Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, Las (1954) Movie Script

Being the third
son of a good family
and not educated to any trade
my head began
to he filled early
with thoughts of leaving
England, to see the world.
And thus against the will,
nay the commands
of my father,
I broke loose
and went out to sea.
How true my father's
prophecy of disaster
for not long after
being in the latitude of
hound for Africa
to buy Negro slaves
for my fellow
planters in the Brazils
a violent tornado
came upon us
which carried us westward.
Far out of the way
of human commerce.
My only possession,
my only weapon.
I woke refreshed
and half perished with hunger.
Thirsty, without provisions,
with little hope of survival,
I set out to survey my fate.
No other land in sight.
I was on an island,
and barren by the sea.
The wreck of our ship
stranded during the night.
She might slip from the rock.
I must contrive a raft
and try to save
her precious supplies.
I plundered from
the wreck many chests
with all manner of clothes,
the carpenter tools
and scores of useful articles,
not to forget that
fellow survivor, Sam.
Yet, what use to me.
However, on second thoughts.
Worth more to me,
than all the
gold in the world.
How often had I seen
my servants do this,
Yet I a master of servants
couldn't even
build my own fire
Ah Rex.
You are alive,
you are alive too.
(loud crashing sound)
What was that, Rex?
What is it?
She was gone.
That fearful sound had been
the death cry of our poor ship
I regretted all the iron work,
cable and lead that
had gone down with her.
The only things from the ship
that I did not want ashore.
No ship will sail by
without my knowledge.
I kept dry branches ready
to flame into a mighty beacon.
My days were hurried,
crowded with all
manners of urgent tasks.
Most urgent of all
was to secure myself
from wild beasts and savages.
Meanwhile the rains approached
and needing a store room
for all the supplies
I found a place where
the earth was easiest
and started to dig up a cave.
I had never before so
much as handled an ax
and, or for that matter
any kind of tool.
I was but a very sorry workman
and all this cost me
a great deal of time.
I became a pleasant good shot
and with good cause,
for my constant
hard manual labor
gave me a most
voracious appetite.
The green coconut and its milk
I found to be most wholesome,
cool and refreshing.
My eleventh month.
Days passed in
hunting wild foul,
preparing food,
trips to my lookout hill
to search for sight of ships.
One day much like another.
Uneventful and,
I am sick,
Getting worse.
help me.
In this second sleep
I had this terrible dream.
You here father?
Yes here,
Here, here, here,
here, here, here.
Not there, but here.
Where else would I be?
Are you not here?
How did you get here?
My boy you should not
leave your native country
At my house, with your
dear mother and me,
you had the very best
of all possible worlds
Yes, yes,
I remember all you told me
You're right
Give me water.
At home you are well off.
Saved the miseries of labor
and hardships of
man kinds lower state.
Though yet embarrassed by the
pride, envy,
luxury, and ambition
of its upper state.
Water, father,
give me water.
Ours is the middle
station of life my boy,
the middle station
Even kings would
have envied you.
Admit that now.
Will you not help me?
I want water.
Why did you fling yourself
into this stupid adventure?
Did you not know, that your
mother and I were praying
that God would not
separate us from you?
you were always wayward.
Water, bring me water.
Your mother and
I will forgive you.
Remember, But God
will not forgive you.
Heh, heh, heh.
He will not forgive you.
You will die like a dog
I will die.
I will die.
I woke weak,
yet clear of head.
Whether I had slept
for one whole day or more,
I could never be certain.
My first thought
was for water.
Did not Brazilians
have some physic
to prevent
recurrence of fevers?
Of course!
Tobacco, mixed in rum.
In that chest,
I found a cure for both
the body and soul.
Come to me in
the day of trouble,
and I will deliver thee.
And thou shall glorify me.
Yes It's true
Only He can deliver
me out of this place.
I now respect the Sabbath
and so, I mark this day
differently from all others.
The last of it Rex.
Now live been denied
the staff of life.
I recalled a grass
I had observed to
sprout and start to grow.
Grain, that which in
England we call corn,
and in the new
world, we call wheat.
Some few seeds
must have come ashore
with me from the ship.
With the Lord's help,
I could try to raise a crop.
Meanwhile I set out to make a
more perfect
discover of my domain.
I found great
amounts of cocoa,
orange, and lemon trees,
sugar cane,
and banana.
I discovered the turtle,
which furnishes an
abundance of savory flesh.
Great quantities of
most useful shell.
And even turtle eggs.
Also that other sea beast,
the octopus,
Which they say some people
lack the fortitude to eat.
which were known to me.
And other birds,
which were foreign.
Animals I did not recognize,
And those I did,
It was a most
unusual clear day.
Could I not hack out
a canoe to sail to it?
I hewed out a
tiny sailing canoe,
and was swept out to
sea by some great current.
Thanks only a sudden wind,
was I even fortunate
to get back to shore.
In other ventures
I was more successful.
Pretty Polly
Here Polly, here Polly.
On my finger Polly.
Call Rex Polly
Here Rex.
Come here, Rex.
Tell me only this.
Where did you
find their father?
Do you know?
The one mystery of the
island I never solved.
Due to sowing
during dry season,
first half of
seed complete loss.
Second half now in ground,
hope for the best.
Just as it may seem the
best would come to pass
and that I might triumph
over the sun, the rain,
I was threatened
by a new enemy.
The birds!
They came down on
my field like a plague.
A ruthless devouring army.
I fought for wheat
as if it were my life.
Used every weapon
to frighten and kill.
Hungry Rex?
You can wave you r tall,
but you cannot talk to me.
Five years.
The fifth anniversary
of the day I landed.
Time to celebrate.
(singing) I care
not I for nobody,
and nobody cares for me.
Do you or do you not?
You don't?
Well I do.
I did.
This is a day,
a day,
what a day this is.
I have nothing further to say.
My friends!
My old friends
I care not I for nobody,
and nobody cares for me.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
I remember you all!
Hooray for friendship.
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Here the lowly Keg is dead.
May It keep us together
Stuck, one to another.
Until the resurrection.
Tom, (unintelligible)
Mark to you,
And to you Campbell.
At last!
A full harvest.
Now it could be truly said,
I worked for my bread.
Patty cake,
patty cake, baker's man
bake me a cake as
fast as you can.
Be patient, Rex
Sing for your supper, Poll.
and most delicious
meal of my life.
I built a bower,
so that I fancied now,
I was Lord of the whole manor.
I had my country house,
and my seacoast house too.
I perfected
myself in all tasks.
And was forced
to learn new ones.
In short,
I learned to master everything
in my island except myself.
Sometimes in the
midst of my work,
the anguish of my
soul and my loneliness
I would break out
upon me like a storm.
No matter the dangers,
I must do something
to escape this tomb,
this prison.
My heart died within me.
Forever alone.
I was a prisoner,
locked up by the eternal
bars and bolts of the ocean.
Days became weeks,
weeks became months,
months became years.
I quite gave up
looking to see for ships,
in time my linen
clothes rotted,
my cats all ran wild.
My faithful dog weaken by age
could no longer
keep up with the hunt
he so dearly loved.
Whats wrong?
Come on boy.
Eat Rex eat.
Poor Rex
Poor boy
Would you like a tasty?
A dove?
A pigeons egg?
Now you just
wait there for me.
(Parrot talking)
Here Rex, here Rex
Now truly alone,
starved for the
sound of another voice,
any voice.
I would rush to the
valley of my echo.
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want,
He makes me to
lie down in green pastures,
he leads me
besides still waters,
he restores my soul,
my soul!
Dreadful fantasies
possess my mind.
I fought to save my sanity.
Lie down in green pastures
He leads me
besides still waters,
he restores my soul.
Green pastures.
Green pastures.
The scriptures came
meaningless to my eyes.
The world seemed
but a whirling ball.
Its oceans and continents,
a green scum,
and myself.
With no purpose.
And no meaning.
Help, help!
Had anyone in England
met such an odd creature
as I was in my
it must either
have frightened them
or cause a great
deal of laughter.
Ah, my little friends.
I dont know what to call you
but you are my little
friends arent you?
Just you wait there in your
homes and I will feed you.
You hungry too, aren't you?
Heres a morsel for you?
Go on, get him.
Get him!
Well, good bye.
Good bye.
Condemned, to all
those years of loneliness,
now trembling
in the apprehension
of seeing another human.
How mad men are
possessed by fear.
I even scattered my 10 cattle
so it won't
betray my presence.
(parrot talking)
Hello Robin, hello.
Shh, shh, shh, quiet.
Men eaters.
From that very land
I had once thought to sail to.
I bolted horrified
all that night
I observed the cannibals
at their ghastly
They left on the morning tide.
But how soon a tide
would bring them back?
How many times have
they come and gone?
While I unknowing,
was on my side of the island.
I was in a murdering humor,
I even thought to
lure them into my castle
and from the ambush,
slaughter 20 or 30,
of the naked wretches.
I knew no peace
for months and months.
A 100 times,
I was just about to let
fly at them in my sleep.
I contrived what
I called my bomb.
Now I had my bomb.
I had a vision.
I imagined how easy
I might set a trap,
and these monsters
might be destroyed.
After passion, hatred.
I realized I had
no heaven sent right
to be judge and executor,
on these people
who had done me no injury.
I would leave them
to God's justice.
I would not
interfere with them
unless they attack me first.
I moved about my island
with the greatest of caution,
never knowing when
their attack might come.
They had 2 victims.
While they strung
one up for slaughter,
I saw that the second
tried to make his escape.
Here, here.
No, no, no, no.
Here, here, here.
Up, up, up now.
Up, up, I shall not harm you.
(not in english)
(not in english)
Here, up, up.
Here, up, up.
Him, him, you.
Underground, underground.
Out of sight, come on.
Him, him.
Him, under.
(not in english)
(not in english)
Up, up, up, up.
What is your name?
What is your name?
You r name?
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here!
You, Friday
You Friday, Friday
Fri day.
Friday, Master, friends.
No, no eat man, wrong.
Friday, this good, eat.
I dare not sleep.
If the cannibals fail to
come for me before morning,
he might.
The cannibals had departed,
fortunately for me.
Without so much as a search
for their missing companions.
I would not let him
handle any weapon.
I used my musket
to ensure his continued
fear and respect of me.
(not in english)
I put a strong
door to my cave
so he could not take
me unaware at night.
How reassuring it was
to see him eat
the flesh of animals,
knowing the only source
for that other
meat he so relished
would be myself.
(not in english)
Someday, if you are good,
l will teach you to smoke.
How pleasant it was,
once more to have a servant.
Friday, what is this?
And this?
No Friday, use the fork.
Friday, whats this?
This Friday?
Good Friday, very good!
What do you see?
Inside, black line.
It is your land.
Your nation
No, there!
But, with this,
It appears near
Theres your nation,
your people.
Oh happy, there see
my nation, my people.
Why do you always come
here, to this island?
God says, only good
place after kill here.
And you would like to
go back to your nation?
Yes, oh yes
Like go back Friday
Friday happy go
there see my people.
I understand.
Suppose a whole lot
of his countrymen
were to visit the island.
Would he not, forgetting
all obligation to me.
Either return with them
to his native country
or worse still,
lead them to plunder
my precious possessions.
And even join in
a feast upon myself.
Why are you here Friday,
what do you want?
Good for Master,
Good for Friday.
If you want something
again, ask me, first.
Had he truly remembered my
promise that he might smoke?
I could not trust him
through another night.
Go to bed now.
Not finished work.
Do you hear me, go to bed!
So long ago,
I had intended
these for slaves.
Sit up!
Give me your ankles.
You r legs?
Why you tie Friday?
I am your Master,
I shall do as pleases me.
You forced me to this
Now at least, I can sleep.
Take off quickly.
Friday foot hurts.
You had decided
Did you not tell me the other
day you wanted to go away,
go back to your own nation?
That you wanted to
go to your people.
Go with you, only with you.
Well, they would kill me.
I tell you save life.
You friend
Theyd still kill me.
No, no kill.
My people obey Friday
Friday love Master always.
Friday, sit down.
If I cannot hold
you here by choice,
perhaps it would be
better if you go back.
You take, kill Friday!
What must I kill you for?
Kill Friday
No send Friday away.
Forgive me, Friday forgive me.
I want you to be my friend.
I will never leave you.
If you want to go, do so.
(not in english)
Friday, over there!
Wild pig!
How wrong I had been.
Friday was as loyal a friend
as any man could want.
With his many different skills
he enriched my
life on the island.
We had found that
the two working together
could do much more than
the two working separately.
Friday, you like?
You know what It Is?
Beautiful present from God
Better said from the devil
No, no you would not
understand, Friday.
Will Master give
Friday 1, 2, 3?
You take them all,
amuse yourself.
If you get tired of them,
throw them into the sea.
Look at Friday
Beautiful coat for war
Take that off.
These were the
happiest years of all
the years I had in my island.
Sit down Friday.
You understand Friday
The devil is Gods enemy
in the hearts of men.
He uses all his
malice and skill
to destroy the
kingdom of Christ.
But Master say God
Is so strong so great
is God not much
strong than devil?
Yes, yes Friday,
God is stronger
than the devil.
Hews above the devil,
therefore we pray to God.
But If God Is much
strong than devil,
why God no kill devil,
so make him no more wicked.
Whats that Friday?
If God the most strong,
why he no kill devil.
Well you see Friday
without the devil,
there would be no
temptation and no sin.
The devil must be there
for us to have a chance
to choose sin or resist it.
Is God let devil tempt us?
Then, why God mad when sin?
Huh, ha, ha, ha.
You understand,
don't you Poll?
Friday cant get these
things into his head.
You understand, don't you?
The desire to escape
still burns within me.
And now counting on
Friday's skill and knowledge,
I contemplated the
manufacture of a craft
Large enough to carry us
to the Spanish country
which Friday told
me lay to the north.
We devoted weeks to
selecting a proper tree,
this would be my last chance
to see my native
England before I died.
Where did he come from?
Better get out of sight,
there must be others.
(not in english)
shh, Look!
Come on!
Now, rehearsal
for the last time.
There they are,
here we are behind the trees.
Now, well see.
No, no, no, tinder, tinder.
White man like Master.
Come on!
Move nowl
Tie them to those trees.
Well come back for you,
when we have
water for the ship.
White men eat prisoners too?
Eat them no, Friday.
But murder them, yes!
Move now!
Rope Master, the rope!
In spite of my appearance,
Im not something
that lives in trees,
Im a man.
Captain Oberzo.
Now we can talk.
But to whom do I speak?
Who are you?
Where have you come from?
What is your case?
Tell me.
Mutiny, sir
Engineered by my mate,
aided by those you
saw him lead ashore.
My bosen here, and most
of those aboard are loyal
Its the mutineers who
control the firearms, sir.
And your ship?
As fine as ever bore
sail, beyond the reef,
waiting only
for the next tide.
They anchored here to take
on water and abandon us
when they surprised
and killed the savages.
Should they return to
the ship we are lost!
If we prevent their return,
you think it possible,
armed, of course,
to reassert your command?
Nothing could prevent me.
On 2 conditions then.
First, while you
are upon this island
you will be
governed by my orders
Accepted, second.
If we recover your ship,
you will carry me and my man,
to England, passage free.
Or your home in China, India,
three times around the world!
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Yes, leader of the mutiny
Theyre going to escape!
Unless Ive forgotten the
ways of civilization Captain,
They will not be
putting back yet.
Whats that?
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Kill him!
Ill cut his throat!
Where did you find this?
Let's get it, take your arms!
Which way?
Come on!
You, take a look!
Nobody here.
Over we go!
Over here!
Drop arms!
In the name of the
governor of this island,
drop your arms!
Drop arms, or I
blow your head off!
No, was I that young?
The boat arrived,
the Captain is waiting.
Thank you, Friday.
I didnt expect it yet.
The proof of the pudding,
so the people cannot
say that Crusoes mad.
These are presents
for our friends outside.
You commanded the Captain
to punish us
harshly for our sins,
did you not, Governor?
Nothing of the sort,
I asked the Captain to grant
your request to remain here,
rather than return
to the gallows.
You started,
but youll live to regret
your sacrilegious waste.
Well I have here
instructions for you,
time of planting,
care of livestock,
places of concealment
of weapons and powder.
Information, also,
as to the savages
who do, on occasion,
visit this place.
Whether or not you learn
the lessons I have learned
and survive I cannot foresee.
But you have something which,
I for years did not have,
Something for which I wept,
For which my soul
shriveled and starved!
You'll have others
of you r own kind,
You'll have companions,
You have man
You can sever the
ropes that blend you,
it should cost you an
hour of painful work,
by then we shall
have set sail.
From what you
saw today Friday,
are you not a little afraid
of coming back with
me to civilization?
If Master is not,
Friday is not.
And thus, I left the island
after I had been on it
Eight and twenty years,
two months and Nineteen days.