Await Further Instructions (2018) Movie Script

[eerie music]
Well... we're here.
Can we not do this?
I want to meet them.
We will spoil
everyone's Christmas.
Come on!
It's so good to see you.
Mum, this Annjaya, Annji.
- Annjeera?
- Annji.
Oh... yes that's lovely.
Well, come on in,
you must be freezing.
We got you this,
Mrs. Milgram?
Indian sweets.
Those are Petha cubes,
pumpkin pieces in syrup,
Gulab Jamun dumplings,
all sorts.
Well, that's lovely.
Thank you.
Oh here,
have a hankie.
You keep it.
Dad around?
We should say hi.
Oh, let him come down
in his own time.
Well, go through.
Granddad's is in front
of the telly.
Kate and her Scott
will be here soon.
Full house this year.
You are staying?
Please say you will?
- Um...
- We'd love to.
[newscaster] Now you may
remember from yesterday
that we were getting
some isolated reports
of powers surges
from areas in the midlands
and north west
of the country.
Those reports seem
to be increasing
- and are now coming in from other areas
- Annji.
of the country as well.
Let us take a look
at some of the pictures
- that people have been sending in...
- Merry Christmas, Gramps.
Hi, Mister Milgram.
I'm Annji.
Nick's girlfriend.
Merry Christmas.
So how are we all
getting along?
I have to say,
I didn't know you were coming.
Oh, it wasn't definite.
I mean...
Don't have a pop at Mum,
You know at work
it is staff policy
to put personal
arrangements in writing
about a month in advance.
Well, it really was
a last minute thing.
Besides, our mobiles
are conked out, so...
So, your phone wasn't
working all last year then?
Or the last three years,
in fact?
They're here now.
That's what counts.
Ah, very well... good.
It's my fault, Mr Milgram.
I was on emergency
cover shifts this week.
I'm Annji.
Nick's girlfriend.
Very pleased
to meet you, Angela.
I'll get started
on the tea.
I'll let Mum
know we're here.
Hello, Mum?
[phone deadline]
[newscaster] With diplomatic efforts
now seemingly completely stalled
with regards to the crisis
on the peninsula.
How much do you think
the actions
of these Russian
pilots and the...
[switch of TV channels]
Oh come all ye faithful...
You kept all the decorations.
Yes well, they're not broken,
why replace them?
They bring back
good memories.
Do you remember that
Christmas with the power cuts?
We decorated the tree
by candlelight.
You picked me and Kate up
so we could hang the baubles.
Well, maybe this year
we can have
a proper family Christmas
like we used to, yeah?
I better go see
if Mum needs me.
It's nice he likes
his fairy lights.
Funny, I was in the military
police for thirty years
and look how
you've turned out.
You're a clerk and your
son's a deadbeat pansy.
Mind, a few good slaps
sorts that out,
doesn't it, eh, Squelcher?
I said, a few good slaps...
I'm an Office Manager...
I'm an Office Manager.
Smells good, Mum.
You'll spoil your dinner.
[ding of the oven]
Merry Christmas!
Oh, everyone's here.
I am so happy!
Aw, Mum!
Oh, Gramps,
love you.
Smile for the camera.
Give us good gums Gramp!
Oh, hey.
Hey, Sis,
long time no see.
Oh, you're not far off?
Annji, did you meet Scott?
You'll have lots to talk about.
He's in medicine, too.
Oh cool, where?
Freeman Hospital.
Saint Mark's Ambulance
Kate's due in a week.
Two weeks.
But you're okay?
No back pain?
Gushing? Hand swells?
No, but I'm in an utter
flap about the holidays.
I mean, you hear all
these stories on the news
about foreign cover doctors...
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
No, I don't want
you to think...
It's fine.
Who wants tea?
Alfred? Nick?
[eerie music]
Six letters, Tumult.
That's not a real word!
It really is.
Indian words don't count.
It's English.
Shall I get the dictionary...
Don't be silly.
It's just a bit of fun.
Have a Gulab Jamun.
That's our shopping precinct!
Oh my gosh!
...this afternoon.
It's now been confirmed
that one person has died
and a further two remain in
hospital with serious injuries
after a stabbing incident
just off the main high street
the police are saying could be
a suspected terrorist incident.
We're now also getting reports
that a man has been arrested...
Well, ain't no surprise to me.
I read,
I know what's going on.
Alfred, please.
Letting anyone come
flooding in.
Was always going
to end like this.
you can't say that.
Everyone's entitled
to their own opinions,
but still.
Mr Milgram,
I know we've only just met
and I don't know much
about your life,
but that's not fair.
You're right,
you don't know anything
about Gramps!
Kate, please, let's not
blow it out of proportion.
Gramps is being out of order.
This country used to be great,
till all them Johnny Ahmed's
and Bobby Bongo Bongos
started coming in.
All I'm trying to say is that
if we let these things go,
then we're perpetuating
those views.
How patronizing.
Who do you think you are?
Kate, you can't fucking
seriously be siding with Gramps?
Please don't swear, love.
You come into our home...
Kate, I'm warning you.
Don't you shout
at my girlfriend.
You come here
with your tumults
and your bloody pumpkins
in syrup...
Kate, shut the fuck up!
Alright, that is enough!
You'll apologize.
Me apologize?
[Gramps chuckling]
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's not you.
It's not.
Well, it's not you.
treasure, please,
they didn't mean
anything by it.
Mum, this was a mistake.
You won't go?
Please don't.
Come visit us in the
New Year on your own
or something.
Shit, Annj.
I never thought it would
kick off like that.
I don't want to stay.
Look, here's what we do,
tomorrow we'll get up
really early before they do
and we will just go home,
and we'll order
a turkey pizza
and watch Christmas Dr Who.
Now, I'd better get back
to my room as you know,
two people outside
of Christian wedlock
should not share a bedroom.
[lights buzzing]
[distant rattling]
[lights buzzing]
[unintelligible TV]
[TV static]
You better drive.
My head feels fuzzy.
Yeah, mine too actually.
What is that?
I think it's metal?
The surface is so weird.
Looks like it's been fitted
on purpose... kids?
Then what's that?
I was having a nightmare.
There was this
awful banging.
Is there anything
to get this thing off?
Tools? Crowbar?
There's an axe
in the garage.
Mind out.
Stop! Stop!
the neighbors will hear.
Let's get your dad,
he'll know what to do.
Can anyone hear us?
Help! Help!
[distant thud]
What in the hell
is all this racket?
Someone's locked us in.
What are you on about?
They're all the same.
Well this is nonsense.
Am I the only one here
with any sense whatsoever?
It won't budge, Dad.
Oh, this can't be happening.
I'm giving birth
in two weeks.
It's got to be a natural
disaster or something.
But who would lock us in?
Could it be
a reality show?
Some sort of awful game?
That's it!
That's got to be it.
It's too insane
to be really real.
We could be on camera
right now!
No, it's the authorities.
- You think?
- Well obviously.
There's been an incident
and we've been quarantined
until they regain control
of the situation.
I suppose.
Well, you said it yourself,
didn't you.
I mean, these shutters
are all metal.
They surround
the entire house.
Only the government could
manage something like that.
It still doesn't explain
the pipes.
They poke into every room.
Well, they could be there
to vent in clean oxygen,
couldn't they?
Well, it's possible,
isn't it?
You know, there really are
some ingenious people
and sensible people working
in the government these days,
so believe me.
So from now on we keep
all the windows open,
let the vents do there job,
lets let the air in.
Scott, if you can help me.
I'm calling the Police.
I'll check the News.
You all better come see this.
It's overriding every channel.
Well, what does it mean?
It has to be the emergency
government broadcast.
In the aftermath of 7/7
we learnt that the
authorities reserved
an emergency frequency
that would come into play
in the event
that the networks
were knocked out.
It's a nuke, isn't it!
I saw it on the TV.
It's the EMU pulse.
Electromagnetic pulse.
E. M. P.
Oh, you think
you're so clever.
I don't think it can be.
All the electrics
would be fried.
The TV would be dead.
And our phones
are still working,
there's just no network.
Well, why have all the
clocks stopped working
at the same time, then?
I... can't answer that.
I still can't work out
how we all managed
to sleep through it?
Look, we haven't even
checked online yet.
That's the fifth try.
No internet.
Landlines dead.
No communication
outside of this house.
Can I count on you, Scott?
Uh yeah.
Sure, Tone.
No worries.
You see I need to know
you'll back me.
We need to be shepherds.
Protect the herd,
even from themselves.
We're men, Scott,
and sometimes we're called upon
to do things
that no one else will.
I say to my team at work,
be your best
on your worst day.
- Yeah, Tone, sure.
- Good.
Okay, so we need
to puzzle this out.
Well, the message
clearly shows
that the authorities
have the attack under control.
So, we sit tight.
Await for rescue.
No one said anything
about an attack.
It's Christmas Day.
It's the perfect
time to strike.
The day of the year when our
defenses are at their lowest.
Lot's of them don't even
celebrate Christmas.
If it's an attack.
[sighs and faints]
- It's alright, love.
- Careful. Careful.
It's okay.
It will be okay.
Right, we need to wait
for more instructions,
but in the meantime,
we are going to celebrate
this special day
as we would any other year.
If we don't uphold our values
and have a proper
British Christmas
the terrorists
have already won.
Here. Here.
[indistinct chatter]
Dear Lord...
Dear Lord, for what
we are about to receive
let us be truly thankful.
We thank you for our health
and the presence of our family
in this trying time.
We do not try to guess
your grand design,
but rather look to the
example set by your son
who was born on this day.
He knew his duty.
With your Grace we shall
preserve and we shall prevail.
What's wrong with her now?
I've got a cold starting.
Annji's got a touch of flu,
She got you wrapped
around her pinky.
Your cunt struck
good and proper.
- Alfred, please!
- Dad!
That was fucking bang
out of order, Gramps!
- Apologize now!
- Nah.
Maybe Annji picked up
something by accident?
We don't know
what's going on out there.
Could be an infection
like sarin or...
Sarin's a nerve gas,
not an infection.
Or, or plutonium then.
Also, not an infection.
I know that!
I'm not stupid!
Look, let's just eat.
We'll think a lot clearer
with some food inside us.
This is a farce.
The world could be ending
and we're shoveling
sprouts into our faces.
Oh, I bet it'd be different
if it was one of your holidays.
Can everyone
please stop shouting.
Look, come on,
Mum's spent ages on this,
it looks delicious.
If I'm infected,
then you are, too.
You and laughing boy
arrived after we did...
Can you not have
a go at us.
We're a family and this woman
is carrying my baby, okay.
So, I've had enough,
no more.
Don't trust her!
When I was stationed
in the Middle East
they had tricks to fool you.
Gramps, you don't know what
you're talking about, do you?
- You just carry on...
- Be quiet!
I'm about to carve
the turkey.
Well, there is nothing
to discuss,
because I refuse to entertain
your clever notions
that could put this family's
health at risk.
You are useless.
Sitting there like a lump
while my dad takes charge.
What can I do?
You're always telling
everyone what a man you are.
Here's your chance.
Prove it.
Protect your family.
End of.
Dad, it's our food.
Oh, so now you know better
than disaster management team,
do you?
All I'm saying is,
lets take a step back,
and take stock
for a second...
What are you doing?
You know.
Alright, but how long
might this last?
The TV said
nothing about water
and you can live
for weeks without food.
When I raised money
for Comic Relief
I ate nothing but energy
bars for a month.
The organizers were amazed.
We've got a pregnant woman...
Don't use me as an excuse!
I'm strong.
I'm a team player.
We won't be able
to risk the tap water,
but I did instruct your mother
to get some bottled water
in for the holidays,
so we'll ration that.
Well, I hope that lasts
long enough.
- Oh, we'll cope.
- Yeah.
That's it, walk away.
Don't you ever
undermine me
in front of the others again.
You are no longer
the head of this family.
but it's not so easy
when there's no head office
to check in with,
is it, Squelcher?
Act decisively,
with iron authority.
Take him,
he won't obey you when
it really matters, you know.
If you'd been harder
on him as a lad
he wouldn't have grown up
to thumb his cock at authority.
Didn't do you any harm,
did it, Squelcher?
It's changed again.
"Decontaminate yourselves.
Strip and scrub all flesh
with household bleach."
get the cleaning products.
Do we really think
it's an infection?
We don't know
what's outside.
We should probably go through
with it, just in case.
That really is minging.
Although, I did actually
bring some decorations
from downstairs up here.
[distant laughter]
I don't understand
why we're doing this.
Well, because
there is a chance
that some of the
poisonous dust
might have settled
on our bodies,
in our hair.
We may have walked it
into the house.
It could be on our clothes.
Do you remember
when we were first married,
how we used to take
baths together?
What are you doing?
This isn't a game, Beth.
It's life or death.
Right, so, I suggest we start
with our armpits and crotch,
and go from there.
It could be terrorism
though, couldn't it?
and if it is,
we'll get through it together.
We're a team.
You okay in there, Dad?
I can still scrub
my own balls!
I'll be down the hall
if you need me.
Will you come
downstairs, please.
Your mother has
persuaded me that...
sometimes I'm too hard
on other people
because of the high standard
I set myself.
Well okay, we've all been
under a lot of pressure so,
I'm sorry, too.
Well, I didn't say
I was sorry.
Everything I have done
has been to help this family.
Okay, then I apologize.
I'm sorry, too.
I was nervous about
meeting you...
Annj, no.
No, leave that for me,
Okay, who is going
to do it then?
It's not sealed.
These have been used already.
It is for our own good.
It really isn't.
Lets just talk
about this sensibly.
It's an order.
It's a fucking teletext page.
Do you know how dangerous
unsterilized medical
equipment is?
I'm fine.
Who's next?
Okay, they're sterilized.
Come here.
Dad, be careful.
Mum, please don't.
Beth, we're just trying
to keep everyone safe.
Come on, babe.
Your turn,
you can do it.
The baby...
I can't risk the baby.
You've got to do it.
Don't say that!
Don't tell me what to do!
Come on,
you saw the message.
It's the only way we can
make sure everyone's safe.
No, no.
Dad, please don't
make me choose.
I can't.
Kate, don't listen to them.
We could risk losing
both of you.
Be quiet.
You heard what Annji said
and she's the only one
with any medical training.
We don't know what's in
those syringes, do we?
I'm warning you.
All of you!
Y-you're pulling at me like
dogs fighting
over a pork chop!
I can't breath!
let me think.
Good girl.
Two left.
we don't have a choice.
Good, now we're safe.
[all scream]
Oh, no!
[crying continues]
I told you!
I told you!
It doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't...
It doesn't make any sense.
W-what about the rest of us?
I mean,
that stuff is in Kate
and my baby!
You told us it would be okay!
You promised!
He was an old man
and old men die.
Are you trying to say
this was a coincidence?
Well, maybe the same thing
would have happened to us,
if we hadn't taken it.
It just didn't work on him.
Maybe it was
an allergic reaction?
You've got
to be kidding me.
No, but it's possible,
isn't it?
He died because the
medicine didn't work?
I will not have my,
my father's sacrifice
Now we all took the shot
and only Dad was affected.
We don't know why
and that's all
we know right now.
If we hadn't taken the drug,
we might all have died.
So this, this, this is...
well, it is
an acceptable loss.
What slot?
Right Scott, go upstairs
and get some sheets
to cover the body,
and collect up
all the syringes.
[clicks fingers]
We can't carry on like this
with your dad in charge.
We have to find a way out.
There must be something
we've missed.
It's everywhere.
[distant thud]
Help us please!
Help! Help!
[screams of pain]
I just can't understand
how it's happened.
Take another swig, babe.
It'll be okay.
It'll be okay.
It'll be okay...
Oh God, oh God, oh...
What an end to Boxing Day.
Bye, Gramps.
You called me Squelcher.
"Because you wet the bed."
Just once,
when I was little.
Because I was scared.
I was scared of waking you,
by flushing the chain
after curfew.
You heard me crying
and you let me
lay there all night.
And in the morning,
you battered me blue.
"Real men can hold it."
You see, I live with
the understanding
that there's a greater
purpose than myself.
Everything happens
for a reason,
even this.
You have no idea
what it's like to be a father.
Always trying to choose
the right path.
Always worried
about your children.
Even when they vanish
for years without a calling.
He knew.
I know.
You don't know.
[distant rumble]
Whose next?
The baby...
I can't risk with the baby.
Come downstairs.
There's something
we need to discuss.
It doesn't say
who is infected.
So how do we know?
It doesn't have to.
It's obvious.
It's a cold.
She had it
before she came here
and she's got a name, Kate!
Calm down, Nick.
This isn't a fight
we can win.
Well, you said it.
Kate, if you weren't
my sister, I swear...
Oi, don't even think it.
You are risking
everyone's life.
Angela clearly
contracted something
on her emergency shift.
Who thinks Annji's the
one we should quarantine?
Don't do it.
Don't you dare.
Mum, say something, please.
Mum. Mum!
The majority has spoken.
- Scott, get her.
- Put her upstairs.
Nick, no!
Get off him!
[singing] Ding dong,
merrily on high
In heaven the bells
are ringing
Ding dong,
verily the sky
Is riv'n
with angel singing
Shush... shush, shush.
- Hosanna in excelsis.
- It's okay, Beth.
You can't lock her in there
with Granddad's body!
We hung up a sheet round it.
Oh, like a plague ward?
We have our instructions.
Isolate the dead.
The infected.
It's okay.
I've been around
dead people before.
Annj, you okay?
I love you.
Do you believe those
pipes are to feed us air
like your dad says?
Me neither.
I don't think the messages
are a government broadcast.
It's almost like they're
reacting to what we do.
That's a bit of a leap, Annj.
Think about
the timing though.
Every time
we overcome a problem
it comes back
with something worse.
It's like there's someone
watching through the TV.
I think you should try
switching it off and on.
Just to see what happens.
No, I could never do that.
That TV is Dad's
life line now.
You have to try, Nick.
I know you can
stand up to him.
Annji, what if
I to turn it off
and it just stays on?
You okay?
What you doing?
Well, I need to pee.
I always need to pee.
Oh God.
You're not? Is this...
Baby just doing the Tango.
Could I?
I mean...
Oh, I felt it.
It's amazing.
Anyway, I better...
Don't want to gush
[indistinct conversation]
You're not the boss of me.
[TV buzzing]
What are you doing?
It's nothing, Kate.
I am just testing a theory.
Don't you patronize me,
you prick.
It's been the same
since we were kids.
You think you're so clever.
You think you can do
anything you want.
You're not better
than we are.
- Kate...
- Dad'll put you in your place!
- Just you wait and see...
- No, no, no, Kate.
Nick's broke the telly!
What have you done?
I'm just testing
something out, Dad.
What have you done?!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on...
Come on!
[TV sounds]
Oh, you couldn't leave
it alone, could you?
You always have to be right!
Calm down!
Nothing happened!
Me and my baby could suffer
penalties because of you!
- Stop!
- Don't touch her!
Go on! Get him!
Get him, Scott!
[thud, crack]
[screaming in pain]
Do something!
Help her!
You have to do something!
Stop shrieking, woman.
Let me think!
How did this happen?
We need to let Annji out!
She's a medic!
Annji's infected!
I won't risk it!
- But Kate might die, Dad!
- No!
Scott, you work
in a hospital...
Scott, do you know
what you're doing?
You need to help us!
she's your fucking wife!
Help her!
[TV buzzing]
[screaming in pain]
Watch her head.
Easy. Easy.
Scott, stop that!
Come on, come on
you need to help her!
Hold her hand.
It's alright.
Mum, we need um,
water to clean the wounds.
We need uh,
something to wrap it,
you make her comfortable.
Easy, come on.
Painkillers. Painkillers,
strong as we have.
Come on!
T-There's whiskey!
There's whiskey!
No alcohol, no pills!
My baby!
Okay, one second,
I need one of those.
Come here.
Is-is she...?
She's passed out.
Now with a wound like this,
she will slip in and out
of consciousness.
- Will the baby be alright?
- I have no fucking idea.
- Will you please stop...
- Please don't swear, I know,
but Mum, I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Alright, I'm going to work
in the study.
I don't want to be disturbed.
Well, it's too noisy
down here,
and you might be right.
I think we need
a different approach.
A new plan.
Dad, you can't go,
it's Kate!
Fucking coward!
Okay... um, easy, easy.
We need some water
or something, Mum.
Scott, come on!
Come on!
[wailing in agony]
Shush, shush, shush, hey!
Oh, this is ridiculous.
She's my child!
Your sister.
Um... hello.
If you can hear me,
I'm Beth.
Beth Milgram.
I'm with my family
at 25 Stanford Street.
We-we know you're busy but
we've had an awful accident.
My daughter Kate,
she's broken her leg.
It's when, when the bone...
- It's a compound fracture.
- It's a compound fracture.
You sent the syringes.
Please help us again!
She's my daughter Kate.
She's pregnant.
We love her.
I'm begging you...
Please help.
The um, the skin's tight
and there's...
red streaks in the, uh,
the-the veins that,
the veins that are
coming away
from the wound are dark.
Nick, the wounds infected.
Sounds like sepsis
has set in.
If we don't get Kate
medical attention soon,
she'll die.
What about the baby?
- Mum, please...
- No. I don't believe that.
I won't.
I can't believe that.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
We'll talk about this later.
I've got a lot of work to do.
- Mum, look I...
- No. I've got to get busy.
Mo and the boys
are coming tomorrow
and the place is such a tip.
That's not going to happen,
[video recording]
Merry Christmas!
Aw, everyone's here!
I'm so happy.
Aw, Mum.
Aw, Gramps, love you!
We um,
we picked out names.
We had Lewis
if it was a boy
and we had Ruby
if it was a girl.
Scott, the only way
Kate will recover
is if we get help.
We have to escape.
We must follow the leader.
Be shepherds for the flock.
Our "leader"
has locked himself away.
We can't rely on him.
Scott, we have
to stop fighting
and work together.
There was, um,
there was something else...
when-when Kate got hurt
and she was screaming.
I-I thought it was my mind
playing tricks on me, but um...
the-the message changed
when I was staring right at it.
What did it say?
"I see you."
Kate... myself and Annji.
[banging and screaming]
[toilet flushing]
[alarm sounding]
Scott, come with me.
You didn't help Kate.
You locked yourself away
and you hid from us.
I'm Kate's father,
and don't you think I've
been spending every second
trying to find a way
to help her?
be your best
on your worst day.
Come on.
Dad, you've got
to see this.
Stay calm.
Nick! Nick!
Are you okay?
What now?
Um, well,
go and see what
the television says now.
Dad, please.
Look at the phone.
There's something
going on out there.
Be quiet.
You've caused enough
trouble already.
That was an accident.
But I...
I can't explain it.
It's not natural.
The house is surrounded by...
snakes or something.
I don't know.
What is it?
You think I'm a bumpkin?
Is that it?
No, Dad.
Dad. Da...
Any new orders?
[muffled grunts]
Dad, this is insane!
We have to stop
listening to the TV.
Well, um, we'll start
at the beginning.
- Who sent you?
- No one.
As expected.
How long have you
been plotting this?
Stop talking like that,
I'm your son!
I'm your son!
Dad... Scott...
Dad, stop, please.
[screaming in pain]
[bangs on the door]
Let me out!
My own son,
a sleeper agent.
Was it Annji, Nick?
Did she turn you?
I think he's had enough.
He doesn't know anything!
There's something
else going on.
Look at the phone.
Just look at the phone.
All of this started
after you came back.
I don't trust you anymore,
I don't trust you.
You don't have
to trust me.
Just watch the clip.
I won't let any
of this nonsense
put me off anymore.
We'll take an eye.
That will make him talk.
T-Tony are you sure?
I mean,
that's that's his eye!
You don't get it,
do you?
It's a twisted
fucking experiment.
We've done this to ourselves.
Don't let them
manipulate you.
You were always too clever
for your own good.
She's dead.
My Kate is dead.
No... No!
She's not!
This changes nothing.
In... In war there are
always casualties.
You fucking arrogant fool!
All these years together
you have never
listened to anyone else!
I hate you!
It's alright, don't worry.
Okay. Careful.
Easy, easy, easy.
Just gently.
I am so sorry, love.
I'm so sorry.
[distant crying]
[eerie music]
[alarm sounding]
Annji, you're in danger!
Get back!
Nick, hurry!
Skull and crossbones
are appearing in the rooms!
Okay... the key.
Scott, get Dad's key!
Tony, where are the keys
to the guest room?
Think Tony, come on.
The keys!
- I don't know.
- Think, Tony!
There's a spare set
in the kitchen.
[alarm sounding]
Is anyone out there?
Nick, can you hear me?
Scott, come on!
Got them!
Hurry, Scott!
- Mum?
- Nick!
Nick, the doors jammed
I can't open it!
Okay, just pull the handle
and I'll push. Okay?
there's smoke coming in!
Give me your cardigan.
Oh! Nick! Nick!
Give me your cardigan!
Mum, just get back
from the glass.
Nick... you have to go.
No, Mum!
Mum, just get back
from the door!
Please, Mum.
- [thud]
- [gasps]
Mum! Mum!
No! No!
Mum! Mum! Mum!
- Nick, we have to go!
- No!
- We have to go!
- No! Mum! Mum!
[alarm continues]
Stuff the gaps!
Dad, the smoke will kill us!
Fuck you!
It's stopped!
This is bullshit.
You're not the boss of us!
Dad, what are you doing?
Is this him?
Have I been wrong
all this time?
Whatever rubber band
was holding
your brain together
just snapped.
Mum is dead.
Dad, don't you care?!
If this is you, Lord,
show us.
Show us your hand
truly upon us.
Kate's stomach moved!
Don't be so fucking cruel.
Good God.
Her belly's still warm.
The baby's still alive.
W-we have to try
a C-section!
This is the sign.
The innocent is saved.
We should give thanks.
I'm not worshipping
that thing!
Don't you see?
It's so clear now.
We've were guided all along.
Tested harshly, yes,
but found worthy.
Those are our baby names.
Scott, come on.
Scott, if there's even
the slightest chance...
In the-in the room
I found an old TV.
I opened the back of it...
there was something inside.
Something living.
Like a creature?
Like a heart beating.
What if that same thing
is in the TV out there?
What if it's in every TV?
We believe in the true Lord,
Jesus Christ.
The only son of God.
God from God.
Light from light.
True God from true God.
Who was crucified
by Pontius Pilate,
and on the third day
rose up again,
in fulfillment of his brisk
journey to heaven...
...but he will rise up again,
and he will rise up
in full glory
and judge the living
and he will judge the dead
and his kingdom
will last forever.
From the darkness
of the valley
we've rescinded
into salvation,
revelation, rebirth.
[birds chirping]
No, ah!
Let go!
No! No! No!
Dad, please, don't!
No. No.
No, please don't...
- No, ah!
- Dad, please!
Dad, please don't do this!
Scott, I swear to you.
I'm the only chance
for your child.
Let me perform a cesarean.
She needs you.
Come on, Scott.
Come on.
Easy, Dad.
Be quick!
Cut it out!
Do it now!
Stop him first!
Scott! No!
We have to follow the rules.
You could never just do
what you were told,
could you, Nick?
You had no choice.
[TV rattling]
What the fuck is that?
[tense music]
[electricity buzzing]
Ah! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
Go! Go!
Go! Go!
It's okay. it's okay.
- [glass smashing]
- Ah!
You're not my Dad.
Worship me.
Worship me.
Now or face your extinction.
This is bullshit!
Nick, what are you doing?
Do it!
Come on, kill me!
Join with me.
Become me.
[fluttering, rattling]
It can't kill us.
It needs us.
It's a parasite
and we're the only ones left.
[electricity buzzing]
[electricity buzzing]
[baby cooing]
[ominous music]