Autobahnraser (Autoroute Racer) (2005) Movie Script

Good evening.
Your papers, please.
What's the problem?
- You're driving on the highway like that?
Is there something wrong with me?
Not you, I mean your tyres.
Breaker 1-9. The highway pirates
left with my Twin Turbos.
All units, a car theft
on the A-40
between Duisburg-Homberg
and Moers.
Good lord. Your hands are all
covered in yucky stuff.
Can I help you?
No, that's ok.
Just pay attention, next time you
can do it yourself.
I wont have to.
There's always a loser that stops.
This is commissioner Schmitt.
We are flying right above them.
Wait for my orders.
We are going to arrest them.
This is going to be a great day.
Pay attention. They cannot escape
through the exit.
They are passing the exit.
They are driving straight on.
Units 2421 and 4002 are in pursuit.
At last. Thanks.
Schmitt to all units.
Close off exit 128 immediately.
come on, guys, you can do this.
don't let them get away.
Quickly. block the exit.
Fuck. What are those assholes doing?
Whose orders are they following?
Schmitt to all units. The highway
pirates are back on the A-40.
What are you doing?
High voltage cables.
I have to fly higher.
Dammit, they are getting away.
Is there anyone listening to me?
Is anybody there?
No, everyone is in pursuit.
Are you kidding? Is there nobody
on the A40 towards Duisberg-Homberg?
There must be somebody
around here somewhere.
Officer Krause.
Krause, hurry up, follow them.
- Who?
The six Audis, dumbass.
Leave now.
Krause, you moron.
What have you done?
I'll rip your ass apart.
Do you know what you have done!
You will pay. You are a disgrace
to the police.
No, to all of humanity,
Every car has to be tested.
I will check it fast.
Let me see what this baby can do.
That's not standard.
So much power.
And now?
Your papers, please.
- What's wrong? Did I drove too fast?
You were going faster than 210 km/h.
What? That's impossible.
Did you fool around with
the speed indicator?
- Yes you did. It has to be.
Have it checked,
or I will disapprove the car.
You will get a ticket.
Sure sure.
A warning will not do.
Wait a minute. I didn't even drive.
Did you see that? soon they
will have their own T-shirt.
- You must do something about that.
All in time.
- Right, officer.
They are just laughing at you.
I don't want last night to
repeat itself again, ok?
trace whatsoever. Be so proud.
And it is the third time
under my command.
That's why you will get
a special training
to avoid further disasters
and to prepare you.
Any questions?
I got something, I think.
Krause... If I were you, I
wouldn't draw so much attention
But if you insist...
I have something you must see.
must see?
or should see?
He wants a company picknick
No, I think that Grillfest
is the codename
For illegal speedway races.
- Speedway races?
Yeah. It's today.
If we plan it well.
We can catch them.
Yeah. They cause problems.
They are laughing at us.
We must catch them.
Alright, alright. You are convincing.
Deal with them, Krause.
Do you know whose car this is?
Why? Do you want to buy it?
Unfortunately, it is too expensive.
I do want to challenge it.
To challenge it?
For a piss contest?
For a race.
With that piece of junk there?
- Yes, with that. Why not?
Listen, you don't stand a chance.
It's best to save your energy.
I'm willing to bet on it
I'm in a race with some
friends later on.
The owner of that car can send
me a message.
- If he registers
he gets a message. Alright?
- Alright.
Come on.
Hold on.
Can we come?
- Yeah sure, great.
What was that all about?
Ask information about Grillfest.
Message send.
You are registered for Grillfest.
Hurry up. This is a special training,
Not a walk in the park.
Let's repeat
special training.
Speedway racers.
- Good.
Like this you can't cause damage.
I hope.
Grillfest, parking Zollverein,
Sushi Express.
Sushi Express.
Hello. Sushi Express.
Express? Is that funny? You were
supposed to come here at 6.15pm
It's 6.15pm right now, man.
And a smartass as well
Can you believe this?
No, everything ok. perfect.
- I want to send everything back.
Said so before then.
What are you doing?
Leave the sushi here.
Bringing, taking...
Make up your mind, man.
Watch your mouth, ok?
I practise Karate.
Not a good idea.
- Honey, don't look.
Keep it.
I am Moni.
I am Bruno.
Sorry about that mess.
- Oh well.
And that's my car
Just kidding.
It's from the neighbours.
It's not...?
- My ex? That's his.
And now? I can't pee anymore.
Weren't you going to get another car.
These are identical.
Perhaps on the outside they are.
But what's inside is important.
Do you still think my car's beautiful?
Why didn't you tell me it was yours.
I made a fool out of myself.
We can still race, can't we?
Against you? No way,
that wouldn't be a fair race.
I thought you were going
to race that ancient car of yours.
Why not? A car can't race when
it's not new?
Even if it was new you wouldn't
stand a chance.
You are self assured, aren't you?
Is everything ok?
- Everything is fine.
Bruno, I'm going to kick your ass.
- Yeah? I'll wait for you at the finish.
What a cutey.
Easy, babe, this is a race.
Don't you want me to drive?
- Get your license first.
There's nothing about it. I am
a natural talent, like Maverick.
I feel the need for speed.
I'm ready.
Won't we take my car?
- Which one you have?
It's certainly faster than this.
- Yeah? We'll see about that.
Drive. Drive, drive.
It has been fun. Bye.
You don't see that every day.
He is gaining on us. Faster.!
- He'll never give up.
You're too slow.!
- Leave me alone.!
What are you doing?
I can't believe this.
This is madness.
That's a Polo, not a Ferrari.
Get rid of him.
What a hidious Polo, man.
He's filming us, man.
He films us. Shake him off.
Ok guys, concentrate.
The training starts now.
Wait, there are two cars coming.
Let them pass.
Nice, cops.
It was just disapproved.
Everyone ready? Let's go.
There's oil on the road.
- Keep on going.
Nice driving, dumbass.
You're welcome.
Is everything OK?
I just hurt my neck.
You can't drive.
- And you are not allowed to drive.
Come on, give me some space.
- Alex, you are breaking the car
Let me drive.
I have gasoline in my blood.
Drive. You drive.
- Are you crazy?
Move over. I'll show you
how it's done.
I can't wait.
Well done. Some applause
from the backseat please.
I want to sit in front.
- Come. Jump to the frontseat.
I rule the world.
Pass by that ugly polo now.
- I'm giving it all that I have.
Record this, dude.
Go ahead, record this.
That's how you do it.
Come on, baby.
Enough playing.
The damage is less worse
than it looks.
But what counts, is that the
men are unharmed.
And the stolen cars?
And the highway pirates?
That's classified.
You can understand that.
Can you say anything about the
screw up that your men did?
And, do you see your new friend?
I've no idea what
you are talking about.
A beer?
I will find him.
- I knew it.
Keep the change.
I'm sorry. I didn't see you.
- Great.
My honest apologies.
How cool.
- don't be like that.
I have to adjust it.
Why are you standing here then?
- I wanted...
Follow me.
Come on.
Haven't I seen you before
on one of those pin-up calendars?
Nice, we don't need a jack.
- Oh well, you know...
My regular mechanic doesn't let
me spin the crankshaft.
Everything in time.
First your oilpipe,
Then we will check your hydraulics.
I can't walk around like this.
I'm going to take it off.
Although, I can wait a bit
don't I look crappy like this?
- You look beautiful.
There they are. Record this.
The winner...
The winner is... Bruno.
George came in second.
Third place... Eddie. Nice.
Not bad for your first time.
Fifth. Sixth. Seventh.
Eighth. Ninth. And...
Thank you. Thank you.
Even the best have a bad day.
Ok, I will confiscate all
the evidence. Police.
Your papers, please.
Nice try.
He is pissed off because he lost.
What a great sense of humor
Don't I know you from somewhere?
Karl Krause.
Call me Knut.
Did you squeeze 177km/h from a Baron
- 228 km/h with a Smart.
What a waste of time.
- Next time, ok?
Here, take it for a drive.
No, thanks.
- Come on.
I'm not that kind of type
- Ofcourse you are. Come on.
Have fun.
And, How fast are we driving?
Not right now. I'm concentrating.
You are really cute, you know that.
- You are cute too.
I said it first.
Your information about the speedway
race was really bad!
- Or they respected the law.
No one was flashed?
- Why the smile?
We have flashed one.
- Really?
Do you recognize him?
No, I've no idea.
I knew this was a waste of time.
May I ask how fast he was driving?
Do you want me to chase him?
Go ahead.
Make it your calling.
It's just a Polo
but can't you do something?
Can't you buy something faster?
Those Grillfests are possibly over
- Why?
There's police everywhere
since those carthefts started.
You sometimes have the company car.
Use that one then.
By the way, Where do you work?
I work for the government
- Like a civil servant
Tax controller
- Or an officer.
That's right
Don't erase. Those were the
numbers of the participants.
Now you can contact everyone
with my computer.
And what if your computer
is miles away from us.
Then I send it a message.
- Your computer?
Yeah, he takes care of everything
The computer guy Knut.
Bello. The dog wants to play with me
- Have fun.
What does that dog have?
- Looks like a frisbee.
Wait, I want to play too.
Driveways are the most difficult
for firstimers.
Before you know it, you drive
into the canal.
A Viper and a Diablo
They can manage 330km/h
Yeah, but we are slower.
- Look at those machines.
Oh no...
- Miss...
Those guys... Those are
the guys from the news.
Those are the highway pirates
- Have you ever...
Stop right there
- Yeah, but...
Leave the highway slowly
- Look there.
In a second. Exit the highway.
I'm right back.
Leave the engine on.
A Renault with licenseplate
KR-KG867 was stolen
by a student without a license
Ever seen a drivingstudent with
a drivers license?
I want a copy
Come on.
What's this about?
Appearantly it was fun.
- Does she take off her bra or not?
Give me that
- I want that one.
Are you out of your mind?
This is the evidence, right?
The speedway racers, right?
- That's right.
But I'm not finished yet.
You maybe not, but we are.
Thanks to this tape that you were
hiding from us.
Krause, my my...
Next time, listen to me.
Krause, come in.
Let's continue.
This can be over soon, if you
admit that you stole the red renault
with licenseplate KR-KG867.
No, why should I?
I was getting a drivinglesson
You were doing 160km/h on the
highway without your instructor.
Yeah, that was weird. I looked to
the right and she was gone.
Was she in the car when you took off?
I think that she left during the
lesson. Perhaps she was bored?
How about this then?
That has nothing to do with this.
I followed those roadpirates, ok?
You would have done the same, eh?
I know you, eh?
Ok, enough talking
He wants to screw us
Now I know it. You are the guy of
yesterday. You rat me out.
Yeah, great.
Ok, that will do.
I take it from here.
Because of you I'm in this mess.
- I'm in this as well, you know.
Nice friend you are.
It's not my fault that you drove
You tell me.
Now what?
You followed them.
Do you know where they are?
The old warehouses.
- What cars did you see?
This young man can go.
Everything is taken care of.
I've to speak to Schmitt right away.
Can I keep this?
The old warehouse. That's where
the roadpirates are hiding out.
Did that little speedway racer
tell you that?
Do you trust him?
If he is lying I will kick him
in the balls.
Where are you going?
- To arrest those roadpirates.
Dream on. You work on the
speedway racer case.
There is a Grillfest, without us.
There's a Polo all ready
- Everything but that.
Where do you want me to
place this car?
In the back there's a parking
- Don't crash this car.
Don't you want me to drive, officer?
- First you get your license.
There's nothing to it.
I'm a natural talent.
Floor it!
I'm already reaching the 220km/h
You love the Grillfest, right?
- You bet.
It's ok, for an oldtimer.
That's all it could do.
Someone would have told the police?
You were hanging up pamflets
to keep it a secret.
Are you going to blow it off?
- Yeah.
In a Porsche, superfast.
Fantastic, chickenskin.
Highway, Sirene on.
Flashpole, Come to me.
Sheriff Karl is flying.
Alex sits in the frontseat.
Grillfest cancelled?
What would be going on?
- Look around you. Cops are everywhere.
Just when we could challenge
them with this.
We would have shown them a thing
or two.
What a car.
- Alex, I was worried sick about you.
My friend is a cop
He got me out.
I let the police drive my Mustang?
What's this about?
Take it easy. You told him to
get a faster car.
What's going on?
Easy, he's with us.
I trust him.
Do I look stupid to you?
- No, it suits you great.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to know if there is
another Grillfest soon.
You are out of luck,
your friends are everywhere.
Until those roadpirates are arrested.
- That can take a while.
Right. That's why it will be
a long time before we race.
It was my first race.
Yeah, mine too.
So the police is not chasing us?
No they just want to have the
They are going to arrest them today.
Great. So no worries there.
Then we race tomorrow.
I mean...
I nkow how it will end.
This is going to be a lovely day.
- It's going to be a lovely day.
Who called the police?
- You are surrounded
- Why always me?
Hands up.
Great plan.
As a cop I would have done the same.
But what would a roadpirate do?
- Last chance.
Come out with your hands up.
That's why I need you.
We must set a trap for them.
Their fast cars are no problem.
He is right.
Maybe the fastest doesn't win,
but the smartest does.
And we are smarter.
- What are you proposing?
I've got an idea. I have laptops
and some other toys.
Did she say toys?
GPS-software and transmitters.
All we've to do is put them on the cars.
No problem.
Wonderful. Now what?
Is he with us?
- I don't know
Sushi Express.
Who ordered the californian rolls?
Who ordered sushi? You?
Why always me?
I didn't order anything.
I deal with him?
Get lost.
- don't touch my hair.
Who is this guy?
We cancel the operation?
Yeah and we come back again
in two weeks.
What were you thinking?
- Chinese asshole
Chinese? I'm turkish, dumbass.
Where's my gun?
- Kill him.
Who is that?
Did you miss me?
- Nice entrance.
I learned it from the best.
- Really? Must be a cool guy then.
Who let himself being chased? You?
- Why me?
It wasn't me. And you?
I have to go to the bathroom.
come out with your hands in the air.
This is the last warning.
Come out.
Where is the helicopter?
Do you hear me?
- I hear you.
Yes, daddy.
They are spreading up. head east.
- Ok, first the Viper.
Ok, I will follow the Viper
He's driving towards the highway
- How shitty.
Claudia, Nikki, the Maserati.
Moni, Bruno, You are standing by.
I got him!
The Maserati is slowing down.
- There's a stopping point.
We follow him.
Ok, sweety.
Karl, do you hear me?
You must help me.
I need your help, Karl.
We got the Maserati.
- We are on our way.
Yes, your majesty
That was fast.
Did you see that?
He didn't wash his hands
Karl, are you going to help me?
I'm here.
Moni, Bruno,
Block the crossing.
We are on our way.
Did you see that?
He almost killed me.
What's going on?
He's the bad guy. Arrest him.
Why always me?
Moni, Bruno, the Lamborghini.
Knut, we take the Ferrari.
What about me?
- Understood, officer.
Hello, bosss? Come and pick me up.
On the main road.
The police cuffed me to the car.
Hurry up and... Hurry.
Be good.
Yeah, what's up?
Do you want to know where
the roadpirates are?
Who am I speaking to?
don't hang up.
I'm listening.
Listen carefully.
I have a tip for you.
Ok. get out of the car.
- Why always me?
I arrest you. Take him away.
- I didn't do anything.
Myers, check out the licenseplate.
Let's get a toetruck here.
Where is my helicopter.
Nice car.
- Is it fast?
Like a rocket.
Wanna have a ride?
If we can drive.
- Easy, on the parking.
It is powerful
- It has 380hp
An 8 cylinder.
- 4.2 liter.
We are experts.
Are you from here?
- Wherever you want me from.
Couldn't you wait
until he was sitting?
Well, I thought he would fall in.
- Nikki, Claudia, the Ferrari.
Girls, answer.
OK, quickly this way.
Nikki, Claudia, we are coming.
Where are they?
Claudia? Nikki?
Where are you?
- Claudia?
The Lamborghini passed me by.
The Ferrari and the Maserati
are following us.
Has anybody see the girls?
- Not yet.
Maybe they are still following him.
- I hope so.
Yeah, what's up.
We found your roadpirates and
your helicopter is ready.
They are slowing down.
Yeah, I see them. They are not
driving faster than the speedlimit.
They don't want to draw suspicion
- Or they are waiting for something.
Follow them. We are coming.
Ok, guys, we are here.
Girls, there you are.
- We were worried about you.
Claudia? Nikki? Say something.
They cannot come right now.
They will send a postcard.
Shit, they got our girls.
- Dammit.
Let them drive away.
Nice guy, Thanks
They are getting away.
- Follow them.
don't put the girls in danger...
This is going to be a Slaughterfest.
Follow them.
Nobody in sight?
Where is everybody?
Unit 0026 is on his way.
There they are.
- Where?
Isn't that George?
- He can't fly.
I want to call in an accident.
me too.
Nice. They think we are morons.
They got Nikki and Claudia.
- Something happened on that parking.
Look at that.
They stopped driving.
That's the city centre
What are they doing there?
Stop, that feels itchy.
- Stop it. I have to do this.
Sit still.
- You want to touch my ass?
Wait. I got it.
Hold it tight.
- Ok. Like this?
Send a message to my computer.
They've tricked us.
We are really screwed now.
Great. This is great.
- This is my fault?
Do you know what I had to do
to get those transmitters.
Grillfest, old steelfactory.
right now. Are you crazy?
Claudia had send a message.
The steelfactory, there they are.
- Quiet.
What are they doing here?
- They were tracing my cellular.
Someone got here fast.
- Everything is ok.
Krause... Come over here.
What's the meaning of this?
What are you doing with my Porsche?
You can go now.
- Not yet.
My job was to deliver you this Porsche.
Have fun.
The keys.
- They are inside
So? Go get them.
Krause, What are you wearing?
We have uniforms, you know.
I couldn't change anymore.
- Sure, sure.
And the informant?
He must be here somewhere.
He's not here.
Ok, we are leaving. Dismissed.
Wait a minute.
The signal of his cellular.
According to the signal he's here. Volgens het
signaal is hij hier. - Ok, what about the phone?
We will know soon.
Officer, I will go then.
- Be careful.
What's going on.
That's him. Stop him.
Follow him. Block the exit
No one can leave.
I leave my baby here and
go on foot.
Good idea. Let's go.
- What about the cars?
They stay here.
- Forget it.
You wont get out of here tonight.
See you later.
How's that saying again?
- We are screwed?
No, not yet.
where are Bruno en Moni?
- They wanted to drive by themselves.
They wont get far.
what are they doing now?
- They're playing Paper-Scissor-Stone.
- I won. One, Two, Three.
Here you go. A message?
We are coming.
I hope you come fast.
- One, Two, Three.
I know why they were playing that
game. What are we going to do now.
Plan B.
We let him untie us.
If he's laying on you. I will
hit his neck with my hand.
Why he has to be on me?
There's no other way, unless
you know how to do Karate.
- Ok then.
I will take my time.
I've won fair and square
This is your last chance
to make it up.
Can you untie my hands?
Then you can play with both of us
at the same time.
Good idea.
Why didn't you wait until we're free.
- This was our only chance.
Who's after him?
- Let's play.
One, Two, Three.
Monty is really going for it, eh.
- Look at that.
Sorry, you have the last turn.
Monty, everything ok?
Is there something left for us?
That sucks.
You have sex, you have to pee.
And then you have more sex.
Monty, hurry up
We want some too.
Nikki... I didn't want to hurt you.
It's only my head.
I thought you were one of them.
- Did I miss a lot?
What's happening?
Guys, come quickly.
What's that?
You had better sex with him.
- Why me?
What's that noise?
Do you hear that? What's that?
You are having fun again.
- Couldn't you come faster?
First I'm too fast, now I'm too slow.
What do you want from me?
Do we have to race here?
We'll think of something else.
- Nice.
And? Do you feel like
kissing the hero?
Which one you want? Red, Black or blonde?
- I can't choose.
You will only get one.
- Blonde.
There's nothing to see.
- Lower us down.
Come on, guys.
- don't leave us hanging here.
Come with me. Watch your head.
Interrogate them. I want to know
where those cars are.
Where are they coming from?
- They were suddenly there
Krause, as you can see. follow
the rules and everything is ok.
Not bad.
By the way, how are things
with the highway pirates?
It's difficult. I've no luck.
You are trusting your boss again
- Yes, commissioner.
Take it easy will ya.
No more 225km/h for you.
She is pretty.
I never expected that from you.