Autumn Beat (2022) Movie Script

There are times you can't go back.
Nights like these, when you think
your life could really change...
And there we were,
ceaselessly waiting
for something I called happiness.
We didn't realize those
were the days we'd look back on forever,
carried away by that music that bounced
on the most intense beat ever.
On my feet Timberland boots
Air Force I don't wear Supra
It's 7 p.m. and Milan's gloomy
Guys move
Money makes you comfortable
We imagine ourselves millionaires
But always in hoodies
The dark eye of judgement
Looks at you but does not say hello
Suspicious of our dark skin
People mute, like these walls
They change their skins
But they still sound like Judas
Fixed values, sad jobs
Record my messy feelings
Love is a dissing
I don't give a fuck if you don't get it
I feel like Shakur, spitting on reporters
When my brother started rapping, he kept
saying music would make us winners.
-Our prerogative is to be strong
-Strong! Strong!
In these places
A bad cocktail makes things wrong
-There are too many traps
-Too many!
Fear can fuck you up, hard
Thank you, Milan!
Our mixtape is out!
You can find it over there.
And that's my brother, treat him well!
I said it would keep us close.
Look, they don't mean anything to him.
You've got to get used to it, Ife.
Go... go to him.
Here, I'll... I'll take care of it.
Aren't we staying?
What the fuck did I do this time?
- If you want to stay, stay.
- Why?
You're in good company already.
- What the fuck are you saying?
- I saw it!
You mean the girls by the stage?
Yes, that too.
What the fuck was I supposed to do?
Chase them away?
Yes, exactly.
You know we're here to do a job, right?
This is part of the job.
I'm not doing anything.
If you don't trust me, ask Tito.
Tell her.
Last time, at the bar,
did I fool around with someone?
No, Ife. He...
he just bothered me.
Like... like always.
Besides, you know that...
that he's a jerk.
Every time the same fucking drama.
You... you could've...
Not hit on them.
Can you at least tell me how much we sold?
- Paco.
- Yes?
- Come with me.
- What is it?
Come on, get moving. Come.
Teflon Don was Gotti's nickname.
Wait, wasn't it Rick Ross', bro?
I thought so too, but it was John Gotti's,
because Teflon is like bulletproof,
you know?
He never got caught,
after every trial he was acquitted.
By the way, the record rocks.
We need to get to that level.
I like the versatility,
the street single and the radio hit.
- Come, we're not too far.
- I think so too.
Sooner or later,
I'll do a feature with him.
Whatever, let's get serious,
we have to play soon.
Come on, Paco, don't hide, come here!
Tell me what it's like up there.
What's it like outside? Did you rock?
It was the bomb, Gu.
The audience is the best. Hell yeah.
That's great.
And tell me, I saw some people around,
did you get a proposal, any offers?
No big deal. Lousy labels.
- But I won't sign unless it's a real deal.
- That's the spirit.
You'll never guess
what just fucking happened!
The guy said our stuff is dope.
- What guy?
- Gu Pequeno.
He said he wants to sign us.
- Gu?
- Bro, I told you, didn't I?
Yes, but easy, easy.
He said our lyrics are cool,
but not deep enough.
Your bro has been saying that
since forever, fool!
Yes, but chill out, I'm no idiot.
I'm meeting him and Harsh.
If we convince them,
they'd give us the feat.
- Gu?
- That's right.
Our song, shit!
Petit, did you hear that?
This time we'll score big.
Guys move
Money makes you comfortable
Millionaires to be
Our prerogative is to be strong
-To be strong
In these places
A bad cocktail and it all goes wrong
-There are too many traps
-Too many
-Too many
-Fear can fuck you up
- Hard...
- Guys.
Guys, the gig's about to start.
This time we'll do it your way.
Okay, but... but how much time do we have?
Until Tuesday. No worries.
You have to write us something cool.
Now that I fly it's all my city
But it makes no sense
If I fly on my own
Come, come here!
How do you fake love?
Time goes by, but I never turn back
Cast me out of Heaven
Give me a little push
Tattoos in view like a rebel
We thought we'd break the world
But instead the one who got
Under our skin won
And we watch it all go down
I can't see, alone as a dog
Maybe it's better if I don't focus
I smell tar and watermarks
The emotion doesn't last long
You know there is no love if
You're using me and I'm using you
Money talks
And you listen to it
More than you listen to me
We're always alone, yeah
Being successful and making money
are two different things.
Paco couldn't walk around outside
without some kid stopping him.
And he couldn't walk around the house,
because it was too small.
In 2011, this was the life of a rapper.
Go pay the bills.
When your mom kicks you...
you out, what will you do?
I'll crash here.
Instead of breaking my balls, listen.
What's... what's it called?
Autumn. But it's a working title.
Suppose tomorrow we make it...
What's the first thing you want?
Don't... don't jinx it, come on.
Tell it to our camera, Tito!
I wish for a house...
so big we can all fit in.
But... but enough not to see you
for two days.
So that I'd be able to...
to eat breakfast
without you breaking my balls.
We'll buy one house each, T.
MTV Cribs special episode, Fifty my ass.
Yo, Fifty,
our luck's starting to turn.
Yesterday, after Gu's thing,
I made a sick beat, listen.
No, D. Give me something serious, come on.
Okay, Mr. Paco wants something serious.
When I come back to you
I'll come back there as a king
To tell you about my troubles
Tell you the things you don't know
Of my trouble
Tell you the things you don't know
Trust me, it's him.
If I come back to...
Could I get an autograph?
Could you take a picture?
Actually, I wrote that line.
But no one knew that.
Those were the rules of the game.
Those who rap get by on their own.
But it was different for us.
Paco put in the voice, I put in the words.
He was the star,
while at the time, I was a ghost.
An action that the main character
is pushed to against his will.
- It's a necessity...
- As in the Workers' Movement.
- To Dickens, literature becomes...
- My payback is a necessity...
It becomes an act of protest.
It's not a choice.
It's not a choice...
After a semester of silence,
I finally hear your voice.
Do you want to share,
or just keep it to yourself?
It lacks...
it lacks pressure from the bottom.
Louder, I can't hear you.
That... that kind of rebellion
lacks pressure from the bottom.
The poor people that...
that Dickens wrote of
didn't even know... know how to read.
I guess a bunch of bejeweled ladies
would have... would have been moved
reading about a child begging for soup,
but... but that's all.
No revolutions,
just... just hypocrisy.
This is a very interesting point of view.
That brings us back to the delicate
relationship between authorial intent
and reality.
Now, what was happening in those years?
Life is nothing but not giving up
Five in a room like rats in their nests
I was tending bar
Selling it for ten per gram...
Hey, go arrange the tables!
You know, if I go out there they'll just
come to bother me.
They aren't even here to eat.
They're a pain for both of us.
The kids are still in school. Move!
Come on, Wang.
No, guys. In my opinion, the piece should
sound like "All The Money In The World."
Again? That... that doesn't work here.
How... how else can I tell you that?
Not "All the Money in the World."
- How can I...
- Not "Song Cry."
Why don't you find
a fucking reference yourself?
I already did, "Blame Game."
I'm not singing, Tito,
I'm not John Legend.
I mean the mood...
- Period.
- Paco, we're not going to sing.
But Tito's right.
We need something more open.
Guys, the man says
you have ten minutes left.
But I paid for an hour.
Come on, let's wrap it up here.
It's... it's not our day, anyhow.
What the fuck will I show them?
Bro, we still have...
still have three days.
And it's better to go empty-handed
than show them something bad.
Where the fuck are you going, huh?
You... you know where.
Want me to come with?
"Come with," my ass.
You're dumb going to see her.
And you're even dumber
saving your money for her.
I know you're not happy
with the old lady...
- Come on, guys.
- No, D.
We can sort it out in five minutes.
We'll put her in a nursing home
with a hot tub.
You always say that.
You should only think about one thing, T.
Hey, calm down. Go for a walk.
Don't start playing psychologist, Ife.
She's... she's right.
The air's stagnant in here.
Your girlfriend is...
She is smart, you should listen to...
to her more.
Come on, T. Let's get back to it, sorry.
Hey, T!
Who the fuck am I to you, Tito?
The one who lets you do
whatever the fuck you want in college!
I've always taken care of you, haven't I?
And when the fuck will you stop
taking his side?
The light falls down
It falls like a waterfall
I light up even though
You want to bring darkness here
To me, to me, to me,
The light falls down
I light up even though
Even though
Even though
You bring the darkness to me
You... you know, Mum,
things are starting to... to move along.
If everything goes... as I hope it does,
we'll go back to live together.
No, Mom.
My present from heaven.
I brought... brought you this.
He was... was busy,
and he... he couldn't come.
No matter.
Pray with me.
I told you already, I'm not...
Wait a minute.
- What's up?
- All good, and you?
- Yeah, same, thanks.
- Yo!
Fuck, this shit is dope.
Weren't you supposed to come on Tuesday?
You got the day wrong.
Well, since you're here...
We heard your mixtape.
It's not bad. I mean...
It's a bit raw, but there's something.
- I agree.
- Raw?
Yeah. I mean, with your writing skills
you could go way deeper
instead of repeating the same shit
every other rapper does.
That's how you'd get to people.
Trust me, you'd be twice as sick.
Let's hear it. If you came here
is to show us something.
I got it, I got it.
I stand with the bandana on my face
AK-forty-seven, I kill the beat
Plus even without a moustache
Let's do it
I'll eat this stage up
I don't eat lunch at two o'clock
I do brunch
Your stuff is weak
I don't want a rain of money
I want it to snow millions
I go out without a jacket
I have my Sean John sweatshirt on
I've got so much flow
That my future is florid
I think I made it clear
Enjoy the live gig
From your favorite rapper
Before I get to kill him
Again, it isn't bad.
Yes, it's not bad, bro,
but it's nothing mind-blowing.
You've got the flow,
the lyrics, the style, but in the end,
it's still the same old freestyle.
In my hood, they dig it.
No doubt, bro, but you gotta think big.
Your hood is your start,
not your destination.
Is there something?
Something, but not what you promised me.
I gotta think of your career.
I don't know about you, Harsh, but...
Today's test is a flop.
A flop?
- We'll see about that.
- We'll see.
I wanted a role...
role model that... that...
Ife! Your...
Your... your phone's ringing!
Ife, is... is everything all right?
Ife, I'm coming in.
Everything okay?
Yo, are... are you sure?
I'm late. Six weeks.
Does Paco... Does he know?
Tito, I don't know what to do.
I don't even know if I can do it.
- Take... take your time.
- I haven't taken an exam for a year.
I don't even know if I want to do Biology.
Paco moves forward, and I'm left behind.
So... so what? You're... you're not alone.
We're... we're a family.
But he's making it,
and I don't think now is the right time.
He took... took care of me.
He... he's going to make it.
You... you want to keep... keep it, right?
I want to have more certainty.
We... we know...
know you're a train wreck.
Take a breath now and then.
- How do I do it?
- You... you have to move like this...
First of all.
Then add some dance moves, like this...
And then, like this.
Where... where were you?
Say hello, at least.
I went to Gu's.
I improvised some stuff,
but he didn't like it.
Easy. No big deal.
We... we can still...
still bring a song?
Why, do you have one?
Look, Petit.
We got by before Gu,
and we'll get by without him.
He's the one who called us, right?
If it's not Gu, it'll be someone else.
Yo, look at me, Tito.
We've always managed on our own.
Are... are you having fun?
But why... why...
Why do you always screw everything up?
I wanted a role model that...
that would teach me how to recognize love
And... that...
My retaliation is a need
We're only passing through
We're just passing through this land
There's nothing that...
that is good for me
Only you
There's no one like you
This... This is dope.
There's a past that chews you up more
and more every time you tell it.
A past you choose to forget.
Until it comes back.
Reminding you why
you chose to never give up.
What's this stuff, T?
put on "Autumn."
Enough with this weak shit.
D, put the other one back, come on.
No, bro.
I want that... that contract.
- We'll have others, T.
- Yes, but...
that's all there is now.
Paco, you know we can't go on like this.
Guys, I don't sing.
If you don't sing, who... who should?
Stop... stop thinking that...
that everything revolves around you.
you make me... feel like your number two.
You treat... treat Ife like shit and...
and you never go visit Ma.
Who... who am I to you?
nobody can... can give me my voice back.
But... this time, trust...
trust... trust me.
Go on.
Put the beat back on, D.
Who would teach me how to recognize love
Who'd tell me how not to
Throw my seeds to the wind
3 knots outside
But I'm not going to stay in here
My retaliation is a need
Not a choice
Pain's part of the journey
There's no "if I can make it"
There's no "if I can make it"
No "if I can take it"
We're going to leave this place
Let's make a great song, guys!
I wanted a role model
To teach me how to recognize love
Who'd tell me how not to
Throw my seeds to the wind
33 knots outside
But I'm not going to stay in here
My retaliation is a need
Not a choice
We're just passing through this land
My mother with voices in her head
Looking out the window
And me dreaming of a different life
Pain's part of the journey
There's no "if I can make it"
No "if I can take it"
We'll leave this place
As soon as I put it right
Two or three things I feel the burden of
Downtown looks like the hood at Mid-August
We smoke in the car, the stereo pumps
The world belongs to us
We're not a team
We're an entity
It's a matter of energy
Rather than identity
There is nothing
That sounds together
Like us, like us
Like us, like us, like us
There is nothing that is good for me
Only you
There's no one like you
I said thank goodness you're here
There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
I wake up and thank goodness you're here
-There's nothing
-There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
I wake up and thank goodness you are here
So? Shall we make some dough?
- That song really rocks.
- Bro.
- You really made a great song.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
- Nice, bro.
Before you go, read the contract.
So you can have your crew look at it too.
You haven't heard my terms yet.
Your terms?
Now the boss dictates the terms.
I want an advance now
and 30% of the royalties.
- Wow, 30%. That's harsh.
- Let's bring it down to 20%.
And the advance will be your first check.
Okay, but David, who's my producer,
will be the art director
of the whole album.
No, that's not how we do things.
And there's still work to do on the beat.
But is it alright if I back him up
with one of my people?
- But on the album cover, I'd like...
- What?
Don't put weird stuff on the cover
like no naked ladies or...
As long as the record's good,
you can put whatever you want.
I'd want my brother's name on it.
On the cover? But why?
It's between me and him. I owe him.
Bro, we're creating your brand, got it?
We're investing everything on you.
Otherwise it becomes a mess.
But it's just one more name.
But by putting his name on the cover,
it looks like you're a duo writing songs
together, which isn't the case.
It's not like I need a ghostwriter.
You clearly don't,
but we're wasting a lot of time, bro.
Now take it or leave it.
Either you read and sign this contract,
or let's forget about it.
Give me the contract.
Do you have any ongoing conditions?
Allergies? Food intolerances?
Are you on any medication?
Or do you use drugs?
It's just to avoid complications.
You can keep Fluoxetine,
but it would be best to stop the rest.
It's not good for the baby.
Okay, I'll take care of that.
I'll be right back.
I don't...
I don't know what kind...
kind of mother you'll be,
but when... when Paco and I were...
were left alone, you were the one who...
who kept us together.
He says to go up to the third floor.
Where... where are you going?
You wanted a house
we could all fit in, right?
This is my gift to you.
What... what do you mean?
We got the contract, T.
And... and what did the guys
at Tanta Roba say?
- Will my name be there?
- Sure, it'll be there.
Dave's will be on it too.
They were hesitant, but I convinced them.
- Oh, my God.
- Yo, so why are we here?
New place. Don't you like it?
Bro, I thought this was Gu's place!
I swear!
Hey, Harsh.
Pleasure, I'm David. Yo, guys.
Won't you drink something?
Guys, get them something!
- I'll get on it.
- Okay.
- I heard your productions.
- And?
- They're dope.
- Thank you. Thank you, Harsh!
Sorry about the mess, it's a new place.
- New place?
- Yes.
Nice. Same here, new studio.
Come by soon, I'll introduce you
to the producer you'll work with.
What do you mean?
Paco didn't tell you?
No, with the party and all
we haven't talked.
But I thought I'd be working alone.
It's hard enough just the three of us.
It's how we usually work,
hasn't Paco told you?
Don't worry, nobody's throwing you out.
But it's time for an upgrade, right?
Yeah, sure.
Read the email.
There's the contract with all the details.
All it's missing is your signature.
Great, thank you. Thanks, Harsh.
- Hey, stop!
- Sit. Read it, T.
- Did you see that girl?
- T, read!
Your name isn't on the contract.
What... what are you saying?
Paco said this time we're all together...
Said what?
Did he say that they don't know you?
Or that I'll have to work
with their producers? No?
That's all bullshit.
No, come on, chill, bro.
I think that... that this is a draft.
A draft?
Where did he get the money for the house?
Do you think
we can afford this kind of place?
He screwed us both.
But I spoke to Harsh.
He seems like a nice guy. T.
We'll drop by the studio tomorrow,
we can sort this out.
Tito, trust me.
- Trust me.
- No. He's...
he's a bastard.
Let's talk about it, Tito!
How can the best
and worst moments of your life
happen just a few seconds apart?
We've learned from life
What school doesn't teach us
The oldest of us is only
A quarter of a century old
Sometimes I ask God
Why he spit us out here
But contexts like brothers
We can't choose them
You look at the world as if it were ours
You shout it loud
And I answer, "Yes, maybe someday"
Stories change from building to building
Gates look like bars
If this life is a prison
I put inside my pen
All of the blood I've spilled
I only write so that our pain
Is not wasted, bro
You're too focused, bro
To notice that his eyes are tearing up
I fear that getting it all
Might make us worse
Make us take a step back
May drive us apart
As I collapse with his secret in my head
My remorse, disappointment
Here it's still autumn
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Come on, Ma, let me try.
No. Put your seatbelt on.
Here comes the driver.
Doesn't want to start.
Bet you I'll cross when it's red.
- No way. You don't have the guts.
- Don't believe me?
Now we'll see who has guts.
You idiot!
You could have been killed!
- Did you call about the house?
- Yes, I did.
Someone's just seen it.
It's basically rented.
If you want to see it,
while you're here...
So, this is all going away.
We can take out the walls, too...
No, ma'am, sorry, that's going.
It's going.
I'm taking it. There's no need.
The walls don't... Ma'am! Ma'am.
Please, don't touch.
Don't touch. Thank you.
- I need two months deposit.
- Beautiful.
The heaters go... What is it?
I don't want cash, ma'am.
I need a bank transfer.
Do you have an account?
An active account.
You know what? The house is already taken.
All right? Excuse me.
Be careful,
because if the mirror falls, it'll break.
What are you doing? Please stop that.
Never mind, there's no need to...
This belongs to my mother, ma'am!
Can you leave?
Come on, out. Enough.
Come on! Leave this here.
Let's go, come on!
You too, out. Go, now!
Do you understand? Out! Come on!
They'll never give us a home.
If we're here, it's because we deserve it.
Actually, she deserves it.
Are you done with the newspaper?
I can help you.
Will you come with me
to the market tomorrow?
Mom, if I miss more school days,
I'll fail the year.
There isn't much time left now.
Why waste it?
Better to stay together.
I'm going to school tomorrow, okay?
You'll see, it's going to be nice.
No need to worry.
"Blessed are the meek," as the Bible says.
"We will ascend to heaven."
Yes, or an asteroid will fall
and we'll all die.
Jesus, Ma, pull yourself together!
- What did you say?
- Ma, calm down.
- Paco!
- I'll stay here with you.
My gift from heaven.
Mom thought the world was about to end.
Paco thought that a world with her in it
was unbearable.
And I was in between those two worlds.
More and more crushed.
What, are you upset because I pushed you?
- Are you going back to school?
- No.
You're going to get stupid.
Stupider than you?
Impossible. Fail another year, will you?
Yo, give it here.
- Make it last until Monday.
- Yeah, sure.
I'm not kidding.
Enjoy Mom.
I don't understand.
We don't cut kids' hair here.
I'm not here for that.
Do you know him?
No, I don't know him.
Thank you.
Potato chips.
Be a brave boy.
Helping your mom?
At your age, I was in school at this time.
It's just for today.
Do you like crepes?
What are they?
They're like lasagna, they're very good.
Come on.
I haven't read them all.
Ah, here it is.
This was my favorite as a child.
Would you like to read it?
Go. Ife is in the other room.
- And who are you?
- I'm Tito.
Don't come close, I have a temperature.
Why aren't you at school?
Because my mom asked me to stay.
What a weird mother.
I had to beg mine to stay at home.
- What are you doing here?
- I invited him over.
Maybe get to know each other.
No, don't worry.
I'm going now. Thank you for the book.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
He was here on the landing.
- He looks nice, doesn't he, Ife?
- No.
Wu-Tang, are these Chinese?
No, they're from New York.
They rock, you can keep it.
Tupac. This sounds like a medicine.
What music do you listen to?
What they play on TV.
Or my mother's Evangelical chants.
I'm talking about serious stuff.
- American rap.
- Like Eminem?
No, I'm talking Nas, Biggie, Tupac.
The crazy thing is that this is our music,
but here in Italy,
there are no black rappers.
Listen to this.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Have a seat.
- Hi.
- Yo.
What the fuck are you doing?
When you talk to Ma, show respect.
The money from this morning?
I got this for myself.
Keep it until I give you back the money.
Even though I didn't get the lyrics,
that music changed my life forever.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Can I stay here with you for a while?
To make my mom happy.
Pretend friends?
It all began as a game.
And then it became our favorite game.
Are you sure we won't get in trouble?
No, nobody can see us here.
Come on, come and sit down.
Tito, do you have any friends?
I did when I played soccer,
but now I have to stay with Mom.
Your mom's a bit weird.
I saw her yelling at a dog.
My mom might be weird, but yours is white.
She's white,
but at least she cares for me.
The ones before couldn't care less,
after two months they were already tired.
And they were white as well.
Don't you have a black mom?
This is my dad.
I don't know him either.
When I was little,
Grace promised to take care of me.
So, Grace isn't your real mom?
She says I'm her cadeau ngaye yola.
Her gift from heaven.
I'm trying to search for him,
but he's like a ghost.
Nobody knows where he is.
I bet my plane will fly further
than yours if I throw it.
Yeah, sure.
Mine can go all the way to Paris.
Don't you have a home?
You should be with your mom tonight.
I know it's hard to accept,
but tomorrow's going to be a new world.
Those like us will rejoice with the Lord.
Take it off.
First the bleached hair, now this.
This isn't going to be
anyone's last night, okay?
Where are you going?
David, come.
Guys, this kid says he know how to rap.
Turn down the music a bit, please.
Show me what you got, then.
Go bro, start.
I break in with my freestyle and I rock
My name's Paco
Anagram of "Capo"
I'm the baddest guy around
Milan, California, call me Tupaco
I'm not west or east
I just wanna make money
Till I rest in peace
Listen to my rhymes
I'm the new king
I move to the beat
Like Ali in the ring
I have a dream like Martin
One for the glory
Two for the cash
I wanna be loaded
And spend it in San Babila
I'll on a bus today
But in a Cadillac tomorrow
So how does that sound?
Bro, you know your rhymes,
but it's clear something's off.
How so?
"How so," bro?
You talk about cars, Cadillacs,
you talk about money, jewels...
You're 12, bro.
More like, bro,
we're in Italy,
we're not in America.
Here, either you rap about rap,
or do love songs.
Got it, bro? Look at Neffa and Deda,
they rap,
they do everything and the opposite.
- And they rock.
- Does he look like Neffa and Deda?
No, I don't think so.
Since you're all so cool,
let's hear what you've got.
Put a beat on, please.
Make way for me when I enter
I'll take up the whole room
Like Roxy on the floor
They talk hip hop
but what they don't know is
They got no flow
And they can't keep rhythm
This is the real bomb that kills the beat
Your rap's nothing more
Than a summer hit
Shut up, don't talk
You don't know nothing
Go back to school
School here is sacred
Got no mic in the jam
See this MC
Like a feat with Premier
If you don't like this sound
It won't make you laugh
I push from the underground
Nothing mainstream
I'm not dancing in the clubs
We're just street lone wolves
Like Neffa and Deda
Listen to my rap
And how it tears you apart
The radio plays your shit
But who gives a fuck
Sorry to jump in
I'm a bit mad at Paco
Partly 'cause he's bad
Partly 'cause of his hair
Bro, hope you're bald
'Cause I swear what I see here
Is a leopard-skin hat
I have been asked
"What's a toy?"
"The opposite from us"
That's what I replied
But here
I introduce him to you all
Give it up for the sixth
Backstreet Boy
You don't know what Wu Tang is
Kiddo go back home
It's cartoon prime time
In the jam there's no place
For your rap
Don't try to imitate me
Try the Festivalbar, bro
- Cool, bro.
- Cut out the beat, bro.
- They killed you, you're done.
- Wait, let him do it.
I'm new like the euro
Listen, I spit rhymes
He wanna sound true
But he's not worth a dime
Don't challenge me, pal
I can't imitate you worm
'Cause I can't crawl
Your style is so crap
It belongs in the sewer
My ass, the new sound
You could post to the lost and found
You talk about my hair
But your outfit sucks
Did you get the purse
From your daddy's closet?
Okay, listen to the flow
I'll get you doggystyle
Like Snoop Doggy Dog
Freestyle isn't for you
"Cut it out" I hurl
Better a Blackstreet Boy
Than the sixth Spice Girl
He kicked ass! Let's make noise for Paco!
Good, that's how it's done!
Ten, nine, eight, seven...
Two, one...
- Hey.
- Hi, how are you?
- Good. You?
- All good.
Do you need a hand?
No worries. I've got this.
Mom, breakfast.
Today's a beautiful day, do you wanna...
I asked my mother.
Maybe I know where to find him.
Come on. Come on!
Good morning.
You can only come here
with your mom or dad.
I'm looking for my dad.
What is his name?
Mayele. Jason Mayele.
Is he Congolese?
He hasn't come home for a long time?
He renewed his residence permit
three years ago.
This is the only information we have.
I'm sorry.
Look, hold on.
Don't waste your time searching
for someone who chose to leave.
Think of those who stayed.
Enough with this photo.
Why don't we take a funny one?
You face is funny in this photo.
- Show me.
- No!
It's a secret. I have to write something.
- Write what?
- You'll see later.
Turn around.
To my friend Sanpei.
Why Sanpei?
You both have ears that stick out.
- I thought this moment would never come.
- If my ears...
Of all the pictures from that day,
that was the only one I'd want to keep.
But I remember that moment regardless.
I also wanted to rap.
But even if I had the right words,
after that day I could never
express them anymore.
Happy birthday, Paco!
You could've told me
it was his birthday too, I could've...
It was my Mom's idea to save money.
His birthday's on the 18th.
Pour me a coffee with a shot
And keep the change
I have five fingers
But you deserve this
I kill chickens
Like Marilyn Manson
Happy birthday, Paco!
What are you writing?
- Bye, thank you!
- Are you leaving already?
Thank you for dropping by.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, Tito.
- Bye.
- What are you writing?
- Nothing.
- Bye, thanks.
- Bye.
- Are those rhymes?
- No.
Too bad. If they were good,
I'd steal them.
Bye, bye.
Come on, let me try.
Let me hear you try.
Come on.
What, are you scared?
Come on, I'll listen. Go.
Shoot. Come on.
I have to shout
'Cause I sing from the underground
I'm not like you
Got no clothes in my closet
Dad won't take me
To the game tonight
I can see in Mom's eyes
How pain results in changes
And something's missing
Maybe, but I can't believe she's mad
It's a myth that's she's mad
Love doesn't always save us
She tells me to look up high
That stars aren't the limit
Now you know
What I'm fighting for
And that I can't fail
When did you write these?
They're nice.
You're big now. Want to try
something for grown-ups?
Quick, hurry up.
Come on, move.
Imagine if Mom finds out.
Yeah, she's gonna be pissed!
When will you let me drive?
Easy, give me a minute. Don't worry.
Why were you so sad earlier?
I wasn't sad.
Did Ife dump you?
You can tell me these things.
She didn't dump me.
Do you even like her?
Of course not.
I missed you, Petit.
I know I haven't been around
for a while, and...
With what mom's going through, you know...
I'm sorry. Okay?
I also have to apologize.
You told me not to, but...
I tried to look for him.
Who the fuck gave you that?
You know who. Mom.
Why do you care about him?
He went away like my asshole dad.
At least you met him.
I just want to know where he was.
Did Mom tell you he went to France
and built a new life there?
Who am I to you?
I'm your brother, we're a family, right?
Since your parents aren't coming,
I'll start by telling you.
Your brother suffered a trauma
which result in articulatory issues
affecting speech and word fluency.
Mo... mo...
- Mom?
- Hey.
How are you?
Mom's okay,
but she won't be able
to stay with us for a while.
I'll go call the doctor.
How are you?
Do you want some water?
Who am I to you?
Remember this phrase?
In the basement together
Looking for some peace
How I envied people
I used to feel bad about it
I just wanted a life
A normal apartment
Who am I to you?
To this world, zero
In fact maybe less
That's why I look to the sky
As if the sky would lift me from the earth
Saving me from this shit
As if I had another choice
It was a game
Our favorite game
Who is Tito?
Who is my friend?
Who understood me?
My voice is gone
But not what I feel
And I feel like crap
But still alive
Who am I to you?
Who am I to her?
Who am I to my dad?
Who am I to Grace?
Who am I to tell you
How to grow up?
I would say value added
Yes, here it's still autumn
"With this name...
he will live on..."
"With this name,
"he will live on."
Okay, enough...
Enough, you can go back to your seat.
I... I liked it,
but the audience doesn't understand.
you... you see?
starting... starting from...
the very first page,
lets the memories do... do the talking.
Because this is what brings us to...
Professor, can you come please?
There is something I don't understand
Like diving into the Red Sea
I forgot it too soon
But I remember well
When you told me "I'm staying"
Lost in a messed-up life
If you think about me
I complicated it
You used to see the same
Phone call over and over
To hell with this wasted youth of yours
What do they know about departures
If farewells were in fashion
Maybe you'd be a trendsetter
I used to play in the car
With Nintendo and Pokmon
And you'd complain
If I didn't want to talk anymore
You'd open the window
To throw the ashes out
No use hiding with a smile
The shit I already know
There's something I don't understand
Like diving into the Red Sea
I forgot it too soon
But I remember well
When you told me "I'm staying"
Lost in a messed-up life
If you think about me
I complicated it
You used to see the same
Phone call over and over
To hell with this wasted youth of yours
Aisha. Hey, come here.
This is Tito.
I told you he'd come.
The kid...
- The kid doesn't know who I am.
- You're her uncle!
Dave, my... my apartment's a dump
and with work I don't...
I don't have time to... to raise a child.
Hire a nanny. If it's about the money,
you don't have to worry.
Besides, I've always taken care of Aisha.
As a father, Paco was doing a great job.
But with the bills...
Do you know why
Fati left me?
She wanted... she wanted a child.
I don't... don't know how to be a father.
But you always took care of Grace.
So... so what? It's different.
Her... her mother?
When she left, Paco made sure
she couldn't take care of Aisha.
Do you want her end up
with some strange family?
Then, you know what to do.
On my feet Timberland boots...
It's 7 p.m. and Milan's gloomy
Guys move
Money makes you comfortable
Yo, Foxy Brown!
The dark eye of judgement
Looks at you but does not say hello
Lower the volume, it's bad for your ears!
Know that you can come here anytime.
Then why are you sending me away?
I'm not sending you away.
But it's time you spend some time
with Uncle Tito,
to get to know each other, okay?
I... I know...
a... a place in Milan with...
with a marvelous aquarium.
Why... why don't...
don't you look me in the eyes?
Do you think fish can talk to each other?
You don't... you don't always
have to talk to communicate with...
with someone.
So Dad can still hear me
even if I can't talk to him?
Yes. Of...
of course.
Why is your voice hard to understand?
because I'm a... a robot inside.
That's not true.
Can you wait... wait until we...
we get home at least?
I miss his voice. I want to listen to it.
I'm grading...
I'm grading my students'...
students' homework.
Would... would you like to give...
give me a hand?
The "n" is wrong.
Why are there so many mistakes?
When you're... you're older it's harder
to... to learn a language.
For... for example...
For example,
I know French, but I can't write it.
since you're being sassy,
let's... let's see how well you do.
Let it go!
Let go!
Did you write lyrics for Dad?
Yes, a... a long time ago.
Uncle David says you're the best.
Uncle... Uncle David likes to remember...
remember things better than they...
they were.
But were you good?
Can you tell me what you think?
I wish I could...
I could fly, so I could... could forget.
I wish for a...
a new house with... with a sea view.
You don't like it?
The... the rhymes are a bit...
a bit amateur.
But it's cute.
There's... there's something...
that I don't get.
What does... what do you mean,
"I don't like school"?
"I don't... don't want to go there."
It's true.
So... so you don't want to see...
to see your... your friends?
And the... the teachers?
I do.
So what... what don't you like then?
I just wanted to be with Dad.
I also, when...
when I... I was young,
sometimes... sometimes I stayed home
to be with... with Grandma.
I've never met Grandma.
So when she starts...
starts talking nonsense?
I'll give her this.
I don't want to go back.
They steal my blankets in there.
Nobody... nobody steals anything from you.
They... they're probably washing them.
And they eat my licorice.
They take them away from me.
Luckily, we brought...
brought something better.
Go on.
What a pretty girl.
Is she yours?
She's... she's Aisha,
Paco's... Paco's daughter.
She wanted... wanted to meet you.
You're such a big girl.
How old are you?
Doesn't she remember you and Dad?
I'll... I'll be right back.
Dave, I need... I need to talk to you.
When can we... we meet? It's urgent.
Grandma? This one is my favorite.
That sounds
Like us, like us
Like us, like us, like us
There's nothing that is good for me.
Just you
-No one is like you
-Like you
I said thank goodness you're here
There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
I wake up and thank goodness you are here
I want to thank the artists
who're performing, on this beautiful day
that follows a dark, sad time,
as you know.
So, enjoy the night, have fun, thank you!
Thank you!
What did you want to talk about?
You said it was important.
It's just... just that...
I... I thought about it,
and I... I want to try anyway.
Can... can you give me the address?
I'm sure... sure that if I talk to...
To Ife, she... she'll listen to me.
T, she's in Lugano,
she has a new life, let it go.
Do you have it, yes... yes or no?
Tomorrow I have something to...
to take care of.
Would... would you like...
Like to spend some time with Uncle David?
Then we'll take the...
the rest of your things after.
If I behave,
will you take me to the aquarium?
All... all right.
You're coming back, right?
Yes, I'll... I'll only leave for...
for a few hours.
I... I promise.
Because there's no one here
We're going out, yeah, from those
Halls that stink of piss
We're going out, yeah,
With that bitch with the Krizia bag
Good guys on the block
Don't get justice
Good guys on the block
Get their own justice
Good guys in bad neighborhoods
Smoke and speak different languages
But don't talk to the cops here
They do things that are better not said
They do things that are better not done
Good guys in bad neighborhoods
No, Mom,
Don't you worry
I'm only going out for a ride
With the good guys
They sped by at
3 o'clock in the morning in the Audi...
How are you?
- You?
- Good.
That... that girl
really... really looks a lot like you.
And she's... she's waiting for you.
Tito, I have a new life.
And a man who loves and respects me.
I've never told him about Aisha.
She... she doesn't...
She doesn't know about...
about her mother either.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Paco was a far better father
than he was a partner.
He was ready, I wasn't.
But I am now.
I am for this child.
So if you could take care of her
at least for a while...
I don't know, maybe things will work out.
Do you...
Do you remember when...
When you wanted to help me find my father?
And you came with me to... to that place?
That... that day...
That day, I went...
went home with an answer.
Your... your daughter can't wait for...
for you forever.
What... what matters is who's there.
What... what matters is who stays.
Everything else doesn't... doesn't matter.
T, wait!
That one is Gianfranco...
That one is Ahmed, the one who's yawning.
- Who?
- The one that's yawning.
We'll eat...
We'll eat that one for dinner. Okay?
That one is Big Spot.
- Who?
- Big Spot, 'cause he has a big spot.
Every day the hatred is intense
Every night when I put on
My headphones
And close my eyes
Only then I don't hear them
They're afraid
Of the different
I keep feeling different
And every night
When I turn off the light
I close my eyes and then
I don't think about it
I'll find a meaning to it
- Paco! Do Autumn Beat.
- Come on, Paco!
Paco, Paco, Paco!
There is nothing that is good for me
Only you
There's no one like you
I said thank goodness you're here
There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
There is nothing that is good for me
Come on, Paco!
So, T. How are you?
You'll never believe it.
Yesterday I was in Aisha's room.
I wasn't snooping!
I went to make her bed
and I noticed some papers.
She started writing.
She didn't even tell me.
Can you believe it? Damn!
She's as proud as I am.
But the talent,
you know who she got it from.
Why the fuck do you want to play
this game, Tito?
You're quiet as a ghost.
Why the fuck do you do that to me?
You want to talk to me or not?
Then why the fuck even pick up, Tito?
You gonna make me pay for it?
I wanted to call him back,
every time he got in touch.
The truth is, I never did.
If you love...
love someone,
you can't afford to...
to leave things unfinished.
I don't... don't know if...
if I'll be capable.
but I can try and be your father.
I already had a dad
and I don't want another one.
But will you take me to your home?
I'm not taking you to my...
my home, you hear me?
You dropped the keys!
You dropped the keys in the drain.
Say it, say it properly!
Go... go home.
Come on, I'm... I'm coming right away.
What... what is it?
You were right.
And... are you... are you sure?
Look, she's already lost...
lost one parent.
I... I can't let her lose another one.
T, I'm sure.
Then we...
we have to give her some... some time.
T, will you promise me something?
I'm going to stay,
but you have to be there.
This family can only work with you in it.
And I need you.
I'll be back tomorrow, okay?
You and me
The same past
The same we lived
We believed it
You and I
Different style
But the same array
One existence, two lives
You and I
The same passion
We are the same song
The pen and the voice
Always you and me
When there was no pay
When there was no date
When there was no home
I saw God in you
Like in Aisha's eyes
I hope someday you'll realize
I hope one day you'll understand
That you and I
Like an orchestra playing
We hated the world together
And loved the same person
Because regrets are poisoned arrows
When you do nothing
to change the direction of things
Taking care of her
Is a direct extension of your life
The flow of the same line
You and me, us
Same rope, at the ends two slipknots
It'll be us, like that
Till I catch up with you
Dulcis in fundo
Here it's still autumn
There is nothing
That sounds together
Like us, like us,
Like us, like us, like us
There's nothing that's good for me
Only you
There's no one like you
I said thank goodness you're here
There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
I wake up and thank goodness you're here
I wanted a role model
Who would teach me how to recognize love
Who would explain to me how not to
Throw seeds to the wind
33 knots outside
But I'm not going to stay in here
My retaliation is a need
Not a choice
We're just passing through this land
My mother with voices in her head
Looking out the window
Me dreaming of a different life
Pain is part of the journey
There's no "if I can make it"
No "if I can take it"
We'll leave this place
As soon as I put right
Two or three things
I feel the weight of
Downtown looks like the hood at Mid-August
We smoke in the car, the stereo pumps,
The world looks like ours
We're not a team
We're an entity
It's a matter of energy
Rather than identity
There's nothing
That sounds together
Like us, like us,
Like us, like us, like us
There is nothing that is good for me
Only you
There's no one like you
I said thank goodness you're here
There's nothing that sounds together
Like us
There's no one like us
I wake up and thank goodness you're here