Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009) Movie Script

[Gentle guitar music]

- Look at her.
Just look at her.
This is Laney,
my little Princess.
Let me tell you something, mate.
Our friendship
means everything to me.
We have a special bond.
I'd do anything for Laney,
and I mean anything.
Don't believe me?
Wait till you hear
the incredible story
I'm about to tell you.
Then you'll understand.
- [Giggles]
[Jasmine villegas'
Walk right in]
[Jazzy pop music]

- walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
everybody's talkin'
'bout a new way of walkin'
do you want to lose
your mind?
Walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on

walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your hair
hang down
walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your hair
hang down
everybody's talkin'
'bout a new way of walkin'
do you want to lose
your mind?
Walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your hair
hang down

Walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
everybody's talkin'
'bout a new way of walkin'
do you want to lose
your mind?
Walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
walk right in
sit right down
baby, let your mind roll on
- See that woman there?
Her name's Mei Mei.
This whole story begins
on the day she came
to visit our house.
That there's my dad.
He's always clacking away
on that old machine of his.
He says it's more organic
than a computer,
whatever that means.
Now, you see that box
Mei Mei's carrying?
I knew what was inside.
What I didn't know
was that it would end up
changing my whole life around.
[Doorbell rings]
- One second, coming.
Mei Mei, hi, how are you?
Come on inside.
- Thank you, Michael.
I would like to stay and visit,
but I need to get back
to the store.
I just wanted to make sure
you got this today.
- Wow, this--incredible,
so very kind of you.
Thank you.
I don't even know what to say.
- This gift will bring
your family much light.
- I'm sure it will,
and Laney will love it.
Watch those steps.
[Dog barking]
[Gentle piano music]

- Dad was very happy
when Mei Mei gave him the box,
but he got very sad
when he read that letter.
- [Sighs]
- Ohhhhmmm...
- This here's my mom.
She always makes these noises
when she wants to relax.
Noises and relaxation?
That's like chalk and cheese
if you ask me.
Oh, "chalk and cheese"
is Australian talk
for "doesn't go together."
You know, like spinach
and chocolate syrup.
- Ohhmmmmmm.
Hi, honey.
- Hey, I just want
to let you know
that Laney's gift arrived,
and Mei Mei is emphatic
that Laney's gonna love it.
- Ohhmmmm.
So what's wrong?
- [Sighs]
Well, I finally heard
from silverman.
Um, they're not looking
at any new projects.
They won't even read
my synopsis.
the middle-grade book market
is saturated...
Or something.
- Well,
that's just great timing.
Our landlady just informed me
she's selling our house.
- What?
- Yep.
In two weeks,
we either buy the place
or move out.
- Two weeks?
We can't afford
to buy this place right now.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
My stress level's
off the charts right now.
I mean, why do you think
I'm meditating?
Oh, i--
I have a showing this afternoon.
Can you pick the kids up
from school?
- Sure, no problem.
I've got nothing to do anyway.
The middle-grade book market
is saturated.
- Ooohhmmm.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Love you, love you.
No, worries, mate.
We have plenty of love
around here.
- [Grunting]
- That there's my family.
There's my mom and dad
when they were
on their honeymoon.
And aunt Zelda,
she lives on a farm.
And that there's Laney,
my best girl.
And that's me,
handsome bloke
if I do say so myself.
No, not that one.
That's Eric, Laney's brother.
Over here...
Yep, mates, it's me, aussie.
Now, I admit I do look different
from the rest of the family.
I walk on all fours,
and I lift my leg up to wee,
but they don't care about that.
They love me and talk to me
like I was one of them.
Laney's my best friend.
She really loves me.
But the day this box arrived,
I got worried.
I had a feeling
that Laney would love
what's inside the box.
I knew it from the first time
I saw it.
[Horn honking]
If I would have known
what was inside that store,
maybe I would have kept walking,
but something called out to me.
My doggie senses were curious.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, don't drink out
of Mei Mei's toilet.
- [Laughs]
- [Panting]
- Oh, hi.
- Hello, Mei Mei.
- Michael Brooks,
ay-yah, it's been so long.
What a nice surprise.
- It's so good to see you,
Mei Mei.
Wow, this store brings back
so many memories.
- Michael, what's wrong?
I sense some tension.
- [Laughs]
Well, I never could
hide anything from you, could I?
- Come, tell me everything.
I just made some tea.
- [Panting]
There's something strange
about this place,
good strange,
not bad strange.
What am I sensing?
What am I looking for?
Why am I talking to myself?
- By the light
of the silvery moon
- Hello, hello, hello.
I've never seen a bird
like you before.
- I want to spoon
- you might want to see
a vet about that.
It sounds pretty serious.
- Hmph, everybody's a critic.
- So, you know, it is true,
I guess, what they say.
Life is like a roller coaster,
and right now,
we're pretty much
in a free fall.
- Yes, I sense that.
Michael, there is something
you must know.
You cannot prevent
the birds of sorrow
from flying over your head,
but you can prevent them
from building nests
in your hair.
- Just as long as
they don't lay any eggs.
I used to love--love--
when my aunt Zelda brought me
down here as a kid.
Everything just seemed
so mysterious and magical.
- Ah, yes, I remember.
Michael, I have something
very special for Laney.
I will show you.
- [Panting]
[Mystical ethereal music]

- Crikey, it's glowing.
- [Speaking Japanese]
- She talks weird,
but I like her.
- Wow...a Teddy bear.
- A very special Teddy bear,
one of a kind.
Laney will Cherish it.
It is my gift to you.
- Oh, no, Mei Mei,
- I want to.
The act of giving brings light,
the kind of light
that lasts for all eternity.
- Well, that is
very, very kind of you,
and I'm sure that Laney
will absolutely love it.
- That's how I knew
what was in this box,
and that lady was really right.
This was not
your average Teddy bear.
[Upbeat orchestral music]

- Uh, try again.
You have 11 questions left.
- Okay, is it bigger
than a bread box?
- Well, now,
that all depends
on what size bread box
we're talking about.
- You know, a bread box,
like the one we have at home...
That we never use.
- [Laughs]
Okay, well, then, yes.
It is bigger than a bread box,
like the one we have at home
that we never use, smarty pants.
- Why do I have to listen
to 20 dumb questions?
- Hey, chill out, Eric, okay?
You do have one day of school
left before winter break.
Now, why don't you listen
to your music?
- It's out of batteries.
- And whose fault
would that be?
- Mm, and do you think
I'm gonna like it?
- You already asked that.
- Of course
you're gonna like it...
I think...
I hope.
I know that Eric's
definitely gonna like his.
- It's too late.
Report card presents rock.
- Yeah, they rock.
- Well,
your guys' grades rocked,
so you guys deserve
a reward, right?
- Yeah, we do.
- Huh?
- Yeah, get there.
- Whoo.
- Oh, there she is,
my dream dog.
I wish I knew her name.
If only I wasn't so shy
around her.
My tongue gets all tied up
like a shoelace
whenever she's around.
- Come on, aussie,
let's go.
- Eric, you open yours first.
- Okay.
Oh-ho-ho, yeah, all right.
Thank you, guys.
This is awesome.
- You got it, kiddo.
- Ooh, that's
one fierce-looking dragon.
Laney, why don't you open yours,
- Oh, wow, he's so cute.
- I don't know why
I feel so worried.
She won't love the bear
more than she loves me.
How could she?
It's just
a silly stuffed animal.
It doesn't drool or scratch
or sniff butts or anything.
- Mmm.
- We were hoping you'd like him.
- He's adorable.
- Hold on, now.
He's not that adorable.
She's looking
at that stuffed piece of fluff
like she loves it already.
Oh, no.
But what about me?
You still love me, right?
- I love him.
- Arrgh.
She didn't even notice
that I left the room.
Hello, did anybody notice
that I left the room?
I don't think so.
This is so depressing.
I shouldn't deny my feelings.
I feel angry,
and it's all right.
I just need to find a way
to express myself.
Hmm, I'll get their attention.
This little trick never fails.
- Aussie.
Bad dog, bad.
- Guess I need a new way
to express myself.
- Some people say
that love is forever
so why has our love
not lasted so long
I look in your eyes,
and all of the light has gone
so now I'm dreaming of you
as I play
this little love song

some people say
I shouldn't feel jealous
but how can I just let go
of your love?
I feel that we've lost
that magic that we once knew
- here's a treat, boy.
- And now I'm dreaming of you
as I play
- Good boy.
- This little love song
- not him too.
- Oh, yeah,
I'm dreaming of you as I play
this little love song
- Laney used to show me off
to her friends.
Now all she thinks about
is that stinky Teddy bear.
- No way.
He glows?
That's awesome.
How do you turn him on?
- He doesn't have an on button.
- So how do you get him
to talk?
- He doesn't talk, really.
It's more like
I can hear his thoughts,
but he only glows
when he's really happy.
I don't really know
how it works.
It's just magic.
- Magic?
No offense, Laney,
but it looks like
a plain old Teddy bear to me.
- But he's so cute.
- No, not cute.
That other girl is right.
He's just plain, dumb,
old Teddy bear,
so why is Laney
so in love with him?
Oh, I think I like the view
over here better.
Hello, gorgeous.
[Gentle piano music]

- [Panting]
Oh, no, not you two.
- I was just wondering how long
you plan on suffering like this,
aussie boy.
- Don't listen to him.
Look at the bright side.
She still lets you sleep
in her bed.
- Bright side, my butt.
Look, she used to snuggle
with you, right?
Now she snuggles
with that dumb stuffed animal,
and here you are
at the foot of the bed.
This is miserable.Com.
- Leave me alone.
I'd rather live in denial.
- Oh, don't listen to him,
He's a total numbskull.
- I know how you can make some
changes around here, aussie boy,
set things right,
know what I mean, mate?
- What kind of changes?
- Don't listen to him, aussie.
- Well, let's just say
this is a perfect time
to make this new roommate,
shall we say, disappear?
- You mean hide him from Laney?
- I'm glad you realize
how ridiculous
and absurd this idea is.
- I think it's brilliant.
- Brilliant!
- What?
- Okay, you guys,
over and out.
- [Sniffs]
You really can't smell that?
- Honestly, honey, I don't.
- Ugh, I washed the carpet,
like, six times already,
and it still reeks.
Why can't he potty outside
like a normal dog?
You know,
bringing that orphan mutt home
from Australia, not one
of your brightest ideas, Mike.
- Honey,
you know you love him.
- Of course I do.
I would love him more
if he wore a diaper, though.
[Telephone rings]
- Hello.
- Hi, Michael.
It's aunt Zelda.
- Oh, well, hi, aunt Zelda.
It's so good to talk to you
and so bright and early
in the day.
- Well, you know me:
Up with the roosters.
Got to get up
at the crack of dawn,
lots of stuff to do here
on the farm.
- I don't doubt that.
- So, uh, get this:
I'm leaving in a couple of weeks
for the vacation
of a lifetime, right,
a dream cruise around the world,
I've always dreamed of,
but yesterday, my farm sitter
up and decides to quit,
so I've got nobody
to look after the animals.
- Oh, no.
What are you gonna do?
- Well, i--
I thought I'd ask you city folk.
Do you know anyone
who might want to come up here?
I mean, i'd--I'd ask you guys,
but I know Amelia.
- [Laughs]
- I can't wait
till winter break.
I hate alarm clocks.
- I will ask around
and see what I can find out.
- I'm willing to pay
five grand a month
for the two months I'm gone
plus all the fresh eggs
you can eat.
- Well, that should definitely
open up some possibilities.
I will ask around,
and then I'll get back to you.
- Oh, got to go.
The goats ripped up
my rhubarb again.
- Your what?
- Rhubarb, rhubarb,
right next to the pepper patch.
We'll talk later.
- [Laughs]
- Aussie, have you seen my bear?
- Oh, no, don't ask me.
Bear...what bear?
- I want to put
the syrup on myself.
- Okay, don't drown them.
- Hey,
why can't we be farm sitters?
- You know,
that's not a half-bad idea.
- Are you nuts?
- Well, think about it, honey.
We have to be out of here soon.
The kids are gonna be
on winter break.
We save on rent.
We make a few bucks,
and at least we'll have a minute
to sort of make a plan.
- I know nothing
about running a farm,
except that there
are lots of animals,
and it smells bad.
Laney, you're going to be late.
- That went well.
- [Sniffs]
- Laney.
Honey, what are you doing?
- I can't find Ted.
- Your bear?
You lost him already?
- I didn't lose him.
He slept right next to me
last night.
Then this morning,
he was gone.
- Well, did you check
under the bed?
- I checked everywhere.
Why would he go away?
He was in such a good mood
last night.
- What do you mean,
"he was in a good mood"?
- He was glowing.
I could hear his thoughts.
He was really happy.
- He was glowing,
and you could hear his thoughts?
Are you feeling all right,
- I want Ted.
- All right, well,
I'll look for him today
while you're at school.
Now, come on, let's go.
You're gonna be late.
- Poor Laney.
I'm starting to feel
a little guilty about all this.
Oh, well, she'll get over it.
[Vacuum cleaner whirring]
- Oh, no, not that noise.
I hate
that vacuum cleaner noise.
The vacuum cleaner...
Oh, no.
- [Humming]
- [Panting]
Oh, too late.
Great hiding place, aussie.
- Do you really glow, bear?
Glowing bear...Bear...
Bear, glow...
Bear, glow, glowing bear,
bear, glowing,
he-yaaa, glowing, glow...
[Clears throat]
- All right, mom's leaving,
Now's my chance to take care
of this once and for all, right.
Love at first sight?
I'll show you
love at first bite.
They won't find you this time.
I'm a genius.
Nobody will ever find him here.
[Crickets chirping]
[Dog barking]
- Look at that.
You're making her miserable.
You're her best friend.
- She used to be
your best friend.
She turned her back on you,
- I do feel a little guilty.
- Guilty?
You should change your email
to doofus@lame.Com.
- You feel guilty,
because you love her.
Go get the bear,
and bring it to Laney.
- I agree.
- For real?
- Yeah, feeling guilty
is a waste of time.
- Laney, baby,
brushy, brushy, brushy.
Come on, sweetie.
What's that matter, sweetheart?
- I miss Ted.
- I know, but you've got
at least 30 more stuffed animals
in your closet,
and a few of those
are Teddy bears too.
- They're not the same.
I could see his glow
and hear his thoughts.
He was really special.
- Well, don't give up so easily,
all right?
We might still find him, okay?
In the meantime,
you still have to
brush your teeth, okay?
Let's turn that frown
into a happy face.
- [Whining]
I couldn't sleep a wink
that night
thinking about how sad
I'd made my best friend.
That morning,
as I watched Laney sleeping,
i knew it was time
to do the right thing.
I decided to bring
the bear back.
[Dramatic music]

[Engine revving]

Wait a sec.
Where is he?
No, he's gone.
I'm doomed.
Hang on, I know this smell.
It's that man
who cleans the yard
and his truck.
But how am I supposed
to find him?
I'm not a bloodhound.
My sense of smell
is sort of limited.
This way.
No, that way.
No, uhh...
Yes, this way.
[Dramatic orchestral music]

- They said it all comes down
to our collateral,
and we just do not have enough
to buy this place right now.
You know the drill, honey.
- Mm-hmm.
- Aunt Zelda called again
this morning.
I really think we should move
to the farm.
We don't have a whole lot
of other options right now.
- Well, I guess I could use
a break from real estate,
but only if you promise
to take care of the animals.
- I promise I will take care
of the animals.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It will be an adventure.
- Okay.
[Upbeat music]

- Hey, how are you doing,
Good to see you.
I'll be inside, huh?
- Oh, yeah, I smell the bear,
and...Birthday cake?
Por ser El dia
de tu santo

Te las cantamos a ti

- Come on,
blow out the candles.
Blow them out.
All right,
time to open up the presents.
Come on, come on,
A los regalos.
- Oh, yeah,
am I good or what?
Maybe I'm half bloodhound
after all.
Right, ah.
I know you're
in there somewhere.
I can smell you.
- Oooh.
- Yeah, all right.
- [Silently]
- Yeah, that's cool, yeah.
- Those kids...
I'll bet those kids have him.
- Come on, hit it.
You got it. You got it.
Here, hit it.
Hit it. Hit it. Hit it.
- Hello, hello, hello.
I'm a regular Sherlock bones,
I am.
- There it goes.
- You got it. You got it.
Here, hit it.
Hit it. Hit it. Hit it.
Come on.
Hit it.
Get it.
Come on. Come on.
[Dramatic music]

That's it, mate.
I'm taking you home.
No more looking
at Laney's sad face.
No more feeling guilty.
I should be happy
that she loves you.
Love is a good thing.
Uh-oh, it's Rufus,
better not get too close.
His favorite hobby
is making my life miserable.
Hello, hello, hello.
What's with the glow?
- I glow when I feel love.
- You can talk?
- It's more like you can hear
my thoughts and feelings.
- Wait,
you glow when you feel loved?
- Don't you?
Everybody does.
- Uh, not unless
you're radioactive.
- Don't you ever get
that warm, happy feeling inside
when Laney hugs you?
That's your glow.
The only difference
between you and me
is that I show my glow.
- I hate to break it
to you, mate,
but that's not
the only difference
between you and me.
- Rufus, go get it.
- [Panting]
- Oh, no, he saw us.
Let's get out of here.
- Give me that.
- Please, Rufus,
give me back my bear.
- Oh, look,
it's the runt who talks weird.
Why should I give it to you?
- It belongs
to a very special little girl.
I made a silly mistake,
and I took it away from her.
Please, can I have it back?
- Okay, sure,
say please three times.
- Please, please, please.
Now, can I have it?
- Not yet.
Do a little dance first.
- [Panting]
- Sucker.
- Hey, wait, wait.
- [Cackling]
- No way can I catch up
with Rufus,
and even if I do,
he'll chew my butt off.
I'm doomed...Again.
[Dramatic music]

- [Cackling]
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, uh-huh.
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh.
- Uck, he's dirty.
Where'd you find him, Rufus?
- Uh-huh, okay.
- Can we wash this?
- Let me see, uh...
Yeah, yeah, okay, okay,
I clean, I clean.
[Dramatic music]

- Oh, no, it's closed.
There you are.
Don't worry, mate.
I'll be back for you.
[Gentle piano music]

- Ooooh, my nose is froze,
and so are my toes.
- And so is your brain.
This is crazy, mate.
Why sleep outside?
Home is just around the corner.
- I can't go home
without the bear.
I don't want to see
Laney sad anymore.
- Well, I don't know about you,
but I'm going where it's warm.
- Aussie.
Aussie, come here, boy.
- Aussie.
- Come here.
- Aussie.
He's gone.
Why does everything I love
keep disappearing?
- Well, don't look at me.
I didn't do anything.
- Guys,
I couldn't find aussie anywhere,
and I drove around
the neighborhood
a whole bunch of times.
I'm sorry.
- She thinks that I hid
her Teddy bear,
and now it's my fault
that aussie's gone.
- I didn't say that.
- Hey, hey, hey,
it's nobody's fault, okay?
- Okay.
- Here's an idea.
What if--
what if somehow Ted got lost,
and aussie's out there right now
searching the big city
on a mission to bring him home
so you can smile again?
- That sounds like
one of your kid stories, dad.
- Yeah, dad.
That's a weird idea.
- Sometimes those
are the best ones.
- Well, not that one.
- Hmm.
All right, let's go inside
and print up some flyers.
How about that?
- Now, that's a good idea.
- Yeah, that would be good.
- You guys are a tough crowd.
- [Laughs]
[Gentle orchestral music]

- Good morning, my beautiful
pomeranian Princess.
Well, it's now or never, mate.
- Hello, I've seen you
around here before, haven't I?
What's your name?
- Uh, I'm aussie, like,
from down under...Australia.
- Right, aussie.
I'm cricket.
Pleased to meet you.
I saw you running really fast
down the street yesterday.
Were you exercising?
- Uh, not exactly.
You see, I'm on a mission.
- A mission?
Ooh, sounds important.
- Yeah, it is.
See, somebody took away
my human's Teddy bear,
and she's really broken up
about it.
I'm going to find the bear
and bring him back home to her.
- Wow, what kind of evil,
mean-spirited, selfish,
heartless creature
would take a Teddy bear away
from a sweet,
little human girl?
- Well, uh, that's a...
A great question.
- It's very noble of you
trying to help your human.
- You sure are pretty.
- [Giggles]
I like you, aussie.
You're special.
- [Cackling]
- Well, I'd love
to stay here and chat,
but I'm on a mission.
It's really nice
meeting you, cricket.
- Oh, Rufus,
what a pleasant surprise.
- You shouldn't be
wasting your time
with a puny pipsqueak
like him, cricket.
- Ugh, Rufus.
[Upbeat music]

- [Sniffing]
There you are.
- Oh, hello, aussie.
Whoa, whoa, whoooa.
- Crikey, mate.
You're making me dizzy.
- Ooooh, whoa, whoooa.
- Hang in there, mate,
no worries.
- [Humming]
- Hey, dad
where's the bear?
- By the machines.
- [Humming]
- [Panting]
- Hmm, nice.
All right, Teddy bear,
let's go fishing.
[Dramatic music]

- Wait, come back.
Ted, I'm coming.
[Trolley car bell dinging]
- You stay here.
I'll be right back.
- Okay, dad.
- Aw, what a cute dog.
- It's probably a stray.
- [Humming]
[Rock music]

- Mm? Huh?
- Maybe I'm crazy
maybe I'm flying high
on a cloud
thinking about you
keeps me awake all night
- Uh-oh.
- My love
[gentle flute music]

[Seagulls squawking]
- Here, take this.
You'll be in charge
of the net today.
I'll get the Poles
and the tackle box.
- Okay, dad.
Hey, you think the fish
will be biting today?
- [Laughs]
- I got to figure out
how to rescue Ted.
Think, aussie.
They're not taking them out
on that thing, are they?
Uh-oh, I'm locked out.
[Upbeat music]

I'll have to keep an eye on them
from here, I guess.

Mm, this sand's pretty soft.
- [Giggles]
I like you, aussie.
You're special.
- Cricket, oooh, cricket.
- Oh, aussie.
- I love you, cricket.
- I love
- Cricket!
- Aussie!
[Record needle scratching]
- Huh?
- Wow.
- Hey, you got one.
Now, just pull back evenly.
That's it. That's it.
- Ted!
Now what am I gonna do?
- Yes, I think it's wonderful.
Where do you find
something like this?
[Sweeping orchestral music]

- Mm, hungry.
I'm so hungry.
Mm, this is not food.
Here, Sushi, Sushi, Sushi.
[Light instrumental music]

- Eric, sweetie,
can you give me a hand
with this?
- Laney, honey,
why don't you go out front
and help your brother
hang those flyers?
- I will.
I just got to finish
this note I'm writing
to aussie and Ted
just in case they come back.
- Sweetie, you know aussie
and Ted can't read, right?
- I know.
That's why I also drew
this picture.
"Dear aussie and Ted,
"we had to go
to aunt Zelda's farm.
"We did not forget you.
"I miss you so much.
"Please come home.
Love, Laney."
- I can't believe
I lost him again in the ocean.
He's probably halfway
to Tahiti by now.
I've got to talk to cricket.
Maybe she can help me.
- Hey, cricket,
your legs must hurt.
- Why?
- 'Cause you been runnin'
through my dreams all night.
- Dream on, Rufus.
- I'd better not interrupt them.
- [Cackles]
- Start it on the right now,
move to the left
do that dance
don't lose your step
breathe real deep
don't lose your breath
do that dance
ain't leavin' yet
start it on the right now,
move to the left
do that dance
don't lose your step
breathe, breathe,
don't lose your breath
- Justin, I can't take
this music another minute.
It's got to go.
- Oh, man.
- Come on, let's see
what your brother's doing.
Justin, you catch anything?
- [Laughs]
- Good thing we brought
those steaks, huh?
- Don't laugh, you guys.
I'm going to catch something
real special.
- Yeah, but when?
I want to eat this year.
- [Laughs]
Be nice to your brother.
- Yeah.
I think I got something.
- Well, what do you know?
I am impressed.
- [Laughs]
- I think I got something.
- Let's see what you got.
- Should we throw this
on the grill?
- No, give it to me.
- Aren't you getting too old
to play with Teddy bears, Noah?
- Throw it.
- He looks a little dirty, son.
Why don't we go ahead
and put this in the trash?
- No...
- Dad's right.
- I want to dry him out.
- Okay.
- You silly, silly boy.
[Seagulls squawking]
- Hey, grandpa, check this out.
[Man speaking indistinctly]
- You think?
- Noah, we need some more
dropped wood here, son.
- Argh.
Why do I have to always be
the one carrying firewood?
- Could be worse.
- Huh?
- Imagine surviving
a shark attack.
Better yet, imagine being hung
on a clothesline to dry.
- Couldn't be.
- Of course,
you could choose to see
the glass half empty
or the glass half full.
I choose half full.
- What the heck?
That's so cool.
- There are no batteries, Noah.
The glow you see is my energy.
- All right, guys, funny trick.
- [Speaking indistinctly]
- You just got to get
enough friction.
- Okay, well,
let's get going, then.
There you go.
- It's not a joke, Noah.
I'm glowing because you saved me
from the water.
You showed me love.
Only you can hear me.
Someone is looking for me, Noah.
If you could just sit me
under this tree,
i know he'll find me
and bring me home.
- Is this for real?
- Please,
just leave me under this tree.
- Uhh...uhh...ooooh.
- Oops.
- Are you feeling okay, son?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Probably just
too much excitement today.
All right, you know what, guys?
We need to pack up
and take him home.
Oh, baby.
- [Meows]
- What are you looking at, Noah?
- This bear.
Dude, he was glowing,
and I could hear
what he was thinking.
- [Laughs]
Dude, your brain is fried.
- No one will ever believe me
when I tell them about this.
- To believe and to know
are two different things.
What matters most
is that you know the truth
in your heart.
- Let's go, Noah.
- [Meows]
- I promise you, sweetheart,
when daddy brings
the moving truck
back to the city,
he'll look for aussie again.
- But what if he comes home,
and we're not there?
He'll think we forgot about him.
- Well, we told the neighbors
to keep their eyes open.
Somebody will find him.
[Gentle piano music]

- Hey,
I think I smell my family.
Or maybe it's food I'm smelling.
I'm starving.
Ugh, I wouldn't feed this stuff
to a cat.
[Gentle instrumental music]

[Cow mooing]
- Now, the first stop
is South Africa.
Oh, you can't imagine
how excited I am.
I can't wait to see
the cape of good hope.
- You're gonna have
a great time, aunt Zelda,
and you know what?
You deserve it.
- Oh.
- [Sniffing]
Um, what is this...
I--I've been smelling this odor
ever since we got here.
- Oh, let me
make it easy for you.
It can only be one
of four things:
Chicken poop, horse poop,
cow poop, or bull poop.
- Oh, how lovely.
- I'm just so happy you're here.
You've saved my royal rump,
and the kids
are gonna enjoy it too.
Out here on the farm,
there's nothing but exercise
and plenty of fresh air.
[Inhales and exhales]
- [Inhales]
[Pigs grunting]
- What do you think
of this place?
- Aussie will like it here
if he ever comes back.
- You'd better not count
on aussie to find his way home.
Face it.
He's not a very smart dog.
- Yes, he is,
and I miss him so much,
and I miss Ted.
- Oh, the glowing Teddy bear,
- He does glow.
You don't even know.
- [Oinks]
- Oh, food.
I'm starving.
Not too proud to eat leftovers.
Mmm, pepperoni.
- "And Petunia finally made it
back to the pond,
"where she lived
happily ever after.
The end."
So what'd you think?
- It was good, daddy.
I like the part where Petunia
turns into a swan.
- [Laughs]
Then why the sad face?
- I'll never live
happily ever after.
My two best friends
in the world are missing.
- I know, sweetheart,
but we should never
give up hope, okay?
- Okay.
- Oh, Laney, I miss you.
[Ominous music]

- [Growling]
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
Eh, excuse me, coming through.
Watch the quills.
They're kind of sharp.
Lovely evening.
Ooh, look.
- Huh?
[Engine revving]
[Intense music]

- Hey, aussie,
what's the matter?
You don't say hello anymore?
- Hi, cricket.
- You look like you've been
on some journey.
Did you find that Teddy bear?
- No, I was really close,
but I lost him again.
- I saw a lost Teddy bear.
- Oh, hello.
Aussie, that's my neighbor,
- Recess, did you say
you saw a Teddy bear?
- Weird little bear.
It glowed.
- Yeah, right.
- No, no,
that's the bear I'm looking for.
Where did you see it?
- Why should I tell you?
- Be nice, recess.
I'll give you a bone.
- [Laughs]
A bone?
Are you for real?
I'm a cat.
- Cats don't care
for bones, aussie.
I'll let you play with my ball.
- The soft, pink one?
- Yes, the soft, pink one.
- Deal.
so I went with my family
across that giant bridge
near the ocean--
- hey, I know that bridge.
- There's a place with trees
just over the bridge
down near the shore.
My family likes
to go there sometimes
to kick back and relax,
you know?
Anyway, my human boy
left the Teddy bear there
under one of the trees.
- [Panting]
- Huh?
Bully alert.
I'm out of here.
Catch you later, mates.
- [Cackles]
Still talkin'
to that smelly mutt?
- He's not a smelly mutt.
He's a brave dog on a mission
to make
a little human girl happy.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes,
he'll find that Teddy bear.
He's a hero.
- Right,
if he's such a hero,
how come he was the one
who took that bear away
from his human
in the first place?
- Ugh, puh-leez.
Rufus, you don't even have
enough brains
to give yourself a headache.
- Ask him yourself.
That hero took the bear away
from his poor, defenseless
human girl.
Told me that himself.
Doesn't seem so brave
and heroic now, does he?
- I don't believe you.
Aussie is a loving dog,
which is more than
I can say for you.
- I think that went well
for you, Rufus.
She obviously has a crush
on you...
- I'm gonna crush you, recess.
What did you talk about
with that mutt?
- I'm not telling.
- Don't push me, recess,
or I'm gonna make soup
out of you.
- You can't catch me.
You can't even climb a tree.
- You're crossing the line,
I want you to know that.
You're crossing the line.
- What do you think I am,
a scaredy-cat?
- Yeah, whatever.
I don't need your help.
I'll just follow
that little mutt's stench.
No way am I gonna let him
be the hero in cricket's eyes.
- Dogs:
You can't live with them,
[Trolley car bell dinging]
- [Panting]
Bridge, bridge, bridge.
I think it's this way.
Oh, yeah, I knew it.
There it is,
[Horns honking]
[Tires screeching]
Excuse me.
Pardon me, ooh.
[Intense music]

- Oh, man, it stinks.
I must be headed
in the right direction.
- I wonder if this was the place
recess was talking about.
[Seagulls squawking]
[Intense music]

I'm picking up something.
I'm sure he's around here.
Don't let me down, nose.
Ted, I feel you.
Where are you?
- [Growling]
- Rufus.
- Hiya, runt.
Say bye-bye to the Teddy bear,
'cause you're never gonna
see him again.
- Why are you so mean, Rufus?
What did I ever do to you?
- One word: Cricket.
She seems to think
you're some kind of hero.
If you bring the bear back,
the deal's sealed.
She'll never look at me again
with those big, brown,
beautiful eyes.
- I'm not doing this
to impress cricket.
I'm doing it
because I love my human.
- Yeah?
Well, you shouldn't have taken
the bear from your human
in the first place.
Now you'll never get it back.
- Hey.
Oh, no.
What am I going to do now?
[Upbeat music]

- A parade, perfect.
I'll just run through here.
That mutt's sense of smell
will be totally confused.

- Whoa, what do we have here?
All these people,
the food...
My nose is all mixed up.
I feel dizzy.

A dragon.
Eric has one of those.
I didn't know they came
in jumbo size, crikey.
It's this way, I think.
Well, what have I got to lose?
- [Barking]
- Hey, there, what's the matter?
What's gotten into you, girl?
What is it?
- There you are, finally.
Boy, am I glad to see you,
Where have you been?
- I lost the Teddy bear again,
- I know, i--
- Rufus took it away from me.
He said I'll never see it again.
The mission
is a complete failure.
- I know, but--
- I was so close
to bringing him home to her,
so close.
- I know.
- I almost--hey,
how come you know so much?
- I saw Rufus with
the Teddy bear in his mouth.
- You did?
Where, cricket?
Tell me where.
- Follow me.
I'll show you.
- Looks like nobody
lives here anymore.
Hasta la vista,
Oops, did I do that?
- Come on,
he went this way.
I saw him run down this street,
but I don't know
where he went after that.
- Right, let's sniff the area.
- Wait...just a minute.
Aussie, is it true
that you were the one
that took that bear
from your human?
- Rufus told you that,
didn't he?
Yeah, I reckon it's true.
- How could you?
- Wait, let me explain.
I was just...So jealous.
My human loves that bear.
I thought maybe she loved him
more than me,
so yeah,
I hid him in the yard,
but then I felt bad about it.
I don't want my human
to be sad.
- We are dogs, aussie.
We should always be proud
of the fact
that we love
our humans unconditionally.
- Unconditionally?
- It means we love them
no matter what.
I'm disappointed in you, aussie.
- I'm disappointed in me too.
[Siren wailing]
Hey, what's going on?
- All right, come on, guys,
you're gonna have to move back.
It's not safe here.
[Sirens wailing]
- Hey, wait a minute.
I can feel you, Ted.
You're in there, aren't you?
- Okay, are we ready?
- All right, we're speeded.
- Great.
- And...go.
- Thankfully,
nobody lives in this house.
Neighbors say
it's been vacant for years.
- Are you crazy?
Don't even think about it.
- I'm ready to do
what's right, aussie.
- Out of my way, bubble brains.
I got to get in there.
- That's a dog there.
- Did you see that dog run in?
- Get a move, buddy.
All: Whoa.
- Hey, the dog's coming out,
look, look.
- Oh, here comes the dog.
- Hey, the dog.
- Whoa, did you see that dog?
Are you getting this?
We're here at the scene
of a local house fire
that broke out earlier today.
Now, as we were reporting
on the fire,
we caught these images
of a dog running into...
- That's the dog
who visited our store.
- Not just any dog,
a very special dog.
They are taking care
of each other now,
and hopefully,
they will find their way
to the farm,
and they will reunite
with the family.
- Mei Mei?
- It feels so good
to reunite with the family.
- Oh, Mei Mei.
- Ted, look,
we're finally home.
Oh, no.
What's happened?
They're gone.
I smell Laney.
There's a picture.
It looks like animals,
'but I'm not sure what kind.
Now what am I gonna do?
- She misses us.
Don't you feel that?
- All I feel is sad.
Everybody's gone.
I don't have a family anymore.
You'd better stay here, Ted.
I'm sure someone will find you
and give you a home.
- Don't leave me here, aussie.
I'm home with you.
- I don't have a home now.
- Then take me to the place
where I came from: To Mei Mei.
- You mean that weird store
with all the statues and stuff?
I know where that is.
All right,
I can take you there.
[Dramatic orchestral music]

Oh, no, it's Rufus.
I can't let him get you again.
- [Cackles]
- Hello, Rufus.
- I saw what you did, aussie.
- You saw?
So what?
- I saw you jump into that fire
to save the bear.
That was brave of you,
stupid but brave.
So where's the bear?
- Not here, not with me.
- Let's see.
What is this I smell?
- Just give him the bear,
Trust me.
Save your own tail.
- It's awfully familiar.
- No, think fast.
There must be a solution.
- Any ideas?
I need one urgent.
- What could it be?
- I've got it.
Remember that time you ate
that leftover chili,
and then the whole family
left the room screaming?
- Yeah, so?
- Do what you did then.
It might work.
- Oh, well, why not?
I have nothing to lose.
- [Sniffing]
- Okay, here I go.
[Farting noise]
- Oh, pew.
What did they feed you, man?
Yuck, yuck, yuck,
yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.
- [Speaking Japanese]
- Oh, I remember you,
the dog and the bear.
Hello, there.
- Hi, do you know
where Mei Mei is?
- Oh, Mei Mei's
not here anymore.
She fell asleep,
the kind where she
will never wake up again.
- Oh, no.
You mean...She died?
That's so sad.
- She wouldn't want us
to be sad.
She is at peace now.
- Before she fell asleep,
Mei Mei talked about you.
She said that you will find
your way back to the farm,
and then you will be home.
- Farm?
The only farm I know is the one
that belongs to aunt Zelda,
but I don't know
how to get there.
It's really far away.
- When you love somebody,
there is no such thing
as distance.
Let's go home, aussie.
- All right, then.
Let's go home.
and sorry about Mei Mei.
- Good luck.
- We drove around
for over two hours,
and I talked
to all the neighbors.
Nobody's seen him.
- And we put up
some more signs too, mom.
- Well, I still feel like
we're going to find them, guys.
- Me too.
- Me three.
- Me four.
- Bye, mommy.
I love you.
- Bye-bye,
- bye, love you.
- I can't find anything in here.
- And there's rain
in the forecast.
These and other stories...
- It sure does feel different
in this house
without aunt Zelda around.
- Hey, dad,
can I be in charge of the goats?
- I want to be in charge
of the goats.
- You can both be in charge
of the goats.
- Works for me.
- Rescuer who braved the flames
to bring out a loved one...
- Honey, honey, come here.
Quick, take look at this.
- Henry, we're here at the scene
of a local house fire
that broke out earlier today.
Now, as we were reporting
on that fire,
we caught these images
of a dog running
into the burning building.
He came out a minute later
carrying a Teddy bear
in his mouth.
this brave little dog
really loves his bear.
At this hour,
the identity of the dog
remains a mystery.
- In other news,
the city council took...
- What?
What did I do?
[Gentle piano music]

- It's getting mighty cold.
Ain't a fit night out
for beast or bear.
Reckon we better find someplace
to tuck in for the night.
Oh, look at that poor man.
He seems like he needs a friend.
- [Snoring]
- We could use a friend too,
couldn't we, mate?
- Well, what have we got here?
Oh, good dog.
- Hey, Ted,
you think he lives here?
- I'm afraid so, aussie.
- Mm-hmm, yeah, okay,
I understand.
Hey, thank you very much
for taking my call.
Okay, bye-bye.
- Well, the fire station
has no idea where aussie is.
They say he just ran off,
but he didn't seem hurt.
He was just fine, okay?
And Ted seemed like he
was just fine too, sweetheart.
- He rescued Ted.
Pretty smart thing
for him to do, huh, Eric?
Aussie's a genius.
- Whatever.
I told you it wasn't my fault.
- Well, all we can do is hope
that somebody recognizes him.
- Wait,
or maybe the bear will send
a telepathic message to Laney.
- Mmm.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Okay, the important thing is
that right now,
aussie will be
a lot easier to find
because he's a TV star, okay?
[Dramatic ethereal music]

[Cow mooing]
[Horse whinnying]
[Pig oinking]
[Chickens clucking]
[Gong resounds]
- Whoa, crazy dream.
I slept pretty deep
thanks to this nice man.
He kept us warm all night.
- I hope someone can find him
a home someday.
- Well, mate, we've got a home
of our own to go find.
Come on, Ted,
let's get going.
I've got a real good feeling
about today.
- I know life
ain't that simple
but if we try
we'll get by
- This is what they eat?
- Most of the time.
- Hey, can I do it?
- I know
we can be invincible
but if we keep a smile
I think we'll be all right
the universe may be infinite
a desert in which
we're just grains of sand
- Nothing to it.
- Oooh, never, never.
- [Laughs]
- We might as well
live in it hand in hand
we've got love
and love's all we need
who knew
just how simple
life could be with you
- [Sniffing]
- Do-doo-doo-doo
- I know, the station received
over 100 emails yesterday.
I've got to find that dog.
He's a hero.
- What are you gonna do?
- You know,
I wonder if he's a stray.
- Maybe the station
should put up a reward.
- Yeah, make some phone calls.
I think the reward's
a fantastic idea.
Thanks, Nina.
- Toodles.
[Pigs oinking]
- This one's name is Fargo,
and this one's tubby,
and this one's Lola,
tubby's sister.
- Oh, they're just lovely.
- We like it here, mom.
- Yeah,
it doesn't smell too bad.
- [Sniffs]
Ehhh, I'll get used to it,
I suppose.
- Guys,
you are not gonna believe this.
- They found aussie?
- No, no, honey, not yet,
but my publisher just called.
Somebody over there
read my novel.
They passed it to the editor.
They love it; They want me to do
the whole series.
- Oh, that's wonderful, honey.
- I've already got
my first deadline,
so I'll be writing nonstop
for the next three months.
- That's so cool, dad.
- Thank you.
- Hey, who's gonna be in charge
of the animals?
- Uhhhhh.
- Oh, mom!
- Honey, are you okay?
- Oh, that's nasty.
- [Whining]
- I smell horses.
This way.
[Horses whinnying]
- That's right, Henry,
a couple of days ago,
we aired a story about
an adorable little dog
who saved a Teddy bear
from a burning house.
Well, we did
some investigative reporting
and tracked down the owners
of that dog.
They told us his name is aussie
and that's he's been missing
for several days.
Channel one is now offering
a $5,000 reward
for any information leading
to the safe return of aussie.
- Maybe that horse
will know something.
[Horse whinnying]
G'day, mate.
Lovely day, isn't it?
- Hmph.
- So I'm looking
for my human family.
I think they're visiting
a farm around here somewhere.
I have a mom and a dad
and a sister and a brother.
- Mm, I heard
those pigeons over there
talking about
a new human family.
- They just moved to a farm
across the old wooden bridge.
- Word out in the field is,
the mother's a bit cuckoo.
- Likes to swim in the mud
with the pigs.
- Hm, can't be my family.
My mom doesn't like mud or pigs,
and I seriously doubt
she can swim.
Thanks, anyway.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yep, yep, yep.
- Yep, yep.
- [Groans]
Well, I'll be.
Gary, Gary,
I got to talk to you.
Are you there?
Gary, you know that dog
they're looking for on TV,
the one with the reward?
- I don't think he wants
to help us, Ted.
- Trust your heart, aussie,
and fast.
- It's standing
right in front of me.
Dagnabbit, it's getting away.
I'm going after him.
[Dramatic music]

[Horse whinnying]
All right, Gary, listen up.
I need you to block off
the east side of the barn.
Gary, are you there?
Aw, Gary,
are you getting any of this?
I'm closing in on him.
Can you hear me now?
Once we round him up,
we'll just sit on him awhile
until they raise the reward,
kind of like having
a little doggie hostage.
- Why is he chasing us?
What did we ever do to him?
- [Breathing deeply]
Whoa, whoa!
[Horse whinnying]
- Mortimer,
you was lookin' for me?
I was in the outhouse.
[Keyboard tapping]
- Daddy's writing a lot.
- Yep,
and it makes him very happy.
- I know the secret
to happiness.
- You do?
- If I want to be happy,
i just close my eyes
and make pictures in my mind,
pictures of everything
I wish for.
- That's beautiful, sweetie,
and it's true too.
- I know it is.
Ted told me that.
- Ted, your bear?
Well, if Ted said it,
then it must be true.
Does that mean
I can close my eyes
and picture a poo-free farm?
- [Laughs]
You're just kidding, right?
You do like it here,
don't you, mommy?
- Actually,
it is starting to grow on me,
believe it or not.
I can barely even smell
the animals anymore.
Good night, Laney.
- Good night.
[Gentle piano music]

[Goat bleating]
[Birds chirping]
- Oh, man,
i could go for a big bowl
of kibble right now.
- I sense something.
- Please tell me it's breakfast.
I'm starving.
- Go to where
the sun comes from.
- You mean that way?
Might as well.
You've been right
about everything so far.
[Chickens clucking]
[Rooster crowing]
- Mom, mom,
time to wake up.
We need to take care
of the animals, remember?
- Where's your father?
- He's been writing
since the sun came up.
Come on.
[Rooster crowing]
- I hear you.
I'm coming.
I'm up.
- Eric, look, an egg.
- Oh, cool.
Oh, that's so cool.
[Chickens clucking]
[Pig oinking]
[Goat bleating]
- I smell something.
We're on the right track.
- In 200 yards, turn left.
- We're close.
I can feel Laney.
- Your destination is ahead.
- What are you,
a GPS or something?
- [Laughs]
- [Mooing]
[Dramatic music]

- Kids!
Kids, kids, come here!
Come here!
I think it's aussie.
Come here!
- Aussie, you're home!
- Aussie!
- Laney, Laney, Laney.
- Aussie's back.
Laney, look.
- Good boy.
Good boy.
- Aw, this is awesome.
- I told them.
- [Laughs]
- Aussie, you rock.
Hey, look, he--he's glowing.
- Look at that.
He is glowing.
- He's happy.
He's finally home.
- I'll never doubt you
again, Laney.
Well, maybe just a little.
- Yeah, whoo!
- When I saw aussie...
- Yeah, mates, that's our story,
fair dinkum.
Ted and I became very famous.
We're staying on the farm
for good.
Aunt Zelda fell in love
with a man in South Africa,
so she decided to sell the farm
to my mom and dad.
My family is really happy.
They love it here.
I do too,
and so does Ted.
Hello, hello, hello,
my beautiful
pomeranian Princess.
- So, aussie,
you're a country dog now,
and I'm a city dog.
How would you feel about
a long-distance relationship?
- Oh, cricket,
when you love somebody,
there's no such thing
as distance.
- [Giggles]
- That's it.
Aussie lost his head,
and we lost aussie.
He's totally in love.
- Love is for the birds.
- I guess we can go
on vacation now.
- So where to?
Maui, Paris?
- I'm thinking Cancun.
si, me encantan enchiladas.
ay, ay, ay!
[Gentle orchestral music]

[Rachael Lawrence's
Teddy bear]

baby, let me be
your lovin' Teddy bear
put a chain around my neck
and lead me anywhere
oh, let me be
your Teddy bear
baby, let me be
around you every night
run your fingers
through my hair
and cuddle me real tight
oh, let me be
your Teddy bear
I don't wanna be a tiger
'cause tigers play too rough
I don't wanna be a lion
'cause lions ain't the kind
you love enough
I just wanna be
your Teddy bear
put a chain around my neck
and lead me anywhere
oh, let me be
your Teddy bear
I don't wanna be a tiger
'cause tigers play too rough
I don't wanna be a lion
'cause lions ain't the kind
you love enough
I just wanna be
your Teddy bear
put a chain around my neck
and lead me anywhere
oh, let me be
your Teddy bear
oh, let me be
your Teddy bear

[Light instrumental music]