Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The Disappearing Game (2018) Movie Script

Are you sure you want
to do this?
You know what'll happen
if you get caught.
That answer your question?
Jerk deserves it.
[sirens wailing]
Hey Lillian.
You know, I'm having a little
housewarming party next Saturday
if you'd like to come.
Didn't you move into that house
three months ago?
I did.
But I just wasn't in the mood
for a party then.
I find parties to be a frivolous
waste of time better spent.
So thank you, but no thank you.
Hi Roe.
Wanna take a look at the outline
for my bloody benders talk
for Real Murders tonight,
see if I missed anything?
I was thinking of bringing
the new photographer
from the paper, Stanley,
to see if maybe-
Sally, I am fine
since Martin left,
but I am in no way ready
to date again-
Woah, woah, woah.
It's not a set-up.
He's just a true crime buff
like the rest of us.
And he's bringing
his lovely wife.
You're disappointed.
You might be more ready
than you think.
See you tonight.
Mother, you sure know how
to sell a house.
It seems like you just
put the one next door
on the market.
I just met the buyer.
He's a psychology professor
at the college.
A delight to talk to,
and I wanna take you over there
and introduce you.
Come on.
Oh, I can't right now.
Your nephew's on his way over
for dinner.
You can stay and join us
if you'd like.
Phillip is coming?
Oh, I will stay.
I see less of him now
that he's moved here
than I did when he lived
two states over.
Well, someone has to save him
from that college
cafeteria food.
I lure him with spaghetti.
I'll make a salad.
But come on, spend five minutes
with me
and we'll go meet
the new neighbor.
He's intelligent, good-looking,
Mother, please stop trying
to fix me up.
But you've been
sitting around this house
with nothing but your books
as company for months.
What-that's not true.
I have Phillip over at least
once or twice a week
and I have my Real Murders Club-
And now you have a handsome
new neighbor.
So why don't you cooperate
and let's go over and meet him.
Oh, never mind, that's Phillip.
Hey, Aunt Aida,
where've you been hiding?
Don't pretend you haven't been
ignoring my calls,
young man.
You mean you actually talk
on the phone?
We do this thing now,
it's called texting,
you should really try it.
Hey cousin.
Hey back.
Wanna grab that pot and fill it
with water for the pasta?
See how she is?
She invites me to dinner
and then she makes me cook.
Oh, can you grab that?
Oh, sure.
I was just talking to Aurora
about you.
Come on in.
I want to introduce you.
I'm sorry, I can't right now.
I'm knee-deep with the movers.
You dropped your glove.
Oh, thank you.
Um, you can't even come in
for a cup of coffee?
Another time, but thank you.
Bye for now.
Oh hi.
That's your new neighbor.
I love having you in town.
I'm so glad you chose
Lawrenceton College
as your school.
Yeah well other schools
didn't have Roe nearby.
Or you.
I remember visiting you
when I was little.
You'd take me with you
to show houses
and I'd get to run around
in these big empty rooms.
Totally my coolest aunt.
Aw, did you hear that, mother?
You're cool.
Oh, well I never aspired
to coolness.
Don't think you can help it.
You might as well
just go with it.
Why don't you and I
go to a barber?
I'll go short if you do.
[phone ringing]
Oh, it's your mom.
She probably wants to know
how you're doing.
So, what classes are you taking
this semester?
How about psychology?
You wanna know if I have any
classes with Professor Miller.
Well, I'm just curious about
my new neighbor.
Well, I don't have any with him
but I hear all about him from
Tammy, my roommate's girlfriend.
"Professor Miller's so awesome.
"Professor Miller's the most
amazing teacher I've ever had."
Mmm. He sounds very impressive.
It drives Josh crazy.
Josh Farrell?
Is he still your roommate?
I thought you guys
were having issues.
He's a bit of a night owl.
He kept waking me up,
but we got this screen thing
so I don't see
his light anymore.
We actually have a pretty sweet
You should come by
and check it out.
Oh, I would love to.
But tonight I have to get to
my Real Murders Club meeting.
Do you wanna go with me?
I wish I could but I have
to get back and study.
Think I could come by
another time, though?
I would love it if there was
another true crime buff
in the family.
Ok, I will.
Yes, I'll talk to you next week.
Ok, bye.
Your mom wants you to call her.
I will.
How's Aunt Mary doing?
She's still laid up
from that broken hip.
But she reminded me that
tomorrow's your birthday.
Oh, that's right, it is!
We should take you out
to dinner to celebrate.
Oh, he doesn't wanna
go out with us.
No, that sounds really nice.
Can Josh come?
Of course.
Where would you like to go?
Um... can I let you know
You may.
Make that groovy.
Isn't that your generation's
Thanks for dinner, Roe.
Of course. Any time.
So this is Drum Creek, Kansas,
where the first body was found
in late 1871.
Two more bodies were found
the next February,
but nobody suspected
the Bender family.
Ma and Pa Bender welcomed
in travelers passing through
on the road, and their children,
John and Katie,
well, they were always
at church on Sunday.
Wait, church?
I thought Katie was into
some dark stuff, you know?
Seances or whatever.
You're right, Jason.
She was.
She called herself a healer
and a psychic,
and some of the bodies
they found in the graves
on the Bender property
were her customers.
Yeah, she'd invite them
to this cabin here.
She'd sit them at a table
in front of a canvas curtain
that hid her father
and brother from sight.
And there they waited
with hammers in their hands.
[sirens wailing]
That sounded like it came from
right outside the hall.
I'll go see what's going on.
I didn't tell you to get
out of the car, Harrison.
I'm calling my dad.
Get back in the car.
Alright, that's it.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
That's Clayton Harrison.
His family is pretty
high-profile around here.
Like the Harrisons
that have that big house
over on River Road?
Yes, it is.
I hope you're not too attached
to your job, officer,
'cause you're gonna get fired.
So that's how spoiled
rich kids end up.
His parents are
actually very nice.
My father used to work
with his dad.
Well, spoiled or not,
if he's getting arrested
it's probably news.
Alright everyone, let's go
back in and finish our meeting.
Well, I hope his parents
show up soon.
Lynn is usually chomping
at the bit by now
for a break from the baby.
Oh, hi Arthur.
Oh, hey Sally.
What can I do for you?
What you can do for
the Lawrenceton Times.
I saw Clayton Harrison
being arrested,
Macon wanted me to come
down here and find out why,
seeing as his parents
are such a big deal in town.
Is it news?
I'd say it's minor news.
[clears throat]
I'll go file that report.
Thank you, Officer Heard.
The college is pressing charges
against Clayton
for property damage.
You know the sculpture outside
the administration building?
Yeah, the eyesore?
That's the one.
Clayton did some artistic
improvement to it.
Covered it in paint.
Are you serious?
I don't think the college
found it that funny, Sally.
Of course they didn't.
Oh, and I don't think
his parents
find it that funny, either.
Excuse me.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison.
The press already knows
about this.
Oh, um...
Sorry, Clayton was arrested
right in front of me,
but if you want to give me
a quote for the story
I'd be more than happy
to include it-
No, I would not.
I know you're just doing
your job.
(Tammy): I'm just saying don't
text me at 3:00 in the morning,
4:00 in the morning,
and 5:00 in the morning.
(Josh): I thought
you were awake.
(Tammy): I was awake-
Oh! Phillip.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Oh, you got company.
It sounds like you do, too.
You remember meeting Josh,
Of course.
Hi Josh. How are you?
Good, thanks.
Come on in.
Roe, have you ever met
Josh's girlfriend, Tammy?
Hi Tammy.
Not sure when you would have
met her.
She never has time
to do anything.
Or at least never has time
to do anything with me.
It's nice to meet you.
You too.
Oh, open your gift.
You didn't have to do that, Roe.
Wow, it's... retro.
I thought you could wear it
for dinner tonight.
Depending on what restaurant
you choose.
I was thinking Giuseppe's.
That cool with you, Josh?
I love that place.
Is it cool if Tammy comes?
Well yeah, especially since
she got me those sweet balloons.
Sorry, I can't come.
I have a haircut at 5:00.
That's ok, we can do dinner
at 6:00.
If that's cool with you, Roe.
Oh, sure.
Yeah, the more the merrier.
I'm taking the bus, actually,
We'll just take you
to the salon, wait,
then bring you to dinner.
Right Phillip?
Come on, it's his birthday.
Plus it'll be more fun
with you there.
She doesn't have to come
if she doesn't want to.
No, she wants to.
Don't you?
Yeah, I would love to.
Um, if you really don't mind
picking me up?
It was nice meeting you.
Hey, where are we going?
He's like a puppy dog the way
he follows her around.
So, wanna walk me to class?
Do you know how much money
I donate to this school?
How many meetings I have to
sit through for the college
to give me this spot?
I want that kid to get more
than just a slap on the wrist,
you understand?
I do, Mr. Murphy, but you know,
Clayton Harrison's already
on probation with the school.
They're threatening
to expel him.
I plan to make sure they do.
Ok then.
You know you don't have to
wear that shirt.
Oh, I'm wearing the shirt.
Besides, I don't think
I'll run into
anyone I know at Giuseppe's
anyway, so...
Are you implying
I have no taste?
No, I'm implying
you're kinda old.
I saw the paper when I went
to get coffee this morning.
It said Clayton Harrison
was arrested for this.
Are you still friends with him?
Why would you ask that?
Oh, I remember you playing
with him
a few times at my house
when you came to visit.
My parents had those
dinner parties
for their business friends.
The Harrisons always
brought Clayton, remember?
Oh... yeah, yeah.
We'd uh, we'd play video games
and he'd throw a fit
when he lost so that is not
really much of a surprise.
Well, I better get to class.
So we'll meet you and Aunt Aida
just at Giuseppe's at 6:00?
We'll be there.
Cool. Catch to you later, Roe.
I'm so sorry.
It's you.
I was hoping to run into you.
I didn't expect to get run over.
Yeah, they should not let me
drive one of these things.
But normally I run
into chairs not people.
Well hopefully they come out
with a self-driving cart soon.
Well for our patrons' sake
I sure hope so.
Nick Miller.
Aurora Teagarden.
But everyone calls me Roe,
it's easier.
I like it. It's unique.
I met your mom yesterday.
The real estate queen?
That's my mother.
Regal through and through.
I think it was her photo on
the sign in front of the house
that first made me
like the place.
Something about her smile.
It made the place feel
warm and welcoming.
Oh, what a nice thing to say.
You have the same smile.
Oh, so this is what
it's like talking to
a psychology professor.
They all know the right things
to say.
Your mother said you have
a suspicious mind.
Wh-no she did not.
Don't worry, I get it.
Son of a cop.
Well, there might be
a little truth to that
'cause I am wondering why
you're here at this library
when you're a professor
at a college
that has a library
twice the size.
But their section on home repair
is on the skimpy side.
I have a problem.
Too many books,
not enough shelves.
I don't suppose you can relate.
My mother told you about
my never-ending quest
for bookshelf space.
Or I have insight into
the psychology of librarians.
Oh, um... I have to get back
to work,
but um, I guess I will see you
around the neighborhood.
I hope so.
Why are you flushed?
I am?
And why is that shelving cart
in the middle of the floor?
Yeah, I'll go get that.
You ok?
Professor Miller,
yeah, I'm fine.
I knew it.
I assign too much homework,
don't I?
No, no you don't.
I'm fine, really.
Alright then,
have a good afternoon.
Are you sure you're ok?
So Phillip said 6:00
and it's now 6:27.
Well I just sent
him another text.
Oh, I met the psychology
professor today.
Did you now?
So do you see why I wanted
to introduce you?
Yeah, he-he was interesting.
I think he'll be a good addition
to the neighborhood.
Hey you two.
Had a craving for lasagna?
Well, it was my nephew's craving
but he's late for his own
birthday party.
What about you?
Oh I had to work late so I'm
just picking up some dinner
to eat back at my desk
but it's not ready yet.
Well sit, wait with us.
Ok. If I do I'm gonna steal
some of your bread.
[phone ringing]
Oh, finally.
Here's Phillip.
Hey birthday boy.
You know we're here waiting
for you, don't ya?
Yeah, sorry, I fell asleep.
I'm not feeling so hot.
Oh no.
What's wrong?
I'm getting sick I think.
I'm not gonna make it, ok?
I'm just gonna stay in bed.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Is there anything that we can-
I gotta go. Bye.
That was odd.
Is he alright?
He said he's feeling sick
and wants to stay in bed.
Oh, what a shame,
on his birthday.
Well, we might as well order.
I'm famished.
You go ahead.
I think I'm gonna pick up some
soup and take it to the dorm.
Well, call me after
you've seen him,
in case there's something
I should do.
I will.
Phillip? It's Roe.
I brought you soup.
Phillip, is everything ok?
I'm coming in.
Oh hey, uh, I think I'm in
the right place,
is Tammy Driscoll around?
I'm Aurora Teagarden.
I'm Portia.
She's not here right now,
she was just going
to a birthday dinner.
Right, that's for my cousin,
Phillip Pifer.
Do you know him?
Sure, I know Phillip.
Well, he called me and
he told me he was sick
but he's not in his room
so I was hoping
that I could find Tammy and she
could help me locate Phillip.
Oh, I haven't seen Tammy
since this afternoon.
My guess is around 4:00 or so
when I left.
Tammy was arguing
with Josh on her phone.
As usual.
Uh, do you know what they
were arguing about?
I try and tune it out.
Oh, hey, do you happen to know
where she was supposed
to get that haircut?
Well, yeah.
It's Shear Delight.
Ok, thanks Portia.
Hey Sally, are you still
at the office?
The Shear Delight hair salon
is right down the street
from you, right?
Can you meet me there?
Well, you didn't think it'd
be open at this hour, did you?
Well, it was worth a shot.
Someone might still be here.
Let's take a look around back.
I just don't understand why
Phillip would tell me
he's staying in bed sick
when he wasn't.
Why would he lie to me?
Well, it's his birthday.
Maybe he wanted to do something
more exciting
but didn't wanna hurt
your feelings.
Oh, it's her!
It's Tammy.
Tell me she's got a pulse.
Oh, Tammy, what happened to you?
No mother, no sign of
Phillip or Josh.
Because of the injuries
the police are calling it
a likely hit and run.
I just feel so terrible
for this girl and her family.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll keep trying
Phillip's phone, too.
Do you see what I see?
Wait, actually,
it's what I don't see.
Tire marks.
And that means...?
Well, if Tammy was hit
by accident
there would be tire marks
where the car tried to stop
or swerve.
Roe, you should
not be speculating.
Arthur, do you think somebody
tried to hit her on purpose?
Have you heard
from your cousin yet?
Have you tracked down
Josh Farrell?
No, not yet, but Officer Heard
is over at the dormitory.
Apparently the boys were seen
leaving their room together
just after 4:00
I know what you're thinking.
You said the roommate heard
the victim fighting
with Josh Farrell
because he wanted to give her
a ride here?
That doesn't mean he did.
Josh Farrell doesn't
even have a car.
I'm told that Phillip Pifer
drives him just
about everywhere.
You don't really know
that's how Tammy got here.
Then where are they, Roe?
I mean, why did your cousin lie?
Why did he say he was home
sick in bed when he wasn't?
And why isn't he answering
his phone?
Arthur, if you are suggesting
that Phillip killed Tammy-
Or, more likely, the boyfriend.
But you think Josh Farrell could
have been driving Phillip's car?
Tammy's roommate said that
she was fighting with Josh,
and you said it yourself.
There's no tire marks.
If Phillip were with him he
would have called the police.
He wouldn't just leave Tammy
here and-and run off with Josh.
Ok, can you think of a better
explanation for why those guys
got in their car
and just disappeared?
Will you please go with me to
talk to Tammy's roommate again?
No, Roe, you're not going
to talk
to Tammy's roommate again, ok?
You are going home.
Please, just let us handle this.
We have to figure out
what happened to Tammy.
You didn't answer my knock.
No, I did, I yelled for you
to come in.
I think I've taught you better
than yelling to answer the door.
Here's your newspaper.
Thank you.
This story makes it sound like
the police think Phillip
and this Josh Farrell hit
the girl with Phillip's car
and then fled in a panic.
Which is absolutely ridiculous.
I totally agree,
but I'm worried.
Mother, where is he?
I spoke to Phillip Pifer's
she can't travel, broken hip.
She referred us to her sister,
Aida Teagarden.
Ok, thanks.
I- I finally reached Tammy
Driscoll's parents in Arizona.
Hardest call I've ever had
to make.
I can't even imagine.
Oh hey, uh, can you see if
Roe will take Phillip's laptop?
Maybe she can help us figure out
his password.
You want her to help?
I know, but she knows him best.
Officer Heard!
Hey Arthur, I was hoping to get
some quotes from you
for my follow-up and I heard
you were here...
I don't care what you think
you're supposed to do.
I'm going to my son's room.
He's missing and I want answers.
Oh hi, hello,
are you Josh's mom?
Mrs. Farrell, I'm
Detective Arthur Smith.
How about we find a place
to talk?
Yes, please.
I don't know why that officer
spoke as if Josh
has done something wrong.
He's a good boy and he was
crazy about Tammy.
Phillip doesn't have a part-time
job, does he?
I mean, why would he have that
much money stashed in a box?
I don't know.
Maybe his mother gave it to him
or maybe he won it
playing poker.
Or maybe I don't know Phillip
as well as I thought.
Although wouldn't that be
the best evidence
that he didn't take off
with Josh?
Because wouldn't he take
the money with him
if he wanted to disappear?
Well, one thing's for sure.
The boys are not hiding out
with Josh's mother in Corinth.
She showed up at the dorm today
demanding answers.
Did you talk to her?
Arthur whisked her away.
Come on in.
Is this true?
You found Tammy Driscoll
dead last night?
Yes. Unfortunately we did.
And the detective quoted
in the article,
he really thinks this could have
been murder?
Well, he's gonna treat it as
such until they can rule it out.
I'm Sally Allison.
I wrote the article.
Nick Miller.
I wanted it to be a mistake.
I- I know, I'm so sorry.
She was a student of yours,
wasn't she?
Yes, a very good student
and a nice young woman.
I better get down
to the police station.
Why are you headed
to the police station?
Because I talked to Tammy
yesterday afternoon
and she didn't have good things
to say about her boyfriend.
Can we chat with you
for a minute
before you go to the station?
It's ok, Portia, take your time.
I know this is upsetting.
I just... I feel so bad
I didn't try harder to be
friends with Tammy.
She was just... always
with Josh.
And what was he like?
I mean, Tammy had this light.
People gravitated to her and...
he didn't like it.
And he had this crazy idea
that she and her friend, Brian,
were going out behind his back.
Did she complain to you
about him?
She was thinking of breaking up
with him but...
she was afraid of what he'd do
if she did.
I just... I never thought
Look, Portia, this is important,
If you can think of anybody
who would want to hurt Tammy...
I was headed to my office.
What time was that?
4:30. A little after.
I saw Tammy sitting on a bench
near the parking lot.
Long face, so I stopped.
I asked if she was alright.
And was she alright?
No. She said she was having
boyfriend problems.
Seemed pretty upset about it.
Did she give you any details
about those problems?
Not really.
I try not to get too personal
with my students,
but she just looked so unhappy
that I felt like I had to stop
to talk to her.
She was waiting for her
boyfriend to come pick her up.
I might have been one of the
last people to see her alive.
Maybe I should have tried harder
to help her.
You can't blame yourself.
We still don't know
what happened.
We're not even sure Josh
and Phillip picked her up.
Or did you see her get in
their car?
So somebody else could have
picked her up.
Yeah, someone else could have.
It is possible that Josh and
Phillip could have pulled up
just in time to see her get
into somebody else's car.
That could have been enough
to enrage Josh.
Did Tammy text or call anybody
while you were talking with her?
So you didn't see her talk
to anyone else?
No, she... wait, there was a kid
on a skateboard,
a student I didn't recognize.
He went back and forth a few
times while we were talking.
He called over to her and
asked her if she was ready
for some exam.
He was still rippin' around
nearby when I went into
the psychology building.
So they must have been
in a class together.
What did he look like?
He had red hair.
He was showing off a little,
doing tricks.
He flipped his skateboard up
with his foot
and I noticed decals
all over it.
Skulls and flames.
I'd better get down to
the station and talk to them.
Thank you for telling us
what you saw.
We should try to find
that skateboarder.
Find out if he saw
anything else.
Your cousin is missing too,
isn't he?
He is.
Yeah, we are all worried sick.
We haven't heard from him
since he called me last night
and we don't know where he
is now or why he disappeared.
So this is personal for you.
It is.
But even if it wasn't
I would want to find out
what happened to Tammy.
Well, I wanna help.
You have helped.
I only teach
Tuesdays and Thursdays
so I have some free time.
I wanna know what happened
to Tammy, too.
This is my number.
Please call me.
Whatever you need.
Thank you.
Roe, you know where
this is headed.
Tammy Driscoll wants to break up
with her overbearing boyfriend
and an hour later she's dead?
Phillip calls you, lies to you,
Because he's trying to cover
for his friend.
We don't even know if Tammy
got in Phillip's car.
We need to find the guy
on the skateboard
and I'm calling
in reinforcements.
Jason, hey, it's Roe.
It's time for a Real Murders
Club investigation.
So the reservation is for...
Oh, Carolyn, hi.
Oh, Aida.
How are you?
I'm in the middle of a crisis
at the moment.
I suppose you've heard
that Phillip is missing.
Yes, I did. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I've uh... I've been
a little distracted.
I just finished having a meeting
with our lawyer.
Oh, right.
Clayton's gotten himself
into a bit of trouble.
Just-just a bit.
Well, college hi-jinx
aren't anything new.
I'm sure everything's gonna
turn out alright for him.
Aida I uh... I really have to go
and deal with this mess.
I'm sorry, I just-I have to go.
Of course.
Not a redhead in the bunch.
But according to Tammy's class
schedule I got from Portia
this is her last class
of the day.
So what do we do now?
Just wander around and hope
to find this guy?
We could start with the dorm.
Come on.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
We could knock on a good
20, 30 doors
before we get kicked out
of here.
Maybe we don't have to.
Brian. Do you think this is him?
Hey, sorry to intrude.
Dude, are you ok?
My friend was killed last night.
Tammy and I were in the same
study group.
We were studying
for this Spanish test
we were supposed to have today.
Uh, then this morning
they cancelled it.
I thought cool, I'll tell Tammy.
But she didn't answer my text.
I got coffee, the paper,
went back to my room.
I couldn't believe it.
Tammy's dead.
I just saw her yesterday.
Brian, we think you may have
been one of the last people
to see Tammy alive.
Oh, that's messed up.
Did you talk to her?
Uh... for like half a minute.
I asked her if she was ready
for the test,
she teased me about
how I was gonna fail
and get kicked out of school,
and then I said she should watch
her karma for saying that.
What about after that?
We know she was waiting for
her boyfriend to pick her up.
Uh, yeah, Josh.
I saw the car pull up, the one
his roommate drives.
So you saw her get
into Phillip's car?
Josh got out of the front seat,
said she could have it, but
Tammy wanted to sit in the back.
So Phillip was behind the wheel?
Tammy got in, they started
to back out, and then...
Then what?
Sorry, that's all I know.
No Brian, you know something.
You saw something.
What was it?
Your friend is dead,
but if you tell us what you know
you might be able
to help us save the others.
Another car pulled in,
parked next to the dark red one.
A guy got out to talk to them.
Did you recognize him?
Brian, who was it?
It was Clayton Harrison.
Brian, you have to go
to the police with this.
I will.
Ok, if Clayton Harrison was
the last person to talk to Josh
and Phillip we have to find him.
We also have to tell Arthur.
I have to go down to
the police station anyway
to get updates for my story.
Good. You talk to Arthur.
I know the Harrisons.
Clayton doesn't live on campus
so I'll go to their house
and see if he's there.
Or he could be around right now.
Well, good.
Then why don't you stay, Jason,
and ask if anyone's seen him.
If he's here I'll find him.
Hey, how's it going?
Do you know a guy named
Clayton Harrison?
Drives a BMW?
Yeah, I know who
you're talking about.
Have you seen him around today?
I'm kinda supposed to meet up
with him.
I don't keep track of the guy.
Why don't you ask her?
That's his girlfriend.
Hey, are you Marlee?
I'm trying to track down
Clayton Harrison.
How should I know where he is?
Well, aren't you his girlfriend?
Was his girlfriend.
We broke up a while ago, ok?
Oh, Nick.
You're still here.
Yeah, I was in the middle
of talking to Detective Smith
when he got a call
and rushed out.
Something's going on.
Oh Arthur, I need
to talk to you.
Sorry, Sally, I gotta go.
What happened?
We just found Phillip Pifer's
Hi, what can I-
Carolyn, I am sorry to bother
you, but is Clayton home?
No, he's not.
Do you know where he is?
I have no idea.
Have you seen him today?
No, he left early this morning.
Has he said anything
about Phillip or Josh Farrell?
You know they're missing, right?
Yes, but what does that-
Clayton was seen talking to
Phillip and Josh yesterday,
right before they disappeared.
So are you insinuating that
Clayton had something
to do with this?
[message alert]
Sorry, one second.
Oh my gosh.
The police found Phillip's car.
Can we finish this later?
Arthur, please tell me
you also found
some sign of Phillip or Josh?
Sorry, Roe.
I've got officers combing
the area but so far
it's looking like the car was
just abandoned here.
What about the-
Oh, I already asked
if there was any sign
that this was the car
that hit Tammy Driscoll.
We found no damage to the car or
any other sign that it hit Tammy
or caused her injuries.
See? I knew it.
I knew Phillip wouldn't just
hit and run and-
and leave a friend behind
for dead.
It was a ridiculous theory.
No, it was a logical theory,
but right now I have no
replacement theory yet.
Yeah, but it doesn't make
any sense.
Why would they just leave
the car here?
Where did they go?
You told Arthur about
Clayton Harrison, right?
She did and I'm gonna
question him.
And take a look at his car.
Yes Roe, I've got this.
But right now we have a much
bigger concern.
(Aurora): Arthur, we have
to find Phillip and Josh now.
Let me help you with that.
Oh, thank you.
When I was at the police station
I overheard
that they had found
your cousin's car?
And there was blood
in the back seat.
I mean, before I was just so
certain that he was still alive
somewhere but now I-I just...
I don't know what to think.
And I don't know how I'm gonna
call Phillip's mom and tell her
or tell my mother.
I called Tammy's mother today.
The Dean had already called her
on behalf of the college
but I just wanted to tell her
how much I enjoyed
having Tammy in my classes.
That must have meant
a lot to her.
How is she?
Shocked. Angry. Confused.
They had never met Josh.
They didn't even know
Tammy was dating.
She and her husband
are flying out here.
There-there's someone
in my backyard.
Wait! Nick!
Wait! Don't hit him!
I know him.
So what's going on, Dan?
Why were you lurking
in my back yard?
Caroline told me you came by
asking about Clayton
so I let myself in through
the gate to wait for you.
I'm sorry, but I didn't want
your neighbors to see me.
Why? What's going on?
It's Clayton.
He's missing, too.
Why didn't you say anything?
We have to call the police.
No. No, no.
You can't-you can't call
the police.
Yes, we can.
Roe, Clayton's been kidnapped.
And if you call the police
he could die.
And so could Phillip.
You sure about that?
No doubt in your mind?
The kidnappers called me
last night.
They're demanding a half
a million dollars
for a safe return.
That's why Caroline panicked
when you were asking about him.
We can't have the kidnappers
thinking we're not cooperating
with them.
But they told you that Phillip
and Josh are with them?
No, but Clayton had told us
that Phillip had invited him
to his birthday dinner-
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
I- I was under the impression
that Phillip and Clayton
weren't speaking.
I don't know what you mean.
Phillip's been to the house
a dozen times already
since the semester started.
He's been over to your house?
Yes, and Clay told us that they
were taking Tammy Driscoll
to a hair appointment
and then going to dinner,
so when-so when Phillip
and his friend came up missing
I just assumed
they were taken, too.
These are bad people, Roe.
And I don't think
they would blink an eye
at taking two extra victims.
Did they identify themselves
in any way?
No, they just said they would
call again tomorrow
with instructions for a ransom
drop tomorrow night.
Ok, so if we tell the police
they can trace that call.
They said if I tell the police
they'll kill him.
I can't take that chance.
If I give them the money I have
to believe they will let him go.
If Phillip and Josh
were taken, too,
then why has no one else been
contacted with a ransom demand?
I don't think they were
the intended targets.
They just got caught up
in a net meant for Clayton.
Like that poor girl.
I want your word you won't tell
the police about this.
Yeah, but if they killed Tammy-
You think they won't do the same
thing to those boys?
Our only chance at getting them
back safely
is for me to comply with
the kidnapper's demands.
That's it.
Fine. I won't call the police.
Thank you.
I hope I don't regret
that decision.
Clayton kidnapped,
and you honestly believe
that these people took Phillip
and his roommate, too?
It's the best theory
we have right now.
But what about that phone call
he made saying that he was sick?
The kidnappers could have
forced him to make that call,
giving them more time to make
them all disappear.
I find it hard to believe that
Phillip even invited Clayton
to his birthday dinner.
And yet, according to Dan,
Phillip's at their house
all the time.
Well, if all of this is true
then we have to go
to the police.
I gave them my word I wouldn't.
Well, I made no such promise.
Mother, if those people are
willing to kill Tammy Driscoll
and just drive away
do you think they would hesitate
to kill Clayton?
Or Josh, or Phillip?
I have to meet Nick.
We're gonna go meet up
with Sally and Jason
and go over our next steps.
Next steps?
Aurora, you know I don't approve
of your putting yourself
in danger.
This is your nephew
we're talking about.
And I know I can help.
Well, what am I supposed to do?
Just-just wait and-
and wonder and worry?
Actually there is a way
you can help.
Arthur had this
dropped off earlier.
See if you can figure out the
password to Phillip's computer.
I tried pet names and places
I know Phillip likes,
but maybe you can think of
something else.
As if he weren't going through
enough already.
Now you want me to violate
his privacy?
What if there's something
on there
that could help us find him?
At least think about it.
Hello Dan.
Aida, what brings you here.
Aurora tells me that Clayton
is missing too?
He's kidnapped?
She shouldn't have
told you anything.
She certainly should have if-
if whoever took Clayton
has my nephew, too.
I don't know that for sure.
I read the story in the paper.
Clayton splashing paint all over
the sculpture
that Dale Murphy donated
to the college.
This whole thing, this-
this is all about the Murphy
debacle, isn't it?
That happened years ago, Aida.
And yet here it is.
Yesterday's news.
Are you sure you don't wanna go
to Arthur about Clayton?
It doesn't feel right
not getting his help.
Believe me, she's been wrestling
with this.
My dad was a cop.
I know what's at stake here,
but I think Roe is right.
Going to the police
is too big a risk
given what the kidnappers
told Dan Harrison.
No, I get it, I just
don't like it,
sitting, doing nothing.
We don't have to do nothing.
If I don't go to the police
I'll feel responsible
if something happens, so...
I think we should follow Dan
when he goes to drop off
the ransom.
You're kidding, right?
No, it's actually a good idea.
Or at least the best idea given
the circumstances.
Hey guys.
You didn't tell me
the Real Murders Club
was getting together.
Because you didn't want me
to know.
I wonder why.
Because I'm the mayor and
would be obligated to share
what you're discussing
with the police?
Terry, I'm sorry.
If I could tell you I would.
I don't know whether
to be relieved
you have something to go on
or worried that you're going
around Arthur.
We gotta be careful.
These kids' lives are at stake.
That's exactly why you should be
going to the police.
Are you sure Dan hasn't left
to drop off the ransom yet?
I watched him pull in
after work,
he hasn't left since.
And no one's come by?
Nobody, but maybe I should get
a closer look,
see what I can make out
from the windows.
Good idea.
You're the most surprising
librarian I've ever met.
I doubt this is a typical
evening for a college professor.
No, but I have been on a few
stake-outs before with my dad.
Were you close to your dad?
I was.
Before the divorce, anyway.
Yeah, I've been there.
I hope your parents' split
wasn't too rough.
It was rough enough to make me
interested in psychology.
Figuring out why people do
the things they do,
especially when it seems
so out of character.
Yeah, that's the great mystery,
isn't it?
Was your parents' divorce tough?
It was an amicable split, and I
was nearly done with college.
Still, it-it confused me,
because if two people who seem
to belong together
can't make it work then...
it made me skeptical
of relationships and in no hurry
to get married.
Teagarden women
are very independent.
And you? You're
not married either?
That's all I get?
Miller men are very mysterious.
Harrison's getting
in his car right now.
Oh-get in.
No, I don't think I should leave
my vehicle here.
I'll follow.
That way if one of us loses
him the other still has a shot.
[phone vibrating]
Hey Jason, how well can you see
Dan from where you are?
I got a nice clear line
of sight.
I can see him going
to his back door.
He's got a red duffle bag.
That's gotta be the money,
Don't take your eyes
off that bag.
We can't see him.
Can you?
No, no, there's
too many shadows.
There he is.
No bag.
He must have left it
in that back corner.
He's gone.
And now we just wait to see
who gets that bag.
And then follow them, right?
Hopefully straight to
our missing students.
Why haven't they come
for the money?
Try to be still.
They could be somewhere
nearby watching
to make sure it's all clear.
There's a car pulling up
behind us.
No headlights, that's not good.
Oh man.
They're getting out.
Sally, what're you doing here?
You told me you had
to work tonight.
Oh, I turned in my story.
Jason texted me, told me
you guys were here.
Get in!
Get in!
You could have scared
the kidnappers away.
Just get down.
You know, Roe, I think you're
being a little bit bossy.
I'm gonna go sit with Jason.
What-don't move a muscle.
Hi Nick.
Hi Sally.
Did we miss it?
The kidnappers still haven't
come to get the money.
Are you sure?
You stayed awake
the whole two hours?
Yeah, I-I think so.
Pretty sure I stayed awake
during my two hour watch.
Well let's check, see
if the bag's still here.
No bag.
Maybe Harrison was told to put
the bag inside the dumpster.
Just a bunch of newspapers.
No bag.
Are you guys positive
Dan dropped it off?
Yeah, we saw him do it.
So wait, the kidnappers came,
took the bag,
and we missed it?
No, someone must have
fallen asleep,
that's the only explanation.
Well, don't look at me.
How do you know it wasn't you?
Well obviously one of us
fell asleep without knowing it.
On the bright side if the
kidnappers picked up the ransom
maybe they've already
released the guys.
What're you doing here?
I was just about to ask you
the same thing.
You informed her about the
kidnapping before you told us?
She was about to discover it
on her own.
I didn't want her to come
to you too soon.
I was trying to cooperate, give
the money to the kidnappers
so they'd let Clayton go.
Wait a minute.
They didn't release him?
No, and I don't know why.
I left the money right behind
that dumpster.
That might have been our fault.
Tell me why it's your fault,
We followed Dan, saw him
drop off the ransom.
We wanted to see the kidnappers,
try to follow them.
We-we watched all night.
You what?
What if they saw you?
What-what if that's why
they didn't let Clay go?
No, no, that's not
the reason why.
They took the money.
They-they have the money, so
they should have released him.
And Phillip and Josh.
Well they didn't.
And I blame you.
You came to me.
I- I'm trying to help.
I didn't ask for this kind
of help.
Ok, you all need to go
while we process the scene.
You went too far this time, Roe.
I'm disappointed in you.
Well, I have a new story to
write, one with no happy ending.
I don't think I fell asleep.
It was the right thing
to try and find out
who the kidnappers are.
We have no idea why they didn't
release Clayton or the others,
assuming they're all together.
It might have had nothing to do
with us being here.
Where have you been all night?
You should know that
that cryptic text from you
about a surveillance mission
wasn't gonna keep me
from worrying.
You got in.
So what was this
mystery mission?
Oh, it-it doesn't matter.
We failed miserably.
Hey, look at this.
There's a folder with
Clayton's name on it.
And it's filled with papers
from an English class
I know Phillip isn't taking.
It looks to me like Phillip's
been writing papers for Clayton
in exchange for money.
That's where the $4,000
came from.
And if he's been lying
about this
then what else has
he been lying about?
This could be why Clayton
was really following Phillip
the day they went missing.
Or it's a clue to the identity
of who took them.
I don't think one thing
has to do with the other.
Why would you say that?
Because I may know something
about who kidnapped them.
Hey Terry. Jason.
What're you guys up to?
I found Jason brooding
over his bacon and eggs.
He told me what happened
last night.
I'm not the one who fell asleep.
I've been carrying around your
stories about Tammy and Clayton
and the missing boys.
We thought we'd go over them,
see if it sparked any new ideas.
Well I'd join you but I have
to get back to work.
Oh hey, Sally, wait.
Take a look at this.
Does it look like there's
somebody in Clayton's car?
I didn't notice anyone else
in the car
the night Clayton was arrested.
Neither did I but I think
I still have that photo
on my phone.
Yeah, there it is.
Let me zoom in.
There is someone in the car
and it looks like a girl.
Yeah, she looks familiar.
I think that might be
Marlee Wilson.
It's Clayton's girlfriend,
but she told me they broke up
a while back.
Well if they broke up why is
she sitting in the car with him?
And I don't care
if it's his day off,
get him in here.
We need to get a tap
on Harrison's phone ASAP.
You need to listen to what
my mother has to say.
Roe, it'll have to wait.
Right now I've gotta deal
with some-
No, my father, he used to work
with Dan Harrison
at the investment company
and something happened
that I think you should
know about.
Mother, tell him.
One of their first clients was
a man named Dale Murphy
and it was Dan Harrison who
managed Murphy's investments,
but he made some
serious mistakes.
Murphy lost millions,
almost went under.
He vowed that he would make
Dan regret it.
Ok, yes. Dale Murphy.
He's the one who donated
the sculpture that Clayton
was arrested for defacing.
So we got into Phillip's laptop
and I found an application essay
for an internship
at Murphy Industries
with Clayton's name on it.
I think Clayton hired Phillip
to do some writing for him.
Clayton probably didn't know
about the bad blood
between his father and Murphy
but I am quite sure Dale Murphy
would not have offered
an internship
to Dan Harrison's son.
Which is probably why Clayton
poured that paint
on the sculpture but in doing so
it made him a target for Murphy
to get revenge on Dan.
Arthur I have seen
Dale Murphy's theatrics.
This is a dangerous man.
Ok, first I know
about the bad investment.
Dan Harrison told me
all about it this morning.
And I plan to talk to Murphy
as soon as I get a chance,
but right now I need to go
tell Darlene Farrell
that it was Josh's blood
that we found
in the back of Phillip's car.
Oh, no.
What does that mean?
Nothing good.
For now, thanks for coming in.
I'll follow up if I have any
questions about Murphy
or about what else might be
on Phillip's computer.
Josh's blood in Phillip's car?
The boys still missing?
Arthur's gotta take Dale Murphy
more seriously.
Yeah, well if Arthur
isn't gonna go talk
to Dale Murphy right now,
I mean, it doesn't mean
we can't.
No. Absolutely not.
That is not what
I was suggesting.
It is not up to us to question
Dale Murphy.
But what if your theory
is right and he's holding
Phillip and Josh and Clayton
hostage right this very minute?
Well then that makes it even
more dangerous for us
to confront him.
I'm not talking about meeting
him in a dark alley,
I'm just gonna go see
if he's in his office.
It's ok, you don't have
to go with me.
I absolutely forbid you to go
down there by yourself.
Ok, I won't.
Now you're talking sense.
I'll call Nick.
He'll go with me.
Uh, you must be Larissa.
We're looking for Marlee Wilson.
Yeah, well, she's not here.
If you're her roommate
you must know...
is she still Clayton
Harrison's girlfriend?
I don't see how that's
any of your business.
Oh, I should introduce myself.
I'm Sally Allison.
I'm with the Lawrenceton Times.
I'm doing a story on Clayton's
disappearance so naturally
I wanted to interview
his girlfriend.
Marlee told me they broke up.
Well she didn't tell me that
but I wouldn't be surprised.
What makes you say that?
Because yesterday
she suddenly packed up,
said she was dropping
out of school
and going to Europe
for a new job.
What new job?
With what company?
I don't know.
She didn't say.
But I remember her applying
for an internship
at Murphy Industries.
Hey, what're you two doing here?
Oh, long story, starting
with that photo that I took
the night Clayton was arrested.
What about you guys?
We're waiting for Dale Murphy.
His assistant's on the way.
Now, about that photo?
Look closely, there's someone
in the car with Clayton.
I understand you've asked
to see Mr. Murphy?
Yes. There will be
four of us now.
I'm sorry but Mr. Murphy
isn't in the office today.
Well why didn't the receptionist
just tell us that
in the first place?
Leave your contact information
and I'll make sure he gets
in touch with you.
I think he's here.
I think you're right.
What're you doing up here?
That's him.
That's Dale Murphy.
You said he wasn't here.
What's he driving?
Grey Land Rover.
[phone ringing]
Roe, it's me, Phillip.
Oh my gosh, where are you?
Phillip, are you there?
Yes, sorry.
I'm afraid they can hear me.
Phillip, what's going on?
Phillip, are you ok?
Did he say Josh was with him?
Is he ok?
Well, before he could say
anything really there was a yell
and then the sound of a struggle
and then the call dropped.
But if Phillip's alive then
there's a good chance
Josh is, too.
And Clayton.
Yes, but Phillip might have put
their lives in jeopardy
with a stunt like that.
I think he was brave to try
to call for help.
Ok so it seems the phone used
to call you was a burner phone,
it's an untraceable number,
there's no way to tell where
the call came from.
I bet you that phone was bought
by Dale Murphy.
Everything is pointing
to a revenge kidnapping, Arthur.
Murphy literally ran out
the back door
when we tried to talk to him.
You tried to talk to Murphy?
After I told you not to?
We found out that Clayton's
girlfriend Marlee
suddenly dropped out of school
and left town
right after interviewing
at Murphy Industries.
Marlee and Clayton
tried to get a summer internship
together there.
You didn't think to tell Clayton
about your history with Murphy?
Well, if he had told me
his plan I would have.
You told me years ago that you
had settled everything
with Dale Murphy.
I didn't want you to worry.
Well, Clayton has tried for
years to escape your shadow.
He just wanted you to be
proud of that internship.
Marlee and Clayton broke up.
Maybe she was angry
about it then.
Angry enough to help Murphy
lure Clayton into a trap.
Maybe that's why she was
in the car with Clayton
the night he was arrested.
To set up the trap.
Can I see that, Sally?
Clayton didn't tell us why
they broke up but there's-
there's no way.
I cannot imagine Marlee
ever wanting to hurt him.
Well she could have
been promised
that he wouldn't get hurt.
You know, the first time
I talked to Murphy
after the whole statue incident,
he didn't seem to mind the idea
of Clayton being hurt at all.
I knew Murphy would come
after me someday,
but I never dreamed it would be
something like this.
Yeah, well, Clayton's stunt with
the statue might have put Murphy
over the edge.
From everything my mother
has told me
he's never been a stable man.
Ok, look, we'll get a team
to your house by 7:00 tonight
to put a tap on the phone in
case the kidnappers call again.
7:00. Yes, thank you.
In the meantime we're still
searching for Clayton's car
and I will track down Murphy.
I'll get in touch if
I find out anything.
Thank you for telling us
about the call.
It gives me hope.
Well keep hoping because we
are never gonna give up looking.
I wanna talk to
that Brian kid again.
The one who told us he saw
Clayton talking to Phillip.
Maybe he can confirm whether
Marlee Wilson was in the car
with Clayton that day, too.
Excuse me, but what is this?
What are you people doing?
We're trying to help
find the boys.
Well, I think you should stop
and let the police handle it.
Yeah, I agree.
I think Detective Smith
is doing a very fine job.
Well, I-I think so, too,
and I'm glad you changed your
mind about calling him, Dan.
Well, I didn't have much choice.
Once I had to tell you that
Clayton had been kidnapped,
well I knew it wouldn't be
a secret for long.
Now, if you'll excuse us,
we're going home and wait for
the kidnappers to call us.
Well I'm gonna talk to Brian.
What is it?
Not here.
Did you two hear
what Dan said in there?
He was expecting me to go
to the police
and tell them about
Clayton's kidnapping
even though I promised not to.
So he has trust issues.
So what?
So Dan dropped off the ransom
expecting the police
to be watching him?
Ok so wait.
We were wrong to assume
that one of us fell asleep?
Or to even think that he dropped
that money off at all.
Remember there were newspapers
at the bottom of the dumpster?
Maybe the duffel bag that
we saw him take out of his car
was full of those newspapers.
And then he ditched the papers.
And folded up the duffel bag
and hid it under his coat.
Ok, but why would he do that?
To cover up the fact that
he kidnapped Clayton himself.
What are you saying?
Yeah, that's pretty far
out there.
No. Remember we had
a guest speaker
at Real Murders last year.
The lead investigator
on the Railey case.
Ok, yes.
Ok, so Winifred Railey hid her
son with a friend and pretended
that he was kidnapped in order
to get ransom money
from her husband.
But that doesn't make sense here
because Dan Harrison
already has money.
Yeah, maybe he has
a gambling problem,
or-or needs a way to pay off
a debt without his wife
knowing about it.
Or make good on bad investment
advice to a client.
I mean, there could be a dozen
reason why he might need
to make his own money disappear.
How do we find out
if he did that?
We need to find
the red duffel bag.
We need to get into
the Harrisons' house.
And I know just the person
who's gonna help us do it.
Of course I didn't wanna talk
to Charles Teagarden's
intrusive daughter.
Teagarden's business partner,
Dan Harrison,
nearly ruined me.
Why would I wanna speak
to any of them?
So you do hold a grudge.
Mr. Murphy, what can you
tell me
about Clayton Harrison's
Harrison's boy?
We believe he was abducted
outside the Shear Delight
hair salon.
You wouldn't think a thing like
that could happen around here.
I... what can I do to help?
Well, first you can tell me
if you ever hired an intern
by the name of Marlee Wilson.
Hey Brian, how you doin'?
Uh, sorry.
Gotta get to class.
Just hold up a sec.
I need to ask you
a quick question.
No time, already late.
Wait, are you running from me?
No, I'm not gonna do it.
I won't.
Mother, this might be our
best shot at finding Phillip.
I'm not one of your
Real Murders members.
You-you can't talk me
into interfering
with what should be
police business.
I can't believe I even let you
talk me into this scheme.
It'll be fine.
We'll go in, chat for a bit,
I'll duck away
for a few minutes,
poke around some closets, see
if I can find the duffel bag.
For goodness sake,
there are probably 18 closets
in a house this size.
And why would she even
let us in the front door?
No, I think we should just
turn around and-
Caroline, when Aurora told me
about Clayton,
I mean, we just had to come
by and-and share our support.
I think it would do us
all some good.
May we come in?
No, I'm sorry, Dan had to run
out and we're expecting
the police very soon
regarding the phones
and I'm really not feeling
very well at all.
No, of course you don't.
We completely understand.
Which is why
we'll make it quick.
Trust me, this cake is almost
as good as medicine.
Ok, Roe talked her way in.
She sure is something.
Can I help you?
Are you Karen Wilson?
I'm Detective Arthur Smith,
Lawrenceton PD.
I have a few questions for you
about your daughter, Marlee.
What do you wanna know?
You really don't wanna
talk to me,
and I'm wondering why.
Because everything
that's happened,
Josh and Phillip disappearing,
Tammy getting killed...
it's all my fault.
Roe, why don't you
let me do that?
Oh, I don't mind at all.
Please sit.
Thank you.
I love what you've done
to this kitchen, Caroline.
Those countertops,
they're gorgeous.
Thank you.
Dan's choice.
I can't help but think about
Phillip and Clayton,
when they were little,
playing together here.
They'd run off and go down
to that wonderful
playroom of yours.
Hmm-mm, they played a lot
of video games, didn't they?
Um, do you have sugar
on the counter?
Oh, yes.
Oh no, no, I'll get it.
I'll get it.
Excuse me while I use
the bathroom?
Oh, uh, sure.
It's just down the hall.
Why do you think everything
that happened is your fault?
That day at the parking lot,
the day it all went down,
I saw Clayton and Marlee
pull up next to Phillip.
So Marlee was with Clayton.
Clayton had told Phillip
about trashing the statue.
Bragged about it.
I saw him get out of his car.
I heard him yelling at Phillip,
blaming Phillip
for ratting him out.
For getting him arrested.
I heard Phillip say
it wasn't him,
but Clayton just kept calling
him a liar
and when Phillip's car
pulled out
Clayton jumped back in his car
and started chasing him
like a crazy person,
trying to run him off the road.
Ok, but I still don't see how
any of that is your fault.
It's my fault because I was
the one with Clayton
the night he vandalized
the statue.
Afterwards I just felt so guilty
about what we'd done and...
I don't know.
I felt like I had to confess.
The Dean gave me probation
for coming forward
and I had no idea Clayton
was already in trouble
for doing a bunch of other
stuff, that he'd get expelled.
That day at the parking lot,
when Clayton was blaming
the wrong guy, I just stood
there not saying a word.
No, I'm pretty sure that Marlee
did not break up with Clayton.
After all, he just gave her
a car.
A car?
What car?
It's right through here.
So this is Clayton's car?
How long has it been sitting
in your garage?
Three or four days.
And you didn't think to call us
when the news of
his kidnapping broke?
Wait, are you saying that
Clayton's been kidnapped?
Marlee said that Clayton
hit a deer.
Ok, whatever you do, do not
touch or drive this vehicle.
It's evidence of a crime.
Yeah, I got it. I'm heading
to the Harrison house now.
[phone ringing]
Roe? What's going on?
I found pizza boxes
in the recycling bin.
Pizza boxes?
Yeah, and not just one or two.
Do you mean like
enough pizza boxes
to feed a bunch of hungry
college students?
I think Phillip and Josh
might be here.
I'm gonna check downstairs.
Oh Roe, be careful.
I will.
Hey, Roe?
Is that-help us!
Help us, Roe!
Oh my gosh!
Yeah, I'm gonna get you out.
You shouldn't have come
down here.
Clayton, you have
to let them go.
Let Phillip go, let Josh go.
I can't do that.
Not yet.
So how do you like the cake,
Mmm, it's delicious.
You know, I wonder
what's keeping Aurora.
I think I'll go check on her.
I'm sure she's fine.
Oh, I see we have a visitor.
What's the occasion?
Oh, well they brought cake.
I don't like that Dan Harrison's
there now.
We should go break up
that little party.
Ok, wait.
After all the trouble they went
through to get in there
shouldn't we give Roe
a little bit more time
to find that duffel bag?
Just don't move.
Clayton, what happened?
Why are you doing this?
You are the one that hit Tammy.
I didn't mean to.
I didn't see her.
I- I was catching up
with Phillip
'cause I was angry at him.
I never should have told him
what I did to that statue
and Marlee was distracting me
and-and Tammy,
she just-she just ran out
in front of me
and I didn't have time
to stop or turn.
It wasn't my fault.
It just got out of control
so fast.
I was telling Caroline earlier
that I just love these
countertops and...
[message alert]
she said that they were
your choice.
Is everything ok?
Oh yeah, everything's fine.
[message alert]
Ok. Ok, you're going in
the room with them.
Take the key, unlock it,
don't try anything.
You must have had the gun
in the car with you that day.
That's how you got Phillip
and Josh to come home with you.
Hurry up. I hate this.
I hate this whole thing.
You were in their car,
Marlee was in yours,
but why did you bring them
all here?
Because he does whatever
his father tells him to,
that's why!
Shut up, Phillip!
How long did you plan on
keeping them down here?
You're taking too long.
Give me the key back.
Yeah, I can't.
It's uh, it's stuck.
It's just until my passport
gets here.
That's why your father claimed
to have paid
a half a million dollars
in ransom money.
He needed to make
that money disappear
so he could finance
your escape to Europe.
Seems like your dad hasn't
told you yet that the police
are coming tonight to tap
the phones.
[scuffling sounds]
That sounded like a gunshot.
Oh, oh!
Caroline, put our things
in the car.
We're leaving now.
No I won't, this has gone
far enough.
This has to stop.
Just do it.
Dan, I've known you 25 years.
This isn't you.
You think I don't know that?
But I am not about
to watch my son
rot in prison over an accident.
You're going downstairs, Aida.
Just for a couple hours,
This is over!
Oh! Oh!!!
Don't make this worse, Phillip.
Put the gun down.
Dan, you need to let
my mother go.
What's going on?
We heard a gunshot!
We have Clayton downstairs
so please put the gun down.
Not until I get my family
outta here.
I live alone.
I... I've taken one or two
self-defense classes.
Nice work.
Harrison, stay down.
Roll over.
Hands where I can see them.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, sure.
You, mister.
You have a lot of explaining
to do.
Writing papers
for other students
is not an acceptable way to work
your way through college.
Yeah, it's definitely not
my best idea.
But right now I am just
so relieved
that you're in one piece.
Oh, we have to call your mom
and let her know
that you're ok.
And I know a great stylist
if you ever wanna get
that haircut.
Maybe tomorrow.
Call your mom.
I was so worried about you.
Are you hurt?
They found blood in the car.
I'm fine, mom.
I cut myself in the fight
with Clayton
when he forced us into his car.
Can we just go home now, please?
Yes, of course we can.
I have had some good neighbors
but none like you.
It's nice, you showing up.
Is your life always
so interesting?
Well, you live right across
the street,
I guess you'll find out.
I knew she was ready.