Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part (2021) Movie Script

Hey, Mac! Mac!
You need to see this.
Whatcha got?
Where's my phone?
[Sally] So, I will meet
the florist here
the morning of the wedding
to help set everything up.
Oh, uh, but won't you be busy
with your maid-of-honor duties?
Because I'm happy to come here
and meet with the florist.
Decorating is
Sally's secret passion, Mother.
I asked her
to supervise that part.
My plan is to take apart
some of the flowers
and put small bouquets
at the end of each pew,
sort of framing the aisle.
Or... you could ask the florist
create a floral arch
at the bride's entrance
and then put bows
at the end of each pew.
How would you like it
to look, Roe?
I'm not sure.
Try to imagine
the moment you start walking
down the aisle.
Tell me what you see.
I see you looking very handsome
in your tuxedo,
waiting for me.
Oh, I'll be there.
But where do you see
the flowers?
Can you believe the wedding's
only four days away now?
Oh. It's my office.
I'll be right back.
Okay, I think I'm gonna go
with your idea for the flowers.
I promise you
I will make it beautiful.
There's a problem
at the warehouse
on Knight Street.
My client bought it
and he's been doing
a lot of renovations inside,
so I have to go find out
what's going on.
We still have more
wedding details to discuss.
Oh, well, then ride with me.
We can talk in the car
and I'll just drop you off
at home later.
That'll work.
If you don't mind, Nick?
Not at all.
And I will be home in time
for us to meet my dad
when he arrives at the house.
Wait! Charles is coming today?
Yeah. I didn't tell you?
Bernard, Dennis, and Ted
are picking him up
at the airport in Seattle.
Oh, Charles will love that.
Do you think Aida's nervous
about seeing her ex-husband
after all this time?
I don't know if she is,
but I'm nervous
about meeting him.
The way Roe talks about him,
with a touch of awe.
Charles Teagarden
can be imposing,
but he's a good man.
And I'm sure he'll think
you're perfect for Roe,
just like the rest of us do.
Thanks, Sally.
What is going on here?
[Roe] Oh, it's Arthur.
Arthur! Wait, Arthur!
Roe, Aida, this is
not really a good time.
Well, my client has invested
a lot of money in this place--
Bernard Poole is your client?
I've been trying to reach him.
No, Bernard Poole
is the previous owner.
I talked Bernard into
selling it to my client.
Let me find his phone number
for you.
What happened?
Somebody was
breaking up concrete
and they found human bones.
They must've been buried there
for quite a few years.
Oh, how awful.
Any idea who it is?
No, we haven't found
any identifying items
with the remains yet.
But before you ask,
we have no idea at this point
if it's an unexpected grave,
or the victim
of an accident or--
[Aida] Roe, it sounds dreadful,
either way.
If it's all right
with you, Arthur,
I would like to call my client
and tell him about this.
Yeah, have him call me,
will you?
We need his permission
to excavate further down.
-Of course.
-Thanks, Aida.
Oh, and I thought
we'd get to be
in happy wedding-land all day.
Mother! Mother.
Do you see that woman
talking to Arthur?
I recognize her
from the cover of
a forensics magazine last month.
She runs a lab in Seattle
that does genetic phenotyping.
What in the world
are you talking about?
Well, they have software
that takes a DNA sample
and makes an educated guess
of what a person looks like,
or looked like.
It actually spits out
a drawing.
Ohh, sounds perfectly macabre.
Doesn't it?
Oh, I'm so excited!
The two most important men
in my life
are finally gonna meet.
Oh, they're here!
Hey! Dennis!
Great to see you!
Good to see you!
Your dad'll be in in a minute.
Uh, meet my fianc, Nick Miller.
So you're the lucky guy, huh?
-This is Dennis Shankle.
Oh, you know
his construction company.
He did the renovation
at the library
for the reading room.
Ah, yes.
-It's good to meet you.
-Good to meet ya.
Dennis and my dad
were roommates in college.
Oh, really? Well, then you must
have some good stories to share.
Ah, I do indeed.
[Ted] She doesn't remember me.
Guess I was pretty much
a kid back then.
But I remember you, Roe.
You came into the den once,
saw my poker hand,
told me I might as well fold.
Ted Cranford!
Oh, I didn't even recognize you
without the, uh, goatee.
I worked with Charles
at Dilger Investments.
He was a mentor to me.
Oh, then he must've been
really happy to see you.
Yeah, and I am ready
to see him!
Why are my dad and Bernard
still outside?
Bernard's stuck on the phone,
and your dad's helping him.
Seems there was some excitement
at a property he recently sold.
Human bones
found under the concrete?
We heard about that.
Yeah, I was there today.
Maybe we should ask Bernard
what he thought
might have happened.
There she is!
You're finally here!
Oh, I wouldn't miss
your big day for the world.
meet Nick,
my wonderful groom.
I've really been looking
forward to meeting you, sir.
I hope my daughter
has warned you
that I won't be easy
to win over.
I intend
to take the measure of the man
before I give my blessing.
Right. Yeah, of course.
Oh, he's teasing you!
My daughter knows
my confidence in her.
She's the best judge
of character I have ever known.
I feel the same way.
-Oh! Bernard.
Meet Nick.
Nice to meet you.
-I'm so sorry, Roe,
but we really have to be off.
I've got some urgent business
to attend to.
Yes, I heard.
I was hoping I could ask--
It's nice to see you.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
-Nice to meet you.
-You as well.
Just give me a minute
to grab my bag
and say goodbye to the fellas,
and then I will insist on
taking you two to dinner.
It's gonna be so nice
to see my parents
together again.
I was never totally sure
what happened between them.
I'd gone off
for my last year of college,
came home for Thanksgiving,
and my dad was gone.
Well, sometimes, there are
mysteries about our parents
that we never really solve.
Okay, I told the sitter
I'll be home in time
to tuck the kids in.
You rest up. Yeah.
Okay, love you.
The Chief feeling any better?
Still down for the count
with strep throat.
Give her my best, will you?
I will, thanks. So?
What've you got for me?
The lab sent over
their report on the concrete.
It was part of
the original floor.
Right, which, according
to the construction permits,
was when, again?
24 years ago.
All right, well,
I spoke to the coroner
a while ago.
Says the bones belong to a male,
between 30 and 40 years old.
Skull appears
to have been bludgeoned.
Apparent homicide.
I'll start pulling
all the missing person reports
for a male in that age range.
'cause Dr. Coombs tells me
her DNA sample's
been processed,
and her computer will be
working all night
on a composite for us.
So, if we can match
the composite
to a missing person's file,
we'll know who
those bones belonged to.
That's the hope.
You know you don't
have to knock anymore.
I brought breakfast.
Oh, that's so sweet.
That'll go well with the quiche
Mother brought.
And now I'm finally settled.
[Aida] Oh, six cities
in 10 years?
you have become a nomad.
And you are still
a firmly-rooted tree.
Thankfully, for Aurora.
Uh, listen, I hope
I didn't keep you guys out
too late last night?
I'll choose good food
and good company
over sleep every time.
Ooh. Don't mind if I do.
So Charles and I have, uh,
we've decided to throw
a little get-together
at my house tonight
for all of his old poker buddies
and their wives
because we all used to have
so much fun together.
Yeah, and we were thinking,
since we're all gonna get
swept up in the wedding,
tonight would be
the best night to do that.
And, of course,
you two are invited.
Thank you, but we have
a Real Murders meeting tonight.
I believe
I've told you, Charles,
about that morbid little club
that our daughter runs.
[Charles] Yeah, it's always
sounded interesting to me.
It's also been the doorway
to endless mayhem
in her life.
Although, I must admit
she does have a mind for murder.
She definitely gets that
from you.
Well, I've been known
to take in a true-crime book
on a dark and stormy eve.
Well, Dad, if your plans
fall through with your friends,
then come to the meeting.
Bring Mother, too.
Ohh, she is always trying
to convert me to her cause.
But you are
a firmly-rooted tree.
I'll give you a ride
into work, Roe.
Wait, wait, wait!
You're going to work?
When there are only three days
left till the wedding?
It's my last shift
before vacation.
Let me know how your party goes.
They're good together,
aren't they?
They're more than good.
And their wedding is going to be
a wonderful day.
Our victim.
Here's the sketch
from genetic phenotyping.
Wow. That's so specific.
Yeah. So how many possibilities
did you come up with?
22 males between
the ages of 20 and 50,
but only six
between the ages of 30 and 40.
All right, well,
let's start with those, then.
It's nothing close
to any of them.
I should've known
it wouldn't be that easy.
But at least we got something
to release to the media.
In the meantime,
keep widening the net,
see what you get
if you search the whole state.
Hey, Roe. Oh.
Hi. Some last-minute RSVPs
for the wedding.
We are going to need to redo
the seating chart
for your reception.
-Oh. It's Lizzy.
Oh! She wants to treat
the bridal party to a manicure
and wants to know when
can she schedule it.
That reminds me--
the photographer says
she still hasn't received
a shot list from you.
Oh, keeping this wedding train
on track
is getting trickier
by the minute.
Tell me about it.
Oh. It's a press alert from
the police department.
They released a sketch
of the person they found
under the warehouse yesterday.
-Really? Already?
-Yeah. Good timing.
I'm supposed to start research
for a story my editor
wants me to write about it.
Does he look familiar to you?
He kind of looks
familiar to me.
What are you two
looking at so intently?
Oh, my, he's handsome.
Is he a new beau for you, Sally?
Well, they found his body
encased in concrete
after 24 years, Lillian,
so, no.
Honestly, why do I bother
with pleasantries?
I should've known you two
would be up to something
utterly ghoulish.
Well, I'm going to go and work
on my "ghoulish" story.
Yeah, text me that sketch,
will you?
Will do.
I'll see you at Real Murders.
[Bernard] Are you sure
your client isn't gonna
come back to me
and try to seek damages?
Oh, Bernard,
no one could possibly blame you
for that unfortunate discovery.
Well, tell that to the police!
They've been calling me
every hour
with questions
and more questions.
Oh, stop worrying.
We finally have Charles
back on Lawrenceton soil,
and it's time to celebrate.
Right, hon'?
Yeah, and you guys
got to see him a few years ago
in Las Vegas.
It's been a lot longer
for Aida and me.
Where shall I put these chips?
Oh, on that table there.
I love the new house.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, it was time for a change.
Yeah, it's wonderful.
It really is good
to have Charles back--
even if only for a week.
[Davis] Okay, so this case
was just solved a few years ago,
51 years after
Dorothy Fielding's body
was first found.
Yeah, found in 1967 in Spokane,
so yeah, 51 years.
Sorry, Arthur was supposed
to do this talk.
He, uh, dumped his notes on me.
So, all that time passing,
it had to be DNA
that solved it, right?
No, it was a detective
digging through cold-case files.
He found two others
in the same year,
and got curious
if there was a connection,
and lo and behold,
there was.
What was his name?
Hey! Arthur! Here you go, buddy.
Happy to turn it over to you.
Oh, sorry, Davis.
I'm just here
to put up this sketch.
I figure some of the old-timers
who pass through here
might have a better chance
at recognizing
someone who disappeared
at least 24 years ago.
That's the guy found
at the warehouse yesterday?
Gotta love their curiosity.
If anyone recognizes him,
please, call me immediately.
I didn't even live here
24 years ago,
I wasn't alive 24 years ago.
Well, hopefully, someone can
help us identify the victim.
Wait! Victim?
He was murdered?
Roe, we haven't
released that information
to the public yet.
Ya kind of just did.
Okay, we were waiting
for confirmation
from the coroner, but--
It was murder.
Okay, I've got to get back
to the station.
Roe, please,
leave this to us.
Yeah, fat chance of that.
Roe... what is it?
Well, it hit me earlier
that he looks familiar...
and it's hitting me
even harder
now that I see the sketch
blown up bigger.
You know, I was kind of
thinking the same thing
all day long,
but I couldn't figure out why.
I think I know why.
There we go.
You know, back in our dorm,
I used to clean him out,
almost all the time.
The man has never
learned how to bet.
I know. I used to make him
sleep on the couch
for losing our grocery money
to you, Charles.
Would've been nice if someone
had warned me about him
before I lost my first paycheck
to him.
Oh, you're sleeping
on the couch tonight
if you lose
your paycheck to him.
[all] Oh...
Excuse me.
I see that my gorgeous
bride-to-be daughter
has arrived.
Um, but I will be back
to finish cleaning you out.
[Aida] Oh! I'm so glad
that the two of you made it.
What is wrong?
She thinks
she recognizes the sketch
of the man they found
at the warehouse yesterday.
-The police released
a drawing of what they think
the man looked like.
Oh, I hope you're not saying
it's someone we knew.
I'm pretty sure it's someone
I've seen in photos
with you and Dad.
That's Sam Woods.
He worked with your father.
Charles, you invited him
to one or two poker games.
So, your poker buddies
in there,
they knew this Sam Woods, too?
Yes, they did.
Sam Woods is dead?
Dad... Sam Woods was murdered.
Yes, Sam Woods worked
at Dilger Investments
24 years ago.
He was a financial planner.
Came to us from New York.
He loved to name-drop Manhattan.
I don't think Ted liked him.
[Arthur] And how long
did he work there?
Oh. Mm, maybe a year. Not long.
[Ted] He hated it here,
said it was too "smalltown"
for him.
He quit,
said he was moving back
to the city.
But when he did live here,
Charles invited him
a couple of times to play poker.
Yeah, I just wanted to help him
feel a little more at home.
It didn't seem to work, though.
So you all knew Sam Woods?
I only met him the few times
he came for poker.
Same here.
Don't recall much about him,
except he didn't
like cards much.
So, Mr. Teagarden,
you and Mr. Cranford here,
you were the ones
who worked with him?
Do you remember anything
about his family?
Yeah, there was
a tragedy there.
Um, didn't he lose his parents
in an accident of some sort?
Yeah! Car accident, I think.
[Charles] Yeah, that's right.
And I recall him telling me
a heartbreaking story
about being raised by his aunt.
It was his grandmother.
I remember him taking
a week off work
in the middle
of a sales campaign
to go
to the grandmother's funeral.
So how is it
that a co-worker disappears
and you don't notice?
Well, like Ted said,
he'd quit.
He told us
he was going to New York.
We thought he had gone.
and you didn't find it odd
that you never
heard from him again?
[Ted] Why would we?
He made it clear
he didn't like it here,
that he thought
us all provincials.
You're right.
He definitely didn't like him.
And-and when was the last time
that you saw Sam Woods?
His last day of work.
All right, uh, Mr. Poole,
you were once the owner
of the warehouse
where Sam Woods' body was found.
That's right.
I specialize
in industrial developments.
That was a big project for me,
the year that I built it.
And the same company
held the lease the entire time.
And who had access to it
during construction,
before the concrete was poured?
Well, before
there was a door to lock,
literally anyone had access.
You-- You didn't put a fence
around the site?
Wouldn't that be
a liability for you?
[Dennis] You know, Bernard,
you probably shouldn't
answer any further questions
without a lawyer
to advise you.
I agree.
The questions I'm asking are
simply information-gathering.
Yes, but, still, I agree.
You should contact
your attorney.
Well, that just took a turn.
Looks like your dad
and his friends
are closing ranks.
This Sam Woods case
is gonna be a challenge.
A murder that happened
24 years ago?
That trail is ice-cold.
May I help you?
My name is Lydia McGraw.
I, um...
printed this
off the Internet.
I think I know who this is--
someone I used to know
a long time ago.
And how did you know him?
At one time, I thought
we'd be getting married.
So, how are you doing
with the news you got last week,
that your brother won't be able
to make the wedding?
The life of a diplomat.
Always a crisis to manage.
I'm bummed.
I was looking forward
to meeting the guy.
Yeah. But my mom
gets into town today.
And your dad?
Is he coming, too?
Uh, he passed away,
long time ago.
Oh, man. Sorry to hear that.
Thanks, Davis.
Yeah, I was in college.
It's why I changed my major
to psychology.
My dad was a cop
and he was always curious
about the psychology
behind a crime.
Now that's a role model.
He was. Yeah.
My brother and I were lucky.
I'll miss having them both
at the wedding.
But my brother, he's leaving
some big "Best Man" shoes
to fill.
I think you're the right man
to fill them,
if you'd like the job.
-You're serious?
There's no one else I'd rather
have beside me up there.
We're gonna be family now.
You're getting me
all choked up.
I'd be honored
to be your Best Man.
Like, so honored.
Oh, there's Roe's Dad.
Meeting his friends for lunch.
They look serious.
After what you told us earlier
about the body found
being someone they know...
Do you think those guys had
something to do with that body?
"That murder."
I hope not.
You're not on
the schedule today, Aurora.
Certainly, you have
more pressing things to do
to prepare for your wedding?
Just doing some research.
Your priorities
will forever mystify me.
Bernard Poole.
You're not into social media,
are you?
I couldn't believe it
when I saw your car outside.
Why are you here?
Didn't you have a meeting
with the wedding photographer
this morning?
Hello to you, too, Mother.
And yes, I met with him
earlier this morning.
This is about Sam Woods,
isn't it?
You don't think your father
is telling you
everything he knows, do you?
Do you think he knows
more than he's saying?
I admit I have some concerns,
he's always been very loyal
to those friends of his.
Tell me about them.
I remember Dennis and Pamela.
They were always around.
But I don't...
...recall much about the others.
Oh, we were all very close--
the wives, too--
but... well, Ted
wasn't married at the time,
he was only in his 20s then,
but very sharp.
I wasn't surprised
when Dilger asked him
to be the new president
last year.
What's he like now?
I don't know, I kind of
lost touch with him
after your father moved.
I did stay close
to Bernard Poole.
He and I cross paths
and I was the one
who talked him
into selling his warehouse.
Do you think he's capable of
burying a body underneath it?
Aurora, stop making mysteries
out of my clients!
The Bernard I know
is a lovely man.
A little sad
since his divorce,
but they were all
smart, funny men,
and I could not bear the thought
of any of them being a suspect.
I'm sure Dad feels
the same way.
there's another possibility.
We appreciate
you coming in, Ms. McGraw.
We were waiting to release
the victim's name to the public
till later today
after DNA confirmation,
which we just received.
I know it must be a shock
to learn
that someone you loved
was killed.
Mostly, I just feel guilty.
What would you have
to feel guilty about?
For the terrible things
I thought about Sam
for not calling,
not writing.
I'd believed him when he said
he wanted to marry me,
and then
to not hear from him?
Did you try to contact him?
He was supposed to call me
with his new number
when he got to New York,
and, when he didn't,
well, where was I
supposed to call him?
The Internet wasn't really
a thing back then.
No, but it's been a thing
for a lot of years now.
You never tried
to track him down?
I was too hurt.
He should have
been with me that night--
and I blame the men
he worked with--
Charles Teagarden,
Ted Cranford.
You know,
they competed for clients,
and they didn't like it
that Sam was better
at signing them.
Accused him of poaching.
Can you tell us about
the last time you saw Sam?
It was the last night
he was in town.
We had a fight.
You argued that night?
Well, I was upset that
he was going back to New York.
Since we had talked
about getting married,
I assumed
he was gonna ask me to go,
but he didn't.
I was at his place,
and I was helping him pack,
and we were arguing
when he got a call.
He said he had to leave.
He was gonna go play poker
at Charles Teagarden's house.
Wait. You're telling us
that Sam Woods went
to Charles Teagarden's house
-his last night in town?
They lured him
over to that house,
and one of them killed him.
I know it.
Okay, well, someone's lying.
Either Sam Woods
lied to his girlfriend
about where he was going
that night,
or Roe's father
and his friends
lied to us about
when they last saw him.
Or she's lying,
deflecting the blame
from herself.
Coming forward now to take
herself out of the equation.
Well, let's try
to get to the truth
by bringing the poker buddies
in here for formal interviews.
I'm on it.
So, Mother, how would you like
to join us at the salon?
Who's "us"?
Oh! Ho-ho!
It's your bridal party! Lizzy!
Ah. It's been months!
I know.
Too long.
Running Pan Agra
means a lot of long days.
And you being
a new bride yourself.
How is married life?
Oh, it's a dream.
At least when I get
to spend time with Bubba.
He's away right now.
I'm so sorry he won't be able
to make the wedding.
Oh, I know. He is too.
Will you be joining us
at the salon, Aida?
Oh, yes, mother of the bride
needs fabulous nails, too.
It's on me.
Oh, that's very sweet of you,
Lizzy, but, no, no, no.
The three of you go
and enjoy yourselves.
[Roe] Besides, Mother's nails
are always perfect.
[Sally] Press alert.
The police have named
several "persons of interest"
in the Sam Woods
murder investigation.
One of them is...
My father.
I'm so glad that you're here.
Of course I am.
Your big day.
Ohh, and look at you.
You've always been
a cool cucumber,
but now you look
positively serene.
-That is the look of happiness.
Yeah, I'm very happy.
And I'm very lucky.
And so is your bride.
Now, where is she?
Something urgent came up
with her family,
but she'll meet us for dinner.
Oh, something urgent?
I hope
it's nothing too terrible.
So, calling my father
a "person of interest"
in Sam Woods' murder
is because of
this Lydia McGraw,
his significant other?
Okay, listen,
I know you're going to throw
statistics at me about her
being the most likely culprit.
Well, you also had
four other people tell you
you this so-called poker game
didn't happen.
Actually, Roe... it did happen.
Sam Woods showed up at our house
on the night in question.
Dad, why didn't you say
anything last night?
It wasn't clear in my memory
until this morning.
And, Arthur, I'm sorry,
I was planning to come down
to the station this afternoon
to tell you.
[Arthur] Okay, so you invited
Sam Woods
to your house for poker
his last night in town,
but... forgot?
Well, it was 24 years ago.
As best I recall,
Sam didn't stay long.
He definitely didn't
play cards with us that night,
and we toasted him
and his new job,
and he left.
Can you confirm this, Aida?
Sorry, no.
I-- I wasn't home that evening.
That was the first year
I started my business,
so I worked late most nights.
I was in high school
at the time,
and I thought, um...
no, never mind.
[Arthur] Okay, Charles,
Officer Heard is interviewing
your poker buddies as we speak.
Will they confirm your story?
So, we toasted Sam
and his new job,
and then he left.
[Bernard] We made a toast
to Sam and his new job.
Um, he left right after.
We toasted Sam and his new job,
then he took off.
It's interesting how
you all three used
almost exactly the same words
about that night.
Why wouldn't we?
It's what happened.
Okay, Charles. Next question.
Why is it that
Sam Woods' girlfriend said
that Sam didn't like
you and your friends?
That's news to me.
Does the concept of
poaching clients ring a bell?
To our marvelous daughter
and the forthright man
she has chosen to wed.
To Aurora and Nick.
Aurora and Nick.
That's the perfect word
for you, Nicky.
Oh, may you both live
happily ever after.
-Hear, hear.
Thank you, Lena.
We're so happy that you're here.
I'm sorry that I wasn't able
to meet you earlier.
Oh, I just hope
that family emergency
wasn't too serious.
Well, it wasn't exactly
an emergency.
It was more like...
A misunderstanding.
Of sorts.
Oh, something tells me
that misunderstanding
is centered on you, Charles.
Oh, nothing to be
too concerned about.
Ah, a circumspect man.
Just like your father, Nicky.
He was a police officer,
and could that man
keep secrets.
Excuse me for a moment.
I'll go make sure she's okay.
I always appreciate
how much he looks out for her.
I know when something's wrong.
What is it?
I am so sorry, Nick, but...
we have to postpone the wedding.
You're amazing,
you know that?
I said I wanted
to postpone the wedding,
and you didn't get angry.
You just sat through the rest
of dinner with our parents,
as if nothing was wrong.
Well, here's the part
where you tell me
that you've slept on it,
and nothing is so wrong
that we can't make it down
the aisle together on Saturday.
Unless you don't want
to walk down that aisle with me?
Oh! Nick, of course I do.
More than anything.
It's just...
my dad.
I think
he's lying to the police.
Sam Woods' fiance,
Lydia McGraw, came forward.
He was engaged?
What did she have to say?
She told the police
that Sam was
at my parents' house
his last night in town.
And your father
never mentioned that?
There's more.
Arthur was here yesterday
asking him about it
and he did say that he now
remembered Sam being here,
that they had a drink
and then Sam left.
And you don't think
that's true?
I think I have a memory
of that night.
I was home,
doing my homework,
and I looked out
my bedroom window
and I saw my dad
practically dragging a man
down the driveway.
And you think this man
was Sam Woods?
Well, I don't know who else
it could've been.
My dad put the man in the car
and drove off.
I thought the man was drunk,
but what if he wasn't?
What if it was worse than that?
What if my dad was somehow
involved in Sam Woods'...
Oh! I can't believe
I just said that.
I'm pretty sure
you don't believe
your dad was involved.
But it's interesting to me--
you don't usually
let fear run away with you.
I know.
But this is my dad.
Right. Your father.
Someone you know
to be a good person.
Okay? So let's assume
he has a reasonable explanation.
We just need to wait for him
to come downstairs
and ask him about it.
How do you take
something so difficult
and make it feel
suddenly easy?
That's why
I need to marry you.
On Saturday, as planned.
The thought of
postponing the wedding...
that was pretty difficult
to live with all night.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I hope that's Sally.
I filled her in
on all the latest.
She was headed down
to Dilger Investments
to see what
she can dig up.
Sally is going
to the Dilger offices?
Oh, it's just Lizzy.
She rebooked
our salon for tomorrow.
What's she going there
to dig up?
So you're the person
behind the byline
I'm always reading.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
I just have a few questions
for the story I'm working on
about the discovery
of a murder victim,
a man who worked here.
Sam Woods.
Yes, what a tragedy.
I know it such a long time ago,
but you knew him, right?
He was employed here
for less than a year.
I didn't know him well.
Were you friends?
I would call us
more work acquaintances.
But you got along with him?
Ms. Allison, I'm not sure what
this has to do with your story.
Well, a source told me
that you and Sam Woods
often competed for clients.
So did you accuse him
of poaching clients from you?
I'm gonna have to end
this interview.
I have business to attend to.
Thanks for stopping in,
Ms. Allison.
I know
you're Roe's maid of honor.
Please let her know
my wife dropped
their wedding present off
at her mother's house.
So, Bernard Poole's lawyer
is now saying
he has schedule conflicts,
and his client won't be
available for more questioning
until next week.
[Arthur] Oh, well,isn't that convenient?
You know, this code of silence
among the poker buddies
is really starting
to irritate me.
You don't think
that they conspired together
to kill Sam Woods, do you?
That would be a stretch,
but they're clearly trying
to protect one of their own.
Bernard Poole
is the logical choice.
He owned the warehouse.
The question is,
can we establish
a motive for him?
Or... for any of them?
So, my memory
of you walking a man
who seemed half-conscious
out to your car,
it was Sam Woods?
Yes, it was Sam.
[Nick] Why wouldn't
you tell the police about that?
Not because
you didn't remember?
No. The problem is,
I didn't invite Sam over
that night.
He just showed up,
angry and demanding to see Ted.
Why, Dad?
They had their problems
at the office.
As Arthur said,
Ted thought that Sam
was poaching his clients.
And Ted made a complaint
with HR
and the company let Sam go.
Sam didn't even know why
he had been fired
until the night before he left.
I don't know who told him,
but he showed up
to confront Ted,
and that's when
things got physical.
Sam took a swing
and missed.
Ted's swing landed.
Sam went down,
he was knocked out
for a couple of minutes.
I just wanted
to get him out of the house,
so I took him out to my car,
took his keys away from him
and gave them to Dennis,
and drove him home.
Dennis followed behind
in Sam's car.
Then what happened?
We left him at his place.
He was alert by then.
In fact, he was yelling
some pretty choice words at us.
I promise you,
when we left him,
he was alive and well.
I believe you, Dad.
But why did you lie
to the police?
That was a mistake.
When we got together,
we decided that what had
happened at the poker game
was irrelevant,
because we got Sam home.
We knew he was fine.
We hadn't done anything wrong.
So, we made an agreement.
And you stuck to your story
so you wouldn't make liars
out of your friends?
Like I said,
it was a mistake.
I should have
handled it differently.
Dad, I have to tell the police
what I remember.
I would expect nothing less.
We raised you
to do the right thing.
But perhaps you'd let me
to do the right thing.
Let Dennis and me go
to the police station
and tell them the truth
about what happened that night.
Well, Mother's taking me
for my final wedding dress
fitting in an hour, so...
yes, please tell them, Dad.
It is so upsetting
to know that your father
lied to the police.
I mean, that is so unlike
the Charles that I knew.
I don't think
he set out to lie.
I think he was just trying
to be a good friend, but...
But what?
What is it?
I keep remembering
my high-school days,
how I used to wonder why
Dad would spend so much time
with his friends,
instead of with you.
We did grow apart
in those years.
But I don't blame him
for finding solace
in his friendships,
because I was certainly
looking for that in my business.
But it was painful,
...we really did
love each other.
When I was little,
I always thought
you two were perfect together.
When you were little,
I thought the same thing.
-Here we are.
Let's see how the dress fits
after the alterations.
Oh... Aurora.
You are going to make
the most stunning bride.
[Nick] This is
the psychology building here.
Aw, Nicky!
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Oh, and your father,
he'd be very proud.
Aw, thanks, Mom.
Now, I take it you've had
a nice talk with your bride?
You look far more relaxed
than you did last night
when you dropped me off
at the hotel.
Yeah, I wish you could just
stay at the house with me,
but with boxes everywhere
Don't change the subject.
You could tell I was tense?
A mother knows.
You're not gonna ask why?
It's clear you've picked
a dynamic woman to marry--
someone a little unpredictable,
but that's exactly
what you need.
Hmm, and what makes you
say that, Mom?
Nicky, my darling,
you were a boy
with great curiosity
who somehow felt obligated
to respect every boundary.
Your Aurora,
she'll set you free
to color outside the lines.
It will be a glorious union.
Well, I'm glad you see in her
what I see.
Yes, this is Charles Teagarden.
May I speak with
Detective Arthur Smith, please?
It's important.
[Roe] How was your time
with your mom?
Ah, it was perfect.
I like her.
Because she likes you, too.
You're back to solving
the Sam Woods case, right?
Yes. I'm sorry.
You never have to apologize
for being you, Roe.
Well, if my dad
was telling the truth...
Are you worried he wasn't?
No. I was just gonna say,
it would narrow the time window
of Sam Woods' murder.
Yeah, somewhere between
the time your dad and Dennis
dropped him off
and the time he was supposed
to leave on his flight
the next morning, right?
Nick! Watch out!
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Thanks to some impressive
defensive driving from Nick,
the truck didn't hit us.
We're fine.
How can you be fine?
Someone just tried
to run you off the road.
No, we don't know that.
Could've been
a distracted driver
or an impaired driver.
Mm. The truck started
from a standstill
when it saw us.
And it took off?
That's not a good sign.
You're sure it was
a navy-blue pickup?
With a heavy-duty grille guard.
Someone wants you two
out of the way.
Okay, that's a--
that's a big leap, Sally.
Is it?
I'm gonna get the guys on it.
Sally, if we're talking about
the Sam Woods case,
I don't think
we're ready to go there.
Well, that would mean
it could've been
one of my dad's friends, like--
[Sally] Like Ted Cranford.
He got pretty hostile with me
when I asked him about accusing
Sam of poaching his clients.
Ted also
punched Woods unconscious
the night he disappeared.
-He's gonna be at our wedding.
Nick. I'd just--
I want to believe
it was a distracted driver
who panicked.
And that might be
all that what it was.
Well, that's what we're gonna
tell my mother when we see her.
Oh! Your mother.
I might have texted her
when I heard
about the accident.
She's probably
worrying her head off.
[Roe] Sally!
I was gonna tell her in person
so she wouldn't
worry her head off.
She's probably
already at my house.
Oh, right.
Pizza tonight at your house
to work on wedding favors.
Yeah, you should
probably call her.
Mm. Ya think?
[Heard] So, Ted Cranford
doesn't own a navy-blue truck,
neither does Bernard Poole
or Dennis Shankle.
Well, we don't know for sure
that Nick and Roe's incident
is connected
to the Sam Woods case.
What we do know
is that Ted Cranford,
on advice of his attorney,
is refusing to come in
for questioning.
He's gotta know
that's gonna make him
look all the more suspicious.
And I've been going through
the Sam Woods' client list
that Dilger gave us.
There was one name
that jumped out at me--
I highlighted it.
Bernard Poole was his client?
He said he barely knew him.
Yeah, yet another
lie of omission.
I want him in here
first thing tomorrow.
And if his lawyer
advises against it?
Go ahead and arrest him.
Dennis, what happened?
You were supposed
to stop by here
so that we could go
to the police station.
I had some car trouble
and had to take it
into the shop.
Why don't
we try again tomorrow?
There's no need now.
I called Detective Smith
and told him about Sam
showing up at our poker night,
and Ted giving him
a good sock in the jaw.
Well, at least
we gave Ted a head's-up first.
So, I guess that's that?
See you at the wedding?
Yeah, we'll see you there.
Promise me
you're not keeping any more
secrets about Sam Woods.
I have told you everything.
I can't believe Aurora and Nick
were nearly run off the road.
It chills me to the bone
to think of her in danger.
Welcome to my normal!
Our daughter
is constitutionally unable
to stay away
from an unsolved murder,
which puts her directly
in the path
of the people who don't
want the murder solved.
But I can't deny
that she solves these cases
in ways that the police
would never think to do.
She is a remarkable woman,
for which
you deserve the credit.
Oh, as do you.
You read to her every evenings,
took her to the library
on Saturdays and...
you were a wonderful father.
Just not a wonderful husband.
Not toward the end.
Why? Because you became
as immovable as I?
There they are.
I hope you two are hungry.
Phillip's here to help us
put together wedding favors.
I'm just here for the pizza.
[Sally] And look.
"Aurora and Nick:
A Love Story."
How sweet.
[Charles] Oh,
and so appropriate
for a librarian.
And look at you, young Phillip--
although not so young anymore.
No, sir. 21 now.
And your aunt tells me
that you are the source
of much pride for her.
[Roe] Oh, and for me, too.
Phillip changed his major
to criminal justice.
He wants to be a detective.
A noble career.
So, Dad, maybe tomorrow,
you can take Phillip
to your old stomping grounds
at Dilger Investments,
introduce him to Ted Cranford?
And why would he be interested
in meeting Ted?
Well, my source
at the police department says
that Ted is refusing
to answer any questions,
and I can vouch for that.
Phillip took my class
in forensic psychology.
He has a gift for
getting people to talk to him.
You see that, Charles?
She's nearly run off the road,
and yet she can't resist.
And she's great at
pulling everyone into
her mystery-solving plots.
You mean "fight for justice."
I hope you're not thinking
about being part of this,
because you are
here for her wedding,
not for her
little games of intrigue.
True, but...
I did know Sam
and he deserves justice.
And if this could help Aurora
focus on the wedding,
then, by all means,
I will take you to Dilger
tomorrow, Phillip.
I don't know why
I waste my breath.
Roe knows she's lucky
to have a fierce mother
to protect her.
It's never wasted effort.
Thank you.
Now, if only you weren't
part of the problem.
[Bernard] Yes, I was Sam Woods' client.
I didn't lie exactly.
I just didn't want Charles
and Ted to know.
Why not?
They were my friends,
and I always felt guilty
that I used Sam to manage
my investments instead.
And why would you do that?
Sam worked
at a big New York firm.
I thought he'd be more savvy.
I made him promise to make sure
that Charles and Ted didn't know
that he was working for me.
And was he savvy?
Did you do well
with the investments
he managed for you?
I, uh...
lost a little.
And how much is "a little"
600 grand.
I know that sounds bad.
You mean it sounds
like a motive for murder?
Well, thanks again, Ted.
I appreciate the tour
for my nephew.
Quite a lot has changed
since I was here.
It's not like
the pre-Internet days.
Algorithms drive things now,
people trade on their own.
We needed to expand
our services.
I imagine reputation
in this industry is everything.
I wonder if the company
has taken some hits
from what's been going on.
I'm not sure what you mean.
He means Sam Woods.
There was another story
in the paper this morning.
It mentions your name
as a possible suspect,
that "sources" were saying
you had it out for him?
I shared an office with him,
heard how he talked to clients,
so, yeah, I complained.
I thought my complaints
were in confidence, but...
Sam found out...
on his last day in town,
and showed up to your poker game
ready to pick a fight?
He swung first.
I defended myself--
that was it.
Once he left
with Charles and Dennis,
I never gave him
another thought.
Which is why it's maddening
that the police
are summoning me,
as if I did something wrong
by filing those complaints.
So, why not just talk to them,
tell them your side?
You asked
if all this has hurt business.
Well, it has,
and I don't see why
I should help the police
hurt it any further.
Okay, so...
if you shared
an office with Woods,
you must have known
things about his life--
who he might have
had problems with.
An angry client maybe,
Nah, he was really good
at disarming clients
who were mad at him.
True. He was a smooth talker.
Not a very close acquaintance
with the truth.
So, you never heard him
having an argument with anyone?
Besides me?
Well, unless
you count his girlfriend.
Lydia McGraw?
She stormed
into the office once.
Accused him
of cheating on her.
So I'll make sure
Roe has something blue.
Oh, yeah,
I have "something old"--
a handkerchief
my grandmother embroidered.
Mother gave it to me.
Okay, what about
something borrowed?
Uh, well, she could borrow
my pearl earrings,
the ones from Aunt Gladys?
Oh, yeah.
What do you think
about that, Roe?
Pearls would be perfect.
Whatcha doin', Roe?
I already called
and confirmed the reservation
for tonight's rehearsal dinner.
No, Phillip just texted me.
Ted Cranford told him
Lydia McGraw
accused Sam Woods
of cheating on her.
Lydia McGraw?
I know her.
You do?
What's she like?
Uh, maybe late-40s,
she's got short brown hair and--
wearing yoga pants?
You mean
she likes to wear yoga pants?
No, I mean, she's wearing
yoga pants right now.
That's her putting money
into the parking meter.
That's Sam Woods' girlfriend?
Sally, come on.
We have to catch her.
You'll smudge your toes!
No, we'll be right back.
[Roe] Lydia. Wait!
Yes, please wait.
You're Charles Teagarden's
Yes. Have we met?
No. I've seen you
in the newspaper.
This is a little bit awkward,
but we just have
a couple of questions for you
about Sam Woods.
Ted Cranford said he heard you
accusing Sam of cheating on you.
I don't want
to talk about that.
Oh, but the police will want
to talk to you about it.
They'll want to know
if it's true,
and how you found out.
What part of "I don't want
to talk about that"
did you not understand?
That was kind of hostile.
Just a little bit.
Look at what Lydia just parked
in this slot.
It's a navy-blue truck...
...with a grille guard.
I can't say whether
was the same truck
that nearly plowed into us.
Yeah, I keep
trying to remember
if there was something else
distinctive about the truck,
but I was just trying so hard
to avoid the crash.
There has to be something
that I noticed about that truck.
Well, it had to have
happened really fast.
Yeah, you were probably
just bracing yourself,
not studying the truck, Roe.
Hey, you guys.
I wasn't expecting you.
Yeah, even home sick,
I can't imagine Lynn wants
you discussing
the Sam Woods case with us.
Ah, yeah, she's as frustrated
as I am
by our lack of progress.
So I thought I'd come by,
find out if any of you happen
to know anything we don't.
Well, I told you everything
about Lydia
accusing Sam of cheating.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
If you want us
to share information,
this is a two-way street,
Okay. Fine.
Lydia didn't deny
accusing Sam.
She said
she once found a note
in Woods's car
from a woman
asking to meet her.
She confronted him
and he convinced her
-it was from a client.
-How did she know
the note was from a woman?
Was it signed?
It wasn't signed,
but he said it was
an elderly woman named Edna.
She said, quote,
"I was silly to suspect him."
Did you believe her?
Well, she didn't stumble
in her story.
She just kept
repeating her belief
that someone at that poker game
killed Woods.
Well, she would
probably say that
if she was the one
who killed him.
But we have a new reason
to suspect Bernard Poole.
Turns out he was
Woods's client at Dilger,
and the advice he gave him
caused him to lose 600 grand.
A reason to get good and mad.
Since Poole owned the warehouse
where the body was found,
I'd imagine
a clear motive would
put him at the top
of the suspects list?
Nah, he's gotta get
behind Ted Cranford.
I mean, the whole hiding-
behind-the-lawyers thing--
not a good look.
And a history of conflict
that became violent
the night Woods disappeared?
I'm with Phillip.
[Sally] I just can't believe
she wouldn't even try
to get ahold of Sam,
unless she knew he was dead.
But she came in
to identify the victim.
Why do that
if she killed him?
Phillip knows why--
if he was paying attention
in my class.
Oh. Yeah!
Some killers feel the need
to get close
to the investigation,
be on the inside.
[Arthur] Sad, but true.
Roe, you're being
strangely quiet.
You want me to pick
which one of my father's friends
to suspect?
I can't.
Okay. Thanks.
Okay, why do you look like
someone stole the candy
from the break room?
Bernard Poole's alibi from
the night Sam Woods was killed
checks out.
He said he got a call
at the poker game
that his sister
just delivered a baby,
and went straight
to the hospital.
Several family members
just confirmed it.
Well, ruling someone out
isn't a bad thing.
I just want to be able
to rule someone in.
I have to say,
I'm doubtful
that Sam would be seeing
someone behind Lydia's back.
I remember
he came to me asking
where would be the best place
to get an engagement ring.
Wonder why he wouldn't
pop the question, then?
Why it's so hard for people
to make relationships work?
Well, Ted and Hilary
are happy.
Dennis and Pamela
have been married 26 years,
going strong.
Yet you and Mother
didn't stay married,
even though you seemed made
for each other at one point.
Yeah, at one point.
You never talked about it.
You let Mother tell me
you were getting divorced.
I'm sure however
she explained it was accurate.
Your mother
is scrupulously honest.
Yeah, she's also
scrupulously discreet.
She never really explained it.
And now
that I'm getting married...
Aw, sweetie.
I hope you're not worried
that you and Nick
don't have what it takes
for the long haul.
Well, didn't
you and Mother believe
that you had what it takes?
Time to leave
for the rehearsal.
We can all go in my car,
if you'd like.
Oh, thank you,
but you two go ahead.
I have to drop off
the seating chart
and place cards
for the reception.
All right. We'll see you there.
[quietly] We will finish
this conversation later.
Thank you.
I remember that sticker.
Where is Aurora?
She-- She should have been
10 minutes behind us.
Yeah, wasn't rehearsal
supposed to start at 4:00?
Well, she's probably
sorting out
some reception snafus.
I mean, I know she's been
distracted lately,
but to be this late
to her rehearsal?
I hope Nick isn't
taking it personally.
Nick never sweats
the small stuff.
Are you sure about that?
-I'm sure she'll be here soon.
-I hope so.
Hey, Nick.
You doing okay?
It's Roe.
Hey, where are you?
I'm so sorry I am not there,
but I'm in a parking lot across
from the tire shop on 9th.
I followed
a navy-blue truck here.
I remembered something
from the incident.
I saw a Lawrenceton High School
booster sticker
on the back
driver's-side window
when it flashed past.
And this truck
has that sticker?
Yes, in the exact same spot,
with a grille guard
and fog lamps.
I remember seeing those
now that you mention it.
Well, I didn't
get here in time
to see who
got out of the truck,
but Lydia's truck
didn't have those.
And I'm not leaving
until I see who gets in it.
I'm on my way.
Hey, everyone,
if you don't mind waiting
a little bit longer,
I should be back
in half an hour.
But where are you going?
To fetch my bride.
It will be a glorious union.
Oh, no.
It's Dennis.
He already left.
Who was it?
Dennis Shankle.
I suppose
we don't know for sure
if Shankle was the one
driving it when it came at us.
Well, I called Arthur,
and he ran the plates.
It's registered
to Dennis's company,
so Arthur's gonna find out
how many of Dennis' employees
have access to it,
and how many people
typically drive it.
How many of his employees
could've known Sam Woods
that many years ago?
Yeah, the more I think about it,
the more it makes no sense
for it to be
anyone else but him.
Nick, wait. What, are you
gonna go after Dennis
and start a fight
the day before our wedding?
They're all waiting
at the rehearsal.
And-and Arthur promised to get
to the bottom of this A.S.A.P.
Follow me back to the church?
Tell me you're okay first.
I'm okay.
We gotta go.
Everyone's waiting.
Mrs. Shankle,
is your husband home?
[Dennis] The truck belongs
to my business, yes,
but I only drive it
when I'm there,
for work-related trips.
And were you driving it
yesterday at 3:00 p.m.?
At that exact time?
I don't know.
Why do you ask?
You didn't hear that
Nick Miller and Roe Teagarden
were almost hit yesterday
by a navy-blue truck?
They were run off the road.
I wonder why
Charles wouldn't tell me.
He knows how fond I am of Roe.
Are they all right?
So you have no idea what
you were doing at 3:00 p.m.?
Probably on a call
with a client.
I can show you my phone.
And who else had
access to that truck?
Well, any one
of my 20 employees.
The keys are kept on a board
by the back door of the office.
We have several trucks.
We took a look at the truck.
There are clear
identifying features
that match the description
that Roe and Nick gave us.
That makes no sense.
[Arthur] It does
if that was the truck used
to run them off the road.
I'm getting a warrant
to search your vehicles,
your office and your home.
I don't understand.
If someone who works
for Dennis took that truck
and had some kind
of an incident,
why are you searching our house?
It's fine, Pamela.
They're just doing their job.
You don't need a warrant.
You're welcome
to search whatever you like.
[Pamela] Are you sure
you want to do that?
I know
you're trying to protect me,
but I'm fine,
I have nothing to hide.
Ohh, this is such
a charming place, Aurora.
I've had a lovely evening.
Oh, I'm so glad.
It's one of our favorites.
Dennis's company
does own the truck,
and there's no reason to believe
it was one of his employees
that tried to run us down.
Nor is there any reason
for me to believe it was Dennis.
I think it's still a stretch.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
Oh, yes,
thank you both so much.
Lizzy, I need
to get my shoes for tomorrow
from your car.
Oh! Of course. Bye.
All right...
we will see you
bright and early, Roe.
Or should I say,
"Mrs. Miller"?
Oh, "Mrs. Miller."
-I have to get used to that.
-Bye, thank you.
If you wanted
to keep your name,
I'd understand.
[Lena] Well, after
that wonderful meal,
I'll be asleep
as soon as my head
hits the pillow.
I can drop you off
at the hotel, Mrs. Miller.
It's right on the way
to the university.
Thank you.
Thank you, Phillip.
I'll walk you to the door, Mom.
-Goodnight, Aida.
I can drop you off, too,
Aunt Aida.
Oh, thank you. Um...
Unless Charles
is heading my way?
Uh, actually, I was gonna...
stay around a little longer.
All right.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow!
Oh, what a fabulous day
it's going to be.
I think she was hoping
you were gonna drive her home.
I know, and I wanted to...
but, you know,
the occasion of your marriage
has got me
feeling sentimental,
and I was just afraid
I might say something in the car
that wasn't welcome.
What would you have said
to her, Dad?
I still want to hear
your side of the story,
why two people
who love each other
didn't make
their marriage work.
You know,
it was nothing earth-shaking.
I was just
at a place in my life
where I wanted to slow down,
maybe not work so much,
travel a little.
And your mother...
she wanted to speed things up.
She was building her business.
Once you were at college,
it just seemed kinder
to let each other
take our own paths.
I don't know
if it was the right choice.
What I can say is,
it was a choice.
A marriage that lasts
is no mystery, Aurora.
It's a choice
that two people make together
and keep making every day.
And I will see you
back at your house.
You take
good care of her, Nick.
See you.
Ready to go?
Uh, actually,
can we talk for a second?
You have seemed out of sorts
all evening,
and I don't know why.
Should I be worried
that you're getting cold feet
about marrying me?
I think I found something.
[Arthur] This is a watch
found in the back of
one of your nightstand drawers.
There are initials
engraved on the back.
I took a picture
and sent it to Lydia McGraw.
She recognizes it
as Sam's watch.
Sir, we're gonna need you
to come with us.
You don't really think
I'm having cold feet, do you?
No. I...
You've been so quiet tonight.
And maybe it's been hitting you,
that all of this is real,
and-and it's okay
if your feet are cold.
I know mine feel a little chilly
every now and then.
My parents are divorced, Nick.
My wonderful,
perfect-for-each other parents,
they didn't make it work,
and I cannot bear
the thought of us
disappointing each other,
causing each other pain.
I'm not looking for
a pain-free life.
I just want to be able
to protect you from being hurt,
at all times.
I think that's why
I've been off-balance today.
And your seeing that truck,
my not being able
to confront the man
who tried to take us out...
take you out...
Look, I've been trying
to stop thinking about it
and to focus
on the here and now.
I'm sorry
if I made you feel like
I've been having doubts
about marrying you.
You don't have to apologize.
Well, I just did.
...let's talk about
those chilly feet of yours, huh?
Hmm, they are feeling
toasty warm right now.
I just heard from my editor.
They made an arrest
in the Sam Woods case.
Dennis Shankle.
Guess what?
I'm getting married today!
I woke up smiling, too.
I had no idea I could feel
this excited for the future.
That is music
to a mother's ears.
I thought
I'd, you know, stop by
and give you
a little breakfast and...
Did you sleep well?
I'm worried about Dad.
He was so upset about Dennis.
He couldn't bring himself
to believe his best friend
killed Sam Woods,
and maybe tried to kill me.
Dennis adores you!
And he barely knew Sam.
I can't imagine
why he'd do it.
That is a problem--
no clear motive.
You know, it's also a problem
they got Lydia McGraw
to identify Sam's watch.
She's a suspect
with an actual motive,
and plenty of opportunity.
She told Arthur
she didn't think
Sam was having an affair,
but she could've been lying.
She also could've planted
that watch in Dennis's house.
I mean...
if Dennis really did kill Sam,
why keep the watch?
And why tell the police
to go in and search?
It makes much more sense
that that watch
was in Lydia's possession
the whole time?
But why did she pick Dennis?
Why not Ted,
or someone who knew Sam better?
Why don't we not talk
about this on your wedding day?
Okay, why don't we talk
about why you and Dad
never had
your happily-ever-after?
Because, last night,
he told me
he regrets the divorce.
I have to say that I am...
...very surprised
at the stirrings I feel
of certain feelings
that we once shared.
You, who's never been tempted
to marry again?
Maybe he's not just
the love of your youth,
like you always say.
Maybe he's
the love of your life.
Maybe you should tell him that
when he comes down
for breakfast.
I thought you gave up
trying to coax us back together
years ago.
It's my wedding day!
What better day
to advocate for love?
[Charles] Well, don't you look
the happy, glowing bride
this morning?
And my dear Aida.
What a radiant
mother of the bride you are.
Could you tell Arthur
that I just need a quick quote
for my story?
He's in a meeting with the D.A.
Well, I'll take
a quote from you.
I need to see my husband,
Dennis Shankle.
I demand to see him.
I'll let Detective Smith
know you're here.
Thank you.
You're Roe's friend,
the-the reporter.
You're covering
the story on Sam?
Yes. That's actually
why I'm here.
Would you like to give me
your thoughts
on your husband's arrest?
It's a travesty.
I've been married to him
for 26 years,
and there is no way
he is capable
of doing any of this.
But how do you explain
Sam Woods' watch
being found in your house?
Well, someone put it there.
It wasn't even
in Dennis' nightstand,
it was in mine,
and-and that should tell you
that someone who doesn't know
what side of the bed
he sleeps on
is trying
to make him seem guilty.
This is terrible.
I am so sorry.
It's okay.
They're releasing me.
Let's go.
Why did let him go?
The D.A. doesn't think
we have enough to try him,
and he's right.
Woods's watch in his house
Shankle may have killed him,
but it doesn't prove it.
The problem is motive.
From everything we know,
Shankle and Woods
only met twice,
and they had no conflicts.
So you guys are gonna be
looking for more evidence,
In a crime that's decades old?
This cold case
might be staying cold.
Can I quote you on that?
I'll take that as a no.
See you at the reception?
-Yes, you will.
-Thanks, Arthur.
Bye, Charlie.
See you, Sally.
work on Shankle's motive.
Talk to his employees.
Find out if
he ever mentioned Woods.
Yeah, you got it.
I remember doing the dishes together,
just like this,
when we were first married.
When I was so besotted with you
that I couldn't bear to be
more than two feet
away from you.
You know, Aurora asked me
what happened to us.
Perhaps you can remind me
why we talked ourselves
into ending
what was,
for the most part,
a lovely and loving marriage.
I would, but...
...I'm having trouble
with my own memory as to why.
What are you doing here?
You're not supposed
to see Aurora
before the ceremony.
-It's bad luck.
-She texted me
that she'd left
for the salon.
I was actually hoping
that we could speak to you,
Aren't you guys expected
at the church soon?
[Phillip] Uh-huh.
Well, we've been
talking about Dennis Shankle.
Uh, listen, I'm sorry
if I pushed back too strongly
on that last night.
I just-- I've known him
for so long.
It's fine.
But it occurred to me
that, if you're right,
that it's not Dennis,
then whoever tried to hit us
is still out there
and could still be a threat.
Oh, I wish
you hadn't said that.
So, how can I help?
You can walk us through
Sam Woods' last night--
what each person
at the poker game said and did--
while we look at it through
the lens of forensic psychology.
We did that
with old cases in his class.
It's actually pretty cool.
All right.
Come on in
and I'll just
put on some more coffee.
You look beautiful, Lizzy.
Oh, thank you.
I do love getting all gussied up
for a wedding.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh, Sally,
you need to sit down.
We are due at the church
in half an hour.
Oh, okay.
I was trying to get
my story done
on Dennis Shankle's arrest,
but then the police let him go,
so I had to rewrite
the whole thing.
They let Dennis go? Why?
Arthur said
they don't have a motive,
among other things.
So they arrested the wrong guy?
Pamela Shankle's
definitely saying so.
She keeps going on about
how the watch was planted,
to make Dennis look guilty.
How ridiculous is that?
No more ridiculous
than Dennis taking a watch
from someone he killed,
and then keeping it
in his nightstand for decades.
Well, that's the thing.
Pamela said the watch
was found in her nightstand.
She considers it proof that
someone's trying to frame him.
Her nightstand?
Something's not right.
We have to talk to Lydia
again, Sally!
Lydia? Why?
But what about my hair?
Are you coming back?
-What does this mean?
It means be prepared
to stall the wedding.
Roe? If you're thinking
of going to Lydia's house,
you need to stop right now.
Why try to talk me out of it,
when we both know
I'll end up talking you into it?
Oh, it's not that.
It's this.
Lydia's truck?
She's doing her class again.
What are you doing?
[Charlie] After Dennis and I
left Sam cursing
on his front porch,
I drove Dennis home.
I remember Pamela came out
and was teasing him
about losing
their grocery money again.
After that, I drove home,
cleaned up the kitchen,
went to bed,
and that was it.
Okay, you've heard
the story now.
Let's get going.
Just a few more minutes,
There's something
I keep thinking about--
how did Sam end up
at that warehouse?
Why there?
Maybe he met someone there?
Who would use that
as a meeting place?
Late at night,
a warehouse under construction?
Too bad we don't know
what it looked like then.
Aida, didn't Bernard
put up a bunch of photos
in the office,
of it under construction?
Oh, yeah, but that office
was cleared out a long time ago.
Well, maybe
he kept those photos?
[Charles] Bernard?
The man doesn't have
a sentimental bone in his body.
No, but Pamela's sentimental,
maybe she has
photos of that time.
Why would Pamela Shankle
have photos of the warehouse
under construction?
She worked with Bernard.
His administrative assistant.
[Charles] Bernard
introduced Dennis to Pamela.
-You didn't know?
I've gotta go.
I hope
you mean to the church?
I'll be there,
but I have a stop to make first.
What are you doing here?
I know about the note
that made you think
Sam was seeing another woman,
but I need to ask you
why you thought the note
was written by a woman?
Why does it matter?
He wasn't actually
seeing anyone anyway.
[Roe] Was it the handwriting
or something else?
Just tell us that, please,
and we'll leave you alone.
Yes, please
answer her questions.
Yoga doesn't like me.
The note said, quote,
"We can't meet on Tuesday
because my husband
got the day off."
Sam said that his client
didn't want her husband to know
that she was investing money
behind his back.
I knew it!
Thank you, Lydia.
Sally, come on.
We have to go talk to Arthur.
What? You knew what?
What did you know?
Oh! Stop!
Don't look over there.
Why? Why not?
Because Nick is here,
and I can't let him see you
before the ceremony.
Oh, that is
the silliest tradition.
Silly or not, I'm not gonna
let you break it.
I take my maid-of-honor job
very seriously, Roe.
I can't let you
jinx your wedding.
Hi. Sorry. Excuse me.
You're too good of a friend.
You're my best friend.
I would feel so bad
if something--
Okay, okay, Sally,
if my amazing best friend
doesn't want me
to turn around,
I won't.
Oh, hey, Sally.
Nick! Don't turn around!
Roe is here,
and it is my solemn duty
to make sure that you two
do not see each other
before the ceremony.
Roe? Why are you here?
You okay?
Yes, I'm great,
but I think I know who did it,
and it's not Dennis.
I agree.
I wanted to tell Arthur.
All right, what are you people
doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be
getting married right now?
[Nick and Roe]
We know who killed Sam!
All right, I'll bite.
Why is it you two think you know
who killed Sam Woods?
Though, I reserve
the right to laugh
if you give me different names.
Pamela Shankle.
Don't don't around!
Don't make me tell Aida on you.
Okay, okay, okay.
Roe? Go ahead.
What makes you think
it was Pamela?
Okay, well, first,
you found Sam's watch
in Pamela's nightstand,
not Dennis'.
But she says that it's
proof that it was planted.
And I'd call it a sign
it wasn't.
Why would you go
to all that trouble
to make Dennis look guilty,
but not bother figuring out
which side of the bed
he slept on?
Good question,
but why decide
it was Pamela
who put it there?
Lydia McGraw thought
Sam was seeing another woman
because of an unsigned note
she found,
so I asked her why she thought
the note was written by a woman.
She said it was because
the note referred to a husband.
Wait. You're suggesting
that Pamela was seeing Sam Woods
behind her husband's back,
then killed him,
then kept his watch
in her bedside drawer
for 24 years?
not angry enough to kill him,
but devoted enough
to keep his watch?
Well, people
in illicit relationships
do a lot of illogical things.
Imagine if she thought
their tryst was over,
he was leaving town,
and Dennis none the wiser.
But on his last night here,
Sam gets humiliated
by Ted Cranford
and the poker buddies.
Right. He'd been fired,
been knocked out,
and he's been driven home
by Charles.
And it's Dennis
who drives home his car,
hands him his own keys.
Dennis, the husband of the woman
he's been secretly seeing...
And maybe even
wanted a future with.
He told my father
he was in the market
for an engagement ring.
If Pamela rejected him,
that's another humiliation,
and now his chest is on fire,
he wants revenge...
[Sally] So, Sam calls Pamela
and tells her
that he's gonna
tell Dennis the truth?
Ruin their marriage?
That would give Pamela
motive to kill him.
Well, it sounds more like
a motive for Dennis.
I can't see Pamela putting
a dead body in a car
then burying it
at a construction site.
[Nick] She wouldn't have to,
if she met him there,
and killed him there,
which is what
I'm convinced happened.
-Based on what?
-Based on the fact
that she worked
for Bernard at the time
the warehouse was going up.
She did?
Why didn't I know that?
Why didn't we know that?
Uh, Poole only had
employment records
for the last 10 years.
So, if Pamela worked
for Poole--
She knew exactly
when and where concrete
was scheduled to be poured.
And where to bury a body.
Okay, we need to get
both Shankles in here. Now.
I'd be glad to escort you
to your seat, Mrs. Miller.
Oh, why thank you, kind sir.
Wow, Aunt Aida!
You look stunning!
Thank you. Oh, look at you.
You are so dashing yourself.
And how's Nick holding up?
Uh... he's not here yet.
Oh, no.
I'd better go check on Aurora.
She's... not here yet either.
What if she's in trouble?
Oh, Charles, you have
no idea what it's like
when she gets involved
in one of these investigations.
She has been kidnapped
and held hostage,
she's scaled a building,
worn a wire.
I have to call her.
Remember what I used to do
when you let worry
run away with you?
Yes, you used to kiss me
until I...
forgot what I was worried about.
All right.
I just got confirmation
from the Shankles' lawyer--
they are on their way.
Now, don't you two
have a bunch of people waiting
to watch you get married?
Yes, they do.
Nick, give us five minutes
to get to the car
before you leave the building.
I can't wait to see you
at the wedding!
Won't be soon enough for me.
See you
at the reception, Arthur!
[Arthur] Can't wait!
I'm really happy for you two.
Thank you, Arthur.
Come here.
We love you, pal.
Both of us.
I love you guys, too.
[Davis] We're glad to see you.
Sorry it took so long,
but the killer's been caught.
Good. We've got your tux
ready and waiting.
Let's go get you married.
So, I've just explained to you
one theory--
that you, Mrs. Shankle,
acted alone
in killing Sam Woods.
Me, I prefer the theory
that her husband helped her.
Maybe we get the D.A.
to charge 'em both,
see what comes up in trial.
Dennis didn't have
anything to do with it.
He didn't know what I did--
..had to do.
Sam snapped...
he said he was going
"scorched earth"
against all of us...
he was gonna
destroy my marriage,
get Ted and Charles fired.
He was even trying
to set the warehouse on fire.
I had to stop him.
I saw a mallet on a tool bench,
and the next thing I knew...
When I got home,
Dennis was still asleep.
He never suspected a thing,
not in all these years.
Not until I...
The other day,
when you all found the watch--
that's when I knew.
Why did you keep the watch,
Mrs. Shankle?
I did care about him.
But you have to understand,
I never meant
for any of this to happen.
It just did.
Maybe I kept it to remind me
of what I'd done.
And it was you driving
the truck,
going after Roe and Nick?
I was out of my mind.
I wanted to save us.
[Arthur] You didn't
save anyone, Mrs. Shankle.
You killed someone,
and you almost hurt
two of my friends.
You are an absolutely
beautiful bride.
Thanks, Dad.
You are a perfect bride.
And Nick is so lucky to have found you.
Here. I brought an extra.
I knew you'd need it.
I could say
that I'm proud of you today,
and that would be true,
but you've always made me proud,
every single day
that I've been your mother.
Exactly how I feel about you.
- Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today
to witness the union...
[Lillian] "Let me not
to the marriage of true minds
admit impediments.
Love is not love
which alters
when it alteration finds,
or bends with the remover
to remove.
O, no!
It is an ever-fixed mark
that looks on tempests
and is never shaken."
[Nick] I've been taught
a lot about people
and how their minds work.
love was something
of a mystery to me,
until I met you.
You solve mysteries
with unerring insight
and clarity.
You have made love come alive
for me,
in all of its glory,
as my mother would say.
I promise
to nurture that love
for the rest of our lives.
Nick, I keep telling everyone
that you are the best thing
that ever happened to me.
When life turns dark,
you bring light.
When things people do
don't make sense,
you bring wisdom.
And when I feel threatened,
you bring safety.
With you,
I know I stand on solid ground.
And, with you,
I know I always have an ally.
I'm so grateful
that you've chosen me,
and I promise to choose you,
every day...
...for the rest of our lives.
[Nick] With this ring,
I thee wed.
And with this ring...
...I thee wed.
Nick and Aurora,
now that you've pledged
your love and commitment
to each other
in front of these witnesses,
by the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may begin the adventure
of marriage with a kiss.
You're the only one
I've ever loved
Yeah, you