Avalon High (2010) Movie Script

Avalon High (2010)
Are you okay, Allie?
I heard a thump.
What are you doing
on the floor?
I guess I fell
out of bed.
Oh. I remember you used to do that
all the time when you were four.
I bet when I was four, I wasn't
dreaming about medieval combat.
I was.
What a surprise.
Well, as long as you're up,
you can unpack.
What's the point?
All unpacked, sweetie?
Getting there.
I see King Arthur
and his Merry Men
have once again
taken over the house.
It was Robin Hood who had
the Merry Men, sweetie.
Arthur had the Knights
of the Round Table.
You know that.
Yes, I do.
How could I not know that, when
it's all you guys talk about?
We're professors of
medieval literature, Allie.
It's our job.
I know, but you guys talk
about King Arthur so much,
I'm starting to
dream about him.
And not like most girls who dream
about knights in shining armor.
Mine have dirt
all over them and BO
and are missing
half their teeth.
You're actually
quite accurate.
During Arthurian times,
dental hygiene
wasn't considered
to be...
Dad! Seriously!
Sorry. Sorry.
Here you go.
I don't know why you
guys bother to unpack.
We're just going to move
in six months, right?
Which would be great.
I mean, like
you always say,
who wants to live in one
place their whole life?
Well, it's not going to be
six months this time.
What, one month? Two?
Maybe I should legally
change my name to "New Girl. "
It's three years, Allie.
We're going to be here
for three years.
This place is... special.
We were just offered
contracts at the university.
So, we're staying?
Yes. Now, we know that
three years is a long time...
Wait. I'm going to be at
Avalon High until I graduate
And I can try out
for the track team?
And finish a season?
And make actual friends?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
My coffee,
my coffee...
Oh, sorry.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Where are you going?
After you.
All done?
I'll just...
Are you nervous?
Mom, it's, like, my
billionth first day of school.
I know.
So, you're nervous.
Of course I'm nervous!
You'll be fine.
You always are.
I'll pick you up
at 3:00.
Actually, make it 5:00.
I'm going out for
track, remember?
Bye, Mom.
Bye, honey.
Marco, why can't you
just steal my lunch money
like every other bully?
I need my locker!
What's wrong with yours?
Well, Miles,
since you asked,
mine's too far
from class.
You don't even
go to class!
Give me the combination.
Give it to me,
or I'll put
in the locker.
Wow, nerd in a locker. How original.
We're now living inside
an '80s teen movie.
That's enough, Marco!
If it isn't Will Wagner here
to save the day! My hero.
What are you gonna do, Will, hit me?
You're not worth
the detention.
Just get outta here,
before I change my mind.
He can't protect you
24 hours a day.
Oh, wow, you know that
there are 24 hours in a day?
You must be evolving.
Thanks, Will.
I was about to, as they
say, "throw down" with him,
but I thought you might
want to deal with him
since he's your brother.
Water Fountain Girl!
I guess that's me. Hi.
Hey! I didn't know you
went to Avalon High.
Yeah. I didn't know
you went here either.
Although, technically, I don't
know anyone who goes here.
I'm new.
I mean, my name's not "New," it's Allie.
I'm Will.
There. Now you officially
know one person.
Yep, I'm practically Homecoming Queen.
So, are you on
the track team?
Because of the
running in the park.
Or maybe you just like
running. I love running.
Wow. Did I just say
"running" like four times?
Football, actually.
I'm kind of the quarterback.
Of course you are.
I mean, because you seem
so quarterback-esque.
Hey, sweetie.
Come on, I want to make sure
we sit together in History.
Jen, this is Allie.
She's new.
Allie, this is
my girlfriend Jen.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Yeah, you, too.
There you go. Your friends
have already doubled.
Wait, lipstick.
Will, Jen.
Where were you guys
this morning?
Didn't you get my text?
Five burgers
for five bucks!
Allie, this human garbage
disposal is my best buddy Lance.
Lance, Allie.
Did you meet Jen?
Jen's the coolest
chick in school.
That she is.
Aw, thanks, guys.
So, what's your
first class?
European History
with Mr. Moore.
Oh, we've got that,
too! Come with us!
Okay, everybody.
Grab a book and a seat.
Rumor has it you're going to
lead Avalon Football to State
for the first time
this year.
That's the plan, sir.
That's my boy.
Class president,
Homecoming King,
straight-A student,
and he's polite.
If only I had an entire
class full of Will Wagners.
I think
I'm going to puke.
What're you looking at?
Here you go.
I'm sorry, is there
a problem, Miss...
Allie Pennington.
That explains everything!
Everyone, please welcome
Avalon High's newest student,
Allie Pennington.
That's about all you're gonna get. Yeah.
Allie's parents are professors of
medieval literature at the university,
and they also wrote the textbook
we'll be using this semester,
when we learn about King
Arthur and his court.
Easy A!
Nobody asked you.
Hi. I'm Allie.
No. No, no, no, no, no. Avert your eyes.
Excuse me?
You're making a tactical error of
monumental proportions right now.
By sitting at my desk?
By talking to me.
I mean, come on!
You had a great start.
I saw you talking to Captain
Everything this morning.
You have a chance
to be in the popular group.
Don't mess it up.
I can be friends
with whoever I want.
Including you.
Who said I wanted
to be your friend?
No, I didn't.
Then why are you still
talking to me? But I'm not.
Ah, but by saying you're not
talking to me, you are talking to me.
Check and mate.
Okay, first thing
we're going to do
is to break up into teams
to write research papers.
You'll draw your topics
out of this.
you're with Todd.
The architecture
of Camelot.
Will, you're with Karen.
Can't I be with Jen?
No, Jen is with Lance.
How apropos.
The sports
of Camelot.
The tragedy of Camelot.
Your paper is gonna be
about the love triangle
between King Arthur, his wife Guinevere,
and his best friend, Sir Lancelot.
Ultimately, it destroyed
Arthur and Camelot itself.
Bit of a downer.
Miles, you're with Allie.
I'd rather work alone.
I'd rather be eating
pineapple on a beach in Hawaii,
but that's not going
to happen either.
I guess she'll do.
Wow. Thanks.
The Order of the Bear.
I've never heard of that.
So much for the easy A.
Ask your parents.
I'm sure they've heard
of the Order.
Miles? Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Just tie your shoes.
They are tied.
Then tie your other shoes.
What are you talking about?
Just tie your shoes, okay?
What am I, your mother?
Timed 400 meter!
Top three make the team!
Come on.
Let's go!
Shoes all tied-y tied-y?
Take your marks!
Good job, brother!
That was one of the fastest
400s we've seen in years.
Welcome to Avalon
High Varsity Track.
Thank you.
Okay, we'll see you here
tomorrow, 4:00 p. m.
Andrea, you and Jenny,
you also. Congratulations.
Well done.
Coach said I almost
broke the school record.
In tryouts!
That's amazing,
We're so proud of you.
I'm proud of me, too.
You really like it here,
don't you, sweetie?
Yeah, I do. I feel like this
is where we're meant to be.
So. Did you make
some new friends today?
A few.
What's with that smile?
Did you see that smile?
I saw it.
So, did someone
float your boat?
"Float my boat"?
What year is this?
He means,
did you fancy anyone?
"Fancy"? Really, you guys. Century-up.
I think she's
dodging the question.
Oh! I'll get it!
Who could that be?
Miles. What are
you doing here?
We have a paper due.
In three weeks.
I don't like to dilly-dally.
Do you want to do this or not?
I guess.
Allie, do you want to
introduce us to your friend?
Oh, yeah. This is Miles.
We're doing a paper together.
Nice to meet you, young man. Come on in.
I don't understand.
What's the...
Seems like a nice guy.
Reminds me of me.
Miles, do you
want some pie?
Can we just find the book we're going
to use and call it a night, Miles?
We have a lot of time
to do this.
I always do my assignments
in half the time allotted.
To prove that I'm better
than everyone else.
And more modest.
That, too.
That was sarcasm.
How is it sarcasm
if you're right?
Never mind.
Okay. I cannot find anything on
The Order of the Bear anywhere.
Can't we just
ask your parents?
Are you kidding?
If I tell them I'm doing a paper on King
Arthur, they'll never leave me alone.
No, no,
I will find it myself.
I wonder what
they ate in Camelot.
with a side of beets.
Mmm. And sage water,
but only from the north.
I didn't even know
I knew that!
It must've seeped
in subconsciously
while my parents were going
on and on about King Arthur.
And on and on.
And on.
You have any ice?
Yeah, yeah.
It's in the freezer.
I'll get it for you.
Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Here you go.
Back to work.
How did you know I was
going to need some ice?
No, you did the same thing
earlier with the shoelaces.
It's not that hard to guess.
You seem pretty clumsy.
Just drop it, okay?
You got it.
Thank you.
Now, can't we just ask your parents
about this Order of the Bear thing
and save some time?
The Order of
the Bear. Anyone?
Have you
heard of it?
The Order of the Bear
is an ancient organization,
which believes that King Arthur
will one day be reincarnated.
Right. And when is
this going to happen?
Arthur will return
when he is truly needed
to bring the world
out of the dark
and into a new age
of enlightenment.
You mean
bring back Camelot?
It's a metaphor.
You can't
be sure.
I'm pretty sure.
He can't be sure.
But even as a
piece of fiction,
it's actually
quite interesting.
Let's see. Ah!
"As the keepers
of the prophecy,
"it falls to
members of the Order
"to search for potential Arthurs
in each and every generation.
"But beware the Dark Forces.
"Led by a reincarnation
of Mordred,
"determined to find the
next Arthur and destroy him
"before he can realize the
prophecy. " What they're saying...
If Arthur isn't
found soon,
Mordred and his followers will
send us back into the DarAges.
Ignorance, humiliation, suffering...
High school.
It's no joke, Allie.
Some more seriously
than others.
Some people are
fanatics about it.
Crazy. You're not.
We're not.
Here, read. There's a lot
of good stuff in there.
Refresh your memory.
Okay. Mom's mad.
Okay. Tomorrow, we'll be talking about
sewage systems in King Arthur's day.
So, if I were you, I'd plan
on eating a light lunch.
Were you able to find some information
on the Order from your parents?
True to form, they had a
dusty, 50-pound book about it.
Fascinating! Ha!
Did you read the prophecy? Mmm-hmm.
What did you think?
I don't know. The whole
"reincarnation of King Arthur" thing
is a little far-fetched,
don't you think?
It's only far-fetched
if it isn't true.
Don't tell me
you believe in it, too?
Oh, absolutely!
You're a very lucky girl to be
able to read the prophecy firsthand.
I could bring in the book for
you, if you want to see it.
Oh, no, no, no. I couldn't
ask you to do that.
A book like that must be so fragile.
I'd be afraid of damaging it!
Yeah. It's probably just best
to leave it right where it is.
Just thought I'd ask.
What did he want?
Are you in trouble?
I don't want to be friends
with a troublemaker.
Miles, are you finally
admitting we're friends?
I admit nothing.
Just tell me
what Moore wanted.
He just wanted to talk
about the Order of the Bear.
Wow. Informal,
post-class chit-chat.
Way to pull the Teacher's Pet
spot out from underneath me.
Some friend you
turned out to be.
Bye, Miles.
Where are you going?
The cafeteria.
Do you wanna
come with me?
Is this yours?
Yeah, it blew away.
Right to me.
Must be fate.
So, what are you
doing out here?
Running, thinking.
Running and thinking.
This is obviously
the thinking part.
I figured.
Okay. Well, I'll
leave you alone, then.
No, it's okay.
You know, most people just run
right by this part of the forest,
but it's great in here.
Listen, hear the wind
in the trees.
It's like music.
Football players aren't
supposed to talk like that.
You're making fun of me?
No, no.
I didn't mean to.
No, hey, it's just...
It seems like all people can
talk to me about is football.
Okay. Well, what else do
you want to talk about?
That's the problem.
I can't think
of anything else.
Can I tell you something?
Football used to mean everything
to me. I loved the game.
But now everyone's
counting on me to
win the championship,
and get my scholarship.
You're getting a football
scholarship? That's amazing!
I don't have one yet. But
I need one, or no college.
No pressure there.
You're a great athlete.
Everybody knows that.
And all great athletes have
pressure on them all the time.
You can't be afraid of it.
You have to embrace it.
And the way you do that is to
remember what victory felt like,
that feeling when you
lead your team to glory.
And if you can live
in that moment
and want it again
with all your heart,
nothing can stop you.
Wow. That was...
Thank you.
I don't know where
that came from.
What if I lose?
Then maybe State
wasn't meant to be.
Not the answer
I was hoping for.
I just mean...
Maybe everything
happens for a reason.
You think so?
I didn't,
but I'm starting to.
You guys have been
together for a while, huh?
Almost three years.
Don't ask.
Ask what?
Why I didn't
answer the phone.
Hey, want to run
some more?
Oh. Uh, wait. I forgot. My
dad's making burgers for dinner.
Burgers, huh?
Sounds good.
Yeah, they are.
Yep, my dad makes some
pretty good burgers there.
Oh, wait. Did you want
to come over for burgers?
Just as friends. So, it'd just
be like... Like a friend-burger.
Yeah, I would love
a "friend-burger. "
Ah. Perfect.
There we go. Good.
Oh, I got that, sir.
Oh, yeah. Ohh.
Thank you.
No problem. Yeah. Thanks.
Will, you're welcome here
any time. You're wonderful.
Mom, please!
What? He's class president, the
quarterback and Homecoming King.
He's very impressive.
Very impressive.
One of the professors
told me that
you really helped
turn the team around.
Not to mention bringing a lot
of pride back to the school.
"His broad clear brow
in sunlight glow'd;
"On burnish'd hooves
his war-horse trode;
"From underneath
his helmet flow'd
"His coal-black curls
as on he rode... "
"As he rode down
to Camelot. "
It's a poem about how Arthur
became the leader Britain needed.
Seems like Will did the
same thing for Avalon High.
I don't know how things
are at your house,
but around here, dinner just isn't
complete without a King Arthur poem.
Excuse me.
Would you like
some lettuce?
We're all good.
We're all good.
Try some of the potato
salad. Mom made it.
Thanks for dinner.
You know, if you're out running
and get hungry or whatever.
There's a party at my house after
Friday's game. You should come.
I'd love to.
I'd better go.
Hey, Jen.
How are you?
So? Did he ask you
on a date?
No! We're just friends.
Those were friend-burgers!
Okay. Sure. Just friends. Got it.
Seriously! I just gave him a
football pep talk, that's it.
Well, if you say that's
it, I guess that's it.
Good. Okay.
That's not it. No.
Ready? Down.
28, set. Hut!
Long on the 35.
Wagner fakes left
under pressure.
He throws deep to a wide-open
Benwick. He makes the catch.
He breaks the tackle.
I don't know how he kept his
feet inbounds on that one.
But he's still going.
Touchdown Knights!
Go Knights!
Go, Knights!
Go, Knights! Yeah!
With a win over the last
place Crusaders next week,
Will Wagner and his Knights clinch
a trip to the State Championship.
Will! Way to go!
Yeah! Come on.
What was that all about?
What was what?
Will Wagner and his go-to
wide-receiver, Lance Benwick,
have put on another clinic
for us here tonight.
Come on, let's go.
Tell me again why I'm at a party
with a bunch of meathead jocks?
I'm a jock, Miles.
Am I a meathead?
No, but this party
is the first step.
Fine, then don't come in.
Maybe I can make
a quick appearance.
See? People hate me.
Miles, try to smile and be
friendly. Just this once.
See what happens.
Now go talk to her.
Talk to who?
Miles, give it up. You
obviously like that girl.
She's so pale. It's weird.
She's probably a vampire.
Teenage vampires are, like,
everywhere these days.
So, you're not gonna
go talk to her?
And this has nothing to do with
you being afraid of being rejected?
Why should I care if
I'm rejected by a vampire?
I give up.
Hey, what's going on?
Your friends are wimps.
We seem to have a slight
pest control problem.
Then I guess we'd better
get rid of the pests. Mmm.
Dude, you're
ruining the party.
Need your little goons to save
you from the scary candy bugs?
No, I need them to stop me from
doing something I'll regret.
The only thing I regret
is my mom marrying your dad.
Let's go, guys.
This party's a dud.
They even let
the uber-nerds in.
Oh, yeah. When I'm at
Yale and you're in jail,
I'll be sure to tell
everyone how cool you are.
Hey, Allie.
Sorry about that.
Marco, he's complicated.
What's his problem,
He's just really angry. That
his dad died five years ago,
that his mom married my dad, that I'm...
I can tell why he might
be a little jealous, Will.
You're kind of perfect.
I mean,
your game was perfect.
Hey, I only got through that
game because of what you said.
Thank you.
I really should
go find Jen.
Yeah. Of course.
You okay, man?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You will be, too.
Uh, thanks.
I think.
See you later, Allie.
What was that
all about, Miles?
Are you really okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just...
Socializing makes me dizzy.
Well, I'm gonna go try
to find a bathroom, okay?
Don't faint or anything
if someone says hello.
I'm starting to
worry about you.
Your eyes are
so gorgeous.
It's going to be
so much fun.
Allie, wait!
I want to talk to you.
Allie, please!
It's none of my business,
Jen. Allie, please.
don't tell Will.
Don't tell Will that
he's being lied to
by the two people
he trusts the most?
It's more complicated
than that.
It really isn't,
Allie, I love Will. I'll always
love him. Lance does, too.
The three of us, we've been
best friends since first grade.
The last thing we
want to do is hurt him.
That's why we haven't
told him yet.
If he found out now,
everything would fall apart.
It would be like
what happened in Camelot.
What did you just say?
You know, the story
in Moore's class.
When King Arthur
found out that
Guinevere and Lancelot
were together...
He lost all faith in
everything and everyone,
and didn't have
the strength to go on.
And Will has so much at stake right now,
with the championships
and the scholarship.
We can't destroy him
like this.
I wasn't the one
kissing Lance.
Allie, we didn't mean
for this to happen.
It just did.
Lance and I are just
meant to be together.
Haven't you ever felt that?
So, you won't tell him?
You'll let us do it
when the time is right?
I'll have to
think about it.
So you gonna tell Will
about Jen and Lance, or what?
How did you know?
I had a feeling.
Never mind.
Hey, man.
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, Allie!
Hey, you took off so early from
the party. Didn't you have fun?
I was feeling
a little sick.
Oh. Are you okay now?
It comes and it goes.
I should get to class.
Hey, save me a seat.
I brought the book.
Oh, no, Allie,
you shouldn't have.
I meant what I said
about keeping it safe.
It's far too valuable.
Mr. Moore, my parents
said it's fine,
as long as I bring it
home with me tonight.
Say no more.
I'll look at it right now
and give it back
at the end of class.
Thank you.
You've made an old Arthur buff
very happy. Thank you, Allie.
Okay. Change in plans.
We're watching a video today.
Below the tower,
on the upper terrace
of the castle,
his son, Phillip, the
young bridegroom to be,
practices swordsmanship
with his squire.
Someday, he is to become
the Lord of the Manor,
to whom the villagers
will pay their homage,
as he in turn
honors his protector.
Riding to battle with him is a
vassal, in the tradition of the time.
The pages on the timing of the
reincarnation were positively enlightening.
Thanks again
for bringing it in.
No problem. And hey, if you
ever want to talk Arthur,
I'm sure my parents would
be happy to hold you hostage.
I mean,
have you for dinner.
Oh! Yeah.
I may have to
take them up on that.
All right,
everyone. Out.
I don't know how things
were at your last school,
but around here, you can't
get any higher than an "A."
So, you can stop
trying so hard.
It's called being nice,
Miles. You should try it,
instead of hiding your
insecurities behind your snark.
Hey, Allie.
I know you know.
Know what?
That Lance and Jen are cheating
on my jerk of a stepbrother.
If you know what's good for you,
you won't say anything to Will.
I haven't said anything,
and I don't plan to.
But not because
you're threatening me.
I have my own reasons.
I don't care what
your reasons are,
just keep your mouth shut and
stay out of my way. Or else.
Oh. Hi.
Hey, you've been avoiding
me ever since my party.
Did I do something wrong?
No, no. It's just... You know,
I've had a lot on my mind.
So, you're sure
it's nothing I did?
No. It's definitely
nothing you did.
So, you want to
run with me?
What do you want to do?
Like, three miles?
I was thinking five.
If you can handle it.
Race you to the corner.
You are seriously fast.
Maybe we should draft you
for next season.
Oh, I'm not a big fan
of shoulder pads.
Enough said.
What's this for?
Nothing. I just thought you'd like it.
It's no biggie.
Oh. Okay.
Well, thanks.
It's weird.
You're so
easy to talk to.
It's like...
It's like we were already
friends before we met.
Does that make
any sense?
Never mind. It's crazy.
No. No.
I thought the same thing.
But I don't really know
anything about you.
Well, what do you
want to know?
What do you want to
do with your life?
I don't know.
I'll probably end up
doing something in law.
I'm really big on fairness. I just...
I can't stand people
who think they can get away
with doing something
they know is wrong.
Like what?
Like people
who cut in line.
Seriously, they shouldn't even
get what they want if they cut.
What, so if you're in line for
a movie and I just got my ticket,
and as I'm on my way to the very,
very back of the line, I see you.
Can I get in line with you?
Wow. You're tough.
Tough but fair.
When I go into politics,
that's how I want to be.
Is that what you want to do?
Be a politician?
Not "a" politician.
"The" politician.
I'm thinking President
of the United States.
Yeah, I know, it's crazy to
even joke about it, right?
No. I can totally see it.
Race you back to school.
You're on.
No shortcuts.
Why not?
We're number one,
you're number two.
We're gonna beat
the socks off of you.
No one thought
it was possible,
but the Crusaders have
just tied the game up.
We're even at 14,
late in the fourth quarter.
Ready? Let's give
them something
to think about
on the bus ride home.
Fake 26, on one.
That's gonna hurt.
Let's go, Will!
Let's go, Will!
15, 36, set,
Wagner dropping back.
What a hit! Intercepted at the 40-yard
line. He's at the ten, the five...
Touchdown Crusaders.
I can't believe it.
Will, you okay?
Dude, where was your block?
You left him wide open!
I know, okay?
I messed up!
What were
you thinking?
I'm sorry.
What was so important you couldn't
keep your mind on the game?
I get it if you hate me.
You should hate me.
I don't hate you. Just do your
job, okay? Make the stupid block.
Whatever you say,
Your Highness.
Did Lance just
bow at Will?
I don't know.
The only chance
the Knights have now,
is for the defense to
block the extra point
and run it back for a TD.
Hold that line.
Defense, one more time.
Go, Knights, hold that line.
Defense, one more time.
So much for State.
Hey, guys, come on.
Believe in it.
We can still make it if we
beat Northgate. Yeah, right.
The extra point is good.
We can't beat a bunch of eighth
graders the way we're playing.
No one thought
it was possible,
but the Knights have been
upset by the Crusaders.
With this loss, Will
Wagner and his teammates
have to beat the
undefeated Dragons next week
if they want a ticket
to the State.
Will. Are you okay?
Not really.
I'm pretty sure Lance let
me get sacked on purpose.
Like he wanted me
to get hurt.
But then,
why would he do that?
Here's the thing. And
this isn't easy. I just...
Hey there,
Way to take a hit
like a girl.
Bet the scouts
loved that.
Dude, get out of here.
Can't. Your dad said
you'd give me a lift.
Can I call you later? You can finish
what you were going to tell me?
It's nothing.
I just
wanted to make sure
you were okay.
I'll be fine.
Thanks, Allie.
What are you doing here?
You need help.
How do you know
I need help?
I just know, okay?
Isn't that enough?
No, actually,
it's not enough.
How do you always know
things are going to
before it happens?
Like the shoelaces,
the ice,
the stuff at the football
game, showing up here tonight.
I think you even knew about
Jen and Lance before I did!
What are you,
psychic or something?
Don't say
that word, Allie.
It's okay, Miles.
You can tell me.
No, I can't.
I can't tell anyone.
I'm not just anyone.
I'm your friend.
If you tell me something,
no matter what it is,
I'm going to be there
for you.
Because that's
what friends do.
I just...
I'm already
enough of a nerd, Allie.
The last thing I need is
something else making me different.
Sometimes being different
is what makes us great.
So, I've been seeing things, like flashes
of the future, ever since I was a little kid.
Only now it's
gotten stronger.
Now it feels like I'm being
hit in the head with a brick.
And tonight? What happened
to make you come here tonight?
I saw myself sitting here
with you, readinthe book.
Book? What book?
The Order of the Bear
journal. It has a secret page.
Watch out.
I've been through this book, like,
a million times. I never saw this.
Thanks, Miles.
"The King returns anew at the
meeting of the moon's shadowing
"and a million
falling stars. "
What the heck
does that mean?
Maybe the moon's shadowing
is an eclipse?
And a million
falling stars...
A meteor shower?
That's it!
A meteor shower.
So maybe
King Arthur's return is
when an eclipse and a meteor
shower happens on the same day.
No. It can't be.
That only happens, like,
once every 1,000 years.
Hold on.
Total eclipse,
meteor shower.
Okay, so it looks like every
1,000 years is next Friday.
The night of the big game?
No, no. It can't be.
Maybe I read it wrong.
Let me see.
It's right here,
in plain English!
Meteor shower! Same day!
Arthur is coming back.
Arthur is coming back.
"Beware Mordred, Arthur's
half-brother and sworn enemy,
"who is tasked
to destroy Arthur
"before he even knows
himself to be a King. "
"Destroy Arthur"?
As in, permanently?
Dad, quick King Arthur
question for you.
It's for our research paper. Shoot.
Okay. Say King Arthur did come back,
and Mordred came back
to destroy him.
What would he do?
Well, the legend said that
Mordred would try to make
Arthur's perfect world
fall apart.
He would try to make Arthur lose
faith in himself and his destiny,
and he would cause infighting
amongst Arthur's knights.
And he would try to crush
Arthur's spirit so completely,
he would lose
the will to go on.
Nice guy.
I don't know how Mordred would
do it today, but 1,500 years ago,
he did it by telling Arthur that his
wife Guinevere was in love with Lancelot.
Arthur was so upset
and betrayed...
He lost all faith, he didn't
have the strength to go on.
I know.
What is it, honey?
What you just said?
It's happening.
It's Will. Will is the
reincarnation of King Arthur.
I told you, Paul! It's
really him! I knew it!
I told you we were right
to move here!
Whoa, whoa! Wait. We moved
here because of the prophecy?
Um, a little bit.
And you already knew
it was Will?
I had a hunch,
which you just confirmed.
Of course, we won't know for
sure until he wields Excalibur.
Oh. And where is he
supposed to get that?
It says here, any sword in King
Arthur's hand becomes Excalibur.
Any sword in King Arthur's
hand becomes Excalibur.
I know.
But I thought it was cool.
Very cool.
Now we just have to keep
an eye out for Mordred.
Oh, stop.
This is ridiculous.
Even if this were real,
which it isn't,
if Mordred were here, it'd
be very hard to spot him.
Unless, of course, Will
has an evil stepbrother.
I was kidding.
Will has
an evil stepbrother?
Evil doesn't even
begin to describe Marco.
I need to do
some research.
So that's why Marco,
I mean, Mordred,
didn't want me to tell
Will about Jen and Lance!
He wanted to be the one
to ruin Will's life!
Joan! I need you! I need
the book about the thing.
Don't worry, sweetie,
we'll do some more research,
and do everything we can
to help Will stay strong.
Now would be good.
You know what? We don't
have time for more research.
We have to tell Will
so he can defend himself.
Oh, yeah,
that'll be great.
"Will, you're the
reincarnation of King Arthur,
"your step-brother
is Mordred,
"and he's going to
try and destroy you.
"Are you gonna
eat those fries?"
Hmm. Yeah, it's a little
out there, isn't it?
Yeah, we passed out there
about five exits back.
Maybe we should wait until we can
do it without freaking him out.
Good call.
Yeah. But what if Marco tells him
about Jen and Lance before that?
Like your mom said, that's
Mordred's biggest weapon.
He won't use it until he's
sure it's the final blow.
I hope you're right.
Of course I'm...
Miles! Wake up!
Say something!
You could really look
into a breath mint.
Did you have a vision?
Yeah. I think I saw Excalibur, but...
Where was it?
What did it look like?
Well, if I saw what
I think I saw, then...
It was pretty awesome.
You know,
if Will is Arthur,
and Marco is Mordred,
maybe you're Merlin the
wizard. Merlin was a psychic.
Doubtful. Merlin had
a long, white beard.
I can barely grow
a nose hair.
Drool much?
You're just jealous.
But then again, you
have been for centuries.
Okay, hurry up.
This is your final test
on King Arthur.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And you have exactly 45 minutes. Begin.
What is that on the bottom of your shoe?
Give it to me.
Looks like a cheat sheet.
That is not mine.
So, what, it just
adhered itself
perfectly to
the bottom of your shoe
all by itself?
Don't lie to me,
Mr. Wagner. How could...
I expect more from you
than this.
Dude, if you get caught cheating,
you're out of the game on Friday.
Mr. Moore, you have to
believe me! I did not cheat!
Because of your spotless record
and service to the school,
I'm going to give you the
benefit of the doubt. This time.
Thank you.
Sit down.
Special treatment.
Back to your tests.
I know it was you who planted
that cheat sheet, Marco.
You don't know anything.
I know more
than you think.
Wagner, it'll be
a 28 sweep on two.
Yes, Coach.
All right. Everyone know the new play?
We don't need to.
We have cheat sheets.
28 sweep on two.
Down. 20, 45,
Hut! Hut!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! What
do you think you're doing?
Target practice.
Why? He didn't get hurt. Doesn't matter.
I'm sick of some of you guys
acting like you own the field.
Come on, Will. Just leave it alone. No!
I'm the team captain, and
I'm not happy about this.
Maybe we should find
a new captain.
One with
a sense of humor.
Or maybe one who doesn't cheat on tests.
That's right.
Thanks for what you
did out there.
It was about time
someone told that guy off.
Yeah, well, I'm glad someone
thinks I did something right today.
You stood up
for yourself in class,
you stood up for us
out here.
It takes a lot of courage to do what
you do, and you do it all the time.
Maybe I should just
start being a jerk,
then no one will expect
anything from me.
You are constitutionally
incapable of being a jerk.
You know who else was brave like
that? Who stood up for people?
There's something
I've got to try to do.
But we'll have to talk
later today, okay?
So, see you.
See you.
Okay. Got it? Sure?
Off you go. Yes. Yes.
Sorry. Sorry, Mr. Moore.
My mind is
somewhere else.
Will Wagner has
that effect on people.
How did you know I was
talking about Will?
Not that I was.
I wasn't.
I was.
I understand.
He's a special
young man.
You have no idea.
I wish...
Mr. Moore,
if I tell you something,
you can't tell anyone. Okay?
Whatever it is, you have
my word it'll be between us.
Allie, what's
on your mind?
It's about the book,
The Order of the Bear?
Oh, no, I didn't leave a
coffee ring on it, did I?
No, no. It's fine.
The thing is,
we found a secret page.
And it said...
You're probably not
going to believe this,
but it said the return of
King Arthur is happening now.
And I think that...
You think it's Will.
How did you know?
I've had
my suspicions.
If anyone at this school is the
reincarnation of King Arthur,
it's Will Wagner.
Amazing, isn't it?
King Arthur walking the
halls of Avalon High?
Then does that mean you'll help
me protect Will from Mordred?
Of course.
And I assume you have a guess
as to who that is as well?
I don't think it's
too hard to figure out.
I suppose not.
Don't worry, Allie.
When the day comes
for Arthur to rise again,
Marco won't stand
in anyone's way.
Today, we're going to
see if we can create
a small but safe
chemical reaction.
Now follow the instructions
on the board.
Fire up those burners.
Stop staring.
Okay, everyone,
add the sodium hydroxide.
This beaker's been
tampered with!
Miles, I prepared all the
solutions myself. They're fine. See?
So much for Merlin.
Everybody, duck!
Is anyone hurt?
Allie! Miles!
Are you okay?
Stop, everyone,
what you're doing!
I want you both to go
and sethe nurse.
I don't know
what happened here,
but something is
very, very wrong.
Are you okay?
You really should
be more careful.
Sometimes when you get too
close to something you shouldn't,
you get burned.
Okay, this is starting
to get really scary.
I'm not scared anymore,
Miles. I'm mad.
I'm gonna find Will after
school and tell him everything.
He's going to think
you're out of your mind.
It doesn't matter. He deserves to
know before the eclipse tonight.
Any chance you're getting
a vision of how it goes?
Am I doubled over, clutching
my head in excruciating pain?
Well, there you go, then.
Hey, Will!
Have a good game, man!
Yo, Will!
Will! Will!
Where's Will?
You know
what's going on?
He's really upset. He kind
of saw me and Jen together.
Wagner here yet?
Not yet, Coach.
Well, we're toast.
Nice pep talk.
Hey! Not one word
out of you, Benwick.
Not one word.
No! Allie!
Allie! Are you okay?
Please, you have to be okay!
Are you hurt?
Can you move everything?
I'm fine.
What happened?
How did you fall?
I was pushed.
Who would push you?
From the
King Arthur story?
Okay, lie down. I
think you hit your head.
No, Will, I have to
tell you something,
and you might not
believe me, but it's true.
I know already.
You... You do?
About Lance and Jen.
I saw them.
No, I know.
And that's part
of the story,
but there's
so much more to it.
I don't need to hear the details.
Really. I'm okay. Come on.
No, Will, listen to me. This
isn't just about Lance and Jen.
This is about fate. This
is about your destiny.
You aren't just
Will Wagner.
You're King Arthur.
And today is the day that
you rise above all the lies
and the backstabbing
and the self-doubt
and start back on the
path to changing the world.
You're the one everyone's
been waiting for.
You're right. Today,
I am like King Arthur.
I have to be a leader. I have to
face adversity and overcome it.
What? Yeah, it's a metaphor. I get it.
I'm the team captain, I can't
leave my teammates behind.
Hey, Miles, can you
give Allie a ride?
Yeah, sure.
You're the reason the Knights
are going to be united again.
See you after the game.
I gotta go!
Will! No! I didn't say
you were like King Arthur,
I said you are
King Arthur!
And I still have to
warn you about Marco!
Marco is Mordred!
Now what?
We have to go to the game and
not let Will out of our sight.
And another fumble
by the backup quarterback,
and everyone is asking
the same question,
where is Will Wagner?
Wait a minute. It looks
like Wagner has showed up.
Hey, Coach.
Can I get a time-out?
Time-out, Knights.
Nice of you to
show up, Wagner.
I shouldn't even
let you on the field.
I'm sorry, Coach.
Now give me
a long pass, huh?
Hey, guys, I'm sorry.
But I'm here, and I won't
let you down, I promise.
So come on,
let's get back out there.
Guys, come on!
Come on, let's go.
Five, six,
seven, eight.
Knights! That's right!
Come on, team, let's fight!
Well, maybe we were wrong.
Maybe it's not tonight.
Okay, focus.
Play has stopped, and here it
comes, folks, right on schedule.
Or not.
A lunar eclipse and a meteor
shower at the same time.
Okay, focus. Let's get on
the board before halftime.
Deep ball to right.
On one. Ready!
Yeah! Go, Knights!
Whoo! We're number one!
Ready! Down!
Set! Hut!
Wagner gets slammed!
It almost looks like one of his
linemen missed a block on purpose.
That's for not showing up.
Hey, that was
a cheap shot!
And now the Knights are
turning on each other.
If you're an Avalon High fan,
this is tough to watch.
Is Mordred making them
act like this?
No, I don't think so.
I think this is real.
The Knights need to pull
it together at halftime,
or their season's over.
Not now, Jen.
Will, I'm sorry, man.
It's all my fault. I
didn't know how to tell you.
You made a fool
out of me, Lance.
I know.
I did it all wrong.
I don't want to lose you
as my best friend.
We're like the Knights
of the Round Table.
We're brothers.
I'll break up with her.
You don't mean that.
Truth is, Jen and I haven't
been close for a long time.
If you guys are happy,
I'm okay with that.
So, we cool?
We're cool.
Hey, Coach?
Can I say something?
Yeah. Go ahead.
Come on, boys, get it in. Come on!
I know that for a while
we lost our way as a team,
but we can get it back.
All we have to do is remember
what victory felt like,
remember what triumph meant to
all of us. Remember who we were.
'Cause we're that
same team now.
And if we believe that, nothg
can stop us on our way to glory!
So, who are we?
Knights, united, will
never be divided! Knights!
Come on!
Let's go get 'em!
Will, please forgive me, I...
It's okay, Jen.
And with the Dragons
leading 27-nothing,
here come the Knights, hoping
to mount an improbable comeback.
Hey, Allie.
Thanks again for
what you said before.
You really helped me
inspire the guys.
Yeah, okay. Listen.
Oh, man, I forgot my helmet.
I'll see you after
the game. I promise.
We have a lot
to talk about.
But we have a lot
to talk about now!
The Dragons
have never lost this season
when they were ahead
at the half.
Fight, fight, fight!
Fight, fight, fight!
Hey, Allie,
where's Will?
He just went to
go get his helmet.
People are asking where he
is. He's got to get out here.
Everyone thinks
he's losing it.
It's all my fault.
Pretty much.
All right, okay. We'll go
find him. We'll go find him!
Yeah, and meanwhile,
try not to lose the game.
No sign of Will
in there.
I need you to concentrate.
Just tell me where he is.
I told you, I can't just
make it happen on demand.
Yes, you can, Miles.
I know you can do it.
It hurts, Allie.
I know.
He's in the school theater.
With Marco.
Marco, where's Will?
What has Marco
done to you?
He was trying
to warn me.
No, Marco is Mordred.
He's trying to destroy you
before you figure out
who you really are.
What I told you
tonight, it's not a metaphor.
Your destiny is
to change the world.
You are King Arthur.
You should listen
to Allie, Mr. Wagner.
Mr. Moore?
She's absolutely right,
about everything.
Except for
one small detail.
Marco's not Mordred.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I am.
No, it's not possible.
You can't be.
Ta-da! Surpriue ending.
That was really cool.
You okay, Will?
Yeah, I think so.
Wait. This doesn't
make any sense.
You've been trying
to destroy Will.
No, I've been
protecting him.
Look, my father was in
the Order of the Bear,
and when he died,
I swore to continue on.
What about all the
terrible things you did?
I needed to get Mr. Moore,
Mordred, to trust me.
Allie, you were right. Will
is Arthur and Miles is Merlin.
I am? Really?
I want you to know that
treating you guys the way I did
was the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
But I only did it to keep you
away from Will and out of danger.
Sorry for all the things
I did to you.
What are you
talking about?
Okay, let's just...
Let's get out of here.
I was just going to try
to destroy you, Arthur,
by simply crushing
your spirit,
but I can see now that I'm going
to have to take care of you,
all of you,
the old-fashioned way.
Starting with this pest!
Don't touch her!
Come on, Allie.
I guess I won't be
getting that A.
Stay away from him!
Do you really think a silly
toy sword is going to stop me?
What's happening?
Any sword in the hands of
Arthur becomes Excalibur.
It's not possible.
It was you all along, Allie.
You're King Arthur.
I am?
I am.
I am King Arthur!
Allie! Behind you!
I thought maybe you could be
the Lady of the Lake. Maybe.
But King Arthur?
King Arthur
can't be a girl!
And yet, here we are.
Miles! His staff!
It's yours!
To the owner the staff return!
The evil hand that holds it, burn!
Take it!
Whoa. Being Merlin rules!
Don't even think about it.
Hey! It's after hours. No
one's supposed to be in here.
Officer! Arrest that girl.
She brought a weapon to school.
Threatened the life
of a school teacher.
Good luck saving the world
from juvie, Your Highness.
I'm sorry, sir, are you saying
this girl was threatening you with
a plastic sword?
No, no, you oaf! With
a real sword. This...
All right, no. This is a plastic
sword, but it was a real sword.
'Cause she held it and it
became... Whoosh! Excalibur!
Because she is
King Arthur! And...
Look, who's
the teacher here?
We just came in to get some fake
armor for the school mascot, Officer.
Yeah, I have no idea what
Mr. Moore is talking about.
And I'm a National Merit
Scholar. I don't kidnap teachers.
I suck up to them.
Wagner, shouldn't you
be on the field?
Yes, sir. I should be.
Get out there
and get us to State.
We really need to talk.
Yeah. Later. Right now,
you have a game to win. Go!
Okay, okay,
come on.
No! No!
Okay, buddy.
The Captain's gonna
love this nutbar.
No! No, King Arthur cannot
be allowed to live on!
I have to destroy her! It's
my destiny! It's my destiny!
We did it.
We stopped Mordred.
Oh, no. I just thought
of something.
What if this is just another one
of my crazy King Arthur dreams,
and in two minutes,
I wake up in my bedroom?
It's not a dream, Allie.
You're King Arthur.
And I'm Merlin.
Check this out.
Cool, huh?
Let's get out of here.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Oh, wow, that's...
Yeah, the bowing's going to
take some getting used to.
It's time-out
for the Knights
as Will Wagner comes back
in as quarterback,
trailing with just
12 seconds on the clock.
Ready! Blast!
26, on one.
Fight! That's right! Come
on, team, let's fight!
Hey there.
Cool pen.
Cool hair.
Go, Will!
I don't understand it.
The eclipse came and went,
and no Arthur, no
Mordred, no great battle.
I told you not to
get your hopes up.
But I was so sure
it was Will.
I know. You even had me
believing it for a second there.
I guess we'll never
find Arthur.
Five, six, seven, eight.
AL Touchdown, touchdown,
we want a touchdown!
Set! Hut!
Wagner drops back, fakes
left, and he's running it!
Here comes a tackle,
and oh, my!
Wagner just hurdled
right over him!
Look at that speed!
And yes, no one
can touch Wagner now.
He's going to do it!
Touchdown, Knights!
They defeated the Dragons,
36-35. They're going to State!
We're going to State!
Knights! Knights!
They're treating him like he's
King Arthur. They have no idea.
It's okay. I feel like
I'm up there with him.
Quick, Allie,
lip gloss!
If you're the reincarnation
of King Arthur,
what does that make me?
My knight in
shining armor.
Hey, Marco.
Come eat with us.