Autoreiji: Biyondo (Outrage 2 AKA Outrage Beyond) (2012) Movie Script

Your colleague Yamamoto was killed
in that sunken car.
We received an anonymous tip.
You two were working together
against the Sanno clan.
He didn't mention anything?
We worked separately
on the same task.
The media fuss over Sanno links
to the Land Ministry corruption case.
They wouldn't do something too obvious.
What else do we know?
He was investigated by the Safety Commission
for involvement in that corruption case.
I see.
The Sanno clan has grown too big.
Kato replaced the former chairman
Ishihara was a low-level yakuza then.
Now he's the Number 2 guy
ahead of the old-guard executives.
The Sanno has changed a lot.
Kato prefers to promote young ones
to the upper echelon.
The old-timers must hold a grudge.
Ishihara was a family outsider, right?
He was a treasurer of the Otomo family.
How did he become the Sanno underboss?
Rumor has it he betrayed
his own family to get ahead.
Go inside.
Please! Go inside.
Mr. Ishihara,
you weren't supposed to contact us
until things settled down.
If the media found out about this meeting,
I would lose my job and more!
Always thinking about yourself.
We got rid of your problems
as you wished.
You should bow your head and thank us.
Our wish?
The Minister didn't ask you to do that.
He only said someone was a nuisance.
The upcoming election...
Stop doing whatever you want.
Or else we must reconsider...
Are you saying
dumping his woman
and a cop in the ocean was our idea?
Very funny.
Reconsider our relationship?
Tell the Minister to stop whining
or we'll leak everything to the media!
That guy was the Ministry contact.
He was secretary to the Minister.
As the Sanno's Number 2 guy,
Ishihara made the construction connections.
How are they related to a detective's murder?
Please take a look.
Notice the woman with the Minister.
The nightclub hostess from the sunken car!
She acted as the go-between for all of them.
Get it together, guys.
If this leaks,
it's the administration's necks.
Everything will all go down the drain!
No more surprises.
Do something about the Sanno.
Letting them get out of control is your fault!
Excuse me.
Good afternoon.
Hi, Kataoka.
How are you?
Too busy to visit us, big shot?
Are you kidding?
You're the big shot.
The Sanno is more than a yakuza outfit,
now with its forays into politics.
I'm the same old lowly cop.
What brings you here today?
The force is in an uproar
since Yamamoto got killed.
Did he do something wrong?
Something wrong?
How should I know?
Investigating his death is your job.
Can't we cooperate like old times?
That's how we've maintained our balance.
He has your old job, right?
Maybe he got too inquisitive.
Let's wrap up this Yamamoto case fast.
If it drags on, my bosses might push
the force to crack down harder.
We pay you good money
to avoid exactly that.
That asshole!
He messed with the wrong chick.
He mooched money off us.
For his mortgage, car, everything!
Can we use one of your soldiers?
I'd appreciate it.
What's the cover-up story?
Let's see...
Maybe the hostess was a yakuza's mistress.
He discovered the cop was sleeping with her,
and he killed them.
A detective is killed
for stealing a yakuza's woman?
Wouldn't that disgrace the force?
Not really.
Officers get involved in sex scandals.
They are no different from yakuza.
We need her address.
To plant some evidence.
I'll have someone call you.
Funaki, give him the money.
You've moved up, Mr. Funaki.
No longer a bodyguard.
You should drop by more often.
Start from the beginning.
I dropped a sleeping pill in her drink.
She drank and passed out.
No drugs were found in her system!
You hit her head after she got drunk.
Are you really a yakuza?
You're dressed too flashy.
You're just a lousy pimp.
Stop pretending!
So what happened?
I hit her head and drove her to the harbor.
What did you hit her with?
A baseball bat.
Why would a hostess have a baseball bat?
It was an ashtray.
A crystal ashtray!
What time was it?
Around 11 PM.
Hostess clubs are still open at 11.
It was past 3 in the morning!
You dropped by her place at 3AM
and caught her with a cop.
You killed them and dumped them
at the harbor. Got it?
Then you drove back to her place
and cleaned up the mess!
Hello... I'll be right over.
Finish that report today.
Mr. Kataoka!
We can't submit that report.
It's ludicrous.
This must be Ishihara's doing.
Yamamoto won't rest in peace
if declared killed by a punk!
Why are you doing this?
For such a big guy, you're a wimp.
Yakuza is yakuza.
The Sanno will owe us,
if all this goes well.
The best are appreciated
by both yakuza and the force.
The ministry secretary had a breakdown
and killed himself.
End of story.
Captain joked about Sanno prosperity
since you joined us.
Shut up!
I'm an organized crime detective.
I think about crushing them at all times.
Please go by.
We'll start running big money
through legal activities as well.
Listen up, all you hard-headed old-guard!
With prostitution, for example,
we're going global in cooperation
with the Foreign Ministry.
Hey, Tomita and Shiroyama!
You know nothing about future trading,
foreign exchange nor hedge funding.
You should learn from your men.
Hey, Okamoto!
You give them lessons.
Yes, sir.
Ishihara, that's enough.
Five years ago, I succeeded
the chair from Mr. Sekiuchi.
We became this huge organization today
thanks to you all.
But I'm not satisfied yet.
We'll adopt a merit-based system
as Ishihara suggests.
We'll promote the competent
and discard those who are not.
Keep that in mind.
Yes, sir!
That's it for today.
No meal served at an executive meeting!
Okamoto is senior,
but he nods to Ishihara's every word.
Is he a homo?
Brothers how about a drink?
Goodbye, sirs!
Goodbye, sirs!
Excuse me.
Why did you let Ishihara say all that crap?
We helped build this organization.
That prick Ishihara
doesn't even have proper tattoos.
He has never been in prison.
Fuck hedge funding!
He became an executive
only because he can make money.
You should be the family underboss,
based on seniority.
I had to turn in one of my men
for cop killing.
Now I have to take care of him,
his wife and kid!
Risking your life for the family
means less now.
How much money you make is
what matters.
Then why did Funaki get promoted?
He didn't make any money.
He was just Sekiuchi's bodyguard.
Why is he an executive now?
Don't tell anyone this.
Why was Funaki not with Sekiuchi
when he was killed?
What do you mean?
I mean
Sekiuchi was in a poolside chat
with Kato and a guy from another family.
Why wasn't Funaki there?
A bodyguard should be near his boss
at all times.
What are you saying?
Maybe it was an important discussion
and he had to leave.
You stupid yakuza!
How come Kato promoted Funaki
after he failed to save his own boss?
It doesn't make any sense.
Kato and Funaki were accomplices
in Sekiuchi's death?
And that lousy brat got promoted?
Don't mention this to anybody.
It could get you killed.
Not if we kill first.
You idiot!
Is Tomita in?
Tell him Kataoka wants to see him.
Excuse me.
Mr. Kataoka is here.
You three look busy plotting.
That's not very polite.
Why are you here?
Evening, sir.
Don't bother. Nothing for me.
Yes, sir.
The Sanno have free rein now...
Dipping into tax money,
laying its hands on a detective.
The force has decided to utilize
all its strength to crack down.
This puts me in a difficult position.
What's your point?
The point is Mr. Kato must retire.
You must inherit the family, Mr. Tomita.
Either of you two could replace Ishihara.
Don't be ridiculous!
How would the other executives
react to this?
They aren't happy now watching
Ishihara and Funaki run the show.
Hold on, you're suggesting we betray
our sworn father.
We made a pact over sake.
We'll never break the code of conduct.
I understand.
Mr. Tomita,
I would like you to meet Mr. Fuse,
chairman of the Hanabishi in Osaka.
His underboss, Nishino,
is my sworn brother.
Why get them involved in this?
Trust me.
You have our support.
Brother, you should meet him.
Would you two go with me?
That would be too obvious.
You go alone.
Good afternoon, sir.
The other executives complain that
Mr. Kato relies too much
on Ishihara and Funaki.
Ishihara was a family outsider.
Ishihara may be an outsider,
but it's no use whining about him.
Mr. Kato doesn't appear to be
retiring any time soon.
This is awkward,
but can you help them?
My superiors are breaking us
about the Sanno becoming this big.
Your revenue streams may be affected
if nothing is done.
Your former chairman made a deal with me
not to wage war against each other.
But since Kato took over,
that deal is void.
Isn't that right?
You could have our endorsement
but you must be ready for the responsibility
of inheriting the family.
Of course, I am.
How many executives will follow you?
Shiroyama and Gomi.
And at least another three.
Who are they? Are they competent?
It's understandable
you're bitter about Kato.
He's not the most considerate.
And he's stingy.
All his seasonal gifts were cheap stuff
that salarymen would send.
When we helped in your dispute
with the Shijo,
he only paid us five million yen.
Even if you're a chairman,
you're nothing without the support
of your own men.
Let me think about this.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.
Sure Kato doesn't know you're here?
Of course, not.
Fine. Treat him to dinner, drinks
or whatever.
Yes, sir.
Thank you. But I must go back.
Leaving already?
Would it kill you to have dinner?
If I return too late,
someone might get suspicious.
I'll leave with you.
We appreciate your support, Mr. Fuse.
We'll do what we can too.
See you again, brother.
Excuse us.
It's been five years.
Would you like some tea?
Why should we drink tea here?
Isn't this better than prison work?
You started a rumor that I was dead.
Otherwise the Sanno would come after you.
Nobody remembers me.
The Sanno reign could be over soon.
The police will begin a full-scale crackdown.
I'll come back again soon.
These are for you.
I don't smoke.
Hoping for a long life?
Mr. Kato.
Tomita, thanks for waiting.
What can I do for you?
Why did you see the Hanabishi in Osaka?
It's nothing.
We had a call from Mr. Fuse.
They told me some things.
What did you tell him?
Brother, I'm sorry.
You betrayed me!
Betray is too strong a word.
Hold on!
Mr. Kato!
Mr. Kato!
Mr. Ishihara!
I'm begging you.
Don't get any ideas.
We don't have any.
None at all, sir.
We don't tolerate falling out of line,
not even the old-guard.
Yes, sir.
I see, it's all settled.
You can never really know
what the other guy is thinking.
Even if he's an obedient servant
with a friendly smile.
Sorry for the embarrassment.
Thanks for your call, Mr. Fuse.
I'll pay you a visit someday.
Until then. Goodbye.
Send something to the Hanabishi.
No spending.
Send what we have.
Call Kataoka.
Yes, sir.
Have you heard Tomita was killed?
A point blank shot to the head.
What did you do?
I brought Tomita to say hi to the Hanabishi.
Say hi?
Trying to provoke a dispute
between Hanabishi and Sanno?
Basically killed the guy yourself.
Shut up!
It's because you accused me
of being too close to them.
Hanabishi and Sanno are secret allies.
You should know that.
Of course, I know.
What is he up to?
I hear Tomita was murdered.
Yes. We can't reach his bodyguard.
Maybe he did it.
Are you kidding me?
This is no joke.
You brought Tomita to Osaka, didn't you?
What? Who told you that?
Nothing gets past us, asshole!
What did you try to make him do?
Hold on.
Tomita wanted Fuse's advice.
He asked me to introduce him.
Sneaking around behind our backs,
you bastard!
Who told you to do that?
Looking to get dumped in the ocean
like Yamamoto?
Are you listening?
In prison the other day, I heard
that yakuza Otomo is still alive.
Name ring a bell?
How could you forget, Mr. Ishihara?
You were an executive in his family.
What are you implying?
Calling me a traitor?
Easy, sir.
Back off!
You said Otomo was dead.
Let me go!
No, I didn't.
That was a rumor.
What's his prison term?
Tell Otomo to come and see me
upon release.
We'll take him in,
if he's got nowhere to go.
Fine. I'll let him know.
What an idiot!
Otomo would never come.
How does it feel, Champ?
You'll be released soon.
What are you up to?
Could we speak in private?
What's wrong?
My parole.
No way I deserved it.
This is your doing.
You're an exemplary prisoner.
Exemplary prisoners get stabbed?
I forgot you were stabbed.
By that guy Kimura,
underboss of that family you crushed.
Hey, I never told anybody.
Did you arrange that?
I would never!
Why didn't you report Kimura?
Out of remorse?
Felt sorry for what you did?
I am the only one to blame,
by all accounts.
I slashed the face of a guy
who came to apologize.
Win some, lose some, all's fair!
The yakuza way.
Even a yakuza has principles
which he lives by.
What will you do upon release?
The Sanno have grown since Kato took over.
They even intimidate politicians.
What's with the change of story?
On the inside, it's eat and sleep, Champ.
Outside is more complicated.
Your man Ishihara is now their underboss.
Shut the fuck up!
What do I care?
You're way too young to be senile!
You must even the score with Kato
and that traitor Ishihara!
Now what?
A cop instigating a yakuza to wage war?
I'll be back on your release day.
Don't bother!
Too high.
One more.
Your stance sucks.
Hey, it stopped.
Anybody there?
The pitching machine stopped!
What's going on?
Hey, motherfucker!
The machine's not working.
Did you put money in?
I did.
How much?
Hey, stop it!
Yes, sir.
Mr. Kimura!
Detective, long time no see.
Former yakuza opens a batting cage.
I'll make tea.
Feel the ball!
Don't watch it, feel it!
Nice try.
No more balls?
Time's up.
Swing harder and make me feel
like I'm your girl wanting sex.
Rotate your hips!
Please, we must return to the factory.
Who the fuck cares!
Out of the way!
Now I feel like getting laid!
So Otomo doesn't hold a grudge?
He said he was sorry.
He's an old-style yakuza.
So you want to see him?
Forgive and forget with a man-to-man talk.
Join forces and resurrect your families.
Fine by me.
As long as it's okay with brother Otomo.
I must settle the score with the Sanno.
That's right, settle the score.
Even from the retirement.
You two are close, but this isn't right.
Shut up and keep it shut.
Picking someone up?
Yeah. Problem with that?
Who is it?
None of your business!
Welcome back!
Champ, get in.
We'll eat something.
Hey, Otomo!
You may be the Champ to Kataoka,
but remember you're a lousy yakuza to me!
Who says I'm still a yakuza?
So you're playing model citizen?
But picked up by them?
All yakuza!
Hey, Shigeta.
Who lives here?
The place is huge.
It must have been tough.
for not contacting you sooner.
Never mind. What will you do now?
Rest a while and find something to do.
You can join my company.
Thank you very much.
Hello. It's been a while.
One moment, please.
Are you available
for Chairman Kang Chang Man?
Hello, it's me.
How have you been?
Thank you
for all your help the other day.
A fixer?
That sounds exaggerated.
Is that so?
Fine, bye.
His name is Chang Dae Sung.
A legend who ruled
the Ueno underground market as a teenager.
A fixer who wheels and deals
between Korea and Japan.
How does he know Otomo?
Otomo grew up in Ueno.
Maybe that way.
Want to go to South Korea?
A lot of my junior execs are there.
I'll consider it.
Come if you need help.
Thank you very much.
Good evening.
Would you like a drink?
Mr. Chang told me to look after you.
I appreciate it but you can go.
Mr. Chang wouldn't like me leaving early.
I'm not in the mood.
Mr. Otomo...
I wanted you to see this.
Mr. Chang will ask you about it.
One moment, please.
It's a gentleman named Mr. Kataoka.
Having fun, Champ?
Shut up! I said don't stalk me.
Be nice. Meet me tomorrow.
For what?
Get all families to work
together and get rid of Otomo!
Kill him on sight!
No slacking off!
Is that clear? Now go!
All this effort for one lousy punk?
Old friends or not,
yakuza don't keep police waiting.
I'm talking!
Keep it up and I'll throw you in jail!
Try it, asshole!
I want you to meet someone, Champ.
No family, but he still has henchmen!
Think it's cool to be yakuza?
Yakuza are the worst kind of trash!
Cops are no different.
Brother, it's been a while.
An apology can't erase our problem.
But I'm so sorry.
Kataoka explained things to me.
You don't owe me an apology, Kimura.
I'm the one at fault.
Your face was damaged
more than my belly.
The conflict that you two had
was caused by the self-serving behavior
of the Sanno family.
Like any yakuza, Kimura wants
to settle the score.
Kataoka, I'm getting too old for this shit.
A powerful friend offered to take me in.
Chairman Mr. Chang?
Think of all your men
who lost their lives.
I have a sworn brother
who looks out for me.
A deputy underboss named Nakata.
Nakata from the Hanabishi?
Yes. He could arrange Mr. Fuse
to grant me a pact over sake.
Brother Otomo,
let's drink with them and wage war
against the Sanno.
You don't realize...
the Sanno and the Hanabishi
are secret allies.
You'll never win their backing.
I'm not so sure.
He told me Fuse dislikes the Sanno a lot.
He is seeking a way to crush them.
Kato and Ishihara are getting paranoid.
They are tightening restraints on their men.
That doesn't sound good.
We help them for their sake.
But we don't save he who whacks off
his own man in cold blood.
I heard bizarre rumors circulating about them.
What rumors?
That Kato killed his predecessor, Sekiuchi,
before he took over the clan.
Interesting. That means he hasn't changed
since way back then.
What are you going to do about it?
I know a guy who holds a grudge against them.
It might be foolish
not to take advantage of him.
Why are you following me?
Boss told us to protect you.
I don't need it, go.
Boss won't allow it.
You got tools?
Don't take it out.
I'll talk it over with Kimura.
Finish the drink and leave.
You're in a bad mood.
The Hanabishi ruined everything
that I've been working on.
Why bring Otomo and Kimura together?
I got a lot on my mind.
They will both get killed.
Want them ending up like Tomita?
You're such a nuisance.
Quit if you don't like it.
Leave when you want.
I have to go.
Security video?
Yes, but we couldn't identify him.
He was wearing a hat.
It must be Otomo!
Shoot him on sight!
Yes, sir.
I sent some men on a manhunt.
Damn right! Find him now!
Yes, sir.
I told you to leave.
Boss told us not to leave you.
Plans for this evening?
Nothing. Don't bother.
I mean it, go home!
Which floor?
The 11th, thanks.
We're still eating, idiot!
You'll be all right.
You'll be fine.
You said he's good
but he's useless!
I shot him but the elevator was small.
Did you hear me?
I asked if you killed him!
I'm pretty sure the bullets hit his belly.
What's wrong with your family?
You can't kill one lousy punk?
What kind of example are you giving?
Shiroyama and Gomi!
Are you just gonna sit around watching?
We don't provide for incompetents like you.
I'll have your turfs seized
at the next executive meeting.
Thanks for coming.
They told me
Ishihara is insisting on punishment
for you men.
Mr. Fuse is very concerned.
Look what happened to Tomita.
That stupid cop from Organized Crime!
That wouldn't have happened
if he had minded his own business.
Piece-of-shit cop!
He must have told you we did it.
The prick would do anything
to take the credit.
Trust me.
You won't be sorry.
I'll introduce you to Mr. Fuse sometime.
Is he out today?
Is it your business
if he is here or not?
He's not so easily available
for whoever wishes to meet him.
Is he?
No sir.
Isn't he?
He's not.
Screwing up this badly,
you should lose a finger!
Eating on the job?
I said watch him at all times.
Don't. It's not their fault.
Why does everyone aim at my belly?
Brother, I'm really sorry.
That's not what I meant.
Come to Osaka with me.
We'll seal a pact with Mr. Fuse.
I'm not willing to fight the Sanno.
And let Kato and Ishihara continue?
They're after us!
Please let us do it.
We'll get Kato.
How? You couldn't even protect him!
Get rid of that gun.
Hide out until I say it's OK.
They are everywhere.
- But boss...
- Shut up!
Staying here is useless.
Where did you pick up those kids?
They are sons of old sworn brothers.
They grew up hoodlums like their fathers.
I took them in.
Look what I've gotten them into.
They probably think they are better off.
What made you think
Mr. Kato would be here?
Why didn't Otomo come down himself?
You think we're that easy?
Where's Otomo?
I wouldn't tell, you fuck!
Kill them.
Look at them.
Your soldiers, right?
They made a raid on Kato's office.
Beaten to death
with bags around their heads.
We'll be counting bodies if you do nothing.
Make sure you tell Otomo.
I'll accept Kimura's request
to make a pact with the Hanabishi.
I see. Tell Kimura this.
Don't let them use you.
I understand.
Thank you.
You want a sake pact from Mr. Fuse?
Who the hell do you think you are?
And we should pact with Otomo
and take your side in a war?
We won't take any of your shit.
Understand my men have been killed.
I won't back down quietly.
What do we get
from sealing a pact with him?
Do you hear yourself?
You want us to go to war
with the Sanno?
You said they weren't
what they used to be.
Hold on.
What's this bullshit?
We made a pact with the Sanno
before you got your first pubic hair!
Who would end up with the burden
if we go to war?
Just for your dead underlings!
You're hiding behind the great Hanabishi.
You should lead the front line
if we go to war.
I know.
Out of your mind!
That guy killed your family boss.
Now you join up with him.
Do you know what you're doing?
We simply followed our bosses' orders.
Let's go, Kimura.
I've had enough!
What did you say, Otomo?
What's your problem?
What the fuck!
Are you disrespecting us?
I'm not disrespecting you, asshole.
Mr. Fuse kindly agreed to see you
despite his busy schedule.
You say you're leaving?
If and when you leave
is our decision!
Wasting my fucking time!
What did you say?
What's your problem?
Brother, cool it.
Is he disrespecting us?
Give me the tool.
I'll show you!
Show me what? What you gonna do?
Shoot me!
Kimura! You need to settle this.
I'll shoot you!
Pull the fucking trigger!
What you packing?
A toy gun?
Please give him a break.
He just got out of prison.
He knows nothing.
Neither do you, stupid fuck!
You brought that piece of shit.
Make amends!
Want to cut off a finger?
Are you gonna cut it?
What cutter do you need?
What do you like?
Dagger or knife?
Get it for him.
Shut the fuck up, motherfuckers!
Let's go!
Cut off your finger, Otomo.
You have to pay!
You fucking do it!
Do it yourself, punk!
Who are you calling punk?
I'll fucking shoot you.
Go ahead!
Good enough?
We'll crush the Sanno by ourselves!
Somebody take him to the hospital!
Yes, sir.
Mr. Kimura is back.
Sorry about that.
It's OK.
Can't drink with your hand injured?
I can manage a cup.
May I consider this
the cup of brotherhood?
They seem capable.
Are you sure about Otomo?
Kimura showed he could go far.
Otomo is a loyal yakuza.
They will start a fight with the Sanno.
Find some men unknown to the Sanno
to help those two.
We'll ask our men
to look into that matter, too.
- You mean Sekiuchi's death?
- Yes.
Because of the recent attack
on the Ishihara office,
some of our young soldiers
will guard you.
I was Chairman Sekiuchi's bodyguard.
I haven't fallen low enough
to need your protection.
Tell the rest to back off.
What's your problem?
So sorry.
I know you killed my soldiers.
Soldiers? They cried like babies.
Those fucking brats!
Otomo, tell this idiot to stop.
We'll wipe out every one of you!
Kato killed Sekiuchi, right?
You saw it.
No idea what you're talking about.
You were his bodyguard,
nearby at all times.
I saw nothing.
Brother, can you help him
refresh his memory?
Hey, Funaki...
You'll get the same later.
Watch this!
Don't do it!
I saw!
I remember!
I said stop!
I saw!
I told you to tell me before!
You still haven't found where he's hiding?
All we have is a black bag
smeared with blood.
It's taking too long.
Someone must be helping him.
That's what you're supposed to find out!
I will. Goodbye, sir.
Did you find his body?
He must have been dumped somewhere.
But we couldn't find him.
Strange that Otomo went for Funaki,
before you or Ishihara?
Maybe because Funaki killed their men.
Can I have a talk with you in private?
Just for a second.
Something important?
- It's OK.
- Yes, sir.
- It's OK.
- Yes, sir.
Would they dare to kill Funaki
because he killed two of their men?
It makes more sense to guess
he knew secrets about you.
What are you talking about?
That's a strange thing to say.
Listen to this, Mr. Kato.
Kato set up everything.
Kato told me I didn't need to go
with them that day.
I followed from behind
because I felt uneasy.
They were alone with someone
from another family.
This is what happened...
Kato shot the outsider.
Then he took another gun
and shot Mr. Sekiuchi.
So that it would look like
the other guy shot Mr. Sekiuchi.
I told Kato a few days later
that I saw everything.
He said I'd be rewarded
if I kept my mouth shut.
He promised me my own turf
and an executive position.
What the fuck is that?
It's bullshit! Where did you get it?
Who brought you this?
Ishihara sent it.
Hold on.
He's my right-hand man.
I handpicked and promoted him.
He couldn't have.
Ishihara wants to take your position!
He took advantage of Otomo's release.
He sent Tomita to us before that.
So he betrayed me?
He betrayed Otomo before.
Once a traitor, always a traitor!
That son of a bitch.
How was the meeting with the Hanabishi?
Mr. Fuse is very concerned.
They will help us hunt down Otomo.
Do you know Kimura?
The guy whose face Otomo slashed.
Why do you bring him up?
Apparently he hates Otomo.
Kimura asked some Nakata
to arrange a Hanabishi pact.
He said Kimura would contact us.
But sir, his family was...
I went all the way to Osaka myself.
To clear this matter up!
I understand. Thank you.
If you had worked harder,
Mr. Kato wouldn't have these troubles!
Find Otomo now!
Yes, sir.
So it won't be Otomo,
it will be Hanabishi vs Sanno.
I hope they destroy each other.
It was a lot of work.
It takes a guy like me.
A cop shouldn't sit around the office.
Make sure the chief knows
how hard I worked on this.
Fine, fine.
You don't think anyone is helping Otomo.
We even got Mr. Fuse's cooperation.
That's right.
Call Mr. Kato and ask him
what's going on with Kimura!
Yes, sir.
Good evening, Mr. Kimura.
Where's Otomo?
In the van back there.
Let's go see your ex-boss.
It's Mr. Otomo, asshole!
Good to see you, Boss.
You're calling me Boss?
Please hear me out.
It was complicated.
When Kato offered me the job,
I didn't like the idea.
He threatened to kill me.
I had no choice but to betray you.
I'll do anything!
I have money. I can give you stock
everything of value!
I'll do anything!
Please forgive me!
Let's play baseball.
Now Kato has no one but himself.
Don't touch him.
He's mine.
A real shame what happened to Ishihara.
But he left us no choice.
He conspired to take over the Sanno.
He was smart enough to seduce me.
Then he went too far.
We owe a great deal
to Mr. Fuse and the Hanabishi.
Mr. Kato!
CDs of Funaki's statement were sent
to every executive.
If what we heard is true,
you're Mr. Sekiuchi's sworn enemy.
Now what?
Did you fall for this lousy scam?
Who did this?
You pulled off a bigger scam
murdering him and betraying us.
What's gotten into all of you?
Is this a rebellion?
Don't fuck with me!
Who made the Sanno grow this big?
Fine. Let me make this clear.
Anyone who rebels me will be banished.
Whoever wants me retired,
get the fuck out!
You should be ashamed!
What the fuck are you doing?
You'll all regret this.
We'll never forgive you!
You sent Funaki's CDs to my executives.
That was a dirty trick.
You're behind all the raids
on our offices?
Stop making false accusations.
I'll make sure you regret this.
You're behind Tomita and Ishihara too?
Get Fuse on the phone!
I'll get some.
I don't want any.
We're almost done.
I'm out.
You take care of the rest.
Brother, we're one step away
from having our own families.
The Hanabishi won't be easy.
And they hate me.
We worked hard. You deserve
to resurrect the Otomo family.
Don't worry.
I'll ask Nishino myself.
I'd just be a foot soldier
of the Kimura family.
Boss, put up a good fight.
Who takes over the Sanno after Kato?
Who's on top won't matter much
for the Hanabishi.
What's that supposed to mean?
Aren't you too friendly with them?
Good afternoon, Mr. Fuse.
Hi, Kimura.
Come in, sit down.
I'm counting on you.
Goodbye, sir.
So, where's Otomo?
He left us to do the rest
since it's almost done.
Mr. Fuse personally invites him
and he doesn't fucking show up?
I apologize.
Well, might be better.
As for the Sanno...
they'll make a truce.
With the Hanabishi?
Are you dreaming?
We let you have your own family.
The Kimura family
will make a truce with them.
And after that?
Let's see...
Kato will retire.
His successor will probably be Shiroyama.
You don't look too pleased.
You and your tiny family on one side,
the gigantic Sanno on the other.
An unlikely pair makes a deal!
One of their own man will be boss,
but they'll surely give you a new turf.
I appreciate that.
As for your family,
you'll have to banish Otomo.
The only way! He must quit yakuza
and go square as formality.
Conditions must be 50-50.
Their chairman is retiring.
Normally, banishing Otomo
wouldn't be considered equal.
How could I?
I can't banish him.
He risked his life.
I try to be patient
but you blabber on about what you want!
Mr. Fuse went through hell
to arrange this deal.
What's your problem?
If you won't sacrifice Otomo,
then you commit hara-kiri!
Do it!
A truce with the Sanno...
It means
the Hanabishi will expand to Tokyo.
Mr. Otomo called us.
I, Minoru Kato, declare,
as 2nd Chairman of the Sanno,
to be responsible
for many members' deaths,
including Hideto Ishihara
and Masashi Funaki,
and for disrupting our society.
Thus, I hereby retire from the Sanno.
I shall hereafter cut ties with
the underground world.
I shall not be a nuisance to society.
I shall live as a legitimate citizen.
I shall contribute to society
as a model citizen...
Regarding the deaths of Ishihara and Funaki
in a series of conflicts,
and the questions raised in relation to them,
we acquiesce all liability
in exchange for Chairman Kato's retirement.
We express our appreciation to Mr. Fuse
in this matter.
He is the Hanabishi chairman
and was sworn brother to Mr. Sekiuchi.
We now announce
the new Sanno administration.
I, Kazuo Nishino, will serve as guardian.
The 3rd Chairman will be Hiroshi Shiroyama.
Underboss, Eijiro Gomi.
Shigenori Takano and Tsutomu Ando
shall cooperate with the organization
as its Consul and Supreme Advisor.
Opposition to this board selection
shall be deemed as defiance
against Mr. Fuse.
The organization shall utilize
its utmost effort to address any defiance.
That's all.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Save your congratulations!
Where do you think you're sitting?
So, why is the safe empty?
We risked our lives for that money.
Don't dare mess with us!
So, we'll give you a week.
Give us formal seals and all by then.
You'll see that a comfortable life
after retirement doesn't come cheap.
Am I clear?
Kimura's turf is inside our territory.
What do we do?
We could kill that prick.
But the Hanabishi
will eventually destroy him.
He's always been only a pawn in this game.
If we lay our hands on him,
we'll become their collateral damage.
Now it's the Hanabishi.
The Sanno certainly have less influence now.
That only made the Hanabishi bigger,
didn't it?
That's a little too harsh, Captain.
I'm busy doing clean-up work
after the Sanno reshuffle.
And also the Hanabishi launch in Tokyo.
My heart's set on a raise or a promotion.
So where's Otomo?
After the Sanno truce, he went to
South Korea via Chairman Chang.
Sightseeing now that the war is over?
What luck!
So, you don't think it's over, do you?
You have so much more to learn.
The Hanabishi are waiting
for the Sanno to hit Kimura.
You heard the captain.
Watch carefully how I'll handle this.
Why arrest my men?
We have no choice.
Kato was killed.
We need to make raids on
his former enemies.
The police have a reputation to maintain.
- It wasn't us.
- I know. It's formality.
Can you let us confiscate
firearms or something?
If you release my men quickly.
It'll be alright. I promise.
Yeah, the cops were here.
They suspect us.
Have they arrested anyone yet?
Do they know who did it?
I know who did it.
Why should I tell you?
Got to go. Someone's here.
I'll call you.
From Brother Otomo?
Yes. A gift delivery.
- Send them in.
- Yes.
Come in, please.
Where would you like it?
Next to the sake jars.
Excuse me.
Good evening, sirs.
It's Nishino and Nakata
from the Hanabishi.
All the Sanno are already here.
I can't wait to see what happens.
Did you get somebody to do it?
Killing Kimura.
He was killed right after the raid.
It's quite the coincidence.
Who did I get to do what?
Tell me.
The Hanabishi?
The Sanno?
Don't act like you know
what you're talking about!
The Hanabishi made it look like
Otomo did it.
Why not take advantage?
Take advantage, how?
I've had it with you.
Do what you want. I'm out!
As you want!
Otomo is on his way.
I'm busy.
He can't come.
They made him a scapegoat.
You don't get it!
Reputation is everything for yakuza.
He'll be shot if he shows up.
That's why I'm here.
To make sure Otomo is kept safe.
I'm going.
Leaving? What a shame!
This could give you a big career.
I'd rather be an ordinary cop for life.
Good evening, sirs.
Kimura Funeral Service
Thank you for coming.
I thought this gate would be more discreet.
I must frisk you for formality.
I'm here to burn incense for the dead.
I know.
You really came empty-handed.
I expected at least a handgun.
The Hanabishi are inside.
You want this?