Avenger Dogs (2019) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
- This is it, Catbrain!
The time we've waited
for all our lives!
(chuckles evilly)
- (gasps) Star Frisbee?
I love Star Frisbee,
Professor McTinkerClaws.
- No you don't!
Cats don't play frisbee,
And you're a cat!
- Oh, right.
- Cats are cool, casual, aloof,
unaffected, understand?
- Uh, yup.
- Then why don't you start
acting like it?
I paid 50 space bucks
to that baboon space
scientist in Nebula 19 just
to brainwash you into thinking
(stutters) just to help you
remember your feline roots
after that asteroid
chunk hit you on the head
and gave you the crazy
idea that you were a dog.
- Madness!
I didn't know what I was
thinking, Professor
Thank you for helping
me see the light.
- No worries, Catbrain,
no worries.
Now, as I was saying,
this the hour of
our finest victory,
the moment we show dogs
everywhere what we're made of.
With my new mega neutron
dimensional destructor,
I'll finally wipe
out that wretched
bone-verse once and for all.
- Meow, meow, meow, yes!
- And those goofy dogs will
realize that without dog snacks,
there are no dogs.
- Oh, I see.
Take away the food, you take
away the dog.
- Let us focus on the task at
Pushing the bone-verse into
wiping out all the bone marrow
power, until nothing is left.
(chuckles maniacally)
Then and only then, space
will belong to the cats, ah!
(upbeat music)
- Thanks for returning to
headquarters so promptly, you
- That's our job, Captain Fuzz
- Yup, your wish is our command.
Uh, your command is our command,
we do what you say
when you say it.
- Point taken, Space Lobber.
You can chill out.
- It's just that uh, sometimes
I'm not clear, Sky Fetcher.
I've been trying to
be more precise.
- I understand what you're
saying, Space Lobber,
and I thank you for your
dedication and vigilance.
- Yeah?
Uh, sweet!
- How can we help you, Captain?
Is the kitchen
blender jammed again?
- Tuna will do that.
(chuckles) We can
clear it out, though.
And get it working
again in no time.
- Sure can, we'll head back now
and check it out if you like.
I can lap up the tuna particles.
- Yeah!
- No, boys.
I'm afraid it's not the
blender that's the problem.
- Oh no!
Is the oven on the fritz again?
That's a bummer!
Roast turkey jammed again?
- We can get on
that right away, Captain.
- No, it's not the oven either.
- Is it the plumbing?
'Cause if it's the plumbing,
we can't help
you there, Captain.
- Nope, I'd say just use
the top deck AstroTurf yard
and don't forget to have all
the dogs curb themselves.
- Thanks for the tip, boys.
But our issue is far more
serious than even that.
It seems the source of our
universe-wide dog treats
is disappearing at
an alarming rate.
- Oh no!
You mean?
- The bone-iverse is
losing its marrow power.
- No! How?
- We're not sure.
By scientific calculations,
just over 17 million tons
of galactic bone marrow
power has disappeared
in less than one light year!
- 17 tons?
- At that rate, the
bone-iverse will be completely
barren in slightly less
than another light year!
- Less than a light year?
Oh, but that means
outer space will be out
of dog treats in our lifetime.
- What will we snack on?
- There will be lots of
spaceships with chewed up holes.
- Unless we get to the bottom of
Identify whoever's responsible
and stop 'em in their tracks.
- Sounds like a job for--
- The Avenger Dogs!
- Oh yeah, you mean
you guys, right?
- I mean all of us,
the Avenger Dogs,
as you two are part of the team.
- Us?
- You can't possibly mean us.
We've been kicking back
on Planet Kickback
at the Paws Up Doggy Spa.
Have you ever been,
Captain Fuzz Face?
- No, I--
- Oh, it's pure heaven.
You gotta go!
You should come back with us,
as we're on our way back
after chatting with ya.
- Maybe we will, boys, after
we save the bone-iverse.
- We?
You said we.
You mean you, right?
- No, Sky Fetcher, I mean we.
I'm re-deputizing you two
effective immediately.
- Us?
But we're way out of practice.
- And way out of shape.
- We have issues,
hangups, dog anxiety.
- Yeah, chew stick
traumatic stress is real.
- Listen up, boys.
You two are my best officers.
- That's 'cause all other space
officers are away on missions.
- Uh, yeah, but you never failed
our dog world on a mission.
- There's a first time for
- That's right.
Listen Captain, we're still
on the clock at the spa.
We just stepped away for a
minute to see what was up,
but now that we know, we--
- We gotta be getting
back right away.
- Stat!
- I'm sorry, boys.
But it's already done.
Your ship is tuned up,
fueled up and ready to fly.
We're all counting on you.
Dog speed, Avengers!
I know you'll do us proud.
- Dog-gone darn.
(upbeat music)
- Wow, I can't believe we're
back in action, Sky Fetcher.
- You and me both, Space Lobber.
Where do we even begin?
It's been so long since
I sat at these controls.
- Well to be fair, it
hasn't been that long.
(chuckles) It's only
been an earth year.
- Which is like 15 dog years,
and 10,000
anti-matter light years.
- Oh, (chuckles) yes.
Since you put it that
way, time flies like a--
- Don't say that word.
- What word?
- The F word.
- You mean F?
- Yes, frisbee.
I still have a real issue
around round objects.
Ever since that frisbee accident
in the circular saw nebula.
- And everything is round
in space, Sky Fetcher.
- Tell me about it.
Stars, planets, black holes,
meteors, round, round, round.
(whines) Yikes!
- What about me, Sky?
I still haven't gotten over
the loss of my thunder shirt
on our last mission.
Talk about separation anxiety.
Sometimes I wake up howling.
- I know.
Let's just navigate
back to the Paws Up Spa
and tell Captain Fuzz
Face we couldn't do it.
- Really?
But we'd be letting the
entire dog universe down.
We'd fail them completely,
right when they needed us most.
- You have a point.
But do you remember
what that steam
bath felt like on our coats?
- Oh, (chuckles) heavenly.
Let's go back.
We'll send the Captain
a day pass to join us
and a vegan cookbook.
He'll understand.
Bone meal treats
are overrated anyway.
- Yeah, (chuckles
nervously) he'll understand.
Oh darn it, we can't.
We've got to forge ahead,
we've got to follow orders.
We are dogs after all.
To follow orders is our mission.
- It is?
But what about the steam bath?
What about that
carrot cake snacks?
- I know, I know.
If we can solve the mystery
of who's behind this assault
on the bone-verse fast enough,
we can get back to the spa
and finish our session.
If we apply ourselves,
we can do it.
You heard what
Captain Fuzz Face said,
we're his best officers.
At least, the best
available ones.
- We've Avenger Dogs!
- That's right.
And Avenger Dogs never quit,
we never rollover,
we never play dead.
- Nope.
So, (chuckles)
where do we start?
- Hmm, that's a good question.
It's been so long
since we upheld
law and order in the galaxy.
I know, let's contact our
old informant, Tuff Nut.
He knows everything that's
going on in the underground.
- Tuff Nut?
I heard he got into a dog
fight in the Rabieson galaxy
and it didn't work
out too well for him.
You think he's still around?
- There's only one
way to find out.
I still have his old number,
let's punch it in
and see if it works!
- [Both] Tuff Nut!
- Oh no, what is it now?
I thought you two retired.
- We did, sorta.
- But we're back.
- And better than ever.
- We are?
- Just go with it, Space Lobber.
- We're back and
better than ever.
- Great.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
- The bone-verse is in
great danger, Tuff Nut.
- And we're gonna save her.
- Oh yeah?
And just how do a
couple of old mutts
like you two plan on doing that?
- Wait a second!
So you know
something about this?
- We knew you'd have
inside info, Tuff Nut.
What's going on?
Who's responsible?
- Oh, it's bad, guys.
Real bad.
The bone-verse's source
bones were pilfered
by a sworn enemy of dog-dom
and things are gonna
get a whole lot worse
before they get better, you dig?
- Only when I'm
looking for a bone.
- What?
Uh, nevermind.
Tuff Nut, can you tell us
who this sworn enemy is?
Who are we looking for?
Do we know them?
- Oh yeah, you know this
cat well, real well.
But he's got my tongue.
If I tell you any
more than that,
I'm gonna be in real trouble.
Everybody knows you dogs don't
have my back anymore,
you feel me?
I gotta look out for
number one these days.
- Come join us,
we'll protect you.
- (scoffs) And what about
when your mission's over?
Are you gonna drop me
off in some star
system with no fire
hydrants like last time?
To fend for myself?
- Well. (chuckles nervously)
- You know how tough life gets
for a dog without hydrants?
Not to mention the elements
that hangs out in those planets,
mostly inch worms
with a bad attitude.
- Oh yeah, sounds pretty tough.
- All of 'em with eyes
and ears to the ground.
All of them ready to rat me out.
- Inch worms have eyes and ears?
- He means metaphorically, Slob.
- Yeah, you try it, folks.
It ain't fun.
You dogs could've at least
put me in witness protection,
given me a new canine
identity, but no.
Well no more, Tuff Nut's
not your Huckleberry.
- Tuff Nut, please.
The survival of every dog
in outer space is at stake.
- That means you too, buddy.
- Me too?
(scoffs) I don't think so.
I won a sweepstakes and can
eat free for life at McComets.
- Free for life?
- But, McComets?
Is that good for you?
- Free is good enough.
I don't gotta rely on the
bone-verse or any dog ever
I'm in business for me,
just the way I like it.
- Oh, I see.
- You better.
And I'd act fast, y'all,
else you might lose a lot
more than those tasty treats.
Peace out.
(computer beeps)
- Oh, that doesn't sound good.
- No, it doesn't.
Come on, if Tuff Nut
won't help us,
we gotta find who's
responsible for this,
this thievery before
they find us first!
- Well, well, well,
if it isn't my old
nemesis, Captain Fuzz Face.
You're ugly as ever, I see.
- I could say the same
for you, McTinkerClaws.
To what do I owe this
call, you maniacal meower?
- I wanted to save you from
all the time and the trouble
of organizing your forces
to come and look for me.
- Oh?
And why would we
be looking for you?
It's been a joy to have you
out of sight and out of mind.
- You'd be looking for me
because I'm the one responsible
for the crisis in your precious
bone-verse, that's why.
- You?
I should've known!
- Ah, ha!
But you didn't, did you?
Just like a dog, so
trusting and oblivious.
(laughs) You have no
clue as to the true
devious nature of cats.
- Well, dogs are good-hearted
What can we do?
- Good-hearted extinct
creatures, Captain.
History is littered with
the bones of kind animals
who weren't tough
enough to cut it.
(laughs) Now you
will soon join them.
- You won't succeed,
Just like you haven't
succeeded in any of your other
threats to our universe's
safety and wellbeing.
Puppy love is stronger
than feline hate.
- Sound bites and slogans
won't save you, Captain.
It's the end of the
line for you dogs
and for all the snacks
you love to eat.
For ages I've been
looking forward
to a universe built on catnip.
(laughs) And at last,
the dawn of a grand
new era is upon us.
- Bring it on, feline.
Just as your villainy
knows no bounds,
neither does our righteousness.
We'll turn all your
efforts back,
just like we've turned
them back before.
- Sounds fun, game on.
See you soon, lap dog.
You can count on it.
- Game on, cat!
Birdbutt, we need to talk.
- Oh, is it about the
chair legs in the lounge?
I'll have you know
I was not the one
who chewed them up, Captain.
- The chair legs?
No, it's not about
the chair legs.
- Ah, phew.
- Are the chair legs damaged?
- Well, the good thing is,
dogs don't mind
eating on the floor.
So chairs with
no legs are alright.
- I see, I'll call
maintenance then.
- What did you need to
see me about, Captain?
- McTinkerClaws is back and
he's robbing the bone-iverse
of all its marrow power!
- He's stealing the
marrow power?
But that means--
- I'm afraid so.
No more dog treats, ever!
(Birdbutt gasps)
- This puts our
very lives at risk.
We won't be able to sustain
ourselves in outer space
without the nutrient rich dog
treats from the bone-verse.
Leg chairs are a great
in between meals treat,
but they're not a meal in
- Right, that's why I've
dispatched my former best
Sky Fetcher and Space Lobber,
to stop this despicable plot
before it goes too far!
- Oh good, can I go now?
I heard there's a couple of
unchewed chairs in Area 41.
- No, you can't go, Birdbutt.
We have a problem.
I fear that Sky Fetcher
and Space Lobber
are not up to the
task this time.
- Ah, drag.
- Yes, it's a drag indeed.
It's a super drag.
- If I may ask, Captain,
what is their problem?
Is it digestion issues again?
- No, no, nothing like that.
It's all mental.
Their heads are in the stars.
Sky and Space are out of shape
and racked with hangups,
insecurities and phobias.
- Perhaps they should return
to the dojo for intensive
- Yes, perhaps.
You think you can whip those
dogs into fighting
shape, Birdbutt?
- Leave it to Birdbutt, Captain.
(rock music)
- I'm having flashbacks, Space
All the round planets
are making me nervous.
All I can think about
is frisbees.
- At least you came
out of it in one piece.
Only a small bump on the noggin.
I never did find my
Every time I spot a meteor
shower, or an asteroid field,
I get the cold sweats.
- Ain't we a pair?
How in the universe
are we ever gonna get
to the bottom of this
assault on the bone-verse?
We can't even think straight.
(computer beeps)
- Sky Fetcher!
Space Lobber!
I have some bad news.
- Worse than what
we've already heard?
- I'm afraid so.
McTinkerClaws is back.
- [Both] McTinkerClaws?
- Yes, McTinkerClaws!
And he's the perpetrator
of the assault
on the bone-iverse.
- We should've known.
- Yes, you probably should have.
- You agreed kinda
fast there, Captain.
- I need you two dogs to report
to the planet Chewy
dojo at once!
- Planet Chewy?
Oh, but we completed our
Avenger Dog training eons ago.
- Yeah, we're pros, seasoned
pups, the best of the best.
Was that a frisbee?
Did I just see a frisbee?
- Don't quibble with me, boys.
Just do it!
Sensei Birdbutt is
awaiting your arrival.
- Sensei Birdbutt?
Oh, but his
training is too tough.
We just barely got
enough spa time for this.
- Avenger Dogs must be
in top shape at all time.
Now it's time to
sharpen your instincts
and hone your skills.
- But Captain, we--
- That's an order, Sky Fetcher.
- Sir.
- Yes, sir.
We're not gonna be
able to bark and howl
our way through this one,
Space Lobber.
- No, Sensei Birdbutt it is.
(rock music)
(calming music)
- Space Lobber, Sky Fetcher,
welcome back to planet Chewy.
I trust your journey into our
atmosphere was comfortable.
- It could've been a
little smoother, Sensei.
- Nothing worth having
comes easy, officer.
We must work hard, then harder.
For ever victory we earn,
big or small,
there are no shortcuts
in the universe.
- Actually, I know a couple.
- That's right, the black
hole in Nebula Seven
leads directly into
the fourth dimension
and at the Paws Up Doggy Spa.
- That is not necessarily what
I was speaking of, Space Lobber.
- Oh, well if you ever
need to get to the fourth
dimension and a really great
spa real quick, there you go.
- Tell me, Sky Fetcher.
- Uh oh.
- Do you still harbor
anxiety at the sight
of circular objects
like frisbees?
- Uh, (stuttering)
no, not really.
I mean, I'm okay
flying through the galaxy
if that's what you mean.
(chuckles nervously)
I can't take it, I have
flashbacks every time
I see a planet, Sensei,
and planets are everywhere.
I can't even look at the
buttons on our dashboard
without breaking into a sweat.
They're round!
- So much for keeping our cool.
- I see.
What about you, Space Lobber?
Have you ever overcome the loss
of your beloved thundershirt?
- (scoffs) A long time ago.
Who needs a thundershirt
when we have
solid partners like you guys?
(chuckles nervously)
I do!
I miss it so much, Sensei!
I'm cold all the time!
I shake uncontrollably.
I miss the way it held me
tight (inhales sharply)
through asteroid showers
and flash storms.
I felt so secure.
I felt invincible.
Now I just feel, (gasping)
I just feel like a naked dog.
- Now we're getting somewhere.
You boys are suffering what
is known as a dog block.
- Well all I know is we
didn't suffer any dog blocks
back at the Paws Up Doggy Spa.
- Uh, nope, everything was
just fine at the spa, Sensei.
- That comfort zone is
a beautiful place, boys,
but nothing ever grows there.
- Yeah, is that like a
motivational thing or what is?
- Yup, he's trying to
get in our heads.
You know he does.
- Right, right, right, right.
- To rebuild confidence,
one must first break down
the faulty supports
that have been built.
- Uh, (sputters) so, we're
gonna do construction?
- I'm uh, lousy at manual labor.
(chuckles nervously) I'll
just throw that out there.
- Not as lousy as me, Sky.
- We are going to access the
recesses of your pooch minds
to strengthen your pup seikis
and bolster your canine mental
- That sounds like hacking,
and hacking's illegal.
Even in space.
- I'd like to leave the recesses
of my pooch mind alone, thanks.
- Close your eyes, officers,
and repeat after me.
I am the master of
my own destiny.
The keeper of my own bone.
- That's kinda weird.
- Totally weird.
- Can we just uh, listen
to some jams or something?
- Yeah, maybe practice
some yoga poses.
- My down dog is strong.
- Oh, (laughs) wait till
you see my happy puppy.
- Focus, boys, focus!
(suspenseful music)
- Look at that, Catbrain,
the elusive,
mystical, magical bone-verse.
A few creatures who don't
count themselves among
the canines have ever seen this
- I've never seen this
dimension, Mr. McTinkerClaws.
And I'm a, no wait, I'm a cat.
- That's right, Catbrain.
You're a cat.
Now repeat after me, meow.
- Meow.
- Very good.
Now then, activate
our new laser,
the submolecular bone breaker,
and let's crush these bones down
to fine powder and
collect their dust.
Once I run the fine powder
my bone conversion transformer,
it will emerge as the finest
substance known to the universe.
(laughs maniacally)
- You mean marrow meal?
- No, you twit, catnip.
It'll be catnip!
And the universal balance of
power will shift forevermore.
Never again will smelly
dogs lay claim
to that silly man's best friend
Cats will become the
unchallenged number
one domestic animal
in all existence.
And I will be recognized as
the greatest cat of all time.
- What about me, McTinkerClaws?
Will I be known as a great cat?
Will I be famous?
- You?
Oh, you!
Oh, you'll be known as a
in my glorious legacy, Catbrain.
- Oh, is that good?
- Sure, it's perfect for the
likes of you.
On the bright side, your
delusional brain will surely
be studied by medical students
for light years to come.
- Oh cool, I mean, meow.
- Now, well let's cut
out the meowing
and get down to business.
I want every one of these
bones we see crushed,
collected and converted
- [Catbrain] Yes sir,
Professor McTinkerClaws.
Right away, sir.
(dramatic music)
- How are the Avenger Dogs
progressing, Birdbutt?
Any breakthroughs in their
- Not at all, Captain.
They're fearing far
worse than I'd hoped.
They both harbor deep
seeded insecurities
about their past traumatic
puppy experiences
that will undoubtedly hamper
their ability to think
and behave rationally
in the field.
I'd say our chances of
saving the bone-verse
with those two are slim to none.
- Can we skew towards slim?
I prefer not to speak in
absolutes in times of combat.
- Ah, alright.
Our chances of saving the
bone-verse with Sky Fetcher
and Space Lobber is very, very,
very, extraordinarily slim.
I mean, slim with a
capital S, L, I, and M.
- Great so we have a shot then.
- If that's how you care to
look at it, fine Captain.
- I do and unfortunately,
this leaves us with only
one course of action.
- You mean we're going to call
in the sage legend,
Ram Dalmatian?
- No, Birdbutt,
we're going to toughen
Sky Fetcher and Space Lobber up.
We're going to rekindle their
fire, sharpen their claws,
harden their fangs,
get me Butterball!
- Butterball?
But he's a wild card,
unpredictable, uncontrollable.
We're not even sure what
side of the moon that
lunatic's on from one moment to
the next.
- Exactly, Sensei,
and he's our only hope.
We're going to
reteach these dogs
how to fight and fight to win.
(upbeat music)
(Space Lobber sighs)
- This is hopeless, Sky.
We aren't in the right
frame of mind to be working.
I couldn't focus
on a single thing
Sensei Birdbutt was saying.
This is a disaster.
What are we gonna do?
- We need to pull ourselves
together, Space Lobber.
We need to toughen up.
- You think McTinkerClaws
will just roll over
and let us stop him?
- If we're ferocious
enough, sure.
Lots of real loud barking
will make him think
twice about crossing
us space dogs.
- What if cosmic
animal control spots us
and mistakes us for being rabid?
- We'll cross that bridge
when we come to it.
- Sounds like a plan.
Can we work the bridge
while we're at it, Sky?
- Sky Fetcher, Space Lobber.
- That's us, Chief.
- Highly trained and
ready for anything.
- No matter what
else you've heard.
- Or haven't heard.
- I want you two to report
back to headquarters at once!
- At once?
So you mean like, right now?
- That's exactly what I mean.
I need all of your
eight paws on deck
for an emergency
Avenger Dog meeting.
The landing dock
is cleared for you.
There's no time to waste.
Warp speed immediately!
- An emergency meeting?
We've never been called to
an emergency meeting before.
- I know.
It could only mean one thing.
- That we're being rewarded?
- No, that we're being fired.
- Fired?
Does that mean we get
to go back to the spa?
(dramatic music)
- Well, you actually came.
I half expected you two
to run or something.
- We thought about it, Captain.
That spa is open 24 hours.
- But we decided it was better
to come in and face the music.
- You're here because
I want to send you
through another
phase of retraining.
When the survival of canines
throughout space depends on it,
you can never undergo
too much training, boys.
- Captain, with all due respect,
if you don't think we're
cut out for this anymore,
just say so.
- Please don't fire us.
We love this job, we were
born to be Avenger Dogs.
- That's the spirit, boys.
Report to the bridge at once.
Drill Sergeant
Butterball's waiting.
- Alrighty,
play time's over, recruits.
Eyes straight ahead, tails
up, ears at attention.
You can call me Butterball.
- Oh, boy, here we go!
- You said what?
- He was just clearing his
throat, sir.
- (coughing) Doggy hair ball.
- That lump in your throat's
not a hairball, it's fear.
And fear's got no place here,
- [Both] Sir, yes, sir.
- If you taste fear,
you will chew it up,
spit it out, and ask
for another helping.
You hear me?
- Sir, yes, sir.
- Uh, I don't know
if I can do this.
- If you can do this?
You can and you will, dogface.
That's an order!
- Well at least he
didn't call me catface.
- Drop down to dog position
and start stretching
those muscles.
It's time to get in shape
and become the car chasing,
hydrant marking,
mailman biting warriors
you were always meant to be.
This is it,
you lazy sofa jockeys.
Unleash the beast within!
- Hurrah!
- Oh, boy.
- Are you dogs hard of hearing?
I said drop and give me 20!
Now it's 30!
You want to go for 40?
- Sir, no, sir!
- No, sir!
(dramatic music)
- Ah, there's nothing like
the delightful fragrance
of pure catnip, Catbrain.
If they made anything better,
they surely kept it for
- They?
Who's they, Professor
- You know, they.
- I uh, I really don't
know, that's why I'm asking.
- They, (groans) the they
who control things you know,
behind the scenes.
- Oh, like puppet masters?
- Yes, like puppet masters.
- Who are they exactly?
- Well, that's just it,
They wouldn't be they if
we knew who they were.
They can't be revealed or else
they wouldn't be they anymore.
- I get it, and they wouldn't
be able to pull the strings.
- Exactly.
They couldn't pull the strings
if they too were
in the spotlight.
Then they'd be puppets
and not puppet masters.
- Gotcha, thanks
for clearing that up.
- No worries, Catbrain.
One thing I can
tell you for sure
about they though,
they are cats.
(laughs maniacally)
That's a fact.
- Woof!
- What was that?
- What was what?
- What you just did there.
Was that barking?
- Barking?
Hah, I don't bark,
I'm a cat, meow.
- A cat with personality
A cat in an identity crisis.
- What? Me?
No, don't be silly.
- I'm not being silly.
I'm being serious,
I brainwashed you.
I know you better than anyone.
- Brainwashed me?
What do you mean,
brainwashed me?
- Huh?
Oh, nothing, nothing.
I meant I found you.
- Found and brainwashed
are two tough
words to mix up, Professor
- It's the catnip
going right to my head.
Too delightful to think
I'll forget about it.
- What should we do next, sir?
- Hm, we'll do
what we always do when
we have a little down time.
Bully the dogs.
- Fun, woof!
Uh, maybe it's indigestion.
- Must be that.
Full steam ahead, Catbrain.
Find us some dogs to terrorize.
(dramatic music)
- You boys look beat.
Butterball, tell me, how'd
these Avenger Dogs fair?
- They are without a
doubt, the single worst duo
I've ever had the displeasure
of trying to wrangle.
Captain Fuzz Face,
genuinely inept.
- Did he say adept?
- No, Space Lobber.
He said inept.
- Oh.
That's not good, right?
- Nope.
- Them two dogs ought to be
reassigned to kennel duty, stat.
And by kennel duty, I
mean cleaning the kennels.
They simply don't
possess the confidence
necessary to wear the
Avenger badge, Captain.
- I see.
So on a scale of zero to 10,
Drill Sergeant, would you--
- Minus 20.
- Yikes.
We created our
own end of the sale.
That's gotta count for
- Yeah, it counts
us as the biggest
screw ups the Avenger
Dog unit's ever seen.
- Oh, hm.
- Thank you for your
professional opinion,
Sergeant Butterball.
I'll take it into
advisement as we
prepare to redeploy this team.
- Redeploy?
Captain, you're
not really considering
of those two, are you?
- I am!
- Hey, did you hear that?
We're not getting fired!
- Goodbye dog spa.
- I beg to differ.
These dogs are not ready for
a mission of such magnitude.
- Hey, (stutters) maybe
Butterball is right.
We should give
it a few more days.
Eat well, rest up, we'll be
back better than ever, Captain.
- Nonsense, Space Lobber.
Our bone-iverse is in danger
right this very moment.
Our bone marrow power
density calculator indicates
that the fourth dimension
has lost another 436 million
grams of bone meal since
last time we talked.
Our galactic food source is
being stolen out from under us
by the nanosecond.
We must act now, lest we lose
Our very survival's at stake.
- (laughs) You said steak.
I could eat,
is it dinnertime yet?
- I've heard enough of this.
I did my part and
that's all I can do.
I'm out of here.
- He doesn't have a lot
of faith in us, Captain.
- I don't know how much
faith I have in us either.
- Boys, all that matters is that
you're willing to
give it another go.
We all make mistakes and we
all fail, even the winners.
- They do?
- Yes, they do.
The important thing is that
you pick yourselves up,
dust yourselves off, put
your ears to the wind,
and your tongue
over your shoulders
and charge back into the fire.
- Fire?
Uh, ow.
- It's a figure of speech,
Space Lobber.
What I mean is we
all fall down sometimes.
It's those who get back
up that win the race.
- We're gonna race?
But cats are fast!
You really think we can
beat McTinkerClaws, Captain?
- Alright, no sense in
The bone-verse needs us, Slob.
We'll do our best, Captain.
We know what's on the line
and we appreciate
the second chance.
- Technically it is
our third chance.
- Whatever.
We're all in, sir.
- Thank you, boys.
With your experience
and your track record,
you're our best hope.
Prepare for redeployment
(suspenseful music)
- Well that went well.
- Did it?
I think everybody
we talked to lost
all confidence in us completely.
- Everyone except Captain Fuzz
and his word is
the word that matters.
- So, what do we do now?
- I've been thinking about that.
We have to hook
back up with Tuff Nut.
- Tuff Nut?
He doesn't believe in us either.
- It doesn't matter.
He knows the cosmic underbelly
like no other dog out there.
- He is a dachshund after all.
- He can lead us right to
McTinkerClaws, we need him.
- But Sky, Tuff Nut
moves around a lot.
He's slippery.
There's no telling
where he'll be from
one nanosecond to the next.
And if Tuff Nut
doesn't want to be found,
we'll never find him.
We can't just snap our
paws and make him appear.
- Sure we can.
- Oh yeah?
- [Tuff Nut] Mm,
those bacon balls
sure were tasty, you guys.
Where'd you get 'em?
- We made 'em, Tuff Nut.
From our own
home-cooked Avenger recipe.
- Well, thanks for leaving a
trail of them out in space.
It's a good thing I found it.
- You can say that again.
- Yeah, but why would I?
I was clear the first time.
If you didn't get it,
that's on you, you dig?
- Uh.
Uh, okay.
- But listen, that bacon
ball recipe's something else.
You dogs might have
a future on your paws
after this whole space
police thing is over.
- Oh yeah, you think so?
- I'd buy a bag of bacon
balls all day long.
But of course, I won't have to.
As your close ally and
I would get free bacon balls.
- That's right, buddy.
But just between us,
the secret ingredient
of our bacon balls
is in short supply.
All this intergalactic
theft is making
it tougher to make them.
Pretty soon, our bacon balls
may be a thing of the past.
- What?
But I just ate my first
ones and now I'm hooked.
What can I do to help?
- First things first, we
gotta stop McTinkerClaws from
raiding the bone-verse and
taking all our bone marrow
- We save the bone-verse,
we save the bacon balls.
Get it?
- Yeah, I get it.
I guess I can help you dogs.
But strictly on the
down low, you hear?
I'm getting a reputation around
this galaxy as a tattletale
and I don't like it.
- You're just getting that
reputation now?
You've been a tattletale as long
as we've known you, Tuff Nut.
- Hey, you know, I don't
appreciate that.
- He didn't mean to
offend you, Tuff Nut.
- Well, I did, (laughs) kinda.
- I'll have you know, my
image didn't take a hit until
I started doing business
with the likes of you two.
So, if I got a bad
reputation, you're to blame.
- Us?
Nobody every twisted your tail
to be a part our last mission.
- No?
What about that time
on planet Toot-toot
when you guys were looking
for Wet Snot the Setter
and I was trying to finish
my beef jerky treat in peace.
- Oh, (chuckles nervously) that.
- Yeah, that.
You both pinned me
down and twisted
my tail 'til I gave him up.
- That was a special case.
He had a suitcase nuke and was
to wipe Mars out
of the solar system.
- Yeah, well, my beef jerky
fell down the storm drain
and you never did
buy me another one.
- Tuff Nut, if you want
another beef jerky,
we'll get you one.
- No kidding, for reals?
- For reals.
Let's stop McTinkerClaws first.
Then you can have all
the beef jerky you want.
- Well, that's a tiger of
a different stipe, pal.
All the beef jerky I want, huh?
- Within reason.
- Which is it now?
A beef jerky,
or all the beef jerky?
Let's iron this thing out, guys.
Or I ain't sayin' another word.
- A few beef jerky
strips, a few?
We'll get you a bag,
how's that sound?
- A large bag.
- [Sky Fetcher] Okay, okay, a
large bag.
- I mean like, not like
a trash bag or anything.
- Let's stick to the
matter at hand, you guys.
Which way do we go, Tuff Nut?
- For beef jerky or
- For the cat!
Which way for the cat?
- Okay, I don't know.
- You don't know?
He doesn't know!
- Hey, I never said I did,
But I got a friend on planet
Evergreen you should meet.
She's a very smart and
courageous pup.
- Planet Evergreen it is,
hang on!
(upbeat music)
- [McTinkerClaws]
Well hello again.
Why the long face, Captain?
(laughs maniacally)
- Is that supposed to be funny,
you over-hyped mouse catcher?
- Funny?
Why, no.
It's supposed to be factual.
Your snout makes you
look like nothing more
than an upholstered
vacuum cleaner.
And as for me being
over-hyped, believe the hype.
This star system will
soon bear my name.
Forget the milky way, mutt.
McTinkerClaws Way is
the way of the future!
(laughs maniacally)
Very soon you'll all be
Prepare for oblivion.
(laughs maniacally)
(dramatic music)
- Thank you for seeing us on
such short notice, Eugenia.
I'd like you to meet my uh--
- Your friends?
- What? No!
Gosh, no!
- Yeah, friends?
(laughs) No.
- We're more like,
business partners.
- (scoffs) Not even.
Like, business associates.
- Even that's being generous.
I just know these two.
Like, I know their names.
I can't even tell you a good
thing about 'em, really.
- Forgive me for asking, but
if none of you are friends,
why have you come to
see me at my home?
I don't quarrel here.
- Oh, me and
this guy are friends.
This is Space Lobber,
he's my right hand pup.
- Totally.
I love this dog.
Sky Fetcher's my brother
from another litter.
- No doubt.
It's just this Tuff
Nut dude who's sketchy.
He just helps us out sometimes.
- But usually he's just a pain.
- A super pain.
- Positivity.
I want to hear
positivity from you dogs.
Only good dogs
are admitted here.
- He's not without
his good points.
- He's kinda witty.
- Eugenia, we're here because
the bone-verse is in trouble.
- I'm aware.
- We got off on the
wrong foot, Eugenia.
Allow me to reintroduce us.
I'm Sky Fetcher.
- And I'm Space Lobber.
- And we're with
the Avenger Dogs.
- Star hopping, comet chasing,
villain vanquishing action dogs.
- You boys work for
Captain Fuzz Face?
- [Officers] Yes!
- He promised me a box of
treats for my birthday.
He's been ducking me
for two light years now.
- Really?
That doesn't sound like
our Captain at all.
- No, it doesn't.
He always remembers birthdays.
- Hm, fine, I'll give him
the benefit of the doubt.
I expect those treats or else
I'm gonna be very angry at him.
- Oh alright, Eugenia,
we'll let him know.
- You'd better.
I never forget names or faces.
Now, what do you need me for?
- Uh, we know who's
responsible for the attacks
on the bone-verse,
Professor McTinkerClaws,
but we don't know
where to find him.
- Tuff Nut said you
might be able to help us.
- Boys, the answer
to your questions
lies within your own hearts.
- (gasps) Within our own hearts?
You mean we have heart worms?
Oh no, those can be deadly!
We need to seek
medical help right away!
How long do we have, Eugenia?
Tell us!
(sobbing) How long?
- Slob, calm down, we
don't have heart worms.
- But (stuttering)
she just said that--
- Listen to everything I
say to you, Space Lobber,
and all answers
will be revealed.
When faced with
a feline assailant,
one must realize that answers
can be unlocked like a puzzle
and you need only look inside
for the key.
- Oh, so that's what
microchips are for, huh.
- Eugenia, we know
McTinkerClaws is the one
who's trying to hurt us, but
we don't know how he possibly
gained access to the bone-verse.
- Yeah, you have to be a canine
to get in.
- Unless he has help.
That cat could be in
cahoots with a dog gone bad.
- A bad dog?
But who in the universe
would be bad enough
to team up with
McTinkerClaws, of all cats?
(dramatic music)
- What a master stroke,
Professor McTinkerClaws,
you sure know how to make a paw
- That I do, Catbrain, that I
Did you see Captain Fuzz Face's
fuzzy face when I told him?
- (laughs) Yeah, it sure
was a sight to behold.
- I sure shocked the
shed out of him, alright?
Now that he knows
what he's up against,
he just might surrender
before this gets really ugly.
- He will if he knows what's
good for him,
Professor McTinkerClaws.
- That's right.
Now, before we scrap every
last bit of marrow power
from the bone-verse and
pick it clean, let's eat!
Route us to Space Jacks, pronto.
I want a number four with
supersized sides of sardines
and a milk and
anchovy space drink!
- Alright, I'm lettin'
you dogs know up front
that this is a real
special deal you got here.
- You say every
deal's a special deal
when you're involved, Tuff Nut.
- Yeah well,
this one's super special.
Eugenia doesn't leave her
castle on high for just anybody.
- Thanks, Eugenia.
- Don't mention it, boys.
I'm a dog too, after all.
I just can't sit by in clear
and watch as
McTinkerClaws runs rough shot
through the great bone-iverse.
- Well it's nice to
have you aboard, ma'am.
We're honored.
- That's more like it.
See, wasn't so hard, was it?
A little more
respect out of you two
would be a nice change of pace.
- Don't hold your breath, Tuff
- Tuff Nut, sir, let's try that.
- I'm having flashbacks to
Butterball's basic training.
- I know, right?
- Boys, I want you know that
I am able to protect you
from enemy fire with the
strength of the mighty
universal ear perk for up
to five hundred kilometers.
Anything after that, you
must defend yourselves.
- [Officers] Thanks, Eugenia.
- Uh, what's the mighty
universal ear perk?
- It is the strongest
and purest force field
known to outer space,
activated by the pup mind.
- Whoa, like a dog trick?
- No, lunkhead, not like a dog
Eugenia's the real deal.
- Oh yeah?
- Just remember boys, even
though you're shielded
by the mighty
universal ear perk,
the best offense is
always a good defense.
Avoid conflict if you can,
fight hard if you must.
Resort to the ear perk,
only if all other
options have failed.
- Don't you worry, Eugenia.
We'll fight hard, alright.
If I get my teeth
around that cat's tail,
you'll have to pry me off.
(chuckles) Hey,
speaking of bites,
is anyone else hungry?
- I could eat, what do
you have in mind, Slob?
- Wanna swing by Space Jacks
for a bag of star nuggets?
- Mm, I could go for some
steaming star nuggets.
But what about the bone-verse?
It's depleting by the
Do we have time?
- Alas, time is relative.
Some dog on a
distant planet is sitting
in the shade right
now because another
being planted
a tree long, long ago.
- Wow.
That's deep.
- I told you she was amazing.
- Also, if you're
going to Space Jacks,
get me a number two special.
Oh, oh, with sriracha sauce.
- Will do, Eugenia.
Space Jacks here we come!
(Space Lobber howls)
- Professor McTinkerClaws,
radar is picking up a space
vessel at a half light year out
and closing fast.
- A vessel?
Who is it?
Are they armed?
- Looks like it's
a canine ship, sir.
- Canines?
Oh, well they must be
headed to Space Jacks too.
Activate our
invisible shield, Catbrain.
We'll surprise those
bone-chasers at the fly through.
They think they're going
to grab a quick bite,
but it's us who
will be getting a bite
(laughs maniacally)
of their behinds!
- [Sky Fetcher] Okay, listen up.
Does everybody
have their orders ready?
- I'll take a 10 piece,
no make it two 10 pieces.
- Make that three!
And a large fries with sea salt.
- [Tuff Nut] And a chocolate
- Tuff Nut, you're a dog!
You're not supposed
to have chocolate.
- Oh, yeah, make that vanilla.
- I'll make it four.
Vanilla shakes for everyone!
(Space Lobber howls)
- Surprise!
(laughs maniacally)
Is somebody hungry?
- What?
Where'd he come from?
- Doesn't matter.
All that matters
is we found him!
Now we can stop him.
- You sound awfully sure
of yourselves, dogs.
Wanna try me?
- Don't mind if we do,
- Sky Fetcher,
remember what I said about
the mighty universal ear perk.
- Gotcha.
So, we're protected, right?
- Hit us with your
best shot, hairball.
- Don't mind if I do.
Take this!
(guns firing)
- Hey, that was a direct hit!
What about that
mighty ear perk, Eugenia?
- One of the basic
tenants of the ear perk
is that you mustn't initiate
- In other words,
if you pick a fight,
you're downtown
without a leash, pal.
- We didn't pick the fight.
He's been robbing
the bone-verse blind.
He's trying to starve
us out of space.
He just ambushed
us out of nowhere.
What do you think he
wants to do, play frisbee?
- Oh no, a frisbee.
- Breathe, Sky, breathe.
- Why the pouty snouts?
Is something the matter, dogs?
Finally realized that
you've met your match, hmm?
- Never, you won't get
away with this, cat!
Space Lobber, warm up
our boomerang lasers.
If it's a fight this jerk
wants, it's a fight he'll get.
- Oh, goodie.
I love a good scrap.
(guns firing)
(explosion booming)
- [Catbrain] They're fighting
back, sir!
Our left thrusters
have been disabled.
- What?
Nobody fights back against
McTinkerClaws, no body!
It's time to play our
trump card, Catbrain.
Look scared!
- I am scared!
- Even better.
Hold still, you're on
camera in three, two, one.
- Tinkaroo, what are you
doing with McTinkerClaws?
- Are you okay?
He hasn't hurt you, has he?
- Tinkaroo?
Who's Tinkaroo?
- It's you, you're Tinkaroo!
- Oh, I am?
I thought my name was Catbrain.
- No, you're Tinkaroo!
And you're a dog.
- Oh, wow!
I mean, oh bow-wow!
Professor McTinkerClaws
says if I don't behave,
he will give me clean
odorless slippers to chew.
- Clean slippers?
(groans) The monster!
What's the joy of chewing
anything that doesn't stink?
- (gasps) Torture!
- I know, right?
- Tinkaroo, you hang in there!
We won't let McTinkerClaws
get away with this.
- [McTinkerClaws]
I already have!
- No matter what happens to
the bone-verse, Tinkaroo,
we'll bring you
home safe and sound.
That's a promise!
- Tell them how scared you are.
Tug at their heart strings.
- Please, guys, I'm so scared
of those clean slippers, yuck!
- Stay strong, Tink.
We won't forget about you.
- That's right!
This fight's only just begun.
- Says you, fleabag.
I say it's over,
and the feline side wins.
(laughs maniacally)
- Oh, please, please don't
give me those scent free
slippers to chew on, mighty
Professor McTinkerClaws,
they will surely
leave my mouth dry,
my tail wagless
and my heart empty.
- Wow, that's
beautiful canine haiku.
- (laughs) You shall all
cower beneath my fearsome
and legendary silhouette.
Warp speed ahead, my
victorious destiny awaits!
I said warp speed,
this isn't warp speed!
We're basically crawling.
- [Catbrain] Our left
thruster's disabled, remember?
This is all the warp
we've got left.
- [McTinkerClaws] Well,
press the throttle,
fly a figure eight or something.
Let's hide behind a meteor.
I left them with such
an emphatic statement.
Creeping away like this
is so anti-climatic.
- [Catbrain] Yes, sir,
Professor McTinkerClaws.
- Blast, this is
worse than we thought.
McTinkerClaws has a
hostage and it's Tinkaroo!
What in the universe
are we gonna do now?
- Uh, one thing's for sure,
this is a game-changer.
We need to return to
headquarters right away.
Captain Fuzz Face has to know
about this before
we make another move.
- Oh, lovely.
I can confront your
captain in person
and get my birthday gift.
He'll hear about this.
- It might be better if
we drop you off, Eugenia.
- Have it your way.
The mighty universal
ear perk goes with me.
- Well, it's not like it
did us much good this time.
(Eugenia groans)
- Uh, guys, what
about Space Jacks?
- Forget Space Jacks,
Tuff Nut, this is serious!
- So is dinner,
can we just grab it to go?
- [Officers] No!
(dramatic music)
- Doctor Henbrain, we hear
you have something to tell us.
- Indeed I do, officers!
I'll cut right to the chase.
Are either of you
familiar with the mega
neutron dimensional destructor?
- The what?
- Say no more.
This is the weapon
currently being used
by the cat called McTinkerClaws,
to pilfer precious bone marrow
power from our bone-iverse.
It's reverse redactor
function allows him to cull
10 times the marrow
power that we can collect
with our paws alone in
a fraction of the time.
- We know, the galactic
marrow power's almost gone!
The bone-verse is
practically a grave yard.
- Aye, and it will
be unless we can
disable his infernal device.
- How in the stars
can we do that?
I've already forgotten
what the thing's called.
- Come on, Space Lobber.
It's the mega sonic dimensional
- Wait, wait, (stutters) no,
it was the megatronic
dimension discipliner.
Right, doctor?
- You're both completely wrong.
- [Officers] Oh.
- It's the mega neutron
dimensional destructor.
- That's what I said.
- No, that's what I said.
- Neither of you said it, but
that's neither here nor there.
The good news is I've
devised a way to stop it.
- You have?
Tell us!
- There's no time for
demonstration, sadly.
We must act and act fast if we
want to save our bone-iverse.
- We're ready,
what do we do, doctor?
- See Lieutenant Rufflebuns,
he'll lead you through the next
- You mean like, an obstacle
I need to stretch first if
we're gonna get physical.
- Space Lobber.
- What?
- You're not cramped?
We've been scrunched up in
that space ship for so long.
I love coming back to
just to stretch my legs.
- If it's stretching you want,
I don't think you boys
will be disappointed.
See Lieutenant Rufflebuns, you
He'll instruct you on what to do
- [Officers] Okay.
- [Sky Fetcher] Lieutenant
Doctor Henbrain said you--
- Whatever that pooch
said, don't believe it.
Henbrain's out of his canine
All that time in the laboratory
by himself
has made him cuckoo, loco,
- But he's a brilliant doctor!
It comes with the territory.
He's always been a little bit
- Yes, well, he talks to test
tubes now and they talk back.
- They do?
- Mm-hm.
In all kinds of voices.
- Oh, (laughs)
yeah, that's batty.
- Nutty as a squirrel.
- Anyway, forget it.
If this whole thing works
out, you won't have to deal
directly with Doctor
Henbrain anymore, understand?
- If what whole thing
works out, Lieutenant?
- Go see Officer McAdoo in her
She'll explain everything!
(dramatic music)
- There's no time to mince
words, boys!
I need to take both your
measurements, immediately!
We're gonna fit you for
a new top secret garment.
- Oh, we're getting new outfits?
- (gasps) Are they
I'd love a new thundershirt.
- I can't tell you
anymore right now.
This operation is top secret.
It's our last chance to save
the bone-verse and if it fails.
- Are you just gonna
leave us hanging?
What happens if it fails?
What happens?
- Space Lobber, calm down.
- But I need to
know the hard truth.
- I'll give you the
hard truth, mutts.
The bone-verse is gone
forever, and so are we!
- Oh, yeah, that's some
heavy stuff right there.
Sorry I asked.
- Yeah, me too.
- You really think
now's the time
to be trying on
new outfits, McAdoo?
Shouldn't we be planning a
counter attack, or something?
- Sometimes I don't know how
you made it this far, mutts.
I really don't.
Alright, come on, we need
to see if these suits fit.
- Oh, maybe they'll fit us with
sweet tuxes like
double O canine?
- We'll be totally cool!
(upbeat music)
- Ah, there you are!
How do they fit, boys?
- Uh, how do they fit?
I feel vacuum packed.
- I'll say!
Tight squeeze is an
What are we doing in
these get ups, Captain?
- What we've been doing all
along, boys!
Saving the bone-iverse!
- Wait, you're not expecting
us to moonwalk, right?
- If that's what it
takes, Space Lobber, yes.
You're Avenger Dogs,
you never quit,
never tire, never rollover.
- Never take a
deep breath, apparently.
- Hey, speaking
of deep breathes,
what if one of these skin tight
suits splits a seam, Captain?
- Yeah, I had beef stroganoff
at dinner last night
and I feel a little gassy.
- Checking if a little
gas is okay, Captain.
- Yeah, making sure we all ask
the right questions, Captain,
given the universe is at stake.
- Yeah.
- You two know anything
about zero gravity implosion?
- Uh, about what?
- I think he means
beef stroganoff
for dinner was not
a good idea, Slob.
- Those space suits will allow
you to vacate your new ship
and let it act as a
decoy while you paddle
through the stars, breach
McTinkerClaws' vessel,
sneak aboard,
surprise and overtake him,
and disable that weapon of his.
- The meganoodle
tricks-o-matic densifier!
- Once you've done that,
you can pilot his
ship back to yours,
shackle McTinkerClaws in the
titanium cat
cage we've installed in your
storage hull,
and return here where
we'll hold him for trial.
- What about Tinkaroo, Captain?
Should he be
considered friend, or foe?
- I know it's hard to turn your
backs on a fellow dog, boys.
But until Tinkaroo
proves otherwise,
he should be treated as a cat.
- I don't believe it!
Tinkaroo, a dog-gone
tuna sucking cat?
What's this galaxy coming to?
- If you have no
more questions, boys,
your new decoy ship is
fueled up and ready to fly.
Dog speed, boys!
The entire canine species
is counting on you!
(upbeat music)
- The entire canine
species is counting on you?
Talk about pressure.
I don't know if
I can do this, Sky.
- Sure you can,
this is it, buddy.
The moment we can finally
shake off our past phobias
and become the dogs we know
we can be, Avenger Dogs!
Are you with me?
- No, I mean, yes,
I think, probably.
- [Sky Fetcher] Here we
go, radar's picked up
ship just up ahead
moving westward around Mars.
- I'm scared, Sky.
I've never been outside our
ship in deep space before.
(gasps) What if we get
sucked into a black hole?
- Space Lobber,
we can't think like that.
We have to stay positive.
- That's easy for you to say.
You were a champion
dog paddler back home.
I never did learn to swim.
- Just remember, we're not
swimming, we're flying.
You can't drown, you can't
even fall, there's no gravity.
We're only floating.
All you gotta do is
paddle in the direction
you wanna go and you'll get
- (gasps) Okay, okay, okay,
okay, let's do it quick,
before I lose my nerve.
- That's the spirit!
- McTinkerClaws,
a slow moving ship
has entered our radar field.
It's right behind us,
moving in our jet stream.
- Following us?
How dare they!
Does this ship show
- Nothing, sir, it's unmarked.
Possibly a cargo vessel.
- Well, they'd better hope
they're hauling escape pods,
because I'm going to blast
them out of the stars.
- You are?
- No, Catbrain.
Technically you are!
- I am?
I mean, I am!
Meow, readying our laser
cannons, sir!
- Let the ship
get a little closer first.
I want to watch as they're
blown to smithereens.
(laughs evilly)
- Meow, sir!
(suspenseful music)
(guns firing)
(explosions booming)
Direct hit, sir.
The ship's destroyed.
- Excellent, good shooting,
That'll show 'em to try
sneaking up on McTinkerClaws!
- [Sky Fetcher] And yet,
here we are!
- Huh, who said that?
- The Avenger Dogs!
- The Avenger Dogs?
How did you get
on board my ship?
- It was easy.
Well, not really.
But easier since we squeezed
out of those tight space suits.
- You ain't kiddin' buddy,
at least we can breath now.
- Come on, Tinkaroo,
you're coming with us.
- I am?
I mean, I am!
Oh, thank goodness!
I thought you'd never find me.
I was brainwashed into
thinking I was a cat.
But, the trick wore off,
and I finally remembered who
my real friends and family are.
- What?
But I fed you, cared for you,
played Scrabble with you,
your traitorous little
- Zip it, sandpaper tongue.
We're dogs, we stick
together, and we win.
Get used to it!
- Oh, yeah?
We'll see how far you dogs
get with no bone marrow
for treats, to see your
precious bone-verse is empty.
Bone dry as they say!
(laughs evilly)
- Guess again, litter box feet.
While you were busy shooting
down our decoy ship,
we were busy recalibrating
your little toy.
- My little toy?
What have you done to the mega
neutron dimensional destructor?
- Oh nothing,
it's still shiny as new.
- Sure is,
we just read the manual
and switched it
to reverse density,
then set it to
overdrive and let it rip.
- Yup, check out
the bone-verse now!
- What?
That cannot be!
You can't regain
bone marrow power once
it's been obliterated,
it's not possible!
- Oh we didn't regain it,
we duplicated what was left.
- Yeah, and then we triplicated
and quadruplicated it.
- That's right, we set your
weapon to duplicate to infinity.
- Then we broke it.
- You what?
- You heard
him right, kitty cat.
We busted your little toy
into a million pieces.
- There's no getting
that thing to work again.
That's for sure.
- You cretins!
The mega neutron dimensional
destructor was my life's work!
My masterpiece!
My legacy!
- Not anymore it isn't.
- Yup, it's pretty much a hunk
of sheet metal and bolts now.
- You smelly, sniveling
space mutts will regret this.
- Maybe.
- Maybe not.
- I'd bet on definitely.
I will rebuild!
I will return!
I will have my revenge!
- Yeah, whatever.
What do you say
we suit up and blow
this popsicle stand,
Space Lobber?
- Sounds good to me!
(upbeat music)
Uh oh!
- Uh oh?
Why uh oh?
- We don't have
a suit for Tinkaroo.
How are we going to take
him back to our ship?
- Hah, I told you you mangy
mutts wouldn't get far.
You can't even pull off a proper
without bungling everything!
- Oh, (groans)
I hate it when he's right.
- It's okay, guys,
leave me behind.
I'll be okay.
- No way, Tink.
We leave no dogs behind.
- His name is Catbrain
and he's with me.
I'm not letting you go
without a fight, mister.
I've come to enjoy your
canine comradery at times.
Not always, you know,
but often enough.
You're not the most doltish dog
I've ever encountered,
I'll give you that.
- Oh, Professor McTinkerClaws,
I've never heard you
say such a nice thing.
- Yeah, it was kinda nice
for Professor McTinkerClaws.
- I didn't think he
was capable of this!
- Neither did I!
- Well, enjoy it,
mongrels, 'cause it's about
to be the last thing you ever
- Is that a threat?
- I'm pretty sure.
- Now it's time for
you to get these claws.
What? How?
Where did they go?
Where did they go?
- I don't know, sir.
They just disappeared.
- Well, look around,
you numbskull.
They couldn't have
gotten very far.
(upbeat music)
- Whoa, what just happened?
- Are we dead?
Is this heaven?
- No, Space Lobber,
it's not heaven.
But it's close.
It's good ol' outer space.
But I'm flattered you see
me as a heavenly creature.
- I told you boys
the mighty universal
ear perk could
come in handy, didn't I?
- You used the perk on us?
You transported us out
of McTinkerClaws' ship?
- It's all true.
- But Tinkaroo,
we left him behind.
We gotta go back!
- Going back risks your
victory into a defeat, boys.
You accomplished your mission,
destroyed McTinkerClaws' weapon,
and restored the
bone-verse, correct?
- Well, let's see.
Take a look for yourselves!
- Wow!
Look at all these bones!
I ain't seen this many
bones in all my life!
It's incredible.
- We did it, you guys!
The bone-verse is thriving!
There's enough bone
marrow power here to feed
whole generations of dogs!
- And McTinkerClaws lost his
weapons of mass destruction.
All's right with the
bone-verse and the universe.
Except for poor Tinkaroo.
He sacrificed his
dog-ness for the cause.
- Yeah, he's a real hero.
We'll see him again, though.
- You think so?
- I know so.
Come on,
let's head home and tell
Captain Fuzz Face the good news.
- Hey, can we swing by Space
Jacks fly-through on the way?
I've been thinking about
those 10 piece nuggets
and vanilla shakes
since last time.
- [Sky Fetcher] Fine, Tuff
Nut, we'll go by Space Jacks.
- [Tuff Nut] Sweet!
Hey, somebody reach outside
and grab me one
of them bones too.
Oh, they look yummy!
- No, Tuff Nut!
- What?
- [Tuff Nut] Oh come on,
why not?
Just one little bone!
(upbeat music)
Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh