Autorsha (2018) Movie Script

If what you heard is true,
This is where God rules.
Take up the stick
We auto hearts will be there
This is where God rules.
Settles down into a dusk.
Settles down into a dusk.
When there is nothing to spare,
Land where autorsha runs around,
Hey Ravi! If you stay humble
You can rule,
Will not let go the power
Till the end.
Will not let go the power
Till the end.
Without sowing even a single seed.
When we auto guys are around,
If what you heard is true,
Greetings. Which is this one?
I need to take people...
Oh, to drive people around...
Oh... no... we can't do that...
among three wheelers
only this one has spring
Uh oh, I don't need AC
No problem, we can add one wheel...
How much is that?
That autorickshaiAf?
l have fixed... I need this one...
Good morning Mad am
l was told that vehicle
will be released today.
0h, you've been to temple, didn't you?
Sister, which is the vehicle?
Thank you
See, l have no idea about this...
and save yourself...
Bless us!
I thought it was fun
He knows the pressure points
this is my nunchuk
He should have born in China or Japan
Hey, why are you pestering that boy?
Rametta, heard you got new mobile
You better stick to punch...
you are getting old...
There is a chance to draw line between
those two posts
Who is he?
Oh... that girl!
Brother, will I get bus
for Thekkumpuram here?
Who is that?
Who knows!
Hey James, shall we go for a movie?
That red shirt
No one falls in love because
of your rough nature
Did you return from Thekkumpuram this fast?
No no... I shall take bus.
Hey, leave him...
One, crazy guy!
Hey, where is the driver?
Is he not there?
So you are not working today...
Santhetta, can I take this ride?
In that one... come, sister
What a greedy one!
Come this way
Careful about that drop.
Keep the turn much as possible
Where to go, Sir?
You tell her. It's the
same for all, isn't it?
Hello, what's your name?
My name is Siddharthan.
People call me Siddhu.
They do call me that.
0k... shall call that...
Don't spoil men's standard... Siddhu
kutta... Truly, my mother calls me that...
Those who want to get down
at Chanthapura, do it...
Keep moving...
Stop, don't let the bus go!
Did you not push him?
I did not do anything, hejusttripped
Who are you to ask?
Switch off the bus
Ravi, take the old man to hospital
Is he hurt at any pressure point?
I didn't do anything.
let us manage some how.
Shut up!
My bag and cash are with you, brother
I don't drink tea... do you have milk?
Will you sing?
Go ahead, sing
Oops, I am waiting for my turn...
Oh lord, Krishna!
This is the first trip ofthis vehicle
I am new to the roads here.
You did not say where to go?
Where to... Oops... Oh God!
Sir, what happened... what is it?
Uh oh, was it bettle leaves!
I thought it was blood.
Tell me, where do you want to go?
Oops, I'm done.
Brother, please come here
Did you?
No, we haven't.
Brother, can you come over here please?
This weird... please say something...
try to remember something...
l have no idea.
You don't know his name either.
If he dies in live, we can get much likes.
What are waiting for... keep shooting
Hey no. He was not likethat
when he boarded. Is it?
Take his phone from the pocket. Call his
home from that. will get someone.
Oops! This is locked.
Why did he lockthis up?
Can you know howto unlock?
The old lady has hawk's eye...
She misses nothing.
Sukumaran A., Arayakkal House, Maniyara,
Payyannur... Got it Grandma...
Ok then.
Go deeper...
Look around carefully
Oh Muthappa... let that be father!
What have you done, Papa? Look at you!
He tends to forget these days
Did he? So we won't get paid today?
Not here, there.
Is this your own shop?
No. l have a partner.
Ok. Fine.
You need not go all the way.
Are you settled? Any issues?
No. It was ok.
This is my regular trip.
Tata! Bye bye!
Santhetta, are you late today?
Ok. Shall we start when it is two lakh?
Oh yes, we can.
Yes, how much is it?
Rs. 25.
So be it.
See the spring blossom dawning.
Rain gives company within
Bloom through this journey,
Here it is 77-48
Here it is 77-48
Oh, I won. Isn't this 77-48?
lf Rs. 2000 gets this kiss, what will
Rs. 2 lakh get?
How much?
Up that hill.
Ok. Get in.
Why did you let her go with him?
(song continues)
Can you stop that?
So, what do you do?
What's yourjob?
You should tell how it is.
cham chakka chum chakka
chumari chakka cha...
Cham chakka chum chakka
chumari chakka cha...
Let's go this way.
This way? No, we can't.
... | end up paying it all at workshop.
It can't be done.
Eh? Won't you go by National Highway?
Don't shake like this. You might fall off.
lts cloudy.
Can't find it... where is my house?
It would have grown to a big house now
Did you see my briefcase?
Are you looking for house?
Did you take it?
I didn't.
Let's do one thing. Let's search where
there is someone.
What happened?
So that's why it went off.
So, cham chakka chum chakka chumari chakka
chaa... Daily three times... Good night.
Get the vehicle going...
It has stalled.
Go fast.
Signal that one.
Just speed up Sister.
Yes. Be calm, please.
Follow us.
This way? Is that ok?
This will take us to the back of hospital
Doctor... quick...
Just make it fast...
There is no an inch left
Look, you have to park it there.
What happened to the kid?
She fell in water.
She is in casualty.
l was taking a kid to
hospital along a narrow way.
He won't be that expensive.
Nothing. Was wondering whether you can
pick up children from school
Just some scratches. Vehicle
is in good condition.
There is some work on vehicle...
no, its ok. You givejust Rs. 60.
Just move ahead...
Oh... you need not come then...
Can you put on a song?
We need a song...
...and dance with it too... can you?
(all sing together)
(sings another song)
Bye bye. You have brought water back
today also, without drinking, didn't you?
Oh yeah, I am friends with your grandpa...
Is it?
How is he nouf?
The same.
You didn't take the fare that day
Ok. So be it.
Ok. Bye.
Sister, do you know something?
I heard someone say it.
Ah... get down, Achu
Here is the bag.
My darling...
Did you finish your tiff in?
This is my first time to this side.
Is it?
My son is here.
That's Achu's mother.
So be it. Shall meet later.
There are a lot that Achu loves.
Did you not see one spitting
on the road today morning?
Oh, are they the Americans?
See you tomorrow.
Bye, sister.
At least you should have put tiles in the courtyard,
Pa. Give me tea, Mother. Its one the table.
Mother, tea!
Mother, I am hungry!
l have made puffed rice and kept it there.
Food for intellect... food for body...
nutrition in exact measurement.
Can't you see the puffed rice here?
Oh, you are bothered about Americans alone.
They can speak seven
languages at this tender age
Granpa, that chick has run out of battery
Super genius!
This I can do. How much is it?
Just leave it... No, tell me, brother.
Sudhiyetta, when should I come tomorrouf?
You come by 11 am...
My mother's cousin sister's auntie...
How many auditions till nouf?
Report on duty tomorrow on time. Shah Ruh Khan
all struggled like this to become superstar
Hello, will you leave please?
I need to go home.
I need to know howyou make this much
money by operating in night alone
Will you drive?
Made at the door of Heaven, 0 love!
When dragonflies, like flashes of flame,
Small alleys where night life flows,
Saw yourface in the design
Showthat twinkle in your eyes!
Bangles sing sing
As night gives way to light
The earth trembles,
Saw yourface in the design
Made at the door of Heaven, 0 love!
Dance along with the travellerwind
Small alleys where night life flows,
Showthat twinkle in your eyes!
Without sleeping at night... Hello, get up!
Has Bangalore bus arrived?
Come, we have finished the work.
Err... those that were visible.
It will take some time for paint to dry up.
Where is Sudhiyettan?
l have just Rs. 3,500
Rest of you can go in next auto, come!
Where is my bag?
All bags are there.
Are we not all going to the
same place?... Get in!
World Junior Volleyball Championship.
Which team did you beat?
Nobody came to collect you?
That is very bad. They too
played for India, didn't they?
Then what else...
Sir, can you support me?
0k. So be it.
Where you all going... Hello?
Get in.
(Sings National Anthem)
(Sings National Anthem)
(Sings National Anthem)
(Sings National Anthem)
(Sings National Anthem)
(Sings National Anthem)
Meera... did you take photo?
Asalute for you for doing this.
That video would have
gone viral on Facebook
Mohana... that Major is asking for you...
He needs a ride, it seems
Oh, Achukuttan!
Achukutta... Angel...
Anithechi... did you repair
yourjunk vehicle. Oh yeah!
Oh... who is going with Major!
this makes him work...
Do you have the card?
Tell everyone to be on alert.
This is for Kerala Congress.
This is for League.
Do you have card?
Since he is your son, Sir, or else
he ended up a couple oftimes in my hand...
Are they not online crackers?
Go ahead, crack them!
He is not going to reduce speed anyway
You will get his body
and a good premium too.
He wants to take photos of hartal.
You are the guys who spoil
the name ofthis land.
Sir, take a look at what he is doing.
I am not finished.
All these pages?
What is this?
10-20 pages more, Sir
Please don't disturb me, ok?
Chanthapura? Can you do me a
favour, daughter? What is it?
She has given me a list to purchase.
Can you get them for me?
Only thirty?
She has an account at
the supermarket nearby.
Just give this list there.
Do you need it nouf?
Hey, no... no hurry... may leave it here when you
go on a trip tomorrowthis way.
Doesn't he have anything else to do?
What's it? This indicator is not working.
Just 10 minutes... Shall sort it out now
This is my tyre.
That's not yours. I need that here.
That sounds like an idea.
Ah, what's happening with your cinema?
Hero and heroine.
Its good.
Brother, don't you have this?
Oh, they all have it?
Of course, they do.
Karate is the best.
This woman? Damn her!
Thought of having a look here.
So be it.
if you see them?
Body is flexible at that age.
Now, you go and practice.
This is not enough. You should try karate.
are you intersted in Karate?
No. Never. I will not touch.
What happened?
I just checked the temper.
What to do... its so hot now...
Hey, no toffee for me...
That was just...
Did you see Chandrettan?
Isn't that his vehicle?
Ramesha, is Chandrettan there?
Yes. I am.
He had both. Cigarette too.
On 12th.
Is it?
Look he is so happy. Both used to drink together.
Kannan was saved since he went to Gulf.
Damn the time when she thought of coming here...
My darling, ljust thought about you now
Why is getting late? Is it not time? Flight
might have landed. But luggage must be...
Hey, no.
Is that not our Kannan?
Come this way!
Come... Come, Kanna!
He has become younger and smarter.
There is nothing else.
Why are you crying like kids?
There was no visa. No job.
Kannan is here. But he has nothing in hand.
Santhetta, that is not the issue.
Well, Santhetta...
What else to do?
lam also thinking about it...
We have nothing else in hand now
Mohana... there is point
in what you said...
You do one thing. Take him home
just like a Dubai returnee.
What is news, Kanna... did you sleep?
Let's put these in.
I shall help... Just leave it there.
lam leaving this... Take care...
Valsalechi... are you not happy?
Yes. I am happy.
Have a glass of water...
No, its ok... Ma, we are off.
You mind your own ways.
That was to Mooppan.
Why is he like this...
...there are lot of secondhand vehicles
available here now
Don't worry.
Did you see?
Did you see this?
There is a way.
This is it,
This is your gift.
lts our food fortomorrow
This vehicle is our soul.
It's here. Away's here.
Eruvappa, stay guard always.
From all sides, or keep her away,
Buddies are always there for you.
Lunch will be made
And served.
Will get you married,
Prepare the bedroom.
Gather everyone.
Take a selfie.
Now you are free.
It is wonderful.
Daughter... Hasee...
Baby, switch off that TV...
Been at it since morning.
I cannot live here as Haseena.
Baby, lowerthe volume.
I usually don't work on Sundays.
You call me. 0k. 0k.
To the Treasury, my child.
Whatyou say is right.
Nothing will happen today, I think
Why didn't you bring anyone with you?
You should have brought someone with you.
Don't you have anyone at home?
Is it time for the token?
Sir, give me that token.
I called. He didn't come.
Are they not old ones. Can't
you speak a bit louder?
Exactly what I was saying. Speak louder
if you want others to hear.
Chanthapura... Chanthapura...
those who want to get down here come...
We need to meet after you return.
Just move, boy
Stop the bus.
Didn't hejust board the bus nouf?
Forthat you need to start earlier.
Shall tell after that.
Sister, can you see that boy there?
Leave it. You look so pretty today.
If that is not much of a problem to you...
Why didn't you call yesterday?
I had called yesterday.
Mmm... Mmmm...
We cannot hire a taxi...
Police raid and high rent...
can't take room either.
Isn't it... Sorry, sister...
Did you not bring the auto?
What news of ourwheelchairwoman?
Is she ok?
God might have given her some rest now
They might need big strecher, not just
the wheelchair.
| feel like having one.
You may go now
Your passengers might be waiting.
Eh... what is this?
What to do?
Raise it.
A bit more...
A bit more...
That's enough.
Can't go further...
What's this?
Move that side...
How much?
Get lost with it.
lam coming...
No. No. ljust despatch it all from here.
Oh... so won't he come over here?
What for?
You stop scheming, you naughty one...
First full tickets board...
Full tickets please...
full tickets first...
Do you want a tea?
Watch... Keep moving...
Let's go.
Once you complete, get the fare and leave.
Why did you hang around there?
lfl say no, it means no. That's all.
Give it to me.
Fresh chemba rice pounded,
Red chemba rice pounded,
You came to me yesterday,
Hiding away injest and then showing up
Like a milky river meandering,
Oh the cuckoo in my heart, I wait for you
To growthe golden yield
Wear bangles that laugh aloud.
Written on sand with toe tips.
And me, a little dew looking up
To you, yearning to be with you.
Wear bangles that laugh aloud.
Wear bangles that laugh aloud.
Like the freshly blossomed jasmine.
Yes. Yes.
It will affect other residents too.
They asked to cremate like Brahmins.
Look, do you have any
plans to move the body?
Are you not taking a look?
You may keep it there.
Er... Told me when he called...
Oh My Goddess... you saved me!
Ey, Chandra...
Oops... Davis Chettan is here...
Chanthapura Auto Workers Union Zindabad!
Protest procession Zindabad!
There is issue everyday here.
Something is serious this time.
Mate, how about bringing in a similar
commotion in that third song of our film?
Brother one more tea.
Did you take this too into film?
Don't know what for. This is
Kannur, could be anything.
Its always like this. Complainants come
when | open the parcel.
Will it be a problem if he sees me?
I cannot sign again.
Sir, I operate from Chanthapura. l was
going to the town from there.
finally I stopped my autorickshaw there.
Sir, that was not how it happened.
I shall tell you how it happened.
Those who were witnessing this said
that guy did not beat this guy
it was someone else. He got into the middle
This is worse than that... Who beat whom?
Do one thing. Beat him back.
Just make sure no one plays it foul!
Is there anyone who didn't get it?
Do you not belong to this group?
Since I have learnt Karate...
You cannot block it...
If anyone is planning to settle scores
during next festival or Theyyam...
Go foreigner!
My dear Devassy Chetta, just leave
Just think about it seriously...
No. No... Just leave.
l have made money through hardwork
...leave it...
Listen... don't inside the Kaavu
Since I left for Gulf
in early age itself...
Holding on to each other's hand
But then paddy has already been harvested
All the paddy fields have now become roads.
nowthey are into leggings and shorts.
...there werejust one or two love affairs
in entire Kannur district.
Tell me Aparna, when did you get married?
I am so lucky.
Marriage was on Sunday, sister.
Is it?
What is it?
l knowthat. The vehicle stopped here.
Can it be repaired?
I don't know This is happening quite
frequently now
It's ok. We shall walk.
You may give Rs. 90
Sister, actually the thing was...
seems like he got the change.
You may keep the change.
Are you not happy?
Someone help me...
Close her mouth
Hey, leave her...
Suppose someone is trying
to hold your neck...
Turn around that hand and lock his wrist.
Leave him...
Call the police.
Tell me what it is...
Yes... Sir... Ok... You stay there,
we'll be there... Hey, start thejeep.
There is an issue.
You fatso!
We will take care of them!
We will sort them out today.
...have mother and sisters at home?
Hey... hey...
Sir, it was not them.
Sir, it was these two...
He is also not there...
they came to help us.
Get him in the jeep. Rest, I
shall give at the station.
In which class are you studying?
Ho, my sister, salute! How brave are you!
In that situtation...
Anyway, you rocked.
Come... come...
Which flavour do you want?
Sister, can you give me that cone...
you have this mango bar...
Don't show off before her
He ran away from there. I couldn't stop
laughing on seeing police bring him back
Can the police catch me? I let them so that
they don't gettired running around.
I don't forget anything.
I don't need anything. Just
a glass of water please.
How is it done? As I said, if
something happens like what we saw..
I even remember when you touched me.
Hush! Speak softly!
What were you doing there at the apartment?
This is what we call a push...
Do you sing? Go ahead, sing then...