Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015) Movie Script

[Shovel digging]
[Woman]: On the morning
of September 16, 1922,
in New Brunswick, New
a young couple went for a walk
down de Russey Lane,
the local Lover's Lane,
and found a man and a woman
lying in an embrace
on the ground,
both dead.
Both shot in the head.
Love letters the woman
had written to the man
were ripped to pieces
and scattered between them...
The man was Edward Hall,
a minister in a local church,
but the woman next to him
was not his wife, Frances.
It was Eleanor Mills,
a beautiful woman in the choir.
The two had been having
an affair for years.
A distraught Frances
pushed the police to find her
husband's murderer.
Ultimately, Frances' brother, Willie,
who was known to have a grudge
against the minister,
was charged with the murders,
and the trial became
the most covered trial
in American history
at that time.
The jury, however,
came back with a verdict
of not guilty.
The police and the prosecutors
made a big mistake.
I believe I know who did kill
Edward and Eleanor.
It was Frances Hall,
and I'm going to tell you why.
-Great job.
-Thank you.
Well done, indeed.
The way you cut out all
the extraneous details,
made her guilt inescapable.
Yes, very effective.
I'd read about the case,
and always thought
the wife was innocent,
but the way you presented it,
that's how it should have been done,
and they'd have caught
and convicted her.
Better watch out there, John.
Our Miss Teagarden
could give you a run
for your money
come the next election.
Is that so?
Oh, don't listen to him.
You're the perfect president
for the club.
Yes, but it is
an interesting question.
Which of you two
might have the better
sleuthing skills?
Well, nobody picks up on
those details quite like Roe,
but I don't know.
John's written all those articles
for Lizzie Borden Quarterly.
And how many times have you been on CNN?
Of course, you have to
be loyal to John.
He's your uncle.
But Roe is my best friend,
so she gets my vote and my loyalty.
Well, John has my vote.
Well, thank you, Roe.
But for tonight anyway,
you're clearly the master sleuth.
I'd give the edge to you.
What a rabble-rouser you are, Jane.
I hope to see you in church on sunday.
Oh, well, life is full of surprises.
Well, I'm going home
to ponder my vote.
Would you like help to your car?
Oh, I don't drive anymore.
I have a taxi waiting,
but you could help me to the door.
Tell me, dear,
have you read Oliver Tennant's work
on women who got away with murder?
No, but I've heard of his book,
it's just been out of print for so long.
Oh, I have a copy.
He says exactly what you did in your talk,
that women were less often suspected
and more likely to be acquitted
thanks to the all-male juries
back in those days.
Men just cannot bring
themselves to believe
that a woman has the
constitution to kill.
It mentions Frances Hall.
You're welcome to it.
Oh, I would love to read it.
I can come by this weekend.
Come tomorrow.
After I've had my nap.
I can do that.
Oh, good.
Thank you.
I don't remember Jane
walking with a cane before,
do you?
And she looked a lot thinner.
I hope she's all right.
Did she say it again?
"You remind me of me
when I was your age."
No. For once.
Bye! Bye!
Hello, Roe.
You didn't think
I'd Miss your take
on Hall-Mills, did you?
How many nights did we let
our food get cold
talking about Frances?
I didn't see you in here.
Yes, well,
a police detective is trained
to be invisible while skulking.
You don't have to be invisible,
and you didn't have to quit the club.
My mother raised me to be a gentleman.
Well, don't stay away because of me.
I mean, I don't want
to bruise your ego,
but I've been over you
for a while now.
Ooh, ouch.
Okay, that stings a bit.
But seriously,
it's great to see you.
I mean, especially when
you're on your game like that.
Thank you.
It's good to see you, too.
You know what, maybe you're right,
maybe I will start
coming back to meetings.
I hope so.
Yeah, you could use someone
to challenge you a bit.
You always have to be here
earlier than everyone else.
Good morning to you, too, Lillian.
You think being early
earns you extra points
with Mr. Crowley,
but it doesn't.
I just like to look at on the news
before my day starts.
Nothing but murder
and mayhem in the news.
Spit it out.
What do you want?
Um, can Miss Teagarden help
[Grumbles, scoffing]
Do you need a book, Jared?
But she's mean.
Meaner than a snake with a sunburn.
Now, Mitch,
you tell your clients
when they are sitting
on that verandah,
with that cool breeze
coming off the stream,
they'll think that extra
20 grand is more than worth it.
Go on, tell them,
All right, then.
Bye-bye, Mitch.
Still have Mitch Marvin
wrapped around your finger, I see.
Never mind about him.
I've come to take you
to my brokers' dinner.
There's a new agent,
he's very handsome,
and I'd like to introduce you.
Yeah, we can, um...
We can stop and get you
a new dress on the way.
Okay, first,
I have an appointment,
and second,
I can't afford a new dress.
Because you are woefully underpaid.
I can buy it for you.
You already pay my rent.
I do no such thing.
You manage my townhouses
in exchange for rent.
No, you can let me
buy you a dress.
This has no pizzazz.
What? I think it's--
honestly, Aurora,
I don't know how you expect
to meet a suitable man
unless you at least
try to catch his eye?
I meet men, mother.
Sometimes, I even date them.
I said "suitable."
That scruffy police person
doesn't count.
How could you consider
Arthur unsuitable?
He belonged to that
ghoulish club of yours.
That murderer's club.
It's positively indecent,
digging into other people's deaths.
You only do that because
you know I disapprove.
Mother, I adore you.
I don't know what you're saying,
but I adore you.
[Chuckling] Aw...
I have to go to my friend, Jane's.
Well, if you finish early,
can you at least try to
stop at the restaurant
for dessert?
His name is Raymond
and he drives a BMW.
Wow, some of these books
are impossible to find.
A First-Edition
Fall River Tragedy?
John would swoon.
His offer to buy it
goes up by another $50 every week.
I wish I had had access
to a collection like this
while I was getting my master's.
My thesis was in
true crime literature.
Huh, that wasn't a specialty
of library science in my day.
Oh, it's still not,
I think I'm the only librarian
in the state who has it.
You remind me of me at your age.
You don't like it when I say that.
You think it means
you'll end up alone like me,
a spinster librarian,
with nothing but dusty mysteries
to keep me company.
The lure
of an unsolved mystery,
there's nothing like it.
I have sat here on this seat
for many absorbing hours,
right here,
puzzling out the most stubborn
of murder mysteries.
I've no doubt you'll be
better at it than me.
You have a mind for murder
like no one else I know.
Thank you.
I think.
Take this.
This is the best book
on women murderers
I've come across.
I'll bring it back next week.
Oh, I don't need it back.
It's a gift.
Reading it won't help you
solve every mystery,
but it might help with one or two.
[Knock on door]
Isn't it past your bedtime?
Have you heard about Jane Engle?
Oh, yeah, I saw her today.
She said it again,
"you remind me of me,"
and talking about
how it's not so bad
to end up a spinster librarian--
all I could think about was,
maybe I should have
married Arthur,
but, nah,
I wasn't in love with him.
I mean, I can't really blame him
for marrying Lynn Liggett.
Jane Engle is dead.
She was sick a long time,
with this heart thing,
and she just never told anyone.
I mean, I didn't
know her very well,
but I liked her.
You must have known her
better than I thought.
No, funerals just make me cry.
[Sighs] And you wonder
why Macon doesn't give you
hard-news assignments.
Oh, hush, just because
you never cry at anything.
Speaking of Macon,
he's looking over here now...
Oh no, I can't let
my editor see me cry.
What is he doing here anyway?
I think he lives on Jane's street.
Those must be all of her neighbors.
I Recognize the McCanns
from the library,
and Marcia
and Torrance Rideout.
My mom found them
the house next to Jane,
but I don't know who that is.
Oh, that's Carey Reilly.
You know, THAT Carey Reilly.
Her husband said he was going out
to buy ice cream for their daughter,
and never came back.
Hi. Scott Aubrey.
Jane's minister.
It's good of you to come.
Thank you.
I'm Sally Allison.
This is Roe Teagarden.
Any relation to--
Aida Teagarden
the real estate queen?
Yeah, it's my mother.
I know we don't look much alike.
No, I meant Aurora Teagarden.
The one Jane wanted
to set me up with.
[Chuckles] Oh.
I'm Aurora.
"Roe" for short.
But I...
I don't think this is...
Oh, no, no, not now.
But why don't we
arrange a dinner
for later this week?
Say friday?
I sort of consider it
Jane's final request.
What just happened?
Uh, Jane's minister
asked you out on a date,
and you said yes.
That could be
a very interesting story
to tell your future children,
how you and he met at a funeral.
Well, he is attractive.
How do you go about
dating a minister?
Oh, come on,
you knew Lynn was pregnant
when they got married.
Yeah, not that pregnant.
He must have started seeing her,
like, two hours after
he broke up with me.
I was looking forward to
her talk on Madeline Smith
next month.
I think we should stick to
Madeline next month,
in Jane's honor.
Okay, this is gonna make me cry,
and I can't let Macon see.
I'm going to go.
I'll see you two
at the next meeting.
Bye. Take care.
Miss Teagarden!
Miss Teagarden,
hold up there.
I'm glad I caught you.
Now I don't have to hunt you down.
I believe we met at
the last library fundraiser.
Bubba Rankart's the name.
Oh, yeah, the attorney
who won our dance contest.
I had the honor
of counseling Jane
just before she passed.
Yeah, she wanted to
draw up a new will.
Said she no longer wanted
to leave her estate
to her cousin Parnell,
that he'd probably just
leave it to his dogs.
Well, she decided
she'd leave it to you.
Wait... what?
Jane named you her beneficiary.
You've inherited her estate.
Money, house, jewelry.
[Gasping in shock]
You're joking.
Lawyers have a rule,
we don't joke about money.
I mean, I just...
I only worked with her
for a couple of weeks
before she retired,
and I saw her once a month
at the club meetings.
It just doesn't make sense.
Well, it did to Jane.
She was pretty certain
that's what she wanted.
Of course, you won't
get a check
till we get through probate,
but, uh...
Well, I see no reason to wait
to give you the keys to the house.
I'll be in touch.
Jane left you everything?
So says Bubba Rankart.
You didn't even cry at her funeral.
I know. I wish I had.
I really did like her.
Well, she must have liked you a lot.
I can't believe I have a house.
I mean, my own house.
I never thought I'd own a house,
not on a librarian's salary.
Are you going to live in it?
I guess I could.
I don't know, it's so strange
to have these choices.
To be able to do what I want?
Well, what do you want to do?
I want to go see my new house.
[Neighborhood dogs barking]
[Object clatters underfoot]
[Gasping] Hey!
[Arthur]: So, neither
of you heard anything?
I mean, the back door
was broken into,
and that damaged window
back there,
it's pretty close to your house.
You didn't hear
any glass breaking?
Didn't hear a thing.
How about you, sugar?
No, but I mean,
we did have our music
playing pretty loud.
We were having
a home-on-wednesday celebration.
Torrance is almost never
home on a Wednesday.
I work for Avtech,
sales for the Northwest Territory?
I'm usually in Idaho on Wednesdays.
I didn't go today,
I wanted to pay my respects to Jane.
But I heard footsteps
going in your direction.
You didn't see anything
out your window?
Well, honey,
when we celebrate,
we like to keep the curtains closed.
Okay, then.
Uh, anyways,
it doesn't appear like
anything was missing.
Just like a year ago.
Good thing we put in
an alarm system.
Wait, what happened
a year ago?
Oh, I'll fill her in.
You folks go on back to bed.
I appreciate the help.
Okay, well,
good luck.
I mean, hopefully
you'll catch him this time.
And I'm so sorry you had
such a poor welcome
to our little neighborhood.
So, what happened a year ago?
Um, uh, a year ago,
there was a series
of break-ins on this street.
Four houses,
all had broken windows,
place was ransacked,
but nothing was ever taken.
I never solved it,
and it looks like
it's started up again.
Someone is looking
for something.
Or, someone just likes to
mess up people's property.
No, someone's definitely
searching this place,
and looking for something
not small.
Do you notice how
only the biggest cabinets
and drawers have been opened?
They didn't even bother
with the small ones, look.
I bet it's that way
in the kitchen, too.
Oh, boy...
Bigger than a breadbox...
All right,
time to go.
I need to get back
to the station
and file this report.
Yeah, you go ahead.
I'm going to see if I can find
what the someone was looking for.
I am not leaving you
here alone, Roe.
The perp could decide
to come back
and finish his search.
Yeah, which is why
I need to find it first.
No, no, no, no.
You can look for this
mystery item tomorrow.
Right now you are going home.
I've never seen
this pushy side of you.
Really? Well, let me
tell you something.
I have seen this too-curious-
for-her-own-good side of you,
and I want your word
you will not come back
until daylight.
Go ahead and tell me, then.
Tell you what?
You and Lynn bought the house
across the street
with the "Sold" sticker
on it, didn't you?
We move in Saturday.
I guess that makes us neighbors.
Yup, that's happening.
Anyway, be safe.
Life does have
a sense of humor.
You mean because
you inherited a house
just days before
your ex-boyfriend
and his pregnant wife
move in across the street?
Or because you inherit a house
while it's being ransacked
by a window-breaking stranger?
I just wish I knew
what Mr. Shadowy Stranger
was looking for.
I've been here since
my shift ended.
Haven't been able to find a thing.
[Sighing heavily]
It's quite the mystery.
...right here.
puzzling out the most stubborn
of murder mysteries...
Sally, sorry, I gotta go.
What are you smiling about?
Who are you?
You with the missing piece
in your head...
Blunt-force trauma.
Someone must have hit you very hard
to cause that damage.
Did Jane kill you?
Jane a killer?
She must have had a good reason.
Maybe you were trying to hurt her.
I owe it to her to find out.
Okay, one thing's for sure,
I have got to get you out of here
before whoever is looking for you
comes back.
Oh, hi, Roe.
Oh, I forgot you guys
were cleaning carpets today.
Okay, it's fine.
Just do what you need to do,
I'm gonna...
Never mind.
Roe, is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
Aurora, are you here?
Mom, you're home.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
What are you doing here?
Um... Jane Engle...
You know she died.
Mom, she left me her estate.
Her house, her money, everything.
Jane Engle?
I didn't even know
the two of you were that close.
We weren't.
I don't know why she picked me,
but I don't--
I'm not even sure
I'm gonna keep the money, though.
Who knows where she got it?
Well, she inherited it
from her mother.
Oh, well, that's a relief.
Okay, I have to go.
Sally's coming over after work.
No, wait a minute!
I'll tell you everything later.
And that's where it is now.
In my mom's closet.
A skull?
You found a human skull
in Jane's window seat,
and you hid it?
Well, so I can figure out
why she was hiding it.
You know, what if she was
the one that killed... it?
She must have had a good reason.
Who cares?
You don't play finder's keepers
with a skull, Roe,
you give it to the police.
Maybe, maybe not...
I mean, say Jane had
a legitimate reason
for whacking someone in the head.
I would hate to drag her good name
through the mud.
I mean, we know she's a good person.
No. No,
all we really know
is that she was obsessed with women
who got away with murder.
I mean, look, isn't this
the book that she gave you?
So now you're going to help Jane
get away with murder?
Come on.
Oh, this looks like
Jane's handwriting.
Yeah, it has my name on it.
Well, what does it say?
[Sighs in relief]
"I didn't do it,
but I think someone close by did."
Oh, well, great.
Good to know that Jane
isn't a killer.
But what about the rest of it?
It means Jane has passed on
a murder mystery
for me to solve.
That's why she left me her house.
I mean, she found that skull,
she tried to solve the murder,
and she couldn't.
And now
she left the mystery to me.
I have to figure out
if Jane was right.
I have to figure out
if there is a murderer close by.
Don't you see?
This was Jane's dying wish.
I have to do this.
No, you don't.
This is crazy and it's dangerous.
It's not that dangerous.
The murderer doesn't even know
that I found that skull.
Really? Are you sure about that?
You're not thinking straight, Roe.
If there's a killer
in the neighborhood,
it's up to the police to find him.
And if you don't tell them
what you found, I will.
Just give me a week.
One week,
and then you can go to the police.
I mean...
And I will give you the exclusive
for the paper.
You're always asking Macon
to give you a shot
at the hard news stuff
and not the fluffy stuff.
Now's your chance.
Why do you want to do this?
Roe, why?
I don't know.
Jane said I had a mind for murder.
I mean, if she's giving me a chance
to figure out if that's true,
I have to at least try.
Oh, come on,
I mean, who knows how long that
skull has been sitting there?
Months, maybe years.
What's another week going to do?
You have one week.
But that is all.
Thank you.
You're a good friend.
Or I'm the worst.
One or the other.
Uh, hi.
This is Aurora Teagarden,
I'm calling for Mr. Crowley.
I, uh, I won't be able
to come into work tomorrow,
I'm-- I'm...
[Coughing dramatically]
A little under the weather.
I mean, I'm not...
It's just a little.
I-I just won't be there.
[Shutter clicks]
[Shutter clicking]
Alright, do you have
everything you need?
Can I help you with something?
Oh. No.
I'm just exploring
my new neighborhood.
Oh, you must be the one
that got Jane's house.
Yeah, that's me.
Roe Teagarden.
Well, hello, neighbor.
That's Emma.
I'm Carey.
Carey Reilly.
You have heard of us.
The poor Reilly girls,
famous for being abandoned.
No, I...
Well, yes, I have heard
of you, but I...
I wish I could invite you
in for coffee,
but I have to take
Emma off to school
and myself to the shop.
I work at the little
fashion boutique on Elm Street.
You should come by sometime.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Oh, can you just tell me,
who lives in that house
at the end of the street?
Oh, that's Macon's house.
Macon Turner.
Alright, come on, Emma, let's go!
Nice to meet you.
Whatcha got?
No. No.
I am not about to start
spying on my boss.
I'm not asking you to spy.
I just want some basic
information on him,
like, age, marital status.
I don't know his age,
it's not polite to ask.
He's divorced,
and I don't want to be having
this conversation.
Was his wife named Linda?
I know a Linda Turner
from the library.
She had a son... Ian.
But I haven't seen them
in a while.
Well, maybe that's because
Ian took a graduation trip
to India
and disappeared.
Macon hired a private investigator
to try and find him.
Oh, how awful.
I remember Ian,
he liked graphic novels.
But if he's missing,
then he's a possibility for
the identity of that skull.
Right after
Carey Reilly's missing husband.
Wait a minute, why is Ian
a possibility?
He disappeared in India.
Yeah, but Macon could just be
saying he disappeared there.
If you are even
entertaining the idea
that the very nice man
who is my editor
could have killed his own son,
the only proper thing to do
is to hang up on you.
[Music playing outside]
[Music blasting]
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just wanted to say hello.
No, it's not your fault.
I scare easily when Torrance
is out of town.
I mean, music keeps me company,
Oh, my gosh, it's so nice
to have a real live person
to talk to.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
I'd like that.
So how are you doing?
I mean, you and Jane,
you must have been
the best of friends.
I mean, with her giving you
her house and all.
Yeah, we were, um...
And what about you?
Were you two close?
I mean,
I'd like to think so, yeah.
She was always so sweet to me,
I mean, even if she did
have odd ways.
Like what?
Oh, no, you know what,
that's not the right word.
But that's what
Torrance always thought
about the way she just sat
in the backyard,
for hours at a time.
Just sitting on that
little chair over there.
Not reading,
not doing anything,
just looking at stuff, you know?
I mean, of course,
Torrance always thought
that she was watching him,
but I mean, that's just silly.
It did make him a little uptight,
but, well, he just...
He just doesn't like people
in his business, you know?
Do you rent that apartment
over your garage?
Not anymore, no.
I mean, we used to always
have a tenant up there,
but Torrance won't hear of it now,
Although, you know,
the last tenant did
duck out on his rent.
He just disappeared,
left all his stuff behind.
[Chuckles in wonder]
Oh, what was his name?
[Cell phone rings]
Roe Teagarden?
Scott Aubrey.
I'm here at your house
to pick you up for dinner,
but you're not here.
Scott, Oh my gosh,
I'm so sorry.
I just, I lost track of time.
Well, you know, if tonight's
not a good night--
no, no, no, it is, it is.
Um, why don't I just meet you
at the restaurant,
so you don't have to wait.
Sounds good.
Yeah, I'll see you there.
Okay. Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, Roe.
What are you doing here?
Did you tell anyone
about me finding the skull?
Not even Macon?
No, I definitely
did not tell Macon.
Why are you asking?
Oh, I gotta go,
I'm late for my date.
Remember, you only
have five days left!
Five and a half!
You look...
different in regular clothes.
Well, I hope that's a good thing.
Oh, it's definitely good.
You look really good.
I'm sorry,
I wanted to change into
something nicer, but I just--
[dish smashes]
Are you alright?
You seem a bit jumpy
since you got here.
Yeah, I might be a little jumpy.
I hope I don't make you nervous.
You don't.
I mean, you do,
because, you know,
you're a minister.
And that makes me different
than other guys?
I guess it doesn't
make you different.
But it makes me feel like
I have to be different.
You know, well-behaved.
You're not usually well-behaved?
Usually, yes,
but I'm-- [Cork pops]
Not tense.
I'm trying to rise to a challenge
that I set for myself.
I'm wondering if I bit off
more than I can chew.
Tell me more.
That's how you're different.
You are amazingly easy to talk to.
Well, yeah, we do take
a lot of listening courses
in minister school.
[Trolley crashes]
The question is,
can I rise to the challenge
I've set for myself.
Hmm? What challenge?
The challenge of dating THE
distracted Aurora Teagarden.
Thank you.
I had such a good time.
You act surprised.
I am.
I mean, I didn't know
what it was like
to date a... you.
You thought I'd be dull.
You are anything but dull.
But what I really
want to know is...
Whether a minister kisses
the lady good night?
[Gasping] Aurora!
What on earth are you--
Father Aubrey...
Well, isn't this a nice surprise.
Mrs. Teagarden.
It's always a pleasure.
Mr. Rankart.
I didn't realize
you and my mother were acquainted.
Oh, of course, we are.
I just listed his house.
Although why he wants to move
to a big and dirty city
is beyond me.
Well, a man needs
a new mountain to conquer
every now and then.
I'll grab us a table.
Aurora, I should scold you
for not telling me
that you and Father Aubrey
were an item.
It's our first date, mother.
Why don't we make our
second date on Sunday?
I'd like to invite you out
to the 10:00 A.M. Service
with my congregation,
and you can hear what
a scintillating sermon I give.
-I'd love to.
And you're invited too, of course.
Oh, that'd be lovely,
I'd love to come.
As long as you promise not to
tattle on me to my minister.
Oh, scout's honor.
We'll see you Sunday.
Ooh, this is wonderful.
You and Father Aubrey.
Do you know how thrilled I'd be
if you were a minister's wife?
But is this what you wore
on a date?
Mark Kaplan...
There you are, you rent-skipper.
Alive and well in Philadelphia.
Hello, Lillian.
So you call in sick
on the day you're supposed
to come in,
and here you are on your day off?
Just doing some research.
You're lucky Mr. Crowley isn't here
to see that you're not
the slightest bit sick.
You're right, I'm feeling better.
You can tell Mr. Crowley
that I'll be in on Monday
for my shift.
I'll also tell him
you're using the color printer
for a personal project.
That's why I left
the $2.00 on the counter.
I'm sure it'll will cover it.
Right through there, guys.
So, uh, today's the big day, huh?
Listen, I just wanted you to know
that I haven't dropped the ball
on your break-in.
Oh, I wouldn't think that.
Not that there's much I can do,
with no witnesses
or fingerprints left behind.
But I did compare your break-in
to the reports on the others
in the neighborhood.
Same exact pattern,
right down to only
the large cabinets
and drawers being left open.
[Lynn]: Arthur, honey!
Have you seen that box
with the lamp in it
that goes--
hello, Lynn.
[Clearing throat]
Arthur told me that
we might be running into you.
I guess there's
no "might" about it.
More new neighbors!
I'm the official
welcoming committee.
Torrance is going to be so happy
having not one,
but two police detectives
living on our little street.
He always worries about me
when I'm home alone,
but, you know,
I always tell him,
never underestimate a woman,
am I right, ladies?
Well, we're very happy
to be here.
Aw, well, you should know,
we consider everybody
in our little neighborhood
our friends.
In fact, I know exactly
what me and Torrance should
Have a barbecue
to welcome you all.
What do you say?
Can't wait.
[Knock on door]
Thought I'd find you here.
Oh, looks like
corporate headquarters
of "Teagarden
Oh, Roe...
I worry about you being here
day and night.
Oh, I don't stay here
at night, believe me.
Oh, you have dirt on your table.
Probably fell off the skull.
Oh, you put it on there?
Roe! Ew!
And that's where I found it.
Yeah, look,
there's dirt in here, too.
Either Jane dug it up herself,
or found it freshly dug up.
All the break-ins around here?
Somebody knows a body
is missing its skull,
and has been looking for it.
But how would they know
it's missing
unless they've checked
where the body was buried?
The blanchard case.
Kansas. 1957.
The killer kept
digging up the body
and moving it,
because he wanted to
keep an eye on it.
Somebody's been
keeping an eye on the body
that belongs to that skull.
He's dug it up,
at least once.
You're making the hair on the
back of my neck
stand up so hard, it hurts.
Google earth?
Okay, this image
was taken of the street
just three months ago,
but google earth lets you
pull up historical images.
Now, this one was taken
from two years ago.
What am I looking at?
Look, see how this bushy area
looks different
than it did two years ago?
It was bare here,
and now it's grown-in.
It's the perfect spot
to bury a body.
Down there
where the two fences
come together.
Right there.
You are not about to go
start digging for a dead body?
I'm going to wait
until it gets dark.
We'll need flashlights.
[Shovels digging]
Hey, you've got to hold
that light still!
Roe, this is ridiculous!
Well, you can go back.
Just leave the flashlight
on the grou--
what was that?
That's Macon.
Macon is seeing Carey Reilly?
Oh! Hey...
I need some light.
I think we just found
the skeleton that goes with
that skull.
[Radios crackling indistinctly]
Finally, the police are involved.
Yeah, because you called them
when I wasn't looking.
Well, I wasn't going
to let you try and hide
an entire skeleton
in your mother's closet.
Oh, no.
That's Captain Jack Burns.
He's the police captain.
Angriest man
you'll ever meet.
Didn't you used to date--?
Detective Smith, yes,
but that's ancient history.
Miss Teagarden and Miss Allison
said that they went
for an evening stroll,
found a stray cat--
well, we thought it was a cat.
Followed it into the brushes...
Yeah, and then I tripped,
then there it was,
it was a bone sticking
out of the ground.
I told them to come down
to the station on Monday,
to give their reports.
Excuse me, ladies.
Does that mean we're free to go?
Uh, yeah. Go ahead.
You know, don't you think
it's strange
that everyone in the neighborhood
is out here and curious,
except for the McCanns?
The McCanns are out of town.
Not so strange.
Now, I'm gonna talk
to Macon and see if
he'll let me write this
up for the paper.
Okay, what about the fact
that there are no clothes
on that skeleton?
Do you think that
the killer took them?
I mean, it's not likely
that they'd decompose that quickly.
There was no wedding
ring on the finger.
Roe, just...
Stop, alright?
Listen, I...
I understand the temptation
to start analyzing the neighbors,
and looking for clues,
but this is not a case from
"The Real Murders Club."
You need to let Lynn
and the homicide division
handle this.
Wait. You're not gonna be
a part of this investigation?
No. I'm with the
burglary division.
Yeah, but don't you think
those burglaries and that body
could be connected?
Well, if it is,
Lynn'll figure it out.
She's very good at her job,
so please do her and me a favor
and let it go.
Oh, sweet bed...
Oh, here I come.
Mm... [sighs]
Food... first.
Oh... shower first.
Gotta shower.
Let's go!
Oh, please tell me you're not
wearing that dirt to church.
Well, today,
we're going to talk about
refrigerator theology.
What is "refrigerator theology,"
you ask?
Well, I don't know about you,
but if you look on my refrigerator,
you'd see a dozen or so magnets,
with a lot of sayings
that speak to me.
One says "Beauty is God's
Now, that was from Emerson,
who I consider the greatest
preacher who ever lived,
even if he was Unitarian.
[Congregation laughs]
But onto more fun stuff.
Let's talk about our parents.
Thank you so much for coming.
You look great.
Feeling much better?
That's good.
You look better.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you so much for coming.
Have a really, really good week.
Oh, your hair, Aurora.
It has a mind of its own.
Is that why everyone's
staring at me?
[Laughs] More likely
they know you're dating
their minister.
Or it could be that other thing.
Hello, Roe.
Word's been spreading
you found a dead body
last night.
Ghastly, isn't it?
Well, depends on
how you look at it.
How else would one look at it?
Mother, this is
John Queensland,
the President of
The Real Murders Club.
Ohh... and you seemed like
such an upstanding citizen.
My title doesn't impress you?
Your title is fine,
your jurisdiction
is the gutter.
Is this your way of flirting
with me, Mrs. Teagarden?
So glad you could make it.
Thank you.
Your sermon was wonderful.
Yes, positively inspiring.
Oh! Well, good.
Maybe you'll let me take
the two of you to Sunday lunch.
Oh, that's so generous of you.
Yes, we'd love to go.
If I invite myself along,
will you take the hint
that I'm flirting with you?
Most men don't dare.
Thank you for the invitation,
but I've been up all night long--
she discovered a dead body.
And I don't think
I'll be good company today.
Can we have dinner
tomorrow night?
Uh, sure.
Yeah, no problem.
Thank you. Really.
Okay, mother, let's go.
Okay, well, how disappointing,
but we'll have to try again!
Did you say "dead body"?
I don't think
Mr. Crowley will be pleased
to see one of his own on
the front page of the newspaper.
Stumbling over human remains...
It's unseemly.
And unsanitary!
I hope you made good use
of disinfectant.
Is that Linda Turner,
Macon's ex?
I don't know.
Excuse me, Linda?
I don't know if you remember me,
but you used to come in
here with your son.
Ian, my bookworm.
He used to come in here
all the time
when he was in high school.
How is he?
I heard he went to India.
Yes! It seemed like
he was there forever.
Half the time, we couldn't even
get in touch with him.
I was so relieved
when he got back.
He made it back, then?
Yes, last month.
With a British fiancee,
no less.
Some reporter you are.
You gave me bad information.
Macon's son is not missing.
He's back, alive and well.
He's getting married.
Okay, so I'm terrible at
keeping up with office gossip.
I'm not Maisie.
She runs classifieds.
Knows everything
about everyone here.
Okay, well, this means
there is only one possibility left
for the identity of that skull.
It's Carey Reilly's
husband, Brad.
Well, it's a good thing
it's in the hands of the
police now, isn't it?
Ugh! Aren't you just burning
with curiosity
to find out who it was we found?
More like lukewarm
with curiosity.
Besides, if you really
wanted to know
who that poor soul is,
you would give the skull
to the police
and let them match it
to dental records,
or whatever it is that they do.
Please tell me that you are not
about to hunt down
Brad Reilly's dentist.
No. Don't be silly.
I'm going dress shopping.
Did you know the dress shop
where Carey Reilly works
is practically across the street?
I can't wait to see this on you.
The color is perfect
for your skin tone.
Oh, I would never have picked
that out for myself.
It'll be just darling,
you'll see.
Wish I had more fashion sense.
You were probably
one of those brides
that had the perfect
wedding dress.
Oh, no, Brad and I eloped.
One of those quickie
courthouse deals.
I didn't feel like
a big wedding was right,
not when Bubba and I
had just barely broken up.
Bubba? You and Bubba Rankart
once dated?
More than dated.
We were engaged for two years.
But he was in law school then,
and barely ever had
time for me, so.
A girl does get tired
of waiting.
I liked that Brad was in
such a race to the altar.
Of course, I had no idea
he'd be racing away from me
just as quick.
But you still wear
your wedding ring?
Oh, habit, I guess.
Did you and Brad
have matching bands?
Oh, no, he never wore one.
He said he didn't like jewelry.
I should've known.
Did you ever wonder--
I mean--
when we found that body
at the end of the street,
did you ever wonder
if that could be...?
Could be who? Brad?
Oh, no!
No. He left on purpose.
He was restless.
But to tell the truth,
I was ready to get rid of him
and his cheating ways.
Although it hurt our baby girl.
She cried and cried.
Felt like he didn't
love her enough
to stay close by, you know?
That is the one thing I
won't ever forgive him for.
But you didn't wonder
if he was in an accident?
Oh! That dress is a dream on you.
[Impressed laugh]
It fits perfectly.
Oh. Too bad I can't afford it.
I thought you just inherited
some money from Jane Engle?
You're right!
I did!
Wow. I've never bought
so many clothes at once.
This must be what it feels like
to be Marcia Rideout,
to have an outfit for every mood.
You don't want to be like Marcia.
Oh. You guys aren't friends?
I thought we were, once.
Turns out she was
a better friend to Brad.
Marcia and your husband were--
I don't know that for sure,
but he was always
flirting with her,
and she flirted right back.
I even warned
Torrance about it once.
I said, "we'd better keep
an eye on those two."
Huh! Well, thank you.
My pleasure.
Roe, look at you!
You look gorgeous!
Thank you, but--
no, seriously!
That's a great dress!
but never mind about that.
I'm pretty sure
that the body we found
really is Brad Reilly,
and I'm pretty sure
I know who killed him.
Torrance Rideout.
Torrance Rideout,
a killer?
I don't know.
He seems so nice.
Well, he might not be that nice
to a man chasing after his wife!
That's what Carey Reilly
just told me Brad was doing,
and she said she warned
Torrance about it.
That's one. Two--
as soon as Brad disappeared,
Torrance started worrying
about being watched.
He even stopped renting out
his garage apartment.
Three, when I surprised the killer
searching Jane's house,
he ran off to the North.
The street dead-ends
at the North,
just past Torrance
and Macon's houses.
Okay, wait.
You said that Brad trying
to get busy with Marcia
gives Torrance motive
to get rid of him.
Right? Doesn't that
also give Carey motive?
I thought about that,
but Carey is so upset about
her daughter feeling abandoned,
I don't think that
she'd put that burden on her
if she knew that Brad was dead
and not a deserter.
I guess you're right.
I mean, it's got
to be Torrance.
He had the motive,
now I just need
to find out if
he had the opportunity.
Carey told me the day Brad
disappeared two years ago,
which fits, time-wise.
Just that body must've
been buried for quite awhile
before the killer figured out
that the skull was missing.
I wonder if I can find out
if Torrance was in town the day
Brad supposedly took off.
Or you could let
the police find that out.
I know it's not
what you want, Roe, but--
No, you're right.
It's time.
I mean, the police
can identify that body,
and if it really was Brad,
then Carey and her daughter
deserve to know.
The police need to make an arrest.
Okay, we're going
to the police station
right now before
you change your mind.
Okay, I can't do this.
I can't accuse Torrance of murder,
not without proof.
What if I'm wrong?
I could be ruining his life.
So don't do that.
Just hand the skull
over to the police,
and let them figure it out.
What? And admit
that I've had it for days?
They could say
I'm tampering with evidence.
They could arrest me!
Could they arrest
me too, for knowing?
We need a better plan.
Let's go.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I understand
you have more information
on the body you found?
Well, not information
as much as questions
about who it was.
We know that Carey Reilly's
husband, Brad, disappeared
a few years ago.
It seems like he's
the most likely person.
Well, when we I.D. the body,
we'll be sure to let
the family know first,
and then we'll release
a statement.
Then you haven't
identified it yet?
There are challenges.
What if you had the skull?
How the hell do you know
that body's missing its skull?
We watched them dig it up.
I expect you to keep
that confidential.
I also expect you to remember
that this is now a police matter
under my jurisdiction,
and I really don't like
civilians loitering in my station,
trying to pump my detectives
for information.
[Grumbling sigh]
Thank you for your interest,
but we've got this covered.
Okay, but in case
it turns out to be Brad,
Carey thinks that Torrance
Rideout had a reason
to be jealous of him.
Just in case you want to go
take a closer look at Torrance.
You two are in that club,
aren't you?
The "Real Murders Club?"
So was Arthur.
Well, if we'd like to
convene a club meeting,
we'll be sure to have you over
for punch and cookies and gossip.
But in the meantime,
this is my case,
and you need to stay out of it.
Roe? Wow.
You look amazing.
You... you look--
you look nice too, honey.
You've got a--
heh. Dear? Honey?
That was a mistake.
Oh, we shouldn't have done that.
If you ask me, the first mistake
was you keeping that skull
and deciding to play detective.
How can you say that?
I found the body.
Who knows if it ever
would've been found
if I hadn't?
And I might even know the answer.
This isn't a game to me, Sally.
I know, Roe!
But it's not your job.
It's theirs.
It's their job.
And then they go home at night
and they think
about other things,
and they may or may not
get around to solving it.
But it is not a job to me,
and it's not a game,
it's a...
It's a what?
I don't know!
I just know that I all
but pointed a finger
at Torrance Rideout,
and I need to figure out
if that was
the right thing to do.
[Phone rings]
Aurora Teagarden.
Oh! Mr. Leonard, hi.
Thank you so much
for calling me back.
I just have a few questions
for you
about a project you developed
with Torrance Rideout,
two years ago?
Yeah, I understand
that you presented that
at a conference in June,
but I-I can't find
the exact dates.
Sorry, uh...
What was that name again?
Uh, is Ms. Jasper in?
She organized
a supply chain conference
in Phoenix two years ago.
I just had to ask her--
what time is she leaving?
I'm 45 minutes away.
I can get there before then.
I'd rather talk to her in person.
Every time I turn around,
there you are.
So it was Brad's body
that I found?
The coroner says
that the skeleton
matches his age
and his height,
but we won't have
a DNA confirmation
for another few days,
and I'm not about to tell Carey
until we know for sure.
Yeah, but you must
be pretty sure,
otherwise you wouldn't be here
checking out Torrance
Rideout's alibi.
Does he have one?
Yeah, he does.
He was in Phoenix, Arizona,
the day that Brad Reilly
I just saw photos of him there.
So I was wrong.
Yep, you were wrong,
and I just wasted an entire day
going on a wild goose chase,
and why?
Because Arthur convinced me
that you have some sort of
super-sleuth powers.
"Her instincts are never off,"
he said.
"Promise me
you'll follow through," he said.
Really? He said that?
[Starts sobbing]
Stupid pregnancy hormones.
Hey. Hey, listen.
We never fell in love.
Arthur and me,
I mean, we tried,
but it never happened.
We just-- we had
a common interest,
that was all.
This isn't me being
jealous of you.
This is me being tired
of tripping over you!
This is me feeling pressure
to solve this case before I pop!
And this is me warning you
that if I have to
trip over you one more time
in connection with this case,
I will be arresting you
for obstruction of justice.
[Huffs wearily]
[Annoyed]: John?
I didn't break in!
I have a key.
See? I didn't break in.
Where did you get that key?
Well, from Jane, of course.
I apologize for scaring you.
You gave me a fright as well,
when you returned
so precipitously.
Normally, you leave
and you don't come back
for the remainder of the day,
and that's the only time I enter--
when I'm sure I won't disturb you.
Why did Jane give you a key?
Which I'll take back,
thank you very much.
I was one of the few
who knew she was so ill.
I offered to run errands,
pick up prescriptions, whatnot.
And why'd you come back now?
I'm embarrassed to say
I wanted to see your diagram,
see what kind of progress
you're making
in solving
the case of the found skull.
Jane told you about the skull?
No. In truth, I'm quite peeved
that she didn't see fit
to trust me with
such an interesting item
in her possession.
Wait then how did you--?
You have no idea
how worried I was,
how afraid that I was
doing the wrong thing
by even letting
you start this crazy
investigation of yours.
It is not crazy.
Exactly what I said to her.
It's like working out a puzzle.
Obviously, I went to the
wrong person for advice.
I had no idea, when he offered
to keep an eye on the situation,
that he would wind up
just as obsessed as you are!
Tell her what you did,
Uncle John!
Put on a note on your windshield
asking where the skull was.
That was you?
Do you have any idea
how much that scared me?
I thought it was from the killer!
I didn't mean it to scare you.
I thought perhaps
it might cause you
to head for the skull,
and I would follow you to it.
An ill-conceived strategy.
I apologize again.
Why didn't you just tell me
that you knew about it?
Because he thinks
this is a contest,
and he wants to win!
I think no such thing!
Oh, really?
You don't remember saying
that this could settle
who has the finest
mind for crime in
The Real Murders Club?
If I said that...
Then, clearly,
it's been settled.
She found the body.
She has the more logical
suspect than I.
I never even considered
Torrance Rideout.
We served in rotary club together.
I was blinded by his good deeds.
No, it turns out
that Torrance has an
airtight alibi.
He's not the killer.
Say, perhaps I was on
the right path after all.
My primary suspect
is Bubba Rankart,
Carey's jilted lover.
That could explain
why Bubba's suddenly
so eager to leave town.
But the killer broke in
to look for the skull,
and Bubba had a set of keys
to the house.
No, I doubt it's him.
Do you know how
disturbing it is
that you two are disappointed
Bubba is not a killer?
Okay, don't you
think it's time
that we get the skull to Lynn
and let her handle it?
I have three days.
I'm going home.
[John sighs]
She's worried for you.
I know.
I do hope you solve this
and that you'll let me know
if I can help.
Thank you.
Just don't go breaking into
my house again.
[Woman laughing]
[Man speaking, indistinct]
Are you stalking me?
Funny, I was wondering
the same thing about you.
Huh. I don't show up
at your office the way
that you show up at mine.
To see Sally.
And this morning?
I see you from my front yard,
watching me?
No, Miss Teagarden,
if there's a stalker here,
it's you.
Just be careful
I don't get the wrong idea.
[Phone line ringing]
[John]: Hi, Roe.
Hi, John?
Yeah, you said you'd be willing
to help me solve my puzzle...
[Woman and man laughing heartily]
Oh, Mr. Queensland!
[Maisie cackling and snorting]
What are you doing here?
Afternoon, Sally.
I'm placing a classified ad.
I'm ready to sell my golf clubs.
I'm convinced
they're purposely
sabotaging my game.
[Cracking up]
[Snorts, cackles and sighs]
[Knocking loudly]
You send John to my office
to spy on my boss,
and you don't tell me about it?
Maisie was a fountain
of information,
as you expected.
You should have
at least warned me!
I wanted to,
but I knew you would
try to talk me out of it.
I think it's possible
Macon is the killer.
No, he's not!
He's a nice guy.
He gave me my job!
The killer,
when he broke in here,
he ran off in that direction.
There are only two houses
at the end of the street
before it dead-ends--
Torrance's house
and Macon's house.
We've already ruled out
Torrance. That leaves--
one Macon Turner.
And this is your reason
for suspecting him?
There's also this.
I was searching
the court records.
I found a lawsuit
against the paper
for slandering
an auto repair shop owner
with a story about how he
cheated his customers,
but the suit named
Macon in particular.
And guess who filed the suit?
One Bradley Michael Reilly.
I found the original filing
with the date it was filed--
two months before
Brad disappeared.
And Brad disappeared
just three days
before the case
was supposed to go to court.
This is according
to your Miss Maisie.
Maisie also said that Macon
was sick with worry
that, if the paper
lost the suit,
Macon would lose his job.
It can't be.
Not Macon.
Well, he clearly had a motive.
The question is,
how do we prove--
what? No! [Gasping]
No, no, no, no.
No! No. No, no!
My mother found the skull.
[Laughs] Oh!
Aurora, darling.
Your lovely neighbor
was just issuing invitations
to a barbecue in your honor.
Well, also in honor
of the Smiths,
to welcome you all
to the neighborhood.
It's tomorrow. Lynn--
I really hope that you
and Arthur can come, too.
We will do our best.
And Mrs. Teagarden.
I mean, you must come, too.
The more, the merrier!
I'm sure I'd love to.
Yeah, we'll be there.
Thank you.
You're so kind.
Um, I just have to
steal my mother.
-What on earth?
See you!
John! What a lovely surprise.
More than lovely for me.
Mother, do you have any idea
what you're carrying in that bag?
Hah! Yes, a skull.
I assume it's a prop from your
ghastly little club,
but it's too vulgar.
I don't want it in my house.
No. It's not a prop.
That is a real skull,
from the body I found
down the street.
you put the remains of a
human head in my spare closet?
Aurora, what were you thinking?
Well, I was thinking--
no! Uh-uh! Don't tell me.
I don't care.
All I care is that you do
the right thing
and you take it to the police.
Oh! Amen.
I'm trying to figure out
how to do that.
To get it to them without
getting me and Sally arrested--
But wait.
No, we can't give it
back to them just yet.
You can make her do it, right?
You're her mother,
she has to listen to you.
We can't give it
to them because...
We're gonna use it as bait...
To catch a killer.
That you're gonna use that
skull as bait?
To catch a killer.
Now do you see what
I've been dealing with?
How would that work?
How would we go about it?
Well, the Rideouts are
throwing a barbecue tomorrow.
The whole neighborhood
will be there.
Macon will be there.
Now, if we drop hints
about finding the skull...
His reaction would speak volumes.
I have never heard
such a wretched plot!
You can't be serious!
Oh, she's serious.
Of course, I'm serious.
I don't understand you.
I know you don't.
Well, I understand her,
and it's a solid plan.
It could work very well.
You both could find out how
wrong you are about Macon,
and I get to be there to see it.
Guess who you're taking
to the barbecue?
Well, I need to
be there as well.
Well, Marcia just
invited my mom.
You can be her date.
No. No. I won't have anything
to do with this at all.
No. Mm-mm.
Not one tiny bit.
In fact,
I'm not going at all!
Your table looks
straight from the pages
of a magazine.
It really is gorgeous.
Well, there's nothing
like entertaining
to bring out my creative side.
[Chuckles, then stops]
Something wrong?
No. Just Torrance.
You know, I asked him
to put away
his softball stuff
after practice.
He just always
leaves them laying around.
Men are such messes.
Am I right, Aida?
[Forced chuckle]
I can't believe
I let you talk me into this.
Well, you look like
you could use some lemonade.
Thanks. She's just
a little upset.
The doctor put her
on bed rest.
I'm not due
for three more weeks.
She went into
false labor last night.
Hours at the hospital.
I told you it wasn't
the real thing. Didn't I?
-I told you.
She was right.
Yeah. More achilles.
Oh, Roe!
I wanted to talk to you
about that skeleton
that you found.
I've been thinking, and...
What if this entire
was built on an
Indian burial ground?
Wouldn't that be something?
You should talk to my mother.
She knows the history of just
about every house in town.
Great. I'll talk to her, then.
Hey, guys.
You know, Carey was just wondering
whether this subdivision was
built on an Indian burial ground.
What do you think?
Oh, I think that would be illegal,
but how else do you explain
the body you found?
Yeah, I don't know.
I also don't know how to explain
why it was missing its skull.
It was what?
It-- the skeleton
was missing its skull.
Of course, I knew that
before I found it.
Ah. Well, I'm sure
the police are handling it.
Yeah, I just hope
that they're, uh,
focusing on that missing
chunk in its head.
It sure looks like murder.
Well, that would
really be something,
especially in this neighborhood.
Wouldn't it?
-Yeah. Sure would.
Uh, so what were you saying,
about your boss's--
was it a Mustang?
Yeah. It's a 302 Boss,
and he has all new parts
top to bottom.
Yes, please tell us
that we can be done
with this ridiculous farce.
[Cell rings]
Scott, hi!
I'm so glad that you called,
and I really want to talk to you,
but I'm kind of in the middle
of something right now,
and I have to call you back, okay?
Macon didn't have
any significant reaction
that I could tell.
How about you?
See? I told you--
there's no way
Macon killed Brad Reilly.
My husband was killed?
That was Brad's skeleton
that you found?
You pulled my husband's body
from the ground
and I have to find out
from my neighbors?
What kind of police
department are you?
Look, you should know,
the way that you've handled this
is gonna be part of the story
when it runs in the paper.
Come on. Let's go.
[Winces sharply]
I warned you.
Several times.
You leave me no choice.
I am charging you with
obstruction of justice.
All of you idiot
"Real Murders" people.
Oh! You certainly don't mean me.
All of you!
[Stifled groan] All of you.
Okay, honey, you know what?
Let's just get you to bed.
I think it's just one of
those stupid Braxton Hicks things.
Probably, but you should be resting.
-Let's go.
You better call your lawyer.
For Heaven's sakes, Aurora.
You've made me a criminal?
How could you put me
in this position?
I'll try and talk to her.
Well, who's gonna
eat all this food?
I'm so sorry.
I-I didn't mean for this to happen.
-Argh! No.
Just-- just a mo--
Oh! Come back.
Mother, no!
If you give that to Lynn,
she might really charge you!
I'm gonna prove to her
I'm not one of you
murder-obsessed people.
But she's furious right now.
We could all find
ourselves behind bars
before the day is out.
But this is evidence!
And if you're holding onto it,
well, then maybe you deserve
to be behind bars.
You're right.
I'll go put it back
where it came from,
and I'll tell the police
where they can find it.
Right now.
I promise.
You're finally talking sense.
I'm sorry that we dragged
you into this.
I really am.
I'm sure
I will accept your apology
but right now I need to go home
and indulge in
some retail therapy.
So you're sure
this is outside the area
the police searched?
Positive. They didn't
go past that perimeter.
Okay, first thing tomorrow,
I'll say I was
snooping around, curious,
and stumbled onto the skull here.
Yeah, they'll probably
think an animal dug it up.
So much for the members
of The Real Murders Club
having minds for murder.
[Jane]: Men just cannot
bring themselves to believe
that a woman has the
constitution to kill.
"When a woman kills,
it's almost always
friends or relatives."
[Echoing]: Well, you should
know we consider everybody
in our little neighborhood
our friends.
"A woman's dark side
is often underestimated."
Never underestimate a woman.
Nobody ever suspects the woman!
Oh, Jane.
You are so right.
[Phone line ringing]
Sally. It's me.
I finally figured it out!
I know who killed Brad Reilly!
[Gasping, muffled protesting]
[Sally]: Roe? Roe!
Roe, are you okay?
What happened?
[Roe protesting]
[Sally]: Roe? Roe!
Can't let you do it!
Can't let you tell people
what Marcia did.
[Roe grunts]
You need to stay in the house.
You killed Brad Reilly.
Well, not on purpose.
I just was trying
to make a point with
this bat here,
for him to leave me alone.
Just 'cause you flirt with a fellow
doesn't mean he can take liberties.
It was self-defense, really.
But you didn't call the police?
Well, I didn't know he was dead!
I mean, not at first.
I just thought that, eventually,
he was gonna get up and crawl out
with his tail between his legs,
but he never got up,
and then it just seemed...
Too late to call.
Yeah, he was on the kitchen floor
when I got home the next day.
What was I supposed to do?
Let my sweet sugar
get dragged off in handcuffs?
It was my fault,
for not being there
to protect her.
So you burned his clothes
and buried him?
Middle of the night,
end of the sidewalk.
Seemed right to bury him as close
to his own house as possible.
Oh, my gosh, but I started
having these nightmares...
His ghost walking up
and down the street.
I thought about moving him,
but when I went to dig him up...
The skull was missing.
Yeah, I figured somebody
in the neighborhood
had to have it.
Which I thought was silly.
I mean, all that
breaking into houses,
Torrance, wasn't nice.
I was right, wasn't I?
Jane had it.
He didn't suspect
Jane for a second.
But he broke in here last week.
I didn't think it would
hurt to take a look...
But I didn't find it.
Never would've guessed until today
that you had it.
Which is such a shame,
because you would've
made such a nice neighbor.
Oh, I can still be
a nice neighbor.
I mean, if you really hit
brad reilly in self-defense--
no, it's too late to go
down that road again.
I mean, even if
I didn't go to jail,
Torrance would,
for burying the body,
and I'm not gonna let
Torrance go to jail
for protecting me.
Of course you wouldn't, sugar.
So, what? Are you gonna bash me
in the head with that bat, too?
Oh, my gosh. Of course not!
I would never do that. No.
Torrance said he was
gonna take care of it.
Don't know if I want
to use the bat.
Remember how much blood
it left on the kitchen floor?
I'd rather just
throw her in the tub
and drown her.
[Loud thud]
And I would rather you get
your dang hands in the air!
Do it! Drop the bat and get
your hands in the air!
Both of you!
Oh, I've never been
so happy to see anyone!
How did you know?
Your friend, Sally,
called 9-1-1.
I heard our dispatcher
on my scanner.
Two units are on the way.
[Stifling groans]
Secure them
to the fridge, will you?
[Breathing deeply]
Move. Faster!
I am pregnant
and I am very cranky! Ho!
At least we'll both
go to prison together.
Are you going into labor?
I think-- [Winces]
You should take this.
Yeah. Hoo.
I think you need
to go to the hospital.
No time!
Think... [gasps]
Baby's coming now!
[Sirens wailing nearby]
[Yells]: Where is she?
Where's Lynn?
Where's my wife?
[Radios crackling indistinctly]
[Baby fussing]
[Delighted giggling]
[Happy sigh]
You delivered my baby.
You saved my life.
I am not naming
this kid after you.
[Baby fussing]
Come meet your daughter.
[Parents giggling tenderly]
[John]: You know, even
the police have acknowledged
that the murder of Brad Reilly
may never have been discovered,
let alone solved,
without her.
So it is with a...
Mixture of immense pride,
and more than a little envy,
that I turn over
the office
of president of
The Real Murders Club
to Miss Aurora Teagarden.
[All applauding]
Oh, Roe! You did good.
Even with me fighting you
every step of the way.
Don't you just know
that Jane's up there,
smiling down from
her window seat in heaven?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Excuse me. One sec.
Hello? Hi.
[Quiet chatter, indistinct]
I'm so happy to see you.
Yeah, you too.
I seem to be dating a woman
of hidden depths.
I wonder what other surprises
you might have in store for me.
[Gasping]: Aurora!
Oh! I suppose congratulations
are in order,
"Madam President."
Although I still think
that this is not an
appropriate activity for you.
I mean, you could've
been killed.
I'm sorry that I worried you.
Well, this is a lovely dress.
I mean, it's so flattering.
That was Macon.
He just assigned me
my first hard-news case.
[Gasps and squeals]: Yay!
We are making progress, sally.
We're making progress.