
you need to know.
Another body's been found
on the Enshaw property.
It makes it more likely
your brother was murdered,
which means the police
will open an investigation.
You could be destroying
important evidence right now,
so maybe you should stop.
And maybe you should
get off my property
before I throw you off.
You know we're gonna have
to call the police
and let 'em know
what you're doing.
Good. Be sure to let them know
you're trespassing.
Okay. Let's make that call.
Yes. I burned those papers.
It was embarrassing
having them out there,
to know my brother
exposed himself as such a fool.
But not too embarrassed
to donate them
to the Paranormal Research
Society five years ago.
I didn't think
much about it then,
but going to the house
where he died...
and remembering
the idiotic reason for it...
made me rethink.
Where were you
the night your brother died?
I was at home alone.
Home alone?
Are you sure you weren't with
someone named Jeffrey Wear?
I have no idea
who you're talking about.
Oh, really?
Well, he knew you.
We found your ring...
buried with his body.
That's not my ring.
It's got your initials on it,
and an inscription that says
"Happy Birthday. Love, Frank."
And, ironically, your birthday
is the same day Frank died.
I've never seen it.
It's solid evidence
that the death of your brother
is tied to Wear's.
We already know you
inherited a fair chunk of money
when your brother died.
Which gives you motive
to kill Frank.
It's an expensive ring.
Did you give it to Jeffrey Wear
as some kind of down payment
to help you kill your brother?
Then you turned on Wear?
This is insulting.
Unless you're gonna
arrest me now,
I am leaving.
I'm probably feeling
too confident
that Brunelli's our guy.
Hey, why can't cracking a case
be easy for once?
I want a tail on him anyway.
Hey, I just found
something interesting
in Jeffrey Wear's work history.
Okay, so the police
just reclassified
Frank Brunelli's death
as "suspicious".
Mm. It's more than suspicious.
We're pretty sure it was murder.
Yeah, I found this paper
near where we found his body.
I don't get
what any of that means.
Neither do we.
I ran it through
some image-recognition software
at the library
and got nothing.
This case is complicated.
We're looking for
someone who probably
killed two men
22 years ago.
At the same time,
we're looking for someone
who's trying to scare
my mother out of Enshaw House
and pushed Nick down the stairs.
Okay, well,
that could've been the ghost.
I don't care
what anyone believes...
there is a presence
in that house.
I believe you, Sally.
The point is,
what's happening now might have
something to do with the murders
way back when, or it might not.
Right. So, let's start
with the murders.
Our top suspect
seems to be Anthony Brunelli.
You got that right.
Charlie told me they found
his ring buried
with Wear's body.
That ring
is real physical evidence.
Yeah, on top of which,
we caught Anthony burning
his brother's papers.
There must be something in them
that he wants to hide.
I'm gonna talk to Lillian,
see if she's read 'em
and knows what's in 'em.
Okay, who's next
on our suspect list?
Tom Wilkie.
Right. Tom Wilkie.
We have no reason to believe
that he has anything to do with
Brunelli and Wear's murders,
but he is the one most likely
to be trying to scare my mother.
And he was definitely
outside the house
when the "get out"
was put on the mirror.
He said some weird stuff
about seeing ghostly fog
- and whatever.
- Not the usual tactics
of a successful developer.
I know Tom from our
Chamber of Commerce meetings.
I can talk to him,
see what I can find out?
Pose as a potential client.
Yeah, that's perfect, Lizzy.
Okay, next
we have Reggie Harris.
He's the contractor
and he was all over the house.
He was very uptight
about that secret room.
He didn't want anyone
going down there.
But how could
he have anything to do with
Brunelli and Wear's deaths?
Wouldn't he have been
awfully young back then?
Young men are most likely
to act violently,
and he still seems to have
a hair-trigger temper.
I mean, I saw him grab
Aida's arm yesterday.
Yeah, what's with that?
Why be so pushy
about doing renovations?
That's a good question.
Okay, then... who am I missing?
Mona Dilger, the lady next door.
She keeps showing up
inside the house,
says her dead husband
wants her to go in.
That's kind of sad.
Remember, Roe? Her husband
showed up at the house
after we found
Frank Brunelli's body.
Yeah, I do remember.
He wanted to see if
there was anything he could do
to help the police
when they arrived.
Well, Aida asked me to stop by
today to speak with Mona.
I'll see if I can
dig a little deeper
into these visions
she's having about her husband.
Her dementia
could be causing her
to feel threatened
or frightened,
and it's possible
that can lead to violence.
Okay, this is our suspect list.
I think it's a good time
to adjourn.
Lizzy. How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
I was on my way to see you.
I'm looking
for an investment opportunity.
Well, then, as you know,
you have come
to the right place.
So I just have a few questions.
I was just I...
Is that... blood?
- Ahem. Mona?
- Mm?
I asked Professor Miller
to stop by today.
Hi, Mona.
So, Aida tells me
that you think it's a ghost
that lets you into the house.
Why do you believe that?
When I walk up to the door,
it opens.
What else am I to think?
And why do you
walk up to the door?
Because my husband tells me to!
I mean, in my dreams,
he tells me to do things,
and sometimes,
the dreams seem so real.
Our subconscious
often tries to speak to us
in the language of dreams.
Mona, what does your husband
tell you in your dreams?
Why does he want you
to come into this house?
He wants me to find it.
Find what?
I don't know.
He won't leave me alone
about it.
I have to lie down.
Okay. I'll walk you home.
I have had about enough
of this ghost nonsense.
It's time
that I do something about it.
Hey, Phillip.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I'm just walking Mona home now.
Zachary's not just
our most respected ghost hunter,
I daresay he's the pre-eminent
ghost hunter
in the entire Pacific Northwest.
Lillian likes to flatter me.
Well, I appreciate
you taking the time
to talk to me, Mr. Blank.
Oh, please, call me Zack.
He helped me catalogue
Frank Brunelli's papers.
Whatever we can do to record
the knowledge lost
when Anthony destroyed them...
Then you both know
what was in them?
Mm-hmm. They were primarily
notes on his interviews
with various people who lived
or worked at Enshaw House.
He also recorded
their supernatural experiences
and sightings,
and there was a lot of material
about "wisps of fog"
outside the house.
There was also
a detailed history
of Ezra Enshaw's life,
including his marriage.
He and his bride, apparently,
enjoyed quite the love story
until her untimely death.
Did he make any kind of notes
about anyone threatening him,
or having any kind
of issues with him?
Nothing like that.
Were there any mentions
of his brother, Anthony?
No. I-I don't see
why there would be.
I found this
in the secret room of the house,
in the crack beside the stairs.
Was there anything
in those papers
that might explain
what these symbols mean?
Now, this is interesting.
Thanks for calling me.
What's up?
I came here for
my weekly internship for school,
and it's been
a nonstop parade of suspects.
Like who?
Well, Tom Wilkie, for starters.
Apparently, Lizzy saw
what looked like blood
in the trunk of Wilkie's car
when she went to see him.
Turned out to be corn syrup
and food coloring.
Oh, like what was used to write
"get out" at Enshaw House?
Exactly. They have him in
for questioning now.
I wish they would let me sit in.
It's fake blood.
Complete with
all of the supplies to make it
and a brush covered in it.
I don't know how that stuff
got in my car.
Somebody must have put it there!
Oh, of course, they did.
They brought Reggie Harris in
for questioning, too.
Why now?
They found out Jeffrey Wear
worked construction...
With Reggie?
Yep. He's in with Arthur now.
Yeah, I knew Jeff Wear
back in the day,
but we were friends.
There's no way anybody's gonna
believe that I killed him.
Tell me why you were
so aggressive about
getting the renovation job
on Enshaw House.
Because I...
business was slow,
I needed to get a big job fast,
otherwise I was gonna
have to lay off my crew.
They also pulled
Anthony Brunelli back in
for more questions.
We found the jeweler
who sold your brother
the signet ring.
He confirmed
he had it inscribed,
a few days before
your brother's death.
I have no idea.
As I've said, I know nothing
about that ring.
You were right
about Mona Dilger.
They should be
bringing her in, too.
She seems to be tortured
by something she's not telling.
I want to know
who Lynn and Arthur
are leaning toward.
Well, there's Arthur now.
Do you and Lynn have
a working theory
of what happened?
Uh, we have
four or five theories.
That's the problem.
Can't seem
to rule any of them out.
You know, I'd love to know
Roe's thoughts on this one.
Where is she?
Oh, she's at the library, yeah,
meeting with a ghost hunter.
Of course she is.
Except for this mark here...
which looks like an "X"...
nothing looks familiar.
Well, I appreciate your time,
and for coming all of this way.
I can't believe
I didn't notice this before.
Notice what?
What is it you see?
I'll tell you later.
Right now, I have to get
to the police station.
- Thank you!
- Pleasure meeting you!
You see why I always
experience a stress response
whenever I have to share a shift
with Aurora Teagarden?
- Mm.
And now why is her mother
calling me?
There's Roe.
You look like
a woman on a mission.
Yeah, I need to see
Lynn and Arthur.
I think I know why
Brunelli and Wear were killed,
and why someone's trying
to scare us away
from Enshaw House.
Arthur went back
to finish his interview
with Reggie Harris.
You're free to go, Mr. Harris,
but you are not to leave town.
Uh, Lynn, I don't think
you should let him go
until he answers
a few more questions.
What are you doing?
You don't dictate
our interviews, Roe.
See this story about
how we discovered
Frank Brunelli's body?
There's another headline
from that same day...
about a bank robbery in Corinth.
The robbers got away
with $400,000...
the same morning
Frank Brunelli was killed,
the same morning
Jeffrey Wear went missing.
You worked with Jeffrey Wear.
Was he involved in this robbery?
Okay, Roe...
Did you know about it?
All right, Harris,
you have some explaining to do.
Let's go. Come on.
This is an interesting
connection you've made.
You mind if I keep this?
That was a huge connection
to make.
It would explain a lot.
It would explain everything.
If Reggie Harris
and Jeffrey Wear
robbed a bank together,
it could be
that Wear double-crossed Reggie,
hid the money at Enshaw House...
Yeah, because what better place
to hide stolen money
than in an abandoned house
that most people
are too afraid to enter?
Exactly. And who better
to guard the money than a ghost?
I could understand
how an angry Reggie
could have confronted Wear,
maybe tried to beat
the truth out of him.
But how would
Frank Brunelli figure in?
Because he was a ghost hunter.
He just showed up
at the wrong time.
Sally and I showed up
at that house
on that same night, too.
How close were we
to being killed?
If we want to make sure
no one else dies
over that money,
we should get back to the house
and find it.
Jeff told me
he was planning a bank robbery
with a friend of his.
- What friend?
- He didn't tell me a name.
He just wanted me
to drive a getaway car.
Look, I was 19 years old,
he was leaning on me.
I told him I would do it,
but when the day came,
I chickened out.
I didn't show up.
Is that right?
I swear to you, I wasn't there,
but I heard on the news
that the robbery had gone down,
and when Jeff didn't show up
for work the next day,
I assumed
he disappeared with the money.
And I was relieved not to have
to deal with him anymore.
I didn't really think about it
after that.
So, what made you start
thinking about it lately?
I ran into
Jeff's sister a month ago,
and I made a joke about Jeff
being on some beach in Mexico,
and she didn't laugh.
I knew he wouldn't let her
think he was dead,
if he wasn't.
She told me that the last time
she saw him,
he was getting into a car
with his buddy,
Lyndon Dilger.
The neighbor
who lived next to Enshaw House?
That's right.
So, you think now
that Dilger was Jeff's partner
in the bank robbery?
Yeah. I found out
he died two days
after the robbery,
I've been going to his house,
I've been watching,
and I saw his wife constantly
going into the Enshaw House.
I thought maybe
she was looking for the money...
and I thought maybe
I could find it first.
Oh, good, you're here.
I'll catch you up.
Roe, wait.
What's Lillian doing here?
Your mother called her.
They're gonna try
and lure out the ghost.
This ghost-hunting stuff
isn't going to make it easy
to start looking
for that stolen robbery money.
Yeah, I'd rather we not
be wasting time and energy
chasing down boogeymen.
You're certain our investigation
will be a waste of time?
Isn't such a presupposition
rather unscientific,
Professor Miller?
You didn't read that book
on William James, did you?
Mr. James knew
that not all mysteries in life
could be solved
with the scientific method,
and he pitied those
who blind themselves
to that truth.
Lillian's kinda deep.
Oh, Mother.
I know you don't believe
there are really ghosts in
this house any more than I do...
Which is a flaw
in that otherwise perfectly
suspicious mind of yours.
Mona Dilger is not
a reliable witness.
I don't know
why you let anything she said
get you to call in
this sideshow.
Lillian assures me that her team
is dedicated
to finding the truth...
more likely to rule out
supernatural activity
than to find evidence for it.
How is that not a positive?
Well, it would be,
if the mystery
we were trying to solve
were about ghosts...
but we're trying to solve
a double murder,
this is a distraction.
maybe if we could get them
to help search
for the stolen money
while we're at it,
could be a help.
Stolen money?
Oh, don't worry.
I'll fill you in.
Roe just told me all about it.
Lyndon told me that he'd
robbed that bank in Corinth,
with that horrible friend
of his...
that schemer, Jeff.
Robbed a bank?
Mom, are you sure that
this wasn't one of your dreams?
My husband
had had a heart attack
and was dying in my arms...
it's seared
in my memory, Tamara!
He told me
he had robbed that bank
and buried the money
on the Enshaw property.
And killed two men
in the process?
Did he tell you that?
No. He didn't say
he killed anyone.
At least,
I don... I don't think he did.
Of course, he didn't!
The father that I knew
would never...
he couldn't.
You've been going
into Enshaw House
quite a bit lately, Mona.
Can you tell us why?
In my dreams,
Lyndon tells me to go in.
Does he tell you to try to scare
Aida Teagarden
away from the house?
Tell you to write "get out"
on the mirror?
No. Oh, I would never scare
that lovely woman
who made me tea.
No. For... For that,
you should blame Ezra.
Ezra? Ezra Enshaw,
who's been dead a hundred years?
Look, I know I get confused
but I have lived next
to Enshaw House for 30 years.
One thing I know...
the ghost of Ezra Enshaw
is real.
Mm. Nothing.
Lillian, can I speak to you
for a sec?
Okay. Thank you. Bye.
So that was my contact
at the police station.
You were right, Roe.
Reggie Harris confessed...
he was a part of the plot
to rob that bank in Corinth
with Jeffrey Wear.
But he identified someone else
as the mastermind...
Lyndon Dilger.
Lyndon Dilger?
Did not see that coming!
Mona apparently confirmed it.
She also said that her husband
buried the money
somewhere on this property.
So, on the grounds.
Not in the house?
That's what it looks like.
And Mona's now considered
the top suspect
for pushing you down the stairs.
Mm. I don't know if that jibes
with the fragile woman
that sat
across from me this morning.
Did that sound like
the rapping you all heard
the other day?
Yes, exactly like.
That was Fred,
hitting the main water pipe
with a wrench...
makes the sound
echo throughout the house.
And as for
the flickering lights...
Go for it, Fred.
With the old wiring
in the house,
it's easy to overwhelm
the power capacity
and make small surges.
So, the haunting of the house
has been a hoax all along?
That is our conclusion, yes.
Just as we expected.
Yeah, looks like most mysteries
can be solved through science
after all.
We're gonna keep your mother
in custody
until we can get her
a psychological evaluation.
We have to consider
the possibility
she's been perpetuating
the ghost hoax,
without being aware
of exactly what she's doing.
Would you feel comfortable
giving us a list of her doctors?
Yeah, I can email that to you
when I get home,
but, however confused she is,
I can't imagine
my mother doing anything
that would harm someone.
Push a man down the stairs?
I-I don't believe it.
Well, you don't believe
that your father could've
killed someone either.
What if we prove
that's exactly what he did?
I don't think that you will.
She could be right
about her mother.
Mona Dilger's so scattered,
I'm not sure she's capable
of carrying out a complex hoax,
which would mean,
whoever shoved Nick
is still running around
out there.
Let's get confirmation
on the whereabouts
of our other suspects.
So, there really is
no ghost here?
Well, I wouldn't go so far
as to say that.
We're only saying
that the phenomena
we all experienced in this house
was clearly faked.
Then you found the speakers?
I don't know what you mean.
We didn't find any speakers.
There have to be speakers
in the house.
There's no other explanation
for the music.
Music? Y-You never mentioned
anything about music.
Well, I didn't hear any music.
Neither did I.
Me either.
Only Nick and Roe have heard it.
Yes! That's it.
That's the song.
Did you tap into
the house somehow?
No. This music was mentioned
in Frank Brunelli's notes.
Several people relayed to him
it was a song played
at Ezra Enshaw's wedding.
Yes! I remember that.
only people who are in love
can hear this music.
Well, it's a lovely story.
But we're pretty sure
there's speakers
somewhere in here.
Yes, I'm sure there are,
but that's for another day.
Thank you so much,
Lillian, Zachary.
Thank you.
We'll come back any time, Aida.
I'm not convinced
this house is clean...
...of spirits.
I appreciate that.
But, uh...
I'm taking a break
from ghosts for a while.
Phillip, let's go.
Bye, Mother. Bye, Phillip.
Lock up when you leave?
Not sure what good that'll do.
All right. Thanks.
We know where Tom Wilkie
and Reggie Harris are,
but it seems Anthony Brunelli
slipped his tail.
Oh. Let's put out
an A.P.B. on him.
We'll have to head back
to Enshaw House.
All right.
So, no ghosts.
You know, I think I'm actually
a little disappointed.
I'm almost disappointed for you.
let me know
if you hear the music again.
Kind of gives me hope.
- Goodnight.
- 'Night.
You know that music
could be a clue.
Because whoever planned the hoax
must have known about
that particular song.
And must have read about it
in Frank Brunelli's notes.
Could that be
why his brother, Anthony,
burned them?
Who brought down
the painting of Ezra?
Didn't walk downstairs
by itself.
Maybe one of
the ghost hunters moved it.
Lillian would probably say
Ezra's trying
to tell us something.
I'll play along.
All right, Ezra,
what are you trying to tell us?
The windmill.
Look at the doodle
on this paper.
If I finish this doodle,
like this,
- it looks like...
- A windmill.
Like the one at the bottom
of the property.
Add that to the "X"...
This paper's a map!
You know, these symbols
must be trees.
Exactly. Lyndon Dilger
and Jeffrey Wear
buried the stolen money
out here.
They must've drawn up that map,
so they could find it again.
Yeah, and I bet Frank Brunelli
stumbled upon 'em
when they were
burying the money,
so they killed him,
and then they hid his body
in the secret room.
Yeah, and that map
must've fallen
from one of their pockets,
and slid down beside the stairs.
And then they came back outside
to finish the job,
and they probably got into
an argument about the money,
or-or maybe Dilger
didn't trust Wear
to keep his mouth shut.
Right, so he killed him, too.
You know, living with
that kind of pressure,
it's no wonder he had
a heart attack a few days later.
Yeah, and then
he never had a chance
to come back for the money.
But Mona knew
it was out here somewhere,
and Reggie
eventually figured it out,
but would Anthony Brunelli
have had a chance to...
Wait! Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, there's the windmill.
That dead tree must be
this mark right there,
right next to the "X".
I think we found it.
I think this is the spot.
I-I'm sure of it.
Okay, time to call Lynn.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
You know she avoids
taking me seriously.
Do you really think
she's gonna believe
this paper full of squiggles
is a map
that the ghost of Ezra Enshaw
helped us figure out?
- It does sound crazy.
- Yeah.
I'll grab a shovel.
Maybe we can dig down
and find something more concrete
- to show her.
- Okay.
I'll start taking photos
to document the whole thing.
Someone already
started digging...
I knew it was you!
Tamara, don't do this.
It was taking me forever
to find the buried money.
I was getting pretty desperate,
so I suppose I should thank you!
Your mother told you about it?
No, my mother doesn't understand
anything happening right now.
Her dementia
is getting so bad and...
it was only when I moved back in
a few months ago
that I found an old journal
she kept.
So you read about your father
robbing the bank,
and you came out to look
for the money he buried.
After my dad's
life-insurance money ran out,
my mom let debts pile up,
and she can't be left alone.
We need that money!
It's just been
sitting out here...
under the ground, for decades!
My father died for that money.
But your father
killed for that money.
You don't know that.
All I can do
is find the money
and try to help my mother.
I might have found it already
and no one the wiser, if...
...If my mother
hadn't have bought the house.
My mother's journal was muddled
about where
the money was buried.
It said my father
had-had drawn a map,
but lost it
somewhere in the house.
So, yeah,
I was trying
to scare you all away,
so that I could get the map...
which you now clearly have...
and find the money!
Well, we don't scare easily.
Tamara, don't do this.
Just don't make it worse.
You haven't done anything
that terrible...
you can still walk away.
The police aren't gonna
just let me just walk away.
They won't care
that I didn't mean
for your husband
to fall down the stairs
when I pushed him.
They won't care that I just
didn't want him to see me.
They will arrest me
and my life will be ruined.
But Nick is fine,
It doesn't matter!
We need that money,
now more than ever,
so that I can go away
and stay gone.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't want to do this...
but you put yourself
in my way...
I need that map.
Put the shovel down, Tamara!
Freeze! Police!
Drop that shovel, Tamara!
Drop it now!
Anyway, it all
seems to be resolved now,
so come by whenever you'd like.
I would like to thank you all
for helping solve the mystery
of my brother's death.
You know, after years
of feeling rather bitter,
I'm now
more at peace with Frank's...
how should I put it?
...his spirit.
That does my heart good to hear.
Lynn released this,
and we wanted to make sure
you got it.
Your brother was carrying
the ring with him when he died.
Clearly, he meant
to give it to you.
Thank you.
This really means a lot.
Your phone's ringing, Aunt Aida.
Oh, that's all right.
It can go to voice-mail.
It's Charles.
I'm gonna take it.
Aurora, could you please
turn down the music?
I don't hear any music.
Me either.
I hear it.
My mother is in love.
And I hear it, too.
I've reconsidered
my stance on ghosts.
I think Ezra Enshaw
really might still be here,
with his bride.
Well, if anything's
stronger than death,
of course, it would be love.
One of life's mysteries,
right, Professor?
Now, allow me
to walk you out, Anthony.
Oh, I'll walk with you.
I have a few more questions
for my story.
Bye, guys.
I'm gonna head out, too.
I need to find myself
some of that music.
...All right!
It really is beautiful.