Autobiography (2023) Movie Script

Are you Amir's son?
Yes, sir.
The youngest one?
The last time I saw you,
you were just a baby.
Did your brother ever come home?
No, sir.
Where is he now?
Singapore, sir.
I hope he's well,
working as an immigrant.
I wasn't told you'd be coming alone.
Who said I wanted coffee?
Sorry, sir. I...
Now, drink.
Never mind.
- Ten bucks.
- What?
- Vishy Anand won the game.
- Hold on.
Hey. Kib.
Hold on.
This is from your brother.
It's for your father, not you.
Come closer.
I'm looking for a guy,
to work as a construction worker
for eight months in Singapore.
If you're interested,
come to my place and fill out the form.
What's wrong?
Don't you want to meet your brother?
A little family reunion?
Do you know how big his salary is?
Andri! The power's off!
Come help me.
Move your ass!
It's empty.
Shit, then we'll have to borrow a bike.
The lights are on.
The general's already here?
Need help?
Yeah, throw your cigarette in here.
I was gonna ask you something.
Are you working tomorrow?
- So no one's using your dad's truck?
- Yes.
Help me then tomorrow.
I need to put up some banners.
The general will pay you.
Ooh, powerful guy.
At your service, sir.
- Andri!
- Oh, thank you.
So, you're rich now?
It's free. Haris is my uncle.
I didn't know you had Chinese relatives.
My aunt married him.
That makes him my uncle.
I see.
Hurry up! Move, move!
Come on! Faster!
Chop, chop!
What are you doing? Work!
I got it.
What's taking you so long? Move!
Forward! Take it up!
- Thank you.
- Faster!
A little to the right. To the right.
That sergeant is an asshole.
Are you sure he's a real sergeant?
- Thank you.
- Okay, good.
Just be careful
in case he's really a sergeant.
Keep going, to the right.
To the left!
Bring it forward! More to the left!
Forward, forward!
Nice work.
Some of you told me,
"Sir, my dream is to start
an ice business.
But the electricity is unstable,
so I couldn't."
It's funny how people
have different dreams,
only to stumble upon the same problem.
Praise be to God.
Finally, we have the solution.
A hydropower plant.
Do you support this plan as well?
- Are you in favor?
- Yes!
- Louder!
- Yes!
Let's do this!
I hope
by this devel
Yes, you.
Please stand up.
- Hello.
- Test.
Thank you, sir.
My name is Agus from Karangsari.
I am a high school student,
currently a junior at Gondang.
I am here on behalf of my mother,
who unfortunately couldn't be here.
She's at her prenatal check-up.
So she asked me to read her letter.
With respect,
to the head district and regent candidate,
General Purnawinata.
My name is Kartini.
I am a coffee farmer from Suwanting.
My farm has been in my family
for generations.
I only know how to farm coffee.
I beg you, sir. Don't evict us.
I don't have anywhere else to go.
This is why I haven't signed
the contract from the developers.
I beg for your support and understanding.
I pray that you will win
the vote and will be our next regent.
Warmest regards, Kartini.
God bless you.
What does your father do?
Stand up.
What does your father do?
He passed away, sir.
So you live alone with your mother?
And my stepfather.
Oh, she has already found another man?
That was quick.
Your mother must be very pretty.
So what does your stepfather do?
He repairs motorbikes.
A repair shop?
Agus, my son,
repair shops need electricity too.
- Am I right, ladies and gentlemen?
- Yes
If your mother has any other questions,
she can come and see me.
I would love to meet her in person.
Just kidding.
However, I am serious.
With sufficient energy and electricity,
this village will thrive.
We will make tremendous progress together.
- Pro?
- Gress!
Sir, excuse me.
Are you here with the general, sir?
You shouldn't be eating here.
Please follow me.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing, sir.
Please, come with me.
If my boss knew that you'd eaten
in the hall, I'd be in trouble.
It is fine, really.
It's fine for you, but not for me.
Sorry to trouble you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Ah, here he is.
Kib, this is Soewito.
- Soewito.
- Rakib.
Is your phone charger a type-C?
Yes, sir.
- Do you have it?
- Yes, sir.
Let me use it.
Get yourself something to eat.
Yes, sir.
So, that's what happened
Is this Untung Suropati Street?
Yes, sir.
So if we turn left after this bridge,
we will head towards the prison?
Yes, sir.
Let's go there and visit your father.
There's construction work going on, sir.
Try going through.
- How long?
- Half an hour.
Turn around.
Careful, it's a big car.
Open the door! You hit the mosque.
Get out!
Get out!
What's the problem?
Which one of you
is in charge of the mosque?
Sorry. We didn't know it was you, sir.
If it hadn't been me,
what were you going to do?
Harass us? Demand money?
It's all right.
I'm sorry.
We are sorry too.
We're done?
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Go to the garage tomorrow morning.
Are you listening?
Yes, sir.
Don't worry.
Did you feel it?
How powerful the word "sorry" is.
It can turn rage into blessing.
Remarkable, isn't it?
- Sir, may I get a selfie with you?
- Certainly.
Thank you, sir.
This way, sir.
What a pleasant surprise.
How have you been?
I'm only here because of the general.
He's back.
He's the one who wanted to see you.
I see.
Fair enough.
How so?
be careful who you trust.
- Kib? Done?
- Yes, sir.
Wait here.
Come on.
- Keep going.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on!
Here you go, sir.
He'll have tea.
Turns out
not everyone knows you don't drink coffee.
I heard about what happened,
but I want to hear it from you.
What did you hear?
You sabotaged the bulldozers
and stole the batteries.
But why?
They were
going to take my land.
I thought if the bulldozers were broken,
I'd have more time.
You could've told me if you needed help.
My father worked for your father.
My grandfather
worked for your grandfather.
I worked for you, sir.
My family already owes you enough.
it's 2017.
Forget about hierarchies.
We are friends.
I know what you're thinking.
You think I won't dare to confront them
because they support my campaign.
your son is very kind to me.
Try this on.
It's been 19 years.
You were just a baby.
Try this on instead.
Wear it.
Where are you going? Change here.
Does it fit?
Step back.
More. Perfect.
Look here.
You look just like me when I was young.
One more time.
If so
Didn't see that coming.
This is mate in three, sir.
Wrong. Mate in two.
If you're surrounded here,
don't castle to queen's side.
I see you panic.
I was avoiding capture from your knight.
Exactly. You panic.
Did you play with your father often?
I never won though.
Your father has played chess
since he was a kid,
and he always won.
He even won against adults.
Who do you think taught me to play?
Hold it.
Come on!
Look for your target.
Balance it on your shoulder.
Ready? Cock it.
Pull this.
All the way. Release.
Steady your finger on the trigger.
Watch out.
Eye on the target.
Steady. Aim.
Got it?
Deep breath.
One, two, three.
Beginner's luck.
Try again.
Cock it.
Deep breath.
Eat up.
We're going bird hunting. Let's go.
Wait here.
What is it?
They were drunk.
Where are you going?
Keep looking.
What is it?
A bottle.
Bring it to the car.
Going home, sir?
What's in your pocket?
Give it to me.
- It's nothing.
- Give it to me!
I saw Rakib watering plants
in the front yard
with his army shirt.
From a distance, he looks like you.
If you said that he was
your son or grandson,
everyone would believe you.
Here you go.
This was just a prank.
Let it go, sir.
Do you remember
that I was the one
who got you into the police academy?
You couldn't even swim.
Back then,
you wouldn't dare talk to me like this.
Do you want to find out who did it?
If it was drunkards,
there is only one shop
that sells beer here.
I can find out.
Selfie, sergeant.
One, two Nice!
- Where's Andri?
- At the back.
- You startled me.
- We need to talk.
Let's go for a smoke.
I thought you were a real soldier.
This electricity is from a generator?
Yes. We don't have enough power.
Haris is really your uncle, right?
Why would I lie?
Do me a favor.
Ask him who bought beer
from his shop last night.
Long story. Can you?
What do I say if he asks questions?
Very well. At your service, sir.
I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon.
- Morning.
- Are you kidding me?
Go, sergeant!
Is my cooking good?
Make sure that
what we're about to do is safe.
Go ahead. I have something to do.
You stink.
Excuse me, you'd also stink
if not for this car.
Two customers bought beers that night.
Gun was the first customer.
He's my father's cousin.
But it couldn't be him.
You said there were many bottles.
He only bought one.
That leads us to the second customer.
You're looking for Agus.
He is a high school student at Gondang.
- Is this from Haris?
- Yes.
Are you sure about this?
- Come with me.
- Nope.
I don't want to be involved.
Suit yourself. I'll be off then.
- Be careful out there, sergeant.
- Fuck you.
I still owe you money from our bet.
I'll pay you tomorrow.
- It's yours.
- We should do this more often.
Sergeant, that's the kid.
With the red hat.
Thank you.
- Are you nuts? Here?
- Chill. No one noticed.
Can I help you?
I crashed my car.
Go somewhere that does bodywork.
Can't you do it?
- It will take a while.
- How long?
Two days.
Wait for my dad to come home.
If he ever comes back.
You did this?
Who are you?!
I came here to help you.
The general would like to see you.
So that you can apologize.
I said wait for my dad.
You decide.
If you don't come to him,
he will come to you.
You know exactly who he is. Right?
I'd rather wait for my dad.
It's simple, really. Just hop in my car.
I'll drive you back safe and sound.
You started it.
You should finish it.
Pick up the stone under my foot.
It's blocking the brake.
Throw it outside.
Don't worry.
"Sorry" is a remarkable word.
It can turn rage into blessing.
- Is that the guy?
- Yes, sir.
We'll talk in the backroom.
Thank you, son.
Let's go.
Come on.
Just tell him the truth. Okay?
Come in.
Wait outside, Kib.
Shut the door.
Give me your charger.
Take him to the city hospital.
No witnesses.
Agus, come on.
Are you taking me home? Looking like this?
Scared now, aren't you?
Don't close your eyes!
Are you his relative?
Please fill out the form.
To Allah we belong
and to Allah we shall return.
We announce the passing of Agus Muwardi,
citizen of Karangsari, our son,
this morning at 9:40 a.m.
The funeral prayer
will be held after lunch.
O Allah, forgive him
and have mercy on him.
To Allah we belong
and to Allah we shall return.
We announce the passing of Agus Muwardi,
citizen of Karangsari, our son,
this morning at 9:40 a.m.
The funeral prayer
will be held after lunch.
O Allah, forgive him
and have mercy on him.
- I'm resigning, sir.
- Don't panic.
- I'm not.
- Stop panicking!
- Peace be with you.
- And peace be upon you.
I am sorry for your loss, sir. Ma'am.
My deepest sympathies.
- Peace be with you, sir.
- And peace be upon you.
His mother doesn't want
to come out of her room.
Would you like to see the deceased, sir?
I would.
He was beaten, sir.
That is awful.
If I may, I would like your help.
Please. Anything.
You might've known
that their family's land is in conflict
with the hydropower company.
The conflict hasn't been resolved
and he was beaten.
I hate to draw conclusions,
people are convinced that
the company is behind this.
Please, sir.
Speak to the people and calm them down
so this situation is under control.
I'll do my best.
May the peace, blessings,
and mercy of Allah be with you.
May peace be upon you.
May the peace, blessings,
and mercy of Allah be with you.
May peace be upon you.
O Allah, forgive him
and have mercy on him.
Give him strength and pardon him.
Take him to heaven and protect him
from the punishment of the grave.
All praise is due to Allah,
Lord of all the worlds.
May the peace, blessings,
and mercy of Allah be with you.
May peace be upon you.
To my fellow friends
and all those gathered here.
Please allow me to express my condolences
regarding the passing of our son, Agus.
Agus was a great young man.
He was hardworking
and creative, and he had great ideas
for progress for our community.
he left us for a better place.
This unfortunate event reminds me
of my dearest friend.
We were on duty together in East Timor.
His name was Ivan.
In our troop, Ivan was the best swimmer.
I was
crossing the river
when the enemy opened fire.
Without hesitating,
Ivan jumped and saved me.
He swam and pulled me out of the river.
Unfortunately, he saved me
at the cost of his own life.
I was devastated
as I lost my dearest friend.
Losing Ivan is like losing Agus.
we all share the same grief.
I lost Ivan, and you lost Agus.
Over here.
Vishy Anand is playing.
Relax, son.
BORN 12-12-98
DIED 16-06-17
- You miss her, don't you?
- I do.
- Here you go, sir.
- Hold on, hold on. Look!
Amir's youngest.
- Look at him.
- Ma'am.
Oh my gosh! Is that really Rakib?
He is all grown up now.
Take good care of the old man.
He loves instant noodles so much,
he eats them discreetly.
Don't let him.
It will be troublesome for you
if he gets ill.
You are funny.
I don't eat instant noodles.
Whatever. Listen,
even if he pleads, don't let him.
He really enjoys having you around.
He never had a son, only three daughters.
So he longs for
father and son conversations.
It has to be next month?
Here, they are holding a gala on the 24th.
The committee is wondering
whether you are coming.
Janice is still ill.
I have to take care of her.
Well, all right then.
I'm hanging up now.
But please keep me updated.
Say hi to Ingrid for me.
Tell her I miss her and to please call.
- All right, dear.
- Okay then. I'm hanging up. Goodbye.
- Okay. Goodbye!
- Bye.
My family believes I quit smoking.
Keep this between us.
This is swell.
Dul! It's done.
I see. He's trying to get re-elected.
How much money did he spend?
It still needs 80.
Finally, you changed your mind.
Meet me at the terminal
the day after tomorrow. 11:00 p.m.
Will you come to Batam?
I will get off at Surabaya.
Someone will give you new papers.
Don't worry. It's safe.
- Bus terminal. 11:00 p.m.
- The day after tomorrow.
Don't be late.
Thank you.
New kid.
Here you go.
People were pushing each other,
and some women and children were squeezed,
and as the result
Remember your name now.
What's your name?
Now, you are Sri Suharti. Remember it.
- Where are you going?
- Surabaya, sir.
- One group?
- Yes, sir.
Which one is the leader?
- What group is this?
- Tourists, sir.
He thinks we are stupid.
Are you a good person?
Yes, sir.
No, you're not.
I know
where you are going to take these people.
Do you know this kid?
Hold it.
Your hands are sweaty.
Hey. New SIM card, please.
- This one?
- Yes.
Fifty cents.
Is this how you treat me?
Don't be selfish.
Think about the others too.
Have you had dinner?
Yes. We have, sir.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir. Thank you.
I have catfish and soup. Help yourselves.
We are full
but thank you for the kind offer, sir.
I see.
Are you going
straight back to headquarters?
Yes, sir. Permission to proceed, sir.
All right then.
This is your home, son.
What are you looking for out there?
Open the door.
Open it.
Go on.
Just stay at home.
Enjoy the life you have.
As long as you're safe
and healthy.
Let's go. We're going to be late.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming here
despite your busy schedules.
Are you sure you're not coming?
I'm sure, sir.
Okay. I'll let you know
when to pick me up.
Hendrik! How have you been?
Everything's ready?
The guests are already here?
One cow, right?
- Do you know a good karaoke place?
- Sure, sir. I will book it for you.
We are going to karaoke, Kib.
- Where is the place?
- Isabella, sir.
- Isabella. Do you know it?
- I don't, sir.
Use your map.
What's this?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing, sir.
You got it?
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
The one who wears red,
and was sitting next to you.
Next to her, the younger one
who wears green, she's the daughter?
- Yes
- What's her name?
- Bella.
- Bella?
Why didn't you ask her to come?
She's really pretty.
I am just joking.
'Tis only God
Who knows everything
What do I want
In these moments?
You won't believe it, but
You're always in my heart
Must I cry
To prove that it's true?
You mean the world to me
You are my shoulder to cry on
There is no way I'd forget you
Since it's been you all along
You mean the world to me
You are my shoulder to cry on
There is no way I'd forget you
Since it's been you all along
Stop! Stop!
If you want to shoot me,
face me and pull the trigger.
Don't be a coward and go behind my back.
Go on.
Go on!
Kib! Shoot!
Bring him straight inside.
My condolences, Kib.
Sir, we detained four people
at the office.
Do you know them?
They claim to be bird hunters.
But they are not from here.
The general's wife just called.
Their flight got delayed.
They will arrive tonight.
So she asked you to
give a eulogy on behalf of the family.
Look, the soldiers are already here.
you were like a son to him.
Yes, sir.
Let me know if you need anything.
I'd like some coffee.
Rakib, are you ready?
Forward, march!
To honor the life of General Purnawinata,
please welcome Muhammad Rakib
as the representative of the family.
To the family's representative,
present arms!