Australien Skies (2015) Movie Script

My name is Don Meers.
I am the director of
a production company
called Dojo Media.
I'm on my way
to spend four days
with an Australian ufologist
by the name of Damien Nott,
who claims to have captured
over 2,000 photographs
and video
of unidentified
flying objects
and paranormal phenomena.
The first goal of this film
is to see if we can
start to understand
what is happening to Damien
and other people like him.
Secondly, I want to try
and work out what these objects
are that he's seeing.
And lastly, I wanna see
one of these objects up close
and personal for myself.
This is Australien Skies.
[industrial electronic
music playing]
Hi, guys. How's it going?
My name is Don Meers.
I'm the director
of Dojo Media.
Welcome to the opening shots
of Australien Skies.
I'm actually
here now waiting
for Damien Nott to arrive
at Queensland Train Station.
We had originally planned
to shoot this film
in New South Wales.
However, our location
down there fell through.
Fortunately for us though,
we were offered a
Queensland location
by the name of
Figtree Valley,
which had been attributed
with a whole lot
of high strangeness.
And we thought, "You know
what, let's go for it.
"Let's have
a bit of a road trip.
"Bring Damien out of
his comfort zone
"to the beautiful
Queensland area.
"Surrounded by
the Glass House Mountains
"and Bribie Island"
So we've got
all the crew here.
Unfortunately though,
Damien doesn't like to fly,
so he opted for the train.
Which means that for the last
fourteen and a half hours
he's been traveling from
New South Wales
to Queensland,
which I imagine
in itself
is gonna be quite
an adventure.
Yep. There he is.
Okay, here he comes.
Hi, Damien, how are you?
Very well, thanks.
How was
your train trip?
[both chuckle]
-You know how
I didn't like aeroplanes?
-I like them now.
-Welcome to Queensland.
-Cheers, mate.
I have no explanation
for the amount of craft
that I actually see, or
that I've seen over the years.
I really don't know why
I see the amount that I see.
All I know is over
the last two years,
I've seen
literally hundreds.
Everything started ramping up
two years ago.
I moved to a place
called Dunedoo
in the central west
table lands
of New South Wales,
My father had previously
moved up there,
and I moved up there
to renovate our home.
And pretty much every
second night I was there,
I started witnessing
the strangest phenomena.
[man 1] Stop. Here we go.
Here we go. Right here.
It's right here.
-There it is. See?
-[man 2] Wow. Yup.
[man 1]
That's got to be him.
[man 2]
Look at that.
Yeah, got him.
[dog barks]
[man 1] It's blinking.
[man 2] The dogs are going
bonkers all around this area.
Look at him moving.
That is amazing. Wow.
These objects would come
into a country town...
I mean, where there was
a population of 500 people.
And everybody in town is,
you know,
has the door shut.
6:00 pm at night,
there's no lights
in the town.
So it's a very isolated
kind of place.
And these objects rock up
out of the blue,
and ranged in size from
probably a tennis ball
to a basketball, up to a car,
up to a ship,
like a naval frigate.
I was witnessing all types
of activity in the air.
Objects high up
changing direction,
left hand turns,
taking off at high speeds.
Big spheres of light
the size of homes
illuminating roof tiles
as they moved across.
Right down to
solid balls of light
which, you know,
scientists call plasma,
or Earth Light,
whatever the case may be.
I really don't have
an explanation for them.
All I know is what I've seen
over the years.
And I know the reality
of what I've seen, because
now there's been
hundreds of people
that have witnessed it
now with me.
And they're stumped as well.
They have no idea
why it's happening.
[woman] Alien base or what?
[Damien] Yeah, that's why
it came out here.
[woman speaks indistinctly]
[Damien] Oh, my God.
When we had
a really amazing sighting
and Damien had a feeling
and went outside and
started to film.
And then he called me out
and I looked up in the sky
and saw a very shiny light
that was moving
very, very slowly.
[Damien] Explain that as
an aeroplane, guys.
That's not an aeroplane.
It's not moving...
[Damien] It's so slow.
If it was a plane it would've
fallen out of the sky.
You should see
what it's doing now.
[Melissa] It's floating.
It's not a plane.
And it's illuminating
without any...
My dad's friend Sherie
was here,
and we called Sherie out
and she came out as well.
And we were just
watching this object...
And for me, what was
pretty awesome about it was
when I saw something
drop out of the object.
[Damien] Oh, my God.
Something just flew by.
[Melissa] Something's
falling out of it.
Can you see it?
Something's coming down.
Can you see that, Sherie?
[indistinct conversation]
[Sherie] It seems to me
like flashing lights.
Not flashing lights.
Maybe just trying to, like,
It's actually morphing shape
and rotating as well.
[Melissa] Planes won't see
this or pick this up?
[Damien] Oh, planes see
them all the time,
but they're told to keep...
I know that
there are many people
that have seen this phenomenon
around Damien.
Especially in Dunedoo.
His friends, his family,
his father.
Um, myself.
Yes, that's...
A lot of people can attest
to seeing it.
[Sherie] I have to say
I've never seen
anything like that before.
[Melissa] Do you think
they draw to you?
[Damien] Yeah.
They're with me
wherever I go.
-[Melissa] So it doesn't
matter where you're going?
[Mariana] Two years ago,
in January,
we received an email
from Damien Nott,
who was reporting seeing
some amazing UFOs
and filming them
in the Dunedoo area.
Because of
the nature of the email,
because of the sincerity
of Damien,
and because of the number
of UFOs he was seeing,
I decided to take
the drive to Dunedoo
to explore for myself
and to meet him in person.
[Damien] Look at him go.
It's moving quite slow.
At same time,
keeping steady pace.
Should get me a tripod.
I don't think
we are going anywhere.
I booked into a B&B
in the town
and unbeknown to me,
there was a Sydney
Morning Herald journalist
booking into the same B&B
to cover the story of
the Coonabarabran fires
at the time.
And my B&B landlady
told him, "There's this
UFO lady from Sydney.
"You may want to meet her."
And his ears pricked up
and he made contact with me,
and subsequently
with Damien.
And we discussed whether
Damien would like to
be interviewed by him,
and Damien thought
it was a good idea
and the timing was right.
[Damien] Just about
out of the screen again.
Picks it up again.
Did you see that?
It just moved to the left
so quick.
[journalist] Thank you
for showing me this.
[Mariana] The journalist
and his associate
did a night-watch with Damien
and saw quite a number
of UFOs, as did I.
And it was probably my first
proper UFO sighting.
I've had multitude of people
witness them around me.
Whereas other people
have come up,
didn't see a thing.
So there seems to be
a thing where
certain people, if they're
open-minded enough,
will see them.
And the more you see,
the more you continue to see.
And that's the way
I found out,
and many other people
who do see them
on a regular basis
have found that as well.
It's coming back.
[woman 1] Where is it now?
Oh, wow! It's mental.
[woman 2]
You can still see it?
[man] Just keep it on.
Make sure you focus.
[Damien] There it is.
About two years ago, I read
in the Sydney Morning Herald
about Damien
and Dunedoo,
and I thought it was
a hot spot.
So I have an interest
in this subject,
I have a commercial
pilot's license,
and my wife and I,
we drove out to Dunedoo
for a weekend
and we ended up
meeting with Damien
and having a night-watch
in his backyard,
where we saw
a variety of phenomena.
Slowly spinning around.
Oh, wow.
The actual shape of it seems
to be twisting around.
It's definitely a craft, man.
Oh, my God.
Mate, do you see that,
what it's doing?
I wish I had the zoom...
-[Peter] Are you picking up...
-Look at the color.
Yeah, that is amazing, mate.
I do recall that night,
very specifically,
the night was very clear.
And I could see
all sorts of aircraft
flying through the sky.
As a matter of fact, I pointed
them out to Damien.
The other phenomena we saw,
that was certainly not
[Damien] Well, to date,
over the last few years,
I've probably had around
about 300-350 sightings
all about my whole life.
They type of craft that I see
is such a variety.
It's incredible.
All different
types of craft,
from what you see
Hollywood flying saucers
to be like,
right down to
solid balls of light,
which, you know,
scientifically are called
"plasma" or "earth light" .
These kind of craft
you'd think would be
impossible from what we know
as a humanoid being
to travel inside.
So I believe that
some of them...
Some sort of energy
in themselves.
Or a being of light
I've lined it up with a tree
and it's just slowly drifting.
It's slower than
the cloud speed.
[man] It's about to go behind,
into the cloud.
See the strange way
it's moving as well?
[Damien] The first object
I saw when I was nine
was a red sphere.
I've seen this
time and time again
during my life.
I've had them
following me
down the road.
I've had them
following me on my skateboard
when I was a kid.
I've had them hover
above my head literally
10 feet above me.
Just perfectly silent.
The size of a basketball,
nothing bigger.
I really don't know
what they are.
I've seen them
my whole life.
Probably at least
nine or ten times,
the red spheres.
I've seen the white spheres
literally tens of dozens
of times.
[Damien] On a couple
of occasions in Dunedoo,
I've concentrated and
though about them
when they've been
moving across the sky.
And then all of a sudden
they'll start zig-zagging
or doing... or stop.
Or they'll come down
lower, or...
Almost like they're
hearing my thoughts.
It's almost like an
extra sensory perception,
or a psychic ability
that they have
to read minds.
And that plays into
they're not just some
benign earth light,
or, you know,
something that's
plasma in the air
which dissipates.
Or something, you know,
from earthquakes
or whatever.
This is something
very strange. It's...
I believe it's inherent
to this earth,
and it's been here
for a long, long time.
Probably before humans.
Calling it a light...
doesn't seem right either.
It seems like it's
something more
than a light.
As though it's...
it's alive.
It's just incredible.
It has some kind of
aliveness to it,
beingness to it.
And the way
that they moved
as well.
As far as I know,
they've been labeling us
photographic contactees.
The guys that sense
or feel
the objects are around
in enough time to
go outside
and film the object
hanging above the house,
or going past the home
or whatever the case may be.
And you know, I'm not gonna
claim that I'm in contact
with extra terrestrials
and that they're talking to me,
telling me stuff
about the world.
But I do know that they do
appear above me
out of nowhere
when I've
thought about them.
And I can't explain
any other reason
why that would happen
apart from there is
some sort of link between
the objects and myself.
That sensitivity I've also had
reported from other people,
who get a feeling
to go outside,
get drawn outside.
And then they're able
to film these UFOs.
So there is obviously
a desire from the UFO pilots,
or whoever they might be,
the intelligence,
to want to be seen.
[indistinct conversation]
They're coming towards us.
Straight over at us.
Oh, it's moving now.
[Donna] It's right above
our car.
[Boy] I can see it
from our window.
I came in contact with Damien
through the Internet.
I was starting to see
a few things in the sky.
And I needed some,
I guess you could say help,
to try and...
I thought he could answer
some questions for me,
because I had no answers
for what I was seeing.
My children were
a bit skeptical,
but now they
sort of understand.
And my wife thought
it was great that I had
a hobby to start with,
instead of just working.
And then she soon realized
that it was more than a hobby,
because she's been with me
on several occasions
and in clear sight
seeing what I am seeing.
[Donna] This tree?
[Liam] Yeah.
Son of a gun, Donna.
This is absolute gold.
Okay, there's more.
There's more.
[Liam] Oh, my God.
We've got it.
When I get the feelings
to go outside,
I'd actually up and sometimes
not see a thing at all.
But I'd take a camera with me
and I'd film something,
capture something strange
that I didn't see
with my naked eye.
Other times I'd
see something and capture it.
It's a hard feeling
to describe.
It's more like an auto-pilot.
A mixture of
someone's watching you
from behind,
mixed with a feeling that
someone's in the room
with you that you can't see.
A very unusual
kind of feeling.
It's almost like a knowing
that something strange
is going on.
The feeling... Look, for me
it happens in the
middle of the night.
I'll wake up at
2:00 or 3:00
in the morning
for a couple of days
in a row and...
And I know
something's gonna happen.
They sort of...
I don't know.
Whatever... I sort of
get woken up really early
in the morning
and I wake up going, "Okay,
I'll see one today."
And sure enough,
I will see something
during the day.
I'm gonna get you this time,
you little rover.
There he goes.
Got you.
[man] I think
this one's the first one.
[Liam] Yeah,
that's the first one.
[man] That's the first one
that's moved.
[Liam] There he goes.
He's going in
behind the clouds now,
or a cloud.
Sheesh! That's bright
and it's big.
That's cool.
I can't see it anymore.
[Liam] Oh, I'm getting some
awesome footage here.
Oh, yeah.
[Liam] No, no.
They don't mind
being filmed.
I will, basically, if I'm
driving in the car...
It can happen anywhere,
but I'll just have them
in from of me.
They'll show up
dead in front of me
up in the sky.
So I'll stop the car,
get out,
film them,
and then they leave.
And then I get in the car
and carry on
with my normal life.
[man speaking indistinctly]
[muffled conversation]
[man speaking indistinctly]
[man] Look at that!
Oh, no. Where are you?
Where has it gone?
I freaking lost it.
Some of the things
that I've seen
would make most people
think that they're crazy,
you know.
It's only because I've
seen them
time and time again
I know that I'm not crazy.
This is why I
started buying cameras,
so I could film
what I'm seeing.
So I could show people
what I'm seeing.
So the point was,
If I'm crazy,
my camera's crazy.
[seagulls squawking]
There is an extreme
sense of isolation
that comes with
seeing these things.
Because you feel like
you can't talk to people.
You feel like...
that you're alone.
That you're different.
It does shape your life
And especially when
the academics of this world
say that there's
no such thing.
That makes it hard
for people who do
experience such things.
Not just hard,
but it changes
your life so much.
It changes your attitude
towards other people.
Now you don't
trust people as much.
You're really...
You're more guarded.
It's hard to keep
a relationship,
you know,
and keep this secret.
You know,
most people freak out.
Like friends, or partners,
or whatever
when they see these things,
you know.
It's very rare that
someone around you
will go,
"Oh, that's awesome."
Or whatever.
'Cause most people
follow the crowd
and most of the crowd
believes that, you know,
what they're told.
And as humans
we tend to believe
what we're told,
because that's the reality.
You're taught in school
what's real, what's not real,
whatever the case may be.
These things
don't exist, apparently.
But they do.
[melancholy music playing]
[upbeat instrumental music]
I've purposely gone out
and filmed two drones
that I knew were drones.
They make noise.
Anything that humans create
makes a sound.
It has an engine,
it has rotors.
It makes noise.
And they're quite loud.
What we see in the sky
are definitely not drones.
But when you've
done the research,
when you've
done the fieldwork,
you can easily
tell the difference
between a drone
and something that's
quite unusual
and unknown.
[Don] Guys, I'm here
with Tony,
who is our drone pilot
that we always use
for our productions.
And I just want
to ask you, Tony,
a couple of questions
about the use of UAVs
and drones today.
What sort of height
can you get on these things,
regardless of rules?
Oh, they can get up
around 1,000 feet.
-Isn't that incredible?
-Yeah. That is amazing.
What technology.
What's the level
for a commercial flight?
How legally are you supposed to
keep these things below?
What height is that?
[Tony] 400 feet is
the height that
we can go to.
There are
other regulations,
you know, if you're close
to airports and
that sort of thing as well.
But legally and
commercially 400 feet,
unless you got
approval to do otherwise.
CASA put them in place
in 2002 actually.
One of the first
countries in the world
to do that.
They saw that it could
integrate well
within the commercial
arena here.
[Don] Are there any
that are silent?
Not that I'm aware of.
They all have a propeller
and the motor is turning
so none that are silent.
Obviously we're making
a documentary about
sightings, uh
mis-sightings as well,
of UFOs and what not.
You can understand though
that some of these things
you can see
could be definitely
mistaken for being
if you didn't have
that noise factor though.
Cause they do have quite some
don't they?
[Tony] Yeah, absolutely.
[Don] I mean,
when you see them,
they're quite unreal,
aren't they?
[Tony] Quite amazing.
Seeing them up there.
And particularly
if that little distance away
and that sort of thing.
It might be
hard to, particularly
the smaller ones,
to identify exactly
what they are.
And they can sort of
move around and,
you know,
without too much noise
and that sort of thing.
[drone buzzing]
[indistinct conversation]
[Don] Even through infrared
it's still very identifiable
as a drone.
[man] Keep it.
[Don] What the hell?
Something just like
flew straight down
to the ground right
past the drone.
Very fast moving.
There's no birds up there.
I'm looking... Whilst filming,
I'm looking up there.
There's no bird.
You can see it
by the naked eye anyway.
Earlier, I'm not sure if
you're aware of this,
but we were hearing
birds and crows.
There's not one bird now.
No. They've gone.
And you're saying dogs are
going off in the distance?
Yes. As soon as we got radio
that you guys
were seeing activity,
the dogs behind us
started going crazy.
[man] That's a really
good sign.
Yeah. Yep.
Okay, guys.
We're just doing a quick
through to camera here.
We're in the middle of
our drone day, or UAV day,
and we've
just been doing takeoffs
and filming a lot of
establishing shots.
We've got Damien
down there now.
We've just... He's just
notified through the...
Yeah, he's seeing things
down there.
And the dogs are
going absolutely bananas
in this area
just now as well.
So we're going to
take the drone,
the UAV up
and see if we can actually
use one of these things
as bait.
So here we go.
A lot of stuff that's
on YouTube is not real.
You know, a lot of people
fake footage.
A lot of people will
send a little toy drone
with lights up there
just to try and
fool people.
They fly in a way
that is quite mechanical,
You can tell the difference.
They make sound.
I've spent thousands of hours
literally in the field,
what they call orbs.
Replicating insects.
From photographing things
through a pane of glass...
Doing all sorts of things
trying to replicate anything
that could be misconstrued
as a UFO.
But when you've
done the research,
and when you've
done the field work,
you can easily tell
the difference between
a drone
and something that's
quite unusual and unknown.
[Bec] Okay, top gear.
In the blue patch.
Coming into the blue patch.
Thought I just saw something
sort of just pop in
behind that,
that cloud there.
-Where that big tree is?
[Don] I see him now...
[Bec] Right. Just dived in
behind the cloud.
It went in and
it's like it was hiding,
to go in behind the cloud.
That was okay.
We're actually...
Yeah, allegedly there's
something going on here.
Something that's
following the drone.
So the drone can't make out
what's going on as well.
The camera crew down there
is with Damien,
who is spotting
with the camera.
We're just gonna
see what happens.
This is definitely...
It's interesting.
I personally don't know
that I've been pranked.
Though I would be able
to pick it out quite easily.
Though I film
many balloons
up in the sky.
And they're quite easily
identifiable as balloons.
They're governed by
the laws of our physics.
So they move in
a certain way.
What I know and
what I've seen
do not move in the way
that a balloon
or you know,
any sort of man-made device
would move or operate.
[Bec] That's the drone
in the center of my screen.
See if there's any sparks
or flashes around it.
There is a really good
that some of them may be
top secret drones.
We've got no way of
proving otherwise
unless one crashes
and we pick it up.
We don't know what the Military
industrial complex has.
But when you
look at it logically,
why would a government fly
a top secret drone
over an area, over a city
where it can be witnessed
by thousands of people,
and have the possibility
of it falling out of the sky
and getting captured
by Joe Blow.
when they've got thousands of
acres and kilometers of desert
in Australia alone
to fly these things
where they'll
never ever be seen?
So the idea that some of them
could be drones,
it is a possibility,
but a very, very small one.
As we were just saying,
the birds are back.
We were down there
for how long?
Birds stopped.
Now the birds are back.
'Cause we've
packed everything away.
We've packed the drone away,
we've packed our gear away.
Maybe they've gone away.
I don't know, but...
-[woman] Everything's
back to normal.
Some more high strangeness.
One thing I've noticed is
within 10 to 20 minutes
after UFO sightings,
a helicopter will rock up.
And that's happened
time and time again.
They do seem to be
attracted to our aircraft.
Whether it be helicopters
or airplanes, they do seem
to follow them quite a bit.22
Whatever reason that is
is, you know,
it's still speculation.
Whenever I have a really good
major sighting,
like, you know,
a jaw dropping
sort of a craft,
you know,
it hangs around
for a while,
you can be guaranteed
within an hour
someone else
is coming to check
where it happened,
and check where I am
and keep an eye on me.
And it's generally
unmarked government cars,
or helicopters.
He's coming back again.
Is that military?
[woman] Is it black?
[Liam] He's got a camera
on the bottom of him.
Right over the top.
Hey, fella.
You just missed a UFO, mate.
We are also getting reports
that seem like human contact.
Human interference.
We've had the black helicopters
flying over numerous homes.
I can think of
quite a number of cases.
There have been people
reporting seeing someone
leaning out with a camera
from the black helicopter,
filming them.
So these have been
captured on film
by some of these people.
So there is something else
going on.
They bring
the helicopters in.
They'll hover over your house.
And basically wake you up
in the middle of the night,
or just during the day,
sit there and hover,
a helicopter,
you know,
50 feet above your roof,
stare right at you.
And they're
just letting you know
they're watching.
We had jets coming in Dunedoo
side by side,
during the day time
and night time
after UFOs would
be in the area.
Other times, I've had
police helicopters hovering
above the house
for 45 minutes.
And I've actually filmed
UFOs flying around
the helicopters.
Small metallic spheres.
Small white spheres
following the helicopters.
This has happened
time and time again.
He's definitely looking
for something.
Mate, you missed the UFO
by about two minutes.
Yeah, there's this
guy on the back
who saw something to it.
Something fly by.
I just caught something
near this airplane
over here.
After I came out
about the UFO sightings
to the Sun Herald,
the following day I had
two people walk up
into Dunedoo
basically uniformed
in a hired car
staring at me
while I'm painting
the house,
and writing on something and
then taking off when I tried
to get close to the car.
And it was very,
very peculiar.
The lady who was staring
at me while the driver
was staring straight ahead.
They were both
wearing black suits.
And I just thought
this is too unreal
to be true.
You know,
you hear all the stories,
the men in black sort of thing,
and you think,
"No, that's human imagination."
Whatever, you know.
We like to blow things
up a bit. Whatever.
But no, I've had multitudes
of things happen.
I had my Facebook page hacked.
I've had my
Youtube channel hacked.
My hard drives
disappear from my home.
I've had my computer hacked
and files disappear
from my computer.
Most of my original files
from Dunedoo
just disappeared.
Airforce people telling you
that you're being watched
for years.
Strange beeping sounds
on the telephone
when I'm talking
to certain people
involved in the UFO field.
You know, a lot of people
would say, "Oh, you know,
it's paranoia."
but when you have
one thing after another,
you don't know who to believe.
But when it all comes
into a big package,
it paints a picture
that something
is going on.
Black cars.
Yes, a stereotype,
but it's always black.
Holden Statesmans,
brand new.
Look like they should
be in the showroom.
Usually in twos.
They'll come and sit
outside your house.
So that does happen.
The government pays
particular interest
into what's going on.
I did get a report
possibly about two
or three months ago
from a fellow who said
he was driving along
in his car
and another vehicle
forced him off the road.
And two gentlemen,
neatly attired,
came to him at his car door
and said, "Are you
so and so?"
And he said yes, and they said,
"You need to stop talking,
or else."
So I've done
one presentation for her
and it went really well.
She asked me to do
another one last year and
I was pretty close to doing it.
But once again,
the government interest
stepped in and told me...
I was stopped while I was
driving my car
by these two guys
and they told me
not to do it.
They said,
"You don't want
to talk about it."
So I said,
"I don't want to
talk about it."
-We're live.
-We're live.
Here we go.
The mission.
There has been tales,
not this early at night,
but way later at night.
Or early in the morning.
The truckies
have actually said
they've seen lights.
Like min-min
kind of lights
on this highway.
-Orange ones?
-Yeah, orange.
White lights.
White lights. Yeah.
I don't know.
Can you talk about
what size?
-Um, the size of
basketballs, footballs.
They're quite small.
Softball, cricket ball sized.
Come up to the window
and you can count
the cabs
flying through the cabs.
Yeah. So that has been
sighted out here.
Not a lot of truckies
will talk about it.
-You know.
But never
this early at night.
But hey, if you're saying
you're attracting things...
-They might know
you're here.
I see them at all
different times, man.
All times, you know.
It kind of
freaks people out.
It takes a lot
to freak me out.
Yeah, yeah.
That's cool.
Okay, guys,
we've just come up
to a lookout
in the Glasshouse Mill.
I'm up here with
Damien and Richard.
And we're gonna do
first of the sky watches
to have a bit of
look around and
see what we can get.
What do you
think so far?
I think it's
a great spot.
It is a 360 degree view
pretty much
of the entire area.
And this is probably
the highest point,
Richard, we just at?
-[Richard] Yeah.
So we'll just let you
rig up your gear
and then we'll see
how you are.
-Sounds like a plan.
-All right.
I'm just gonna
try something.
Just as we were setting up,
we've just noticed
a light in the sky
that appears to be
changing shape and direction.
We're just trying to decide...
It appears to be fading out now.
[Damien speaks indistinctly]
-There you go.
-All right.
Debunked courtesy
of technology.
Thank you, technology.
It's an Airbus A330.
When they're heading at you
at a certain angle and they
got the front lights on you,
they can block out
the aircraft lights
in the wings.
Yeah, they look exactly
like it's a ball of light.
See? Now you can see
the flashing of the wings.
We're very lucky nowadays
to have apps for the phone.
And the apps such as
Flight Radar,
Satellite Safari
and Sky Safari
tell you what
are in the sky.
Where they're headed.
Whether it's a plane,
satellite or what not,
whether the trajectory
is coming straight over
you or not.
We're very lucky to
have these today
to capture and film UFOs.
What they are,
what they could be, and
what they're definitely not.
We really need someone,
a few of us, to sit around
doing the sky watching,
and someone to sit here
working this out
all the time.
[Don] We might do that
tomorrow night then.
One of them actually sit
up in the sky
and pretend to be a stars,
and it's actually known
as pseudo stars.
They're not real stars.
They'll disappear
at a whim.
What is that?
[Richard] This is the,
uh, the director
of the film,
who's currently
lying in a car park,
huddled up in seat covers
of his car.
Are you cold, Don?
No, I just like
to dress--
-In seat covers?
-It's lovely.
Well, it's a little cold.
And we stupidly forgot
to bring jumpers
just because today was
exceptionally hot.
And, uh...
You got to get creative
out here, you know.
You got to get creative.
What do you think
of the location so far?
I'm loving it.
And I'm getting my normal
strange feeling...
Yeah, so it's really good.
Right next to that
bright star just there.
There's three stars
you can't see with your eyes,
and they've
just become one.
There your bright star.
Leftward and slightly up
you'll see a perfect
pyramid of lights
that are moving.
So what have we got up there?
What have you seen?
There's just the most
faintest blue light
that seems to be
pulsing really offbeat
directly above us.
And Damien's just confirmed
it's not a satellite.
But whatever it is,
if it is something,
it's standing far enough
away from us where we can't
get a good glimpse of it,
but it's still making
itself present.
Can you have
a look through here
at the actual object?
Here you have
the blue lights flashing.
There's a button
right at
the very front there.
Get it again.
I'll start recording
when you get it.
Have a look
near the bright star.
It'll lead us there.
And see if
you can, um...
They might be back.
-What the...
What was that?
Keep filming on that.
[Richard] What the hell
was that?
Did you just hear that?
[Damien] Yeah, something just
smashed the bin.
The bin is completely empty.
Look in the camera.
[Don] Something hit
that bin hard.
Like, it almost
made that bin move.
I heard it.
We hard it.
We were all here.
I mean...
Just, uh, kick the bin
with your foot.
No, it wasn't that sound.
No, that's solid.
This is the area
of high strangeness.
We have brought Damien Nott
here as well
to add to the equation.
I think things are
gonna get very weird.
[serene instrumental music]
[indistinct conversation]
[music continues]
Okay guys, something
a bit different today.
We're gonna be doing
some kayaking
and some canoing,
because we want to get to
a sky watch location tonight.
One of the best ways
to get there
is via the waterways.
I just thought it would be
kind of cool to bring
Damien along
and let him have
a look at
some of these locations.
'Cause they're
just beautiful.
They're really eerie.
And the water way is just...
It's a really stunning
sort of location.
So it's gonna be interesting.
All right. What time's
the rocket lanching at?
If you sink
just grab the camera.
Yeah, I'll save them.
Don't worry.
Go around the right way.
Yeah, there you go.
[Don] I didn't know
these waters...
This is something like
Lord Of The Rings though,
isn't it?
It is. Gollum's over there
going, "My precious."
It's crazy.
This is excellent.
I had to bring
my shitty camera, man.
I didn't carry...
-No, no. I'm with you.
-I mean, I needed to...
-That's fine.
In case a UFO hovers.
You know, and the
chances are
they probably will.
Okay, so this area
that we're heading to,
I've never actually
been up here.
There's a lot of places
around Australia that are,
you know,
nice little hidden secrets
that locals know about.
Can you tell me
a little bit
about this area?
This kind of river runs...
You can actually
get all the way
to Mount Mee,
where we were last night.
No way!
That's incredible.
And it's just an amazing
sort of water way.
It's like an ancient
prehistoric place, eh?
That's what it feels like.
[Don] Yeah, it's old.
It feels old.
[Damien] It almost looks like
you can walk
on the water actually.
Some spots, you know.
You were talking before about
how people in Ufology
have a Jesus complex.
I don't wanna see you try
and test your theory if
you can walk on water.
I don't mind if you do,
just not while
I'm in the kayak.
Exactly. Yeah.
I mean, give me,
in Australia...
Give me the top five briefly
hot spots that you'd like to
go visit if you could,
if budget wasn't a concern.
Okay, um...
Straight off the bat
I'd say I'd love to
go up to Pine Gap.
I'd love to see, you know,
what they have flying around
there at night time.
You know, if they are
working on craft,
or whatever the case.
As we know,
it's Australia's Area 51.
Yeah, Pine Gap
would be one place.
I'd love to go back
to Dunedoo again.
That's a major hot spot.
The road between Carnarvon
and Dunedoo is quite...
Has become known
as the Extraterrestrial
Another place,
the Nullarbor Plains.
-Very interesting.
You know, a lot of truckers
have seen UFOs there
early hours of the morning.
Min-min lights. You name it.
The place has got a rich
history of UFO sightings
going back quite a while.
Even back to the aboriginals.
-What else?
-Definitely around
Ayers Rock.
-Oh, yeah.
South of Ayers Rock.
Is there many reports?
I don't wanna
hear them specifically,
but are there
reports of Ayers Rock?
There's quite a few.
There was a tour group
that went there years ago
and spotted a UFO
hanging in the sky.
Large red ball.
And then it just took off
south at high speed.
Right in front of
an entire tour group.
Yeah, so they've been
seeing that
for quite a while.
The aboriginals,
in their legends,
speak about lights,
you know,
in the area around there.
What's your last one?
[Damien] Okay,
I have to say
the Simpson Desert.
I'd love to
go down to Simpson Desert,
camp there
for a few days
and see what we see.
I know a lot of rural and
deserted areas like that.
They tend to
hang around a lot,
because a lot less people,
a lot less chance
of being seen.
If that's what they're,
you know,
they're worried about,
being seen by people
all the time.
You know, areas like this,
rural areas, they seem
to congregate around.
So you said
we're going to
a bit of a hot spot?
Yeah. I have to be careful,
you know.
We've got permission
to go to the location,
but again,
there's a community
around it
that don't want
to have it highlighted.
And the only way
you can get in there
is really through locals.
And luckily,
we have connections
in the area
to get us in there.
Yeah, it is a bit of
a weird spot, you know.
And Rich,
who's in the production,
he's actually the one
who's setting all
the stuff up.
He's actually gonna
give us
some stories tonight,
at the site, about what's
happened around there.
And there's been some...
There's been some
very serious things happen.
But they really, really
don't want anything
blown up about it.
So we have to just keep
very vague.
Yeah, nonetheless,
there's been
a lot of weird things
up in there allegedly.
This whole area
up here
is very well known locally
as being yowie hot spot.
There is also the connection
between yowies and UFOs.
Look, a lot of UFO people
hate that connection.
And I know a lot of
yowie kind of krypto guys
hate that
connection as well.
What's your stance on it?
Well, the more I've researched
into it over the years,
I find there is some
sort of a connection.
There is a correlation
between Big Feet are sighted
and UFOs.
You know, I've never actually
seen a Big Foot myself,
so I really can't
talk about that as much.
But you know,
I know that there is
a correlation.
A lot of people have picked up
the correlation between
areas of high activity
of UFOs and Big Feet.
There's a town just...
Just up from
Caboolture actually,
that have a park there
called Yowie Park.
And they have like
a 10 foot statue
of a yowie.
-Based on sightings
they've had
-since 1970s.
-Wow. Wow.
Now you
got to fly over.
No way!
They don't know me
around here?
-Right there! Yeah.
-Can you get a shot?
-No, too many trees.
Sort of...
Really slow.
It's coming up
over us.
You're joking!
There it is.
Right there.
They're probably tracking
my little chip.
And they're like,
"Where is he?
I can't see him."
-Tonight I want to
talk about chip.
And Bec wants to have a feel
of the chip.
Is that all right?
All right.
No one's ever
felt my chip before.
Well, you're about to have
your chip virginity broken.
My first...
Oh, God. Classic.
Hey, can you see
up ahead here?
Can you see up in front?
That's where we're
gonna be getting out.
And that's where
we're gonna go on foot.
And just up there
is gonna be
our location for the night.
[Damien] Brilliant.
Oh, I forgot my keys.
[techno music playing]
[indistinct conversation]
[music continues]
Rich, thanks for getting us
into Figtree valley.
You're our fixer
on Australien Skies.
You've been helping us
with the local locations.
And in particular you've been
very helpful in getting us
into Figtree Valley,
which locally has a bit of
a reputation for being
an area of high strangeness.
It's an old area.
What can you
tell me about it?
Yeah, look.
You're spot on.
It's an old area.
It's a closed knit community
as well.
One ride in, one ride out.
Everyone here
knows everyone.
There has been a history
of strange happenings
in the area.
From UFOs to yowies.
Yowie's a bit of
a left of field subject,
but there was talk of
cows going missing,
livestock being killed.
And damage to fencing
and stuff.
UFOs have been very apparent
around here for years now.
We've had locals farmers that
have reported having
crafts land in their crops.
They've had trouble
growing things there
ever since.
Those particular farmers
don't really wanna...
They're not very inviting
into the field
of having people
come in and talk
about that with them.
'Cause these guys are
running businesses
for 100 years.
They don't want to
associate themselves
with that sort of thing.
It can really damage
a 100-year reputation.
I personally was lucky enough.
I'm one of the few that's
happy to talk about it.
I was personally lucky enough
to capture footage
of what I believe to be
some sort of craft
going across the sky
one day after work.
I whipped my phone out,
started recording.
Twenty-three seconds
of footage.
Phone ran out of memory.
But that 23 seconds was...
It was a real
mind blower for me,
because I'm not an avid
UFO believer.
I don't follow
the subject of UFO
sightings at all.
And it really caught me
off guard as a fence sitter.
When you...
You contacted me
after you got the footage.
And you actually said
you had some strange
things happen
almost directly
Yeah. Look, I'll wrap that up
quite briefly
in the sense that
everyone in Figtree Valley
knows everyone.
We all know what
the cars we drive are.
And when you start seeing
strange white and blue silver
vans pull up in the road...
That was one of the things
that was happening.
And it was a bit of
an eyebrow raiser
around town,
because as I
expressed earlier,
we're a one straight in,
one straight out community.
And vans aren't something
that park up
in our road very often,
or sit there for two hours.
I kept a low profile.
Didn't wanna be
associated with the vans.
But I felt it was
a coincidence that I
caught this UFO sighting
going across
and all of a sudden
this sort of attention.
Personally I'm gonna throw it
in the coincidence area,
but, you know,
there's a lot of other people
around the area
that had
different speculations.
So it was
a very strange occurrence
for me, personally.
By the way, I know you wanna
have a bit of chat with Damien
about his experiences, and
also to do with his implants
and all that sort of stuff.
So what we might do is
we might set you up
to actually do the
questioning for
that sort of stuff.
Looking forward to it.
[indistinct conversation]
Don told me that
you found evidence
of some sort of a
micro chip or something
on you, on your body.
And that you got
an ultrasound?
What's the goss there?
Yeah, it's not something
that I talk about very often.
I don't really bring it up
that much, but,
yeah, I do...
I've had an object
just underneath my collarbones
since I was a kid.
I never really knew
what it was,
why it was there.
It's sort of like
a small tube.
And it wasn't until about
six months ago, where I
actually went to a specialist
and had
a ultrasound done.
And during the ultrasound,
they found a small object
under my skin.
And the funny thing was
while they were
looking at the object,
the object actually
moved further
under the skin
to the point where the lady
actually had to go and
get another doctor
to come in
and look at it.
So the both of them are
looking at the object.
They could feel it with
their fingers under the skin.
And I've noticed
in the past,
this object would move when
I'd grab at it, pinch it to
the top of the skin underneath.
And it would move back
under itself.
Very unusual.
[Richard] So you told me
that you discovered the chip
when you were a kid.
Was there some sort of
test you got done
when you were a child, or...
No, not at all.
It's just something
that I noticed because it was
different on my body.
Something that I felt
under my skin.
I actually asked my mom
about this when I was young.
She didn't know
what it was.
It's a really strange object,
because you have to
pinch it to
the top of the skin
and it actually moves down
by itself
as soon as you release it.
It's hard for
other people to feel it
unless I actually
get a good grip on it.
But the doctor
who came in,
after the other specialist
lost it and it sort of moved
on the actual machine...
The doctor that came in,
the same thing happened again
in front of both of them.
And he was astounded.
He actually said,
"What is that?
"What happened to him?"
And it took him
a good five minutes
to locate it again.
But he felt it again.
So both of them felt it,
and then the object moved.
Which is highly
strange in itself.
I never thought
much of it
until a couple
of years ago really,
when the UFO sightings were
really hitting a high pitch
for me.
And I always wanted to
get the ultrasound done
to find out what is it,
what could it be.
Is it something benign,
or is it something ordinary.
They never gave you
an affirmative?
If it's a chip,
it's this, it's that?
They just said it's
a strange object?
No, they gave me a referral
to actually get it removed.
And I don't really
want to get it removed,
in case it's something,
you know, quite special
You know,
maybe it's the reason
why I see so many UFOS.
I really have no idea.
But it's been in me
since I was a kid.
The body, you know...
Foreign elements introduced
into the body,
you know, such as a splinter
or whatever,
the body
normally rejects it.
This object
hasn't been rejected.
There's no entry wound.
It's very unusual.
So, I really can't explain it.
I guess
we'll find out the truth
when the batteries run out.
Yeah, I'd say so.
All right, guys, we're just
on our location.
Night watch location.
And we've just had dinner.
We've had some questions
and a bit of filming.
And now we're just gonna have
a bit of a
wander around tonight,
and see what we can see.
Um, yeah.
We are entering
wild dog territory.
So yeah, let's just
keep our ears peeled,
and let everyone know
if you see something strange.
What the hell?
Like something's walked on it
and moved the G. You'll see
and actual...
...a wet spot.
Something's cut
this tree up recently.
It's sapping.
What do you make
of that, though?
Cow, right?
We've just come out
on to the hill
that overlooks
one of the areas
around near where...
main home base
for the night.
And we were doing
some interviews
around the campfire,
when we were hearing...
Sounded like
someone yelling out, someone
could've been in trouble.
And the thing is that
we were informed today
that some of the locals
had lost three horses
in the area
in the last
couple of days
due to wild dogs.
So we thought we'd just
come down to
the safe vantage point
and just see if there's
anyone around,
or someone might be down here
needing help,
or anything like that.
Richard was talking before
about one of
the neighboring properties...
[horse neighing]
I just saw a flash
right in front of
that tree line there.
At the base of the tree line,
a little bit towards us.
[indistinct conversation]
-[man] I just saw the flash.
[man] Over in the tree line
where Rich and Damien
were sitting.
Hopefully we got it on camera,
'cause I was
pointing towards it.
Sitting right about...
Did you just see that?
There's another flash.
There's another flash.
I just saw that
out of the corner
of my eye.
The whole sky just went poof,
like a camera flash.
This is getting
really weird, right?
There's no planes whatsoever
ahead of us at the moment.
The closest plane
is at Gympie.
And did you see
the whole sky?
Yeah, I heard...
I saw the flashes as well.
It was over here,
to my right.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, did you see that?
Light just fell
across the sky.
That light...
That was massive
[man] Whoa!
It's coming back.
I can see it now.
-Dude, are you
recording this?
Keep it going,
keep it going.
It's very faint.
That was huge.
It just vanished
into thin air.
That was huge.
That was right over
Figtree Valley, too.
And there's no airplane
showing up either
in that direction.
Now it's come back.
Big time.
It's red now.
Is it standing still now?
Yeah, it's stopped.
It's stopped.
You're kidding me.
A bright eyes ball of light.
It's about the size
of a softball.
And now it's gone.
Just pop! It vanished.
No aeroplanes in the vicinity
by the radar.
There's one aeroplane,
which is on the other side,
way like...
-[Damien] Probably
passed us now.
[Don] Wait, we've just
done the satellite checks.
Are you still tracking it?
Yeah, it's gone
behind the tree now.
That was a full blown UFO.
No other word for it.
It couldn't be identified.
I hate to say it.
I hate to say it.
That was really weird.
All three of us,
we were just talking,
wrapping up...
Wrapping up
the whole session.
And this huge
kind of light...
I'm not talking like
a little fiddly thing.
This was quite sizable.
Slowly, slowly
drift over...
[scoffs in disbelief]
Oh, man! [sighs]
All right, guys.
I'm at the end of the film.
I don't think I can go
much further at this stage.
So I think I'm gonna let
Damien do the final comments
on the out show.
But I just wanted to
take this opportunity
to give you
my final debrief.
It's fair to say that
at the beginning of the film
I was fairly skeptical
of Damien and his claims.
I mean, I thought he was
just seeing drones in the sky,
or something like that.
at the end of the film,
I find myself now
more intrigued.
I mean,
whether this phenomena
is psychological, physical,
or even extra-terrestrial,
the point still remains
that thousands of people
across Australia,
and the world,
for that matter,
are experiencing
this phenomena
on a daily basis.
And they deserve an explanation
for what is going on.
Unfortunately though,
it's gonna take someone with
far more credential than I
to take a serious interest
in this topic,
and study it for these guys
to be able to
get an explanation.
It's been a fascinating
project to work on,
and everyone involved who
opened up their doors to us
has been fantastic
to work with.
So, thank you for your time.
Thank you for your patience.
And who knows,
maybe we'll get a chance
to meet again beneath
the Australien Skies.
[Damien] Most people
who have sightings
keep it to themselves.
And it's a sad thing.
Because I've spoken to so many
people around Australia and
around the world,
who just want to
tell somebody
what they've seen.
They don't want money.
They don't want fame,
recognition or anything.
There's no fame
to be made
in this subject.
There's infamy,
there's threats.
There's all sorts
of intimidation.
They just want to
speak to somebody
about it.
They can't go to the media.
They can't tell their friends.
They're worried about
their kids at school
being picked on.
It runs through
the whole of society
and we gotta accept that.
And no mater
what people say,
all it takes
is for somebody
to stand up and go,
"Hold on a second.
"This is real,
"and you're not gonna
tell me it's not real."
And this is what
I'm trying to do.
Convince normal people
that there is
a reality out there
that is in the sky,
and it's above us.
And we can
go from there.
And I'm not worried about
what people think anymore.
I'm nearly 36-years-old now,
and I've really...
I'm well over
people's attitudes
towards the subject.
But the good thing
is nowadays
people are actually opening up
and warming to the subject more,
because more people
around the world are having
sightings all the time.
It's estimated that
a UFO is spotted every
three minutes around the world.
The biggest influx
of UFO sightings in history
is happening right now.
And from what I've seen
in the last two years alone
it's incredible.
And it's real.
[music playing]
[techno music playing]
-[woman 1]
One of them's stopped.
-[woman 2] Yeah, one's stopped.
[man 1] I see 'em.
I see 'em.
[woman 2] Wow.
[man 2] What are you doing?
Why did he stop, too?
[man 1] Yeah.
There's another one
over here, drifting in
through this cloud.
[woman 1]
Yeah, it's over there.
I have to say
I've never seen anything
like that before.
-[man 1] It's right now.
-[man 2] Yeah.
That's actually...
It's under the cloud.
It's on our side
of the cloud now.
Yeah, I believe
it's on our side
of the cloud.
Wow. I just caught
another one that flew
across it.
There's a lot going on
up here today, guys.
Holy smoke!
[indistinct conversation]
[man 1] Holy shit!