Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New (2023) Movie Script

Is this
where you try to stab me?
Just help me up.
Good job.
Professor Lindo?
Please continue, Miss Teagarden.
So, the murderer told police
that his victim, Barbara Evans,
tried to stab him
with a pair of scissors
while hiding under a desk,
and his lawyers
claimed self-defense,
but who can tell me
why that doesn't match up
with the facts
the author presents
in this book?
Great job today.
[student] Thank you so much.
Well done, Miss Teagarden.
You really had them
paying attention
with that re-enactment.
I certainly picked
the right person
to be my teaching assistant.
Well, thanks.
I really try
to picture the scene
when I read true crime,
you know,
like trying to figure out
what really happened
is kinda like therapy to me.
Yeah, that makes sense to me.
You know, I am very curious
to see what topic you settle on
for your master's thesis.
You know, your deadline
to turn that in to me
is next Friday.
Well, after reading your book
on the Laci Peterson case,
and all that stuff
about how the prosecutor
would test out his theories
on Internet message boards,
I was thinking something like,
"The impact of amateur sleuths
on the justice system."
Hmm, that's a good start.
I know, I need to do
more research,
but I can't this week,
not with starting that new job
at the diner,
and trying to keep
my friend, Sally, sane
before her wedding.
Speaking of which,
I should get going.
Uh, burgers or bride?
Do we have steamed broccoli?
Uh, yeah.
You must be the new server.
I'm Daniel.
Hey, um, I'm Roe.
Um, is there some abbreviation
I should use?
Officially, it's B-R-O-C,
but "BR" works, too.
After 12 years here,
I've got abbreviations
for the abbreviations.
12 years. Wow.
Yeah, the owner is kinda like
a dad to me,
and it's a pretty good gig.
[dings order bell]
[man] Roe Teagarden?
Here, let me help you out here.
Um, this is for you.
[Arthur] I knew you'd be
back in town
for Sally's wedding,
I just didn't expect
to run into you here.
I thought you were living
in Seattle
working on your Master's.
Well, I was.
I did my first year there,
but then I found out
that the Library Science program
at Lawrenceton U
offers a specialization
in true-crime literature,
so here I am,
working two jobs
for tuition money.
Mondays and Wednesdays as a TA,
and then another
three days a week here.
True Crime, huh?
Classic Roe.
I remember you carrying around
true-crime books in high school,
reading them between classes.
Still my M.O..
Just finished this one.
Assigned reading
for the undergrads I teach.
"Quest for Justice:
The Killing of Barbara Evans."
Take it.
- Yeah?
Yeah, I think you'd like it,
and, obviously,
you're in the crime-solving
business these days.
The uniform
looks good on you, Arthur.
Oh, thanks.
I, uh...
Yeah, if you're going to be
working here, um...
you'll be seeing me in it a lot.
Yeah, me and my compadres,
we like to eat here
after our shift is over, so...
[order bell dings]
I've got food up,
but will I see you
at Sally's wedding
kick-off party?
I'll be there.
[whispering] "Compadres..."
[Aida] Aurora?
Oh, thank goodness you're here.
You know, we have to leave
for Sally's party
in less than an hour,
so you--
Honey, um...
please don't sit on the couch
with those soiled diner clothes.
I can smell the grease
from here.
Yes, Mother.
You know, I barely had time
to stop at the gym
after the office,
and then, I had to bring home
insurance audits
to work on after the party.
You brought work home again?
You know, I took this temp job
because I wanted to keep
the lights on
at the real-estate office,
but at this point,
I have sold more boat insurance
than I have houses.
I'm sure
that'll turn around soon.
Maybe I should just...
close the office
and admit defeat.
Mother, no.
You have worked years
to start your own agency.
You can't just give up
on your dream.
Yeah, well, I call it
being more realistic.
[doorbell rings]
Hey, Sally.
- Hi.
I know we're early,
but Matt has some things
he needs to do
before the party, so...
Hey, Aurora.
Thanks for giving her
a ride today.
[Roe] Of course.
What else
is a Maid of Honor for?
See you there?
Hello, Aida!
Oh, hello, Matt!
See you.
- Bye.
I don't know why I thought
throwing a party
three days before the wedding
was a good idea.
It was a great idea, Sally.
[Sally] Oh, no.
I forgot to tell Matt
that Aunt Gladys doesn't want
to be picked up till 7:30!
It's okay, I'll go tell him.
[car engine starting]
Sally, I'm sorry.
I couldn't catch Matt.
He was gone
by the time I got outside.
Oh, not to worry,
I can go pick up Gladys.
I mean, she and I haven't
seen each other for a while,
so it'll be fun to catch up.
Thank you, Aida.
I'll send Matt a text.
[Aida] Okay.
So this is very eye-catching.
I mean, really, Sally,
your interior-design blog
is very impressive.
Yeah, you know,
Matt could make one of these
for your real-estate office.
Yeah, maybe.
You know, this isn't
how I thought I would use
my journalism degree,
but Matt's been so encouraging,
and my email list
is growing, so...
So you actually
finished your degree?
Well, not technically.
I still have six credits to go.
Did I tell you guys?
Matt and Carson got a huge offer
to buy their company.
For their web-platform thing?
It's Giggoblog,
and, yeah,
it's a big money offer
that's supposed to go through
next week.
Oh, congratulations!
Thank you.
Now, um,
I'd better go look for something
to wear to the party.
You too.
Wanna see my blog?
Over here.
Just don't tell my mother
I'm sitting on the couch.
I love her,
and I am lucky to have
a rent-free place to live,
but it is not so easy
moving back in with your mom
after being on your own
for eight years.
She still treats me
like I'm barely
out of high school.
At my bridal shower,
she kept asking me
why I was "rushing"
to the altar,
but then again, a lot of people
have been asking me that.
Well, I mean,
it did happen kinda fast.
I mean, that concert
where you met
was, like, what,
seven months ago?
Please tell me my Maid of Honor
is not a doubter, too?
No, no, not a doubter.
I am definitely Team Matt.
I've never seen you this happy.
I am so happy,
and you moving home
is the cherry on top.
All right, show me
the wonders of your blog.
I just have to ask you,
is that
what you're going to wear?
Okay, I'm changing.
She said it--
Sally, Mother,
everyone in this house--
I'm changing!
This heart has waited...
Well, what do you think, Roe?
Wow, Sally,
this place really is
quite the venue.
When I was little,
my Grammy and I
used to come here for tea
every month.
I knew when I was nine
this would be the perfect place
to have my wedding.
[Roe] Well, it's beautiful,
and you did
an incredible job decorating.
I hope you took
lots of pictures for the blog.
[Sally] Oh, yeah,
Matt already did,
and he already
uploaded everything.
I honestly think
he could do anything
with the Internet.
Yeah, you gotta watch out
for my brother.
He once hacked into
the college website
just to prove to the professor
that he could.
Hey, Kara, you want
to help me with these?
Yeah, I'd love to.
- Thanks.
I'll take some.
- Thank you.
I wish there could be
a placecard for my mom.
She just...
she would have loved to see
Matt get married.
Your mom died?
I'm so sorry, I had no idea.
- Oh, no, no, no...
I mean, I know your dad passed
when you guys were young, but...
Yeah, Matt was only 15
when she passed,
but, Sally, I can't tell you
how much it means to me
that we get to be part
of the beautiful Allison clan,
and I just love you so much!
- Roe!
I gotta thank you
for lending me that book,
the one on the Evans' murder.
I'm two chapters in already.
It's great.
I couldn't put it down.
Yeah, no, that lead detective
is quite a character.
I think that's
what I want to do,
make my way up to detective.
I'm actually already assigned
to our homicide detective's
That's amazing!
Oh, I can't wait
to hear your stories.
[Arthur] Ladies!
Lovely to see you both.
There you are, darling girl.
You're home.
[Arthur] Can I offer you
some champagne?
I'd love some.
- Yes.
Oh, your mother must be
over the moon.
Are you kidding?
Her mother is thrilled.
I missed her so much.
[Roe] Yes, it's like
I never left.
Aurora! Hey.
I want to introduce you
to someone.
Maid of honor, the best man.
Aurora Teagarden,
Carson Hayford.
Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
You as well.
I'm glad we're finally getting
this show on the road.
Oh, yeah, nothing's
going to keep these two
from getting together.
Mind if I steal Matt
for a second?
Duty calls.
Well, it's great to see you,
it really is.
So I keep hearing
that Matt and Carson
are about to be millionaires?
Sally's found love
and also enviable security.
And so quickly.
Well, maybe you can find them
an enviable home to buy,
and quickly.
And quickly.
[man shouting]
Where's Matt Walker?
Walker, you owe me,
and I'm gonna make sure you pay!
[Matt] Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Hey, can we do something
about that?
[Matt] Get off me!
- Hey, what's going on?
[man] I'm going!
[Matt] Nothing's happening,
it's all right.
I'm coming after you.
Who was that?
- I don't know.
I've never seen him before.
[Roe] What?
That doesn't make sense
for a stranger
to confront you like that?
Yeah, and what did he mean
he's coming after you?
I have no idea.
Honestly, that was
the weirdest thing
that's ever happened to me,
aside from that stray dog
jumping in my car that one time?
He was trying
to come home with me.
It was probably his owner.
Yes, it probably was.
Everyone's staring.
Everyone, attention?
If you haven't found
a glass of champagne,
it's time to pick one up.
Thank you.
[Roe] To Sally,
my best friend
and my chosen sister.
I remember in freshman English
when all the stories you wrote
always had some kind of
love story in them.
[everyone chuckling]
So it's pretty surreal
to see you live out
your own love story now
with someone
who not only gets you,
but also supports your work.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm great.
To the bride and groom,
and their happily ever after!
[everyone repeating]
To the bride and groom!
[glasses clinking]
And I expect
a phone call from you
if you plan on
staying out late, okay?
Mother, how about we pretend
I'm actually an adult now?
Or how about we pretend
that you actually like
my fussing over you
because you know
how much I've missed it.
Yes, I love you.
I love you, too.
Have fun.
Don't stay out too late.
Yeah, yeah.
I love you, Mother.
Are you kidding?
Who is that woman?
I saw her
outside my house earlier.
That is Matt's ex-girlfriend.
Dawn Palmer.
She's gone stalker on him.
Crashed his bachelor party,
and I had to run interference.
Does Sally know about her?
I don't know.
Dawn's a pain,
but basically harmless.
Matt thinks once he's married,
she'll knock it off.
Stalking is a crime.
Why doesn't he just report her
to the police?
Not my circus, not my monkeys.
I thought you were going
to drive me home.
I know, I just, I had
a little too much to drink,
so I...
I'm gonna take a cab,
sleep it off.
I'll call you in the morning?
I'm sorry.
Good night, Matt.
Hey, how you doing?
Matt hasn't been himself
all evening.
Oh, don't worry about it.
He always gets a little nervous
before big events,
and getting married
is about as big an event
as it gets, so...
it's gonna be fine.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
[woman] Miss Allison,
do you have a minute, please?
Oh, I...
Yeah, no, you go do you.
were you just saying that
to make her feel better,
or do you actually think
there's nothing
to be worried about?
Maybe a little of both.
I'm gonna take off.
Hey, Sally!
I'll see you
at the dress fitting.
[Sally] Bye, Kara.
- Love you.
Have a good one.
Hi, friend.
Do you remember
when you'd get super stressed
before finals,
so we'd have a sleepover,
and you'd come over,
and we'd study,
and then watch a movie?
Want to spend the night?
There's a new true-crime doc
I'm dying to see.
True crime?
Thank you, but no thank you.
Anyways, I'm tired.
I'll just see you
tomorrow, okay?
I'll pick you up at the diner?
Dress fitting tomorrow.
You got it.
'Night, Sally.
Good night.
What are you doing here?
Oh, hey.
I'm just meeting
a couple of friends.
Is that a frittata?
I didn't know we had that
on the menu.
We don't.
I just made it for me to eat
before we clock in.
Want a taste?
That is delicious.
It should be.
You're looking at
a culinary-school graduate.
You're a chef?
Then why are you...?
Working in a diner?
Emilio is the one
who paid for my training, so...
how ungrateful would I be
to go work somewhere else?
Okay, so my friend
is getting married on Saturday,
and I promised
I would make her and the other
bridesmaid breakfast,
but maybe
I could bring them here
and you could make
some of that instead?
Yeah, I'd love to cook
for your friends.
Oh, thank you.
You just made my day.
Arthur! Hi.
- Hey.
Kinda early
for you to be in here.
Ah, just grabbing
a quick coffee to go.
Hey, uh, did you--
did you think that party
was a bit weird last night?
You mean
with the party crashers,
and the groom ditching the bride
at the end of the night?
No, not weird at all.
Wait, stalkers?
What stalkers?
Dawn Palmer, Matt's ex.
According to Carson,
she's basically harmless.
Hey! What happened?
Matt was supposed
to call me this morning,
and he didn't.
He's not answering the phone,
and when I went to his condo,
he didn't answer when I knocked,
and I don't know
the door combination this month.
It changes every month.
And he's not replying
to my texts either.
[Sally] I'm so worried.
Do you think I should file
a missing person's report?
Can't do that until
he's been missing 24 hours,
but try not to worry too much.
Every year,
the department gets one or two
missing groom cases.
They always turn up, Sal.
Yeah, I'm sure Matt's
just off working on his vows.
Let's go
to your dress fitting, and--
I think Kara
should just go with me.
I want you to try to find Matt.
Do you remember
when you found my lost cat
in 10th grade?
Or the time that you found
my finals paper
for U.S. History?
You're really good at
finding things, Roe.
You always have been.
Okay, I'll try.
[Arthur] I can help.
I don't start my shift
for another hour, so...
[Kara] Thank you, both of you.
Thank you so much.
Sally, let's go get you
into your beautiful dress.
Thank you.
[Kara] It's going to be okay.
Not sure where to start, though.
We should go to Matt's,
see if we can get in.
How are we going to get in
if Sally can't get in?
I don't know,
but it's worth
taking a look, right?
[Roe] So, Sally already
knocked and called.
[Arthur] How do we even know
if he's home or not?
[Roe] We don't,
we're winging it.
Now come on.
So, Matt's got this
combination lock on his door.
Sally says
he has a bunch of expensive
computer equipment,
and keys can be copied,
so this is more secure,
but Sally doesn't even
have the code.
What's he gonna do
after they're married?
Still make her knock?
We have to get in there.
Roe, with or without the code,
it's breaking and entering.
Let me call in a wellness check,
get permission
to call a locksmith--
Arthur, what if Matt's in there
and needs medical attention?
Come on! Kick it in.
Breaking and entering
is a crime.
I could get suspended.
Okay, fine, turn around.
You mean--
- Arthur, just--
Turn around, okay?
I think that this is--
- Shh, shh, shh!
No breaking, just entering.
Oh, my--
[glass breaking inside]
[banging on door]
Okay, a little breaking.
Come in.
Don't be worried about it,
come on!
[Roe] There are no signs of Matt
in the bedrooms or bathrooms.
Wow, look at this set-up.
Must take a lot
to run a web platform.
Matt left his phone.
No phone, no car?
That can't be good.
Maybe there's a text
and it'll tell us where he is.
What is that?
A piece of a mug?
Arthur, look.
Looks like blood.
It definitely could be...
more drops...
...leading to the balcony.
I didn't notice this before.
We found him.
We found Matt.
If Matt had too much to drink,
maybe he got dizzy,
fell off the balcony?
Not if those drops
on the floor of his condo
were blood.
Okay, let's turn him over.
It's not Matt.
[Arthur] Not Matt,
but he looks familiar.
That's the guy
that confronted Matt last night
at the party.
Did you get a name?
No. Matt said
he had no idea who he was.
Let's hope Mr. Mysterious
has some ID on him.
Smith, why don't you take
Miss Teagarden
off my crime scene?
Yes, Detective Cook.
Let's go, Roe.
Hey. It's not Matt.
[Sally] Oh, thank god!
Wait, so there was a body
under Matt's balcony,
but it wasn't Matt?
Then who was it?
It was the guy who crashed
your party last night,
the one who was yelling at Matt.
You know who he is?
Wait, so do we know
where Matt is?
Um, sorry, I'll be right back.
Hey, you're Dawn?
You're Dawn Palmer, right?
You've been following Matt.
Did you follow him home
from the party last night?
I knew he'd want to see me,
and I was right.
He said that he was glad
to finally talk to me.
Well, did he mention
anything else?
Did he say he had plans
to go somewhere, or-- ?
My conversations with Matt
are none of your business.
Dawn, look, I just need
a couple of answer--
Dawn, the police are going
to want to talk to you!
Do you have any updates?
So that was Dawn Palmer,
Matt's stalker?
She said she spoke to Matt
last night.
That was Dawn?
So he spoke to her last night?
What did he say?
She wouldn't tell me.
She doesn't like
to stick around.
[Arthur] We'll track her down,
but right now,
we have a name
to go with the body.
His driver's license says
he's Brody Kresser
from Walnut Creek, California.
That name ring a bell
with any of you?
And Matt claimed
not to know him?
What do you mean claimed?
If Matt said
that he didn't know him,
then he didn't know him, okay?
Maybe you should give her
a ride home,
let her catch her breath.
Well, could you?
Yeah, no, I--
Yeah, Kara can take her home.
I mean, I'd like to stick around
and see what else you find--
Kara needs to answer
a few questions
from Detective Cook
regarding her brother.
Basic background information.
- Okay.
Well, I can tell you this...
The medical examiner
just found a huge gash
on the side
of Brody Kresser's head...
Well, if he fell off
that balcony--
...with a shard
of ceramic in it.
Ceramic like the one
we found inside Matt's condo?
It's not looking like
an accidental fall.
It's looking like a homicide.
So the blood inside the condo...
Matt could be the one
who killed him.
It would explain
why he's missing.
He's on the run.
Someone has to break it
to Sally,
and I think it'd be better
coming from you
than Detective Cook.
[exhales] Yeah, all right.
Wish me luck.
[Roe] Sally, you're not
listening to me.
This is serious.
It's something
you need to be prepared for.
Right, but I think
that you might be
overreacting a little bit.
- What?
Will you please tell Roe
that studying true crime
is warping her mind?
She thinks
that we can't find Matt
because he's involved
in killing someone.
It's a possibility,
one of many
the police are considering.
But it's absurd.
Roe, my Matt?
He volunteers
at an animal shelter.
It is crazy to think
that he could kill someone.
I have to go call my parents.
What in the world is going on?
It's been a long day.
Let's make some tea,
and I'll fill you in.
Just the person
we've been wanting to talk to.
Hey, what-what's going on?
You know Matt's missing, right?
Well, I know he didn't show up
at the shop
to pick up the tuxedos
that he was supposed to
this morning.
No. You're telling me
he's missing?
Neither Sally nor his sister
have heard from him
since last night.
Do you have any idea
where he is?
Wh-- No.
Is that why all the patrol cars
are out front?
No, those are here
because we found a body
on the premises.
A body?
but it's not Matt.
It's the guy he had
that altercation with
last night.
A guy named Brody Kresser.
Did you know him?
No, I'm sure that was...
I've never seen him
before last night.
No, that's crazy.
That's awful.
So if the body isn't Matt,
um, why are you guys
searching his place?
Shouldn't you be out
looking for him?
Well, we're hoping
to find something
that might tell us where
he's disappeared to, for one.
You really
have no ideas on that?
No, zero ideas.
I wish I could help, you know.
Um, you know,
the computers in there,
they don't belong to Matt,
they belong to our company.
If it's okay with you,
I'd like to pack them up
and take them with me.
Yeah, that's--
that's not going to happen.
Right, I understand,
but if you are thinking
of taking them,
I expect to see a warrant
specific to Giggoblog property,
of course.
Well, I don't think
Detective Cook
was considering that before,
but, uh,
I'm guessing he will now.
Well, um, I'll leave you be,
and keep me posted.
You bet.
See you.
So it appears Brody Kresser's
only address his entire life
was his parents' house
in Walnut Creek, California.
Although it's probably
his house now.
There's an obituary here
for his mother, Alice,
from three years ago.
She died just one month
after her husband was killed
in a car accident.
Oh, my gosh,
how tragic to lose
both of your parents
so close together.
Aurora, please promise me
you'll always
take care of yourself,
and you will stay
out of trouble.
Mother, do not worry.
I do not plan on making a habit
out of this sort of thing.
That's good.
[Sally sighs]
Okay, so my parents want me
to stay with them
until Matt shows up.
They promised they'd help me
finish setting everything up
for the wedding.
The wedding?
Sally, how are you going
to have a wedding
without a groom?
You heard what Arthur said?
Missing grooms always show up.
I'm sure that Matt
is going to come
bursting through the door
any second,
and explain everything to you.
Of course he will.
All right, well, you call me
if you need anything.
What if what I need
is for you to believe
that Matt will show up?
I'm so sorry this is happening.
You've heard from Matt?
No, I'm here to find out
if you have.
No, we still don't know
where he is.
I mean, you're his fiance.
Surely, you must have some idea
where he went,
some special place
he likes to go.
Don't you think
we'd have looked there
if she knew?
I'm sorry, you're right.
I'm just worried out of my mind.
[car horn honks]
That's my dad.
I gotta go.
Keep me posted?
- Bye.
Sorry to bother.
Hey, Carson,
if you don't mind me asking,
how did you and Matt meet?
We were in the same
web-coding class in college.
He was way better than me,
so I glommed onto him
when it came to team projects.
That's where he told me
about the idea
for a blogging platform,
and a business dream was born.
So why do you think
Brody Kresser confronted him
like that?
I mean, was it, like,
some kind of rivalry?
Did they know each other--
You know what, I already had
your cop friend
grill me about this.
I don't know
what you're getting at,
but I never heard of the guy.
If he knew Matt, it wasn't
through Giggoblog, okay?
I'll see you.
Roe Teagarden,
what are you still doing here?
Well, I was hoping to do
some research, but...
Researching your thesis topic?
My friend's fianc, Matt,
went missing,
and while we were
looking for him,
we found a body
under his balcony.
Wait, you found a body?
A dead body?
The police think it's murder,
and I'm afraid
Matt may have killed him
and taken off,
and that's why
no one can find him.
So, what exactly
had you planned to research?
Well, I thought I'd start
with the victim,
maybe look into
Matt's company, or...
Honestly, I'm not really sure.
You're in your second year
of library
and information science,
and you're still
not sure where to start?
Okay, let's...
let's try this.
what is the seventh principle
of Information Science?
Information can be converted
to knowledge
the "knowledge instinct".
So then, where did
your instinct tell you to begin?
With the victim.
I thought I should learn
everything I could about him.
Did you know that
these computers are connected
to all the university databases?
Okay, so,
now you need a plan of attack.
Tell me the eighth principle
of information science.
That's the one
on knowledge ecologies, right?
No information stands alone.
All information is produced
within the context
of social relationships, so...
I could start
with Brody Kresser's
family and friends.
Thank you for your help.
We still haven't located
any family for Kresser.
His parents are dead,
no siblings.
I'm working on tracking down
an aunt in New England.
What about work history?
Coming up empty on that, too.
He's never been employed
that I can tell.
Although his parents
seemed pretty well-to-do.
He inherited their house
in Walnut Creek.
So what's he doing up here?
Looking for Matt Walker,
Well, the preliminary search
on Walker's condo
came up with nothing.
on his cell phone either,
no mysterious calls or texts.
However, the ceramic shard
they found
under the coffee table
is a match to the shard we found
in the wound in Kresser's head,
but there's nothing else
matching it in the condo.
So the killer
picked up the pieces?
and hopefully threw them
in a dumpster nearby.
It's too bad the condo
association was too cheap
to spring for security cameras.
And how long
before we get DNA blood results
from the condo?
About 10 days,
but I think it's pretty clear
what happened.
Matt Walker lied
about knowing Kresser.
After the altercation
at the party,
Kresser shows up at his place,
they get into another fight,
Walker kills him,
and in a panic,
throws him off the balcony,
then makes himself scarce.
Um, but don't we need
to establish motive first?
Thank you, Smith,
I almost forgot.
After we get
another warrant signed,
we'll bring in
Walker's computers.
I'm sure we'll find
the why there.
I'm not worried,
the evidence is solid.
What we really need to do
is talk to the woman
who was stalking Walker,
the one who said she saw him
standing at his place
last night.
Dawn Palmer.
She's a possible
material witness.
Find her, bring her to me,
and clean up your desk.
No way.
Find something?
An archived social-media account
belonging to Alice Kresser,
Brody's mother.
Turns out Matt was lying
about not knowing Brody.
I just found
a photo of them together.
So Matt knew the dead guy.
And his parents.
This was posted five years ago.
The caption said
it was Brody's father's
birthday party.
Look, I'm really sorry,
but I have to give this
to the police.
No. Please, you can't do that.
Please, you can't.
They might think that Matt
had something to do
with this guy's death,
and he did not.
There's absolutely no world
in which Matt
would hurt anybody ever.
I hope that's true,
for your sake, for Sally's sake.
Ever since I saw Dawn yesterday,
I've had this terrible feeling
that maybe she was so upset
about Matt marrying Sally
that she did something to him.
Like, if she can't have him,
then nobody can,
and this Brody guy
got in the way, or...
He's here for the photo,
but you should tell him
what you told me about Dawn.
If you're talking about
Dawn Palmer,
we have an APB out on her
right now,
but until then...
...this is not a good look
for your brother.
I've always loved the tradition
of giving out wedding favors,
you know, so your guests
have a memento
of your special day.
Well, I'm glad your divorce
didn't sour you on marriage.
Oh, no, quite the contrary.
I'm a bigger proponent
than ever.
I took for granted
how much marriage grounds you,
you know.
Everything seems
so much more precarious
when you go it alone.
Do you miss Charles?
Every day,
but he and I made
the logical decision for us,
and so I see no reason
to be maudlin about it.
[door opens and closes]
[Roe] Hey.
- Hey.
Whatever Sally needs help with,
I'm willing to help her.
[Sally] I want to be ready
for the wedding.
The rehearsal dinner is tonight,
and I know Matt will be there.
I don't want him to think
I lost faith in him,
'cause I know that he would
never lose faith in me.
Um, Sally?
There's something
you need to see.
Turns out
Matt did know the victim.
This will all make sense
when he comes back
and explains himself.
You'll see.
If you don't mind,
I have to take these to the car.
[slow hold music playing
over phone]
[Detective Cook clearing throat]
Uh... what is it?
The medical examiner
just gave me a preview
of Kresser's autopsy results.
He's narrowed down
the time of death
between 10:00 PM and midnight
the night of the party.
Pretty much
what we figured, right?
He also said the gash
on the victim's head
was not fatal.
Broke the skin,
but not the skull.
The cause of death
was internal bleeding
from injuries sustained
during the fall.
So, this might not be
a homicide after all,
not if Kresser fell on his own.
Maybe he was pushed.
Yeah, maybe.
On the bright side,
we did find Ms. Palmer.
She was at the Cedarbridge Inn,
parked in the lot
right next to Matt Walker's car,
which had been there
since the other night.
Let's see what she has to say.
You were seen outside
Matt Walker's condo
the other night.
We've been looking for--
- I don't know what you mean.
We have a witness who--
We have a witness
who said she spoke to you,
and you told her
you followed Matt home
from his wedding kick-off party.
Well, she was lying.
I wasn't there.
[Detective Cook] Miss Palmer,
you're the one that's lying,
and I'd like to know why.
it's none of your business
if I saw Matt or didn't see him.
I would never reveal anything
that he told me in confidence,
not to you, not to anyone.
[Cook] This is not a game.
This is a murder investigation,
and if you're
withholding information--
I'll never betray Matt.
Well, then, Miss Palmer,
you can just sit here
and think about
what it's going to feel like
when we charge you
with accessory to murder.
[chair banging]
I'm thirsty.
You have a soda machine
around here?
You know, I am impressed
that you haven't
given up on your search.
You know, 'cause
information science prescribes
that you stay on the same track
until you're sure
you've exhausted it,
can be exhausting.
I went into
the court-system database
for Walnut Creek,
and look, Brody Kresser's
parents filed for bankruptcy
just weeks before
Brody's father's car crash.
That's an intriguing find.
A strange find,
because I also found
an archived social media post
from Brody Kresser's mother
where she talks about
her husband
quitting a Silicon Valley job
for, quote, a new venture.
Here, I'll show you.
I-I don't understand.
Her account is gone.
It was here, like,
20 minutes ago.
How could it be deleted?
Um, well, someone
with override access
in the archive?
I do know someone
who can supposedly do anything
on the Internet.
[groans] I knew it.
"Matt, I gave him the cash,
and he swears
he won't ask for more."
[yelps] Oh!
[man grunts]
I'm sorry. I...
I thought you were Dawn, okay?
She's the only one
I thought would be crazy enough
to break in here.
What is wrong with you?
Do you know how worried
Sally's been?
I didn't mean to worry her.
I just had some things
I had to take care of,
and I didn't have my phone.
I'm guessing you left it behind
so the police couldn't use
cell phone towers to ping you
and track you down.
What are you talking about?
Are you calling Sally?
Shh! Hey!
Yeah, I, um, I found Matt.
Yeah, I'm at his condo.
Okay, thanks.
I'm supposed to inform you
that you need to wait here
for Detective Cook and Arthur
to arrive.
Why would I leave?
I get married tomorrow.
That's why you came back?
For your wedding?
Not to get to your computer
and delete that email
I just saw on your screen?
Matt, I found a photo
of you and Brody together
at his father's birthday party.
I gave a copy to the police,
and I showed Sally.
You showed Sally?
Of course I did.
Now I'm calling Sally.
She deserves to know
where you've been.
Your sister, too.
[Arthur] You jumped
the balcony again?
Yeah, and when I got in there,
Matt was deleting stuff
off his computer.
How'd you even get in there?
I read a manual
on how to pick a lock
this morning.
Of course.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where is he?
Oh, thank goodness, you're okay.
I'm sorry, Sally.
Are you guys arresting him?
We're just taking him in
to answer some questions.
Roe, if you get any more ideas
about this case,
call me first.
They're just going
to question him, right?
You're free to go.
I had nothing to do with that.
You had an altercation
with this guy
just hours before
this happened to him.
You lied about knowing him.
You disappeared
after his murder,
left your fiance and friends
and family in the dark.
I think you had
everything to do with this.
Look, I know how bad this looks,
but I...
I don't think I should answer
any more questions
until I've spoken to a lawyer.
If you're not
charging me with anything...
You want to have formal charges?
Let's see what the D.A.
has to say.
Sally deserves better.
I know she does...
but I do love her.
Yeah, I understand.
The D.A. won't support
formal charges against Walker.
Says we don't have enough.
But the victim's blood
is in the condo.
It's solid evidence.
The hit on the head
didn't kill him,
the fall off the balcony did.
We have no evidence
that Walker pushed him,
there's no DNA
on Kresser's clothing,
nothing under his fingernails.
We can't even place Walker
at the condo
at the time of death.
We got no security footage,
no taxi receipts.
We got nothing.
Well, if we could get Dawn
to talk to us,
she could place him
at the condo.
Good luck with that.
For now,
we got to cut Walker loose,
but I want you to tail him.
No more disappearing suspects.
You got it.
[Arthur] Like Cook told you,
do not under any circumstances
leave town.
[Kara] Welcome back,
little brother.
Uh, it's almost time
for the wedding rehearsal.
We should head
straight to the church.
[Roe] Um, I'm sorry.
You've been gone for days,
we found a body
under your balcony,
and you want to go on
as if nothing has happened?
I had nothing to do
with Brody Kresser's death,
but if you're asking
if I still want to marry Sally,
the answer is yes,
of course I do.
Sally, is that what you want?
For all of us
to go to the rehearsal?
ride to the church
with me, okay?
I'll explain everything.
Roe and Kara have been
helping me keep it together
for two days.
They deserve
an explanation as well.
You're right...
they do...
...but not here.
[Sally] Okay.
[Roe] Why don't we start with
why you lied about knowing Brody
that night at the party?
[Matt] I didn't lie.
I didn't realize it was him
until after he left.
The son of a friend
I was close to once.
John Kresser.
John was a guest speaker
in one of
my computer science classes.
He became sort of
a mentor to me.
I only met Brody once
at a party.
I barely spoke to the guy.
John was the one
I was actually friends with...
until I came up with
the idea for Giggoblog.
He didn't think it was
a very good idea,
gave it
some pretty heavy criticism.
I didn't take it well,
said some things I regret,
and we weren't friends
after that.
Brody was yelling at you
that you owed him.
What did he think you owe him?
[Matt] An apology, I guess.
The apology
I should have gave John.
He, um...
died in that car accident
before I had the chance.
Matt, that's awful.
I'm so sorry.
What happened with Brody
at the party really threw me,
so I took a cab
to a bar downtown.
Dawn Palmer said
she followed you home
to your condo that night.
She said she spoke with you.
Dawn will say anything.
That didn't happen.
I didn't get home
until the middle of the night.
Some guy from the bar
dropped me off.
A guy?
What was his name?
I don't know, Fred something.
Fred Baskin, or Haskins.
When I got home,
I was still in my head,
so I went for a walk.
I ended up at that motel,
the Great 8, near the mall.
I didn't have my phone,
I didn't have my car.
I just sat in that room
Thinking about
the Kresser thing,
about us.
Worrying I wasn't
good enough for you.
So you sat in the room
for two days
and never called me?
That first morning,
I turned on the TV,
and I saw the news.
Brody Kresser's body
found outside my building?
I got scared.
I didn't know what to do.
This morning, I shook it off.
I walked home and I--
And used your web skills
to find Alice Kresser's
archived social-media account
and delete it.
Okay, yes,
I deleted some things.
I remembered seeing
that picture of me and Brody,
and I was worried that
it wasn't going to look good,
and guess what?
I was right,
but I swear
I didn't do anything to him.
I'm so sorry.
I'm an idiot.
I should have never
put you through that,
but this whole thing,
it taught me one thing.
I love you,
like crazy,
and I still want to marry you
and prove
for the rest of my life
that I deserve you.
Why don't we just
go to the wedding rehearsal,
and we can talk about it later?
See, I told you
he'd have an explanation.
Matt must have told Sally
some story
to explain himself.
Oh, yeah, he had quite the story
all right.
Wouldn't be surprised
if every word of it was a lie.
Well, Cook wants me tailing him,
so maybe
we'll know something soon.
Is this wedding really still on?
I guess so.
We don't have a lot of time
to prove who did this--
No, not "we."
You don't
have to prove anything.
Detective Cook and the
Lawrenceton Police Department
have to prove it.
then you all need to prove this
by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow,
or we might have to watch
our friend marry a murderer.
Good point.
What are you doing here?
I thought I put you on Walker.
I got Timms to tail him.
I thought
you'd want to hear the story
Walker told his fiance.
Did you?
Yeah, so he was
drinking at a bar
with some guy who dropped him
at his condo
before he walked
to the Great 8 Motel.
Did he spit out a name
for the ride,
or did he just call him
"some guy"?
Uh, he said the guy's name
was Fred Baskin
or maybe Haskins.
So Walker gets dropped off
at his condo,
and then for some reason,
heads over to the Great 8 Motel?
Okay, so at least Walker admits
to being at his condo
that night.
Maybe he did cross paths
with Brody Kresser.
We gotta find this Fred guy.
He's a witness that places
Walker at the crime scene.
You find him,
I'll head over
to the Great 8 Motel,
make sure that he actually
stayed there.
Maybe he left
over some evidence,
perhaps a shard of ceramic.
Looks like the case
against Walker's
coming together.
You should smile, Smith.
Aurora, hey.
- I didn't mean to scare you.
did that rehearsal dinner
feel like some weird
alternate reality or what?
Uh, yeah.
I mean, it was a little strange
that they're going on
as if nothing
has happened, but--
I'm curious
what he said to Sally
to make her forget that
he went missing for two days.
Uh, I don't know,
something about wrestling
with self-doubt in a motel room.
Did he say anything else?
Anything about Brody Kresser?
Just that he knew his father.
Did he say how he knew him?
He said he was like
some kind of mentor,
and they had a falling out
over you guys
starting the blog platform.
Wait, is he going around
saying that I knew
this John Kresser?
Did he tell the police that?
I don't know anything about him.
I don't know
what Matt's got himself into,
but that's on him.
He's not
dragging me down with him.
I've got to make some calls.
Good night.
[bar blues music playing]
Bartender's out back
signing for a delivery.
You a regular here?
What's it to you?
I'm looking for a guy
who might have been here
two nights ago.
Were you here Wednesday night?
I'll say it again,
what's it to you?
The guy I'm looking for,
his name's Fred Baskin,
or maybe Fred Haskins.
He supposedly hung out
with this guy,
and they closed the place down.
Matty the Saddy.
That's what I called him.
Crying in his beer.
Dude owes me 50 bucks.
Wait, you're Fred--
Can I get you a beer?
[Aida calling] Aurora!
Aurora, Arthur's here!
[knocking on door]
Do you mind if I, uh--
Wow, pretty retro.
No judging.
I haven't had time
to redecorate.
I'm trying to organize
everything I know
about the Kresser case.
I thought we agreed
you weren't going to get
involved in this case,
or put yourself
in danger anymore.
Arthur, how is me
writing things down
in my own bedroom
getting involved?
It's just me
writing things down.
Now, tell me everything
you know that I don't. Hmm?
Okay, I know this,
Cook confirmed
Matt did stay
at the Great 8 Motel
for two days.
I found this Fred Haskins
Matt told you about.
He was there that night
drinking with Matt,
from 9:30 until
they shut the place down.
Haskins then gave Matt
a ride home at 2:30 a.m.,
way past Brody Kresser's
estimated time of death.
So it seems
Matt does have an alibi.
So good.
So Sally's not about
to marry a murderer.
Wait, where did this photo
come from?
The same party
this photo was taken--
John Kresser's birthday
four years ago.
That's John.
Caption said that guy's name
is Albert Paulson.
It didn't say who that guy is.
I know who he is.
I just talked to him
for an hour.
That's Fred Haskins.
Matt and Haskins
didn't meet at the bar.
They knew each other
through John Kresser.
So Matt's alibi is fake.
[groans] We are right back
where we started.
Arthur, what am I
supposed to do?
I'm supposed to meet
Sally and Kara in the morning,
and I'm not sure I'm expected
to just waltz down the aisle
when Sally is probably
going to marry a murderer...
...or if it's not him,
it's his best man,
who was very paranoid
about John Kresser's death.
Oh, really?
Then there's creepy Dawn
who just keeps
showing up everywhere.
I mean, if we can't prove
who this is before the wedding,
it's going to feel like a bomb
is sitting under the church.
First off,
we'll have a tail on Matt
the whole day.
That means Carson will be
under surveillance, too.
That's great, but wouldn't
solving the case be better?
- Let me help.
Come on, think about it.
You wouldn't know that Matt
faked his alibi
if I hadn't found that photo.
but promise me
that if you come up with
any leads,
you won't go chasing after them
on your own.
Fine, I promise.
You know...
life was starting to seem
nice and predictable,
even a bit boring...
...then you came back to town.
You're welcome.
Okay, Albert Paulson,
let's find out who you are.
It's cold today.
I'm glad it's not
an outdoor wedding.
You're a little early,
aren't you?
Well, I didn't want you
to have to do all the work.
I thought I could help chop
or stir or something.
Ah, don't worry about it.
I'm making a prosciutto quiche
with spinach and feta cheese.
That sounds incredible.
I really didn't mean for you
to go through that much trouble.
It's your best friend's wedding.
Plus, I'm a sucker for romance.
I don't have time for romance.
Between writing a thesis
and having two jobs,
I have no time to date.
You're going
to a wedding tonight.
Feels like a perfect occasion
for a date.
Are you trying to get me
to bring you as my date?
Is it working?
[cell phone ringing]
Oh, um...
Hi, this is Roe Teagarden.
Is this Albert Paulson?
As if he'd be here
on a Saturday!
No, I'm his paralegal.
I screen emails
from our contact inbox.
You said
you're researching a story
about John Kresser?
So to speak.
I know that John Kresser
and your boss
were very close friends.
Like brothers.
Ah, such a sweetheart.
I don't think I'll ever
get over him dying like he did.
So sad,
and so weird
and out of nowhere.
Um, are you saying
that John Kresser's death
was suspicious?
He dies in an accident
three days before he was
about to file his lawsuit?
Why the police chose
not to investigate it,
I'll never know.
Wait, wait,
John Kresser
was going to file a lawsuit?
[Sally] Hey, Roe!
It's your wedding day!
I'm so nervous.
Okay, so I had this dream
last night
that I put on my wedding dress,
and it turned black.
Do you think that's a bad omen?
I hope you're hungry,
'cause my friend, Daniel,
is making us a feast.
Oh, I forgot.
I have to grab my bridesmaids'
presents out of my car--
That's okay, I'll go grab them.
You are the best.
Oh, you know what,
why don't you take this?
It's really cold.
Keys are in the pocket.
Presents are in the trunk.
Thank you!
- [cell phone ringing]
Okay. Oh!
Look at all this!
Arthur, hey.
Please tell me
you have the evidence you need
to make an arrest today.
[Arthur] Not yet,
but I found
a report for the crash
that killed John Kresser.
His car broke through
the guard rail,
went off into a ravine.
Also, I spoke with Carson
this morning,
asked him about that
and about Haskins.
He didn't respond well.
Refused to talk to us
without his lawyer present.
Then there's Dawn.
What about her?
Well, Cook has me
tailing her today,
and she has decided
to tail Sally.
She's outside the diner
you guys are
having breakfast at right now,
sitting in her car
in the parking lot.
If she makes a move
on the diner,
I'll arrest her for harassment.
Good to know
Officer Smith is on the job.
You getting out of here?
Oh, no, I'll be right back!
Oh, don't let me forget.
After breakfast,
I have to tell you
about a lawsuit
John Kresser was about to file
before he died.
I convinced
his lawyer's paralegal
to fax me over a draft copy.
I'll call you after.
A lawsuit?
After breakfast.
[engine revving, tires skidding]
[Arthur's voice echoing] Roe!
[tires skidding]
Roe! Roe!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Roe, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You okay?
Are you okay?
I want you
to get out of the vehicle,
slowly raise your hands.
There you go.
Are you carrying a weapon?
You may have just helped
catch a killer.
I wasn't trying to get her.
I thought it was Sally.
I had to stop her
from trying to marry my Matt!
[Sally] You were almost killed
because she thought you were me.
Sally, I'm okay.
You sure you're okay, Roe?
Just cold.
Here, you can borrow this.
No, it's okay, Arthur, really.
Thank you.
Of course.
[Arthur] I told you
getting involved
in this case was trouble.
Arthur, I was just
getting presents out of the car.
[Kara] But clearly,
Dawn is violent
and not as harmless
as Matt thought.
I mean, she must be the one
who killed Brody, right?
Maybe she thought
she was protecting him?
It's a possibility,
but we're still investigating.
How am I supposed to get married
when my best friend
was nearly run over?
[Arthur] Postponing the wedding
until we find out
who killed Kresser
might not be a bad idea, Sal.
Yeah, I mean, maybe
just for a week or two?
Maybe that's what's best.
[Kara] What are you guys
talking about?
How is that what's best?
Dawn wanted to stop the wedding,
and now you're going
to let her have her way?
You're right.
I'm not going to let Dawn
take mine and Matt's happiness.
Let's go back inside.
I gotta say thanks
for pulling Roe out of the way
of that car.
I wasn't sure
if I was about to watch her...
Anyway, uh, Roe,
I'll let you know
what happens with Dawn,
and then I'd like
to see that lawsuit.
I'd say that guy's into you.
No, for as long
as we've been friends?
Hey, you want to keep him
in the friend zone,
I'm not gonna argue.
I've got to get
that quiche out of the oven.
[Dawn] Oh, my god,
you're totally overreacting.
Yeah, I tried to hit Sally,
but I wasn't trying to kill her.
I just wanted to maybe
break her leg a little bit
so she couldn't
walk down the aisle.
You think I'm crazy.
Well, I'm not.
Sally isn't the goody-two-shoes
that you think.
She somehow tricked Matt
into marrying her,
when I know that I'm the one
that he really loves.
Okay, so you tried
to break Sally's legs
to help Matt.
Did you try breaking
Brody Kresser's head
to help Matt, too?
Brody who?
Is this your handiwork?
Did you attack this man
in Matt's condo,
then push him off the balcony?
No, I did not do that.
[Arthur] But you were
at his condo that night,
the night of the party?
You told my friend
that you saw Matt.
What time did you see him there?
If I saw Matt,
I wouldn't tell you.
I will never betray Matt.
I'm just going to place this
on the bridal table.
Oh, Sally did
such a fantastic job decorating.
Ah, yes, she's quite talented.
I have a friend
who is, uh, interested
in selling her home,
and I recommended you
as a listing agent.
She's expecting eight figures
and is very particular.
Well, thank you
for the recommendation, Gladys,
but you know, my office hasn't
been very productive lately,
so maybe after I get
a few more listings,
I could call her--
I told her that you were
a very skilled woman
with rare gumption,
and you'd be very enthusiastic
about helping her out.
Was I mistaken?
I... I just may have mislaid
my gumption lately.
Well, I suggest that you find it
before you give her a call.
I've got her card right here.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Morning, Aida.
Aunt Gladys.
- Hi!
Just dropping off the champagne.
Where you been, buddy?
You're ducking
your best-man duties.
What's with this text
you sent me?
You grabbing screenshots
of our emails?
I want that flash drive--
I told you,
I'm not gonna use it.
I just wanted some insurance
to make sure you don't do to me
what you did to John.
Look, I will give you the drive
after the sale goes through,
and I get my half of the money.
You don't want to play
that game with me,
especially not
when Sally's cop friend
is asking me about Fred Haskins.
Haskins, Matt!
You pulled him into this?
You're an idiot.
[Matt] Why?
Because I don't want
to take the blame
for something I didn't do?
Always playing innocent,
but I know better.
There's no way I'm going
to let you use Haskins
to set me up to take the fall
for what you did.
Matt, is everything okay?
yeah, yeah, everything's great.
We're just a little on edge
about the big event.
- Yeah.
You know what,
there's another box outside.
I'm gonna go grab it.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Arthur.
I'm just on my way
to meet Sally and Kara.
What's up?
Well, despite Dawn Palmer
trying to run down
her ex's bride,
she didn't kill Brody Kresser.
In fact, she was nowhere near
Matt's condo building
that night.
Her father showed us proof
that she was with him,
and the restaurant
they were at confirmed.
Well, I guess
that's good for her,
but bad for Sally.
I mean, that means Matt
is still most likely
the one who did it.
Maybe, maybe not.
We just got access
to security footage
taken from the Cedarbridge Inn
the night of the party.
Well, it seems
Carson confronted Brody
after they left,
and it clearly got physical.
I don't know.
Something's missing.
So why don't you tell me
what's in that lawsuit
you've been talking about?
Well, I don't really know
what's in it yet.
I mean, I had it faxed
to the only place I know
with a fax machine--
my professor's office,
but look,
I'm supposed to meet
Sally and Kara at the salon,
but I'll go pick up
the lawsuit document
and call you back from there?
Sounds good.
You look beautiful, Sally.
I just...
Oh, I needed to try it on
one last time.
With everything that's happened,
I was just really nervous.
Well, it's going to be okay.
Okay? I promise personally.
Let me get your veil
and my bubbles.
We have so much to do
before the ceremony.
I love you.
Love you.
- See you soon.
I'm sorry to do this, Sally,
I really am--
Okay, Sally,
I really need to talk to you!
Roe, your hair,
why haven't you--
Okay, forget about my hair,
there is something
really important
I need to tell you--
What you both need to do
is stop talking
and listen to me.
[Carson] No need
to fall apart on me, Sally.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just need to get
Matt's attention,
and get him to hand me
a flash drive
that he's using to threaten me.
Why would Matt
want to threaten you?
You're his best friend.
Well, that
may have been true once,
but not anymore.
That's what happens
when you commit crimes together.
What crimes?
Well, first,
Matt and Carson stole the idea
for Giggoblog
from Brody Kresser's father.
No. No.
Giggoblog was Matt's idea,
and mine.
We came up with it.
But John Kresser
wrote the code for it.
Okay, yeah.
Matt's first pass
at writing the code
didn't work well.
John revised it,
added a few things,
but then he got greedy.
Demanded half a stake
in the company,
when I was the one
who wrote the business plan,
found the investors.
We did months of work.
He writes code for a week
and wants half?
No way.
[Roe] Is that really
what you believe?
This is a draft of the lawsuit
that John Kresser
was going to file
against Giggoblog.
He did expect a 50% share.
He was promised it
when he did more than 90%
of the platform's code.
There's a list
of exhibits in here
that support his claim.
Is this true?
Did you and Matt
steal someone else's work?
There's also a copy
of an affidavit
signed by Fred Haskins
who claimed
he wrote some of the code,
but Fred Haskins
doesn't write code.
He's a licensed plumber,
currently unemployed.
Unless, of course,
you count providing
fake alibis and evidence
as employment.
Okay, all right, all right,
that's enough, Aurora.
I mean it.
Either you stop talking
about stuff
you don't know about, or--
Or what?
You're gonna hire Haskins
to run me off the road
the same way you hired him
to do to John Kresser?
Roe, what are you saying?
John was conveniently killed
in a car crash
three days before this lawsuit
was supposed to be filed,
and I saw Matt deleting an email
between him and Carson
saying someone had been paid,
and wouldn't be asking for more.
Carson, is that email
on the flash drive you want?
The proof that you and Matt
paid to have someone killed?
Sally, call Matt,
tell him to get himself here
and hand me that flash drive
if he ever
wants to see you again.
Do it now!
Hey, you know what?
I'll do it.
Hey, Matt, it's Roe.
Yeah, I know, just, uh,
listen carefully, okay?
Carson has taken
Sally and me hostage
at the Cedarbridge Inn.
He has a gun.
He wants the flash drive--
Tell him no police,
or Sally dies.
He heard you.
He understands.
Please hurry.
It's okay, all right?
Help is on the way.
Matt's on the way.
I'll get my flash drive,
and I'll be on my way.
[Roe] You really think
the police
are just going to let you walk?
Carson, you paid for a murder.
Probably two.
Oh, I did not kill
Brody Kresser.
No, that...
that's all Matt.
That's not true!
He would never...
I didn't think
he had it in him either,
but what do you know,
when push came to shove,
Matt got it together
and shoved John's greedy kid
off his balcony.
[rattling door handle]
[chuckling] Um... hey, Sally?
I think somehow the door locked.
[knocking] Hey, Sally?
Um... hey, Kara!
Uh, Sally's fine.
She's just got, um...
pre-wedding jitters.
Um, why don't you go across
to the church,
and you can be ready to help her
when we get there?
[Kara] Uh, no, um...
the bridesmaids aren't
supposed to leave the bride.
I think I'll just, uh,
I'll just wait out here.
Carson... actually believe
Matt killed Brody.
You're not just saying that
to throw the blame off yourself.
Well, how could I do it?
With the combination
on that lock on his door,
I have no way to get in.
Him and his stupid system
of changing the combinations...
Wait, he has a system?
Based on what?
Stuff from before we met.
Childhood pets,
dogs, cats, lizards, whatever...
The point is
we all know
Kresser was hit on the head
inside the condo, hmm?
And Matt is the only person
who can get in,
so put two and two together.
He did it.
No, Matt is a gentle soul!
Love is blind.
Speaking of, where is Matt?
Huh? Where is he?
Call him again.
I need to talk to him this time.
Sally, no.
Trust me, okay?
- Kara, where's Sally?
In there.
Back up, back up.
- What's going on, Matt?
[knocking urgently]
Sally, hey!
Hey, it's me.
Matt, be careful!
We're gonna go out that door...
...and he's going to hand me
the flash drive.
You hear that, Matty?
Yeah, I heard you.
I have the drive.
[Carson] Open the door.
Sally, it's going to be okay.
Carson, come on,
she has nothing to do with this.
Give me the drive.
Sorry, Sally.
[Carson] Now...
you're gonna let me
through the front door,
so I can get outta here,
then you can have
your little wedding.
Carson, whatever it is
you're trying to do,
you need to stop--
Stop talking, Kara!
Stop it right now.
Hey, hey, hey, look.
Look at me.
I should have never
made the drive, okay?
When Haskins called me,
he said that you had
already contacted him.
How was I supposed to know
I wasn't next?
Shut up
and let me get out of here!
Drop it, Carson!
Let her go.
Hey, come here, come here.
You're okay, you're okay,
you're okay, you're okay...
Anything you say
can and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you choose not to have one,
one will be appointed to you.
[Arthur] Nice ruse,
calling me when he thought
you were calling Matt.
This reminds me of the end
of that true-crime book
you gave me on the Evans' case.
The wrong guy arrested,
and it was a whole year
before the new detective
on the case realized
the pieces didn't add up.
The floor
where the murder happened
was locked tight.
Do you remember
how the detective figured out
who the real killer had to be?
He realized the janitor
was only the one
with the keys to that floor.
The one with the keys did it,
or in this case,
the one
with the combinations did it.
Arthur, I don't think
Carson killed Brody Kresser.
So it was Matt after all then.
Maybe, but I don't know,
it doesn't feel right.
It seems like
we're missing something.
Well, if it wasn't Matt,
Carson or Dawn,
who killed Brody Kresser?
[Cook] Smith!
Get over here.
[Arthur's voice echoing]
Who killed Brody Kresser?
[Roe's voice echoing]
I don't know,
it doesn't feel right.
It seems like
we're missing something.
[Prof. Lindo's voice echoing]
Tell me the Eighth Principle
of Information Science.
[Roe] No information
stands alone.
All information exists
in the context of...
...existing relationships.
Kara, what are you doing?
Matt told the police
it was Carson,
and Carson's going to tell
the police it was Matt.
It was not Matt.
No, it wasn't.
It was you.
The night of the party,
you were concerned about Matt.
You went to his condo
to wait for him to come home,
but he didn't.
an angry Brody Kresser did,
and he found you,
Matt's protective older sister,
and the only other person
in the world
who knows the names
of the childhood pets
that Matt uses
to reset the combination lock
on his door.
Kara, look around.
You can't run from this.
He was threatening
to ruin Matt's life.
So you hit him on the head
with a vase,
but it didn't knock him out,
did it?
He chased you onto the balcony,
and somehow, you managed
to push him over the edge.
You picked up the pieces
and locked the door behind you.
My mom made me swear
on her deathbed
that I would protect
my little brother,
and that is the only reason
that I did this.
How was letting suspicion
fall on Matt protecting him?
I would never
have let him be arrested.
There was just
so little evidence,
I thought this would all
blow over, and...
I thought he'd marry Sally,
and then... [crying]
he'd finally get the family
that he deserved.
She's gonna leave him
after all this.
It's all ruined.
I ruined everything.
Would you think I'm crazy
if I said I still
wanted to get married today?
I still have the tux.
Look, whatever
Carson told you I did,
it was all him.
I didn't do anything wrong,
except stay quiet.
But I am not that man anymore.
you made me a better person.
So please, just...
just give me one more chance.
my faith in you
stretched farther
than I ever could've imagined,
it won't stretch any more.
I'm sorry.
[police officer] Well, I guess
take her into custody
and then we'll see what happens.
I'm going to have to take her
to the station.
What's going on?
I'm sorry.
It was Kara.
[Matt calling] Kara!
[chuckling ruefully]
I'm not getting married
today, Roe.
I know.
But hey,
you won't have a sister-in-law
who's a murderer.
Too soon?
Okay, sorry.
My thesis topic.
"How the Knowledge
of True-crime Literature
Can Help Law Enforcement
Secure Justice."
Huh, okay.
Well, you got my attention.
Now come sit down
and take me through
your approach.
Okay, so here's
what I'm thinking...
I'm glad you learned to listen
to your instincts, Sally.
Better a bad announcement,
than a bad marriage.
Thank you, Aida.
I'm going to go call
a potential
new real-estate client,
see if
she'll list her house with me.
I've heard
she's very particular.
Then you will be
her ideal agent, Mother.
How lucky am I to have
such a cheerleader?
You are.
- Bye.
Daniel said he made this
special for you.
That will go a long way
in curing what ails me,
and so will never, ever
mentioning Matt's name again.
I cannot believe
I was hours away
from marrying a criminal.
Promise me it will never, ever,
ever come up.
I promise.
You promise.
Oh, be right back.
- Arthur.
Any news?
Well, charges have been filed
against Kara
for the murder of Brody Kresser,
and both Matt and Carson
have agreed to plead guilty
to conspiracy
to murder his father.
Thought I'd let Sally know.
Ooh, um,
she actually
just made me promise
that we would never bring up
Matt's name, like, ever again,
so maybe
she doesn't want to know.
Yeah, fair.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Thank you for the loan.
Of course.
you and the cook,
you guys, uh...
dating, or...?
I mean, I wouldn't say
we're dating.
I mean, we're going
on a date tonight.
Although, um...
he has this crazy idea
that you want to date me?
Oh, uh...
I mean, for as long
as we've been friends?
How weird would that be?
[laughing awkwardly]
Yeah, so weird.
Anyways, I should, uh,
say a quick hi to Sally.
Ah, I think I'm okay...
All right, scoot in.
It's my break,
and I always read on my break--
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We said no more true crime!
- What!
I did not agree to that.
What's this one about?
After everything
that's happened?
Oh, it's so good, Arthur,
you're going to love it.
Okay, so this woman,
she goes missing
in Portland, Oregon,
she's found in Washington State
a month later.
It's this crazy journey
of how she got there...