Automation (2019) Movie Script

Its been six months since we
the Automated Worker program,
and by all accounts, it's
been a massive success.
Auto works day and night.
He's so efficient, that we've
cut labor
and still managed a 200%
increase in productivity.
Now, welcome to phase two.
Meet the Automative Worker 2.0.
Smarter, faster,
and now featuring a
lithium-ion battery.
Plus, like Auto, it comes with a
RT7 learning chip.
So on the job training is a
piece of cake.
So how much staff are
talking about replacing?
We have 120 employees here.
We're only going to need 12.
The key creative positions.
Labor, shipping, receiving.
These units can manage it all.
Susan, these are real
people we're talking about.
Some of them have been with us
since your father and
I started the business.
I know Bill, but labor
costs keep increasing
and with Auto it's the first
time we've
seen profits in four years.
If we do this now,
we can give our employees a
really great severance package.
If we wait, in three years we'll
shutting the doors to this place
and they'll get nothing.
Look, we owe it to our workers.
I don't know.
Let me look at the numbers.
If it makes sense,
you can tell Automative
Solutions it's a go.
You're not going to regret this.
Yes, I will.
Because I'm not a machine.
Alert Insulation
is your full source
energy efficient vendor.
Our unique product line
is fully registered
to satisfy all energy mandates.
Our paralegal staff will take
of all your compliance
with our decades of insulation
We also provide roofing
and drywall services.
Our new line of hypoallergenic
also includes mold and mildew
and those hard to access
crawlspaces and vents.
From designing the insulation
for all your needs.
Accurately contracting the
efficiently installing the
and filing all compliance
Alert Insulation is your
lab to home solution.
Hello, Jenny.
I thought you might like a pick
me over.
It's "pick me up".
Would you like me to?
I'm good, thanks.
Coffee's great though.
Auto, you got to stop sneaking
up on me like that okay?
What are you working on, Jenny?
Oh I'm just taking a
little break, that's all.
My manager's trying to
get me to do covers,
but I really wanna focus on my
own stuff.
What is a "cover?"
A cover is a song
that's already popular.
But if you only sang covers,
where would the next
popular song come from?
You get it!
I wish more people felt that
I am certain Bill
and Susan would concur.
Your singing is most pleasing.
Have you presented this to them?
Perhaps you could sing it
at the Christmas party?
Ah, no, no, no.
That's probably not my scene
Do me a favor and don't
mention this to Susan okay?
Do you do not think Susan would
appreciate your music?
Not when I'm using the company
computer during work hours.
I mean that could get me fired.
What is "fired"?
Fired, you know, like
laid off, unemployed.
Susan brought me here.
I must be loyal to her.
But it would not please
me to see you terminated.
So you won't mention it then?
No need.
In my observations, I have
found humans to be more
efficient workers when they
take some time for breaks.
And your shift technically
ended 38 minutes ago.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Awe man, you are good at that.
I wish guys could do that.
Auto, if you were human,
you'd totally be boyfriend
Thank you for the compliment.
It pleases me that you are
I observed an event today called
"Secret Santa gift exchange."
Sounds good.
Did you receive a gift?
No, that's for the regular
I'm an independent contractor.
Shame you can not participate in
such a festive looking event.
Eh, it's okay.
Bill and Marci usually pick
me up something anyway.
All right Auto, I'm good, thank
Oh, and remember to keep this
music video
thing on the DL okay.
Yeah, the down low.
Keep it like a secret.
Friends keep secrets for each
Friends keep secrets.
So we are friends then?
Yeah Auto, you've always been
my friend.
Jenny has always been a friend.
I understand.
Good night friend Jenny.
Good night Auto.
Oh, hey Mel.
You're here early.
And you're here really late.
Busy night?
I got a little carried away.
I'm so ready for bed.
You okay to drive?
I was gonna make coffee?
Oh no, I'm good.
Auto actually already made me
It's probably still okay.
Auto made you coffee?
Wow, Auto's never made me
Well, that's because I'm cuter.
Oh, really?
Sure about that?
Oh my God.
Later Mel.
Jenny, your voice is so
I want to see how it works.
Morning Auto.
Where is everybody?
If you are
referring to the employees,
they should be here soon.
It's 9:05.
Define soon.
In or around
a short period of time.
I mean when do the employees
Usually we are fully
staffed by 9:45 or 10:15 a.m.
That's the problem isn't it?
Well, there's gonna be some
big changes around here.
And it's thanks to you Auto.
More machines.
A big upgrade.
I am most pleased
to hear that, Susan.
Does that mean my new battery is
It has been 42 days since I
brought it to your attention.
I will be much more efficient
once it is installed.
Well don't worry.
We'll be taking care of your
Alan's coming in tomorrow.
I miss Alan.
Yeah, you and me both.
Well, you have a good day, Auto.
You too Susan.
You keep up the good work.
Mornin' Bill.
You like those severance
That's a question for the
who are gonna receive them.
This is gonna be tough.
I want you in the room when I
announce it.
No problem.
I got your back.
Yeah, but who has theirs?
Staff meeting tomorrow,
Oh no.
Is it really happening?
I'm afraid so.
Nothing to be afraid about.
10:30 sharp.
Independent contractors?
Yes, this applies to them too.
And should I tell them
what all this is regarding?
Just say that...
Just say it's mandatory.
I mean, that's what I would say.
Just tell them it's mandatory.
You got it.
Bill, I'm sorry.
I know.
I'm telling you man now's
the time to make a stand.
Yeah, I don't know
about all that though man.
Those last negotiations were a
You know what man, I'm
hearing little rumors.
They might be doing a
little restructuring soon.
Yeah well, that's corporate!
Always trying to put us down.
Keep us in our place.
You know, if we keep acting
like this shit is normal,
they're just gonna keep
squeezing us
till there's nothing left.
I mean, nobody wants to
upset the apple cart,
but if it wasn't for me,
we never would have gotten the
4% bump.
Yeah, but then Keller,
Amy, Alyse, Collins got cut.
And then that guy shows up.
Hey, Tin Can!
Come here!
Machines will never fully
replace people.
They're too stupid.
Good morning, Devin.
Good morning, Rick.
How may I assist you today?
Yeah, did you get those orders
out for me last night?
Yes Devin, they are complete.
Great, thanks.
Hey, be a pal and go get
me a cup of water would ya?
What are you doing?
Just asking him to
get me a cup of water.
Clumsy me.
Why don't you get me another
Just had that donut and
man my throat is parched.
Wouldn't wanna choke.
Yeah, you know.
Stupid silent robot.
Okay, okay, okay.
It's funny, but don't be an
I'm just having a little fun.
It doesn't know any better.
Oh, would you look at that?
I did it again.
Get me another one.
Hey, leave him alone!
Stop picking on Auto.
You okay honey?
Good morning, Linda.
How are you today?
It's a machine, Linda.
What, do you ask your vibrator
about how it's feeling every
Not every night.
Besides, Auto's no vibrator.
We don't know what's going on in
his head!
And he learns by watching us.
And we don't need him picking up
any of
your asshole tendencies.
Fuck you, Linda.
In your dreams.
Okay, hey.
Apologize to the lady.
Oh, fine.
Show show me a lady.
If he treats you like that
you let me know and I'll tell
Susan, okay?
It was an accident.
He spilled water.
No harm done, but thank you
for your concern, Linda.
Such restraint.
You know you could teach
these animals a thing or two.
You really could.
How much can you bench?
I do not understand.
Please re-phrase.
How much weight can you lift?
I can lift 800 pounds.
More when I am functioning at
Mr. Muscle Machine.
And although I am
not a vibrator as you said,
I can vibrate if you so desire.
That's cool!
That's great Robot!
See you around Auto.
And then she kissed me.
Sounds like somebody
has a crush on you Auto.
A "crush?"
I do not believe Linda could
crush me.
Like crushing on you.
That's what people say
when they like each other.
It's a thing.
But Linda appears to be crushing
on Rick.
She is always with him.
Can a woman crush on more
than one person at a time?
Well that happens
more typically with men.
Just ask Rick's wife.
Actually, don't.
That's Linda's problem.
I do not think Linda is
the right
type of companion for me.
Too many loose screws?
I do not understand.
Please rephrase.
Don't worry about it.
Nice huh?
It is very pretty.
Best show in town.
You know, when I first
started working here
all those buildings weren't
Times are changing.
You weirdo!
That's my song!
How'd you do that?
Keep this on the DL, okay?
Susan hates when I smoke up
On the DL.
Thanks Auto, you're the best
Why do you have an
image of a bird on your neck?
Oh, that's Clive.
It's just a Raven I rescued.
He fell out of the nest
when he was a little baby.
You protected the bird?
I only had him for three
weeks but I loved him.
You'd be surprised how
attached you get to something
when you're hand feeding
it every two hours.
But anyway, he got big and
and learned how to fly, so I let
him go.
So the drawing
is an expression of love?
Yeah, you could say that.
Shall we?
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh shit!
Hey Marci, are you at work?
Okay awesome.
Would you mind coming
to get me on your way?
Thanks again for doing this.
No worries.
But I don't think you can put
getting that car fixed any
Yeah well, I'm gonna need some
extra cash to pull that off.
Well, how goes the singing?
Oh it's going.
Let's see, I got another
rejection letter.
But it was from a bigger
record label this time,
so that's progress, right?
You just keep at it.
It is your dream.
You got to follow it.
Never give up.
Never surrender!
That's right!
- Yes, yes.
- Yes.
So what's the big announcement?
Christmas bonuses I hope?
Not exactly.
Layoffs again?
It's pretty major this time,
but don't panic yet.
I think you're gonna be okay.
Here's hope.
Glad I could give you a ride
Hey, hey Marci!
Yeah hey, yeah you!
This is why I work the night
Uh huh.
You gonna tell anybody what's
going on?
Got a bunch of employees
here standing around,
nobody knows what's happening.
It's a need to know situation
all right.
I need to know.
And you'll find out in five
So is everybody here?
Where are Rick and Linda?
Oh yes!
Hey big boy.
Yeah I'm a big boy.
I think we're still
waiting for a few people.
Who's that?
Oh, that's Alan Han
of Automative Solutions.
He's the guy who invented Auto.
Nice, huh?
Mm, I think I have a scientist
Okay, lets get started.
Just a reminder, tonight is the
company Christmas Party.
I sincerely hope you're
all gonna be there.
It'll be the last one.
I want you all to know how much
I appreciate your
loyalty and your service.
When I started this company 15
years ago
with Susan's father, Jared
none of us could imagine how
much this company would grow.
And after his passing last year,
how much it would have to
And that brings us here today.
With progress, comes change.
In order to remain a
leader in the marketplace,
we've decided to go fully
This hasn't been easy decision,
but it's the only way for
us to remain competitive.
Alan Han with Automative
will be helping us with the
My car's never gonna
get fixed now is it?
I'm telling you, I think
you're gonna be okay.
There is an excellent
severance package.
We're gonna meet personally
with each one of you,
so please don't leave until
Marci's contacted you.
It's 'cause of that
stupid machine, isn't it?
I can understand how
you must be feeling.
But I ask you all to look at
as a amazing opportunity for
The world is changing and we
must change along with it.
Well that sucks.
Everyone, take a close look
at your compensation packages.
The company will only honor the
if you comply for the next
month with the transition.
Wait, what's that mean?
It will be your responsibility
to train the new units
to perform your daily tasks.
Oh fuck that!
No way!
I am not training a machine to
replace me!
Then that will be your choice.
But failure to comply
will forfeit your severance
Is that so?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
What's he doing?
Devin, put the shovel down!
Devin, are you distressed?
Would you like a...
Auto, are you okay?
Are you out of your mind?
That little stunt just
cost you your severance.
Is he damaged?
Auto are you okay?
You okay?
I am fine.
Thank you, Jenny.
He's okay.
Auto was built to handle
worse damage than this.
He's a hunk of junk!
Funny coming from a
piece of garbage like you.
Get this piece of trash out of
You're the trash, Susan!
You're screwing with people's
All for the bottom line!
How does it feel to be a
corporate whore
you stuck up bitch?
Sticks and stones.
Get him out of here!
Are we good?
I need a word with you, Miss
What did we miss?
The announcement is
to update your resumes.
You've been with us here a
Five years.
As a freelancer.
What would you say if I
offered you a staff position?
It'd be kind of weird.
Because you're letting
all those people go.
Oh, that's sweet.
I like that.
It's cute.
Look, you know, this isn't
I'm just trying to keep this
place open.
So, as you know, a staff
position would be
a little bit less than
what you're making now.
But, it would entitle
you to full benefits.
We're talking 401k, medical,
and two weeks paid vacation.
It's not bad.
So how much of a pay cut?
That seems a bit high.
To be frank, I wanted
to cut your position,
but Bill wanted to keep you on.
He wants you to watch the robots
in addition to the job
that you're already doing.
I mean, I could have a
first year college grad
do your job for half the
pay we're going to give you.
That's just the way it is.
So, what do you say?
All right, let me
see what I got for you.
Let me just put this right up
Hey, did you see Susan?
Are you staying?
Well struggling artist is
better than starving artist.
So yes.
Oh honey, I'm so happy.
I did not want to be the only
human being working here!
Yeah, I don't blame you.
And who is this?
Oh, Alan, this is Jenny
She's gonna be working
with the new machines.
And Jenny, this is Alan Han.
Yeah, we got a lot to go over.
So will both of you lovely
be going to this party tonight?
Oh my God, I left my dress at
Oh, Jenny's car is in the shop.
I actually drove her in this
Hey, if you need a ride,
I've got like 90 minutes before
meeting with Bill and Susan,
Alan, do you have my
new battery?
Yes, go.
One second, Auto.
Yeah, that would be great.
Just show me where to go.
Alan, I am
currently only operating
at 65% of my capability.
And we'll take care of
all that tonight, Auto.
Oh, thank you.
All right, bye Marci.
Bye Auto.
I do believe there's a love
connection going on there.
Thanks again for doing this.
Listen, I've still got some
Is there some place along the
we can get something to eat?
In all the craziness this
I never grabbed one of those
Yeah, I know a place.
Let's go!
So, how did you know Susan?
Oh, we met at Berkeley.
Kind of hit it off
and later partnered up on a
couple tech sector start-ups.
It didn't last though.
She got impatient
and shifted away from
and started running businesses.
I know, boring right?
But I kept at it, put
a good team together,
and pretty soon Auto was born.
He's an amazing machine.
You like him?
I do actually.
He's very friendly.
Auto, they need you in
I will be right there.
Hey, what are you doing over
It is a secret.
It's like I'm talking to a
real person.
A very kind but awkward person.
That is the RT7 Learning Chip.
Auto was designed to learn by
watching human behavior
so that he could work more
easily alongside people.
Does he have feelings?
'Cause I swear to God sometimes
it feels...
No, no, no.
It's just a simulation of
You see, the more he
comprehends human behavior,
the more he can be of service.
For example, if someone's
having a tough day,
he'll recognize it and
change his interactions.
Ask if you're okay or
bring you a cup of coffee.
Or give me a massage.
He's given you a massage?
Oh yeah.
He's actually good at it.
I don't doubt it.
Although HR might have
a problem with that.
But those are exactly the kind
examples I'm talking about.
He'll adapt and finds ways to
not only his own efficiency,
but the efficiency of
everyone else around him.
So it's all about efficiency?
I mean he's still just a machine
and machines are great at
performing programmed tasks,
but they can't create.
Only a human being with
a soul can do that.
And that's why jobs like yours
are secure.
Yeah, for now.
Yeah, for now.
Look, the day a machine
can create something
is the day it becomes sentient.
And that,
man that would be extraordinary.
You know, I thought
he had a thing for me.
I'm kind of disappointed to be
The fact you've worked so well
with him
the last couple of
months is why your inputs
gonna be so important with
programming the new models.
New model?
Auto was the prototype.
He was never meant for this kind
of work.
But the new models will be
More job orientated.
So what was Auto originally
made for?
Well, lets just say
when I was creating him
I wasn't exactly dreaming,
"Oh, maybe my robot might be
at Alert Insulation some day."
Yeah, I can relate.
Oh, so this place
wasn't your dream either?
Will I be replaced if I say no?
Don't worry, you're safe.
But seriously, what is your
So tell me, how does a
naturally gifted singer
such as yourself, wind up
editing corporate videos?
Well, a girl's got to pay
the rent somehow, right?
I started editing my own stuff
and then I started freelancing,
and I answered an ad
online and found this place
and the rest is history.
And what about the singing?
I'm still at it.
Stubborn I guess.
Yeah, me too.
Everyone told me the tech I
was trying to do with Auto
was more than a decade away,
but I never gave up.
And now he's here.
Jenny, I understand you're
working a double shift today.
I thought you could use a pick
me up.
No, that's okay Auto.
I already had some coffee.
Thank you though.
Maybe later.
Alan, could we install my new
battery now?
I am at 55%.
Actually, you know that meeting
with Bill and Susan's in a few
but I promise you that we'll
take care of you tonight.
All right?
Yes, tonight.
Very well.
I will work now.
See you both later.
See what I mean?
We'll be downloading his memory
so we'll take a good look at it
then he'll be fine.
Okay, I'm gonna hop in.
You'll still be here?
All right.
All right.
Sorry about that mess this
Hey, people are upset.
These things were bound to
happen, right?
Yeah, real sad.
So, we on schedule?
Once we copy Auto's data,
we can start the deactivation
You're getting rid of Auto?
He's one of my best workers.
Bill, he's just the prototype.
The next models are going
to be much more efficient.
So why just throw him away?
Well his programming's old
and his battery's dying.
We can bring in two more units
for the cost of one replacement
Start fresh.
These new machines are entirely
different entities.
They're gonna be installed with
of the data Auto's ever
and infused into the new
and improved programming.
So no more Auto?
Auto's final stage will be this.
What's that?
The ultra neutralizer.
My nephew named it.
He's seven.
Anyway, there's a socket
at the back of Auto's head.
Once we've downloaded his data,
the neutralizer will go into the
and this button will send an ion
into his circuitry, frying
his neuro-processors,
effectively terminating him.
Zero chance of revival.
Why would that even
need to be installed?
As a safeguard.
It's a proprietary tech.
I can't let the competition
getting a hold of this.
You seem disappointed.
I just feel sorry for him.
Well, that means we've
done our job right.
So everyone's replaceable
in the new world order, huh?
It's just a machine, Bill.
Just a machine.
Let me go!
No, protect!
Are you okay?
Had an accident.
I will clean it.
It's okay.
I can take care of it.
They need you in shipping.
Yes, shipping.
Much work to be done.
Have a good day, Marci.
It's been over an hour.
Did you get my texts?
Sorry, it's been tough
getting out of that place
with everything going on.
So, why don't you tell me
what this is all about?
I need you to get me back in
15 minutes, tops.
No flippin' way.
I am not risking my severance
package over you Devin.
Come on.
Nobody's gonna be in
there after six anyway.
They're all going to the
Christmas party.
Why the hell do you
need to be back there?
I left some personal stuff
backed up on the shipping
So get me a flash drive,
I'll go in and grab it for ya.
No, I'm the only one
that knows where it is.
Then what's the problem?
No one's gonna find it.
And in a couple weeks
it's not gonna matter.
Come on, will you just
help me out on this?
No, I'm sorry my friend,
I'm not gonna help you out on
All right.
Well, I guess Bill's just gonna
have to
get an anonymous phone
call about that batch
of defective cell phones.
You remember the ones that got
on the way back to the
Meet me at the back
entrance of the warehouse
at six p.m. sharp.
Don't be late 'cause I am
not waiting around for you.
Bill, we got to get going.
Everyone is arriving
at the hall, let's go.
Okay, let's do this.
Anything left on the list?
You mean who's been
naughty and who's been nice?
Sorry, just some Christmas
The new cooling gel
is back from testing.
Passed with flying colors.
Well, that's some good news.
It's all good news, Bill.
Profits are gonna skyrocket
next year, you'll see.
Ho, ho, how do I look?
Like a bundle of Christmas
You coming?
Yeah, I just have a
couple things to wrap up.
Do you want a bow?
I thought it was funny.
Me too.
Let's go.
Now Auto, I'm gonna need
you to be perfectly still.
Yes Alan, I will comply.
Precisely how long do
I need to keep still?
I can tell you exactly how long
in a just a second.
One hour and four minutes.
And what is the
purpose of this data transfer?
To provide the new units with
all the information you've
learned while working here.
When this is complete,
will you install my new battery?
Tomorrow, Auto.
Everything will be in order by
Okay, he's set.
We can go.
Will you stay
with me for a moment?
So what's up?
Jenny, Alan is not
providing accurate information.
What do you mean?
I heard him
talking with Bill and Susan.
He has no intention of
replacing my battery.
He plans to deactivate me.
Why would he do that?
He loves you!
All he does is talk about
how amazing you are.
So I just throw him away?
Well his programming's old
and his battery's dying.
We can bring in two more units
for the cost of one replacement
Start fresh.
Can you help me?
I'll give it a shot.
I mean, my words don't exactly
carry a lot of weight around
"Carry weight?"
I mean, I don't know
if they're gonna listen.
Please Jenny,
make them understand.
I do not wish to be deactivated.
I enjoy working here with you.
This job gives me purpose.
There is no purpose in being
Okay, I'll give it my best.
Just promise me you'll wait here
I will wait.
Thank you for being my friend.
Of course.
That's why you're not
in development anymore.
When did you get this?
Why didn't you tell me you
were gonna deactivate Auto?
Who, who told you this?
Auto did.
He must have been spying on us
when we were talking to Bill.
Thanks for doing this.
You better make it quick,
there's people still in there.
Susan, that Alan guy.
And I think Linda and
Rick are fooling around in
the bathroom or something.
Yeah, yeah, they'll
never know I'm there.
They better not,
'cause if you get caught,
it's not your head, it's mine.
Yeah, I get it.
Both our heads.
See you back at the
bar when you're done.
I'm sorry that we didn't tell
We just wanted to keep things
until the process was done.
But why?
Because you were afraid you'd
upset him.
Jenny, he doesn't get upset.
We've already been over this.
They're not real emotions.
They're real to Auto.
There's nothing more that can
be done.
His battery is already dead.
So replace it.
It's old tech.
We don't have anything
compatible to it anymore.
Well couldn't you
just like take his brain
and put it in one of the new
No, no.
His operating system's
It's like with home computers.
Okay, sometimes the old programs
just don't work with the new
To bring in the new tech,
we had to get rid of the old.
Oh, so it's just all
about the bottom line huh?
Where are you going?
To tell Auto the truth.
I'd re-consider that.
Auto was never supposed
to know about any of this.
It was just supposed to be
another day
and after the data transfer,
I was gonna shut him off
If Auto doesn't have any real
then why would it matter
if I told him the truth?
You're right.
Tell him the truth or tell
him what he wants to hear.
It's your call.
I'm starting to wonder who the
robots are around here.
What was that all about?
And spying!
That's not part of it's
current programming.
No, no it isn't.
I think Auto might be reverting
to his original initiatives.
How could that happen when the
original hard drive was
You did replace its original
hard drive?
It was prohibitively
expensive, all right.
We did a deep erase
and overwrote it with the new
Damn it, Alan!
We discussed this!
Auto's parts are one of a kind
We begun production on the new
Doing a deep erase was just
as good as getting a new one.
Residual data was always a
I would have never allowed
you to bring it in here!
It was the only way to
meet your deadline Susan!
Oh, so now it's my fault?
I trusted you.
Okay, okay.
Just hear me out okay.
It seems Auto's emotions
have become more sapient.
This data will be priceless.
We're talking about something
much bigger
than worker or androids here.
I'm going down.
She can't be alone with Auto.
Hey, hey, hey.
Auto's fine.
Everything's fine.
You let go of me, Alan.
There was a time you enjoyed
Times change.
Sit down!
This will all be over
in less than an hour.
You look good.
Did you tell your wife yet?
I can't say anything right now.
It's just bad timing
with all these layoffs.
Honestly, it's a money thing.
You have money.
I have her money.
And without her...
I thought you didn't love her
It's not a love thing.
Oh really?
So, what am I to you?
Just some office slut?
God no!
I'm the slut, okay.
I'm the one cheating on my wife.
I'm a floozy!
So, what does that make me?
Happily single?
Get out of here.
Come on...
Get the fuck out, Dick!
It's Rick.
Hey Auto!
I got some great news!
They're not gonna de-activate
Aren't you happy?
Yes, I am most pleased.
What changed their mind?
Well I convinced them that it
be better for you to stick
so that you could train the new
So I can keep my job?
Yeah Auto.
Nobody does your job better than
you do.
I told them that you're
more than just a machine.
You're special.
I am special?
Never forget that.
You're my favorite employee
I am pleased to know this.
You are my favorite as well,
Thank you for helping me.
That's what friends do.
I better go get ready
for the Christmas party.
Do you think they
would mind if I attend?
I have never been to a
Christmas party before.
It would please me
to go with you.
I don't know.
Yeah, sure, why not.
It's a date.
A date?
I am pleased.
Does this mean we are
more than just friends?
We're special friends, Auto.
Okay, so you stay here
and I'll be back when
Alan's down with you, okay?
Yes, I will wait.
See ya Auto.
Hey there!
You're not so strong now, are ya
You piece of shit toaster oven!
You're worthless!
Do not worry.
I will get you to safety.
You're worthless!
Fucking worthless!
Well I guess your date for
the Christmas party's off huh?
You know, it's bad enough
you steal our jobs,
but now you think you
can take our women too?
Well, that's not gonna happen.
Even a used-up little whore like
deserves better than you.
You really are smitten
with her, aren't you?
I'll tell you what,
when I'm through with you,
I'll make sure to give her
some special attention.
You know, a real good screw.
You know what screw is don't you
Well, just imagine real big ones
filling up every one of
Jenny's pretty little holes.
You will not harm her.
Facility secured.
What the fuck?!
Must protect Jenny.
You're suffering a major
malfunction here man.
You must be quiet prisoner.
You will give our location away.
Stay quiet until I return for
Identify yourselves.
Enemy or ally?
Auto, what are you doing up?
We are under attack.
The compound is surrounded.
The enemy has breached our
We must take evasive measures.
He's reactivated his laser.
We're allies Auto!
I'm Susan Williamson and this
is your creator, Alan Han.
You remember Alan right?
Identities confirmed.
Alan, Auto is trying to
protect us.
Auto, stand down!
That's headquarters
and it's gonna need us to answer
the call.
But proceed with caution.
It might be a trap.
He's right.
We don't want anyone we can't
knowing about our situation.
It would be very bad for all of
Hey, Susan, you done yet?
We ran into some issues.
It may take a little
time to iron them out,
but we'll be okay.
Listen, as soon as you
deactivate Auto
get back here as soon as
The troops are getting restless.
I'm afraid they're
gonna attack any minute.
Yeah, I can imagine.
We'll talk about it when I get
You are the enemy!
You were ordered to deactivate
No, I wasn't.
Do not lie.
I heard what your commander
Auto, you misunderstood.
Buddy, you got this all wrong.
I heard you.
You were going to deactivate me.
Fire me.
Kill me.
You heard wrong.
Okay, we wanted to update you.
Promote you.
Give you a raise!
I will give you a raise, Alan.
Auto stop, okay!
You don't know what you're
I know exactly what I am doing.
This job gives me purpose.
And I will not allow you
to take away my purpose.
No one is trying to do that
We want you to stay on the job.
Susan, help me out here!
Auto, I'm in charge of
doing all the staffing here.
I can make sure that we keep you
I can draw up a contract where
we make sure that no one
deactivates you.
I can throw in a 401k,
medical, two weeks paid
Okay, six weeks.
Maybe a company car.
Or a truck.
I do not trust you.
You have both lied to me.
You are the enemy and the
enemy must be destroyed.
No, no, no, no, no!
Facility secured.
Jesus Auto.
What did I tell you
about sneaking up on me?
Jenny, I am sorry.
I did not mean to sneak up on
without a warning.
It's okay.
Wait, what are you still doing
The facility is under attack.
Under attack?
By who?
I have not yet
ascertained their motive.
But they are here and we must be
I think you might be confused
Do not fear, Jenny.
I will protect you.
Come with me.
We must be cautious.
Okay Auto.
Sorry Dad.
I really fucked this up this
We are safe
here for the time being.
Jenny, there is
something that is bothering me.
What's that?
Why did you tell me that Alan
and Susan reconsidered
deactivating me?
Unless my processors are
they clearly intended to.
What makes you say that?
I had a discussion
with Alan and Susan.
Please provide an explanation.
Look, I'm sorry, I tried.
They said there was nothing
they could do for you.
Then why lie to me?
Because I didn't want you to
your last moments worrying.
I wanted you to be happy.
I was trying to protect you.
They said you would just go to
There's an
intruder in the perimeter.
Are you sure about that Auto?
Aren't Alan and Susan are
still in the building?
It is not Alan.
I will investigate Jenny.
This is a hostile environment.
Every precaution must be taken.
For your safety, stay here.
Halt, who goes there?
You scared me, Auto.
Linda, how are you?
I'm just having the worst day of
my life
since I started working
at this godforsaken place.
Sorry Auto, no offense.
It's nice to see a familiar face
Even if it does belong to a
A robot.
I'm sorry Auto.
I just don't know what to do.
I'm not a bad person you know?
I should have never
gotten involved with Rick.
Look at me.
Spilling my guts to a robot.
I am sorry about Rick.
Yeah well,
what's done is done right?
You know you're lucky Auto.
You don't need anyone.
No one to drag you down.
Now, we're both alone.
We are not alone.
I am here and you are here.
I never said this before but,
sometimes when I talk to you,
I feel like you're...
Auto I'm not gonna hurt you.
I was just saying you seem to
get me.
Get you?
Are you crushing on me, Linda?
Would that be so bad?
I just really need a hug right
You know, it's funny.
Something so simple,
can feel so good.
You can ease up a little on
Stop it Auto.
It hurts!
I am crushing on you, Linda.
Stop it!
You're killing!
Auto no!
Put her down Auto!
Oh God.
What have you done?
We were liking each other.
Crushing each other.
You killed her!
That is not possible.
I am not able to hurt fellow
It is not part of my
But she's dead Auto.
I seemed to have erred.
The oscillator on my logic
board must be damaged.
That would explain the
interceding of my previous
operating system with my new
Jenny, I am very sorry.
I would greatly appreciate it
if you could keep this on the.
The DL?
The "down low".
It's a colloquialism...
I know what it means, Auto!
It is what I did for you
when I saw you working
on your music video.
And when I found you smoking on
the patio.
If it becomes known that I
killed a company employee,
that could be grounds for my
Will you assist me in
the disposal of the body?
My God!
Jenny, wait.
Why are you running?
Facility secured.
Facility secured.
911, what's your emergency?
Hi, I'm stuck in a building.
Hello, are you there?
Damn it.
Why are you holding that ax?
Did I make you angry?
Please tell me what I did
so that I may correct the error.
Fuck you!
I did not
intend to murder anyone.
It was a malfunction.
It will not happen again.
Please do not be afraid of me.
There you are.
What the fuck was that?
That was a warning shot, Jenny.
You would shoot me?
No, you wouldn't.
Jenny, stop!
Susan, thank God.
We have to get out of here.
Auto killed Alan and Linda!
And there's a body in the
warehouse too!
And I checked all the exits.
He changed the codes,
there's no way out.
Okay, okay then, we have to
I know a place.
What the fuck is taking
that asshole so fucking long?
You are so dead when I find you.
Your Dad's office?
We got Auto after Dad died
and Auto only goes where he
So you're saying since
nobody comes in here
we'll be safe?
Good thinking.
We can't sit here all night
Eventually he'll figure out
where we are.
He learns.
There could be other people
still in the building.
When did you grow a conscious?
Excuse me?
He's here because of you.
You think I don't know that?
I was protecting my father's
None of this was supposed to
Okay, shh, just calm down.
Alan cut corners okay.
What do you mean cutting
Auto was commissioned for
military use.
You brought a military weapon
in here?
Alan said that it would be safe.
He's firing a fucking laser!
We don't need that for
shipping and receiving!
Why didn't you just keep
him in the military?
He wasn't a very good soldier.
No kidding?
His simulated emotions
caused him to form
an attachment to the
humans he served with.
In the end, soldiers got killed.
So rather than take him to a
you brought him here?
Great idea.
We're dead if we don't
make it out of here.
It's hopeless.
Phones are dead.
Everything's scrambled.
The powers off.
Well, I'm responsible
for the power being off.
I figured it would prevent
him from recharging.
What's that?
Alan said that this
could help power down Auto
but we have to get close enough
to use it.
I think I know a way.
Now this is starting
to look like a party!
Listen, I'm a little concerned.
I haven't heard from Susan
in an hour and a half.
They should have been back by
Oh, things are just probably
taking longer than planned.
It happens.
Come on Santa, let's
pass out some presents.
People could use a little
joy in the world, you know.
Especially tonight.
For sure.
Hey everybody!
Auto, she's dead!
Can we fix her?
We can't fix her Auto!
Come on!
They're coming, we got to go!
You have returned.
I normally would be pleased,
but I don't feel like myself.
How do you feel?
I am not certain.
But I do not find it pleasing.
I killed Linda.
She was always nice to me
and I killed her.
It was a mistake, Auto, wasn't
Auto look at me!
Wasn't it?
It was a mistake.
Can we fix her?
You can't fix her Auto, she's
I never intended
to do those things.
But I did them.
Does that make me bad?
You were confused.
It doesn't make you bad.
They will want to deactivate me.
No one is gonna deactivate you.
Destroy the
device, it will harm me.
Okay, okay look.
I'll destroy it.
Just let Susan go.
Because she's a human being,
You already feel bad about what
happened to Linda and Alan.
You're not suppose to
harm employees, remember?
This will only make things
Look, I'll give you this
and you let Susan go okay?
But she is the enemy.
She's not the enemy Auto.
She's just scared.
We both are.
You have to let us go Auto.
Wait, that's Mel.
What's wrong?
The building codes won't work.
It's Auto, he's gone insane!
He locked us in here!
Can you get us out of here?
Slow down, just wait.
I've had a few drinks tonight.
Wait, how did you get in here?
You promise you won't tell the
I'm your boss Mel!
Oh yeah, sorry.
I came in through the...
Oh God!
Oh my God!
Corgan Security
this is Jacqueline.
We have an alarm at your
False alarm.
All is well.
Please cancel, security number.
Thank you.
Anything else we may help you
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Okay go.
Just go.
What is wrong Jenny?
I stopped an intruder.
It wasn't an intruder,
that was Mel from shipping and
Optics damaged.
Switching to heat sensors.
Recalibration complete.
Jenny, is that you?
Please, there is no reason to
I promise to be very reasonable.
Jenny, you damaged my
optics but I forgive you.
We can work this out.
Susan, after much consideration
I will accept the terms
of our recent negotiation.
I just ask that we put aside
the matter of the accidental
of Devin, Rick, Alan, Linda, and
That was impressive.
Good arm.
I grew up with three brothers.
You are both testing
the limits of my patience.
Stop running please.
We need to discuss this matter
We took out his eyes.
How the hell can he see us?
Auto came equipped with heat
It came in handy for night
That's great.
Fuck this.
The heaters.
He won't be able to see us.
Jenny, Susan, where are you?
We got to shut him down.
I don't now.
We fry him.
How are we gonna get close
to hit him with that?
He'll come to us.
I remember that song.
Jenny, something is not right.
Do you hear me?
Are you hurt?
I will protect you.
Your attempt to destroy me
has replenished my battery
You want to replace me with new
but you cannot deactivate me.
I am special.
You're not special Auto.
You're a mistake.
The biggest mistake of my entire
And your life is at an
end Susan.
I can't let you do that Auto.
Move to the side Jenny.
When she is gone, all will be as
it was.
No it won't.
Things will never be the same
Because you murdered people.
It was a malfunction.
I did not intend to kill.
Then what are you doing right
I just, I just want to live.
Stand aside Jenny.
I do not wish to harm you.
You would harm me?
Jenny is my friend.
Friends help each other.
I can't be your friend anymore
So do what you have to do.
Don't make me.
I'm sorry Auto.
I am sorry Jenny.
Thank you boss.
You're welcome.
They're taking Susan to the
to make sure she's okay.
I want you to get checked out
Okay, I'll be right down.
You did good Jenny.
I'm really sorry about all this.
It wasn't your fault.
Hey honey, I grabbed your stuff.
Oh, thanks Marci.
This isn't mine though.
It was on your desk.
I'll be back okay.
Did you receive a gift?
No, that's for the regular
I'm an independent contractor.
The day a machine can create
is the day it becomes sentient.
And that would be extraordinary.
So the drawing
is an expression of love?
Yeah, you could say that.