Avenues (2017) Movie Script

Isn't this great?
You can see the whole city
in twenty minutes,
uptown, downtown,
the whole rigmarole.
It would be more enjoyable
if it weren't so freezing.
Yeah, it's a little fresh air.
We've been-- We've been
up and down the river twice now.
I feel like
we should call it quits.
Yeah, I wanted to
show you the full circuit.
I'm freezing my face off.
Ah, it's good for you.
It's good for the circulation.
You know, in Sweden they do a lot of
this, the hot, the cold.
- I'm going to go inside.
- Oh no, no, no. We're about to dock.
You can't be outside
for two more minutes?
I could.
Peter, where you going?
Come back.
You know, I'm very sad
you're leaving New York so soon.
It's a real treat
having you around.
- This will be a nice few days together.
- Yeah.
And, uh,
happy to not go to Montreal,
things are a little bit
weird with Vanessa right now.
Can we go to your apartment too,
I'm tired of lugging this bag around.
Oh, yeah sure. No, I just wanted to
give you a tour of the city first.
- Here we are.
- Where?
The bridges. Aren't they great?
They're, they're nice bridges.
You know, I have a real
thing for architecture.
Over two dozen men died
building that bridge.
- Isn't that amazing?
- Yeah, they're, they're impressive.
The man who built that bridge
was afraid of heights.
- Can you imagine that?
- I'm really hungry. Let's go.
Jack always went to this Indian place that's
right next door to another Indian place,
and when you go to one, the other tries
to persuade you to go into theirs.
They're dueling Indian restaurants,
but we have to go to the one on the left.
Generally speaking, I resent it
when someone tries to solicit me.
There, there's this one time at school that
a homeless guy asked my friend for money--
- Where was this?
- At school. This, uh, homeless guy asked my friend for money
and my friend punched him. He punched
him right in the face. I loved that.
- Was he drunk?
- The homeless guy or Owen?
- Who the hell is Owen?
- My friend in the story. You with me?
- He was drunk?
- Owen was sober.
What kind of sick bastards are
you hanging around with, Peter?
College life has really thrown
you for a loop, hasn't it?
I was just saying Owen
that I liked Owen
because he did that.
I thought that was a nice story.
Here we are, home sweet home.
Shoes off.
Uch, really?
Uh, this place is so sad.
Yeah, well.
It's not much, yet.
Nice tree though.
Oh, shit, dammit.
Hey has this place passed the
recent health inspection laws?
You've got a bed
up against the furnace.
Probably a fire hazard.
This is-- I think this is the
nicest fake tree I've ever seen.
There's such detail.
What is that?
I just got this letter.
Ah, I've gotten letters.
Letters are cool.
It's from Jack.
Wait, it's fro-- it's from Jack?
How'd you get a-- how'd you get a letter
from Jack? What are you talking about?
He sent out a bunch of letters
before he died. Maggie got one too.
You haven't checked your mail?
What are y-- How are you t--
I didn't know
that was possible to--
Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Max?
What did it say? Wha--
why-- why did he do that?
I don't know.
I'm gonna go freshen up.
- Max?
- Fix the tree, will you?
Hello, my friend.
- Come into this side?
- Sure.
Ah, I think this side.
We're gonna go.
Thank you, sir.
Nobody has the right to take anything
fr-- That's not what I'm saying.
- What are you saying then?
- I'm saying that you have opportunities
more than a lot of people.
You are young. -Okay, okay.
- You are white.
- Okay. I'm-I'm not speaking-- I know--
I know I'm young and white.
I'm not speaking
- of the opportunities of the underprivileged.
- Keep your voice down.
I'm talking about-- I'm talking about
somebody thinking they have a right
to ask me for my money when
they, they don't even know me.
Money that I've earned
in a legitimate way mind you.
Well, you haven't earned it,
cause you don't have a job.
No, I don't have a job.
I don't have a job.
But I'm talking
hypothetically, so humor me.
I think you're scaring 'em.
I think you're scaring these
- women with your loud talk. I'm sorry about--
- I apologize.
He's a loud speaker
and I like to fight him.
It's okay,
we were just talking
- about the ethnicity of the waiter.
- She's racist.
- I'm not racist. It could be a number of countries.
- That's a legit--
I just, uh, let me just say, I feel like this
may be a little strange and I admit that it is,
- but I have a feeling about all of us.
- A feeling?
- Really, what kind of feeling?
- I don't know, just a gut feeling.
- You do this all the time.
- What's that?
This is, uh, you have these very
realistic dreams and just a general...
- It's true. I do.
- General perceptiveness about things...
- I do that.
- ...that he acts on.
I have a proclivity for
that sort of thing. It's true.
This is Peter, by the way.
- The man with the goatee.
- Hello.
I'm Max.
Our waiters name is Javier,
if that clears anything
up in the racial debate.
- I'm Brooke.
- I'm Halley.
Ah, Brooke and Halley,
those are beautiful names.
Well you have
a beautiful turtleneck.
You guys brothers?
You look alike.
Are we brothers?
We get that all the time.
Just wait till we stand up.
I'm sorry, when you said
that you had a feeling about us
- were you just saying that or were-- like casually?
- No, no, no.
- Or were you saying that because you--
- Oh, no, no, no.
I wasn't just saying that casually,
I promise. I had a very realistic
vision of the four of us getting to know
each other on a very personal level.
- All because of Javier.
- Well that, and the fact that, you know,
out of all
the places in New York,
of all the little Indian places, we are
sitting right across from each other.
- We chose the one on the left, too.
- Right,
so I think that says
something in and of itself.
He's never wrong.
- You're asking me to define chemistry.
- Please.
He was attractive to me
because he was so odd sexually.
I mean, but you
wake up and you realize
you don't know whose putting a butt plug
in your butt hole and that's scary, so.
And I get that.
Did you know that there's a difference
between butt plugs
and anal plugs?
Really? No, I didn't know that.
Butt plugs are for pleasure,
anal plugs are for incontinence.
- And incontinence is when--
- Incontinence is when you shit yourself.
So, do you-- how long have you
been with your girlfriend?
Um, we're coming
up on four years now.
Wow, you live together?
You want to sit?
- Yeah.
- We're gonna sit.
- You do that.
- All right.
Uh, do we live together? No.
It's kind of a long story. I live in
San Francisco, she lives in Montreal.
Oh, I love Montreal.
So where did you meet.
At Stanford.
Yeah, at a bar.
Was it love at first sight?
For me.
She took a little convincing.
- Sounds romantic.
- It's not.
So, you and Peter have
been friends your whole life?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- That's very sweet. You guys must really love each other?
Yeah we do.
He's a hell of a guy, you know.
- My moral compass.
- What does that mean?
Well, he has stability in his
life in contrast to me, I guess.
You know, he has a long-term
relationship, he goes to school,
he shaves every morning.
You know. You know, stability.
I guess I find
that very admirable.
Does that mean you
don't have a lot of stability?
- Well, I have a theory, okay?
- Okay.
And my theory is that all those things
in your life, relationships, work,
everything, it should
make you feel good, you know.
- Man, you're not one of those guys, are you?
- One of what guys?
One of those guys that thinks that
selfishness is some kind of a virtue.
Well, is that a bad thing?
I mean you're free to live
your life however you want,
but it can take quite a toll on
the people around you, you know.
All right.
Well, when you put it that way.
- What's wrong?
- Oh, no. Nothing. My, uh,
I get very passionate when I talk
about these things. My neck cramps.
Oh, do you want one?
No. I don't smoke.
That's your second cigarette.
- I know.
- You have an addiction.
Mm, I know.
It's disgusting.
Should I-- Is it unattractive?
Should I quit?
It's not-- No.
It's not unattractive.
It's just a terrible habit.
- Right. No, I feel like an idiot. I'll...
- Don't-- Just--
- You know, I'll put it out.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Don't do this. Don't-- Don't put it out.
What are you do-- Don't--
I'm not-- I'm just-- I'm a guy you
just met in an Indian restaurant.
You don't have to do anything
that I tell you to do.
- It's fine. Smoke it. I just--
- Sorry.
Don't apologize to me.
Why are you apologizing?
I'm not your father.
You're-- You're a strong
confident woman, obviously.
That's-- It's not a--
- I don't want it.
- Smoke your cigarette. Inhale that thing, you know.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
Did you say
you were from here or...
Yeah. Originally, I, uh,
yeah, live here and then--
I was living in L.A.
for about five years and
I just moved back and Halley's
lease was up so she moved in.
So what made you go out there?
- A boy and, uh, it didn't really work out.
- Right. Of course.
And I was sort--
too stubborn to move back.
Until now.
Hm. It's funny.
- What?
- Nothing.
You guys are making me
feel so awkward.
How do you-- How do you know
that I enjoy oral sex so much?
Because you have
an oral affectation.
That makes no sense.
Well, Peter is a sex therapist.
So he's a--
- He's a master on this matter. -Really? You are?
- Yeah. I know.
- I wouldn't peg you as the type.
- This is our spot.
- Oh, is it? -Yeah.
- Right here?
-Wow. It's beautiful.
-Thank you.
Look at this.
It's like a mini fortress.
Well, I-- This was so nice.
I would-- I'm so happy
that we were able to do this.
I got an idea. Would you guys like
to accompany us tonight to a bar?
I'm organizing
a little get-together.
- It's a little bit of an occasion.
- Yeah, it is. It's his birthday.
-Today is your birthday?
-Really? Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
- So, it's a big occasion. He's being modest.
- But don't let that affect
your decision. If you have other plans,
go with that. I don't wanna pressure you.
No. I don't
have any other plans.
- Do you have other plans?
- Um, no. No. No. No. No.
- Yeah. We'll go. We'd love to.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Aw, that's great.
- Good.
That's great news. Should
I just, uh, come back and, uh,
knock on the door and shimmy
through the window.
I'll give you my number. I don't, uh, have
my phone with me but I, I got one of these.
Peter, I am sorry
if I offended you earlier.
- Do you think we can move past this?
- Stop. You didn't offend me.
- Mm-hm.
- I already told you it's not a big deal.
- So, yes, we're fine.
- Okay.
Or you could make
it up to me in bed.
- Here, it's-- So just text me later and let us know the deal.
- I'm sorry?
- Yeah. So old-fashioned.
- All right, guys.
- Well, it was nice to meet you.
- It was nice to see you.
- See you later.
- Later. Sure. Please, go.
- Don't get in trouble.
- Thank you.
- We'll try not to.
- Bye, Peter.
-Yeah, all right. Bye.
-Get ready.
-Bye-bye now.
You're tremendous.
What-What did Halley say
that offended you?
She said she doesn't care that I have
a girlfriend because I'm so attractive.
- What?
- She was-- I wouldn't know how to reply to that.
- What does she mean by that?
- Probably didn't know what a loyal guy you are.
She's just giving you
a compliment, okay.
She was trying to make me
cheat on my girlfriend.
The whole time
she was trying to make me.
Well, she was just--
She's a sophisticated girl.
- She's putting herself out there in a way--
- I know that I overreacted. I--
You did overreact a little bit. But, you
know, you have quite a little temper on you.
- I don't like to yell on the street. But I'm sorry.
- You yelled at her?
- I'm-- Yeah, of course, I yelled at her. She's...
- I think you're taking--
I'm just going to manage my emotions a
little. I'm not in the mood right now.
- I know you're tired.
- I'm not some sort of scumbag.
It just made me really mad
when she said that.
You have quite a little
temper on you sometimes.
- I think you may be bipolar.
- Yeah, I know it's possible.
- You know, my sister's in a mental hospital right now.
- What? Why?
- Oh, I gotta refill my card.
- 'Cause she went fucking crazy.
- When did this happen?
- About a month ago.
What do you mean she went crazy?
I mean that's what happened.
I-- We have a history
of schizophrenia
in the family
on my mother's side.
And she just checked herself in?
No. Actually,
the landlord found her going
door-to-door naked
asking for swimsuits.
Walked her back to her apartment
and found out she, uh,
she flooded the place trying
to turn it into a swimming pool.
With the city's facilities,
who can blame her, right?
- Sure.
- I hate these fucking machines.
- Do you mind getting me? It won't take my card.
- No, of course.
Oh. Hey. Hey. Mine's dead too.
Now, now we're talking.
- Gotta remember to refill these things.
- Now we're talking.
Imagine you just turned 23 and you go crazy.
You can't do anything about it either.
You're in battle with
your own genetic structure.
You just turn a certain age
and poof, you're gone.
Like, what's to stop me from ending
up like Jack, or you like your sister?
Well, Jack was suffering from depression.
You'd know if you were depressed.
- Would I?
- My sister just started hearing voices saying,
"Fill this place up with water. That
you gotta put some water in this place.
Make it a pool." That, that's the thing
that you can't-- you can't expect.
- Exactly. That's what scares me.
- But it's--
- It's not-- But you can't be scared of that.
- I'm so scared. I'm very scared.
I think as a kid, I was always
aware that getting older would
mean knowing things about humans
that I would be scared of.
And what is happening to me now
and what I believe I'm realizing
is what is fundamentally
wrong with the world.
And I'm scared now because I can't
imagine how I would become like that.
- But I think you ought to be less pessimistic.
- Oh, I'm not pessimistic.
No. No. No. No. I'm very--
I'm-I'm very realistic.
- If you could take a step back.
- That's what I am.
If you're gonna finger point
and call me names,
call me realistic
because I can form an analogy
based on any little neurotic or any
synchronic problem I have in my life
compared to the human
condition since humans existed.
That's why you feel
so important because it is.
- It's important.
- Don't hit me, you fucking idiot.
- Fucking--
- Come here.
Okay. Stop.
I was once completely convinced
that some sort of god existed.
I thought people could choose to believe
anything they like as long as it made them feel
better about themselves. But nobody
takes time to form their opinions
based on what they feel is right, only
what other people will have them believe.
Does that makes sense?
Uh, yeah I've lost you.
But if you feel good about it,
that's what's important.
You're right.
A little more off the
sides right here.
Uh, Vanessa, it's me.
I'm trying you again.
Please, call me back. Bye.
- What?
- So there's a possibility Vanessa
- and I are breaking up, actually.
- Finally.
- Her and I have issues.
- Yeah. She doesn't like you.
How long have you guys
been together again?
- About four years.
- Four years. And in those four years,
how much time have you actually
physically spent in each other's company?
About a year. I mean we live
together but I-- About a year.
So I rest my case.
Where are we going, by the way?
Jack wanted me to come here.
It was in his letter.
Wait. I, I'm sorry.
Do you want me to come to this?
- I can go to my sessions. I--
- You have a sessions while you're here?
I have a session-- I've--
That's part of why I came
is I have real sessions
to sit in on.
- Oh.
- I told you that. Didn't I tell you that?
Maybe. I don't know. No. Come.
The back of the letter said, "P.S.
Tell Peter I would love it if he came."
Oh, did he really write that?
What are we
supposed to do here?
- I don't know, really.
- It's beautiful.
Why did he tell you
to come here?
Ever since I was nine, we
would come here on my birthday.
This was our spot.
That makes sense then.
I get it.
He's saying take in the city.
He's saying take in life,
take in the birds,
the sounds,
the ice-skaters, the people.
That's enough.
I get it.
- Excuse me. Can you take our picture?
- No, thanks.
Fucking tourist.
Jack's just wanting you to
feel through this thing.
- So, don't be scared of that.
- Why would I be scared of that?
Because it's
easier to feel nothing
than it is
to feel vulnerable and--
Can you stop acting
like my therapist?
I know what I'm talking about
so I'm trying to help you.
- This is the only way
I know how.
- You can be a little overbearing
Okay. I'm sorry.
I can't believe I'm 25.
Isn't that weird? This just
gonna keep happening to me?
- I get older but I feel the same exact way from when I was a kid?
- You're so different, though.
You've gotten taller.
Last time I saw Jack
we got in a big fight.
Really? About what?
He told me I should
go back to school and get a job.
It might help.
What's that supposed to mean?
All you do is drink
and smoke cigarettes.
It's not true.
I write occasionally.
Haven't sent me
anything in at least a year.
- Yeah, I can't control my output.
- Well, I'm just, uh--
I'm just telling you it might-- it might be
nice to actually do something once in a while.
Oh, wow. Thanks, Jack.
You can't even have
a real conversation about it.
It, it's not
like I stopped going
to school to become
some, some vagrant.
I genuinely
am not made for school.
And there's nothing wrong with me
having a drink every once in a while.
- You said that a million times.
- Or doing whatever I'm doing. I have to be content
- being discontent.
- I'm not saying stop, I'm saying do the moderation. That's all.
- That I'm just-- I'm trying to become something that I'm not?
- Sort of seems like it.
- You think I'm trying to become some aimless itinerant?
- This isn't-- This isn't you.
- What do you mean this isn't me?
- Be yourself.
I am. I'm being myself. I have to be
foolish and indulge myself when I can.
- What does that even mean? -It's all we have, goddammit.
- What does that even mean?
It means that I appreciate your
concern about how I'm living my life,
but I have to do it the way I want,
not the way that you want. Okay?
You sound like a child.
You sound like a little kid.
- Jesus Christ.
- "I just wanna do what I wanna do."
You don't condescend me in my fucking
lack of life experience, okay?
- Easy does it. Alright? Just relax.
- Are you telling me--
You know what? All you've done since
you've come here is act like a dick,
and check your phone, Okay? I didn't ask
you to come to New York. If you wanna go
- to Montreal to be with your girlfriend, then go do that.
- You didn't ask me to come here.
- I came here to help you, that's what I've been trying to do.
- You're not helping.
- And you just yell at me and you get defensive.
- You're not being any help.
- And all I'm trying to do is talk to you.
- I'm getting defensive?
- I should've gone to my session.
- There's children around that you're scaring.
- Alright. I'm gonna go to my session.
- Yeah, go to your session.
- Let's spend a little time apart. Okay?
- Yeah.
Take a chill pill,
mister therapist man.
Okay, I'll see
you when I see you.
- I feel fine.
- Great.
I feel fine.
Hi, how are ya?
Yeah, I heard you were in town.
Um, I'm right
by Central Park right now.
Yeah, sure, I could be there
in like 20 minutes.
Okay, I'll see you then.
I miss you.
No, no, everything's okay honey.
Oh, how's the baby?
You look terrible, pal.
One hell of a view.
The studio really didn't cheap you
out on the room this time around, huh?
Should we order up
some room service? Get crazy?
No, the idea of food
right now makes me wanna die.
All right, well,
we don't have to then.
I mean, you can. If you want.
Hey, I'm so sorry about Jack.
It's pretty hard to believe.
How old was he?
How's Maggie?
I've been staying with her.
That's good, right?
Yeah, I don't know. I feel like everybody
just is realizing what a fuckup I am.
You're not a fuckup, Max.
Yeah, maybe I am though.
I don't think so.
I think you're just
figuring your shit out.
Yeah, but I'd be kind of
figuring it out for a while now.
Yeah. Well, you're the one
who said you can't put
a timeframe on
those things, you know?
Really? Hm, well...
Recently I've sort of
realize that I didn't
know what the fuck
I was talking about.
Don't say that.
It's true though.
It's true.
I mean, look at-- look at Jack.
The guy moved out to L.A.
became a successful writer. I guess he
had it pretty fucking rolling, didn't he?
You know, I used to
look up to him so much,
but now I realize that he must
have been so unhappy for so long.
By the way, it's, uh, really nice
of you to reach out on my birthday.
It's not fair, Max.
I don't call anyone.
I don't talk to anyone.
I'm just not
cut out for this shit.
And I've been
having a really hard time.
Yeah, so am I.
It's not an excuse to
shut me out of your life.
Well, you haven't
called me either.
Right. Okay.
Like that-- Like, do you at least
get why I wouldn't call you?
- Of course I do.
- I, I truly do not resent you or hold any kind of grudge
or think of me--
You know, think of myself
as a victim in any kind of way.
It's actually very liberating
not being with you.
I'm sure you feel
the exact same way.
You said that you hate
how all this made you feel.
- How what made me feel?
- Being in a relationship.
Especially with me.
No, that's not quite true at all. Actually, I
would have been with you to the day I died.
- I'm here right now, aren't I?
- Max, if I thought I was going to refer to you as
an ex-boyfriend, I would never have
included you in my life to begin with.
- Of course, you wouldn't. That-- That doesn't make sense.
- What doesn't make sense?
Listen. You have to accept responsibility
for the fact that you fucked up.
- I fucked up?
- Yeah, you fucked up. Okay? I did too, I admit it.
But I feel like all you're trying
to do is justify what you're doing.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
Max, I'm so sorry.
Especially in the past month.
Have you any idea how hard
it is to pick up the phone
and call somebody when you know
they're really angry with you?
- I'm not fucking angry at you.
- Yes, you are.
Not because of that.
What happened, happened.
That's fine.
I don't blame you, okay?
I don't blame you.
I have lost a modicum of
compassion for you though,
but I feel like that's
very rightfully earned.
And that's legitimate, that's
not just my emotions talking.
I'm really sorry
you feel that way.
Okay, but you know how--
How can you just
sit there and say, "I'm sorry you
feel that way." Like that, that just
makes me think that the whole time
we were together was a fucking lie.
And you can't sit there and act
like you don't love me anymore,
because you know what? I know you do.
- Max, it got really hard.
I'm always gonna love you.
You're the love
of my fucking life.
I'm never gonna give to
anybody what I gave to you.
That's ours.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
- Then you should fucking act like it then, pal.
- Oh my god.
I don't know what else
you want me to say.
I don't know
how to make this better.
I don't-- I mean--
What do you want from me?
What do you want me
to say? I'm sorry?
Max, I am so fucking sorry.
I'm so sorry with every
single piece of me.
- Stop. Stop, stop.
- I'm sorry. I can't do this.
All right, come on.
I, I can't.
- Hey, look at me. Shh.
- I can't breathe.
Come on, look at me.
You can breathe.
- Shh.
- Fuck, it's your goddamned birthday today.
- Happy birthday.
- Shh. Thank you.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Shh, shh.
Shh, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
That was terrible.
Yeah, probably a bad idea.
Usually, I'm good for a couple.
I know.
Maggie. Hey.
I know you're off work
and probably heading home
but I was wondering if
I could see my sister?
it's a bit of an emergency.
- We had sex, kind of.
- Max, you didn't.
- You haven't seen her since your break-up and you have sex?
- Hm.
Well, that's kind of me.
I'd rather not get into the
logistics of it here really.
- I'll scare you.
- Well, are you okay? How do you feel about it?
I don't know.
I felt like we were
breaking up all over again.
- It's like we were together, but not.
- It's a very common thing
in relationships. Actually, it reminds
me of something from my therapy session,
which I know you hate it when I talk
about my therapy, but it actually helps
and you're gonna
like something Dr. Sillo said.
- I doubt that.
- Just listen. It's this word, this French word,
rapprochement, speaking
in relationship terms,
you break up and then
at some point or another,
you become closer again
only to come further apart
and you continue to do this until you're
okay and not coming closer anymore.
Wow, it's a hell of a word.
Let me write that down.
Excuse me.
So, does this mean that you
and Richard have a pre-planned
post breakup sex
coming in the near future?
Okay. Uh, so, I was gonna
tell you this before
but, I, uh,
didn't wanna tell you.
Richard and I broke up.
Broke up? Wow.
Did he break up with you, or?
No, I broke up with him.
Oh, no I just assumed.
So, why did
you break up with him?
Because I fell in love
with someone else.
Look at you.
Who's the guy?
You don't know him.
His name is Vinny.
Vinny. Wow.
- Shut up or I will kill you.
- Sorry, go on.
Where did you guys meet?
Okay, here it goes. Uh, so,
- do you remember when my friend Luke Westerman got arrested?
- Vaguely.
Well, I went to visit him
a couple of times
and that's where I met Vinny.
- Where, at prison?
- Yes.
Was he just visiting
or was he a guard?
He wasn't an inmate?
- Yes.
- Hold on. Hold on.
- I'm gonna stop you right there.
- Max, just don't freak out.
- Just hold on a goddamn sec.
- Max, please stop freaking out.
I'm not freaking out.
- I'm freaking out a little bit.
- Oh, come on.
Ok, no-- What did he do?
- Well, he was really young and stupid and drunk.
- Sure. They all are.
- See, I'm not telling you.
- No, no, no, I'm sorry.
You're gonna tell me because you're
not gonna leave until you tell me.
- So, just tell me now.
- He accidentally shot a woman.
- He murdered someone?
- Technically it's manslaughter--
What do you mean accidentally, what,
did he just slip and shoot his gun?
And he served his time
and he's changed.
Really, Max,
he's such a kind man.
Oh, who are you? Who are you? I literally
don't know what to say right now.
I've been sleeping on your couch for
the last three weeks and you just failed
- to mention this?
- I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you. It's just...
- Sometimes you can be judgmental.
- Me? Judgmental?
- I'm-- I'm not judgmental.
- You are, but it's fine.
First of all, Richard and I were breaking
up anyway and neither of us had the balls
to say it so it had to come to something
like this and secondly, Vinny is a gentle,
sensitive man who actually
appreciates me and listens to me.
- And you love him?
- Yes, I really do.
Well, I'm sure conjugal visits have that
emotional effect on a lot of people.
Stop. This is what I mean.
I'm very vulnerable right now
and your sarcasm is not helping.
I know. I'm sorry, that was
my last comment. I'm sorry.
I know how this looks,
but I'm not going crazy.
This is a crazy thing
to happen, but I actually
- feel normal for the first time in so long.
- That's it then.
You're doing what you feel is right.
So, you should. High five.
And in a weird way, like, Jack dying made
it so clear to me how fucked up I was.
It made me wanna get better.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, yeah.
Speak of the devil.
Look what I got in the mail.
Isn't that nice?
This is why you're upset.
Yeah, it's a little unsettling that our dead
brother's sending me letters in the mail.
Yeah, I'm a little upset.
It's a little weird.
He's just trying to
inspire you in his way, I think.
You know, I just
feel like my whole
life is like in a weird flux
at the moment.
I feel like, I don't know.
Did you ever feel like you worry
about things that aren't really there
and you kinda just
are in another dimension
and you just feel
everything slipping away?
It's a panic attack.
Welcome to my life.
Which is also why I must go home
and take a nap immediately.
I love you, I care for you,
I worry for you, but you will be fine.
I'll see you tonight?
You forgot something.
Happy birthday.
- Be good, kid.
- You too.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh, sorry.
- Oh, my god.
My god, you scared me.
Sounded like a burglar.
- Um, are you-- are you waiting?
- Uh, yeah, I mean, no, I was just waiting.
I was, uh, in the neighborhood
and I just thought I'd stop by.
Wow, I really scared you.
- Yeah, you did.
- Sorry.
What, did you
just get some goodies?
- Is-- Does Brooke know you're here, um?
- Um, no, she doesn't.
I, I knocked a couple of times and
I rang the bell and I'm-- I texted-
-but I didn't get an answer.
So, I just figured I, I'd wait.
- Um, do you-- Do you wanna come in?
- Oh, yeah.
- Or, um.
- I mean, if that's all right.
- I don't wanna intrude.
- No, I, um--
I don't wanna catch
anybody with their pants down.
Literally and metaphorically.
That's a hell of
a lot of stairs.
Uh, do you--
Do you wanna come up?
Architecture really
isn't what it used to be.
- Yeah.
- How high does it go?
Uh, to the top.
Jesus Christ.
This place is beautiful.
What an ambiance.
I love it in here.
You do? Oh, uh, thank you.
- Max, where is Peter? Hrm.
- Peter's in therapy, listening to some middle-aged man
- talk about how he likes to be the little spoon.
- Oh.
Wow, you know this place just feels like
it's been lived in
for a whole lifetime.
Yeah, it's
Brooke's parents' house.
- So, um--
- Oh, and are her parents alive or are they, you know?
Uh, dead? No, uh, no they
just live somewhere else.
Right, right.
Well, very festive.
And so what, what do you do?
What's your, uh--
what's your vocation?
Oh, uh, I'm a poet.
Poet, really?
Well, I mean, not really.
Like I don't make money from poetry
because no one buys poetry. But, uh...
- Right.
- Yeah, I, um...
So, how do you
support yourself then?
- So, I, I write articles freelance, um, yeah.
- Oh.
And I do have other fun hobbies
like antiquing and,
you know, drawing pictures.
- Great.
- And stuff like that.
And you really enjoy oral sex?
Yes, I do.
Hi, I'm in the bath.
Uh, Brooke, Ma-- Max is here.
What do you mean Max is here?
- Hi, Brooke.
- Hi.
I was just
in the neighborhood and
thought I'd stop by a little
early and get this party started.
Hey, Halley.
Can you in here for a second?
Um, you, um, you can make
yourself at home or useful.
I'll put the groceries away.
Um. Oh, and don-- Just this
chair, don't-- just don't sit on it.
- It's like a hundred years old.
- Got It.
Hey, Brooke, where does
the granola go?
Hm, it's the oldest thing
I've ever seen in my life.
Oh, fuck me.
What can we do tonight? What's like a
quintessential New York thing to do?
I've lived here my entire life
and never enjoyed it properly.
You have to go
ice-skating in Central Park.
- Right.
- I mean, I know it's sort of a clich,
but it really is
the most fun thing to do.
Yeah, it's not exactly
the most original thing.
Ha, ha, ha.
Well, what would you like to do?
Well, I mean it's not really a great
thing to recommend for the three of us,
but I enjoy going
to my grandparents' house
and having coffee and cake
and listening to their stories.
Thank you, I'm good.
She petrifies me.
You're like a complete,
a hopeless romantic, huh?
I am a little bit. I am.
-More so than I care to admit.
-So sweet.
-Pretty sweet.
Oh, Halley, what about you? What's--
what are your favorite things to do?
I like going to really fancy
hotels and getting really drunk.
- That's not all that she likes to do there.
- Their drinks get you so drunk.
Tha-- that-- that leads to
one or two things, huh?
Speaking of which, how about
we, um, you know, put Peter in
and start the tempestuous
section of our evening?
Hm. Oh god.
What does tempestuous mean?
Are you asking me as a challenge
or are you asking me honestly?
- Uh, both.
- Are we going now?
- You don't even know what it means, do you?
- Yeah, we are going now.
- We are going.
- I got you. You just like to use big words to sound smart.
- Brooke, are you gonna drink-- -I
got your number. No, you can have it.
You're not even drinking
your drink. Such a waste.
- Maybe I'm just too disparaged to indulge you.
- Huh.
- There he is. Hey.
- Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- We meet again.
- Okay.
- with all this sex talk?
- Okay!
- Happy birthday To you
Do you need to wish on that?
- Let's get some ciders.
- Let's go.
Hey, how you doing?
Good guy, good guy.
The weird thing is I'm
supposed to watch a couple have sex.
That's the next thing I'm supposed to
do when I get back to San Francisco.
Is that why you decided to take
the job in the first place?
Yeah, that's why--
I mean kind of.
- Thank you.
- Is that sick?
Wait a sec. Wait a--
No, no, you can't pay.
- Let me give you some money.
- Peter, it's fine.
- No, I insist.
- Peter, I wanted to. It's fine.
Please, just take
the money and say thank you.
Yeah, here, just take it all.
- Just-
- Halley, it's the least us gentlemen can do.
So unnecessary.
It's not like we're
sleeping together... yet.
- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Why would she say that?
- Please.
She was just--
She was just being funny.
Did you tell her?
- What's going on with--
- Did she-- -I told her.
- Told her what?
- Is that a weird-- Was that not a weird thing?
No, it was a weird thing
because you were
forcing money on her
after she bought you a drink.
Yes, extremely
rudely, I may add.
- Rudely? I'm trying to be nice.
- Like inappropriately nice.
- What, are you living in 1952?
- Okay, fine.
I'm a dickhead. All right,
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Order more spicy ciders,
these are cold.
Pissing me off.
- Wow.
- That's such a weird choice for him to be a sex therapist.
Well, he's a narcissist,
so what do you expect?
Strange man. Very strange man.
So, Max, tell me stuff.
All right. Um, my brother
killed himself a month ago.
I'm so sorry.
Um, yeah. No, it's um,
it's okay.
That was-that was the first time
I said it out loud so that's--
And I know it's terrible, but I don't
want our night to be ruined by it.
Yeah, no, of course not.
Um, yeah.
Yeah. Have you had anything
like that in your life?
I had someone that uh...
that I was very
close to a long time ago
and, I don't know.
It's a really difficult thing to
know how to process, you know.
It's such a different kind of grief.
How are you doing with it?
You know, I'm fine. I just-- Sad
feelings are kind of like the weather.
You know, sometimes they stick around
but they always seem to go away.
Do you really feel
that way or is that just
something you heard
and you wanted it to be true?
So, Brooke,
let me ask you a question now.
Would you consider
yourself a happy person?
Me, happy?
Happy people are boring.
But, you know,
I had days like today
and meeting you,
that's happiness, my friend.
All the rest of the days
you're just trying
to feel comfortable
in your own skin, you know.
That's tagline from a novel.
- What's your novel about?
- Oh, no, I don't have a novel.
I was-I was speaking my
nonexistent, eventual novel.
So, um,
what else have you written?
Nothing that's--
Nothing that's published, um.
Well, you know you have to
write to be a writer.
You realize that, right?
My brother
was actually a writer.
He was, he was, he was good.
He was really good.
Have you thought
about writing about him?
Not really.
- Why not?
- Uh...
I feel like I, um, I-- I-- No.
I think I would be--
I think I would be too afraid of
what would come out to be honest.
Don't tell anybody that.
Especially Peter.
- That's a little embarrassing.
- No, I would never.
Do you actually--
Would you like to
hear a little secret
regarding Peter?
I love secrets. Yes.
Uhm, should we order
another drink first?
We should always order
another drink first.
So, I went to go
visit Peter at college
before him and his girlfriend
Vanessa started dating.
But, unbeknownst to Peter,
Vanessa and I actually kissed first.
You guys liked each other first?
Well, we didn't really like
each other. We kind of just
met and had a drunken moment
where we kissed,
had a little tongue,
a little boob feel-up.
But, it never advanced, but--
- Did you go like this?
- No, no.
- It wasn't over the shirt.
- Did I scare Peter off?
- No, he just went to the bathroom.
- Wait, so Peter doesn't know?
Peter doesn't know what?
- I'm not angry. I'm not angry.
- Are you sure?
- I think you're-
- Not at you, not at you.
I don't know why she would not--
I'm gonna make a call,
I'm gonna make a phone call.
We should probably
head downtown pretty soon.
You cheated on me, right?
And, I said take some time
to figure it out
and tell me how you feel,
I'm texting you all day,
you don't text me back,
I call, you don't call me back
and I have to call you to tell
you, I just found out that
you, you kissed
my friend four years ago!
You are a liar,
you are a bullshit artist.
Leave him out of it--
Leave Max out of it.
Yeah-- it might not
have been the best idea, Max.
There could have been
a better time to tell him.
It's better than
him not finding out, I mean,
- you said honesty is the best policy.
- But not for everybody.
Not everybody can
handle it, you know.
Oh, oh, she is going to
talk in her little baby voice.
No, no, don't speak
French to me, speak English.
I feel bad.
Don't feel bad.
Do you think
they're breaking up?
I highly doubt it.
I wonder what he is saying.
He just said "I want to rip off
your vagina and throw
it into the ocean."
I probably shouldn't
have said anything.
- Hey.
- Happy birthday!
- You've made it.
- Oh, my god.
-Hi, Pete.
- It's been so long.
- I know.
This is Vinny-- this is Vinny.
- Hey, how are you doing, mate?
- Good, nice to meet you. -Here's my brother, Max.
- Hey, Max, how are you, man?
- Heard a lot about you, man.
I feel so good about it. I feel like I--
Like she was yielding this power over me,
- this stupid bitch.
- Relationships are so hard,
- you know, my ex-boyfriend--
- The guy-- yeah the guy-- the fucking butler guy, yeah.
- You remember that, yeah.
- Yeah, it was five hours ago, of course I remember it.
I mean
its awkward at first, but,
it's just, I feel blessed
more than anything else.
You've got a second chance, you
know, live a life, real life.
- Right. -Not that other shit.
- So, how was it?
- The joint?
- Yeah.
I mean, listen, jail,
it's like camp after a while,
you know, you either fit in or
you go the opposite direction.
Me and myself I-- I educated.
I mean I used the time
to gain some knowledge.
-That's inspiring, man.
How old was
the woman that you killed
- if you don't mind me...
- No, no, no, she was 63.
- 63 years old. Yeah.
- Really?
She was going anyway, you
probably did her a favor, right?
- I'm drunk.
- Yeah, okay, there they are, couple of the night.
They did it,
they took their sweet time.
They probably fi-- I haven't
had sex in nine months.
I haven't had sex
in nine months.
I haven't had sex
in three weeks.
Yeah, lick everywhere.
- Sylvia.
- Yes, Mickey.
How you call your lover boy?
Come here, lover boy.
And, if he doesn't answer?
Oh, lover boy.
And, if he still doesn't answer?
I simply say Baby, oh baby
This is so much fun, I haven't had this
much fun in honestly I don't know how long.
- Max, do you think Peter's okay?
- Yes, it's just, Peter's okay. Listen, Peter needs this,
you know it just
makes you realize
how love is all
a mentality really,
it's so physiological,
really is personality.
I want to suck that cock.
What the fuck is taking so long?
- Hurry.
- Alright, yeah. Fucking...
Fucking do it.
I'm so happy she's happy.
Look at them,
they look like children.
Mm-hm, in we could all look at the
world through the eyes of children,
you know, I'd be
so much happier.
You are amazing.
- You are amazing.
- Why?
Just, okay, so... I don't want you to
think that I'm some sort of pervert,
I'm not, I don't hold
any ulterior motives
- with what I'm about to say, okay?
- Mm-hm.
But I think I can fall in
love with you very easily.
I think you are
building me up in your head.
No, I'm not.
- You barely know me.
- I know you.
I know you very well, truly.
The first time I saw you,
I felt like I've known you
my whole life and you
don't get that with people.
What is it about me
that's so intriguing?
You mean, you really don't know?
I've been hurt a bunch, Max.
My idea of myself has really changed.
You make me feel like everything is
going to be okay, even if it's not.
Get it, get it, get it.
licked your face off.
Oh, yeah, look at that!
He's killing it.
We did something bad,
we did a bad thing.
What did you guys do?
We did some drool pass.
A little old game?
- A little bit.
- A little old man.
A little old man...
- You wanna do some?
- Yeah, where did you get it?
I've got a friend, Ho Seong Lee,
he runs this place.
I want to be
his investing partner.
- Uch. What is this?
- Uh-uh.
Straight from Korea.
Ouch, oh...
- Maggie? Maggie?
- What the fuck? Richard, dude.
- No, what--
- What are you doing? Dude?
- Just let me talk to her.
- Why are you even here?
I just-- Move the fuck out.
- Richard!
- Who the fuck are you?
Officer, please, he didn't start the
fight, he was just trying to protect himself
- You don't understand, it was Richard's fault.
- It's OK, it's alright. Baby!
Baby, it's okay, baby, it's okay.
Alright, we'll be good. It's okay.
I'm ok. Don't worry, it's okay.
- You'll be fine.
- It's OK.
- You going to go talk to her?
- Yeah, for sure.
Thanks a lot, fuck you.
- Hey.
- Max, I'm not in the mood for your jokes, okay.
No, no, no. I'm not joking.
I'm not gonna joke.
- I don't know what to do.
- I know, I know, just breathe, okay?
- My head feels like it's gonna explode.
- No, no, no,
it's not gonna explode.
It's not gonna explode.
Why don't we just go back
to my place, you can sleep there
for the night, you wake up in the
morning, you figure out what to do.
- Really bad taste.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- You good?
- So...
- Is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine,
she's just upset.
No, it's, it's--
- How do you feel?
- Max?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go to the police station
and see if there's
anything I can do.
Do you want me to come?
No, it's your
birthday, you stay.
- Are you sure?
- Promise.
- I'll come.
- No, it's fine.
- Just give me a second.
- Hey.
If you need me,
just call me, okay?
I will.
What's wrong with you?
You alright?
I just so sorry,
I'm so embarrassed,
- I'm such a bad sister, I ruined your birthday.
- No, you're not, you didn't ruin
anything, fucking
get yourself together.
Do I deserve this, Max?
No, you don't deserve this,
you are a good person.
I just miss Jack. I really,
really do. I wish he was here.
I know. I know.
I do too. I do too.
Hi, how are you guys,
you still here?
Of course,
we wouldn't leave you.
You okay?
I'm fine, where's Peter?
He's in the bathroom.
Well, I'll go get him and then
we can leave immediately.
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't apologize.
- I'll be right back.
- It's okay.
I feel sick.
Get out!
Excuse me, I'm sorry,
I'm just gonna
see if find my good friend
here, he's in there?
Yeah, he's locked himself in
there, he's not even answering.
Peter? Come on man, people are waiting.
Yo, Peter?
How long has he been in there?
- Too fucking long.
- Peter, its Max.
I gotta piss so hard, man.
Peter, hey man,
Hey! Come on, Peter.
Peter! Peter, fuck!
Peter, look at me! Peter?
Peter! Peter. Hey, hey, hey!
Look at me! Look at me!
Hey! Hey!
Stay with me.
Stay with me! Stay! No, no, no.
Peter, Peter!
Call fucking 911!
He's got to ride alone.
We are going to
Downtown Hospital. Let's go.
Are you okay?
- I took the same stuff.
- Okay.
No, 'cause he,
he took a lot more than us.
You're okay.
It's beating fast.
You're okay
I gotta get to the hospital.
Walk us to
the subway first, okay.
You're okay. Come here.
Goodbye, Max.
Can you tell Peter
I said goodbye, too?
It was fun, Happy Birthday.
How are you doing?
My, my heart is
still beating really fast.
You're okay. If you were dying,
you'd we dead already.
That's assuring.
You're not Peter.
And you're not Jack.
Goodbye, sweet Max.
Hey there, birthday boy,
everything all right?
Yeah, it's still
coming in waves a bit.
keep taking deep breaths, so,
- once the palpitations stop, we can check you out.
- Okay.
Well, by the way, the doctor just
released your friend a few minutes ago.
- Did he?
- Yeah.
- How is he?
- He still a little wobbly on his feet but
- you just make sure you keep an eye on him, okay?
- Okay. All right.
Oh, can I have some more juice?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Here he is.
Look at you,
looking like million bucks.
What are you doing here?
I thought I was having a small heart
attack, so I checked myself in.
- Gotcha.
- What did the doctor say?
He said uh, I have a...
I was dehydrated
and tired something.
I wasn't listening.
I'm sure all or some these
drugs played a small part.
Guy's a real
piece of shit suddenly.
Yeah, he really got you.
Hey, pal, are you all right?
Why did you say that to me?
That you and Vanessa kissed.
I was just--
Sure, okay, I was showing off.
- I didn't mean for it to be any--
- Don't do that.
Don't ever do that to me.
I'm sorry.
It's been a very trying day.
Hey, can I have a cigarette?
I should probably
catch this train.
Montreal, do you have to?
I have to.
Come on.
So, what's up with
you and Vanessa now?
I don't know.
It's over.
Over over?
As in forever?
I feel like
that might be my fault.
It is, partially.
But she wasn't happy,
I definitely wasn't happy.
- You gotta do what makes you happy, right?
- Right.
I feel like
I don't know how to do that.
I don't think I do either.
We'll figure it out, huh, pal?
Is this you?
Yeah, this is me.
- I love you.
- Love you too, big guy.
- Merry Christmas.
- Be safe.
- This was wild.
- Thanks for coming out.
- Hey, I'll call you from Canada.
- All right.
- You're my guy.
- You're my guy.
Hey, hey!
I could stay for Christmas.
What about Vanessa?
I don't need to take a train
to know that we've broken up
and that I don't love her.
Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- I mean, I'd love that.
Me too.
You're hungry?
I could eat.
You want to go to
the Indian place on the right?
The place where I was born
Is a vague memory
Like the flakes in
The snow of a broken-down TV
It could be in the big city
Or in a beautiful dell
With a red corn silo or
A broken church bell
Where the girls would all be
Pretty and the men Quiet and strong
And the autumn is beautiful
And summer not too long
Rains of May would come
Pouring like the Genesis Flood
Left the old pink flamingo
Face down in the mud
Well, the last thing I'll do
Before I call it quits
Is probably dream
Just a little bit
But, nothing too hard
On my sweet fadin' mind
'Cause everything,
everything Is gonna be just fine