Avengement (2019) Movie Script

[thunder rumbles]
[man over walkie] Let's have
the back now, Carter.
Copy that.
[thunder rumbles]
Gentlemen, good morning.
I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid
you've had a wasted trip.
Mrs. Burgess
passed away this morning.
Oh. Understood.
Oh, well. My sincere
condolences, Mr. Burgess.
But I'm afraid it's back
to the nick with you.
I'd like to see her,
if it's all the same.
[officer] What's the point?
She's dead.
I'd like to see my mother.
[elevator dings]
[thudding, grunting]
[elevator dings]
[Christmas music plays]
Hold on, mate.
Members only.
- Yeah, I'm a member.
- We're closed. Fuck off.
- [soft music plays]
- [woman] Enjoy.
[man] Cheers, mate.
You look like a man who could
do some wishful drinking.
What can I get
for you, my love?
Oh, I dunno.
What you got on tap
that's decent?
It's a members' club,
not the fucking Ritz, darling.
- Just what you see.
- All right, I'll have anything with a hefty head then, please.
Yeah, I think I can do that. Been behind
this bar since you were in short trousers.
- Not seen you in here before.
- I don't get out much.
Oh, I bet you're the life
and soul of the party, are ya?
Do you know what?
I do have my moments.
- [laughs]
- Keep the change.
[man] Everyone's spooked.
Even Hyde's moved
his office upstairs.
And Lincoln said he don't want no one out on
the streets till this has been cleared up.
We're on curfew 'cause Rook
couldn't handle his shit
against some nutter
with a blade?
It was a fuckin' axe.
And no.
We're on a curfew 'cause,
one, Stokes is gone missing,
and two,
that nutter killed Rook.
Well, we all feel bad for him, bro.
But I've got a business to run.
Rook would be the first
to agree with me,
because whilst he was
a bit of sadistic cunt,
he was first
and foremost a professional.
Did you hear
what happened to him?
You do you know
about the hand, don't ya?
- What hand?
- For fuck's sake.
Oi, Tune.
Come and tell Vern here
what happened to you and Rook.
- Why? What do you wanna know?
- Just tell him what happened!
[clears throat]
See, me and Rook, you know,
we're standin' on the corner.
And we're slingin'
a bit of Scooby.
You know,
standard Tuesday night.
And all of a sudden,
we clock this geezer.
You know, standing on
the other side of the road.
And he's eye-fuckin' us.
So Rook turns around, he says he's
gonna go and have a quick word.
Now, I can't do nothin' about it.
I've got customers to deal with.
Next thing, Rook is on his hands
and knees, holdin' his arm.
I realize he's had his fucking
hand cut off by this nutter.
Yeah? So obviously I goes fucking
running over, ready to smash his face in,
and this guy shits himself
and runs.
Obviously, I give chase,
but this guy's fast, right?
He's, I mean, crackhead fast.
So I realize I've left Rook in
the middle of the fuckin' street.
But by the time I get back,
he's fuckin' dead.
There's blood everywhere. I
couldn't find his fuckin' hand.
- Like, just gone. Vanished.
- [Cain laughs]
Yeah, what's with the laugh,
Don't mind me, pal.
Don't mind me.
- [laughs]
- Who's this prick?
[chuckles] You must
be a tough guy then, yeah?
Chasin' that bloke away
all by yourself.
It's funny, that. You don't
look like a tough guy to me.
Well, what's a fucking tough guy
look like then?!
they look like me, don't they?
You know, handsome, well-aged.
Yo, Bez!
Who the fuckin' hell's this?
I dunno. He didn't say his name.
Cliff let him in.
I thought he was part
of the firm.
I'm an old friend of Lincoln's.
- [man] Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, that's right, mate.
How'd you
fuck up your face so bad?
Playing with your dildo, was it?
borrowed it off your dad, mate.
Well, he's got some
fucking front, don't he?
Not as much as you, judging by that
fuckin' yarn you were just spinnin'.
Cor, he's doin' you
right out there, Tune.
You weren't fuckin' there,
- Just shut up!
- Oi! Simmer down, yeah?
Don't make me
call last orders early.
And you,
stop winding him up.
Or you can get the fuck out!
All right, all right.
I'll apologize.
Lads, lads,
I'm sorry, all right?
I'm just havin' a laugh with ya,
yeah? A bit of a giggle.
I'll finish my beer
and be on my way.
Yeah, right along...
- Enough.
- What the fuck?!
What do you know about
Frankenstein's monster over there?
I never seen
the freak before in my life.
And I think
I'd fucking remember.
Hasn't exactly got a face you
can fucking forget, is it?
- He seems to have you sussed.
- What's your fucking problem?
No, no, no, he's right.
If Lincoln invited him,
we best just keep things civil.
- So, go on.
- Go on what?
- Finish the fucking story.
- Yeah, right. 'Course.
So, I'm... I'm obviously standin' there.
This big, massive bag of merch.
You know, Rook's lyin' in the street, dead.
Next thing, I hear
the sirens comin', the police are
on the way. So I had to fuck off.
- Do you know what I mean?
- [Cain] Bollocks!
You were long gone
way before they arrived.
- What?!
- Ran off shitting bricks, you did.
- Do you want me cave your fucking face opened up again?
- Oh, here we go!
Finally found your ball,
did ya, mate? Yeah?
Don't you think it's about time
you told your mates the truth?
what's he goin' on about?
Yeah, Tune,
what am I goin' on about?
I dunno. His head's fucked, Mo!
I dunno, he's fuckin' twisted.
Well, you wanna hear my
twisted take on this tale?
- Not really, chap.
- Well, fucking humor me!
At least whilst
I finish my pint.
'Cause there was a bloke
standing staring at you.
That much is true.
[Tune] Yeah, Rook.
Check out Bill.
He's been eye-fuckin' us
for the past ten minutes.
Yo, bruv!
Can we help you with somethin'?
Mate, you deaf?!
I'm fuckin' talkin' to you,
mate. What do you want?
- Sorry, mate, but...
- [Rook] Am I supposed to be scared?
- Here, go ahead.
- [Rook] Huh?
Makes a change,
you fuckin' paying.
It's good. Fuck off.
[Rook] Look,
just fuck off, yeah? Ah!
Fuckin' hell!
Nah, that's bollocks. You know
I'd never run from a fight.
- Just this once then, eh, Tuney?
- Oh, fuck off, you wanker!
- So you killed Rook?
- Yeah, that's right, mate.
What the fuck
are you gonna do about it?
Well, clearly you're only
interested in one thing.
[Bez] Oi.
It's time for you to leave.
I've still
got half a pint left, love.
Yeah, my pub, my pints.
Get out!
Come here, you fuckin' wanker!
Get the fuck back!
Oi, get over there! Move it!
Anyone else make a move on me,
I'll kill 'em!
Swear to fucking Christ!
Get away from that door!
Where is he?
- Where the fuck is he?!
- Who?!
- Lincoln!
- How is this low-key,
you stupid, noisy...
Come here! Turn around!
Get over there.
You got anyone else up there?!
[laughs] You remind me
of someone.
- All right.
- [man] But you can't be him,
'cause he's on a long stretch,
and he was a little melt.
[laughs] Fuck me.
The prodigal brother returns.
What rock did you
crawl out from under?
HMP Belmarsh,
like you didn't know.
- Who the fuck is this joker?
- Well, ladies. This is Cain Burgess.
Lincoln's little baby brother.
Are you jokin'?
What, this nutter?!
Did a job for us few years ago.
Cocked it up.
- Went down for five years.
- Seven years now.
[man] Is that where
they redecorated your face?
Fuck me. Looks like someone
set fire to your head
and put it out with a shovel.
Still, not all bad, eh?
Must have liked all that cock.
All right! Looks like
we're havin' a lock-in, Bez!
So do me a favor.
Rustle me up another one
of your perfectly-poured pints.
- Please.
- That's better. Only takes a moment to be courteous.
- Ya little cunt.
- [laughs]
- [Cain] Mind your language, Beryl.
- [Bez] Beryl?
Do I look like I was born
in the '20s, ya cheeky git?
- It's Bez.
- Yeah, all right. Bez then.
Could be short for Beryl,
couldn't it?
I used to blush as a kid.
Got called Strawberry,
and then it got trimmed down to Berry.
Ended up as Bez.
- I don't blush now, darlin'.
- [Cain] Yeah, I bet you don't.
- Ahh!
- Get back!
Get back! I fuckin' told you
what would happen, didn't I?
- Oh, fuck!
- [screaming]
[Cain] All right!
You've done my leg!
Mobile phones!
One from each of ya.
- [man screaming]
- Throw them in there, or the person next to you
gets fuckin' kneecapped.
Do it! Come on!
[man continues screaming]
Can't fucking hear myself think!
Shut up!
Well, to be fair, you have just blown
his foot off. It will sting a bit.
[man screaming]
That's nice.
Nice and quiet.
Hyde, this cunt
reckons he killed Rook.
Well, Tune, you chased 'im off.
- You recognize him?
- No. He's full of shit, Hyde.
- What do you say to that, Cain?
- You think I'm full of shit, do you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
You're full of shit, apparently.
Your mate Rook had a chunky chess
piece inked on his hand, yeah?
- Open it.
- Fuck that.
- I said open it!
- I'll do it.
No! No. He needs to do it.
Open it, you fuckin' pigmy!
Go on.
- Do it.
- All right.
That's it.
Jesus fucking Christ!
You're fucking mad, mate!
- Oh, dear, Cain.
- Well, I guess that clears up
- the whole "How full of shit am I?" debate.
- What have you done?
So how about we have a nice little
breather? Why don't you gents take a seat?
Come on, sit down!
Fucking sit down, mate. You eyeball
me, I'll blow your fuckin' head off.
Sit down.
All right, Bez,
drinks all 'round.
You can put 'em on Hyde's tab.
- He ain't got a tab, love.
- Hm.
I dunno whether you've been
payin' attention or not.
I've got a big fuckin' gun
in my hand,
and I'm not afraid to use it.
Hate to piss on your chips, darlin',
but this ain't the first time
I've looked
into that end of a shooter.
Be reasonable, Bez. Do us all
a round of drinks. Please.
Yeah, Bez,
will you get us one of them
Rooster Rojos as well, please?
You'll get what
you're fucking given. All right?
Yeah, 'course. Yeah.
Now, I'll have a Rooster Rojo.
...prison turned you into
a stone-cold killer, did it?
Nah, prison didn't.
You and my brother did.
You wanna know what I think?
- [grunting]
- Fuckin' sit down! Fuck off!
I'm gonna take pleasure...
crackin' your fuckin' skull open.
But you know what?
That can wait.
And I got pretty
good at waitin'.
Get your phone out.
You're gonna tell 'im
to get down here, right now.
You're gonna tell 'im it's about
Rook, and then you're gonna hang up.
- [line ringing]
- [man speaks on phone, indistinct]
Yeah, it's me. Need you
to come down to the Jockey.
We got a situation.
It's about Rook.
Good boy.
[exhaling briskly]
Hyde. Please tell me it
was you and all the lads
- that gave that cunt all his scars.
- Oh, I'm sorry, mate.
But I wish it was.
Oh, you wanna know how
I got these scars, do ya?
Oh, yeah. Enlighten us.
You and my brother
may as well have carved
each one of these scars
into my flesh.
- [knock on door]
- Where have you been hiding yourself these days, Cain?
- We haven't seen you in ages.
- [Cain] I thought I better not show my face
around for a bit,
you know how I mean?
Need to talk to my brother,
Got a great business deal
for 'im.
[man] You hear that?
Perhaps you should give the lad a shot.
He's on the up-and-up.
Doesn't know the meaning of dishonesty.
Couldn't even throw a fight.
The up-and-up?
The fuck-up, more like.
All you had to do
was lose a fight.
- Lost me a packet.
- [Cain] Do you know what, Rook?
I don't think I heard
what you just called me.
Do you, uh, do you wanna say
that again, mate?
- You heard.
- Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.
You lost a packet,
you dumped five large.
I dumped 15 large.
What is it you wanted from me?
Is it all right if I have a word
with you outside?
You mad? I'm in the middle
of a card game.
You got something' you wanna
ask me, let's hear it.
- All right.
- [sighs]
I've got
a business proposition for ya.
It's, uh, it's a good deal. Been
talkin' it through with Mum,
- and she thinks it could be a real winner.
- Mum?
- Yeah.
- Well, you know I love our mum.
Means more to me
than life itself.
But since when
has her business acumen
got anything to do
with what I fuckin' do?
Well, you remember Sulley
from the gym, right?
Yeah, Old Sulley,
he's jackin' it in.
So I made him an offer,
he's accepted. Right?
It's a good deal, real good deal.
Just need the start-up capital.
Which is where you come in, of
course, but I've got a business plan
- written up and everything.
- Should be a laugh.
Let's hear it.
Cain, I have a few very simple
rules that I live my life by.
And they've served me
double well over the years.
One of 'em is never, ever,
ever lend money to family.
It's a good plan now, right?
I'm tellin' ya,
I could go through it with you
right now if you want.
No. Because
I'm gonna pass, mate.
You see, little bruv,
lending money is what I do.
- I know.
- I mean, what happens if you can't pay me back,
and your business plan
goes fucking backside?
We don't wanna come after you
and seriously hurt you.
- Oh, come off it, mate.
- Gyms come and go, mate.
What makes yours so fuckin' special?
Not your star-studded career.
Please don't tell me that,
because you fucked up.
You fucked up. Every one of your fans
in this room dumped proper money on you.
- I know.
- Because they trusted you.
- Yeah.
- And now you're coming to me,
and you're askin' me
to fund your next gamble.
Why do you talk to me like that?
Eh? Condescending.
- You're my brother, not my fuckin' dad.
- I know, but you're comin' to me
and you're askin' for money.
What do you expect?
- Fuck this.
- Cain, Cain, Cain.
Come on, sit down. Sit down.
You always fuckin' get excited.
You and that temper.
Look, I know
what you're tryin' to do.
You're keepin' your nut down
and you're fuckin' keepin' your
nose clean. That's a good thing.
It's a really good thing,
and I'm proud of ya.
But I'm tellin' you now,
if you want me to break
one of my rules
and lend you money...
then you're gonna
have to do something for me.
I appreciate that, but I'm not lookin'
to get into anything like that.
I don't want
to do anything illegal.
This is the closest
you're ever gonna get
to me lendin' you money.
So take it or leave it.
- Well, what's the job?
- Go and see Hyde.
He'll fill you in everything
you need to know.
And trust me,
it's a piece of piss.
Not even you could fuck it up.
[PA squeals]
[man] Can we have a salesman
on the floor, please?
We have a customer
interested in the Jaguar.
I bet seven grand
on you losin' that fight.
I was tryin' to make it
look real, wasn't I?
So you knocked him out cold?
In Mexico, you know what happens
to people that behave like that?
They string him up under a bridge, cut off
their dick, and shove it down their mouths.
- Come on, it's a bit harsh, isn't it?
- Yeah, well, you know,
they're savages.
But that's not the point.
It hurt,
and I don't just mean the money.
- We're friends.
- Yeah, I know.
Your brother tells me,
"Oh, give him another shot."
But... I'm not so sure.
Look, I made a mistake. Right?
It's not gonna happen again.
Because my brother
is gonna vouch for me.
Rook says you're
a fucking liability.
Oh, well, if Rook says so,
I'll just fuck off then.
Oh, sit down, princess.
Don't shit yourself.
I didn't say
we weren't gonna use you.
I'm just lettin' you know your
standing in terms of the establishment.
- You seen one of these before?
- Blue plastic bag?
- Seen a few, yeah.
- Oh, man of the world, are we?
At 3:00 this afternoon,
Mabel Liddell
is gonna come into this office.
She's gonna
take this away with her.
You are gonna follow her home
to London Fields,
where she lives.
You're gonna take
that bag off of her,
and you're gonna
bring it back here.
- Simple.
- What's in the bag?
About, um...
about two and half pounds
of none
of your fucking business.
If she causes you any trouble,
you can knock her out cold,
can't you?
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah. All right then, laughing boy.
Wipe the fucking smile off your
face, have a dump, wind your watch,
fuck off across the street, get outta my
office, and close the door on your way out.
[lighter clicks]
Well, this is all very interesting,
but is it goin' anywhere?
Yeah, it is, actually.
You see,
because of you and my brother,
I ended up goin' to prison.
Didn't I?
HMP Belmarsh,
or as I came to know it,
Horrible Motherfuckin'
Piss-hole Belmarsh.
The filthiest, most violent and
godforsaken prison in England.
Yeah, that was where
that joke of a judge sent me.
I didn't have a criminal record,
I never had that mindset.
You know, I couldn't even
throw a fuckin' boxing match,
but they threw me in there
with those hardened murderers,
rapists, serial offenders.
There's a reason why they call
that place the Meatgrinder.
Say excuse me, cunt.
Excuse me, cunt.
[alarm blaring]
[shouting, groaning]
Jaw seems to be healing nicely.
Now, they would've given you the
normal dentures if you just asked.
- Yeah, I did.
- You should've said please.
Now, if it bothers you
that much,
when you get out of prison,
just get 'em switched.
- It's an easy procedure.
- [sighs]
Do you know what?
I don't mind 'em.
Make me look scary as fuck.
[door buzzes]
[Cain] Hi, Mum.
Take a seat.
What happened, son?
Your teeth!
Yeah, I know.
Got into a bit of a scuffle.
- Why is it always you?
- It's not always me, Mum.
I'm in prison, aren't I?
What do you expect?
This is what I expected.
I'd hoped you'd
learn something in here.
Get a bit of a kick
up the backside.
I'm gettin' a kick
up the backside, all right.
- Don't worry about that.
- Nothing to be proud of.
- I'm not proud of it.
- I'm just...
worried about you, son.
I don't...
I don't know what to say, to do.
- I spoke to another lawyer.
- Yeah?
But I ain't got the money
to pay 'em. Neither do you.
What's Lincoln say about it?
Well, Lincoln don't talk to me
about that sort of thing.
Lincoln does his own thing.
Has he said anything about me?
He said it's your own fault
for gettin' in trouble.
- Fuck's sake, Mum!
- Don't talk to me in that language!
I brung you up to be better
than the animals in here.
Don't stoop to their level.
- No, I'm sorry, Mum.
- Lincoln has his work.
And whatever you say about him,
he ain't in jail.
He ain't the one keeping me
awake at night, worryin'.
Lincoln needs to come down here
and talk me, all right?
You gotta tell him to come here
and talk to me.
[sighs] I'll tell him, son.
[guard] No touching.
I'm sorry, Mum.
[panting, grunting]
[grunting continues]
[Cain] I didn't hear nothin'
off Lincoln. Not a goddamn word.
- I was on my own.
- Ahh!
So it was clear that I was gonna
have to look after myself.
[alarm blaring]
Put it down!
Put it down now!
I didn't fucking do anything!
They jumped me!
I didn't fucking do anything!
[man] The Council finds it
reasonable to believe
that you were at least in part
responsible for the incident
that took place
on the 28th of June,
and it thereby
finds you guilty as charged.
I don't understand this, Your
Honor, what do you want me to do?
They're comin' at me with a knife,
it's self-defense, clearly, right?
What do you want me to do?
Let 'em stab me?
- Order.
- No, I'm telling you,
there's people in this prison,
they're out to get me.
I need a transfer,
I need it today!
Your sentence is hereby
extended by one year.
Please, take the time alone to
reconsider your life decisions.
I'll consider the fact
that you're a fuckin' ponce!
For what?! Fuckin' defending
myself, that's for what!
- You fuckin' stupid cunt!
- Come on.
You haven't got a fuckin' clue,
have ya?
You sit there in your fuckin'...
fuckin' suit and tie, huh?
You haven't got a fucking clue!
[Cain] Nothing
could have prepared me
for the shit that I was about
to go through in this hellhole.
So I had to make a choice.
If I was gonna get through
this stretch in one piece...
Talkin' to me, mate. Yeah?
Talkin' to me, yeah? Pa-pow!
[Cain] ...then I was gonna
have to treat this like a fight.
You fuckin' want it? Pa-pow!
That's what I'm talkin' about,
mate. Yeah?
Come back here, get some more!
[Cain] I had to change myself
into something
I didn't even recognize anymore.
I'll fuckin' take on both
of you! Boom, boom, boom!
Wah! Fucking come on!
So as the months
and the weeks rolled by,
I slowly but surely
turned myself into what you see
before you now.
A hardened, rusty nail.
You see, the body can be
strengthened to a degree,
but it's your mind that
makes you impervious to defeat.
Just like the skin
on your knuckles,
the mind can be made
callous as fuck.
- Bodily pain can do that.
- [men shouting]
So I learned how to take pain.
But, more importantly,
I learned how to dish it out.
[shouting, grunting]
Come on, lads!
- Come on!
- [shouting]
You see,
the problem I had was why?
Why did every fucker
in that place want me dead?
I mean, it didn't make any sense to me.
I couldn't work it out.
And then one day...
it all became clear.
Anyone else fucking want it?
Anyone else?! Huh?!
How are ya?
Hey. That's it.
In through the nose,
out through the mouth.
You're all right.
Probably a bit concussed, mate.
Don't worry, you know,
the guards'll land in a minute.
Nothin' personal, Cain, ya know?
Nothing personal?
Why'd ya do it then? Hey?
What you got to gain from havin' a fuckin'
skull fracture? Hope it was worth it, mate!
It fuckin' woulda been.
Twenty grand.
What ya talkin' about,
20 grand?
- Ah...
- What are ya talkin' about? Twenty grand from where?!
Twang was hookin' us up, yeah?
I think your brother's
bank-rollin' it.
What the fuck you talkin' about?
My brother?
I ain't joking, yeah?
I only did it for the cash.
- [alarm blaring]
- My brother did this?!
You're saying my fuckin' brother
did this? My own brother?!
My own fuckin' brother?!
Why'd he do it, Hyde?
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I've no idea
what you're talkin' about.
Don't you deny that.
Don't you fuckin' dare!
You and my brother had a price
tag put on my head, didn't ya?
Didn't ya?!
I can accept it from a dirty,
conniving little bastard like you,
but I cannot
accept that from him.
Week after week they came.
One after another.
Sometimes, more than one. Do you know what?
It didn't matter to me.
Keep 'em comin', I said.
Bring on all comers.
Come and have a fuckin' go,
The more that came,
the stronger my mind got!
And my daily existence
became about survival.
Fucking come at me?!
Come at me, then! Come on!
[men grunting]
- [screaming]
- [cracking]
You fucking...!
- Oi!
- [Cain] I bet you didn't know it's possible
to make your own napalm
in prison, did ya?
Well, you can.
And it fuckin' burns.
- Uh!
- [screaming]
[whistle blowing]
[all shouting]
We hereby find you guilty, and your sentence,
Mr. Burgess, will be extended by two years.
Five weeks segregation
to commence post-haste.
Fuck you.
[alarm blaring]
Ahh! Come on!
[indistinct shouting]
All I have is a dead inmate,
and you had his blood
on your clothes.
Well, I'm adding an additional
year to your sentence
for being a part
of the altercation.
six months segregation.
[alarm blaring]
[alarm blaring]
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
- [alarm blaring]
- [no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
Fuck you!
[alarm blaring]
[alarm blaring, fades out]
[sighs] It's good to see ya,
What's it been?
About three years, is it?
I did come to see you.
They told me
you was in solitary.
- More than once.
- Yeah.
Anyway, your brother didn't...
didn't think it was a good idea.
Too much stress.
And he's right.
Look at ya.
I don't know what you've become.
Something you need
to know about Lincoln, Mum.
Probably not gonna be easy
for you to hear, but...
Well, there's somethin' I need
to get off me chest first.
It's not easy to say,
but... I'll just say it.
I've got the cancer.
I've known for a few months,
but I didn't want
to bother anyone.
I start chemo on Tuesday.
They say it
might be quite tough,
so I don't think I'll be able
to get in to see you much.
- I'm sorry, Mum.
- You don't have to be sorry.
Your brother's looking after me.
Every day.
Bless him, I don't know
what I'd do without him.
We'll be okay.
And what was it you wanted
to tell me about Lincoln?
Oh, don't worry about that, Mum.
It's nothin'.
- Oh, go on.
- No, it's...
- Aw, come on.
- I'm glad Lincoln's lookin' after you.
That's... that's a weight
off me shoulders, you know?
Yeah, yeah. We're all fighters
in this family, aren't we?
- Look at you.
- Yeah, we're fighters.
[guard] Right, time's up.
Come on, let's go. Come on!
[Cain] Never really knew
what your pancreas did
till my mum's got
riddled with cancer.
I still don't, really.
She was a fighter, my mum.
She fought that cancer longer
than anyone thought she could.
So they let me out for
just five hours to go see her.
Sent me with a six-man security
detail, one paddy wagon, two cars.
She died
before I even got there.
I didn't know.
I knew she was ill.
Sorry for your loss,
she was a fine woman.
I did know that some lad had
done for a couple of screws
and made a break from the hospital,
I just... didn't connect the dots.
Maybe you shoulda done.
So how the fuck
do you manage that then?
[elevator dings]
[elevator music plays]
Sorry about your mum.
I'm sure she was a lovely lady.
But if you wanted to see her more often,
you should keep yourself outta trouble.
- Can't let you go.
- It's all right, mate.
You aren't gonna say anything,
are ya? Yeah?
- [grunting]
- [elevator dings]
Well done. I didn't
think you had it in you.
Well, I'm not the same bloke
you left out in the cold, Hyde.
I don't suppose you are.
Right. That's it.
I need a piss.
- Go in your fuckin' trousers.
- What?!
- You heard.
- That is inhumane. I've got eight pints on board!
To be fair, none of us had planned
on being held hostage today.
I need a piss as well.
Go in one of them bottles then.
- Nah. I need a shit.
- Piss in one of the bottles.
- And you can shit your pants.
- Uh, might wanna rethink that.
Pretty sure none of us wanna be stuck
in here breathing this one's guts.
Look, whatever you're gonna do,
figure it out and do it quick.
Fucking zombie-looking bastard.
[pants unzip]
- Oh!
- Stop embarrassing yourself!
- [laughing]
- Enough of you and your silly panto.
If you're gonna do somethin',
crack on!
Because I am bored
of your bullshit!
Oh, you want me
to crack on, do ya? Yeah?
Tell you what then,
turn around.
Get on your knees. Go on.
There you go.
That's a good pig.
When my brother gets here,
we'll kick things off nicely.
But until then, do me a favor
and shut your fuckin' mouth.
Or you'll be next.
You know, I don't
remember you being so drappy.
Or so gangsta.
Oh, I've come a long way
since the blue bag day.
When you sent me to steal
from Mabel Liddell,
I coulda never imagined
where it woulda led me to.
Don't know why you're
fuckin' runnin', love!
Well, I'll leave you the purse,
all right?
But I'm keepin' the bag!
[tires screech]
- [tires screech, thudding]
- Oh!
[siren wails in distance]
[man] Mabel Liddell.
Forty-nine, mother of three.
Grandmother of two.
Worked as a dinner lady
at the local comprehensive.
Died earlier this evening whilst undergoing
surgery related to a traffic accident.
- Wasn't my fault.
- You stole her purse, mate.
She chased you, and she ran into traffic.
That's a manslaughter charge.
That and the robbery, well,
they'll put you away for this, Cain.
But... we're not really
interested in that, mate.
Does the term "cuckoo"
mean anything to you?
As in the fuckin' bird
that can't build a nest,
so it steals one
from another fuckin' bird.
Oh, right, yeah.
That cuckoo.
Means fuck all to me, mate.
So your brother
runs the largest entrapment
and cuckoo scam in the city.
The last three years,
we've been working with people
who your brother's persecuted.
Mabel Liddell refused to cooperate.
But we were observing her.
Which means you're kinda fucked.
Doesn't it, mate?
- I want a lawyer.
- You're incommunicado, boyo.
You don't get a bloody lawyer.
Usually starts
with a single family member.
Black sheep, idiot brother.
You know, your type.
Lincoln, Hyde, any of these
other heavies that we know of,
they'll end up paying the family
a little visit one day.
And they'll say, "Well,
so-and-so owes us a little money.
And he's in line
for a little belting.
But if you run us this little
errand, we'll let him off."
Family's too happy to oblige,
aren't they?
Give 'em a little package. Tell 'em that there's
some drugs or some money in the package
and tell 'em to go
to such-and-such address.
What they don't tell 'em
is they hire another hoodlum
to rob them on the way, mate.
All of a sudden, there's a catastrophic
amount of money in that package.
Now, this is the entrapment part.
The gang members want more, don't they?
So they show up
at the fuckin' house. Yeah?
They want the dole, they want the
check, they want the cash.
They take the fuckin' car.
They move into the house.
They run the operations from the house,
and they use the car to run the errands.
They stay on the property until
all the assets have been destroyed.
And then they just move
onto the next.
Your brother, he does this.
Hyde does this.
- And you fuckin' do it too.
- The fuck I do!
Got no idea what
you're talkin' about, mate.
"Albert Mitchell,
Pete Singlehurst, James Webb,
Eric Godley, Sandy Park,
Miriam Silverman,
and now Mabel Liddell."
There's a 150
or so other families.
Children have been orphaned
because of your brother's
fuckin' business.
So you listen to me.
And you listen
to me very carefully.
Manslaughter and robbery are the
least of your fuckin' problems, mate.
I'm throwin'
organized crime at you.
I want a fuckin' lawyer,
all right?
You listenin' to me?
I want a lawyer!
I don't know
anything about this shit!
- What about my rights?!
- Your rights are to give up your brother, mate.
Thems the only rights
you fuckin' have.
This operation implodes
without your brother.
Maybe then a hundred or so other
people can move on with their lives.
Come on, mate.
Give me your brother.
Let's just
finish this right now.
How about... bollocks?
How about that?
You're choosing the hard road,
because you're goin' away
for a very, very long time.
Come on in, Cain. Let's have
a little you-and-me time.
I don't know anything
about this.
[door buzzes]
Oh, I've got the devil
in me, too, Cain.
But I learned
to accept my wickedness.
I learnt to apply it for good.
You see, I have always
been good with my fists.
O'Hara do this to everyone who doesn't just
bend over and get fucked then, does he?
Oh, he wouldn't approve of this.
But then we don't have to
tell him everything, now do we?
I don't care
if you are the plod. All right.
If you touch me again,
I'll fuckin' wreck you, tough!
How do you do that with your
hands cuffed behind your back?
Filthy boy.
Look what you've done.
You've gone and messed up my
nice interrogation room floor.
Do you know what we do to cats
that piss on the carpet?
We rub their dirty,
fuckin' noses in it!
Not so damned lippy now,
are you, boy?
I'm gonna hurt you, Cain.
- [pounding on door]
- [Lincoln] Open up!
- [pounding]
- Open these fuckin' doors. Why are they bolted?!
About fuckin' time. Bez!
Unbolt them doors.
Don't do anything stupid.
- [pounding on doors]
- [Lincoln] Come on.
What's happening? Why are
these fuckin' doors shut?
All right, lads.
Come on in. Don't be shy!
Make yourselves at home.
Bez, shut those fuckin' doors now!
You're not going anywhere!
Do it!
I can't believe this.
So good to see you, brother.
The only thing
that matters is you're out.
And you've come to me for help. I'm your
brother. What's family for, after all.
Get back! Get back!
You think I'm gonna
fall for that, do ya?
Weapons, mobile phones.
Put 'em on the bar!
That means all of you!
Come on!
On the fuckin' bar!
Drop your trousers,
lift up your shirts.
Fuck off, you ain't serious.
We're not in prison.
- I'm not one of your boyfriends.
- Fuckin' do it.
Do it!
- You happy now?
- Not just yet.
Go over there with the others.
[thunder rumbles]
Bez, do me a favor.
Do us another pint with
a nice, hefty head, would ya?
Why don't you just take that gun off
of Hyde's head and put it back on me?
Shut up!
You're not the one in charge
'round here anymore.
I am.
Might have these monkeys eatin'
out of the palm of your hand,
but I know the real you,
don't I?
The cry baby that I pissed on
from the top of the tree.
Do you remember that?
Well, I'm back up
that tree again, bitch.
Yeah, I remember that.
I fuckin' remember it vividly.
And I remember how I fuckin' beat
the life out of you for doin' it.
- [thunder rumbles]
- That was then. This is now.
[glass thuds]
Seven years
since I've had a pint.
I'm playin' catch-up.
Is he all right?
[man] He's unconscious.
He was in a lot of pain.
He's probably better like that.
- He's dead.
- [Tune] You fuck!
Fuckin' hell, this is bad.
This is so fuckin' bad!
Dumb cunt
killed Rook too, boss.
- He done what?
- Yeah. He tried to kill me and all.
Then he comes in here and throws
Rook's hand on the fuckin' table!
Cain, you're not
thinkin' straight.
You are not fuckin'
thinkin' straight.
D'you realize what you're doin'?
Yeah, I realize what I'm doin'.
And let me tell you why.
For the last seven years,
I've been livin' with the threat of
violence hangin' over my head 24-fuckin'-7,
never knowing where it's
comin' from, who it's gonna be.
I've been stabbed
half a dozen times.
I've had me bones broken,
me ligaments torn.
I've killed people, Lincoln.
With my bare fuckin' hands.
Prison's rehabilitated
you well, son.
Have you seen this scar?
What about that, have you seen that?
Do you know what that is, mate?
Do you know what they call that?
It's what they call
a "napalm scar," that.
What about these fuckin' teeth?
Do you know what?
I wanted them to give me some of
them nice, white porcelain ones.
But the prison dentist gave me
these fucked up amalgam ones
because of my attitude!
Yeah but, you see, you do have
a problem with your attitude.
Oh, fuck!
Stop doing that!
[Lincoln] Look at you.
You're a loose cannon.
Prison's turned you into
a fuckin' psychopathic killer.
Prison didn't!
You fuckin' did!
When you put a 20,000-pound
price tag on my head
in a prison full of rapists
and killers,
who'd fuckin' strangle you
for a pack of cigarettes!
- You did!
- What do you fuckin' expect,
when you start
fucking grassin'?
That we're just gonna fuckin' lay
down and let you fuckin' bury us?
I never said shit to anyone.
I didn't say a fuckin' word!
You're forgettin' we had
a fuckin' cozzer on the inside
keepin' fuckin' tabs on ya.
Do you know what,
you dumb fuck?
Evans played you
for a fuckin' fool!
Told you a buncha lies,
because he knew that you were
gullible enough to fall for it!
Your trusted a bent copper
over your own flesh and blood!
I never said a fuckin' word.
Not a syllable!
You're fuckin' standin' there, and you expect
me to believe that Evans made all this up?
Yes, he made it all up!
O'Hara told me the truth!
Do you know, when he found out about
Evans, he had him thrown off the force!
Why don't we just give fuckin'
Evans a bell, get him down here, eh?
Let's fuckin' get him down here, and let's
just see what he has to say about all this.
Gimme my phone.
I don't think he's gonna
be answering that phone, mate.
- You all done, boyo?
- Yeah, just finishing the sound check.
- Do I know you, boyo?
- We've met.
You was a sergeant back then.
What happened?
You lose your job?
Fuck me.
Is that you, Cain?
It's been a while.
Johnny. Give us a minute,
will you, boyo?
Yeah, all right.
So then, Cain. What?
I'm guessing you, uh,
broke outta prison?
You tracked me down
to this location,
to act your revenge
on the copper who booked you?
You didn't book me.
You set me up.
Told my brother I was gonna
snitch on him, didn't ya?
"Hero Ex-Copper
Kills Escaped Convict
in Self-Defense."
I'm really gonna enjoy this.
Yeah, I did tell your brother you
snitched on him, you fuckin' cocksucker.
I'm gonna make you
fuckin' pay, boy.
[Cain yells]
[hammer clatters]
Well, it looks like we got a little
bit of a predicament, haven't we?
Seems you been runnin' around all fuckin'
weekend on your own little revenge mission.
You're not
thinkin' straight, Cain.
Because I know
I'm havin' difficulty
takin' in everything
that's happened this week.
Been a tough week for you,
has it, yeah?
- Poor you.
- I'm talkin' about Mum.
- Did you get to see her?
- Yeah, I saw her.
Lyin' under a white sheet.
[thunder rumbles]
You know, if I got there
20 minutes earlier,
mighta been able
to look her in the eye,
hold her hand,
tell her I loved her.
You know what them cops did?
Stopped off on the way
for a vanilla latte.
And where the fuck were you?
Listen to me, I had stuff, I had
shit that I needed to deal with.
Oh, you had shit
to deal with, did ya?
More important
than our dyin' mother?
Don't fucking guilt-trip me
on that one, please!
- Abandoned her, didn't ya?
- The fuck I did.
Who do you think paid
for all the doctors, huh?
Who do you think
organized every day for her
to be picked up
and taken to fuckin' hospital?
Have you got any idea how much it broke her
heart to come and see you in fuckin' prison?
Because of you!
I was inside because of you!
You was the one who went
and got fuckin' nicked.
You knew the risks.
No one made you do it.
You let me in,
and you threw me under the bus.
No. No, no, no, no.
It was Mrs. Liddell who got
dragged under the fuckin' bus.
By you.
Listen to me. I know that life
hasn't been great for you.
And I know that I've
not helped over the years.
But you can put a stop
to all this.
You can fuckin'
stop it right now.
There's no one left, mate.
Mum's gone.
You can make a fresh start.
You're a free man now.
[thunder rumbles]
What about the others?
What others?
Albert Mitchell,
Pete Singlehurst,
James Webb, Eric Godley,
Miriam Silverman,
Mabel Liddell,
and all the other lives
you've been ruinin' for years.
This retard's gone
and remembered all the names.
[Lincoln] Look, I'll be
honest with you, mate.
To me they were just another
fuckin' day at the office.
They mean nothin' to me. They were cunts.
It's a list of losers
tryin' to shirk off their debts.
Debts run up by smackheads and
pill-heads and all sorts of other scum.
We worked out a way of making
quite a lot of money
outta people that
wouldn't be in that position
if they'd kept their
fuckin' head on straight.
So you can take
your sentimental bullshit,
and you can shove it
up your fucking...
You fuckin' want it too?!
Do you know something?
I woulda given you the fuckin'
benefit of the doubt on Rook and Chas.
But what you just done,
you cunt,
what you just fuckin' done...
I'm seriously gonna
fuck you up
like you can't believe.
You've really fucked
the duck now, this time.
There's no
coming back from that!
Maybe I don't wanna come back.
- You recognize this?
- Should I?
Your accountant's gonna miss it.
[classical music plays]
- [laughs]
- [door opens]
Can I help you, mate?
You got a nice place here,
- Done well for yourself.
- Do I know you?
Oh, come on. You don't
remember an old friend?
Fuck me. Cain.
What happened to ya?
Oh, shit me,
that toast smells nice.
Do you mind
if I whack a 'round in? Eh?
You have at least another
decade on your ticket,
so I'm guessin' you're
not out on good behavior.
Well, you got a good thing
goin' on here, haven't ya, mate?
You know, the wife, the kids,
little pet bunny.
Are they aware of what you do?
How you ruin people's lives
for my brother?
I didn't take you
for the violent type, Stokes.
Sit down.
- What do you want?
- I wanna see them books.
I can't let you, Cain.
Take it you're aware my brother tried
to have me killed on the inside?
Cain, you know
I've never been a part of that.
I believe ya.
I wanna take Lincoln down,
So you may as well
just show me them books.
And then you go
and get your family,
you get your shit together,
and you get the fuck gone.
If I just leave town, you
promise you'll leave us alone?
Give you my word.
How much has he got
in his accounts then?
Three hundred thousand
in his checking,
with several offshore deposits,
totaling out to about
two million pounds
- across a few currencies.
- Tell you what.
Leave him a grand and a half.
Gonna move the rest.
Ah, well,
uh, that's the fun part.
[Cain] Stokes was
a crooked fucker.
Couldn't lie straight in bed.
But it didn't take him long
to make his mind up
- and save his own ass.
- That's bollocks.
- You're fuckin' lyin'.
- You reckon?
I took a picture
of your account. See that?
[thunder rumbles]
Two-point-two million
in dollars, euros, pounds.
All of it gone.
I left you with
a grand and a half.
'Cause that's what a few
porcelain teeth woulda cost.
You're never gonna see the rest.
You sure are rackin' up the reasons
to get yourself killed tonight,
- aren't you, my love?
- [thunder rumbles]
I hope your little
revenge mission was worth it.
You hear that, did ya, Lincoln?
Key words there, revenge.
Everything I've done over the last
two days, it started with you.
And for what you did to those innocent
families, it's gonna end with you.
When you die, the ledger'll
be erased, the debts dissolved.
And each and every one of those
147 families are gonna be free.
Those names... you see,
I couldn't help but memorize 'em.
time and time again in court,
over and over
I heard those names.
See, I knew it was
too late to help myself,
but maybe...
maybe I could help them.
And maybe, one day,
I might get the chance
to be face-to-face
with my brother.
- [tires screech, thudding]
- One last time.
And when I found that purpose,
well, only then could I bear
all the pain and suffering.
Because now it all had meaning.
Now, it all made sense.
Look... I know
it's your brother
that's out to get you.
So, I ask you,
why are you protecting him?
Roll over on him, Cain.
What are you waitin' for?
They're gonna kill you in here.
You know that, right?
Good luck, son.
[Cain] I'll do it.
I'll do it on one condition.
My mum's in hospital.
She don't have long left.
I want to see my mum.
You let me see her,
I'll tell you what you wanna know.
Christ, this ale
tastes like shit, Bez.
That's because I poured the
drip tray into yours, darling.
It's about time we got on
with it then. Isn't it, eh?
Guess you got a pretty good idea
where this is going, Lincoln?
- Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.
- Yeah, good.
They can all leave if they want.
It's only really you
that isn't going anywhere.
What do you say, lads?
You wanna get out of here?
Enough of this fuckin' bullshit!
We ain't fuckin' goin' anywhere!
I dunno, um... I'd quite
like to leave, actually.
- If it's all right with you lot.
- Shut the fuck up, Tune.
[Tune] Yeah, cool.
Sorry, Lincoln.
No one's going anywhere.
You're gonna die
in here tonight, Cain.
You got two barrels.
There's ten of us.
- [thunder crashes]
- I only need one to blow your fuckin' head apart.
[Lincoln] Yeah, well, maybe.
And once you use that shot,
my men are gonna take turns each
tearing you limb from fucking limb.
And what have you actually
accomplished here tonight?
Look at ya.
I'll tell ya, shall I?
Fuck all.
Absolutely fuck all.
You're a mess.
And the only thing you're
ever gonna be remembered for
is being a fuckin' mess.
I'm all right not being
remembered for anything.
So let's get on
with it, shall we?
[Lincoln] You know, there's a
million nerves in the human body.
And you, as my brother,
my fucking brother,
you have always, since the
day you were fucking born,
got on every, single
fucking one of 'em.
Come on then!
You fucking want some of me?!
- Come on!
- [shouting]
You cunts fuckin' want me?
Come on!
Kill him!
Fuck me!
Come on then! This is fuckin'
brunch at Belmarsh, this!
- Come on!
- [grunting]
Oi! Drop it!
Fuck me.
- [bone cracks]
- [screaming]
[thunder rumbles]
[beer pouring]
Cheers, guys.
Mm. [slurping]
That's fuckin' good.
Fuck's sake.
I've only got
a few of them left.
Lemme ask you something.
- Was it worth it?
- [thunder rumbles]
I mean, all this for the sake
of 150 pathetic, fuckin' losers?
Is this what you wanted?
Not all I wanted, no.
You're done.
It's over for you.
I've cost you everything.
All this, everything you've
worked for, is finished.
You're fucked, mate.
- [laughs]
- [Lincoln] Is that right?
That's right, yeah. Yeah.
[Lincoln] Well,
let me tell you something.
Whatever satisfaction you think
you're gonna get out of all of this
is gonna be very
fuckin' short-lived.
Because I always come through.
You know that, bruv.
Answer me one thing first.
Why'd you do it, Lincoln?
'Cause of you.
Because of you.
See, whether you
fucking grassed or not,
people stopped respecting me.
And you know me, bruv.
I will not
be fucking disrespected.
So, between me and you,
what's done is done.
[gun clicks]
You see, that's what happens when you
get other people to do your dirty work.
You forget to check the gun
to see if it's loaded.
Two shots, two barrels, and I've
already used both of 'em, you dumb fuck!
- [grunting]
- [Bez] Fucking kill him!
[Lincoln groaning]
I think I'll call it
a night then, Bez.
Sorry about the mess.
[Cain] Bring out
the crookedest bank accounts.
Ah, maybe 147
crooked bank accounts.
Divide my brother's
fortune by 147.
And transfer the money
to their accounts.
You're givin' it away.
Are you mad?
No, I'm not mad, mate.
I'm thinking clearer
than I have done in years.
[Cain] It's not much.
Only about 15 grand each.
But that's a lot of money
to some people.
Just here for my gyro,
Mr. Patel.
- Yeah?
- [Cain] Enough for a fresh start, anyway.
Or maybe... maybe
just enough to breathe again.
[O'Hara] Just heard from
Albert Mitchell's nephew.
Another cuckoo got a windfall.
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
That'd be the 12th one
today, actually.
Right there, Victor, please.
That is great.
Yeah, no, no,
thank you, right.
[Cain laughing]
[upbeat music plays]
The corks are capped
The floors are being waxed
I know the moment's passed
and everyone has left
And I'm about to be run over
But I can't quite seem
to wake myself
Both worlds collide
I'm dancing in my sleep
With all my clothes alight
I think I should be rolling
But I don't quite
seem to notice
And there's no breath left
to wake myself
At last
I'm about
to get my second chance
But I can't get in
To tell myself the answer
I'm lost and trapped
Swirling down a fountain
through my past
But I'm out of control
So I can't give myself
the answer, the answer
Close the blinds
It's safer here inside
The mystery, my mind
Oh, please let me rewind
And get the
former me unfrozen
A statue painted white
with fright
My heart beats loud
Alone inside the crowd
I seek relief, a shroud
Go home and shake it out
But you can never
stop the train that's comin'
Regrets express
The whistle's blowin'
At last
I'm about to get
my second chance
But I can't get in
To tell myself the answer
The answer
The answer
The answer
The answer
The answer
Both worlds collide
I'm dancing in my sleep
With all my clothes alight
I think I should be rolling
But I don't quite
seem to notice
And there's no breath
left to wake myself
At last
I'm about
to get my second chance
But I can't get in
To tell myself the answer
I'm lost and trapped
Swirling down a fountain
through my past
But I'm out of control
So I can't give
myself the answer
You're lucky this
didn't go to the Crown Court.
But as no one
apparently saw anything,
and the cameras were obscured,
all I have is a dead inmate,
and you had his blood
on your clothes.
I was tryin'
to give him first aid.
He had a shank so far
into the back of his head,
it was sticking
out of his mouth.
What exactly were you
trying to do for him?
Well, I'm adding an additional
year to your sentence
for being a part
of the altercation.
That is the maximum punishment
that I'm authorized to set.
six months segregation.
[man] And cut.
[door slams]