Autopsy (2008) Movie Script

She's totally sober saying that, I swear.
I swear. Totally sober.
- Time to cut.
- Not!
I'm having so much fun.
- Are you videoing this?
- This is the best trip ever.
Can I have a kiss?
All right, here we are... Mardi Gras.
When is it?
I don't know when it is.
But we're in Mardi Gras.
It's fuckin' awesome.
Who is this kid?
- Hey, Russia, I'll introduce you.
- Russia.
- Meet my new buddy, the Russian.
- Russia!
Damitri? Damitri.
- Dmitri. Hey.
- Dmitri.
Dmitri's over here studyin',
but he's going to jump in a car with us,
and we're gonna take him over to Jack's.
Anybody hurt?
I don't know.
I was just driving.
Baby, you all right?
You sure you're not hurt anywhere?
Oh, my God, look at my car!
Look at this.
It's a fuckin' mess.
Does anybody have a working phone?
It doesn't matter.
There's no signal.
How in the hell are we gonna
get outta here?
I'm with you. Relax.
Oh, you're cut.
It's nothing.
Just a little glass hit me.
Look at the state
of this fucking thing, huh?
- Look at the window.
- It's gonna be okay.
- You were lucky.
- Just take it easy.
So damn lucky, man.
Don't cry.
I gotta take a piss.
Jude, come on, man.
Move on.
You're not even together anymore.
Movin' on.
He's frickin' welcome to her.
Jesus Christ!
Motherfucker! Fuck!
What is it?
- You hit him.
- That's impossible.
I didn't see him.
Did you guys see him?
- Check his pulse!
- I don't like doing...
Oh, come on!
He bled in my mouth!
- Fuck!
- Oh, my God! What...
- How badly is he hurt?
- We need to help him!
And he's in a fuckin' hospital gown!
- Calm down!
- He could have anything!
- Jesus Christ!
- We have to help him.
Bobby, help me, please.
- We gotta do something.
- You gotta be fuckin' kidding me!
Hey, over here!
- Over here!
- Here!
Yeah! Hey!
Yeah, come on, come on.
There's... S-Some guy
came out from nowhere, man.
Over here, man.
There's somebody on the ground.
He's wearing a hospital gown.
- Can you tell me what happened?
- The guy came from out of nowhere.
Is he gonna be okay?
That's him.
Easy. Come on.
- Easy.
- On 3.
Easy, buddy. Let's go.
Come on, buddy.
On 3, baby. Ready?
What the hell is this guy doing out here?
He freaked out before surgery and ran.
The drugs do that sometimes.
We've been looking for this guy for hours.
Doc is gonna be pissed, man.
I heard that.
You know, you guys look pretty banged up.
You might need some medical attention.
What about the car?
Well, you know, I think the most
important thing right now is your health.
I mean, we can call a tow truck if you want.
If you want to hop in...
- Okay.
- Just watch your step.
- That's it.
- Now you, cowboy.
Watch your step, buddy.
There you go.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I can't believe this is happening.
He's not gonna make it.
He's dying.
That's nice.
You a fuckin' doctor?
You're gonna be okay.
We're almost at the hospital.
You're gonna make it, okay?
Okay, everybody.
Come on out.
Watch your step, darlin'.
It's very slippery here.
There you go.
Nice and easy.
Step out. It's slippery.
It'll be okay, son.
It'll be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Don't worry.
Everyone, please.
Please take a seat.
Thank you.
Aren't we a bunch of lucky ducks?
Now, is anyone experiencing
any dizziness,
shortness of breath, or pain?
My n... My neck is really sore.
Probably whiplash.
We'll take a look.
Yeah, ma'am, I swallowed
a ton of that guy's blood, so...
All right. Well, nothin' serious.
Nothing serious?
What, are you kidding?
I could've caught anything.
You see that guy?
Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to wait
while we tend to our more
critical patients first.
I got his blood in my mouth!
We have been operating
on a skeleton crew
ever since Katrina,
and we're very backed up.
I'm sure you understand.
Now, if each one of you
will fill out these forms
as thoroughly as possible,
we can get started.
- Wait. Where's Emily?
- I think she's still outside.
- Do you want me to go get her?
- I'll go.
You okay?
It looks like it's gonna rain.
Em, he's in good hands.
What if he dies?
He's not gonna die.
Oh, my God, what if... what if he has kids
waiting for him to come home?
They're gonna take good care of him inside.
Baby, it wasn't your fault.
It was an accident.
- Sorry. I'll be fine.
- Don't apologize.
Everything's gonna be all right,
and we're gonna get through this together.
Listen to me.
I could be infected
with God knows what, okay?
Now, what does this guy have?
Heart disease.
You can't catch it.
Come on. Let's go inside.
In a minute. I just...
I just need to prepare myself
for the smell.
The smell?
They all smell the same, hospitals.
I hate that smell.
I know.
But you still have to go inside
and get checked out.
We'll be back on the road in a few hours,
and before you know it,
this will all be over.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Bobby, you're bleeding.
It's nothing.
It's just a scrape.
I'll be all right.
- Yes.
- Marian.
Dr. Benway.
How unfortunate.
- Yes, I understand.
- Quickly.
- I'll take care of it right away.
- Make it happen.
Thank you.
Good news, young man.
An exam room just opened up.
Finally. Thank you.
Excuse me, Nurse.
My boyfriend's bleeding.
- Have a seat.
- No, but he's bleeding.
- It's nothing.
- Fine. I'll take a look at it.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
She's right.
We gotta take care of that.
Is that glass?
- Doesn't even hurt.
- Adrenaline will do that.
It's just a little sliver.
Yeah, shit, Bobby.
That doesn't look too good.
Oh, my God.
- Don't touch that!
- No. Fuck, dude.
- Jesus, Bobby. You okay?
- Bobby, stop pulling.
You all right?
You okay?
Oh, my God! Bobby!
Travis, patient transport now!
Hey, somebody get...
get a fucking doctor here!
Stay back.
Get over here!
Travis! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
I want you to take him
to operating room number 2.
Miss? I'm sorry, sugar.
This is hospital policy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I want to go with him.
It's gonna be okay.
I wanna go with him.
- I think that's it.
- All right.
My boyfriend... is there any news?
Not yet.
I don't see any contact info
for either you or Bobby.
Bobby's parents are in Europe.
I don't know where they're staying.
Excuse me.
Of course. Right away.
Dr. Benway would like
to talk to you in person.
- What is it?
- Not to worry.
- Third floor, fourth door on your left.
- Is he gonna be okay?
Elevators are right through that door.
Third floor. Thank you.
My pleasure.
This you're gonna laugh about in a few days.
You know...
you're actually very beautiful
when you're not terrified.
Don't leave me here.
Don't leave me here.
God, that's killing me. Nurse?
It's gonna be okay.
I'm with you.
Fuck it. I gotta go take a leak.
Yeah, okay.
Aw, this is a fuckin' joke.
- Emily Hosfield?
- Yes.
I'm Dr. Benway.
Bobby's gonna be fine.
The glass didn't pierce his lung after all.
Thank God.
I do have a few questions.
Where is he?
Your friend.
I need all my little ducks here for triage.
I think he went to the bathroom.
Do you happen to know if Bobby
has any immunosuppressive disorders
such as lupus, Graves', vasculitis?
Has he ever mentioned anything like that?
No. But what does that
have to do with his injury?
Well, it's a complicated medical issue.
I don't really have time to go over
every little detail.
I did go to medical school.
When did you graduate?
I didn't.
I dropped out after my first year.
That's a shame.
Well, I'm sure you'll be going
back to school soon.
No, I don't think so.
Well, I wouldn't be too sure, Emily.
As my wife always tells me,
I didn't choose medicine,
medicine chose me.
Now, if you go to the lobby...
Wait. Can I see Bobby first?
No. The nurse will contact you
if I have any more questions.
I'd really like to see him.
The nurse will contact you
if I have any more questions.
It's Scott. I found him.
You know, Dr. Benway really hates it
when people wander off in his hospital.
We can go with medicinal purposes, right?
You know, running security
in this place is a full-time job.
Think I don't have better things to do
than locate burn-outs in bathrooms?
Burn-outs. Got it.
Well, let me just get rid of this.
Yeah, I suggest you do that
immediately because...
...I can get you something a lot better.
Do you know where
the patient recovery room is?
That sounds nice.
Are you okay?
Do you want me to get a nurse
or a doctor, someone to help you?
What makes you think
they're here to help?
You want one of my sisters, too?
And I have six of them.
- Wow.
- Yes, and I'm the baby,
so everyone spoiled me rotten.
Room 3. Right away.
Excuse me.
Dmitri Osipov, they're ready for you.
Room 3, third floor.
I'll wait for her girlfriend to come back
so she's not alone.
I'm sorry.
You have to go right away.
We run a very tight ship here, I'm afraid.
It's okay, Dmitri.
I'll be fine.
It's nothing, right?
I'll see you later.
Well, look at what we got here.
The promised land.
Go ahead and pick your poison.
There's this new synthetic
morphine derivative that's the shit, bro.
It's primo.
What would you like?
What do you have?
Is that nitrous?
Yeah, my college roommate was into this.
Not in here, bro.
That shit is flammable.
Okay. Relax.
I wasn't gonna turn it on.
Okay. All right.
How about a couple of barbiturates?
Strong enough to stop a fucking rhino?
You got any antibiotics?
I just brought you to chemical Disneyland,
and you want a fucking antibiotic?
This guy bled in my mouth.
That's fucked up.
Did you ask him to?
Look, I gotta split.
Go ahead and...
- You go ahead and pick your poison.
- Thank you.
What's this?
Nope. You don't want
to mess with these babies.
These haven't even been submitted
to the FDA for approval yet.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
Doc used to work
for Zidexx Pharmaceuticals.
He gets us all the good shit, man.
- You tried those?
- Sure, yeah. It's good.
Take care.
Amen. Follow me.
This is bullshit.
- Bobby?
- Emil...
- Sorry.
- What are you doing here?
I have been looking all over for you.
Dr. Benway told me
he gave you specific instructions.
I'm just trying to find my boyfriend.
I want to be there when...
You have to stop worrying
about your boyfriend
and start worrying about yourself.
- Really...
- You need to be checked out as well.
- I'm fine.
- You have been in an accident,
young lady,
and whether you like it or not,
once you come through our doors,
it is our medical and legal responsibility
to assess your condition.
I'm seriously fine.
Now, please take a seat,
and Dr. Benway will be with you shortly.
Don't worry, son.
I set up a nice lounge in here.
You know, couches, plasma screen TV.
It's where I like to chill
when I've sampled the merchandise.
- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah.
Mi casa es su casa, bro.
Check it out.
What... Are you kidding me? Hey!
Hey, come on, man.
This ain't funny.
Hey, come on, man.
I just dropped this fuckin' thing.
- Don't leave me! Please!
- It's Scott.
- Listen.
- Motherfucker!
Open the fuckin' door!
Open the fuckin'... I swear to God!
Open the door!
Yeah. I got him.
Jesus Christ.
Am I going to be okay?
I don't think so.
Get the fuck outta here.
Help me.
Help me.
Who is this?
Do you need a nurse?
Do you need help?
I'm not nearly as vain as it looks.
All these awards and compensation
are really a means to an end.
This hard work has allowed me
to move down here
and open this clinic for people
who really need the help.
How's Bobby doing?
I had to remove one last glass fragment
from his left pectoral.
- Yeah?
- He's fine.
Have a seat.
I understand you hit your head
in the accident?
It's nothing serious.
Well, I'll be the judge of that.
- Gonna look in your eyes.
- Okay.
Tilt your head back, please.
Can you open your mouth?
Say "Ahh."
Looks fine.
So, why did you leave medical school?
I was hardly ever there.
I think I got about as far as,
"First, do no harm."
Bet your parents wanted you
to be a doctor.
Actually, my dad died
about a month ago from bone cancer.
Family illness can be one of the great
life-altering experiences.
- Yep.
- No doubt about it.
I'm sorry.
That's all the more reason
for you to go back
to medical school, though, isn't it?
No. I don't think so.
- Breathe deeply.
- Okay.
I know what it's like, you know,
to have a loved one suffering.
My wife became ill last year.
Her doctors diagnosed her
with terminal cancer.
Traditional medicine didn't work.
- I'm sorry. Did she...
- No, no.
Now with an experimental treatment,
she's actually making an amazing recovery.
- Miraculous, really.
- That's great.
- We're going to Italy in a month.
- Really?
Yes. L... I couldn't imagine
what would happen if I had lost her.
Take off your shirt, please.
Keep your face towards the door,
your back to me.
Bring your knees to your chest.
The fetal position.
Is that good?
Yes. It's fine, thank you.
What are we doing?
A lumbar puncture.
We need to check
your spinal fluid for blood,
see if you had an aneurysm
with that head trauma.
Shouldn't I just be having a CT scan?
No, no, no.
A CT scan isn't necessary.
But you see? You can't shake
the instincts of a doctor.
You really do have it in your blood.
No pun intended.
Now, this is gonna pinch a little bit.
Don't move.
You don't want this needle
ripping through your spinal cord, do you?
That fucking hurts.
Oh, my God.
There's no need for such
coarse language, young lady.
You can get dressed now.
So, have you talked to Bobby's parents?
They really should know what's going on.
I talked to them a half an hour ago,
as a matter of fact.
They're very excited about Bobby
getting home to see them.
Oh, man.
Oh, man, I'm tired.
Hey, Travis?
The doc wants to examine her.
Shit, man, I'm just gettin' started.
Goddamn it.
You know, they don't
pay me enough for this shit.
Come on, man.
It pays hell of a lot more
than making license plates up in Angola.
Remember that?
You want to do that again?
We got a good deal here.
When do you think we're moving shop?
In a month?
No, it's gonna be sooner.
The doc went all out
on this latest procedure, man.
His wife is actually doing better,
if you can believe that.
Maybe he's not as crazy as he seems.
Yeah, well, let's not go too far, all right?
What are we gonna do
with all these patients when we move?
Let's just leave 'em here.
Where are they gonna go on their own?
None of 'em can even count to 6
or even feed themselves,
or wipe their ass, so fuck 'em.
We could bulldoze a big pit,
shove 'em in,
throw gasoline on 'em,
and then watch 'em burn.
- Or we could...
- I gotta go.
Get her up to the exam room now.
- Okay?
- Well, wait a minute.
If you're so worried about it,
you take her up.
I got fingerprints
that I've gotta get rid of.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you being such a little bitch?
Fuck you.
Okay, look, just get her up
to an exam room
before the doc notices, please?
Yeah. Yeah.
What did you do? What...
There's something under there
and I just can't find it.
Jude, stop it.
What did they do to you?
What happened?
He gave me a pill and...
Okay, Jude, stop it.
You're hallucinating, okay?
We're going to find everyone else,
and we're going to get out of here, okay?
Do you know where anyone else is?
I saw it.
I saw it.
Whoever said there wasn't life after death?
Jude, take it easy, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
- Is everything in order, Doctor?
- So far.
Good. And I am fine on this end.
Steady heart rate.
Good healthy beat to it.
By the way, Doctor,
I've just checked on the boy.
I don't think he'll last 12 hours.
He has to.
Lisette is doing much better.
The organs haven't been rejected.
Tilt your head back, please.
Reflex hammer. Thank you.
This won't hurt a bit.
This might hurt a little.
Yes, Dr. Benway?
I'm right here.
What did Travis do to her?
He got carried away.
I'll deal with him.
Your job is to prevent these situations.
I'm on the ground floor
of a major medical breakthrough.
We've lost our first host.
Now she's useless, too.
- I don't have time for this.
- No, of course not.
It won't happen again.
And we still have the other two.
Do your job, Marian.
Have Travis dispose of her.
That's what we get for hiring ex-cons.
Dr. Benway?
I have everything under control, sir.
You don't have to worry.
Clare. Clare.
- No. Jesus.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
Help me get her up.
Help me...
Clare, baby. No.
I'm done.
I can't take this.
We're getting out of here.
- Not until we find Bobby.
- Hey, don't you get it?
Bobby's dead.
No, he's alive,
and we're going to find him.
Emily, listen to me.
Emily, you don't want to end up like Clare.
Your skull cracked open,
split up the middle...
Is that what you want?
I'm gonna find Bobby.
That's what I want, okay?
You've heard them.
He doesn't have much longer.
I'm going to find him.
Then you go find him.
I can't fucking handle this.
What everyone says about me is true.
You're on your own.
- 911 emergency.
- I need help. Please.
- Please.
- Hello? Hello?
I can hardly hear you.
Someone is killing my friend.
I need you to send help out right away.
I'm at Mercy Hospital.
Ma'am, Mercy's been closed
for three years.
We'll harvest her nerve tissue first.
Nerve tissue, of course.
- What?
- Marian!
This is the second patient
to escape in two days.
I'm sorry, David.
So sorry.
If she gets out of here, she'll jeopardize
everything I've worked for.
- Do you understand me?
- I do.
- I know.
- Find her.
Yes. You can count on me, David.
You can... You can count on me.
You can count on me, David.
You can... You can count on me.
No, it's Travis.
I don't know where the hell he is.
I just found his phone ringing on the floor.
All right.
You can stop panicking.
She's right here.
Fucking cunt!
Come back!
You listen to me.
Try any bullshit,
I will rip your fucking head off.
You understand me?
Good evening, Officer.
- Evening.
- How can I help you?
Yeah, I'm following up
on a 911 call we just received.
This facility is listed as closed.
Our funding only came through recently.
We're in the midst of reopening.
What happened to your knee?
Oh, that?
That's not my blood.
That was me.
I'm the one who called.
Stand back, ma'am.
Stand back.
Sarah, that was you?
You called them?
What were you thinking?
You did that?
Sarah's a patient up in Psychiatric.
I'm not a patient.
No, they're murdering people.
My boyfriend, he's missing,
and I don't know where he is.
- Slow down.
- Officer, I am so sorry about this.
- Sarah, sweetie...
- Don't... My name's not Sarah.
I'm Emily.
Let me see some ID.
Hold on.
One second.
We were... We were in a car accident.
I must have lost it there.
Really, I'm not crazy.
You have to believe me.
I can show you... I can show you
where Clare's body is.
I'm not crazy.
Okay, Sarah.
Let's go, come on.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Let me check out her claim.
It's strictly procedure.
What did you want me to see?
Here, this way.
I can show you where Clare's body is.
Go ahead.
I keep trying to place you.
Have we met before?
I've... I've worked in a lot
of hospitals around here.
No, that's not it.
It's somewhere else.
- Maybe it was when...
- Here we are.
She's here laying on...
They... They moved her.
She was... She was laying right here.
L... I don't know where they put her.
I don't know, but she was laying right here.
Again, Officer, sorry you had to come
all the way out here for nothing.
I apologize.
Listen to me, okay?
I was with her.
She was laying right there.
I swear.
I promise you, okay?
She had no back of her fucking head.
There was no... nothing there.
I can... I can...
Listen. I can take you to a room
where there's body parts.
I can show you everything.
And we have to find my boyfriend.
I don't know where...
- Ma'am...
- T-55.
Yeah, this is Jacobs.
I'm leaving the hospital now.
You can go ahead and chalk this up
as a prank call.
No, I'm telling the truth.
- No.
- Thank you for your cooperation, sir.
- No problem.
- Wait.
We'll make sure a patient
doesn't call you guys again.
- No, wait...
- I'm sorry for...
You can't go, all right?
They're going to kill me.
- Please.
- It's okay, Sarah.
- No, you have to believe me.
- Let's get you back upstairs.
How have you let things
get this far out of control?
This situation is still manageable.
I'll get the patrol car out of sight,
and I'll take care of the body.
She called 911.
- She brought this on.
- No.
Sir, if we start packing now,
we can be out of here by dawn.
Lisette's not ready.
We're not going anywhere.
Get her down to O.R.
Have Marian prep her for surgery.
Yes, sir. Move.
No. Please. No.
Now, now, relax.
It's not like this is brain surgery.
What kind of ridiculous equipment is this?
I'm sorry, Doctor.
Everything's made overseas these days.
It always gets harder when it hits the bone.
Shut off the music!
This isn't working.
Find me an electric drill.
Right away, Doctor.
Right away.
I have to go talk to Lisette.
Watch her until I get back.
No. No.
Uh-oh, someone's got a boo-boo.
Get the fuck away from me!
You can't do this.
The doctor's gonna...
You think I give a shit what the doc says?
He's out of his fucking mind,
in case you haven't noticed.
The way things are going tonight,
it's going to get a lot worse.
No, don't. Don't.
No, no. Don't.
Please, don't.
God! Fuck!
Fucking cunt!
You sick fuck!
You sick piece of shit!
You sick fuck!
Sick fuck!
Excuse me, miss...
...if there's any way you can help me
get out of this hospital...
You see, I'm...
I'm... I'm trying to...
trying to find an exit, so...
I have to go back to work now, darling.
I know I made promises to you before,
but this time, we're close.
Soon we'll be back in Rome,
strolling through the Piazza Navona,
the Villa Borghese.
I'll come visit you soon.
- What do you want me to do with her?
- Hook her up.
First, we do no harm, Emily.
Then after that, things get a little blurry.
Oh, shit.
I got it.
Okay, I'm going to hold them back.
I need you to run as fast as you can.
- Promise me.
- No, no.
Listen to me.
I'm right behind you, okay?
- Jude, I'm not going without you.
- Come on.
I need you to do this.
Run. I have to.
Jude, open the fucking door.
Jude, what are you doing?
Come on.
Open the door.
No, open... Just open the door.
Jude, you don't have to do this!
Get the fuck out of here, Emily!
- Run, now!
- Not without you.
Don't do this.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm here.
I'm here, okay?
I'm going to get you out of here, I promise.
There's something wrong.
I can't really see.
Please, I want to get out of here.
I want to get out of here.
I know.
I know you do.
Oh, baby.
Help me.
It's all going to be okay, I promise.
I promise.
Just close your eyes, okay?
- Close your eyes.
- Yeah.
Think of something nice.
New York, last summer.
You remember?
Do you remember our walk
along the East River?
Where you told me...
I told you...
...I loved you.
That was the first time
you ever said it to me.
And it only took me two years.
Are you thinking of that now?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Baby?
- Yeah?
Are you going to get me out of here?
Yes, baby.
Just keep thinking about the river...
...about us, okay?
Just keep thinking.
Just keep thinking.
I have to do every
fucking little thing myself!
You got me dirty!
Bleed out, bitch.
Help me.
Help me.
This was all because of you, wasn't it?
Help me.
You're the reason everybody's dead.
Help me.
It was all because of you.
You're next.
No, don't!
You were right.
I always was meant to be a doctor.