Away All Boats (1956) Movie Script

Pearl Harbor
was already history.
U.S. Marines had clawed
their way onto Guadalcanal...
and American soldiers
were settling in North Africa...
before that ship was ready
for sea late in 1943.
Here's the story of that ship
and the men who sailed...
to the battered beaches
of the Pacific in World War ll.
This is the way it was.
Dave, are you sure you won't
get another night off?
- I'll write every day.
- So will I.
Bye, darling.
Detail, forward...
Hup, two, three, four.
Column left.
You sailing on her, Captain?
Wrong rank, old-timer.
I'm a lieutenant.
Wasn't you captain
of the Roamer?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I thought so.
Last time I seen you
around San Francisco...
was on the bridge of the Roamer
when she was in dry dock.
You seen them launch this ship
months ago.
That's right.
Launched and towed away
for outfitting.
I wondered then what
she would be.
Now you're sailing her
off to war, huh?
No. Not quite.
I'm not the captain
of this ship.
Why is that?
I was a captain
in the merchant marine.
I gave up two stripes
to enter the navy.
did it because...
I know.
I wish they'd let me
sail on her.
I helped build the Belinda.
Yep. She's still talking.
Don't laugh, boy. She
was talking while we built her.
She's still talking. Come here.
Listen to her.
Those sounds-they're just
locked-in stresses working out.
They're slow
in a part-welded hull.
I know. I know.
Each part is trying to be free
again. They'll settle together.
She's a good ship...
a fortunate ship.
She'll go far...
and she'll come home again.
Mr. MacDougall, our captain is
scheduled to finally show up...
- at noon tomorrow.
Oh, I'll never get used
to navy time.
Anyway, his name is Hawks,
Captain J.S. Hawks.
I saw it on his baggage.
- Would you know him, sir?
- No.
Mr. Fraser says he's seen action
in the Atlantic AND Pacific.
Won a Navy Cross at Guadalcanal.
- Then he's seen more.
- Yes, sir.
Academy man, naturally.
Well, good night, Mr. Kruger.
Good night.
I'm relieved we're getting...
another officer who's had a lot
of sea experience.
I didn't mean me, sir.
I mean, BESIDES you.
I mean, as captain, sir.
Yes, Mr. Kruger.
I mean, 0300.
Another hour of this.
Getting the midwatch
is for the birds.
Yes, sir. Owls.
Captain Jebediah S. Hawks...
requesting permission
to board, sir.
Permission granted. Yes, sir.
What's your name, mister?
- Kruger, sir. Boat group.
- Kruger.
California will miss you
at quarterback next fall, son.
Mr. Kruger, all officers
not on watch...
will assemble in the wardroom
in five minutes.
Aye, aye, sir. Yes, sir.
And the assistant boat group
commander-Lieutenant Sherwood.
How do you do?
He adds some culture
to the ship.
He was Literature instructor
at Yale.
Princeton, Commander Quigley.
I'm Dr. Flynn,
senior surgeon, sir.
- Doctor.
- Dr. Bell and Dr. Gates.
Dr. Bell. Dr. Gates.
I'm impressed
with the civilian background...
of my medical officers.
I'm looking forward to catching
something requiring treatment.
I doubt you'll have
much opportunity...
to practice your specialty,
Dr. Gates.
- Obstetrics, wasn't it?
- Yes, sir.
And your first lieutenant, sir-
Mr. Fraser.
Considering your experience,
I'll have the best...
deck department in the fleet.
Thank you, Captain.
QUIGLEY: And the signal
and recognition officer-
Ensign Twitchell.
I'll do my best for you
and your executive officer.
Let's hope it'll be good enough.
And your boat group commander-
Lieutenant MacDougall.
I'm gratified you were assigned
to my ship.
Glad to be aboard, sir.
Please sit down, gentlemen.
So lacking in dignity.
This casual popping aboard
at 3:00 in the morning.
War or not, we should have some
kind of impressive ceremony.
Dress blues and all that.
CAPTAIN: We have a new ship.
With the exception
of our chiefs,
we also have an almost totally
inexperienced crew.
When I speak of you as being
without experience,
I don't mean it as a criticism.
It's a situation
we're always in...
when war is suddenly
thrust upon us.
Failing to remember the past,
we're doomed to repeat it.
We have to make the most
of what we have...
and pray that it's enough.
How you as individuals
will weather...
the months or years that
lie ahead is an imponderable,
but this ship is not.
The Belinda
is an attack transport,
of all amphibious types.
An attack transport's
main battery...
unfortunately is not her guns.
It's her boats.
The singular duty
of this ship...
is to carry a combat-loaded
battalion landing team...
of some 1,400 officers
and men...
and land them, together
with all necessary equipment,
right in the laps
of the enemy.
You will learn how
to accomplish this...
easily, I hope...
or, if you prefer, as painfully
as you wish.
Commander Quigley.
Is the Belinda ready for sea?
Um, yes, sir.
Very good.
The Belinda will get under way
for a shakedown cruise at 0630.
Destination is Pearl Harbor.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Carry on.
And you, Mr. O'Bannion,
are my beachmaster.
Yes, sir.
I was sleeping,
and I wasn't on duty-
Mr. O'Bannion,
on my ship, every officer's
on duty 24 hours a day.
Yes, sir.
Old shipmate told me about him.
He was skipper of a destroyer
that sunk...
when the Japs tried to take
Guadalcanal back.
He kept the guns firing
till she went under.
He didn't get that Navy Cross
sitting on his bucket.
They got to be
griped down snug.
VPs weigh over eight tons.
We can't have no eight-ton boats
banging around loose.
Check all securing gripes
and tighten them.
Hey, what's all the noise?
What are you doing?
Just making everything
shipshape, sir.
All done here, sir.
Carry on. See that
our part is secure.
Aye, aye, sir.
What, um...
His name's Riley.
One of the motor macks.
He lives up to the nickname
he's already earned,
doping off up there.
Men call him Sacktime.
It's Mr. Jackson's
first day at sea.
He'd appreciate some help from
experienced hands. Come below.
But that's supply department
business, sir, not your-
Well, if you say so,
Mr. MacDougall.
Mr. O'Bannion!
O'BANNION: Yes, sir?
Alter your course
Aye, aye, sir.
Excellent. All right, Chief.
You may dismiss them.
Shove off.
Waxing the deck. Somebody will-
Moran, I don't want
to hear complaints...
- about waxing the mess deck.
- Yes, sir.
It makes for greater
I made a study of feeding crowds
of men, a scientific study.
Now, you see how scientifically
everything is arranged?
The men leave seating tables,
get drinks here,
then move to mess tables, then-
Whoa! Oh!
Very scientific.
What idiot waxed this deck?
Hmm. You win, Chief.
Never again.
Oh, that's all right... sir.
Need any help, Mr. Jackson?
My storerooms. They-
they must be a wreck.
And the galley.
Galley's shipshape, sir.
Smells like we're having...
roast pork and sweet potatoes
for dinner.
Ha ha ha!
Clean it up, Chief,
and nail down the new gear.
I won't tell you how.
You know more
about this than I do.
CAPTAIN: Do you hear there?
This is the captain.
Before the Belinda was cast off
this morning,
it was reported that the ship
was in all respects...
ready for sea.
If there now remains
any doubt whatsoever...
that this report was
I'll be pleased to remain
on this course.
Teaching them the hard way.
That's a very dirty trick to do
to anybody. Mmm!
Mr. O'Bannion, alter your course
Aye, aye, sir.
Is sick bay in good health,
or is major surgery indicated?
Oh, some bottles got smashed.
- Smells pretty strong.
- I told Doc he should smell...
the rest of the ship.
Not so antiseptic.
I'll bet if you could
count them,
from that rolling.
It's better to have them
get it over with now...
than later on, when we might
need all hands in an emergency.
I have a hunch our captain
knows his business.
Which no one can say
for our executive officer.
Get this wardroom
cleaned up right away.
- This is most unappetizing.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Ah! Coffee.
Never-ending supply
of hot coffee.
Great inducement
for any man to enlist.
The weather was quite rough
for a while.
- It was?
- Very. It even woke me up.
- You were asleep?
- Yes.
After all, there was
nothing to do.
Night orders are assigned, sir.
Very well.
For some time,
I'll permit only you,
Mr. Randall, Mr. O'Bannion, and
Mr. Fraser to stand top watches.
You're the only officers
whose sea experience...
- qualifies you for such duty.
- Yes, sir.
I'm aware of the sacrifice
you made...
in rank and salary
when you entered the navy,
but I'd suggest you
try to forget that you were...
captain and master of a ship
in the merchant marine.
Adjust to the fact
that I'm captain of the Belinda.
I'll be in my sea cabin.
Porthole will be open.
You can talk to me anytime.
I'll be awake.
Target plane
This run is for port-side guns
Repeat-port-side guns only.
This is a five-eight!
Get onto the target! Get on!
Now hear this.
This is the captain speaking.
You are to get
down on your knees...
and give thanks
that that was only...
a 30-foot piece of canvas
instead of an enemy bomber.
I've seen 10-year-old kids
shoot better with slingshots.
CAPTAIN: Well, at least
they look like sailors.
Belinda is
the smartest-looking ship...
to enter and leave Pearl
in many a month.
A smart-looking ship's a credit
to itself and the navy.
War is no excuse for
aping the appearance...
of a river coal barge.
Gangway's clear.
Handlers are ready to cast off.
Very good. What is that?
bring that man up here.
Aye, aye, sir.
Stand by, all lines.
- Sailor?
- Yes, sir?
The captain wants you
on the bridge.
Say, that's right nice of him.
I never been up there before.
Follow me.
Back 1/3!
Back 1/3, sir.
Ease your rudder to standard.
Ease your rudder
to standard.
Hey, fellas! Look at me up here
in officers' country!
Oh, hi.
- Mr. MacDougall, take the con.
- Aye, aye, sir.
What is your name
and your division?
I'm Gilbert Hubert
from Tennessee.
Um, Tennessee, yes. But
what division on the Belinda?
What are your duties?
Oh, uh, first division.
I'm the garbage grinder.
That's one
of the importantest places...
on the whole ship, you know?
I grind up the garbage
and mix it with water.
It runs into the ocean
and mixes with it...
so no Jap submarine finds us,
like they can if them mess cooks
dump it overboard. You see?
I see.
But you-you should
keep cleaner.
Oh, I keep that place
clean, Captain.
Want to come to the garbage
grinding room and see?
I dare you to find
a speck of dirt.
The only trouble
is the chicken guts.
- Chicken guts?
- Yeah. They jam up them gears.
Them and them mess cooks
leaving forks in the garbage.
- Why, just this morning-
- Commander Quigley.
- Sir?
- See that this man gets...
- cleaned up and into uniform.
- Yes, sir.
Nice place you got up here.
Visit me anytime you feel
like it. I'll show you around.
Oh. Well, I'll see you.
Chicken guts.
Port boats will proceed aft
and circle counterclockwise.
The starboard boats will circle
clockwise, like so.
This pattern is to avoid boats
colliding head-on.
They'll just
glance off one another.
If all our coxswains
can remember left from right.
Take the hand you want them
to remember and dip it in paint.
Let's get on with it.
Then the boats will be called
alongside by number.
Right! Right! Right!
Right rudder, you idiot!
They look like lady drivers
on dollar day. Ha ha!
- Take it easy!
- Move on!
It took some doing,
but we got our boats away.
Yes. You got them away in
exactly one hour and 43 minutes.
What are you waiting around for,
MacDougall? A "well done"?
They're all here, sir.
Rehearsals from now on
will be with troops.
Please do not drown them.
They are needed for
future commitments to battle.
Second division,
stand by to receive boats...
along starboard side.
Boat 19 to White Three.
Boat 11 to Red One.
All boats away
in 35 minutes, Captain.
That's the best time yet.
It's not good enough.
OK. Roger and out.
- Another boat broach to, sir.
- What?
Oh, when are those coxswains
ever going to learn?
Hold it! These boats
are made of plywood.
You'll smash them
into kindling!
They're no good on a beach.
Get this bulldozer out of here!
I don't take orders from you!
I take my orders
from Sergeant Kelly!
- What's going on here?
- This idiot's wrecking my boats!
You don't need to force
marine cooperation on the navy!
- Sergeant Kelly says-
- This is the navy beachmaster...
you're arguing with!
He's in charge of everything
up to the high-water mark!
Now, get your bulldozer
out of here!
And as for you, O'Bannion,
either keep your shirt on...
so my men will know
you're an officer...
or tattoo your rank
on your chest!
Command boat!
- What's the matter?
- Lost our rudder!
Back her down.
O'BANNION: Mr. MacDougall!
Get on the beach, sailor!
Corpsman! Get a corpsman!
Get Doc Bell!
Hello, Captain.
I'm delighted you've chosen
to remain here...
rather than let our doctor
ship you to some shore hospital.
- I'll be fine here, sir.
- I'm sure.
I wish I could be sure
of other matters.
You've been a skipper.
You understand.
I'm without any help
on the bridge.
Quigley is-well,
he's exec in name only.
With few exceptions,
we're officered by men...
who spent three weeks
fitting their uniforms...
and one hour reading the manual.
Suppose something happens to me,
as it has you.
What happens to the Belinda?
They'll learn, sir.
Of course,
but the enemy won't wait.
MacDougall, I'm glad
you had this accident.
Now I can use you to the benefit
of the ship.
I don't understand, sir.
What's your opinion
of Steve Sherwood?
Do you consider him capable?
I couldn't get along
without him.
He's a natural leader,
natural in the boats.
Excellent. I'm making Sherwood
boat group commander.
You'll then have time to train
new officers...
and keep an eye out for me.
But I'll be well
by the time-
Oh, be practical, man.
It'll be months
before you can climb.
It'll be weeks before
you can walk again.
I don't want to lose command
of my boats.
We all want things our own way.
I wanted command of a cruiser
instead of this...
The Belinda
will get me that cruiser...
by being the top APA
in the fleet.
I need a real sailor
on the bridge with me.
That's where
you come in, mister.
For your information,
we're all through with dry runs.
Next time, we hoist our boats
in enemy waters.
Away all boats.
Away all boats. Away.
Now hear this.
Man your debark stations.
Boat 22 to White Three.
Amtrak's in line of departure.
Boat 17
to Green Five.
Boat 17 to
Blue Six.
Boat 10, bear a hand.
Getting alongside
at Yellow Eight.
Boat 11 to Red Two.
Amtrak's on beach, sir.
All right, Willie.
Let's take Makin!
all boats.
It's better time than I'd hoped
for our first combat.
I will not tolerate complacency.
We have to stow the tank ladders
on number five hatch.
They'll always be
the controlling factors-
CAPTAIN: I am the controlling
factor aboard the Belinda.
My ship will set speed records
every time she goes into action.
The Belinda will be the most
efficient APA...
in the Pacific fleet.
Is that clear, Mr. MacDougall?
MacDOUGALL: Yes, sir.
Get this man
back to the Belinda.
Flagship calling, sir.
Answer him.
Queen Bee, this is Tango.
Go ahead.
Tango, this is Queen Bee.
You are forward of your area.
Put ship back on station
Repeat: you are forward
of your area.
Put ship back on station
immediately. Over.
Queen Bee, this is Tango.
Wilco. Out.
Put the ship back on station.
Wait 20 minutes,
then crowd our area.
I want to reduce the time
for the boats to the beach.
I don't believe
that's Boski, sir.
I can read his flags
like a book.
Have him repeat. I can't tell if
he's sending a Howard or Baker.
Come up here!
Forget the flags.
Use a searchlight.
Get going. He's itching to put
somebody on report this morning.
Yes, sir?
Where were you going?
Why didn't you report to me?
Why are you aboard?
I come after some batteries
for the beach transmitter.
That's a job for a radio man!
You were to stay
to receive my signals.
You deserted your post!
Exactly why did you come aboard?
Mr. Twitchell, sir...
Mr. O'Bannion ordered me
to get them batteries.
Mr. O'Bannion commands
the beach party.
I'm in the beach party and do
what he tells me to do, sir.
But I'm the signal officer!
I'm the signal officer!
You come back here.
How dare you walk away from me
like that?
Why did you do it?
Answer me!
Mr. Twitchell, sir...
if I stayed here when you
talk to me like that,
I'd have to clobber you.
To keep from doing it, I left.
TWITCHELL: I'm an officer.
I'm your superior officer!
You disregarded me.
You order me to stay, and I'll
stay as long as you tell me to.
So, what's left of these
two platoons of infantry...
are cut off about here...
near the tip of Wo Chi Island.
If not rescued by dawn, they'll
be wiped out by the Japanese.
The chart shows this reef
between the lagoon and island...
but the captain thinks
there's a passage somewhere...
wide enough for a P-boat.
Our job is to find it
and rescue the troops.
Now who'll volunteer?
It's a very simple job,
If it's so simple,
why don't you go?
Why, I-
Gentlemen, the army
needs a hand.
Thank you very much, gentlemen.
I'll inform the captain.
I'll get a flag and wave it.
That's not funny.
I don't think it's funny,
those guys being trapped.
It's Quigley-I wanted to belt
him the first time I saw him.
MacDOUGALL: He's trying.
Give him a break.
That teacup admiral's
had nothing but good breaks.
It's time he found out
it takes more than...
a toothpaste-ad smile
to pull his weight with men.
Mr. Kruger, you're elected.
You'll take four boats
and rendezvous with...
a flagship P-boat
for instructions.
You'll find it somewhere
this side of the reef.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, sir.
QUIGLEY: The captain said
to take orders...
from the senior officer
regardless of service.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll fix you some sandwiches.
Fine. No use dying
on an empty stomach.
- Good luck, Kruger.
- Jim.
- Good luck.
- Good luck, Kruger.
- Good luck.
- Good luck, Kruger.
MacDOUGALL: Commander.
Why wouldn't the captain
let me go?
QUIGLEY: He didn't say.
I'd like to speak to him.
Go right ahead.
Tell you something.
I'd like to go myself,
but I can't.
I need you, so you can't.
I'll tell you something else-
Commander Quigley also wanted to
go. He volunteered immediately.
Yes, Mr. MacDougall, our
executive officer may well be...
growing into his stripes.
May I join you in a cup
of coffee, Commander?
I'd like that very much,
Mr. MacDougall.
Major Scott, there's a reef
between us and that island,
and these boats
will get hung up on it.
Come daylight, they'll be
sitting ducks for the Japs.
You're the navy.
I can't order you in.
But somewhere on that beach
are some guys that need help.
About where can we find
your people, Major Scott?
- You'll try for them?
- That's why we're here.
Are you crazy, Kruger?
I told you there's no passage
through that reef.
My skipper
thinks there is, sir.
OK if I come?
I'm to take orders
from the senior officer present.
That's you, isn't it?
- That's me, mister.
- Climb aboard.
You Belinda people.
You're all wise guys.
I got a Silver Star at Attu
that says you won't make it.
Lieutenant, notify my regimental
headquarters that we'll try.
Yes, sir.
Stay close together in column,
keep me in sight,
and keep blacked out.
Pass the word.
Take it slow along the reef.
Eddie, lower the ramp.
What's the plan?
Find a hole in the reef.
Come ahead.
Come ahead!
Hold it.
Solid coral. Back off.
Over this way.
Back off, Willie.
Easy. Easy.
Hold it! Hold it!
Maybe he's right.
Maybe there isn't any way in.
I found it!
Come ahead, Willie.
Hold your fire.
Don't get trigger-happy.
Annie, this is Lulubelle.
That you, Blanchard?
Yeah. Are you Major Scott?
Man, you don't know.
We were cut clean off.
Runners never got back.
Japs everywhere.
It wasn't so bad
when they charged-
Sure, sure. Let's go now.
Get your men in the boats, huh?
Anchors Aweigh will be my hymn
from now on.
Come on, fellows. Into the
boats. Let's go. On the double.
All you'll have to remember this
by will be your Purple Heart.
You've been hurt worse
in football games.
Yeah, I sure have.
You know, I wanted to be
a football player.
My feet couldn't take
those shoes.
Always felt like the cleats
were on the inside.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
That's funny. I didn't want to
play football.
I wanted to be a doctor.
It's the truth.
Hot flash in high school,
so when I got to college,
everybody pressured me
into going out for the team.
There aren't enough hours
to play football...
and study medicine
at the same time.
Guess not.
I've been thinking, though.
When this war is over,
I'm going back to Cal...
and this time, no football.
See, Doc?
You're a bad influence.
- Congratulations, Mr. Kruger.
- Thank you, sir.
You're all a credit
to the Belinda.
Ship's company, dismissed!
Yes, sir?
You're the recognition officer.
Are those Japs or friendlies?
What's the captain waiting for?
Why don't he let us open fire?
They must be Japs, sir.
Commander Quigley!
- Sir?
- Identify those planes.
QUIGLEY: Friendly.
- Huh?
- Hellcats, Captain.
Cease fire.
Cease fire immediately!
Planes fired on are friendly.
I say again, friendly.
Mr. Twitchell, go study
your recognition manual.
You're on hack until you've
drawn 25 freehand silhouettes...
of F-6Fs.
While you're doing it,
remember you advised me
to shoot down Americans.
No gunnery discipline at all
on those ships.
Almost started an epidemic.
Boat from the Sandival's
out to pick up that flier.
He doesn't seem hurt.
I don't envy the crew
that picks him up.
He's going to be the maddest
pilot in the United States Navy.
Six more men on report-all for
fighting amongst themselves.
Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
If this keeps up, we'll have
the whole crew on report.
Yes, I know.
Since the men found out the
routing changed from Noumea...
to Guadalcanal, they've been...
well, sir, they were
So was I.
Sir, I checked
with island command.
We can have their athletic field
from 1:00 to 4:00 tomorrow.
The chaplain's stirring up
interest in a baseball game.
Mr. Jackson found out anything
about our mail yet?
He's checking on it.
Beer and Coke?
The chaplain wants to have
some for the younger men.
I'm surprised we have
any younger men...
after what they've been through.
So ordered, Commander.
Liberty for all hands
on Guadalcanal tomorrow.
QUIGLEY: Yes, sir.
Liberty on Guadalcanal.
That's like getting to New York
and spending your leave...
in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
CHIEF: And I thought we was
going to New Caledonia.
To Noumea.
The navy figures we're too young
to be exposed to French dames.
I like to visit
historical places.
Don't you ever wash?
CHIEF: This garbage grinder's
ready for salt water.
You don't
understand. I wash.
Quit pushing!
All right. Knock it off!
Knock it off.
All of our mail is at Noumea.
We haven't had mail for weeks,
and my wife's having a baby.
Believe me, the men
are riled up about it.
- The baby?
- No, sir-
no, sir. I mean the mail, sir.
I know what you mean,
Mr. Jackson.
Send a signal
to the fleet post office.
Request that the mail be
forwarded to our next anchorage.
Yes, sir.
Plans for the next operation
have arrived, sir.
Liberty on Guadalcanal.
Fine lot of combat efficiency
that'll build into my crew.
CAPTAIN: Nothing. Nothing. Let's
look at those operational plans.
If this was Aussie brew,
I'd be feeling it. Nah.
In good Australia, where they
got good beer and pretty women.
In New Caledonia, where they got
pretty French women.
Warm 3.2.
No dames, no mail, no nothing.
Nothing but sailing on the lousy
Pacific on a lousy ship...
with a bunch of creeps
like Sacktime Riley!
RILEY: Huh? What's the matter?
Bad enough doping off
aboard ship. Don't do it here.
RILEY: What's eating you?
If it wasn't so warm,
I'd work you over.
You, too, if you weren't
such a runt.
Don't let that stop you.
Look at them.
You'd think it was
the World Series.
Strike one!
- Strike two!
- Strike? Strike?!
Chaplain, are you blind?
That last ball almost
took my head off.
Strike two, O'Bannion.
O'BANNION: If that was
a strike, I'll eat it.
CHAPLAIN: If you don't
stop arguing...
every time you're at bat,
I'll toss you out of the game.
One more word and out you go.
Now play ball.
Well, that's
a Protestant for you.
- That's my coconut.
- Your coconut? It's mine.
- I said it's my coconut.
Get one of your own!
Hey, a fight, guys! Let's go!
Attention, men!
Attention, I tell you!
This is an officer speak-
Mr. Twitchell, sir, I'm really-
TWITCHELL: You're under arrest
for striking an officer.
- Ah, shut up.
- Get away from me.
- What did you say?
- Get off my foot! Ow.
TWITCHELL: What are you doing?
I saw you do that!
You got it all wrong.
CHIEF: Riley? Riley!
MacDOUGALL: Break it up.
Break it up!
Mr. MacDougall.
Mr. MacDougall.
What's going on here?
TWITCHELL: You saw it.
You're a witness. He hit me!
He struck an officer.
He was in on it, too.
MacDOUGALL: All right.
Knock it off!
Did anybody see
what happened here?
I saw the whole thing, sir.
TWITCHELL: How could you?
You were busy catching.
While I was
taking off my mask,
I looked up
and saw these two white hats.
They were wrestling
over a coconut.
All in fun, sir.
Mr. Twitchell evidently
thought they were fighting.
When he stepped between them,
he tumbled over a coconut...
and fell and hit his head
on... that tree.
No-nobody punched him.
Nobody laid a hand on him, sir.
It's all a pack of lies!
I'll get witnesses.
You'll all pay for this.
I'll put everybody on report
for this! You'll see.
You'll see.
All right. Break it up.
Back to your game.
Any noticeable good effects
from our afternoon on the beach?
Mostly bruises,
as far as I can see.
Mr. Twitchell's report
about his mouse...
would indicate
a riot took place.
I've been able to secure
a replacement for Twitchell.
Cut orders
relieving him from duty...
and send him ashore
for further assignment.
QUIGLEY: Yes, sir.
- You wanted to see me, Captain?
- Oh, yes, Torgeson.
Come on. Sit down. Commander, I
want him off the ship tonight.
- Tonight, sir? But-
- Aye, aye, sir.
CAPTAIN: Sit down.
- Coffee?
- Sure.
Two coffees.
My compliments on
procuring that fine hardwood...
from the navy sawmen ashore.
How much did you get?
I mean, 10 feet...
What, sir?
CAPTAIN: I asked how much
hardwood did you get?
That's almost enough...
to repair every landing craft
in the division.
Well, sir, a little extra
always comes in handy...
for trading purposes.
It ain't, uh-no.
It ain't as though there
wasn't plenty of it.
Island's lousy with it, sir.
Look here. Nice
little boat, huh?
Sure is.
Could you build
a boat like that?
Yes, sir.
If I had plans, I could.
CAPTAIN: There's a description
and all specifications.
Could you build it from those?
- Yes, sir, I could.
- Good. Do so.
CAPTAIN: Take that along
and start building my sailboat.
You mean tonight, sir?
Right now, aboard ship, sir?
If you're capable
of building it...
and repairing our landing craft
at the same time.
You've ample materials.
I want it completed
at the earliest possible date.
Use all the men you need
to accomplish it. Understand?
Yes, sir.
Oh, thank you, sir.
- Oh, your coffee.
- Oh, no, thank you, sir.
You finish making the hinges
for the ramp on boat nine?
I only got two hands,
Mr. Kruger.
This lousy jewelry for
the captain's crummy sailboat...
takes priority over everything.
You'd think it was some kind
of new secret weapon!
Will you try to make
the hinges, too?
Yes, sir.
Know what I'd like to do
with these cruddy cleats?
Mount them in the seat
of the captain's pants.
Here we go again.
You're in charge
of the deck department.
Aren't boat repairs
your responsibility?
Yes. So?
What are we
making the landings with-
our VPs
or the captain's sloop?
- Quit beefing to me about it.
- You got twice as many people...
working on that sailboat
as on our landing craft.
You think it's my idea?
Dave, you're close to the old
man. What do you make of this?
I don't understand.
I know he can be stubborn,
but up to now, he's
always been for the ship!
His ship is looking
another D-day right in the eye,
and only half of his boats
are ready for it!
That's the last. Absolutely
the last red ink I can find.
- What are you doing?
- Dyeing canvas.
What does it look like
we're doing, you stupid-
Oh, hello, Chief.
And why are you doing it?
The captain wants red sails
on his sailboat. That's why.
Go on up. I want to
show you something.
Feast your eyes on that.
Beautiful lines, eh?
- I call her the Albatross.
- She's a real beauty, sir.
CAPTAIN: She'll make a dandy
for me to sail...
when we're in
some snug anchorage.
Meantime, we'll keep her stowed
in the Mike boat.
She's ready to launch.
Right, Mr. Fraser?
I hope our VPs will be
as ready to launch.
CAPTAIN: They will be.
I knew my crew would-
I assumed you,
of all the officers aboard,
would most understand
my motives...
for having this sailboat
I was mistaken, Mr. Fraser.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're no veteran.
You've just put in time
in this navy.
- Look, MacDougall!
- You look!
You're closer to the crew
than other officers,
yet you're blind
to what's happened to them.
The men were coming unglued
from too many months at sea.
They'd lost
their combat efficiency.
They needed something
to fix their hate on...
so they'd stop fighting
among themselves.
The captain gave it to them-
himself and this sailboat.
You worried about
the boats being ready.
They'll be ready, mister,
but more important,
the crew will be ready.
You don't get those stripes
for nothing, do you?
I'll bet every navy ship
is anchored at the Admiralties.
That PA over there,
number 22...
she's really been places.
Holy cats! A sailboat?
Ready about!
Let's take her home.
See that Admiral?
He's about to bust with envy.
Not a skipper here that ain't
jealous of the Albatross.
He knows how to sail.
He can sail a shingle
in a hurricane.
Well, she didn't sink.
She sails pretty well.
Thank you, sir.
Spare a hand and be gentle
when hoisting her aboard.
See that she's wiped dry.
Be sure to polish her brass.
May we take her aboard
at hatch number five, sir?
Bring her alongside Green Nine.
She's a pretty sight
scudding before the wind.
Looks like she handles fine.
I want a boat alongside
in 10 minutes.
Commander Quigley and I are
going to an operations meeting.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Oh, Captain!
Sir, I've been waiting
to tell you.
It's in Highlandia now.
Our mail, sir.
Didn't you instruct the post
office to forward everything...
and leave it in the Admiralties
for pickup?
Yes, sir, I did, but they
showed me the top-secret list...
which tells where
every ship is.
That list shows the Belinda
anchored off Highlandia.
They sent our mail by air to
be sure we'd get it-22 bags.
Perhaps they'll fly it back.
She could have it now.
I don't know.
Why are we always anchoring
in the wrong place?
I'll see what I can do.
Watch the mooring line, sir.
Get the lantern.
We sewed him up
and took him to his cabin.
He's sedated.
He'll sleep for a while now.
Thank you.
How serious is it?
No skull fracture,
but there's undoubtedly
a concussion.
Just how serious,
we can't be sure.
Not for some time, at least.
But knowing him,
I'll bet he'll skipper his ship
all the way to Leyte.
Now hear this.
Stream your paravanes.
Stream your paravanes.
- Stream what?
- Paravanes, whatever they are.
What's that thing for?
It's supposed to deflect mines.
Cuts them loose,
they float to the surface,
and we detonate them
with rifles.
We're sailing through
a mine field now?
Oh, my aching back!
We've passed control point
x- ray, Captain.
We're now 34 miles south
of Tacloban.
How's our timing?
Three minutes ahead of schedule,
but the ebb tide and currents
are stronger than predicted.
Tides and currents
were always here.
The mines weren't.
Mine found
in starboard paravane!
Chief Torgeson reports mine
found in starboard paravane.
- Right full rudder!
- Right full rudder, sir.
Reports-continue reports!
Inform the flagship
and ships astern.
Alert the engine room
and Damage Control.
Mine found
in starboard paravane.
Engine Room, Damage Control,
mine found
in starboard paravane!
All damage control parties,
stand by with shore
firefighting equipment.
All troops will move immediately
to starboard side of midships.
Clear the starboard side.
Can't carry on any further.
We'll run into the next column.
Chief Torgeson reports
he still can't see the mines.
We can't lie here.
We're being set down on it
faster every minute.
Back the ship.
Aye, aye, sir.
All backs pull!
What's the captain doing?
That mine will hit his midships!
Standing by.
Captain wants Alvick
on the bridge.
- Now right full rudder!
- Right full rudder.
Radar range to the columns
on either side.
- Alvick.
- Yes, sir?
You're the best rifle shot.
Get on the forecastle
and prove it.
I could prove it quicker
with a 20-millimeter.
It could get ricocheted into
some ship and start a shootout.
- Take off.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- All stop!
- All stop, sir.
- MacDougall.
- Yes, sir?
Can you her like this
for five minutes?
Yes, sir. I can hold her.
Let me know
when Alvick gets there.
Forecastle, the captain wants
to know when Alvick arrives.
- I can see it!
- Ready in the forecastle.
- Open fire.
- Open fire!
Got to hit a horn.
Plugging it full of holes
won't do any good.
to unknown ship...
violating gunfire
restriction plan.
Cease fire immediately.
Who's Basketful?
Commander of first
LST squadron, sir. 57.7.1.
Stu Masterson, class of '26.
He's junior to me.
Basketful, this is Tango.
Stick around, Stu.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
- He's hit it twice.
- One of the horns?
Couldn't tell.
Maybe it's a dud.
So you're the big rabbit hunter
from Wyoming?
If you ain't better
at shooting rabbits...
than you are at that mine,
when you get home, you'll
starve-if you get home.
Knock it off up there!
Good shooting, Alvick!
That's some dud.
Put the Belinda
back on course.
Distance to the guide,
Aye, aye, sir.
Commander, troops can resume
moving to their debark stations.
Aye, aye, sir.
That concussion
should have slowed him down,
but he's sharp as a needle.
Sure is.
MacDOUGALL: Troops, resume
movement to debark stations.
All troops resume movement
to debark stations.
Stu Masterson.
Always goes by the book.
It's all he knows.
It's all he knows.
Captain's back from the beach.
Stand by to hoist
Peter boat 10 aboard.
The kamikazes got another
escort carrier this morning.
Japanese keep this up, and I'm
transferring to the infantry.
- Hey, Dave.
- Yeah?
I hear the captain brought
a female aboard from Tacloban.
- Is that true?
- Yep.
A Red Cross girl?
Nurse, maybe?
- A monkey?
- And a female, too.
This is Chip-Chi,
friend of the captain's,
going to share his cabin
from now on.
- Ow!
- Got all its shots?
Are you going to get typhus?
- I got to see this.
- Yeah, me, too.
Let's go. Let's go, hon.
What's the captain doing...
turning the ship into a zoo?
Chip-Chi will provide
companionship for the captain...
make the brutal loneliness of
command a little more bearable.
The loneliness?
Are you kidding?
His own pantry,
his own stewards,
doing what he likes
when he likes...
I could stand a lot
of that kind of loneliness.
Because you've never had it.
Command's one of the loneliest
jobs in the world.
Eating alone most of the time,
living from the bridge
to the chart room...
to an empty cabin.
He wouldn't be lonesome
if he were more sociable.
He can't be sociable-
not aboard his own ship.
No captain can.
If he becomes too friendly,
he may rely on friendship...
instead of his own judgment.
At that moment,
he's no longer a good captain.
Give me a warning when he turns
the con over to the monkey.
I want time to jump overboard.
Hey, fellows,
here comes the mail!
Hey, let's go!
Mail! I've got it!
I found it!
Here it is! Mail!
What's the picture tonight?
Same as last night, sir.
In this one,
she's six months pregnant.
Here she writes the doctor said
she might have twins.
Here she's waiting
for her ride to the hospital.
This last one
is from her mother.
It says "Alice and children
are doing fine. "
Children-how many?
What are they, boys or girls?
Holy mackerel.
- Phew!
- Phew!
- Move over.
- Stinkeroo.
Too hippy.
Hippy? She's built like
a battleship.
I must have seen it
at least six times.
I guess I'll skip it tonight.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Excuse me, MacDougall.
Darling, this has been...
such a special day for me.
I want to share it with you.
It began with my getting six
wonderful letters from you.
I read each one a dozen times...
and then pasted them
in the scrapbook.
When Robby grows up,
he'll have them all...
the eyewitness report of the war
his father fought...
in the Pacific.
I don't know what thing
set me to dreaming...
your picture, I guess.
I got to wondering if you
remember the same things I do...
about our life together...
like the first time I saw you
and the first time you saw me.
You were being lectured by
Mr. Kurland about something
but stared at me so hard,
I typed the same line
over again four times.
Remember how fussed I got?
Then you asked me
for a date, and I said yes,
but you didn't even try
to kiss me good night.
I kept wishing you would...
so I could prove how ladylike
I was by refusing.
I want to thank you
for going out with me tonight.
I enjoyed the dinner
and show very much, Captain.
I wish you'd stop
calling me Captain.
My name is David,
or Dave, if you like.
Um... maybe we could go out
again tomorrow night.
Well, if you want to.
I do.
Uh... same time?
Good night, Nadine.
Good night, Dave.
I wanted to be kissed so bad,
but you didn't even try.
And you, a sailor, to boot.
In a way, I was glad, though.
It proved you respected me...
at least until our second date.
Oh, Dave. D-D-Dave.
Dave. Dave. Dave.
Dave, stop now. Stop.
Stop it. Dave!
- Oh, honey, please.
- Dave. Dave.
No, honey, not here, please.
Please, not out here.
Inside, huh?
No. No, not inside, either.
Stop, Dave.
Dave. Dave... hmm...
And finally I realized...
I wasn't just another girl in
another port when you proposed.
It was at the beach,
and you were so serious.
And I loved you so much.
Honey, you got to
think about it...
not just emotionally,
but mentally.
It's not easy to be
a sailor's wife.
Well, it's not easy
to be a wife, period.
I love you.
I want to marry you.
I want you to know
what you're getting into.
I know. Do you?
Look, I may be away
for weeks at a time.
Oh, but those homecomings!
But I'll think about it
if you want me to.
my thinking months before,
so we married the next day.
You were away for weeks
at a time,
but, oh, those homecomings!
- That's all of him, huh?
- Every square inch.
Well, he's nice.
Nice?! He's beautiful!
He looks a little
like Winston Churchill.
All new babies look
like Winston Churchill.
- Really?
- Yeah.
you came home from a voyage,
you'd bring gifts like no wife
in the world ever got.
That Sunday when you'd come back
from your trip to the Orient,
I'll never forget that.
My hair's too short,
and my eyes aren't
Japanese at all.
You look beautiful in it, dear.
Even Robby approves, see?
this program for a news flash.
Pearl Harbor has been bombed
and strafed...
by Japanese carrier planes.
The fleet has suffered
heavy casualties.
The number of American
soldiers and sailors...
killed in this sneak attack
is still unknown,
but it's feared
to be very high.
Stand by, please,
for further reports.
Now I spend my sunsets...
looking out at the vast Pacific.
Every evening, I stand
on the cliff below our home...
and try to send my love
across the water to you.
Does that sound silly?
I don't care.
You're out there somewhere,
and I like to believe...
that you can feel the love
reaching from me to you.
So please be careful,
my darling...
and never forget...
you have two people
who adore you to come home to.
All my love... Nadine.
Now toes out.
Turn around.
All right, now face me,
heels together.
Really hurt, huh?
All the time, Doc.
I soaked them in salt water
like you said,
rubbed them good,
and wore heavy socks.
They still hurt something awful.
Flattest feet I ever saw.
You recommended sending
Gilbert Hubert,
Seaman Second Class,
to Naval Hospital Guam,
where the services
of a chiropodist are available.
That's right, Captain.
We can't help him here.
How long would he be away?
Oh, about two weeks, sir.
That's too long.
We'll be on our way before
he'd get back to the ship.
Is it a critical condition?
No, but his feet really require
expert attention, sir.
He needs special shoes.
I believe you, Dr. Flynn,
but he'll have to wait.
Hubert is not military,
and he's not sanitary,
but he's important
to the ship's safety.
Hubert's the only man aboard
who likes to grind garbage.
He's the only man who can be
trusted to grind it properly.
Request denied.
His feet will sweat out
the next beachhead...
before I part with him.
Very good, sir.
Congratulations, Commander.
"You'll proceed immediately
to Pearl Harbor,
assume command
of the APA Peacock. "
My own command.
You've earned it.
What's more important,
you're ready for it.
Captain, I...
Have the yeoman
cut orders...
turning over executive officer
duties to MacDougall...
and assign Randall as navigator.
Aye, aye, sir.
I'll miss the Belinda...
and you, sir.
I... well, I kind of grew up
on this ship, serving under you.
I made a mistake about him.
He turned out all right.
I managed a couple of mistakes
aboard this ship.
Nobody makes mistakes
on my ship...
not serious ones.
This next one is it.
We're going right into the Japs'
backyard and taking it.
Yes, sir. Only trouble is,
they know we're coming.
They must, Captain.
In Tacloban yesterday, a
Filipino boy selling mangoes...
asked me if I was going
to Okinawa with everybody else.
There's no such thing
as a real secret.
I'll tell you one.
They tried twice
to take you away from me...
and give you your own command.
I blocked it each time.
You're entitled
to your own ship.
You should have had one
from the beginning.
I couldn't let you go.
I thought no man was
indispensable in this navy.
No man is.
I kept you because you were
important to the Belinda.
You're stubborn, you're proud,
and a lot of the time,
I hate your guts,
but you really love the ship.
- What's that got to do with it?
- Everything.
Old beachhead Belinda is...
more than just another APA
to you and me.
To you?
You tried to use her to
earn your command of a cruiser.
I remember you calling her
names and hating her.
That's right. I did.
Quigley moved on
to his own command.
I could have requested
and gotten a cruiser.
Just never occurred to me.
But you kept me
from getting my own ship?
I gave you my reasons why.
Since we're speaking frankly,
sir, your reasons stink!
I have other reasons.
I'm getting tired.
There are times when I...
Maybe I should have taken more
leave after Guadalcanal...
or after that fouled-up mess
in North Africa.
A man can take just so much,
I guess.
I keep getting those headaches.
They nearly blind me.
I'll recommend you
for your own command...
after this next operation
is over.
For now, you must stick
by the Belinda and me.
I've always tried
to do my duty, sir.
I love this sailboat, too.
Weird sort of a day,
eh, Pappy?
Yeah. This whole week
at Okinawa's been weird, Padre,
just like dry runs-
no shooting from the shore,
no kamikazes.
It just ain't natural.
Will you stop watching clouds
and watch what you're doing?
I was listening to Tokyo Rose
after supper.
She says they got their suicide
planes all lined up,
ready to sink every ship we got.
Propaganda, Pappy.
She's just trying to scare us.
You know something?
She's doing it, too.
I ordered the transports
to sea for tonight.
Could be a busy one.
Cruisers and destroyers
on the picket line...
are holding off the kamikazes,
but some are bound
to break through.
bearing 055, 20 miles, closing.
Flash, flash!
Take necessary deployment action
and evasive maneuvers. Out.
She'll be over our screen
any minute.
Watch for firing out there.
- Mr. Randall.
- Yes, sir?
Don't let the lookouts get
excited and get out of sector.
What is it, MacDougall?
We haven't unloaded wounded
from the Latimore LCM.
- Get aft. Hurry them up.
- Aye, aye, sir.
- I'll help.
- Give me a hand mike.
- Yes, sir.
Now hear this.
This is the captain speaking.
In a couple minutes,
you'll get the chance of your
lives to do some shooting.
A swarm of kamikazes
is coming in,
hellbent on getting
the transports.
They're not going to get
old beachhead Belinda,
if you keep your heads
and carry out my orders.
Now, listen, men,
all you have to do...
is obey orders and do
as you were trained to do.
Loaders, load.
Do not look around the sky.
Pointers, point.
Trainers, train.
Do it easy,
like a dry run,
and do it fast.
Use your heads, your experience,
and your training.
That is all.
Carry on
and good hunting.
Pat, get these people
under cover fast.
No use jerking
their arms and legs off.
They got it tough enough.
Get those men
out of that LCM now!
We got to get moving!
Many kamikazes, Dave?
More than we've ever seen
before, Padre.
Get that hatch covered
on the double.
All right, dopes,
get those hatch covers on...
as soon as you can.
Engine's ready
to answer bells, sir.
Standard speed's set-15 knots.
Count at least 20 of them.
Raid Three closing
rapidly on transport area.
No cap in vicinity. Out.
LCM clear, Captain.
- Ahead 1/3!
- Ahead 1/3, sir!
- Right full rudder!
- Right full rudder, sir!
- Take the con.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Keep in contact with me
by headphones.
I'm going up to control...
and knock down some
of those divine wind boys...
before they have time
to commit suicide.
Whew! Boy, that was close.
Let it down! Turn around
and then back in, Chaplain.
Hurry it up, Padre!
Back to your stations!
I was operating
when it happened.
Come here.
I don't know how many
of the wounded on deck got hit.
At least a dozen, maybe more
inside the sick bay...
and that man on that table.
What about Doc Flynn
and the padre?
Both of them.
Mike O'Bannion, too.
And the fire's almost out.
After starboard deckhouse
Watertight integrity
in all but number five hatch.
killed by crash,
plus two more
who died of burns.
Seven of our own crew killed,
including Dr. Flynn,
Chaplain Hughes,
and Mike O'Bannion.
- Is that all, MacDougall?
- No, sir.
The Albatross, Captain-
she was completely demolished
and burned...
and Chip-Chi was killed.
RADIO: Flash red!
Control yellow!
Five strong raids closing
the transport area...
from all sides.
Now inside the cap and closing.
- Control! Did you hear that?
- Yes, sir.
I may join you in Control,
but I intend
to remain here...
and con the ship
at high speed.
Keep the guns concentrating
on planes closing!
Never mind the wolf packs
out on the rim!
Here they come, Captain!
- Flank standard rudder!
- Flank standard rudder, sir!
- Full ahead flank!
- Full ahead flank, sir!
Right full rudder!
Over there! Over there!
Damage Control reports we're hit
at the water line, sir!
Stop engines!
- Stop engines!
- Stop engines, sir!
They'll really bear down
on us now.
Don't let the gun crews
be distracted by the fire.
Leave that to Fraser
and Damage Control...
until we beat off this attack.
Keep watching here.
I'll take the starboard side.
Aye, aye, sir.
Mustn't let them
get to us again.
She can't take any more!
Hard left.
Hard left, I say!
Hard left, sir!
CAPTAIN: Get away from my ship!
Get your filthy plane
away from my ship!
Give me a hand here.
Help me get him down
to his cabin. Easy.
- Get one of the doctors.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Doctor will be here
soon, sir.
I've got to get
to the bridge.
I'll rest my eyes a bit.
The porthole will be open.
You can speak to me
at any time.
I'll be awake.
You've seen that hole
in our side?
We're going to sink for sure!
No, I won't let her sink.
- I left him in his cabin.
- He's not there.
Pete Ryan just reported
the captain's in number 4 hold.
He thinks the doctor
better get down there.
Jim, can you take the con?
I think so, Dave, sure.
Stay on this course.
It will take us
to the Kerama-retto.
That's an island group
If we get her there,
we've got a chance to save her.
I'm going below
to survey damage.
Toot on the whistle
if the kamikazes show up again.
Right, Dave.
Dr. Bell's waiting for him
in surgery, sir.
Nobody can work down there!
Kind of silly trying
to fight fire here...
when we're going to drown
any minute.
That fracture goes at least
We had it shored up twice.
The water pressure's too strong.
With the smoke, the men can't
stay down there for a third try.
Are the pumps working?
Yeah, but at the rate
we're flooding,
it's like trying to bail her out
with a tin cup.
Might as well face it, sir.
We're sinking.
About the only thing left to try
is an air bubble.
Cover the hatch with canvas.
Tar it down.
We pump air under it
so the pressure...
will force the water back out
through the fracture...
or at least keep us floating.
- Let's do it.
- We can't, sir!
The forward air compressor's
We haven't got
enough air hose...
to reach from the other one.
It's in the aft
boat repair shop.
Yeah, that's the rub.
Let's move
that compressor down here.
You crazy, Pappy?
Weighs more than a ton.
Cargo booms for this hold
are busted.
Since you're not going to
manhandle it down here-
If you could get it
to the hatch,
have we got enough hose
to reach?
Just about,
but moving that compressor-
It can't be done, sir.
We won't know
unless we try.
Come on, about 8 of you guys!
With me!
Get me more CO2.
This one's about empty.
fell through a hole,
burned the overhead.
You fool, you can't go
back in there.
That ammo will blast you
to bits!
This is my garbage room.
They ain't going to burn
my garbage grinder.
She works!
By golly, she still works.
Listen to that!
Where are they?
No kamikazes, Dave.
Chief Torgeson reported...
number four hold has
cracked open more.
He thinks
she's breaking her back.
- I thought you'd want to know.
- She can't sink.
Can't let her sink.
Doc Bell's seen Hawks.
The captain's still alive,
but that's about all
he can say for him.
Read the clinometer.
If she'd shifted back,
nothing could have kept her
from capsizing.
I'm going to Damage Control
to check with Fraser.
Then I'm going below
for another look at that hold.
- We got to keep this list.
- You're telling me!
If we don't...
she'll roll like a log.
I can't pump out
any more double bottoms.
She'll capsize for sure.
I don't think we'll be
able to save her anyway.
Even if we build up
an air bubble?
How can we get
that brute of a compressor...
moved from the fantail
to the number four hatch...
in time to do it?
In the meantime,
I got a small problem...
with water flooding
the shaft alley.
I'll meet you
in number four hold.
Rations stored
in the life rafts?
you jugheads, together!
You can't move nothing
one at a time!
I tell you,
it would be better-
You ain't telling me nothing!
I'm telling you! Grab hold!
Put your guts in it-
all your guts!
One, two, heave!
One, two, heave!
One, two, heave!
One, two, heave! Come on, now!
She's starting to go!
Get with it!
Let's have it! One, two, heave!
One, two, heave!
There she goes again, sir.
Couple of them frames let go,
we'll sink like a rock.
It couldn't be a frame.
Shell plating makes
a terrific noise when it snaps.
It's probably
just the skin of the ship.
I got to find out
how hurt she is.
He swimming around down there?
He could be washed out to sea
through that hole.
Shut up.
Starboard side's OK.
If she was going
to crack apart,
there would be
signs of it there.
Now to see what
the plane did to us.
There's still a bulldozer...
and a couple of trucks
down there.
He could get caught
under them and drown.
I'm all right. Just leave me
alone for a second.
She's cracked all the way down.
Our only chance is
with the compressor.
All right, now,
walk her around!
Walk her around!
Grab her! Hold it!
Steady! That's got it.
All right, guys,
tie her down.
Bear a hand with that job there?
We're ready to start building
the air bubble in this bucket!
What took you so long, Pappy?
Get the rest
of those hatch covers down.
Stand by
with the canvas and tar.
Bring up the rest
of that shoring timber!
All right, bear a hand!
All right, turn her loose!
How are you feeling, Pappy?
Oh, I'm fine, Mr. MacDougall.
Come on. Better let
the doctors check you.
They got enough to do
with the wounded.
I'll be all right, sir.
I ain't near as ruptured
as the ship.
We should make the Kerama-retto
in a few hours, sir.
Once we reach there,
we can pump her out,
patch her with cement,
and signal for a tow
to a repair dock.
If any kamikazes
should jump us there,
we'll at least have
a chance to beach her.
Is he hearing anything
of what I'm saying?
I doubt it.
Randall, what is it?
Engine room
has just reported...
the propeller shaft has snapped.
Broke off at the main bearing.
Oh. I'll be right there.
Propeller shaft's gone.
That's done it.
CAPTAIN: Children...
children help the mother.
Children can help.
I just talked to Fraser.
He's in the engine room.
Nothing can be done.
Want me to start moving
the wounded out...
so we can get them
into the life rafts...
and whatever boats we got left?
Children helping the mother.
That's what he meant.
Now hear this.
This is MacDougall speaking.
Our propeller shaft is broken.
The ship is without power.
At this moment we're
a helpless, drifting hulk,
but we're afloat,
and we can still save our ship.
We'll hoist out
what boats we have left...
and tow the Belinda to safety.
All deck divisions, break out
mooring lines for towing.
Boat crews, man your boats!
Probably burn out the engines
in every boat,
but it's all we can do.
You know how long it took
to hoist out the boats?
only 11 minutes!
It's not remarkable,
Mr. Randall-
not for Captain Jeb Hawks' crew.
Good evening, Captain.
I wonder if you would
please lie down...
so I can check you over.
Where is Dr. Flynn?
He'll prescribe for me.
I don't mean to question
your ability, sir,
but Dr. Flynn is my doctor.
Dr. Flynn was killed, sir.
Flynn killed?
Flynn dead?
He was...
Please, Captain.
Sir, I'd...
like to have a look at my ship.
CAPTAIN: At anchorage?
That's the...
isn't it, Mr. MacDougall?
Yes, Captain.
We're just moving into it.
Saipan, Guadalcanal.
What's the difference?
If a man has to die in a war,
it doesn't matter where.
Yes, Captain?
Watch out
for old beachhead Belinda.
She's your command.
I guess he couldn't die
until he knew his ship was safe.
He started saving her
the morning he came aboard.
All of us are better than
we ever thought we could be...
because of what he gave us...
and we'll go home again...
because of him.