Autumn Stables (2018) Movie Script

Do you wanna go fast, Spice?
- Hey!
- Hey, Autumn. How was your ride?
You should've seen Spice
out there this morning.
He was practically flying.
I didn't have a stopwatch on me
but I probably guess
about two-years-ago fast.
Whoa! So, wait.
Does that mean that you're
thinking of training him again?
Oh, no.
Those days are long behind us.
Plus, even if I wanted to,
it's not like I can afford it.
- Still, exciting though.
- Yeah.
So, is Coco ready
for her lesson?
All set.
Come on.
Now, shake your head like this.
Good, you're ready to go.
You ready for your first lesson?
This is Coco
and she's very sweet
and she is very excited
to meet you.
Go ahead, she won't bite.
Hi, Coco. It's nice to meet you.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Hey, what's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
The horses and I can practically
hear your frustration
from the stables.
Well, it's either
I've gotten worse at math
or the ranch is in even
bigger trouble than I thought.
That bad?
Yeah, this place wasn't meant
to be run by one person.
It's too much.
Don't panic.
You'll figure something out.
I'm not panicking.
You are practically
scrubbing a hole
into this counter.
Oh, well, it's filthy.
It's fine. You're panicking.
Maybe I can have a yard sale.
That would totally
bring in extra money.
Get rid of some old junk.
See? Now you're thinking.
It's actually really productive
that you clean
when you're stressed.
I don't clean when I'm...
Whatever. Just help me.
Think I can get three bucks
for this thing?
Oh, no, we, we can't sell that.
Ben got me this
when we first opened the ranch.
- As what, a paperweight?
- As a joke.
- Oh, so it is useless.
- It's sentimental.
If you keep putting stuff
in that pile,
we're gonna have nothing
left to sell, Autumn.
Let's just not
sell Ben's stuff yet, okay?
That's a great lamp.
- Huh?
- The lamp, it's a good one.
Three brightness levels.
I'll give you $8 for it.
It's a really nice lamp.
- How about $15?
- How about $7?
No, you're supposed to go up.
Actually, you know what?
I really like this lamp,
so I'm just gonna take it...
Sir, $7 would be perfect.
Mom, look! A horse!
Can we get it?
I'm sorry, but that horse
is just about the one thing
not for sale.
Why don't you run inside
and find something you can
afford with your allowance, huh?
This is a beautiful property.
Thank you.
Uh... In case you're ever
in the market to sell...
Oh, uh, no...
It's just something
to think about.
This really is a...
It's a gorgeous property.
I can sell it in no time
if you do decide to put it up.
Thanks. Good to know.
I knew you had a big house
but right now,
I think there's an echo.
It looks like when Ben and I
first moved in.
People thought we were crazy
for buying such a big property
to fix ourselves, but there was
something about this place.
You know how you, uh, can't
get a song out of your head?
Yeah, sure.
It's kinda like that
with this place.
I just could not
get it out of my head.
You did an incredible job.
Building a home, welcoming
so many people into it.
For a while, at least.
Chloe, if the yard sale was
to help keep the ranch afloat,
why does it feel
like I'm moving?
Just wait
and see how you did today
before you make any decisions.
Someone tried to buy you today.
Don't worry.
You're in the sentimental pile.
What am I gonna do, Spice?
How's it looking?
Well, we did better
than I thought we would.
Sounds like there's
a, a "but" coming.
Even with the money
we made today
and the extra riding lessons,
I can still barely cover
next month's mortgage.
Oh, Autumn, I'm sorry.
I don't know
how I let it get so bad.
If I have to close the ranch,
I feel like I'd be letting down
Ben's memory.
You listen to me,
Autumn Carlisle.
You and my son took a chance
on this place
when everyone told you
not to take the risk.
You followed your instinct then
and created something
really wonderful.
Follow that instinct again now.
It won't be easy by any stretch
of the imagination
but maybe it's time to move on.
Time to let this place go.
Plus, it's high time
you let me retire.
I've got a life
of my own to live.
I didn't realize
I was keeping you.
Oh, there may be another option?
I will not let you
sell a kidney.
I could start training again.
Is that something you wanna do?
If it means keeping the ranch.
Maybe if I hadn't taken
a step back from training,
I wouldn't be in this mess.
But I...
With Ben gone, I couldn't.
It's what we did together,
you know?
I know.
Thank you, Howard,
for everything.
We're family, Autumn.
No matter what.
No matter where.
Remember that, okay?
What do you say, Spice?
You wanna get back into racing?
Yeah, didn't think so.
- All right, batter's ready.
- Okay. Perfect.
Hon... Well...
Who wants chocolate chip,
and who wants blueberry?
- Can I have both?
- Hmm.
- I don't see why not.
- Okay.
You have to teach me
this perfect pancake recipe.
Happy to.
Sorry. The syrup.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, gang.
Family meeting.
I've, uh, thought
about this a lot.
And I've decided
that I'm putting the ranch
up for sale.
I want you to know
how thankful I am
for all the years
that we spent here together.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
This... has been
a very hard decision to make
but I think
it's the right decision.
And I hope that you do, too.
We're so proud of you.
We support you
no matter what, Autumn.
Oh, you're the best.
- Well, these posts here.
- Mm-hm.
What if we knocked 'em down?
Don't you think
there'd be more flow?
Well, I believe
that they're load-bearing.
The house itself is okay
but I, I hate the paint color.
Oh, that's easy to change.
You know, is there any
stipulation that I can't build
the world's largest hay maze?
Not to my knowledge.
Um, might be a zoning issue.
- That's why I asked you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's a fair question.
- Yeah, you know...
I, uh, didn't realize
anyone else was in here.
Oh, hey, I was, uh...
just having a look around.
Are they, are they yours?
You're good with them.
Do you ride?
No, no.
My, uh...
my mom used to.
She tried to teach me,
but I, uh...
When I was a kid, I was just
terrified of these guys.
So big and ferocious.
They're not so scary.
Guess they're smaller now.
He likes you.
What's his name?
Uh, that one is Coco.
And, uh, your name is...
Oh, I'm Jake Stevens.
Autumn Carlisle.
Of Carlisle Ranches.
The one and only.
So, uh, tell me, Jake Stevens
do you make it a habit wandering
into other people's barns?
No. Yes, actually.
Yeah, I, I do.
I'm in construction, so I wander
into people's houses,
or barns all the time.
I thought I knew everyone
within a 20-mile radius
that did construction.
Oh, I'm not from around here.
Where do you live?
Oh, just in and out of hotels.
I kinda go wherever
the job brings me.
So the job took you
to Millbrook?
I was driving by.
I saw the "For sale" sign.
So I thought I'd stop here
and check it out.
This property is...
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
It used to be a lot,
uh... livelier.
Yeah, I've been
wandering around all morning.
I can't seem to get it
out of my head.
It's funny thing, to think
about a property like that.
Uh, that's not weird at all.
This place was pretty worn down
when we bought it
but I had the same feeling.
So, you remodeled this yourself?
It was a labor of love,
to say the least.
But now with everyone
stomping around inside
talking about my terrible taste
in this and that
and brainstorming about which
wall they're gonna tear down
to create the perfect flow...
Maybe it's just a house
but it's not just a house to me.
It's my home.
It's my whole life.
You know, if this was my home
or my life...
I wouldn't change a thing.
Good luck.
We've had a few
very competitive offers
some above asking, even.
I'd be happy to go over them
with you, or...
Did someone named Jake Stevens
make an offer?
Why, yes. It looks like he did.
Was it competitive?
It's not the winner of the group
but definitely in the game.
I'll sell it to him.
Don't you wanna take a couple
of days to think about it?
Look over the other offers?
The horses liked him.
I'm sorry, the horses liked him?
They're very
Of course, they are.
Plus, he never used the words
"Feng" or "Shui" once.
Mr. Stevens it is.
Uh, after the deal closes
you'll have 30 days to move out.
I can't believe
this is really happening.
So, just... third page.
Right. Great.
Can you start looking
for potential buyers for me?
The remodel won't take very long
and I'd like offers in early.
- Remodel?
- Yeah.
Actually, it's not that
We could probably
sell this on the plans.
You're flipping the property?
I'd be crazy not to.
And this property is,
is way too big for one person.
I'm gonna split up the land into
smaller plots and resell it.
I'm gonna get a coffee,
do you want anything?
- Uh, no. I'm good. Thank you.
- Okay.
Oh, hey, sweetie.
- Hi.
- How can I help you?
Could I get a triple macchiato
in a to-go cup, and, uh,
give me one of those
chocolate donuts for here.
Is your donut staying here while
your coffee jets off to Spain?
No, I'm-I'm sitting right there.
Coffee and a chocolate donut
for here. Anything else?
Yeah. I'm, um, sorry, I just...
I really prefer a to-go cup.
I, I see them right there.
I can almost touch them.
The to-go cups are
for to-go-ing customers.
Anything else?
Yeah, do you, uh, you have
any recommendations
for a hotel around here?
Nothing themed, please.
Oh, you're the out-of-towner
who's buying Autumn's place.
news travels fast around here.
We're tight knit.
And since Autumn's husband
passed away,
well, everyone's just
a little bit
protective of her is all.
I, I didn't realize.
Black coffee and a donut.
Yeah, there's an inn
over on Grove Street.
- Great.
- But it's usually booked.
Autumn, you can do this.
Maybe I can do this tomorrow.
This would be a whole lot easier
if you were here to help me.
You hungry, Spice?
Just one more minute.
You, uh, don't live here yet,
you know?
Oh. Morning, Autumn.
I hope you don't mind,
I brought my contractor along.
- Contractor?
- Hi.
- I'm Larry. Hi.
- Hey.
So, you're renovating?
Just a bit.
I thought you said
you wouldn't change a thing.
Well, you said this place
needs some livening up.
Mind if we poke around?
Be my guest.
Yeah, you know,
if you were to tear this down
you'd have a beautiful view
from the porch.
No, you can't tear that down.
It's got the best view
of the place.
Well, the porch from the house
has the exact same view.
Yeah, but this is closer.
- To what?
- Nature.
The porch is attached
to the house
but right here
it's just you and the land.
Well, couldn't you just
stand here
if you wanted to be closer?
Because then you'd actually
be on the land
because you'd be standing on it.
Listen, I understand
that you're trying
to get a jump start on things
make it your own.
But while I'm here, let it be.
Unless you want me
to kick you off my property
for the next 29 days
which, legally, I can do.
I think this gazebo looks
pretty good here, actually.
- What do you think, Larry?
- Oh, yeah, it's, uh...
Ahem, it's nice. It's very nice,
it's a very nice gazebo.
That's strange.
I got offers from other ranches.
To buy you out?
No. To hire me as a trainer.
They must've heard
about the sale
and assumed you were available.
Well, I haven't trained
a racehorse in years.
What makes them think
I still can?
That's not something
that just goes away.
But you decided you didn't wanna
get back into training, right?
I said you were welcome
on my property,
I didn't say you can start
construction on my property.
The guys are just
getting a few measurements.
We're gonna be out of here
in no time.
They're not the ones
I'm concerned about.
You said you weren't gonna
change a thing.
I'm not.
Really, I, I might
put a hot tub in there.
Never mind.
I don't wanna know.
I am going to say goodbye
to this place
and remember it as it is now,
in my memory forever.
You know, places aren't meant
to stay the same forever.
- Says who?
- Says me.
I love showing up to new places
and helping them
reach their full potential.
It's kind of the way that
I leave my mark in this world.
Well, you can walk around
leaving your mark on everything
and I'll leave things
as I found them,
as they're meant to be.
So, you never carved your name
on a desk at school?
Everybody did that.
Right, and then the next person
that sat there
saw that it was different.
But they looked at that name
and thought, "Who's Autumn?
Wonder what
she doing right now?"
- They did not.
- Sure they did!
You changed their life,
just a little bit
because you left your mark.
What on earth
does this have to do
with you installing a hot tub?
Because everything here
says "Autumn."
But a hot tub...
That says "Jake."
- Hi, Autumn.
- Hey, Larry.
Okay, so, Jake, uh, the guys
basically have everything
they need now, so if you wanna
come over and check it.
Great. See? Out of your hair.
Nice PJs, by the way.
Have you thought
about taking any of the offers?
From the other ranches, I mean.
So, I've been thinking about it
and, uh, I decided last night
I'm gonna marry a toaster.
That's great.
Autumn, are you feeling okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't sleep well last night.
Jake showed up
with a construction crew
at the crack of dawn.
Do you carve your name
into stuff?
Not regularly.
But when you were a kid.
That's something people do,
Yeah, totally.
Do you think that was your way
of leaving your mark
on the world?
Mm, no, I'm pretty sure I just
liked how my name looked.
See? Normal.
What in the world...
Oh, oh.
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
- What?
- Can you turn that thing off?
- I'm sorry, what?
- I said, "What are you doing?"
Well, you've gotta sand first
before you can paint.
I-I know,
but why are you painting?
Well, you made such
a big deal about this gazebo,
thought I'd spruce it up for ya.
You know, you could even
put a bench right there...
I don't want a bench.
I don't want new paint.
There's already
too many changes.
Just leave this one thing alone.
Okay. Sure.
Thank you.
I have a student coming later.
Stay out of our way.
Hey, remember, Maddie.
Deep breaths, no fidgeting.
I'm not.
So, I've been thinking.
I think you should take
one of my training offers.
Not a bait and switch,
or anything like that
but I would present you
as an alternative.
So, you decided
to turn them down?
Oh, I'm not sure yet.
Did I tell you that I thought
about training again
before I put the house
up for sale?
- No.
- Yeah.
The idea of starting
from the ground up again...
I don't know,
it seemed overwhelming.
And, at one of these ranches,
it would just be a day job
which would be a nice change,
and I could
board the horses for free.
And I don't know a lot of places
I can go and do that.
Yeah, they're not the easiest
house guests.
Definitely not.
All right, wait.
What makes you think
I'd even be a good trainer?
Well, for starters,
you're the reason
I haven't broken down
in the last two years.
So I pretty much think
you can do anything.
So let's go find out.
Whoo! Let's go, Chloe!
- Go, Chloe!
- Yeah!
Whoo! Great job!
- Way to go, Chloe.
- Whoo!
That was great.
- How did we do?
- Oh.
You've got this. Yes.
Are we preparing for a race?
Uh, we're thinkin' about it.
Uh, Jake, this is Howard,
Ben's father.
Hi. Jake Stevens.
Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
- And that is Chloe.
An up-and-coming young trainer.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet ya.
So, what are you doing?
Don't you have
somewhere else to be?
Meh. This is much more fun.
- Go, Chloe.
- Go, Chloe.
All right.
Hey, kiddo.
What can I get for you?
Just a coffee. To go.
Oh, you're not
sitting down today?
No. No, I'm, uh, I'm on the go.
Well... come back real soon.
Great. Thanks.
Changed my mind.
Yes, I think we can
definitely section this off
into its own property.
Unless you think four units
is gonna crowd it?
Mm, not if you renovate
the stable.
- Yeah.
- Right?
Look, Larry,
I think I got myself
into a bit of hot water here.
Whoa, whoa, we can't be
over budget already.
My guys haven't even
started here, Jake.
No, no, not, not with that.
It's with Autumn.
The owner, Autumn Carlisle.
She thinks that I'm
moving into the ranch.
- With her?
- No, no.
No, she thinks I'm moving into
the house after she leaves.
How come she thinks that?
Well, I kinda let her.
I had a chance
to tell her the truth
and I didn't,
because I was afraid
if she found out she was gonna
pull out of the sale.
And we already got
a couple of potential buyers.
So, I...
I just didn't.
It is just business, right?
Yeah. Of course, always.
What's the big deal then?
Let her think
that you're gonna move in.
A month from now...
don't move in.
Jake Stevens!
You're everywhere today.
Howard, hey, how are ya?
Uh, do you know Larry?
- Howard.
- Hi, Larry. Nice meeting you.
- Are you staying in town?
- No, no, I'm, uh...
I'm at a motel off 44.
Oh, that's a shame.
There's a lovely little inn
on Grove.
Yes, I know. Barb told me.
It's only got three rooms.
- Wow.
- Refill?
- Uh, yes. Please, thank you.
- Oh.
Can I have a little bit
more too, please?
I gonna need you
to lift the lid.
Of course.
Thank you, Barb.
- Hey, hon.
- Hey.
This is a cute town, Howard.
Do you guys get much
tourism around here?
Not much.
Maybe they know we have no place
to put 'em.
Shame. It's really something to
look at when the leaves change.
Don't the leaves
change everywhere?
Oh, not like they do here.
If we had the infrastructure,
I bet this town would be
one of those places
that people would come back to
year after year.
As is, if you fall in love
with the place
you're just gonna
have to up and move here.
But you'll know all about that.
Uh, speakin' of...
I'll see you
back at the ranch, I'm sure.
- Nice meeting you, Larry.
- Nice meeting you too, Howard.
- Have a good day.
- See you, Howard.
Well, anyways, if you wanna
put it in four,
I mean, that's fine.
That's, that's, that's doable.
It's a good idea.
Hello, Jake?
You wanted to cordon
this off in four.
- Right.
- That's fine, I, I mean, I...
I don't disagree, I don't know
if I exactly agree.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mind if I help?
Go ahead.
So, I was wondering...
What would you possibly want
with the ranch if you know
nothing about horses?
I'm not sure what
I'm gonna do with it.
All I know was that when I
came by the open house,
I saw potential.
I thought the same thing when I
first saw this place, too.
I think I'd like to turn
that stable into a wood shop.
Just the way it looks out
over the field there?
That's somethin'.
Working on furniture all day
looking at that.
Good luck gettin'
that wet horse smell out.
- Wet horse smell?
- Yeah.
It's like a wet dog smell
but worse.
Because horses are huge.
Oh, I didn't realize. Thank you.
I'm sorry, for bringing up
your irrational childhood fear.
Oh, you remembered.
I still can't believe
you've never ridden a horse.
Have you seen a horse?
They're terrifying.
I practically learned
how to ride
before I learned how to walk.
Wow, adventurous
since the beginning.
Maybe you could teach me
how to ride sometime.
I don't think I'm
that good of a teacher.
- Oh!
- Hmm.
- Hey, you, you missed a spot.
- What?
Right there.
So the bathroom is just
down the hall to the left.
But you already know that
because this is your house now.
Ha, cleaned yourself up, I see.
I don't have any to-go cups,
Oh, you know my pal,
Everybody knows Barb.
- Are her and Howard a...
- A thing?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Ben's mother died
when he was a kid.
Howard and Barb
started seeing each other
about a year ago, maybe.
And Ben?
He passed away two years ago.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It's okay.
The hardest part
is just letting go
of the idea of the life
that we were building.
Because it did not go
as planned.
Life never really does, but...
It's just...
I've been thinking about
what you were saying
about not intentionally putting
your mark on things.
- You have?
- Uh-huh.
When you got this place,
it wasn't fixed up, right?
And you didn't do a thing to it.
Because you saw potential.
When Ben and I
first got married,
I had this crazy idea
of turnin' this place
into a horse ranch,
because that's what I always
wanted to do.
Well, you must've done well.
I've seen the trophies
in the house.
We did.
Spice was well on his way
to becoming one of the greats.
But horses are like mirrors...
that, uh, reflect whatever
you're feeling...
but amplified.
So, when Ben got sick...
You ever think about
getting back into racing?
I feel weird
talking to you about this.
You don't need to know
about me, and the ranch.
I barely know anything about you
other than the fact
that you're in construction.
Well, I do general
carpentry as well.
And I've always really enjoyed
work with my hands
A natural-born rancher.
I think you gotta teach me
how to ride a horse first.
That'll be my parting gift.
Your job must be hard.
You're always in and out
of hotels.
I mean, what do you
get out of it?
Well, I have
a collection of over 2000
miniature hand soaps.
- You're lying.
- No, cross my heart.
Do you even use any of it?
No, no, it's just...
It's a collection.
It's like stamps.
Oh, but they're
Exactly, yeah.
I couldn't live like that.
Goodbyes are way too hard.
The last weekend
of sleep-away camp,
I always refused to get
into my parents' car
until every camper had left.
Wait, you just sit there and
watch all your friends leave?
- One by one.
- That sounds awful.
It was.
But, uh, those summers
were my absolute favorite.
I didn't wanna get into
my parents' car because...
I knew that it would mean
that moment was over
and I can never get it back.
But... then you'd never know
what the next moment would be.
I guess I never really
thought of it like that.
The ranch...
that was a great moment.
I just wish
it could've lasted longer.
And just, uh, pet away.
Oh, no. Whoa-whoa.
Oh. Perfect.
I told you she'd be here
any minute.
I am so sorry.
I must have lost track of time,
I never do that.
That's okay. Jake here has been
helping Maddie feed the horses.
This one's Chestnut, right?
She's my favorite.
Well, let's get on
Chestnut then. Thank you.
- Don't worry about it.
- Let's go get your helmet. Hm?
Um, Autumn, can Jake
come riding with us?
- Oh, uh...
- Ah.
Jake doesn't know how.
Wow, she says that like
everyone's born
with some innate ability
or something.
But you're a great teacher.
Maybe you could teach him.
I am a great teacher.
Okay, let's go.
How good a teacher are you?
- Okay, one, two, three!
- Two, three!
Okay, hold on tight.
All right!
Whoa, it's really high up here.
- Show off.
- Okay.
Left to go left.
Right to go right.
And then straight back to stop.
Piece of cake.
Maddie, do you wanna show
Jake how we sit?
Uh, back straight.
Knees in. Heels down.
- All right, lead us out.
- Great.
Whoa, whoa, lead us,
lead us out?
That, that's it?
That's the lesson?
Autumn believes in
learning by doing.
Follow Maddie, you'll be fine.
Put some pressure. On your legs.
Right to go right.
- Left to go left.
- All right.
Straight back to stop.
Yeah, I got it.
It's all in the hips.
It's pretty fast.
Oh... Guess my horse
is taking the lead.
Coco knows
where she's going.
But I don't.
Oh, wow.
Pretty great, huh?
But, this is
a secret spot, okay?
So you have to keep it a secret.
Actu... Actually, no.
No, you... You guys should
bring people up here.
- What?
- Yeah, well...
Everybody in town
loves the ranch.
Why not invite them up here?
Like, for a party?
I was thinking, like,
a romantic sunset tour ride.
- Ew!
- Or, yeah, sure, a party.
You could rent it out
to weddings, I don't know.
I just, it...
It seems like a shame
to waste this view.
Well, you could do both
or either if you want.
And you're right.
It was a beautiful spot
for a wedding.
Knees in, silly!
They're as far
as they go!
I don't know what it is
about that man.
Is this better?
I guess so.
- All right.
- I like him.
I haven't seen her laugh
like that since...
I was thinking the same thing.
She did great today,
Mrs. Heller.
And again, I am so sorry
for being late.
I, I don't know what happened.
It's okay.
You have a lot on your plate.
Did you you take a look
at the list
of stables that I suggested?
Yes, thank you. She'll start
at Bedford in two weeks.
Oh. I'm happy to hear that.
- I don't want you to leave!
- Oh!
Bedford is a great stable,
You'll see,
you will like the teachers
even more than you like me.
Come on, Maddie.
You'll see Autumn next week.
You, uh, really
saved me earlier.
Oh, that, that was nothing.
Well, whatever it was,
thank you.
So, uh, how was your first
riding experience?
It was absolutely terrifying.
But Maddie's right.
You're an excellent teacher.
Well, you're not, uh,
so bad yourself.
Not so bad? I'm amazing!
I got Coco
to walk the entire way.
You-you understand how hard
that was, right?
Oh, yeah, and she only stopped
to graze about, uh, 30 times?
Actually, I would say
it was closer to 40.
So, that's gotta be some kind of
world record right there.
And, you know, if you were 12,
that would've been
an excellent first lesson.
Yeah, my mom is gonna be so
proud of me when I tell her.
You're gonna call her right now?
Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm not kidding.
She, she is going to be proud.
You'll see.
Hey, Mom? Hey, it's Jake.
No. Nothing's wrong, Mom.
No, I... I'm at this thing.
I do not like him.
It's not just you,
this whole place
has been a whole lot... smilier
since he showed up.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Plus, with the sale
and everything,
it's too complicated.
Even though it has been nice
having someone
to help out again.
Which of course he's doing
because it's his house.
You see? Complicated.
You know, if he's in
the business of fixing stuff,
you might as well get him
to do something about this drip.
I'm not gonna put him
to work on my house.
Ah, I thought it was his house.
So, why did you get into
My dad was always a tinkerer.
He was always
inventing these weird
and interesting contraptions.
When I was a kid
we moved around a lot.
So, it kinda became a constant
to start working
with him... Wrench.
And then I,
well, I never stopped.
You're pretty handy.
Mm, I like to think so.
How did that happen?
Growing up on a farm,
you kind of
learn out of necessity.
There's always more stuff
that needs fixing
than people or time to fix it.
So I just learned my way
around a toolbox.
You just draw the line
at plumbing, huh?
No, I, I could do that.
I just didn't want to.
Here, let me help you.
Yeah. You're welcome.
- Toolbox.
- Yeah.
I put some
extra chocolate
on the croissants today.
- Oh.
- Surprise.
Howard will love it.
Howard does love his chocolate.
- This looks good.
- They sure do.
Hey, here you go. I need
some extra cheese in mine.
Yeah, I want extra chives.
Am I interrupting something?
Not at all. Everyone's welcome.
He is welcome, right?
Yeah, he's welcome.
- What's goin' on?
- Oh, Sunday morning breakfast.
A little tradition
here at the ranch.
- Every Sunday?
- Like clockwork.
Grab some eggs.
Make yourself an omelet.
This is nice.
I can't remember the last time
I had a home-cooked meal
like this.
Mm, it was good.
Hey, do you wanna go
for a walk with me?
And the horses?
With me and the horses.
That would be nice.
- Hey, you're doing great.
- Okay.
- Whoa, whoa. What... Back...
- Oh.
That's an interesting move.
No, I just wanted to go
that way.
Whoa, Coco.
Okay. We're back on track.
- You ready?
- Back on track.
This is great.
So, what do you think?
It's beautiful, huh?
I'll, uh, have to show you all
my secret spots before I leave.
You know, I don't think
that I have ever been
in a place long enough to find
all of its best spots.
Why did your family move
so much?
My dad, he was always moving
from one job to another.
Ah, so the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, does it?
I guess not.
Look, Autumn, I, uh,
I need to tell you something.
I never...
What's up?
When we first met, uh,
it was just
briefly in the stables.
I remember.
I never thought that this place
would be so wonderful.
Or that you would be so...
That you would be so...
I've gotta go.
I remembered I have a riding
lesson this afternoon.
- Wait. What?
- I, I'm sorry.
Hi, Blackwell Stables?
Hi, um, it's Autumn Carlisle
of Carlisle Ranch.
I, I got a letter...
Oh, you sent...
Wednesday afternoon works.
Okay, I'll see you then.
Thanks, bye.
What's wrong?
How did you...
When Ben's mom passed away,
how did you move on?
I didn't... for a long time.
I was so focused
on making sure Ben was okay,
and then I got used to it
being the two of us.
One day I woke up...
Ben had grown,
and I realized I'd put
my entire life on hold.
But how did you get
from there to here?
Put yourself out there?
Make yourself vulnerable
only to get left again?
Oh, Autumn,
Ben didn't leave you.
I see him every day in the way
that you smile...
in your sense of humor...
and the way you have
with horses.
Ben may not be here anymore,
but he's always with us.
It was when he met you,
that I realized
what I'd been missing.
That I'd been going through
the motions of life
without really living it.
I know what you mean.
Take it from this old fart.
That's not living.
I just... can't imagine
not loving him anymore.
You don't have to.
You, Miss Carlisle,
have a very big heart.
And for the past couple
of years, I've watched you
make those around you
whole again
but you forgot to do
the same thing for yourself.
One day, you'll wake up
and you'll put one foot
in front of the other
just like every other day,
except this time you'll realize
you're ready to let someone
make your heart whole again.
Just don't wait 20 years
like I did.
You sign this and lot one
of the ranch is officially
off your hands.
And already showing
a major profit.
You are quite
the businessman, Mr. Stevens.
What if I wanna change the plan?
You mean, like,
move the hot tub over?
No, not quite.
If I don't sign this,
is it too late
to back out of the sale
with Autumn?
Or, at least, back out halfway?
I don't understand.
I wanna go into business
with her.
I wanna build
a bed and breakfast.
But you flip houses.
Yeah, well, I don't wanna
flip this one.
Ever since I walked
in this house,
I just... I can't
get it out of my head.
And I've seen the way
Autumn does business.
Yeah, she's struggling
but she's incredible.
Everyone loves her.
Clients, her employees.
Just her business is too small
for this big piece of land,
but this...
I think this is the business
that can save her.
Have you talked to Autumn
about this?
No. Not yet.
I just, I guess I wanted to see
if it was possible first.
Okay. I can't see why not.
It would be a different
kinda sale.
I could draw up some paperwork.
Talk to Autumn. Let me know.
Well, that's,
that's my next stop.
Thank you.
Hey, Barb,
thanks for the coffee.
Hey, Howard. Is Autumn around?
She's running errands in town.
Is there anything
I can help you with?
Uh, no. Thanks, though.
Come on.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hey, you're buying grass seed.
Yeah, I kinda let the horses
ruin the look.
Don't wanna leave it all
a mess for the next guy.
Well, lucky for you, I hear
the next guy is pretty handy.
Really? And where'd
you hear that?
Well, news travels fast
in a small town.
So, are you
getting anything or...
Yes, yeah!
Here it is. Yeah.
Hm. Yeah.
Hey, um, do you mind putting
some of these
up with the others?
- Sure. No problem.
- Thanks.
Sunset tours?
That sounds like a good idea.
Uh, it's, uh, my farewell tour.
Thank you.
Hey, wait. Would you, um...
um... have dinner with me
I've got
another business proposition
I wanna talk to you about.
- I'll cook.
- Uh...
Uh-uh, most of my kitchenware
is already packed.
So we'll do something simple.
I can't go. I...
Never mind. Dinner's great.
All right. Great,
I'll... see you tonight.
- Okay. See ya.
- Cool.
Hi, uh, Blackwell Stables?
Uh, hi, it's Autumn Carlisle.
Ah, um, I'm afraid
something's come up
and I'm not gonna be able
to make it today.
Okay. Thank you.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
What's goin' on, guys?
You feel a storm brewin'?
Oh... Oh, you big babies.
Don't worry. I promise.
There isn't even a cloud
in the sky.
Please be good.
For once,
I actually got something
to get ready for tonight.
What were those horses
talking about?
Slim pickings.
It is a business meeting.
Hello. Hey.
Hope you don't mind,
the door was unlocked,
so I just let myself in.
Oh, no.
I-I knew you were coming.
Oh, I-I got you these.
I thought this was
a business meeting.
Oh, I just, I thought
it'd be nice, so...
- Thanks.
- Wow, you look...
- Clean?
- ...beautiful.
It's amazing what a lack of mud
will do to a person.
Uh, seems like
it's gonna rain out there.
Funny, the horses said that too.
Uh, they were nervous
which usually means
it's gonna rain.
- Mm-hmm.
- They're very perceptive.
Right. So I hear.
So what're you gonna make?
- Pasta.
- Hmm. Okay.
That is, if you still have
some pots and pans out.
Uh, yeah.
Which one?
- Both.
- Okay.
So... tell me about this,
uh, business proposal.
We'll get to that.
But now, we have to make dinner.
You said you were gonna cook.
Yeah. And I need a sous-chef.
So, cut these tomatoes.
I see you didn't get
organic ones.
Yeah. It's...
Hey, what about potato meringue?
All right, so, just leave that
for ten minutes.
I guess the horses were right
about the storm.
So, when you stopped racing,
did you ever think of doing
something else with the ranch?
Um, I boarded other horses
for a while,
and then I started
giving riding lessons
which I hadn't done before.
Right. Now, I think I meant
something totally different.
Like the world's largest
hay maze?
- What?
- Never mind.
I guess I was always
kind of horse-minded.
That was the dream, you know?
No, I know you always do
what's best
for the horses but...
You know,
I've seen you with people,
and I think there's something
so much more that you can do
with that here.
I don't know that there is.
You know,
when we first built the ranch,
I felt like I could do anything.
Then I lost Ben
and possibilities
kept getting farther
and farther away.
This place is too big
for one person.
It's exhausting
trying to keep up.
Yeah, I guess
I-I couldn't imagine
losing somebody like that.
I couldn't either.
Do you...
Do you ever wanna
find love again?
"Get back on the horse,"
as they say.
Do you?
Not necessarily
get back on the horse
but get on it at all?
What makes you think
that I've never been on it?
Hm, sounds like you're never in
a place long enough to do that.
- I was engaged once.
- Really?
Yeah, to my college girlfriend.
Why'd you break up?
Well, I just, I started
travelling more with work.
Ah, she wasn't a mini-soap fan.
Hm, no.
No, she was a fan
of my roommate.
She fell in love with him
- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.
They're married six years now.
I think they just had
their second baby.
That sounds awful. I'm sorry.
No, no. It's...
That's fine. I wasn't ready.
And we're actually, we're much
closer now than we were then.
Do you think you'll ever
get back on the horse?
Or... do you want to?
I'd like to find that true love.
I think...
I want... that again, too.
Right. Now, where were we?
Uh, true love,
moving on, staying put.
Right. All the easy stuff.
This is easy.
What's that?
Talking with you.
Autumn, I need to
tell you something.
One second. Sorry.
Hey, are you all right?
I tried calling the house.
- Yeah, the power is out.
- Figures.
You have a flashlight,
candles, canned goods?
Yeah, I'm all set.
And Jake's keeping me company.
Actually, that's why I called.
Barb has something to tell you.
Hi, sweetie. It's about Jake.
He's flipping the ranch.
He bought the place
to split off into pieces.
He's not stickin' around,
He's selling
to the highest bidder.
Uh, that's not possible.
I just saw him talking to the
real estate agent this morning.
I'm sorry, sweetie,
I thought about not telling you,
leaving it be...
Um, thank you
for letting me know.
Stay safe, okay?
Uh, I-I will.
Thank you. You too.
why have you been so helpful
Fixing this and that,
offering me business ideas.
I'm moving out in a week.
It doesn't make sense.
I'm glad
you brought this up actually
because this is what
I've been trying to tell you...
That you're flipping
my property?
What? No.
That's what you're doing,
isn't it?
No, it's-it's not. I swear.
That's why you bought my ranch?
To do exactly what you always do
which is come in, make it better
and then take off! I...
It is so obvious now.
I can't believe I didn't see it.
Look, it-it was what
I was gonna do at first
but I-I don't want that anymore.
I wanna stay here with you.
You don't know
anything about me!
Autumn, wait.
- Where're you going?
- To check on my horses.
Autumn, wait! Come back.
Hey! Hey, boy.
Hey, it's just a little bit
of noise. I know it's loud.
Hey, can you, uh, get me
a blanket, please?
- Shh.
- Here. Just be careful, okay?
I'm just gonna put this on you,
okay, boy?
Listen, Autumn...
Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell
you I... I was planning...
Jake, look, we will be
out of here in less than a week,
so just leave us alone
till then!
Shh, shh. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, guys.
Good morning.
Did you sleep here last night?
The horses were afraid
of the storm.
So, where's Jake?
I don't wanna
talk about that yet.
Oh, no.
Guess that means
your date didn't go too well.
It wasn't a date.
He's flipping the ranch.
Gonna turn it into
a bunch of smaller houses.
What? Why?
Business. I...
I wanna get out of here.
Why would he hang out
here so much
if he never planned
on sticking around?
I have no idea. I tried to wrap
my head around it all night.
- Keep?
- Donate.
I can't imagine a stranger
living in my house.
Hmm, that is weird
to think about.
It won't be recognizable
when Jake's done with it,
but still...
When I thought that
he was gonna be living here,
it felt like I was leaving
the ranch to a friend.
Someone to take care of it
or something.
- I know that sounds stupid.
- No, it doesn't.
It's just four walls
and a plot of land.
You know
that it's much more than that.
To us.
Speaking of, can you take care
of the horses this weekend?
- Anything you need. Why?
- Uh...
I'm gonna drive up
to some ranches.
Check out some stables
and some living quarters.
Should've done that ages ago
but, for a while there,
felt like
I wasn't actually gonna leave.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Oh, shoot!
Maddie has a lesson on Saturday.
Don't worry about it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Now, go and see
what your future has in store.
- I hear it's big and fancy.
- Hmm.
State of the art.
Okay, are you sure
you're good with me leaving?
Go on. Have fun. I got this.
Call me if you need anything.
We'll be fine.
You trained me well. I promise.
Okay. Thank you.
I'll see you soon.
- Bye.
- Bye.
See ya!
What're you doing here?
Where's Autumn?
I'm not at liberty to say.
Stop helping.
Put that down
or I will sic this horse on you.
She's vicious.
When's Autumn coming back?
What can I say?
Horses love me.
Come on.
This is nice.
What's he doing?
He is building his way
into Autumn's heart.
I hate to break it
to you, Chloe,
but I'm pretty sure
he's already there.
You know, for a little girl,
you're very perceptive.
Come on, we've got to shift
the saddle off Chestnut.
Oh. Oh, all right.
- We don't have any to-go...
- To-go cups.
Yes. I, uh, I was made aware.
Why are you doing this?
Well, because I, uh...
It's just, I...
Yeah. I kinda thought you might.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, I'm sorry,
I know I promised
not to touch the gazebo, but...
I also know how much
it means to you.
I couldn't leave it
the way it was.
I used the same wood.
I painted the same color
that it was...
What is Carlisle
Bed and Breakfast?
Chloe found your building plans.
That was
my business proposition.
you can't close the ranch.
It makes so many people happy
but especially you.
And you're right, it-it's,
it's too big for one person.
So what? You're just gonna
move yourself in?
Well, I... I mean
I was gonna ask first.
Listen, I can't replace Ben.
And I'm not asking to.
But I just see how kind
and generous you are
with all the people here,
and I got this crazy idea
that we could open up
a bed and breakfast.
Because you love hotels so much
you wanna open your own?
No, because you're kind.
And you're smart, and because...
I wanna build something
with you.
I can't be the reason
why you leave your home.
But you lied to me.
I just thought
it was better business.
So why come clean now?
Why not just build
your own B and B
and not split the profit?
it isn't just business
for me anymore.
If I do this,
and I'm not saying I will,
but if I do...
how do I know
that you'll stick around?
'Cause I see potential.
And for the first time in my
life, I wanna see this through.
Whether we're
business partners or...
friends or...
whatever else.
I've got you stuck in my head,
You're stuck in my head.
Whoo, baby!
These, uh, look good.
Oh, wow. Smell that? Oh...
Smells beautiful.
That smells fantastic.
- Oh, I love the...
- Just...
- Ooh, ooh, ooh, watch out.
- Okay.