Avatar (2009) Movie Script

Sooner or later though,
you always have to wake up.
In cryo you don't dream at all.
Doesn't feel like 6 years.
More like after tequila
and ass kicking.
Tommy was the scientist, not me.
He was the one who wanted to get shot light
years out in space to find the answers.
Are we there yet?
Yeah, we're there sunshine.
It's about your brother.
A week before Tommy's
gonna ship out...
A guy with a gun ends his journey.
For the paper in his wallet.
Being in cryo for 5 years,
You will be hungry,
you will be weak.
If you feel noxious...
Tommy was the scientist.
I'm just another dumb grunt going
some place he's gonna regret.
Up ahead was Pandora.
I grew up hearing about it,
but I never figured I'd be going there.
Your brother represented
a significant investment.
We'd like to talk to you
about taking over his contract.
And since your genome is identical to his,
you could step into his shoes.
So to speak.
It'd be a fresh start,
on a new world.
And the pay is good.
Very good.
Egzo packs on!
Remember people, you loose that mask
you're unconscious in 20 seconds.
You're dead in 4 minutes.
Let nobody be dead today,
looks very bad on my report.
One life ends...
Another begins.
When the ramp comes down
go directly into the base, do not stop!
Go straight inside!
Wait for my mark!
There's no such thing
as an ex marine.
You may be out, but you
never loose the attitude.
I told myself I could pass
any test a man can pass.
They can fix the spine,
if you got the money.
But not on dead benefits,
not in this economy.
Let's go special case,
do not make me wait for you.
Well well ladies.
Look at all this fresh meat.
Back on Earth, these guys
were army dogs, marines.
Fighting for freedom.
Look out hot rod.
But out here they're just hired guns,
taking the money, working for the company.
Check this out man.
Meals on wheels.
Man, that is just wrong.
You are not in Kansas any more.
You are on Pandora,
ladies and gentlemen.
Respect that fact,
every second of every day.
If there is a hell,
you might wanna go there for some
R and R after a tour on Pandora.
Out there beyond that fence,
every living thing that
crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to
kill you and eat your eyes for joo-joo-bees.
We have an indigenous population
of humanoids called the Na'vi.
They're fond of arrows
dipped in a neuro toxin
that will stop your heart in one minute.
And they have bones reinforced
with naturally occuring carbon fiber.
They are very hard to kill.
As head of security,
it is my job to keep you alive.
I will not succeed.
Not with all of you.
If you wish to survive you need to
cultivate a strong mental attitude.
You've got to obey the rules.
Pandora rules.
Rule number one...
It's nothing like an old school safety
brief to put your mind at ease.
Jake, you're Jake right?
Tom's brother.
You look just like him.
I'm Norm Spellman, went through
avatar training with him.
The bio lab, we're gonna
spend a lot of time here.
How you doing,
Norm, avatar driver.
Here's the link room, this is where we're
connecting to the avatar...
Me and Norm here, are to drive these
remotely controlled bodies called avatars.
They're grown from human DNA
mixed with the DNA of the natives.
Welcome to Pandora,
good to have you.
They got big. - They fully
mature on the flight out.
So the progress up the stim
seem to work really well.
Yeah, they got great muscle tone.
It'll take us a few hours
to get them prepared,
but you can take them out tomorrow.
There's yours.
Looks like him.
Looks like you.
This is your avatar now, Jake.
The concept is that every driver
is matched to his own avatar.
So that their nervous system are in tuned.
Or something...
Which is why they offered me the gig,
because I can link with Tommy's avatar.
Which is insanely expensive.
Is this right?
I just say whatever
to the video log?
Yeah, we gotta get the habit
of documenting everything.
What we see, what we feel,
it's all part of the science.
Science is good observation.
- Plus it'll help keep you sane.
for the next 6 years.
Here I am.
Doing science.
They're coming out.
Attention, drivers coming out of the lane.
Who's got my god
damn cigarette?
Guys, what's wrong with this picture?
Thank you!
Grace Augustine is a legend.
She's the head of the avatar
program, she wrote the book.
I mean literally wrote the
book on Pandoran botany.
That's because she likes
plants better than people.
Here she is, Cinderella back from the ball.
Grace I'd like you to meet
Norm Spellman and Jake Sully.
Norm, I hear good things about
you. How's your Na'vi?
If I may, Great Mother,
it's a pleasure to meet you.
Not bad, a bit rough though.
I've studied for 5 years,
but I still have much to learn.
Grace, this is Jake Sully.
I know who you are
and I don't need you.
I need your brother, the PHD
who trained for three
years for this mission...
He's dead.
I know it's a big inconvenience
for everyone.
How much lab training have you had?
I dissected a frog once.
You see?
They're just pissing on us with out even
a courtesy of calling it rain.
I'm going to Selfridge.
- No Grace!
This is such bullshit.
I'm gonna kick his corporate butt.
He has no business sticking
his nose in my department.
Here tomorrow, 08:00.
Try and use big words.
Did you see that?
- Yes sir.
No you didn't, you were looking at
the monitor. I love this putter Ronnie.
I used to think it
was a knowing neglect,
but now I see that you're
intentionally screwing me.
Grace, I enjoy our little talks...
I need a researcher,
not some jar-head drop out.
Actually, I thought we
got lucky with him.
- Yeah.
How is this in any way lucky?
Lucky your guy had a twin brother, and lucky
that brother wasn't some oral hygienist.
A marine we could use. I'm assigning him
to your team as security escort.
The last thing I need is another
trigger happy moron out there.
You're supposed to be
winning the hearts and the
minds of the natives, isn't that the
whole point of your little puppet show?
You look like them, you talk like
them and they'll start trusting us.
We build them a school,
we teach them English...
But after how many years relations with
the indigenous are only getting worse.
That tends to happen when you
use machine guns on them.
Right, come here.
This is why we're here, Unobtanium.
Because this little gray
rock sells for 20 million a kilo.
That's the only reason.
It's what pays for the whole party.
It's what pays for
your science, comprendo?
Those savages are threatening
our whole operation.
We're on the brink of war and you're
supposed to be finding
a diplomatic solution.
So use what you've got
and get me some results.
How much link time do you log?
About 520 hours.
- That's good.
You're in there,
you're here.
How much have you logged?
- Zip.
But I red the manual.
Tell me you're joking.
This is cool.
Let's go.
Don't, I got this.
So you just figured you'd come out here
to the most hostile environment
known to man...
with no training of any kind
and see how it went?
What was going through your head?
Maybe I was sick of doctors
telling me what I couldn't do.
Biometrics look good.
- Link is ready.
Keep your arms in,
hands in.
Head down.
Just relax and let your mind go blank.
That shouldn't be hard for you.
Kiss the darkest part of my...
- Initiate link.
Run sequence, unit 3.
- Launching.
I have the first congruency.
That's a gorgeous brain.
Nice activity.
Go figure.
- Phase lock 40%.
I'm going in.
Phase lock 99%,
link is stable.
Jake can you hear me?
Fibrial reflexes look good.
Response normal.
How are you feeling Jake?
Hey guys.
Welcome to your
new body Jake. - Good.
We're gonna take this
nice and easy Jake.
No problem.
- I can see you remember that one.
Well, if you want to
sit up, that's fine.
Let's take it nice and slow Jake.
No tranquil attacks, that's good.
Do you feel lightheaded or dizzy?
Wiggling your toes.
- Good Jake.
System motor control is good.
Are you feeling any numbness or pain?
Take it easy, don't get
ahead of yourself.
There are few more sensory and motor
reflex tests we need to run, so tak it easy.
Jake listen to me.
Jake I need you to sit down.
- It's OK, I got this.
Jake you need to sit down.
- Guys get him back on the gurney.
You need to sit down...
Sedate him!
Jake, you're not used to your
avatar body, this is dangerous.
This is great.
- Come on, they're gonna put you out.
Sit down!
Come on, you ain't got no skills.
I don't even have to
play defense. - Hey guys.
It's OK, I'll get him.
- Jake you have to come inside.
You're not supposed to be running!
- Watch it.
Who did you expect numb nuts?
Think fast!
Motor control is looking good.
Everybody quiet down.
Lights out.
C'mon Louise, chop chop.
Don't play with that,
you'll go blind.
That's kinda freaky.
- C'mon.
Lights out, see you at dinner kitties.
Welcome back.
You all right?
- I'm OK.
I'm Trudy, I fly all the scientzoids.
And this here is my baby.
Hold on a second.
Wainfleet get it done.
We bounce at 09:00.
- I'm on it captain.
is still loose.
- You guys are packing some heavy gear.
Watch it!
That's cos we're not the only
ones flying around out there.
Or the biggest.
But I need you on a door gun.
I'm a man short.
Thought you'd never ask.
There's your man.
See you on the flight lane.
You wanted to see me colonel?
This low gravity
will make you soft.
You get soft...
Pandora will shit you out
dead with zero warning.
I pulled your record corporal.
Venezuela, that was some mean bush.
Nothing like this here though.
You got some heart kid,
showing up in this neighborhood.
Figured it's just another hell hole.
- I was the first recon myself.
Few years ahead of you,
well maybe more than a few.
Three tours in Nigeria,
not a scratch.
I come out here...
Day one, think I felt
like a shaved tale.
They could fix me up,
if I rotated back.
Make me pretty again.
But you know what,
I kinda like it.
It reminds me every day
what's waiting out there.
Avatar program is a bad joke.
Bunch a limp dick
science majors.
However, it does present
an opportunity
most timely and unique, clear!
A recon giri in an avatar body.
That's a potent mix,
gives me the goosebumps.
Such a marine could provide the
intel I need, right on the ground.
Right in the hostile's camp.
Look Sully, I want you to learn
about this savages on the inside,
I want you to gain their trust.
I need to know how o force their cooperation
or hammer them hard if they won't.
Am I still with Augustine?
- On paper.
You walk like on of her science pukes,
you quak like one...
But you report to me.
Can you do that for me son?
Hell yeah sir.
Well all right then.
Son, I take care of my own.
You get me what I need,
I'll see to it you get
your legs back when you rotate home.
Your real legs.
That sounds real good sir.
Link's ready.
Just keep your mouth shut
and let Norm do the talking.
All right, I'm going in.
Shut it down, we're gonna stay a while.
Norm, your pack.
Stay with the ship.
One idiot with a gun is enough.
You the man doc.
Prolemurs, they're not aggressive.
Relax marine, you're making me nervous.
How will they know we're here?
- I'm sure they're watching us right now.
Keep moving Norm.
- Keep up guys.
And here I go.
- Scanning.
It's that fast?
Amazing isn't it?
That is signal transduction
from this root to the root
of the tree next to it.
We should take a sample.
It's probably electrical,
based on the speed of the reaction.
Norm, you've contaminated
the sample with your saliva.
Don't shot, you'll piss him off.
It's already pissed off.
Jake, that armor is
too thick, trust me.
It's a territorial threat display,
do not run or he'll charge.
So what do I do?
Dance with it?
Just, hold your ground.
C'mon, what you got?!
Who's bad?
That's right.
That's what I'm talking about bitch.
That's right, get your
punk ass back to mommy.
You got nothing, keep running.
Why don't you bring back some friends.
What about this one?
Run, don't run, what?!
Run, definitely run!
We're gonna have to call it guys,
we're not allowed to run night ops, orders.
Sorry doc, he's just gonna
have to hang on till morning.
He won't make it till morning.
I don't have all god damn night.
Come on!
Wait, don't!
I know you probably
don't understand this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That was pretty impressive.
I would have been screwed
if you hadn't come along.
Wait a second,
where are you going?
Wait up.
Slow down.
I just wanted to say thanks
for killing those things...
Don't thank.
You don't thank for this.
This is sad.
Very sad, only.
OK, I'm sorry.
Whatever I did, I'm sorry.
All this is your fault,
they did not need to die.
My fault? They attacked me,
how am I the bad guy?
Your fault!
- Easy.
You're like a baby, making noise,
don't know what to do.
If you love your
little forest friends...
Why not let them just kill my ass?
What's the thinking?
Why save you?
- Why save me?
You have a strong heart.
No fear.
But stupid, ignorant like a child.
Well if I'm like a child...
Maybe you should teach me.
Sky people can not learn, you do not see.
- Teach me how to see.
No one can teach you to see.
Come on, can't we talk?
Where did you learn to speak english?
Dr. Augustine's school?
You're like a baby.
I need your help.
You should not be here.
OK, take me with you.
- No, go back.
Go back.
What are they?
Seeds of the sacred tree.
Very pure spirits.
What was that all about?
Where are we going?
What's your name?
Everyone back off!
Tsu'tey, what are you doing?
This demon should not be here.
I saw a sign.
We must take him to Tsahik.
Bring him.
What's going on?
What's happening?
I hear you.
This creature, why did you bring it here?
I wanted to kill him,
but I saw a sign from Eywa.
I said that no night
walker may come here.
What's he saying?
My nose twists from its stench.
What's he saying?
My father is deciding
whether to kill you.
Your father?
It's nice to meet you sir.
Everyone stop!
I'm amazed at this alien.
That is mother, she is Tsahik,
the one who interprets the will of Eywa.
Who's Eywa?
What are you called?
Jake Sully.
Why did you come to us?
I came to learn.
We have tried to teach
other sky people.
It is hard to fill a cup
which is already full.
My cup is empty,
trust me.
Ask dr. Augustine,
I'm no scientist.
What are you.
I was a marine.
A warrior, of the jarhead clan.
Him a warrior?
I could easily kill him.
This is the first warrior
we encountered
among the sleepers.
We must learn more about him.
You will teach him our ways,
to talk and act as we do.
Why me?
It's not fair.
It is decided.
My daughter will teach you our ways,
learn well Jake Sully.
And we will see if your
insanity can be cured.
Good evening.
Please don't get up.
Hey, how you doing?
- He's coming out.
Come on back kid.
That's it.
There you go.
You were talking like a tick.
Is the avatar safe?
- Yeah doc.
You are not gonna
believe where I am.
The last thing we see
is this marine's ass
disappearing in the bush with this
angry Thanator coming after him.
It's not something you could teach.
For reasons I cannot fathom
the Omaticaya have chosen you.
God help us all.
Jarhead clan?
And it worked?
I'm practically family.
They're gonna study me,
I have to learn to be one of them.
That's called taking initiative son,
Wish I had ten more like you,
Sully, just find out what
the blue monkeys want.
We tried to give them
medicine, education...
Roads, but no, they like mud.
And that wouldn't bother
me, it's just that they're...
Can somebody just...
Sector 12.
Their damn village
happens to be resting on
the richest Unobtanium deposit
within 200 clicks in any direction.
I mean, look at all that chatter.
Who gets them to move?
- Guess.
What if they won't go?
I'm betting that they will.
Killing the indigenous looks bad.
But there's one thing that shareholders
hate more than bad press.
And that's a bad corely statement.
I didn't make up the rules.
So just find me a carrot
that will get them to move.
Otherwise it's going to
have to be his stick.
You got three months,
that's when the dozers get there.
We're wasting time.
I like this guy.
OK, let's run through them again.
Moat, dragon lady.
- Eytukan
He's the clan leader,
she's their spiritual leader.
Like a shaman.
- Got it.
- Tsu'tey
He'll be the next clan leader.
- She'll be the next Tsahik.
They become a mated pair.
So who's this Eywa?
- Who's Eywa?!
Only their deity, their goddess
made up of all living things.
Everything they know. You'd know this if
you had any training whatsoever.
Who's got a date with
the chief's daughter?
Let's go, village life starts early.
Don't do anything unusually stupid.
Easy boy.
It's a female.
Easy girl
That is Sa'helu, the bond.
Feel her.
Feel her heart beat.
Her breath.
Feel her strong legs.
You may tell her what to do, inside.
For now, say her to go.
You should go away.
You'd miss me.
I knew you could speak english.
This alien doesn't learn.
Even the stone understands better.
Just look at him.
If you want to hit this thing,
it's going to be complicated.
Your scan doesn't show
the internal structure.
There's an outer row of columns,
real heavy duty.
There's a secondary ring here,
and an inner ring.
There's a core structure like a spiral.
That's how they move up and down.
We're gonna need accurate
scans of every column.
Roger that.
What else can you tell us
about the structure?
I'm guessing this secondary ring,
that's also load bearing.
Where are we going?
Gettin out of Dodge.
I'm not about to let Selfridge and
Quaritch micromanage this thing.
There's a mobile link up as site 26, we can
work at it, way up in the mountains.
The Hallelujah mountains?
That's right.
- Are you serious?
The legendary floating mountains
of Pandora, heard of them?
We're getting close.
Yeah, look at my instruments.
We're in the flux vortex.
VFR from here on.
- What's VFR?
Means you got to see
where you're going.
You can't see anything.
- Egzactly.
Ain't that a bitch.
Oh my God...
You should see your faces.
Thank you for flying Air Pandora.
Welcome to the camp.
This is my bunk.
- This stuff is nasty.
Norm, go under.
Grace didn't miss a thing.
She knew i was
talking to the colonel.
But I had what she needed,
a way back in with the clan.
So she's playing nice.
Jake, left.
You'll be in the link at the end.
Unit 1, Bueler.
She's the least glitchy.
Holy shit.
Do not look in her eye.
Ikran is not horse.
When Sa'helu is made...
Ikran will fly well.
Only one hunter
in the whole life.
To become Aron'yu, hunter...
You must choose your own
Ikran and he must choose you.
- When you are ready.
This is video log 12.
Time is 21:32.
Do I have to do this now?
I really need to get some rack.
No, now, when it's fresh.
Location, shack.
Days are starting to pull
everything together.
The language is a pain, but...
I figure it's like field stripping a
weapon, repetition, repetition...
Don't worry, stronger.
Neytiri calls me Scoun.
It means moron.
Norm's attitude is
improved lately.
But it's not just I'm
seeing you in frot of me
I see into you...
It's good he's back on board,
but he thinks I'm a Scoun too.
You've got to run, OK?
Let's go.
I feel I'm getting tougher.
I can run farther every day.
I have to trust my body
to know what to do.
Check it out.
Every day it's reading the trail,
track's of the wild home,
tiniest scents and sounds.
She's always going on
about the flow of energy
the spirits of animals.
I really hope this tree hugging
crap isn't on the final.
This isn't just about eye-hand
coordination out there you know.
You need to listen to what she says.
Try to see the forest
through her eyes.
Excuse me, this is my video log here.
With Neytiri it's
learn fast or die.
You got to be kidding me.
I talked Moat into letting Grace
into the village. - You are all so grown.
First time since her school was
closed down. - You are all so nice.
No you don't, come back here.
Bon apetit.
Come on.
I'm trying to understand
this deep connection
the people have to the forest.
She talks about a network of energy.
That flows through all living things.
She says, all energy is only borrowed.
And one day you
have to give it back.
I hear you brother.
And thank you.
Your spirit will go to Eywa.
And your body will remain
to become a part of the People.
A clean kill.
You are ready.
Learning to ride an Ikran,
we call them Banshees,
is the test every young
hunter has to pass.
But to do that, you got to go
where the banshees are.
Now what?
Jake Sully will go first.
Now you choose your Ikran.
This you must feel inside.
If he also chooses you
move quick like i showed.
You will have one chance Jake.
How will I know if he chooses me?
He will try to kill you.
Let's dance.
The fool wants to die.
Don't be affraid warrior.
Make the bond!
Sa'Helu Jake!
That's right, you're mine.
First flight seals the bond,
you can not wait.
Think fly.
- Fly?
God damn...
Shut up and fly straight!
That's it.
Bank left.
Level up!
That's it.
Baby I got this!
I may not be much of a horse guy,
but I was born to do this.
I came like this,
this you,
I turn, I feel the wind,
I turn very strong.
I see, I bank so hard.
The Tree of Souls.
It's their most sacred place.
See the flux vortex and
these false color images?
That's what messes up my instruments.
There is something really interesting
going on in there biologicaly.
I would die to get samples.
Outsiders are strictly forbidden.
You lucky swine.
I was a stone cold
aerial hunter.
Death from above.
Only problem is,
you're not the only one.
Follow me!
Guys call it a Great Leonopteryx.
It is Toruk, last shadow.
Right, it's the last one
you ever see.
My grandfather's grandfather
was Toruk Makto.
Rider of last shadow.
He rode this?
Toruk chose him.
It has only happen five times since
the time from the first songs.
That's a long time.
- Yes.
Toruk Makto was mighty.
He brought the clans together
in a time of Great Sorrow.
All Na'vi people know the story.
Everything is backwards now.
Like out there is the true world,
and in here is the dream.
I can't believe it's only
been three months.
I don't even remember my whole life.
I don't even know who I am any more.
Haven't got lost in
the woods, have you?
Your last report was more
than two weeks ago.
I started to doubt your resolve.
Way I see it, it's time to terminate
the mission. - I can do this.
You already have.
You've given me good usable intel.
This Tree of Souls place...
I got them by the balls with that
when this turns into a shit fight
which it will.
Now is time to come in.
By the way, you're gonna
get your legs back.
I got you corporative approval.
It's a done deal,
gonna have you on a shuttle tonight.
I'm a man of my word.
I got to finish this.
It's one more thing.
It's the final stage of becoming a man.
If I do it, I'm one of them.
They'll trust me.
And I can negotiate the
terms of their relocation.
Than you better get
it done corporal.
Na'vi say, every person is born twice.
The second time is
when you earn
your place among
the people, forever.
You are now a son
of the Omaticaya.
You are part of the People.
This is a place for
prayers to be heard.
And sometimes answered.
We call this tree...
The Tree of Voices.
The voices of ancestors.
I can hear them
They live Jake.
Within Eywa.
You are Omaticaya now.
You may make your bow
from the wood of Hometree.
And you may choose a woman.
We have many fine women.
Nenat is the best singer.
I don't want Nenat.
Paral is good hunter.
She is a good hunter.
I've already chosen.
But this woman must also choose me.
She already has.
I'm with you now Jake.
We are mated for life.
What the hell are you doing Jake?
Don't forget the phase
integration, middle button.
You got to eat something.
Wake up please!
Don't make me force feed a cripple.
There, I'm done, let's go.
And when was the last
time you took a shower?
I don't need a shower.
- Jesus marine.
Wake up!
Hey boss...
What? - I got a native
doing a funky chicken here.
He's blocking my blade.
Keep going, he'll move.
These people have to
learn that we don't stop.
You see, he moved.
I'm blind!
- Neytiri!
Come on!
Freeze it, right there!
Scale up, enhance.
Son of a bitch.
Get me a pilot.
- Yes sir.
Tsu'Tey, will lead our warriors!
Please stop!
You will only make it worse!
You do not speak here!
We will strike them in the heart!
Don't do this!
- Listen, brother...
You mated with the human!
- Shit...
Is this true?
We are mated before Eywa, it is done.
Brother please, do not
attack the sky people.
Many Omatacaya will die if you do.
- You are not my brother!
And I am not your enemy!
The enemy is out there!
And they are wery powerful!
I can talk to them!
- No more talk!
I am Omaticaya,
I am one of you.
And I have the right to speak.
I have something to say...
To all of you.
Words I have, stones my heart.
Sir I'm sorry.
You can't interrupt
the link in progress.
It's very dangerous!
- Stay down sir!
I was sent here...
You see?!
This is a demon of false flesh!
Are you out of your god damn mind?!
- You crossed the line.
Wheel this meat out of here.
Jake! What the hell
is going on here?
You let me down son.
So what, you...
You found yourself some local tail
and you completely forget
what team you're playing for?
Parker, there is time to
salvage this situation...
Shut your pie hole!
Or what, ranger Rick?
You gonna shoot me?
- I could do that.
You need to muzzle your dog.
Can we take this down a
couple of notches please?
You say you want to keep
your people alive?
Start by listening to her.
Those trees were sacred to
Omaticaya in a way you can't imagine.
You throw a stick in the air...
it's gonna land on some
sacred fern.
I'm not talking about
some kind of pagan voodoo
I'm talking about something real,
something measurable in
a biology of the forest.
Which is what exactly?
What we think we know,
is that there's some kind of
electro chemical communication
between the roots of the trees.
Like synapses between neurons.
And each tree has 10 to the fourth
connections to the trees around it.
And there are 10 to the
tvelfth trees on Pandora.
Which is a lot, I'm guessing.
It's more connections
than in the human brain.
Get it?
It's a network.
It's a global network, and
the Na'vi can access it.
They can upload and download data.
Memories, at sites like the
one you just destroyed.
What the hell have you people
been smoking out there?
They're just god damn trees.
You need to wake up Parker.
- No, you need to wake up.
The wealth of this world isn't in
the ground, it's all around us.
The Na'vi know that, and
they're fighting to defend it
If you want to share this world with them,
you need to understand them.
I'd say we understand them just
fine, thanks to Jake here.
Doc, come take a look.
They're not gonna
give up their home.
They're not gonna make a deal.
For light beer?
And blue jeans?
There's nothing that
we have that they want.
Everything they sent me out
here to do is a waste of time.
They're never gonna
leave Hometree.
Since a deal can't be made I guess
things get real simple, Jake.
I'm getting all emotional,
might just give you big wet kiss.
I'll do with minimal
casualties to indigenous.
I'll drive them out with gas first.
It'll be humane.
More or less.
Alright, let's pull the trigger.
This is how it's done.
When people are sitting on shit you want,
you make them your enemy.
you make them your enemy,
then you justify taking it.
Quatrich has just rolled in the gunships.
He's gonna hit Hometree.
- My God.
Dr. Augustine, you cannot be up here!
Back off!
Parker, wait, stop,
These are people
you're about to...
They're fly bitten savages
that live in a tree.
Look around.
I don't know about you
but I see a lot of trees.
They can move.
Can you guys just please...
- There are families in there.
Children, babies...
Are you gonna kill children?
You don't want that kind
of blood on your hands, believe me.
Let me try to talk them out.
They trust me.
Calibrate path,
we're going in.
Listen to me,
you've got one hour.
Unless you want your girlfriend in
there when the axe comes down
you get them to evacuate.
One hour.
Eytukan, I have something to say.
Listen to him.
Speak, Jake Sully.
A great evil is upon us.
Sky people are coming this way...
To destroy our home.
Tell them they're gonna
be here soon.
You have to leave,
or you're gonna die.
Are you certain of this?
They sent me here...
to learn your ways.
So one day I could bring this message,
and that you would believe it.
What are you saying Jake?
You knew this would happen?
At first, it was just my orders.
And then, everything changed.
I fell in love.
I fell in love with the forest.
With the Omaticaya people.
With you.
I trusted you.
- Trust me now, please.
You will never be
one of the people!
He tried to stop them!
Tie them up.
Come here.
You have to go,
they are coming!
Run to the forest!
- They're coming!
They want to destroy this place.
Neytiri, you must go now.
Get to the forest!
Don't be affraid!
Damn it, run!
Take the Ikran's
and attack them from the sky.
That's one big damn tree.
Well, well.
I'd say diplomacy has failed.
Alright people, let's get this done.
I want every gas round you
got right in the front door.
Roger, CS-40's going hot.
- Firing.
Bingo, good shooting ace.
Sir, they've opened fire.
You got to be kidding me.
These dumb bastards
ain't getting the message.
Let's turn up the heat,
switch incindirareis.
Take everyone to the forest!
And that's how you
scatter the roaches.
We gotta move, he's gonna
blow the columns!
Moat, no!
If you are one of us...
Help us.
All callsigns switch missiles.
Give me a chease at the
base of the west columns.
This way!
Yeah baby, get some!
Bring it down.
Come on Grace, move!
Get down!
Screw this.
What the hell are you doing?
I didn't sign up for this shit!
Good work people.
First round's on me tonight.
Let's boogie.
Take my bow.
Protect the people.
I'm sorry.
Get away!
Get away from here!
Never come back!
Pull the plug.
You can't do that!
I was a warrior who
dreamed he could bring peace.
Sooner or lather though...
You always have to wake up.
What's going on brother,
long time no see.
Perosnaly I don't feel these tree hugging
traitors deserve steak.
They got steak?
Bullshit, let me see that.
You know what that is, down.
Trudy, my God...
Trudy, fire up the ship.
Clear, come on.
Here you go.
Max, stay here.
I need someone on
the inside I can trust.
Come on baby.
Colonel, I got a situation.
Unauthorized engine start.
Come on!
Mask on!
I'm taking fire, let's go!
Everybody all right back there?
- Yeah baby.
Norm, you good?
- Yeah.
This is gonna ruin my whole day.
Grace is hit.
- What?
Get the trauma kit.
Keep the pressure on Grace.
Trauma kit's forward,
on the bulk head.
Hang on Grace.
- Doesn't matter.
It's fine.
Good to go?
- Take it up.
Hold on.
You're clear!
Keep going north,
get us deep into the mountains.
Copy that.
Norm, you all good up there?
Yup, still here.
At least they can't
track us up here.
Not this far into the vortex.
It's strongest at the
Tree of Souls, right?
- Good.
Cos that's where we're going.
Big cry baby.
Are we moving?
I'm gonna get you
some help Grace.
I'm a scientist, remember?
I don't believe in fairy tales.
People are gonna help
you, I know it.
Why would they help us?
The people say,
Eywa will provide.
But no home,
no hope...
There was only one
place they could go.
Link's running, what's the plan Jake?
There's no plan.
Tsu'Tey is the chief now.
He's not gonna let
you near that place.
I've got to try.
I was in the place,
the eye does not see.
I needed their help.
and they needed mine.
But to ever face them again...
I was gonna have to take
it to a whole new level.
Sometimes your whole life
boils down to one insane move.
There's something we gotta do.
You're not going to like it.
The way I had it figured,
Turok is the badest cat in the sky.
Nothing attacks him.
Easy boy.
So why would he ever look up?
That was just a theroy.
I see you.
I see you.
I was affraid Jake.
For my people.
I'm not any more.
Tsu'Tey, son of Ateyo...
I stand before you...
Ready to serve the
people of Omaticaya.
You are the leader.
And a great warrior.
I can't do this without you.
Toruk Makto.
I will fly with you.
My friend is dying.
Grace is dying.
I beg the help of Eywa.
Look where we are Grace.
I need to take some samples.
Great Mother may choose
to save all that she is...
In this body.
Is that possible.
She must pass through the
eye of Eywa, and return.
But Jake Sully...
She is very weak.
Hold on Grace,
they're gonna fix you up.
Hear us our Mother.
Eywa, the source of all energy...
Take this spirit...
and return it to us.
So it may live long
as a part of the people.
I'm with her Jake.
She's real.
What's happening?
Did it work?
Her wound were to great.
It was not enough time.
She is with Eywa now.
With your permission,
I will speak now.
You would honor me
by translating.
The sky people have
sent us a message...
That they can take
whatever they want.
And no one can stop them.
But we will send them a message.
You ride out as fast as
the wind can carry you.
We tell the other clans to come.
You tell that Turok Makto
calls to them.
You fly now!
With me!
My brothers, sisters...
And we will show the sky people.
That they can not take
whatever they want!
And that this,
this is our land!
We rode out to the four winds...
To the horse clans of the plain...
To the Ikran people of
the eastern sea.
When Turok Makto
called them, they came.
Everyone on this base, everyone of you is
fighting for survival, and that's a fact.
There's aboriginal horde out there,
massing for an attack.
These orbital images tell me,
that the hostiles numbers have
gone from few hundred
to well over two
thousand in one day.
And more are pouring in.
In a weeks time, there
could be 20.000 of them.
At that point they will
overrun our perimeter.
That's not gonna happen.
Our only security lies in
preemptive attack.
We will fight terror
with terror.
Hostiles believe that his mountain
stronghold of theirs is protected
by their deity.
And when we destroy it...
We will blast a crater in their
racial memory so deep
that hey won't come within a 1000
clicks of this place ever again.
And that too, is a fact.
Jake it's crazy here, full mobilization.
They're rigging the shuttle as a bomber.
They got these huge
palettes of explosives
for some shock
and awe campaign.
Freakin daisy cutters.
Quaritch has taken over, he's
roaming and there's no stopping him.
- 06:00 tomorrow.
I got to go.
We're screwed.
And I was hoping for some sort of tactical
plan that didn't envolve martyrdom.
We're going up against gunships
with bows and arrows.
I have 15 clans out there.
That's over 2000 warriors.
We know these mountains.
They don't.
Their instruments won't work up here,
missile tracking, won't work.
They'll have to fire a line of sight,
if they bring the fight to us...
then we have the
home field advantage.
You know he's gonna commit
that bomber staight to the Tree of Souls.
I know.
If they get to it, it's over.
That's their direct line to
Eywa, their ancestors.
It'll destroy them.
Then I guess we better stop them.
I'm probably just talking
to a tree right now.
But if you're there...
I need to give you a heads up.
If Grace is with you...
Look into her memories.
See the world we come from.
There's no green there.
They killed their mother.
And they're gonna
do the same here.
More sky people are gonna come.
They're gonna come like
rain that never ends.
Unless we stop them.
You chose me for something.
I will stand and fight.
You know I will.
But I need a little help.
Our Great Mother does
not take sides Jake.
She protects only the
balance of life.
It was worth a try.
This is group leader,
we're entering the flux vortex.
Switch to manual flight mode.
This is papa dragon.
I want this mission high and tight.
I want to be home for dinner.
Suit team, go.
Alright ladies, let's bring the pain.
Eyes up, check that overhead.
Watch those thermal scans.
All call signs,
papa has lead.
Pushing the target.
Escorts, be close on my shop.
We are gonna loose
some paint in here.
Gun crews keep your head on the swip.
Make no mistake people,
they're out there.
Alright people, target in sight.
Range four clicks.
Valkirye 1-6, get your payload ready.
Push to the ramp!
Hold position, we got
movement out there.
Hold position.
Sir, ground has movement.
Fire in line!
- Targets closing.
Range 400 meters.
Can't you clean it up?
- No sir, it's the flux.
Brother, I'm gonna punch
a hole, you follow me through.
All aircrafts, weapons free.
Brake right, come around.
Brake formation,
ingage all hostiles.
Scorpions, pursue and destroy.
Jake, Jake you copy?
We're falling back!
We're getting hammered!
Copy, get out of there.
That's him, get him!
Take him out!
Light her up!
You're not the only
one with a gun bitch.
Keep her in your sights!
That's it!
Rogue 1 is hit!
I'm going in!
Sorry Jake.
Tsu'Tey, brother do you read?
Rogue 1, you copy?
Time to target, 2 minutes.
- Valkyrie 1-6, you are clear in hot.
Copy dragon, we are
starting our bomb run.
Fire number one!
Number one armed!
I read you!
They are very close,
there are many.
Do not attack.
Do you read me Neytiri?
Do not attack!
Fall back now, get out of there.
That's an order!
I've got movement.
Hold position.
Something's coming.
We've got movement,
Get ready.
Get out of here!
Fall back!
Eywa has heard you.
Eywa has heard you!
Sir, all escorts are
down or falling back.
Let's get this done.
Valkirye 1-6, this is dragon,
press the target.
Copy, pressing the target.
Stand by to drop, 30 seconds.
On my mark,
It's Sully!
Masks on!
- Breach alarm!
Come to papa.
Give it up Quaritch.
It's all over.
Nothing's over while I'm breathing.
I kinda hoped you'd say that.
Come on!
Sully, how does it feel to
betray your own race?
You think you're
one of them?
Time to wake up.
Jake! My Jake!
I see you.
I see you.
The aliens went back
to their dying world.
Only a few were chosen to stay.
The time of Great Sorrow was ending.
Toruk Makto was no longer needed.
Well, I guess this is
my last video log.
Whatever happens tonight...
Either way, I'm not gonna
be coming back to this place.
Well I guess I better go.
I don't want to be late
for my own party.
It's my birthday after all.
This is Jake Sully signing off.