Autumn Dreams (2015) Movie Script

Guess who?
I'm sorry, Mr. Hancock,
I'll have it ready by sundown.
They'll see us!
Hey, Ben.
Hey, Joe.
Did you feed the horses
this morning?
No, no...
Annie Hancock,
where are you?
Right here.
There's my little girl.
I'm not really your little
girl anymore, dad.
No, honey.
You'll always be my little girl.
You found her.
Where are the boys?
I just want to let you know
that we made the harvest quota.
Just barely, but barely
is good enough.
Thank you, boys.
Good work.
Annie, you better
go get cleaned up.
You don't want to be late
for the dance.
See you later, guys.
See you there, boys.
I love this song.
You're not changing your mind?
I just don't want to hurt
my parents.
Annie, we have to leave now.
Ok, I'll see you outside.
Joe, I need you to do me
a favour.
Yeah, of course.
I need you to give this
to my dad in 30 minutes.
I can't believe this.
I'm having a Cinderella moment.
Annie, with this ring
I thee wed.
Ben, with this ring
I thee wed.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Nobody waits for that anymore.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I truly am,
but you two are just too young
to get married.
Dad, you don't understand.
You're only 18, Annie.
Your mother will be so upset.
What about your plans?
You haven't even
started college.
But dad, my future is with Ben.
Look, it's not too late,
we can get it annulled.
Sir, I have a job lined up
in New York.
It's a big opportunity for me.
For us.
And they want me there
in two days.
I want to go with him.
I love him.
I love your daughter
very much, sir.
Well then I know you'll want
what's best for her.
Deep down you know I'm right.
Come on, Annie.
Get your things.
I understand.
Maybe you two just need a
little time to think it through.
Think more clearly.
See the sense in this.
I'll send your pay along
with the annulment papers.
Mr. Hancock...
You're a decent kid.
I always liked you, Ben.
I hope I wasn't wrong
about you.
You're not wrong about me,
One day I hope to prove that
to you.
Joe, what is it?
You did it again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
It just feels so weird wearing
something so pretty
when I'm up to my elbows
in farming all day.
Look, it matters to me.
I'll make you a deal, ok?
I won't worry about the ring
if we set a date.
We will.
We will, I promise!
It's just, I have so much
work to do
if I'm gonna get that grant.
How am I supposed to
revolutionize farming
and look for a wedding dress
all at the same time?
Wear coveralls.
I don't care.
Hey, we've been engaged
for nearly two years.
Yeah, but I had graduate
And then planting
and the harvest
and taking care
of your mother...
there's always gonna
be something.
Hey, we make a good team.
Ok, let's do it.
You mean it?
Yeah, yeah!
Alright, one
month from today,
right after harvest.
Fall is my favourite
time of year.
This came for you.
This could be about the grant.
Fingers crossed.
Good news?
The foundation just wants
some more information
about my study.
Now don't you use this as an
excuse to postpone the wedding.
You finally set a date?
Right after the harvest.
Thank you.
Your father would have been
so proud.
I know how much he wanted
to walk you down the aisle.
I know, mom.
I miss him every day.
We've got a wedding
to plan.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, of course
everything's alright.
She's just getting cold feet.
No, I'm not.
My feet are on fire.
I just-I gotta run to the house
to grab something.
A divorce?
This can't be.
The marriage was annulled.
Anthony McAllister.
Hi, could I speak to
Anthony McAllister?
No, that's ok.
I'll call back.
This isn't happening.
What's not happening?
Where's Joe?
He's out in the barn.
Come here.
So dad filed those annulment
papers, didn't he?
Of course he did.
Well, look what I've got.
This doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, I know.
But those papers say I have to
appear in a New York City court
with Ben the day after tomorrow
or I face contempt.
Mom, what am I
gonna tell Joe?
I mean, I never even had
a heart to tell him
that Ben and I actually
got married.
He's gonna be so upset.
Maybe you've been asked to take
a meeting with the foundation.
I'm sure it's just a
paperwork glitch and...
Well, I've gotta go and make
a reservation.
Well, at least you get
to see New York City.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Well, we're not in Iowa anymore.
Excuse me.
Our wedding is finally
coming together,
and let me tell you
it hasn't been easy.
I was appalled by
the flower choices
that Francois designed
for me.
I asked for chartreuse
and he gave me lime green.
And he was offended!
On the flip side, you're going
to adore my new architect.
Poor groom?
Excuse me, I'm...
I'm so sorry, I didn't
see you there.
That's quite alright.
Is there something
I can help you with?
Yes, I'm looking for
Anthony McAllister.
End of the hall, left,
first right.
Thank you.
No need to break
the door down,
I don't think he's in there.
Do you know
when he'll be back?
No idea.
I don't know what to say.
How about "hello"?
Yeah, yeah.
You look great.
Yeah, you too.
I'm looking for your lawyer.
Do you work here?
Yeah, I do.
Well, I...
I really need to find out
what's going on here.
Yeah, why don't we go
over here.
We can talk and I'll try to get
a hold of Tony.
Give me this.
Your boss has a great office.
He'll be very pleased
to hear you say that.
Do you like him?
He has his good days
and bad days.
I think he's liking this one.
Voice mail.
Tony, it's Ben.
Call me asap.
So I don't understand
what's going on.
We have to get a divorce?
It's kinda hard to do
when you're not married.
Did you not get the note?
No note,
just those very intimidating
legal documents.
I told Tony to include the note
with the documents.
Let me explain.
Excuse me, Mr. Lawson.
You have to leave now
for that appointment.
I'll be right there, Tracy.
Thank you.
This is your office?
Not bad for a farm hand,
Sure beats the barn.
I got your message,
I was on my way in.
Tony, this is Annie.
Nice to meet you.
We gotta go.
We're expected.
I'll update you on the way.
Let's go.
Annie, sorry, this won't take
very long.
Where are you staying?
I just came
from the airport.
Can you please set Miss Hancock
up at the corporate suite
and have Hector take her?
Thank you.
That's ok, I'm fine.
Annie, I insist.
Wait a second.
You're the Annie?
Annabelle Hancock?
That's right.
If we're complete
by the 26th,
should be there in 10 minutes.
No, it has to be done
by then.
Forget the small print.
Can you hold please?
Hi. This is Miss Hancock.
She's an old friend.
Please take good care of her.
My apologies, I have
to travel with Tony,
we're about to finish a deal
but I promise when we're done
we can talk.
Would you mind following me?
Yes sir.
An hour and a half.
He's a busy guy?
Yes, miss.
He enjoys this
larger-than-life life?
I don't think he has the time.
It's just you and me?
That's right.
Hector, I drive a tractor.
I'm not really a limo
kind of gal.
Mind if I ride up front
with you?
It would be my pleasure.
Thank you, sir.
You're very welcome.
What a day.
Excuse me, we'll have
whatever she's having.
Annie, thank you
for your patience.
We are all yours.
Can one of you tell me what's
going on with this divorce?
'Cause we're not married.
The thing of it is I recently
found out that your marriage
was never officially annulled.
No paperwork
exists anywhere.
I don't know how it happened,
probably got lost in the mail.
But it is a problem.
It's a big problem, because
I'm getting married next month.
Ok, great.
So you both need to get this
resolved as soon as possible.
Both of us?
I'm getting married on Saturday.
I thought you knew that.
No. I didn't.
Ok, well anyway,
that's why the court date.
Technically, in the eyes
of the law,
you two are husband and wife.
This is not good.
Ok, well surely when
the judge hears our story
he'll grant a divorce and
that will be that, right?
Because Joe's going
to be crushed
if we can't get
married next month.
You're... you're marrying Joe?
My old buddy Joe?
He's the one.
I always knew he had
a crush on you.
The crush was mutual.
I don't know what I would
have done without him.
Normally when a divorce is filed
it takes quite a while
to process and become official.
I plan to expedite that by
arguing special circumstances,
but it is crucial
that you both show up
tomorrow morning to testify.
Well, it's been a long day
and I know it's cliche
but we farmers get up
with the roosters.
Not a lot of roosters
in the Upper East Side.
I'll have Hector take you
to the corporate suite.
No, it's ok.
I can get a hotel.
Annie, please.
It's the least I can do for
dragging you all the way
to New York.
I'm too tired to argue
with you.
Thank you.
It's ok, the car is just
right out here,
I'm sure I can find it myself.
Ok, well, see you
in the morning.
Don't be late for court!
Hey, mom.
Annie, hi!
Hey, sorry, I know
it's late there.
Don't be silly.
I've been dying to talk to you.
How's New York?
How's the little problem?
It should be resolved
in court tomorrow.
Have you seen Ben?
How was that?
Well, it was...
it was strange and awkward.
He's a very successful
He's changed.
Well, it's been such
a long time, hon.
Considering where things
were left off and everything.
So how's
everything there?
Couldn't be better.
Except I miss you.
Alright mom, well...
I got a big day tomorrow
so I'll talk to you later, ok?
I'll tell Joe you say hello.
Yeah, ok.
I love you. Bye.
Yeah, I'll be right down.
Ok. Thanks.
Good morning, my love.
I cannot wait to transform
this place.
It's just not suitable
for entertaining.
Can we do this later?
I gotta get to the office.
You don't want your bride moving
into something so ordinary.
It's just not me.
I want you to see these plans
before I have them finalized.
I only have a couple of minutes.
That wall is going to come
out and everything
will be all white with
touches of red and black.
Clean, modern, bold.
I thought we were going
with warmer colours.
And if you knock down the wall,
where are we gonna put my
grandmother's antique chest?
We'll find the right spot
for it.
You'll be amazed how much
room there is
once we get rid of that piano.
Wait, I thought that was
still up for negotiation?
You told me you don't have time
to play it anymore.
It contradicts my vision.
You have to trust me.
Interior design isn't just
my job, it's my calling.
Let me turn our home
into a work of art.
I want you to be happy.
Whatever you need to make
that happen, go ahead.
I have to go.
I'll see you later for dinner?
That new French place
on Madison.
Maybe we could eat in sometime?
Duck a l'orange, take out.
See ya.
Thank you.
Morning, Hector.
I got you a little surprise.
Why, thank you, Annie.
May I call you Annie?
What else would you call me?
Thoughtful, considerate.
That works.
It's a very elegant apartment.
It's a little cold
for my taste, but...
I trust you slept well.
I got up at dawn.
I can't help it,
you know?
It's just in my genes.
Plus all the honking
and the sirens...
we don't have a lot
of that in Iowa.
I gotta be honest with you,
I didn't sleep a wink.
I was pretty nervous
about today.
May I ask you a question?
Of course, ask away.
How long have you worked
for Ben?
Since he was a junior executive,
and there was always
something special about him.
He was polite, he was friendly,
he was completely different
from the privileged young men
who were his competition.
He worked harder
than anyone else.
It was like he was
chasing a dream.
Looks like he finally
fulfilled that dream.
I just wish he was happier.
Are you alright?
Yeah, just ready
to move forward.
All rise.
Mr. McAllister.
Back in my courtroom
so soon?
Yes, your honour.
But I was told Judge Norton
was going to be presiding.
He had an emergency.
You're stuck with me.
Well, this shouldn't take up
too much of your time.
Let's hope not.
15 years ago, Benjamin Lawson
and Annabelle Hancock
were married.
That marriage was annulled
or so we thought.
Why the confusion?
The annulment papers
were sent in,
but there's no record of
them ever being finalized.
I discovered this fact
while writing his pre-nup.
Mr. Lawson needs to be legally
divorced as soon as possible.
He's getting married Saturday.
This Saturday?
Yes, your honour.
So I'm citing special
and asking that you grant
them an immediate divorce.
You realize what would happen
if I obliged every attorney
with the same request?
I need to hear
from the couple.
How did this occur?
Miss Hancock and I eloped
but her father felt
we were too young.
How young?
Annie was 18,
I was 19.
Both of legal age.
Why did you agree?
I didn't want the annulment.
We were very much in love,
but I did what I felt
was best for Annie
and reluctantly signed
the papers.
And then what?
That's all I know.
And then Mr. McAllister
discovered the problem.
This was the last time
you two saw each other?
We haven't spoken
in 15 years.
Once I left Iowa she stopped
all communication.
You're the one that got on
that bus and never looked back.
Your honour, Mr. Lawson
is simply asking
for the ability to get married
as scheduled on Saturday.
I got the message loud and
clear when you didn't show up
at the bus stop.
Mr. McAllister, a little
order in the court.
I'm sorry...
I had a really good reason,
not that you cared.
You never even bothered to
find out why I didn't show.
I waited as long as I could.
I wrote letters.
I called.
He never called.
Why are you lying?
I mean, none of this even
matters anymore.
Your honour, I'm not lying.
I just want to get
this over with.
Annie, Annie, no...
What is going on, counsellor?
Ben! Ben!
I'm going to review these
special circumstances
and take them under advisement.
You and your unruly clients
will be back in my courtroom
Monday morning 10am.
Your honour,
Monday is too late.
This court is adjourned.
Your honour!
Mr. Lawson is going to be
married Saturday!
That is not my problem.
No, I realize that.
It's-it's that would be
my problem.
I got on that bus because
you never showed up.
Not even to say goodbye.
'Cause dad had a heart attack
that day.
It was the first of many
and I couldn't leave him
and I couldn't leave my mom.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
He was just never the same
after that.
This proud man suddenly
couldn't do much of anything.
Why didn't you answer
my letters?
Or return my calls?
'Cause I never got any letters.
You tried to contact me?
You honestly had no idea?
He was just trying
to protect you.
He should have told me.
Psst. Guys.
What hap...
What hap...
What-what are you
doing here?
I stopped by your office
after seeing the architect.
Guess what?
You weren't there.
So I looked at your calendar
and it said "court".
Nothing about a pretty girl.
This isn't a pretty girl.
I think she could pass
for pretty.
Annie is my client.
She and Ben are old friends.
He asked me to help her out
of a jam.
Am I missing something?
A deposition.
I'll take care of it later.
We haven't been introduced.
I'm Ben's fianc,
Jovanna Jorgensen.
Annie Hancock.
We go way back.
To Iowa.
Our time on the farm together.
It's Annie's first time
to the city.
How long will you be
in town?
Our court date got postponed
until Monday.
Well, enjoy the big city.
I will see you later,
my love?
I'm having lunch with a client.
Jovanna is an interior designer.
Lovely to have met you.
You too.
We're getting married
on Saturday.
Why can't we come back sooner?
We have four days
to fix this.
The judge's docket is full
and you two walking out
of the courtroom didn't help
the case!
So what are we gonna do?
I got a plan.
You'll get married as scheduled.
Jovanna will sign a faux
marriage certificate,
although you won't be
legally married
until I get the judge to wave
her magic gavel on Monday,
but I'll switch the papers, no
one will know the difference.
I don't know, Tony.
Ben, I'm going to shuffle
around some papers, ok?
Jovanna shouldn't have
to cancel the fairytale wedding,
it is the social event
of the season.
What do you think, Annie?
I think I need to get
back home.
Ben, I have so much going on.
You can't get married
until this is resolved.
The judge insisted that
we all be present Monday.
What difference does a few
days make, right?
Alright, but I have to get
some work done
because I'm doing a thesis
on the acidity of soil.
That sounds exciting.
You can have an office, a
computer, whatever you need.
You can have an office and a
computer, whatever you need.
Maybe a plant.
You're at home.
Let's go to lunch.
I'm starving.
Come on, Ben.
According to our analyst
the whole sector is hot.
Tracy said you wanted
to see me?
We don't usually have an
in-house farmer down the hall.
I want to buy King
Fertilizer Corp.
We have to move fast because
it is poised for a big bump.
I don't know anything
about stocks.
I do know fertilizer, and that
brand is lacking in minerals
and it just depletes
the soil over time.
But our team has done reams
of research and...
My degree is in agricultural
with an emphasis
on biotechnology.
No disrespect, but I think that
King Fertilizer is a bad bet.
It was your idea to ask her.
Is that it?
That's it, thanks.
Real funny.
Good call.
King is down by $6.
You saved us a lot of money.
Yeah, it was my idea
to ask her.
Yes, it is.
And because of that we owe
you a first class
New York City dinner tonight,
I'm buying.
That's not necessary.
Jovanna and I already
have plans.
Great, why don't we all go?
See you tonight.
And it is lucky for me
you got that degree.
What kind of degree?
I'm a doctoral candidate.
That's a lot of education
for running a farm.
Well, running a farm
is hard work.
Ben and I used to hear my dad
say that all the time.
I have some good news.
We have a final head count
for our wedding.
Only 406.
I thought you said 350.
It's the social event of
the season.
406 people?
That's more than the whole
population of Granby.
It'd be like Joe and me
inviting the whole town
to our wedding.
You're getting married?
Didn't I tell you that?
No, Ben.
You left that part out.
When's the wedding, Annie?
It's like four weeks from today.
I don't even have a dress.
I scoured every inch
of this city
to find the perfect
wedding dress.
I know just where to take you.
Jovanna, I'm sure you have
enough on your plate
with our wedding.
I can spare a few hours
for your old friend.
You can tell me all
about young Ben
and his idyllic days
on the farm.
No, I couldn't
possibly impose.
Come by my office
tomorrow morning.
I'll take you shopping.
Just us girls.
It'll be fun.
Hey, Joe.
Hey, Annie.
How are you doing?
I'm ok.
How's everything there?
The tractor is running
a little sluggish
but I'll have Ed
have a look at it.
You know, your mom and I
sent out the save the date
wedding invitations.
That's great.
When do you think
you'll be back?
I should know a little bit
more on Monday.
You know, it's not the same
around here without you.
Hey, your mom's here.
I'll put you on speaker.
Annie, honey, we miss you.
Hey, mom.
Miss you, too.
Listen guys, I gotta get going
but I'll call you tomorrow, ok?
Ok hon, good luck.
Alright, bye.
Tell Francois he's colour blind.
The roses he showed me
are fuchsia.
And I don't like the chairs
in the banquet hall.
Tell Sergio to replace them.
Yes, I do realize
it's 430 chairs
and yes, by Saturday.
Thank you.
She needs something
much simpler.
There's too much tulle.
It's very pretty, though.
You'll know when it's the one.
Let's try the ivory A-line.
Look, Jovanna,
I really appreciate
your help with this
but I'm just feeling a
little bit overwhelmed.
Maybe I should look for
something back in Granby.
Not on my watch.
Iowa isn't exactly the fashion
capital of the world.
You're not leaving New York City
without a wedding dress.
Now you march right back
into that dressing room.
You only get married once,
It all starts with the dress.
It dictates the feeling,
the theme of the entire wedding.
I guess.
So tell me all about the groom.
How did you guys meet, how
long have you been together?
Joe, he's...
Joe is a solid guy,
he's been our right hand at the
farm ever since, well, forever.
It kinda feels like
we grew up together.
I can't believe you run
a farm.
After my dad died I had to.
But I couldn't do it
without my mom and Joe.
He's... He's
a really loyal guy.
That's what I love most
about Ben.
How honest and loyal he is.
You know what I mean?
How are you doing in there?
That's the one!
Once they make the adjustments
we'll have it sent right over.
Joe is a very lucky man.
Thank you.
I think Walker is playing us.
Earth to Ben.
I was just thinking about
Jovanna and Annie.
Wondering how things are going.
That's why you're so distracted.
Yeah, my future wife is helping
my other wife
pick out a wedding gown so she
can get married to a guy
who has no idea she was ever
married to me.
What a tangled web
we weave.
I'm counting on you to
un-weave it on Monday.
What am I, new?
I got it.
Relax. It's going to be fun.
Annie, hey.
We were we were just
talking about you.
How's the shopping
expedition going?
I got a dress.
That's great.
Yeah, Jovanna was determined
to find the perfect one,
and we did.
So everything was ok?
Yeah, Ben, she's great.
I just feel badly about
deceiving her about you and me
and Tony's whole faux
license scheme.
I know what you mean, but
soon it'll all be resolved
and there will be no
more secrets to keep.
She's really excited
about the wedding.
Hello, my love.
Do you mind if
I call you back?
My fianc just walked in.
Yeah. Yeah.
Fashionista farmer.
I'll have to surprise
you more often.
What brought that on?
Can't a guy kiss
his bride to be?
Later, lovebirds.
I got work to do.
Thank you for going
the extra mile with Annie.
Just another wonderful thing
you do.
How did it go?
We found the perfect dress.
And I learned a few things
about her, too.
Like what?
This and that.
Just girl talk.
But that's not why I came by.
That remodel I did in Chicago
just snagged the cover
of By Design magazine,
along with an eight-page spread!
That's great!
The only problem is it's not
absolutely perfect yet.
You know how I am about details.
So I'm on the next plane
to Chicago.
I'll be back in time
for the rehearsal,
I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
What are you doing here?
Ben was kind enough
to lend me an office
so I can get some work done.
I just, I really want
to say thank you
for helping me find
that dress.
I'm excited.
It was my pleasure, honestly.
I just had a great idea.
Since you're stuck
here anyway,
why don't you come
to the rehearsal?
And the wedding?
You and Ben are such
old friends,
I know he'd want you there.
I... don't know what to say.
Say yes.
I gotta run.
See you at the rehearsal.
Are you ok?
I'm coming to your wedding.
What did you say?
You just missed
your shopping BFF.
No, I didn't.
I didn't miss her and
she didn't miss me.
In fact, she insisted that
I come to the rehearsal
and the wedding.
You don't have to do that.
But she's been so nice,
I couldn't refuse.
You know, it's gonna be strange,
but I'll be fine.
You're a real trooper.
Piece of cake.
Seven layers and counting.
Maybe you shouldn't go
to the wedding.
I'll be fine.
Let me make it up to you.
Jovanna has to go to Chicago
so I'm off wedding duty for
a couple of days.
How about after work I show
you some of my New York?
Yeah, yeah.
Take her out to dinner,
celebrate the divorce.
You've barely seen the city.
It's crazy to come to the
big apple and not take a bite.
You may not get this
chance again.
Hector, allow me.
Let's do some touring,
shall we?
As you wish.
This is great.
There's so many people here.
You should have been
a tour guide.
Well, we've only covered
We've got four more boroughs.
I wish we had that kind of time.
Me too.
So how do you know
about this place?
Well, when I first got here
it was pretty overwhelming
so I'd find tiny, low-key
places like this
so I wouldn't feel like such
a stranger.
It looks like you fit in now.
I'm just a country boy
in a designer suit.
And a chauffeur
and over 400 people
coming to your wedding!
You know, why don't
we go uptown?
I'll show you Fifth Avenue,
and then we have
dinner reservations.
Can I be honest with you?
Fire away.
I really appreciate you showing
me all the wonderful things
that New York has to offer but
you don't have to impress me.
I'm not trying to impress you.
Well, maybe a little bit.
But it's only because the life
I'm living right now
is what I always dreamed of...
for us.
Ok, you tell me.
Where do you want to go?
How about somewhere
where I won't feel like a fool
for using the wrong fork?
I know a perfect spot.
No forks required.
Come on, let's go.
Where to?
Hector, let's go to Brooklyn.
Yes, sir.
I'm afraid we may be lost.
We're not lost.
I used to live around here.
Fourth story walk-up,
no hot water.
It was all I could afford.
See now this is my favourite
part of the tour.
I wanted to see your New York.
Let's go check it out.
Hector, why don't you
grab something to eat?
I'll catch up with you later.
As you wish.
Walk with me?
So this is the first place
that I landed after I arrived.
I loved it.
My landlady, Mrs. Pederson,
gave me a break on my rent,
said she believed in me.
Thought I had a future.
How right she was?
So how did you get you
from a four story walk-up
to a penthouse?
And a little bit of talent.
Actually, it started
with your dad.
He used to have trouble with
his books and I'd help him out.
You helped my dad?
I mean, he knew his stuff,
he just wasn't great at putting
it on paper
and bottom line thinking
came easy to me.
So you... you get to New York,
and then what?
I kinda became a gopher
for a Wall Street trader
and he noticed I had a knack for
it and he became my mentor.
I'm pretty lucky.
I love what I do,
but I work so much that
sometimes I forget to slow down.
Still hungry?
As long as it's nothing fancy.
See for yourself.
I love pizza.
Can we get two cheese please?
You just wait.
It's the best?
My absolute favourite.
Your favourite?
Hands down.
Thank you.
Thank you.
There you go.
So this is the best pizza
you will ever have.
I promise.
Woah, woah, wait.
This is how we do it
in Brooklyn.
Ok, you gotta bend it.
Yeah, that's good.
That is good.
You got a little...
It's all over me,
isn't it?
I mean, you know it's great
pizza when you start wearing it.
And no forks required.
So have you ever brought
Jovanna here?
This isn't really her style.
Are you kidding me?
In the middle of Brooklyn?
This is my favourite part
of town.
You want a soda?
Yeah, I would love a soda.
Can I get two sodas please?
That was the best pizza
in the world.
Sometimes it's good to remember
where you came from.
I haven't been up this late
in ages.
I think this is the most
beautiful place
in the whole city.
You know, it's crazy 'cause
I always thought New York City
was just a bunch
of big buildings.
This park always reminded me
of Iowa.
I can't get over how big
this city feels.
And if you think about it,
it's really small in land acres.
Always thinking like a farmer.
That was meant to be
a compliment.
Yeah, I can see why you
thrived here.
Granby is just too small
for you.
It had its advantages.
Ben, this has been...
it's kinda been perfect,
these past two days.
Yeah, it has.
How about dinner tonight?
Come in.
You look beautiful.
Just a country girl
in a designer dress.
Ben, this is amazing.
I really wanted you
to see it.
It took me a lot of years
to get here.
You like it?
Do I like it?
What's not to like?
Well, Jovanna wants
to redecorate.
She wants a cleaner,
modern look.
I don't know.
I kinda like it the way it is.
Make yourself at home.
I'll get us something to drink.
Sorry, the piano...
Please, don't stop.
It's probably the last time
it'll get played, anyway.
Jovanna wants to get
rid of it.
Well, I never have any time
to play
and it's not in keeping
with her vision.
Maybe her vision needs
some revision.
Come on, I'll show
you the terrace.
Ok. Thank you.
I always loved to hear
you play.
I'd go out on the back porch
and close my eyes,
get carried away.
That's why daddy was always
looking for you.
Hey, let's...
let's toast to something.
Here's to our divorce.
To our divorce.
Ben, this is...
this is incredible.
Yeah, it is.
So you're getting your PhD
in agricultural chemistry?
Yeah, yeah.
Well, to gain credibility.
I'm trying to do this study
that could eliminate
the need for pesticides.
Yeah, I know.
That's why it's so hard
to get that grant.
What I'm doing is I'm taking
generations of corn
and planting them
in very alkaline soil.
I'm breeding for pest resistance
and then I'm taking herbs
that are natural deterrents
and I'm placing them on
the periphery of the land
and that eliminates the need
for chemical pesticides.
That's beautiful.
You know, I'm pretty good
at writing cheques.
Maybe I could help.
No, no, no.
I don't think that would
sit well with Joe.
Or me, you know.
I kinda have to do this
on my own.
Don't worry, though.
I'll get my grant.
You know, I envy you.
Your passion.
You're doing something
Well I think you're doing
ok here, Ben.
All I do is buy and sell things.
At the end of the day it seems
hollow somehow.
Sometimes I wonder
what would have happened
if I stayed in Iowa.
Ben, don't go there.
Found out a broken heart
is a great motivator.
I'm just glad you're back
in my life
because you remind me
of who I really am.
Or want to be.
I feel like I sacrificed that
to obtain all this.
I'm not back in your life.
You have Jovanna
and I have Joe
and as soon as this divorce
is granted
then we need to move on.
Are both marrying other people.
We've chosen our lives.
This can't happen...
Ben, I'm sorry.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
I had a wonderful day.
Thank you.
Annie, wait.
Let me drive you.
It's ok, Hector.
I'm fine.
Please, come on.
Do you care to talk?
This is just all so strange.
I'm guessing you know
our story by now.
Ben tends to confide in me.
It must be a very confusing
time for both of you.
Yeah, that's the thing.
It's not supposed
to be confusing.
I'm marrying Joe,
he's marrying Jovanna.
End of story.
Except seeing each other has
stirred up some old feelings.
Very old.
I mean, Ben and I
loved each other.
But that was
once upon a time
and all of this is just pining
for what might have been.
I see.
I don't know, I think
I should just go home.
This whole charade has
just gotten too difficult.
Do you mind some advice?
Go ahead.
Do you care about Ben
and his future happiness?
I do.
You see, this charade,
it's also for your
future happiness.
You know, as difficult
as it may be
I think you should just stick
with the plan.
Just stay till Monday.
I guess.
Everything will work out
just as it's supposed to.
My dad always said that.
Annie Hancock, I'm glad
you're staying.
No, no, no.
I got this.
Hector, you're my best friend
in New York,
you know that?
Good night.
Good night.
Don't lose that girl, Ben.
Hey, I've been calling you
all day.
I thought you went back
to Granby.
No, I stayed.
For everybody's sake.
Hector said you two talked.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
As far as I'm concerned,
Monday can't come
fast enough though.
Look, I get it but I still think
we need to talk about
what happened.
Nothing happened.
It's not going to,
so we don't really need
to talk about anything.
There you are.
Benny, Benny.
How was Chicago?
You're so sweet to ask.
It was my first magazine cover
so thankfully everything
went perfectly.
You look beautiful.
If everyone could take
their places, please.
That's my cue.
Ladies, if you would assemble
at the foot of the aisle.
Gentlemen, if you would
stand to my left.
And proceed once you're ready.
Now, tomorrow when all the
guests are here at this point
everyone will stand
as the bride enters.
And as the bride and her
father approach,
he gives her away.
And Ben if you take Jovanna's
hand and face each other.
And here I'll say a few words
about the happy couple.
At which point where
you exchange your vows...
Finally I will pronounce you
husband and wife.
Hey, Joe.
Hey, listen Annie,
I've got bad news.
There's a really big storm
heading our way.
How bad is it?
Well, if the river rises
we could lose the crops.
Ok, well, I'll just...
I'll be home as soon as I can.
Yeah, ok.
Annie, everything ok?
Yeah, there's
a big storm coming,
the crops are in danger of
flooding so I have to go home.
What about Monday?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Tony will figure out something.
All of the corn crops in
my study, they could be gone.
I mean, everything
that I worked so hard for.
What about your wedding?
I'm just going to have to try
to make Joe understand
and hopefully he'll forgive me
for lying.
Just have Tony send me the
papers whenever they're settled.
Goodbye, Ben.
Just, please, don't.
The runaway groom.
What happened to you two?
Where's Annie running off to?
Is everything alright?
No, Jovanna, it's not.
You and I need to talk.
Thank you.
It's a beautiful sunrise,
isn't it, honey?
Yeah, that was quite the storm.
I think we saved
most of the crops though.
We still haven't talked
about what happened.
That's because nothing
Just a bunch of reminiscing.
Well, anytime you want to talk
about nothing happened,
I'm always here for you.
Thanks, mom.
Any news?
Community is taking
too long to deliberate.
I don't think I'm gonna get
my grant.
Well, you've gotta hang
in there, honey.
I'm just trying to do some good,
you know?
You have done plenty of good.
You've kept this farm
from going under.
Mom, we're barely making
our quota.
Did you know that your dad
almost lost this farm twice?
He wasn't good at handling
the pressure or the money.
He always wanted to work
the land,
not the books.
Ben was a big help.
You knew about that?
He didn't know that I knew.
I kept it that way.
Your dad was a proud man.
I always thought
he was so in control.
Girls always like to think
of their daddy that way.
Well, I gotta get to work.
Don't worry, everything's gonna
work out.
As it's supposed to.
I know.
Like dad always said.
Any other rabbits to pull
out of your hat?
I'm working on it.
Good morning, your honour.
Where is Miss Hancock?
I specifically asked that
both of your clients
be here this morning.
Well, your honour,
it's complicated.
Your honour, Miss Hancock
had to go back to Iowa
for an emergency.
If I could just plead our case.
I'm not planning on getting
married anytime soon,
but I'm begging the court
to expedite the divorce
so Annie can marry her fianc.
She deserves to be happy.
Regardless of your heartfelt
plea on her behalf,
I'm afraid I can't grant
a divorce at this time
without hearing
from the other party.
Next case.
Your honour...
I've already ruled.
We're done.
It was a nice speech.
I almost believed it.
I want Annie to be happy.
I believe that part.
Just not about marrying Joe.
The stars are so bright tonight.
Nice and clear after the storm.
Annie, I...
I got something I'd like to say.
But first off I'm so glad
you're back.
You could have told me
you and Ben were married
all those years ago.
I'm sorry.
I just-I didn't know how.
I want you to know I don't mind
waiting for the divorce
to come through.
I'm just glad that we're back
in sync again.
You and I, we're like
a well-oiled machine,
you know?
You know what I mean?
Not really.
We plant, we harvest,
we get the job done.
Look Joe...
I don't want to be part of
a well-oiled machine.
It's just a turn-of-phrase,
I really appreciate everything
you've done for me
over the years, but that,
that's gratitude.
That's the kind of love you
have towards a friend,
not the kind of love you build
a marriage on.
Like you and Ben.
You know, I can't compete
with a ghost, Annie.
It's not about me and Ben.
You sure about that?
I don't know.
It doesn't matter,
he's with Jovanna now.
Joe... this, this is
about you and me.
Well, I guess a two-year
should have given me
a clue.
Where are you going?
I have no idea.
Don't you dare
go out of my life.
I can't.
There's too much work to do.
That's a lovely piece.
I was just wrestling
with a few things.
Have you spoken with her?
Jovanna will never
speak to me again.
I embarrassed her.
She wants nothing to do
with me.
I meant Annie.
I've picked up the phone
a dozen times,
but what would I say?
She's made it very clear
that she wants the past
to stay in the past.
I have a confession to make,
I grew very fond of Annie
when she was here
so I've checked in a few times.
Is she alright?
What did she say?
She's in a bit of a bind.
She didn't get her funding.
She must be devastated.
She's a resilient woman.
However, I thought that it
might present an opportunity.
I've offered her money,
she turned me down.
I've never known you to take no
for an answer.
I don't want to insult her.
I'm sure you'll find
a graceful way
to part with your money.
Maybe so.
Hector, where would I be
without you?
Stuck in your penthouse
when you should be in Iowa.
What a way to lose a grant.
How're you doing?
I'm fine.
Nothing a little moody walk
in the field can't fix.
I'm so sorry, Annie.
It's ok.
They were worried that
the flood might compromise
my study but I don't know,
I just think it still worked.
You did your best.
I'm proud of you.
I'm sorry about you and Joe.
He seems to be doing ok.
I hope so.
I think you did the right thing.
You just didn't have
that spark.
Or whatever it was your dad
and I had.
It's times like this
when I miss him the most.
Me too, mom.
Me too.
Let's hope for a great
harvest tomorrow.
Everyone's here to start
the harvest.
You alright?
Yeah. Fine.
See you downstairs.
Sir, I've got the numbers
on that deal.
Should we move on this
before the close?
Tracy, I'm running late.
You decide.
Where's he going in such
a rush?
I have no idea.
I just got an update,
flight's right on schedule.
You're sure you want me
to come with you?
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
This'll be quite an
adventure for me,
I've never visited the mid-west.
You're gonna love it.
If Annie's any indication,
I'm certain I will.
They say you never go home
again, but here I go.
Twelve hour day?
Thanks so much
for your hard work.
Alright everybody, so
it is my pleasure to tell you
that even with the flooded
fields we made our quota!
Thank you so much, guys.
So go out tonight, go to
the harvest festival,
have a good time.
Y'all earned it, alright?
There's some water right
over there by the barn
if you guys want it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It was a tough one.
You did it again.
We did it again.
You better go get cleaned up.
Do your hair and
all that fun stuff.
I was thinking of wearing
my pink dress.
Mom, I'm not gonna go
to the harvest festival.
It's always been your favourite
night of the year.
I know, but I just can't really
see myself dancing right now.
I know things have been tough
lately, but trust me.
Dancing is exactly
what you need.
So it's official?
Thank you.
I rock!
Tracy, find Ben!
It's urgent, urgent good.
He is gonna be happy.
I'm glad you came, Annie.
Dancing is fun.
I know.
Come on.
Annie, come on.
Let's have some fun.
Come on.
Look, it's Marla, hi.
So nice to see you.
Are you having fun?
Good to see you.
Well, well...
Welcome to Granby.
Are you kidding me?
Nice to see you, too.
What are you doing here,
No, you know what?
I don't even care.
You know what I wanna do?
I want to pop you
in the mouth.
But I won't, because I want
Annie to be happy.
What do you mean?
Wait, you don't know?
We broke up.
Joe, I'm sorry.
No, no you're not.
I'd say we arrived
right on time.
Going to be fun.
Excuse me, do you know that
song, "Forever Love"?
Would you mind playing it?
What are you doing here?
Dancing with the love
of my life.
What about Jovanna?
We broke up.
Joe and I... we...
I know.
Hey, Joe.
Hey, Mary-Jane.
You look nice.
When Annie's all out of
your system,
look me up.
Can we talk outside?
Why didn't you call?
You were with Joe.
Well then why did you come?
I heard you didn't get
the grant.
I wanted to give you the money.
Ben, I don't need saving.
Maybe I do.
I'm tired of buying and selling
and padding my own pocket.
I want to do something
that matters.
It's a grant.
From the "I believe in you"
You can pay me back
after you save the world.
Every penny.
How did you find me?
Tracy tracked you down.
I finally got the judge
to sign off.
You two sign on the dotted line
and you are officially divorced
and free to marry whomever
whenever you want.
What-what're you doing?
What did I miss?
Miss Annie Hancock,
will you marry me again?
Yes! Yes!
I guess I missed a lot.
True love never dies.
Sometimes it just takes
a 15-year detour.
Annie, with this ring
I thee wed.
Ben, with this ring
I thee wed.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.