Awaken the Shadowman (2017) Movie Script

It'll be okay.
Please don't forget to separate
the whites from the darks.
Why? You didn't like
your bleached out shirt?
Daddy's funny, isn't he?
Hey, so I convinced Mike
to give me Sunday off.
I figured maybe we could
go out, do something fun?
You know, I worked
that overtime this week.
So I figured we could afford
a babysitter for a few hours.
What do you think?
That sounds great, but I was
gonna see about picking up
some weekend shifts again.
Oh, no!
I'll get them.
Can you see it?
My vision's gotten so poor.
It's the last of my change.
Here you go.
It didn't go far.
Thank you.
It's not a big deal.
I'll hang dry them at home.
- Hello?
- -Adam?
Adam, it's about mom.
What about her?
- Have you heard from her?
- No, why, what's going on?
She's missing.
What do you mean missing?
Nobody's heard from her.
We just had to file
a police report.
Oh, my god.
You need to come home.
Bring Beth and Emma, please.
You know I wouldn't bother you
if it wasn't serious.
Come stay at mom's with us.
We'll figure this out together.
Hey, sweetie.
All right.
...Hi, sweetie.
- Got her?
- Hi, sweetie.
- Yeah, can you get the door?
- Hi, baby.
- Shh.
...You're okay. I know,
it was a long drive.
- Oh!
- Is she okay?
You can go in there, honey,
I'm with you.
- I know.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hiya, Beth, I'm so glad
you guys could make it.
I'm just so sorry
about the circumstances.
Oh, my god.
She is so cute.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
You guys come in, please.
Hi. I'm so glad
to finally meet you.
She's adorable.
Are you not gonna
say good-bye?
Oh, oh, you want money.
You want money, right?
- Mom, please.
- Yeah, you always want money.
Here. Take it. Take it.
It's all I got left.
What do you want from me?
Just go.
Get out!
It's good to see you, Adam.
Yeah, you too.
I like the beard.
And thanks for helping Jake
put all this together.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, we do what we can.
How you doing?
I'm Jeff.
This is my wife, Sarah.
This is our friend, Candice.
Nice meeting you guys. I
appreciate everybody being here.
It's so great to meet you.
We've heard so much about you.
Your mom will be okay.
Uh, thank you, guys.
So, these are all
mom's friends, or...?
Yeah, friends from gateways.
Yeah, everybody here's
been a real help.
They're going door-to-door,
asking questions
- on their own, even.
- Good.
Anything we can do to help.
We haven't met yet.
I'm Lawrence.
I know.
I've heard a lot about you.
- Oh, hey. Here you go.
- Thank you.
Hi, I'm glenda.
It was nice meeting you.
Yes, you were the last one
to see mom, right?
That's right.
It was Monday after the group,
and evette and I went
and grabbed a bite to eat,
and, well, she said
she was going home.
What about the police?
What are they doing?
Well, they were just here. I mean,
they're doing everything they can.
Your mom and I were very close,
and I live just down the street,
and, well,
my door's always open.
- Thank you.
- -All right.
Thanks for coming, guys.
- Thanks, guys.
- -Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night, Jeff. Thank you.
You have a special little girl.
Thank you.
We'll find her.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Thanks, Lawrence.
Seems like a nice kid.
Yeah, he is.
Been kinda like a brother to me.
It's good to have you back, man.
...Hey, you're all set?
Yeah, thanks.
Oh, god, she's adorable.
Mmm, she's fussy.
I thought she'd sleep more
in the car.
We've seen your pictures online.
God, she's getting so big!
Hi, Emma. It's so good
to finally meet you in person.
Who were all those people
that came over earlier?
Uh, friends. Mostly people
from gateways...
Uh, the bereavement group
that evette was part of.
After the fires,
the whole town went.
It was like everyone felt like
they lost something,
or someone.
Jake and I go, too.
It's a safe environment.
It's like aa
without all the steps.
- Or the smokers.
I'm sure it's good
for everyone to talk about it.
Yeah, hmm.
She reminds me of Sean.
Do you miss him?
- Um...
- I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...
No, it's okay.
Of course we do.
I'm sorry for even
bringing that up.
Really, don't worry about it.
I'm just really glad I got him
for the time I did.
He was a blessing.
Well, I'm glad to see
you're doing all right.
Yeah, life has a way
of making everything work out.
Doesn't it?
9-1-1, what's the address
of the emergency?
There's a fire at my place,
at 108 cozen canyon road.
- 118?
- No! 108. Please come now!
Is everybody out of the house?
No, my brother's
out of the house.
My mother's out of the house,
but my father's
stuck inside the house.
Where inside the house?
I don't know!
We can't get in.
Beth, what are you doing?
They can fix us.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
They can fix this.
They'll fix everything.
So tell me,
how's life in Redding?
It's okay.
I grew up there,
so not too exciting.
Do you get to travel much?
I actually haven't left town
since we had Emma.
Oh, god, some vacation, huh?
I'm sorry.
You know, maybe the four of us
could go on a trip sometime.
Some place exotic?
Yeah, maybe.
- I love your necklace.
- Really? Thank you.
You know, I can't ever decide
if it's too much.
No, it's beautiful.
Yeah, I bet this would
look good on you.
Here, try it on.
All right.
it looks better on you.
Yeah, you should keep it.
No, I couldn't.
Keep it.
I have one just like it.
Hi, glenda.
Hi. Hello.
She looks even more
beautiful today.
You're the most beautiful
girl in the world, Emma.
Hello, darling.
Glenda, we brought
the fliers here for you.
How many can I have?
Oh, there's like
a dozen in there,
but we can always get you more.
I just wish we knew
where she was.
I'm s...
I can't imagine why
she would leave us,
and we... we do everything
together after my son died,
You could come to gateways,
too, you know?
And pass these out.
Or just sit in.
We'll do that for sure, thanks.
What do you know about tom?
Mom's ex-boyfriend?
We talked to him.
He doesn't know anything.
Jake and I will go talk to him.
- It's a nice ride.
- -Oh, you like it?
I feel like it's
a little ostentatious.
Like, too flashy or something?
I don't know.
Must have been pricy, no?
Yeah, well, I've worked hard
to get to this place.
Sacrificed a lot.
I'm afraid to see what
your new house looks like.
I could get you into my work.
We're looking for good people.
I don't even have
a college degree.
Eh, you're my brother.
It's fine.
Unless you'd prefer breaking
your back outside everyday.
Hey, it's an honest living.
You just don't want
to work for me, right?
Look, let's not get into this
right now, all right?
Let's just focus
on finding mom, please.
Tom! Tom!
What are you doing here?
- Uh, we're just looking for tom.
- What for?
We need to talk to him
about our mother.
Yeah, who's that?
Evette Morris?
Oh, yeah.
I liked her.
She was real pretty.
Well, thank you.
Jake Morris.
And you must be the other one.
The one who left.
Adam, right?
First man risen from dust.
What are you doing here, boys?
Just wanted to talk to you
about our mom.
Me and evette used to spend
a lot of time together.
Who do you think Johnny law
came calling up first
when she turned up missing?
Yeah, sure. Makes sense.
Of course they did.
Well, uh, sorry
to have bothered you.
No, no. We wanted to talk
to you in person,
- see if maybe you...
- Maybe what?
What are you looking for?
We're just trying
to find our mother.
She's been missing for days.
We're just worried.
I told you, I haven't
talked to her.
Why did you guys stop dating?
What does that matter?
Ever think your mom
just ran away?
Evette was a fucking whacko.
What did you say?
Whoa. Easy, Seth.
I think you fellas should leave.
I'm sure if you were
in our situation,
you'd understand where
we're coming from.
I have a business
to run here, boys.
If you wanna talk
about your mommy,
go talk to her crazy friends.
What friends? Who?
These friends right here,
behind you.
We're thinking it's time
for you to go.
Come on.
Little punks.
I didn't tell you this,
but mom had
a lot of trouble last year.
I even had to check her
into a clinic at one point
because she wasn't stable.
What do you mean,
"wasn't stable"?
Well, the doctor said
it was a suicide attempt,
but she denied it.
Wait, what?
What was a suicide attempt?
She was mixing pills
and alcohol.
How could you not tell me this?
She got really depressed
after you left,
and it kind
of got worse and worse.
I just didn't want to make you
feel guilty, you know?
How could you not call me?
I mean, is she losing
her mind or something?
Well, she knew you had
a lot going on,
like with the pregnancy
and everything,
and she just didn't
want to worry you, so...
I didn't tell you.
I should have.
I'm sorry.
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
What's wrong?
You okay?
You okay?
...What's wrong?
Hey. I just fed Emma.
She's finally asleep.
Their life seems
a lot easier than ours, huh?
What's that supposed to mean?
I know money
can't buy happiness,
but it sure solves
a lot of problems.
Are you not happy anymore?
I am.
You know this year's been hard,
ever since we had Emma.
Look, I know we don't have
everything they do,
but I'm trying.
It's not your fault.
It's me.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry,
- I didn't recognize you.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- I know.
- Are you okay?
- Do you wanna come in?
- I shouldn't.
I just needed to see you.
I need to warn you.
Warn me about what?
Have you met those people yet?
Your mom's friends?
Yeah, last night.
The kid, right?
What about him?
Help isn't what they offer.
That place, and those people,
and Lawrence, especially,
just don't trust them.
Why wouldn't we trust them?
He's a monster.
Find me.
Hey, man, wanna give me a hand
with the groceries out of the car?
Wanna tell me what was really
going on with mom?
What do you mean?
Dolls with their eyes
blacked out.
Suicide attempts.
- Tell me.
- Tell you what?
...Tell me everything.
What do you want me to say?
I don't know where she is.
How could you not tell me
our mother tried
to kill herself?
You have a nice history
of keeping stuff from me.
Is there anything else
I should know?
Why would I tell you? Huh?
You left after the fires.
Would you have come back?
Of course I didn't
tell you about mom.
I handled it on my own,
like I always do.
Why would I even bother you
or involve you at all?
You're part of the reason
she got this way.
You know, you got a lot of balls
putting this on me
after what you've done.
You think I would want
to live here
next to you and Christy
after what you did?
Do you have any idea
how humiliating that was for me?
What, do you think it was just
easy for us or something?
It's not like I planned
this to happen.
- That's bullshit.
- God, I've told you,
nothing happened
while you two were together.
I told you this.
Either way, man,
you don't do shit like this.
- You knew I loved her.
- Loved her.
Did you? Hmm?
You dated for what,
not even a year?
I've been married to her
for four years.
How are you still
holding this against me?
You still hung up on her
or what?
I'm glad you're happy.
I, um...
I just wanted to...
I just wanted
to start by apologizing
to all of you.
I, uh...
I know I fought a lot
of this at first,
but the thought
of losing somebody
was just so horrific to me.
The only guilt that I had
is because I wasn't
as strong as all of you...
Or my wife.
And I kept thinking to myself,
did I... did I miss something?
Did I do something wrong?
It was like the light
was never clear to me.
And it's taken some time,
but we, uh...
We're finally happy now.
Your grief is your own,
and no one else can tell you
when it's time to move on,
but you can find
relief in knowing
that those who have moved on
have found a better place,
a clean slate.
I promise you,
you will get there.
You can start over, too.
I'm so proud of you.
You both have given up so much,
but think of the rewards
you'll receive
of the life now unfolding
in front of you.
Whenever you feel weak,
This will ground you.
It's a symbol of strength
and regrowth.
- Glad you came.
- Oh, hi.
- Oh, my gosh, so cute.
- Thank you.
That was a wonderful speech.
- I'm sorry.
- Why?
Is there something you're not
telling me about my mom?
I told you everything I know.
- Watchers.
- Watchers?
My mom had an interesting
doll collection.
Oh! Her babies.
Evette just loved those old
porcelain antique dolls.
She blacked out their eyes,
tore off their clothes,
and wrote watchers
on all of them.
Do you know anything about that?
Oh, evette.
Let's push our energy towards
evette's return.
This is a place of peace,
safety, and understanding.
We support each other,
and right now we're in support
of finding evette.
You and Beth are always
welcome here, Adam.
You're welcome anytime.
Shouldn't you be in school?
So, how about a glass of wine?
I brought one from home.
I just shouldn't drink
because of Emma.
Oh, come on. We're not
going anywhere tonight.
Let's relax.
Do something for yourself
for a change.
Wouldn't you like to have
anything you've ever wanted?
We're okay.
We get by.
Yeah, but that doesn't
stop you from wanting...
So, I heard you got
a chance to talk
to the girls from gateways.
- Hi.
- What are we having?
Your favorite.
- Oh, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You okay?
I'm so glad I have you.
I'm glad I have you, too.
- Hi, this is evette.
- Leave a message.
Mom. Mom!
Hi, this is evette.
Leave a message.
- Hey, where you going?
- I'm gonna take a drive.
What, this late?
Look, tom knows something,
and I wanna know what he knows.
- You want company? I'll...
- No.
Hey, you all right?
Yeah, I'm just getting
ready for bed.
- Wow, you've bounced back quickly.
- Oh, thanks.
I'm almost back
to my pre-baby weight.
Oh, god, I bet Adam can't keep
his hands off you.
I don't know.
That would be nice.
I think since having Emma,
things have changed.
It's different.
And we're different.
You know, you can have
whatever you want
if you really want it.
Anyone can have anything.
But no one can have everything.
Breaking into my place?
Think I got her here?
Have the police get a warrant.
Think you're hard, boy?
There's things in this town
all kinds of harder.
What's that supposed to mean?
What things?
This town is full of crazy.
You should be harassing
glenda, not me.
Are you one of them?
Are you one of them?
- One of who?
- Are you one of them?
- Jake, what the hell!
- You all right?
Yes, I'm all right.
Why would you do that?
He was about to cut
your head off.
Thank god I followed you.
Come on, let's go.
Wait a second!
Wait a second.
You don't think
he's dead, do you?
No, no. I just...
I just hit him.
He's alive.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- I'm calling him an ambulance.
Oh, okay. All right.
Think about what you're doing.
Think about what you just did.
I'm sorry. You would be
lying there right now,
if I hadn't shown up.
He's fine. He's not dead.
He's gonna wake up.
Either way, he's gonna wake up
and he's gonna tell them
that he saw me here.
He reeks of booze.
He's not gonna remember
what the hell happened.
- Shit.
Come on!
...Shh, shh, shh.
What are you doing?
- I think I just saw mom.
- What? Where?
Up in glenda's window
in that room.
Well, I think
you're seeing things, man.
- Am I?
- Probably just glenda.
No! I know what I saw.
- Come on.
- Adam, hold on!
...Hey Adam, you're not...
...wait here!
- Hello?
- Who's upstairs?
- Up a... who's up where?
- Upstairs.
I just saw my mother upstairs.
No, there... there...
I don't understand.
- In my house?
- Glenda, please.
Can I take a look upstairs?
There's nothing up there.
I live alone!
Glenda, please!
Just let me take a look.
- No, no, no, no.
- I need to know what I saw.
No! No! No! Please!
No! Please,
don't go up there!
I live alone!
No! No! No!
Stop him!
Please don't.
Stop him!
Stop him!
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop him!
No! No! No! No!
There he is.
My child.
I couldn't save him
after the fires.
Please don't tell.
What the hell?
How's it going?
All right.
I'm just tired.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- You look tired, too.
- Oh, thanks.
No, I'm sorry.
I mean, you look great.
You're beautiful.
So what is it?
Are you scared I'm gonna have
feelings for him again?
Are you scared
he hasn't forgiven you?
Mmm, can it be both?
I don't know. I just want
him to trust me again.
- You know?
- Mmm.
I don't know how
this is gonna work.
He definitely still
seems upset with me.
You're not worried about me?
- You know I love you.
- Of course.
Were you all right last night?
What do you mean?
You were crying in your sleep.
I was?
Or at least I thought you were.
You were probably just dreaming.
I don't remember.
It's gonna be okay.
- Hey.
- What was that about?
Well, he's just checking on us.
How close are you with
everyone in this group?
Well, they just wanna
help us, man.
- Do they?
- Yeah.
Do you remember Angela?
Angela who?
Angela from high school?
Uh, no.
Danny's sister?
Oh! Yeah,
what about her?
Do you know if she's all right?
What do you mean?
- Hey.
- Hey. Good to see you.
So what's the plan for today?
Um, I don't know.
I'm sorry, what about her?
Wasn't important.
Hey, man.
We'll be back.
- You have to leave now?
- Yeah, I told you.
We're just gonna get some clothes
and stuff from the house.
We'll be back in a few hours.
- A few hours?
- Yeah.
I left two messages
with that detective.
I still haven't
heard anything back yet.
Okay. I'll call him
from the road.
Why can't Christy just go?
You all right, man?
Just relax.
What are you doing?
Getting rid of this shit.
I'll be back.
Do you want me to come with you?
No, stay with the baby.
I'm getting to the bottom
of this right now.
You know, we deserve better.
Things are gonna
work out for us...
This faction is tremendous.
- You have all done so well.
We've had our share
of complications,
but all has been rectifiable.
The rewards tonight
will be so fulfilling.
She's beautiful.
- She is so perfect.
Do you remember when we all
came here as kids?
When we first put these up?
I thought I might find you here.
I'm so glad you came.
These woods have kind of
become my home.
Fluke of nature,
they're the only place
in the county
that didn't get scorched.
I think that's why they don't
like to come here.
Why did you say
Lawrence is a monster?
Wherever they're from,
whatever darkness,
what does it matter
what you call them?
They're here, Adam.
And you're with them,
or you're here...
With me.
Come on!
The first reference I could find
was the Boston
molasses flood in 1919,
gateways was there helping people who
had lost their homes and loved ones
get back on their feet, and,
boy, did they do a good job,
because every one in that town
went on with their life
like nothing had ever happened.
And then babies
started getting stolen.
Babies connected
to the people who joined.
And the dust bowl, coal fires,
earthquakes, tornadoes,
it's not every disaster,
but where gateways goes,
everyone comes out
just fixed and happy,
and one child lighter,
and, and look...
They showed up before.
They showed up two weeks
before the fires hit.
Everywhere they've ever been,
it's like, they knew...
They knew in advance.
They know, or they cause
the disasters.
How can they cause
the disasters?
Um... always just a few weeks
before something happens.
And always with him.
That's impossible.
I wish it were.
Gateway started the fires.
What is he?
He burns your life
to the ground,
and then trades you...
A child for the perfect life.
- Why children?
- I don't know.
Maybe it's 'cause
they're babies,
they're innocent,
they don't know any better,
or they can be
raised in some way,
or maybe they just
consume their souls.
I don't know. All I know
is no children ever come back.
You need to get your child
away from here
as fast as you can,
and you need to get to your wife
because they're probably
already working on her.
They go for the mother first.
I mean, that's what
they did to Christy.
Where is she?
- Beth.
- Adam?
- Beth, where are you?
- I'm home.
You have to leave there
right now!
- Adam.
- Jake and Christy are not trying to help us, okay?
Adam, anyone can have anything.
But no one can have everything.
- Beth!
Come on!
Come on!
Hey, it's Beth.
Leave me a message at the beep.
Where is Emma?
Adam, you have to let her go.
Where is my daughter?
She's going to a better place,
so you and your wife
can find happiness in this one.
- Don't touch me.
- Adam!
What have you done
with Beth and Emma?
I know you're upset.
I know you're scared.
It's not whatever
you're thinking.
- Who are the watchers?
- Just calm down.
I know what you did
to your baby!
The fires took everything.
We did what we had to do.
- I don't care!
- Calm down, okay?
Where is my daughter?
We're taking her
to a better place.
For you, Adam!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Oh, Adam.
- Mom?
- Oh, Adam.
I'm so sorry we had
to do this to you.
It was the only way
to get you here.
Do what to me?
Mom, where have you been?
Oh, I haven't been far.
I've been watching you.
Oh, there's such a great future
for your family.
Where are they?
Are they okay?
Oh, yes, they're here.
They're fine.
Just come with us.
Don't fight it.
You deserve the life
you never had.
I was so worried about you.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
- I love you.
- -I love you, too.
I'm so sorry I haven't
been there for you.
Shh, shh, shh.
- Where are we going?
- You'll see, be patient.
Oh, I only wish I could have
done this with the two of you.
They said you were missing.
Shh, shh, shh.
Adam, you can fight this
or you can embrace it.
Adam, it will be much more clear
once it happens.
They're gonna fix us.
You'll understand soon.
Are you ready?
I am.
Ready for what?
Adam, you had to lose everything
before you understood.
To lose, even me, your mother.
- And now you know.
- Know what?
Now you understand
what it means to be empty.
Now let yourself full.
Emma will leave
this horrible world,
and she will be
innocent forever.
She'll be free of diseases
and sickness and even age,
like Lawrence!
What are you talking about?
We can be a part of the future.
This is insane!
Beth! What have
they told you?
Why is she here?
Why is Emma here?
Get off!
Let go of me! Please!
Stop it!
Beth! Don't give her to him!
Please, no!
Beth, please!
No! Where is she?
- Let her go.
- No! No! No! No! No!
I love you.