Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Honeymoon, Honeymurder (2021) Movie Script

Hey. You're getting
a little close there.
I don't know
what your problem is, but...
Subtitle Editing
I am glad to see this book
in your stack, Holly.
My niece told me reading this book made her
baby's first year go much more smoothly.
Our Lamaze class is talking about it.
I was worried it might've been checked out.
I monitor our inventory...
...and always make sure we have numerous
copies of our most helpful... titles.
True crime, Holly?
Yeah! Aurora recommended it.
At least, I think this was it.
Is she here, so I can ask her?
The last one she recommended
had me glued to the couch the whole night.
Aurora isn't here. She just started
several weeks' vacation for her honeymoon.
But I can set that aside and
recommend a more edifying read.
There she is now.
Aurora, was this the book
you were talking about?
It is, yes. Robin Daniels is
a master of the true crime genre.
I would submit that
"master of true crime" is faint praise,
but, reading of any kind
is to be encouraged, I suppose.
Do enjoy, Holly.
- Thanks.
Have fun on your honeymoon, Roe.
- We will!
I thought you and Nick would be
on a plane to Paris by now.
Paris is socked in with fog
for the next few days.
We had to reschedule our trip
for next week.
Well, don't expect me to put you
back on the schedule.
I've already covered your shifts.
And frankly, I don't want you
underfoot, if there's no need.
I just stopped by
to give you this-
A thank-you gift.
For being a part of our wedding.
Well, now you've made me
appear uncharitable.
Is it any wonder I was looking
forward to your vacation?
Now, the man convicted in this case-
one Olin "Pete" Coones...
...went to prison for killing his disabled
father's caregiver and her husband,
despite having a strong alibi.
Now, it was only years later that Coones,
who consistently claimed his innocence,
introduced evidence he'd been framed
by the caretaker... take the fall
in a murder-suicide...
...that she herself committed.
Wait. You're saying this caregiver
decided to make Pete Coones...
...look guilty not only for her husband's
murder, but for her suicide? - Yeah.
I know I'm brand-new to the club,
but that seems pretty far-fetched to me.
If she was gonna do herself in anyway,
why bother framing Coones?
Probably for revenge.
It was Coones who figured out she was
stealing money from his father and...
...was getting ready
to press charges.
Sorry, Phillip.
Please go ahead.
Where were we?
So, no Arthur tonight?
Is he working a case?
No, he's on a cruise ship
right now with his mom and the kids.
Well, good for him.
It's too bad you two
had to put off your honeymoon.
Well, weather happens.
- Yeah.
We don't mind having a little "staycation"
until we can get on a plane to Paris.
I know! You could spend a few days
at Aunt Gladys' place at Ridge Bay.
Bubba and I sometimes go up there
for a romantic weekend.
I love Ridge Bay. Me and my friends
go fishing up there sometimes.
That's up Highway 23, right?
- It's about a half-hour drive.
I'd be more than happy to give
you the keys to the cabin.
Thank you, Lizzy, but...'s not the kind of
honeymoon we had in mind.
We have the time off.
Why not go up there for a few days?
I'd love to get you on a boat,
do a little fishing.
Yeah. It sounds fun.
I think it's wonderful that you
and Nick are heading up to the bay.
You two need
some alone time together.
I'm very excited about romantic walks in
the woods, and wine on the deck at sunset,
but how do I tell my husband
I really don't want to go fishing?
Yes, that wouldn't be
my cup of tea, either.
But didn't you say fishing has
some sentimental value for Nick?
Yeah, his father used to take him
and his brother on long fishing trips.
They're happy memories for him.
Well, then, you know, you should try it.
I mean, who knows, you may like it.
Aurora, you're just starting
a marriage that I know you want to last.
It would serve you well to get out
of your comfort zone once in awhile.
Thank you, Mother.
Sounds like excellent advice.
Well, I learned that
the difficult way.
Does that mean you'll be playing poker with
Dad when you go down to visit him in Florida?
How did you know
that I'm going down there?
Dad told me you two
have been having...
...long, late-night phone conversations
since the wedding,
and he said you're gonna go
visit him next month.
The question is,
why didn't you tell me?
Are you blushing?
No! No. That would suggest that
I'm doing something untoward,
which I certainly am not.
No, you're just keeping it a secret.
- I'm trying to protect you.
I don't want you invested
in a particular outcome...
...if your dad and I spend time
together and then we don't--
Excuse me.
- Could that be Dad now?
Stop it.
No. It's the real estate
association. I'd better take it.
Is it my imagination, or does
your mother look a little flushed?
She'd tell you
it's your imagination...
...and not because we were just
talking about my dad.
You ready? The fish are waitin'.
- Can't wait.
Wow, when Lizzy said "cabin,"
I was thinking
something small and rustic.
I don't think Aunt Gladys
was much for roughin' it.
Hi, welcome.
Come on in.
So... there are DVDs for the TV,
but there's no cable or satellite.
There's no WiFi either.
Aunt Gladys wanted to feel like she
could literally get away from it all.
My uncle tried to talk her into
getting a landline for emergencies,
but she said no to that, too.
It's perfect!
Just you, me,
and beautiful nature.
Okay! So I'm gonna go and we'll
let you two start your honeymoon.
Or your rehearsal honeymoon,
or whatever this is.
Okay. Keys are on the counter.
Have so much fun.
Thanks again, Lizzy!
- Yes, we appreciate it, Lizzy.
How smart are we
to marry each other?
I'm very pleased with
our brilliant decision-making.
I knew we'd be happy together,
but I didn't know it would feel
like this-like floating.
Well, Mrs. Aurora
Teagarden Miller,
I've been floating
since the day I met you.
Stop saying that!
Poor kid.
He's upset.
We should give them
their privacy.
You okay?
- Yeah.
I suppose we should start thinking
about what we want to do for dinner.
Maybe dinner can wait.
Hello. - Hi. Welcome to
Slocum Security.
How may I help you?
- I'm Aida Teagarden,
from the Real Estate Association and
I have an appointment with the owner...
...Russ Slocum?
- Yes, I will let him know you're here.
Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
Aw. My husband made me breakfast.
How lucky am I?
Coffee with a splash of cream.
- Thank you.
So today's fishing day, right?
I get the feeling you're not all
that excited about it. - N-- I am.
This marriage is built to last.
I'm gonna share in your interests.
I'm gonna learn to hook
innocent little fishies,
pull them up out of
their nice watery home...
and learn to gut them
and fry them up.
So the president
of the Real Murders Club,
who doesn't flinch
at the most grisly of crimes,
gets squishy about the thought
of catching a fish.
I'm sure I can get used to it.
- Roe...
...the success of our marriage doesn't
depend on you hooking "innocent little fish."
Well, whatever it took,
I was prepared to be ruthless.
Well, forget fishing. But we can
still take a boat out on the bay,
and maybe take a picnic,
find a nice spot along the shore?
Now, that sounds like
my kind of adventure..
Well, if the boat breaks down, we have
enough food to survive on the bay for days.
Looks like
someone could use a hand.
That's the... kid we saw on
our neighbor's deck last night.
Hey there. Got a flat, I see?
I've never changed a tire before.
I can't figure this thing out.
Well, I'll be happy
to show you how that thing works.
May we call someone for you?
- Already called my mom.
Shouldn't have stayed
at her cabin last night.
I knew I had class this morning,
but now I'm gonna miss it.
My professor told me if I miss one
more class, it'd be an automatic fail.
Your professor?
You mean at Lawrenceton University?
Yeah, I'm a freshman.
- Well, my husband teaches there.
Nick, why don't you call his professor
and ask him to make an exception?
A flat tire is hardly his fault.
Jacob? Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I was just about to show him
how to change that tire.
Thanks. I called Triple "A."
They should here soon.
Mom. This guy works at L.U.,
and he said he could talk to
my professor so I don't get dropped.
Actually, I didn't say that.
I did, and I probably shouldn't have.
I was just trying to help.
I'm Roe, by the way.
This is my husband, Nick.
We're staying at the Allison
cabin for a few days.
Then I'm your
next-door neighbor.
Terry Hall. This is Jacob.
- Good to meet you, neighbor.
Wait. So... are you going to
talk to my professor? - No, Jacob.
I actually prefer him to figure out
how to solve his own problems.
Exactly what
I usually recommend to parents.
There. You see?
I do know what I'm talking about.
Now, let's go wait in our car.
I hope you both have a nice day.
- You too.
Mrs. Teagarden, Russ Slocum.
- Yes.
Thank you for meeting with me.
- Yes. Please.
So, you told my assistant
that you've had some complaints...
...from the agents in your real estate
association about my company?
Yes, and as chairman of
the business outreach program,
I'm hoping that
you can help me with that.
I'll certainly do what I can.
What seems to be the problem?
Well, the problem is that
some of your representatives...
...are selling your home security systems and
telling customers that the security system...
...raises the value of their homes
a lot more than it actually does.
That's... concerning.
I've experienced that myself
a few times when listing a house.
My clients are not too happy
when they find out...
...what the actual worth
of a security system is to an appraiser.
Here's a list of complaints
from the different agents.
Just as I thought.
Every one of the orders
for the customers...
...your agents named
were deals made... one of my long-time
sales reps, Cliff Minton.
Well, it's nice to know
it's not company policy... misrepresent
the value of a product.
I don't think
it's Cliff's policy either.
He's just an enthusiastic guy,
with a talent for hyperbole.
But he's not always on point
with the numbers.
I'll talk to him.
It won't be a problem in the future.
- Well, the future is not the issue.
The seeds of misinformation
have already been planted.
Point taken.
Why don't we send out a letter
to all of Cliff's customers,
make sure they know
the actual value of their system?
Perhaps a joint letter with
the Real Estate Association?
Sure. I can have one of my
assistants work on that with you.
What about Cliff Minton?
If these are his customers,
shouldn't his signature
be on the letter as well?
Maybe, but...
Cliff hasn't been in the office all week,
and I haven't been able to reach him.
I'm actually
getting a little worried.
He's been gone a week? Shouldn't you be
calling the police and report him missing?
Okay. Thank you!
There you go.
So we have three hours
to bring the boat back?
You get another hour free
if you rent fishing equipment.
Got some decent rods here.
No, thanks.
We won't be going fishing today.
Wasted opportunity, if you ask me,
but to each his own.
Slip number 18.
Lifejackets are under the seat.
Thanks so much!
Wasn't he Mr. Sunshine?
You ready?
- I'm ready.
And when's the last time
you saw Mr. Minton?
Last Friday.
- Missing almost a week?
Why'd it take you so long to call us?
- Well, Cliff doesn't work every day.
He's got other income,
so he comes and goes as he pleases.
The weird thing is he's not answering
his phone, not returning calls, or texts.
Does he have any family?
People he lives with? Wife, kids?
No. He's divorced, no kids.
Lives alone.
Any other family members?
Parents, siblings?
He has parents in Maryland,
in a retirement home, but they're not close.
Feel free to jump in, Sergeant.
What else would you ask if you were
leading this investigation?
What about his friends?
He must have friends here
at work. - Sure.
Most of my sales group is fairly tight.
He's probably closest to Tom.
Tom. Want to come here a minute?
What's up? - Have you heard from your
buddy, Cliff Minton, since Friday?
Saw him for a few minutes
on Saturday morning.
He stopped by my place
to borrow my fishing rod,
said he was gonna head up to
Ridge Bay, needed to clear his head.
"Clear his head"? From what?
Was he under work stress?
Nah, if he was stressed,
it was probably about his divorce.
He's still in court battles with his ex.
It's amazing how much fun you can have in
a boat without a fishing pole in your hands.
Yeah, but I was hoping
to impress you with my ability.. scare up a meal
with just a string and a hook.
Don't worry, you've impressed
me with many other things.
Speaking of meals...
I am getting hungry.
That looks like a good spot
for a picnic over there. - Yeah.
Nick, look. Is that
a boat caught in the brush?
With a "Heller" logo on it, like this one.
Wonder how it got out here?
Maybe there was some rough weather,
and it got loose from the slip?
Maybe if we tow it in,
we can cheer up Mr. Sunshine.
Hey, do you see that?
It looks like
some sort of bundle.
It's a body!
Bad timing for Lynn that Arthur
is stuck on a cruise ship right now.
Well, she promoted
Officer Heard to Sergeant.
I'm sure he'll step up.
The deceased still had his
wallet and keys in his pocket.
Ridge Bay Motel?
That isn't far from here.
You've already given us your statement,
Roe, so you and Nick are free to go.
From the I.D. that we found
in his wallet, the victim's name...
...Clifford Edward Minton,
from Lawrenceton.
Cliff Minton?
That's our missing person
from Slocum Security. - Yeah.
He was reported missing? When?
This is police business, Roe, not yours.
Go back to your honeymoon.
Actually, it's our pre-honeymoon.
- Okay. Whatever. Just go.
I overheard
the coroner's crew talking.
They found a bullet wound
in the guy's chest.
It was murder?
Well, that explains the blood
spatter we saw on the rental boat.
So he was shot in the boat?
Let's go see
what else they found.
Roe, I don't think Lynn wants to
have to tell us to leave again.
Maybe we should get back
to enjoying our pre-honeymoon.
Yeah, that's exactly
what we should do. - Yeah.
So if this is a potential homicide,
I need you to head back to Lawrenceton
and lock down the victim's house.
Yeah, I'll stop by Slocum Security too,
and lock down that office as well.
Good, and get his computer.
There's a CCTV camera
at the end of the dock.
I'm gonna check the marina authority
and see if it was recording.
First, I'm gonna head over to the
motel and the boat rental place,
see if Minton was seen with
anybody during his time here.
Alright. I'll see you
at the station.
That must be
Cliff Minton's truck they're towing.
Yeah. I almost forgot,
I have to settle up with Mr. Sunshine.
I'll meet you back here.
- Where are you going?
Just for a little walk.
To the motel. I'm curious.
- You, curious?
Ha, ha.
I won't be long.
Then it'll be right back to the honeymoon.
- "Pre-honeymoon".
Excuse me. Do you work here?
- Yes. I'm the manager.
They said somebody got killed
on the bay. - Yes.
Someone who was staying here.
Clifford Minton, in room 137.
Guess that explains why he
didn't show up to check out.
Do you know when he checked in?
- Yeah, last Saturday afternoon.
Booked for two nights,
but just stayed the one, and then, poof.
Didn't show up for his luggage or anything.
- That didn't strike you as odd?
Well, I figured he got in a scrape with
old Heller, and left town for his own good.
Heller? As in Donald Heller
from the boat rental company?
Heller was here on Sunday night,
demanding to see that Minton fella.
Said he planned
to do the man some damage,
something about
stealing his boat.
Yep, I thought Minton had reason
to make himself scarce.
Heller can be pretty unpleasant
when he chooses.
If Clifford Minton
didn't check out,
what did you do with his luggage and
all the other things in his room?
Housekeeping packed it
all up in his suitcase...
...when she cleaned his room.
I've got it back here.
I don't suppose I could take
a quick peek, to see what's insi--
Never mind.
Nice talking to you.
Seriously, Roe?
I should've waited to come in until
you had a chance to investigate first.
I'm sorry.
- I don't believe you.
I think you're congratulating
yourself for beating me here.
I'm sorry I upset you anyway.
Make sure you ask him about the
owner of the boat rental company.
He seems like a good suspect.
You signed the contract.
No refunds for time not used.
It's not my problem
you couldn't use it.
Okay, Mr. Heller,
it was just a question.
So I talked to the manager
at the Ridge Bay Motel.
He said Donald Heller showed up there
and made threats against Cliff Minton.
I'm sure he's gonna be a suspect.
- Well, he won't be the only one on the list.
Since Sally's out of town,
I just called Macon at the newspaper... see if he had any background
info on Clifford Minton.
Turns out they ran a big story
about him last year.
Why? - Because
he was awarded alimony--
...big alimony-in his divorce
from an attorney in Lawrenceton... attorney
by the name of Terry Hall.
Terry Hall, the woman we met today?
I doubt it was a coincidence that her ex
was killed just two miles from her place.
You're right, Donald Heller won't
be alone on the suspect list.
Lynn has
Cliff Minton's suitcase.
Looks like she's heading
to interview Heller.
I wish I could be a
fly on that wall.
Minton rented one of my boats on
Sunday-1:48 in the afternoon.
He was due to bring it back
at 4:48. Didn't show.
Was anyone else with him?
- Not that I noticed.
The motel manager said that
you showed up on Sunday...
...and made some threats
against Mr. Minton.
Yeah, well,
I thought he stole my boat.
Is that the conclusion
you normally jump to...
...when a boat doesn't come back?
That the renter stole it?
It's the conclusion I jumped to
with Minton. He'd done it before.
So you knew Cliff Minton before
he walked in here on Sunday?
I used to rent him boats
now and again.
Fancied himself a fisherman,
but he got to where he was keeping the
boats for a week or more and not paying up.
I had to take him to court
to get him to pay what he owed me.
So you're telling me that
Cliff Minton used to drive up here...
...and rent boats from you
on a regular basis?
He was already here.
His wife-ex-wife-
has a place up the road.
Cliff Minton's ex-wife
lives here? - Yeah.
We didn't get the chance
to have that picnic.
What do you say we set it up
on the deck, have a late lunch?
Mrs. Miller?
Sorry, I can't seem to get
any cell reception.
Yeah, there's not much in the way
of reception this far from the marina.
Yeah, it's not a big deal.
You want to look up the news story
I mentioned about Cliff Minton's divorce.
Yes, but I don't want you
to think that...
...our honeymoon isn't the most important
thing to me in the world right now.
Look. Would it make you
feel better if I admit that...
...I'm curious about what's
in those articles, too?
Why, yes, it would, Mr. Miller.
- Then let's head outside,
and see if we can find a
good spot to get a signal.
I'll get our coats.
- Terry Hall?
- Yes.
Chief Liggett Smith,
Lawrenceton Police Department.
Sergeant, you're back.
Yes, and I'll need to speak
to your boss again.
Hello, Sergeant. Any news on Cliff?
- I'm afraid it's not good.
His body was found this morning
in Ridge Bay.
Well... that's a shame.
I appreciate you stopping by
and letting us know.
That's not the only reason
why we're here.
It seems Mr. Minton's death
may not have been an accident.
Cliff was killed?
The coroner hasn't officially
ruled on a cause of death,
but, out of an abundance of caution,
we'd like to do a quick search of his office,
take custody of his computer.
That computer's company property.
You're not taking it.
Why don't I have the Chief of Police
come by and explain why we need it?
Fine. Have her do that.
I'll go call my corporate counsel now
and ask them to meet her here.
Maybe you didn't hear what I said.
- I heard you. Cliff's dead.
Possibly murdered.
Most people have some kind of reaction
when I give them news like that.
I assume it would be in bad form
to heave a giant sigh of relief,
which is basically
all that I feel.
This your son?
I was told you and Minton didn't
have any children. - We didn't.
Jacob's a child
from a brief marriage in my 20s...
...a man who died of cancer
six years ago,
a man who deserved the tears
that I cried for him.
When's the last time
you saw Cliff Minton?
Three months ago.
- Three months?
Even though he came to spend
the weekend in the Ridge Bay area.
He didn't tell you he was here?
He did. He called.
Said he wanted to talk.
I told him to talk to my lawyer.
End of story.
Why don't you tell me
the beginning of the story?
What began as a pleasant
marriage turned sour,
then became a bitter divorce.
His lawyer got a judge not only to
award him my house in Lawrenceton...
...a house that I bought
before the marriage...
...but to award him
an egregious amount of alimony,
so egregious
it actually made the news.
I was an attorney once myself-
corporate attorney...
...but I lost respect for the profession.
I quit my job.
Recently, I filed
to have the alimony reduced,
which, I assume,
is why he wanted to talk.
Well, that's no longer gonna be a problem
now, is it? - Apparently not.
We think that he was likely shot while
he was out on a boat on Ridge Bay.
Do you own a firearm, Ms. Hall?
- No. I have a distaste for guns.
Do you have any idea who might've
been on that boat with him,
anyone he had a conflict with?
Besides you, of course.
No. But Cliff was a salesman...
King of false promises.
I always told him that, one day,
it would come back to bite him.
Looks like I was right.
I'll be in touch.
- Whatever you need.
Not even a hint of a bar.
Looks like she's crying.
Maybe she just learned
her ex was killed?
She is not crying.
She is laughing.
You having a nice time?
- Honey. The best time.
I love being here with you.
I can hear
the unspoken "but."
I can't stop wondering what
Cliff Minton was doing here,
with Terry so close,
while they were still
locked in a court battle.
Maybe... a condolence call
on Terry is in order?
I'll go get ready.
I knew Cliff,
what, a couple of decades?
We worked as alarm installers
together, back in our 20s.
When I started this company,
he was the first guy I called.
Because you were
such good friends?
No, because Cliff knew the
security business inside and out.
And no one could
close a sale like Cliff.
Do you have any thoughts on
who might have killed him?
No. Everyone liked him.
Well, except his ex-wife, I suppose.
They had a bad time of it.
Did he tell you that?
- Didn't have to.
Terry came in here a few times
to give him heck.
Is that all?
I'm gonna need a list
of Cliff Minton's clients.
What for? - While you say that
everyone liked him,
others say he was
"the king of false promises."
That's a recipe
for a lot of unhappy clients.
Also, I'm going to be taking
his computer and searching his office.
I believe that's the search warrant
you told my sergeant you needed?
- Aida!
You are the last person
I expected to see here.
I'm working on a joint project, with Sharon
there, for the Real Estate Association.
But, she looks like
she may not be up to it today.
You haven't heard about the murder?
- Murder?
One of the employees here
was killed. Cliff Minton.
They found his body
up at Ridge Bay yesterday.
How awful.
But Ridge Bay?
Yes, and wouldn't you know... it was
Aurora and Nick who found the body.
- Don't worry. They're fine.
Sharon, I know we're going to
be working together,
but I just heard about Cliff Minton.
I am so sorry.
I appreciate that. It has been
really hard. Everybody here is so sad.
Hey! So Cliff's office is now mine.
Can I get the key?
- Yeah.
You should see Cliff's office.
It's better than Slocum's.
Cliff had some good dirt on him.
Maybe this isn't the right time.
- No, I'm okay.
I had to put together Cliff's
client list for the police earlier,
so we might as well get started.
Any names jumping out at you
from Minton's client list? - Not so far.
It's a pretty short list for somebody
who's worked there for so many years.
But then, his boss did say he didn't work
there full-time after he married Terry Hall.
We're still waiting on the lab to finish
processing the items from Minton's suitcase,
but the fishing boat is done.
Heller's prints are all over it.
Well, that's not a surprise, right?
He owns the boat, he must maintain it.
Well, it's moot anyway.
Blood splatter indicates...
...he was shot from 10 to 15 feet away
with a .32-caliber bullet,
which means another boat
would've pulled up alongside him.
I almost forgot.
You wanted to know why Donald
Heller's prints were in the system?
He's got a record.
Two arrests for battery,
and felony conviction for assault.
Attacked some guy at a bar
after he lost a pool game.
Served eight months. - There you go.
Heller has a violent criminal history.
He threatened the victim,
had a contentious history with the victim.
A lawsuit, accusations of theft,
and who knows what else
tripped his hair-trigger temper.
Plus, he knew the victim was on the
water and had access to different boats.
Did we get the footage back
from the marina dock yet?
'Cause if I can catch Heller
underway after Minton,
then I'll have enough
to get a search warrant for him, too.
They'll get us a thumb drive by tomorrow.
- Well, keep working on that client list.
I'm gonna look into Terry Hall's
relationship with her ex.
Think I'll head over to the university,
see if I can't get any insights from her kid.
I don't think paying a condolence
call to the ex-wife is typical,
but I do
appreciate the sentiment.
Especially since you were
so kind to stop and help my son.
And how is Jacob?
I don't suppose he was able to
make it to class in time yesterday?
No, but perhaps a death in the family
will make his absence excusable.
I see you drink Grozny.
It's funny, because a bottle was left
in your ex-husband's motel room.
Yes, well, I introduced it to
Cliff when we started dating.
How long were you married?
- Three years.
But it would've been a lot less,
if I had my way.
Doesn't take long to realize
you've married an opportunist.
Sounds like you think
he married you for your money?
You're not here to pay a condolence call.
You're here to fish for information.
We did find
your ex-husband's body.
I admit to curiosity
about why he was here.
You've apparently read about me
in the Lawrenceton paper.
Well, I've read about you, too,
Miss Teagarden.
Actually, it's Mrs. Miller now.
- Whatever your name,
I know you've had a hand in solving
several murders in Lawrenceton.
It's one thing to have to talk to
the police about my personal life,
but I'd prefer not to be
under your microscope as well.
So if you don't mind, you can make
your way out the same way you came in.
We respect how you feel. But we'll
be next door for the next few days.
Yes. If you need anything...
run to the store, grab dinner...
Hey, Chief. What are you
doing on campus today?
Phillip! Hi. I was actually just
looking for the freshman dorm.
I could've sworn it was this way.
- No. It's on other side of the quad.
I'll show you.
Why is Terry Hall
being so dodgy?
I got the sense
she's private by nature,
and maybe a little embarrassed at being
taken advantage of in her marriage.
I don't know.
She clearly liked challenging me.
Almost as if she wanted us
to think she's guilty...
...if that makes any sense.
- Yeah, a little.
But it would take a longer conversation
to unravel her motivations.
I should call my mother.
The further this investigation goes,
the more likely she's gonna hear about it,
and when she hears about it,
she's gonna learn that we found the body...
...and when she learns that, she's...
- Gonna worry.
I forgot. No cell reception.
Well, we do need another bottle
of wine for tonight.
Why don't we go to the marina?
Phillip, you wouldn't happen
to know a boy named Jacob Hall?
Doesn't sound familiar. Room 401
you said, yeah? - Yeah. - Kinda ironic.
I lived across the hall in 402,
when I was a freshman.
Mind if I watch you do your thing,
see the master detective at work?
Philip, I'm afraid even flattery
will not get me to let you--
Jacob Hall? Chief Liggett Smith,
Lawrenceton P.D.
He's a student.
Phillip Pifer. He's--
- ...A criminal justice major.
...Who is just about
to go away now.
- Sorry.
I'm investigating the murder
of your stepfather--
Former stepfather, you mean.
All right, "former stepfather."
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Did you talk to my mom?
Because she might get mad...
...if I talk to you
without a lawyer or whatever.
Jacob, this isn't about
questioning you as a suspect.
I'm just trying to get
a little background info.
Right. It's totally
an informal thing.
She's gotta get a lay
of the land for the investigation.
Okay, well,
I don't have time anyway.
I'm late for my chemistry lab
and I gotta go. So, sorry.
You and Roe
are certainly related,
but, Phillip, if you ever want to
get a job with the Lawrenceton P.D.--
He just lied to you, Chief.
- Jacob did? About what?
I know the chemistry lab schedule
and they don't do labs on Fridays.
You mean he's ducking me?
- Yeah.
Okay, Ed and Julie Steyer?
- Okay.
Yes, they purchased
the "Silver" package,
so version "B" of the letter
will go to them.
Okay. Good. Hold that thought.
It's my daughter. Okay.
Aurora, I have a bone to pick with you.
A bone to pick with me?
Yes, you could've warned me about
what you found up at Ridge Bay.
Honestly, only you could stumble
on a body on your honeymoon.
"Pre-honeymoon." And that's why I'm
calling you, I didn't want you to worry.
Well, too late for that.
- Mrs. Teagarden...
...can I get you a tea?
- Yes, that would be lovely, thank you.
Okay. I'm in the middle
of a project for Slocum Security.
You're doing a project at the
victim's place of employment?
Regrettably. But it has nothing
to do with the murder, I don't think.
Although, I am the one
who got his boss to report...
...that Cliff Minton was missing
before his body was found.
Well, why didn't you tell me that?
- Why on Earth would I tell you that?
Okay, but have you heard anything
about Cliff Minton in his office?
Are they talking about
who might've killed him?
I did hear someone say that
Cliff might've had...
...some dirt on his boss.
- Who's that? - Russ Slocum.
At first, I took it as a joke, but...'s so odd because he put
up with Cliff's shenanigans...
...which I am here now
trying to fix...
...and then gave him the biggest
office in this place.
Do you think you can find out exactly
what Cliff might've had on Russ Slocum?
Aurora, I'm not gonna try
and be a spy for you.
Sorry, Mother, I have to go.
I just spotted Cliff's ex-wife.
Talking to Donald Heller?
What was that about?
- I just saw Terry hand...
...Donald Heller
an envelope full of cash.
Do you think it was a payoff
to him for killing her ex?
You'd better call Lynn,
tell her what you saw.
Lab says most of the items in Minton's
suitcase were clothes and toiletries.
But there were two glasses in the room,
with traces of vodka in them,
that didn't belong to the motel.
They lifted two distinct sets of prints off
of them that don't belong to Minton.
Well, one was most likely
the housekeeper who picked them up.
So, Minton had someone over
to his motel room for drinks.
Wonder who? - Should I drive up to Ridge
Bay and get the motel housekeeper's prints?
Yes, Roe, what is it?
I see. Okay.
I'll look into it.
No. Thank you. We've got it.
Roe Teagarden is at the marina
at Ridge Bay.
She said she just saw Terry Hall
handing money over to Donald Heller.
Guess what else? The lab
just finished processing Minton's car,
and they found prints on the passenger-side
door handle belonging to Donald Heller.
Looks like we finally have enough
to get our search warrant on Heller.
Subtitle Editing
What is it you people want?
Why were you
handing money to Donald Heller?
That's none of your concern.
- Maybe not,
but now
the police know about it, too.
Maybe they'll reimburse me.
I paid Mr. Heller for the boat
the police dragged off as evidence.
They don't seem to care that
he needs that boat to make a living.
Why is it your job
to pay him for it?
Why don't you stay
out of my business?
There's got to be more to that
story between her and Heller.
I'd wager there's a lot more.
Okay, that's it, that's the last name
on the list.
It looks like we're going to need...
22 version "A" and 16 version "B".
Okay, I'll start printing--
Guess I was wrong about everyone
being sad about Cliff dying.
Maybe it just hasn't
sunk in yet.
Or maybe they're all just
more jealous of Cliff than I thought.
Mr. Slocum let him do things
he didn't let anybody else do.
You know,
time off, long lunches.
So, what that fella said about Cliff "having
something" on Russ, that wasn't a joke?
No, I'm sure it was,
but it's just a joke that Tom makes a lot.
And the first batch of letters
should be coming out of the printer now.
Okay, I'll go get them
and start signing. - Okay.
"Did you find out what Cliff
Minton had on his boss?"
Has she been asking you
questions about this? - I...
I want Mrs. Teagarden
out of this office. Now.
Are you going through my phone?
Why don't we finish
this project tomorrow?
I'll print out
the rest of the letters,
and then we can meet
for lunch so you can sign them?
If only I could get online.
All the research I could be doing...
You know, the lack of WiFi here
is not a bug, it's a feature.
The police will
take care of this case,
so why don't we unplug from it and do
something relaxing and vacation-y? Like...
The new Robin Daniels book?
You clever husband, you.
Let's go read
the afternoon away?
This is a farce.
All because that nosy woman saw
something she didn't understand.
You brought this on yourself..., and your fingerprints
in Cliff Minton's car.
Do you deny
that you were in his car?
Yeah, I was in it.
- When? Why?
Sunday. When he first came in here,
I told him to get lost, on account of
the trouble I had with him before.
Then I thought,
why turn his money down?
So I went outside,
found him in his car.
He told me to get in.
We had a conversation.
We came back in here,
I rented him the boat.
Tell me the parts
you're leaving out..., maybe how you were trying
to find out where he planned to fish,
so you could find him
on the bay later?
I was here all afternoon,
renting out boats.
Check my logbook.
Who's to say you didn't
alter these times... you could lock up
for an hour, take one of your boats out?
I'd be pretty dumb
to do that considering...
...there's a security camera
pointed right at the dock.
I'm sure you know other spots
to put a boat on the bay.
Good luck trying to prove that.
- Why was Minton's ex-wife...
...handing you money earlier today?
- You took my boat!
She knew I was losing money.
- Why would she want to help you?
I've been asking her that ever since she
helped me file my lawsuit against Minton.
Terry Hall helped you
sue her ex?
She had good reason
to want to see him squirm,
after the way he went after her and
her kid with his pack of lawyers.
He went after Jacob in court?
Not exactly
"stepfather of the year," was he?
Jacob, hey.
Phillip Pifer? We met yesterday.
- Yeah, you were with that cop.
Yeah, she's actually
a pretty good cop.
You should give her a chance,
talk to her.
Or not. It's fine.
You could just talk to me.
- Why would I want to do that?
To help find out
what happened.
My cousin, Roe, and her husband were
the ones who found your stepdad,
so of course they want
to know what happened.
She's staying next door
to your mom and was trying to talk to her-
Yeah, well, you should
tell her to stop bugging my mom,
or she'll have to deal with me.
Whoa. Okay.
It's cool.
Just... have a good day.
All right?
Mom? Hey. It's me.
Dinner's almost ready.
I was just getting
to the really good part.
Those steaks I'm grilling
are about to be the good part, trust me.
I trust you.
How I trust you.
How's your steak?
You weren't kidding.
It's so good.
- Yeah.
You're such a good cook.
I'm so lucky.
Thank you.
I just... I want to
remember this moment. Forever.
That shot came
from the kitchen window.
We're not safe here.
- Over there!
Okay, stay low.
There's no cell service.
We can't call for help.
We'll have to do this on our own.
Roe, we can figure this out.
Roe! Nick! Are you okay?
That's Terry.
- It could be a trap.
Please open up!
I called the police!
Stay here.
- Nick!
I am not letting you
go to that door alone.
Okay, all right. Stay low.
Watch out for the window.
Thank goodness,
you're both okay.
I was on my back deck.
I heard the shots.
Police should be here
any minute.
Did you see or hear
anything at all outside...
...before or after the gunshots?
- We were having dinner.
We weren't focused
on what was happening outside...
...and, after the shots,
we were just tying to stay alive.
Someone meant to kill us.
- Or scare you.
Donald Heller...
You said he was angry that I'd called you
about seeing Terry hand him money.
It wasn't Heller.
We've had him under surveillance
since yesterday.
I'm more interested in how
Terry got over here so quickly...
...after the gunshots occurred.
She called the police. But that
doesn't mean she wasn't the shooter.
Yes, there's all kinds of
psychological reasons...
...why someone who commits
an offense is the one who calls the police.
Yes, and a big one
is to cover for themselves.
I'm gonna go and talk to her.
You two stay in the motel tonight.
I'll have a guard posted outside your door.
Thank you.
The bullets are .32 caliber.
The same caliber
that killed Cliff Minton.
But not necessarily
the same gun.
We won't know that until--
- You find the gun. And the killer.
Guess our honeymoon's over.
Time to head back
to Lawrenceton tomorrow.
You okay with that?
I thought
we weren't gonna make it.
We just got married and
I thought we were gonna die.
Ms. Hall, you told me recently
that you had a "distaste for guns"?
Yes, so?
- So, I was confused,
because, when
you heard the gunshots,
you ran toward the danger
rather than away from it.
And here I thought you'd be hailing
me as a hero for calling the police.
No, we're very grateful
that you called us.
Yet you stand here asking me
why I came to help my neighbors.
A question
you still haven't answered.
It's true what they say...
no good deed goes unpunished.
I heard the shots.
I was worried they might be hurt.
I called the police and I came
over here to check on them.
How did you know you wouldn't
be placing yourself in danger?
Because I saw
someone run into the woods.
You saw someone run into the woods all
the way from your house? - That's right.
Can you describe them?
Male? Female?
It was too dark to make out any features.
- Yes, it's very dark outside.
And yet, you saw a figure running
away, from a very good distance?
And I heard footsteps, too.
You see, Ms. Hall,
I'm not a big believer
in coincidence,
and there have been
two shooting incidents...
...that occurred in very close
proximity to your house.
You're a lawyer. As you know,
we call that "opportunity."
And while you say you don't own a
firearm, do I believe you?
Maybe it's just a matter of finding it.
We call that "means." Tch.
Then there's the fact that
the person who was killed nearby...
...just so happens to be
your ex-husband,
a man whose death would have benefited
you both directly and indirectly.
That's motive.
What you don't have is proof.
- Call your lawyer, Ms. Hall.
Tell them to meet us at the
Lawrenceton Police Department tomorrow...
...for official questioning.
Room 137, the room Cliff Minton
was staying in before he got shot...
...I wish I could go inside.
- And what would you be hoping to see?
A signature item belonging to the
killer sticking out from under the bed?
Roe, someone clearly doesn't want us looking
into Cliff Minton's murder any further.
Since when has that
ever stopped me, or us?
If you don't mind my asking, how long
have you been staying here in this room?
About a week. Two more to go
while we get our kitchen renovated.
And did you happen to meet the guy who
was staying in this room last weekend?
No. I work weekends.
Do you recall hearing anything coming
from that room during the night?
An argument, anything like that?
Like I said, I work weekends,
as a bartender, which means...
You work nights.
You could talk to my wife.
She keeps complaining the walls are
too thin, but she works days, so.
Thanks anyway.
Terry Hall and her lawyer
will be here in 20 minutes.
Footage from the marina
the day Minton was shot.
This is Minton here.
The face isn't good focus,
but those are the clothes that he
was wearing when his body was found.
He leaves here at 1:57 p.m.
Obviously alone.
Looks like quite a few more boats
leave over the next few hours.
I want you to zoom in
on all those boats,
see how many registration numbers
you can come up with.
Aida Teagarden.
Aida, if you have questions
about the gunshots,
I'm afraid we don't have
any answers for you yet.
What gunshots?
At the Allison cabin last night.
- What?
You didn't know.
Don't be too concerned.
Roe and Nick are fine.
Aurora had left a message saying
they were coming back early,
but she never mentioned
What happened?
- There were four shots...
... fired from outside, through the window,
likely to scare Nick and Roe.
How can you be sure that they
were just trying to scare them?
Well, we can't be sure, exactly, but...
Do you think
Russ Slocum is behind this?
We don't know
who's behind it yet,
but why would Slocum's name
be the first that came to you?
Because I caught him on my phone--
without my permission--
...looking at a text from Aurora asking
me about the rumor I'd heard at Slocum...
...regarding Cliff Minton
having some "dirt" on him.
And then he just kicked me
out of his office.
I see. - If he believes,
Aurora's a threat to him,
he may have been
the one to fire those shots.
If he did, we will prove it,
and we will prosecute.
In the meantime, thank you
for this information about Russ Slocum.
Russ Slocum made you get a warrant to get
Minton's computer from his office, didn't he?
Yeah, but I don't know
why he threw such a fit.
There wasn't anything on it except emails,
purchase orders, things like that.
Unless Slocum thought there could
have been something on there.
Does he have an alibi
for Sunday afternoon?
He says he was playing golf
here in Lawrenceton.
I want confirmation of that
from the golf course.
Then, after we interview Terry Hall,
I want you to go back to Slocum...
... and print him and everybody else
who works in that office.
If we're lucky,
we might be able to identify...
...who Minton was having a drink
with the night before he was shot.
And if we're very lucky, we might
find out what Slocum had to hide.
Look, I don't deny that there's more
than enough motive for me to kill Cliff.
But there is zero motive for me
to harm the couple next door.
I mean, yes,
they're a little nosy for my taste,
but then so is everyone else
in this area.
I found an arrest report on your son,
Jacob, with the county juvenile court.
But it was sealed.
Did you pull some strings with the judge,
to get that report sealed?
Jacob was 17
during the worst of our divorce.
He was angry and, one day,
he followed Cliff into Corinth,
and he smashed the windshield
of Cliff's car with a tire iron.
Cliff called the Corinth police.
Luckily, the D.A. agreed to let Jacob be
diverted to an anger management program...
...and dropped the charges.
- So, Jacob has a violent temper?
You have no idea
what Cliff has put Jacob through.
Enlighten us.
- For the entire first year of our marriage,
Cliff earned Jacob's trust,
and then he betrayed it,
again and again.
And now Jacob thinks the whole world
is an awful place because of Cliff.
He's been terribly damaged.
Damaged to the point where
he might've wanted to seek revenge?
You wanna play the suspect game
with me over Cliff's murder, that's fine.
I'm the one who chose to marry the man.
But Jacob didn't choose him.
Jacob is the one innocent person
in all of this.
So just back off him.
Am I being charged
with anything here?
Then I think we're done.
There you are.
I was so worried.
But how come
I had to find out from Lynn...
...that someone shot at
the two of you instead of from you?
I'm sorry, mother, that's not the
way we wanted you to find out.
I'd suggest going out of town
for safety's sake,
but I suppose that's how
you got into this mess.
Well, we do leave for Paris
in a few more days.
Do they have any leads on
who might've fired those shots?
Not yet, but I'm sure
Lynn will find out the truth.
Well, I am staying
far away from Slocum Security.
In fact, I'm canceling my lunch
today with Russ Slocum's assistant.
Wait, don't cancel, Mother.
In fact, I'd like to go with you.
Aurora, no, that is
the last thing you should do.
Or it's the best thing
she could do.
The sooner we know who's behind all this
mayhem, the sooner Roe will be safe.
Nick, you have a vexing talent
for putting things... terms
with which I cannot argue.
Well, I'll try to use it
sparingly in the future.
I hope you find out something worthwhile.
I've gotta go take care of something.
Meet you back here later then?
Okay, just give me a minute
and I'll be ready to go.
Jacob! Jacob Hall.
Hey, Jacob.
Glad I spotted you.
I've, wanted to make sure... didn't get dropped
from that class you were worried about.
I don't know.
I mean, not that I know of.
I've reconsidered, and I want to make good
my wife's offer to speak with your professor.
I don't care.
My life is gonna suck regardless.
It's sucked
since my mom married Cliff.
Well, I'm sorry to hear you've been
going through such a hard time.
I wish she'd never
given him the time of day.
He acted all cool and slick,
but underneath, it was all an act.
It's painful to learn that people aren't
who they present themselves to be.
He lied about everything.
He'd tell my mom he helped me
with my homework when he didn't.
He'd tell me he'd pick me up from
school and then never show up.
Then, when my mom
wanted a divorce,
he lied to the judge about my mom,
saying she did things that she didn't do.
Such as?
Saying that she was hiding
money in my name.
It was my money, left to me when
my dad died, but Cliff took half.
That wasn't right.
- No, nothing's been right since.
Well, except
for Cliff being dead.
I'm glad he's gone. And you know what?
I bet you a lot of other people are, too.
So Mr. Slocum has already
signed the letters.
Once you sign them,
you can drop them with me,
and I will make sure
that they get in the mail.
Well, frankly, I'm not be too
keen on going back to that office.
Yeah, your boss
basically kicked her out.
What was that about?
Yes, he did overreact a bit,
but if you look at it
from his point of view,
someone in our office was just
murdered, which is horrible enough,
and then the police
start showing up twice a day?
That's not unusual
in a murder investigation.
I don't know what's usual.
I-I just know that Mr. Slocum is
very protective of his business,
his staff.
Well, isn't it his staff that said
Cliff had some kind of dirt on him?
Sharon believes that the staff
repeated the "dirt" rumor...
...but in a joking way.
- Yes.
Mr. Slocum did let
Cliff get away with a lot,
but it was mostly because
they were like brothers.
I heard them laughing together
all the time.
It is impossible to imagine
Mr. Slocum killing Cliff.
Cliff definitely caused Russ
grief with clients,
with the way he'd make promises
that he couldn't keep.
So why keep Cliff?
Is it true that Cliff had some kind of
blackmail information on him?
Whatever it is you're not telling
me will come out eventually.
It always does.
And it usually doesn't end well
for people who obstruct justice.
Whenever Cliff
would get some vodka in him,
he would say how he knew how Russ
got the money to start this company.
And it wasn't by breaking open
his own piggy bank.
Stolen money?
- Cliff and Russ were installers,
so they knew exactly how to
get past the security systems... the houses of
certain wealthy clients.
So, they robbed their customers?
- That's the way I took it.
But then again, Cliff was full of it half the
time, so maybe he just made up that story.
Who knows?
No! That is not going to happen.
You can forget it!
I'm not gonna just let you just walk in here,
and start fingerprinting me and my staff.
Mr. Slocum, this is about
ruling out your staff.
You think I was born yesterday?
You want prints?
Get a warrant.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, you can't imagine Russ Slocum
killing Cliff, so who do you imagine did?
Sharon is obviously not
comfortable making that conjecture.
And I wouldn't be, either.
Yes, but, Sharon, you worked
with Cliff for a long time, right?
Almost five years.
Then you must have seen
glimpses into his life,
knew who he was close to,
knew who he had problems with.
Well, I do know he had terrible
problems with his ex-wife.
I overheard some of their arguments.
- What did you hear?
Well, I know all couples fight.
I've been disappointed by love myself,
I know it can be painful, but...
...Terry Hall is a cold woman.
Very vindictive, and unstable.
Do you know what Cliff said she did to keep
him from getting the house in the divorce?
She doused it in gasoline
and set it on fire.
Thanks for coming
on such short notice.
This case seems to be getting
harder for the police to solve...
...instead of easier.
- Yeah, not to mention more dangerous.
Man, those gunshots had to be so scary.
- Yeah, pretty shocking.
I thought the cabin would be idyllic
for you. I'm so sorry that happened.
If we assume the killer was the same
person who fired those shots at us,
it wasn't Donald Heller.
He was under surveillance at the time.
He's Lynn's top suspect, right?
- Yes...
...but I don't think
we can rule him out...
...just because he couldn't have been
the one who shot at us.
I personally saw him
take money from Terry Hall.
And, he told Lynn, Terry helped
him file a lawsuit against Cliff.
So, you're thinking she could
have hired Heller to kill her ex,
then fired those shots
at you guys herself?
According to Sharon Patterson,
who worked with Cliff at Slocum,
Terry has
a history of instability.
Said she started a fire to prevent Cliff
from getting her house in the divorce.
Now, I haven't been able
to confirm that.
The news reports on that fire said
the evidence was inconclusive.
Well, she certainly has the most
obvious motive to kill Cliff.
She'll save a ton on alimony.
Revenge for wrongs she feels
done to her, and to her son,
could be an even
more powerful motivation.
And if Minton went up there
to irritate her or taunt her,
it's not a stretch to believe
she may have snapped.
Or her son could have been
the one to snap.
I talked to Jacob today. He carries
a lot of anger toward his stepfather.
I see him on campus.
I could try to talk to him again.
And I can try some of
my colleagues at school,
see if they have
some insights on him.
Well, I think Russ Slocum
could be the one.
Because of the rumor
Cliff had dirt on him?
Yeah, Sharon said she didn't believe
there was much truth to that.
I've gotten to know Charlie Heard
a bit lately. - Sergeant Heard?
Yep. He told me a guy in sales at Slocum
thinks there's truth to that rumor.
According to this guy,
Cliff claimed to have helped Russ Slocum
steal that money to start his company.
That's pretty good dirt.
On top of that, Slocum absolutely refused
to be fingerprinted by Sergeant Heard.
That sounds like
guilty behavior.
Charlie also said that Slocum's alibi
on Sunday-playing golf by himself... questionable.
There's a five-hour gap between the
time he went out on the course...
...and when he got back.
- Solo game doesn't take that long.
It might, if you drive up to Ridge Bay
in the middle of it.
That's some impressive scoop you
got from Sergeant Heard, Davis.
Why don't I go by
Slocum tomorrow,
say I'm researching security
systems for my house...
...and see if I can get any kind
of truth out of him? - Great!
And I'd like to head back up to
Ridge Bay tomorrow morning.
I want to ask around
the marina,
see if there's any more
to Terry's relationship with Heller.
Could you wait
till the afternoon?
I'm really not comfortable
with you going up alone.
Well, I have to head up
first thing in the morning... meet the insurance
adjustor at the cabin... go over the damage
those shots caused.
We could go together.
- Good.
Then we have a plan... to move closer
to the truth and solve this case.
Well, no one we've talked to
has said they've seen Terry Hall...
...and Donald Heller
sitting over coffee together,
but I'm gonna go down to the
docks, talk to a few more people.
Well, I'm supposed to meet
the insurance adjustor in 10 minutes,
but I'll come back
and pick you up?
Wait, I know that guy.
He was in the motel room
next to Cliff's.
Excuse me!
Hi! Do you remember me?
My husband and I talked to you
yesterday at the Ridge Bay Motel?
Right! You were asking about the guy
who was staying next to us.
My gosh... Cliff Minton?
I read about him in the Lawrenceton
paper. He was shot out on the bay.
I'm Jenna, by the way.
- Brandon.
Yeah, I'm Aurora,
this is Lizzy. - Hi.
Jenna, Brandon said that he was working
the night before Cliff was shot,
...and you were the only one in the room.
- Yes, and I wish I hadn't been.
I had the hardest time falling
asleep with all the noise next door.
What kind of noise did you hear?
- Voices yelling.
A pretty big argument,
by the sound of it.
Do you think this has something
to do with him getting shot?
Maybe. You should definitely
call the police and tell them about it.
This argument you heard...
was it about money or business?
Or was it more personal?
- I couldn't hear the words,
but I remember thinking
it had to be a lovers' quarrel.
The woman was yelling
even louder than the man.
It was a woman's voice?
Thank you so much.
You've been a big help. - Sure.
You guys have a good day.
- You too. - Bye.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
Cliff Minton having an argument
with a woman here?
Who else could that be
but Terry Hall?
You are gonna make an excellent addition
to the Real Murders Club, Lizzy.
So, the lab identified the prints on the
drinking glasses left in Minton's hotel room.
Terry Hall.
It's not evidence of murder,
but it is evidence she's a liar.
She told me she hadn't
seen Minton in months.
I have to show you something.
I've been working on identifying
boat registration numbers.
You see this boat here?
I can't see who got in the boat...
...most of the slips are out of frame...
...but it left less than an hour
after Cliff Minton's boat left,
and came back
just 20 minutes later.
That's not very long.
Were you able to zoom in
and get the registration number?
Yeah. It's registered to a
company called "TH Consultants."
Right, I remember that from our list
of slip renters. - I looked it up.
It's a legal consulting business
owned by Terry Hall.
Get a search warrant
on Terry Hall's cabin.
I'm gonna call the judge
and make sure he signs it.
I know you're chomping
at the bit to talk to Terry,
but I just need 10 minutes
with the adjustor.
I'm gonna wander over there
while you chat.
Is she leaving?
What are you doing here?
I was hoping we could talk.
Roe? What are you doing here?
She headed that way
as soon as she saw you.
Check upstairs.
She's not up here.
She must've gone outside.
- I'm on it.
She was looking in that drawer there
just before you pulled up.
It's a good thing
I have a search warrant.
A .32. Of course.
What do you want to bet
that's the gun that killed Cliff Minton?
And fired the shots
at Nick and me?
Pinging Terry's phone won't any good.
It's sitting on the coffee table.
There's no cell reception
up here anyway.
The county sheriff is helping put
together a team to do a grid search.
Plus, I have officers up at the
university picking up her son.
We'll find her. - You're certain
she's the one who killed Cliff Minton?
We have video proof that a boat
registered to her company...
...went out onto the bay
not long after Minton.
Ballistics comes back positive
on the gun, then yes...
...motive, opportunity, means,
plenty of physical evidence...
It's a perfect case.
Does it strike you
as a little too perfect?
Terry is highly intelligent.
Why would the gun sit in her hallway
when she knows she's a suspect?
I'd have an easier time
believing she was framed...
...than to believe someone that smart
would make such dumb mistakes.
Come on, Roe.
You caught her in the act of
removing the gun from the drawer.
Or... did I catch her in the act of
putting the gun in the drawer?
Wait, wait. Are you suggesting
that Terry would frame herself?
Why would she do that?
I can only think of one reason,
to cover for the guilty party.
You're about to say her son?
- If he's the one who killed Cliff,
she might believe the best thing she can do
for Jacob is to point the blame at herself.
But she was leaving.
She was all packed up and ready to go.
Why do that if she wants
to take the heat? - I don't know.
Maybe she doesn't actually
want to go to prison,
she just wants the heat on her,
and not Jacob.
Thanks for meeting me here.
- Sure.
I was gonna talk
to Jacob anyway.
What'd you find out? - I was in the
main office talking to the Dean...
...when two officers showed up, said they
have orders from Lynn to pick up Jacob.
Well, his room's this way.
Apparently, Lynn found
a .32-caliber gun in Terry Hall's hallway,
but she wasn't able to make an arrest
because Terry took off and disappeared.
Man. So they're thinking she
might've gotten in contact with him?
You're packing up?
I hate this place. I'm outta here.
- Why are you leaving, Jacob?
My mom's picking me up,
so, please, just leave me alone.
There's one problem
with your theory.
Remember what Cliff's neighbor
at the motel said?
Cliff was having an argument
with a woman the night before he was killed.
Yes, and we've placed Terry
in that room with her prints...
...on the glasses
that Cliff left behind.
Okay, so... maybe Terry did
have a bad argument with Cliff.
Maybe Jacob was with her,
or was close enough to overhear it.
Okay, Roe, would you just stop?
Look, I don't have time to go down a rabbit
hole of complicated theories with you.
So why don't you pack up...
...your Real Murders Club mystery-solving
puzzle kit and call it a day?
I have a search to finish.
Arthur would at least
hear me out.
You're right. He would.
He's been friends with you
since high school, and he is a good friend.
He also knows how carefully
I've studied actual murders,
and he respects my opinion.
You think this is about respect?
Roe, I know how good you are
at solving these puzzles.
You might be the best there is!
It actually is amazing
how good she is at it.
I know I'm new to this,
but already she has--
Arthur thinks cracking a case...
is puzzle solving, too.
So he's open to working with you,
his puzzle-solving buddy.
But that is not the job.
The job is to collect evidence
in a lawful manner,
and build a case
that will stand up in court.
You used to wonder
why you and I can't be friends.
It's because a friendship with you
is a luxury that I cannot afford...
...not as long
as I'm Chief of Police...
...and responsible for making sure that
evidence doesn't get thrown out,
and that murderers
don't walk free,
because you're in a hurry
to put your puzzle together.
So excuse me
while I finish my job.
She did make some really
good points. - She did...
...but if she doesn't want
to look at the puzzle,
how can she tell
when the pieces don't fit?
I still can't reach Roe.
You said yourself, it's hard
to get a signal up at Ridge Bay.
It's bothering me that Terry
still hasn't been found, though.
Maybe Jacob was right
and she's on her way here.
We should hang out near his dorm
in case she does show up.
That's not a bad idea. I'll have to leave
that to you. I'm heading back to Ridge Bay.
Roe? Hey. Wait a second.
I just found this glass
in Terry's living room.
It's one of a set of four.
You know how I know that?
It matches the glasses you pulled
from Cliff Minton's suitcase?
The ones with Terry's prints?
- Exactly.
Which forces me to ask,
why leave your own glasses
in that room, almost like a calling card?
So, Roe's theory about Terry
framing herself isn't so far-fetched?
As much as I don't want
to admit it,
yes, this is looking
more and more like a frame job.
But I was thinking Terry framed herself after
Jacob confessed to her that he shot Cliff.
If those glasses were left in that
room the night before the murder...
That would mean it was
a premeditated frame job... anticipation
of a premeditated murder.
Well, it seems like the only way to find
out if that's true is to find Terry.
Maybe there'll be something in her house
that will tell me where she went.
But if you come up with any other
ideas while puzzle-solving...
...let me know.
We have to get to the marina
so I can call Nick. - Okay!
You're on your way up?
- I'm halfway there now.
Jacob is convinced his mother
is on her way down to get him.
But she doesn't have a car,
her phone, her purse... would she get there?
Well, she'd have
to meet a friend, or at least...
...find a phone within
walking distance of her cabin.
I think I know where Terry could
find a sympathetic someone. Heller.
Good thinking, but if you want to go
talk to him, please don't go in alone.
Wait till I get there?
- I'm with Lizzy. It'll be fine.
All right. Be careful. Love you.
- Love you, too.
Let's go talk to Donald Heller.
- What? Why?
Is this what we do?
- That's Terry.
I know exactly who planted
that gun in my living room.
Cliff must've made spare keys
to the cabin and boat before we split up.
Didn't I tell you
you ought to change those locks?
I was a fool not to listen.
But I'm not such a fool
I can't guess who he gave those keys to.
I need to get Jacob, make sure he's safe,
and then I'll figure out how to prove it.
Take my truck.
Thank you.
You're such a good friend.
Terry, you can't leave.
The police suspect
you're being framed.
You just have to give them
a chance to sort it out.
Well, I'm not
taking that chance.
I can't let you do that.
If Terry can prove who framed her,
she might be in danger from that person.
Look, if you really
want to help her,
you would let me talk her into
turning herself in to the police.
Roe? I think
it might be too late.
That's Sharon Patterson!
I'm going after her!
- I'll call the police.
We have to catch them.
- We have to do it?
Roe, this is crazy!
We should call Lynn
and have her handle it!
Terry could be dead by then.
I'm gonna follow them!
I hope I don't regret this!
I do regret this!
So much!
Call Nick.
Hey, Chief. 9-1-1 Dispatch is
on the radio, they say it's urgent.
Hey, Roe. Should be there in five minutes.
- Then you're headed straight towards us.
Sharon Patterson has a gun.
She forced Terry into a truck
and took off.
Roe's chasing the killer, Nick.
Shouldn't she stop?
Why don't I try to block
the road with my truck?
I just passed mile marker 88.
Where are you?
Mile marker 92.
Okay, I'll drive one more mile and then I'll
block the road best I can with my truck.
That's not gonna work!
They turned up a dirt road!
I'm gonna follow 'em.
I don't like this.
She's pointing a gun at us!
Roe! No! What are you doing?
- Why are you following me?
You keep ruining everything!
- I just want to help you, Sharon.
She told me she's gonna shoot me
and make it look like a suicide.
Well, that plan's out the window
now, because, if you shoot her,
you're gonna have
to shoot me, too.
And Lizzy Rankart,
she's in the car.
Lizzy! Show Sharon you're here!
- I can't! I'm on the phone!
Hang up the phone now!
- I have to go.
Hurry, Lynn!
Sharon's got a gun.
I hung up. See?
And there's my husband.
You'd have to kill him, too, Sharon.
Sharon? Why don't you put down the gun,
and we can talk this through?
It's too late for talking.
But we haven't heard what
happened between you and Cliff.
Why the two of you were arguing in
his motel room on Saturday night?
That was you, wasn't it?
It was awful.
She was Cliff's
little helper at Slocum.
Doing all his paperwork,
running errands for him.
I told him that she had a crush on him.
- No. I was his friend. That's all.
At least until
after the divorce.
I know how he operates, Sharon.
How he flirts with you,
makes you feel like...'re the most fascinating woman
in the world to him,
so that you barely notice
when he starts asking you... do things that are
just not quite right.
Is that what he did, Sharon?
He had me fake amounts
on purchase orders, and other things.
I thought he cared about me.
I thought we were
building something,
but then, when he invited me
to the motel on Saturday night--
You found out the truth?
He said he could never have
a real relationship with me.
Said he couldn't risk
losing his alimony.
But what he really wanted was for me
to break into Terry's cabin for him.
What did he want you to do?
Find bank statements,
or anything that could help him in court.
He wanted me to check her boat, too,
and see if she was hiding anything there.
He handed me the keys.
- That stupid boat!
He talked me into buying that
for him when we were married.
How ironic that that's what
you used go after him with.
Knowing that he was
just using me all along,
turning me into something
that I didn't want to become...
I've never felt so angry
or so humiliated.
I understand that much.
He used me too.
You don't understand anything.
You are the reason
that he became so cruel!
No! Sharon, don't do this!
Drop the gun, Sharon!
Get your hands in the air.
I need to see your hands.
That is the second time
you almost killed my husband!.
It's okay, Roe.
We've got this.
All right, thank you.
So, Sharon just pled guilty
to Cliff's murder,
the attempted murder of Roe and
Nick, as well as Terry's kidnapping.
I can't believe I spent hours
side-by-side with a murderer...
...and I never suspected a thing.
It's a good thing... Roe figured
out you were being framed, Terry.
She also figured out how to find you
at Donald Heller's place.
It was terrifying, but...
I do have to admit, that if Roe had
not put the puzzle pieces together,
Sharon may have gotten away
with not just one, but two murders.
She wouldn't have
gotten away with it.
I have no doubt the case you were
building would've put Sharon behind bars.
Thank you.
You saved my mom's life.
Both of you.
And you saved ours
by calling the police.
Yes, and we're grateful, Terry.
Yes! And now
you have a plane to catch! Let's go!
Your carriage awaits.
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