Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014) Movie Script

Another shooting
incident has taken
two young lives here in the city.
According to police sources...
the same unusual high-tech
assault weapon used today
has also been traced to
a series of homicides,
which have occurred over
the past few weeks.
It is believed at this time
that the crimes were committed
by one particular gang,
but authorities...
How the hell did you get
all these weapons, Cain?
Your mouth seems to
be working just fine.
You sadistic freak!
I'm waiting. Answer me.
Evening, Castle.
What have you got there?
Friend of yours?
What are you doing here,
Black Widow?
Stay out of my way.
Director Fury says he'd like
to have a word with you.
Then he should get on a
shuttle and come down here.
I'm in the middle of working.
You know this was a S.H.I.E.L.D.
op. We had our eyes on them.
So did I.
Thanks to you, this operation
has been compromised.
What you're doing is going
to cause them to pull back
and make it more difficult for us
to track and identify the supplier.
You play your games,
I stop these scum.
No court or prison, just a bullet.
You're so shortsighted, Castle.
Open your eyes.
Don't you think you've
done enough for today?
Now hand Cain over.
Forget it.
I'll say this for a second time.
So listen, Black Widow.
Stay out of my way.
I won't warn you again.
Last chance, hand him over.
You get no third warning.
I only need a minute.
And it's very important.
I presume it's something important
to you. Is that right, Fury?
Or should I be addressing
you as Director Fury?
We go back a long way...
Well then, Director Fury,
you should know that I'll do
anything to get the job done.
Oh, I'm aware of that.
You haven't got a clue.
If you did, then you would
have brought along more men.
If you really want to talk, then tell
your toy soldiers to stand down.
I know how his mind works.
And he won't forget that.
Too much talking. And anyway,
he was threatening you.
Frank had no intention of
hurting me, you know that.
Can't be too safe.
Tie him up and take him to the
holding cell on the Helicarrier.
As for Cain...
Boss, I think
that may present a problem.
So, you're finally up. How
about a hot cup of coffee?
About time. Got a headache?
Come on, Frank. You used to smile
more, back in the old days.
Yeah. A lifetime ago.
Look at what you've become.
A self-appointed judge,
jury, and executioner.
You think you're above the law.
You and that damned skull.
No question you're effective, but
there are rules we have to follow.
It isn't the wild west out there.
Not even for you.
As long as you were
attacking low-level thugs,
I had no problem with your
methods, and let you run free.
But this time,
I can't look the other way.
You've stepped into my territory.
I do what I have to do, that's all.
Come on!
This is a much bigger operation
than you could ever imagine!
That's why you're here in cuffs!
I can't have you getting in the
way and screwing things up!
It costs too much time and money!
It's your operation?
And just how many people
do you think died
while you wasted
all that time and money?
Beyond that, how many innocent lives
are you willing to let be ruined
while you play things by the book?
Kids died while you were following
the rules with your operation.
You're not stupid, Frank, so
don't be so damn shortsighted.
You want to win the battle.
I want to win the whole war.
You S.H.I.E.L.D. suits are
so concerned with the war,
you forget about all the people
who get caught in the crossfire.
Who cares if you win, if there's
no one left alive to celebrate?
We care that the bad guys
need to be stopped.
We're on the same
page in that regard.
To do that, though,
we have to destroy the root of the
problem, not the tip of the branch.
If we don't eliminate the network,
the whole thing is nothing
but an exercise in futility.
And the network is...
You want to know who's
to blame? They're the ones.
They're the terrorist
group responsible
for the high-tech specialized assault
weapons flooding your streets.
Our biggest concern at the moment
is that somehow they've acquired
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s proprietary
weapons technology.
And they've now begun
using it against us.
We know this because the weapon's
operating system is based
on a unique technology
we've spent years developing.
As you can see, the high-density
laser is concentrated into plasma,
which energizes the wakefield,
controlling its emission.
Since the technology
was created by S.H.I.E.L.D.,
the truth of the matter is, you people
have blood on your hands, as well.
What are you gonna do, Castle,
come after all of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
I'd like to see that.
We have been a step behind.
We needed to track down and neutralize
the manufacturer of the guns,
to prevent our technology
from being used for terrorism.
And Cain was going
to lead us to them.
Okay, then, so what's the problem?
We've run into
an unexpected development.
Cain got away from us.
It happened when we were
busy dealing with you.
What was it that Cain told you?
Not a thing.
Yeah, I'm not buying that.
We think he told you the location
of the guns. We need that intel.
I have no intention of
becoming your informant, Nick.
Well, if he did tell you where to
find them, why not cooperate with us?
- Take this thing off first.
- You can't make demands.
If you refuse to cooperate
with us, we'll lock you up.
I have one condition
before I'll say anything.
Do you really think you're in
a position to make a deal?
- Let me go after them.
- Why would I allow that?
Isn't that really why
you brought me in here?
Well, I'm not gonna play along,
unless you remove these now!
You should just give him
what he wants, Director.
The truth is we're on a clock here
and there's no time to waste.
Yeah, I know.
All right, we met your conditions.
Tell us the location Cain gave you.
If you provide me with some
weapons, I'll go in alone.
At first, you only gave one
condition. To let you go.
Here's my condition. From now
on, you take orders from me.
- It's easier if you stay out of it.
- Unfortunately, I can't allow that.
You'll have to adjust
to having a new partner.
I hope you can keep up.
We may be working together,
but I'm not taking orders from you.
Tell me what you know
about Leviathan.
Didn't you read the brief?
It was all in there.
It wasn't very insightful.
Mostly bureaucratic nonsense.
Leviathan is a
terrorist organization
that was formerly a secret
division of Russian intelligence.
Does that mean you
know some of the players?
Only by reputation.
When Russia collapsed...
they all went underground
and spread across the globe.
They expanded their power by basing
themselves in economically poor regions
that had been devastated
by recurring wars.
They're involved with every
evil deed known to man.
Human trafficking, assassination,
terrorism, drugs, you name it.
They don't claim responsibility
for their crimes,
and the objective of the
organization is unknown.
That makes them both
terrifying and dangerous.
And with the technology S.H.I.E.L.D. has
provided them, they've now become lethal.
The most lethal crime organization
anywhere in the world.
We didn't provide it to them.
They stole it from us.
That doesn't make a difference
to the dead civilians.
The site down there used to be a center
for biological weapons research.
They had an accident 20
years ago and shut down.
Their existence was completely
erased from all records.
We'll make our move
when it gets dark.
The more time we waste, the more
victims there are going to be.
What the hell?
Are they all dead?
No, they're alive.
At least, I think.
You need to forget
about Cain for now.
We have our orders. We need to get the
info and then get the hell out of here.
Not me.
Castle! What do you think
you're doing here?
Don't forget,
you agreed to cooperate.
- I showed you Cain's location.
- Castle!
My cooperation ends here and now.
I'm not gonna let
you go rogue on us.
Damn it!
I'm not letting that lowlife
thug get away with this.
He's the one who provided the
guns that tore up my streets.
And because of that,
there's a whole lot of innocent
people who didn't make it out alive.
I can't let you blow this.
This is ridiculous.
We shouldn't be fighting.
Then just back off and
let me do things my way.
You should know by now,
I don't play by your rules.
You and Fury need to
clean up your own mess.
Yeah, right, Frank.
Damn it!
All right then. Now that you've slept,
you should be able to think straight.
Who were the humans in those pods?
- Why the hell are you here?
- I'm asking the questions.
Orion will never allow
you to leave here alive!
You'll die a horrible death.
Now that's a shame. Too bad you
won't be around to see it.
Unless, of course,
you answer my questions.
Okay, okay!
Just put that thing down!
Is it you?
But how?
You were...
Elihas Starr
should be dead!
I'm sorry, Tasha. I didn't want this
to be the way... The way to tell you.
It is you.
You are, or were, a S.H.I.E.L.D.
agent, Elihas.
But now you're
working for Leviathan?
And worse than that,
you're providing them with weapons?
You traitor!
Tasha. Listen.
I was given an opportunity to
step up and be better than I was.
To be more than
a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist.
I had the chance to have
real power, to be a warrior!
And why would that
matter in the end?
I'd be someone who's finally
worthy of your love.
Why wouldn't you
think you're worthy?
You're one of the greatest
spies in the world.
And you're a superhero
on top of it!
In the end, a normal man
couldn't keep up with you.
You're an Avenger. You were always
running off to save the world.
You didn't know, but all that
time I was at S.H.I.E.L.D.,
I was never really sure
where I stood with you.
Because you didn't have power,
you doubted my feelings for you?
It wasn't so much that
I doubted your feelings.
But when you think about it,
honestly examine it,
you always chose missions
and the Avengers over me.
I just wasn't good enough.
Elihas, you're wrong.
Tasha... Let's work
together again, you and I.
You would be perfect!
Let me talk to Orion!
Is he the one who's in charge here?
He heads up this cell,
but more than that,
he's very highly placed
in the organization.
You think you can convince
him to take me on?
I'm sure of it. They trust me.
I want you to stay
and witness the new me.
Before I give you an answer,
tell me about the pods,
the people in them.
They're the best spies we
could find, recruited by Orion.
Don't you really mean "abducted"?
Some, maybe, but it's in the
service of a greater good.
They're the vanguard of a new
world! When they wake up,
they'll be transformed
into living weapons.
They won't fear death.
These men, they will have super powers
of their own, able to conquer any enemy.
Super-powered soldiers at
your command. Is that right?
What have you done, Elihas?
I'm the one who
made all this possible.
The serum for strengthening the body,
the reconditioning technology...
I developed the whole thing!
All this for Leviathan?
You can see how effective
it is by looking at me.
To make sure it worked,
I tested it on myself.
Where are these
soldiers to be deployed?
Everywhere. Anywhere in the world,
anytime they may be needed!
So you're going to
go out and sell them?
We'll sell to the highest bidder.
If two countries are at war, we'll
sell to both sides of the conflict!
That just means there'll be more
death wherever Leviathan goes.
Business is business. If we don't
supply the weapons, someone else will.
I just want them to continue
funding my research.
I'm not the boring lab-drone
I was when I was at S.H.I.E.L.D.
I made use of advanced technology!
I transcended
artificial boundaries.
I turned myself
into something better,
someone who is finally
worthy to stand by you.
Will you stay with me?
I didn't want to do this.
However, you leave me no choice
but to take you down!
In reality, S.H.I.E.L.D.
is nothing more
than an organization that uses
fear to keep people down.
We give people a
chance to fight back!
Is that what your boss says
to justify all of this?
Now is the time to see... that
you've made a big mistake!
Sorry, but you're the one
who needs to see, Natasha!
Did you find what you
were looking for?
I was interrupted.
- And, what about you?
- Hmm.
It's no use.
It's Cain's cell phone.
There has to be something there.
The equipment we're using
isn't powerful enough.
I need this tomorrow. Huh?
What's he doing here?
You're pretty popular.
Marine Corps, huh?
I wasn't aware S.H.I.E.L.D.
allowed pets.
Geniuses tend to get
special treatment.
Wake up. I need you.
Oh, hello there, Agent Romanoff.
It's been a while. But you're
still as pretty as ever.
Yeah, save the flattery.
Why are you here today?
You want to continue our chess match?
Sure, if you want.
So, knight to F-6.
I'll go queen F-7!
And that's a checkmate!
Well, I guess you win again.
I can't seem to beat you
when it comes to games.
No kidding! I'll give
you some tips, though,
so you can compete
better next time.
I can teach you how to transmit my genius
brain impulses to your nerve cells!
It's my current research. It works
by intercepting the chemical
synapse in the brain before
fusing with the receptor...
A word of advice. Keep talking like that,
and girls will avoid you like the plague!
I'm still not experienced
enough in that department.
I've got an idea! How
about a date to teach me!
I'll think about it. But really,
we should save the world first.
Darn it!
Agent Romanoff.
Could that man standing right
there be the Punisher?
Frank Castle, meet Amadeus Cho.
He's young, but he's the most
talented scientist at S.H.I.E.L.D.
Young, you say? This kid
looks like a third-grader.
I have a very important
job for you, Amadeus.
You've got 10 minutes to decrypt
all the data off this device.
Listen, I have low blood pressure.
And I don't work well
right after I wake up.
Too bad. I had something
special in mind as a reward...
Hey, I'm feeling a lot better now!
My blood pressure and heart
rate are almost normal!
It looks like a regular smartphone,
but there's some pretty sophisticated
software installed on it.
And there are several layers of security
locks to keep out the looky-loos.
I thought as much.
That's why I came to you.
You can do it, can't you?
That depends. How long
are you giving me?
Ten minutes? If I go
faster, can I get a kiss?
You're a real smart-ass.
You're the one
getting all the kisses.
Kirby's a kisser, that's for sure.
- That's kind of weird...
- What's wrong?
Hope I didn't cause that.
That doesn't look very good to me.
Yeah. I think I might have
turned something on.
Really? Like what?
Can you add more time to the challenge?
I still kind of want that kiss.
Castle! What's wrong?
Turn that thing off!
Shut it down, Amadeus!
I can't! I think it's gonna...
Oh, no! Oh, no!
It's gonna explode!
Hurry! Or else he's
gonna kill us all!
Oh, brother! I'll never make it! Even
Tony Stark couldn't pull this off!
If this lab explodes,
you can forget that kiss!
Don't panic! I'll figure it out!
Castle, you've gotta
snap out of it!
Time for plan B!
Did I do all this?
Oh, yeah. Big time.
I don't know how
Leviathan pulled it off,
but somehow you were being
controlled the whole way.
Hold on. I want everyone to
back off and stand down.
He was being controlled. But he's
fine now. Let me talk to him.
There's nothing to talk about.
Elihas told me he had developed
a brainwashing technology he was using
to control the Leviathan soldiers.
I think the same
thing was used on Castle.
He didn't know what he was doing.
You may be right. That's to
be decided after the investigation.
But right now, I'm being pressured to lock
him up for life and throw away the key.
I admit that what he did was
awful, but you have to remember,
he wasn't in his right mind.
Just a minute. Since when did you
become Frank Castle's best friend?
I'm just saying...
He's not all bad.
We broke the code on that
device. We now have a lead.
And we need to launch an Alpha
strike as soon as possible.
And we need to do it before the
bio-enhanced soldiers of Leviathan
get scattered throughout the world.
From what we've seen
so far, Leviathan's
brainwashing technology
is very powerful.
It can turn anyone
into a living weapon.
If that's the case, we can't
dispatch the Avengers.
That's why I decided to put you
in charge of this mission.
I see. So you knew
about the technology?
That they could brainwash anyone?
We weren't absolutely sure of that.
There's the possibility that
some past S.H.I.E.L.D. projects
could have been compromised.
Some that couldn't be implemented,
which were then canceled, apparently
fell into the hands of Leviathan.
Among those projects was one that
centered on mind-control research.
That's why you assigned me and
Punisher, for the same reason?
That's right. Even if one or both of
you ended up getting brainwashed,
we'd be able to deal with it.
Unlike the others.
- Protecting your ass?
- I can't really deny that.
Sending people on a mission
without full intel is just idiotic.
I decide how much information you
need to carry out the mission.
Like knowing whether or not you'd
cut me loose if I got brainwashed?
Look, Natasha...
Give me all the information you
have pertaining to this operation.
If you don't, some crazy brainwashed
female agent might just come after you.
I take it you knew about Elihas?
I know this has to be hard for you.
- But listen...
- Never mind.
Among the long list of
unanswered questions,
at least we know where
Leviathan got our technology.
But there is one mystery...
Yes. How did he create
the bio-enhanced soldiers?
Elihas told me he came up with a serum
that enhances physical strength.
That makes sense. We know he stole some
classified data before he supposedly died.
That's right.
Since he was dead, we closed the case and
didn't bother trying to follow up on it.
But in a later inventory,
we discovered he had taken some
very important material with him.
And what would that have been?
We're always trying to protect our
people from catastrophic injuries.
We have DNA and blood
reserves for every agent,
in case an emergency occurs
during the course of a mission.
Part of that stock went missing.
Then that means those soldiers...
Super-powered soldiers at
your command. Is that right?
What have you done, Elihas?
I'm the one who
made all this possible.
The serum for strengthening the body,
the reconditioning technology...
I developed the whole thing!
There's no time for these
feelings, Natasha.
I need you to keep
your head in the game.
It's extremely critical that you
remain focused on your mission.
Continue your operation to track Leviathan,
decipher the brainwashing technology,
and destroy the bio-enhanced
soldiers they've created.
What am I supposed to
do about my partner?
You don't have a partner anymore.
Elihas, you are on the verge
of bringing us all down.
What have you done?
Did I hurt you?
I'm fine. I can still
spew out insults.
What did Fury say?
- People want to put you away, for life.
- No less than I deserve.
When my family was
murdered in front of me,
I made myself into a weapon of
single-minded destruction.
I needed revenge, and I took it!
But look at me now.
I killed three innocent
people in the process.
I can't be trusted
out there on my own.
I could be turned at any moment.
That makes me nothing but a
liability to the world at large.
And for that,
I need to be punished.
Before you get your 30 lashes,
scores needs settling.
I'm gonna do this my way!
That's fine.
Try not to interfere,
as I do things my way.
I've only met Ren once before.
He makes a business providing
information to people
regarding the ins and
outs of the underworld
for a large sum of money.
- I found out about Cain through him.
- You paid him, did you?
I guess you'll be paying
for this lead, as well.
How cute.
He owes me.
So no money will be needed.
Owes you for what?
A while back, he contacted me.
His daughter had been
kidnapped and murdered.
It took me a while, but I finally found
the murderer and got rid of him.
Hello there, Frank!
How nice to see you again!
Almost as pretty as me,
when I was young.
Hello, Frank!
Leviathan, huh?
I didn't know Cain and his men were
associated with those traffickers.
Well, they are. And I figure the
Leviathan auction will be held anytime.
Tell me where and when.
It's the Leviathan auction.
Come on, don't tell me
you haven't heard of it.
It's too risky, Frank.
If they found out I leaked the
information, my life would be over.
I have to be careful where I step.
I still have two daughters.
If the weapons start circulating,
a lot of innocent people,
just like your daughters,
could be killed.
The whole thing is true. There is going to
be a massive auction held by Leviathan.
Tell us where.
- It'll be in Madripoor.
- Madripoor, you say?
My favorite place.
Makes sense,
it's a haven for criminals.
From what I understand, this auction
is drawing particular attention
because their newest weapon
is rumored to be on the block.
There will be no shortage
of buyers bidding for it.
- When is it?
- It's tonight. At 2:00 a.m.
We'll be there.
Heads up, you two. This
piece just ran on the news.
We have footage
of the shootings and explosions
that took place in the
center of Dubai today...
Leviathan's enhanced soldiers.
That's right. They're known as
bio-soldiers within the organization.
This is just in to our newsroom.
Squads of soldiers are on the scene...
A little demonstration
of their product, I see.
Get going. There's no time left.
We'll be feet-dry in five minutes.
We should reach Madripoor soon.
Proceed with extreme caution. And don't
forget, at some point you'll have
to explain how your partner
got out of the brig.
I don't have a partner, remember?
There's no way to
break the brainwashing.
Don't worry about it.
Open the tactical link! We're
about to commence alpha-strike!
Director. Call from Tony Stark.
Thank you all for coming.
I hope you're enjoying the
entertainment. We spared no expense.
Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming
the most influential men in the world,
all of whom have gathered
here at my request,
in anticipation of seeing
something truly unique.
Gentlemen, beneath your feet stands
the pride of our advanced technology.
Think about it. You can program
your own super-powered army.
Never fear S.H.I.E.L.D.
or the Avengers again!
Take a look at the
bio-soldiers of Leviathan!
They're here.
Punisher and Black Widow.
- And the Avengers?
- Negative, sir.
On your right...
I see what you mean, Natasha.
It looks like we're the prey here.
You were saying?
- Frank! Don't kill them!
- I have no choice!
They were all originally...
innocent civilians, you know.
Now they're just killing machines.
Don't forget one thing. They
were all dragged into this!
The same way your family was!
I'm sorry, Frank.
I invited some of my friends to
the party. I hope that's okay.
Close your eyes!
What the hell?
Maybe he doesn't
have a brain to wash!
Sorry to make you wait.
I brought you something.
You need to hold it
up against your eyes.
I'm telling you, this guy
is harder to ride than a horse.
Shows you what a guy
will do to get a kiss.
This coats your
pupils with a nano-device
that won't accept the brainwashing
signals they're broadcasting.
Good work.
Go get him. He's all yours, Widow.
So, I see everything's going
well with your new partner!
I hope you're happy together!
I did this,
all of this, just for you!
And now after all this, you
turn your back on me! Why?
I sacrificed everything,
everything I'd worked so hard for.
Just to obtain this power
that we could share together!
That's all I ever wanted.
I wanted to spend the
rest of my life with you!
But I wanted to spend that life
as an equal, worthy of your love!
What was wrong with that?
Was it too much to ask?
What was wrong with that?
You're insane!
Oh, Elihas... You didn't think
I loved you just the way you were?
Did you really think
so little of me?
Of yourself? Of us?
You did this all for me?
How dare you?
How dare you make me responsible
for all your crimes?
Then why?
What did I do all of this for?
Why did I do this?
I never intended to
hurt you, Tasha.
Can you see that?
I just wanted to be the kind of man
who deserved your love! That's all...
That's all I wanted!
You never had to earn my love.
You had it by being yourself.
How did this all go so wrong?
I always respected you
for the man you were.
And that was enough.
The Elihas Starr that I always loved
didn't need any special powers.
He just needed to be
there, right by my side.
You were so... so precious to me.
But I always agonized that
I wasn't enough for you.
I never realized that
you were in such pain.
I'm sorry, Elihas.
Have I made a terrible mistake?
Do you remember... what you told
me once, a long time ago?
That more than anything, you
wanted to be a hero for me?
It's not about power. It's about
always trying to do the right thing,
no matter how challenging that
might be at the time. You know?
And now I've failed
that challenge. Right?
I still believe in you, Elihas.
There's a kill switch
for emergencies.
In case a security exploit appeared in the
brainwashing program of the bio-soldiers.
It's there to prevent third
parties from controlling them.
Or worse, in the event the buyers decided
to burn all evidence of the transaction,
and mobilize the bio-soldier
forces against Leviathan itself.
It was a hidden safety valve.
Orion, who is in the auction
room, has that switch.
But you can't just charge in.
All the buyers and their security
teams are there, as well.
Sounds fun.
Would you be willing to work
with me for old times' sake?
Iron Man has arrived.
Please, hold your applause.
What makes you think
anybody cares, Stark?
What an explosive reception.
We must be at the right place.
I hope we're not overdressed!
Oh, man! Are we late?
Try not to get yourself
killed, all right?
Aw! I lost the best seat
in the house! Whoa!
Hey, Frank. That makes
us even for Karachi!
Nice to see you're still as
pleasant as you ever were.
And it's just as nice to see that
you're still bulletproof, Stark.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, I thought that might happen.
So I brought your biggest fan.
Hulk hate Graviton!
All right, phase one complete.
Now, why won't Orion come out to play?
What is the meaning
of this, Elihas?
Really. Is that the
best you can do?
Stop it, Orion! I am not
gonna let you do this!
Do you hear me?
I'm going to protect those
who are important to me!
The fact of the matter is,
you're too late.
Our plans are so far advanced,
there's no way you can stop us.
You are weak. It is the
strong who will prevail!
The truth is clear!
There are only winners and
losers, nothing more!
And we, as the winners,
will take back the power!
We will make the rules and we'll be the
ones who carry out their enforcement!
What a bunch of nonsense!
You're nothing more than a terrorist!
A petty thug with
delusions of grandeur!
Let me ask you, Elihas.
What is it that you're
really fighting for here?
In the long history of our world, the
oppressors who had the power were ruthless!
The oppressed were at their mercy!
You know what that's like. You
were weak, and now you're strong!
Don't others deserve to feel that power?
We can give that power to the people!
Help us. With your assistance, Elihas,
we can change the whole world.
Leviathan saved you. In the end,
Leviathan will save us all...
- through the exercise of real power!
- Shut up!
As I said before,
my eyes are open now!
Give up now. You can't
save this world.
So you say.
But I've got news for you, pal.
We're sure as hell gonna try.
Hmm. Idiots!
How dare you?
Now, Elihas!
Come on, the party was
just getting started!
So disappointing.
I'm finally face to face with
the man who started all this.
Don't do this, Frank!
It's time for you to
face your crimes, Mister.
Because of your weapons many
innocent people have died!
Frank, don't!
Satisfied with your heroics now?
You were willing to
go through all this
and put your life on the line
to protect just one woman?
You fool. In the end, you've sacrificed
yourself in vain, for no good reason.
Now you and your grand gesture
will disappear altogether!
He was just deluded!
It was you, you pulled his strings
and caused all this!
And for that...
you deserve to die.
I just wish I could
have been your hero.
I know that.
But in the end, you were.
And always will be.
I realize now, Castle, it was
a mistake to pull you into this.
A big mistake.
We needed both
Orion and Elihas alive.
Their testimony was
critical in our efforts
to uncover everything
that Leviathan was up to.
At the very least,
we could have gotten Orion,
if you hadn't ignored your
orders and killed him!
I don't work for you
or for S.H.I.E.L.D.
I operate on my own terms, and I do
what needs to be done when you won't.
And I've got a newsflash for you. I really
don't give a damn if you like it or not!
- Natasha, arrest him.
- Excuse me?
What's wrong? Didn't you
hear me? I said to arrest him!
You're accused of murder
and you face life in prison.
Just do what you have to do.
That's how your justice
works. Right, Natasha?
Go ahead and follow your rules.
You know I did the right thing.
Some people needed to die.
I was just the executioner.
It's your responsibility to make
sure he's locked up, Natasha.
You heard him,
it's my responsibility.
I hope you don't
escape by accident.
Sure about this?
Oh, yeah.
And why is that?
You do things your way,
I do things my way.
See you later, Frank.
Where's Castle?
I just threw him in the ocean.
Well, just between you and me,
I hope he never comes up.
It's been a pretty tough
few weeks, sweetheart.
I tell you, I'm physically
and mentally drained!
You know what they say,
no rest for the wicked.
But tonight, nothing stops
me from having a good time.
What the hell?