Autumn (2009) Movie Script

In 1945, the end of
the second world war,
that is something you,
not know much about it, I think.
Nevertheless, the work we do at
Carrading Computing,
is both varied and interesting.
Can someone help us please!
During the last seven hours,
I have seen none.
Not a living soul.
The phone does not work,
there is no electricity.
No TV, radio...
I am empty.
Are there more survivors?
There is still somebody.
This house is...
That is not quite far from here?
No, I was actually working.
Then I just went away...
and then I walked around all morning
to contain it all or so, I...
And you?
I study medicine at university,
but I live on the other side of the park.
And I've spent all day in bed.
In bed?
- Yes.
I had nothing else to do.
Until I heard the music.
Yes, turn that music was genius.
Is this it?
Are these all the survivors?
It seems so, friend.
- Yes, until now.
Keep your hands off!
- Okay.
Stay away from me!
Nobody touches me!
I fucking bite!
Keep your damn doubts for yourself!
How are you?
Yes, I'm fine.
Who has done this, do you?
- A type of virus?
How is it possible that
the many people die in a short time?
I do not know.
I saw 30 children die.
I'm not going out, no way,
I go out today.
It does not today, I say only that
it once would have.
Let's just wait
to the army.
Why should we have out?
What's out?
What's in here?
We have no food,
we must go outside to survive.
We must discover what is going on.
We could be sitting in here,
while around the corner, waiting for help.
Usually during a national disaster,
get the military, command,
to shoot looters.
Come on, we do not know whether there still
an army is, until we go outside.
I'm not going out!
- That we already knew, mate.
You stay inside until you starve.
Here's good brother.
Do not be so smart.
Do not be so damn clever to me!
What do you want, huh?
We need to address this mess!
And keep your mouth shut!
I want to go out, that's all!
- That you have to know.
I do not want to see you all!
I want to stay here...
What we must do is to put us there.
Create order, that we even...
can think of finding...
- What then?
Why do we need leadership?
I look around.
We must find out,
what's going on.
I'll save you some time.
We need food, water and clothing needed.
towels, linens, soap and
things like that.
Currently, we have those things here,
who are somewhere else.
So we must act and
get what we need.
This is not a good idea.
I think our security,
Our first priority must make.
And then...
- Why do you think you're safer here
than that in the middle of
Kingston is the street?
We do not know
what is happening around here.
We still have a time out.
Yes, but it is not the time...
- Yes, to stock up.
Okay, so it is not ideal here.
But many are we safe.
But we do not live in silence
and waiting to get everything
back to normal.
Normally, why do you think that everything
return to normal?
It seems to me that at the moment everything
can get and where we want.
We must create a safe place
so we can respond to what
could happen.
This place is not suitable for it.
- What about the music?
There may still people
who want to come here.
We have the music for hours off.
We arrange supplies and
sure we are safe, okay?
That is what we all want, is not it?
- Yes.
We must first care for ourselves.
If that is settled, we can look
whether other people in his life.
Should we not now,
to look for survivors?
This finding is
a needle in a haystack.
Bozo is still working?
What do you want me with that body do?
- What?
What would you have to do it?
He is our sample copy.
Useful Henkie.
I hope so.
It is better not to close to the bodies
to come, until we know the cause of death.
You should now have a super bacteria
may be contaminated.
Hey, Einstein, we are probably immune,
So do not worry, okay?
No, that's not true!
You do not know whether it stops.
It is not certain that we are immune
for what happened.
What if it starts with us later?
What if an incubation period or something?
None of us knows if tomorrow morning
will still be awake.
Perhaps it goes with us just slower.
Has anyone since this started, aircraft or
come hear helicopters?
The airport is only
a few miles to the south.
If planes could fly,
we would have heard.
And the railway is across
the streets of Kingston.
Trains have you heard?
How many people does it, do you think?
It concerns only the region
and the logic that says
there long help should be.
We even hear anything on the radio.
What do you mean?
That this is the bad side of a disaster,
and that's putting it mildly.
That there is no air traffic, means that
probably even worse.
Michael is right.
It all happened so fast that
it was unstoppable.
That is true.
We have no future.
And our past is meaningless.
So what do you think we should do?
I just think for myself, you
but do what you want.
But I still do not sit with 100,000
rotting corpses around me.
I go out of town.
I go to a safe place
and comfortable...
And then I wait and
see what happens.
What is that?
It's okay.
Are you?
Hey size.
Hey man...
- What?
What the hell is everyone...
What the hell are you doing?
- More survivors?
Okay, let's get one inside and
figure out what's going on.
We need help.
- It is too late.
What could have happened?
- Are there more?
Take that damn freak out!
Think she can hear us?
- I do not know.
I think she hears us, but
not understand what was said.
She sees us, but she does nothing
with what she sees.
But how can they move?
Instinctively, is not it?
I also thought that, being
automatic reflexes.
What she does when you touch her?
She does nothing, they do not respond.
She turns to them as a
direction stops.
I think she keeps running straight
if nothing comes her way.
Chris, look at her body.
There have millions of people,
so walking around out there.
Did you set her heart?
- More or less.
What do you mean?
- Well, I felt nothing.
So, what do you think?
- Nothing, only that she has no heartbeat.
Away with that thing!
Okay calm, someone at each door.
- Okay clear.
They smell horrible.
Sorry, mate, I thought you were gone.
Are you okay?
What it is, man?
I came here for you to come.
Would you be alone?
No, I do.
It is not easy huh?
I think of my wife and daughter
now will be.
Take a drink.
I really want to get drunk,
understand what I mean?
So drunk
I do not remember my own name.
There's a liquor store.
- Really?
Want to see?
Look at him.
- Who?
Which way should I look?
In the shop there.
- Oh, I see him.
He really knows what he is doing,
is not it?
Do you think he comes up?
He runs around in circles, is not it?
He suffers from the water.
What does he do?
Is he looking at us?
- They are dead right?
He has gone inside.
Have you thought, what happens
when they go rotten?
All these infections and germs in the air.
What do you mean?
I think it over for
go to the countryside.
I know it's quite safe, but...
But it is soon forgiven
of the germs.
I think going to the countryside
and a safe place...
I deal and as soon as possible.
Listen, what he says is that
you are your own decision first,
but we decided to have joined
way to go and we do too.
You are all crazy.
You know what you'll find there.
- You may be right
but it can also be a big mistake.
You know what you find there.
But we have the whole country and logic says
that we have to find something...
What logic is the point?
It certainly has to do with you.
Okay, come, we go right?
No, I think that the music
have to turn back.
And possible survivors
get together.
And then a few weeks leave,
in a large group together safely.
I find sensible.
I'll go.
All right, fine.
Well, is there anyone with us,
You're welcome.
Everybody with your life,
take unnecessary risks.
That error you see...
They appear here just walking around.
And that's all they do.
And they walk outside the city.
But if you stay here you definitely
surrounded by 150,000 rotting, sickly.
If this new shit you not, infected
cholera, or typhoid or ecoli.
When is soon infected.
There is no clean water.
I'm with you.
- Okay come, we go.
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
I find a gun.
- Come let us go.
- She goes with us, we go.
God damn he is loose, man.
Why are you so disrespectful?
- What?
Do you think they notice?
That they feel?
Emma Look at them, they are dead.
Just a bunch of chunks of meat, that's all.
It seems to me that the world has changed.
And with what is happening,
it seems like I'm crazy.
Just do it easy, huh?
There are no patterns here.
And if they did, and sat Carl
I was in and not you.
Carl or you?
Any idea where to go?
I look at the map but I can not.
Have you seen anything out?
We need to decide quickly,
do not you think?
We need a plan.
I have a plan. We drive to
a safe place and then we stop.
But what is safe, is it somewhere safe?
You could say that everywhere is safe.
I am only concerned about the germs.
Either of you often hungry?
I am empty, damn.
What I want to do is just...
home with Sarah.
I know that she is gone but...
when I see her again then...
I love her.
Will I ever see again?
Are we back or what?
There, look thither.
That is perfect.
- What do you mean?
So you see it?
- What to see?
I see a house.
- Exactly.
So you have a house in the middle
found in a forest?
And now?
We must have seen 5000 today.
Why is this so special?
What you see on the site of that house?
It is isolated and difficult to reach.
And it has a narrow path.
It is nice to have it?
- Yes, it is perfect.
- That's obvious, right?
No, not me.
It is isolated.
There are not many villains here
and no contamination risk.
These runners are stupid,
they can easily hold off here.
What do you mean take away?
You know what I mean.
They mow down.
Is not that right?
- No.
There are no thrones Charles,
There are no patterns but if you with us
To continue, you love to our rules.
When you stay... why?
For a bunch of hippie farmers to be?
Do you love me for fucking kidding?
The world is ours now, we have it now!
There are enough stocks in the supermarket
for your whole life.
We can do what we want.
We may look like famous rock stars.
We can go to the White House, to Graceland.
But no, what do you do?
You like living on a farm, Jesus!
You surely understand that you
will also soon become infected?
And an estate is
a lot harder to manage.
You're a grown man and
you take your own decisions,
you can stay with us or go.
- I will, as always.
We go.
Good luck.
- You too.
Let's go people.
I will not forget.
There must be something in the neighborhood.
Not here but we found something.
I do not know, I have no idea where I am.
I think we go the wrong way.
I got it!
- What have you?
I have it on this map.
- All right, now even the buildings.
If I remember rightly,
if you come to a bend in the road.
What fucking corner?
That damned rot away!
After the bend you see an intersection,
you right there.
Then the main road for several miles.
I do not want the highway,
I want those buildings, which lie hidden.
- At the crossroads left or right?
Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure!
Now turn right!
Why the fuck you do that again?
Jesus, you were good and
Now go the other way!
Nice of you to report here!
Shit, I keep up with it.
I throw you the fuck out the window later.
Yeah, I guess.
I see it... that is the house.
Is anyone there?
- Looks nice.
Is there anyone inside?
- Only he.
Mr. Jones.
Mr... Arthur Jones.
Penre farm.
Is there a Mrs. Jones?
- No.
And no children.
He is all alone.
Carl, what is going on?
Okay, what do you think?
- There is enough space.
And there is a stream outside
It is really remote.
If this is a farm,
need more buildings.
Do you?
- Yes.
Shall we look around?
That you will not believe.
It's just a fucking producer!
As for the electricity?
Does he?
I do not know.
I try tomorrow.
Is it old or new?
He looks old, but well maintained.
- It looks beautiful.
Mr. Sun. Jones... time to move.
Where is that?
- That's clear?
Why we do this?
Does it make sense?
We buried the dead right?
Is that a problem?
When are you doing than others?
- What?
Well, if you bury him, if you do the
300 million others who are.
We only bring him
to the other side of the field, yes?
We had just purchased his home.
Do not you think we him a decent
funeral guilty?
I do not think we owe him something.
What does it really matter?
For him.
All Carl wants to do,
is respectful...
The only thing that Carl
is doing is wasting time...
...with something
that is not necessary.
And you ask yourself exposed to danger.
Really, you need to do this.
I must do for myself.
- Okay, well then, I do not count.
Thank you, thank you.
Mr. Jones, the wagon with horses
waiting for you
Is everything okay?
- Yeah, right.
Sorry I scared you.
- It does not.
What are you looking?
Burn something?
If we stay or do we sit here today
have something constructive to do?
Yeah, you're right.
We must remember what we do.
We must do something.
Decent eating places to start.
Oh my God!
They found us, huh?
We try to load.
Okay, here we go.
- Where do you have?
Ten boxes there.
So many things possible.
As soon as you can.
Quick, start there!
Who invented it?
Why are they so angry, you must
proposals if they were still living.
Their motor skills are better.
Like their comprehension.
It seems almost as if their brain stems
back to life.
What day is it today?
No, yesterday was Tuesday,
Today is Wednesday.
I get rid of the thread.
- That I have already lost.
I hated Monday and Tuesday.
Now you just hate every day.
Monday now seems to Friday,
Friday begins the weekend,
the weekend but no longer exists.
The weekend means nothing
because we do not work.
So do not...
- So you get lost the thread...
In any case I'm pretty sure
Wednesday it is today.
On Wednesday.
- Cheers.
What would you do on
a regular Wednesday night?
Studying or drinking.
Or both.
Drinking in the middle of the week?
- Yes, I drink every day.
And you Carl?
Normally I can not drink mid-week,
but on weekends I make it good.
What was your favorite pub then?
- Pub?
Diego Sands of...
- Sarah and I...
Sorry, I had nothing to say.
Every morning, I...
I wake up hoping that it has been
and that I would be dead.
Every day the pain worse
than the day before.
I can not accept
that they are no longer there.
Eventually you'll be close.
It is easier.
Do you?
I'm not sure I want to do.
I want my family to remember.
I've ruined, is not it?
I tried to do well, but it is...
- Mike, shut up.
That's great, if it snows,
goes fast freezing.
Perhaps within a few weeks.
- And why is it so good?
As the runners will freeze
and will remain frozen until April.
It succeeds, he does it!
And the Lord said...
and then there was light.
And then there was light.
- Fantastic.
Thank you, man.
- I'm happy.
Happiness is progress, for known targets.
I do not know what you just said but...
- I am a happy man.
Okay, it's temporary but I'm happy.
What are you doing?
He is antique.
I clean it to look.
- To shoot at things.
What are you shooting?
- What you need to.
It seemed a useful
in the hand.
I'm actually still not finished.
Have you ever used a so?
No, but can not be that difficult.
I worked for someone who always shot.
I do not and we have
it is not necessary.
I think we should do it away.
He looks good, I may try him?
Yes, because I really have not...
no, okay, do it.
Can you shoot it?
- Probably not.
He looks good, just what we need.
You never know what will happen.
Watch out, that thing is old.
Soon he blows apart.
That's okay, I know these things.
Put him away, will you?
Look, okay?
I want to touch him.
Carl do not, in hell.
Why... what can they do?
The damn thing does not even
it was shot down.
You must first see to hit.
She heard, she's alive.
She comes this way.
Sorry, I did you not?
Carl come back, we go!
What is that,
He is just like the rest.
Come inside!
What the fuck is going on?
It almost went wrong.
- He is still there.
They have changed, is not it?
I saw it last night,
but it seemed harmless.
What are you talking about?
Last night when you slept,
I went off and the generator
hung around four.
Hung around?
She did nothing, she just walked
But they were clearly off the generator.
That guy is now gone.
- What happened?
They slowly come back to life,
is not it?
- Think about it.
They get back their consciousness.
Perhaps they were not
so badly as we thought.
They are dead, worse than that
you can not stand, right?
I know, but...
What I think is that something inside them
it has survived.
And slowly regain control.
But they have not attacked me last night.
If I walked along them.
This is really weird.
- No matter how crazy it is...
The fact is that it happens and
we must be careful.
They are sounds that must surely be.
She heard the generator last night and
rifle shot that morning.
Well, so we must be silent
and show us.
How do I?
- Where do we what we need?
Shall we eat out on bike
with camouflage jackets?
Very funny, you're a comedian.
I can still tell a joke,
if you want.
Guys, calm down.
We must go to them as possible.
Okay, what do we do?
We pick stocks and then
we keep hidden.
And how long would you do?
One week, two weeks, one months, one years?
I know not, is not it?
How could I fucking know!
Carl, where are you going?
Carl come back, we need to discuss.
What is there to talk?
That makes no sense.
The point is that we do not know,
what's going to happen.
If this goes through,
Tomorrow is 100 times worse.
We must now go out and
loading the van.
And what else.
I want to make a stop to it.
Misschien ook niet.
Maybe we need a different way
look into this issue.
Perhaps we should
Exit from the outside world.
How would we be doing?
- A drop fence.
That would be very strong.
- Then we put a strong fence hell.
We get materials and then we begin.
the point is that we really no better
verblijf plaats vinden dan hier.
We need a protected place.
We must protect ourselves.
Fuck you!
Great God, how long have you been doing?
A few hours I think.
Where are the watch birds?
I distracted them, listen.
I have that old boombox in the kitchen,
to put away.
So you're alone on the path
walked down?
And you do not even
one of us woke up?
I thought that if I gently and
would slow, she would not hear me.
What do you think of it, good eh?
Yes... yes.
You help me?
- All right.
You grab the other side... ready?
Next time we are in town,
we should still get one.
Do you?
- It is more practical.
We can always away if necessary.
It is dark.
So we can better go inside.
It does not matter whether the dark
or light, they can not do.
Oddly enough, I think the best fine here,
even if I would have kids.
Where is Carl?
- Where do you think he is?
He is in the tower, where he
is always present.
He looks at those things
through his binoculars and then crazy...
Would it be okay with him?
No, you?
Now the wind.
Then we can so the generator
while a turn.
They are always in a group but they can
seen lying on the floor.
In groups and out of nowhere.
There you have it already
There you have them already
Look there.
What is going on?
Look it is.
I think I heard something.
I was there for the watch.
Look at, damn!
They must have heard the generator,
despite the sound of the wind.
The lights are on and
The fire is lit.
They are so many...
One does something and the others follow.
And then is slowly
a group of 20 or 30.
This is so stupid.
We must turn off the generator.
What happens?
- Dead bodies, hundreds of them.
They can not, right?
- I do not know.
They do not have much power?
They are deadly every day
in their behavior.
They develop an animal instinct
and live in hordes.
The longer it takes for them,
they should be weaker.
Eventually they no longer save
and fall apart.
I do not understand, it seems proper
if they increase.
What are we to these bastards?
It seems that their brain stems
still works.
That is what humanity so dangerous.
The most dangerous of all predators.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
That does not look like this.
Want coffee?
- No.
No thanks.
We have in the coming days
stocks go down once again.
I must find transportation,
what further away from the house.
Then I leave there.
You can now pick stocks
if you want.
It is a beautiful day.
That looks good.
This keeps your fire burning.
Eh... Emma asked me to ask you
You do not want to go.
Wasted time, mate.
- Good.
If I am ever in the neighborhood I pass
to see how you do it, okay?
That would be nice.
You do not have to do, Carl.
If the deal does not seem to take us,
does the virus will.
Otherwise do something else.
I want the time I did not have to waste
to run away and hide.
I would live to die, you understand?
But thanks anyway.
I think this is my dream house
could be.
Even if this had not happened,
I probably wanted a house.
Me too.
some painting and then it would be perfect.
Yes... beyond the half
million rotting corpses...
...on the other side
of the fence,
is indeed fantastic.
I'm tired.
- Maybe we should go to bed.
It is very quiet.
We'll sleep well.
Do you have a drink?
- No, you?
No, not really.
Why you asked me?
I just wanted to say something, I think.
What's wrong with what silence?
I can not stand the silence.
Then I think too much.
Do not you think?
No, not anymore.
- I would not even think.
And the silence, silence is a real, so...
No sound of the generator and
only the creaking of the bed.
Yes, the silence is...
If we survive and then something like
want to lead a normal life,
we have
Exit out of everything here.
What do you do, leave me alone!
Stay away!
This is all I have,
it's my house!
Come on, you're not afraid of me?
- No, I saw someone.
Here bastard!
Mij stalking Hi, would you fuck me
stalking, huh asshole?
You've talked, fucking wanker.
So it's Sunday?
We can eat in the car load
and a short ride.
But the runners over?
We could ignore it,
Just for a while.
Just a short drive in the landrover
and see where we end up.
But what is the real reason
you want an end to ride?
Well... The truth is that we might
get somewhere, we have not been.
And we find someone
who wants to live here and...
that is something we should do.
True, you're right.
Thank God!
You're the first man
I've seen in weeks.
- And now I found you.
- I thought I...
de enige was die nog in leven was.
Another leather on this world...
What is your name?
What is your name?
My name...
O... Philip.
Philip Evans.
Philip... Evans.
Pleasant, Mr.. Evans.
- Thank you.
Give me... tell me your name.
My name is Carl.
- Hi, Carl.
Where do you live?
Do you mind to go inside to talk?
We are a little vulnerable.
Carl... Come on down.
Sit down, grab a chair.
Please, sit down.
Thank you, but it does so.
- I get something to drink.
Sorry, it's a bit of a mess,
it is...
I was so surprised when I heard your engine.
I thought...
Since you do not worry
to make, but...
You know, it was the army...
or the police may or...
the... National Guard.
That was enough.
They are no longer here, they are...
all there in the... Middle East.
They had the ability or the police.
I have the police had not seen since...
How long?
Someone once told me that...
every situation, no matter
How silly...
or how... also hopeless.
Always could be worse...
if police come.
But at this moment... there is no police.
There are strange things going on
and I understand nothing at all.
Where was I?
Oh yes.
How are you then?
I was sure there was something.
There was something wrong.
Are you sure it is, buddy?
- I'm fine.
I'm just that... infection picked up
I thought you could sit down.
Sit down.
If you do not mind,
I prefer to stay standing, please.
Did you... You come from the city?
Are you with more?
- We are the three of us.
We have not seen others.
I was here but,
waiting for someone to come and...
and... to help me.
The phone is closed and...
there is no electricity.
What happened here
has happened throughout the country.
There are no public service because...
Most people are dead.
No, no, they are not dead.
Not in order.
They are not dead, they are... ill.
She... they come here when they hear me.
And uh... they think
I can help them, but...
I can not.
I... just do the door and...
and I sit back and
do as quiet as possible.
Until they finally leave.
And they do... they go away.
I think you should go with me.
We live on a farm, about
3 miles away.
We have a working generator and
I think you're better off with us.
My mother would probably not leave.
She lived in this house since she married...
Is your mother here?
- Of course they are.
Then they do too?
Go get her, go get what you need
and then I find a car, right?
You're right.
We should perhaps, stay together.
I... I'm going to tell Mother.
Stay a while now.
And try to be quiet.
This has been a bit much,
for my mother.
My mother has this hard time.
And I do not want to upset her.
Hi, Mom.
Mom... Mom, Mom?
Quiet, quiet, there are people here...
that will help us.
They want me to go with them.
For a few days...
I go with them.
Mom... it is good, it'll be all right.
I promise, it'll be all right.
I had to tie her
The doctor said she had to stay in bed.
I had to tie her
to keep her in bed.
She is sick, you know?
Your mother is dead.
What are you talking about?
She is not dead, she is sick!
You see that?
She is dead, accept it!
Okay, her body still moves
but they are long gone.
She is gone, okay?
She is like all these appear as,
it is her... just one part.
You're crazy, she is not dead, she is sick.
Dead people do not move, do you?
And living people do not rot!
What will happen to you
if I leave you here?
This is really no better friend.
I leave my mother behind.
She goes back
while we are talking.
I am your last chance...
the best chance.
I ask you... some stuff to pack
to and me to come.
No way, no, she's dead!
She was dead weight and I did not wear.
Come with me!
Not without my mother!
No, I take her along,
she is dead, you know?
Accept it, she's dead!
She turns to you, man!
I'll stay here!
I will not leave her!
Well Be reasonable, I will save you, man!
I can not.
- This is not your mother!
Yes, that is they do.
- She is gone forever.
Your mother... your mother is gone!
- Mom!
Come, I'll take you.
Get them off me!
Let us alone!
I like it, so close to the lake.
It is beautiful here.
I feel good here.
Are you serious?
The silence is all you need.
You only hear the water.
If you here long enough,
you can almost believe that
everything is normal.
It makes me feel that I am very small.
Erla Do you?
- No. Why?
This is a sandwich.
Shall we go?
We have returned.
No, no.
That's not what I meant, I meant
fresh bread with butter and mayonnaise.
Smoked ham, lettuce and cheese.
And a few glasses of fresh orange juice
to wash away.
We have not in the house.
And some crackers...
and probably mayo in the fridge.
- Excellent
But not quite what I want.
- Not really.
That we never can do, right?
Do you?
- Of course.
I would never be able to slaughter a pig
to make ham.
I know.
You think we do well?
Thus on the shore of the lake?
It is like you said, it is getting stronger.
It is an uphill battle.
I wonder if we can do something
with what is left over.
All these seem to be rotting.
They will soon be gone.
and then everything will be much easier.
And what about diseases?
There are hundreds of hospitals
throughout the country.
But we do not know
what we have to use drugs.
That is true, but that we find.
And what if we both get sick?
How do we know what we fail?
We read books and we learn.
Michael, what chance have we really?
- We have many options.
We have come here, I am sure
we have much more to come.
You're right... I'm sorry.
It is sometimes difficult.
I do not.
We better go back
then we are safe.
Go away, away!
Block with your foot!
Running through it!
I see nothing.
- There is no time, just straight ramming!
They will murder us, the idiots!
Up, up, come!
Jesus Christ!
Hey, come on, put him down.
Carl... Carl... involved?
What happened when you were there?
This is Carl.
- That is good, he is better soon.
No change?
- It it still.
Are you serious?
I think this house no longer come.
I go back and turn the generator.
Maybe some of it off.
What do you mean, hundreds
instead of thousands?
Carl, Carl what do you do?
Go away, this house is a mess, Carl!
I do mind, okay?
- We have no time for discussions.
Come on, out!
Carl, did not live.
His grief was greater than
his will to live.
We all had nothing to lose.
Only our lives.
If a race suddenly no longer
to expectations,
life can lose its importance.
On the other hand...