Avenging Angel (1985) Movie Script

take your marks.
Get set.
Come on, Molly, go,
go, go, Molly, come on.
Switch it up.
Go on, Molly.
Go, come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Molly,
go, go, let's go.
Push it, push it!
All right, all right!
Whooo, yeah, all right, Molly.
That a girl.
Oh, that kid, she
runs like a whip.
I don't believe it.
Hey, how 'bout some for me?
Oh, Terry.
I didn't expect
you until tonight.
I wouldn't miss
this for the world.
Congratulations, I
knew you could do it.
C'mon, join us for dinner.
Oh, Lieutenant, I can't.
I gotta work the four
to midnight shift.
Oh, that's just tough luck.
We're gonna have
linguine, clam sauce.
French bread,
cabernet sauvignon.
Babe, I gotta get outta here
before he changes my mind.
Call me tomorrow, you promise?
Lieutenant, thank you, goodbye.
Don't forget, okay?
Will the runners please
move to the starting blocks.
I know he's wonderful, you
think he's great don't you,
isn't he cute?
He's nice.
He's gorgeous.
Tell me, tell me he's gorgeous,
c'mon, tell me, he is!
Okay, he's gorgeous.
Guess what?
Guess what he said
to me the other day.
He said he wanted to go steady.
Can you believe it?
He wants to go steady.
I mean-
Okay, but what
about the studies?
He's smart, he's bright...
- Sure.
- He's cute.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Five minutes, I'll
be right back.
Oh sure, sure.
Well, I think that Terry
is gonna be rich someday.
Oh yeah?
Why's that?
Because every time
I come down here,
he's always working.
Terry doesn't
know about my past.
I haven't told anyone.
Well, why should you?
C'mon, Angel's dead and gone.
You've got a whole
new life ahead of you.
You know, when I was
hustlin' the streets,
I hated cops.
Even you.
And now because of you,
I'm gonna be a lawyer.
Listen, Molly,
I gotta tell you,
I'm very proud of you.
Four years of college
in three is not bad.
Now listen, this
thing with Terry now,
is this serious?
I like him.
I like him a lot.
Okay, well, look, just,
don't rush into
things now because
you know, you're
gonna be meeting a lot
of nice fellas up the road here.
Andrews, the philosopher cop.
okay, even philosopher
cops get hungry,
so, let's eat, c'mon,
'cause I gotta be back in
Hollywood in just four hours.
Contempt in your eyes when
I turn to kiss his lips
Broken I lie all
my feelings denied
Blood on your fist
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Wooo hooo
You in your false securities
Tear up my life,
condemning me
Name me an illness,
call me a sin
Never feel guilty,
never give in
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why
Contempt in your eyes when
I turn to kiss his lips
Broken I lie all
my feelings denied
Blood on your fist
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Wooo wooo wooo hooo
You in your false securities
Tear up my life,
condemning me
Name me an illness,
call me a sin
Never feel guilty,
never give in
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why
Maradian here.
Yeah, go 'head, Harry.
Janie Su
Li has surfaced.
Is her cover broke?
we're not sure.
Ah, shit.
The tip we got is that
some very heavy heat
is coming down on her.
All right, I'm on it.
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Way too far away
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
You and me together
Fighting for our love
Wooo hooo
Damnit, call the police.
Get out of here,
get out of here.
Ray, get the car!
Christ, he's in a fit,
come on, let's go.
I ain't no angel, pal.
Sorry you got hurt.
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Obviously, Mr. McCloud
has gone to great lengths
to establish the fact
that Mr. Larson was
acquainted with the victim.
Mr. Larson admits that
he knew Ms. Matthews
and was outside of her apartment
the night that she was
criminally assaulted.
Is that true, Mr. Larson?
Let the records show,
Mr. Larson nodded
his head in ascent.
Your witness,
please, Mr. McCloud.
Mr. Larson,
you live in Los Angeles,
am I correct?
Yes, yes, I do.
that is approximately
30 miles from Judy
Matthews' apartment.
That's right.
Do you often
come to this neighborhood?
No, no, not often.
then, tell me what
prevailed upon you to
travel 30 miles distance
to Judy Matthew's neighborhood
so late in the evening.
Was it to see a movie?
Or perhaps legitimate theater?
Or maybe you just wanted
to buy a pack of smokes.
It's all there, Mr. Gerrard.
She named names,
including our man in
the police department.
Oh, it is all here.
Jesus, if this got out,
they'd shrink assholes
from here to Chicago.
You did a good job, Ray.
Oh yeah, my ol' man is
gonna be very pleased.
There may be complications.
When we hit that second cop,
there was this
freaky looking guy,
he had this glitter
shit all over him.
He got caught in the crossfire.
No telling what he saw.
Look, what we don't need
is a bigger body count, huh.
Mr. Gerrard, nobody gives
a damn about a street freak.
You know, I almost got
him on the way there.
I know you hate
speeches, Andrews,
but I'm gonna get
those bastards,
so help me God.
Isn't he cute?
I think there's
enough to go around.
Oh, well, I'd like
to go around the world.
How much will 50 bucks get me?
Loads, baby.
And now, for the most famous
and spectacular trick
in all of Yoyodom.
Do you know
rocking the cradle?
Do I know rocking the cradle?
Ma'am, I invented that trick,
but I won't be doing it tonight
because the baby in the cradle
is doing his act at the
other end of the boulevard.
However, I will be doing...
Walking the dog?
Ah, yes, but as you can see,
the dog just died.
Well, believe
it or not, folks,
that's the grand finale.
Remember, donations accepted,
absolutely nothing rejected,
thank you very much.
Thank you.
Yo yo.
You don't remember me?
My god, I can't
believe it, it is you!
You look terrific.
You're so different.
You look great.
You look great too.
Oh, you know me.
I can't complain.
I make a living.
I wake up in the morning.
You've changed.
But for the better.
I'm glad you got
out when you did.
What's happened to
the boulevard, Yo Yo?
I mean, things have changed.
Places are being boarded up.
Property's being sold.
I saw Rita hustling in George's.
He never would've allowed
that to happen before.
Well, that's because
George don't own it anymore.
There's a lot of
changes going on,
and some people
call it progress.
Who's she?
Oh, that's Cindy.
She came in from Omaha.
Is she new to the streets?
She's been here
about three weeks.
She can't be over 13.
Some things never
change, do they?
Hey, have you see Solly?
Well, let's go.
All right.
Can you believe it, that
hearse belongs to Sol.
Oh yeah?
Don't tell me, she got
it from an ex-tenant.
Yeah, just like
everything else she owns.
In here.
Wow, this is
Solly's all right.
Come on, come on,
this is gonna be great.
She won't even recognize you.
She's gonna have a heart attack.
It's been four years.
Come on, it's all right.
Look out when she turns around,
this is gonna be hysterical.
Is that any way to
treat an old friend?
I don't believe it.
I'm gonna have a heart attack!
Dolly, how the fuck are you?
What are you doin'
here, you little shit?
You're not walkin'
the streets, are you?
I told you never to
come back to this town.
Aww, man!
Look what you've done now!
You woke up the fucking
baby, you pervert.
I'm coming, Dolly, yes.
Oh, no, you don't want to cry.
You miss your Solly?
Come on.
Oh, yeah.
Yes, don't you cry now, no.
Congratulations, Solly.
I didn't know.
It ain't mine,
for Christ's sakes.
Oh, she's adorable.
Yeah, but it ain't
a she, it's a he.
I don't know, Solly.
He looks kinda like you.
Ah, bullshit.
you find him, Solly?
Oh, this
little hooker I knew.
She owed me seven
months back rent.
So she split and
leaves me this kid.
They found her body.
Behind the alley a week ago.
Can you imagine me a mother?
At my fucking age?
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna get rid of the
little bastard, that's what.
'Cause he's a pain in my ass.
I know a guy on welfare.
He can help you.
You touch that phone
and I'll break your dick.
Oh no.
I'm gonna find the
right place for him.
I guess you heard
about Andrew's death.
Yeah, and he was murdered.
I thought maybe
you would've heard
something on the streets
about who shot him.
Not a thing.
I heard some talk
about Johnny Glitter.
He was supposed to be
around when Andrew was shot.
We can check it out,
but nobody's seen
him around since.
Where can I find him?
He works on the streets.
He could be anywhere.
I know who we
need, Kit Carson!
He knows more about these
streets than anybody.
You haven't heard, have you?
Oh no.
No, he's not dead.
Can I help you?
We're here to pick
up the body, sir.
What body?
I don't know anything
about any body.
William Cornwald.
He called himself Kit Carson.
Oh, him.
I didn't know he died.
It happened very suddenly.
Well, there's nothing
down here about it.
You're making it awful hard
on the widow Cornwald, sir.
Lady, it's okay, Lady.
Go 'head, Lady.
Go 'head.
I'll lift the barrier.
Thank you, sir.
I'm gonna take this hallway,
and you take that hallway.
We'll meet later.
Whoever finds him,
take him to the hearse,
and we'll meet there.
All right, good luck.
How ya doin'?
Howdy, partner.
Remember me?
Is that you, Angel?
Oh, good god almighty.
What are
you doing here?
Why, I don't know, Angel.
I don't think I'm
supposed to be here.
It's so good to see you, Angel.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
J Wing.
Well, someone's pulling
your leg, deary.
Nobody dies on this floor
unless they check with me first.
You can bet your liver
I'll look into it.
Bush, Charlie, let's go.
What the hell's she up to now?
I don't know,
she's probably gonna
lobotomize some poor sucker.
Who knows,
in this loony bin,
anything could happen.
By God, Angel,
I feel plumb naked
without my shootin' irons.
Oh, hey, let me
show you something.
Remember this here?
Lieutenant Andrews deputized me.
Can't wait to see him.
He's dead, Kit.
Damn shame.
He was a good man.
He was murdered.
What, who in the hell would
do a terrible thing like that?
That's what we're
gonna find out.
Word on the street is Johnny
Glitter saw the whole thing.
Do you know?
Know him?
Sure I know him.
Funny little fella, throwing
that sparkly stuff all over.
Can you find him.
You darn tootin'.
Now let's ride.
Solly, solly.
I can't find the old fart.
Who you
calling old fart?
Is that you, Solly?
Who do ya think it is,
you senile old bastard?
Same old Solly.
Let's get out of here.
Excuse me, sweetheart,
has the number five
bus come by here yet?
Not yet, Sam,
another 10 minutes.
Oh thanks, Kit.
Noon in the high sierra.
There they are.
Nurse, you, nurse!
Now we're in deep shit.
You're not
supposed to be here.
Where are you going?
Get him.
Faster, faster!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Right now.
You're not supposed to be here.
Where the
fuck are you going?
Watch it!
Come on, come on, after them.
Stop, stop!
Move it, Yo Yo.
You've got it.
Piss off.
Solly, come on!
I think you've gone
about it the wrong way.
That can't be the way
to change a diaper.
Why not?
He'll be peein' backwards.
How do you pee backwards?
Easy, you have the stovepipe
pointed in the wrong direction.
Oh my god, what a night.
My dogs are killin' me.
Where's my little boy, yoohoo?
What are you doin' to that kid.
You're gonna give him a complex.
Hey, where'd you find
that little mustang?
I want you to meet my
babysitters, Pat and Mike.
This is Kit and Angel.
How do you do, ladies?
Hi, Cowboy.
Say, let me hold him.
All right, now, don't
break him, ya old fart.
That's it, that's it,
fine little mustang.
Sure gonna be hard to break.
Look at them eyes,
yes-sir-ee, that's character.
Say, why don't you
call him Little Buck,
after Buck Jr.
They used to double
'em back in the '30s.
All right, now, don't
drop him, don't drop him.
What in the hell.
Did I ever tell you about the
time I delivered triplets?
I was all by myself
at Buster Browns
up in Bosler, Montana.
That was back in the winter,
Good God almighty,
the little sidewinder
peed all over me.
Yeah, all this little bronco
needs is some play time.
Here you go, honey.
Look what I got for you.
Look here.
There you go, Buck.
How do you like that.
Isn't that fun?
It's pretty, huh?
Isn't it pretty?
My golly, look at you.
Goodness sakes alive, look
at that little Buck there.
By golly.
What are you, workin'
the streets again?
Yeah, I am.
I can find out a lot more
on the street as Angel
than I can as Molly.
Right, Kit.
Makes sense to me.
I liked your old
warehouse, Kit.
I did too, but
they tore it down
to make room for one of
them high rise condos.
They sure know how
to ruin a good view.
Hell, places like this here
ain't easy to come by, Angel.
Especially if you don't
want to pay any rent.
Well, what do you think?
I think it's wonderful.
Well, c'mon in, come in.
This is great.
Oh, gosh, if I ever
need a decorator,
I guess I'll know
who to call, won't I?
It's surprising
what you can do
with a few pieces
of old movie sets.
Right there's my
favorite, right there.
Of course, every time I look
at it, it makes me thirsty.
Well, it sure is nice
to be home, yes sir.
Well, looks like I have
to do some tidying up.
Here, I'll help.
What happened here, anyway?
Well, you don't think I was
gonna let them take
me to the loony bin
without a fight, did you?
Damn bushwhackers.
Snuck up on me in the middle
of the night, they did.
You know, it's
awfully hard to fight
with your long johns on and
your tallywhacker hangin' out.
Excuse me, Angel.
Anyway, the next thing I knew,
I was in a padded cell
and that funny little
lawyer of mine,
he was spendin' all my money.
Didn't they have a court order
or a search warrant or anything?
They didn't have
nothin' but their fists.
I sure don't wanna
go back there again.
You won't have to, Kit.
I'm filing a restraining order
to keep them from
taking you back.
You can do that, Angel?
I can and I will.
Well, damn, I almost
forgot what I came here for.
Come on over here
and give me a hand.
You wanna pick this right up.
There we are.
Let me see about
my hog legs, here.
It's still working good.
There we go.
Yes, sir.
This here, live ammunition.
No, they won't
let me walk around
the boulevard with loaded guns,
what they don't
know won't hurt 'em.
We run into them coyotes that
killed poor Lieutenant Andrews
we're gonna need the real McCoy.
Now, I got me a surprise.
That's a snake eye derringer.
Got it from OI' Bat Masterson,
just before he retired.
You can have it.
Good God Almighty.
You know I just
love convertibles.
Well, that's nice.
Look, we're looking
for this street freak.
He's lit up like Christmas tree.
The name's Johnny Glitter.
He's got this sparkle
crap all over him.
Look, honey, I'm not the
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
I don't give nothing
away for free.
What, what?
Try Chinatown.
You have some.
You assholes!
You goddamn dirty shitheads!
His name is Prince Charming.
Oh, and this guy spent
months trying to find her.
He went from flophouse
to flophouse,
from breadline to soup
kitchen to no avail.
This prince had one hell of
a time trying to find him,
but through it all,
he never gave up.
He was determined
to find the woman
that fit into this
glass slipper.
And this woman,
lemme tell you guys,
was the most gorgeous,
most delicious woman
that he had ever seen.
I mean, I am
talking beauty here.
I am talkin' that she
is absolutely luscious.
She was kind of like
Bette Midler.
For Christ sake, that's
no way to treat good booze.
Where's your registry book?
Who the hell registers?
This ain't the Plaza.
What in the hell
do you guys want?
A guy name Glitter flop here?
You must be fuckin' nuts.
People in this place
ain't got no names.
My friend asked
you a question.
He's upstairs.
Well, this is where
Johnny Glitter used to bunk.
Let's go.
Get him up.
Hey, mister.
You seen a fella
named Johnny Glitter?
Johnny Glitter, oh yeah.
He's upstairs.
Oh, and so are four of the
meanest sons of bitches
you ever saw.
You fuckin' cockroaches.
Go on, move it.
That Glitter
son of a bitch
has to be around here somewhere.
Come on, let's check upstairs.
Kit, look.
Hey, you got anymore
shells for that thing.
Angel, I taught you how
to use a shootin' iron.
You ever shoot one of them?
Just point and
pull the trigger.
You got it partner,
now let's go.
Where is that bastard?
Where's Glitter?
Come on, wake up.
Get up!
Let's go!
Glitter, glitter,
that's a start.
Tell Ray where the fuck you are.
Fuck, brush your teeth.
Go, go, you fuckin' Cockroaches!
Hi, Kit.
Excuse me.
Hey listen, excuse me, guys.
Look, you've got the wrong guy.
You want Stan the stardust man.
I sell daydreams.
Is this the guy?
Hey, come on now fellas.
Come on, listen,
you got me mixed up
with somebody else.
I'm Johnny Glitter.
I spread happiness and joy.
I'm you're sunshine, man.
You see?
Smiles by the miles.
Don't anybody move.
Go 'head and hide.
Take cover, Angel.
Got one of 'em.
I could swear one of those
guys was fuckin' cowboy.
You're crazy, Teddy,
those guys are pros.
She's reloading, get her.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Well, howdy, Johnny.
Kit, are they gone?
Are you
sure they're gone?
I'm pretty sure, yep.
I want you to meet
my friend Angel here.
Hi, Johnny.
Hi, Angel.
Are you all right, Johnny?
Who, me?
Yeah, sure, I'm fine.
Well, listen, thanks
for everything.
I'll be seeing you, Kit.
Hold on there, Johnny.
Where do you think
you're headed?
I'm about to catch the
fastest bus out of town.
Come on now, Johnny.
We need your help,
don't we, Angel.
We sure do, Johnny.
I guess I owe you one.
That'a boy, Johnny.
That'a boy.
I knew his heart pumped
more than just shit.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
that's it, that's him.
That's it, you've
got it, my god.
You're very good.
You ain't no Picasso,
but you're very good.
That's him.
I think I know this guy.
He came in here with a gorilla
the size of a meat locker.
Pushed me around a little.
He wanted to buy the place,
but I told him I didn't own it.
Yeah, well he
don't look like no
real estate man I ever saw.
Unless they were planning to
bury some guy under a house.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Kit, find Yo Yo,
tell him there's gonna be
a meeting tonight
at Solly's, okay?
Johnny, spread the word.
I want everybody there.
Oh good.
I love parties.
Hey Angel,
Angel, where you going?
I've got some studying to do.
I'll see you later, okay?
I'll catch up with you later.
Damn, that girl picks
the funniest times
to do her school work.
Excuse me, Miss.
I'd like a replicate of
all property transactions
on Hollywood Boulevard from
December of '83
to January of '85.
Yes, yes, I'd be
delighted to accept.
It's an honor.
Yes, we'll do that soon.
My regards to your lovely wife.
Can you beat that?
Jenny, pencil in the 26th,
the Chamber of Commerce
dinner in my honor.
Man of the year.
How 'bout that.
Thank you, Jenny.
Two of our fuckin' men wasted,
and you don't know who did it?
Well, they came
out of nowhere.
They disappeared
without a trace.
I don't believe it.
When I was running the
show in Kansas City,
this kind of thing
never happened.
You think somebody's
movin' in on us?
Ray thinks they're pros.
It's that Hebe from Jersey.
It's gotta be Epstein.
Listen, if I was
in business with you,
everything would've been fine.
Angel, has something to say,
and I want you all
to listen real good.
I'm looking for
Andrew's killer.
You have to protect
your businesses.
If we work together,
we can help each other.
I checked out a few things
in the Hall of Records,
and discovered some
very interesting facts.
For the last 18 months,
87 transactions, over
worth of Boulevard real estate
has changed hands.
There's nothing wrong
with buying property.
Oh, yes there is.
If you force people to sell
or kill them if they don't.
That's right, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Who's behind all this, Angel?
I don't know.
But it's clear to
me that someone
is out to takeover
the Boulevard Vice.
Hold it, hey, wait.
Let's face it, there's
a lot of money in Vice.
I think that
Lieutenant Andrews
and Janie Sun Li found
out about the scheme
and were killed because of it.
Just like them damn
land barrens used to do
when I was a kid.
We think we've identified
one of Andrew's killers.
How do you know?
If anybody sees this man,
don't do anything rash.
Contact me, Kit, or Johnny.
Hello, baby, my name
is Studs, what's yours?
Come on, baby,
don't be like that.
You like to party?
How would you like
to make my day?
I'm on a lunch break.
Kinda horny, aren't you?
You can tell, eh?
Mm hmm.
One more word, and I'll blow
your balls into outer space.
All right, all right.
Bang, bang.
Well, I see you
haven't lost your touch.
Hold it, honey, you're
not going anywhere.
Get your hands off.
No, you've made a mistake!
I'll have you up on charges.
Hey Eddie, this bimbo is
gonna have us up on charges.
Hey folks.
Spending the night
in the slammer
ain't no reason
for doom or gloom.
I got a pocketful of dreams.
Here, officer, grab one.
Grab that dingbat, too.
Yeah, what dingbat?
Where in tarnation
did that girl go to?
Hey Angel.
Can you believe this shit?
This is my third bust this week.
I mean I'm not crap.
I make a lot of money
for that guy, you know.
And I only get his
damn answering machine.
Not much fun, is it?
I've never been busted before.
Yeah, well, you
better get used to it
if you plan on staying
in this line of business.
Ever thought about going home?
My father would
really love that.
At least on the streets
I get paid for it.
Got any other relatives?
Someone who can look after you.
I've got an older
sister in Tucson.
I don't see what
the problem is.
All right, we've got
22 fish in the tank.
Sergeant, Sergeant.
And an authorized signature.
May I have a word
with you, please?
Sergeant Baylor, there's
been a terrible mistake.
The mistake, baby,
is that you got busted.
Tell it to your attorney.
Sergeant Baylor,
your department is
in violation of due process.
Article one, section seven of
the California constitution.
Not to mention, the
Civil Rights Act.
Under California Civil Code,
section 11115, article 4,
and, under California
penal codes section 146,
you personally,
and your captain,
are legally liable
for false arrest.
She's right.
We owe this young
lady an apology.
Get her release papers ready.
Harry, we picked her
up in a routine sweep.
I'm aware of our
procedures, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Whatever you say, Sir.
Would you mind telling me
what the hell you
think you're doing?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
You know damn
well what I mean.
Sketches of suspects
and alleged killings.
Agitating people in the streets.
Sticking your nose in
where it doesn't belong.
If you were doing your job,
I wouldn't have to.
Don't you dare tell me my job.
I'm conducting an investigation.
I don't have to answer to you.
You think Andrews would
approve of what you're doing?
Am I free to leave?
He was my friend too.
Am I free to leave?
Yes, but,
don't forget what I told you.
Keep your nose out
of police business.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir.
You arrested a 13 year old
girl in your vice sweep.
A minor.
She doesn't belong in a
tank full of street whores.
She doesn't belong
in the streets, either.
Will you help her?
She'll only wind up
back in the streets.
But you will try.
Hey Debbie, come over.
Well, hello.
It's party time.
Oh yeah?
How much?
The three of us, around the
world in 80 days, 500 bucks.
That's my lucky number.
Are you sure this is
Debbie's trick crib?
Well, that's what
Shopping Cart Sally told me.
Shares it with a
couple of young ladies.
Heard some wild stories about
what goes on in there too.
Johnny, you stay here.
Kit and I will check it out.
All right.
If you see, Andrew's killer,
if you even think you
see Andrew's killer,
you honk that horn, okay?
Okay, yeah, yeah, okay.
Hey, I'm you're
sunshine man, Angel.
I won't let you down.
Please, Mister.
I've never done
anything like that before.
Bitch, what do you
think I'm paying you for.
Move it, get over there.
Do it, and you're gonna like it.
Please, I can't.
Geeze, Ray, take it easy.
She's only a kid.
Only a kid?
Only a kid?
How would like your
fucking head caved in?
We've gotta do something, Kit.
You're right, Angel.
You stand right here.
She doesn't want to!
I'll do it.
- You ready?
I'm making a citizen's arrest.
Get the girl, Angel, get her.
Get out of here.
Fucking cowboy!
Angel, head to high ground,
I'll meet you outside.
Down there, down there.
Jesus, what was that.
It's all set.
You're going to Tucson.
Here's your ticket.
You talked to my sister.
Uh huh.
She wants me to
come stay with her?
That's what she says.
She sends her love,
and she'll pick you
up at the airport.
That's nice,
Angel, real nice.
How can I ever thank you?
Don't come back.
LAX, see to it that
she gets on the plane.
You bet, lady.
A hooker, a drugstore
cowboy, and a Jewish dyke?
That's the powerful organization
we were worried about?
There's no mistake.
We've checked it out.
Now, why in the fuck would
three misfits like this
have a hard on for us,
can you answer that?
Can you answer that?
Can you answer that?
It turns out that Andrew's
was a hooker's guardian.
The hooker's guardian?
That's it?
That's the reason
they're all over our ass?
Yes, that's it.
I want them taken care of.
All right.
All right
Hey, Angel.
Hey, Angel.
Molly Stewart.
Captain Maradian
would like to see you.
Little early, isn't
it, Sergeant Baylor?
You know cops never sleep.
C'mon, get in.
We had a break in
the Andrews' case.
So, you were a friend
of Andrews, huh?
That's right.
Hear he took you
off the streets.
Paid your way through college.
I bet you were real
grateful to him for that.
What are you trying
to say, Sergeant?
Hey, don't get so touchy.
I just thought it was a real
nice thing for him to do,
that's all.
Yeah, it was.
He was a good cop.
A good cop.
Too bad he put his nose
in where it didn't belong.
I thought that's what good
cops were supposed to do.
Good cops.
Get out.
C'mon, c'mon, get out.
You know, honey,
you made some friends
of mine very unhappy.
Son of a bitch.
Jesus Christ, Harry.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm afraid I did, Hal.
You used me for bait.
I'm doing my job.
why don't we two
help each other.
We don't know know who
Baylor was working for.
Well, Janie Sun Li
knew, she had proof,
before she could pass
it on to Andrews,
they were both killed.
But I promise you
one thing, Angel,
whoever did it, I'll get him.
If you don't, I will.
You were too young to remember
what it was like when I worked
for the organization.
It's all changed,
world's changed, Miles.
Let's have a drink.
Each one of those pins is
and annuity for you, kid.
Can't tell you the potential
of Hollywood Boulevard.
We'll name one of
those movie theaters
after your mother, may
her soul rest in peace.
Commercial possibilities
are unlimited,
and I'm not gonna lose
it because of some
goddamn ragtag band of
piss ant vigilantes.
They got Baylor.
This time I'll take
care of it personally.
Can you believe it?
I have to testify on
Maradian's behalf.
I think you owed
it to him, Angel,
after all, he saved your life.
The car behind us.
It looks like the
one I saw the night
that Andrew's was killed.
Look, and they're
shooting at us.
Look out!
We'll get killed!
Where's that box
I put back here
a couple of days ago?
Go Johnny, go.
I'm going as fast as
this crate will carry us.
Duke Wayne gave
me this because
I rode shotgun for
him in a stagecoach.
Who cares, you dumb
fuck, will it shoot?
Who you callin' a dumb fuck?
You're damn right it'll shoot.
Now open that back door,
and I'll show you some shootin'.
Oh shit!
Turn around, go back!
Dag-gummit, sure is a
bad time for a blow out.
Where's your jack,
Angel, I can fix it.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
Come on, let's go that way.
Come on, Kit.
Move it, ya dipshit.
Better hurry, they'll
be doubling back any minute.
They behind us?
It's dark in here.
It's a fucking dead end,
now what are we gonna do?
We're sitting ducks!
Well, now I know
how Custer felt.
Here, Angel, load up.
Way to leave my hanging.
These things ain't loaded.
Get behind those dumpsters.
Hey, sonny, now
just might who you be?
They've got Miles.
You think Little
Buck's gonna like this?
Sure, why not?
Do you think it's his color?
Which one?
Where are they?
We wouldn't
tell you if we knew.
Get out of here
before we call the cops.
Hey, what a cute baby!
Tight lipped
fella, ain't he?
Can't get a word out of him.
What do you expect from
a guy who wears earrings?
C'mon, guys.
We don't have a choice.
We have to call the police.
No, I say sling him up.
That'll make him talk.
When are you gonna
join the 20th Century,
you old coot?
I think you're right.
We should hand him
over to the police.
I'll call Maradian.
Watch it!
Look out, he's got a gun!
Ease off the gun, cowboy.
Move, move!
You, behind the couch, up,
you rag tag band of
piss ant vigilantes.
Who do you think
you're fucking with?
Isn't anybody gonna
answer the phone?
What do you want?
Oh, it's for you, honey.
Uh huh.
Uh huh.
I understand.
It's a man named Arthur Gerrard.
He's got Little Buck.
He wants to trade
him for his son.
Gerrard said we're
supposed to wait
right here until they arrive.
You get just as close
to Little Buck as you can.
You jam that
wheelchair right into
ol' Gerrard's nuts,
grab Little Buck,
and run like hell,
cause that's when I'm
gonna commence shooting.
You all right, Miles?
We're ready.
Then let's do it.
That's a fucking bullet hole.
I've got the baby!
I've got the baby!
I've got the baby!
Solly, cover the other end.
Gerrard's making a break for it.
Cover me.
Son of a bitch!
Hey guys, I've been shot!
You're the only
one left, Gerrard.
Drop the gun.
Who do you think you're
messing with, hooker?
Throw that gun down
before I drop him.
You know I'll do it.
Now, kick it over here.
You've got the gun,
put the baby down.
Little Buck!
Move and I'll blow
your brains out.
You'll never make it!
Little Buck!
Little Buck!
Gimme that kid,
before you drop him,
you wonderful,
senile, old bastard.
Wyatt Earp couldn't
have done any better.
Shucks, Angel.