Avane Srimannarayana (2019) Movie Script

Train looted in Amaravati
Drama troupe behind the crime,
escapes with government treasure
Intense hunt launched by the police
Sir, please let me go!
Sir, I have nothing to do with this
It's these guys who looted the train!
Last night I fell asleep after parking my
lorry at the railway station
They gagged me and used my lorry to ferry the...
We're not cops bandmaster
We're the Abhiras!
Please let me go; I shall take my...
in today's proceedings, you will dance to my tunes
Raise your trumpet!
It must raise a toast to the verdict I will deliver today
Accused No.1 in today's proceedings,
is the ten-headed Ravana
The greatest amongst the demons
Noblest amongst mankind
The verdict must be
fair to both demons and mankind
You don't seem to be dancing to my tunes,
These heads that have mastered the four Vedas
can be burnt as per human customs
These five heads that have mastered warfare can be
buried as per demonic rites
But, what do we do with this last head of Ravana?
Can you see that throne?
It has a history
If the king who sits on it, eyes a loot, then he must own it
If not, it's an insult to the throne
While I was eyeing this loot,
wasn't it wrong of you to steal it, Ravana?
You've insulted the throne!
It was a blunder. Please, forgive me, Abhira...
You can forgive a man who has lost his way.
But not the one who chooses the wrong path!
Hey Koyla! What do we do with the last head of Ravana?
Do we burn it or bury it?
We are as much human as we are demons, Abhira!
Okay then, I'll burn it and you bury it
Fill life into your tune bandmaster, not fear
If not, word will get around that Ram Ram is a tyrant!
Ram Ram's name should be etched in golden letters
in the annals of Abhira history along with this loot!
Master, there is nothing on the top of the lorry!
They have hidden the loot on the way here, master
Hey, if you die without disclosing the where abouts
of the loot
I will slaughter your family, too!!!
This is Ram Ram's vow!!
We are running out of time Abhira.
Please announce your successor
Ugra is right. You better decide on your successor
None of you are worthy of sitting on that throne
Until the lost loot is found, the throne rather stay empty!
The one who restores the lost glory of the throne
will be its true successor
The decision has been made, hasn't it? Leave now!
You have gone crazy cribbing about the lost loot
I am the only successor to the throne
Your sole heir
I have every right to that throne!
Jairam, don't forget that Tukaram is also my son
Your illicit relationship with the maid has yielded
this dog and he can't claim the throne!
Give me your hand, Tukaram
This ring is a symbol of Abhira tradition
And according to the same tradition,
it's being handed over to one of my sons
All these years, you were dispensing justice to the Abhiras
from that throne
But you were blind to the injustice meted out
to your own son
I've waited for you to show me some love for so long
You held his hand throughout his life,
but my rise and fall went unnoticed by you
And it left me wounded
I thought you'd heal them before your death,
but you let me down again
Who will call out on the injustice that you've done,
my lord?
I never held your hand and helped you walk,
but with folded hands, I am seeking your promise
Never ever harm Tukaram
Promise me!
I promise not to kill him
I have always seen myself in you, Jairam
My vow is now your responsibility
Lord of the seven hills, the king of Abhiras is no more!
I, Jairam, the legal son of Ram Ram,
will be the successor to ascend this throne
But, I will not ascend the throne until the lost loot has
been found and the families of those robbers are destroyed!
This is Jairam's vow!
Until then, king Ram Ram's name shall stay with us!
Long live his name!
Jairam tried relentlessly. But neither did he find the loot,
nor the rest of the drama troupe that went missing
15 years passed by in this pursuit
To this day, none can go past that lorry
This is Jairam's line of control!
Dear viewers of Amaravati,
Speculations were rife that the government's treasure that
was looted 15 years ago,
was hidden in Amaravati itself
Finally, excavations are now on to recover the lost loot
Despite threats from Abhira Jairam, the fearless
world-famous treasure hunter Harishchandra has
begun the excavation
The visuals you are witnessing currently, is a historic one
We wish the braveheart Mr. Harishchandra a long
and healthy life and wrap this special documentary
- Please contact Lakshmi Studio for all special occasions
What is it?
I've come on time, mom. You know him right!
Inspector is not in yet!
What else mom?
Who are you?
Hold on, mom
The theft in the neighouring aunty's house....
Do you know which great soul did it?
Where's the inspector?
(Iconic scene from Dr. Rajkumar's Bhaktha Prahlada)
You've been screaming out the Lord's name for so long.
Where is he?
He is everywhere. He is in every cell of
every being and thing
Is that so?
On this earth?
- Yes
In the sky?
- There too!
In the fire?
- Yes
In the water?
- Yes
In the air?
- He is everywhere
Is he in this pillar?
- Yes
In this one too? Yes
He is here too!
(People hailing Lord Narayana's name)
Everything on the table is now mine, Gadipar.
Anything else left to lose?
Just old stories. But nobody wants to buy them!
I will find the loot and become the king of Abhiras.
I shall see to you all then!
Where's the queen?
This bar is just a side business
Cattle rearing is his main business
He has travelled all over the world
But he was most impressed by the cowboy culture in America
His name is Cowboy Krishna
He is safeguarding the American culture in Amaravati
Hey! Who the hell let you guys inside?
Looking for me?
I was waiting to finish the cigar
To light another one
Can't you read the board? Cops are not allowed here
I know I have everyone's attention.
So pay attention to what I have to say
Let me tell you a story
Playing the lead is Johnny
It was the last day of Navaratri
Johnny came on his bike to shoot me
As soon as he saw me, he pulled out his gun
And...Johnny's story ended there
Johnny Johnny...No papa
Bloody outsider!
Hit the last one. You will get five beers
Anything that can fetch me more beers?
Hit that
What if I do?
Lifetime free beer. Nobody's done it so far. Try it
These four men?
They are Jairam's men
Get the cop a beer. It's on me
Jairam's men!
Jairam's slaves!
Must be the new generation of Jairam's men!
I don't remember seeing anyone of them before
You'll drink all of it alone?
It's enough to start with
Do you know the game?
Even we've heard about Johnny's murder.
But there are umpteen tales about the killer
But, how do we know it's you?
All of you waiting, listen up!
There is nobody who can read his mind
I bet you haven't heard of someone like him
Even if you have, it was probably a legendary tale
The most sought after in this world
A man with a his gun as a companion
His cap adorns his head like a crown
And is stubborn
A leader who chases his goals!
Rumors and legends about him are the talk of the town
Now that we have been introduced to him,
why don't you meet his sidekick as well?
Hands Up! He is eternal
Hands Up! I'm the one in disguise
Hands Up! This is my philosophy
He is definitely born to create history
The stage is set! So, experience this,
you curious spectator
Lock your eyes are on me, and there will be no dearth of
There are people living with an illusion of defeating me
It's not their fault, but that is beyond imagination
It feels like you're here to write a new era, so let your
flags soar high
When there is war, we need to fight our enemies and not
read the holy book
He is definitely born to create history
All of you waiting, listen up!
The is nobody who can read his mind
I bet you haven't heard of someone like him
Even if you have, it was probably a legendary tale
The most sought after in this world
A man with a his gun as a companion
His cap adorns his head like a crown
And is stubborn
A leader who chases his goals!
Rumors and legends about him are the talk of the town
Now that we have been introduced to him, why don't you meet
his sidekick as well?
Hands Up! He is eternal
Hands Up! He's the one in disguise
Hands Up! This is his philosophy
He definitely is born to create history
While I've been waiting at the station to file a complaint,
you are happily downing drinks at the bar!
Miss Lakshmi, It is better to drink at a bar, isn't it?
Won't it be an offence to drink at the station?
Gentlemen! Please respect women
What do you want now? Respect?
I mean, you want to file a complaint? Write it down
Tell me, madam
Despite knowing that treasure hunter Harishchandra has
threats from Jairam,
why didn't you safeguard him?
Where's the threat Miss Lakshmi? It's already
been taken care of!
Who are they?
Jairam's henchmen. They were set to kidnap the
treasure hunter. By then, our inspector arrested them
Madam, please revoke your complaint
The treasure hunter has already been kidnapped!
Really? Has he been kidnapped?
Hold on! You must be confused.
They were set to kidnap him, but then...
It's a lie!
We were following him to provide security.
We are aides of the bright and promising politician Tukaram
He put us on the job to safeguard Harischandra
as he doesn't trust the cops
Boys! One minute
So you're saying that you were following the
treasure hunter to provide him with security
And you're saying that the treasure hunter has
already been kidnapped
If the treasure hunter has been kidnapped while you
were in my custody, you are not the kidnappers
Thank you Miss Lakshmi
You have saved four innocents from being punished
Just you wait!
Please handover the handcuffs at the station on your way
How irresponsible! Tomorrow's newspaper will have your
entire history. Just you wait!
You're threatening a police officer and according
to Section 300 and...
...it's a serious offence!
And you all are witness to this. I will take strict action
Action will be taken against you by your department!
Don't forget to read the paper tomorrow!
Which paper? Hi Amaravati? - Yes.
Ok, I will make a note of that
Anyway, nice meeting you guys
It was an amazing party. Really!
Who will pay the bill?
Our bill is now clear. What about yours?
May I?
Ah! Thank you
By the way, gentlemen,
if in future, if somebody writes your history,
It will have two parts
One: before you met him
Two: after you met him
Who is he?
He is Sriman Narayana!
Uh oh!
Looks like it was a rocking party!
Even I have a party
It's called Shanti Priya (Lover of Peace)
But until there are bullets in a gun,
how can there be peace?
Lovers of peace...
Sir, Tukaram sir!
Can I get some water to drink?
When a man is gripped by fear,
it is normal for his throat to dry up
Unfortunately, water is scarce in this town
No water
But that doesn't mean there's no water in our town
It's there!
Even our town has a lake
We're not allowed to drink from it
Tell me why?
the cap is still on,
This cap is Jairam's line of control
No one can cross this line to the other side
Oh it's simple! Give it to me
First, request Jairam
"Jairam sir,
If you remove this line of control,
we can easily..."
Can't we drink?
Jairam...make your request
Make your request!
Jairam sir, If you remove this line of control,
we can easily drink water from this lake
Jairam says, "no"
One minute
Jairam says, "there's a hidden loot on the other side...
...until we find the loot, I'll not tolerate anyone
going near the lake"
Then we have a problem sir
And if we find the loot, then you will be free of
Jairam and his line of control
On the same line, I had roped in a treasure hunter
to find the loot
And deployed four men for his security
But you...
Sir, that was due to a confusion
Even I have a confusion
Those four men wearing hats inside the bar...
... do you know what their job is?
They are secret contract workers
No one can even find out who gave the contract!
If you write a contract, put in a hundred rupees
and drop it in the can
it reaches the hands of Cowboy Krishna
He takes it and...
Damn! I seem to have missed something!
One Rupee
Not 100. It's actually 101 rupees
And if Cowboy Krishna drops the one rupee in the cow-bank,
it means the contract is on
The money and the contract chit goes
to the hands of the hat-wearing men
Whatever be the contract, consider it done
Very good!
I am their old customer!
Shall we write?
The contract!
Sir, cap. It's yours. Put it on
Treasure hunter Harischandra has been kidnapped
owing to my irresponsibility
If I don't rescue treasure hunter Harishchandra
from the clutches of Jairam within four days,
Sir, go a little slow
then feel free to...
mercilessly... horrendously...
..kill me
I assign you this task in complete faith. Yours truly,
Just put a tiny comma
Below that
Inspector Narayana
101 rupees?
Don't worry. It's already in the envelope
drop it in the can, will you?
You have only four days. Mind it!
Let's go?
By the way, no cop has ever set foot inside the
fort of Abhiras
Good luck. Take care!
It'd have been better if you read the letter Tukaram sir!
Printing is almost done. Start loading already
Ok sir
Breaking news!
Charmed by Miss Lakshmi, the editor of 'Hi Amaravati'
Mr. Sudhakar, would've praised me in his newspaper
The news has been printed. But alas!
The newspaper won't reach anyone
Reason: The delivery van is missing
Sir, can you keep it low!?
To hell with you!
Sir, it's my mom on the phone
Now, Miss Lakshmi will come here on her Luna
with Mr Sudhakar to file a complaint
Hi! Amaravati
Please come
The word is that you've written on our sir today.
But the newspaper hasn't come in yet!
That's why we're here to file a complaint!
The entire lot of papers that were printed this morning is
missing. And so is the delivery van
I've been trying to reach you since morning,
but your phone seems to be forever busy!
...I only managed to steal a plate and tumbler this
time. Sir is using it to have lunch!
Mom, hold on! Everyone's staring at me!
I'll call you later
Sir, first take our complaint!
You might want to give a complaint Mr Sudhakar.
Look, we have no problem taking it
Side please!
And then, you will keep pestering me to find it.
But we have no motivation to find it. Do you know why?
You haven't maintained a good relationship with us
Take for example our neighboring aunty,
she keeps sending us tea and coffee
Sir, tea!
We don't even have to ask for it
She has maintained friendly relations with us
What's aunty doing?
She is taking a shower
Very nice!
There was a theft in aunty's house the other day.
In 15 minutes we brought him here
Ask him!
Sir, not 15 minutes! I was here in 10.
You were late. Ask madam. She was here too
Now what? Will you take my complaint or not?
You still haven't given it Miss Lakshmi. How can I take it?
Ok. Here! Write it down
Mom, sorry the call got cut. Like I said...
Oh! This isn't mom!
Oh, you found a van?
Grey colour?
CEZ 306?
Mine mine!
Grey colour!
See you merely began writing the complaint
and we already found your van!
Correct, Sir!
Very good, Cobar!
Amma, you should have been here to see my catch!
This is all Narayana's ploy. Don't fall for it, Sudhakar
I won't Lakshmi. No way!
Mr. Sudhakar!
Coming, sir!
One minute Lakshmi!
Love is in the air, huh?
No, no sir
Good. It won't work out anyway
Nothing like that, sir. There's no problem
What does it say Achyuthanna? Have they praised me a lot?
Not bad. Lot of spelling mistakes though
Isn't it wrong, Sudhakar?
Sir, that...
Come here
Look, don't sway to the charms of Lakshmi
and cheat on Saraswathi
If you do that, what will happen to our relationship?
It will get spoilt, sir
What do you plan to write tomorrow?
Definitely not anything on you sir!
You're making the same mistake again
You must write
We found your van even before you filed the complaint
Isn't it a wonderful topic to write on?
Absolutely sir
It's a wonderful topic, indeed. We can write
Is there a problem, Achyuthanna?
Huh? No
Go on then. File a report that the case has been solved
Thank you, sir
It's ok, Sudhakar. What columns does your paper have?
We have...
Is there a sports column?
Yes sir
I play Kho-Kho
Write this
'Narayana displays incredible prowess at Kho-Kho!'
That'll be nice
(Struggling noises)
Treasure hunter Harishchandra!
What the...
Sir, I've nothing to do with this
Sir, this is the only vehicle that goes unchecked
from this town
This fellow must be conspiring with Jairam
and attempting to smuggle him out of here
Sir, I swear I've no clue about this
I don't know how he ended up here
Do one thing, Achyuthanna
Book Miss Lakshmi's photo studio for one hour
I will break into Jairam's fort and rescue
treasure hunter Harischandra
But the treasure hunter is right here
Where? Where Achyuthanna?
Ah! I get it!
Make way Miss Lakshmi. Please!
I am on my way to break into Jairam's fort
'Amaravati's braveheart Narayana'
- Ready? Miss Lakshmi, smile please!
Superhero breaks into the impenetrable fort of Jairam;
rescues treasure hunter Harishchandra
Ramchandra, why didn't I get to know of this news earlier?
Tukaram wants to know
Ten of Jairam's henchmen on this side
And on the other side, just me!
Sir, what about me?
I had made you promise, isn't it?
That you are old now and you will not fight anymore
So yes. I kept beating them all into pulp
And because he kept pulping, sir got exhausted and collapsed
A man comes running with an acid bottle and
sir is unable to even move
I pleaded, "Sir, please let me break my promise.
Please let me break my promise"
The acid bottle is drawing closer, but sir isn't
uttering a word
Sir, "Please let me break my promise.
Please let me break my promise"
All right! That's enough Achyuthanna!
And he said "All right!"
That's when the hero of the story Achyuth Kumar
made his entry
I grabbed the bottle from his hand, gulped the acid
and spat it on his face
But if you gulp acid, won't your throat
get burnt Achyuthanna?
It did sir. A little.
Can't you make out the
change in my voice?
Yes. I think I sense a slight change now
The master is calling
Ok go. Who's stopping you?
Sir, promise me that you will not get into a fight today
I will handle them
No Achyuthanna. This isn't as easy as
downing a bottle of acid
This isn't a request. This is an order
Parota! I am placing an order for parota!
Get a plate of parota and mutton balls for sir
Ok sir
Who the hell are you?
Shall I tell you and then beat you up?
Or beat you up and then tell you?
Parota and mutton balls!
Sir I take back my promise, you handle this
If you don't mind
Sir, bend down
You made me bend all the way for this??
I feel shy, sir
Where did he go?
Is it very deep?
Oh it is!
If master hears about this
Who the hell is your master?
The master had summoned the inspector.
So we brought him here
But it looks like it's he who has brought you here!
Let him in
One minute
In the history of Amaravati, we are the first cops to enter
this fort
Sir, it'll be great if we're the first ever
cops to safely get out of here, too!
Please spare me, master!
You can forgive the one who has lost his way, but not the
one who choses the wrong path!
It's Abhira blood that runs in my veins.
I can never be a traitor
Let's check if it's truly the blood of Abhiras that runs
in your veins
What happened?
Apparently, he who used to leak
information to Tukaram
Disloyal dog!
Watch your tone when you take my name Vibhasu
Or else, I will have to disregard the loyalty
you've shown to my father
Ugra, crucify this dog
Bhoppa! Get the cross
Achyuthanna, I've been observing the bandmaster.
He is indifferent to whatever is happening
He has already lost his mind sir.
So he just minds his own business
Poor fellow. He's lost his marbles off late
So does he not react to anything?
We have to ensure the master doesn't find out
If he does, we'll be doomed
Lord of the seven hills
The king of Abhiras
Rama Rama
Long live his name!
Bandmaster, seems like the proceedings will never begin
until you blow your trumpet
You've been blowing this trumpet for 15 years now. And all
of them have been rejoicing by hailing the name of my father
Rama Rama
Long live his name!
So someone tell me, when will the name of my father
be liberated from this court?
Sir, you know...
The fact that you haven't managed to find a single clue
shows that you wastrels are habituated to rejoicing
If that b@$^@$ Tukaram has dared to lay a
finger on my fort...
Bandmaster, I hardly felt it. You should hit a little harder
I was just training him on what to do if
somebody snatches his trumpet
Achyuthanna, behave!
Sir, I would've come there and shook hands to
offer you my salutations. But I'm helpless
Circumstances have tied me up
The reason for summoning me here...
...is because we bravely foiled your attempt to smuggle
the treasure hunter out of town
Even the newspapers got carried away
while singing our praises
You are upset and I can understand your pain, sir
But I speak only the truth as I stand here
I have nothing to do with this
This act of bravery was entirely by our
constable Achyuthanna
Achyuthanna, please!
Excuse me!
He got carried away by his call of duty. Please forgive him
In fact, he has a lot of respect for you
Isn't it Achyuthanna?
Yes! Most definitely!
These buffoons are claiming to have rescued the
officer from our clutches
So according to you, I was behind the attempt
of smuggling the officer out of here
Achyuthanna, he's asking you, why would he do that?
Who do I have to fear in this town?
Exactly! Why would he fear anyone?
Ugra, if this inspector continues acting smart,
pump all the bullets in this room into his chest
Now, bear these two things in mind
One: If that officer was in my captivity, you would dare
not come anywhere close, forget rescuing him
Two: And had you managed to rescue him from my captivity,
your corpse would be hanging on the ramparts of my fort
So you didn't kidnap the treasure hunter, sir?
Is your corpse hanging outside my fort?
Sir, here's the truth. We didn't make any efforts to rescue
the treasure hunter. We found him accidentally
And since we found him, we thought we will
get some fame out of it
Yes sir. It brought fame, but for him
Ugra, they are of no use to us
Sir one minute. We will definitely be of use
Sir, what is it? You want to trace the kidnapper right?
Give us two days. We'll find him. Right Achyuthanna?
I don't need your help for it
Oh, you don't need it?
Sir, I'll handover the treasure hunter to you
Oh you don't want that too?
If you give me sometime, I'll find the missing loot for you
He seems to be interested!
Don't assume my desire as my weakness, Narayana
Sir, you've tried finding that loot for 15 years now,
but the treasure hunter knows how to find it
Sir, allow the treasure hunter to do his job
Claiming that his life is under threat from you,
I shall closely guard him
As soon as we find the loot, I will hand over it to you
It's the fear of death that's making you talk
If you go back on your word, the consequences will be more
dire than the death that you've managed to escape today
Ok relax! Didn't you hear him say that I've managed to
to escape from death today?
Gun down!
Keep an eye on him
Ok, master
I thought the bandmaster was pretending.
But I'm really disappointed. He's totally lost it
Why are you disappointed sir?
The poor thing has been playing the trumpet
for the Abhiras for the past 15 years
And these Abhiras don't even have half the concern I have
But what can they do?
My father had lost his memory when he received
a nasty blow on his head
But when I hit him correctly on the same spot,
his memory returned in a flash!
How did you know it was the correct spot?
It was I who hit him the first time, so that's why!
There were five notes in this wallet, isn't it?
We are five of us here, aren't we?
Sir, unlike your father, the bandmaster didn't
lose his mind due to a blow, right?
It's due to a shock
A shock? Of course we can give him that too!
There are many techniques to do it
Physical, mental and so forth...
Can you see him?
That's physical
If you go back on your word to Jairam,
then you'll meet with a similar fate
Now this is mental shock
Despite being police officers, we're rendered helpless. He
may stay alive for maybe another three days. How sad!
Anything can happen in three days, Achyuthanna
Let's go
Where to?
To the arena
Achyuthanna, this game began 15 years ago
It was started by these six drama folk
The ones who came to perform a play, also looted a train
Desirous of the loot, but fearful of the Abhiras
They hide the loot thinking they could smuggle it out once
things cooled down
and while on their way....
Excuse me!
...and while on their way, comes the first twist to the
The first player enters the arena
Ram Ram tried his best to find the loot. Alas!
He breathed his last before doing so!
But with conditions applied!
This condition gave rise to two more players
Jairam and Tukaram
Jairam has power. He has the support of the Abhiras
The whole town fears him
He will stop at nothing to win this game
But, he is impulsive!
Doesn't think before he acts, doesn't
trust anyone around him
Ah! That will work in our favour!
And there's Tukaram
Abhiras will not let him anywhere close to them
He wants to eliminate them and rule Amaravati
He has built his own party to gain political strength
He believes politics is the next dacoity
But if neither of them has kidnapped the treasure hunter,
it means a third player has entered the arena
Who could that be, sir?
Though the treasure hunter was kidnapped in broad daylight,
Jairam and Tukaram have no clue about the kidnapper
If both players are oblivious to the presence of
another player in the arena...
...then he is smart, he is courageous!
Think about it, Achyuthanna
The kidnapping of the treasure hunter has been of
no advantage to anyone
Except for him
If someone writes the history of Amaravati in future,
it will be divided into two parts
One: before his arrival in Amaravati
Two: after his arrival in Amaravati
Who is he?
He is Sriman Narayana!
Oh, I love that expression!
Sir, sir
How did you manage to kidnap the treasure hunter?
The hat-wearing men who were sitting in
Cowboy Krishna's bar
I am their old customer
Sir, now that you have entered the arena,
how do you plan to find the missing loot?
If you need to find the loot, then we
need to dig, Achyuthanna
But where, sir?
Tell me where the six drama folk were buried?
Right here!
Then let's start from here
Sir, if we haven't found the bodies yet, they must've
Then we should've at least found the bones
Looks like someone's found the bodies and made off with them
What do we do now?
Do as I say...get me six dead bodies.
Why sir?
Let the departed rest in peace Achyutanna!
...the programme arranged by our beloved Amaravati Police
...to find the remains of the six drama folk who lost their
lives after stealing the loot
and perform their final rites...
...that is just a small part of my big plan...
Your problems are now my problems
I've come here...
...only for you.
... only for you...
I've relayed the news to the press across six neighbouring
towns. But only these many have turned up
How many have come is immaterial, Achyuthanna
It is "who" has come and for what, that matters
I'm not a coward and won't be scared by threats
That man there with a towel on his head...
Who's he?
That's our pickpocket Velu, sir
He's just doing his job!
My intentions are right
Hail Tukaram!
Sir, he seems to have arrived just to ruin our plan
Dear Harry!
Inspector Narayana!
Heard that you're on a mission to deliver peace
to the dear departed
And where there's peace, how can I not be there?
Take your seat
The almighty himself will descend to protect you
...will descend...
On our way here, Ramchandra was telling me a few things....
...that it wasn't Jairam who kidnapped the treasure hunter
I reprimanded him
"Don't you read the paper?", I said
That in fact it's our Narayana who rescued the treasure
hunter by breaking into Jairam's fort
Achyuthanna, who is that fellow with a monkey cap?
I remember seeing him around here...
Go ask where he's from
Sorry, you were saying something
About how people spread such amusing rumours
Oh yeah! Such nonsense actually!
Take for example the rumours at Jairam's fort
They say someone is leaking information to you from there
Of course, I didn't believe it!
But you know Jairam. He was interrogating
someone with a vengeance!
If one continues wearing a mask even after one's true
colours are revealed, it becomes a mere accessory
Let's straight get down to business?
Ah! This is interesting. Let's talk!
I only want one thing. Jairam shouldn't lay
his hands on the missing loot
The Abhira clan should perish without a leader
And your political party should take their
place in Amaravati
Very good thought!
I know!
But according to my sources, somebody has apparently
promised Jairam that they'll help him find the loot
That's not a very good thought, isn't it?
Now, he has to either break his promise
Or I have to forego my peaceful ways and break his bones!
Come on, let's burn!
Clap! Come on, clap!
Tukaram sir! Despite the culprit being caught, if you're
getting information from the fort, either you're joking...
...or you still have some of your men there!
By the way, thank you for giving me the information
Miss Lakshmi, please click a picture of Tukaram and me
Smile please!
Of course, I'll write about this sir
Those four men near the lorry...who are they?
I've never seen them before. No idea who they are
Go find out
I've come here only for you
I'm not a coward to be scared by threats
If your intentions are right
I'm sure the almighty will re-incarnate
to protect you
This time our calculations won't go wrong
This is definitely our Sri Hari who has come to save us
Sri Hari, you're finally here!
But we had recovered the bones of those drama folk ages ago
Why did he stage that act today?
Had he not staged that act, we wouldn't have
gone to that function, isn't it?
He did that only to pass on the divine
message that he's here to protect all of us
Oh God! How kind of you to do so!
Perfect timing!
Tomorrow is a full-moon night
Let's hope the divine message reaches us and the
prophecy comes true
Sri Hari, please protect us always
Please relieve us from this town
Sri Hari, please protect us always
Finally the lord is here!
10, 20, 30...
Ready or not, here I come....
Nothing can remain hidden from me in this town!
Good morning security!
Shall we get down to work?
So you will find the missing loot using this pendulum?
And what if it fails?
I have one more
What if this doesn't work either?
I have many more
I'm sure one of it will work
Let's go!
Achyuthanna, what are they both doing here?
I had asked them to follow the four mysterious men
And we arrived here by following them, sir
Yes sir
Mr Harishchandra, the lorry that has the loot is
outside the town
What are you doing in this town with the pendulum?
You should ideally begin investigations near the lorry,
isn't it?
We have our own plans
We will search for it right here
He says he will search for the loot here
For weddings, thread ceremonies, death ceremonies
and other special occasions, please contact
What's your problem?
There he is...
Sir, why are these guys following the treasure hunter?
How can the prophecy comes true if Sri Hari
continues to escape like this?
If Sri Hari doesn't come on his own,
then we will take him there today
Gather our men...
Put on your masks...
With no hope of leaving, we are captured here...
This has started to feel like an endless exile...
Ah! There comes the full moon in all its glory
And has brought with it waves of bliss
Gather our men...
Put on your masks...
The troupe that looted the train is still in this town
Yes sir
They get together on full moon nights. And the rest of the
time, despite being amidst us, we didn't even realise it!
But I still have a few doubts, Achyuthanna
I think we should join...
My dear ones, what is this new celebration?
It's just an age old tragedy...
We have lived a life of unfulfilled desires
Give me one clue and I will solve this riddle
We are bearing the brunt of someone else's fault
Yes, this is absolute injustice
Tell me more...
No. Else we will be sinned
We need you to descend, Sri Hari
Once upon a time...
There existed a Sri Hari Drama Company...
...with such prolific actors
Actors so great...
...even if woken up from deep sleep...
...they recited the dialgoues...even if asked to recite
frontwards or backwards
And one day...
They were summoned by Amaravati to perform
'Vishnu Purana'
They vowed not to leave the town without completing their
Not being able to perform the last part, they stayed
back...but as convicts...
Having lost to the ruthless Abhiras, we are forced to live
in hiding
We have surrendered to this art form...
...with these colourful masks...
Protect us, O Sri Hari...you are our only hope...
Understood, Achyuthanna?
Yes Sir!
Without performing their final play,
these guys can't leave this town.
Sir, let's see if we can find a clue about the loot
He's not one of us!!!
Who the hell are you? Why are you here?Tell me.
Garuda (eagle) is here!
Come here!
Sri Hari!!
Sri Hari!! Please protect us
Sri Hari, where did he go?
Sri Hari!
Sri Hari, henceforth, you have to protect us from Jairam
Since he divine message arrived, why
are you still hiding your identity from us, dear one?
We have awaited your arrival for so long.
Please don't make us wait any longer, Sri Hari
Help us perform our final play and leave this town
Shut up Achyuthanna!
How did you all come here?
What did you do with the treasure hunter?
Don't worry. He's safe at his home, Sri Hari
We got confused and mistook him to be our Sri Hari
Had we known that you are the real Sri Hari,
we'd have kidnapped you right at the beginning
They have given us the responsibility to
take you along
One minute.
There seems to be some confusion here
There was a confusion yesterday
After the prophecy came true, there is no confusion
What prophecy?
The one that came true yesterday!
Sri Sri Guptananda swamiji had predicted a decade ago that
the divine message would be delivered on a full moon night
Yes, I did...Garuda (eagle)
But only a part of my prediction came true
The rest of it will be fulfilled by Sri Hari himself!
It is his love alone that can redeem you all
from your troubles
Yes. My predictions can never come tru...damn!
My predictions can never go wrong
Are you able to get it Achyuthanna?
I do. But I'm unable to believe it
I know!
Actually, I had told the swamiji to not reveal everything
Because some things should be kept secretive
But that idiot has told them everything!
It's ok sir, forget it!
Come here boys
Dear Sri Hari, please let us perform one last play.
We'll leave this town after that
But before that, the second part of the prophecy has
to be fulfilled
Don't worry, our sir will do it all
Don't worry at all!
By the way, haven't your team mates shared
the location of the hidden loot?
No sir
I'm merely enquiring, that's all...
We get a salary, isn't it? I'm least interested in the loot
But curiosity is a trait we all have, isn't it Achyuthanna?
Back then, these guys were all just kids Achyuthanna
I don't mean to say it was exactly them
They were others in their troupe, isn't it?
Wouldn't they have been informed?
Obviously they'd have!
I'm sure they know they know it too
They're just scared that's all, poor fellows!
If they don't disclose it, won't they anger you, sir?
I'm just scared that in your anger,
you might just abandon them and go back
They had made a map to guide them to the hidden loot
That's all we know...
That's a great idea, sir!
If they have hidden the loot in an unknown place, they must
have a map to guide them to that spot, isn't it?
...where's the map?
We don't know that sir
Really? None of you know it?
No sir
If these guys don't know
And these guys are dead
There is only one guy!
If there is any information about the map, he must have it
...he is crazy
We can fix him!
Stop, Achyuthanna! Stop testing them
Sit! Sit down!
Now what do we do with them?
They don't know anything much, Achyuthanna
We got to know there's a map, find it
In the police station?
What are you searching for, sir?
Ah! Got it!
Achyuthanna, please treat them well
I'm off to shock the daylights out of someone
Who, sir?
The bandmaster
You should leave this town!
Your life is in danger
Please leave the town right away Narayana
I've earned only two things in this town, Miss Lakshmi
One is friendship
The other is love
If I'm in danger, it's only because of one person
Narayana, listen!
I know why you staged that act of conducting the final
rites of those drama folk!
I'm not a fool!
I didn't come there to witness your drama
I've been following the activities of those drama
folk for many years now
Even I'm aware that they still continue to
live in this town
I'm not sure I follow what you're saying...
You're not the only intelligent one here,
...they have this superstition that some Sri Hari will
arrive and rid them of their troubles
And for some strange reason, they believe it's you!
Why do you call it superstition, Miss Lakshmi?
I mean, it's definitely possible
May be. But it's that possibility that has put your
life at risk
There's another camp amongst that drama troupe. And they
don't believe in the concept of the lord
In fact, they are dangerous
They had different plans. And now you are posing to be a
threat to those plans by pretending to be Sri Hari
I'm overwhelmed by your concern Miss Lakshmi
Really, I swear!
But don't worry
This gun here, his name is...
No matter how dangerous they may be, they will have to bow
down before hands-up
So you've decided to risk your life
Alright. You'd rather know the complete truth
You've witnessed only one side of the drama troupe.
Not the other
Come with me
Where to?
I didn't want anybody to know that I've been following them
But now, you've got involved in this equation
It's all God's wish, Miss Lakshmi!
Nothing is in our hands
I didn't even know that such a spot existed in this town!
This place has a lot of resemblance to the Abhira fort!
Where does this path lead to?
You'll know soon enough
Miss Lakshmi, don't you get scared of undertaking such
Why should I be scared?
I might be there to protect you today.
But what about when I'm not around?
Single girl. Don't you think it's better to have somebody
with you at all times?
Like your father maybe. Doesn't he get worried
when you set out alone like this?
My father left us and went away during my childhood
Went with whom?
Because even my father eloped and went away
with a foreigner a long time ago!
Let's focus on the task at hand now?
Do you miss your father?
I missed him a lot for two months
Then you got used to his absence?
No, then he himself returned home!
Funny fellow!
What about your father?
He's dead
I'm sorry
Was he unwell?
Looks like you miss him a lot
He made my family suffer
And he dragged us all down with his death
So yes, I don't miss him
But if he was in poor health,
how's it his fault, Miss Lakshmi?
This way. A little further down
If the body is afflicted with disease, it can be accepted
But not the mind
My father's biggest problem was his desires
But when desire turns to greed, not only does it destroy
one's own life, but also of your dear ones
What did your father do for a living?
He was part of a drama troupe
before he got into robbery
What about your family?
Family doesn't always mean we have to be
related by blood, Narayana
I have a family much bigger than that
At one point, everybody would accompany
my father and perform plays in various towns
My father's mistakes have forced them all to
give up their identity and go into hiding
Who are you?
I told you a while ago
Not everybody amongst the drama folk believe
in that prophecy...
...and your life is in danger because of them
What was the gun's name, again?
Why are you standing Miss Lakshmi? Please take a seat
So can you please tell me who amongst you beat me up?
You b@#$%^d!!! She had a gun, isn't it? Why didn't you just
tell me that you wanted to tie me up??
So Miss Lakshmi, what's new?
What do you want?
Tea, coffee...something to drink
Nobody knew of our existence in this village
How did you get to know?
How did I get to know....
Actually, I was out for a walk.
That's when I heard songs from the forest
I thought a party was going on and wanted to join them
Look at the co-incidence!
Your people were rejoicing that the prophecy has come true
and surrendered to me that I'm their Sri Hari!
Which Sri Hari?? The rest of them may believe that
rogue swamiji's fake predictions.
But we are not fools
You please keep quiet
You should've seen that eagle sitting on my shoulder last
night. It was a sight!
You missed it Miss Lakshmi!
Oh oh oh...
You are also a part of this? Nice!
This eagle, too
We managed to evade the eyes of everyone all this time
But staying here longer means trouble for us all
We want to leave without performing the final play, but the
troupe will do so only if Sri Hari says it
Which is why we wanted the eagle to sit on Sudhakar and make
it seem like the prophecy has come true
But if you plan amongst yourselves, how will it work out?
The eagle should've been a part of it, too
Of course he was trained.
But you hit my head and wore this armlet
So it sat on you instead of Sudhakar
This can't be a mere co-incidence, Narayana
Oh god! Please believe me Miss Lakshmi
I swear on God I'm innocent
I don't believe you!
Ok then. If you don't believe me despite swearing on God,
then I don't want to be here for a moment longer
Hey you! Untie me, now!
He will not disclose anything, Lakshmi.
What do we do with him?
First let's think on how to convince our people
Until then, let him be here
Hey.. What are you doing??
I want you to faint!
I'll deal with this nitiwit later. But before that...
If I have to fix him...
I need to convince Jairam
Impossible! You can't convince him, but you can fool him.
You have to play some tricks
Found it!
It's not easy. It's risky. If we get caught...
...this will be your fate, too
Happy married life!
Please take care of the horse till I'm back
If master finds out, you'll be in trouble, Soma
Take care of the horse.
If I don't go back on time, a wedding might get called off
I have to convey an important message to Jairam sir
I'll speak to the master and be back
What are they both doing with your horse?
I've gifted it to them
Careful...old memories of my dad
I told you it's old!
But you're not one to gift people without expecting
anything in return....
Oh come on, they're helping me too...
Now please don't ask how are they helping me!
You won't find anything in there today
I remember what happened the last time!
Even we remember what happened the last time very well!
You are looting your master's close friend
If Jairam gets to know....
Apparently, he's master's close friend!
This hasn't ended. Remember that!
Anything left?
Here, take this!
Leave, Ugra. Hunt them down and drag them here
Until then, I'll introduce these four men to our guest
Keep an eye on him
Inspector Narayana!
You've come at the right time!
Do you know these four men?
They are the ones who kidnapped the treasure hunter
But they are mere puppets
If you pay them, they will dance to anybody's tunes
I was trying to get them to disclose the identity
of their boss and you arrived
Why Narayana? What happened?
There's fear written all over your face. Nervousness, too
That record, sir. It's making me nervous
And why, may I ask?
That music reminds me of my father
Old memories often haunt us, sir...
So what brings you here?
Ah! I totally forgot!
Tukaram has all the details of you crucifying his men
Which means some of your men are still leaking
information to him
I was shocked when I got to know of it
So, came over to tell you the same
Anything else?
So you came all the way to tell me just this?
Anything more?
Looks like you didn't get along very well with
your father...
I just felt that way looking at this picture, that's all
Why did he make you stand behind like an
outsider instead of making you sit next to him?
Then we both have something in common now!
My father was exactly like him
He loved playing with guns
He'd always keep me as a target while shooting
Funny fellow!
But how can one trust a gun, sir?
What if one fires a shot by mistake?
Even if the intent is right, if one's luck is on the
wrong side, anything can happen, right?
One day, the same thing happened in our house
But luckily, the gun was in my hand and I was aiming at him!
Poor fellow, he died!
Have you ever regretted it?
Why sir?
Because he died at your hands...
Every now and then, I do think of him
After all, he's my father
Just like you, memories haunt me too
But don't think of me as a heartless man
He's troubled me a lot
He would always stand behind the door and
watch my activities
He liked punishing me for my mistakes
But I was smart, too!
I'd tip toe to the door, silently open it
and there he would be!
Hey, you're not my father!
I was standing guard at the door because
you can't trust this man
Were you standing guard or eavesdropping
on our conversation?
Why would I do that master?
I don't have to answer that question
The ring in your pocket will answer that
My pocket?
While I was getting into the fort, I saw him
playing with this ring
I had seen this on Tukaram's finger
How did this ring come into your possession, Narsi?
Jairam sir, a couple of stones are missing from his ring.
Who are your accomplices, Narsi?
We got these from the pockets of those five men
A slave who is overcome by desires,
will not think twice to loot his master's own friend
He's lying master!
In the same way, they will not think twice
to bow down before their master's enemy
Why would we loot him master?
Don't believe him!
We found these stones when we looted a wedding
the other day
How did you find the stones from Tukaram's ring
while looting the wedding party, Mara?
You eat at the fort and then lick the remains off
Tukaram's plate??
Please believe us. These stones were with the inspector. We
found them while checking his pocket at the fort entrance
A while ago, you said you looted it from the wedding party
Now you're trying to frame me! That's wrong, isn't it?
Who else was standing guard at the entrance?
Us master
I warned you that it hadn't ended.
You wanted to know how they were helping me out
Now you'll know
But master, they weren't even guarding the
post at that time!
He's lying master! We didn't even move an inch from
our post! We were there at all times
Absolute lie!
They promised to help the inspector.
Please don't believe them master!
Lies again!
They're trying to pass on the blame to save their
lives master
We didn't see them taking any stones from
the inspector, master
Bhadra, I'm giving you one last chance to live
Tell me the truth
Were they all with you?
What are your thoughts, bandmaster?
How will Jairam deal with them?
Master, Bhadra is lying!
Try to recollect bandmaster...
Master, this looks like a conspiracy
15 years ago, a similar situation had unfolded
I have never cheated or lied to you master
Please listen to me
That inspector....
Ok, I'll listen to you
How did Tukaram's ring come into your possession?
On one side a gun-wielding Ram Ram
On the other, the six drama folk who were counting
their final moments
The six of them were heinously murdered
I've been your faithful servant for so long
Why would I be disloyal and bow my head before Tukaram?
That's exactly what I'm asking, Narsi.
Why did you bow your head before that dog?
I know that incident haunts you even today
What if that incident repeats before you again?
My loyalties haven't shifted master
Please believe me
If your loyalties are with me,
then will you believe me if I say you won't die
if I fire this gun?
Sir, if you shoot at once, how can it be a punishment?
It will be liberation, sir
Such traitors should be tortured every day and finally
Vibhasu, the inspector is right
Throw them into the dungeon
Master! Please....
Sir, my work here is done. I'll take your leave now
Narayana, even I was wondering, as said by Narsi, if all
this was indeed part of a conspiracy hatched by you....
Sir, you think I'd try to deceive you?
Do you know the difference between intelligence and
Intelligence has its limits
But foolishness is limitless
I know you have found the drama troupe that
I've been in search of for the past 15 years
They will all come to my fort in a few moments
They will be liberated soon upon their arrival
But you?
I will not liberate you so soon!
As per your suggestion, I will torture you everyday and kill
B@#$%^d! I should've known when he put his hand
on my shoulder
We can't trust that inspector.
What if he's hand in glove with that Tukaram
and is fooling us?
If that's the case,
master won't spare us tomorrow!
Shut up! Thank god, master didn't suspect us
Let's take one day at a time
Look, we may have to live together for a few days
As roommates, why fight amongst ourselves?
Let's become friends
Ah! Stay right there. We can shake hands from
wherever we are standing
Catch him!
Once he gets to know they're innocent,
Jairam will definitely trace the guilty!
It's dangerous to stay here.
I will leave right away!
So will you go to Tukaram now?
This tunnel will lead us to the exit. Come!
One minute
We found only four of them
We can get them to disclose the whereabouts of the others
This one here tried to stop us. I've dragged him here
Sri Hari!
Leave master alone. Or else I'll kill him!
oh I don't think you're understanding the situation
Achyuthanna, here!
If any...
Give me grapes!
Please take some bananas too!
Wow locally-grown bananas!
If anything happens to us...your master drops dead
Am I right, sir?
A gun that has taken aim, doesn't need
permission to be fired, Ugra
What are you looking at?
Don't act in haste!
Our master's life is at stake. Mind it
I trust you have understood the situation. Let's proceed?
Try all you want, but you will not leave this
fort alive today
Of course I will!
It's getting a little delayed.
I don't understand why though!
Any last words, Narayana?
Sir, what's your height?
About seven feet?
My dearest half brother!!
Hello sir! You arrived at the right time!
I was just thinking of you...
Wishing a life of 100 years...
...for myself!
Everyone lower your guns
I won't count till three
I called them here
You have committed a huge blunder by daring
to step inside the fort again, Tukaram
Despite the old age, your mind is sharp as ever! Good!
My brother, the ever smart man!
Tukaram sir, both brothers are meeting again after
a long time. Have a good time. I'll leave now
I was thinking...
What guarantee do I have that the fire which destroyed my
brother, won't do the same to me in future?
Isn't it, brother?
So what if I extinguish the fire itself?
Just to be safe.
What do you think?
I think it'd be nice if you look down for a moment
Lovers of peace, please maintain peace!
Don't be in a hurry
If Jairam shoots Tukaram, all of you shoot Jairam
If Tukaram shoots Jairam, all of you shoot Tukaram
If either of you manages to stay alive,
please don't forget to inform me!
I'm curious!
One minute
One of the guns doesn't have bullets in it
Which one is it?
I'm sure you'll find out!
We don't like being obligated to anyone
We never forget the ones who have helped us
Sir Come!
I had promised my father that I wouldn't kill you
I never go back on my word, Tukaram
Lovers of peace, congrats!
The fort is ours!
Achyuthanna, what did we gain by going through all that
Locally-grown bananas
Because I was brave enough to bring them along
So it's finally proved that you are indeed our Sri Hari!
If you hadn't come at the right time,
that Jairam would've finished us off!
Ah! God's ways are such!
Now only the prophecy...
Achyuthanna, can you ask them to shut up!!
Another word and I'll shoot you all!
Coming sir
Every time he hears a gunshot,
the bandmaster utters this line, Achyuthanna
Where did he learn this line?
If this line is etched in his memory before going crazy,
what is its significance?
Rama Rama is the leader of the Abhiras
Thusu Daksha Vrutha Jaripa...sounds like ancient Kannada,
(Achyuthanna trying to decode)
tusu means little
Vrutha could mean a circle
THUSU DAKSHA VRUTHA JARIPA. Do you know what it means?
Think again
Does this line feature in any of your plays?
I don't think so
Do you really remember the dialogues from all your plays?
Of course we do. Even if you wake us up from sleep, we'll
recite all our dialogues without missing a line
Even if woken up from deep sleep...
they could recite the dialogues frontwards and backwards
What if you recite it backwards?
None of us can
But I've heard that some amongst our previous generation
were experts at reciting these lines backwards, too
Parijatha Vrukshada Suttha Mara Mara
(The mighty parijatha tree is surounded by many more trees)
Parijatha Vrukshada Suttha Mara Mara!
Play: Samudra Mathana (Churning of the Ocean)
Scene 36
The Parijatha tree which emerges from the churning of the
ocean is taken by Indra to be planted in his garden
At sunset, the flowers on the Parijatha tree bloom
its radiance pervades everywhere and
sets aglow even the surrounding trees
We had such a line in one of our plays, Sri Hari
The final play that we want to perform, it's the same one.
Samudra Mathana
Final act. Final loot
There is a connection between the parijatha tree
and the loot, Achyuthanna
The six of them haven't drawn a map to describe the
location of the loot
They have hidden it within the lines of their final play
Achyuthanna, if we have to find the Parijatha tree....
...we have to watch their final play
Enough. Enough with this, sir!
How much longer will you trouble them?
Please accept that you are indeed their Sri Hari!
I would have Achyuthanna
But the second part of the prophecy has to be fulfilled,
isn't it?
How can I accept without it being fulfilled?
And what's that?
What is it?
No. Sri Hari is incomplete without Lakshmi
If your troubles have to end with Sri Hari's help,
then Sri Hari and Lakshmi should unite
Which Lakshmi?
Achyuthanna, we are doomed!
Unless I charm her, we can't watch their final play
Which Lakshmi, sir?
Have you given him anything to eat?
He'd have had his fill with what we gave him yesterday!
I want water...
We have to go to Sudhakar's press in an hour..
I've asked Raghuanna to assemble everyone there
What about Sudhakar?
He will come there, too
But I doubt our people will accept
Sudhakar as Sri Hari nstead of Narayana
But how will Narayana become Sri Hari without the
second half of the prophecy being fulfilled?
I want food...
Is it biryani?
That's what I ate. You'll only get idlis.
If I lie that I love Sudhakar
and no one else can replace him,
they'll definitely have to accept him
Mr Shanku, can you please wipe my tears?
Why are you crying?
Thank you
The affection with which you're feeding me
reminds me of my father
He was exactly like this. He'd feed me everyday
So sad. One day, he passed away while feeding me
What happened?
That's a long story!
He had kidnapped a police officer and was
hiding him at our house
You think the police department will take it lightly?
Two days. That's how they long they took to find him.
They came home and encountered my father
Somebody seems to be thinking of you...
It must be the officials from my department
I've been missing since yesterday, right?
So they must have started to look for me
Mr Shanku, idli
oh.. You all are going through so much trouble for me
If I were in Sudhakar's position, I could've helped you
Oh god! This chutney is so spicy!
Lakshmi! I think we're making a
huge mistake keeping him here
It'll take long to convince our people that
Sudhakar himself is Sri Hari
We have no other option, Shanku
If we let him go...I don't trust him one bit!
But if we keep him here, it'll be a nuisance for us, too
Anyway, our people have accepted him as Sri Hari.
Let's use him for our plan
We'll be with him anyway...
We'll keep an eye on him until they all leave town
Shanku, no matter how hard you try, I will not agree to this
She must agree
Lakshmi must agree to Narayana for our sake
Garuda (eagle) has delivered the message
So what if the message has been delivered?
Garuda may choose to sit on someone else tomorrow!
But Lakshmi is firm
She's already in love with someone else
We don't believe it
You have no choice
In a short while from now, Lakshmi will be
here with her beloved!
So you will believe only if you see it?
She'll be here soon
You will be in for a surprise!
Am I too late?
You're forgetting yourself, Narayana!
No Miss Lakshmi. I'm in complete control
Don't go back on your word
Ask them to leave the town right away
Of course!
Oh god! Lakshmi!
Come, come
One moment please! Listen up!
Hey you! That's enough
I'm so happy to see the joy on your faces
Which is why as your very own Sri Hari,
I promise you all that I will never disappoint you all
Hey, tell them already...
As your own Sri Hari, I hereby declare that you don't have
to perform a final play to leave this town
You can all leave
Did you feel bad?
Ok then, finish the play and leave
Hey you! Start the music!
Drama master, until you finish the play, we'll all live in
Sudhakar's society like one big family!
Poor Sudhakar has no family of his own.
Yes, yes. He'll be happy, too
Right Sudhakar?
Alas he has descended...
...a version of the lord himself
Why do you need a Ray-Ban to adorn you?
A messiah...
A saviour...
A warrior who has arrived just for us...
Show us your original form already!
Should I?
Narayana Narayana...
Shanka (conch), Chakra (wheel) and Gadhe (mace)...
...where have they been kept?
Shanka (conch), Chakra (wheel) and Gadhe (mace)...
...where have they been kept?
Let us join our palms...
...why have a doubt, let's just ask him
Why the gun? Where is your mighty bow and arrow?
When the vermilion adorns his forehead...
...looks like a mark of victory...
A shining star, the apple of our eyes...
oh,such a charmer you are!
A messiah...
A saviour...the whole world considers you so
There is festivity at every door you enter
It's all your fault, Lakshmi
Why are you blaming me?
Shh...he's here
Ah! Such joy...such happiness...
Just take a look...
Isn't their happiness that you wanted?
They'll stay happy only if they're alive
You've put all our lives at risk
No way, Miss Lakshmi
Jairam is locked up in his own fort
Despite that, if you're still worried about their safety,
Use this as a signal
If ever your people are in trouble,
help shall be on its way
For the beautiful...
She's so cool...
Naryana is so full of love
the brilliant star...
...is showering them with radiance
They are now the talk of the town
Let every sound become music
Sir add some more weight
Come on down sir!
A messiah...
A saviour...
Lakumi's better half...
Sir, please put it on!
Aren't they a match made in heaven?
A perfect match!
Sir the rehearsals have begun, come!
The story is simple, sir...
During the Satya Yuga (Age of Truth), the gods and demons
churned the ocean to get elixir
Indra, a most precious element called the elixir remains
hidden in the ocean floor
If you churn the ocean, this elixir will emerge from its
depths, thus causing tremendous good to the world
How do we do it?
Use Mount Mandara that is to the eastern side of Mount Meru,
as the churner
Ask the serpent god Vasuki to be the rope
All will be well
Mandara Hill as the churner
Vasuki as the rope
See, there!
Sri Hari takes on the Kurmavatar (tortoise) and lends his
support to the churning
Why delay?
Let the churning of the ocean begin for the
great good of the world
When the churning began
Along with the elixir
Kamadhenu, Airavatha, Chandra, Lakshmi...
14 such gems emerged
And one such gem was...here, this Parijatha!
So if we find this tree,
will we find the missing loot?
Maybe...but where do we look?
It's simple. Geographical similarities
What do you seen on stage?
Ksheera Saagra (The Mighty Ocean)
There's a lake in Amaravati
Mount Mandara
There are seven hills in Amaravati
Does that mean we have to search all the hills and the lake?
The Mandara mountain stands atop the ocean
Sheshagiri Hill
The mighty ocean and the Mandara mountain!
We'll need at least six months to find the Parijatha tree on
this hill
We don't have to look all over the hill, Achyuthanna
The parijatha tree that emerged from the churning of
the ocean
was planted in his royal garden by Indra
That's enough
Royal garden in this case means the forest
We just have to look in the forest of this hill
But Sheshagiri Hill has no forest, Sir
There isn't?
Definitely not
There are forests only on Kalpagiri, Vishwamale and
Pushpagiri hills only
We seem to be missing something, Achyuthanna
Until we crack the clue, we need to keep watching the
My dearest half brother!
Please come!
I was waiting for you
I was sad that none from my family
were here to celebrate my victory
But you're family, too. So I asked them to fetch you
Please sit
By the way, how do I look in this attire?
Remember when my mother and I were unceremoniously thrown
out from this fort by you?
But today, you're being held captive by me
in the very same fort!
I am the supreme leader of this fort
At least now, will you accept that I, too am an Abhira?
A change of attire will not change the filthy blood that
runs in your veins, Tukaram
You're a wounded soldier, yet the pride is intact!
Don't forget that it's Ram Ram's blood
that runs in my veins, too!
Ideally, I too should've been living in this fort as an
Abhira amongst you!
You don't and will never belong to this fort
You snatched everything away from me!
The respect that Abhiras held for me, my father's
I snatched only what you didn't deserve
Our father trusted me more than you.
And you couldn't tolerate that!
Which is why you....
What my father had in you wasn't trust.
It was sympathy
You will face everything that I had to, Jairam!
What you snatched away from my life,
will be duly snatched from you too!
My father had vowed to wipe out
the bloodline of the drama troupe
But just before he breathed his last, he made even that vow
as my responsibility
Tell me why?
He knew that you weren't capable of shouldering that
You can never become an Abhira, Tukaram!
Damn! We have to wait until dusk to watch their rehearsals
Distribute these to all
Listen up, everyone!
We need to keep an eye on Lakshmi, sir
Yes, you're rigtht
Drama master!
Listen to this...
...as per all your wishes, Lakshmi and I will get married
We can have your show after that
How's that possible?
It's only after our play is staged...
...will all your responsibilities be over
Until then, Lakshmi has to wait for you
Why should she?
How can we keep a girl waiting?
Oh my!
After Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the mighty ocean...
didn't she wait for Lord Vishnu to finish the samudra
while meditating on Meru Mountain?
Are you telling me this Lakshmi has to suffer
because of the other Lakshmi?
Poor girl!
She has to wait for me for so long!
Not that long.
She seems to be in a hurry to get married to you
Listen up!
She seems to be announcing it already
Did you all get the pamphlet?
Yes, everyone has gathered there
[Title of Play: Samudra Manthana (churning of the ocean)]
Don't you all worry...
...you people...
What is this, Miss Lakshmi?
We are having the final performance in four days?
With the support from our Sri Hari, all your desires...
...are turning into reality!
Go and start the preparations
Miss Lakshmi, I wanted to watch the rehearsals a few more
Oh God...
What do we do?
These people are already preparing for the show
They'll get busy in putting up the set and props
You're making a mistake
Look there...
...just once...
Such joy...such happiness
Isn't that what you wanted?
Wait! Don't get be happy as yet
I still haven't given my consent for the show
Disappointed? Then I'm sure he'll give us his consent
Your beloved Sri Hari has vowed never to disappoint you
Long live Sri Hari!
Very good Sudhakar!
Oh! Is my dear brother still asleep?
Don't wake him up!
Poor fellow, he's in pain
Let him rest
Someone amongst you should be gracious enough to liberate
him from this pain
And Tukaram will liberate you from this prison
I need you to do something for me
Bandmaster, do you want to keep the moustache or shave it?
Please tell us
Ask him the right way and he'll tell you
Just clean his ears with a feather and
he'll answer without missing a beat
I had such a good impression about Miss Lakshmi
All gone now!
Sir, how are we to find the clues without being able to
watch the rehearsals?
Didn't I tell you he won't miss a beat?
We can' t ignore the similarities between Mount Mandara and
Sheshagiri Hill
If there is a Parijatha tree, it has to be in a forest, but
there is no forest on Sheshagiri Hill
The gem we are looking for isn't the parijatha tree...
it must be one of the other 14 gems.
You look so good! See...
You were punished all these years for a crime that you
didn't commit
We are all responsible for your situation
We can't replace all that you have lost
But for as long as you stay with us,
we promise to look after you
From now on, there won't be a single sour note in your life,
I promise
Please play something for us
Did you get the trumpet fixed, Miss Lakshmi?
I have nothing to do with this
It's these guys who looted the train
We're all your friends, bandmaster
Don't be scared
Watch out, you moron!
Lorry! Give the lorry back to me! I'll be on my way
Of course you can go
But before that, tell me on which hill the loot is hidden
The creeper...
Don't worry
I will trace the loot
Nothing can remain hidden from me
The guns have been arranged, Ugra
But we don't have sufficient men to rescue our leader
Arrange for some more men
The bandmaster threw sand in my face and ran away!
Don't worry
We're searching for him
I am as concerned about him as you
I'm sure. But your concern is for a whole different reason
We searched your room without your permission
What is this, Narayana?
The sketch seems to have faded
I can't seem to make out what is on it
Is this your sketch Miss Lakshmi?
Enough with your drama!!
This is a sketch of the Goddess Lakshmi on the coins that
are amongst the missing loot
We know that you're doing all this
only to get your hands on that loot
You're playing with our emotions for your own selfish
motives, right?
I don't think you're the right person to talk about
playing with emotions, Miss Lakshmi
Didn't you have plans to fool your people into believing
that Sudhakar himself was Sri Hari?
But I did that to save their lives
Not for my selfish motives!
You did this to compensate for your father's mistake
Isn't that your selfishness?
Had the loot been taken out of Amaravati on that day,
your people would've been leading a life of luxury
None of you would have felt it was wrong
Right and wrong are merely perceptions, Miss Lakshmi
It depends on each one's point of view
If you look at it from my perspective,
my desire isn't wrong, too
There's a Narayana and a Ravana within all of us
My father kept playing Ravana in all his plays
and finally chose to be one himself
You are committing the same mistake
When the evil within you is destroyed and the good comes
you will realise the difference between right and wrong
This is a sketch of the Goddess Lakshmi on the coins that
are amongst the missing loot
Your game is up, Narayana. Leave
Don't ever show us your face again
Are we searching for the wrong gem amongst the 14 gems?
After emerging from the depths of the ocean,
didn't Lakshmi meditate on Mount Meru awaiting the arrival
of Sri Hari and Vishnu?
Mount Meru....
Use Mount Mandara that is to the eastern side of Mount Meru,
as the churner
To the east of Mount Meru stands Mount Mandara...
That means...
To the east of Mandara is...Meru
The hills of Kalpagiri, Vishwamale and Pushpagiri
are the only ones that have forests
Lakshmi, there's no need to listen to him anymore
You're right
You don't have to listen to me anymore
Cage them all in a room
Take them away
I'll personally carry Miss Lakshmi
Someone please open the door! Open!
How did you get here!!!
I don't know Lakshmi!
I only remember going to sleep last night
When we woke up this morning, we were locked in here!
Untie me!
I haven't seen Sri Hari since morning!
It is your Sri Hari himself who has locked us up in here!
Then I'm sure he has plan behind it
Then stay right here
We very well know what your Sri Hari's plan....
I have something to tell you all....
Where should we find the tree in this forest?
Lakshmi sat in meditation under a tree.
There will be a mark
They haven't any left marks on any tree
Sir, there are many trees here
How do we single out the tree we want without a single clue?
Which tree would you have selected Achyuthanna?
Probably, the tallest tree, sir
But they all look the same height
Then probably one with the broadest trunk
Basically, you'd have selected a unique tree
So whichever tree you think is unique should lead us to the
Rather than mark trees, I think they've planted creepers
This is the only tree with a creeper, I'm digging here...
Despite your plan, whom did the eagle finally sit on instead
of Sudhakar?
On Narayana. Don't you think it's God's will?
Yes, yes!
If he was indeed the real Sri Hari, he should've
charmed our Lakshmi by now. He hasn't!
I knew he was upto no good!
Don't worry
I've made all arrangements for your safety
Don't worry. The guns are for your protection
Hey! What are you doing!!
Why are you dragging them away?
Don't take unnecessary trouble Narayana.
The situation is beyond your control now.
But there's no harm in trying, isn't it Gadipar?
Hey you! Go and inform Tukaram. Leave now!
Master, we've dragged the drama folks to the fort
I'm probably the first leader to set his own fort on fire
on the day of ascending the throne!
Where are you going?
Move it!
Make all the arrangements
Who is that?
Go check who that is
Ok sir!
You all carry on
This fort has to burn in to ashes
When shall we light it up
let's wait for the orders
It is better to kill one and save ourselves
than all of us being killed to save one
He is our leader!
Deceiving him is like deceiving the throne!
I was loyal to the throne all these years.
What did I get in return??
He chose to believe an outsider and was ready to kill us!
Why should I be loyal to such a man?
Right now we should only focus on escaping from here
We've traced a way out Vibhasu.
If we bow our heads before Tukaram,
at least our lives will be spared
Listen up! Don't you dare raise your hand on him again.
I will not spare you!
Will you just shut up Achyuthanna!
Every time you say that, he hits me even more!
I won't spare you guys!
Load the chest to the jeep. Tukaram will be waiting for us
I'm curious, can we take a look inside?
If Tukaram finds out, he will set us on fire along with the
Abhiras and the drama troupe
Your drama troupe friends are already in Tukaram's captivity
None of them will be alive by dawn
Tukaram will not find out.
So what's the harm in taking a look at it?
Whatever it is, hurry up!
That chest is only filled with stones.
Where's the loot Narayana?
Hang the constable from the
nearest tree and come to the fort!
I'll go and inform Tukaram
Don't bury him!!
Anybody here at all??
I know you're all scared.
But, there are two paths ahead of you
One: being loyal to me
Two: begging Tukaram for your survival
Drink up!
Drink up!
My lifelong dream will finally come true tonight, Ramchandra
Henceforth, the Abhira fort will....
You have promised our father that you won't kill me, Jairam
Who said I would kill you?
Meeting you after ages, Gadipar. Excuse our poor hospitality
Master is waiting for you
We found the chest master, but it was filled with stones
No. I've seen the chest filled with precious loot
If the loot that was there is missing now,
then someone must've taken it
It was your drama troupe friends who looted and hid it.
So, someone amongst you has stolen it. Who is it?
If you don't reveal who that is, I'll skin you alive and
make buntings out of it and tie it all over Amaravati!
Where's the loot?
I don't know!
Damn! Went through so much trouble
and all I find is an empty chest!
My poor father must be relentlessly searching for me....
Oh god!
Narayana stop!
Oxygen, oxygen!
If you struggle too much, there won't be much oxygen left!
Take a deep breath
Not so much!
You need oxygen for later, too!
What's this fragrance?
Such a lovely smell!
So sad. Must've bloomed minutes ago.
But is already returned to dust
It's life, too has lost meaning. Just like mine
Oh wait...there is meaning...
If it has bloomed in the night...
(The mighty parijatha tree is surrounded by many more trees)
At sunset, the flowers on the parijatha tree bloom
and its radiance pervades everywhere and sets aglow even the
surrounding trees
Where's the loot? Tell me!
The loot is safe where it was hidden, Jairam
I'll take you to it.
But only after my people leave this town
Narayana, oxygen!!
So near yet so far! Damn this loot!
I'm dying with an unfulfilled dream
You're thinking of the loot in your last moments?
Achyuthanna is dying because of you
Lakshmi and the drama troupe are dying in the fort
And consumed by greed for the loot, you're dying in here
You know why?
Tell me!
Due to my greed
What did Lakshmi tell you about the Ravana and the Narayana
residing in you?
Repent at least before you die!
I am
Awaken the Narayana in you!
I am
Narayana oxygen!!
To hell with oxygen!
I'll need it only if I stay alive, right?
Will you just shut up!
I have you the signal a long time ago and you arrive now!
Sir, please come out.
- We came a long time ago
We arrived when they were beating you up
Then what were you waiting for? For him to die?
We were only obligated to save his life
We're even now
Where are you off to?
To Tukaram's fort
Jairam has already reclaimed his fort
Then Jairam sir will be upset if
I go empty handed to congratulate him
If you go to the fort in your current state,
you'll be dead meat!
I have escaped from the jaws of death and emerged alive
I guess my life's purpose isn't fulfilled yet
I will not die today
There will be no exceptions...
...when he doesn't wait for an invite to join the war
Only a war cry will be heard
The earth quivers with his entry
- We don't like being obligated to anyone
He will show no mercy
- Jairam's is pending...
When evil soars high in this world
May the fire in you ignite
The evils will be vanquished...
...because he was born to make history
Let's get started?
A rebirth just for the betterment of this world
Let only truth triumph
There is a...
...battle within...
The evils will be vanquished...
...because he was born to make history
Narayana, please set me free
Of course!
I had promised my father to destroy your families
And Abhiras never go back on their word
The ones who looted that train have been long dead
And none of these people are even remotely
connected to that loot, Jaiaram
Do you want that loot or you do you want to keep your word?
The choice is yours
And what if I don't want to?
There's no need for all this, Lakshmi.
As long as we have Sri Hari, he can't lay a finger on us!
Sri Hari! Where is your so called Sri Hari??
Only I know where the loot is hidden.
If you even lay a finger on them, you'll have to forget that
loot forever
Hello brother!
There's a parcel for you!
Amaravati Police Department has its eye and gun
trained on you.
If you stick to your positions, you'll be safe
Even if you budge a little, here's an example
of what's in store for you
One moment please!
Please keep your positions
I will be demonstrating what is in store
if any of you budge from your positions
Please watch your aim while shooting, ok?
Hope you enjoyed our little demonstration!
Now please lower your guns
I told you
I have a business proposal
For your dreams that were burried 15years ago
I put my life at stake and have resurrected
...just keeping you posted...
Heard that Miss Lakshmi? I put my life at stake...
I brought this for all of you...
So yes...
If any of you wants to become
the king of the Abhiras, raise your hand!
And in place of the loot, give me the drama troupe
Give and take
What do you have to say, huh?
You may have brought the loot, Narayana.
But, you are putting your life at stake now
Sir, please keep quiet, will you?
I know that you will not go back on your word
and give me these drama folk
But, they have given no such word, isn't it?
So, yes, the market is open.
And if there are any interesting candidates,
please raise your hand!
The first candidate is ready!
Second candidate!
You seem like an interesting candidate,
please come forward
What's your name?
Jairam sir, please listen to me
I had told you this a long time ago
When intelligence crosses its limit,
it turns into foolishness
You lost because of your intelligence, Narayana
Now let's test the enormity of your strength
Oh god, sir!
Oh my!
I am the man who killed my own father for the throne!
Now tell me, how many amongst you desire to become the king!
Not one among them dares to even think of it, Narayana
Ok then
Since none of you are displaying the courage to do so,
I myself will sit on that throne
I will use their dead bodies as a stairway to the throne
Now call upon your Sri Hari!
Call him!
Lord of the seven hills!
King of the Abhiras
I, Jairam, the legitmate heir of Rama Rama
Will be fulfilling the vow given to my father...
Sir, there is someone...
Sir, you mentioned that nobody dared
to become the king,isn't it...
There is someone
Gentlemen, if anybody writes the history of the Abhiras,
it will be divided into two parts
One: before he became the king of the Abhiras
Two: after he became the king of the Abhiras
Who is he?
He is Sriman Narayana!
Jairam sir, patience please!
As per the rule laid by you,
I've ascended the throne only after finding the loot
Actually, after I become the king of the Abhiras,
there will not be much to write about the Abhiras
There will only be a full stop
Tell me why?
Because the history of Abhiras ends today
Henceforth, it is not necessary for you
to follow the Abhira tradition
This is your king Sriman Narayana's first and last order
Look, your fort is on fire and is getting burnt!
Within minutes, this place will be on fire, too
You all have families,
so please have some concern about them
Do not disobey your king's orders, leave right now!
If any of you dares to even budge, you will be dead!
Remember that some amongst you have already
expressed a desire to become the king
Jairam sir is anyway planning to...
kill you!
You won't go back alive from here today
Can you fight this seven footer? Let's see!
Someone was mentioning about a seven footer...
I can't see him
Ah! There you are!
Hurry up! Quick
Move along!
He saved all of us and....
Not just us, Achyuthanna
He saved the whole of Amaravati
Why did you save him?
That's because the Narayana within me has woken up, Lakshmi
I didn't have the heart to leave him behind
(Sri Hari Drama Company Presents - Samudra Manthana)
Sri Hari, by your grace, the nectar has been obtained by the
Now, if Lakshmi and Narayana wed, it will do good to the
whole world
What do you think, Sudhakar?
About what?
About Lakshmi and Narayana's wedding
No that won't work, Lakshmi!
Uh...nothing of that sort, there is no problem
What did she say?
She said there's absolutely no problem
She's just shy...
Miss Lakshmi....
What plans for the future?
YES! I got it...
Where is Narayana?
Who are you?
His father!