Autoreiji (Outrage) (2010) Movie Script

We're done here.
Goodbye sir.
I hear you're working closely
with the Murase Family lately.
When Mr. Murase and I
were in prison together,
we made a pact over sake.
I understand.
Please give my regards to Mr. Chairman.
Don't make any suspicious moves.
Respect your brother,
but a sworn father is more important.
I think we're in a bit of trouble.
Mr. Chairman is upset
about my connections to Murase.
I need some help from your family.
Let's talk inside the car.
Good afternoon, sir.
Has lkemoto left?
He'd better not be allowing drugs
onto his own turf.
He's making a goddamn fool out of us.
Can't you see that?
I'm talking to you!
Mr. Chairman suspects Murase and I
are plotting something.
Murase isn't Sanno-kai Family.
You want me to fire shots
at Murase's office?
But I'm his sworn brother.
Make it like
we're having a minor dispute.
Open an office on his turf.
Champ, that's like waging war
against the Murase Family.
That's exactly what they're doing.
I'm now with
the Organized Crime Dept.
I can't keep calling you Champ.
Why not?
Then here's your money.
Now get the hell out!
By the way, get a new car for your lady.
Switch cars again, we know about you.
Fuck off, asshole.
Was he a good boxer in school?
I never saw him win.
What a smart-ass!
Right over there.
Our nightclub gets high-class girls
due to the recession.
It's cozy and reasonably priced.
You like young girls?
Of course!
What in the hell?
Our girls had a lot to drink.
It's still too high
for that cheap liquor.
Refusing to pay?
And who are you?
Dumb bastard.
Who do you think owns this place?
Pay up, asshole!
I don't have that kind of cash.
We take credit cards.
Or try a quick loan outlet.
Just pay up.
My office is close by.
Someone could accompany me.
I can pay there.
Let's go.
I'm going.
Thanks so much for coming.
After you!
It's me.
Listen, I'm on my way back.
Can you prepare one million in cash?
Well, the thing is...
I ended up in a yakuza bar.
Yes, please.
Let's go.
Are we there yet?
Sorry, we're almost there.
Over there.
Otomo Consulting Co.
Come in, please.
The Otomo Family,
affiliate of the Ikemoto Family.
The lkemoto Family?
One million yen?
Take it!
No, thank you.
What do you mean?
I didn't know he was with Ikemoto Family.
So it's free if he's with the lkemoto?
You came for money.
There it is.
Take the money and go.
Don't fuck with me!
He cheated one of lkemoto's men
out of money.
Why, moron?
Bring them money
and his finger to apologize.
Brother, what's happening?
Need anything?
Wasn't he your protg?
Well, I told my men
to send you an apology.
Could you do that?
Hey, no parking here!
It's front of our office.
Move it!
Mr. Otomo...
We're very sorry
that our man made such a mess.
Please accept these as our apology.
Shouldn't Murase be here?
You call petty cash
and a punk's finger an apology?
Our boss is busy.
So you're standing in?
I'm the family underboss.
Help me save face. Take the money.
What are you saying?
It's your responsibility now.
Cut off your finger!
I'm not chopping my finger
over something small.
You think this is small?
Picking a fight
with the lkemoto Family is small?
Don't fuck with us!
- I didn't mean that.
- That's what you said!
I apologize.
Then give us your finger!
Don't mess with us!
Are you too afraid?
Alright, bring me something!
That will do fine for you!
I don't take orders from you!
That shit won't cut!
You mean you can't do it?
Not with that, asshole!
I want proper tools.
What tools, arrogant prick?
Use this!
Fine, I will.
Can't you do it?
If not for the pact
between our bosses,
we would crush your lousy little family.
The Murase Family
bigger than the Sanno-kai?
Are you fucking crazy?
If anybody is crazy, it's you.
Stop acting like a big shot, punk!
Take that scumbag with you.
You really got suckered, didn't you?
No, I didn't.
Everybody is so dumb.
We should have given more.
Our return will be doubled anyway.
This car is so boring.
Why did you change?
I like the previous one better.
Shut up.
You want to die?
I'm so scared!
You look like shit.
The finger was supposed
to express our apology.
How humiliating!
I'll talk it over with lkemoto.
You guys stay put.
I see.
He says it's only
You're overreacting.
If you say so.
My men did start all this mess...
You should have told me
about that new office!
I almost got the wrong idea.
Tricky lkemoto!
He played dumb in front of Murase.
But he gave the orders.
What's the point of making trouble
with a sworn brother?
He skims the Murase drug money.
The head family
is not willing to make a pact.
They only want Murase turf.
It will be war if he finds out.
That's where we come in, right?
We always get the dirty work.
Let's put an end to this.
By the way,
any progress on the pact
with Mr. Chairman?
About that...
He complained
about the last payment.
He wants at least half
of your drug money.
That wasn't the deal!
Take it or leave it.
He's a very busy man.
I won't snitch
about your drug sideline.
Money talks if you want his consent.
Damn it!
He won't meet with me!
He might...
if you brought money.
He calls himself a brother...
Always ripping me off!
I shouldn't have
made a pact with him.
Leave it!
Sorry about the other day.
Drink up!
It's on the house.
Aren't there any pretty girls?
Only ugly cows here.
Sorry about that.
Where's that punk?
On suspension.
Kimura, too?
Thanks for the refreshments.
Get out the way!
He opened the door
and saw the family crest on the wall.
That punk freaked and ran!
Then their underboss came in.
And that's what happened!
I went back to the bar
with that guy today...
Everything's on the house!
Isn't that funny?
So you got suckered?
No way!
You could have, because
you don't look like a yakuza.
Is that a compliment?
Hell no!
Did you call me a dumb-ass?
So who mooches off a dumb-ass?
Who are you talking to?
To you!
Outside, now!
Bring it on!
- Take this seat?
- No, moron.
Sorry about that.
I'm sorry...
It's taken, moron.
Should I say it again?
Where's Otomo?
We want his address.
Where the fuck is he?
I don't know.
One of your men is dead...
You're doing nothing?
Is that brother so special?
No, sir.
Are you letting him shit on me?
No sir, not at all.
Tell that Otomo to take
responsibility for his actions!
I'm sorry.
And you...
Can't you instruct them about our rules?
Mr. Chairman was furious
with lkemoto and I.
What are you gonna do?
Answer me!
I know what to do.
I'll take care of everything.
You were there!
See what happened?
That's enough.
He said he'll take care of it.
Where's the money I stashed?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You took it without telling me.
Give me the credit cards.
Where the fuck is that punk?
I don't know!
- You'd better fucking tell me.
- Well...
He went back home to Aomori.
Where's Kimura then?
You should know!
It makes no difference
if you rat on one more guy.
I really don't know.
How do we settle this?
How should I know?
Your men brought on all this mess.
That's not fair!
We lost one of our men.
So we're even.
Let's go and apologize
to Mr. Chairman.
That will settle things.
I'm counting on you, brother.
Come here.
Let's finish the bottle.
How much should we bring
to the head family?
I don't know.
Murase should bring money.
I'll make sure
this won't happen again.
I am truly sorry.
Terribly sorry.
No problem. In this case...
You're both to blame.
You two are brothers.
Stick together.
We will.
Thanks for making the trip.
I'll go now.
You'd like to call a truce
and make it 50-50?
Mr. Chairman
is only acting calm and collected.
You're wrong if you think
killing one punk can end this.
You want us to rough up Murase?
He's your sworn brother.
Are you sure?
Our pact is just a formality.
I only want you
to rough him up a little.
You dared to kill one of my men?
I've already smoothed things over
with Mr. Chairman.
What about smoothing things over
with me?
I'm telling you...
They did it without my permission.
That's no excuse, asshole!
Open up!
I'll fix you up.
Ikemoto never listens to Mr. Chairman.
Go see Ikemoto and apologize.
Pretend that you're retiring.
Just formality.
Regular payments will avoid problems.
I'll convince Mr. Chairman.
Make yourself at home and eat.
You haven't touched anything.
Brother, what about you?
Oh, you can't!
Mr. Murase says that he'll retire
and leave his turf to us.
We only need to pay a cut, right?
That'll be all then.
That old loser!
How dare he call a truce!
They'll take over and finish us.
Murase is finally retiring...
I guess he got old and soft.
Thanks for your work.
About Kimura?
He is turning civilian.
So leave him alone.
We should push Ikemoto to retire.
Then I'd be the boss
and you'd be the underboss.
That's Otomo's car.
Follow it.
There's a car behind us.
It's following us.
Get out!
- Sorry for the trouble.
- It's nothing.
I'll call you if necessary.
I made a deal with the police.
Otomo will be brought in.
How about...
the turf we took from Murase?
Once things settle down,
we'll kick lkemoto out.
Then you take charge.
I hear Murase retired.
Why is lkemoto expanding
on his turf instead of Kimura?
It makes no sense!
Didn't you kill Kimura as well?
Did you?
Sneaky old yakuza!
Your men do the dirty work
and you pretend to know nothing.
Don't fuck with me!
Mr. Kataoka!
Don't get carried away.
You won't get away with it!
Say something!
Hey, Kataoka!
Take a break.
Let's get some tea.
Sorry about that, Champ.
You act real tough around here.
You always were a lousy boxer.
But you're good at mooching off yakuza.
It must be nice being a cop.
Even rich housewives like her
come here for drugs.
A real moneymaker.
Take him away.
My name is Sayama.
This area is now lkemoto Family turf.
You'll give us
what you paid Murase.
Did you hear him?
I want your cell phone.
Cut me some slack.
Your impossible demands
will put me out of business.
I could provide
useful information in return.
He invites clients to his embassy
and lets them do drugs.
Cops can't do anything because
embassies are exempt from jurisdiction.
I see,
Then let him run a casino.
That's more profiitable.
I can't run a casino.
You'll make more money.
This place is too small for a casino.
So move the embassy.
We'll find a new location.
Think carefully before you choose.
For your oon good.
Is everybody here?
Where are the guys?
That's not an answer.
how can you be always dense?
It's jun.
Someone is asking for you.
No complaints.
He just wants to see you.
What are you waiting for?
Take control.
The Murase Family is over.
The Otomo Family now runs this turf.
Tell us how many girls
and how much you make.
No business without our permission.
Say yes!
Where's your room?
Over there.
Too far, too far!
Just a little bit.
I'd like to shower first.
Yes, yes, yes.
Not so fast. Wait...
Here's a drink while you wait.
I won't be long.
We'll clean up the mess.
You go.
For Rent
What? Is this the new embassy?
It's much more spacious.
- It's storage space!
- Shut up and go inside.
Not bad, huh?
It's completely exposed.
Not with the curtains drawn.
Mr. Ikemoto is inside.
Good evening, sir.
You guys set up
a very prosperous business!
Money must be rolling in.
Give me some chips.
Can I?
We need to discuss the casino.
Tell Otomo to call me.
Yes, sir.
Who the hell is he?
That dirty dealer has been cheating.
So I broke his arm.
Take him away.
Get up.
How's the casino?
Mr. Ikemoto goes too often.
He's mooching off us.
Can you do something about him?
It's from Mr. Ikemoto.
I heard you've gone
into the casino business.
I'd like to introduce someone to you.
Ishihara from the Otomo Family.
He runs the casino.
I see.
Kato, take good care of him.
I'd appreciate your
continued support to our family.
How long have you been working
as the underboss for lkemoto?
About 20 years.
I see.
Sometime soon...
Have Ikemoto retire.
Then inherit the family.
I'd make a pact oith you.
That dirty bastard...
Always hanging out
with drug-dealing mobsters.
He sets a bad example.
Keep this between us.
Is Otomo here yet?
He'll be here soon.
I don't want you to park here.
Move it when he arrives.
Yes, sir.
He comes here everyday.
He's here now.
He makes the other players uncomfortable.
Got a minute, boss?
Boss, you're coming around too often.
You're bothering the customers.
Are you lecturing me?
Our profits are shrinking.
That's what we yakuza do!
We're coming in.
Today's revenue, for your approval.
I want to quit this business.
The risk is too big...
and the pay is small!
You get 30% off the profits.
Isn't that enough?
What's the budget
of your entire country?
What are you babbling in English?
Speak Japanese!
Snake! Snake!
What? I don't understand.
How much does the ambassador really get?
None of your business, asshole.
I hear that profits are dropping.
Iranian dealers have been moving out.
Income has decreased.
But you're the drug supplier!
Another yakuza has started
supplying drugs to them.
I've been making payments
exactly as you instructed.
Right, Mr. Ishihara?
What's your problem?
When we say more, we mean more!
Cut your bullshit!
That's the place.
That's the bitch we saw the other day.
Good afternoon. What can I get you?
Get us the owner.
- What can I get you?
- We don't need anything.
Get us the goddamn owner!
One moment please.
There's someone...
What do I owe?
Thank you very much.
What can I get you?
Veggie noodles.
One Veggie noodles!
Where the fuck is your boss?
He's busy at the moment.
What did you say?
You're pushing narco here.
What the hell?
You're pushing narco here.
Narco? What is narco?
- Drugs.
- What?
- Speed.
- What?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are your ears clogged?
Where do you get the stuff?
Who's your boss?
Tell me!
Give me your hand.
It's Murase! Murase!
That old bastard.
He hasn't retired after all.
Bring it to him!
Your order, sir.
Let's finish off Murase.
He's totally useless.
He might jeopardize my career.
You can't use my men anymore.
Then you do it.
I'm your sworn father.
This office is a wreck.
Get a new one!
Got a light?
Who the fuck are you?
I said I need a light.
Which family are you from?
None of your business.
Get out!
Show me the damn evidence!
Several witnesses saw your men.
So arrest them!
You gave the orders.
I don't know anything.
You two-bit yakuza!
Mind your business, asshole!
What are you doing?
You can't smoke here.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
I said pick it up!
They released Otomo
on lack of evidence.
Then we have to get Ikemoto
to banish Otomo.
What about lkemoto?
Didn't you hear me?
Forget about lkemoto.
Murase's men or Otomo...
They'll try to settle their grudge
against him no matter what.
Why am I being banished?
It's Mr. Chairman.
He won't tolerate someone killing
his father's brother.
You told me to do it!
I know. This is just formality.
When things calm down,
I'll ask him to pardon you.
So you know...
Ozawa will take over your turf.
Get out.
Son of a bitch!
I risked my life for you!
Now you take my turf?
I know you're upset
but it's the head family's decision.
I don't give a shit!
Fuck you!
I'm going to see Mr. Chairman.
Give me a knife and some string.
Nothing else to do but chop it.
I've been banished.
That should be enough.
What makes you think you can
go over lkemoto to see Mr. Chairman?
Don't you know anything?
Small-time punks don't sit there.
Your old-fashioned
finger chopping is worthless.
Excuse us for a moment.
Your banishment...
was not my idea.
Ikemoto made
the decision on his own.
How could I ever do such a thing?
Ikemoto's time will be over soon.
It will be your turn
to heighten the family's prosperity.
When things settle down,
I'll make a pact.
Whether lkemoto lives or dies,
is no concern of mine.
What was his name? Ozawa?
You can let him live
and make him your flunky.
You could use a little money. Take it.
I expect a return double-fold.
Give me more.
I'm not winning much.
Aren't you cheating?
Give me some goddamn chips.
You mother-fucker!
Take him away!
Mr. Ozawa...
If you could let it pass,
I promise I'll make it up to you.
How can you come here
after banishing me?
I'll fucking kill you!
Hold on.
He's gone, you shithole.
Listen, guys...
I'll take it back.
I'll reverse the banishment.
You banish me, then reverse it?
How many tongues do you have?
How many tongues?
One, of course.
One tongue?
More like two or three.
I have only one tongue!
Open your mouth.
Stick out your tongue.
Stick it out!
More, you fucker!
Give me the gun.
Why should I help dump the body?
I'll get in trouble.
Shut up and stay put, idiot.
But I'll be an accomplice to murder.
Your second.
Him and that girl.
What? She's alive.
I saw her.
I agreed to help run a casino...,
Not to help you with murder.
With your involvements
in gambling, drug dealing,
and murder, all hell will break loose.
I will be deported.
I won't be able to stay in Japan.
You idiot.
You'll get the death penalty.
Death penalty?
Where are you going?
You can't speak japanese?
An embassy vehicle.
Open the trunk please.
Are we done yet?
We're in a hurry.
Okay, done.
You can go now.
They won't find the body here.
Take care of the rest.
What are you saying?
I can't go back home if I'm caught.
Shut the fuck up!
Here's your shovel.
Ikemoto is dead.
So you'II be inheriting control
of the family?
If that pleases you, Mr. Chairman.
But you wouldn't want...
to inherit without doing
something to earn it.
Dispose of Otomo first,
then avenge your boss's death
before taking over.
Yes, sir.
I should go.
As I told you...
Otomo took care of lkemoto.
Seeing ahead is necessary to...
be at the top!
Next, help Ozawa...
to get rid of Otomo.
Driver's here.
I'll take a look outside.
Excuse me, there's no parking here.
May I see your driver's license?
And your registration.
Think Ozawa did it?
Probably because I killed lkemoto.
Didn't you talk with Mr. Chairman?
You have to lie low.
One of us must survive,
to see who will win.
I'm going now,
back home for a visit.
Call me when you can.
Don't jinx me.
You're dressed for a funeral.
Don't say that.
Have you talked to Mr. Chairman?
I can't reach him.
Ozawa inherited he Ikemoto Family.
Mr. Chairman told me I would take over.
He tricked you into killing Ikemoto.
It's naive to take him for his word.
He probably told Ozawa the same.
That son of a bitch!
I'm going out.
Come on.
Where's Mizuno?
He ran away already?
surrender before you get killed.
Who do you think I am, asshole?
A yakuza on the downfall.
What did you say?
What's your problem?
I'll arrest you all!
Two of them are heading for
the head compound.
Otomo is inside.
Throw this in the building.
- Know how to use it?
- Yes.
Who the fuck are you?
Call the office.
No answer.
It's over.
Got a gun?
Bodyguards are everywhere.
What if Mr. Chairman isn't here?
We'll die for nothing.
You're right.
Die for nothing.
Hands behind your back!
Who the fuck are you?
Let's go for a ride.
Why drag me out so far?
Just do it already.
Shut up.
I told you it's just a ride.
What are you going to do?
I said, shut the fuck up.
Stop moving!
Ishihara says hello.
What did you say?
Behind the gym?
You didn't sell me out to Mr. Chairman.
Why would I do that, Champ?
How is everybody?
Everybody's dead.
Mizuno too?
In the worst way.
Almost decapitated.
It's about time to surrender.
How could I live with myself?
The days are gone for old-time yakuzas.
Living long is the best revenge.
How old do you think I am?
Going to jail would be the end of me.
It's better to lose technically
than to be knocked out, right?
Losing is losing, asshole.
I'll find a way
to shorten your jail time.
You didn't think I'd come alone?
Career is more important
than money these days.
More food!
But this bottle is all mine!
Here's more meat.
So it's all settled?
Good job.
I'll make a pact with you soon.
You'll get the Ikemoto Family.
Thank you, sir.
Take him down to the beach
to celebrate.
Let's go this way.
What was that?
Don't know.
Mr. Chairman!
That son of a bitch shot him!
Mr. Chairman!
I've been waiting for you.
Mr. Chairman.
Otomo was killed in prison.
Who did it?
Kimura from the Murase Family.
Did you plot all that?
How could I?
Look who's here!
Mr. Ishihara, the treasure keeper
of the Sanno-kai Clan!
Not really.
From drug dealing to illegal gambling,
and finally the stock market.
All unimaginable
with the former chairman.
By the way,
I was promoted the other day.
He will take over my position.
Moving up. Good for you.
- Your support is always appreciated.
- Very much so.
Mr. Chairman...
Where's my envelope?