Avengers: Endgame (2019) Movie Script

- Can you see?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Mm-hmm.
How about now?
Can you see now?
All right.
Ready? Three fingers.
- Nice throw, kiddo!
- Go.
Hey, you guys want mayo
or mustard, or both?
Who wants mayo on a hotdog?
Pardon your brothers. Two mustards, please!
Thanks, momma.
Got it.
Nate, mayo or mustard?
I want ketchup.
Mind your elbow...
Good job, Hawkeye!
Go get your arrow.
Hey, guys. Enough practice.
Soup's on.
All right. We're coming.
We're hungry.
Lila, let's go.
You don't need to do that,
because you're just
holding the position.
Come on.
That was close.
That's a goal. We're
now one a-piece.
I would like to try again.
We're tied up.
Feel the tension? It's fun.
That was terrible. Now you
have a chance to win.
And you won. Congratulations.
Fair game.
Good sport.
You had fun?
It was fun.
This thing on?
Hey, Miss Potts... Pep.
If you find this recording...
don't post it, on social media.
It's gonna be a real tear-jerker.
I don't know if you're
ever gonna see these.
I don't even know
if you're still...
Oh, God. I hope so...
Today is day 21... uh, 22.
You know, if it wasn't for
the existensial terror of
staring into the
literal void of space,
I'd say, I'm feeling
more better today.
The infection's run its course,
thanks to the blue meanie back there.
You'd love her. Very practical.
Only a tiny bit sadistic.
Some fuel cells were cracked during battle, but
we figured out a way to reverse the ion charge
to buy ourselves, about,
48 hours of playtime.
But it's now dead in the water.
We're 1,000 lightyears
from the nearest 7-11.
Oxygen will run out
tomorrow morning.
That'll be it.
And Pep, I...
I know I said no
more surprises, but
I gotta say I was really hoping
to pull off one last one.
But it looks like...
Well, you know what
it looks like.
Don't feel bad about this.
I mean actually if you
grovel for a couple weeks,
and then, move on
with enormous guilt.
I should probably lie down.
I'm gonna caress my
Please know that...
When I drift off, it will be
goodbye the whole time...
I'll think about you.
Because it's always you.
- Couldn't stop him.
- Neither could I.
I lost the kid.
Tony, we lost.
Is, umm...
Oh, my God!
It's okay.
It's been 23 days since
Thanos came to Earth.
World governments are in pieces.
The parts that are still working
are trying to take a census,
And it looks like he did...
He did exactly what he said he
was gonna do. Thanos wiped out..
...fifty percent of
all living creatures.
Where is he now? Where?
We don't know.
He just opened a portal
and walked through.
What's wrong with him?
He's pissed.
He thinks he failed.
Which of course he did, but there's a
lot of that goin' around, ain't there?
Honestly, at this exact second, I
thought you were a Build-A-Bear.
Maybe I am.
We've been hunting Thanos
for three weeks now.
Deep space scans, and
satellites, and we got nothing.
- Tony you fought him.
- Who told you that?
Didn't fight him.
No. He wiped my face
with a planet while a
Bleecker Street magician
gave away the stone.
- That's what happened. There was no fight...
- Okay.
Did he give you any clues?
Any coordinates, anything?
I saw this coming a few years back. I had
a vision. I didn't wanna believe it.
Thought I was dreaming.
- Tony I'm gonna need you to focus.
- And I needed you.
As in past tense. That trumps what
you need. It's too late, buddy.
You know what I need?
I need to shave.
- And I believe I rememeber telling
- Tony, Tony, Tony...
why that otherwise,
that what we needed was a suit of armor
around the world. Remember that?
Whether it impacted our precious
freedoms, or not. That's what we needed.
- Well that didn't work out, did it?
- I said we'd lose.
You said, "We'll do
that together, too."
Well guess what, Cap? We lost.
You weren't there.
But that's what we do, right?
Our best work after the fact?
We're the Avengers? We're the Avengers?
Not the Prevengers?
Okay. You made your point.
Just sit down, okay?
- No, no. Here's my... She's great, by the way.
- Tony, sit, sit down!
We need you. You're new blood.
Bunch of tired old mills...
I got nothing for you, Cap.
I got no coordinates,
no clues, no strategies,
no options...
Zero. Zip. Nada. No
trust, you liar...
Here, take this. You find
him and you put that on.
You hide.
- Tony!
- I'm fine. I...
Bruce gave him a sedative. He's gonna
probably be out for the rest of the day.
You guys take care of him. And I'll bring
an Bezurian elixir when I come back.
- Where are you going?
- To kill Thanos.
You know we usually work
as a team here, and
between you and I we're
also a little fragile.
We realize up there is more your
territory but this is our fight, too.
- You even know where he is?
- I know people who might.
Don't bother.
I can tell you where Thanos is.
Thanos spent a long time
trying to perfect me.
Then when he worked, he
talked about his great plan.
Even disassembled, I
wanted to please him.
I'd ask, where would we go
once his plan was complete?
His answer was always the same.
To The Garden.
That's cute. Thanos has
a retirement plan.
So where is he, then?
When Thanos snapped his fingers,
Earth became ground zero for a power surge
of ridiculously cosmic proportions.
No one's ever seen anything like it...
until two days ago.
On this planet.
Thanos is there.
He used the stones again.
Hey, hey, hey...
We'd be going in
short-handed, you know?
- Look, he still got the stones, so...
- So let's get him.
- We use them to bring everyone back.
- Just like that?
Yeah. Just like that.
Even if there's a small chance
that we can undo this...
I mean, we owe it to everyone
who's not in this room to try.
If we do this, how do we know it's gonna
end any differently than it did before?
Because before, you
didn't have me.
Hey, new girl, everybody in this
room is about that superhero life.
And if you don't mind my asking, where
the hell have you been all this time?
There are a lot of other
planets in the universe.
And unfortunately, they
didn't have you guys.
I like this one.
Let's go get this
son of a bitch.
Okay. Who here hasn't
been to space?
You better not throw
up on my ship.
Approaching jump in 3.. 2.. 1.
I'll head down for recon.
- This is gonna work Steve.
- I know it will.
Because I don't know what
I'm gonna do if it doesn't.
No satellites, no ships, no armies,
no ground defenses of any kind.
It's just him.
Then that's enough.
Oh, no.
Where are they?
Answer the question.
The universe
required correction.
After that, the stones served
no purpose, beyond temptation.
You murdered trillions!
You should be grateful.
- Where are the stones?
- Gone.
- Reduced to atoms.
- You used them two days ago.
I used the stones to
destroy the stones.
It nearly killed me.
But the work is done.
It always will be.
I am inevitable.
We have to tear this place apart.
He has to be lying.
My father is many things.
A liar is not one of them.
Thank you, Daughter.
Perhaps I treated
you too harshly...
What... what did you do?
I went for the head.
So I, uh...
Went on a date the other day.
It's the first time in five years,
you know? Sit there, dinner...
I didn't know what
to talk about.
What did you talk about?
Same old crap, you know? How
things have changed, and...
My job, his job....
How much we miss the Mets.
Then things get quiet..
He cried as they were
serving the salads.
What about you?
I cried just before dessert.
But I'm seeing him
again tomorrow, so...
That's great.
You did the hardest part.
You took the jump, you
didn't know where you
were gonna come down.
And that's it. That's those little
brave baby steps you gotta take.
To try and become whole again.
To try and find purpose.
I went in the ice in '45 right
after I met the love of my life.
Woke up 70 years later.
You got to move on.
Got to move on.
The world is in our hands.
It's left to us guys.
And we got to do
something with it.
Thanos should've
killed all of us.
What the hell?
Kid! Hey, kid!
What the hell happened here?
My God...
No. Please. Please, please.
No, no, no...
Excuse me. Sorry.
No, Cassie, no.
No, no.
Please, please,
please, please....
No, Cassie...
You're so big!
Yeah, we boarded that highly
suspect warship Danvers pinged.
It was an infectious
garbage scowl.
So, thanks for the hot tip.
- Well, you were closer.
- Yeah. And now we smell like garbage.
You get a reading
on those tremors?
It was a mild subduction
under the African plate.
Do we have a visual? How
are we handling it?
Nat, it's an earthquake
under the ocean.
We handle it by not handling it.
Carol, are we seeing
you here next month?
- Not likely.
- What, you gonna get another haircut?
Listen, fur-face. I'm
covering a lot of territory.
The things that are
happening on Earth are
happening everywhere, on
thousands of planets.
That's a good point.
That's a good point.
So you might not see
me for a long time.
All right. Uh, well...
This channel is always active.
So, anything goes sideways...
Anyone's making trouble
where they shouldn't...
- Comes through me.
- Okay.
All right.
Good luck.
- Where are you?
- Mexico.
The federales found a
room full of bodies.
Looks like a bunch of cartel guys. Never
even had the chance to get their guns off.
- It's probably a rival gang...
- Except it isn't.
It's definitely Barton.
What he's done here, what he's
been doing for the last few years,
I mean, the scene
that he left...
I gotta tell you, there's a part of
me that doesn't even wanna find him.
Will you find out where
he's going next?
You know I'd offer to clip your dinner
but you seem pretty miserable already.
You here to do your laundry?
And to see a friend.
Clearly, your friend is fine.
You know I saw a pod of whales
when I was coming up the bridge.
- In the Hudson?
- There's fewer ships, cleaner water.
You know, if you're about to tell
me to look on the bright side...
I'm about to hit you in the head
with a peanut butter sandwich.
Sorry. Force of habit.
You know I keep telling everybody
they should move on and... grow.
Some do.
But not us.
- If I move on, who does this?
- Maybe it doesn't need to be done.
I used to have nothing.
And then I got this.
This job.
This family.
And I was... I was
better because of it.
And even though...
they're gone...
Now, I'm still
trying to be better.
I think we both
need to get a life.
You first.
Oh... Hi. Hi!
Is anyone home?
This is Scott Lang.
We met a few years ago, at the airport?
In Germany?
I got really big and
I had my mask on.
- You wouldn't recognize me.
- Is this an old message?
Ant-Man? Ant-Man, I
know you know that.
It's the front gate.
I need to talk to you guys.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Have either of you guys ever
studied quantum physics?
Only in mid-conversation.
Alright. So...
Five years ago, right before...
I was in a place called
the quantum realm.
The quantum realm is like its
own microscopic universe.
To get in there, you have to be
incredibly small. Hope, she's my...
She... she was my...
She was supposed to pull me out.
And then Thanos happened, and
- I got stuck in there.
- Sorry. That must've been a long 5 years.
Yeah, but that's just it.
It wasn't.
For me it was five hours.
See, the rules of the quantum realm
aren't like they are up here.
Everything is unpredictable. Is that
anybody's sandwich? I'm starving.
What are you talking about?
What I'm saying is...
Time works differently
in the quantum realm.
The only problem is right now, we
don't have a way to navigate it.
But what if we did?
I can't stop thinking about it. What
if we could somehow control the chaos,
and we could navigate it? What if
there was a way that we can enter
the quantum realm at a certain
point in time but then
exit the quantum realm at
another point in time? Like...
Like before Thanos.
Wait, are you talking
about a time machine?
No. No, of course not.
No, not a time machine.
It's more like a...
Yeah, a time machine. I know it's crazy.
It's crazy.
But I can't stop thinking about it.
There's gotta be...
Some wa... It's crazy.
I get e-mails from a raccoon. So,
nothing sounds crazy anymore.
So who do we talk to about this?
Morgan H. Stark.
Want some lunch?
- Define lunch or be disintegrated.
- Okay.
You should not be
wearing that, okay?
That is part of a special anniversary
gift I'm making for Mom.
There you go. Are you
thinking about lunch?
Want a handful of crickets?
- No.
- That's what you want.
- How did you find this?
- Garage.
- Were you looking for it?
- No.
I found it, though.
You like going to the garage, huh?
So does Daddy.
It's fine actually. Mom never
wears anything I wear.
Now, we know what
it sounds like...
Tony after everything you've seen,
is anything really impossible...
Quantum fluctuation messes
with the Planck scale,
which then triggers the Deutsch
proposition. Can we agree on that?
Thank you.
In Layman's terms, it means
you're not coming home.
- I did.
- No.
You accidentally survived. It's a---
It's a billion-to-one
cosmic fluke.
And now you wanna pull a...
What do you call it?
- A time heist?
- Yeah. Time heist.
Of course. Why didn't we
think of this before?
Oh! Because it's laughable?
Because it's a pipedream?
The stones are in the past. We
can go back and we can get them.
We can snap our own fingers.
We can bring everybody back.
Or screw it up worse than
he already has, right?
I don't believe we would.
Gotta say this. Sometimes, I
miss that giddy optimism.
However, high hopes won't
help if there's no logical,
tangible, way for me to safely
execute said time heist.
I believe the most likely outcome
will be our collective demise.
Not if we strictly follow
the rules of time travel.
That means no talking to our past selves,
no betting on sporting events...
I'm gonna stop you
right there, Scott.
Are you seriously telling
me that your plan to
save the universe is based
on Back to the Future?
- No.
- Good. You had me worried there.
'Cause that'd be horseshit. That's
not how quantum physics works.
We have to take a stand.
We did stand. And
yet, here we are.
I know you got a lot on the line.
You got a wife, a daughter.
But I lost someone very important to me.
A lot of people did.
And now, now, we have a chance to bring
her back. To bring everyone back.
And you're telling me
that you won't even...
That's right, Scott.
I won't. Leave it.
Got a kid.
Mommy told me to
come and save you.
Good job. I'm saved.
I wish you'd come here to
ask me something else.
Anything else. Honestly, I
missed you guys, it was...
- Oh, and table's set for six.
- Tony, I get it.
And I'm happy for you.
I really am.
But this is a second chance.
I got my second chance
right here, Cap.
I can't roll the dice again.
If you don't talk shop,
you can stay for lunch.
- He's scared.
- He's not wrong.
Yeah, but I mean,
what are we gonna do?
We need him. What,
are we gonna stop?
No. I wanna do it right.
We're gonna need a
really big brain.
Bigger than his?
Come on. I feel like I'm the only
one eating. Try some of that.
Have some eggs.
I'm so confused.
- These are confusing times.
- Right. No, no...
- That's not what I meant. I...
- No, I get it.
I'm kidding! I know. It's crazy.
- I'm wearing shirts now.
- Yeah! How? Why?
Five years ago we
got our asses beat.
Except it was worse for me.
Because I lost twice.
First, Hulk lost. Then Banner lost.
Then, we all lost.
- No one blamed you, Bruce.
- I did.
For years I've been
treating the Hulk like he's
some kind of disease,
something to get rid of.
But then I started looking
at him as the cure.
Eighteen months in a gamma lab. I put
the brains and the brawn together.
And now look at me.
Best of both worlds.
- Excuse me, Mr. Hulk?
- Yes?
- Can we get a photo?
- 100%, little person.
Come on, step on up. You mind?
- Say "green."
- Green.
- Did you get that?
- That's good.
Don't you wanna grab one with me?
I'm Ant-Man.
They're Hulk fans.
They don't know Ant-Man.
- Nobody does.
- Wait, no, no, he wants to...
You want to take a
picture with him, right?
He's even saying no he doesn't.
I get it.
I don't want it either. I don't
want a picture with them.
- He's gonna feel bad.
- Sorry.
- They said they'd do it.
- I don't want it anymore.
- You'd feel bad...
- Take the goddamn phone.
Thank you, Mr. Hulk.
No, it's great, kids.
Thank you very much.
- Hulk out!
- Bruce.
- Dab.
- Bruce.
Listen to your Mom.
She knows better.
- About we were saying...
- Right.
The whole time travel do-over?
Guys, it's outside of
my area of expertise.
Well, you pulled this off.
I remember a time when that
seemed pretty impossible, too.
Look at a mod inspiration,
let me see what checks out.
So, recommend one last sim before
we pack it in for the night.
This time, in the shape of a
mobius strip, inverted. Please?
Give me that eigenvalue. That, particle
factoring, and spectral decomp.
- Gotta take a second.
- Just a moment.
And don't worry if it doesn't pan out.
I'm just kinda...
Model rendered.
What are you doing
up, Little Miss?
- Shit.
- No. We don't say that.
Only Mommy says that word. She
coined it, it belongs to her.
Why you up?
'Cause I got some important shit
going on here. What do you think?
No, I got something on my mind.
I got something on my mind.
- Was it Juice Pops?
- Sure was.
That's extortion.
Great minds think alike. Juice
Pops, exactly was on...
my mind.
You done? Yeah? Now you are.
- That face, goes there.
- Tell me a story.
A story.
Once upon a time, a little
girl went to bed. The end.
That ain't the whole story.
Come on, that's your
favorite story.
I love you tons.
I love you 3,000.
3,000. That's crazy.
Go to bed. Or I'll
sell all your toys.
Not that it's a competition,
but she loves me 3,000.
You were somewhere in
the low 6 to 900 range.
- What you reading?
- Just a book on composting.
What's new with composting?
- Just ....
- I figured it out...
by the way.
You know, just so we're talking
about the same thing...
Time travel.
Amazing, and.... terrifying.
That's right.
- I got really lucky.
- Yeah. I know.
- A lot of people didn't.
- No, I can't help everybody.
- It sorta seems like you can.
- Not if I stop.
I can put a pin in it
right now, and stop.
trying to get you to stop has been one
of the few failures of my entire life.
I sometimes feel I should put it in a locked
box and drop it at the bottom of a lake...
...go to bed.
But would you be able to rest?
Okay, here we go. Time
travel test number one.
Scott, fire up the, uhh...
The van thing.
Breakers are set. Emergency
generators are on standby.
Good. 'Cause if we blow the grid, I don't
wanna lose Tiny here in the 1950's.
- Excuse me?
- He's kidding.
You can't say things like that.
Just... it was, just a bad joke.
- You were kidding, right?
- I have no idea.
We're talking about time travel here.
Either it's all a joke, or none of it is.
We're good! Get your helmet on.
Scott, I'm gonna send you
back a week, but you'll walk
around for an hour, then bring
you back in 10 seconds.
- Makes sense?
- Perfectly not confusing.
Good luck, Scott. You got this.
You're right. I do,
Captain America.
On the count of three.
3.. 2.. 1..
Guys? This doesn't feel right.
- What's going on? Hold on.
- Who is that?
- Is that Scott?
- Yes, it's Scott!
Ooh! My back!
- Can you bring him back?
- I'm working on it!
A baby.
- It's Scott.
- As a baby!
Bring Scott back.
When I say kill the
power, kill the power.
And... kill it!
Somebody peed my pants.
I don't know if it was
"baby" me or "old" me.
Or, just "me" me.
Time travel!
I see this as an absolute win.
Why the long face?
Let me guess. He
turned into a baby.
Among other things, yeah.
What are you doing here?
That's the EPR paradox.
Instead of pushing Lang through time, you
might've wound up pushing time through Lang.
It's tricky. Dangerous. Somebody
coulda cautioned you against it.
- You did.
- Oh, did I?
Thank God, I'm here.
Regardless, I fixed it.
A fully functioning
time-space GPS.
I just want peace.
Turns out, resentment is
corrosive, and I hate it.
Me, too.
We got a shot at getting
these stones, but I
gotta tell you my
priority is to bring back
what we lost? I hope, yes.
Keep what I found? I
have to, at all costs.
And, maybe not die
trying will be nice.
Sounds like a deal.
- Tony, I don't know...
- Why? He made it for you.
Plus, honestly I have to get it out the
garage before Morgan takes it sledding.
Thank you, Tony.
Will you keep that a little quietly?
Didn't bring one for the whole team.
- We are getting, the whole team, yeah?
- We're working on that right now.
- Hey, humie! Where's big green?
- Kitchen. I think.
- That's awesome.
- Rodent, careful on re-entry.
There's an idiot on
the landing zone.
Oh, God!
What's up, regular-sized man?
Kind of a step down from a golden palace
for an Avenger highness or whatnot.
Hey, have a little compassion, pal.
First, they've lost Asgard,
then half the people. They're probably
just happy they have a home.
You shouldn't have come!
Great to see you, Angry Girl.
I think I liked you better
either of the other ways.
- This is Rocket.
- How you doin'?
- He won't see you.
- That bad, huh?
We only see him once a month,
when he comes in for...
- It's that bad.
- Yeah.
What the...
Woo! Something died in here.
Hello? Thor?
Are you here about the cable?
The Cinemax ran out two weeks ago,
and, sports were all kind of fuzzy...
Boys! Oh, my God!
My God! How have you been?
Come here, you little rascal!
No, I'm good! I'm good.
That's not necessary!
Hulk, you know my friends,
Miek, Korg, right?
- Hey, boys!
- Hey, guys. Long time no see.
Beer's on the bucket. Feel
free to log on to the wi-fi.
No password, obviously.
Thor, he's back. That kid on the TV
who's called me a dickhead again.
- Noobmaster.
- Yeah, Noobmaster69.
Noobmaster. Hey, it's Thor again.
You know, the God of Thunder?
Listen, buddy. If you don't log off
this game immediately I'm gonna fly
home to your house, come down to
that basement you're hiding in,
rip off your arms then
shove them up your butt!
Oh, that's right. Yes, go cry to
your father, you little weasel!
Thank you, Thor.
Let me know if he
bothers you again, okay?
Thank you very much. I will.
So you guys want a drink?
What are you drinking?
We have beer, tequila,
all sorts of things.
Buddy, you all right?
Yes, I'm fine! Why,
don't I look all right?
You look like melted ice cream.
So, what's up?
We need your help. There might be
a chance we could fix everything.
What, like the cable? 'Cause that's
been driving me bananas for weeks.
Like Thanos.
Don't say that name.
Um, yeah. We don't actually
say that name in here.
Please take your hand off me.
Now, I know that...
guy might scare you.
Why would I be? Why would, why
would I be scared of that guy?
I'm the one who killed
that guy, remember?
Anyone else here
killed that guy?
Nope. Didn't think so.
Korg, why don't you, tell everybody
who chopped Thanos' big head off.
Umm... Stormbreaker?
Now, who's swinging
I get it. You're in a rough spot, okay?
I've been there myself.
You wanna know who
helped me out of it?
I don't know. Is it... Natasha?
It was you.
You helped me.
Why don't you ask the,
Asgardians down there,
how much my help was worth.
The ones that are left, anyway.
I think we can bring them back.
Stop. Just, stop...
I know you think I'm down here wallowing in
my own self-pity, waiting to be rescued and
and saved. But I'm fine, okay?
We're fine, aren't we?
Nah, all good here, mate!
So, whatever it is that
you're offering, we're
not into it, don't care,
couldn't care less.
We need you, pal.
There's beer on the ship.
What kind?
It's him! He's after Akihiko!
We never did anything to you!
You're done hurting people.
You're crazy!
Wait! Help me!
What I want...
You can't give me.
You shouldn't be here.
Neither should you.
I've got a job to do.
Is that what you're
calling this?
Killing all these people isn't
gonna bring your family back.
We found something.
A chance, maybe...
Don't what?
Don't give me hope.
I'm sorry I couldn't
give it to you sooner.
Drifting left. On the
side there, Lebowski.
- Ratchet, how's it going?
- It's Rocket.
Take it easy. You're only
a genius on Earth, pal.
Time travel suit? Not bad.
Hey, hey, hey. Easy, easy!
- I'm being very careful.
- No, you're being very Hulky.
- I'm being careful.
- These are Pym particles, all right?
And ever since Hank Pym got snapped
out of existence, this is it.
This is what we have. We're
not making any more.
- Scott, calm down.
- Sorry.
We've got enough for
one round trip, each.
That's it. No do-overs.
Plus, two test runs.
One test run.
All right. I'm not
ready for this.
I'm game.
I'll do it.
Clint, now you're gonna feel
a little discombobulated
from the chronoshift.
Don't worry about it.
Wait a second, let me
ask you something.
If we can do this, you know, go
back in time, why don't we just
find baby Thanos, you know?
- First of all, that's horrible.
- It's Thanos.
And secondly, time doesn't work that way.
Changing the past doesn't change the future.
Look, we go back, we get the
stones before Thanos gets them...
Thanos doesn't have the stones.
Problem solved.
- Bingo.
- That's not how it works.
- Well, that's what I heard.
- What? By who? Who told you that?
Star Trek, Terminator,
TimeCop, Time After Time,
- Quantum Leap.
- A Wrinkle in Time,
- Somewhere in Time,
- Hot Tub Time Machine.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Basically,
any movie that deals with time travel.
Die Hard? No, it's not...
This is known.
I don't know why everyone believes
that, but that isn't true.
Think about it: If you travel to the
past, that past becomes your future.
And your former present
becomes the past.
Which can't now be changed
by your new future...
So Back to the Future's
a bunch of bullshit?
All right, Clint. We're going in 3..
2.. 1...
- Where are my headphones?
- Lila?
Lila! No!
Hey, hey. Look at me. You okay?
It worked.
It worked.
Okay, so the "how" works.
Now we gotta figure out the
"when," and the "where."
Almost everyone in this
room has had an encounter
with at least one of the
six Infinity Stones.
Well, I'd subtitute the
word 'encounter' for 'damn
near been killed by one of
the six Infinity Stones.'
I haven't. I don't even know what
the hell you're all talking about.
Regardless, we only have enough Pym
Particles for one round trip each,
and these stones have been in a lot of
different places throughout history.
Our history. So, not a lot of
convenient spots to just drop in.
- Which means we have to pick our targets.
- Correct.
So. Let's start
with the Aether.
Thor, what do you know?
Is he asleep?
Where to start? Umm...
The Aether, first,
is not a stone.
Someone's called it a stone before.
It's more of a... an angry
sludge, sort of thing. So...
Someone's gonna need to amend
that, and stop saying that.
Here's an interesting
story, though.
About the Aether. My
grandafther, many years
ago, had to hide the stone
from the Dark Elves.
Scary beings. So Jane...
Oh, there she is. That's Jane...
She's... an old flame of mine.
She... she stuck her hand
inside a rock this one time...
and then the Aether stuck
itself inside her.
And, she became very, very sick.
So I had to take her to
Asgard, which is where I'm from.
And we had to try and fix her.
We were dating at the time, you see. I
got to introduce her to my Mother...
who's dead, and umm....
Oh, you know. Jane and I aren't
even dating anymore, so...
These things happen though, you know.
Nothing lasts forever.
- The only thing that...
- Why don't you come sit down.
I'm not done yet. The only thing that
is permanent in life, is impermanence.
Eggs? Breakfast?
No. I'd like a Bloody Mary.
Quill said he stole the
Power Stone from Morag.
- Is that a person?
- Morag's a planet.
Quill was a person.
Like a planet? Like
in outer space?
Oh, look. It's like a little
puppy, all happy and everything.
Do you wanna go to space? You
wanna go to space, puppy?
I'll take you to space.
- Thanos found the Soul Stone on Vormir.
- What is Vormir?
A dominion of death, at the very
center of Celestial existence.
It's where... Thanos
murdered my sister.
- That Time Stone guy...
- Doctor Strange.
Yeah, what kind
of doctor was he?
- Neurostuff meets rabbit from a hat.
- Nice place in the village, though.
- Yeah. Sullivan Street.
- Hmm... Bleecker.
Wait, he lived in New York?
- No. He lived in Toronto.
- Yeah, not Bleecker. It's Sullivan.
Guys, if you pick the right year,
there are three stones in New York.
Shut the front door!
All right. We have a plan.
Six stones, three
teams, one shot.
Five years ago, we lost.
All of us.
We lost friends...
We lost family...
We lost a part of ourselves.
Today, we have a chance
to take it all back.
You know your teams, you
know your missions.
Get the stones, get them back.
One round trip each. No mistakes.
No do-overs.
Most of us are going
somewhere we know.
But it doesn't mean we
should know what to expect.
Be careful. Look out
for each other.
This is the fight of our lives.
And we're gonna win.
Whatever it takes.
Good luck.
- He's pretty good at that.
- Right?
All right. You heard the man.
Stroke those keys, jelly green.
Tractors engaged.
You promise to bring that
back in one piece, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah. Okay.
- I'll do my best.
- As promises go, that was pretty lame.
See you in a minute.
All right, we all have our assignments.
Two stones uptown, one stone, down.
Stay low. Keep an
eye on the clock.
Feel free to smash if
things don't go your way.
I think it's gratuitous,
but whatever.
I'd be careful going that way.
We just had the floors waxed.
Ma'am, I'm looking
for Doctor Strange.
You're about... five
years too early.
Stephen Strange is currently performing
surgery about twenty blocks that way.
What do you want from him?
That, actually.
- I'm afraid not.
- Sorry, but I wasn't asking.
- You don't wanna do this.
- You're right. I don't.
But I need that stone, and
I don't have time to...
Let's start over, shall we?
That's Jane.
All right.
Here's the deal, Tubby:
You're gonna charm her and I'm
gonna poke her with this thing
and extract the Reality Stone
and get gone, lickety-split.
I'll be right back, okay? There's a
wine cellar, that's just down there.
My father used to fish
with a barrel of ale.
- I'll see if the cellar has a couple of...
- Hey! Aren't you drunk enough already?
Who's the fancy broad?
It's my Mother.
She dies today.
Oh. That's today?
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't have come.
This was a bad idea.
- Come here.
- No, no, no. I think I'm having...
- I'm having a panic attack.
- Come here. Right here.
You think you're the only one who lost
people? What do you think we're doing here?
I lost the only
family I ever had.
Quill, Groot, Drax, the chick
with the antenna, all gone.
Now, I get you miss your Mom.
But she's gone. Really gone.
And there are plenty of people
who are only kinda gone.
But you can help them.
So is it too much to ask that you
brush the crumbs outta your beard,
make schmoopy talk to Pretty
Pants, and when she's not looking,
suck out the Infinity Stone and
help me get my family back?
- Are you crying?
- No...
Get it together!
You can do this.
You can do this.
All right?
- Yes, I can.
- Good.
I can do this.
I can't do this.
Alright, Heartbreaker. She's alone.
This is our shot.
Alright. Bring it down low.
Right on that line. That's it.
Down, down.
Hey, can we hurry it up?
Guys, chop-chop. Come on.
We're on the clock.
All that, is really helpful.
- Take care, okay?
- Yeah.
Take that stone and come back.
No messing around.
- Hey.
- You got this.
- Let's get it done.
- Yes, sir.
See you back.
You guys watch each other's six.
The coordinates for
Vormir are laid in.
All they have to do
is not fall out.
We're a long way from Budapest.
Okay, so, uhh...
We just wait around for this
Quill guy to show up and
then he leads us to the
Power Stone, is that it?
Let's take cover.
We're not the only ones in
2014 looking for the stones.
Wait a minute, what are
you talking about right
now? Who else is looking
for these stones?
My father, my sister...
- and me.
- And you?
Where are you right now?
- You're welcome.
- I didn't ask for your help.
And yet, you always need it.
Get up.
- Father wants us back on the ship.
- Why?
He's found an Infinity Stone.
- Where?
- On a planet called Morag.
Father's plan is
finally in motion.
- One stone isn't six, Nebula.
- It's a start.
If he gets all of them...
Ronan's located the Power Stone.
I'm dispatching you to his ship.
- He won't like that.
- His alternative is death, then.
Ronan's obsession
clouds his judgement.
We will not fail you, Father.
No, you won't.
I swear...
I will make you proud.
We just, wait around for
this Quill guy to show up,
and then he leads us to the
Power Stone, is that it?
Let's take cover.
We're not the only ones in
2014 looking for the stones.
- Who was that?
- I don't know...
My head is splitting...
I don't know...
Her synaptic drive was
probably damaged in battle.
Bring her to my ship.
Got to hustle, Cap. Things look like
they're just about wrapped up here.
Got it. I'm approaching
the elevator now.
If it's all the same to you...
I'll have that drink now.
All right. Good one. No standing around,
I'm closing up this door for later.
By the way, feel
free to clean up.
Ugh, Mr. Rogers. I almost
forgot that that suit
- did nothing for your ass.
- No one asked you to look.
I think you look great, Cap.
As far as I'm concerned,
that's America's ass.
- Uhh, magic wand?
- STRIKE team's coming to secure it.
We can take that
off your hands.
By all means.
- Careful with that thing!
- Unless you want your mind erased.
- Not in a fun way.
- We promise to be careful.
- Who are these guys?
- They are SHIELD...
Well, actually Hydra. But,
we didn't know that yet.
Seriously, you didn't? I mean...
they look like bad guys.
You're small, but
you're talking loud.
On my way down to
coordinate search and rescue.
On my way down to
coordinate search and rescue!
I mean, honestly! How do
you think you'll be...
Shut up.
All right, you're up, little buddy.
There's our stone.
Alright. Flick me.
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
- Hey! Buddy.
What do you think? Maximum
occupancy has been reached.
- Take the stairs!
- Yeah. Stop. Stop!
Take the stairs.
Take the stairs!
All right, Cap. I got our scepter in the
elevator just passing the 80th floor.
On it.
- Head to the lobby.
- Alright. I'll see you there.
Evidence secure. We're
en route to Dr. List.
No. No hitches at all, Mr.
Captain. I thought you were
coordinating search and rescue?
Change of plans.
Hey, Cap.
I just got a call from the Secretary. I'm
gonna be running point on the scepter.
Sir? I don't understand.
We got word there may be
an attempt to steal it.
Sorry, Cap.
I can't give you the scepter.
- I'm gonna have to call the Director.
- That's okay. Trust me.
Hail Hydra.
So many stairs!
Thumbelina, do you copy?
I've got eyes on the prize.
- It is go-time.
- Bombs away.
Is, is that Axe body spray?
Yeah, I had a can just
for emergencies. Relax.
- Can we focus, please?
- I'm going inside you. Now.
May I ask you
where you're going?
To lunch and then Asgard.
I'm sorry, you are?
Alexander Pierce. He's the man, one
of the folks behind Nick Fury.
My friends call me Mr. Secretary.
I'm gonna have to ask you to
turn that prisoner over to me.
- Loki will be answering to Odin himself.
- Oh, he's gonna answer to us.
Odin can have what's left. And
I'm gonna need that case.
That's been SHIELD property
for over 70 years.
Hand over the case, Stark.
All right, move it, Stuart Little. Things
are getting dicey up here. Let's go.
I'm not gonna argue who's got the
higher authority here, all right?
You promise me you won't die?
You're only giving me a
mild cardiac dysrythmia.
That doesn't sound mild.
I need the case.
I know you got a lotta pull.
I'm just saying...
Okay. Then give me the case.
Do it, Lang!
- Get your hands off!
- Window's closing. Pull my pin!
Here goes!
- Stark?
- Stark!
Look, he's convulsing.
Give him air!
- Medic!
- Medic!
You got some help!
Stark, you--- your
chest machine?
Breathe! Breathe!
Good job. Meet me in the alley.
I'm gonna grab a quick slice.
No stairs!
You'll be fine, Stark.
Stay with us!
I'll try something, okay? I have
no idea if it's gonna work.
That worked a treat.
That was so crazy!
I had no idea if
that was gonna work.
- The case...
- The case. It's, uhh...
Where's the case? Where's Loki?
- That wasn't supposed to happen, was it?
- Oh, we blew it.
Tony, what's going on?
Tell me you found that cube.
Oh, you gotta be shitting me.
I have eyes on Loki. 14th floor.
I'm not Loki.
And I don't wanna hurt you.
I can do this all day.
Yeah, I know. I know.
Where did you get this?
Bucky... is... alive!
That is America's ass.
- Please, please!
- I'm sorry. I can't help you, Bruce.
If I give up the Time Stone to help
your reality, I'm dooming my own.
With all due respect, I'm not sure
the science really supports that.
The Infinity Stones create what you
experience as the flow of time.
Remove one of the stones,
and that flow splits.
Now this may benefit your reality.
But my new one, not so much.
In this new branched reality, without our
chief weapon against the forces of darkness,
our world will be overrun.
Millions will suffer.
So, tell me, doctor, can your
science prevent all that?
No. But we can erase it.
Because once we're done with the stones, we
can return each one into its own timeline
at the moment it was taken.
So, chronologically...
In that reality....
it never left.
Yes, but you're leaving out
the most important part.
In order to return the
stones, you have to survive.
We will. I will. I promise.
I can't risk this
reality on a promise.
It's the duty, of the Sorcerer
Supreme to protect the Time Stone.
Then why the hell did
Strange give it away?
- What did you say?
- Strange. He gave it away.
He gave it to Thanos.
- Willingly?
- Yes.
- Why?
- I have no idea. Maybe he made a mistake.
Or I did.
Strange was meant to
be the best of us.
So he must've done
it for a reason.
I fear you might be right.
Thank you.
I'm counting on you, Bruce.
We all are.
Run diagnostics.
Show me her memory file.
Sire, the file appears entangled.
It was a memory, but not hers.
There's another consciousness
sharing her network.
Another Nebula.
This duplicate carries a time stamp...
from nine years in the future.
Where is this other Nebula?
In our solar system.
On Morag.
- Can you access her?
- Yes. The two are linked.
Search the duplicate's
memories, for Infinity Stones.
And these stones have been in a lot of
different places throughout history.
Our history. So, not a lot of
convenient spots to just drop in.
- Which means we have to pick our targets.
- Correct.
Freeze image.
Unruly wretches. What's
that reflection?
Amplify this, Maw.
I don't understand.
- Two Nebulas.
- No. The same Nebula.
From two different times.
Set course for Morag. Scan
the duplicate's memories.
I want to see everything.
My ladies, I'll see you after.
Go on.
- What are you doing?
- Ahh!
You're better off leaving the
sneaking to your brother.
Yeah, I was simply just
going for a walk, and uh...
What are you wearing?
I always wear this. This
is one of my favorites.
What's wrong with your eye?
Oh, my eye. That's... you
remember the Battle of Haroquin?
When I got hit in the
face with a broadsword?
You're not the Thor I
know at all, are you?
Yes, I am.
The future hasn't been
kind to you, has it?
I didn't say I'm
from the future.
I was raised by witches, boy.
I see with more than
eyes, and you know that.
I am totally, totally
from the future!
Yes, you are.
- I really need to talk to you.
- We can talk.
His head was over there...
His body over there...
What was the point.
I was too late.
I was just standing there.
- Some idiot with an ax.
- You're no idiot.
You're here aren't you? Seeking counsel
from the wisest person in Asgard.
- I guess, yeah.
- Idiot? No.
- A failure? Absolutely.
- That's a little bit harsh.
You do know what
that makes you?
Just like everyone else.
I'm not supposed to be
like everyone else, am I?
Everyone fails at who they
are supposed to be, Thor.
The measure of a
person, of a hero
is how well they succeed
at being who they are.
I really missed you, Mum.
Thor! I got it!
Get that rabbit!
- Ma, I have to tell you something.
- No, son. You don't.
You're here to repair
your future, not mine.
- But this is about your future.
- It's none of my business.
You must be Mom.
I got the thing. Come
on, we got to move.
- I wish we had more time.
- This was a gift.
And you're going to be the
man you're meant to be.
- I love you, Mom.
- I love you.
And eat a salad.
- Come on. We gotta go.
- Goodbye.
- Three... two...
- No, wait!
Wh- what am I looking at?
Oh, sometimes it takes a second.
I'm still worthy.
Oh, boy.
Goodbye, Mom.
So he's an idiot?
What's that?
The tool of a thief.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa...
This is the part where spikes come out,
with skeletons on the end and everything...
What are you talking about?
When you break into a place called
the temple of the Power Stone,
There's gonna be a bunch of booby
traps--- Okay. All right. Go ahead.
I wasn't always like this.
Me either.
But we work with
what we got, right?
Sync up.
Three.. two.. one...
You murdered trillions!
You should be grateful.
- Where are the stones?
- Gone.
- Reduced to atoms.
- You used them two days ago.
I used the stones to destroy the stones.
It nearly killed me.
But the work is done.
It always will be.
I am inevitable.
- What did you do to them?
- Nothing. Yet.
They're not trying to stop something
I'm going to do in our time.
They're trying to undo something
I've already done in theirs.
The stones...
I found them all.
I won.
Tipped the cosmic
scales to balance.
This is your future.
It's my destiny.
My father is many things. A
liar is not one of them.
Thank you, Daughter.
Perhaps I treated
you too harshly...
And that, is destiny fulfilled.
Sire, your Daughter...
...is a traitor.
That's not me. It's not. I could never...
I would never betray you. Never.
I know.
And you'll have the
chance to prove it.
He knows!
Barton? Barton, come in.
Romanoff? Come in, we have a problem.
Come on!
Come in, we have a prob....
Thanos knows.
Sorry, buddy.
We got a problem.
Huh. Yeah, we do.
- Well, what are we gonna do now?
- You know what, give me a break, Steve.
I just got hit in the
head with a Hulk.
You said that we had one shot.
This, this was our shot.
We shot it. It's shot. Six stones or nothing.
Six stones or nothing.
You're repeating yourself, you know that?
You're repeating yourself.
You're repeating yourself.
You're repeating yourself.
- No!
- Come on.
You never wanted a time heist, you
went on board with the time heist...
- I dropped the ball.
- You ruined the time heist.
- Is that what I did?
- Yeah!
Are there any other options
with the Tesseract?
No, no, no. There's
no other options.
There's no do-overs. We're
not going anywhere else.
We have one particle left. Each.
That's it, alright? We use that...
Bye, bye. You're not going home.
Yeah, well if we don't try...
then no one else is
going home, either.
I got it.
There's another way. To retake the
Tesseract and acquire new particles.
We'll stroll down memory lane.
Military installation, Garden State.
Why were they both there?
They were there at a...I've
a vaguely exact idea.
How vague?
What are you talking about?
Where are we going?
- I know for a fact they were there...
- Who's they?
- What are we doing?
- And I know how I know.
Guys, what's up? What is it?
Well, it looks like
we're improvising.
- Right.
- What are we improvising?
Scott, get this back
to the compound.
Suit up.
What's in New Jersey?
- 0-4, 0-4...
- Uhh, 0-7.
- 0-7.
- Excuse me...
- Are you sure?
- Cap. Captain. Steve, sorry.
America. Rogers. Look,
if you do this,
and this doesn't work,
you're not coming back.
Thanks for the pep
talk, pissant.
You trust me?
I do.
Your call.
Here we go.
Hey, man!
Make love, not war!
Clearly, you weren't
actually born here, right?
The idea of me was.
Right. Well, imagine
you're SHIELD, running a
intelligence organization.
Where do you hide it?
In plain sight.
Good luck on your
mission, Captain.
Good luck on your
project, doctor.
You're new here?
Not exactly.
Back in the game.
Arnim, you in there?
The door's this way, pal.
Oh, yeah.
I'm looking for Dr. Zola.
Have you seen him?
Yeah, no, Dr. Zol... No,
I haven't seen a soul.
Pardon me.
Do I know you?
No, sir. I'm, a...
visitor from MIT.
Huh. MIT.
Got a name?
Well that'll be
easy to remember.
Well, I'm Howard Stark.
Shit. Now, don't pull it.
You look a little green around
the gills there, Potts.
I'm fine. Just, long hours.
Wanna get some air?
- Hello, Potts.
- Yeah. That would be swell.
- That way.
- Okay.
Need your briefcase?
You're not one of
those, are ya, Potts?
- Hello.
- Dr. Pym?
That would be the number
that you called. Yes.
This is Capt. Stevens
from shipping.
- We have a package for you.
- Bring it up.
Well, that's the thing, sir.
We can't.
I'm confused. I thought
that was your job.
Well, it's just... Sir,
the box is glowing and,
to be honest, some of our mail
guys aren't feeling that great.
They didn't know
better, did they?
Yeah, they did. You
better get down here.
Excuse me. Out of the way!
So, flowers and sauerkraut. You
got a big date tonight?
My wife's expecting.
And, uh... Too much
time in the office.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks. Hold this, will you?
Yeah, sure.
- How far along is she?
- I don't know... uh...
She's at the point where she can't
stand the sound of my chewing.
I guess I'll be eating
dinner in the pantry again.
I have a little girl.
A girl would be nice. Less of a chance
she'd turn out exactly like me.
What'd be so awful about that?
Let's just say that the greater
good has rarely outweighed
my own self-interests.
- And you've never seen these 2 men before?
- No, I've got an eye for this.
- The 2 of them looked fishy.
- Can you describe them?
- Well, one of them had a hippie beard.
- Hippie? Like Bee Gees or Mungo Jerry?
Definitely Mungo Jerry.
Yeah, this is Chesler. I
need every available MPs
on sub-level 6. We have
a potential breach.
So, where are you
at with names?
Well, if it's a boy,
my wife likes Almanzo.
Might wanna let that stew on.
You got time.
Let me ask you a question.
When your kid was born...
- were you nervous?
- Wildly. Yeah.
Did you feel qualified?
Like you had any idea how to
successfully operate that thing?
I literally pieced it
together as I went along,
I thought about what
my Dad did, and...
My old man, he never met a problem
he couldn't solve with a belt.
I thought my Dad
was tough on me.
And now, looking back, I just
remember the good stuff, you know.
- He did drop the odd pearl.
- Yeah? Like what?
"No amount of money ever
bought a second of time."
Smart guy.
He did his best.
Let me tell you. That
kid's not even here yet
and, there's nothing I
wouldn't do for him.
Good to meet you, Potts.
Yeah, Howard...
Everything's gonna be all right.
Thank you for everything...
...you've done for
this country.
Have we ever met that guy?
Seems very familiar.
Weird beard, though.
- You're weak.
- I'm you.
You can stop this.
You know you want to.
Did you see what
happens in the future?
Thanos finds the Soul Stone.
You wanna know
how he does that?
You wanna know, what
he does to you?
That's enough.
You disgust me.
But, that doesn't
mean you're useless.
How do I look?
Under different circumstances,
this would be totally awesome.
I bet the raccoon didn't
have to climb a mountain.
Technically, he's not
a raccoon, you know.
Whatever. He eats garbage.
Natasha, daughter of Ivan.
Clint, son of Edith.
Who are you?
Consider me a guide.
To you, and to all who
seek the Soul Stone.
Okay. You tell us where it is.
Then we'll be on our way.
If only it were that easy.
What you seek lies
in front of you...
...as does what you fear.
The stone is down there.
For one of you.
For the other...
In order to take the stone, you
must lose that which you love.
An everlasting exchange.
A soul, for a soul.
How's it going?
Maybe he's making this shit up.
No. I don't think so.
Why, 'cause he knows
your Daddy's name?
I didn't.
Thanos left here with the stone
without his daughter.
It's not a coincidence.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
If we don't get that stone,
billions of people stay dead.
Then I guess we both
know who it's gotta be.
I guess we do.
I'm starting to think, we've been
different people here, Natasha.
For the last five years I've been trying
to do one thing: Get to right here.
That's all it's been about.
Bringing everybody back.
- Oh, don't you get all decent on me now.
- What, you think I wanna do it?
I'm trying to save
your life, you idiot.
Yeah well, I don't want
you to, because I...
Natasha, you know
what I've done.
You know what I've become.
I don't judge people on
their worst mistakes.
Maybe you should.
You didn't.
You're a pain in my
ass, you know that?
You win.
Tell my family I love them.
You tell them yourself.
Damn you!
Let me go.
Please, no.
It's okay.
Did we get them all?
You telling me this'll
actually work?
Clint, where's Nat?
Do we know if she had family?
Yeah. Us.
I just asked him a question...
Yeah, you're acting like she's dead.
Why are we acting like she's dead?
We have the stones, right?
As long as we have
the stones, Cap, we can bring
her back, isn't that right?
So stop this shit. We're the
Avengers, get it together.
We can't get her back.
- Wha- what?
- It can't be undone. It can't.
I'm sorry. No offense, but you're
a very earthly being. Okay?
We're talking about space magic.
And "can't" seems very () don't you think?
Look, I know that I'm way
outside my paygrade here.
But she still isn't
here, is she?
- Now that's my point.
- It can't be undone.
Or that's at least what the,
great floating guy had to say.
Maybe you wanna go talk to him?
Go grab your hammer, and you
go fly and you talk to him.
It was supposed to be me.
She sacrificed her life for that
goddamned stone. She bet her life on it.
She's not coming back.
We have to make it worth it.
We have to.
We will.
All right. The glove's ready.
Question is, who's gonna
snap their freaking fingers?
I'll do it.
It's okay.
- No, no, no, no. Stop. Stop.
- Hey, hey...
Thor, just wait.
We haven't decided who's
gonna put that on yet.
I'm sorry. What, were you just sitting
around waiting for the right opportunity?
We should at least discuss it.
Look, us sitting here staring at that
thing is not gonna bring everybody back.
I'm the strongest Avenger, okay? So
this responsibility falls upon me.
It's my duty. It's not that... It's...
stop it! Just let me.
Just let me do it. Just
let me do something good.
- Something great.
- Look...
It's not just the fact that
that glove is channeling
enough energy to light up a
continent, I'm telling you
you're in no condition.
What do you think is coursing
through my veins right now?
Cheez Whiz?
- Lightning.
- Yeah.
Lightning won't help you, pal.
It's gotta be me.
You saw what those stones did to Thanos.
It almost killed him.
None of you could survive.
How do we know you will?
I don't. But the
radiation's mostly gamma.
It's like...
I was meant for this.
Good to go, yeah?
Let's do it.
You remember everyone
Thanos snapped away five
years ago and just bringing
them back to now, today.
Don't change anything
from the last five years.
Got it.
Friday, do me a favor and
activate protocol 8.
Yes, boss.
Everybody comes home.
- Take it off. Take it off!
- No, wait. Bruce, are you okay?
Talk to me, Banner.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Don't move him.
- Did it work?
- Worth a shot. It's over. It's okay.
I think it worked!
I can't breathe. I can't breathe!
I can't breathe.
Canopy. Canopy. Canopy.
Rhodey, Rocket, get outta here!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Come on!
Mayday, mayday! Does anybody copy? We're
in the lower level, it's flooding!
- What?
- We're drowning! Does anybody copy? Mayday!
Wait! I'm here! I'm
here, can you hear me?
Yes, Father.
So, this is the future.
Well done.
Thank you, Father. They
suspected nothing.
The arrogant never do.
Find the stones.
Bring them to me.
What will you do?
Tell me something.
In the future, what
happens to you and me?
I tried to kill you.
Several times.
But eventually,
we become friends.
We become sisters.
Come on.
We can stop him.
Come on, buddy. Wake up.
That's my man.
You lose this again,
I'm keeping it.
What happened?
We messed with time.
It tends to mess back.
You'll see.
What's he been doing?
Absolutely nothing.
Where are the stones?
Lost somewhere under all this.
All I know is he
doesn't have them.
So we keep it that way.
- You know it's a trap, right?
- Yeah...
I don't much care.
Just as long as we're
all in agreement.
Let's kill him
properly this time.
You could not live
with your own failure.
Where did that bring you?
Back to me.
I thought by eliminating
half of life,
the other half would thrive.
But you've shown me,
that's impossible.
And as long as there are those
that remember what was,
there will always be those that
are unable to accept what can be.
They will resist.
Yep. We're all
kinds of stubborn.
I'm thankful.
Because now, I know
what I must do.
I will shred this universe
down to its last atom.
And then...
With the stones you've collected
for me, create a new one.
Teeming with life,
but knows not what it has lost
but only what it has been given.
A grateful universe.
Born out of blood.
They'll never know it.
Because you won't be
alive to tell them.
See you on the other side, man.
Hang on! I'm coming!
Oh, hey...
I know you.
Father. I have the stones.
You're betraying us?
You don't have to do this.
I am... this.
No, you're not.
You've seen what we become.
Nebula, listen to her.
You can change.
He won't let me.
Okay, Thor. Hit me.
Boss, wake up.
I knew it!
In all my years of conquest...
It was never personal.
But I'll tell you now...
what I'm about to do
to your stubborn,
annoying little planet...
I'm gonna enjoy it.
Very, very much.
Cap, you hear me?
Cap, it's Sam.
Can you hear me?
On your left.
Is that everyone?
What, you wanted more?
... assemble.
No, no. Give me that.
You have the little one.
Holy cow.
You will not believe what's been going on.
Do you remember when we were in space?
And I got all dusty? I must've passed
out, 'cause I woke up, and you were gone.
But Doctor Strange was there, right?
He was like,
"It's been five years.
Come on, they need us!"
And then he started doing the yellow
sparkly thing that he does all the time...
What are you doing?
This is nice.
I thought I lost you.
Don't... touch... me!
You missed the first time...
then you got them
both the second time.
This is the one? Seriously?
The choices were him, or a tree.
Cap, what do you want me to
do with this damn thing?
Get those stones as
far away as possible!
We need to get them back
where they came from.
No way to get them back. Thanos
destroyed the quantum tunnel.
Hold on!
That wasn't our
only time machine.
Anyone see an ugly
brown van up there?
But you're not gonna
like where it's parked.
Scott, how long you need
to get that thing working?
Maybe ten minutes.
Get it started. We'll
get the stones to you.
We're on it, Cap.
You said one out of 14
million, we win, yeah?
Tell me this is it.
If I tell you what
happens, it won't happen.
You better be right.
It's a mess back here.
It's... it's dead.
- What?
- It's dead.
I have to hotwire it.
Where's Nebula?
She's not responding.
Give it to me.
You took everything from me.
I don't even know who you are.
You will.
I got it!
Activate Instant Kill!
Rain fire!
But Sire, our troops!
Just do it!
Is anyone else seeing this?
I got this.
I got this!
Okay, I don't got this.
- Help! Somebody, help!
- Hey, Queens. Heads up.
Hang on. I got you, kid.
Hey! Nice to meet---
Oh! My God!
What the hell is this?
Friday, what are they firing at?
Something just entered
the upper atmosphere.
Oh, yeah!
Danvers, we need an assist here.
Hi. I'm Peter Parker.
Hey, Peter Parker. Got
something for me?
I don't know how you're
gonna get through all that.
Don't worry.
She's got help.
I am... inevitable.
And I...
... Iron Man.
Mr. Stark?
Mr. Stark? Can you hear me?
It's Peter.
We won.
Mr. Stark....
We won, Mr. Stark.
We won and you did it, sir.
You did it.
I'm sorry... Tony...
- Hey.
- Hey, Pep...
- Friday?
- Life functions critical.
Look at me.
We're gonna be okay.
You can rest now.
Everybody wants a
happy ending, right?
But it doesn't always
roll that way.
Maybe this time.
I'm hoping if you
play this back,
it's in celebration.
I hope families are reunited,
I hope we get it back,
and something like a
normal version of the
planet has been restored.
If there ever was such a thing.
God, what a world.
Universe, now.
If you told me ten years
ago that we weren't alone,
let alone, you know,
to this extent,
I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised.
But come on, you know?
That epic forces of darkness and
light that have come into play.
And, for better or worse,
that's the reality Morgan's gonna
have to find a way to grow up in.
So I found the time and I
recorded a little greeting...
In the case of an untimely death.
On my part.
Not that, death in any
time isn't untimely.
This time travel thing that we're
gonna try and pull off tomorrow,
it's, it's got me scratching
my head about this.
But then again, that's the hero gig.
Part of the journey is the end.
Everything's gonna work out
exactly the way it's supposed to.
I love you 3,000.
You know, I wish
there was a way...
that I could let her know.
That we won.
We did it.
She knows.
They both do.
How you doing, Squirt?
- Good.
- You good?
- Okay. You hungry?
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you want?
- Cheeseburgers.
You know your Dad
liked cheeseburgers?
I'm gonna get you all the
cheeseburgers you want.
So, when can we expect you back?
- About that...
- Thor. Your people need a king.
No, they already have one.
That's funny.
You're being serious?
It's time for me to be
who I am rather than
who I'm supposed to be.
But you, you're a leader.
That's who you are.
You know I'd make a lot
of changes around here.
I'm counting on it.
Your Majesty.
What will you do?
I'm not sure.
For the first time in a
thousand years, I...
I have no path. I do
have a ride, though.
Move it or lose it, hairbag.
Well, here we are.
Tree! Good to see you.
The As-Guardians of the
Galaxy back together again.
Where to first?
Just so you know, this is my ship still.
I'm in charge.
I know. I know. Of
course, you are.
Of course.
See, you say of course, but
then you touch the map.
It makes you think that maybe you
didn't realize I was in charge.
Quail, that's your own
insecurities in there. Okay?
I'm merely trying to be of service.
An assistant.
- Quill.
- That's what I said.
You should fight one another
for the honor of leadership.
Sounds fair.
- It's not necessary.
- It's not.
I got some blasters unless
you guys wanna use knives.
Oh, yes. Please, use knives.
I am Groot.
Not necessary.
There shall be no
knifing one another.
Everybody knows who's in charge.
It's me.
Yes, you! Of course!
Of course. Of course.
You have to return the stones at
the exact moment you got them.
Or you're gonna open up a bunch
of nasty alternative realities.
Don't worry, Bruce.
Clip all the branches.
You know, I tried.
When I had the gauntlet, the stones,
I really tried to bring her back.
- I miss them, man.
- Me, too.
You know, if you want,
I can come with you.
You're a good man, Sam.
This one's on me, though.
Don't do anything stupid
'till I get back.
How can I? You're taking
all the stupid with you.
Gonna miss you, Buddy.
It's gonna be okay, Buck.
How long is this gonna take?
For him? As long as he
needs, For us, five seconds.
Ready, Cap?
Alright. We'll meet
you back here, okay?
You bet.
Going quantum. Three..
two.. one...
And returning in, five,
four, three, two, one...
Where is he?
I don't know. He blew right by his
time stamp. He should be here.
- Well, get him back.
- I'm trying.
- Get him the hell back.
- I said, I'm trying!
Go ahead.
Hi, Sam.
So did something go wrong,
or did something go right?
Well, after I put the
stones back, I thought...
Maybe I'll try some
of that life Tony was...
telling me to get.
How did that work out for you?
It was beautiful.
I'm happy for you. Truly.
Thank you.
Only thing bumming me
out is the fact I have
to live in a world
without Captain America.
That reminds me...
Try it on.
How's it feel?
Like it's someone else's.
It isn't.
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
That's why it's yours.
You wanna tell me about her?
No, I don't think I will.
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