Autumn in the City (2022) Movie Script

Feeling like a top dog
That's the New York vibe
You can go the whole hog
Just take a step
The briefest moment
Is all you need
Breath in deep
And you will get the
New York kind of vibe
You can climb a mountain
That's the New York vibe
Reach the top
and counting
Not far to go
A little taste is
all you need
Breath in deep...
Thank you.
... and you will get the New
York kind of vibe
Lots of cities hit the spot
At every turn
But New York City's
sizzling hot
Feel the buzzy energy
Say goodbye
to Lover's Creek
Get up and go
Pay your dues
and you'll subscribe
Be one of
the special tribe
Join up now
and you'll survive
Do you know how lucky I am
to get a sublet in the West
Village of New York City
on my budget?
Without six roommates and a bed
that folds into the wall.
But honey, that apartment
belongs to a stranger you met
on the internet.
She's not a stranger.
We talked about this.
My friend Abbie posted that her
friend Amelia was looking
for someone to sublet.
I met her over Zoom
and she seems very nice.
And what if something
goes wrong?
What if a pipe bursts?
Besides, Amelia left me
an entire checklist
for the apartment in case
anything goes wrong.
We just don't understand why
you had to leave Omaha
and move halfway
across the country.
Because it's time that I get
out on my own.
What about work?
A steady job and
a steady career.
I have an appointment about
that very thing this afternoon.
So, I gotta go.
We love you.
Just call us, alright?
Just keep us posted, ok?
I love you, sweetheart.
Love you too.
Gotta go, bye.
Well, I have got
to go. My 1:00 is starting.
It's 1:30 Mom,
and who's counting?
Wonderful to see you.
Hi. We are both gonna have
the Kale Caesar.
I was gonna get
the chicken sandwich.
It is my favorite salad
in the city.
So, what's the occasion?
You know it's not
my birthday, right?
The Paley Center is hosting
a retrospective
to celebrate my 40 years
in the news business.
And I want to inspire the next
generation of journalists.
I'll add it to my calendar.
Well, I want you to do more
than that.
They're honoring my legacy,
which includes you as well
and so naturally there will be
some questions
about your current, um...
Career status.
I have arranged an interview for
you at the New York Chronicle.
Mom, no, we've been over this
countless times.
It's not what I want for myself.
I'm making my own way.
By doing what? Tutoring?
It's a means to an end.
I saved up enough money
so I can focus on writing.
Children's fairy tales.
Books, Mom.
I want to write exciting
and adventurous books
for a young audience.
Isn't that inspiring
the next generation too?
Honey, you have
so much potential.
You are smart.
You have a degree in journalism
from Northwestern.
Did you even read the pages
I sent you?
Oh, wow.
That looks absolutely marvelous.
They're just salads, Mom.
And it is just a meeting, Austin.
The editor is an old friend
of mine.
He's... he's expecting you.
If I do this interview,
will you promise to drop it?
Fine. I'll do it, but I'm not
gonna like it.
Just like this salad.
So what are your job goals?
I came here to figure out what
I want to do with my life.
Well that is about as honest
an answer as I've ever heard.
Let's start with
your work history.
Um, for the past seven years
I've worked for my dad's patio
furniture company back home.
And why did you quit?
I realized I'm about to turn 30
and I was living the life
that my parents wanted for me,
but not the life that I wanted
for myself
and I knew that if I stayed
I would never get up the courage
to get out on my own.
So, I quit my job and I gave up
my apartment
and I moved to New York City.
That's gutsy.
I'm sure we can find work
for you pretty quickly.
I know you see a lot of people
who are just looking
for temp jobs
but I really want more
than that.
- Mmmhmm.
- I figure temping is my best shot
at trying out a lot of
different careers.
And you're at the center
at the job market.
I want to work with you
to find my calling.
Well, that's a first.
I would love to work with you.
Any particular field you'd like
to start with?
I am flexible.
I mean, New York is full of
possibilities, right?
Alright. Well, let's see
what we've got.
We just got an opening this
afternoon for a fashion show.
Great. Sign me up.
This is Isabella Demark's
most important fashion show
of the year.
You are to be seen
and not heard,
is that understood?
Oh, seen, not heard.
Right, right.
Um, I do have one question.
When do we get to see
the collection?
None of you are to go anywhere
near the runway,
the models or the couture.
I'm just curious, you know, are
we talking like classic staples
or is it more like futuristic
and impractical pieces?
I mean, that would be my vote.
You hand out press passes.
You set up chairs.
You, pick up the order
from Juice Boost.
Um, what's that?
A micro metrics raw juice bar.
Downtown on Great Jones Street.
Here is the address
and the orders.
I need these exact and
I need them by 3:00PM.
Don't be late.
Uh, right. I was thinking I...
Is there a problem?
No. No, I am... I am just
grateful to be here.
You should be.
3:00PM. I won't be late.
Actually, I will be early.
Do you know the best way
to get...
Austin, Alan Sandler.
Thanks so much for waiting.
Busy day here?
News never stops, does it?
Which is why I don't want to
take up too much of your time.
My thoughts exactly.
We're thrilled that
you're joining the team.
Joining the team?
We'll start you on features
first thing tomorrow morning.
I thought this was an interview.
This is you.
When Patricia calls and tells us
to give her son a job,
we listen.
Must be a big relief.
I wish I had those kinds
of connections
when I was coming up.
Don't you want to see
if I'm the right fit?
If you're anything
like your mother,
you're gonna fit right in.
- Hey, that's my cab!
- It's my taxi.
Glad to know chivalry
is alive and well!
I know I'm late but this jerk
stole my cab
and proved that chivalry
is dead.
Gone, caput.
Did you know where I'm supposed
to put these?
And you are not a person.
Oh... I can... I can... I can
clean this.
Um, does anybody have any
club soda? Or uh... or um...
Nathan the Squirrel stood
atop the pinnacle
of the Empire State Building,
with his little pair
of flying shoes.
But, the only thing he wanted
was to come back safely
to the ground.
Ok, that's how you want
to play it, huh?
Ok. Ok.
Let's see... Radiator.
"Turn valve all the way
to the left." Check.
"Kick twice for good luck."
Ha, ha! Victory is mine.
"And one last thing,"
"if the guy across the hall is
looking for me, tell him..."
Oh. You're not Amelia.
Wait, you're the guy
who stole my taxi.
What? That wasn't your taxi.
I flagged it.
Yeah, for me.
I assumed you were being nice.
Well you're clearly
not from New York.
I just moved here.
I'm subletting for Amelia
for the next two months.
Two months?
Where'd she go?
Uh, work trip in Japan
and then traveling.
I'm sure you'll see it
all over her feed.
Wait a minute.
9:00PM, a bottle of wine?
I know what this is.
And I'm gonna go back across
the hall to my apartment now.
You again?
Oh, you're the guy across
the hall.
- Amelia left a message for you.
- She did?
Uh, "Dear Austin," is that you?
One and the same.
"I think you're great and we
always have fun together"
"but I think it's time
we move on."
Oh, I think she's breaking
up with you.
Yeah, thanks for making
that clear
but we weren't actually dating.
"I know we weren't
actually dating."
Well, at least you two were on
the same page about something.
"And that's the problem,
"I'm ready for a relationship
but not with you.
"I need someone who's
more serious"
"about their direction..."
You don't have to keep reading.
But I've never broken up
with somebody
on behalf of somebody else before.
You having fun?
A little.
I'm sorry, who are you exactly
and why are you here?
I'm Piper and I came here
to figure out my calling
and make something of myself.
Why are you laughing?
That's cute.
No, no reason.
I just didn't know people
actually used phrases like that.
I'm sure it'll all work out
for you.
It will. Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night!
Ok, so this is really bugging me
so I have to ask.
What's your master plan for
the two months you're here?
I signed up with a temp agency.
That's your plan?
Yeah, I had my first job today.
And how'd it go?
Hm, fashion isn't really
my thing.
Let me see if I got this right.
You gave yourself two months
to find your passion
and then make it
but you don't even know
what field that'll be in
and the first job you tried
fired you?
I didn't say fired.
You didn't have to.
You seem like a nice,
if slightly deluded person
so I'm just gonna tell you
straight up.
Success isn't all
it's cracked up to be.
Hm. New Yorkers really
are opinionated.
It's not an opinion,
it's a fact.
I've seen the inner circle.
That must be nice.
But, for the rest of us, we
have to take what we can get.
So, thank you.
For what?
The wine.
You're welcome.
Pumpkin bread?
Enjoy it.
Would you like to try some
seasonal pumpkin bread?
Oh, uh, sure.
Thank you.
This is really good.
Have you tried this
pumpkin bread?
Maybe she's more of an apple
crumble person.
Did you make this?
No, that would be my husband, Toby.
You should come in and meet him.
Your efforts have certainly
earned you
a coffee on the house.
Wow, ok.
Follow me.
So, what lucky gust of wind
dropped you on our doorstep
like Marlo Thomas in "That Girl"
'cause you are clearly not
from around here?
Don't let Will fool you.
He tumbled out of a Greyhound
bus too and never looked back.
Where from?
A part of Wisconsin you've
never heard of and never will.
He's put that part of his life
behind him.
I simply reinvented myself.
It's a great thing
about this city,
you can just start over.
And become the person
you were meant to be.
That's exactly why I'm here.
To figure out who
I'm meant to be.
I'm Piper and you two
are officially
my new favorite people.
You must be Toby.
I love the pumpkin bread.
Welcome to the Keystone Caf.
Yeah, we actually opened
the caf as a refuge
for anyone new to the city.
We know what it's like
to move here on your own.
Usually with parents back home
who don't understand
and don't approve.
Am I wearing a sign
or something?
How did you know?
Oh, just one of my many
mysterious gifts.
Coming up, my special
pumpkin spice latte.
Why don't you go take a seat
and I'll bring it right over.
Austin, what a surprise.
I could say the same thing.
A job offer at the New York
Chronicle really?
Some interview.
Well, I knew you wouldn't
go otherwise.
I am interviewing the secretary
of the UN.
You could be doing important
work like that too.
Fictional stories provide
an escape.
That can be just as important
a public service as journalism.
I'm not taking the job, Mom.
Ah, do we have an artist
in our midst?
No. It's just a silly hobby.
Coffee, Toby, black.
Furthest reaches
of the galaxy black.
You saw your mother, I take it?
Need a shot of whiskey instead?
Don't get my hopes up.
I know you don't have
a liquor license.
What's this?
First, you move in across
the hall
and now you move in
on my favorite caf?
Oh, I must have missed your name
on the door.
Wait, you two know each other?
Yeah, we're temporary neighbors.
Wait, how are you both
so buddy-buddy.
It took months for Will and Toby
to warm up to me.
That's because you're always
giving off
total curmudgeon vibes.
I doubt curmudgeon
is the right word.
Holed up writing
your book all day.
A grunt of acknowledgement
when I call your order.
You're a writer?
Working on it.
But as of an hour ago,
I'm apparently a journalist.
My mother got the New York
Chronicle to offer me a job.
Your mother must be
very important.
His mother is Patricia Edwards.
Your mother is Patricia Edwards?
As in the famous journalist?
I mean, she's kind of a legend.
Yeah, I guess she is.
Well, you're not gonna take
the job, are you?
What if I did?
But you always fought
to carve your own path?
I can't keep hoping she'll come
around to that.
Maybe it's time for
a new strategy.
Go with me here.
I could do the bare minimum
and cash a good paycheck.
All while secretly working
on my book.
Wait a minute, so you plan
on taking a good job
with the intent to do a bad job?
I think you might regret that.
And how is your job hunt going?
Have you found your passion
and made it yet?
Not yet, but I will rub it in
your face when I do.
She actually has a new job at
the Uptown Museum in New York.
Austin, why don't you show her
how to get to the right subway?
Good idea.
She'd undoubtedly get
lost otherwise.
There's nothing wrong with
getting lost along the way.
That's how you stumble
upon the best things.
In a hurry?
No, why?
How can you appreciate
everything around you
when you rush right by it?
What's there to see?
Oh! Who has the
cutest little sweater, huh?
And the floppies little ears, huh?
Don't you have some place to be?
Yes, but I can take in
all the beautiful sights of
the city on the way.
Like, look at these leaves.
Marvelous color.
Doesn't it make you just want
to curl up in a cozy flannel?
No, makes me want to tell
the residents
to sweep their sidewalks.
Does New York really
hold no magic for you?
In the fantasy of my mind
and the stories I write.
Not in real life.
So then why do you live here?
Because New York's the greatest
city in the world.
I thought you just said...
I'm a New Yorker.
I'm supposed to hate everything.
Yeah, when you're ready
to go to work,
the subway's just straight up
that way.
Unless of course you get
distracted romanticizing
a sewer grate.
You never know what wonders
lie beneath our feet.
Have a good day!
You too.
As an attendant, you'll have
to answer any visitor questions
and provide directions.
So, please familiarize yourself
with the layout.
Must be so exciting
working here.
Surrounded by all this,
you know, history and culture.
We don't allow food, drinks
and definitely no touching
the collection.
Hopefully you won't
be confronted
with too many field trips
of rowdy school children.
Well, if I have to defend
myself at least I know
where the ancient
battle shields are.
That was a joke.
Let's get you a name tag.
Not a fan of museums?
Well, I just... I noticed
you glued to your phone.
There's nothing here that's
piquing your interest?
No, my mom made us come.
Most boring vacation ever.
Where would you rather
have gone?
Hawaii, to surf.
Surfing, that's fun.
But aren't you afraid of sharks?
No, I love them.
They're so awesome.
Oh. Well then you should
check out our third floor
because we have a huge
shark exhibit.
Are there hammerheads?
What about great whites?
Oh yeah. Definitely.
I'm sorry, is my son
bothering you?
Mom! She said there's
a shark exhibit.
We have to go.
Thank you.
I was beginning to lose hope.
I practically had
to drag him here.
My pleasure.
Uh, you can take the elevators
on the left.
Third floor.
Can't miss it.
Austin, let's hit
the ground running.
We're doing a piece on the
founder of a new tech startup.
Why don't you take the lead
on this?
It's not really my scene.
It's not really how things work.
Ok. I'll get it to you
by the end of the week.
More like tomorrow, Austin.
News moves fast.
But you're your mother's son,
you can handle it, right?
I'm gonna need a bit
more enthusiasm
than that around here.
Piper! You've received
excellent remarks
on the visitor cards
left behind.
That's so nice.
Does it correspond
to any kind of perks?
Because I have had my eye
on Cleopatra's bracelet.
No perks, but it does come
with an offer.
The department is looking for
a new visitor relations supervisor.
I'd like to recommend you
for the job.
It's a full-time position.
Not one that opens up
here too often.
Are you interested?
You turned the job down?
I don't know, it just...
Wasn't the right fit?
Any idea what the right fit
might be?
It's a gut feeling.
I'll know it when I see it.
Ok, Piper.
But you told me that
you only have two months.
At some point, you're going
to have to figure out
what it is that you want.
- After you.
- After you.
Go frolic in the leaf piles
before I kick them
out of the way.
Pantheon Publicity, please hold.
Pantheon Publicity, please hold.
Pantheon Publicity, please hold.
Pantheon Publicity, please hold.
Pantheon Publicity, please hold.
Try again, Austin.
My desk, two hours.
Wow! This is pretty great.
Are none of my spots sacred?
Why so grumpy?
Let me guess, your master plan
isn't working out how you hoped?
Not exactly.
How about yours?
May have told the temp agency to
throw everything they got at me.
And, a hedge fund offered me
a full-time admin job today.
Let me guess,
you turned it down?
How did you know that?
You did the same thing
at the museum.
Will told me.
One cappuccino in that guy and
suddenly he's Lady Whistledown.
Doesn't it seem odd that you
keep turning down jobs
without even giving them
a chance?
No. Because I'm not looking
for just a job.
I am looking for a
fulfilling career.
And when I find it, it's going
to feel like a lightning bolt.
What's with the deadline anyway?
Why don't you give yourself
more time?
Well, I gave myself
until my 30th birthday.
Uh-ha, it all makes sense now.
You're scared.
I am not sacred.
Your 20's are in the rearview.
The choice you make now
will have consequences.
Make the wrong one and you
could end up stuck for life.
Exactly. That's the point.
Which is why I gave myself
the freedom to try out
multiple careers so I can make
the right decision.
And, in fact, I think you're
the one who's scared.
Obsessing over every
little punctuation
in an otherwise finished book.
How do you know that?
Those two, I swear.
So, why not just send it out?
Unless you're scared
of succeeding?
No. Now who's making
baseless accusations?
Oh, ok.
If they're so baseless
then why not just send it?
All due respect,
you're the last person
I'll be taking
career advice from.
Well, then why don't you
take it from your mom?
I bet she didn't get
where she is by holding back.
You have no idea the choices
my mom made to get where she is.
Well, I know she, at least,
made some choices.
Good night, Austin.
Good night.
One pumpkin spice latte,
extra cinnamon.
Hm? Oh!
Question, don't you think
that turning 30 is a benchmark?
One of those mornings, is it?
Well, as a wizened oracle of 44,
I'd say age is just a number.
But three zero is a number
worth celebrating.
When's the big day?
Uh, in five weeks.
Oooh, I'm already planning
your party.
You don't have to.
No, it's too late.
It's already in my head.
And once the train leaves the
station there's no stopping it.
How do you feel about
funny hats?
I've learned to just go along
for the ride.
Love them.
Getting the big 3-0 jitters?
It's just something Austin said
on the rooftop the other night.
The roof? What roof?
Is there a great view and
a place to string lights?
I think so.
That's where we'll do
your party.
Carry on.
He basically said that my fear
of making the wrong choice
is holding me back
from finding my path.
You think there's any truth
to that?
I wasn't always a baker,
you know.
It's true.
I fell in love with
a corporate attorney
who risked it all for what
he really wanted.
- Me.
- Pumpkin bread.
Finding your dream,
the thing that makes you want
to jump out of bed each day,
you'll know it when you find it.
What if I don't?
Don't lose hope just yet.
Thanks for the pep talk.
So what wild temp job
are you headed off to now?
Actually, it's an interview
to be a dinner hostess.
I figured I could bank
some extra cash
in between the temp jobs.
It's not like I can make
a career out of drawing
in my apartment at night.
- Good luck.
- Thanks. See ya later!
This must be a very
popular restaurant.
Doesn't look like a restaurant
but maybe they're having
some interviews.
Hey, Alan.
I forgot to mention I've got
a dentist appointment today.
Gotta lay off the candy
in the break room,
so I'm gonna be a day late
with my article.
I hope you understand.
- Piper Grant?
- Oh, yep!
We're ready for you.
Ok. Thanks.
You can leave your headshot
and resum on the table, please.
Oh, I just have a resum.
I don't have a headshot.
Of course not.
Did you prepare the sides?
Uh, sides?
Like, curly fries?
Isn't... isn't that
the chef's job?
Oh, is this one of those
performance restaurants
like Medieval Times
or Ed Debevic's? Like...
No, honey.
We're casting for
a Broadway musical.
Oh, Broadway.
Like, Broadway, Broadway.
Can you sing us something?
Oh, um, I, I don't...
You know, there is one song
I know...
Give my
regards to Broadway
Remember me
from Herald Square
Just setting you all up
for success.
You're welcome.
It's well-written
and very interesting.
A squirrel finds an oak tree
who's acorns grant wishes.
Charming concept.
There's so much potential here.
I wanted more.
That's so great to hear, Susan.
No, I mean I wanted more story.
I don't follow.
One-off books are hard to sell.
It's all about series nowadays.
I guess I never considered that.
I'd like you to come back
in a couple of weeks.
Pitch your vision
for a larger series.
Then I can assess whether it
might be a good fit for us.
A couple weeks?
Yeah, yeah I can...
I can do that.
Ok. I'll, uh, we'll talk.
My assistant said the restaurant
couldn't fit a table for 20.
It's my opening night,
for goodness sake.
You know the place that has
the wallpaper with the birds
and the dessert
with the rose petals.
What's it called...
And that rose petal pie
is incredible.
I'll call you back.
I could probably get you
a table if you wanted.
I lugged apples around
for them last week
and I made friends
with the chef.
If only my last two assistants
were as resourceful.
Are, are you looking
for an assistant?
That depends.
Are you an actress?
Uh, recent experience proves no.
Definitely, definitely, not.
Do you have any references?
Oh, never mind, my previous
two girls had great references
and look where that got us.
This is a full-time job.
Are you up to the task?
A full-time job is exactly
what I'm looking for.
You're hired.
For a trial period.
You start tomorrow.
So, does it come with
health benefits or...
Don't be late.
Oh. Don't want you to smudge
your lipstick.
Thank you.
"Miss Chilton's performance
shone like a sparkling diamond"
"in a career full of gems."
From the top.
Uh, "Miss Chilton's performance
shone like a sparkling diamond"
"in a career full of gems."
But I just read it twice.
Oh, you think I'm being silly,
don't you?
Well, maybe you're right,
but I worked hard to get
to where I am
and so when someone acknowledges
my skill,
I listen.
And I listen well.
These moments, they don't come
along every day.
Once again, from the top.
"Miss Chilton's performance, it
shone like a sparkling diamond..."
When can you get me and Tobes
tickets to her new show?
Come on, it's the whole point
of having famous friends.
Yeah, well I'm not
the famous one.
But, it is pretty exciting.
That's because you're famous
by association.
Ryan Gosling once ordered
a cold brew at the caf
and I'm basically
a D-list celeb now.
Maybe something in theatre
is what I'm meant to do.
Now I really wish we had
a liquor license
so I could pour you
a celebratory drink.
Not so fast.
I haven't even pitched
for this series yet.
Have you told Piper
the good news?
No. Last we spoke
we got into an-
And we haven't spoken since.
Well you should tell him
about your new job.
If anything, he'll be happy
you took his advice.
And give him the satisfaction?
I would rather-
I'd never hear the end of it.
You know how she can be.
Always so confident she has
all the right moves.
Hey, do you want to picnic
tomorrow in Central Park?
- I'd love to.
- Great.
Austin? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I'm meeting Will for lunch.
I'm having lunch with Toby.
They weren't planning
for the four of us...
"Hey guys, sorry, can't make it.
"Busy at the caf."
"Have fun without us."
He could have at least tried
to make that sound convincing.
Austin and Piper?
Toby sends you both
the harvest lunch.
Um, thank you?
We don't have to do this.
Nope, we do not.
There is a lot of cheese.
- What about charcuterie?
- Yep. Oh! Fig jam.
It would be a chance
at a new experience.
It is always nice here
in autumn.
I'm sorry, did you
just compliment the city?
What has gotten into you?
You never mentioned you draw.
You never asked.
Can I see?
These are seriously great.
You ever consider pursuing art
as your dream?
No, absolutely not.
It's just something I do
for fun.
You ever wanted to make
something more of it?
My parents scrimped and saved
to send me to college
and in return,
the expectation was
that I would take over
the family business
or at least secure a practical
job in a practical career.
But art is a career.
Growing up, if a career
wasn't stable
then it wasn't a
legitimate career.
Choosing something creative
was throwing your life away.
You know, there's good sense
in that.
Art is fun but it's really
difficult to make a living
drawing sketches.
Well, you're very talented.
I call dibs on all
the stinky cheese.
Listen, I feel like I owe you
an apology.
I'm sorry for the way
I acted last week.
No, I... You were right.
I was jumping from job to job.
No, you were just testing
out the waters.
I just hadn't found anything
that felt right.
And I didn't want to waste
any more time.
I mean, everyone my age already
had their life figured out
and I'm just at
the starting line.
What's that advice about
everyone running their own race
at their own pace?
Not the advice you want to hear
when you're on a
four-week deadline.
But, I did actually accept a
full-time job as an assistant
to a famous Broadway actress.
Wow. That's great.
Piper, I'm so happy for you.
And I owe you an apology too.
I shouldn't have butted in
on your writing.
No, I'm glad you did.
I took your advice and
reached out to a publisher.
She wants to hear my pitch
for the book as a series
in a couple weeks.
That's incredible.
I owe it all to you.
So what is this book about?
Well, it's about a squirrel
named Nathan
who finds an oak tree
with magical acorns
that grant wishes.
His first wish is to become
a movie star.
Then, to bat a home run
at the world series
and then to become the first
squirrel to walk on the moon.
He doesn't have friends
so his wishes wind up
being a way he keeps
himself company.
Am I boring you?
No, no, no.
No. I'm listening.
Keep going.
So, for the series, I was
thinking that maybe
another animal finds
the oak tree too.
A blue jay.
The squirrel and the blue jay
are initially rivals
but then they eventually become
best friends
and go on adventures together.
But I can see it's not
as engaging as I had hoped.
Maybe it needs a new direction.
No. I think... I think
the direction is perfect.
Kind of like this?
This is even better
than I imagined.
I always pictured it
in the summer
but it's better in the fall.
It's beautiful.
Nothing, I just-
It's my mother.
I'll call her back.
No, answer it.
It's your mom.
Hi, Mom.
Austin, swing by for dinner
on Friday.
I want to hear how your job
is going.
Alright, see ya then.
Dinner with your mom.
That sounds fun.
The evening's menu
will include catering
from my mother's favorite restaurant
and parental disappointment.
I'm sure it's not gonna be
that bad.
Why don't you come and see
for yourself?
No, no.
Come on. You're the one
who's always talking about
trying new experiences.
Yeah, like a picnic
in Central Park.
Not dinner at a famous broadcast
journalist's home.
It'll be a chance to see
New York success
up close and personal.
Dine with the hoi polloi
in Brooklyn Heights.
Come on, at the very least
it'll be a free meal
and a chance to see
what a famous person's
bathroom looks like.
Well, when you put it that way.
This is the third time in as
many weeks that you're late.
I'm not really much
of a morning person.
I'm not talking about
when you get here,
although you are usually late.
Your last few assignments have
been turned in past deadline
which puts a squeeze
on copy edit.
I shouldn't even have
to explain this to you.
Ok. Faster turnarounds,
you got it.
Even when it's on time,
your work is below
what you're capable of.
It's clear your heart's
not in this.
I have to let you go.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
La, la, la, la...
La... La, la, la, la, la, la...
Just answer it!
Hi, Piper.
It's Barbara.
We have a new job listing,
it starts tomorrow.
Hi, Barbara. I actually took
a full-time position.
Oh. Well, that's great.
I know how important it was
for you to find a job
that was a good fit.
La, la, la, la...
Well it looks like you
finally found your calling.
Yes. Yes, I have.
I really appreciate
all your hard work.
Thank you so much.
La, la, la, la...
Sorry about that.
It's fine.
You'll need to get your affairs
in order anyway
before we go on tour.
Uh, on tour?
Yes. My agent called yesterday
with an offer I couldn't refuse.
Playing Maria in
the Sound of Music.
Like a tour outside of New York?
That is generally what happens
when you go on tour.
And how long would that be?
Three months.
But then, it's off to
the West End in London
for the run of the new
Andrew Lloyd Webber.
That is a fantastic opportunity.
You know, see the country,
travel abroad...
Why do I get the feeling you're
trying to convince yourself?
No, no that is...
that is not it.
I thought the world of theatre
was what you wanted?
I guess I just hadn't really
considered all of the details.
Well, I couldn't forgive myself
if I stood in the way of you
becoming the person
that you were meant to be.
What does that mean?
I need someone by my side
who's lifeblood is the theatre.
It's just not you.
I'm sorry, Piper.
I'm going to have to let you go.
But... but, what?
Oh, don't look so sad.
Think of this as your
fantastic opportunity.
A chance for you to discover
your true calling.
Yes, yes, it is. Yes.
La, la, la, la, la, la...
It seems like we both
got kicked to the curb today.
Not our finest hour.
I haven't got a foothold
in anywhere.
I have less than a month left
in my sublet
and I feel like I'm back
at square one.
Why didn't you want to go
on tour with Misty?
I guess it was a great opportunity
but all of my instincts
were telling me
it was the wrong choice.
Hm, my dad.
Don't want to answer?
And let him know
that I was fired?
I'd would never hear
the end of it.
Sometimes I feel like my
parents care a little too much.
I wouldn't have minded that kind
of attention growing up here.
What was that like?
You never mentioned your dad.
My dad and I haven't had much of
a relationship
since the divorce.
Another consequence
of the successful life.
So, what happened?
My dad was a segment producer
and my mom was just
a junior anchor.
Network wanted to give her,
her own hour
but they didn't want
my dad involved.
She took the job and that became
a running theme in my life.
Her choosing work
over everything else.
I'm sorry you went through that.
So, we won't be telling
my mom I got fired either.
When I covered the '92 Olympics,
Christie said to me
"I have faced an audience
of millions of people
"waiting for me to fall,
but nothing compared"
"to facing an interview
with you."
Imagine that?
A gold medalist and she was
nervous to sit down with me.
You have had such
amazing experiences.
I have and preparing for this
retrospective has been quite
the jaunt down memory lane.
But I feel like I've been doing
the talking all evening.
Maybe because you have.
Oh, honey.
You know I read your piece on
the piano teacher in Brooklyn.
It was good.
I thought it could maybe use
a little more, um, pizazz maybe?
Well, I
Is that the paper?
I better take this.
Excuse me.
It's a relief seeing him
marching forward with his life.
Now if only I could figure out
what to do with my life.
I feel like I'm just bobbing
along kind of directionless.
You know, I have something
for you to see.
Come with me.
This is what I wanted
to show you.
This is the pen that I used
to write my first article.
The one that kicked off
my career.
Now, this is back in the day of
carbon paper and fax machines.
What's a fax machine?
It was a joke.
You have a sparkle, Piper.
And you know this city will try
its best to dull that,
so, don't let it.
You know, my family wasn't
very thrilled
that I left our little town
in Ohio.
And they figured that I would
fail and come running home
with my tail between my legs.
But once they saw my first
article in print,
they saw something tangible
and they started to understand.
My family is the exact same way.
They think that I don't know
what I'm doing.
I don't know.
Maybe, maybe they're right.
Maybe I'm crazy for chasing
after a dream
that I don't even know
what it is yet.
How did you figure out that
journalism was your passion?
I took it as an elective
in college.
And from my very first lecture,
I was hooked.
I'm starting to think I'm never
gonna have that feeling.
Trust in yourself, Piper.
Nothing is more important
for a woman in this world.
Especially for a woman looking
to find her way.
It can be hard to resist
the pressures
of what other people
want for us.
But we must double down
on ourselves
and never expect others
to hand us what we want.
So, remember one thing.
Always, always be your
own champion.
Thank you for dinner, Mom.
Top-notch selection as always.
They're going to be holding the
retrospective at the restaurant.
Piper, you must come.
That would be great
and thank you again
for the wonderful dinner.
I really love this painting,
by the way.
The texture and composition
really balance the vivid hues.
Most people just say
"pretty colors."
Well, I'm friends with
the gallery owner.
Piper's a wonderful
artist herself.
I... I just doodle sometimes,
that's all.
Maybe you should introduce her
to your friend.
He might know of
an open position.
I don't... I don't want
to impose.
Well, I'd be happy to.
I would really appreciate that.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
It was lovely meeting you.
So lovely meeting you.
Thank you for dinner, Mom.
- Alright, hon. Good night.
- Good night.
That wasn't The Chronicle
calling, was it?
Publisher, I told her my idea
for the rough shape
of the series.
I pitch it in 10 days.
- Wow, that's soon, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is.
I better get home and put
my nose to the grindstone.
Since we're already in Brooklyn,
I figured we could take
a little detour first.
If you're going to be
a real New Yorker,
there's something you need
to see.
This is incredible!
For once, I actually
agree with you.
This is why I came
to New York City.
It's just so alive
with possibility.
Traffic jams
and tiny apartments.
Just take it all in.
There is nothing else like
this view in the whole world.
It's unique.
I give you that.
It's like a dream.
Life and movement and energy.
It makes me want to draw.
Makes me want to eat.
Are you hungry?
- I can go for a bite.
- I'm starving.
Of course you are.
Do you have some place in mind?
Come with me.
Thank you.
Now this is a real taste
of New York.
That veggie dog does look
pretty good.
And I am kind of hungry.
Who wouldn't be after a dinner
of two lettuce leaves
a celery dish that
wouldn't feed a rabbit.
It was um... refreshing.
Here you go, try that.
Oh! Sorry. Sorry.
Ok, don't make fun.
I'm not. Not at all.
You're really talented.
I mean it.
Piper. I want you to do
the illustrations
for the book pitch.
I can't believe I didn't realize
this sooner.
I mean, look at these drawings.
They're fun and imaginative.
You'd be perfect for the book.
That's a crazy idea and also
I couldn't possibly illustrate
an entire book in two weeks.
Just sketches
for the key moments of
the presentation, that's it.
Well, what if they reject
your book
because they don't like my work?
This is your one shot.
You should really find
a professional artist.
Maybe you are a
professional artist.
Maybe this is exactly
what you've been looking for.
I know you feel the need to have
a steady job that's dependable,
but you've tried
everything else out.
Why don't you try
doing something
you actually love doing?
That is very flattering.
But my time in New York
is running out
and I really need to focus
on my long term.
Doesn't mean you have
to stop looking.
Come on, this will be like
a fun little side thing.
Come on.
Wait a second, do you hear that?
That sound, you can't hear that?
It's adventure calling.
Are you going to answer it
or not?
Come on.
You know, I, uh, I think
I hear it now.
What do you say?
You and me.
Ok. I'll do it.
Just for fun.
For fun.
"I'd love to meet at 11:00,
Wonderful, see you then.
Hey, Mom and Dad.
Piper! We haven't heard from you
in so long.
I know, I've just been
really busy.
Look, I actually gotta go.
Wait, didn't you forget
something yesterday?
Oh, it was your anniversary!
I completely forgot.
I've just been so busy
and I was working yesterday
and then I had a dinner
and that ran late.
It... it's ok, honey.
We know you're busy.
I'm sure that job of yours has
you running all over the city.
Actually, that job
didn't end up panning out.
You got fired?
It wasn't like that.
Don't worry. I'll work
something else out.
You keep saying that and
it keeps not working out.
You had a perfectly good job
at the family business
and it wasn't good enough.
Dad, that is not fair.
It's not that it wasn't
good enough,
I just need to find a life
that's right for me.
And I hope someday
you can support that.
But I really gotta go.
Love you.
They just miss you
and care about you a lot.
Well, if they want to show
that they care
they should support me
being out here.
You know, when I told my parents
I was moving to New York,
they didn't take it well.
And then, when I came out
in the same conversation,
they really didn't take it well.
But that didn't stop me
from building
a life I wanted for myself.
And, you know, eventually
they came around.
So, you shouldn't let anything
stop you either.
Thank you for sharing that.
I won't.
You know, this caf really
became a home for us
once we started to give it
a personal touch.
So, now it's your turn
to make a contribution.
I don't have anything
to contribute.
Of course you do.
Your art would look great
on the wall.
There was this one little sketch
I was kind of working on.
No way.
The caf?
Oh. I love it.
We'll get this framed right up
and then this place can start
to feel like yours too.
Well, Patricia said
I would enjoy meeting you.
She was right.
You're a breath of fresh air.
I'd love to hire you
as a greeter.
It's only part time
and I know it's beneath
your experience level but
it's yours if you want it.
That would be wonderful.
It's just a greeting position
but I'm really looking
forward to it.
It's a foot in the door.
It's oddly comfortable
wedged in there.
How was your day?
Spent anxiously anticipating
your thoughts on my book.
Oh my gosh.
It was great.
It was funny and imaginative
but what I really loved the most
was your point of view
on loneliness.
About how all the wishes in
the world don't mean anything
if you don't have anybody
to share it with.
I have so many ideas
for some sketches.
I'm feeling very inspired.
Me too. I've been
writing up a storm.
Can't wait to show you.
Do you, um, you want
to meet up tonight?
Ooh, which one of these
will best set the mood
for toiling away by candlelight?
What? I'm a writer,
you're an artist,
goes with the territory.
Hey, I know you're joking,
but don't underestimate
the power of a good candle.
I would never joke about
Perfectly Persimmon.
It's, um, refreshing.
Eh, not the word I'd use.
Apple pie.
And that is a classic.
You can have that one
all to yourself.
Hm. What about Autumn
Now that's uh, that's perfect.
Oh wow.
That is perfect.
I um, I should, um, get back
to the gallery.
My shift starts soon.
Right, yeah, yeah,
foot in the door.
You just gotta break down the
hinges and walk right through.
Yes. Right, exactly.
I... I will see you tonight.
You bet.
I will take one of those,
thank you.
What do you think?
Well I'm not usually one
for abstract art.
I can never tell what
it's supposed to mean.
I used to think the same thing
but then I realized
that's what makes it unique.
Like, where the brushstrokes meet.
What does that make
you think of?
The horizon?
And those bursts of color?
Two people watching a sunset.
I love it.
A bit of romance in the air.
What do you see?
A woman looking at the future
version of herself.
At what she could become if
she were brave enough to try.
Well done, Piper.
I've been trying to sell
this piece for ages.
You have a real eye for art.
I was just describing
what I saw.
Well, I see someone who just
made 10 percent commission.
That's not necessary.
You earned it.
Are you sure you don't want
to rethink illustration
as a career?
You're really good.
It's the first time
you haven't shrugged off a
compliment about your art.
I have to admit, I really love
creating these illustrations.
I wake up every morning
and I can't wait to start
working on them.
And, um, you can keep
the compliments coming.
You can say it again.
You're really good.
And again.
You're really, really good.
And I can't imagine my book
without you.
You're really good too,
you know that?
It's... it's getting late.
I should...
I should probably get going.
Right, yeah.
I'll uh...
- Good night.
- Yeah, good night.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Uh, where's the portfolio?
And where are the backup
flash cards?
- Oh, I threw them out.
- What?
Just kidding.
Just breathe.
You're gonna be great.
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Just go in there and invite her
into the world of your story.
Show her the spark
that inspired you
and I know she'll feel it too.
What if she doesn't like
what she feels?
That's impossible because
it comes from the heart
and your work is strong.
Our work is strong
and I couldn't have done it
without you.
I'll make sure the publisher
knows that.
Here goes nothing.
Here goes everything.
Well, Austin, we've got nothing
like it on our slate
and we'd like to publish it.
I am just going to bask in
this feeling for a moment.
I'll have our contracts
department work out the details.
From there,
we'll discuss timeline
and an illustrator we can
pair you with.
Oh, I was planning on keeping
the original illustrator.
The... the one who worked on
the pitch samples, Piper Grant.
Her work was good,
but as a debut author,
we'll pair you with
a recognizable, established artist.
But she, she really,
she really brought
these books to life.
Her work is perfect
for the book.
The choice of illustrator
is the publisher's decision.
That's just how it's done.
I understand, but she really
is the real deal.
I can assure you,
we will find someone
whose work you will love.
But, for now, go. Celebrate.
You just sold your first series.
Congratulations, Austin.
Congratulations, Piper.
This is huge.
You've hit the big time.
We need to celebrate.
Isn't that what we're doing?
No, this is a pre-celebration.
I'm throwing you a party
next week.
But you're already planning
one for Piper's birthday.
Well, I can party plan
multi-task, obviously.
So what did your mom say when
you told her about the book?
Oh, I haven't told her yet.
Why not?
It seems like
perfect vindication.
Well, I never told her I got
fired from the paper.
Austin... you gotta
come clean.
I promise I will soon.
Well, enough celebrating.
Back to work.
Such a party pooper.
I've got dough rising
and it's gonna take over the
kitchen if I don't get back.
So, um, did they say if they had
a favorite illustration?
Um, yeah, yeah.
No, I think she... I think she
liked them all.
I just want to say thank you
for talking me into this.
You really were my champion.
And to think...
my calling was right there in
front of me this entire time.
Yeah, yeah.
But um, make sure
you think it through.
It's a big step.
Yeah, it is and you know,
it's scary to leave
the security of a 9-5,
but I've just got to trust
that if I'm doing what I love
then everything else
will fall into place.
So take it slow, you know?
Don't quit your day job.
Why don't you show your boss
your work at the gallery?
Yeah, would be a good way for
you to get your name out there.
I mean, you helped sell
a book series.
It's about time you started
promoting yourself.
You're right.
It suddenly feels like the whole
world is opening its doors.
Like I've been struck by
a bolt of lightning.
Piper, the paintings
for the new exhibit
are coming in Monday.
I thought you could help decide
on wall placement.
You have such a good eye.
I'd be happy to help.
Hey, um, Arnold, I was hoping
I could ask for a favor.
I don't know if I
mentioned it before
but I actually do sketching
in my spare time.
My work was recently used
to help sell a book
at Snowburry Publishing
and I was hoping I could get
your professional opinion
on my portfolio.
It'd be my pleasure.
Why don't you leave a copy
of your work
and I'll look at it
this weekend.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Mom, hi.
Two days in a row.
Wow, I actually-
I was in midtown and I thought
I would stop by the paper
and visit my son at work
but imagine my surprise
when I discover
that there's no longer an Austin
Edwards employed there.
I have great news.
I thought, surely there must be
some sort of mistake.
Until your boss told me
about the late articles,
the sub-par work and that
you were fired.
I know.
Everything I have done
has been to help you
develop the skills you need
to succeed.
I know.
And at this point, I just,
I don't know what more
I can do for you.
This retrospective
for your mom is a big deal.
Come on, just come inside.
Could be your birthday present
to me.
It's not your birthday
until tomorrow.
Well, I'm currently
accepting gifts.
Or, leads on a new sublet.
I don't know about this.
I doubt she even wants me
in there.
It was a heated moment.
I'm sure she didn't mean it.
She wasn't wrong.
I hurt her.
I knew what I was doing
and I kept doing it anyway.
So apologize, and then share
with her the good news
about the book.
She'll be proud.
Come on, trust me.
So, there we were,
sitting in the Jeep
in the middle of the dessert
and the prince says,
"You have been chasing me
for days!"
"You never give up. Enough!"
And that is how I got
the famous interview.
I never gave up.
So thank you for coming.
It is wonderful to see you all.
Have a lovely evening
and enjoy the party.
Thank you. I am so glad
you made it.
Mom, I'm really sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
Can we please
just talk about it?
I have some really great news.
Sweetheart, I've had
an amazing career.
And I've achieved more
than I could have dreamed.
But the one thing I never got
right was how to be your mother.
And it breaks my heart
that I failed you.
You didn't, Mom.
I'm just trying to carve
my own path.
That's not failing me.
It is to me.
Ms. Edwards...
I think you should know
that Austin sold his book.
And not just one book,
but an entire series.
It goes back to what you said
about your parents.
If you could just see
what Austin created,
hold it as something tangible...
I know you mean well but Austin
has a lot to answer for.
What an incredible night.
Thank you, Alan.
You know, again, I am so sorry
the way my son acted.
You did me a huge favor
hiring him.
I couldn't be more embarrassed.
Don't even think about it.
Austin sent me the most
beautiful apology note
owning all his mistakes.
He's a good guy.
Hi, Piper. It's Arnold.
I had a chance to review
your work.
It's sweet but not really suited
for the New York
art gallery scene.
There you are!
My mom is never gonna see me
for who I am.
Let alone support me.
Don't be so sure.
When she sees the wonderful
books we're creating,
she'll feel differently.
Just another reason we have
to work super hard.
I don't know how to tell
you this...
The publisher isn't going
to use you
as an illustrator on the book.
What do you mean?
She wants to use someone
more established.
That's why I tried to convince
you to show Arnold your work,
so that maybe you could get
some gallery recognition
and that your work
would gain value.
Right. 'Cause my work
has no value.
Of course it does.
I um... I gotta, I gotta go.
Happy birthday to me.
Thank you.
I'm really gonna miss you guys.
I couldn't have asked
for better friends.
Please stay for
your birthday party.
I uh, I would love to
but I gotta be realistic.
My two months is up
and I took my shot,
and it just didn't work out.
But you worked so hard.
And just think about
all the jobs you tried.
You were such a champion.
Wait, say that again?
Um, you were a champion.
No, um, would you, sorry,
open the back?
Open the...
Would you guys mind, um,
just watching this stuff
for a little while?
- Uh...
- Um...
So a bit of change of plans.
Piper, you in there?
I've been thinking about
something that you told me.
About always being
my own champion.
So, I have a question.
Ask away.
I came to New York City
and I found my calling.
Which is?
To be an illustrator.
Here in the city
that inspires me.
That's wonderful, Piper.
So, what's your question?
You said that you need to be
your own champion.
You said that you always need
to fight for yourself.
Well, I have and I've failed.
So my question is, how do I know
if the universe is telling me
that it's time to give up or
if I just need to fight harder?
What makes you think
you've failed?
Every door that I tried
to get through
just keeps getting slammed
in my face.
It's so frustrating.
I... I can't get hired
because I'm unknown
and I can't become known
unless I'm hired and I don't
know what to do.
Piper, how do you think
established people
get established?
If a door gets closed,
you bust it down.
If you don't do it,
someone else will.
Either you believe in yourself
or you don't.
Well aren't you going to stay
for tea?
Thank you for the offer
but I've got some
door-busting to do.
You're amazing, by the way.
Hey, Will!
Have either of you guys
seen Piper?
She was just heading
to the airport
and then she suddenly changed
her mind.
Where'd she go?
No idea.
The only thing we do know
is that she is coming back
before she leaves again.
Ms. Snowburry?
My name is Piper Grant and no,
I don't have an appointment,
but I'm gonna ask for
three minutes of your time.
And why would I give you
any time at all?
Because I'm an illustrator.
I'm not established, my work
is not recognizable.
Actually, no one has ever
heard of me.
But they will.
Because I'm good.
I am really, really good.
I'm such an idiot.
There's gotta be a way
to fix this.
Fix what?
I've been terribly unfair
to Piper.
She's worked so hard
on this book.
You really like this girl.
Told you.
I should have pushed
for her harder.
Maybe you still can?
You turned down my illustrations
for Austin Edwards'
new book series
but I'm wondering if you
really looked at my work
or you just dismissed it
out of hand
because I'm unknown.
It's not personal.
It's company policy.
We use established illustrators
who's work we know
is outstanding.
Fair enough.
But I'm gonna ask you to look
again and if you don't think
it is outstanding and absolutely
perfect for the series,
then I will thank you for
your time and I will leave.
Fair enough.
This here is
a fresh start
It's a new day
for a brave heart
If you're ready,
if you're ready
Pipe! Piper!
Where've you been?
You were just gonna up and
leave without saying goodbye?
I knew if I saw you it would
make leaving that much harder.
Look, I called the publisher.
I did what I should have done
in the first place.
I told her we're a package deal.
And what did she say?
She said I was too late.
She already found an illustrator
who'd be perfect for the book.
We did it.
No, you did it.
What did you even say to her?
I took some advice
from a very wise woman.
And I doubled down on myself.
So does that mean
you're gonna stay?
And not because of the book,
or the world's best hot dog,
or even the autumn leaves,
which, I admit, you're right.
They're great.
But stay because this place is
more magical with you in it.
And I can't imagine it
without you.
Stay because in a city
of eight million people,
I found you.
I found a lover
Never had a night
like this before
Oh, oh, oh
Never had a night
A night like this before
Oh, oh, oh
A night like this before
So does that mean
you're gonna stay?
Well, I heard that New York in
the winter is quite beautiful.
You're right.
We could be
a part of something
Our future is untold
Need to break free,
gotta be bold
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
We could be a part
of something good
I know we could
Oh, oh
"To my mother who bravely
carved her own path"
"and taught me to do the same."
I have something for you.
May you use it to write a future
that is all your own.
I should have supported you, honey.
I love you and I'm proud of you.
Oh, and now for
a little surprise.
Come here, come here, come here,
come here, come here.
Happy birthday, Piper.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
It's gorgeous.
That was all Toby.
You didn't have to.
Can I talk to you for a sec?
First year in New York.
The most romantic city
in the world.
Where it all began.
We make a pretty good team.
We sure do.
Never had a night
like this before
A night like this before