Aventuras de Tadeo Jones, Las (Tad, the Lost Explorer) (2012) Movie Script

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Hence Eagle 107, Eagle 107.
Approaching, Delta target.
Eagle 107 to the base.
Eagle 107 to the base.
We found, found.
The Sphinx is real.
Tad, dinner is ready.
Wait just a little longer. The Explorer
has just landed in the excavation.
The excavation began.
Tad, you found some treasure?
Not yet.
Dude, you'll never find anything.
Tad, this dinner getting cold.
On my way.
One, two and three.
Gold? Gold.
Gold. I found my
first treasure.
WANT--TE for
archeology elite.
Is one of your father's cufflinks. He
always said that was his pair of lucky.
Finally. I'm not a loser.
Surely you are not.
Good evening, Tad.
Wait. First check
if there's monsters.
I almost forgot.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
The father was not afraid of anything, right?
Of course he had.
But he had the courage
to face your fears.
What had he
fear exactly?
The boy his
never slept hours.
Sweet dreams, my boy.
You'll be the best hunter
treasures, when you grow up.
Damn, this is not good. Grandmother?
You know what dude ligation? One day
I'll grow up, and then do not scare me.
Low before this abnormal
he cripple.
Or worse. I'm sued.
Hey, boy. Those of
volta.Super biscuit.
Tad, this is your last warning.
Allow yourself to play.
But there may be materials
important it down.
For the last time. Are worker
construction. Not an archaeologist.
And lets bring this
Mutts to work.
There is a mutt. Jeff was
named after Thomas Jefferson ...
which is regarded as the ancestor
of American archeology.
Curious fact, right?
Do not you think?
Here is another interesting fact.
These fired.
Tad, man. You can not
continue to do so.
This is the seventh time this
year, you're fired.
Well, I can not be
dismissed forever.
How will you pay the rent and gas?
And buy dog food?
Do not worry about me, guys.
I got something here, I feel.
Metropolitan Museum.
Hello Tad. How are you, Melinda?
Hey, it's Max Mordon.
I'm your number one fan. Seriously?
Professor Humbert is here?
I need him to authenticate anything.
Yes, he is in office. And it takes
This, once going there. It's urgent.
Urgent, humm? Jeff,
you have to wait here.
Come on, they're dead.
They are not zombies.
Tadeo, what brings you here today?
Did any of your findings?
The discovery! I found it today
the new train station.
I'm sure this is my neighbor
step to be the new Max Mordon.
Not menciones this defiler. He makes
archeology seem a circus of news.
Let me see.
Moreover, this is not my
area, but let me see again.
I read that is worth a fortune. I'll buy
the best equipment archeology.
Unfortunately, it is only a replica.
Are you sure?
A limited edition of 1999.
Do not feel bad. As
Thomas Jefferson said ...
after a thousand years will be a
valuable archaeological find.
Tadeo, my boy. I'm sure
that one day you will find something valuable.
Never stop dreaming. Vai
walking as the Rolling Stone.
Is Thomas Jefferson, too? There is the
Bob Dylan, but is also perfect, right?
Thank you Professor. But after finding
a bottle of Coca--cola false ...
a piece of moon rock made of wood,
Aztec and a vase, made in China ...
My dreams are shattered.
Almost forgot. It's urgent.
Paititi. This crazy old
Paititi found.
You thought what?
I can not believe,
he found.
Ando waiting this moment
be more than 30 years, Tadeo.
These impatient.
A key.
More like half key. Now
seems that 30 years later ...
Teacher found Lavrof
the other half.
So he wants
I go to Peru.
Would not it be cheaper
send it with FedEx?
Tadeo, this is the key to the
golden city of Paititi.
The greatest archaeological discovery
since King Tutankhamun.
Seriously? Impressive.
Balls. What?
The ticket is for today, at seven hours.
That's about two hours.
What do I do? Not
worry about anything.
Tad Stone, about the case.
Tell me more about Paititi.
See Tadeo, according to legend ...
the Incas discovered
that the Spaniards wanted
take all the gold ...
they asked Mother
Nature for help.
Mother Nature told them to take all the
their gold to a secret place, Paititi.
Once there, hid
treasure, and in return ...
Mother nature gave them a
magic golden statue.
Gold Indium Paititi. A
statue with magical powers.
Who will save the blessed
with the gift of immortality.
So will anyone who believes they
still living in the lost city ...
thanks to the magical power
Indian gold.
So they are still alive?
It's just a legend, Tadeo.
But these scrolls prove,
that the city exists.
Run. They will
close the gates.
Here, take this.
As a souvenir.
Belonged to Indiana Jones.
Indiana Jones?
Never heard of him, but
Thanks that's great.
Good luck with your trip.
Like it, Jeff?
Drop it.
Larga. Professor, waiting.
Last opportunity. Entry to medical
Jeremiah Humbert Humbert Dr. Jeremiah ... / i
Professor, your backpack.
CAUTION! Slippery ground
We need
first aid.
These well?
Yes, I just need for my pills.
Tablets? Yes, it is for now.
Thanks, Tadeo. I do not know what
'd do without my blue pills.
The his blue pills?
Tablets for blood.
Sleeping pills.
I feel better already. Nothing I can
prevent boarding the plane.
Identified the target. It has the
parchment, I'll send the photo.
Perfect, I'll tell the boss.
Proceed as planned.
We have access to the main room.
Hello, you're an angel? He
looks good, acalmate.
We took him to the hospital
and clean the stomach.
Ok, I'm him.
He just needs a few days
to rest, do not worry.
Grab your ticket, Professor.
I take care of him.
Although findings are clogged
more in archaeological ... / i
still lurk archaeological treasures,
the most isolated places on the planet ... / i
Jewels that shine in
history of mankind. / i
majority sees the light through
exceptional qualities of a man ... / i
Sir Maximilian Mordon, probably
greatest explorer of our time. / i
Max Mordon on the subject.
Max Mordon on the subject.
Professor Humbert can say what
want, but Max is Mordon the pump.
This program is sponsored by Super
rich, super taste, super healthy. / I
the best for your
, dog biscuits super. / i
No, Jeff, stop it. Would
a cup of coffee, sir?
Thank you.
Teacher Lavrof?
Professor, Lavrof. Nice to see you.
Nice to conheclo, professor Humbert.
I'm not Professor Humbert. Perfect,
I'm not the teacher Lavrof.
He told me to come get you,
I mean Humbert.
Professor Humbert sent me
come instead.
I'm Tad Stone.
I mean, Professor Stone. I'll
take good care of you, Professor Stone.
Also, is there anything you need?
No thanks. I'm fine.
Come on, my friend.
Now, with Freddy.
If you make a purchase in the next two
minutes, included at no extra cost ...
a scale, or a
special cream ...
whale made completely
free of cost.
Not interested in any
these products? No problem.
Come on, boss. I have a
family to feed.
Okay okay. I'll have this.
Sin--in now.
Smart choice, boss. The best
frisbee thrower made in China.
Lifetime Warranty. Thousands
different ways.
Thousands? For what? This is
part of the magic of the product.
You have to find out,
for yourself.
Look, here comes the
boss's wife.
Wait, drop me.
Where is the teacher? Ali
Those men levaramno, and ...
My God, they kidnapped
Professor Humbert.
Not Humbert. He is ...
Adorable mutt.
The scroll of stone.
This is your backpack.
Listen, I boss's wife ...
C'mon, Freddy, to the car.
This is ...
None but Freddy. We
we can not let them go.
Come on, Freddy runs.
They're robbing the wrong man.
I'm broke. I got fired.
Shut up.
-- Dame parchment.
-- What parchment?
We know that you, Professor.
Ok, I'm not a teacher,
I am a bricklayer.
And B, I do not have it.
And C, I know where it is.
Accelerates. Faster. Quernos
kill, boss lady?
Not a chance. Ok,
How many do you want?
Two hundred euros. And I get myself out there, with
my ex--wife and my savings.
I'm not Professor Humbert.
I swear.
Teacher HUMBERT.
An explanation
logic for this.
There is also an explanation
logic for that too.
Wait. Before you change the
Frappuccino in my face.
Checks my passport.
Cavalry, Freddy.
At your service.
Hey, Jeff. Thou art well.
Well, you're not the teacher Humbert.
I'm trying to tell you this, ma'am.
My name is Tad Stones.
Teacher Stones.
Humbert sent me in his place.
This is strange. He never
talked about a Stones.
Last minute thing.
And you, who are you?
I'm Sarah Lavrof. Daughter
Professor Lavrofs.
How long have you been working
together with Professor Humbert?
Not a lot of time. I'm new.
Oh good, a rookie.
Yes, it is, I'm the
dig the five years since.
Do not seem like a
professor of anything.
This is because I am a man of action.
Seriously? Look G.I. Joe's.
This is a wish of good
Welcome normal here?
What do these men want?
Well, obviously the
Humbert parchment. They
you should know that,
corresponding grave danger.
There will be problem. They
do not scare me.
Jeff stops.
Oh my god.
Do not worry, my room
sometimes looks like.
Do not be stupid. Those
men assaulted.
Jeff, come here.
-- Dame this.
-- Belzoni, what are you doing here?
Here exchange. Super Cookie.
What's this?
Dear daughter. Take care of it.
I went to Machu Picchu.
Do not let him
fall into the wrong hands.
Tad, behind your bag here.
Yes, I have.
Hey, this is not ... The other
half of the parchment.
What does it say? I do not know. It
spoken in the ancient Chimu.
My father and Humbert are
the only specialists
remaining worldwide
Chimu realize that.
Belzoni, why he vai
to Machu Picchu? Why?
Let bird. Speech.
What do you want?
He is deaf and dumb. And not
t call the bird.
He is offended.
What our luck. A bird
mute with an attitude problem.
Fuck you.
Belzoni, focus.
He is losing weight?
Have a heart attack?
He choked on a bone
chicken, peanuts, a hairball.
Someone chases.
He who walks behind him
Belzoni, who?
Hey, this is the man
Jeep, who kidnapped me.
We have to do something.
What will you do?
Call the police?
And tell them what?
My father sent a
Parrot mute with a message?
No. I'm going to Machu Picchu.
That seems dangerous.
Are you sure you want to go alone?
Estste the
offer to come too,
Professor Stone?
Well, give me ... There would
so far in relation ...
I'm inside.
Let me help you with that.
Thank you.
No problem, I'm all yours.
Hey, what are you doing here?
I promised her father that
took care of his daughter.
And I get paid to bend,
when I travel.
How to know friend, I have a
family to feed.
What time is it? Oh no.
Good. I missed the episode of
My favorite series ...
the lonely passion of Amber.
You'll live.
Yes, but does Amber
will survive after
experimental brain ...
to help her forget Peter
you broke your heart?
Where are you looking?
I'm trying to figure out
that these signs mean.
Teacher sought Lavrof
By this, all his life.
Why fire your father, teacher?
As an archaeologist, he is the best.
Fully will drift, 24 hours a day. The
respect of these things as a father.
They have the parchment, sir.
It will be great
find the last ...
Miss Lavrof that unexpected pleasure.
Have we met before?
Is he, is he.
I need this scroll.
I grabbed him.
Thank you.
No, you will not escape.
Well done, Belzoni.
Stop this bird.
Material cooking inexpensive.
The best in Peru.
I try to make a deal
honest here.
Pass for me. Caution.
Is on the roof.
Understood, segueme.
My mistake.
Tad, my God. I'm fine.
Beware the parchment.
Take off your hands
dirt off me.
Where do you think you're going?
I give you a ride.
Already have it, sir.
The vehicles are ready.
Mission accomplished. Come on. / I
Direct repetition.
Tad, I know who they are. They
are of Ulysses. What's this?
Pirates. They can not
stick to the parchment.
Belzoni, here.
What you are you laughing?
Tad, beware.
We are alive. Yes.
What's that smell?
It's not me, I swear.
are in the last carriage. Get them,
need parchment. / I
Who are these Ulysses? They
will seek treasures around the world.
Lies footprints, steal and murder
even lay hands on them.
And sell everything for
the highest bidder.
They do not care about
history and culture.
They just want money and power.
Pirates greedy.
If they think Paititi, and the legend of
statue is true, they are immortal.
We'll stop them. We found
Paititi before they do.
Guys, we got company.
I think we lost them.
They are not the only one who is lost.
Do not worry boss's wife.
This transmitter with a coupling
Lama leads us where you want to go.
For a little extra.
Va la, Freddy.
I have a family
to feed.
Well, she is family.
Ok, Machu Picchu.
Come my friends.
Machu Picchu?
Impressive. Ok, let's
start working.
Thinking better. I go to the village
eat something while you work.
Ok, see you later.
Let Tad.
No. We arrived late.
Pirates of Ulysses were here first.
They should have taken my father.
Do not worry Sarah, we find him.
Thanks, Tad.
Let's look around. Maybe we can
find a clue to where the led.
Wait. This is Mordon Max.
Max Mordon you know? Well, in
Actually I'm your number one fan.
No, you're nothing. Because I am.
Okay, sure, if you say so.
Can you help here please?
Yes, sorry.
Look, I have a photo,
personally signed.
Jeff and I had over 25 hours
in line, just to get it.
This is a # 1 fan, or what?
Who is Todd? He
barely noticed my name.
Anyway, as you knew? It was
a student of Professor.
This man is your father?
This should be your
mother, she is beautiful.
She was beautiful.
She's dead now. Now my
father is all I have.
I'm sorry.
Hey, wait. The photograph.
He was taken to
Nascar the desert.
My father always said
the ruins showed the
Paititi way as
a map or something.
But he never had the key to it.
But we do.
The parchment is key.
That is why Ulysses
wanted too.
So, the next stop ...
The desert Nascar.
And now. If you buy gives punches
These two minutes ... 3000
get a second package free
cost and totally free ...
the cost of promoting gives
Is the market today, boss's wife.
Look, I have a hamburger for himself.
What is happening, Belzoni.
On the left, look.
They are, Ulysses.
How to find us?
Come on.
Break it up, I want them alive.
Hey, come back. My balloon.
Hawks will look white.
Gee, bird.
Do we really have to look
for it, Freddy? Sure, boss.
Today, Amber will discover the secret of
identity of her stepmother, Ginger.
Listen, she'll say it now.
Amber, always believe you
I was your mother ... / i
but the truth is ... I
I am your father. / I
What? My God.
This is best
chapter ever.
The burgers are ready.
The desert Nascar should be
behind that mountain.
I am eager to meet your father.
I bet these proud of him.
It is not easy being the daughter
a scholar.
They provide ever more
attention to their findings ...
than for the people they love.
When I was a child, my father
was rarely home.
I barely knew my parents.
When I was five, they
had a car accident.
My grandmother raised me.
It was my father. It is
my good luck charm.
Sometimes ...
I feel that he really was not.
As if he was still watching me.
Look at that, Jeff.
The desert Nascar.
These well, Jeff?
Hey, guys, I think
Jeff is sick.
What ...
Come on, boy. What's this?
Maybe he's hungry.
This must be serious. He did not
reacts with super biscuits.
Guys, we have a problem.
What is it, Jeff? A
monitoring device.
In their balls.
Professor. Sara.
Finally found you.
You should not be here.
I came to save you. Salvarme?
I think you're both
prisoner like me.
That's all you have to say?
I came all this way
Cuzco to save you.
Me too. Who are you?
Max, what are you doing here, these well?
Yes, do not worry.
These thieves kidnapped me because
I am a world expert on mummies and ...
And sarcophagi of ancient Egypt.
Mordon Max, are you really?
Of all the people had
kidnap that this clown.
Honey. Never been
happier to see you.
Same to you. Me too.
I'm number one ...
Fan number two.
And subscriber National Petro graphic
since the age of five.
I did not get your name.
Tod, Tad Stone.
Professor Stone. Dr. Humberto
sent him instead.
Professor? Seriously?
Hey, buddy. Beautiful machine,
but appears old.
Do not worry friend. Let me
introduce you to the new ...
Hyper proper 250. 50 bullets and
two chargers for just ...
What are you doing?
Honey, give them what they want. E
I'm sure you let us go.
Miss Lavrof can give me
Parchment, please?
Not brought to
here, do you?
Great, I can not believe it.
What is he doing?
This scroll is a component
key map that leads to Paititi.
I waited for this moment,
my whole life.
And now everything is in
hands of pirates.
Well, professor, it's your turn.
Never. I'd rather die.
That will not work.
Ok, you win. Leave her alone.
Peak black puma
sees red star.
In the second moon of the rains, the path
Water covers over the skin of the anaconda.
But do not rely on rock solid. Because
sometimes the air opaque it is stronger.
The Red Star takes its course is
Of course, the second moon of space, April ...
and Mars is in the quadrant
northeast during this time.
There is a formation
basaltic rocks here.
But do not rely on rock solid.
The babbling of an old shaman.
I already have.
Let's go. I take
Mordon and the teacher.
The girl is as collateral.
If her father would not cooperate,
she is dying, ok.
Is not it better meteres
a finger on it!
Sorry, sorry.
Care of yourself. Max
Mordon about it.
Trust me, darling.
If anything happens to the
Dad, I'll never forgive me.
I went to archeology to
I could be closer to him.
Let's get out of here, trust me.
Do not trust the rock solid because
sometimes the air is softer opaque.
My father would not ignore something like that.
What he was trying to tell me?
Do not even think about it, Freddy.
Certainly not the boss lady. I am
a businessman, not a thief.
And this is a good deal.
Look at this, there's something behind it.
Behind the wall? This is not
a wall, i.e. a door.
Believe me, I know
I am talking about.
That's it. Do not trust
in solid rock.
The scroll was only
a key to open it.
Help me Sara.
Freddy, can you give us a hand?
Just a moment, I'm
take inventory.
Do not trust the rock solid because
sometimes the air is opaque stronger.
This is our opaque wall.
And this is true
map to Paititi.
This is what my father
was trying to say.
So these Odysseus ... Vain
digging in the wrong place.
Well done Professor.
Hey buddy, how you got here?
So I mean, if these
Here there must be an output.
It's over there?
What happened? Not
touch anything.
Jeff, have to find a way out.
And I have to decide the map.
Freddy does something, Tad helps.
Fortunately, I never
leave home without it.
What's this?
bad unbearable and painful death.
Step one, the level set
in which these risk.
These really about to die?
Or are you exaggerating?
Yes, you are overreacting. Come on.
The serpent and the tree, that is.
The snake is a river.
Step two is calm.
Do not panic.
Panic leads to hysteria
hysteria and leads to
despair, and not
brings no solution.
Doctor, there's something
this book useful?
Step three, think of something original.
I would love if we could leave.
Wait, I think the
Jeff found ...
The output.
Spirals symbolize the air.
Air, wind.
Come on Jeff, focus.
Step one, stay calm.
Then, step two.
Ok, step two.
You can not go to the second step,
if you have not done before the first.
And what was that pitch?
I'll look. Due
this tension, I ...
Trees are the earth, the river's water.
Earth, water, wind and fire.
The mother of nature. Step one.
Forget it. Jeff, please
we're out of time.
The watchdog found a way out?
I certainly hope so.
Way to go Jeff.
Step Four: If you find the exit.
Use it.
Yes, yes, all symbols
point to the jungle.
Ulysses are digging in the desert.
I know where Paititi, I knew.
Come on Sarah, let's get out of here.
Well done Jeff, you got a friend.
You're the best.
Hey, Belzoni. Still
these integer?
Also like her, right?
Ok step five, if the flight is successful.
Turn around and go home.
What? Yes, already
had enough.
We can not go now. The
statue of gold should not ...
fall into the hands of Ulysses.
If I could get
a big bonus by
work in these terrible
circumstances ...
Does that mean no?
We must act quickly
before Kopponen
realize that they are
digging in the wrong place.
Freddy, can
conducting an excavator?
$ 35 per hour and
Forget it, I'm
an expert.
How did you learn to drive that?
During construction of the metro.
The construction of the metro? Yes.
Sara Look, the truth is ... Already
worked on the excavation project ...
Metropolitan Museum?
I'm impressed. They
only choose the best.
Yes, it was where I learned.
No mother can not die now.
Has not yet reached its height.
No mother is strong. These right
Freddy, this series is amazing.
We spent the night here.
Works for me, my friend.
Do not worry, I'm sure
that your father is well.
I'm happy for Max
be with him.
You must be glad
Max Morden marry ...
probably the most
eligible man on earth.
Yes, it is a good man, is
Pretty funny and famous.
But it is a workaholic
just like my father.
He'll probably realize that
be successful, it makes you happy ...
without someone to
share love.
I hope so.
And you? Are you happy?
Of course, I live my
dream, to be an archaeologist.
How could I not be happy?
I like your attitude.
Most archaeologists are satisfied
when they make great discoveries ...
if they're lucky, it happens
only once in a blue moon.
But you're different.
Are you real?
Yes, I think so.
We should get some sleep.
We have a big day tomorrow.
Sara, I have to
say something.
You were saying ...
What did you say? Forget it.
Good evening.
Hey, you, idiot. I think
he meant to you.
Better ires there before
he will turn Chinese soup.
Are you sure it's here?
Of course I'm sure.
And do not call me
dumb gorilla.
I tried to make it seem credible.
And if the teacher Lavrof lied?
Not me. I'm almost
his in--law.
Exactly, it seems
like you very much.
Are you sure he did not suspect anything?
Trust me, I'm a celebrity.
According to
hieroglyphs, is here.
But there are no ruins.
There are more than 500 years
no one comes here.
The city should be hidden
between vegetation.
If my prayers were heard, there
many buyers out there too.
Why do not we split up to search for?
I agree.
Jeff, come here boy.
Good, another day without customers.
Va la Jeff, nose to the ground.
Tad, beware. We saw a cougar.
Seriously? No kidding?
Freddy, give me a hand.
Ol, conductor.
Jig, found.
What did you think?
I found the lost city.
found nothing.
That old goat thinks
can play with us?
Does this idiot talking now.
Oh my God,
Paititi symbol.
It seems hollow.
And I'm not gonna quit.
Let us play with the teacher.
It can not be here right place.
It must be very deep.
One, two, three, four ...
Eleven, twelve, thirteen ...
Must be extremely deep.
And now? An earthquake?
I should have listened to my horoscope.
And that voice in my head.
"Do not get up out of bed today."
We are in big trouble.
I read the map, the city is real.
We found the entrance.
Ok, prepare everything. I want to get
the hole within five minutes.
Honey, thank God that these well.
I was so worried.
Ok, squad two fall
and clear the area.
Squad one, will get
the girl and the teacher.
Squadron Four, beware
these idiots. Bind us.
Do not worry about us.
We stayed well.
Hey, get me this front.
I know how to walk.
These crazy? Do not
We can let live.
They are not a threat, the
Peru is a peddler.
And the man with the
hat is a mason.
A mason?
No matter what they are, if they
flee, they will ruin the whole plan.
I'm on my way sweet.
What? Well, interesting.
I think, given the position
the two entries ...
will undoubtedly ... Until
Fool recognize brands ...
The left.
Wait, before you kill us, we
entitled to a last request?
A super cookie.
You, out of there.
Hey, birds.
That must hurt. Hasta
la vista baby.
And now for the temple. I
will not it down.
They say there are things much
dangerous in Inca temples.
Ok, here is with
Jeff and Belzoni.
Good idea, boss.
Good luck there.
Let it brain
bird, let's play poker.
Help me father.
What was that?
Furthermore spirits. Spirits
Inca protesting ...
profanation of the place.
There come closer.
Should we kill him?
Sure. Max?
I mean, of course not.
It is bad Sara. He hired these
fools to kill Freddy and me.
I hope not believe him.
He is a pathological liar.
I'm not lying, I
saw you give orders.
So do these lying? And when
Sara will say you were an archaeologist.
There were lying too?
Tad, what is he saying?
Go you, Professor Stone.
Sara will say who you really are. He is
one construction worker.
A bricklayer. A nobody.
What? Tad, is this true?
Ok, he's right, I lied to you.
I'm a big liar.
But you should know ...
That is enough.
Tode. Can not
just kill him boss?
Chief? Max, which
is happening here?
We do not have time for this, max.
Sara listens, I'm doing this for me ...
For us.
For our future.
Kidnapped my father?
It was necessary. Never
plan to harm him.
You try to kill you and Freddy Tad.
Well, I can explain.
You'll regret you. Kopponen.
The only thing I regret is the day
I said I'd marry you.
And to think you were my example.
You're a fraud.
Shut up monkey. Move it.
How could I be so blind? As I
in love with a man like that?
The fault is not yours, he tricked me.
He's a liar.
As thou. You lied to me
this time.
Sorry Sarah. Tried
tell you the truth ...
I was afraid that you ...
Forget Tad, mentisteme.
I trusted you,
even confided in you.
Sara, help me.
Grab my hand. Can
I pull up?
Of course I can, but tell me first that
everything you said about you is true.
I was the biggest fan of Max Mordon.
This must be the work of the mummies.
They are alive, I've seen one.
Do not be silly. If they were
alive, no mummies.
It is a contradiction.
Wherever you are.
They are here and frustrated.
Well said monkey.
You pig, you will not be importavas
it had died down.
To be honest dear father tau
is who I really need.
Now move it.
Look, the protective ropes.
The Incas used them to
protect the supplies.
White to silver, yellow for
gold and brown to bronze.
Do not look so shocked.
I'm not a total idiot.
So what do we do now?
Look, there. Must be input
room for the golden statue.
Pulling the rope correctly, is
our ticket for entry.
Professor, please do.
Yes, of course, as
I was going to say.
Okay, okay, you old peidoso.
Yellow gold is.
The whole room is a trap.
Sara, a teacher,
against the walls.
But he does not know what ...
Just do it.
Idiot. Kopponen, kill him.
Tad, the red string.
It is correct.
Goodbye, suckers.
The golden statue.
Stop human statue
is off limits.
Prepare to die.
Ok, ok, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I protected the statue
for 500 years.
And you will not be you
m gonna steal that.
Please forgive me.
I Surrender.
Please do not kill me.
This is not a weapon,
only one ...
Now I'm staying with eternal life.
Calm al. Disappears,
Tad Stones.
It forces me, Max Mordon.
As you wish. Tad.
These well, sir? You're a
salvavidas true.
Unfortunately, he's dead now.
My plummet.
You think you can defeat my
new pet?
Give it up, Tode. Fight
me, Mordon.
Max no. Sara, welcome
the spectacle.
Today we crush insects.
This is the last time I have
I worry about you.
Mason pathetic.
Yes No
We're sorry, Tode. Failed.
Now, he's immortal. Do not
come closer, just wait.
I'm full of life.
What? What is
happen to me?
You can be immortal. But
not expect like.
This is the price for
eternal life, Max Mordon.
No, this can not be true.
Sara, help me.
Stay away from me.
Do not worry, you're very
cute for a mummy.
Vaiste fit well here.
No, no, there must be a
antidote to this curse.
No, no. This is the reason
because the mummies still live.
Mummies can not live.
This is a contradiction.
This is great, also has
knowledge about mummies.
Somebody get personal therapy.
Bring him here.
Do not even think about it, Tode.
My name is Tad.
What you gonna do, kill him? A
absurd if you think about it.
Oh my God, the treasure of the Incas.
It's real.
Bring it to our cell darker.
He'll enjoy our prison.
What? No, no.
Who think they are talking about? Not
can do this. I'm Max Mordon ...
I am the archaeologist
world's most famous.
What do you plan to do with us?
According to the manual,
You must be a mummy ...
or die.
I saved your life. But
rules are rules.
If I let you go, promise
let us live in peace?
This is my most precious treasure.
It belonged to my father.
Please stay with him.
This is my promise that
nobody will hear about this place.
Keep it safe.
You are the dearest man
I've met.
Well, this is goodbye.
Have a nice life. You
also, I mean ...
You know what I mean.
A parrot deaf--mute
also good at sales?
I must be cursed.
Now I have nothing.
Money is not everything. I am very
failed to believe it.
Hello friend.
Hey guys, are back.
And living.
What happened to the bad guys?
They were gone.
We found nothing.
It's all over.
What about the golden statue?
And the treasure?
I have a feeling that the legend of
Paititi will be a legend for a long time.
So it was all for nothing?
We are not rich and famous?
No need to be rich and famous Freddy.
There are treasures best.
The best of them all is, to be
with the person you love.
Blah, blah, whatever.
How do I explain to my
family that traveled 1600 km '...
only to sell one
gun play.
I loved
this toy.
Are you all right?
The Lost City
still lost.
On the other hand,
find more.
Sorry about Max, will not be
easy to find another hero.
I've found. Seriously? Who?
Stones. Tad Stones.
I love you Sara. I
Tad like you too.
Jeff, thick and thin companion.