Austin Found (2017) Movie Script

Patty Wilson, please tell us
what is your favorite hobby?
I like going to school
- and playing the violin.
- No. No.
Patty Wilson, please tell us
what is your favorite hobby?
I like helping the homeless.
Right. Great, great, great.
Ok, if anybody ever
asks you anything,
you always answer
with charity, Ok?
Homeless, pets,
old people, doesn't matter.
This is your pageant, honey.
You're going to take this one
I know it.
Thank you.
We are now
onto the interview portion
of our competition.
Our first contestant
is Taylor Rollins.
Taylor is 11 years old,
and says her favorite
animal is a kitten.
And her favorite color is pink.
Taylor, dear, what has been
the most proud moment
of your life?
Well, I'd have to say
that I was most proud
of myself when I volunteered
in a children's hospital
over the summer.
I felt very lucky
to be able to help kids
who weren't as
fortunate as I am.
Well, that is definitely
something to be proud of!
Thank you, Taylor.
That girl only stopped
peeing the bed
- like three months ago.
- Leanne!
And now...
Our next contestant,
Ms. Patty Wilson
my baby!
My baby!
Patty's from Austin.
Patty's favorite color is...
Ok, Patty, your question is
what's the biggest challenge
facing young girls today?
Society's pressure
on girls to look perfect.
This emphasis on appearance
is linked to three most common
mental health problems
that we have today,
low self-esteem,
eating disorders,
and depression.
Ok, thank you, Patty.
Well, that's definitely
something to be proud of.
All right, then,
now, our next contestant,
what the heck was that?
And why would you
say that at pageant?
Well, it is true,
and I thought
the right thing to do
was to tell the truth.
Honey, the truth is relative.
The plain and simple truth
is really plain,
and it's never simple,
so remember that, Ok?
Well, I thought
you did a great job.
I'm very proud of
you, sweetheart.
Thanks, dad.
Me, too.
You were the best one out there.
You had it won, but you
took your eye off the prize.
You gotta keep your eye
on the prize, baby.
The prize is in
the eye of the beholder.
That is the spirit!
There we go.
If only we had more money,
you'd be training with somebody
from dare to dance
like Taylor's doing.
God, if you'd only got
that promotion, don.
Oh, sorry.
Stan Buford got it.
He's dating the boss's daughter,
so unless you want me
to start doing that...
Don't worry, daddy.
You'll get the next one.
Don't hold your breath, honey.
You know what they say,
the world would be
a much better place
if it were run by women,
and I think you could do it.
You're so talented.
You remind me of me
when I was little.
Only you're better.
The only way to make it
in this business, honey,
is to be a triple threat.
Look at Miley.
Great role model, mom.
Yeah, she's a triple threat.
She can sing, dance,
and take of all her clothes.
Well, she's got a great body.
She works very hard for that.
Why not show it off?
I wish I had done it.
I wish I had done
it when I was young.
I would have showed
it all off, now, in hindsight.
Doesn't Miley just go around
licking everything or...
Well, sometimes you
have to sacrifice, don.
Sometimes you have
to lick things.
Carrie Clark
took the stand today
in the federal trial
of Jakob Todd Mitchum.
He's the man who abducted her
and held her captive
nearly 10 years ago.
After only five hours
of deliberation,
the jury found Mitchum
guilty of kidnapping
and sex crimes against a minor.
Carrie arrived at the courthouse
with her parents,
Lou and Carolyn Clark,
who spoke to reporters
after the verdict.
We're just so happy that
this whole nightmare is over
and that Carrie is back
home with us again.
It's been such a
life-changing ordeal,
and I think writing this book,
carry me home:
The Carrie Clark story,
will be very cathartic for me.
All right, geez,
what a media whore.
I think she was just feeling
a sense of relief
from finally having
some good news, babe.
A look into the ongoing struggle
to keep Austin weird.
My-my ear piece's not working.
I can't hear anything.
All right, Patty,
it's time for bed.
Mom, I've almost got
this piece down.
- Come on.
- You see there's this part
- that keeps tripping me up.
- I know, I know.
But if I only practice
that section,
- the piece will be perfect.
- Time for bed.
I could kill your father
for giving you this thing.
Come on, time for bed. Jump in.
You know if you're going
to be up late practicing,
you should be practicing
your new choreography
for your jazz solo.
Mrs. Patterson says
I'm really good.
Says I can even do this
for the talent competition.
Oh, honey,
that's not gonna happen.
I love the way you play.
I'm so proud of you,
but trust me,
nobody's ever won
America's got talent
playing a fiddle.
It's not a fiddle.
It's a violin.
Ok, a violin.
I mean, maybe you get
to be a contestant,
but you don't get to win.
Dancing is fun.
- Mom.
- It's sassy.
People love it.
You still mad?
No. I'm over it now.
You looked amazing,
and before you gave
everyone a coronary,
you were doing real good.
Lay down. Get to bed, come on.
Mom, are you sure I can't go
to Rhonda's birthday party?
Oh, absolutely not, baby.
What if you got a nasty
bruise or you get hurt?
Mom, please.
It's so embarrassing.
I'm always left out of the fun.
Baby, I don't want you
to throw away your future
on a dumb, little party.
Look, I know it stinks,
but I wish my momma
would have pushed me harder.
Oh, you have jazz
and ballet tomorrow.
I'm going to drop you
off before I go to work.
I love you.
- See you in the morning.
- Goodnight, mom.
Goodnight, baby.
This one declined, too.
You know what,
I'll just write a check.
Actually we don't accept checks
from you anymore.
It's $25 after they bounce.
Come on, Kandy,
cut me some slack.
I really wish I could, Leanne,
but if we don't get
Patty's tuition in full,
she can't start her
new classes next week.
And we all love Patty,
so I really hope you can
figure something out.
All right, you know what,
I wanted the airline points,
but whatever,
just put it on this.
That's a coffee card.
Just take it.
You know I'm late for work,
so I will grab that
when I bring Patty for class.
Thank you! Bye, Donna.
Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit! Fuck!
Where have you been?
I got here as soon as I could
I had to deal with
Patty's choreography,
- Leanne.
- Hi.
I swear if you're even
10 seconds late again,
you're out.
Jose, my car wouldn't start,
and then it got all smokey,
- and I couldn't see anything.
- Not interested.
Nice try.
your next client is here.
She's been waiting.
Let me get her.
Please tell me
this isn't happening.
This is our fabulous
makeup artist, Leanne.
Leanne milling!
Oh, my god!
Shut up! Crystal Clemens?
I know!
I don't think I've seen you
since our Avon days.
Time just flies
right past, right?
It sure does,
but you look just
as good as ever.
Oh, shut up, really?
Are you kidding me,
you're still a beauty queen.
Oh, my beauty queen
days are over.
I'm a momma now.
Doing the momma thing.
Get out!
How many kids do you have?
Just one.
She's my little Princess.
Her name is Patricia,
but I call her Patty.
She's picking up right
where I left off.
Oh, that is just precious.
I bet she's gonna be
a winner just like you.
Well, let's get you
in the makeup chair.
No kids for me yet.
Not with our hectic schedule.
My husband's an old man.
How old is he?
No, "oil" man.
- Oh, oil. Wow.
- Yeah.
I mean, but he's old, too,
so, whatever.
Every other day,
we got some kinda party
or event we gotta go to.
Oh, we're also building
our dream house
up in Aspen right now, so, yeah.
Anyway, I'm sure once
all that settles down,
we'll probably, you know,
pop out a couple.
Well, what are we
going to do today?
Oh, well, we have this huge
black-tie charity event
to go to for children
in Africa or somewhere,
I don't know, anyway,
the governor's gonna be there.
I just want to look really good
in case the cameras are rolling.
Anyway, I just keep going on
and on about me,
tell me about you.
What is going on?
How have you been?
Did you marry
that hot boyfriend of yours?
I swear I always thought
I was going to see you
on days of our lives
or something.
- Stop it.
- I did.
What are you
talking about Billy?
Oh, please, honey,
I outgrew all of that
when don came along.
He just walked in
and swept me off my feet.
I mean his business
was just blowing up,
so we moved to Austin.
Yeah, you know, he's a super
successful computer guy.
Well, then good for you
for doing these
little makeup jobs
and helping chip in.
Well, you know what,
I don't even have to do this,
- hm-mm.
- But I love it, it's a passion.
So, I needed a little
creative outlet.
I come in here whenever I want.
You just work whenever?
Yeah, my own schedule,
my own life.
For me, I mean,
when you're a mom,
I mean, I know you
don't know yet,
but sometimes when
you are a mom,
you just need a little me time.
Whatever you can get.
Whatever works for you.
You know what?
I'm actually just talking
way too much,
and you should be relaxing,
so why don't you lay back,
and as soon as you finish
reading that magazine,
you'll be gorgeous.
Oh, this poor girl.
I swear I have seen her
on so many interviews.
And her parents have
done the rounds, too.
They're always so positive.
I don't think I could do it.
I know I couldn't do it.
Oh, my god!
Leanne, are you Ok?
Oh, I can't move.
Call the ambulance.
- Oh, it hurts so bad.
- Here, honey, look I'm sorry,
but I really gotta get
somebody to finish my face.
What, what?
Relax, calm down.
The medics are on their way.
Damn it.
Oh, shit.
You know it's bad enough
I fall on my ass
in front of everybody
in the salon,
but in front of crystal Clemens.
What do you care
what that dummy thinks?
Because, don, I worked
with her at Avon.
She was like this
little, annoying dog
that was always
nipping at my heels
wanting everything that I had.
Boy, how the tides have turned.
Coming in there talking
about her rich husband,
and her giant mansions,
and, "oh, I gotta look good
in case my cameras are rolling."
I bet she didn't even have
a charity thing to go to,
I bet she just wanted
to come in there
and rub her fabulous
life in my face.
I didn't know you thought
your life was so lousy.
Oh, don, come on,
you know what I meant.
I just always thought
that I was going to be,
you know, something more.
Well, why don't you just,
you know,
put the focus
a little less on Patty
and a little bit more on you,
do something that
makes you happy.
Why don't you take
a dance class again?
You love that salsa dancing
or whatever, right?
With what money, don?
I don't even know
how we're going to pay
for Patty's classes
now that I can't work.
God, she's gonna
be so disappointed.
Well, you know,
maybe we can scale back
on Patty's activities.
I think it might be
good for her, possibly.
You know what,
Donny, I'm real tired.
I don't feel so good.
I'm just going to go to sleep.
- Ok.
- Hey.
Rub my feet 'til I fall asleep.
- Ok.
- Pretty please.
And I'll pay you back
tomorrow night.
All right.
Ow, Jesus.
What the hell time is it?
Oh, shit.
Oh, please be Ok.
Jesus, Leanne,
how could you be so stupid?
Everything's going
to be just fine.
I'm sure I'm going to get there,
and she'll be still at school,
just laughing and hanging out
and talking with the teachers.
Oh, please be here.
Excuse me, sir.
Have you seen a little girl?
- She's got blonde hair.
- What?
- Her name's Patty Wilson.
- No.
- About 10 years old.
- They all gone.
I mean, school's over.
Oh, my god.
Don, it's Leanne,
where the hell are you?
Come on, move it!
Yes, I'll still hold.
What are you doing? My god.
- Where were you?
- Where were you?
I was looking
all over town for her.
Well, I waited over an hour.
I called you a bunch of times,
and you didn't answer,
so I called daddy.
Oh, my god, baby, I'm so sorry.
My back was hurting so bad,
and I took some pills.
And then I must have
just gotten knocked out.
Told ya.
Why didn't you answer
your cell phone?
The battery was dead.
Oh, I was so scared.
I don't know what I would
ever do if I lost you.
Well, you'd be on the news
threatening the kidnappers,
I'm sure.
That's right.
Nobody hurts my baby.
Oh, hi, Billy.
I know I haven't
aged a day, right.
Look at you, you look good.
It's so good to see you
15185, there we go.
Hey, man, there's some chick
out here to see you.
All right.
What the hell do you want?
Well, that's a fine hello
after all this time.
Oh, well, hello, Leanne.
It's so great to see you again.
Ok, I get it. You're right.
I should have called first.
But I wanted to surprise you.
Why the hell would
you want to do that
after what you did?
Listen, Billy.
I'm sorry about the way
things ended for us,
but I've changed a lot,
and I feel like I owe
you an explanation.
That's nice.
But to be honest,
I don't give a shit anymore.
This was a mistake.
Forget I was even here.
No, wait.
Since you took the trouble
to come out here,
just say what you want to say.
You think maybe
there's somewhere more private
where we could go?
I thought I'd never
hear from you again
after you left me high and dry
for that pussy-ass
husband of yours.
I still remember
sitting there at Christmas
dinner with my folks,
waiting for you to show up,
but you never did.
I'm so sorry.
If I could take it all back,
I would.
How are they?
My folks?
They died a few years back.
God, I'm so sorry.
Oh, Billy.
So was it worth it?
Living like a queen
in the lap of luxury?
Yeah, right.
Not even close.
When I first started dating him,
he was working for his daddy
making a fat allowance.
We were living like rock stars,
but it was a government probe,
so no company, no inheritance.
You know, I feel like
I got swindled.
- Don manipulated me.
- Wait! Wait! Please.
Do not say his name to me.
He, who will remain nameless,
did fully take advantage
of me and my naivety.
Aw! Now he's just
a regular working stiff, huh?
That serves you right.
Leaving you was
the dumbest thing I ever done.
You gotta know I regretted
it all these years,
and I never ever
stopped loving you.
Then why are you just
coming to see me now?
I had a daughter to raise.
I was trapped,
you know,
but you know I can't...
I can't deny my feelings
for you anymore.
I wanted to leave him
for the longest time,
but I can't.
I can't afford to
support me and my baby.
Well, she's not a baby anymore.
She's 11 now.
You would love her.
Oh, I had a dream
the other night
that it was the three of us,
and we went to six flags
six flags?
And we were season-pass holders,
and we got on all the rides,
and it was so much fun.
I really want that dream
to be a reality, Billy.
The only happy times in my life
were my dreams of you.
Oh, baby, that is so sweet.
Oh, pinch me because this
better not be no damn dream.
How 'bout a kiss instead?
I can't believe
this is happening.
You know what?
I loved you then,
and even after what you did,
you make me the happiest girl
in the whole world.
Oh, I can't wait to start
our life together.
Then why don't we?
Because I don't have no money
to support me and Patty.
I can't afford
a fancy divorce lawyer.
I'm still paying off
a bunch of fucking equipment
- and tools and...
- Ok.
I have a plan.
Because I was praying
that you would take me back.
I think it's our only chance.
- We kinda gotta get creative.
- Ok.
We need to kidnap my daughter.
Come again.
Not for real.
It'll just be for show.
We will be
in control of everything.
She will be totally safe.
What the hell
are you talking about?
We just need to keep her missing
for maybe a month, right?
And then the media storm
will start.
And I'll be like, oh, where's
Patty Wilson and such?
Then I'll go on TV
crying over my baby,
and then a month
later, she's found.
Look at Carrie Clark.
She's been on TV show,
every major newspaper,
magazine cover,
But here's where
the real money starts.
Her and her parents
got a book deal
and a TV movie.
They're making millions, Billy.
They are cashing in.
What do you think?
I think you're out
of your damned mind.
I mean I haven't
worked out the details,
but I think it
could really work,
and I do think it's the only way
that we can really be together.
All right.
All right, if we do this,
we do it my way.
I'm not putting my
neck on the line
without a real plan,
and we're going
to need some help.
We're gonna need JT.
Who's JT?
I don't wanna be
a part of no kidnappin', Billy.
I'm nervous about it, man.
I can't get in trouble again!
I mean what am I supposed
to do with some kid?
I don't know nothing
about changing no diapers
or none of that stuff.
She's like 10 or 11
or something, man,
she don't need no diapers.
Billy, Billy, Billy, man,
you my best friend and all,
JT, quit worrying, man!
Just stop!
It's all cool.
We got the perfect plan.
And like you said,
I'm your best friend.
Don't I always have your back?
Didn't I protect
your ass in prison?
You owe me, man.
So this the girl
you used to always talk about
when we was locked up?
Yeah, the one and the same.
Shit! She's here.
- Hey beautiful!
- Jesus.
Billy, you gave me
a heart attack.
Been missing you, baby. My god,
I've been dying to see you.
Yeah, well, me too.
We can't be seen together.
Well, I think
we're pretty safe here.
No kidding.
I felt like I was driving
to the ends of the earth.
JT, come out, meet Leanne!
Hey, Leanne,
this is my buddy, JT.
This is Leanne.
The love of my life.
- Hello.
- Ma'am.
So this is your place?
Nobody else lives
here or stays here?
Yes, ma'am, it's just me here.
It's not much, but I think your
daughter would be comfortable.
Hell, yeah, she will.
He's got a satellite receiver,
a DVD player, even an x-box.
It's gonna be like summer camp.
Billy says
you're a good man, JT.
But this is my baby.
I mean, she is my life.
I'm doing this for her,
but it ain't gonna be easy,
so I need to make sure
that she's gonna be happy
and safe.
If so much of a hair
on her head is harmed,
I will see to it that
the son of a bitch who hurts her
is skinned alive
and fed to the wolves.
Whoa, baby, baby, I told you.
JT's a Teddy bear.
He couldn't hurt a fly.
Am I clear?
- Yes, of course, ma'am.
Then if anything inappropriate
were to happen,
I will come here myself
and cut it off.
Ma'am, I'm no sicko pervert.
I just want to help you
and your daughter get away
from that monster
you're married to.
I don't take kindly to men
beatin' on no women
and children.
I had to tell him, baby.
It's Ok. It's all right.
I really... I really wish
there was another way.
He'll never let me go.
And I ain't got the money
to support us.
I understand, ma'am.
Sometimes a mother's gotta
do what a mother's gotta do.
- We'll take care of it though.
- Yeah, we'll get it done, baby.
Oh, thank you.
Never understood dog people.
They're not your kids.
Nancy, I need you to go cover
the annual Portlandia festival.
Ugh, seriously, Alan?
Hey, look, you don't remain
number four in Austin
by not paying homage
to the barbecue.
How long are you going to
keep me in the dog house
with these ridiculous stories?
It was a minor mistake.
You accused a city
official of bestiality.
On the air.
It's not my fault that
he got rid of the evidence
before animal
control intervened.
You're just lucky
he settled for a retraction
and didn't sue the station,
and that you still have a job.
Yeah, well, you didn't
have to kiss his butt
and go to his
little dinner party.
It was a great party.
I hope you didn't try the lamb.
That's disgusting.
Oh, god.
Al, you know
I'm your best reporter.
No, you're not.
Who is?
Steve Breckenridge!
He's pretty good.
Goodnight, baby.
I love you so much.
Please tell me
I'm hallucinating.
What the hell
are you guys doing?
Trying to get the damn ladder up
- the stupid fucking thing.
- Stop it.
Are you crazy?
It's a one-story house.
Why are you on a ladder?
I'm letting you two idiots
in the back door, remember?
Wait, what?
Don't call me an idiot.
I thought the plan was to go
in through the kid's window?
It's only supposed
to look like that.
You don't actually do it.
What if someone sees you?
And what are you wearing?
Costumes? Jesus, come on.
Wait, put the ladder down.
Make up your mind, woman.
Amateur hour with you two.
Do you know
how hard that thing is
- to strap on top of a Chevelle?
- Well, why'd you bring it?
Get inside.
You are so sexy when you're mad.
Come here.
Are you drunk?
Drunk might be overstating it
a little bit, huh?
- JT?
- He had a few beers.
Are you out of your mind?
Give me that.
Don't worry, Leanne.
I drove over here,
and I'm sober.
You haven't had
anything to drink?
No, no, I've been too nervous.
Well, at least one of you
is using your head.
Well, I had to take
the edge off, baby,
but I'm cool.
Let's do this.
Where's the little kid?
Be real gentle with her, Ok?
And make sure
that it's warm in there
because she's always cold,
and I gave you information
in case there's an emergency.
Don't worry, Leanne.
I got the instructions
just like you told us.
I took care of everything.
She's gonna be
fine, right, Billy?
Steel my woman, huh?
Take a whiff of that,
you piece of shit, mother...
What in god's name
are you doing?
I was just having a little fun
with shitface here.
Are you... that is disgusting.
Are you crazy?
You'll wake him up.
Wake him up?
What do you mean?
You said they'd be
out 'til morning.
Well, I don't know. I've never
drugged anybody before.
Oh, god, I have been
missing you, baby.
And you're not even
giving me a proper hug.
Billy. Really?
JT, a little privacy?
- Ok.
- Come on.
Let's do it right here
on the bed, huh,
right next to this shithead.
Knock it off!
Are you nuts!
God, we are seriously
wasting time, you guys.
Now get out of here. Come on.
There's enough time
to fool around later.
- All right.
- Oh, man.
Don! Patty's gone!
Don, come in here!
Patty's missing!
Don, I can't find her anywhere.
Where is she?
- Oh, no.
- Patty! Patty!
Where is she?
Oh, don. I don't know.
- Ok, Ok, Ok.
- She's not here.
Call 911!
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, look...
Nobody's going to hurt you, Ok.
You can scream all you want.
No one's going to hear you.
Relax, relax.
Don't worry, breathe, breathe.
- Forget this, man.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
He's not gonna hurt you, Ok?
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
I know it seems crazy.
It's Ok, relax.
Come here. Come here.
What the hell did you do to her?
Chloroform, man.
I had a feeling we'd need that.
Damn, what a brat.
Billy, you can't keep her
unconscious a whole month.
- She's just scared is all.
- She's just a pain in the ass
is what she is.
Obviously her father's daughter.
Poor girl, she's scared
she's been kidnapped
by two crazy men in masks.
Well, you know what?
Maybe it'll be good for the kid,
toughen her up.
Life isn't always going
to be this perfect,
little bullshit
suburban fairy tale
like she's been living.
She's gonna have to learn.
Life ain't fucking fair!
It doesn't always turn
out like you thought.
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
There's no finger prints.
So what time was it, ma'am,
that you tucked Patty into bed?
About 9:00,
we'd just had a big dinner,
and everybody was
sort of in a food coma
now my baby...
I can't believe she's missing.
And where were you
at this time, sir?
Oh. I was, uh, I had just eaten.
I was getting ready for bed.
I don't remember falling asleep.
We had had Turkey with
all the trimmings, you know.
And the tryptophan, I think,
it like knocks you out,
you know,
it's like Thanksgiving
when everybody
just falls asleep.
Patty loves her Turkey.
Do either of you have any
enemies that you know of?
Any recent disputes?
Uh, I don't know, you know?
I feel like...
I feel like we're
pretty well-liked.
- Yeah.
- I can be socially awkward.
But that's just
more being quiet.
I'm not a jerk.
I feel like maybe
people don't like don
but they don't say it?
But I still don't feel like
they would do this to us.
I agree.
What kind of goddamned psycho
does something like this?
Oh, don.
Why didn't you just wake up?
- You could have done something.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What kind of pictures
do you think
we should put out of Patty?
Like a pageanty one or...
Could I put out several?
We pay lots of money for
the best photographers.
We have great pictures of her.
We go to Walmart
and really get it done.
Oh, this is just great.
Glad we can see the
people in the background
because I don't
really want to see
the interview subjects.
Nancy, I need you
to cover a kidnapping
that just came in.
Yeah, right, a kidnapping.
Do you want the story or not?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
What are the details?
Ok, we don't know
much at this point,
an 11-year-old girl
taken from her home
in the middle of the night.
are at the house now.
Well, is Matt ready?
Because I'm only using
his team from now on.
Yeah, they're waiting on you.
Don't blow this one!
Does this work?
If they're standing
at the front porch,
can you get us all
in if we need to
and in focus?
You tired of working
with the B team?
What good is it
to get an exclusive
if it's not in focus.
No national network's
going to pick that up.
It's just a waste.
Speaking of which,
if you want to get
noticed by the big boys,
you need to sex it up a little.
Unbutton a couple of buttons,
show some cleavage,
maybe some leg.
Matt, I'm about to
interview the parents
of a missing little girl.
It couldn't hurt.
Don't you think
we should get closer?
You know?
Oh, see.
Is this what you wanted?
Yeah, that looks good.
Hold on.
They look huge on camera.
I know.
There's nothing to worry
about here, folks.
Sheriff Williams,
he's that good.
The best.
Did you talk to that
squirrelly guy next door,
the one with the thick glasses?
Oh, yeah. We interviewed
all the neighbors, sir.
He was twitching.
- Mm-hmm.
- Who's the biological father?
- He's the biological father.
- I need coffee right now.
Yes, sir, right away.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, I didn't get
much sleep last night
after the call
about your daughter,
and it's been a really long day.
Well, so sorry for
the inconvenience,
but what is going on?
Do you have anything
to tell us all?
That's why it's important
that we put out
a press statement right now.
The earlier we get a
photo of her out there,
the better the chances
are that we'll find her
before something really bad...
Oh, my god! Thank you!
- Just like you like it, chief.
- Oh, I love coffee.
I'm an addict.
There's a ton of
press out there.
They're all waiting to
hear your statement.
There's going to
be cameras rolling.
Reporters are going
to be screaming at you
asking you all
kinds of questions.
You have to be ready.
The attention can be
a bit overwhelming.
In fact, if you're not up to it,
I'd be happy to take
the reins on this.
I've had a lot of experience
in front of the camera,
and I'm a bit of a student
of the theater, so.
Larson, here, he's
seen me in action.
Oh, excellent actor.
I did noises off six months ago.
The local critic said
he would put me up against,
uh, no, that won't be necessary.
Thank you.
We're fully prepared
to do anything
that we need to do
to get our baby back.
All right.
Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson!
This is don and Leanne Wilson.
They'd like to make
a public statement.
This is our darling
11-year-old daughter,
Patty Wilson.
She's the light of our lives.
She was kidnapped from this home
in the middle of the night.
I don't know how or why
anyone could be so evil.
But we just want our baby back.
She's such a sweet
and amazing girl.
That's why we like to call
her our peppermint Patty.
Oh, we pray with
all of our hearts
that whoever has her,
wherever she is
that they treat her
with dignity and respect
because that's
what she deserves.
Please have mercy
and let our baby go.
She's good.
Please let her come home.
Wait, that's my mom.
Oh, you scared
the hell out of me.
Thank you all for being here.
We'll update you when
there is more information.
That's all for now.
You shouldn't be watching this.
Why'd you do this to me?
We're not going to hurt you.
You don't know,
you just gotta trust me.
You're not going to get
anything for me.
My parents don't
even have any money.
We didn't abduct you for money.
Then why am I here?
I'm not supposed to
talk about with you.
Then why are you doing this?
I can't talk to you about it.
You should just stop
asking questions.
I'll remember that when
they throw away the key.
You're gonna be fine, Ok?
That's all I can tell you.
- I know that woman.
- Seriously?
Yep. I went
to high school with her.
She's what they call
nowadays a mean girl.
That woman made
my life miserable.
Uh oh, were you like
the annoying overachiever,
and she was the hot,
popular girl?
No, I wasn't...
You know what, shut up.
- That's so rude.
- Ok, Ok.
How did she make
your life a living hell?
Well, you're slightly
on the right track,
I mean, she was our
school's queen bee, right,
I mean, gorgeous,
popular, cheerleader,
homecoming queen, prom queen,
any other queen we had.
So are you like
the disgruntled one,
always a bridesmaid
never a bride?
No, I mean I was an
outstanding student, obviously.
Yeah, I was head of
our yearbook committee
and newspaper editor.
I was vice president
of the senior class.
That was great.
I had to get votes for that.
So a giant dork.
I hate you.
You know I'm just
messing with you?
Finish your story.
She made fun of me
in front of everyone.
She called me nerdy Nancy.
And that caught on
like wildfire, of course.
It's all just because
in ninth-grade English,
I slightly questioned
her book report
that she was reading
to the class.
From then on, she made
it her life's mission
to ruin mine.
She's just such an evil bitch.
You do recall
that this poor woman
is looking for
her missing child.
Yeah, and I feel
terrible for them,
and I'm going to be
all over this story,
and do everything I can.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Just spread the word
on the streets.
It's horrible.
I can't believe this
happened in our community.
I mean, oh, my god,
I have four kids.
We live here,
we go to school here...
Excuse me, have
you seen this girl?
She's been missing
for a few days.
We've got nothing right now,
and we're digging hard.
These guys are professionals.
They're good. They're hot.
They know what they're doing.
I'm sure glad you chose pancakes
because I do make
a mean flapjack.
See how you're
feeling after this.
Dig in.
How can I eat these
with my hands tied?
All right I'm gonna untie you,
but don't try nothing. Ok?
You can't get out
of here no ways.
This place is secure
like fort Knox,
and you do not want
to be wandering around
out here in this wilderness.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
Wild animals and such out there.
You remember what happened
to little red riding hood.
Ok, me neither.
Oh, you about to be happy now.
Probably be the best
flapjacks you ever had.
Let me do a little
of that for you.
Wait, you're not trying to
drug me again, are you?
What do you mean?
I'm eating it with you.
Look, bill...
Er, Bo only did that
because you were screaming
and freaking out.
He was trying to help you.
He was trying to calm you down.
Gee, how nice of him.
Just take one bite
of the flapjack.
You'll feel loads better.
Go ahead.
- These are really good!
- See, I told you.
You can trust me.
Well, isn't this nice?
A little breakfast
for dinner, huh?
I made a ton.
Go and grab a plate.
No, I'm good.
Just came to check on
our little Princess.
I see you stopped shrieking.
Whoo, she's a firecracker, huh?
Probably going to be
just like her momma,
- little heartbreaker.
- Wait, you know my mom?
Do I know your momma?
I used to...
I mean, of course,
I know of your momma.
We did do our proper
research and what not.
I'm not freaking amateurs.
Hey, why don't you have
some flapjacks with us?
- Come on, Bo.
- Bo?
Um... uh...
Uh, no, Luke.
I can't stay.
I gotta get back to work.
- You got everything you need?
- Yeah.
All right, you know where
the chloroform is, right?
You tie her back up,
you understand me.
As soon as we eat.
Bye, Princess.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Oh, god, I miss
you so much, baby,
I can't concentrate.
I gotta see you.
Are you crazy?
You shouldn't be
calling me right now.
No, it's Ok.
I'm calling from a pay
phone like you said.
I need to see you.
What part of no communication
unless absolutely necessary
do you not understand?
This is really stupid.
Well, how the hell long
do we gotta go
without seeing each other, huh?
I keep seeing you on the news.
You're looking so hot.
It's killing me.
I told you a month,
and it's only been a week,
so don't call me unless
it's an emergency.
Are you not missing me at all?
Oh, baby, of course, I miss you.
I miss you like crazy.
I'm just, you know,
a little on edge
because I don't wanna
screw things up.
Oh, Billy, we're
gonna be so happy
when this is all over.
I know we are, baby.
I'm sorry. I'm a fucking idiot.
- I gotta get going, but, uh...
- Wait.
I love you.
How is the little bunny rabbit?
- It's fine.
- Happy to hear that.
- She's doing good.
- Who are you talking to?
- I said I...
- Police?
What'd they say?
Any good news?
God damn it!
Nearly a week and nothing.
Earnhardt Jr.'s coming up.
In a second, Jimmie Giles
is gonna eat my dust,
come on.
Come on, come on.
I told you I'd win this time.
You learn fast, young Skywalker.
Oh, never mind,
it was before your time.
How long am I gonna be here?
I don't know. Not long.
Sorry, kid.
Yeah, well...
I do miss my parents
and everything,
but it's actually kind of nice
to have a break from my life.
Yeah, it's the most downtime
I've ever had.
You're a kid.
What do you know about downtime?
Well, let's see.
So I go to school
at seven o'clock,
and by the time I come out
at two,
I have either dance class,
show rehearsal,
um, acting classes
or singing lessons,
and then most days,
I have two classes back to back.
So that means I come home
around seven-ish.
Then it's dinner, homework,
and my mom hounding me
to practice with her
until I'm ready to pass out.
Oh, and let's not forget
all of the never ending
competitions and pageants
I have the pleasure
of being forced to do.
Your mom's one of those moms.
She means well, I guess.
When do you see your friends?
Well, friends?
No, friends aren't
in the schedule.
Yeah, I don't have
many friends either.
It's nice to play this game
with somebody,
you know, other than
the damn computer.
Yeah, of course,
but why don't you
have any friends?
I guess I'm just
uncomfortable around people.
How 'bout your family?
Hi, boys and girls.
Hey, man.
How's it going here
at, uh, Shangri-la?
We're just playing the x-box,
and she beat me.
Oh, and can you pick up
a copy of star wars?
Can you believe
she's never seen it?
Well, it's like
a million years old.
It doesn't matter.
It's a classic. No excuse.
No, I ain't getting you
no friggin' star wars.
Don and I are cooperating fully.
I completely support
the police investigating
all possibilities.
I need to be honest
for a minute, Claire.
I'm not who people think I am.
I'm acting brave,
but I'm really just a coward.
And I miss my baby so much.
And I know
I've been acting strong and...
This has been very
hard on you and don,
I... I'm sure.
Can somebody get
her some Kleenex?
Look at her.
That's my baby.
She's an amazing singer,
and a dancer and...
She should be a model.
We don't want her
to grow up too fast.
We try to keep her home,
you know.
She's just like
a little Meryl Streep.
She has so much talent.
I'm so sorry.
- It's going to be Ok.
- Thank you.
It's going to be Ok.
I didn't expect
that to happen. Sorry.
If anybody
knows anything, sees anything,
please contact
your local police,
we want to help Leanne
and don bring Patty home.
Thank you for listening.
It's been seven days now
that 11-year-old Patty
Wilson was abducted
from her Hancock
neighborhood home,
but the community
has not given up hope
for her safe return
as dozens of people came
to quail creek park today
to show their love and support
for her and her family.
This next song's
for Patty Wilson.
We miss you
and hope you come home soon.
Gathered around local musicians,
the tiara girls,
it was an emotional night
as members of the community
gathered to light candles
and pray for Patty Wilson.
So far, the FBI
and local authorities
have not reported any leads,
however, the search
has intensified
as dozens of local residents
have scoured the area
- Still obsessing?
- Don't do that.
What's the latest?
Absolutely nothing.
There's no finger prints,
no DNA, no leads.
But she's certainly
making the rounds.
Yeah, 'cause she's
trying to find her kid.
No, the police are
trying to find her kid.
There's nothing new to report
to the media.
Yeah, but maybe she's, you know,
hoping the kidnappers
will see her on TV,
feel bad, and let her kid go.
Oh, that's a great strategy.
That always works.
Ok, I see your point.
I don't know.
This story's starting
to pick up national steam though
because Patty's one of those
child pageant stars.
Oh, yeah.
Every station is flashing
an old pageant glamor shot
of the poor girl when she was,
like, seven years old.
How's that helping?
It's disgusting.
The media, the press,
they are disgusting.
I mean, if only
they were as honorable
and conscientious as you are,
then the world would
be a better place.
- Thank you, I think.
- Mm-hmm.
Or f you.
Thank you or f you.
I never know.
Something tells me Leanne's
not going to be complaining.
God knows she was
an attention whore
in high school.
Ok, uh, have fun obsessing,
and I'll see you later.
- Order lunch.
- Sure what do you want?
- Tacos, spicy.
- No. No.
- I want 'em spicy.
- No.
Handle it.
- No.
- Handle it.
I'm getting you soup.
Ok now you try to do the...
You know, the clap,
and I'll do...
- One, two
- three, four.
Ooh, ouch.
Oh, gosh, I can't believe
girls do this.
Girls rock at this.
Come on, I'll show
you something else.
This is called
the sleeper hold, Ok.
Turn around like this.
You feel this forearm
right there?
- Mm-hmm.
- Ok, feel my head.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now watch this.
Here, now you try it, come on.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- Like that?
- Like that, that's right.
- And like this.
- Yeah, Ok.
There you go, now. That's good.
How come you're not sleeping?
It'd take about five of you
at your strength
to put my big ass to sleep,
- so you need some strength.
- Not really.
Some actual...
It's cool.
We're friends now, right?
Yeah, we're friends now.
This is such a violation.
That's our beautiful home
that we made together.
Jammies, pink Jammies.
Princess Jammies.
They were yellow, don.
He never pays attention to her.
What about frank
and all the neighbors
coming over, and bringing us
all that stuff?
That was really nice.
Who is it?
I don't know.
I don't recognize the number.
Probably just
another news outlet.
Who might have
information for us, babe.
Just... just get it.
Well, you two are looking
pretty fucking cozy.
Oh, no thank you.
- Now's not a good time.
- Oh, no.
You're sitting next to
that fucker, aren't you?
You put that
limp-dick bastard on.
Put him on!
Hey, fucker, hey fucker!
I don't want any.
You need to meet me tomorrow
at the rendezvous point at noon,
and you better be there.
Amber is slapping
fives with with her fans,
getting the crowd...
How do you know
all this wrestling?
Um, I was kind of a loner
when I was younger,
so I used to watch
a lot of wrestling on TV,
probably too much.
That must be nice,
like, sitting around,
chilling, watch TV.
Oh, if I did that,
my mom would have a cow.
You're mom may bug you,
but I'm sure she's just doing
what she thinks is best.
I can't even remember my mom.
She took off when I was two.
You lucky to have
so many people in your life
that care about you.
Is that your keyboard?
Well, do you play it?
Not lately, but yeah.
Cool, like, are you any good?
Geez. I started
when I was about your age.
- Really?
- My grandmama taught me.
- Wait.
- Yeah, I got a grandmama.
Ok, everybody has a grandmama.
Since nobody was ever home
at my place,
I'd go over there
as much as I could.
She didn't have much,
but she had this old piano
that she played all the time.
She wanted me to learn,
and I didn't want
no parts of it,
so she bribed me with, like,
chocolate and ding dongs
and bologna sandwiches,
and she gave me lessons.
At some point, I started
to actually liking it.
And then I got pretty good.
It came to the point
where I would go over there
just to jump on that piano.
Well, you know
I play the violin?
The violin? You play that, too?
You see it's not one of my
mother-approved activities.
My dad let's me play though.
He thinks it's pretty awesome.
Well, it is.
I love it.
Maybe we can play
together some day.
Maybe we will.
You're late.
Didn't think
you were gonna show.
I had to at least
go in and buy something,
so I don't look
so damned suspicious.
This is super risky, you know.
Everybody in town
knows who I am now.
Give me a hug, and look like
you're consoling me,
like you just bumped into me.
Oh, you reek like booze.
Put on something new.
That's the most damn action
I've gotten from you
since this whole thing started.
What do you expect?
We talked about this.
I'm just not so sure
about all this anymore.
What? Oh, baby,
how could you say that?
I sure as shit
don't like seeing you
and your scumbag husband
all over each other
on every damned TV station.
And I'm about fucking done
with being hung up on it.
Well, I don't want to
take any stupid chances
right now, Ok?
You should be happy.
I'm getting a lot of publicity.
It's exactly like we planned.
No, exactly like you planned.
So, what, you're just gonna
keep soaking up
all the publicity
while I wait around
doing your dirty work
like a... like a little bitch?
You are doing
the most important part.
You're taking care
of my little girl.
You're doing it for us,
don't forget.
I'm going crazy, baby.
I need to be with you.
I... I need you.
Remember when we planned to meet
after the homecoming game
at that old abandoned barn?
Oh, yeah.
You remember how long
we had to wait to be together?
We had to wait through classes,
and we had to wait through
the football game,
and we had to wait through
the ceremony.
Hmm... king and queen.
King and queen.
Remember how good
it actually felt
after all that anticipation
when we finally
got to be together?
It was the most
mind-blowing night of our lives.
How could I forget?
Think of it like that.
This is all just foreplay.
Ok, I promise you.
I will make it worth your while.
- Hmm.
- Hey!
Psst. Hey!
How is she?
She's a little pain in the ass.
Hey, don't you talk about
my little girl like that.
You better be good
to her, Billy.
As long as you're good to me.
Nice to see you.
Leanne milling
and Billy Fontaine,
that can't be good.
Life has not been
good to you, sir.
You know what, sweetie,
that's actually my cup,
and this is my seat,
but you're gonna sit
right over there.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- That's all right.
That's Ok, go on.
I didn't do it.
Would you look at right there?
I feel like there's something
right there going on.
Hang on one second.
I don't want you to be
nervous or anything, Ok?
Thank you.
Thank you, Jenny.
Oh, you're so skinny.
Ok, great.
Got it, thank you.
Hey, Jenny, uh,
we're back in three, two...
Ok, great. You ready?
And we're back.
Hi, welcome back to Jenny.
Our next guest is someone
that has been in my heart,
I know,
and I think she has been
in the hearts
of everyone in this nation.
Oh, finally. Oh, I'm starving.
Yeah, it was a crazy line.
At good and fast?
Hmm, I had to make a stop.
Where'd you go?
What's behind your back?
What do you mean?
Oh, this?
Now don't get too excited.
It's used and pretty beat up,
but it was the best I could do.
I can't believe you did this.
Here you go.
I'm sorry it's not new.
I love it. Thank you.
What you waiting on?
Play something.
What do you mean no?
Do you know where I had to go
to find that?
Well, not unless you play, too.
No, I'm real rusty.
Well, listen, you kidnapped me,
so I think you owe me one.
Hey, Bo, man,
we're playing some music.
- You gotta hear us, man.
- It's really cool.
It goes like this.
What the fuck is this, JT?
- JT? Who is JT?
- No, fuck that shit!
The fuck's it even
matter anymore?
You took your fucking mask off!
I mean, why don't you just
dial 911 for her
while you're at it?
It's cool, man. She... she's cool.
We're friends now.
Friends? Are you shitting me?
The little brat's
playing you, man.
And what about me, huh?
What the fuck's
going to stop her
from ratting me out?
Huh? And what if something slips
and she reveals it about you
because you were stupid enough
to give her your mug shot
on a silver fucking platter.
Who do you think she's going
to throw under the bus then?
Shut up!
Don't you back
talk me, little girl.
- Who?
- He's right.
We are friends,
and I would never
get him in trouble.
You look more and more
like your daddy
every time I see you.
Wait, you know my dad?
Yeah, I know
the limp-dick loser,
- and I'll tell you what...
- He's the best dad ever!
Not some scumbag kidnapper
like you!
Oh, my god,
I'm so sorry. Are you Ok?
I'm Ok. I'm Ok.
The fuck!
I'm going to tell you
this one time, Billy.
If you ever touch
that child again,
I'm going to beat you
to a fucking pulp.
The fucker's mouthing off.
She's just a kid!
And you got something
against her, I know it.
So you just leave your
damn hands off of her.
This wasn't part of the plan.
Her mother find out,
she'll kill you.
My mother?
Oh, god.
I'm so sorry.
There you go.
We're all fucked now!
Where you going?
I can not believe
they cut the best part
out of our dateline segment.
How could they not show
all Patty's trophies
and what an amazing girl she is?
I can't believe
it's been this long,
what are the police
doing on this?
Besides sleepwalking
through the investigation.
You know what we need?
We need Oprah.
Nobody gets more viewers
than Oprah.
Are you serious?
Yeah, what?
Who fucking cares about Oprah?
You know our daughter
has been gone
for almost a month,
and we're no closer
to finding her
then we were a month ago.
Don, calm down, Ok?
We are trying to help the police
the best way we can.
All the exposure
is good for her.
Oh, all the exposure, yeah.
The exposure's been great.
All the exposure's
done is make us
into a fucking spectacle.
What do you want
to do, don, huh?
We're not the FBI.
We can't just
go around investigating.
This is the only
thing that we can do.
Honey, the people
who committed this crime
have no soul, no humanity.
If the cops find them,
they better fucking fry them.
Because if they don't,
I'm going to find them
and fucking tear
their fucking hearts out,
and then rip them limb from limb
with my fucking bare hands!
Come here.
I'm sorry, baby.
No, I'm sorry.
That lying bitch.
- Hello, handsome.
- Cut the shit, Leanne.
You really thought you were just
going to play me for a fool,
and then toss me aside?
Use me and then live
happily ever after
with your stupid-ass husband?
You're still the same
selfish bitch you always were,
but, woman,
you are out of your mind
if you think
I'm going to let you
fuck me over twice.
So you know what, this time,
it ain't going down that way.
I'm thinking of paying
sheriff Williams a visit.
Sit him down and let him know
that little Patty Wilson
was kidnapped
by her own goddamned mother!
You got nothing
to say about that?
Oh, you think
you're gonna turn me in
and walk away unscathed, huh?
Well, then you must be the same
dipshit you always were.
I'll tell you this.
If I'm going down,
you better believe
you're going right down with me.
Better yet, I got another idea.
Why don't I just let you take
the fall for the whole thing?
Yeah, I think that works better.
As a matter of fact,
who's going to possibly believe
an ex-con over little old me,
and I'm going to put on
such a show,
you won't believe it.
For the cops and for the jury.
You better get ready to say hi
to your old prison buddies.
You know none of this
really matters anyway
because that little
brat of yours,
she knows you're involved.
Yeah, that's what I came here
to tell you.
- What?
- Yup, the gig is up sweetheart.
She'll probably throw
the book at all of us.
- Billy...
- Or you know what,
come to think of it,
I got a better idea.
Maybe I'll just dispose
of the evidence,
and then there won't be
proof of anything.
- Yeah, I like that much better.
- As god as my witness,
you better not lay a hand
on that girl.
This is all on you, Leanne.
It's your fucking fault.
You're gonna find out
what it's like to have
your fucking heart ripped out!
Wait, hey!
Hi, JT, it's Leanne.
Billy just came to see me,
and he's losing his mind.
I don't know if
none of us are safe.
He's coming your way.
You gotta just tie him up
or something.
Protect Patty whatever you do.
Where is she?
She's asleep.
Well, that is very...
Very literal, JT, thank you.
He came in on the war path,
all right.
Talking crazy,
not making much sense.
He mad as heck at you.
Threatened to expose us all
just to hurt you.
He don't even care
if he get himself in trouble
or me, for that matter.
I had to chloroform his ass.
Oh, baby!
I missed you so much.
Oh, it feels so good
to hold you.
What happened to your face?
What happened to her face?
I'm so sorry, Leanne.
Billy got to her last night.
He was acting up.
He got to her before
I could stop him.
I took him down though.
JT, would you please take
Patty outside for a minute?
I just want to talk to Billy.
Come on, Patty.
What the fuck?
You are a son of a bitch.
I would've never
in a million years
dreamed you could become
such a monster.
You did this to me.
I was doing fucking fine
until you came along
with all your bullshit and lies!
How dare you hit my baby?
That little bitch
of yours, you mean?
She's probably going
to be a cock-tease
just like her momma.
You are seriously
going to regret this.
I promise you that.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
You know JT may be
a little freaked out right now,
but he's my boy,
and as soon as he calms down,
he'll untie me.
I wouldn't be making
any threats to me
if I were you, Billy.
You were fucking with me
the whole time, weren't you?
- Billy, come on.
- No, I did.
You were never going
to leave him, were you?
Fuck you.
- Fuck you!
- No, fuck you!
You think I would leave don
for you?
I may have got with him
for the wrong reasons,
but he is a much better man
than you.
You're nothing
but a mean, old drunk,
a loser, a two-bit criminal
who likes to hit little girls!
You know, you're going down
for this, you bitch!
No, you are.
I don't give a shit
if I have to rot in a cell
for the rest of my life
as long as you're
doing the same.
I mean, you've looked
in the mirror lately, Leanne?
Don't kid yourself, sweetheart.
You're not looking
too hot these days.
A little old if you ask me.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah, that's right.
I think it'd be about time
to trade you in
on a newer model anyway.
Now let's both be honest.
We both know I had your dumb ass
wrapped around my little finger,
but I guess some things
never change.
Don't think you're gonna
get over on me,
you are crazy.
I'll tell your brat
you said goodbye.
Holy crap.
Jesus, Billy.
Why'd you make me do that?
I'm gonna explain
everything, Ok.
Listen, baby, I just...
Oh, my god!
What the hell happened to Billy?
He left me no choice, JT.
It was self-defense.
I swear to god.
He was... he... he...
He loved you.
And you just was lying to him.
You're husband's
not abusive at all, is he?
Mom, why would you do this?
Baby, this is going to
set us up for life.
I hated that you were here
and that you were scared,
but I knew when the public took
one look at your face,
they would see
that you're a star,
like you're destined to be.
Mom, you never hear me.
This is so horrible,
even for you.
Wait, dad doesn't know
you did this, does he?
No, baby,
daddy's not strong enough
to go through
with a plan like this,
and I know you don't see it now,
but I did this for our family.
This... this is going to be
a distant memory,
and the rest of your life
is going to be like
a dream come true, baby.
Stop saying that.
It's just not true.
You did this all for yourself.
Oh, honey.
You just have no idea
what it's like to look back
on your life and see regrets.
Nothing is worse
than wondering what your life
could've been like
if you would have
done things differently
or taken bigger risks,
and I don't want that for you.
So I saw an opportunity
this time, and I took it.
But things just
got out of control.
Sometimes, you just go too far,
and you just can't
find your way back.
But now we are just going to
keep pressing forward.
Were you cheating on dad
with that creep?
God, no, honey. Of course not.
And don't you worry
about those two.
I'm gonna take care of them.
Mom, you better leave JT alone.
He's my friend,
and he's taking good care of me.
Honey, I'm glad you liked him,
but that man could cause
a lot of trouble for us, Ok?
You don't really know him.
No, you don't know him!
I'm telling you this, mother,
if anything happens to JT,
I will tell the whole world
what you've done.
Excuse me?
Now you listen to me,
little lady.
No, you listen.
I'm not going to let
my friend get hurt
because of your crazy scheming.
I'm so serious.
You wouldn't do that
to your own mother.
Yeah, what, you're gonna
get rid of me, too, now?
Ok. Ok.
JT, can we talk to you
for a minute, please?
Come on out here.
Everything Ok out here?
Of course.
I wanted to say thank you
for taking such good care
of my little girl,
for keeping her safe,
and I also wanted to say
that I'm very sorry
for what happened to Billy.
Please know that what I did,
I did for all of our sakes.
And I'm also very sorry
for what I'm about to do
right now.
Thank you all for being here.
I stand here upon this,
uh, stage, if you will,
I'm reminded of a quote
by will Shakespeare,
"cowards die many times
before their deaths.
The Valiant never taste
of death, but once."
The alleged kidnapper,
this coward of a man,
is deceased.
He was identified
as 40-year-old William Fontaine.
The crime seems to be that
of a personal vendetta.
This investigation is ongoing,
so I can't tell you
any more than the facts
at this moment.
I can tell you, however,
there does appear to be
a hero in this story,
the Valiant,
Mr. Jebediah Thompson.
Mr. Thompson was acquainted
with Mr. Fontaine,
who knew that Mr. Thompson
owned a secluded cabin
in a remote wooded area.
This is where
he took Patty Wilson,
and where they remained
until Mr. Thompson
made an unexpected visit
to that cabin
and discovered them.
At this point, he realized
that she was a missing child,
made an attempt to rescue her,
a fight ensued,
leading to his death.
JT is a rare breed.
We'd like to thank
him for his courage
and for rescuing Patty Wilson.
Uh, at this moment, Mrs. Wilson
would like to make a statement.
Well, I just wanna say
we are over the moon
to have our precious
daughter back,
and I want to sincerely
thank the FBI,
sheriff Williams,
and the entire department,
as well as this community,
for your compassion
and your generosity
and your assistance
during this horrific ordeal.
Don and I are so proud
of what a strong and
resilient girl Patty is,
and we're so happy
that she's going to be able to
show the world her talents.
But I really want
to take a moment
to give thanks to JT.
Because of this brave man,
we have our baby back.
He'll always be our hero,
and we can never
thank him enough.
One last thing.
One last thing, thank you.
One last thing.
I want to thank the lord.
Thank you, for bringing back
our little girl...
Safe and sound,
and I want to thank all of you.
God bless you.
Well, if it isn't
Leanne milling.
Oh, I don't have time
for an interview, now, honey.
I'm meeting someone.
Yeah, I know, you're late.
Have a seat.
Join me.
How dare you send me
that ridiculous text.
Hello, uh, can I get an iced tea
unsweetened, two lemons?
I'll have the same, but sweet,
very sweet.
You're Leanne Wilson.
My momma says
you're an inspiration.
That is so kind.
Please tell your momma,
thank you for her love
and support and prayers.
I'll get those teas.
You're just loving this,
aren't you?
The attention, the spotlight,
the fame?
You haven't changed one bit.
What are you suggesting?
That is disgusting.
Hey, drop the act,
Leanne, please.
I know the truth.
Yes, of course, you do.
Everybody does.
They saw it
on the press conference
on television today.
Yeah, I saw it as well,
and I'd have to say
if I didn't know you were
lying through your teeth,
I'd have believed every word.
What? Are you trying
to slander me?
No, no, no, no.
The word is expose.
Ok, what is this?
You still have a little bug
up your ass about high school?
Oh, no, this is
so much more than that.
I followed you to that cabin
in the middle of nowhere.
Imagine my surprise to see
all the key players there.
You, Billy, JT,
and your missing child.
Wow. You look worried.
Are you Ok?
You have no idea
how good it feels
after all these years
to just knock that snotty
look off your face.
Oh, and don't get
any crazy ideas either
because if anything
happens to me,
I've made arrangements
for the story to be released.
I'm afraid you're going down,
and I'm so happy
to be the one to do it.
Wait! Shh!
You want money for the iced tea?
No, just sit down, please.
I want to explain this time.
The truth, for real.
I know you'll understand.
Ok, Billy and I did reconnect.
Don and I were going through
a really hard time,
and I just talked to Billy,
and he made me feel
so good about myself,
but then when I realized
I couldn't really
go through with it,
Billy went ballistic.
He started threatening me,
and then he kidnapped Patty,
and told me
that if I didn't leave don,
he would keep her
or maybe do worse,
and so I figured
I couldn't hurt don
any more than I already had,
and I would just
play along with Billy
until maybe he would
just let Patty go.
Somehow I figured
I could convince him.
I thought you were going to
tell me the truth.
That doesn't add up,
and you didn't have to
kill Billy.
JT did.
He had to.
He was threatening Patty.
Listen, as far as I'm concerned,
all signs point
to you being the killer,
and regardless,
you withheld information
in an abduction
of your own child.
Well, he was blackmailing me.
What was I supposed to do?
He said if I called the cops,
he would kill himself and Patty.
He was crazy.
He was not the Billy
we knew from high school.
I don't know, leanne.
That's just it. You don't know.
And how can you ruin
my entire family
based on something that you're
really not sure about?
Not to mention,
most people might think that
you're just trying
to put yourself in the limelight
by using my tragedy.
- Oh, that's ridiculous.
- Yeah, I know it is. It is.
I know, but you,
you of all people,
know the media
and how they can spin things.
And a lot of people
are going to wonder
why you didn't go
to the police first.
I was about to break the news.
I just had to finish
my investigation
and gather my evidence
before I presented it
to the authorities.
I think it's far from
a slam dunk for you.
I think you might become
the laughing stock of the media.
I have an idea.
I have an idea that might put
both of us on top.
Oh, you know what,
will you take a look at this
for me?
Thank you.
Did I mess up my face?
I think you look great.
Think we look great.
I think we're ready. Thank you.
All right, we're on in five,
- and cue music.
- Four, three...
Good evening, I'm Nancy Nelson.
Tonight, I'm joined
by a mother and survivor,
Mrs. Leanne Wilson.
She is giving us
the first interview
since she was reunited
with her daughter, Patty,
who was missing...
Please welcome,
your host, Ms. Leanne Wilson!
Oh, wow. Thank you.
Oh, thank you,
thank you so much.
Oh, I just wanted to say...
Oh, thank you so much.
Wow, wow.
This is really
such an amazing thing
to happen to our family,
after so much tragedy,
to have such a victory
and to be here with you.
All my life I wanted to do
something to empower women.
Ok, we're ready for you.
Are you ready, Patty?
Are you excited?
You're not nervous are you?
Ok, we're gonna go up here.
We're gonna be
a little bit quiet
'cause they already
started taping, Ok?
It's just coming up here.
Oh, and look,
that's your mom on TV.
Let's go.
Come on, y'all.
Let's give a round of applause
all round. Thank you so much.
I am Leanne Wilson,
and this is our
very first Leanne show.
Thank you so much for being here
and saying so many
wonderful things,
giving me the hope and faith
that I have today
to share with you...
Little Ms. Patty Wilson.
She's backstage
with her father right now,
but she'll be out here
any second.
Thank you so much
for being here.
In a minute,
you are going to meet
the most beautiful and talented
little girl in the world,
my daughter, Patty Wilson.
My mother kidnapped me.