Aval (2017) Movie Script

Look carefully my child... the truth lies in front of you... always! Based on a true story. "Little sparrows have
Gone back to their nests" "Little lambs are
On their way home" "My baby, the moonlight
Is gently swaying" March, 1934.
British occupied India. "The stars in the sky are your company
Tomorrow will be another good day" "My baby, sleep in my arms" "Baby, its tonight, we are going to play
A trick on them" Li Min! You need not play alone. There will soon
be a baby to play with you. "Will join and play with you" "The stars in the sky are your company" "Tomorrow will be another good day" "My baby, sleep in my arms" January 2016. Rosina Valley, foothills of Himalayas. "Oh!" "Beauty!" "Come..." "Closer" Do you remember
our first time? It always feels like
the first time with you. "When I saw a damsel,
In you, my girl" "My mind was struck with
Hundreds of words" "Remaining in the mane,
Heart is looking for you" "Let go of fear and would
You please come over?" "The thirst for magic to happen" "Will set in motion automatically" "But will be a never ending one" "Lust for love, will drizzle endlessly" "Will never change as the time passes by" "Oh!" "Beauty!" "Come" "Closer" "When I saw a damsel..." "Your presence makes my day" "When I am not here, you look for me" "You're the one I love dearly" "Your smile is like the blooming buds" "Pacing through addiction,
Embracing the weather" "Nothing is required" "Just have to fight for it" "It feels like looking
At a scripture" "It teases like those
Addictive evenings" "Even when your unfulfilled
Desires refuse to give up" "The struggle between
Them is interesting" "Speechless breath,
Trying to whisper in to your ears" "All this isn't enough,
But demands more" -"Oh!"
-"I look for you everywhere" "I go past my fate in
Search of pleasantry" "Come let's enter the world of dreams" "Every path is calling out to us" The bad guy. "Every part of the body
Runs in search of you" "When you come in to arms,
It's a serene feeling" "Arguments in our life" "Will fade away as
The time goes by" "Profusely sweating building bridges" "The breeze doesn't stand a
Chance to cool it down" "As I've been walking long,
Hurting my feet" "You must be my ladder to happiness" "When I saw a damsel,
In you, my girl" "My mind was struck with
Hundreds of words" "Remaining in the mane,
Heart is looking for you" "Let go of fear and would
You please come over" "The thirst for magic to happen" "Will set in motion automatically" "But will be a never ending one" "Lust for love, will drizzle endlessly" "Will never change as the time passes by" "Oh!" "Beauty!" "Come" "Closer" "The pulse is rising, even
Before anything had happened" "Time is getting wasted,
As the night is fading away" "Flavor is getting thicker
During the night" "Pain is like the search of poverty" "I look for you everywhere" "I go past my fate in
Search of pleasantry" "My lips shouldn't go dry,
Even If I sleep tight" "Just like dripping honey,
The longing shouldn't end" Hey, it's the third ring. So what? Move. Hey! Are you a school kid? You run at once on hearing the bell. One more minute and everything will be done. If I don't open the door on the
third ring, she'll definitely leave. Then I'll have to
do all the work. Your one minute of pleasure will wreck my whole day. Get lost. Hey! Hey!
Why do you have a long face? Ganga! Put the clothes from the washing
machine in to the dryer. Okay, ma'am. Hey! Who gave you
the permission to kiss me? I thought the chutney was spicy. But it seems right. Really? Look, didn't I tell you? They're here. New neighbors. Do you think they'd be interesting? Silent Hill Hospital. It's a modern neuro surgery, Lokesh. I've just cut open your head. And you're very much
in your senses. Did it hurt? No, right? Confirm target point. Okay! I'll be inserting these
electrodes in to your brain. You might feel a mild tickle,
but it won't pain. You stopped playing cricket
after Parkinson's, right? Let's play cricket now. You'll stop the
shivering in your hand. Then, you'll show me a leg spin. Okay? Let's give it a try. Go. Excellent! One more time, Lokesh. Come on, keep doing it. Nice. Didn't I say that it's a simple procedure
and will be done soon? Okay, Okay.
Don't strain it so much. Okay, okay.
Take it easy. India's number one deep brain stimulation specialist. Dr. Krishnakanth, in the house. Krish! -Good job, fantastic.
-Thanks, Doctor. It's the third
time in two years. I've been a psychiatrist in
this hospital for ten years. Nobody has ever applauded for me. Doc! You asked everyone to applaud. I'm a good person. Okay, tell me. What's the secret of your success? There's no secret to it. Maybe, I'm just lucky. -Coffee?
-Sure. Hi, aunt. I'm Jenny, and she's Sarah. We're your neighbors. Sarah broke your window. Say sorry. No! Why should I say sorry? Say sorry. -Sorry, aunt.
-It's okay, sweety. No issues at all.
Please come in. We're just unpacking. Mom and Dad, will invite you for
the house warming party next week. -You should definitely come.
-Yeah, sure. -Why not?
-Yeah, it'll be great. Who's this guy? So cute! -He's my husband.
-You're married? Yes.
Why? Don't I look married? You do. But he doesn't. Mom! I'll leave. Okay, aunt. We'll meet at the party. Sarah, come. -Say bye.
-Bye, aunty. Bye! A solar eclipse, that
takes place once in 80 years is expected to
take place next month. And will be visible from
the north-eastern parts of the country. -Good morning, Dad.
-Good morning, baby. Meteorologist across the
globe are coming down to India to conduct a
research on the same. Where's the knife? Hopeless! It's just like singing to a deaf person. Where's the kitchen knife? Oh! I don't know where it is. Jenny, did you happen to
take the kitchen knife? Why would I take it? No matter what goes wrong,
it'll be Jenny's fault. Dad, I'll wait in the car. What did I say to
make her upset? Ma'am, the meat has got bad odor. Huh? Meat smell is bad. Why don't you put it
in the washing machine? Oh, okay. Washing machine then. Hey, Neelima! What did you understand now? Stop! One week later, D'costa Residence. Not at all, you're not late. -Thanks for inviting.
-Please come. This is the dining room. Wow! What do you say? -Jenny?
-Dr. Krish, he's our neighbor. -That's his wife Lakshmi.
-Lakshmi. -Nice to meet you.
-You too. Come, I'll show you around. I'll be back. -What's your poison?
-Whiskey, neat. Neat whiskey is fine for the cold. But when we were in
Chennai, we used to drink beer. -Chennai?
-Yeah. Me too. So I can take that, you'll be there for a
Chennaite when in need of help, right? I came with an expectation
to have drinks. If you're looking for help,
then look for someone else. -Cheers!
-Cheers! Wow! You look so young
in this picture. Compared to Paul, right? Oh no! I didn't mean that. It's okay. Actually... -I'm his second wife.
-Oh! Jenny's mother passed
away, seven years ago. My father had known Paul for a long time. So... I said yes. After which, Sarah
was born to us. -Baby?
-Lakshmi! Are you that scared
of your wife? People who know my wife are
well aware of my fear. Can you give me back my drink? Oh! Sorry. Neat Whiskey. -Nice.
-Thank you, Jenny. How do you know my name? My wife did say that a crazy
person had come home. Now I know, that the person
isn't crazy but a drunkard. Actually, I don't like alcohol. I don't like downers,
only uppers. You know uppers, right? Coke, E, MDMA. Oh! You're teaching a
doctor about drugs? -Oops!
-If at all I write a prescription you can get better drugs, legally. -Really?
-Yeah. Doctor, I've been unwell
for the past two days. Can you prescribe something for me? Sure, I can. A tight slap! At least, get me another drink. Definitely not. Because Jenny doesn't
like downers. "Crazy bird" "Ended up having
Affection for the moon" "Ended up having
Affection for the moon" Hi, little girl. What are you looking at? Jenny! Jenny! Hey, Jenny! -Paul!
-Huh? Jenny fell in to the well,
get me a rope. Quick. What? Krish! Krish! Hey, careful! Paul, do something. Jenny! Come soon, make it fast. Put the rope down. Krish! Krish, take the rope! -Oh God!
-Jenny. -Oh God!
-Jenny. Hot water, quick. -Jenny.
-Move aside, move aside. -Move aside, please.
-Krish. -Give her some space.
-Jenny! -Don't worry.
-Jenny. -Relax.
-Yeah. Jenny! Is she breathing, Krish?
Is she breathing? Jenny, breathe. Just... Jenny. She's fine, she's fine. Relax. Thank God for Krish. -Jenny.
-Get me that blanket. Are you okay? Jenny dear, dad's here. -She's okay. She's okay.
-Dad. Everyone stood there in silence. I don't know why
you had to jump. Sit! You seemed more concerned
about her than her parents. You're crazy! Please remove your shoes. I almost died. You will die of pneumonia. Change your clothes,
I'll get tea. I wonder... Krish! I'm screaming at
the top of my voice. Are you even listening to me? What am I saying and
what are you doing? Let me go. What If something had
happened to you? You never listen. I need you! What time is it? It's 3:00 a.m. Who could it be, at this hour? No idea. Krish, Jenny's got a seizure. Can you please come? Jenny, nothing is wrong with you. Jenny. Colonel, please. Jenny! -Jenny?
-Hold her legs. Jenny! Jenny look at me. Please take her inside. What happened to her? Paul I need a spoon or
anything that could help. Yeah. Father, hold her legs. Jenny! Krish, here's the spoon. Open your mouth. Jenny, open your mouth. Don't let it go, don't. Hold her tight. I'm holding her. She'll be okay, you'll be okay.
Jenny, you'll be okay. Baby. Jenny? Jenny! Jenny! Let go of her legs. Jenny? The house warming party
was a grand fete. All the more reason
for evil eyes. Let her take some rest. Get her to the hospital.
We will run all the required tests. -Okay, thanks.
-Don't worry. -Thanks a lot.
-Anytime. Goodnight. Hey! How did this happen? What? Oh, this. Jenny. Last night. Even I've never
bitten you so hard. No issues. I'm all yours. You can bite now. I'm going to shoot
your maid dead. You... Hi, Krish. Thank you for what you
did for me, last night. Hey! It's okay, Jenny. If you don't mind. I'll see you at the hospital. Bye, aunt. Hi, Krish... bye, aunt. It's getting out of control. Hey. She's just a kid. -Get lost.
-Hey, Lakshmi! Just as I expected, Paul. Everything is normal. Fits, can sometimes occur
without any reason. Not to worry. Physically, Jenny is 100 percent fine. -Thank you, Krish.
-Anytime. Thank you. -Bye.
-Bye. Kitchen knife? Earlier, she lied to me. But she has kept it here. What's wrong with this girl? Ouch! Get out of here. Hello? Lizzie? Hey, Lakshmi! -When did you get here?
-Just now. I think your doorbell isn't working. That's why I came in looking for you. -Really? I'll get it fixed.
-Okay. I came down to invite
you guys for dinner. Don't worry,
I can cook really well. Good. We'll be there for sure. But I'll speak to Paul
and confirm with you. No problem. Great. The bell fixed itself. What happened? Nothing. Okay, I'll leave now.
I will see you tonight for dinner. Oh! I got this chocolate for Sarah. Sarah and Jenny are at the
site with my husband. -Is that so?
-Yes. My work gets easier when
the kids are not around. -Would you like some tea?
-No, thanks. We had ordered 3 propeller
turbines for our new MHP. -What's the status on that?
-It'll be here in the evening. We can start the installation
process by tomorrow. -Okay, thank you. Thanks.
-Sure, sir. Yeah, Lizzie. Lakshmi has invited us
for dinner tonight. I didn't check with
you and agreed to it. No problem, right? Yes, sure. I hope the kids are
not disturbing you. No, not at all. -Okay, see you.
-Okay. -Bye.
-Bye. Hey, Jenny, be careful. Yes, Dad. May I have your attention? Glasses please. -Cheers guys!
-Cheers! Welcome to the Himalayas. -Cheers.
-Thank you. -Hope it's not too spicy.
-Not at all. Everything is perfect. Why didn't Sarah come?
I got pastry for her. Sarah went early to bed. -Oh.
-So, Colonel stayed back with her. So that makes Sarah,
grandad's pet. Absolutely, best friends.
Moreover, they're roommates. -I forgot to ask
-Yes? Are her school admission
formalities done? I had spoken to the principal of
St. Mary's school, yesterday. He assured that it
should be done. Moreover, there's enough time
for the schools to start. -Paul!
-Huh? Tell me. What made you choose this house? I always desired to
own a big house. My dream home! It was in my budget
at the right time. Timing is everything. Yes, it is. Timing! Jenny, what are you doing? I didn't do anything. You don't seem to eat well. She's pecking liking a bird. She does the same
at home as well. -She's playful all the time.
-Please, excuse me. -Sure. Sure.
-Jenny come on eat your food. Don't be shy. You eat such delicious food everyday? How do you stay in shape, Krish? If I ask for such food daily,
I'll get thrashed. It's been specially made for you guys. Oh! Did you hear what
he said about you? -Would you like some?
-Yeah, please. -No, no, no. I'm full.
-Just one more spoon. Thank you. Thanks. You don't have to,
I'll clear the table. It's okay, I don't mind. How's the Power Plant
Project coming through? Not bad at all. We've got the permission
for the second one. Installation will
start tomorrow. That's great. Get done as much you can, before winter. Last year, the roads were closed for
2 weeks due to heavy snowfall. -Oh!
-I couldn't go to the hospital. -Is it that bad?
-Yeah. Jenny!
What happened? -Dad!
-What happened? -Lizzie!
-Dad! -What happened, Jenny?
-Jenny there's nothing. There's nothing. Why don't come here? Why don't you look for yourself? What happened? There's nothing, dear.
There's nothing. I think she saw something. There's nothing. -Dad, I really did see something.
-Jenny! I'm sorry, Krish. I'll see you tomorrow. It's fine, no issues. Goodnight. I wonder what she saw. Paul. What's the time? What's your dad upto? Dad! Dad! Jenny? Even I heard it, Dad. You won't hear it anymore. Go to bed. Ma'am, is this your phone? -Huh? No.
-Show me. This is Jenny's phone. You seem to know everything. Give that to me. I'll send it across through the maid. You can leave for work. It's next door.
I'll drop it on the way. Why? Aren't you satisfied with what
happened under the table, last night? Hey! She's just a kid.
Have some shame. -Is that so?
-Yeah. Then give me the phone. -Why?
-Give it to me. -I said, I will drop it.
-Give me the phone. -Krish!
-Hey, what are you doing? Let me go. -Give it to me.
-Wait, it's ringing. Hello? Hey, Paul. Krish here. Jenny forgot her phone here, last night. What? Are you sure,
she is not at home? Okay, I'll be right there. Jenny and Sarah are
missing since morning. Let me go and check. Jenny! Jenny! I'm coming too.
Where are you going? Jenny. She comes here quite often. You're well aware of what
happened last night. I'm really worried. Paul, it's a difficult age. Don't confuse yourself... Jenny. Krish, go fetch Sarah.
I'll follow Jenny. Jenny, stop! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny. Sarah, be careful. Jenny! Help! Sarah. Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Help! Jenny? Come here. Jenny. I was following her... and I fell down. -My hands are hurting.
-Jenny! Why did you go there? I'm talking to you. Why did you go there? Open your mouth and
say something. -Paul.
-Let me deal with this, Dad. Jenny? -Jenny!
-Jenny. -Jenny.
-Jenny. Jenny? -Do you know what's happening?
-Jenny? Is she alright? -Jenny.
-Jenny. Lay her down. Jenny, can you hear me? Dad. She's fine. What's happening to her? Huh? This is Mr. Paul and his
daughter, Jennifer. -Nice to meet you.
-Same here. Sure, you guys wait in my cabin. -I'll call you later.
-Sure. Paul. Dad? I'll be outside. Hi. Hi. This is a safe zone. Okay? You can speak your mind here. No one will judge you. Whatever we discuss here,
will remain between us. Patient-Doctor Confidentiality. Understood? Okay. Now tell me. What's the problem? She's telling us to
leave the house. Who? Home. Hello. Hello. Sarah, don't play pranks on me. Get out of here. It means... "Get out of here." In Chinese. Do you know Chinese? No. I checked it on
Google Translate. Were there any other incidences? Last Friday... Friday, the 13th! It was around 2:00 a.m.
in the night. Hey, Sarah. I'm in here. Sarah, didn't you hear
that I'm in here? Just wait and watch,
what I'm going to do. Did you mention this at home? No. I didn't, as no one
would've believed me. Was there someone else with you? No. Apart from you, did anyone
else experience something? I'm not sure. So... it was just you, who
has seen all of this? Today's session is over. Ask you father to come in. You can you wait
outside for sometime. Don't worry. Everything is alright. I won't share anything
with your father. Okay? Okay. Did you experience
anything strange at home? Yeah, one night, my father's
Dictaphone started playing. I went and switched it off, but
it started to play again. So, I removed the batteries. Why do you think it happened? Perhaps, the play button
was broken. Correct. And if at all Jenny
was present there she would've made up
something out of it. -What do you mean?
-Well... Only after I get to have
more sessions with Jenny I would be able to
diagnose her properly. Albert Einstein quotes, "Energy can
neither be created nor destroyed." Energy is everywhere. So, when a human being dies
where does the soul go? I've been in search of
that answer for ages. Since when is this
happening in the house? I think-- Since I come house. One month. Colonel Sir,
Jenny. Come here, kid. Come here, dear. Jenny. Go to your room. Jenny! You are? I'm a nomad. Colonel said, there are strange
things happening in the house. And you don't have
any answer to that. That's why, I'm here. We're not looking
for any answers. Please leave. Thank you! Thanks. I was just trying to help. Jenny? Jenny? It's late. Go to bed. Come on. Doctor Prasad? As per your instructions,
I'm taking Jenny out. I'll come back, once
you give me a call. Yes. This is Jenny's room. Case file 2243.
Patient name: Jennifer D'Costa. Accompanied by: Father. Chief complaint: Paranoia, auditory and
visual hallucinations. Personality: Likes shock value.
Gothic imagery. Wild imagination, irrational beliefs. Horror fiction fan. Psychedelic influences (drugs?) Independent.
Particular about 'her space.' Neon crucifix. Religious? Rebel? Keeps a diary. Lonely? Isolated? Browsing history: Ghosts,
haunted houses, possession. Holy Bible. Believes in God and the Devil? You haven't left yet? Hey, Doc. Five minutes. How was the morning
session with Jenny? It went well but it's taking time. If it's taking too much
time, send her to the OT. I will rewire her brain and
she'll be alright in two days. -Goodnight doctors.
-Goodnight. I'm trying to do this my way. Hypnotherapy starting
from tomorrow. Hypnotherapy? Is it the one where you
use a clock and show magic? Exactly. Can I come and watch? -Sure, why not?
-Superb. -Can you drop me.
-Sure, Doc. One for the road? If I drink and drive my wife will thrash me. Can I come and watch? I'm a doctor, I can see everything. -Just one drink.
-You want me to get beaten up, don't you? Hi, baby. Paul was saying that he needs help. I'll go check on that. Can you get me a cup of tea? Krish. I have a doubt. Is this our home,
or the one next door? I sleep here every night. So, I think, this is our house. Hey. I understand that they are
facing issues in that house. But whether they live, move or perhaps shove off from here is something that Paul
will take care of. Why don't you just
mind your own business? Are you asking me to abandon Jenny? You mentioned that
girl's name again. I'm a doctor and
she's my patient. That's it. If you don't get it, then
that's your problem. I'll take care of her,
until she's fine. That's about it. 20th February, 2016.
Hypnotherapy Session 1. Shall we begin? Jenny. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Focus on the darkness. Be attentive to this ticking sound. You'd feel sleepy now. Don't fight it. Just relax. When I... snap my fingers like this. You'll have to answer
my questions. Okay? Once again when I snap my fingers,
you'll have to wake up. Think of it as an
'On' and 'Off' switch. And follow the same. Jenny. Don't you like this place? Do you wish to go back
to your old house? Initially, I never
used to like it here. But later, Dad convinced
me to live here. Now I like it here. And there's Krish who
lives next door. This cold weather... now I like everything. If you like everything here... then why did you go to that
mountain the other day? I didn't go. Why did you go to that mountain
and had everyone scared? I'm telling you,
I didn't go. So can I talk to the
one who went up there? Why are you quiet? I'm talking to you, tell me. This is my house. Jenny? No one can live hear. She's said, "This is my house." "No one else can live here." Who are you to say this? Li-Jing. It's her name. Jenny? What are you doing? What are you doing? I am wiping the blood on my stomach. She said, "Wiping the blood
stains on my stomach." Jenny? Jenny? Jenny? Doctor! Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Listen to me, relax! Jenny? Wake up, Jenny. What did I say? What happened, Dad? Do you have a family priest? Priest? -For what?
-I'll let you know. We're Pentecostal Christians. We have Pastor Joshua
at the local church. In order to save Jenny... we would need his help. Earth to earth. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. In sure and certain
hope of resurrection. And lastly, in to your
hands, Oh merciful savior. We commend, your servant. And we commit the body
to the ground. Blessed, peace of
everlasting rest. In the... In the company of the glorious company of
Saints of Light. Amen. We always offer blessings. But today, Dr. Prasad
has come to meet me. What can I do for you? We need you to perform an exorcism
on Paul's daughter, Jenny. Exorcism? Our child is possessed? I'm a professional psychiatrist. Jenny is most definitely
not possessed. Then why do you need me? Actually, she's been quite
unhappy these days. She still hasn't come out
of the trauma her mother's demise. She started to develop
some stories of her own. And now she believes that those
imaginary stories are real. She's feeling very
lonely out here. She doesn't know how
to deal with this. She believes that
Li-Jing's ghost has possessed her. If you ask, why Li-Jing? She must have read a
book of this sort. She might have watched a film
Or it must be the internet. Or, she must have started this
to drive away boredom. Now she strongly
believes that Li-Jing is bound to send everyone
away from this house. Hold on a second, Doc. We both heard it clearly. She was speaking Chinese. I checked it on
Google Translate. Google Translate. She's fooling herself. Classic psychosomatic behavior. That's why we'll have to perform a
fake exorcism and get done with it. But, doctor, isn't there a medical
treatment for this issue? This fake exorcism is a
treatment by itself, Paul. Only then, Jenny will believe
that Li-Jing's soul has left her body. I'll follow the procedure of an exorcism. You may call it a treatment... or a deception. We... will take this as a blessing. Don't worry. Our child will be alright. This plan, Jenny's exorcism... I just don't get it. Whatever we're doing
is for Jenny's good. Dr. Prasad. Psychiatrist. Man of Science. What you're doing doesn't
match your profession. Brain surgeon! You cut open the human brain
and massage it. And you doubt my techniques? I sure do, Doc. We're going to perform
a fake exorcism, right? -Yup!
-Then why do we need a real Pastor? It's for Jenny, Krish. She's got to believe it. Even if the believer is a fool... his beliefs are
everything to him. Different rules for
different fools. -Good morning, doctors.
-Morning! My mother would always say... if you need to light a lamp all you need is oil. But if you're looking for light... you need faith. Faith! Shall we? Everything will be fine. Lizzie, please. You stay back. -Colonel, please take care of her.
-Okay, Doctor. -Paul.
-Sit down. -Are we ready?
-Yeah. Please. 22nd February, 2016.
The exorcism of Jenny D'costa. Dad, who's this? We've never met. I'm Pastor Joshua. How are you, Jennifer? Jennifer? Everyone calls me Jenny. Jenny. Why am I surrounded
by so many people? I'm scared. It was that room the other day and
today it's this room, that's it. Okay? Okay. What are you going to do? You were wiping blood of
your stomach that day. Whose blood was it? Who is it that you had killed? What are you saying, Doctor? I don't understand. I'm not talking to you, Jenny. Li-Jing. If you don't talk to us Pastor Joshua will make
sure to chase you away. Then you will not be able to
use Jenny for your advantage. -Jenny?
-Paul. Don't be scared. I did not kill anyone. Start the procedure please. Lord, the Father in heaven. Lord, the Father in heaven. Lord the Father in heaven,
the most merciful. Bless us. Have mercy upon us. Oh, wicked spirit. Release this gentle
soul unto our Lord. Behold the cross of the Lord. Flee bands of enemies,
we drive you from us. Whoever you may be,
unclean spirits. In the name of Jesus Christ,
our God and Lord. We confidently undertake to repulse, the
attacks and deseeds of the devil. The Lord's enemies are
scattered and driven away. All Satanic powers. Pastor, do something. She's not your Jenny. There's something else inside of her. Here on, saving Jenny,
is my responsibility. All infernal invaders. All wicked legions, all assemblies... God arises,
his enemies are scattered. And those who hate him, flee before him. As wax melts before fire so the wicked perish at
the presence of God. All wicked legions. Dr. Prasad,
get me a rope, right away. Dr. Prasad! Krish! God arises,
his enemies are scattered. And those who hate him, flee before him. The smoke is driven away. As wax melts before the fire so the wicked perish at
the presence of God. -Behold the cross of the Lord.
-Doc! -Flee bands of enemies.
-Doc! -The lion of the tribe of Judah
-Doc, help me. -the offspring of David hath conquered.
-Doc! May thy mercy, Lord descend upon us. As great as our hope, in thee we're driven. Dr. Prasad!
Dr. Prasad! No! Krish!
Come on, Krish. -Come on.
-I command you, unclean spirit. -Whoever you are
-Hold her. along with all your
minions now attacking this servant of God. Doc, hold her. God, the Father of our
lord Jesus Christ. Heed my prayer, may
the Lord be with you. -I adjourn you, Ancient Serpent
-Hold her. unto our Lord. In the name of our Lord and God... I adjourn you to depart
forthwith in fear from this servant of God. I adjourn you, Ancient Spirit by the judge of the
living and of the dead. Depart forthwith from
this servant of God. Behold this, the
cross of our Lord. We drive you from us,
whoever you may be all wicked legions,
assemblies and sects. In the name and by the power of... The girl will die. Jennifer? Jennifer? Everyone calls me Jenny. Dad? Jenny! God is good. Oh Lord, have mercy. Krish. Come on, Krish. Krish! Come on, get up. Jenny? Jenny, are you okay? You alright? Pastor? He's alive. The girl will die. The girl will die. March, 2016.
Silent Hill Hospital. Vitals are stable. Pulse is consistent. Change the dressing tomorrow. And monitor him every two hours. Okay? Um... Doctor, if any special treatment
or surgery is required please go ahead. You don't have to
worry about the cost. As I said... we can't perform a surgery
until he's out of the coma. Nurse, once you've filed the
reports, go to your ward. -I'll see you there.
-Okay, Doctor. We need your touch. We wait on you. You're our savior. Our friend... and our hope. Amen. They've been praying
for him relentlessly. They can at least pray for him. What do I do? For my guilty conscience. I keep asking myself, "Why did
I get him involved in this?" This question has been
pricking me every moment. We have the same
guilty conscience. It all happened for the
sake of my daughter. Don't worry. How's everyone at home? Jenny seems absolutely normal. I'll check on Pastor
and then leave. Krish. That day, when I saw
Pastor Joshua for the last time I saw a strange fear in his eyes. Did you notice that? I didn't. I have a feeling that there's something
more to this incident, Krish. Doc... didn't Paul just say
that Jenny is normal now? Correct. But do we know everything
that we are supposed to? Up until we ask the right question,
we won't get the right answer. But only Pastor Joshua
has the right answer. Krish, we can't wait until
he regains consciousness. That means, you're not going to
stop until you get all the answers. Tell me, what you want to do? I'm with you. Paul! Yeah? Everyone's gathered at one place? We need to talk, Paul. -Yeah.
-After everything that happened... is it vital for us to be in this house? Let's go away, please. Yes, Paul. Yes, Lizzie is right.
We should leave from this house. I've pawned this house as collateral
for the loan for the Power Plant Project. If they come down for inspection
and find this house locked the loan application
would be canceled. Mom, I had told you
that he'll get upset. Why are you guys still scared? We can stay in this house. I'm absolutely fine now. Please stop torturing
Dad with this. Please. Dad... whatever happens,
will happen for good. Just give another chance
to me and to this house. Please. 'I pray to Lord Brahma,
Murari and Tripurantakari.' 'The Sun, the Moon,
Mars and Mercury...' 'I pray to Lord Brahma,
Murari and Tripurantakari.' 'The Sun, the Moon, Mars and Mercury.' 'Jupiter, Venus, Saturn...' Sir! What are you doing? Sir! Every time... things missing, Sir. Knife missing... bad smell. Fridge, Sir. Ghost in... house, Sir. I do prayer. Don't scare everyone at the
house with this nonsense. Every time... meaning. Sir, every different
meaning, sir. Not good for family. Hey, stop it! Don't do this nonsense... Don't do this in front of the kids. Got it? -Understood?
-Okay, sir. Go to bed. If I catch you doing this again... you won't be spared. -Lakshmi!?
-Oh my God! Oh my God! What happened? Krish, do you see this strip? If you see two lines on this,
it means that I'm pregnant. There are two lines
and I'm pregnant. You do realize that
I'm a doctor, right? I love you! Who's the father? I love you too! It's your agency
who had sent her. If the agency itself doesn't
know, then who does? You find out and let us know. Thank you. -Nonsense.
-She's crazy. She left without even
taking her stuff. Wonder what was the emergency. Paul, I think you
should try and call-- Paul? Ghost in... house, Sir. I do prayer. Dad. please call the psychic. Right now. Everyone has their own way
to talk to the spirits. Some roll the dice to
talk to the spirits... while some use pen and paper. It was through sand art, when
a spirit first spoke to me. They communicate... through the sand. This is Mr. Chang. Chinese translator. He was very helpful
during Jenny's hypnosis. That's why, I called him. 'Devotion to the mystic
law of the Lotus Sutra.' Is there someone in this house? Is there anybody in this house? Dad! She's here. You can speak to
them through me. I'll let them know. You can speak to
them through me. I'll let them know. There are two spirits. It's the spirits of a
mother and her daughter. Get out of here. Everyone will be killed. Everyone will be killed. Why will they get killed? Why would everyone be killed? Lizzie. You were right. We will no longer stay in this house. We'll leave right away. Come on. They're not finished yet, Paul. These two spirits... were scaring you to chase you away. But apart from
these two spirits... there's another spirit. Which is stopping you from leaving. There's no use of running now. No matter where you go, that
spirit won't let go of you. I'm sorry, Paul. Jai, I was waiting for you. Come in. Doctor, here's the file
you had asked for. Sit. This case is 80 years old. That's why it took
a while to find it. Lakshmi? Who is that? Is someone there? Lakshmi? Hey, hey! Baby, what happened? What happened? Did you have a nightmare? It's okay, go back to sleep. Lie down. The child's heartbeat
is normal, Krish. So nothing to worry. And you need bed rest for
the next two-three days. After that, you'll be completely alright. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you. There's something
inside Paul's house, Krish. We should leave our house. That's their house. Why should we leave our house? Why did you need to
climb up the water tank? You slipped and fell down. It was an accident. There's no connection
between the two, Lakshmi. No, I didn't slip. When I climbed up... I saw a little girl,
at top of the tank. That's why I got scared and fell down. The spirit in their house... has entered in our house too. Calling, Dr. Krish. Calling, Dr. Krish. Dr. Krish to the OT. I have to go.
You take rest. Doctor? Dr. Arun is done with
his Pre-Op procedures. We're shifting him to the OT. We can go ahead with
the local anesthesia. Doctor, can we go ahead
with the procedure? Just finish prep, I'm coming. Mr. Arvind, this is a
different kind of surgery. During this surgery
you can talk to me and to Dr. Shekar too. Shall we begin? I'm going to insert the
electrodes in to your brain. You won't feel any pain,
but will tickle a bit. Let's begin.
Okay? Inserting electrodes. Once the electrodes
are inserted you'll be able to stop the
shivering in your hand. Deep brain stimulation is-- Is everything okay, Doctor? Nothing. Nurse? Dab please. Deep brain stimulation is a
two way street, Arvind. Thanks. Again.
Concentrate, Arvind. You'll have to concentrate just as much. Stop the shivering, and stre-- Doctor, are you sure you're okay? I know what I'm doing, Sekhar. Go and stand there. You're here to observe. Let's continue. Arvind, keep your hand steady. And then lift the little
finger of your right hand. No. Your hands are still shaky. Try once again. Try relaxing. Relax! We'll... We'll try proceeding now. Inserting the the electrodes. What have you done?
Doctor, please step aside. Nurse, get a shot of dopamine. Quick! I think he's getting
a cardiac arrest. Hold him! Dr. Usha Hegde.
(Cheif of Surgery) I haven't forgotten what you've
done for this hospital, Dr. Krish. The truth is, if you were disturbed, you
shouldn't have walked in to the OT. Luckily, the patient is alive. If not... I'm sorry, Doctor.
I'm going to have to suspend you. Think of it as a break. Take care of your wife. Krish! Two minutes. Years ago... something happened
in Paul's house. In order to know more,
I'm going to a village nearby. I'll come too. Lakshmi? She just needs to rest now. Nurses will take care of her. I need to know what's happening, Doc. I just can't take it anymore. Okay, I'll wait for
you downstairs. Did you find anything old
when you moved in here? I don't think so... If you feel attached to some item, your
emotions are bound to get invested. Only people with ESP
abilities can feel it. I'm one of them. "Little sparrowshave gone
Back to their nests" "Little lambs are on their way home" "My baby, the moonlight is gently swaying" Where did you find this? Lakshmi said that she saw something. I didn't believe her. I saw it too, in the
operation theater. What's happening inside
that house, Doc? Eighty years ago... there used to live a Chinese family,
where Paul's family is living right now. A man called, Lu Wei his
wife and their daughter. Lu Wei was a silk trader. He used to import raw
silk from China and sell it here to the Kings, Princes
and the British officials. They lived there for many years. And suddenly, one day... their dead bodies were found in the house. What? -How did they die?
-No idea. But, I've come to know from
the police records that a little girl was an eye witness to it. They say, she was absolutely
scared to speak, then. We're going to meet
that same girl now. If she wasn't able to speak then will she speak now, after
so many years? I don't know. But I know one thing. The future of Paul's family
is connected to that girl's past. Can we go a little faster? I come here whenever
I feel like smoking. Very rarely, Dad. I found that comb
under this tree. We will have to dig this place. Stop! Move aside. This is a woman's skeleton. She was pregnant, when she died. This one, is a small kid. This kid's throat was slit. People have cooked up many stories
in regards to that Chinese house. But we'll only be able to save the
family if you tell us the truth. Tell us if you remember
anything about that day, please. Considering my age,
I've forgotten about many things. But... I'll never be able to forget... what happened that day. The others would only let you know
what they heard from someone else. But, I was the only one who witnessed that
incident in person. It was during 1935. I must have been eight years old. There was a beautiful
tree at that house. I used to go there, to
pluck flowers from that tree. There lived a Chinese man. I used to be very scared of him. Hello, Paul? -He had a wife...
-Hello? Hello, Paul? and a daughter of my age. And that lady always used to
let me pluck the flowers. One day, when I went
there to pluck flowers... they weren't there. Only that man was present there. Let me go. Let me go! What are you doing? Let her go! According to this scroll, for ages a boy child has taken birth when a girl
child has been sacrificed. on the day of total
solar eclipse What is this madness? Let her go! Suddenly, the color
of the sky changed. And, the daylight submerged in to the
darkness of the night. There was a solar
eclipse on that day. According to these ancient scrolls a boy is born if a girl
child is sacrificed on the day of a total solar eclipse. And it has to be done before
the solar eclipse ends. What has happened to you?
Why are you talking like this? Oh Dark Lord! Look at this! Oh Dark Lord. Look at this! Oh Dark Lord. You have ruined it. There is very little time left. Now I have no other choice. I am going to sacrifice
our daughter, Li Min. I will not allow this. Shall we play a game? Okay, Dad. Do you want a baby brother to play with? Yes, Dad. I do. -Then you must do as I say.
-Yes, Dad. What should I do? Come, place your head here. If a boy can only be born by sacrificing a girl then such a child
is not required. And even if it is a boy,
you shall never have him. "The stars in the sky are your company" "Tomorrow will be another good day" "My baby, sleep in my arms" This is not the end. Just the beginning. "Baby I love you
In your sweet dreams" "Little lambs and the stars" "Will join and play with you" Since then, I get really tensed just by
the mere mention of the solar eclipse. Tomorrow... there will be a solar eclipse, once again. Once again. All this while, these spirits
were just trying to warn you. But Lu Wei's soul was... not letting you leave. You said it was Paul's
call, anything urgent? I've been trying, but
there's no network. I'll try once again. Go away. Nurse? Nurse! Nurse! Go away. Oh my God! Somebody help me! Help me, please! March 9th, 2016.
Day of the total solar eclipse. Where are Jenny and Sarah? Call them quick. Paul, it's not safe to leave
until the eclipse is over. It's better to leave rather than
stay here and wait for death. Lizzie! But how is the
eclipse connected to this? One second. Yeah, tell me dear. Krish, where are you? I need to talk to you, in person. Where's Jenny? Jenny? No idea. Doc and I are
headed to Paul's house. Is that so? I'll get discharged from
here and see you there. So you're going to be there too? -Yeah.
-Okay. Today's solar eclipse is believed
to be a total solar eclipse. It will be the longest
in 100 years. -It will last for
-Ma'am? -seven and a half minutes.
-Ma'am, sign. It has attracted many tourists and
researchers to Himachal Pradesh. People have been warned that it should not
be looked at without proper precautions. The warning has been issued
by the Meteorological Department. Krish! Pastor has regained consciousness. That's good. Did he say something? He wasn't able to speak well. But he's asked to keep Jenny locked
inside a room for the next hour. Okay. Doc just called, he said
he'll be here in ten minutes. He asked us to be with Jenny
until the eclipse is over. Paul.
Where's Jenny? -Jenny?
-She's packing her stuff. I need to talk to her. Why? What happened? Nothing to worry,
I'll let you know later. Krish, come. Is Sarah with Jenny? She must be around. Krish! What happened? Check if Jenny is inside. Why don't you check, Lakshmi? Sarah! Please, Krish. I'm scared. Jenny? Jenny! She's not here. Look properly. Please look, Krish. Jenny? Not every spirit is against God. But there is one, at Paul's house. Dad? Pastor said that, Krish
is the reason behind everything bad that's
happened in here. Lakshmi, open the door. Krish has been possessed by the soul
of the man who died in this house. What? Paul! -Krish is not in his senses.
-Open the door! Someone will die before
the eclipse is over. I can't stop him by myself. We all have to
stop him together. Paul! Lakshmi! Open the door! Open the door! This is not the end. Lu Wei had sacrificed his
own child in this house. But he didn't get what
he had desired for. Today, Lu Wei will definitely use
Krish to fulfill his motives. Oh my God! Dr. Prasad... praying to God? Why? Let me tell you. Li Jing's spirit, possessed Jenny to save Paul's
family at any cost. But from whom? When I was going through
these records... I came to know that Lu Wei and you Dr. V. S. Krishna Kumar
have the same birth dates. Different year but same date. Same person? That's the reason I was praying. Because if the Devil
exists, then so does God. I asked you not to
analyze my brain, Doc. This way. Jenny... where's Sarah? Krish? Jenny, Sarah? Both of them are with
Paul, they'll be safe. How do we stop Krish? I'll distract him. You guys try to get
the kids out of here. Sarah. Where is Sarah? Sarah?
No. Sarah, hide. Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Krish, please. Please, Krish. Listen to me. Krish. Krish, you're true but the
one inside you is not. Krish, look at me. No. Sarah. Sarah, run. Run, Sarah. She can run,
but she can't hide from me. The girl will die. Dad. -Dad!
-Sarah, run! Please, spare my child. Dad! Why did you stop? Chase us! Why are you standing
there? Come. Sarah, run! Run! She's gone from here. She's not in the house. Krish, please let my sister go. Please! Sarah? What are you up to, dear? I was waiting for you, Dad. Do you want a little
brother to play with? I do, Dad. Then, you'll have to listen to me. Okay, Dad. I'll listen to you. Come and place your
beautiful face here. Okay, Dad. Hey! Krish! Let her go, Krish. Please let her go. Let the kid go. The girl will die. -This girl should die.
-No. With her death, a boy will be born. No, Krish. Krish, listen to me. Krish, I'll kill myself. If a boy can only be born
by sacrificing a girl... then such a child
is not required. And even if it s boy,
you shall never have him. Sarah! Krish, don't do it. No! Sarah! Krish, no. Krish, no. Krish! Paul! Krish! Pin him down! Krish, listen to me. Krish! Lizzie, take Sarah away. Sarah! Come on! Sarah! Sarah! Krish, no. No, Krish. Li-Jing? Let him go. We've done what was
required of us. The eclipse is over. They'll take care of him now. Krish. This is not the end. Krish? Krish? Oh my God, Krish. Krish, can you hear me? Krish? -Lakshmi?
-Yes. -Sarah, baby.
-Yes. -Dad!
-Mom. What happened? Nothing. Nothing, dear. Shall we go home now? Morjim Beach, Goa.
4 years later. -Hi!
-Hi! Come in. -Hi.
-Hey! Welcome home. -So good to see you.
-Thank you. -Parson School of Design.
-Wow! I've heard a lot
about that college. -Yeah!
-It's in New York, right? Great news. -Yeah.
-When are you leaving? She said she won't leave
until she meets Krish. I meant both Krish and Lakshmi. In fact, the three of them. Where's our hero? -Oh, him?
-Where's he? He must be playing in his room. Hey! Rishi! You always do your thing. I need you! If a boy can only be born
by sacrificing a girl then such a child
is not required.