Ave (2011) Movie Script

Ooo Valerich !
How are you ?
- I'm well.
What's up ?
- Nothing really.
How late did you guys stay up yesterday ?
I'm just coming from there.
No kidding ?
-Yeah, I just went to change my clothes.
Who was there yesterday ?
Was Kathy there ?
Why are you asking ?
- Just asking...
Take this saw.
- Sorry.
Why didn't you come ?
I was playing around with this thing until 3 AM last night.
Is this Mark's mold ?
- Yeah.
What's going on with your stuff ?
It's ready.
- Let me see.
There's nothing to see.
- Come on, come on.
Kamen, I need to tell you something.
Where are you going ?
- To Ruse.
- Ehh we aren't going there, but if you want to,
we can drop you off in Botevgrad ?
Yes, super.
- Come on, jump in.
Move it.
Aaand, what's there in Ruse ?
Aah, so Grandma is from Ruse.
She has cancer.
Eeh, now that's bad.
I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
Excuse me, can I light up a cigarette ?
You can, why wouldn't you be
able to, everything is possible.
Just open the window a little bit,
because of my wife.
Excuse me, can I bum a cigarette ?
Aren't you too young
to smoke ? Eh ?
Young ? He is the one
who taught me.
When I was only twelve.
Did I teach you ?
- YOU, yes.
And now I can't stop them.
Here, take.
- Thanks.
There you go.
Why are you looking at me like that ?
Who made me take a
drag the first time ?
Don't you remember how
I couldn't stop coughing ?
No, I do NOT remember.
Of course, because you choose what
you want to remember, that's why.
He has been a bad influence
on me since I was little
and he only teaches
me bad things.
I am being a bad influence on you ?
Yes. You.
Where are you going really ?
Ruse ? So what's there in Ruse ?
Grandma dying from cancer.
No dude, I am asking you for
real, where are you going ?
Ruse, I told you already.
Do you want me to teach
you how to play a game ?
You have to hit the dividing line...
whoever can't hit it at least once
in three tries, has to stop the next car.
Do you want to try ?
You are so lame.
Look, you can continue trying to hit the
middle line with your candy till tomorrow,
but unlike you,
I am in a hurry.
Why are you hurrying so much then ?
Time, I don't have time...
Sorry, but looking at
that watch of yours...
hurrying or not, won't
make much of a difference.
So your friend speak any English ? Yes ?
My boyfriend.
No...he doesn't.
So you what...
you don't understand anything in English ?
How did that happen ?
Just like that, so I can
pretend I am interesting.
So pretend, if it's
coming to you naturally.
You are a nice girl.
How old are you ?
Here, for you.
It smells really nice.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, don't do this !
You don't go with prostitute ?
No ?
If I was a guy, I would go
to hookers all the time.
He ?
He goes with hookers ?
I don't know.
He doesn't tell me.
Have you been with a whore ?
Come on, tell your sister.
Every day I am waiting
around the overpass for them.
Translate it to him.
- I know you have been...
He won't tell me,
but since he likes porn...
...I am sure that he go to hookers too
Likes porn ?
And he makes me watch it too.
He makes me do other things...also.
Like what ?
Come on !
He likes to watch me pee.
Give you some money.
Money ?
For what ?
To watch.
To watch me ?
- And him.
Doing what ?
You mean, fuck ?
I'll give you 20 Euro.
You are joking, right ?
20 Euro ? Pfff.
Ok...30 Euro.
What are these money for, dude ?
They tricked him, those are fake.
80 or no deal.
For 60, only you have fun.
For 80 we all have fun.
- Okay.
But you be naked.
- Yeah.
Three beers, please.
Do you have room ?
Free rooms ? - Yes.
- How much for one ? - 15 Euro.
Are you going to finally explain
what's going on ? - Quieter !
This pedophile was offering
me money to fuck you.
With me ? - Yes, we would fuck and he
would watch us and take pictures.
Didn't you tell him to go screw
himself you know where ?
No, I told him I would
have to ask you first.
Are you crazy ?!
(screaming) What the fuck is this ?
(still screaming) Hey, where are you ?
So what, do you get such offers often ?
From time to time.
- And ?
(still screaming) Hey where are you ?
This is so shitty !
- What does it depend upon ?
From who the offer comes.
(screaming) - This is such shit...shit...
Shit. Shitty Bulgarians.
(screaming) Every time... Every
damn time this shit happens to me.
Shit! - Lets get away,
before that pedophile finds us.
Bravo !
You are scary good.
Where did you learn ?
- In the neighborhood.
In Delhi, with my brother,
we played a lot...
...but I couldn't learn.
Where were you ?
- In Delhi, India.
We stayed there for three whole years.
My father was a diplomat
in our embassy there.
I really wanna go to India.
I want to live there.
How on Earth did you decide that ?
Might you be the latest lost soul...
...that thinks it's
going to find itself there.
No. I'll search for
Indian girlfriends.
You would go so far, just for
a couple of Indian girls ?
You can find some here too.
Somtimes, they might be
just under your nose.
Come on gang, I'm till here.
Excuse me...
Are you headed to Ruse by any chance ?
By some chance, yes.
Could you please drive us there too ?
Would you like one, sir ?
No, merci.
He shouldn't eat sweet things.
Eat your sandwich.
I usually don't take hitchhikers.
If it wasn't for this situation,
I would have never taken you.
Thank you very much.
Because, all kinds of things happen.
Look, down there.
"Grandma slain with an axe worth 40 Leva"
It's probably hard for you.
For me ?
For you and your mother.
For my mother ?
I, myself had a brother,
that died as a soldier.
Yours at least died a hero.
So many of our boys aren't part of this
world anymore and for what, for nothing.
You, what have you told him ?
I told him about your brother.
What brother ? - What brother ?
The one that died in Iraq.
What Iraq girl ? Can you
tell the truth even once ?
You, can you just for
once not tell a lie ?
What the hell do I have
to do with Iraq, eh ?
I don't even know her.
- You don't know me ?
When did we meet
for the first time ?
I don't want to have absolutely
anything to do with your lies.
I'm sorry, it happened like that.
I don't know.
Apologize to the man.
I'm sorry.
Wait dude.
Come on, dude, wait !
Don't hit her! - Run !
You are not the only one who got beat up.
That idiot hit me too.
Get away from my sight ! I don't
want to look at you, I don't
want to listen to you, I don't
want anything to do with you.
You stuck to me.
I stuck to you ?
- Yes.
You are so insolent, dude.
You should be grateful to me instead.
- I should be grateful to you ?
I should be grateful to you ?
And for what ?
Because if it wasn't for me you
would still be stuck back in Sofia.
- I would, 10 times over, I would be there.
Because of you I missed the
funeral, do you understand that ?
- What funeral ?
- Of a friend, that one.
Why didn't you tell me you are going to a funeral ?
- You are not my boss I won't give you any reports.
You, what do you want me
to read your thoughts ?
- No, I want you to get the fuck away
from my sight. That's what I want.
It's not like there is anything
to see at a stupid funeral.
Do you know "The Evil" Kamen ?
Do you know him, dude ?
Are you laughing, what are you doing ?
- What do you want ?
Bust your head, I will.
Is that guy your father by any chance ?
The one that left us here.
- I'm going to bust you up, dude.
You think I'm kidding ?
You are a full-blown asshole,
you know that ? - I know.
I can see you are still upset.
Here... so that you feel better.
So, what ?
What happened with the funeral ?
I missed the last boat-y.
Your friend, how did he die ?
Killed himself.
Maybe, this was for the best...
...that I didn't see him dead.
I told you, but you...
And me, I have to find my brother.
Your brother ?
Eh where is he ?
Last I heard, he was sleeping
in an abandoned synagogue.
I'm here.
Come on you bastard, what's going on ?
- The guy was late, what can I do...
Did you finish the job ? - Yeah we did.
- How much did you get ?
- Two; a big and a small one.
Come on brother, take it out.
- Is there a filter ? -Yeah, there is.
And where did you come from, dude ?
- I see you moved here.
Pretty much.
Who is that guy ?
- He's with me.
Sit down, calm down.
We won't eat you.
Put some water in. I usually put in
about 2 liters. - Put it in then.
What are you doing here ?
My brother, do you know where he is ?
You were together, weren't you ?
We were, but we aren't anymore.
Where is he ?
He went to the sea with some whore yesterday.
- Your brother is the perfect trash.
Why are you looking for him ?
- I need him.
If you hurry, you can catch him.
You can find him by the smell.
Trash leaves a smell behind.
You don't know anything else ?
Look, just look what is going on right now.
Who even cares about your brother now ?
Why are you bothering us about your shitty brother ?
"Whip yourself" and go search for him.
What do we care about your brother ?
That idiot.
- You know him.
You are going to find him.
Let's go.
Who was that guy with her, dude ?
- I don't know some random shithead
she's using as a bodyguard.
So your brother is hanging out with these guys ?
How did he get to this point ?
He started in Delhi.
When they got a whiff of my brother
doing drugs, they kicked us back to Sofia.
So that he is, hopefully, further away from the drugs.
The latest genius idea of my mother.
We still hadn't unpacked our baggage and he
was already poking himself in the bathroom.
And your father ?
Both of them have totally written him off.
He did it so many times...
overdosed, went in/out of the hospital...
But I know it, that I can help him.
I'll take him to a commune in Spain.
No matter how much he doesn't want to.
I also want to run away from here.
I'm so tired and annoyed by everything.
I even...
had a plan to go somewhere,
with Victor, this past summer.
But he made an
attempt to kill himself...
Uhm, did he have a girlfriend ?
He was terribly in love with one.
So what ?
I slept with her.
I'll tell you something, promise me
you won't go crazy again.
What ?
Do you promise ?
- Tell me.
I can't have sex.
They operated on me, that's why.
At least for some time.
I don't want any.
And I don't give blowjobs at all.
Are you mad ?
- No.
Then, come on, at least hug me.
Thank you for coming.
We lost him, we lost him...
He left us before his time.
Come in, child, come in.
You probably are Anna ?
My son...
He went away.
This is a classmate of Viki's from the academy.
God forgive him.
May he forgive him.
I don't have any tears left.
Why, God, why did you take him from me so early ?
Why ?
How could he ?
How could he take his own life ?
We are telling everybody in the village,
that he got electrocuted by accident.
Because if they find out...
The whole vilage came to say goodbye.
We also wanted to be here.
To see him for the last time.
Didn't they...supposedly...cu...cuu...cuu
Cured...yes, yes..
The doctors !
They put him into the grave,
with all those pills.
And you, boy, what do you think...
in these circumstances...
would they give him a diploma ?
- What are you saying...
Posthumously, of course.
- Oh my God !
Why does he need that cursed diploma ?
Nevertheless, it would be nice if they gave it to him.
- Stop it.
With him...the biggest mistake we made.
What mistake ? We didn't make any mistake.
- Big mistake.
Huge mistake !
- No.
If I only knew why...
Dad !
Why did you do it ? Why ?
He was too pure.
Yes, but it's a sin to take your own life.
It's a great sin.
And where is the heroism...
in living...
like that...
from point A to point B ?
Ohh mother...
Look how his ears are sticking out in this photo...
This is from the kindergarden.
There he is again here.
This is one of his friends.
This is from...
the christening.
There isn't anything else.
That's all his pictures.
When he turned 10
he didn't want to take any more pictures.
He hid himself.
This is for March 8th.
"Dear mommy,
Happy 8th of March."
And this one I have forgotten.
I can send you our pictures.
We took pictures a month ago.
If you can, send them.
It's not like he left us anything.
What are you doing here, dude ?
You get up and leave !
- Why ?
What do you mean why ?
Are you fucking crazy ?
These people are "broken",
do you understand that ?
Stop with these stupid games.
Do you think they would have been
happier if his girlfriend didn't come ?
What girlfriend, dude ? You are not his girlfriend.
- For the moment, I am.
Okay ? No, it's not okay.
You get up and you leave.
No, you go away and go sleep.
You can't tell me what to do.
- But you will tell me, is that right ?
Yes I will tell you ! If they
find out you are not Anna...
- How would they find out dude ?
Just like that, they will find out.
Are you going to tell them ?
Do you want me to go tell them ?
You are impudent, dude. Don't you understand,
you are going over the limit
If this continues I'll grab your throat and choke you to death !
- Yes, come on, do it...
And I will start screaming. And they will find you,
half-naked, with his girlfriend.
Even if I am not, they think I am.
Do you understand that ?
Where did you come from ?
This watch...I bought it in Berlin
for my grandchild.
And now you are wearing it.
I don't understand anything you are saying.
Let me show you my drawing.
Look. What do you think ?
You want me to look at it ?
Tako ja crtam ljude.
Ali, mogue je...
da su i oni mrtvi,
oni koji crta.
Come on...
Anna, call from time to time...
...and one day...
...when you have kids, give it to them.
I can't take them.
Uncle Ivan...
I'm sorry.
- Alo? Ave?
Listen to me, carefully.
- Ave? Ave, where are you ?
It doesn't matter where I am. - Are you okay ?
I'll send a car to pick you up, Ave ?
I don't want any cars !
- Alo? Alo, Avelina, where are you ?
I don't want to talk to you. Give the
phone back to dad ! - Where are you ?
Ave, the police is looking for you.
Do you think I care ?
- Where are you ?
Either send that shitty
money to the clinic or you
will never see me again.
Do you understand me?
Your brother doesn't need a clinic.
Are you crazy ?
You want him to die ?
Ave, your brother is in a comai.
Listen, I won't believe your stupid lies again.
Do you get that ? I won't.
Stop with this bullshit.
Ave, your brother is in a coma !
I won't listen to you....No.
Ave... Ave...
The train to Varna is arriving
at station 4 at 3:37.
You are going to miss your train.
- I won't.
The train for Sofia will arrive
at station 1 at 3:35.
You think you are going to find him ?
He's gonna "jump up" from somewhere.
I still don't want to go back home.
Then come.
Where ?
- Varna.
I feel like I haven't been to
Varna in a thousand years.
Before, we were constantly
playing music in the streets...
...and afterwards, with the money,
we went to the "Sea Park"...
...to eat cotton candy...
...made by a nice gypsy family...
For 1 Lev.
Your tickets, please.
Here is mine and one to Varna for him.
Because we were in a hurry.
- Varna? -Yeah.
This is the train for Sofia.
For Sofia ? - Yes. The express
train to Varna was at station 2.
Why didn't you pay attention ?
- We look, but...
So was there a sign ?
- It can't have been missing.
Aah, where can we transfer ?
- There is a connection at Gorna Oriahovitza.
What are we doing now ?
What are we going to do all
night in this stupid city ?
What is this ?
I see it's money, but
where did you get it ?
Viki's father gave them to me.
What's up with the operation ?
Do you believe in everything ?
Did she tell me the truth ?
Please, Ave, come back homei.
Trust me.
Is he really in a coma ?
Your brother passed away, Ave.
He went away.
Excuse me, maybe a girl bought a ticket to Varna ?
She was wearing a brown hat and a red jacket.
- No. What girl ?
Carrying a green backpack.
- I haven't seen anyone like that.
She was here an hour ago - maximum.
Do you know how many people come through here ?
- I understand, but...
Ahh, when is the next train to Varna ?
Young man, can I get a light ?
You do know, that you can't smoke here right ?
Do you know where the piano bar "Bukovski" is in Varna ?
- No.
I must find it till tonight. I am supposed to sing there.
Are you from Varna ? - No.
- What are you going to Varna for then ?
Grandma. - What's up with grandma ?
- She has cancer.
That's not good.
That's why we shouldn't smoke.
Do you know how much more to Varna ?
But they are so sweet for me.
Is everything okay ?
Yes, it's just...
I'm just sad I won't be seeing
grandma for a long time.
I am going to America.
America ?
I have stutied in America.
In New York.
My brother...
he lives in Hollywood.
He is a director.
He just finished his first film.
I'll live a little bit with him.
He has a house next to the ocean.
You are going to be an actress ?
I don't know.
What's your name ?
Pretty name.
isableandaking, March 2013.