Awakening the Zodiac (2017) Movie Script

Someone's coming.
Who is it?
Beats me,
i can't see anything.
This is freaking me out, Adam,
you said that no one
ever comes up here.
Are you okay, ma'am?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, officer.
I suppose you gave
us a bit of a scare.
There's no parking
here after sundown.
Sorry, officer.
You been drinking, son?
Mama said never to
drink on a first date.
First date, very nice.
All right.
You kids get out of here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, officer.
Sorry, officer.
Oh, boy, what a drag.
You are so lucky
he didn't bust
you for drinking.
Yeah, he had no right.
Besides, only park rangers
can ticket you in these parts.
are so full of it.
Come on.
This guy is just
dying to give us a ticket.
What the hell
is he doing?
God damn.
No, Adam.
You're such an idiot!
Officer, I don't know
what you think
i was doing, but...
Hey, you're not the...
What the hell is that?
Who the hell are you?
Hey, mister,
I'm talking to you!
No, Adam!
Please, no,
we didn't do anything wrong!
Run, lula! Run!
Help! Help!
Hey, honey, I'm home.
What did you do with the,
uh, grocery money?
And how was your day?
Let me tell you
a little bit about mine.
It was great.
You want one?
Where'd it all go?
To our future.
Harvey won us the bid
on that storage locker.
Oh, god, another one?
You know,
it's your decisions,
and not your conditions,
that determine
your future, Zoe.
What? That's a quote by
your Anthony Robbins.
You didn't
even read that book.
Maybe a little.
Oh, my god.
Baby, we got that
riding mower, remember?
We sold that
for a good buck,
and then what about
that storage locker
with all that silverware?
We made out like
bandits on that.
Mick, that's two,
what about
all the other ones?
Oh, lord Jesus. Okay,
what did you end up
paying for this one?
Mick, that's
three months' rent.
Harv and I split it, so...
I'm gonna kill you right now.
I'm mad
at you, we can't...
Mick, we're never gonna
get out of this shitbox
betting on storage lockers.
What are you saying?
What am I saying?
I mean... oh, god.
It's not what I'm saying,
it's what you're saying.
You sit there,
and you sit there, and go,
"oh, Zoe, I wanna
give you a better life."
"Oh, Zoe,
i wanna actually give you
a real house one day."
But I'm the only grown-up
standing here in the room,
and I don't wanna
be the grown-up.
Don't even, don't even.
No, no, no,
no, no, just...
This is your special spot,
your special spot.
I hate you
so much right now.
What do we own now?
Well, let's go talk to Harvey,
and check it out, right?
You're so rotten.
Stop it. Get outta here.
Come on, babe.
So, Tina,
she was the one
who tipped us off.
She said it was owned
by some rich old woman.
And I ain't talking like,
living in a trailer with
a caddy in the driveway
kind of rich,
I'm talking more like
real housewives of
Atlanta kind of rich.
Baby, we got to
take this thing in
before it completely
craps out on us, okay?
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Just as soon as
we can pay for it.
Cut me some slack.
I didn't say anything!
I'm just trying to
dig us out of this rut.
Do you
have a bulldozer?
Pfft. Man,
you know I'm ain't programed
to take shit from nobody.
It ain't in my genes.
Is having
a roof over your head
in your genes?
How much money do you think
you've actually made
on these lockers
over the past two years?
I don't know,
a little over $1,000.
So, you just threw
most of that back
today on one locker.
That's all I'm saying.
My sister's got
it better than us,
and she's in jail.
Hot damn, you serious?
I got a good feeling
about this one, okay?
Oh, baby, you always do.
I got a good
feeling about this one.
You always do.
Come on,
get in here.
Jesus, Harvey.
You look like shit.
Hot diggity.
Aw, now,
there's a ray of sunshine.
Where have you been?
Oh, hey, Harvey.
Hey, you know what?
You get prettier and prettier
every time I see ya.
Don't try to sweet talk me,
where's all the crap
you guys bought?
It's that pile right there.
Hey, you want a beer?
Sure. Man, you look
like you haven't slept.
I haven't.
So, this is it?
Yeah, well,
those are the best pieces.
That's, uh, like,
i don't know, 300 bucks,
and we got some stuff
back in the locker,
$100, $120.
So, we're talking $400,
$425 for the whole lot.
$425 for the whole thing?
Hold on, hold on.
Tina's never
steered us wrong before.
Well, honey,
looks like you
guys got screwed
like a 10-cent whore
on nickel night.
No, no, no.
I was going through
those boxes there,
and I found something.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Follow me.
It was hidden deep
inside this nasty dresser.
Come here, check this out.
Home movies?
They're dated.
Oh, great, so,
now you're the proud owners
of somebody's
40-year-old wedding movies.
No, not a wedding.
I watched them.
Follow me.
Up here.
Go in straight,
and then to your right.
Oh, real classy, harv.
Don't fucking touch that.
That's collector's edition.
How do you keep
inventory of all this crap?
Oh, Christ, Harvey.
I got a photographic memory.
I think you have a concussion
right about now.
Hey, let's
watch some movies!
What do you keep in here,
a dead body?
Oh, Jesus. You okay?
Can we just go?
Yeah, let's, uh...
Harv? Harvey?
Okay, so, home movies.
I really hope this
gets better, harv.
Just keep watching.
What happened?
Uh, this film,
it's just really
old and degraded.
It's okay, I saw it.
Is it ruined? What was it?
Can you just
hold your panties?
I'll hold my panties.
I'm just gonna put
in the second reel.
Just have some Patience.
Here we go.
This one's hard to watch.
What the hell is this, harv?
It's the zodiac.
Yeah, that's why i
stayed up all night
researching this shit.
This guy claims to
have killed 37 people.
Only, the cops confirmed five.
Holy shit.
He taunted the police
with letters
containing ciphers
that to this day
have gone unsolved.
Not even the FBI
have been able to solve them.
There he is.
That's our guy in the film.
Jesus Christ.
I've seen
that picture before.
The numbers on these cans.
Punch that in, babe.
"Napa, California.
Cecelia Shepard
attacked on..."
"September 27th, 1969,
on the shore line
of lake berryessa.
"Shepard died of her wounds."
See, what'd I tell ya?
What are the other dates
on those?
All right.
Try 08-31-68.
- Nope.
- Search "murders."
He was never caught.
The search for
the zodiac killer
has been like
the search for
the fucking holy grail.
Here you go.
First of all,
you don't even know
if those are real,
and second,
you should let
the police handle this.
That's what I would do.
How is any of this stuff
in an old lady's locker?
Maybe it wasn't
an old lady's locker.
Mick, think about it,
you'd never store
evidence like this
in your own name, right?
"San Francisco
police department
re-opens zodiac case."
Which is exactly why
you call the police.
No, no, you're not
looking close enough.
Look where it says,
"reward for evidence
leading to the zodiac killer."
Divine intervention.
Come on, baby.
This could be my
ticket to Costa Rica.
You guys are nuts.
Zoe, there are
a million theories
on the Internet
that the zodiac
filmed his kills.
I've seen my fair share of
America's most wanted.
This is not enough evidence
to prove anything.
No, you're absolutely right.
All we have to do
is find out who
they belong to,
and then we have
something worth
100,000 fucking dollars.
Hey, Mick?
I gotta go, I gotta go do,
um, Ellie's hair.
I'll be in the vehicle.
She'll be fine.
She's been this way
since Freda closed the salon.
Are you sure
we can make some
money off this thing?
I don't know, man,
but I do know that
that's the guy on the film.
You take it,
you put it in a safe place
because these could
be our meal tickets.
We go 50-50,
you want to do this with me.
Come on, man.
We already know where
the first stop is, right?
$50,000 each.
I'll let you know.
Evening, ray.
Good night, ray.
Come on, come to bed.
We can talk
about this tomorrow.
Um, there's
nothing to talk about.
It's a lot of money.
Do you hear yourself, Mick?
Because you are talking, um,
about a serial killer, so...
I know.
Good. So, there's
nothing to talk about.
Baby, I get a vote
in this, too. We are
talking about $100,000.
Mick, I let you convince me
to move to this shitty town.
I let you convince me
to sell my mama's jewelry
to pay rent and
pay the bills...
Hey, hey,
what'd you want me to do?
You were out of work.
That's not fair
because I am doing
my part in this, okay?
I did Ellie today,
i have somebody tomorrow...
And that helps, but, baby,
i am not making shit
mowing lawns and
throwing out trash.
So, your solution is
hunting a serial killer
for a reward?
It's $100,000.
Good night.
Hey, baby.
You left without
saying goodbye.
I know, you were sleeping
and I didn't want to wake you.
Look, Mick, I don't
want to fight with you.
Neither do I.
I can't believe I'm
about to say this,
but, um... oh, lord Jesus.
If you honestly think
this thing is legit,
then let's do it.
Are you sure
you're up for this?
No, but that's real money,
and we're running
out of options.
This could be the one
we're been waiting for, baby.
I hope so.
All right,
let me check back in
with Harvey then.
Great, love you.
Love you, too.
All right.
This is Tina. Uh-huh.
why'd you change the lock
on my locker?
I gotta get in there...
I've heard it
all before, honey.
Just come by
the office tomorrow
and make
a partial payment, okay?
All right.
All right.
Oh, jeez.
All right, harv, we're in.
You mean Zoe said yes?
Oh, shut up,
and let's just get to work.
Shut up, Harvey.
What is that smell?
Yes, this is
It's like a pedicure
for this old film.
It, like, pulls off any sludge
and restores moisture.
Yeah, so,
it won't burn up again.
Huh. Well, aren't you a trick.
You should give me your reel,
so I can clean it up.
Oh, our reel is
doing just fine, harv.
Well, I hope you
have it hid good
'cause it's half
the key to our fortune.
We heard you
the first time, harv.
It's taken care of.
We're gonna talk to
Tina at the u-store-all.
And find out who
actually rented this locker.
Oh, good idea.
Now, I wanna see
the rest of that
crap we bought.
All right.
Which one is it?
This one right here.
What the hell?
Where's all the crap?
I sure as hell
hope Tina moved it.
What the hell?
She's always here.
Tina, it's Mick.
Where are you?
I need to get some things.
Call me back asap, huh?
Yeah, I don't get this.
She's always here.
Honey, I'm sure it's fine.
I'm sure she just ran
out to get a bite to eat
or something.
God damn it.
What, are you gonna
go in, guns-a-blazing?
Break in the joint?
I don't know, maybe
just have a look around.
Oh, no, oh.
Oh, my god.
This is a very bad idea.
Get down.
this is perfect.
Okay, what are we doing?
This is the locker number.
I want you to check
the computer, I'll check
the filing cabinets.
You realize that you seem
oddly comfortable
with all of this.
Honey, we haven't been
out of the trailer in months.
This is the most excitement
I've had in years.
I'll tell what,
if you play your cards right
and don't say anything mean,
you might just
get lucky tonight.
Oh, is that right?
That is right.
Okay, get to work.
I mean,
i wouldn't mind some...
Get to work!
All right. Okay.
Files are labeled
under customer names.
Yeah, mine, too.
What about customers
who haven't paid
their bills or...
Yeah, arrears.
Okay, it's a long list.
It's a woman.
It's under a woman's name.
Okay, that's gotta
cut it down.
Um, you ready?
Try "hilly martino."
Hilly martino.
All right, found it.
That is locker number 84.
Oh, that's not it. Okay...
Um, Elsa carlingson.
Elsa... yeah, nope.
Okay, Betty ferguson.
Betty ferguson.
Betty ferguson.
Locker number 45.
We got it.
Shh. Don't get too excited.
Says she hasn't
paid in three weeks.
Good lord.
That's how long
before they start
selling your stuff?
That's rough.
They're not fucking around
at the u-store-all.
You got an address?
Yup, let's go.
Wait, you mean tonight?
Get the hell outta here.
I don't wanna nose around
some serial killer's house
in the middle
of the night, right?
Copy that.
Copy that.
This is so crazy.
Hey, Mick,
come on, let's go.
Is that you?
Mick, come on.
Let's go, babe.
Mick, come on, let's go.
Stay in the truck.
I got this.
What are you doing, Mick?
Who's there?
I suggest you show your face
before I crack it open.
Mick, come on.
No, no, no.
Babe, come on, please?
This is your
last warning, bro.
Mick, come on, now!
Honking the horn,
Let's go.
You fucking crazy?
I'm not the one sitting there
holding the shovel
in his hands.
Let's get out of here.
Who was that guy? God!
I don't know,
but I wanna call harv,
share our intel, huh?
Please, lock your door.
Oh, my god.
That was crazy!
I can't believe we did that.
Hot damn.
That was amazing.
That was nuts.
That was a whole lotta crazy.
You're a whole lotta crazy.
You're crazy.
Thank you.
My hands are stuck,
my hands are stuck.
It's okay,
I'll take them outta there.
It's okay.
Oh, Jesus Christ, ray.
Oh, sorry, man,
didn't mean to wake you up,
just ran out of beer.
You scared the shit
out of me.
Do you know what time it is?
Sorry, Mick.
Oh, it's all right.
I can't sleep,
anyway. Grab me
one of those, will ya?
You know,
you can't keep coming in
unannounced like that.
Probably get
your head bashed in
one of these days.
But why so edgy,
hasn't ever much
bothered you before.
We're in the midst of a thing.
Can't really say.
Okay. Listen,
i know it's none
of my business,
but can I give
you some advice?
Don't mess around
with shit you
don't understand.
Shit you don't
know nothing about.
What are you talking about?
I seen all that
zodiac killer shit
on your table in there.
You're right,
it ain't any of
your damn business.
There's boundaries, ray.
I don't mind you
taking a beer
every now and then,
but don't be going
through my shit, dude.
I was there.
San Fran-fucking-cisco.
I was there in the '60s.
That man you're
so interested in?
He brought that town
to its knees.
He struck fear in the hearts
of every single
law-abiding citizen
in that town.
We was all shitting our pants.
Mommy and daddy
didn't wanna send
junior to school.
The mailman was worried
he was gonna get
blown to pieces.
For crying out loud,
the cops were
walking their beats
like they were
frightened little schoolgirls
just waiting to get picked off
on their sidewalks.
'Cause nobody was safe.
Totally unpredictable.
That man's
an absolute genius,
the way he evaded
the law all this time.
Do you realize that?
There's never ever gonna be
another man like him,
not never.
You sound like a fan.
Bunch of theories about
where he might've got to now.
Some think he
might still be alive.
So, do yourself a favor.
Just take my advice,
burn that film.
Forget what you seen,
get on with your life,
'cause I promise you,
nothing good's
gonna come from this.
How do you know
about the film?
Ah, there's no secret
these cardboard
walls can keep.
I gotta go.
I got some things
i gotta take care of.
At this hour?
I gotta get up early.
Anyway, thanks for the beer.
I'm taking it to go.
All right, dude.
Yeah, baby?
I think it's just...
It's right up here.
He's been staked
out here all night.
Come on, come on, quick.
Before someone sees you.
Come on.
Quick, quick, quick.
Okay, okay,
keep your pants on.
Okay, we are here.
What are we doing?
Now, what do we do?
Knock on her door,
tell her her husband's
the zodiac killer?
I've been scoping this
place out for 18 hours,
nobody's come or gone
or even taken a piss.
I promise you,
nobody's in
that fucking house,
and if they are,
they're dead.
Now, by the way,
i did some research.
Betty ferguson, 91 years old,
her husband,
balthazar, 94, both alive.
How the hell
do you know that?
You owe me 15 bucks
for your half.
Ninety-four years old,
i mean...
You guys,
he probably already has
one foot in the grave.
Look, all we gotta do
is find a piece of evidence
that ties
ferguson to the film,
then we call the police.
Boom, done, ka-ching.
The FBI hasn't
been able to catch him
all these years,
what makes you think
we're going to find anything?
Is that the shitty attitude
we're going to start with?
Maybe. How is that
a shitty attitude?
Because you're, like,
"i don't wanna do this..."
Okay, ladies, ladies.
Ladies, you're both pretty,
let's get to work.
Can you open the door?
I thought Tina told you
that this lady was loaded?
Oh, shit.
You all right?
I'm fine, go.
We're not going in there.
Worry not, my sweet.
The good lord is
watching over you.
We keep making
a habit of this.
Well, we're here.
Opportunity has
opened its door.
This looks
like a haunted house.
That's good.
See, I told you,
nobody's here.
What exactly are
we looking for?
Anything. Everything.
Just keep your eyes open.
You think this is balthazar,
or do you think
they had a son?
I can't tell.
Look at this.
Golden gate bridge,
San Francisco.
Where the murders took place.
So, this...
Yeah. This has to be
their son.
That has to be balthazar.
Guys, come down here.
Guys, down here.
Watch your step.
Look at this.
What? What? What?
Come here.
8mm camera.
This could be
the fucking camera.
And I found
a picture of balthazar's son
in front of
the golden gate bridge
in San Francisco.
Okay, look, there's
gotta be a film reel here.
Just look.
Like, look for a canister.
All right.
Did you hear that?
Shh, shh, shh.
Okay, he's gone.
Let's get the fuck
outta here.
Listen to me,
you keep your shit together.
you keep your shit together.
You're crazy.
We have to find a reel,
let's get a reel.
Two minutes, please?
Come on. He left.
Let's go.
Hurry up,
there's gotta be one here.
Found it.
No way.
Now, can we please go?
I'll only be one second.
we please go now?
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay, it's okay.
Okay, we're clear. Come on.
Put it down,
or I'll blow your
head clean off your neck.
I can't do that, sir.
Okay, take it easy.
No one needs to get hurt,
for god's sake.
Who are you?
And what are you
doing in my house?
Are you
balthazar ferguson?
I'm his son, Benjamin.
What are you doing here?
Uh... you know, um,
we didn't mean to barge in,
but your door was open.
We just...
We bought your
mama's storage locker,
and we found this,
um, film reel.
And we thought,
"you know what? Maybe
they might want it back."
I don't understand.
They've lived in Florida
for the past few years.
Take a look at this place.
Does it look like
they needed a storage locker?
Oh, so, you live here
by yourself now?
You guys sure do
ask a lot of questions
while you're staring
down the barrel of a gun.
We're gonna go.
So, thank you, sir. So sorry.
Let's go, guys.
All right, we're going.
Take it easy.
I think you forgot something.
What's that?
The film,
just hand it over.
Well, if it isn't
your mother's locker,
then it's
probably not her film.
Yeah, so sorry.
Really, really sorry.
Just, um...
Okay, take care. Come on.
Ben, everything
all right over there?
Yeah, fine. These
folks were just leaving.
Once again,
our apologies, sir.
Here's my card.
If you find anything else
you think might
belong to me...
Try calling next time.
Will do.
Take care!
Didn't catch your name.
Y'all have a nice day.
God, creepy.
How could you
just hand it to him?
That film could
have sealed the deal.
Are you serious?
What was i
supposed to do, run?
Seriously, you guys,
what if that
was really the guy
and I didn't
give him the film?
What? He would've just
killed us right there?
That was the guy.
Yeah, it had to have been.
No, it wasn't.
Are you serious?
What are the chances
he'd have a camera
and a roll of 8mm film?
And there was
the photo of him
in San Francisco by
the golden gate bridge.
And he worked for a newspaper,
which they always thought.
He's the right age.
And it was
his storage locker.
And he had
a fucking gun in our face.
Why would he
let the locker go?
He's old,
maybe he just forgot.
You guys,
we gotta go back.
We gotta lift prints,
or do something like that.
Lift some prints?
That's my girl, yeah.
You guys been watching
too many CSI: Miami re-runs.
Trust me, he's not our guy.
He didn't have
that killer look.
That killer look?
Yeah, no joke.
I saw it in Kuwait.
You know,
some soldiers,
they live for the action,
others were scared shitless,
and then there were
the stone-cold
fucking killers.
When you watch
a man kill another man,
and then he turns
and looks at you,
his eyes soft,
relaxed, almost satisfied,
you know
you're in the presence
of a real killer.
That other reel
should be dry by now.
I'll meet you back
at my place, yeah?
Yeah, okay.
Wait, what was that?
Looked like a cipher key.
A what?
Remember I told you that
he sent letters to
the newspapers in code?
Just watch.
Right after he passes the gun,
right before he wipes
the blood off the knife.
That paper with
the symbols on it.
What do you see?
I think this is a cipher key.
This could be the cipher key.
What are you talking about?
The zodiac, he always
claimed that his name
was in the cipher.
This could be the fucking key.
I'm sorry, harv,
I don't understand.
Can you just speak English?
Okay, these kinds of codes,
they were used by,
like, the CIA
and foreign governments
to encrypt messages
going all the way
back to world war ii.
Next to each symbol
is a letter. You replace
each symbol
with the correlating letter,
and you have the translation.
I can see that you
don't understand.
I'll show you.
I don't understand.
What does that say?
It's symbols.
Now, this is a cipher key.
"E" has
a corresponding square.
"O" has
an upside-down triangle.
"Z" has a "v."
This reads "Zoe."
It's easy if you have the key.
Almost impossible
if you don't.
Oh, man.
This could be
the key to the 340.
What's the 340?
It's the unsolved cipher.
The 408 was broken.
How do you
know all this shit?
Two tours,
special ops, remember?
They taught you
code-breaking in Kuwait?
Oh, yeah, it's like the abcs
of electronic intelligence,
but back in the day,
code-breaking was
like basic training.
Think you could crack it?
If this is
a cipher key, fucking a.
I gotta get into this.
Why don't you guys
check on Ben's history?
Like, go to town hall
and newspapers
and see if he has
a military record.
Because this shit
here is military 101.
My coat, thanks.
Hey, Harvey, good one.
Hey, by the way,
bring me your reel
in the morning.
I wanna put it in my safe.
Babe, Harvey
wouldn't screw us over.
He's a good guy, right?
I don't know.
Let me just drop
you off at town hall
and I'll go hide the film.
Wait, are you saying
you don't trust him either?
Let's just say
i wanna make sure
we get our half.
Smart boy.
Call you when I'm done?
Love ya.
Love ya!
Thank you.
Tri-county news ledger.
Yes, no problem. Thank you.
Hey, excuse me? Hi.
These only go back to 1980.
Where would I find articles
dating back to the late '60s?
Archives is in the basement.
For employees only.
Polly, it's kind of important.
I'm sorry,
we're about to close.
I bet you are,
but it's just that I was...
I've been at city records,
and couldn't find
what I was looking for
over there
and it would be
so helpful...
Miss, I can't help you.
Tri-county news ledger.
Hey, Polly.
Yes, he is.
Yes, he is.
Okay, I'll let him know.
Thanks, Polly.
Thank you.
Thank you, Polly!
Thank you so much, ma'am.
God damn it.
"The zodiac has
fled the west coast,
leaving behind a trail
"of unsolved murders
across the country.
"I have provided
authorities with
"new evidence from
an unnamed source
"that I believe
will eventually
"lead to the identity
of the elusive killer."
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Oh, Mick. Um, Mick, it's me.
Listen, I'm at the paper.
I need you to come get me
because I think I found
something good.
Um... okay,
I'm here. Come get me, now.
Okay, bye. Shit.
Oh, my god. I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Oh, god! Shit!
Hey, are you all right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I'm good.
Okay, ferguson.
He was an only child.
He was born and raised here.
He was never married.
He never had kids.
Uh, he served in
Vietnam from 1963 to 1964.
Zodiac's first kill was 1968.
Then after Vietnam, in 1965,
he got a job with
a paper in San Francisco
as a crime reporter.
San Francisco?
Oh, this is good.
Okay, but there's
just a little hitch
in the giddy-up.
So, for some reason,
ferguson decided
to leave that job
with that paper
in San Francisco
and move back here
to start a job
with the old ledger
on, um, October the 1st, 1969.
The thing is,
Paul Lee stine
was killed in San Francisco
on October 11th, 1969.
Told you.
So, listen,
I know he's weird,
but he can't be
our guy because
he was here,
2,500 miles away.
But listen to this,
I found an article
that ferguson
wrote about zodiac.
And ferguson was tracking
this string of murders
across the country,
and he had come up
with this theory
that zodiac was
actually making his way
across the country to here.
maybe ferguson was actually
onto the zodiac,
and maybe
the zodiac is still here now.
Or he was leaving
a trail of breadcrumbs
for the police to follow.
Oh, my god,
what are you talking about?
Why aren't you
listening to me?
Shit, I don't know.
Some people say
he didn't even
live in San Fran.
What people?
I read it on a fan site.
He has fans?
Apparently. Lots of them.
Do you see a guy? Feels like
there's a guy just
parked behind us.
I'm probably...
Let's get out of here.
Babe, let's just go.
What the hell?
No, no, no. I'm gonna
kick this guy's ass.
No, no. Don't you...
No, no, no.
Honey, honey!
Get in the car,
let's just go. I'm not...
Go ahead! Come on!
Did you get
a good look at him?
i did not get a good look.
God, I don't
wanna do this anymore.
Mick, it's getting
too crazy, and I...
Zoe, we need this.
I don't... I'm out.
We don't need this, Mick.
Do you know what
half of $100,000 is?
You know what?
Don't act like I'm an idiot.
Mick, put that gun down!
Jesus Christ.
It's $50,000, Mick!
- That's it!
- That's a lot of money.
I think I'm worth
more than $25,000.
That's not what I meant.
Look at you.
This is the zodiac speaking.
This is the zodiac speaking.
This is the zodiac speaking.
This is the zodiac speaking.
Son of a bitch.
- What is it?
- I think he's out there.
This is the zodiac speaking.
God damn it.
Jesus! Fuck...
Fuck you.
No, fuck you!
Don't you fucking come...
Fuck you!
Everything okay?
Do you know
who owns this car?
This car? It's whoever
she's sleeping with.
Her in that trailer,
what's her name? Uh...
Come on, you know it.
Spanish name...
Valencia, that's it.
the thing about valencia is,
there's a different car here,
like, every night.
Although I hate
to be judgmental,
she's kind of a whore.
I don't know if
that helps, does it?
Want a beer?
Hey, baby.
You know I'm sorry.
You pointed a gun in my face,
that's not okay.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
And, obviously,
sorry isn't cutting it, I...
I know I messed up.
That's an understatement.
Messed up bad,
but, baby, I swear,
I heard something.
Zoe, I need you.
I do, I can't do this
without you.
Can we
please just go see if
Harvey's figured
out the cipher key?
Maybe he has.
Maybe this is
all over already.
And if it doesn't pan out,
I'll work our way out of this.
I promise,
no more storage lockers,
no more nothing.
I promise you.
I will give you
one more day.
Ah, shit.
Come on in, close the door.
Shut the door! Fast!
Just shut it.
Holy shit, Harvey.
I've almost figured it out.
This fucking dude
was a genius, man.
He used a combination
of a Caesar, vigenere
and pigpen cipher.
Look, I'll explain it to you.
You see this symbol?
All these years,
codebreakers have
considered this
its own character, right?
This one symbol
is four letters,
but this... this symbol here,
this is one letter,
shifted with a Caesar cipher.
Like a fucking brainiac,
this guy.
Okay, so,
i can make some
critical assumptions,
and I've narrowed
it down to suspects
that live within
a 50-mile radius.
That's only hundreds.
No, no, no.
I think it's Ben ferguson.
Yeah, yeah,
he served in the military.
He was in San Fran
between '67 and '69.
Mick, Mick,
you're like everybody else.
You're trying to fit
the evidence to the suspect.
That's not how you do it.
It's not Ben ferguson.
I don't know how
many fucking times
i have to say that.
Don't even try,
he won't even listen.
Mick, his name doesn't
even fit in the cipher.
I just need some more time.
I kind of just, like,
fell asleep for an hour,
but if I can get
one more symbol,
I can eliminate 97%
of these names, okay?
I can't do it with
you guys here, though.
You need to...
All right.
I need to be alone, so...
Can ya pick me up a sandwich,
or something?
I'm fucking starving.
All right, great.
Harvey seems
like he's losing it.
I got it.
I got it!
I got it!
It's "e"! It's fucking "e"!
Okay, okay, okay.
Eliminate those.
Do you see that?
Don't brake, don't brake.
Mick, please drive.
All right.
Holy shit.
You think Tina reported
our little break-in?
It's fine, it'll blow over.
Just... let's go get
Harvey his food.
Where's Harvey's Van?
Doubt he'd leave.
By the smell of him,
he hasn't left this
place in two days.
Can you...
Honey, we're home!
We brought you some barbecue.
Where you at?
He split.
He split.
No, no, no.
Not gonna let him
get away with this.
He's gonna take
the whole reward.
Oh, god.
I knew he'd do
something like this.
God damn it.
Oh, Mick.
What a jerk.
He's such a jerk.
No, no, no.
It's gonna be fine.
Something in these pages.
He said if he could find, uh,
one more of these symbols...
...He could cut that list
down to...
Like a handful, right?
Yeah, right, right.
Baby, look.
He did it.
He found it.
He figured it out.
Holy shit.
Okay. Okay.
I've got a page here with
all the names and
addresses crossed off.
I got one more.
Oh, good.
One... that's
one, two, three.
Okay, hold on.
Here's one
not crossed off. Uh...
Gimme that.
I've got one, too.
Here's one crossed off.
What do you got?
How many is that?
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight... nine.
All right.
Okay, baby. Yeah, all right.
We're not looking
for the zodiac now.
Thank you.
We're going after Harvey.
You're sure
you're up for this?
Oh, hell, yeah.
What is it?
I don't know.
look for some shotgun shells
for that thing, okay, hon?
Okay, I got it. Go.
Hey, Mick, I found some!
Mick, Harvey just took off!
Get down here!
Hang on.
Honey, he's getting away!
Damn it!
Okay, listen to me. Harvey...
No, no, listen to me.
I can see Harvey's Van
right in front of me, okay?
I love you.
Just come get me. Bye!
No, no, no, Harvey's dead!
Where are the goddamn keys?
Come on.
Hey, it's Zoe.
Leave a...
Damn it.
Come on, Zoe. Pick up.
Hey, it's Zoe.
Leave a message.
Damn it!
Come on.
Come on. Where are you?
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Damn it.
State your emergency.
My wife's been abducted.
What is your name, sir,
and what is your location?
Yeah, I'm Mick Bradley.
I'm at 1228 cherry street.
A man is dead.
Sir, calm down.
There's a unit on its way.
Okay, okay.
Don't move!
What are you doing, man?
don't play games with me...
I got a big-ass gun, Harvey,
and I'm not afraid to use it.
Come on!
Laurel. Laurel.
This is the zodiac speaking.
I have your wife.
She doesn't have to die.
You listen to me.
Don't you fucking
touch her, I'll...
You'll what?
You do not have control here.
The police do.
The police are, what?
On their way?
Oh, then I guess she's
going to have to die.
No, no. Don't, don't, don't.
They don't know anything.
And I have the film reel.
Well, then perhaps
there is hope for her yet.
Zoe, is it?
Please, don't.
I assume that as you
have made it this far,
you know how to find me.
You must be very proud.
Fuck you.
After all these years,
after all
the police departments
and the FBI
profilers and programmers,
all looking for me,
they all come up empty.
But you, you found me.
Now, go figure.
Well, you have my films.
Now, I quit.
Cold Turkey. For 40 years.
You have no idea
the monumental
effort that that took.
But I got away scot-free.
Except for Ben, of course.
He got close.
Him I had to follow.
I followed him
all the way
from San Francisco.
I was gonna kill him,
but I grew to like it here.
that fat-ass woman,
she sold my locker.
I missed two payments.
My memory ain't
what it used to be.
Too bad.
I wanna tell you something.
This is my story.
You're not gonna
destroy my legend.
I left you a way out
if you're brave enough to try.
You know,
they herded a lot
of young animals
through here on
their last journey.
And they designed this place
to ease their anxiety
as they herded
them to the slaughter.
I don't think it's gonna have
the same effect on you.
It's gonna hurt,
but what can I say?
Oh, your husband's on his way.
I'm gonna kill him first.
God damn it!
Come on, baby, come on.
Come on.
All right, there it is.
There it is.
.38 caliber.
Holy shit, it fits.
Come on!
Where is she?
Oh, she's fine.
I need to see the reel.
You put down your goddamn gun!
I need to see the film!
Okay, okay, okay.
By golly, I nailed him.
No, you...
- Zoe?
- Mick?
Mick, baby, I'm over here!
Mick, he's in here.
Where is he?
Mick, help!
Mick! Mick!
Mick, Mick, Mick!
Jesus Christ.
We gotta get out
of here somewhere.
I know.
We have to get out of here.
Go! Go! Go, baby!
Fuck you!
Get the fuck...
Don't move!
Don't fucking move!
Well, this is not
gonna end well for you.
I will shoot
that fucking smile
off your
fucking face, grandpa,
I swear to god, I will.
Go ahead, pull the trigger.
A lot of people have tried.
Shut up!
Put me out of my misery.
Go ahead, do it now!
By golly,
I wish this
could go on forever.
Behind you!
God... come here.
Oh, my god.
After four weeks
of investigation,
the FBI,
with the cooperation of
the local authorities,
using DNA evidence,
have positively linked
the deceased to
the three local homicides.
We have been unable to make
a positive identification
on the deceased.
We are currently
investigating those scenes
and his residence
for any other
pertinent evidence.
The investigation is ongoing,
but I can tell
you at this time
we cannot exclude
or confirm the DNA
of the now deceased suspect
as a match for
the zodiac killer.
After 40 years,
the earlier samples
are just unreliable.
I know there's a lot
of families out there
that are looking
for some closure,
but, uh, it's gonna
take a long, long time
before we know for sure.
I'll take your questions now.
- Shit. Hey.
- What? Mick?
What's wrong?
What is it?
No, baby.
It's just me just
being my clumsy self.
Have I been sleeping?
You've been
asleep for a long time.
It's okay, come here.
Come here.
Come sit with me.
It's going to be all right.
There you go.
Oh... yeah, look at us.
Hey, so,
frank came by today.
He offered me my
old job at the mill.
Even some extra hours
doing security.
Did you take it?
Hell, yeah, I did.
That's good.
It's time to make
a real go of things, baby.
You mean the world to me.
What's wrong
with that light?
It's just... it's a light.
It's always like that.
You know,
it just needs a good kicking.
We gotta...
We should fix it.
I'll tell ya what,
I'm gonna go fix
it right now, okay?
No, no, no, please stay here.
Just please stay here.
Baby, baby, it's okay.
It's okay.
I got this, all right?
I don't want you to go.
I'll be back in a second,
Hey, I love you.
Just breathe.