Ava's Possessions (2015) Movie Script

Dear lord, our father in heaven.
You are the physician
of our souls.
We beseech thee, protect
this young woman's soul...
our lord and savior...
Vanquish this diabolic being.
Protect this young woman,
body and soul,
from all spiritual poison.
In the name of Jesus Christ,
our lord and savior...
young woman...
Hello, gorgeous.
Hello, Ava.
I'm father merino.
Your parents asked me
to be here to help.
Boy it's nice to,
to see the real you.
You see, I've been here
for a while...
But it wasn't you
that I was talking with.
I-it was an ancient,
malicious entity,
and it's gone now.
It's not possible.
No, no.
This is a joke, right?
This is... this is a joke.
I know you're frightened
and exhausted and confused,
but it's not a joke.
You've been being controlled
by a spirit
that was not your own.
Okay, okay.
Let's pray.
Dear father in heaven.
Thank you for returning Ava,
to this life.
How are you feeling, Ava?
There she is.
Hey Ava, you look great.
Hope you're hungry.
Cut it out.
What? She looks great.
How long has it been?
It's been a month, Ava.
Did anyone call in sick for me?
I doubt it.
More lo mein?
No, I'm good, thanks.
This thing that managed to get
inside of you
should be a real wake-up call.
Are you, uh, are you still
smoking marijuana?
Are you seriously blaming me
for getting possessed?
I mean, it's
a gateway drug, okay?
I wish you would let us
put you in a hotel.
Your father's right, darling.
You really can't live like this.
I didn't have time to clean.
Oh Ava, it's a dump.
It doesn't matter
how much you clean it up.
Well, we're gonna
come back and check on you.
Whatever, just call first.
Oh, sweetie.
I guess the district attorney,
uh, has several videos
like this.
And you're up for indictment
for multiple charges.
Wait, what other charges?
What other charges?
Ava, you...
Property damage, assault,
indecent exposure,
two counts of possession...
I mean, we're talking about
serious jail time here.
Bloody maniac,
running through the streets,
like, hurting people
usually go to jail.
Your... your... your parents
are lobbying to put you
in some kind of
residential facility.
But I don't belong
in a facility.
No, you don't,
you don't belong in a facility.
There is a third option
and it's called, uh,
spirit possession anonymous.
It's funded by the government.
It's in association
with the church, go figure.
And you go
through the treatment and...
And they erase all the charges.
One thing, you are required
to study this handbook
so you're prepared
for the first day.
It's kind of, uh, like aa
for people like you.
Okay, yeah,
I'll go with option three.
Okay, I'm gonna
inform the judge right now.
I think you made a fantastic
decision, sweetheart.
Hey Carl, it's me.
I'd love to hear your voice.
I really miss you.
Please call me back
as soon as you get this.
How 'bout tomorrow?
Okay, just let him know
I'm feeling better
and I can come back to work.
"To Conrad.
Thirty years of wedded bliss."
Who's Conrad?
Hey, how's it goin'?
Uh... are you better now?
I guess so.
Sarah says hi.
Hi, Sarah.
Do you guys maybe want to
hang out later?
She wants to hang out.
Sarah asks if it's safe.
Tell Sarah to wear a raincoat
'cause I've got pea soup
spraying out of my butt.
That's an exorcist reference.
Yeah, I know, it was funny.
She sounds normal.
We'll text you.
So... was it
kinda like being pregnant?
'Cause you had this thing
inside of you.
I pictured that as being
a more beautiful experience.
W-what are you gonna do
about picking up
the pieces of your life?
My life's not really in pieces.
I just have
a few things to sort out.
It'll be back to normal
next week.
So what's up with
Roxanne's birthday party?
Did it change?
Um, well, you're sort of
not invited anymore.
People are just
really freaked out still.
And you sort of
acted like a mega-bitch
while you were possessed.
And a slut.
W-which is fine,
but you did sleep with
Roxanne's boyfriend.
Does Carl know?
I don't know the detail...
I just heard.
What is it?
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
Something's wrong with her.
Fuck, I knew
we shouldn't have come here!
Ava, are you okay?
What just happened, Ava?
Nothing. I-I-I...
I-I just drank that too fast.
You guys should just go
'cause you're gonna be late.
Are you upset?
No, no, I just,
I have a lot of stuff to do
and, uh, pieces of my life
to pick up and whatnot.
Well, we'll give Roxanne
a kiss for you.
Oh, I'm sure she'll love that.
Oh, shit!
Uh... did I...?
No, I'm sorry, Darlene.
You can try again, okay?
Alright, that's it for today.
Louie, Casey, get her
out of this thing please.
I really apologize...
Don't ever come late again.
I'm sorry.
Alright, let's go get your files
so you can be prepared
for the next time.
What was that necklace?
If you read the manual,
you'd know.
It's a spirit steeper,
you put it on
and the last spirit
that possessed you
is invited back.
We record everything
on that camera there,
and we chart your progress.
If you can remove
the spirit steeper on your own,
while possessed,
then you've
completed the training.
If I have to remove it
for you, then...
The therapy continues.
There's also a lot of homework.
You're gonna have some pretty
uncomfortable conversations
with your family
and your friends.
Yeah, I think
I already stumbled into those.
You need to look for clues,
piece together lost memories.
What is all this stuff?
Old cases... files on everyone,
even before I worked here.
Dates back to 1982, I think.
This is your priest report on
your uninvited spiritual guest.
People you hurt or injured
while you were possessed.
You're gonna need to make
amends with them.
Does it say why it chose me?
No, it doesn't.
The goal is not
to determine why.
Is it possible, my demon...
We don't use the "d" word here.
Did you even look at the manual?
I'm sorry. Yeah,
I flipped through it.
Is it possible it's my fault?
Well, it could be random,
or karmic,
or induced by a third party.
But more important
than placing blame
is preventing it
from happening again.
I've been seeing...
Crazy visions.
Like waking nightmares.
That's the spirit.
It's trying to come back.
"Naphula is a
six-foot-one-inch tall succubus,"
"a feline hybrid
of a dragon, bird and goat."
"He is depicted carrying a drum.
The sound of the drums
signals his approach."
That's her.
I know who you are.
Demon! No.
Be gone! Go away!
I'm better now! Be gone!
I-I'm... I'm
happy to take the time,
just keep your distance.
The cops brought you in
for a psych evaluation.
They said
they wanted you sedated.
You'd been jumping over cars
causing accidents.
But when I went to administer
the benzodiazepine,
you broke though the cuffs
on the stretcher,
and you chewed
right through my finger.
You shoved your tongue
down my throat
and smashed my head
into the ATM three times.
I'm sorry.
Did I...
Say anything?
Yeah, you did actually.
" Ad miseriam esurio ."
Over and over.
I looked it up
because it was ringing
through my head for days,
driving me crazy.
It's Latin.
It means "for your misery,
I hunger."
Hey Carl, it's me...
Uh, I guess you're upset at me.
I am so, so sorry...
Hey. Hi.
You're there.
Look, please stop calling me.
Wait Carl, I'm better now.
Can we please just meet
and talk about this?
No. I don't,
I don't want to see you anymore.
Look, we broke up.
I-I get that you
don't remember, but it's over.
Ava, honestly, forget about him.
If a demon isn't an excuse
for a little indiscretion,
I don't know what is.
"Say goodbye to split ends."
What if my possession
wasn't an excuse, though.
What if it's bad Karma,
like mom said.
Mom has her own issues.
They have nothing to do
with you.
She just thinks they do.
Hi everybody, my name's Ava.
My uninvited spiritual guest
possessed me for 28 days
and was exorcised on Tuesday.
Tell us its name.
Naphula, the anointed.
In the grand scheme
of the 36 legions of hell,
he's sort of the, uh,
entitled, arrogant rich kid.
He likes to come up
for joyrides in human bodies.
And he carries a drum...
That he beats as he approaches.
Mine was drekavac, the cursed.
He's from the souls
of murdered babies.
My evil spirit's orivus,
he made me eat my dog.
Let's let Ava talk, okay?
I found this in my couch,
and I don't know
how it go there.
Oh, that could be
a good place to start.
"To Conrad.
For thirty years
of wedded bliss."
Do you know who this Conrad is?
This is a cheri Cher watch.
There's a store in Soho.
Abaddon, the annihilator
shoplifted from there.
That's my demon's name.
The "d" word, Hazel.
Such a pointless rule.
Don't make this any more
serious than it already is.
Anything else?
There was a...
A little blood on the floor
in my living room.
But I don't know
whose blood it is.
Probably your own.
It could be animal blood.
Did you have any pets?
Louie, haven't we
talked about this?
Barnabas is in
a better place now.
Hey, new girl.
Got the hots for Tony yet?
Mmm, not really my type.
What's going on
between you and him?
He caught me sneaking in there
a couple weeks ago
so I'm on thin ice.
Or whatever.
You broke into the church?
I want that amulet he's got.
The spirit steeper?
But why? Is it worth a lot?
I would use it
to get my demon back.
Why would you wanna do that?
There was
a connection between us.
And I think
it was special for him too.
I was the first girl.
Abaddon, the annihilator
had ever been inside of.
In that way.
And he's got this sexy scar
on the side of his cheek
from when an archangel
slashed him.
Anyway, I gotta go.
I'll see you at the next one.
You didn't have to help.
Don't you have
a giant wedding to plan?
Oh, uh, we pushed back the date.
Not because of
what happened to you,
we just needed more time.
Look what I got...
To replace
the one grandpa gave me.
It's exactly the same, right?
Oh. It got destroyed?
No, it went missing.
I remember
not being able to find it.
It's one of
the last memories I had...
Before the demon.
You okay?
What's wrong?
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Whoa, whoa!
Okay, okay, alright.
I got her, I got her.
Let's get her in your bed.
Why are you
acting like this is your fault?
She's not your responsibility.
It's just that
things are different now.
And if we're not careful,
she's going to find out
what happened.
You know, I gotta say,
I'm with mom and dad
on this one.
She's not fit
to take care of herself.
She needs to go away
for a while,
get some proper care.
You need to stop
calling them mom and dad.
I'm part of the family now.
Just... We're not married yet.
Well, we might as well be,
after what I did.
Hey, Ava. How ya feeling?
A little better, thanks.
These came for you
while you were asleep.
Maybe you've got
a secret admirer.
They're from my boss.
A bunch of the bands
I represent signed it.
They want me to come back.
See? Things are gonna
get back to normal in no time.
Where's Hank?
Someone needs to
check on the girls backstage,
I'll be back in a minute.
Ava, no way!
You're looking good.
How's it been going?
It's going good.
you've got a new single.
Duke, we're ready!
Go see.
La, la, la, la, la...
La, la, la, la, la...
Ava, Ava.
Jesus, Ava,
I'm-I'm sorry if the song
upset you, but...
You're not really
releasing that, are you?
It's clearly a hit.
It's not funny.
It really happened.
Maybe the lyrics are a metaphor.
Yeah, it's like poetic license.
Shut up, Hank.
He looks like a sex offender
in that outfit.
You know what, little Dukie,
I found you, I signed you,
and I decide what sounds
like a single.
And it's not this.
Maybe it's not time
for you to come back
and start making decisions
just yet.
Thanks for the
get-well-soon card, assholes.
Hi, I found a cheri Cher watch
I'd like to return to the owner.
There's an inscription on it.
It says, um, "to Conrad."
Thirty years of wedded bliss."
Hi, I'm supposed to
meet with Ben.
Ben just stepped in the back
for a moment.
He'll be right out.
Have I been here before?
I don't know.
I'm sorry, um, perhaps you'd
like to join our mailing list.
You sure you don't recognize me?
Should I?
No, no, no.
Not if you don't.
Ava. Yes. Ben?
Thank you for
going through all the trouble
with calling the store
and coming here.
It's a damn good watch.
Where did you find it?
On the street outside
of my building.
So you've never met my father?
Your father?
This was a gift
from my mother to him.
She passed away a few years ago.
That's why
the store contacted me.
Well I'd really
like to meet Conrad,
if at all possible.
He's away on business, a lot.
What kind of business?
Art, among other things.
He owns this gallery with me.
I-I-I should really get going.
It was really nice to meet you.
So, what do you do?
Nothing anymore.
I was fired.
Are you a bad girl?
You need to learn to be
a little more cutthroat.
Well, when I was possessed,
I cut some throats.
Stretch out your facial muscles.
Remember, when you
face the dark spirits,
they must also face you.
She is a riot, man.
She is a real riot.
Told you.
No, really.
Ava, please not here.
I was possessed.
You all have a target
on your back, people.
Once you've been possessed,
you are ten times more likely
to be repossessed, revisited.
So let's not make it
easy for 'em, shall we.
More angry. Do not let them
take you over.
It's your body, claim
possession, claim ownership,
claim the right
to your existence.
Hazel, hit the goddamn thing!
Come on, harder! Two hands, go.
Two hands.
Come on, Hazel. Come on, Hazel!
That was embarrassing.
Fastest date in history.
Well, if he can't accept
my inner demons, then fuck him.
Hi, Ava.
Hi, mom.
I told you to call first.
You're not
supposed to be drinking.
Haven't you heard,
I can handle my spirits.
Oh, you think it's funny?
What are you,
some kind of expert.
How can you possibly know
what this has been like for me?
I just know, okay?
I've had my share
of difficulties.
Zinc, one a day, with meals.
Here's your calcium.
Something happened here that
you guys aren't telling me.
I found blood
under the rug over there.
Someone tried to cover it up.
Well, you hurt yourself,
we cleaned it up. So?
Part of my therapy is I have to
confront all of the bad things
that I did head on.
I hope you're not spilling
your guts to those hippies.
Those hippies
are the only people
helping me recover.
Trust me when I say
you don't want to know any more.
Just leave it alone.
Hey Tony,
you said the possession
could be induced
by a third party.
What did you mean by that?
By invoking runic
or psychokinetic energy.
Maleficium or Vamachara.
What's that?
Black magic.
Truth is we don't know
exactly how it works.
It's like breaking and entering.
Spectral doorways open,
the barrier's weakened.
Spirit slips in.
The whole point
of what we do here
is to make you possession-proof.
Lay the right
foundational bricks
so that no one or no thing
can ever get in again.
Remember me, doll-face?
You chewed my ear
like a little rat.
Well you danced
with the wrong matador,
'cause I will carve out
your fuckin' eyes.
Now I want my money.
Plus interest.
Plus damages. Plus fuck you.
I don't remember.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you don't remember?
You don't remember Noelle
with your titties in her face?
Now I don't care
if you're a girl or a boy
or a pig or a dog
or a monkey vegetarian,
or an episcopalian.
If you're with one of Escobar's
girls, you gotta pay...
One way or another.
Now open up your wallet
and show me your money.
And your jewelry too.
Ow, ow, ow.
Come on, Darlene, you can do it.
I mean, what are the odds
that two twin sisters
both get possessed.
Maybe it's genetic?
I heard that can happen.
What are you doing Saturday?
Do you wanna hang out?
Fight it.
Fight this spirit, fight it.
C'mon. Fight it. You can do it.
I know you can do it!
That a girl!
You did it.
Give me this.
- Cheers!
- Thank you.
Cut my hand
as a warning, I guess.
And ran off.
Sounds like he was
some sort of pimp or something,
which explains why he's not
on the list of people
pressing charges against you.
Did he tell you the name
of the woman?
Yeah, Noelle.
Maybe she's a prostitute.
You're gonna have to
talk to Noelle.
You're gonna have to
meet her in person.
How am I supposed to find her?
There's nothing easy
about this process, Ava.
Some of these people have been
coming here for years
with little or no progress.
You know what Hazel would say?
You keep us chasing the past,
so that you can
keep this place filled up,
so you've got a job.
That sound's like
something Hazel would say.
What do you say?
I'd say...
Did I really do something
when I was possessed
that your average scumbag
hasn't already done?
That's a pretty
bleak outlook, Ava.
You may want to
change your perspective.
I got you a little present.
Oh, that's nice.
Thanks for the Jade elephant.
What do you,
want do you want from me?
What do you, what do you...
What do you want me to do?
You got a guy in city hall
who can like track down people?
How about a prostitute?
Wait, a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you, are you trying to
get me a prostitute right now?
No, it's part of my therapy.
Is that two separate
thoughts there?
I gotta find people
and talk to them, make amends.
You want me to track down
a prostitute for you?
Yes, please.
I like where this is going.
Hi, this is Ben Branson.
- Oh, hi.
- Could I ask you to, um,
come out for a drink with me,
as a thank you?
Conrad would say
that's the decent thing to do
for returning his watch.
Yeah, sure.
I thought we were
going out for a drink.
More fitting gift,
would be letting you chose
whatever you like.
Are you serious?
You can take any piece you want.
Unless you don't like anything.
I like this one.
This is one of my favorites.
Leda and the swan.
That's a swan?
It's actually
the Greek god Zeus.
He took the form of a swan
in order to seduce
a woman named Leda.
I thought it was an angel.
Greek gods are
kind of like fallen angels.
Is this Conrad?
I don't think
I could work for my family.
I can relate.
I love that Conrad travels.
Let's me run this place
the way I want.
That's good...
That you know what you want.
Sorry, it's my lawyer calling.
What's up, kiddo?
Uh, I have a lead
on that Noelle woman
you're looking for.
You have a number?
Uh, no, I have an address,
and I hear she's only there
for another hour.
Yeah, tonight. What? Come on.
Oh, shit.
Ben, I'm so sorry I have to go.
It was nice to see you again.
Your loss, baby.
You'll be back.
Take a look at that guy.
Take a look at this bitch.
There's that crazy bitch
that chewed up Escobar.
Hey, is one of you Noelle?
You remember me?
How could I forget.
What do you want?
You're gonna have to pay first.
I'm talkin' Benjamins.
Can we talk somewhere?
Welcome back to hotel Noelle.
Oh, wow.
This is nice.
So I-I don't remember
the night we met.
No, no, no, no, no.
I just wanna talk.
I don't say no to money, honey,
but I ain't no psychoanalyst.
Listen, I'll be
out of your way in five minutes.
I just need to know
what happened that night.
You really
don't remember anything.
No. I was possessed...
By a demon.
Holy fuck. Is that contagious?
I don't think so.
Good. 'Cause I've got enough
problems without that shit.
Okay, well, I just need to know
how I found you,
what I said to you.
I was in here with some guy,
and you showed up
and climbed in.
You stripped down
to your underwear
and next thing I know
we were all going at it.
I saw you earlier, you were like
following him, I think.
I figured you were his wife
or girlfriend or something.
I've seen people play
all sorts of kinky games.
So we knew each other?
He really liked you.
His name wasn't Conrad, was it?
I don't do names, baby.
I'm gonna give you my number.
If you can please
try to find out
any more information
on the guy, call me.
Oh fuck, it's Escobar!
Get your little ass out here!
I swear to god,
she made, she made me!
Now let me get this straight.
You come to my Chuck e cheese
and you throw your own
goddamn pizza party?
I told you Escobar's girls
are off limits to you bitch.
Do you have a death wish?
Now if I catch you
around here again,
I will snuff out
your little light.
I know how it feels, Ava.
All my friends hate me now too.
Except Eliza,
who I saved from a rapist.
I beat the shit out of him
with supernatural strength?
That's fucking awesome.
I don't think mine did
anything heroic like that.
Oh, yeah, and I was
way more effective at PR.
I got a raise,
the clients said
I was more fun to be around.
I mean, eventually I got fired
for ripping
my co-worker's hair out.
But what if you could
control a demon?
You know,
like training an animal,
like how people can learn
to fly in their dreams.
I guess
that would be pretty cool.
Hey, wanna do something crazy?
Look, there's only three
of these stores in New York.
Tony sent my photo
to all of them,
so they won't sell to me.
There's some
black magic website,
but I hate shopping online.
So, all I have to do
is buy this spell for you?
And perform it.
I can't perform my own spell.
What makes you think
I can even do that?
You've been possessed before.
What makes you think
I would do that?
You're my friend.
You do realize
that if we break Tony's rules,
we could get
in a lot of trouble.
Have Tony's rules
helped you at all?
Have you had any results
from his therapy?
- Hello.
- Hi.
I-I'm here to pick up
a demonium invitabo spell.
Mm-hmm. First time?
I should warn you,
it'll change you.
Oh, no, I've been
possessed before.
I meant invocation.
The spell.
Forces like these,
they leave their mark.
The instructions are inside,
all the ingredients for
the potion, the incantation.
Do you need a ceremonial cloak,
or do you have your own?
What's that?
That's just the frog.
It's supposed to be sedated.
You need to sacrifice it.
I have to sacrifice it?
Oh, Jesus.
I just hope there are
no more surprises.
Good luck with that.
Okay. So, almost done.
You just have to
"burn an item
that belonged to the host,"
that's me, "...Since childhood"
and read this...
Aw, I had one of these.
Are you sure you want me to...
Yeah, yeah. It's worth it.
Yeah, and you know,
give it a couple hours,
at least,
before you call the priest...
So we can have a little fun.
Here we go:
" Abyssus abyssum invocat-"
Terra es, terram ibis-
ecce quomodo moritur,
hoc sustinate damnosa
Are you okay?
Hazel, is it working?
What have I done?
Oh. Oh, my god,
please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me, please...
You're... you're really hot,
really hot.
You're really hot.
And... and...
You're really pretty.
That's the spirit.
Oh shit!
Oh, my god, what happened?
what the fuck is wrong with her?
I think she wanted
your soda or something.
Psycho bitch bit my arm.
Or maybe she had rabies.
Where did she go?
She fucking climbed
that building over there.
Hi, father, it's Ava.
Sorry to call so late,
but a friend of mine,
a girl named Hazel,
might show up on your radar.
She's possessed.
Uh, please call me
if you hear anything.
What are you doing here?
You're on our mailing list.
Oh, right.
You forgot this...
Do you wanna come inside?
Do you want to talk about why
you left in such a hurry?
I'll just, um, leave this here.
Do you want me to leave?
What happened to your head?
What's wrong?
I didn't put you here, Alice.
What is wrong with you?
Why won't you talk to me,
I'm your mother.
I have nothing to talk about.
I have to come clean
about something.
What? I, um...
I lied about
where I found the watch.
It was in my apartment.
Conrad was here,
and you do know him.
This is awkward.
My friend's in the hospital.
The church will cover the costs
for any broken equipment.
We have insurance for that.
We're gonna take her
to a residential facility.
Ava, thank you
for coming so quickly.
She's been asking for you
They're about to take her away.
Where? Someplace where
she won't be a danger to
herself or anyone else.
You should speak to her,
but... go in alone.
God bless.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Hazel.
Ava, I'm so sorry.
I- I hope you're not in trouble,
but it was so worth it.
I mean, I remember
everything this time.
Like, every little detail.
I jumped off your roof.
You? You mean, Abaddon...
No, it was both of us.
We were one.
I mean, it wasn't a battle.
I wasn't fighting him
and he wasn't controlling me.
I made him stronger,
and he made me stronger,
and it was better
than the best heroin,
the best ecstasy,
better than any dick
I've ever had.
Hazel, I-I don't
need to know that...
Yes, you do.
That's why I wanted to see you,
to tell you,
because you believe me.
Sure demons are dark,
but they're just our shadows.
Like black matter
or like a doughnut hole,
like negative space.
Nothing makes you more complete
than total union
with your shadow.
Tony, I, uh, I really
don't feel ready for this.
Nobody passes the first time.
It's all just part of
the training process.
When you learn how to ski,
you don't expect to make it
down the black diamond trail
the first try, right?
So, this is gonna be
your bunny slope.
I don't ski.
You're gonna be fine.
What, what?
What have you done?
You got a thaumaturgic
mark on your skin.
Right on your neck.
What? Shit.
What does it mean?
It means you've appealed
to a left-handed
mode of witchery.
It also means
I can't help you anymore.
Oh, come on, Tony. I'm so close.
These dark powers
that you're just playing with,
once they mark you,
they weaken you.
Any form of magic,
no matter what the intention,
can invite evil inside.
All the progress,
all the work we've done...
It's for nothing.
Wow, once a week.
I don't even know
if any of this is gonna work,
but let's try... Excuse me.
We'll make it... What is this?
Excuse me...
What is this thing on my neck?
You've got these things
all over you.
I told you...
Some spells leave a mark.
I thought you meant
Like, like visiting
the Grand Canyon
or walking in on your dad naked.
I meant the high cost
that must be paid
for summoning such powers.
But this was just
for a friend though.
You summoned the demon.
You awoke the darkness.
You have the mark.
Excuse me, I'm with someone.
She's crazy. She's crazy.
The judge knows
you were kicked out of group.
I don't see any other choice.
The only alternative is jail.
This is best for you, Ava.
who goes into these places
comes out ever crazier.
You were kicked out of demon aa.
It doesn't get much crazier.
It's quiet, it's tranquil...
It's in the Adirondacks.
It's where you should have gone
in the first place,
but he wouldn't listen to me.
J.J. Must have other ideas.
Well, J.J.'S been let go.
What? We didn't like the way
he handled certain things,
so we let him go.
He enabled you
to look up some prostitute,
and you got attacked...
He was helping me.
That was part of my therapy...
Well, that's some therapy.
Oh, my god,
who would have thought
our family would be
so vulnerable to demons.
Honey, you have to go away.
Hey, it's Noelle.
Hey, Noelle.
What'd you find out.
I got a name for you.
Car's downstairs.
You almost packed?
One of the girls took that guy
you were looking for
to a room where they had to
put down a credit card.
What's his name?
Was it Conrad Branson?
I'm not telling you anything
until you give me more money.
You know where to find me.
Okay, okay I'll figure it out.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
You know the prostitute?
The one J.J. Helped me find?
I need to see her, tonight.
I can't tell you.
Please, I have to see her.
Alright, listen.
I'll cover for ya.
I'll say that you, you ran away.
Thanks, dad,
but I have to pay her.
Can I borrow 200 bucks?
Oh, shit.
No way. No way.
What the hell you do?
You killed Noelle dead.
What, no.
Somebody did, bitch.
I've got some scripture wisdom
for your white ass.
An eye for an eye.
You know about that bitch?
I'm gonna take it out on you.
You're gonna pay.
I've had a really bad month.
You do not want to
fuck with me right now.
Okay. Escobar can turn
the other cheek.
There's no need for trouble.
Are you okay?
Oh, my god. Ben.
Oh, my god.
Are you following me?
What? I'm trying to protect you.
I saved your fuckin' life
back there.
Why were you even there?
Ava, Ava, please. Listen to me.
When you told me that Conrad
was in your apartment,
I realized you're in danger.
He does a lot of
illegal business.
Someone must have wanted you
out of the picture.
Ava, he kills people,
for a living, for money.
Why would
someone want to kill me?
I don't know.
But maybe if we can
figure out where he went
after he left your apartment
that night...
I can't, I...
What, you can't remember?
I don't know.
Let me protect you.
I don't know if you can.
I'm sorry.
Look, J.J. You're the only
person I can trust right now.
Everyone's gonna think
I killed Noelle.
If I go home,
they're gonna send me away.
You did the right thing coming
It's the first smart thing
you did all day.
Thanks for helping me.
You know
that your parents, uh...
They fired me.
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
Ugh, fucking hell.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of it.
First things first,
you need some rest.
I got a spot for you, come on.
God, what are you
doing here so late anyways?
Um, some of us work.
The couch is yours.
Just make yourself at home.
Thanks, J.J.
I gotta make some phone calls.
Good night.
He may present
a sacrifice of burnt offerings
and if the new vessel
is without blemish,
he will accept it...
Reflect my bear.
We have to tell her,
she has to understand why...
The night before the exorcism...
That is my bear...
It's you they want...
It always was.
Thanks, J.J.
I'm here to help. What?
What the hell
were you thinking, running away?
Are you alright?
Someone's trying to kill me.
She's clearly delirious.
I mean, we better call Zephyr
and have them send
some orderlies over to help us.
It might look bad
dragging her out of here
like a mental patient.
I can drive her myself.
I'll make sure she gets
to Zephyr place tonight.
Where are we going?
What is this,
what are you doing?
Roger. Hello?
It's just you and me now.
Hey, hey.
Ugh, no.
It was you.
You're the guy with Noelle.
So good.
Oh, my god, we had sex!
Yeah. It was so intense.
Oh, my god, get off me! Hey.
Hey. I have feelings for you.
Ha. I do.
Yeah. It was a funny story.
We ran into each other
in that whore's minivan.
Uh! I was a nervous wreck!
I just hated myself, a mess.
Then I hired Conrad
to knock you off.
You can imagine my surprise
when we found you alive
and Conrad dead.
It was the demon.
It saved you.
It saved me too.
I don't feel anything for you.
How can you say that...
After what I did?
And that's when I realized,
it's deeper than anything
I ever felt for Jillian.
What we have is truly special.
That wasn't me.
That was the demon
then how do we
get the demon back?
There is one way...
It's in there.
There you go.
This is it.
Put it on.
Put it on!
You're so fucking hot.
Why do you
want me so bad, Roger?
Fuck yeah.
Same as any of those
other women of the night?
Tell me about
the hookers, Roger.
so much better than they are.
Oh, yeah.
Tell me what happened to Noelle.
Tell me, Roger, and I'll give
you everything you want.
She didn't matter.
I fucked her.
I killed her.
She didn't mean a thing.
Take it.
Well, you've proved me wrong.
Well done.
Thanks, Tony.
What about that mark on my neck?
Uh, I wouldn't
worry about that now.
It's just one of many scars.
Will I ever know why?
The possession.
What brought it on?
Ava, you just
defeated your demon.
Be happy.
We don't use the "d" word.
Maybe you should
move in with me for a bit.
I've got room now.
You know, Jillian,
I'm really sorry.
I guess Roger
had everyone fooled.
You were never
really fooled by him.
It's my fault.
I invited him into our lives.
it's not my fault for once.
I'm not used to being
the one comforting you.
You ready to pop that?
I'm bill.
I- I don't know
exactly why I'm here,
I mean, it's been
a rough six weeks.
It's been tough.
I held up a-a 7-11
in Newark and, and here I am.
And... And now I got a record,
and I don't even remember
doin' it.
It's weird,
it made me feel younger.
It made me feel younger,
and I miss this little fucker.
Hey, Ava.
Good job today.
I'll, uh, see you tomorrow.
Bye, captain. I'll lock up.
Fucking hell.
This thing that managed
to get inside of you
should be a real wake-up call.
Mom has her own issues.
They have nothing
to do with you.
She just thinks they do.
Trust me,
you don't wanna know any more.
Just leave it alone.
How can you possibly know
what this has been like for me?
I just know.
Who would have thought
our family would be
so vulnerable to demons.
Maybe it's genetic?
I heard that could happen.
Look what I got.
To replace the one
grandpa gave me.
Any form of magic,
no matter what the intention,
can invite evil inside.
You summoned the demon,
you woke the darkness,
you have the mark.