Avenging Force (1986) Movie Script

Come on, big man. Let's step on it.
Come on, keep going.
Come on.
Come on. Come on, run.
(cries out)
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Look, they've got to know
about these guys. Get out of here!
(assailant howls)
Damn it. I bagged the first one.
I almost got 'em both.
Gentlemen, Mr Jack King, late
of the United States Secret Service.
You boys owe me $50,000, I believe.
You see, my friends, survival of the fittest.
That's what counts.
My, my, my, my.
This is a great game, boys.
to the Pentangle Hunting Fraternity.
(man) He's getting away from you.
You got him trapped now.
(man) Ho! Bring him down.
Get him over. Watch yourself. Come on.
Old Will Rogers
couldn't have done it better himself.
(girl) Matt!
Stop playing with that calf.
We're gonna be late.
Come on, it's a long drive to New Orleans.
Uncle Larry's counting on you.
Untie him, boys.
Look at you, you're filthy.
- I'll get my things and be right up, OK?
- OK.
Make him hurry up, Grandpa.
- She's growing up to be a real cute girl.
- Yeah.
Your mom and dad would be proud of her.
Don't put the blame on yourself, Matt.
Their deaths weren't your fault.
I guess you're right.
Well, we'd better hurry up, right? Come on.
I guess Mr Richards will be making
speeches and stuff before the parade.
- I guess.
- Yuck. Why did he go into politics?
He wanted to be with the people
he grew up with.
So he can help stop poverty and crime,
make better lives for themselves.
He's got a heck of a job.
Come on, chatterbox,
let's have some coffee.
Dad, they're coming!
(car horn blares)
Hey, buddy!
(Matt) Larry Richards for US Senate.
That was worth the drive right there.
Hey, man, come here. Welcome, buddy.
- You look good.
- You too. You're keeping in shape.
- Hi, Daisy.
- It's good to see you.
- (Matt) Still look good.
- Sarah, come here. Give me some sugar.
You're quite a young lady.
She's gonna break a lot of hearts.
Tell me about it.
Look at these guys.
What are you feeding them?
Anything I can get my hands on.
OK, guys, show me some karate.
Matt, you want to take me on?
- Little Bruce, huh?
- Little Bruce Lee.
Get the cowboy here.
Daisy, you're still
the best cook in the world.
Thank you, Grandpa.
I get a lot of practice with these guys.
Hey, Councilman,
how's the politicking going?
In a big city like this, when you try to turn
the system inside out, it's hard.
It's going a little too well for some people.
This isn't the right time
to bring that stuff up.
Why not, when someone's
trying to threaten your life?
And who's that?
The usual bunch of troublemakers,
you know. No big thing.
- They call themselves Pentangle.
- Pentangle.
Except for a few crank phone calls,
which are par for the course,
you know that, no harm's been done.
Now, I want to make a toast.
Here's to the future. A future of living
together and working together.
And a future of peace
for our young people,
so they won't make
the same mistakes we made.
- (Matt) Hear, hear.
- All right.
Now, are we ready to go
to the Mardi Gras?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Up here!
(horn blares)
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Grandpa, look after Sarah.
I'm going out front for a while.
Sure, Matt.
Be right back.
Catch it!
Come on, sugar. Come to Momma.
Are you security?
Is this all the protection you have?
This is it.
Larry, corner, one o'clock.
- (crowd gasp)
- Matt!
Let go!
Matt, get her down!
You kill kids, you bastard.
You son of a bitch!
(man) Somebody call the police!
(sirens wail)
(sirens wail)
- Waiter?
- Yes, sir, I'll be right there.
Get out of the way!
Get out...!
(Daisy) No, no! Oh, my God, my baby!
No, no, Larry! Oh...!
- No!
- He's not breathing.
No pulse.
Hold it right there. All right.
(Daisy) Is he breathing?
No, no, no!
(Daisy) You're gonna be OK, baby. Don't
worry. They're gonna take care of you.
(Daisy) Oh, Larry, please.
(siren wails)
Very good!
Good hit! Bravo!
Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Well done.
Gentlemen, two of the world's great
martial artists are here with us tonight.
Commander Jeb Wallace,
current holder of
the World Iron Man Championship.
And Lafayette's own Wade Delaney.
Harvard Heisman Trophy winner,
and the South's youngest senator.
- When you gonna run for president?
- Give me a little time, Elliot.
Gentlemen, there is
one other man here with us tonight.
He's a philosopher, a thinker,
a soldier and founder
of the giant Hadley Corporation,
I give you Professor Elliot Glastenbury.
It's all right for old Charlie here
to toss around compliments,
but this is a boy that earned a couple
of million before the age of 21.
Let's give a big hand for Charlie Lavall,
president of Louch.
Thank you, thank you.
You know I'm just so humbled
to be in the presence of men like this.
Prime examples of American men.
Hell, I'm proud of all of you boys.
My dear friends, fellow countrymen,
we're living in dangerous times.
They call us paranoid
because we love our country,
because we want to survive
the economic collapse of our land.
You know what's coming, don't you?
Rioting in the streets of our cities.
- It's started already.
- That's right.
Civil disorder everywhere.
Dope-crazed savages.
- Gangs of nigger rapists!
- (cheers of approval)
Snivelling politicians
trying to enforce gun control.
Commie guerrillas in Central America
pointing their guns north,
just waiting to cross the Rio Grande,
just waiting to terrorise
your mama and your children
and your neighbourhood
and your churches.
First they'll take Mexico.
Then what? Then what?
More than 20 million Mexicans live in
California, Texas and Arizona alone.
What happens when they all decide
that they too want to join
the People's Republic of Mexico?
Then what? Then what?
Then New Orleans. Yes, New Orleans.
- Chicago. Boston. New York.
- No one will stand for that!
No, no, gentlemen,
it is our constitutional right to bear arms.
It is our sacred duty to do so
as efficiently as we know how.
To become soldiers
in the cause of freedom
and the American way of life.
When these yellow-bellied liberals
call us paranoid
and try to hand over our country
to the commies,
we can and we will, with an iron fist, say no!
- No!
- No!
No, no, no, no...!
No, no, no, no...!
- No, no, no, no...!
- No!
Elliot! Elliot! Elliot!
Elliot! Elliot! Elliot!
Thank you.
- What happened?
- They missed.
(men) Elliot! Elliot! Elliot!
Mr Richards, I've given her a sedative
and she'll have a good sleep.
Thank you.
Let's go see Mom, OK?
Oh, Matt, here.
It's the key to our house.
You and your family just...make yourself
at home, all right? See you tomorrow.
I know there's nothing I can say,
but I want you to know,
if you need me, I'm here, OK?
I know. I know.
- (man) Matt Hunter, please.
- (woman) Yes, Mr Hunter's over there.
Good evening, sir. TC Cooper.
I was told to report to you.
Take us to the Richards' house.
- Cooper.
- Yes, sir.
- Clean it up.
- Yes, sir.
- (rings)
- Hello.
Admiral, it's for you, sir. Matt Hunter.
- Matthew, that you?
- Yeah, it's me.
I hoped you'd be calling in.
How's Larry holding up?
How do you think he's holding up?
Remember the old safe house
downtown New Orleans?
See you there in two hours.
Find out all you can
about a group called Pentangle.
Yeah, sure.
Do me a favour
and fix the guys some coffee.
Sure, Matt.
- Cooper, are you working?
- Yes, sir.
Come here, Sarah. Look,
I got to go off for a little while, OK?
Grandpa will look after you.
- Will you be back by morning?
- Yeah, I'll be back by morning.
Can I have a kiss?
Don't worry. Go in.
- (rings)
- Yeah?
- (man) It's Hunter.
- OK. Send him in.
Hunter is here.
Hiya, Matt. Good to see you, son.
What a lousy business this is.
You know General Al Wyatt,
Charlie Kray, FBI.
Gentlemen, Captain Matt Hunter.
Despite his youth,
one of the best agents I ever had.
Why was Larry running around without
any secrets for his protection?
He refused it. We warned him
of the danger 100 times.
- What about Pentangle?
- Sit down.
Excuse me, Charlie.
It's some kind of secret society
with extreme right-wing views.
Survival of the fittest, that kind of stuff.
Their symbol is a five-pointed star,
a pentangle.
We believe that each point of the star
represents a member
of the society's inner sanctum.
- We've been after them for years.
- How do they operate?
Buried deep inside big business
disguised as honest traders.
But they're into every dirty
business in the book. You name it.
- Anything to raise money.
- What do they have against Larry?
A couple of years ago,
a Pentangle corporation
tried to grab 10,000 acres of public
parkland to build a chemical factory.
- Larry stopped them.
- We don't have a clue who they are.
Could be any number
of off-shore corporations
hiding behind battalions
of top-class lawyers.
We're pretty certain that the five key
members are high-profile businessmen
with top-level connections in Washington.
- There must be a way to flush 'em out.
- There is.
- They have a weakness.
- Oh, yeah, what's that?
- They have a hunting club.
- A what?
A hunting club.
Except they don't hunt animals.
- They hunt men.
- How do you know that?
Because we've found dozens
of mangled bodies in the bayous.
All of them branded
with the sign of the pentangle.
So, Pentangle put all these guys in the
bayous just so they can hunt 'em down?
Exactly. You see, in order to be a member
you have to pit your skills against the
toughest, most resilient men available.
If we could put an agent in there who
could beat them at their own game...
- No way.
- I only want you to identify Pentangle.
- The Agency'd do the dirty work.
- I can't risk it.
You're the only man who can pull it off.
My mind is made up.
All I can do is protect Larry's family.
Move 'em to a ranch with a guard.
Take care of them till things cool down.
That's it.
All right, Matthew. Thank you.
(man) Well, it's a mess, boys.
The first time our organisation
has failed in its purpose.
And you are directly to blame, Parker.
That's crazy, Elliot. I assigned our
best men. It should've been simple.
Andrew, everybody
makes mistakes. It's all right.
This idiot jumps out of the crowd
and fouled up the whole thing.
Idiot? That idiot killed
four of our best men, Parker.
Let's have a look.
- Is this him?
- Yes, Elliot.
- He in government, Wade?
- No, he seems too young.
(Wade) I just think he's a friend
of that Negro boy's.
- Looks like a pro to me.
- (Wade) Oh, yeah, he's a pro.
Absolutely no question.
I'll tell you, we ought to put the
son of a bitch in the forest and hunt him.
No, we got to kill him quickly. Just in case
anyone thinks we're losing our touch.
That goes for Sambo while
you're about it. Got that, Parker?
Yes, Elliot.
Gentlemen, to Parker.
(man over Tannoy) No 437 X-ray
now ready to take off from pad no 2.
OK, it's all set. Please follow me.
The helicopter's right outside.
All personnel clear the area, pad no. 2.
Yes? It's for you, Mr Richards.
I got it.
I'll be right back, honey.
Come on, this is private. Let's go.
Mr Richards is unavailable at the moment.
May I ask who's calling?
This is John Motsey, Television 11.
We'd like to know if Mr Richards would
appear on the news magazine tonight.
To discuss the recent tragic events.
- I'm sorry. He's unavailable.
- Say yes.
This is Richards. I'd be glad
to appear on your show. What time?
Be at the studio at five o'clock.
Someone will meet you at the gate
to see you through the formalities.
I'll be there.
- You know it's a trap.
- Of course I know.
Let it go. Let the Service take care of it.
Admiral Brown's taken personal charge.
They killed my son.
I've got to take care of this myself.
There's nothing I can do
or say to change your mind?
You know that.
Let's go.
- Start her up.
- I can't leave you guys here.
Take the kids. We'll see you tomorrow.
- I must do what I've been told.
- It's an order. An order.
Let's go.
- You got a piece anywhere?
- Not on me. What about you?
- Threw them all away.
- So, what are we gonna do?
- What we always do.
- Improvise.
Stay straight through the next two corners,
then make a left.
Make a right over here.
This is the spot.
- (Matt) This is it.
- Let them make the first move.
Hold on.
- Get 'em!
- Hold on.
Get going! Come on!
(horn blares)
(klaxon honks)
- Jesus Christ, where are they?
- I don't know.
Goddamn it, it's my ass! Find 'em!
Holy Jesus!
- What's the next move?
- Follow me.
(Parker) Come on, let's go! Come on!
Let's go! Get up there!
Let's do it.
(Parker) Come on!
Come on, move it! Come on!
(Parker) Come on!
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on! Go! Go on, get down there!
Come on! Let's go!
(Parker) All right, Charlie, come on.
Get that nigger over there.
Cover up there. Get over there.
Go on, you guys, cover over there.
Get out of the way. Stay here.
Got that shithead now.
(Parker) Charlie! You stay here on the door.
I'm going to the porthole.
Cover me.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, Matt!
- How's it feel?
- It's OK. It's only the arm. You?
- Good.
- Hey, behind you.
You tell your little buddies
at Pentangle to lay off Richards.
Or they'll be biting off
more than they can chew.
Hey, bubba,
we'll be back for you,
and your Negro friend too.
Matt, you don't have to get involved
in this, partner. This is my fight.
Your fight's my fight,
you just remember that.
Let's go.
- Glad to see you, Mr Hunter, Mr Richards.
- (Larry) Cooper.
- (Matt) Everything OK?
- Quiet as a Sunday picnic.
- What happened to your arm, Dad?
- Just a little accident. It's OK.
- (Grandpa) Good to see you.
- Where's Daisy?
Upstairs in bed.
Where you ought to be by the looks of you.
I'll be fine. I'm gonna go check on Daisy.
- OK.
- I'll fix you a nice hot cup of coffee.
Thank you, sugar. Come on, son.
I'm glad you're back, Matt.
Yeah, me too.
Beautiful, isn't it?
(Matt) Remember when we used
to come out here with Mom and Dad?
What did you want to talk about?
Well, Uncle Larry and I
have to go away for a while.
- Government business?
- No. My business.
Matt, why would anyone want to kill
a good man like Uncle Larry?
Because sometimes in politics, Sarah,
there's evil men who won't stop at
anything to get rich and gain power.
Uncle Larry's trying to stop them.
Are these men like the ones
who killed Mom and Dad?
OK, Matt, but be careful.
- I love you very much.
- I love you, too.
Come on, I'll race you back, OK?
Come on. Come on.
He knows about Pentangle, Elliot.
He challenged us right off.
- That right?
- He's crazier than hell.
He said for me to tell you to lay off and
not to bite off more than you can chew.
Just whets my appetite, is all.
We can't let him get away with that,
can we, gentlemen?
- Our supporters may lose faith in us.
- Supporters? They're shit.
- Just like the rest of those idiots out there.
- (Elliot) Jeb's right.
Survival of the fittest, that's what counts.
That's why we rule and always will.
Don't you worry about me, Elliot.
He's an impressive man.
He'd make a great asset
to the movement.
I don't care how impressive he is.
I've been told
that he's diametrically opposed
to our way and purpose.
- You know who he is?
- Yes.
Yes, he's an ex-Secret Service partner
to that loud-mouthed nigger.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
Belonged to G6.
That's the Service's elite of the elite.
This boy's the most promising
operative they ever had.
He retired after his parents were killed
by a bomb meant for him.
- Lost his nerve?
- A matter of the heart.
- Had to take care of his kid sister.
- (Jeb) Sentimental weakness.
- We know where he hangs out?
- Yeah.
A farm near Braxton,
a couple of hundred miles north.
- He's up there now.
- With the nigger?
With the nigger
and a whole bunch of Secret Servicemen.
- I like it.
- I love it.
- I love it.
- I think it's just divine.
That's fine. That's great, Elliot.
It is. It is.
- Parker.
- Yes, Elliot.
We lost 11 men because of you.
Now, that wasn't my fault, Elliot.
That man is a snake.
He's some kind of devil.
- Oh, Jesus Christ, come on.
- You're a disgrace to the movement.
Please, don't, Elliot, come on.
I'll get it right. Elliot, don't do this,
goddamn it. I'll get it right!
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Let's invite young Mr Hunter
to the great game, gentlemen.
(Parker) Please.
Please take me with you.
Good God, please.
Eight of diamonds.
Well, gentlemen, it's Hunter all right.
There's Secret Service guys all over.
Four in the kitchen, three patrolling,
with Hunter and Richards upstairs.
- Asleep.
- How about the hired hands?
No problem. They're in the bunk-house.
OK. You all know what to do. Let's go.
(Grandpa) Eight of clubs. Four of clubs.
Jack. Jack bets one.
- Getting a little chilly outside.
- Hot soup on the stove.
Don't mind if I do.
- Where are the others?
- They're around.
OK, everybody in.
Matt! Help us! Help!
Matt! Help! Matt!
Where's Grandpa?
(Larry) Come on! Come on!
- (Daisy) Larry!
- (Larry) Come on.
- (Matt) Get her out of here.
- (Larry) What's going on?
- Pentangle.
- How'd they find out where we were?
- Let's go.
- Where's the baby?
Come on. I got you.
Mommy! Daddy!
(Matt) Come on!
Mommy, Daddy, help!
Matt, take Daisy.
I've got to go and get Jeff.
- No, no, no!
- Go!
(Elliot) Give 'em a spray, boys.
- (Daisy) Larry!
- (Matt) Come on!
(Daisy) Oh, no, no!
Help me! Fire! Daddy!
- You OK?
- Yeah. I'm all right. Get Larry.
Stay right here, now.
Don't move. Don't move.
Jeff, I'm coming. I'm here. I got you, son.
- I bet you 50 grand we lose him.
- We'll see.
I got you.
Matt, here.
Don't let my son die. Go on.
Go on!
Oh, God, no. Oh, don't worry, baby,
we're gonna be OK.
Go get 'em.
Oh, my God!
- No! No!
- Shut up! Shut up!
She's too noisy. Shut her up.
Matt Hunter.
We are the Pentangle Hunting Fraternity.
You've been looking for us.
I'm so very sorry we have to meet
in such adverse circumstances.
Bring 'em down.
(Matt) No!
You are an extraordinary young man,
Hunter. I do admire you.
You leave my sister alone,
you son of a bitch. She can't hurt you.
You're being invited
to participate in a great game.
Your sister's our insurance
you'll turn up.
We've had our eyes on you
for quite a while.
There's a fais dodo
in Ville de Levette in two weeks.
If you accept our invitation,
you'll find your sister there, virgo intacta.
Should you talk to anyone, well...
I'll leave that to your imagination.
Good luck.
(voices on walkie-talkie)
(camera whirrs)
What a goddamn mess.
With all our sophisticated techniques,
we still can't stop these bastards.
What worries me
is their intelligence system.
They seem to know our every move
before we make it.
And we don't know a thing about them.
What the hell's wrong with us?
I wish I knew.
Do you think Hunter
and the kid are still alive?
Without a body, there's always a chance.
Maybe they burned with the house.
I'll have the lab boys
go through the ashes.
Now, listen to me. First,
I want this whole area turned over.
In case Hunter's laying out there.
Second, I want a total media blackout.
Third, if one word of this business gets
out, I'll have those responsible shot.
(man) Ten days, gentlemen.
Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.
I think Hunter and the kid are still alive.
How do you figure that?
We've combed every inch of that territory.
Still no sign of the bodies.
- Did we get a report on the ashes?
- Yeah. Nothing.
Maybe Pentangle buried him.
Why? They left the rest
of the bodies laying around.
Maybe they kidnapped him.
Can you see Matt Hunter
letting himself be taken alive?
If he's alive, why doesn't he show himself?
I know Hunter too well.
After what happened at the ranch,
he won't trust anybody.
Not even the Agency.
No. I think he's out there somewhere.
And we'll be hearing from him.
(Admiral) In his own good time.
(crickets chirrup)
(distant fiddle tune)
(sings in French)
(band strikes up)
(all talk at once)
Boys, he made it.
Half a million dollars for the man
who takes Hunter's head.
Gentlemen, the great hunt
is about to begin.
Excuse me.
Bonsoir, chri.
I haven't seen you before.
You look so lonely and so lost.
My name is Fifi. Perhaps I can help you.
- I'm looking for a girl, 12 years old.
- 12!
You are a very bad boy...
You are hurting me!
Her name is Sarah. Where is she?
I can't think. I don't know.
Follow me.
There is a new girl here.
Very pretty. Much in demand.
We are going to auction her off to
the highest bidder. Tonight at midnight.
For 500 bucks, you might have
the first bite of her cherry, chri.
Voil! There she is.
- Matt, I thought you were dead.
- You OK? Anyone hurt you?
No, but I was so frightened.
- We're leaving.
- Leaving? What do you mean leaving?
I said...
...we'll give him a 30-minute start.
Looks like a storm's brewing, boys.
Good. Rain brings the gators out.
Don't worry, honey. It's just a little storm.
- Come on.
- (Sarah shrieks)
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. It was fun.
Glad you're having fun. Come on.
OK. We'll be safe in here
for a while. All right?
Here. Put your head here.
Is Grandpa Jimmy dead?
Grandpa Jimmy's dead.
(water splashes)
Don't speak.
(Jeb yells)
Get up!
Get up!
(Jeb) Come on.
Son of a bitch!
Where's my sister? Where is she?
- Sarah.
- Matt.
- Sarah, where were you?
- I was looking for you.
Sarah, come on, we got to go.
Matt, stop. I can't keep up with you.
OK. OK. Come on, piggyback. Up!
(Sarah squeals)
(Sarah sobs)
Sorry about that, cuz.
I caught you playing possum on me, cuz.
Want to play ball with me?
I'm gonna run the ball, boy.
I'm gonna cut you, cuz.
Jump, boy!
We're almost there, baby.
We're almost there.
Hang on.
My God! Somebody get the doctor, fast!
This here is my sister.
And I love her very much.
And if she dies, I'll hold everyone
in this room personally responsible.
Hurry up.
What happened, Matthew?
These are the members of the Pentangle
Hunting Group I've already killed.
Jeb Wallace, Chuck Lavall,
and Wonderboy, Wade Delaney.
And there's at least one more to go.
Matthew, you've exceeded your authority.
The Committee must know
who the rest of these people are.
You can tell the Committee
to stick it where the sun don't shine.
I know the goddamn liberals scream
"fascist", but the simple truth is
Hitler was right.
The man was a visionary.
40 years after his death,
half the world is communist
and we're defending our borders.
We should've let Hitler
take care of the commies.
What a different world
it would be today, eh?
Terror will succeed
unless opposed with equal terror.
We're heading for Armageddon,
gentlemen. Are you listening?
The end time. These are the last days.
There's a fellow in the hall to see you, sir.
He looks rather dreadful.
Ah, yes. Excuse me, gentlemen.
This won't take long.
Serve the coffee and cigars.
I will return.
(phone rings)
Yes, he's here already.
Thank you. Goodbye.
- You got here earlier than expected.
- Amazing, isn't it?
- How's the leg?
- Never have I felt more well-disposed.
We have a little unfinished business
to take care of.
Let's go up to the great hall.
You're quite a remarkable
young man, Hunter.
Nobody ever survived
the great hunting game before.
$10 million interest you?
Pentangle would be proud
to enlist a man like you.
- Pentangle's finished. Over.
- I'm afraid not, youngster.
It's just beginning. It's spreading.
It's spreading all over this country.
Like a brushfire on a hot summer day.
Oh, yeah? Then who's running all this?
And who's the fifth member
of the Pentangle?
Alas, I'm sorry to say, you'll never know.
Choose your weapon.
(laughs mockingly)
Get up. Come on. Get up!
What else you got, boy?
What else you got, boy?
What else you got?
What else you got, boy?
She's through the crisis.
She's coming round.
Matt, are you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
I mean, I have to
take care of you, remember?
You're not gonna
leave me again, are you?
- Promise me?
- Yeah, I promise.
She'll have a good long sleep.
She'll be much better when she wakes up.
Thank you.
(man) Yes, sir. That is correct, sir.
Congratulations, Matthew, you did it.
- Did I?
- Yeah.
Preliminary investigations
into the dead men's affairs
indicate that you've cut the heart
right out of the organisation.
Yeah, but there's
still a few questions unanswered.
- Oh, yeah? Like what?
- Who's the fifth point of the Pentangle?
And who told them
the Richards family were at my place?
- Only your department knew that.
- Their intelligence was very good.
You bet it was.
Are you insinuating something, Matthew?
No, I'm not insinuating anything.
But I'll tell you something, Admiral.
If what Glastenbury said is true, the
Pentangle's not finished but just starting.
And I want you to know something.
So am I.
So am I.